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"A spectaculair game which starts slow"

I was very excited about this game and even more when i finally played it, but i must admit i was a little disappointed in the beginning. Only after playing it for 5 hours i discovered a truly great game. This is the way an RPG should be. Great story and story development and beautifull music. Graphics are also very well done, but change from good to bad like the weather. Overall it's a great game which makes you feel sad when you finally finish it, because you wanted to play it much longer.

You play as Dart. A youngh man who seeks vengeance, because a mysterious beast called the black monster has killed his parents and destroyed his village. After the destruction he grew up in a village with his girlfriend Shana. Dart still wants to get his revenge and decides one day to leave his home to seek the black monster. After many years he returns only to find that his new home has also been destroyed and his girlfriend kidnapped by a man named Duell. Dart wants to get Shana back and starts on a new journey which will change his live forever.
Allthough the story seems a bit cliche in the beginning it evolves into a complex and fascinating story. A story which slowly tells the history of the Dragon Campaign, a war between Dragons and Dragoons versus the Winglies and Virages. Most of the story is told using FMV's which are some of the best ever seen on the playstation.

The graphics vary from very good to ok. You walk on prerendered backgrounds which are very nice. The background features movement like smoke, fire, fog, water running etc. All the cities, forests, caves have amazing design and detail. The characters are however a little disappointing, because they lack detail and sometimes don't fit into the background. This was why i became a little disappointed when first playing the game. After five hours however i got some Dragoon magic spells and was blown away by the awesome effects. Every single magic spell either Dragoon or normal is so amazing that you can't get bored watching them.
Overall the graphics are great except for some bad character design.

A RPG must always have good sound effects and music. Sony was obviously aware of this and created a vast variaty of great music tracks. Every city, cave, forest has it's own music and none of them are bad (I even heard my parants whistle some of the tunes and they never play computer games). The magic and normal attacks feature good sound effects which can be truly appreciated if you have your psx connected to a good sound system. The same goes for the music. In battle the characters speak a lot too such as, yelling, screaming and when executing a perfect combo they say the name of the combo which is quite fun to hear. The game also has good battlemusic which changes every now and then to make the battles even more enjoyable.
Overall the music is lovely as well as the sound effects.

Original to say the least. Allthough the battles are turn based they are far from boring. This because all of the normal attacks require precise timing to make perfect combo's. All is done pressing the X button at the correct time. This can be difficult but soon becomes easier to master when you get the hang of it. The magic can inflict more damage by pressing the X button rapidly increasing the hit percentage displayed on the screen. Another original aspect is the fact that you can transform into a dragoon warrior. This gives you the oppertunity to inflict massive damage using normal and special magic attacks. Here the normal attacks also must be timed using the X button.
Overall good gameplay which gets you more involved trying to make a perfect combo. Also the ability to change into a Dragoon is very well done indeed.

The game consists of 4 cd's and many many hours of non-stop fun. Allthough there are so many diffirent games with diffirent stories and gameplay you sometimes wonder if it's even possible to create an original story and game. Legend of Dragoon can call itself one of the best with a original storyline (minor cliche) and original gameplay.

One off my personal favourite games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/00, Updated 06/27/00

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