Review by Haunter12O

"This is one of the BEST games I've played for the Playstation."

The game has been worked on for 3 years, and finally it ahs been brought to America. This is the kind of stuff an avid RPG player needs to play. If you have played FF7 or FF8, then you should get Legend of Dragoon. It has prerendered backgrounds like FF7 and FF8, music is really good, and gameplay is very nice. Get this one. Don't rent. Buy.

I love those Area map graphics! They look very real and better than FF7. The fires look awesome, the water looks real, and even the trees look like you've just seen them. Not only that, they all move! What I didn't like about the graphics is the Battle Graphics. Look at Albert's cape! It looks like he found it in a junkyard. Anyways Dragoon Transformation and the magic effects look real in battle.

GAMEPLAY - 10/10
In battle, you are able to transport into a Dragoon with special powers. Even if you are not, you can use magic items that are pointed out to the enemy, where you will have to continuisly hit X for more power. You can alosu se non-dragoon Additions, which when you press the button it shows at the bottom of the screen, makes new moves added to the enemy. The more you use them, the higher your Dragoon levels will be and Addition Levels. The bosses are tough, and the save points, like in most RPGs, aren't everywhere, so you will need to find one to save. The game is LONG. It has 4 CDs, and it's longer than FF8. Overall the difficulty is Moderate-Hard, but it can be even harder or even easier sometimes. Little arrows point out buildings and entrances where you can enter, it's a different color depending on if it's an inn or shop. The arrow above you shows your enemy encounter rate. If it's Blue you're ok, yellow you're in danger, and Red if you are about to fight an enemy. You can turn these off.

MUSIC - 10/10
The Music rules. None of it will become annoying because it's varied.

STORY - 10/10
Only minor cliches, especially at the beginning. The story gets deeper and deeper when you get farther and farther.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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