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"I don't believe this game!"


Legend of Dragoon is what I speak of. This game is four disks full of adventure. Each disk is a chapter in the story, and what a story it is.

Storyline: 9/10

It is great but it is one of those save the world type stories and we have plenty of those. You begin the game by being saved from a monstrous dragon. Once you are saved you return to your hometown to discover it in ruins. You are asked to rescue your childhood friend, who was kidnapped by somebody. The story then continues from there.

Gameplay: 9/10

The battles are rather ugly when you first see them, but I must admit to you, I now love the battles. You can only attack in the beginning but you have the ability to add an attack called an Addition. With a well-timed press of the X button, you will add damage to the initial attack. It is hard to get the timing down, but with practice you get the hang of it. The timing is different for each character.

After an hour or two of playing, you finally gain the ability to transform into Dragoons. Once in Dragoon mode, you can either attack physically or magically. To gain new magic, you need to gain dragoon levels. To gain dragoon levels you must earn SP (Spirit Points). To gain those just battle in regular mode. If choosing to attack physically, you have to use Dragoon additions. You need a few well-timed X button presses but they are easier to achieve then regular additions.

Graphics and Sound: 10/10

Of course you have heard about the graphics of this game. They are very fantastic. From the exploration to the battles the graphics remain great. The music is great as well. From sad, depressing themes at the right moments to upbeat themes in battles, the music is wonderfully done. My favorite song is played in both Indus and Fletz castles.

Replayability: 8/10

This game is extremely long in my view. I finished the first disk in just under twelve hours and that was without a walkthrough, and disks 2 and 3 have been around 8 hours. I know I won’t be playing this adventure for another round anytime soon.

To buy or to rent:

This game is amazing and I love it. In fact this is the only game I have played in the last few weeks. You might want to rent this first to see if it really for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/00, Updated 07/02/00

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