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"Sony V.S. Square....Who will win?"

This is one of the most impressive RPG projects I've ever seen. This is quite possibly the best Non-Squaresoft game I've played and maybe even....The best? I really don't know yet, due to the fact that I haven't finished yet; but so far every aspect of this game kicks ass! This game is an awesome visual feast that surpasses that of FFVIII and Vagrant Story! The sound is very mood setting and enriched. The Control is perfect especially in battle (which I might add is very original and addictive), and the story, is so deep and developed, it might as well be a book. Overall this is by far the best RPG effort sony has put out yet and it might just be better than anyone could have imagined.

Graphics 10/10- Holy SH**! These highly detailed pre-rendered backgrounds are the best I've scene and the cinemas (Which include Voices!) are even better. All the moves and morphs are brilliantly colored for an awesome light show effect. But what really sperates this from Final Fantasy is the ability to move pre-rendered objects. Trees fall down and thy're pre-rendered and the water and lava liiks REAL!

Control 10/10- The controls are smooth and responsive and with the awesome battle commands, it allows for optimal control and gameplay. Since the gmae is dual hock compatible, its always a plus.

Sound 10/10- Ahhh, the melodies are so cool and SOO mood setting. From the happy go lucky shopkeepers music to the bos battles and the mighty castle tunes, all the music gets two thumbs up. The sound effects might even be a bigger accomplishment all the sounds from swords to flowing lava really sound authentic and puts you in the game.

Gameplay 10/10- This is just as important if not more important than the story, and this is where Dragoon excells. The battle system Rules! Every attack gets the chance to get an addition. Additions are like timed attacks from SMRPG. If you push the attack button at the right time, you get extra hits. The more levels you go up, the better your additions get. The better they get, the more hits you can do. And you also get DRAGOONS! Dragoons transform you and allow you to pull off special addition attacks and magic. And this just scratches the surface.

Story 10/10- From what I understand, You are Dart, a warrior whos parents were killed by an evil prescence when he was only five. He has just come back from a journey to find it and his home is in a time of war with Emporer Doel. The story often relates back to 11,000 years ago where the human race gains independence over the winglies. You later find out your a dragoon, with the power of dragons.

Replay ?- Just what you would expect from an RPG masterpiece, lots-o-replay. You have the option of searching the entire world up and down for rare items called stardusts. There are only fifty throughout the entire four-disc epic. If you find all of them, you get to fight the hardest guy in the game.

Overall 10/10- This game packs a punch! There is no slowdown, the graphics superb, once you get the hang of it the menus are easy, the gameplay is some of the best I've seen in a while, and the story is so captivating, you may not put the controller down throughout this 40+ hour game. Squarewho?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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