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Reviewed: 06/27/00 | Updated: 01/13/01

Don't let anyone fool you, This game is for real

When I bought this PsX magazine to get the Demo, I thought that Tony Hawk² was the only game that I was going to play. After playing that game for so long, I scroll through the games and I come up with The Legend of Dragoon. I played the demo, and was stunned. So I bought the game and played it for as long as the 4 discs can go. After finishing it, I couldnt believe how good this game was.

Graphics: 10/TeN- I can't believe how great the graphics are in this game. The characters are so wonderfully drawn, the towns in this game are stunning, the backgrounds and everything else make you see that the Playstation can have great games with great graphics. Just you wait until all the other RpGs come out. You will see that the Playstation is still here to stay, for a couple of months. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting a PS2. But for now, the spotlight is on the Playstation until October. Vagrant Story, now this game, you have to see it for yourself to see the great graphics.

Sounds: 8/TeN- The music in this game is great also. I love the battle music, and the boss music is great too. But Square's Rpg's are just a little bit better. But Dragoons music is good, its just not good enough. Not as memorable as Final Fantasy's music.

Gameplay: 9.3/TeN- There are so many things in this gameplay that can make this game make you like it a lot, or make you hate it a lot. First off, Vagrant Story had a timing system from it's chains. In this game, they take it to another level by their addition system. You choose an addition attack and you use it by attacking and chaining it, you know the attack is over when you hear the addition name. The enemy can counterattack though, and you have to get the timing right on that counterattack or else they will hit you. Everytime you attack, you get Spirit Points (SP), and when you have 100 Spirit Points, you get to transform into a Dragoon and perform one turn for 100 Spirit Points, or one bar. It's confusing, I can't explain it that great with words. Another thing that really got me worried was when I played the demo and when you battled I saw: Attack, Guard, Items, Escape, and Dragoon when you have enough Spirit Points. Where was magic? I finally found it when you transfer into Dragoon form, but since you can only do one turn in Dragoon Form unless you have a lot of Spirit Points; Magic (in my opinion) is not going to be your primary heal because its so hard/tedious to get to the Dragoon Form. You have to attack and attack and attack. Magic only in Dragoon Form has good and bad reasons. The good stuff is that it gets the game harder =) and I like hard games. Guarding also has never had so much significance in this game. In past RpG's that have the Defense/Guard Option, I never used it. In this game, you have to use it(definitely against bosses)or else you're dead unless you have a lot of healing items and great weapons and armor. The bad stuff is the same thing. Maybe the game gets too hard for people and too repetitive to have to always time and attack and use those additions to get to Dragoon form, and all that work to do just a couple of attacks. But there are some characters that can get a lot of Spirit Points with their attacks so for its ok for some characters. Who likes to guard? Although you may get the wrong tone on what I'm saying, this is what I believe. I usually guard a lot on bosses, but on everytime enemies you encounter, I kill them easily. I love the timing option, but all the bad stuff is for the people that the stuff I said bothers them. I gave this game a high score because honestly, the bad stuff doesn't bother me. There are more stuff, but I think you can find that out if you try out the game and look at the other reviews GameFaqs has to offer. One more thing I have to say is that I like the idea when you walk around and the triangle thingy changes color telling you that there is going to be a battle. It's random battles, but unlike Final Fantasy Games, now you know its coming, and I like that idea.

Control: 10/TeN- Control is Super important in this game because you get more attack if you continue your addition and use it until it ends. You never know if an extra attack points can mean the difference between killing a boss or killing you. I had no problems with the timing. It was just fine. When I pressed the button, it responded perfectly.

Replay: 3/TeN- Don't look at the score, but like Final Fantasy 8, who would want to replay a 4 disc game that takes at least 40 hours to beat the first time. When I beat Final Fantasy 8, I didn't play it again. Same with this game, since you already know all the surprises, the whole story and ending, it's not fun playing it again. That's why I always take my time the first time I play RpG's because playing it the second time isn't that fun. I would suggest not beating the game as fast as you can the first time and then come back and do everything because beating it so fast takes away some of the fun I think.

Buy this game. Honestly. If you rent it, then it might take the whole renting period to finish the first 2 discs, maybe just the first disc, unless you have no life and play the game from sunrise to sunset. It also won't be as fun to try to hurry. RpGs are not for rent. I never rent an RpG. But you're not me, so you can do whatever you want. But to tell you now, it's worth it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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