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Reviewed: 01/03/05

One word: Wow. This is one of the best RPG's I have played

When my dad got me this game for Christmas, I was confused. I had heard of this game once, but never thought of playing it. When I decided to dust off my old Playstation 1 Memory Cards, I finally popped this game into my PS2. My first impression of the game was, Wow.

Graphics: 8/10:
After I selected New Game I watched the opening movie. The graphics in this opening movie were so good I double checked the back of the case to see what year it was... 2000. The graphics in the opening movie reminded me of graphics of a game like Final Fantasy X. But, when the opening movie ended, I was left with plain looking characters. It's funny, but the character's don't really have faces... they just have... blobs. But one thing Sony did right was the backgrounds... only a couple words can describe them... very nice. The water effects were brilliantly done, in other words, they look real. The annimations of this game were not too shabby either. Other than the opening movie, there are several other cutscenes that look very realistic. I give graphics... an 8... out of 10.

Story: 9/10
When the game started up, you saw a small town under assault by some soldiers. A commander then found a girl and took her away. As the part where you control the main character, Dart, starts up, you are reading a newspaper when suddenly you hear horse hoof noises. You get up to see what's happening and you are halted by three guards, they are about to ask you who you are when suddenly a Dragon sticks its head in and scares you and the soldiers away. You run as fast as you can from the dragon, but it is still much more overpowering. As you believe all hope is lost a stray warrior swoops down and saves you. She keeps you quiet and the dragon slowly walks away. The warrior, who later you find out is named Rose, tells you of the village being attacked, and says it could have easily been destroyed without the dragon. You then realize, THAT'S MY VILLAGE!!! The story then takes off from there. When you get to your town, Seles, you seen some soldiers. You kill them, and search the town for survivors. You see a survivor, sitting all alone. You go up to the person and ask what happened. All they say is only you can save Shana, the girl who was taken from the town the night before. As you are talking with the survivor, a commander of the assualt of your town walks up. You battle with him, beat him, and learn where Shana has been taken... Helena Prison. As you scurry off towards Hellena Prison in search for your dear friend Shana, you go through some woods, and have flashbacks of memories with her. That fuels you to go even harder towards Hellena Prison. As you arrive in Hellena Prison, you notice the entrance is very heavilly guarded. As you look for possibillities, a cart comes up the road. Dart then follows the cart up the road, and hides behind it while the guards are checking to make sure it is safe. You then enter the cart and Hellena Prison. When you enter the place, you are in the same room as the trader who brought the cart. He spots you and calls some guards. After you defeat the guards, you tell him to shut up, and you are not going to hurt him. As you move furhter into the prison, you see some soldiers on your side about to be fed to a hideous beast. As you watch, you see one of them which is dressed differantly, he turns on one of the guards and attempts to save the soldiers that are on your side. You then team up with that man, Lavitz, to save Shana. Further on, you save Shana and attempt to escape Hellena Prison. You then escape unharmed, but being chased by many soldiers. You run very far and escape the soldiers. That is just a quick view of the beginning of the story, much more is to coem. You will learn about the Moon Child, Virage, The Moon that Never Sets, Someone in your party dieing, The Divine Dragon, dragoons, winglies, and MUCH MUCH more. This story was very original, and very well told, so I give the story a 9... out of 10.

Sound: 7/10:

Nothing special in the sound category. It is definately above average, but nothing to by a soundtrack over. The noises of the weapons hitting the enemies is nice, and the view voice overs are decent. The music, is nice, but not Final Fantasy quality. Also, the music is placed at the right place at the right time, so it easily boosts the suspence level. Overall, I give the sound... a 7... out of 10.

Gameplay:10/10 :
This is what sets this RPG apart from other RPG's... the game's battle system. Instead of just selecting the option of attacking, you actually have to pressed a series of buttons to make your attacks more powerful. They are called Additions. There are many types of magic you can use, including several elements including Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Dark, Light, Water, and Non. The boss battles are very fun, especially when you can easily destroy a boss with a series of powerful additions. Other elements of battleing include the option to become a Dragoon. A dragoon is basically one who can control dragons. Dragoons are based on elements right, so one is Fire, another is dark, another is light, another is water, and so on. They have very powerfulk attacks that do a lot more damage than what you can do regularly. The gameplay is so much fun, that now, I just load up the game to do a few battles. Since I enjoyed this games battle system so much... I give it a 10... out of 10.

Control: 9/10:

Obviosly, since I gave it a 9 out of 10 it is easy. And it is. Move with D pad. Talk with X. <- See... the controls are as easy as that. I give controls a 9... out of 10.

Replay Value: 8/10

This game is fun to play that now I enjoy playing it over and trying out new combanations of characters. Since there is seven characters this is not a problem. If you do replay it however, be ready to use at least fifty hours of your life again. I give replay value... an 8... out 10.

OVERALL: 9 out of 10

Yes, if you haven't played this game yet I advise you get it. If you are a big RPG fan, you will love this game as much as I did. I give it a 9... out of 10.

There are a couple of typos in the game that make me laugh. They spell "Valley", vally several times. On a couple of additions, the voice of the person when you complete the addition and the name of the addidtion are different. Otherwise, no other things to point out.

Buy/ Rent/ Don't Buy

Obviously, if you read my review, you will know the answer is Buy. ISonce it is now found in used game stores you can get it for about $15... so if you haven't tried it yet... go get Legend of Dragoon for the Playstation 1.

There are a couple of typos in the game that make me laugh. They spell "Valley", vally several times. On a couple of additions, the voice of the person when you complete the addition and the name of the addidtion are different. Otherwise, no other things to point out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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