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"Possibly the best game for Playstation ever!"

This game gives a great example for all Playstation RPGs. When we got this game, we couldn't stop playing it. It has everything an RPG needs.

Gameplay 10/10
LoD has great gameplay. It is not too easy or too hard, so it is a good game for everyone. It has seven characters, each with their own fighting styles. The Additions system is one of the high points of LoD. Additions have a lot to do with timing. A few blue squares come up on the screen, along with an X button on the bottom of the screen. Next a square spins to the center of the other squares. When the square reaches the center, you press X. The X button in the corner is outlines in red when you must press it. There is also a thing called counterattacks. You know it is a counterattack when the blue squares turn red and the X button changes to the Circle Button. Breaking these counterattacks is pretty much the same as completing an addition that doesn't have one, except for the fact that you have to press Circle when the square reaches the middle of the red boxes, then continue as normal. Each addition has a different number of times you have to press the buttons, therefore making it tougher. Each addition has a different attack power and Spirit Points, which allow you to transform into a dragoon. This brings me to another high point. The Dragoon transformation gives you many extra powers as you Dragoon level up. You learn many different magics. There are plenty random battles and bosses. You can tell when you're going to run into an enemy by the indicator over your characters head. It starts out as blue for safe, then goes to yellow for mildly safe, then red for danger. This comes in handy when you need to go somewhere or prepare for battle. The bosses get tougher as you progress through the game, as well as you get stronger. There is a large assortment of weapons and armor for your characters. Each has its own special ability and/or power/defense. There are also many different items for your characters to use, attack, recovery, repeat, and outside of battle items. Attack items help inflict extra damage on enemies. To boost their power, you have to press X as many times and as fast as you can. Recovery items recover your health. These are easy to use. Repeat items are items you get to use once every battle. They are extremely useful and are designated by rep. Outside of battle items do stuff like keep enemies away longer. You can only carry 32 items, the only flaw in this system. The controls are mildly easy. To move, you may use the analog to automatically run, the D-Pad to walk, or the D-Pad and Circle to run. Triangle brings up the menu, and square has no use whatsoever. X is the action button, and has other uses in battle. Not that tough, huh?

Story 10/10
The Story is one of the most superb things in this game. It contains many twists, turns, and surprising plot elements. You will never guess what will happen next. These elements make up the best story in the history of Playstation. It contains all the essential things an RPG story needs. An objective, playability, incentive, and romance. This story will keep you playing hours after hours. The story of this game is what kept me interested for years. I'm not going to tell you any part of the story. You have to find that out yourself.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are superb for the Playstation. The graphics in the CG sequences are extraordinary! These sort of graphics brought out the full power of Sony Entertainment and the Playstation. The game has a realistic background that you can interact with a little. This element is essential to any great RPG. The battle graphics are quick and well done. This makes this game a beauty to look at.

Sound 10/10
The sound for this game can be heard loud and clear. The music is interesting and well done. The battle music is superb considering it fits with the theme. Each character says the name of his or her addition after he or she completes it. Listening to how each one says the name of their addition gives incentive to finish the addition completely. This bit of sound is nicely done and is very easy to hear. The sound in the CG sequences nicely corresponds with the sequence itself. It is timed nicely, very clear, and perfect in every way. Perfect music accompanies every part of this game. You can't hear the characters talk most of the time, because that would most likely end up with an overload. I congratulate Sony for their awesome audio for this game.

Play Time/Replayablity 10/10
With as many hours as you can (or want to) take, this game will keep you occupied for a long time. You can spend more time leveling up, or getting everything possible, or just try and get through the game as fast as possible. This game has for discs, which obviously makes it long and the story drawn out. After you beat the game you will feel very good about yourself. This game never gets old. Since there are 7 playable characters, and only 3 you can have in battle, there are many different choices you can make, such as which characters to use, what to give them, and how you use them. This makes Legend of Dragoon fun to play more that 1 or 2 times. Many people enjoy games that you can play many times. If you do, Legend of Dragoon is definitely the best choice.

You might want to rent this game before you buy it if you are doubtful about the things said about this game. If you really think you will like it buy it right away, now that it is a Greatest Hit. Altogether, Sony did a wonderful job on this RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/29/03, Updated 07/29/03

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