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"Sony has created a masterpeice!"

This game is great. Sure to be a hit. While receiving average reviews from most major online gaming sites, hear the truth from a true RPG fan:


Almost perfect here. Although in some of the cut-scenes, the poly count is quite low (trying not to spoil, but when ''someone'' dies... the graphics are good, but could be better). The Dragoon transformations, attacks, and magic sequences are some of the greatest I have seen. Sometimes I wonder... ''Did SONY really make this?! No way.. this is too good.. SQUARE had to have done this!'' The quality of the graphics is quite evident throughout the game, but since this game had been in the making for 3 years -- in some parts it shows. To give an example, the graphics remind me of FFVII, but better, but not as good as FFVIII.


8 Nothing too substantial here. Some of the music is pretty cool, but in other parts... it's... not so great. Only a few memorable tracks here. The sound effects are cool, the voices in the magic attacks and Additions are decent, not great, but fitting to the character. The sound in the game isn't exactly substantial as the rest of the game.


Can't complain here. Nothing really here at all now that I think about it... except for the Addition attacks. Here, the control is great becuase you need good timing to execute the combos. Also analog works! Another plus. Some of the new RPGs have been leaving out analog and it hurts the control.


New original storyline. The Dragoon Legend, and the rest of the story are all new and interesting. Some of the story sequences reminded me of FFVII, FFVIII, and Star Wars (!)... maybe its just me.... But there is a lot of new stuff in here. Such as the Additions combat system (which reminds me of Squall's gunblade in FFVIII) which you use and press ( X ) at the right time to execute some of the coolest combos I've seen in a game (Gust of Wind Dance, for example). This was the the gunblade in FFVIII, but put into more depth with more, unique combos as you progress. The Dragoon transformations are another awesome, innovative thing in this game. When you turn into a Dragoon, you can only use Dragoon attacks or Dragoon Magic. A lot was new to me in this 4-disc masterpeice.



This game is so fun and addictive. I'm on the 2nd disc and I have to say, so far, that I am very impressed at Sony's attempt at stealing the throne from FFVIII. This game I actually LIKE fighting (a lot!). I haven't gotten tired of it yet... that's part of the reason I like LoD so much -- the combat system. The story is new and exciting, the graphic are great... but what is missing?... I think the characters could have been a little more charming. But other than that I would like to thank Sony for sucking up hours and hours of my life into their game.

Now that you have read the review -- GO BUY THIS GAME!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/21/00, Updated 06/21/00

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