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"An excellent RPG from Sony!"

Before I played this game, I have played some RPG, but not all, and some of these section would be compared to other games, just in case you have played the other RPG but not this, (I took Final Fantasy as a comparison, because it is famous, most people have played them)
I will divide this review into a few section, here goes…

The Graphics/Video – 9/10
The pictures of characters when they are at the battle are okay. Only a few games surpassed this game's graphic. They are well-designed. The characters' faces are very well-designed and detailed, especially the ones at menu screen and the movies, they look so real, so real even I think it beats lots and lots of famous games. The game's movies are really great. I could say they are equal to Final Fantasy series. In my opinion, this game's movies, character design and everything about pictures are perfect for this game! I never expected the graphic would be this good! In my opinion, the video/graphic beat FF 8!! They made the graphic/video almost perfect, but I saw a better graphic than this game in PlayStation. That's why I give it 9 – almost perfect. Just a little bit more, and I think the picture, graphic/video and everything else about this section will be perfect.

The Audio – 10/10
Well, they make this game very great with the music, voices, and many other else. This game even lets you hear the sound of the characters' voice in battle, unlike Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy only go through silent battles (just with music, sound effects without the characters' voices, so you wouldn't know the characters' emotion. In Final Fantasy, whether if the characters are hurt or not, the characters still silent.). The sound effects and voices in this game's movies are extremely great! I never played any game with these marvelous sound effects!! Some music in the game are very challenging. This game has perfect sound effects! I think Sony has worked very hard in order to create this game's sounds effect to be perfect. I couldn't say more about this section… It's already perfect!

The Storyline – 7.5/10
The storyline is not bad; however I won't say it is good either. I can't say much on this part, because I might spoil some stories for you. Anyway, this game's storyline pretty exciting – I might add. This games' storyline contains lots and lots of actions, little bit of funny things, and some romantics. I don't think the storyline is confusing. Even a beginner could understand the storyline, instead it is a bit of interesting. I think this game would be better if they can think about a more creative and a more interesting story.

The Game Play – 8.5/10
The control of this game is not very hard, easy to learn and easy to handle, this game's control is one of the most common (and simple) controls of RPG games, this game's control is not very hard for the beginner players. There is no perfect game in this world, so this game also has some weakness, one of them: The later discs don't have data for earlier discs which sometimes can annoy the gamers who are in hurry. (For example, you are in the beginning of disc 4, then suddenly you remember something to do in the first town, you have to insert disc 1 again, it's not very convenient, is it?) The battle system also great! It is not too confusing; you can understand everything with just looking at the choice given at the battle. The battle system a bit different from the other RPG, but that would be all right. That means Sony tried a new idea, tried a creative and different from other games, they also proved that they didn't copy from other games. I never played a RPG game with this kind of battle system before. The game play is alright for beginner player, advanced player and expert player. They made the control and game play perfect for everyone, but I believe they can make it better, the control and everything else can be better.

Replay – 7/10
This game is 7/10 worth to replay, because on the first time you play this game, you won't complete every thing (like side/secret quests, what is a RPG without secret/side quests?) – unless you use a guide – so, when you replay this game after you finished it once, you can replay with 100% completed game, that is if you are a perfectionist. 7/10 replay value for perfectionist and 3/10 replay value for the rest, because the game is – kind of – too long and if you are not perfectionist, some parts of the game will make you bored. I would say the replay ability for this game is good, not great and not bad.

Buy or Rent?
I recommend you to buy, it's another game with four discs, but I think it's worth it. If you still have any doubt, then you can rent it. The unfamiliar battle system might be a problem for the beginner players, so if you think you will be alright with the battle system, you should buy. If you still think that the battle system is confusing, etc, you can rent it first, at least to adapt yourself with the new battle system, controller, etc, but as I said before, the game play is not very hard so I think you will master it just for a few minutes after you play, so I think if you rent this game, it's not worth it. (Since it will only waste your money to rent this game)

Overall – 8/10
This game is a very great game. You shouldn't miss this game if you're really a RPG fan. This is one of the many best games in the PlayStation. I think only a few games could be better than this game. I didn't know there was such a great game like this. I recommend you to play this game. I was satisfied to play this game and I think you will be satisfied with this game too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/28/03

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