How do I beat zeto ?

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  1. Zeto is quite hard for a first time. I also thought of him as one of the hardest boss but later ate my words...

    Vahn would be your trump card here, because Vahn is Zeto's weakness.
    Alright, here we go (I'm not good at giving strategies, I'll give few tips here):

    - Equip Deep Sea Jewel on Vahn (or your most trusted character). You can get one in the dungeon, so don't bother buying outside.
    - Equip Defender Chain to reduce his attack hit chances.
    - Equip an amulet that prevents you from catching Venom (I just forgot the name of that amulet)
    - Equip your best equipments.
    - Capture Zenoir if you can, he helps a lot if you think Gimard is weak.
    - Use spirit regularly, especially when he calls a wave.
    - At this point of time, your healing capabilities would be weak, so level your Vera up until it reaches a point that it can heal Venom.
    - Get a bunch of Healing leaves. In my game, I just used them and not Healing Blooms due to my scarce stock of Healing Blooms. However, Healing Blooms really help because his Big Wave does real damage!
    - Level your Serus up if you can, especially fire Serus
    - Equip good accessories such as Mei's Pendant and some stat boosting accessories...

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  1. which boss was that, the crab? And what lv r u?

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  2. Okay, since there's already tips I'll give you a strategy.

    Equip Mei's Pendant to Noa, and I bet you have that Fury Exlixir(?) that increases the attack bar. Use that on Vahn ASAP. Each turn, attack Zeto (with Vahn) using >><>^< which is Tornado Flame + Pyro Pummel. When Zeto use Call Wave, command all characters to Spirit, then continue attacking and Gala Should use Healing Bloom.

    And if your Noa has a long enough attack bar, spirit, then use the Dragon Fang super art.

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  3. Follow up ^

    The Dragon Fang is ^v^^^vv

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  4. Truth is, I don't know if i should be commenting on this...I believe they've mentioned everything already. But just to give you a tip:

    In preparation:
    >Make sure you're in a high enough level than you were when you fought Viguro x2. That should be around lvl 15 or so for Vahn, and everybody follows.
    >Make sure you have the latest of equipments: weapons, armors, head gear and foot gear.
    >As for the accessories, let's see...they're correct, if you have enough money, try buying 1 each for them, a total of 3 for Deep Sea Jewels. If you're running low on money, at least 1 for Vahn, for he's a fire type and definitely weak against water types. 3 cure amulets or at least 1 equipped for Noa. Target Chain for Vahn so that he can deliver the most effective blows with his Fire-based physical attacks. (note: throughout the entire game, physical arts were the most effective and trusted method of resistance,lol!) You DON"T NEED DEFENDER CHAIN here. WHY? BECAUSE THE DEADLIEST OF ZETO'S ATTACK ISN'T FROM THE LITTLE RANDOM ATTACKS BUT HIS 'BIG WAVE' MOVE. That's what you should be anticipating for.
    >Prepare stat boosting items (Fury Boosts and Shield Elixirs) if you're not confident about YOUR OR MY strategy, try adding these to give you more assurance, try using w/o to see.

    Battle Setup:
    >Always use SPIRIT, trusted and proven, it also raises your defense accuracy. It's also the key in surviving Zeto's Big Wave. Usually, the battle sequence would be Vahn, Noa, Zeto and then Gala. Usually it's Gala who loses much in the process. So once Zeto uses 'Call Wave' the next move will be 'Spirit' for Vahn and Noa then healing for Gala...for himself or to everybody.
    >Oh yeah! If you're getting doubtful, impatient or scared, try using all 3 Shield Elixirs you've collected so far in the beginning of the game.

    The Offensive:
    >Vahn: Try Tornado Flame + Pyro Pummel, if you made it that far.
    >Noa: They're all correct! Dragon Fang deals the best damage for her.
    >Gala: Any of the 5-key arts or the combo Thunder Punch + head splitter/ back punch/ guillotine

    *NO MAGIC! WHY? It's a waste of MP! You can focus your MP for healing. You can deal equal to better damage using physical arts than magic. Plus, your seru magic isn't that high enough level to deal that much damage and it's limited. My Vahn's gimard reached level 10 even before I got Zenoir so it definitely deals the same damage but lesser Mp; however, not as much as using arts.

    **That's it! Just try to keep up and use proper timing as instructed.

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