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"Cmon folks, this game just isnt that great"

The much hyped legend of dragoon for playstation has arrived. While some view this game is something that gives FF a run for its money (and in some ways it does). for the most part, its a cliche ridden bore fest with a horrible translation, bad 3d graphics and a forgettable soundtrack. Ive never really been impressed with any of Sony's projects and this is no exception...lesse where to start.

Gameplay- Cmon people this games battle system is boring, its clevery disguised as the old keep hitting x until the enemey dies system, ok you get the occasional o button press but cmon the battles are boring after about 10 hours of playtime, and this game lasts for 45+ hours, ok so the button presses are timed but they become second nature after mastering each additional, in which case after that they become BORING. And who though of leveling up in this game???? Why does it take forever fighting enemies to go up one level, but I level up 2 levels after a boss fight???? The systemis so ill conceived its a joke, fighting as dragoons isnt any better anyway. not only are dragoon additions only slightly more powerful then your chars regular ones, (sometimes the regular addition are more powerful), but you only want to fight as a dragoon for boss fights anyway due to the considerable time it takes to go through the whole dragoon process, which brings me to another point, LOAD TIMES. load times are unacceptable i this game, the time it tkes to load a battle screen is a good 10 secondsit takes 5 seconds to load a nerw background. you can see where your 40 hours are giong. And how about the great story we all hear about. 10,000 years ago there was this great war( sound farmiliar?) between humand and winglies (still sound farmiliar?) we get a hero from a small town, named dart, he winds up falling in love to the lead girl *yawn*

Graphics- you get a mixed bag here, the pre rendered backdrops are stunning, no doubt about it, the FMV's are stunning, but the real time 3D is complete utter crap, the world map looks lifeless, pixiltated, bland, and just plain horrible, with running water that loks like pixels moving across the screen (just like ff6 for snes only worse), and every single 3D battle map looks just as bad, even with the lighing effects (which look just thrown in there for no particular reason, none of them really fit thier enviorments) all the characters and monsters have low poly counts and are bland looking and colorless, and the animation on everything looks stiff and unrealistic.

Sound- The SFX are ok I guess but LOD's soundtrack is really overrated. None of the music really ever rivals squares efforts, and aside from the excellent battle musics, how many of these tracks are realy memorable? I dont even need a whole hand to count them. Quick, how many tracks from FF6, 7 or 8 you remember? I thought so.

Value- This game does last upwards of 40-50 hours for the average gamer, more then enough bang for your buck, so what if you cant replay? wasnt it long enough the frist time??? but honestly tho, there are plenty of other great RPG's out there more worthy of your time then this, play vagrant story, play grandia or legened of mana.

Overall- take a cliched plot, forgetable music, a bad battle system, and some out ofthis world FMV , and you get something that isnt bad, but its not all that great either, if you really cant wait for the big RPG's like Chrono cross and FF9, RPG gamers might wanna check this out. But beware, dont really expect something so great, youll remember it for a lifetime.

Gameplay (19/30)- Horrible translation (as in bad typos, spelling and funky phrases) keep this story from being anything great, the battle system is just as mediocre as it is entertaning the first 10 hours but very Blah after that.

Graphics (13/20)- Brilliant pre rendered backdrops, FMV, and First generation Playstation 3D. Army men 3D looks better

Sound (6/10)-Ok sound FX, a very Midi'd soundtrack with forgettable tunes.

Value (7/10)- it lasts 50 hours but who really wants to playafter 20?

Overall (18/30)- Three years in the making? if this game would have been released 3 years ago it would have been truly great, but ewverything is dated, maybe sony should leave the RPG's to square

Final score- 63%

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/05/00, Updated 07/05/00

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