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Reviewed: 06/27/00 | Updated: 06/27/00

A legend 3 years in the making

It has finally come! When the construction on the Legend of Dragoon first started, the Colorado Avalanche was the Stanley Cup champs, Princess Diana passed away and Hong Kong switched back to Chinese rule. Yes, it was a whole three years ago when the making of the Legend of Dragoon started in 1997. Three years later, on June 14, 2000, the most anticipated gaming event was finally released. Spanning over four CDs, the Legend of Dragoon has everything a RPG should have, and even more. It doesn't just push the envalope, it doesn't even destroy it, instead, it repaces the envalope with a bigger and better one and nukes that one!

The Legend of Dragoon uses a new battle system. In addition to commanding a character to attacking, the character can now preform combos, ending with an ''addition move''. The downside to this is some of the combos are hard to time, and players new to this game may have a hard time getting use to the new battle system. The system requires too much accuracy. There really isn't much room for error. Beginners will find this very frustrating. However, the plus side is the battle system is turn based, which means the player has all the time int the world to think. Also, characters can morph in to Dragoons (hence the title, the Legend of Dragoon). In terms of controlls, it is not difficult at all. All the necessary functions are spaced out and requries no button mashing. The analog can be used to reduce getting a cramp in your left thumb from using the d-pad. Challenge wise, it's a very even challenge. There is no real need to learn something in a rush. Everything is tought to you as you go along, just like a true RPG should.

One of the most amazing features of the Legend of Dragoon is the amazing graphics! Everything looks so real. The running water looks exactly like the real thing. Lava looks so real you can actually feel the heat from it. The sunset looks beautiful!! The FMVs (full motion videos) really are something to brag about. Everything in the movies look so real, plus there is great voice acting. Another great part of the visuals were the battle scenes. Most of them are very nice. A real pleasure to look at.

A true RPG should have a great soundtrack. Something that you would enjoy outside the game. The Legend of Dragoon does not dissapoint. The music of the Legend of Dragoon is so involving, and invokes the proper emotion felt at certain points of the game. The sound effects are all so real. Swords clashing, carts running through cities, water of a river flowing, they all sound realistic. Plus the voice acting is spectacular.

A very poor side to the Legend of Dragooon is that there are some signs of lag in the game. There are some points in the game where the game starts to slow down (mostly when battles are loaded). This lag takes away from some of the fun of the game. But other then that, the fun factor is really high. The replay value is also really high. After completing the game, you will want to play it again to enjoy the story, or to view the wonderful FMVs again.

The Legend of Dragoon is one of the most anticipated gaming events in all of video game history. Althouh there are some downsides to this that include the sketchy battle system, this game is a MUST GET. If you do not have this, be prepared to be mocked by people who do have it!

Gameplay:9 (Battle system is not designed for beginners, or for people who have lazy eye)
Graphics:10 (I would give it much higher, but it's out of ten)
Fun Factor:10
Replay Value:10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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