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    Debug Mode FAQ by FFCCMMG

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    Legend of Legaia Debug Mode FAQ
    This FAQ contains information on how to use some interesting features in the Legend of Legaia 
    Debug Mode.
    Finished 10/7/2001 (I know, I know... Legend of Legaia is OLD by now, sadly.) 
    Legend of Legaia and all its elements are owned by Sony Computer Entertainment America. 
    This FAQ is unofficial and made without SCEA's permission.
    GameShark and the GameShark CDX are owned by Interact Accessories.
    This FAQ is to be used completely for free, and can be copied or distributed freely so long
    as it stays in its original form in its entirety. The author can be contacted at 
    Okay, now that that's out of the way, we can get to the fun stuff.
    The Legend of Legaia Debug Mode is a black screen with a number of cryptic options and headings
    all of which not even I know how to use fully. But with the help of this guide, we can listen to
    any song in the game (and some that aren't) fight any enemy in the game (along with some that 
    aren't), play any mini game, or watch any of the game's few pre-rendered FMVs.
    First of all, you need a patcher, a cheat device of some kind. Something like the GameShark CDX
    that can directly patch hexadecimal values into the game's memory locations. Without a patcher,
    this FAQ is worthless to you! Sorry to have wasted your time! 
    But for those of you who DO have a cheat device, read on!
    D007B7C0 0002
    D007B83C 0003
    8007B83C 0000	
    One way or another, get this code entered, just as shown. Start your game and somehow, and get 
    to any screen where Vahn stands and can be moved around by you. Either on the World Map, in a 
    dungeon, town, whatever. Press the R2 button (the Joker Command, you see). The screen should 
    switch to the debug screen. 
    WARNING: you are about to pass into the world of undefined programming! Everything you do here, 
    with or without my instruction, do at your own risk! 
    Legend of Legaia debug features.
    In order to return from the Debug Menu to the game, you must go to the "Mode" setting and change 
    the option to "Main" and press start. But if you're not careful, when you return you may end up 
    inside a wall or outside the main field where you're supposed to be and may not be able to get 
    back in. It's usually better if you start a Legend of Legaia play session solely to use the 
    Debug Menu.
    Music player-
    Change the option under "Mode" to "Other" then change the option under "Other Mode." to "3 Music". 
    Press start. On the screen is a long set of rows of spam characters. Confirming on each row of 
    characters will let you listen to a different song. You must confirm on the songs with the circle 
    button, not the X button. Pressing R2 decreases the volume, pressing R1 increases it. Pressing 
    triangle stops the current song.  Pressing Select gets you back to the main debug menu.  
    0.	The world map theme.
    1.	World map free of the Mist.
    2.	Mt. Rikuroa after the Mist.
    3.	Outside Mist dungeon. (Voz forest, underground path to Octam.)
    4.	The Genesis Tree revived.
    5.	A town in the Mist.
    6.	Mt. Rikuroa in the Mist.
    7.	The Fire Path.
    8.	Octam in the Mist.
    9.	Juggernaut map theme.
    10.	A town in the Mist. (Vinda)
    11.	Rouges Tower.
    12.	Octam flying cart station.
    13.	Bio Castle.
    14.	Sad theme.
    15.	Sad theme, another one.
    16.	Rim Elm.
    17.	Snowdrift Cave.
    18.	The Muscle Dome.
    19.	Biron Monastery.
    20.	Noaru Valley. 
    21.	Drake Castle.
    22.	Usha Research Center. 
    23.	Mei and Maya.
    24.	The Sol Jazz Club.
    25.	The Genesis Tree.
    26.	Battle music.
    27.	Battle music 2.
    28.	Boss fight theme.
    29.	Slow Koru battle?.
    30.	Songi battle. 
    31.	Cort battle.
    32.	Mist Generator Guardian battle.
    33.	Songi.
    34.	Juggernaut's approach. 
    35.	Reviving Genesis Tree.
    36.	The Ra-Seru speak.
    37.	The ride to Karisto.
    38.	The Soren fly.
    39.	Henchmen of the Mist.
    40.	Noa's dreams.
    41.	Juno's funeral.
    42.	Slow version of escape theme?
    43.	Mist Generator Fortress.
    44.	The prologue?
    45.	Sol.
    46.	Dreams in Uru Mais.
    47.	Town. (Jeremi, Octam)
    48.	Biron Party.
    49.	Soren sad song.
    50.	Some one new joins your party.
    51.	Koru battle theme.
    52.	Fight the Mist Generator Guardians.
    53.	Van Saryu.
    54.	Mist infested area. (Nivora Ravine, Sky Gardens Tower)
    55.	Sol Fever Disco.
    56.	Mist Generator Fortress 2.
    57.	Cara.
    58.	Town (Vinda, Soren Camp)
    59.	Dance Queen Mary.
    60.	Watch Noa dance!
    61.	Final battle.
    62.	Area in the Mist (Buma, Drake Mist ravines)
    63.	The prologue.
    64.	The coming of the Mist.
    65.	Title Screen
    66.	Dance against the Queen.
    67.	Evil Seru.
    68.	Ending credits.
    69.	Juggernaut clears away.
    70.	Rim Elm rebuilt.
    71.	Cort.
    72.	? (never heard this in the game)
    73.	Wild Arms battle theme (HA HA HA!)
    74.	Something like the ending credits.
    75.	Escape theme.
    76.	Soren Piano.
    77.	Noa, Dance Queen.
    Now, why did the game programmers leave the Wild Arms battle song in the programming? I've seen 
    some weird junk in the backwash of the programming of games, but this... 
    Change the option under Mode to Battle. Go down to the Battle heading and pick a number for the 
    battle you want to fight. Press start. This is useful if you want to fight an enemy again for 
    some reason. Say, you need to absorb a Seru you missed or fight a boss to get a item. If all your 
    party members get killed, you will be dropped back to the debug menu with all characters having 1 
    0.	Gobu Gobu X4.
    1.	Evil Fly X3.
    2.	Death Wings X3.
    3.	Demon Fly X3.
    4.	Gobu Gobu X3.
    5.	Gomboo X3.
    6.	High Gomboo X3.
    7.	Green Slime.
    8.	Oak Slime.
    9.	Acid Slime.
    10.	Fire Seru Gimard X3.
    11.	Fire Seru Gimard level 2 X3.
    12.	Fire Seru Gimard level 3 X3.
    13.	Skeleton X3.
    14.	Skull Knight X3.
    15.	Dead Bone X3.
    16.	Drake Ghost X3.
    17.	Guardian X3.
    18.	Ghost Knight X3.
    19.	Red Piura X3.
    20.	Black Piura X3.
    21.	Blue Piura X3.
    22.	Mushroom X3.
    23.	Mushrin X3.
    24.	Mush Mush X3.
    25.	Thunder Seru Theeder X3.
    26.	Thunder Seru Theeder level 2  X3.
    27.	Thunder Seru Theeder level 3 X3.
    28.	Light Seru Vera X3.
    29.	Light Seru Vera level 2 X3.
    30.	Light Seru Vera level 3 X3.
    31.	Lippian X3.
    32.	Lip Kid X3.
    33.	Lip King X3.
    34.	Worm X3.
    35.	Poisonous Worm X3.
    36.	Moldy Worm X3.
    37.	Ostrich X3.
    38.	Hell's Trigger X3.
    39.	Death Trigger X3.
    40.	Wolf X3.
    41.	Killer Wolf X3.
    42.	Speed Wolf X3.
    43.	Frog X3.
    44.	Gel Frog X3.
    45.	King Frog X3.
    46.	Pump Bat X3.
    47.	Devil Pump X3.
    48.	Boogie Pump X3.
    49.	Dark Seru Nighto X3.
    50.	Dark Seru Nighto level 2 X3.
    51.	Dark Seru Nighto level 3 X3.
    52.	Twin Bomb X3.
    53.	Mad Mantis X3.
    54.	High Mantis X3.
    55.	Water Seru Gizam X3.
    56.	Water Seru Gizam level 2 X3.
    57.	Water Seru Gizam level 3 X3.
    58.	Killer Bison X3.
    59.	Neo Bison X3.
    60.	Gold Bison X3.
    61.	Hornet X3.
    62.	Killer Bee X3.
    63.	Queen Bee X3.
    64.	Fire Seru Zenoir X3.
    65.	Fire Seru Zenoir level 2 X3.
    66.	Fire Seru Zenoir level 3 X3.
    67.	Kabuki Rat X3.
    68.	Hell's Rat X3.
    69.	Giant Rat X3.
    70.	Spikefish X3.
    71.	Mad Bird X3.
    72.	Wailing Bird X3.
    73.	Caruban.
    74.	Thunder Seru Viguro.
    75.	Zeto.
    76.	Songi (from Zeto's fortress.)
    77.	Berserker.
    78.	Comm X3. (I don't know these, but they look like subordinates of Van Saryu)
    79.	Tetsu X3. (from the beginning of the game)
    80.	Light Seru Aluru X3.
    81.	Light Seru Aluru level 2 X3.
    82.	Light Seru Aluru level 3 X3.
    83.	Light Seru Orb X3.
    84.	Light Seru Orb level 2 X3.
    85.	Light Seru Orb Level 3 X3.
    86.	Wind Seru Swordie X3.
    87.	Wind Seru Swordie level 2 X3.
    88.	Wind Seru Swordie level 3 X3.
    89.	Mage X3.
    90.	Sorcerer X3.
    91.	Thermo X3.
    92.	Water Seru Freed X3.
    93.	Water Seru Freed level 2 X3.
    94.	Water Seru Freed level 3 X3.
    95.	Wind Seru Nova X3.
    96.	Wind Seru Nova level 2 X3.
    97.	Wind Seru Nova Level 3 X3.
    98.	Fire Seru Gola Gola X3.
    99.	Fire Seru Gola Gola level 2 X3.
    100.	 Fire Seru Gola Gola level 3 X3.
    101.	 Earth Seru Mushura X3.
    102.	 Earth Seru Mushura level 2 X3.
    103.	 Earth Seru Mushura level 3 X3.
    104.	 Grude X3.
    105.	 Neo Grude X3.
    106.	 Heavy Grude X3.
    107.	 Ogre X3.
    108.	 Mad Ogre X3.
    109.	 Dark Ogre X3.
    110.	 Amethyst X3.
    111.	 Garnet X3.
    112.	 Topaz X3.
    113.	 Warman X3.
    114.	 Warhalf X3.
    115.	 Warfish x3.
    116.	 Curry Devil X3.
    117.	 Verial X3.
    118.	 Lucifer X3.
    119.	 Evil Shadow X3. 
    120.	 Shade X3.
    121.	 Nightmare X3.
    122.	 Stone Lizard X3.
    123.	 Rock Lizard X3.
    124.	 Scale Lizard X3.
    125.	 Gold Face X3.
    126.	 Lava Face X3.
    127.	 Terror Face X3.
    128.	 Golem X3.
    129.	 Iornman X3.
    130.	 Mad Golem X3.
    131.	 Medusa X3.
    132.	 Nurga X3.
    133.	 Lamia X3.
    134.	 Thunder Seru Viguro level 2 X3.
    135.	 Thunder Seru Viguro level 3 X3.
    136.	 Songi. (from atop Mt. Letona)
    137.	 Van Saryu.
    138.	 Dohati.
    139.	 Xain.
    140.	 Evil Bat X3. (never seen these either)
    141.	 Wind Seru Barra X3.
    142.	 Wind Seru Barra level 2 X3.
    143.	 Wind Seru Barra level 3 X3.
    144.	 Earth Seru Kemaro X3.
    145.	 Earth Seru Kemaro level 2 X3.
    146.	 Earth Seru Kemaro level 3 X3.
    147.	 Light Seru Spoon X3.
    148.	 Light Seru Spoon level 2 X3.
    149.	 Light Seru Spoon level 3 X3.
    150.	 Water Seru Slippery X3.
    151.	 Water Seru Slippery level 2 X3.
    152.	 Water Seru Slippery level 3 X3.
    153.	 Earth Seru Iota X3.
    154.	 Earth Seru Iota level 2 X3.
    155.	 Earth Seru Iota level 3 X3.
    156.	 Dark Seru Puera X3.
    157.	 Dark Seru Puera level 2 X3.
    158.	 Dark Seru Puera level 3 X3.
    159.	 Thunder Seru Gilium X3.
    160.	 Thunder Seru Gilium level 2 X3.
    161.	 Thunder Seru Gilium level 3 X3.
    162.	 Gi Delilas. (only Vahn will appear in this fight)
    163.	 Che Delilas. (only Gala will appear)
    164.	 Lu Delilas. (only Noa will appear)    
    165.	 Gaza. (from atop Sol Tower)
    166.	 Gaza. (from Warrior's Square)
    167.	 Lapis (Mwa ha ha! Die, DIE!)
    168.	 Rouge.
    169.	 Zora.
    170.	 Jette.
    171.	 Caruban level 2.
    172.	 Caruban level 3.
    173.	 Berserker level 2.
    174.	 Berserker level 3.
    175.	 Tetsu. (from late in the game)
    176.	 Evil Bat. (again)
    177.	 Evil Bat. (yet again)
    178.	 Evil Bat. (...)
    179.	 Songi (from Noaru Valley in the Seru Kai)
    180.	 Cort. (from the Mist Generator in the Absolute Fortress)
    181.	 Evil Sim-Seru Cort. (from the heart of Juggernaut in the Bio Castle)    
    Mini games.
    You must change the option under Mode to Other for all of these.
    Press start with the option under Other Mode as 1 Fish. You're taken to a sub menu. Select Type1 
    with the circle button to go to the fishing game near Buma. Select Type2 with the circle button 
    to go to the fishing game northeast of Jeremi.
    Slot machine:
    Press start with the 4 Pachi option under Other Mode.
    Baka Fighter:
    Press start with the 5 Boko option under Other Mode.
    Dance Game:
    Press start with the 7 Dance option under Other Mode. At the mini menu, select an option with the 
    circle button. Each option will lead to a different dance. Yosenn will take you to the dancing 
    game where Noa competes against two other dancers. Hosenn will start the game where Noa competes 
    against the Dance Queen, Mary. Setumei will start the dance tutorial with the Disco King. And 
    Asobi will start the game where Noa is Queen and dances for high score. However, if Noa has 
    already won the title of Dance Queen, all the mini menu options will lead to the same dance as 
    Muscle Dome beginner's course:
    Press start with the 6 Mini Battle option under Other Mode. 
    Viewing the CG movies.
    Put the STR option under Mode. Then go down to the Movie heading, and change the value for the 
    movie you want see. Press start. You'll probably want to turn off the music before watching these.
    0.	The opening movie.
    1.	Juggernaut destroys Rim Elm's wall.
    2.	A Mist Generator dies.
    3.	Another Mist Generator dies.
    4.	Yet another.
    5.	Again. 
    6.	Juggernaut turns Rim Elm into a Seru town.
    7.	Juggernaut blows away Uru Mais.
    8.	The Ra-Seru clear away Juggernaut's dead body. (starts the end of the game afterwards)
    Vibrating the controllers. 
    Go down to the Motor0 and Motor1 headings. Setting the value higher for Motor0 will make the 
    right vibration motor go faster. Setting the value under Motor1 higher will run the left 
    vibration motor faster. This is only valid if your controller has vibration motors, obviously.
    Okay, that's it for now. No update is planned for this FAQ, but I'm open to advice at my Email
    address up top. Enjoy!

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