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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PDTECRJ

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 03/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Legend of Legaia FAQ V. 2.2
    Jeremiah C. Greer
    Date: 3/28/00
    AOL Instant Messenger: PDTECRJ
    ICQ#: 67636035
    Unofficial Legend of Legaia Homepage:
            This FAQ has been written entirely by myself.  I have gotten a 
    few tidbits of information from people who have emailed me, but those 
    only deal with the arts.  I began this walkthrough/FAQ back in March of 
    1999 when I purchased this game.  I worked on it for about 1 month 
    straight, then stopped.  You see, I go to James Madison University and 
    the end of April was exam time.  I had to study and so I got side-
    tracked from LoL.  After school, I worked two jobs the entire summer and 
    therefore did absolutely nothing with this site.  Then, when school 
    began again, I had little time for games, and what time I did have I was 
    mostly playing the new Dreamcast system.  Well, a couple weeks ago I got 
    a few random instant messages from people telling me they loved my site.  
    That prompted me to go back to my site and read the guestbook.  I tell 
    you, I cannot believe how many people had signed it and told me how 
    great of a site I had.  The other thing almost all of them told me was 
    to finish the walkthrough so that's what I'm doing.  Granted, those were 
    written mostly back in the summer of '99, so I think most of those 
    people have finished the game by now, but heck, I would like to finish 
    it myself anyways.
    -=Table of Contents:=-
    I.   Version History
    II.  The Story of Legaia
    III. Character Bios
    IV.  Arts
    V.   Walkthrough
    VI.  Boss Strategies
    VII. Technical Information
    I. -=Version History:=-
    NOTE: The most recent version of this FAQ/Walkthrough will always be 
    found at The Unofficial Legend of Legaia Homepage - 
    http://www.geocities.com/pdtecrj - because I write my walkthrough and 
    other info into the online HTML editor as I am doing it.  Afterwards I 
    will send it to http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    V. 1.5 - My very first attempt at a walkthrough.  This basically just 
    had the walkthrough from Rim Elm through East Voz Forest.  No tips, 
    arts, or anything like that.
    V. 2.0 - Walkthrough up through getting to Sol.  Also, my original 
    walkthrough has been edited and updated.  Now includes character bios, 
    arts, items, weapons, and armor lists.
    V 2.1 - Added The Story of Legaia, some Character Bios, Arts, and a 
    slightly updated walkthrough.  Nothing new in the walkthrough, just 
    updated what I already had.
    V 2.2 - Updated walkthrough again and added Boss Strategies.
    V 2.3 - Planning on updating walkthrough more and addind Seru/Spell 
    information, Tips and Tricks, and Item/Weapon/Armor/Accessory lists.  
    Look for it in about a week or so.
    II. -=The Story of Legaia:=-
            God created the heavens, the earth, and the seas. After creating 
    all things in the universe, god created humans to look over this world. 
    Yet while possessing the wisdom of god, humans were physically weaker 
    than the wild beasts, and impulsive in spirit. Many times did the humans 
    come close to dying out forever. Concerned about the humans' future, god 
    gave them a mighty force with which to aid them. It was the Seru.  Since 
    the dawn of human memory, known as history, humans lived together with 
    creatures known as the Seru. The Seru lived together with humans, always 
    obeying them, and making the humans many times stronger than before. 
    When not worn by a human, A Seru looks much like a stone figure. 
    However...Upon touching a human, a Seru changes form and gives that 
    human secret abilities. With a Seru, a human can lift extremely heavy 
    objects and even fly in the air.  However, that era came to an end.  
    Appearing from out of nowhere, the Mist covered the land, bringing to an 
    end the world of prosperous symbiosis between humans and Seru. After the 
    thick Mist came, the Seru, who once obeyed humans, rebelled against 
    them. The Seru began attacking humans at will. Seru that attached 
    themselves to humans controlled their minds and turned them into evil 
    beasts.  As if forsaken by god, human civilization collapsed. It was the 
    twilight of humanity. Those who escaped the Mist inhabited the desolate 
    areas and protected each other. Now, their faint hope is their only 
    source of inspiration. 
    Enter Legaia, a world engulfed in the horrible Mist. The tale begins in 
    Rim Elm, a desolate village where massive walls have been erected to 
    hold back the Mist...
    III. -=Character Bios:=-
            A young boy living with his father and younger sister in Rim 
    Elm, a remote village whose high walls keep the Mist out. Possessing a 
    strong sense of justice, Vahn is determined to uncover the true nature 
    of the Mist and free the world from its terror. After his fateful 
    encounter with the Ra-Seru Meta, he leaves his village to embark on a 
    great adventure.  Vahn possesses a good balance between offense and 
    defense in combat. His parameter growth is average. Having a Ra-Seru of 
    the fire attribute, Vahn is not very adept at summoning Seru of the 
    water attribute - his only weak point. 
    Attribute: Fire. 
    Favorite Weapons: Knives, Swords, Knuckles. 
            Raised by a wolf in Snowdrift Cave, which miraculously escaped 
    the Mist, Noa is not very articulate, but, on the other hand, possesses 
    a natural intuition and the ability to perceive evil. She is curious and 
    cheerful, but has an extreme dislike of being alone.  With excellent 
    vitality and speed, Noa is proficient at consecutive attacks. Her light, 
    nimble body, although giving her excellent agility, makes her somewhat 
    lacking in strength and upper defense power. She is the only left-handed 
    character of the three.
    Attribute: Wind. 
    Favorite Weapons: Claw, Feral. 
            A warrior-monk of Biron, a faith centered on the belief in 
    physical and mental discipline through rigorous training. Having lost 
    both parents to the Mist when he was a child, Gala not only disavows the 
    use of Seru but also hates the Seru themselves. Even after attaining the 
    title of Master at the youthful age of 17, the ever-serious Gala 
    continues his rigorous training without pausing to celebrate this 
    achievement.  His well-trained body delivers the most powerful attacks 
    of the three. On the other hand, his vitality and speed ratings are low, 
    and he is the least adept at combing Arts.
    Attribute: Thunder. 
    Favorite Weapons: Club, Mace. 
            -=Mei =-
            A kind-hearted girl born and raised in Rim Elm. A childhood 
    friend of Vahn, she also feels a love for Vahn that she cannot express. 
    Although outwardly restrained in manner, she is tough to the core and 
    reacts steadfastly to any threat. 
            Like Gala, Songi is a warrior-monk raised at Biron Monastery as 
    an orphan. Conceited and proud, he perversely sees a rivalry between 
    himself and Gala, who has overshadowed Songi. He believes that strength 
    is everything, and will do anything to win. 
            Creatures made of a jewel-like substance and possessing nearly 
    infinite strength and nearly eternal life. When deliberately worn by a 
    human, Seru bestow the ability to fly and even to communicate 
    telepathically with animals. But Seru that come in contact with the Mist 
    are transformed into evil creatures that will attack any human on sight. 
            A special type of Seru capable of resisting the evil influences 
    of the Mist. Ra-Seru possess free will and can communicate 
    telepathically with their human wearers. Dormant Ra-Seru are found 
    inside Genesis Trees, and can be awakened only by humans with hope in 
    their hearts. 
            -=Genesis Tree=-
            A semi-dormant tree that sustains a similarly dormant Ra-Seru 
    awaiting someone to come along and awaken its host tree. A Genesis Tree 
    is awakened when people who sincerely hope for peace combine their 
    powers with those of the Ra-Seru inside the tree. Once awakened, a
    Genesis Tree uses its powers to drive away the Mist from the surrounding 
    area and make evil
    beings good again. 
            A mysterious vapor that turns Seru into crazed, evil creatures 
    that act of their own volition.  Mist-crazed Seru not only attack 
    humans, but when worn by a human, also control that person's mind, 
    turning that person into a monster. The origins of the Mist are shrouded 
    in mystery, as are the reasons for its creation
    IV. -=Arts:=-
    --Standard Fighting Arts have no symbol after them. These can be     
    performed at any point in the game, no matter what level you are   
    at...provided you have enough AP and your move bar is long enough. 
    --An asterisk(*) symbol designates a Hyper Art. You cannot use these   
    until you have read the book that holds them. 
    --A percent sign(%) designates a Super Art. These will not show up on   
    your Arts list after doing them. Also, with Super Arts, you can only   
    put in the exact command for it and nothing more. For example, if you   
    can enter 8 commands, but the Super Art only requires 7, after you   
    enter that 7th command, hit the X button. If you add another hit onto   
    the end, it will not work--I think.
    --Brackets([]) designate a Miracle Art. These can be done at anytime,   
    provided you have the AP to do it! 
    --Noa's Tough Love move will sort of charm an enemy so that it won't   
    attack you and will sometimes help you by attacking other enemies.   
    This can be VERY useful, especially when used against Seru monsters.
    --Some of the AP I have posted for the Super Arts may not be correct.    
    If this is the case, I apologize, and would appreciate any emails that   
    would correct them.  Also, if anyone knows of anymore Arts, please   
    email me.  Thank you.
       *Name*             *Buttons*                                     *AP*
       Charging Scorch    Down, Right, Up                                18
       Hyper Elbow        Left, Right, Left                              18
       Power Punch        Left, Left, Down                               18
       Slash Kick         Up, Down, Left                                 18
       Somersault         Up, Down, Up                                   18
       Cross Kick         Down, Down, Down, Up                           24
       Cyclone            Down, Up, Up, Up                               24
       Hurricane          Up, Up, Down, Down                             24
       PK Combo           Down, Up, Up, Left                             24
       Pyro Pummel        Left, Right, Up, Left                          24
       Spin Combo         Up, Down, Right, Left                          24
       Tornado Flame*     Right, Right, Left                             30
       Fire Blow*         Right, Right, Down, Left                       40
       Burning Flare*     Right, Down, Left, Down, Left                  50
       Maximum Blow%      Down, Right, Up, Down, Left, Left, Down        54
       Power Slash%       Down, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left          54
       Tri-Somersault%    Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up                 60
                          Left, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right, Up       54
       Fire Tackle%       -or-                                          -or-
                          Right,Right,Left,Right,Left,Left,Down,Right,   ?
                          Up (More Powerful)
       Rolling Combo%     Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down,Up,Up,Left   66
       Vahn's Craze []    Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Up,Right,Down,Left     99
       *Name*             *Buttons*                                     *AP*
       Acrobatic Blitz    Up, Down, Down                                 18
       Blizzard Bash      Right, Left, Down                              18
       Lizard Tail        Up, Down, Up                                   18
       Sonic Javelin      Right, Down, Right                             18
       Bird Step          Down, Down, Down, Up                           24
       Dolphin Attack     Right, Right, Left, Right                      24
       Mirage Lancer      Right, Right, Up, Up                           24
       Swan Driver        Down, Up, Up, Up                               24
       Rushing Gale       Up, Up, Left, Down, Right                      30
       Tough Love         Down, Up, Down, Left, Right                    30
       Tempest Break      Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up                 36
       Frost Breath*      Right, Right, Left, Left                       40
       Vulture Blade*     Left, Left, Right, Left, Right                 50
       Hurricane Kick*    Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Right              70
       Dragon Fangs%      Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down               54
       Love You%          Right,Right,Up,Up,Down,Up,Down,Left,Right      72
       Super Javelin%     Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right         48
       Triple Lizard%     Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up         66
       Super Tempest%     Right,Right,Left,Right, Right, Left, Up,Up,Up  60
       Noa's Ark []       Left,Up, Right, Down,Up, Left,Up, Down, Right  99
       *Name*             *Buttons*                                     *AP*
       Back Punch         Left, Right, Left                              18
       Battering Ram      Left, Right, Down                              18
       Flying Knee Attack Down, Up, Left                                 18
       Guillotine         Left, Up, Left                                 18
       Head-Splitter      Left, Up, Up                                   18
       Ironhead           Up, Down, Down                                 18
       Black Rain         Up, Left, Down, Down                           24
       Side Kick          Down, Down, Up, Up                             24
       Bull Horns         Left, Up, Right, Down, Left                    30
       Electro Thrash     Up, Left, Down, Right, Left                    30
       Neo Raising        Left, Left, Right, Up, Left                    30
       Thunder Punch*     Right, Right, Left                             30
       Lightning Storm*   Right, Right, Up, Left                         40
       Explosive Fist*    Right, Right, Left, Left, Left                 50
       Back Punch x3%     Up, Down, Down,Up, Left, Right, Left           54
       Heaven's Drop%     Down, Up, Left, Up,Up, Left, Down, Down        60
       Rushing Crush%     Left, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Up            54
       Super Ironhead%    Down, Up, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down             54
       Neo Static Raising%Left, Right, Left,Up,Left,Left,Right,Up,Left   66
       Biron Rage []      Right,Right,Down,Up,Down,Up,Down,Left,Left     99
    V. -=Walkthrough:=-
            -=Rim Elm:=-
            You begin the game in the town of Rim Elm. After naming the main 
    character--FYI, for the purposes of this Walkthrough, I am going to 
    refer to each character by their default name--a short scene will take 
    place at the Genesis Tree in the center of town. When the elder asks you 
    whether or not you were praying for a successful hunt, it does not 
    matter what you say in reply. He will say basically the same thing. 
    After he leaves, you can take a look at the back of the Genesis Tree at 
    a sign that has a panoramic view of the town. That will tell you where 
    some important places in the town are. Exit the area to the south. When 
    you leave, another short scene will take place, this time with Mei. 
    Again, no matter how you respond, the conversation turns out the same 
    way. Before going to meet her at your house, head south to the beach. On 
    the west side, there is a man standing. His name is Master Tetsu. You 
    may want to talk to him for info, but be sure to practice fighting with 
    him! He will show you the basics for your upcoming first battle, and he 
    will also teach you a new Arts move. After the fight, head to your 
    house. It is the one closest to the east side of the beach. After the 
    scene, you can talk to your family or not--it doesn't matter. If you 
    talk to your sister, though, tell the truth. She knows anyway. When you
    leave your house, yet another scene takes place. Afterwards, you are 
    placed in Mei's house.  Once more, no matter what you say to the old 
    woman, you will get the same outcome. Once you are finished talking with 
    Mei, leave her house. Now would be a good time to save. If you go to
    the northeast of the town, you will see a cave. The save point is in 
    there. Next, run up to the house in the northeast corner. Inside, on the 
    left half, go to the cupboard and you will find a Magic Leaf inside. 
    Once you get that, head on back home. Before talking with your father, 
    go to the cupboard and grab the Healing Leaf. Then, speak with your 
    father and tell him that you want to rest.  In the middle of the night, 
    you are awoken by your family because there is a loud pounding sound 
    coming from outside the village walls. No matter what you say to your 
    father, you have to go outside to see what the pounding is. Talk to the 
    man in the yellow outfit and purple hat to get things going. After the 
    cinematography, you have your first battle. Use the Somersault Arts
    move you learned from Tetsu. You should have no trouble taking out the 
    Gimard in five rounds or so. Now, you can either roam around and fight 
    the Gimards standing around, or you can run down to the Genesis Tree. If 
    you choose to fight, you can run back to your house and heal between 
    battles. Also, head to the weapons shop and speak with the store owner 
    for a few Healing Leaves. Once at the Genesis Tree, a woman tells you to 
    touch it. When you do so, the Ra-Seru Meta comes down and asks if you 
    want to work together. If you say No, Meta will leave you. If that 
    happens, you will have to go back to the tree and talk to Meta again. 
    You cannot progress in the game if you do not acquire Meta! Once you get 
    Meta, it tells you to go and gather the villagers in near the Genesis 
    Tree. If you get into any fights along the way, the best thing to do is 
    attack with the Ra-Seru. It is your strongest attack at this point by 
    far. First go to Mei's house. Tell her that the Mist is here, and she 
    will go with you to be safe. Tell here that there is nothing to worry 
    about and she will stay with her dead father. Either way, she winds up 
    at the Genesis Tree unharmed, but if you tell her there is nothing to 
    worry about, then later in the game she WILL NOT give you the accessory 
    called Mei's Pendant. Now, go straight to your house and speak with your 
    father. You will then appear near the Genesis Tree with the entire town
    standing there. A cut scene follows. Near the end of the scene, the 
    Village Elder asks you to help him find Mei's mother. You cannot refuse 
    this. No matter what happens, he tells you the story.  From this point 
    on, you can visit your house and talk with Nene to rest for free. Also, 
    now that the Mist has been driven away, you can head to the shop in town 
    and purchase things. If you fought a few battles, you should have enough 
    money to purchase the Warrior Seal and the Battle Knife. If not, roam 
    around near the village and fight until you get enough money to come
    back and buy all the armor and weapons available to you. Be sure to 
    equip everything you buy!  Also, before leaving, go up to the second 
    story of the weapons shop and you will be able to open up the drawer 
    next to the bed for the Point Card. As you leave Rim Elm, Mei runs up 
    and gives you the Hunter Clothes. Be sure to equip them. 
            -=Outside Rim Elm and Hunter's Spring:=-
            Recommended Level=2 
            Your next objective is to get to Biron Monastery. Biron is north 
    of Rim Elm, but alas, there is a river blocking your way. Head west 
    following the path until you see a blue circle-type thing along the side 
    of the road. This place is called Hunter's Spring. Here, you see all of 
    the hunters from Rim Elm, and a man named Lezam. Speak with him to find 
    out what to do next. When speaking with him, don't say that you need to 
    get going and he'll tell you the story of Drake Kingdom. Tell him that 
    you wish to help him. He will send you on your way to Drake Kingdom. 
    Before leaving, drink from the mini-spring to have your HP and MP fully 
    restored. There are also four statues you can "speak" with to get some 
    tips about the game. Now, head north along the road to get to the castle 
    and the next leg of your journey. Before Drake Castle, you will notice 
    just to the east on the Field a waterway. You need a key to stop the 
    water flow, but you don't have one just yet.  Continue on for now. Be 
    sure to save your game before going into Drake Castle.
            -=Drake Castle(Mist) and Mt. Rikuroa Southern Pass:=-
            Recommended Level=5
            Right away, get the Door of Light from the treasure chest on the 
    right set of steps. Then, head into the castle. Once inside, go straight 
    ahead and up the stairs. Go into the door on the far left side and push 
    the X button near the sparkling area to get the Sunrise Key. As of now, 
    there is nothing of use in the room on the right side. Once you have the 
    Sunrise Key, use it on the door in the middle. Continue up the stairs to 
    the next room. In the next room, immediately go left and then up on the 
    other side of the flowing water to get a Healing Leaf from the treasure 
    chest.  Then, go straight down into another room. In this room, you can 
    open the bookshelf on the west wall and read about Drake Castle's water. 
    Near the bottom left of the screen you will see a table with three 
    chairs around it. If you search the south side of the table where you 
    can't see, you'll find a Fury Boost. Head around the makeshift jail with 
    possessed people to the sparkling case that contains the Lightning Key. 
    Once you have that, go up and out the door next to you and then go use 
    the key on the door on the north wall of the large room you just came 
    from. Again, head up the stairs to the next floor. In this room, head 
    left and then down into another room a lot like the one the Lightning 
    Key was in. You can go to the bookshelf and read the Queens diary
    if you wish. There is a Survival Knife in the treasure chest. Even if 
    you already have one, you can sell it later in the game. Also, check out 
    the bottom right corner for a Healing Leaf. Note, however, that if you 
    leave this until after the mist has been cleared, it will be a Magic 
    Leaf instead. Leave the room and go all the way to the east side of the 
    large room and then head down into another room. In this room, you will 
    find the Star Key in a sparkling case. Grab it, and like you have 
    before, use it to get to the next area. On your way, you can go to the 
    bookshelf in the large room and read about the geography of Drake 
    Kingdom. Head up the stairs once more. Now, you will be in a cave-like 
    room. Go right and then down into a hall. Now go left and then up into 
    the next set of doors you see. This puts you in the throne room. By 
    going into the west door, you will find a treasure chest with a letter 
    in it and King Drake himself possessed by a Seru. Read the letter to 
    find out what is going on. After reading, go to the northeast corner of 
    the room to get the Mountain Key. Now, go into the eastern door of the 
    throne room to rest, save your game, and get the Fire Book I. Go into 
    the Items menu to use the Fire Book I on Vahn.  This will now enable him 
    to use his first Hyper Arts move, Tornado Flame. Before leaving the
    room, you can also go to the bookshelf to read some research notes about 
    Seru and the Mist.  Now, head south out of the throne room. Once out of 
    it, go west and then up and out of the hall.  Then, once back in the 
    cave-like room, go straight up and get the Healing Leaf out of the
    treasure chest. Now, down and right and then use the Mountain Key to get 
    out of Drake Castle.  Upon exiting Drake Castle, follow the path to Mt. 
    Rikuroa. Once there, Meta instructs you to race to the top of the 
    mountain because he can sense another Ra-Seru is there. Now the game 
    switches to a new character.  NOTE: I have gone through here three times 
    at the recommended level, and I have done it without ever using a 
    Healing Leaf. It IS possible. 
            -=Snowdrift Cave:=-
            Name the new character and then watch the dream scene. When you 
    wake up and answer the wolf's question--once again, what you say does 
    not matter. Save your game at the Save Point directly to the south, and 
    then follow Terra. She will tell you to follow her again. Keep going 
    until you find her. The next few times you talk to her, she will ask you 
    some questions.
    Answer #1: Seru and human
    Now run after Terra again. This time she gives you the second test.
    Answer #2: A Genesis Tree
    This time, instead of running after Terra, head into the area she just 
    unblocked, and go north to get a Healing Shroom. After getting that, go 
    ahead and catch up with Terra for the final test. 
    Answer #3: Mt. Rikuroa 
    After answering the third question, head east to grab another Healing 
    Shroom. Go south to do some physical training.  After speaking with 
    Terra about training, hug the wall and go west to get one more Healing
    Shroom. After that, fight as many of the Piuras as you want to in order 
    to build up Noa's level.  After each battle you can go talk to Terra to 
    get healed. I recommend fighting as long as you can.  After you have 
    fought a certain amount, Terra takes you back to camp and the Piuras 
    disappear for good. Whether or not you leave on your own or are forced 
    to leave, you still must follow Terra back to camp. Head back the way 
    you came and talk to Terra who is blocking the way.  As you are speaking 
    with her, an earthquake interrupts and tears a crack in the cave for the 
    Mist to come through. You'll have to navigate your way back to the camp 
    where you started as Noa while fighting monsters along the way. Once you 
    make it back to camp, Terra points out the huge crack. Before leaving, 
    save your game.  IMPORTANT: If you are willing to risk it, you do not 
    need to heal yourself in the upcoming battles where Terra fights with 
    you. When Noa's HP get low, Terra will automatically heal you.  I've 
    never been killed, but I did get down to 18HP once, so it was close. 
    Also, Terra is not controllable and she is invincible. Just focus on 
    fighting the bad guys and let Terra do the healing.  Now then. After 
    saving, head back to the crack and go through it. Follow the path and 
    grab the Healing Shroom in the third chasm. Keep going until you exit 
    Snowdrift Cave. 
            -=Mt. Rikuroa Northern Pass and Mt. Rikuroa:=-
            Recommended Level=4 
            Once out of Snowdrift Cave, head south until you see an opening 
    to the east. Head that way and then you will finally come to a screen 
    where you'll see a lot of mist. Terra will tell you that she's not 
    strong enough to go, but before leaving grab the Nail Glove for Noa from 
    the chest.  Now go back west and then head south until you reach a short 
    path leading to Mt. Rikuroa.  Once you reach the path, save your game 
    before heading to the mountain.  When you reach Mt. Rikuroa, follow the 
    path and get the Healing Leaf from the treasure chest. Save your game if 
    you want to, and then go inside the cavern. Hurry through this area, 
    picking up along the way a Scarlet Jewel and some Power Water. At the 
    exit of the cavern, you must fight a mini-boss called Golem. After the 
    battle, a short scene takes place between Noa and Terra. When that is 
    finished, run along the grassy path and go into another cavern. Here you 
    will find a Phoenix in a treasure chest near the entrance. SAVE AT THE 
    SAVE POINT!  The first Boss is up ahead and it may be a tough fight. 
    Head outside, watch the scene, and then the gameplay switches back to 
    Vahn.  When control of Vahn is yours again, go through the wooden doors 
    and up the hill. In the next screen, run as far north as you can, and 
    then go to the left. Vahn will automatically jump up to the ledge. Once 
    on that ledge, turn and run to the right to automatically jump to the 
    next one. Keep pushing right and jump up one more. Now follow this path 
    as it winds south and jump across the gap for a Speed Elixir. Jump back 
    across the gap and go to the spot where you can see a small ledge 
    straight above you. Line up so that it is just to the right of you and 
    push up on the D-Pad to jump up. This one may be tricky, so take your 
    time. Once on that little ledge, push up once more to jump again and run 
    into the cave straight ahead. When you enter the cave, go straight, then 
    at the fork turn right. Follow the path down and out of the cave. This 
    will put you on a ledge. Move Vahn in a northwest direction and he will 
    jump off the ledge onto another one. Jump again in the same direction 
    and then go into the cave. Once inside, you will see a series of small 
    ledges on the wall ahead of you. Follow these directions to get a 
    Healing Leaf and the (Vahn) Fist:
    Jump to the first ledge, then jump right to the second. Jump left to the 
    third. Right to the fourth.  Right to the fifth. Right to the sixth. 
    From this ledge, go down and to the right to hop to a ledge with the 
    Healing Leaf. From there push left to jump back to the sixth ledge. Now 
    push up and to the left to get to ledge number seven. Right to eight, 
    right to nine, and lastly right to the ledge that leads outside. Run 
    outside and the (Vahn) Fist is yours.  Now just backtrack all the way 
    back to the point where you took the right fork in the road.  This time, 
    go left. Head down and out. Jump up the ledges, getting the Healing 
    Bloom before entering the next cave. Once in that cave, run all the way 
    to the end, save your game, and prepare for your first boss fight. After 
    the fight, walk over to the Genesis Tree when instructed to do so and 
    hit the X button. When asked whether or not you will let Noa come with 
    you, saying yes is faster. If you say no, Meta keeps telling you to be 
    nice and Noa asks again. When you have control again, go back to Drake 
    Castle. Be careful though, because enemies still lurk on the mountain, 
    so if you suffered a lot of damage in the battle, don't forget to heal. 
    The people at Drake Castle all seem to want to talk to you. 
    Congratulations on making it this far! 
            -=Drake Castle and the Water Gate:=-
            Inside the castle, telling Noa either thing results in the same 
    outcome. Also, whether or not you say you got rid of the Mist matters 
    not. After talking with the king, you receive the Water Key.  He also 
    asks you to rid the world of the Mist. When you are finished talking 
    with King Drake, you are free to roam the castle. When you were first in 
    it, you may have noticed a few treasure chests that were unreachable. 
    You'll want to seek them out. You'll find a Healing Leaf, a Healing 
    Bloom, and also some Swift Water. Before leaving the throne room, go 
    rest in the area where you could earlier and Noa will have another 
    dream. After that, leave and be sure to talk to everyone. One man 
    standing near a bookshelf will teach Noa the Swan Driver Art and
    Vahn the Charging Scorch Art. There are also a few "Hidden" Items in the 
    castle. To get them, follow these instructions: 
    First, go into the room the king was trapped in. Examine the upper-left 
    corner area. In that area on the top wall there is a Platinum Card 
    hidden. If you didn't get the Healing Leaf or Fury Boost earlier, follow 
    these directions. From the top level of the castle, the same one as the 
    throne room, go down the main stairs to the 3rd floor. Go into the lower 
    left room with the woman talking about her Diary. Now go down to the 
    bottom right hand of the room near the barrel you can only partially 
    see. Hit the X button and you will find a Magic Leaf. Remember, if you 
    got this earlier it was a Healing Leaf. Now, go down the steps to the 
    2nd floor. From here, take the bottom left entrance into the dining 
    hall. Go straight down and you will see a table with three chairs around 
    it. If you go down directly below the torch that is near the table and 
    hit the X button, you will pick up a Fury Boost.  Once you have explored 
    the castle to your heart's content, exit out the main entrance that Vahn 
    originally came through. Here you will now find a market. Tell Noa that 
    the people would be glad to talk to her and she leaves your party for 
    awhile to talk to people. When you go up to her at the various stations, 
    she gives you some quizzes.  When she leaves you to talk, be sure not to 
    leave the castle area or else you will lose your chance to be quizzed 
    and receive an Item. First she asks you what money is. Say, "Sorry, I 
    don't know," and the Arms Dealer will explain it to you and give you the 
    Fighting Robe free of charge! Next, go to the Items area for a three 
    question quiz from Noa. If you get three right, you will be awarded 10 
    Healing Shrooms. Two right and you get 5 Healing Shrooms. One right and 
    you will be given nothing at all. But, if you get all of them wrong, Noa 
    takes pity on you for being stupid and gives you some Wisdom Water. I 
    recommend taking that because it's a permanent upgrade. BTW, the 
    questions may be different then what I have answers for, so watch out. 
    Answer #1: Healing Berry 
    Answer #2: Escape from the dungeon 
    Answer #3: Wats 
    Next, go to the Inn and speak with her. Whatever you choose, Noa comes 
    back to your party without giving you anything and says it is time to 
    visit people you want to. Head back to the Arms Dealer and purchase the 
    Guardian Clip and Electric Shoes for Noa. You can also sell your two 
    Survival Knives at this point. Once you are done in the market, exit to 
    the south.  On the field, immediately go east to the Water Gate. Walk up 
    to the slot and use the key. Once the water stops, go across the ravine, 
    picking up the Wind Book I. You're now on your way to Biron Monastery! 
    NOTE: You can run back to Rim Elm before going on and Tetsu will teach 
    Noa the Acrobatic Blitz if she doesn't already have it. You can also 
    introduce Noa to Mei. There are a few other different things that people 
    say, but nothing spectacular. 
            -=First Time at Biron Monastery:=-
            Once across the riverbed, head northeast following the trail to 
    get to Biron Monastery. You may notice a break in the mountains before 
    you get to Biron with a lot of Mist coming through, but you can't get 
    through there just yet. Once you make it to Biron, walk straight up and 
    hit the switch to clear out the Mist and meet people. When Zopu finishes 
    speaking with you, go through the doors straight ahead. If you go 
    straight up and examine the statue of Biron, you will find a Power 
    Elixir. When you move towards the stairs on the right, Maya runs down to 
    talk to you.  Answer her and then she runs off. Go up the stairs and do 
    some exploring. In the center room (dining area), if you go up through 
    the middle of the room to where the merchants are, you can find some 
    Medicine by hitting the X button in the bottom right corner of that 
    room. Also, the left pot in the top right corner has a Phoenix. Plus, if 
    you have enough money, you'll want to buy the Savior Clothes for Vahn 
    now. Back in the hall, if you to the room on the far right guarded my a 
    monk, Noa will go in to speak with Maya. When she comes back out, you 
    can tell her whatever you want. Now, exit the hall to the south, not 
    going down the stairs. Here, you cannot go to either Voz forest yet, so 
    just go through the door in the middle to speak with Zopu. In Zopu's
    room, examine the pot to find a Healing Bloom. When you are ready, speak 
    to Zopu and tell him that you have listened to what the people of Biron 
    had to say. The screen now flashes to the party and you inform Maya 
    about the fate of her husband, Juno. When you are ready to advance,
    speak with Songi. Master Zopu will come out and you need to talk to him. 
    He asks you to help him awaken the two Genesis Trees in West and East 
    Voz Forests. He gives you the choice as to whether or not you would like 
    to go to East Voz first or West Voz first. No matter which you pick, you 
    wind up going to West Voz. Master Zopu instructs Gala to join you on 
    your quest to revive the Genesis Tree in West Voz Forest. The next day, 
    save your game, get any supplies you need, and head to West Voz. If you 
    didn't have enough money for all the armor, get some and come back 
    before going on. 
            -=West Voz Forest and Second Time at Biron Monastery:=-
            Recommended Level=7(Vahn), 7(Noa), 3(Gala)
            Head northwest to the forest. You may notice that the trail also 
    leads north to a little area where the river starts, but there's nothing 
    important there just yet. Inside the forest, follow the trail northeast. 
    When the road forks to the left and the right, first run over to the 
    right and get some Medicine if you want to. Then head back and take the 
    left fork, grabbing the Healing Leaf before moving on to the west. In 
    the next area, run along until you come to the open area. Go to the 
    right through the tunnel-plant and then up to get another thing of 
    Medicine. Go back to the open area now, and go west through another 
    tunnel-plant to a culdisac with a Shield Elixir and the Fertilizer you 
    will need in just a moment. Once again go back to the open area and this 
    time head north. As soon as you enter the next screen, take a few steps 
    and then you'll see a slightly hidden path to the right where you can 
    get a Magic Amulet. Now run all the way up to the small river, and 
    examine the little plant on the riverbank. Then, use the fertilizer on 
    it and walk across it.  Go north through the tunnel-plant and in the 
    next screen run straight up to get a Door of Light out of the treasure 
    chest. Then, run up and get the (Noa) Feral out of the treasure chest 
    there.  Afterwards, go west through the tunnel-plant to get a Healing 
    Bloom. Now go south, save your game, and head west through the tunnel-
    plant. Don't worry, there is no boss ahead. At the end of the tunnel-
    plant, go examine the Genesis Tree. After you get the Ra-Seru Egg, 
    you'll need to get back to the monastery. Use a Door of Light or just 
    run out of the forest. Once outside, hurry back to Biron to see what's 
    going on.  NOTE: You can equip the Ra-Seru Egg as an Accessory. It helps 
    defend against Thunder powers.  Inside Biron, make a beeline to the area 
    that the merchants were in. When asked, tell them at the door that you 
    are Vahn and they will let you in. The woman at the table in the upper 
    part of this room will heal you for free. Also, a person named Kim who 
    is on the west wall of the dining room will teach you some Arts if you 
    don't know them already. Now, go to the room that was guarded before 
    that only Noa could go into. There you will find Maya. After the little 
    scene, go over to the pot along the east wall and examine it for some 
    Guardian Water. Then, go over and read the letter laying on the floor. 
    Save your game and then head to East Voz Forest. Gala will join you 
    before you make it out, so don't worry about that.
            -=East Voz Forest and Third Time at Biron Monastery:=-
            Recommended Level=9(Vahn), 9(Noa), 6(Gala)
            Run to East Voz Forest. Enter the forest and follow the trail. 
    You'll see a treasure chest blocked by some Crystal Grass. You can't get 
    to it just yet, so go east through the tunnel-plant and then head north. 
    Take the second left for a Healing Flower. Go back to the main path and
    go up, then take the first right you can. Run to the end and pick up the 
    Weed Hammer. You use it by pushing the X or L1 button. Now use it below 
    you to get yourself a Magic Leaf. Now you can run back and get the 
    treasure chest (which contains Guardian Water that you couldn't reach
    before. Now exit the first screen to the north. Right after you destroy 
    the Crystal Grass near the end of this screen, go through the tunnel-
    plant on the left to grab a Cure Amulet. Head back through the tunnel-
    plant and exit the screen to the north. In this screen, go left through 
    the tunnel-plant, go up and break the Crystal Grass, and then get 
    yourself an Antidote and the Survival Club for Gala. Now keep going up, 
    destroy the Crystal Grass, and go right through another tunnel-plant. 
    Right above you is an Azure Jewel. Now go south and then east through
    yet another tunnel-plant. Go north and destroy some more Crystal Grass. 
    Now follow the path as it winds around and pick up the Medicine before 
    heading north through the tunnel-plant. Go north and save your game. 
    Fill up your HP gauge, because your second boss is dead ahead. I
    recommend using Items and not Magic to heal yourself, because you may 
    want to use some Magic Spells in the upcoming battle. After the battle, 
    walk over and touch the Genesis Tree to revive it and drive away the 
    Mist.  After reviving the tree, you'll be sent back to Biron. There, you 
    will chat with Zopu. When Maya comes in, for the best scene, tell her 
    that you will go after the Mist, not escort her home.  Now, go to the 
    weapon seller and try to buy all of the upgrades minus the Battle Knife. 
    You can pick up the Short Sword in Zeto's Dungeon which is much better. 
    You'll need the other upgrades before fighting the next boss, though--
    trust me--otherwise you'll get your but kicked.  I've received more 
    emails and questions about how to kill this next boss than anything 
    else! If you have all of the best armor plus the Deep Sea Jewel and are 
    at least the recommended levels, you can take him on your first try. So 
    if you can't afford them, fight until you can. Another way to get the 
    money, which is what I did, is go on to the next dungeon and fight until 
    you get near the end--I'll point out the spot later in this walkthrough-
    -and then use a Door of Light to transport out and back to Biron. At 
    that point you should have enough money to get all the stuff you need.
    Now anyways, inside Biron you can also talk to Kim again to learn a new 
    Art for Gala. Talk to Maya for 10 Healing Leaves too. Also, I would like 
    to point out that you can now go back to Rim Elm and talk to Tetsu who 
    will speak with Gala and teach him the Ironhead Art. At any rate, when 
    you're set, head west of Biron and enter the Mist Generator.
            -=First Mist Generator/Zeto's Dungeon:=-
            Recommended Level(Upon Entry)=10(Vahn), 10(Noa), 8(Gala)
            After the short scene explaining the Mist Generator, head 
    inside. Go down the stairs and into the next screen. Now run east across 
    the bridge, then head south across another bridge. Go down the stairs 
    and get the Thunder Book I out of the treasure chest. Now head east 
    across the bridge. From the platform go north for a Healing Leaf and 
    south for a Healing Flower. Now head back to the platform that you came 
    from and this time go west--there is nothing to the south. Before going 
    up the stairs on the next platform, run around the bottom of the higher 
    level of the platform to get a Fury Boost out of a treasure chest. Now 
    head west up the steps and just keep following the trail that you can 
    take until you get to a platform with bridges heading east and west. 
    Take the west bridge for a Healing Bloom and then go back and take the 
    east bridge to continue. Now go up the steps and continue all the way 
    until you get to a little elevator thing.  Enter and head down. Now in 
    the next room, run around to the back of the elevator and examine to 
    find a Short Sword for Vahn. Now save your game and contine to the 
    south. In here follow the path. When given the choice to head east or 
    south, go east for a Shield Elixir.  Now go back and head south this 
    time. Following the yellow trail, take the first path to the north and 
    grab the Phoenix from the treasure chest. Now go back down and follow 
    the path to the west. When given the choice to go south or continue 
    west, go west and through the next door to get some Medicine if you want 
    it. If not, then just head south. At the choice of east and south, go 
    south for a Magic Leaf. Now go back and head east this time to continue. 
    In the next screen, take the first south door for a Burning Jewel. Take 
    the first north door for a Healing Bloom. Now take the next southern 
    door for a Door of Light and take the northern one for a Tempest Jewel.
    Now save and make sure Gala is powered up because he is about to fight 
    Songi one on one.  When you are ready, run to the west and Songi will 
    appear. By the way, I recommend Gala be at either level 9 or 10. Level 
    10 would be noticeably easier, but 9 is definitely do-able.   After 
    defeating Songi, go west and down the elevator. Save at the save point 
    and then continue out the south door. Follow the path to the end. Before 
    going through the door fill up your HP and MP if you can and get ready 
    to fight Zeto.  NOTE: Zeto is by far the hardest boss up to this point. 
    I recommend warping out of the dungeon now and going back to Biron. 
    Then, you should have enough or close to enough money to buy all of the 
    best armor and weapons for everyone and the Deep Sea Jewel. I also 
    recommend the following levels: 12(Vahn), 12(Noa), 11(Gala) 
    Unless you are at a very hi level or just get really lucky, you are 
    going to need those supplies.  If you want to try to take on Zeto in 
    your present state, be my guest, but be warned. I tried it twice
    without warping out and he whooped my tail both times.  After defeating 
    Zeto, you will wind up back at Biron. 
            -=Back at Biron and The Ancient Wind Cave:=-
            When you are talking to Zopu, Noa comes in with Maya. Tell Maya 
    that you accept the Ra-Seru taking control of you and that you will 
    destroy the Mist to avoid getting chewed out.  Then, when Gala and Noa 
    tell you to go to the north, tell them to follow you. Now you can
    continue with the mission or head back to Rim Elm for a short scene at 
    Mei's house. After that, continue with the story. The Ancient Wind Cave 
    is north of West Voz Forest.  Go to the Ancient Wind Cave now and head 
    to the left door. Now, the man inside will let you in. If you search the 
    barrels behind the Old Wizard you will find some Wisdom Water. Also, if 
    you search the barrel next to the bed closest to the eastern wall you 
    will find a Silver Compass.  Now, pull the lever in the room with the 
    beds. It will open the door that was previously unmovable. Before 
    leaving, you should try to upgrade Noa's armor here. You can probably 
    only afford the Green Robe and Green Clip, so just be content with those 
    for now. You'll want to make sure you get the boots and weapon before 
    then next boss, but that's still a ways away.  Now head north through 
    that door that you just opened. Go through the tunnel and when it splits 
    north and east, head east. At the end of the tunnel, examine the area 
    you can't see very well for a Door of Light. Now head back and go north 
    this time. When the tunnels open into a small cavern with paths heading 
    northeast and northwest, head northwest to pick up a Healing Bloom. Now 
    go back and go northeast and then north through the door. When speaking 
    with the Old Water Witch, tell her you want to spend the night. Now, a 
    scene will occur. During the dream, say whatever you want. When you 
    awake, speak to the girl in the northeast corner wearing pink. Tell her 
    you dream a lot and that you want to learn about dreams and the future.  
    Then, tell Noa you will help her find Hari. Next, examine the barrels 
    above the "Inn" sign to find some Magic Water. Next, try to exit to the 
    north. You will be stopped by the Old Water Witch who will give you 2 
    Doors of Wind. Now exit to the north and follow the tunnel out. 
            -=First Time at Jeremi:=-
            Head west following the trail until you come to a town with a 
    big tower--Jeremi. Enter Jeremi and take the first right turn and enter 
    the Weapon/Item shop. Grab the Phoenix from the treasure chest. Then, go 
    down the stairs and examine the two bookshelves for a Target Chain. Now 
    head outside and this time at the intersection go north. Take a left at 
    the building and enter the Inn. Go down the stairs and grab the Power 
    Water out of the treasure chest. From the Inn head north to the Bar. Go 
    up and behind the counter. You'll find a Power Ring in the bookshelf. 
    Now exit and go back to the intersection where the tower is and go east. 
    Enter the building to get a Healing Flower from the chest.  NOTE: Now 
    you can do one of two things. You can either enter the tower and go 
    through that area which is what I believe you are supposed to do next, 
    but I recommend doing something else first. That is where the 
    walkthrough is about to go, so if you want to go into the tower now, 
    scroll down to the Jeremi Tower section. Then, you can come back to the 
    next section when you are done. The only problem is, some things will 
    probably be confusing, and if so, sorry. Now back to the walkthrough! 
    Now that you have these supplies, leave Jeremi and head north. Cross the 
    bridge and then follow the path north and then west across another 
    bridge. You will see a town on the map that has windmills visible. This 
    is the town of Vidna. 
            In Vidna, there are many people to talk to, supplies to upgrade, 
    and items to find. If you talk to the guy near the inn, he'll give you 
    info--for a price. Just so you know, you do not need to rest at the inn 
    because someone you will meet will let you spend the night for free. 
    But, if you enter the inn and go upstairs, you'll find in the lower-left 
    room a Door of Wind. In the lower-right room you'll find a Healing 
    Flower in the cupboard too. Next, head west to the Items shop. In the
    back, you can get 10 Healing Leaves from the cupboard. Next, go up the 
    stairs north of the Items shop and enter the Weapons shop. Here, you 
    will find a Magic Leaf in the cupboard.  Next, leave the shop and go 
    into the large building to the west. If you go up to the colorful
    machine, you can play a little game. By winning coins, you can talk to 
    the man at the counter and he will let you trade coins for items. When 
    done, head left and get the Phoenix from the drawer next to the relaxing 
    man. You can then go to the springs if you want. Afterwards, leave 
    through the back entrance of the building and enter the second house to 
    the west. Here you will meet Pepe. Speak with him about his father. Now 
    get back to the Items shop and from there go west.  After going up the 
    stairs, head into the first cottage you see. Here you will meet some 
    Biron Monks. Choose something to say to Gala and then meet Sashia. She 
    will give you the following message: 
    "Go to the Temple of Rem! See the four Books of Prophecy! When you have 
    seen them all, the secret will be clear! A brave Ra-Seru will acquire a 
    great key, the Star Pearl!" 
    Next, a monk will allow you to rest. Sashia instructs you to go to 
    Octam. You can come back to her and hear the prophecy again if you want 
    to also. Now exit and enter the next cottage to the west. This is 
    Danpas' house. Go down and talk with him. Tell him you understand the 
    situation, etc. and he tells you he will let you stay there if the Mist 
    ever comes. Now, you can leave the town or just go talk to everyone, 
    your call. I recommend fighting until you have enough money for all the 
    armor and weapons, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Now, it 
    is time to head to Octam. 
            -=First Time at Octam:=-
            Exit Vidna and go north along the trail. Go east across the 
    bridge staying on the path. Then, at the wooden bridge go south. At the 
    end of the path you will find Octam. Once you enter, a scene will take 
    place. Go ahead and tell Noa that you should at least have a look 
    around. When you gain control, go up the steps and into the room with 
    the red door. Read the sign on the west wall for some info. Next, exit 
    and enter the adjacent room. In this room, read the book on the table 
    for some more info. Now leave and go to the bottom of the steps. Once 
    here, go past the first building and go to the far west one. In here, at 
    the top, you will find hidden along the bottom wall, some Swift Water. 
    Now go across to the other side of the town. Go into the inn and read 
    the paper that is in the cupboard. Now, leave and enter the house to the 
    east and get the Speed Elixir out of the cupboard. Next, go in between 
    the staircases and enter the door.  Upon entering, go straight to the 
    next door. Continue straight on into the following door. Now, go down 
    the stairs. In the room, go from side to side and read each of the four 
    books. You CAN read them in any order, it doesn't matter. Also, you may 
    want to read what each statue has written on it. When you are ready, 
    head down the stairs you uncovered. Go down to the bottom of the steps 
    and then enter try to enter the elevator. A scene will take place where 
    you are introduced to a new character and also find out some interesting 
    news about the Star Pearl. Cara tells you that the Star Pearl was given 
    to Zalan in Jeremi. Name sound familiar? Well, it is the name of Pepe's 
    (from Vidna) father! Well, now there is nothing more to do in Octam, so 
    go ahead and leave.  NOTE: Now is where I am going to go back to Jeremi 
    for the walkthrough. If you decided to skip the preceding and then come 
    back to it like I said you could, this is where you want to start
    reading. Also, if you followed this walkthrough straight forward, before 
    going back to Jeremi you should stop by Vidna and pick up any armor or 
    weapons you couldn't afford earlier. 
            -=Jeremi Tower and the Star Pearl:=-
            Recommended Level=15(Vahn), 15(Noa), 15(Gala) 
            When you arrive at Jeremi again, head north and enter the tower. 
    Go straight through the room and out the door. You cannot go up the 
    first elevator until you get to the top and activate it. So, grab the 
    Healing Leaf out of the chest and take the elevator that is in the 
    north-west corner.  Then, go south and take the elevator in the south-
    west corner. From here, go north and then east to the elevator there. In 
    this area, go south and get the Speed Ring. Then go back up the
    elevator and now head west, south, and then east to the next elevator. 
    From the next screen, go into the elevator directly to the north. After 
    exiting, go south and pick up the Healing Bloom.  Now, go back and after 
    exiting the elevator, go west and enter that elevator. Go south after
    exiting and examine the dial to activate the rapid elevator that you 
    couldn't enter earlier. Now go back the way you came and in the next 
    screen go south and use the elevator in the south-west corner. The 
    elevator you see in the middle of the next room is the rapid elevator 
    that takes you to the ground floor. Now, exit this room to the south, go 
    up the steps, and save your game. A VERY difficult boss is coming up. 
    After saving your game, make your way through the hedges.  Before going 
    up and approaching the boss, get the Healing Bloom and Forest Amulet 
    from the chests on either side of the boss area. When you are prepared, 
    go ahead and examine the large green thing on the Genesis Tree--
    Berserker. When you are done fighting him, you will be awarded with the 
    Fire Book II. Also, some people who have been healed run up and talk to
    you. When they run up to you, tell them that you got rid of the Mist. 
    Afterwards, you'll be surrounded by thankful people. After exiting the 
    inn, go north to the bar. Go to the back and speak with a man in orange. 
    Say no to him and he will teach you the Cross Kick, Bird Step, and
    the Side Kick. You can also get some armor upgrades for Noa at the 
    Weapon shop in the south-east. When you are done with all that, go to 
    the house in the south-west of the town to speak with Zalan. Listen to 
    his favor and then take the latter he gives you to Pepe in Vidna.
    Pepe's house is the one above the hot springs building. He will give you 
    Yuma's Ring to take back to Zalan. When you give it to him, he will give 
    you Zalan's Crown and the Star Pearl.  Now it's time to head off to the 
    Gate of Shadows. 
            -=Gate of Shadows and Octam (Underground):=-
            Recommended Level=17(Vahn), 17(Noa), 17(Gala)
            Leave Jeremi and go towards Vidna. From Vidna, travel like you 
    did to get to Octam, only this time when you come to the wooden bridge, 
    cross it and then head east. Cross another, head south, and then go west 
    across one more bridge. Now, go to the area with the big heads. Here, 
    you will meet Gi Delilas and his family--Lu Delilas and Che Delilas. 
    He'll ask who the leader is, and then if you tell him it is Vahn, he'll 
    challenge you to a fight. Don't worry, he gets interrupted. When they 
    leave, you will need to go around to the statues and press the correct 
    button on each one. Remember back to when you were in Octam and examined 
    the four statues. Or, you can just reference this walkthrough. Here are 
    the correct buttons: 
    North: Earth 
    South: Water 
    East: Wind 
    West: Fire 
    When you correctly press the buttons, the stone that looks like a flower 
    will open up. Walk up the ramp and throw in the Star Pearl to open the 
    door. Then, jump on in! Once inside, go down the steps to the next 
    screen. At the fork in the road, go left. At the end of this trail you 
    will find a Healing Flower. Now go back to the fork and this time take 
    the right one. Go down the steps and to the next screen. Here, pick up 
    another Healing Flower from the chest on the side of the path and then 
    continue, once again going down the steps. At this next fork, go north-
    east and you'll get a Life Ring at the end. Now go back and take the 
    north-west fork. At the next fork, go north-east once more and get some 
    Wonder Elixir at the dead end. Head back again and take the left fork. 
    Now in this screen go west. When the path splits off to the north, take 
    it and you'll get a Healing Flower in the very next screen. Now, go back 
    to the previous screen and continue west. Go down the steps and you'll 
    come out in a screen with moving, floating tiles for you to walk on. 
    Jump on and just walk across. After a few sets of them, you'll come 
    across a treasure chest with a Fury Boost in it. Continue along the 
    tiles until you come to a fork. Take the north-east fork for a Shield 
    Elixir and then head back and take the southern fork. Follow that
    one to a hole at the end. Go through to the next screen and walk around 
    and out. You'll wind up at the area where everyone from Octam fled to. 
    Save your game if you feel so inclined and then enter the inn. There are 
    almost all new weapons and armor for everyone and items too. Then, go 
    into the basement and examine the bookshelves for a Door of Wind. Next, 
    leave the inn and head north to another building. There you will find
    some people who used to pull the flying carts around the islands and a 
    Healing Flower from the treasure chest. Next, exit and head west of the 
    inn. As you try to cross the narrow bridge, an earthquake will occur. 
    When it is finished, talk to the girl in the blue hair who is near you 
    and tell her you are looking for Hari. She then takes you to Hari. Once 
    you reach his house, go up to the north-east corner and get the Life 
    Water from the bookshelf there. Then, go down the steps.  There, you'll 
    find Hari--three little babies. At this time he is sleeping and cannot 
    be awoken. So, now leave and go to the large mansion in the middle of 
    the town. Go to the third floor and examine the barrels in the north-
    east corner near the desk to find some Magic Water and then head east 
    and get the Medicine from the treasure chest. After you do that, talk to 
    the man in the middle of the room--the mayor. As you try to exit, you 
    will be warned that Hari has awoken. Go ahead and run back to the Palace 
    of Meditation where you saw Hari earlier. Go down the steps and speak 
    with each baby. The blue baby tells you about the past, green about the 
    present, and red about the future. After talking with Hari, the mayor 
    talks to you. He tells you how to get to the Fire Path Hari spoke of. 
    When you try to leave the island that the Palace of Meditation is on
    another earthquake occurs. This time, Hari gets swallowed up by the 
    earth. His souls come to you and speak to you for a short while. When 
    they are done, save your game and get ready to head to the Fire Path. 
            -=The Fire Path (Underground) and Octam Again:=-
            Recommended Level=19(Vahn), 19(Noa), 19(Gala)
            Go to the north-west corner of Octam and you'll see a soldier 
    and a save point. Enter the cave that the soldier is guarding. Follow 
    the trail until you come to a fork in it. Go east to get some Wisdom 
    Water. Now head the other way and continue until you come to another 
    fork. Here, go south and at the end after doing some ledge hopping 
    you'll find a Speed Elixir. Go back to the fork and now go east. When 
    you hop over a gap to continue on you way, an earthquake will take 
    place. After that, keep running east. At the end of this area you'll see 
    a treasure chest with a Healing Bloom in it. From there, go north-east 
    and exit this screen. Go down the stairs and then in the next screen 
    just follow the trail. When you come out into the open cavern with the 
    rocks you have to walk on, head west. When you get to the area with the 
    big pillar in the middle, go around the south side of it and enter it to 
    get a Magic Leaf from the treasure chest. Now exit and continue west 
    across the wooden bridge. Enter the next pillar from the west side to 
    get a Healing Bloom. Next, go across the wooden bridge to the south and 
    enter the next pillar from the east side to retrieve the (Gala) Mace. 
    Now go back up to the previous pillar and go across the western bridge. 
    Go around this pillar and enter from the west side for a Healing Flower.
    Now leave the pillar and go north along the rocks. Save your game at the 
    save point and get ready for a boss fight. Exit the screen to the north 
    and follow the path all the way around. In the next area with the lava, 
    jump onto the platform and let it take you to an island. Run up the 
    steps and get the Phoenix from the chest. Then, jump back on the 
    platform to go to another island.  Here you will witness a strange 
    creature pounding the pillars. After witnessing this, run north and
    around the large pillar to grab a Door of Light from a treasure chest. 
    Then, run back around to where you landed and this time go south. You 
    will then meet the creature, Xain. Keep interrupting him. When he asks 
    you if you are the enemy, tell him you are in order to fight. After
    to defeat him, he gives you the Wind Book II. When you can move, run to 
    the east and get the Guardian Chain from the treasure chest. Before 
    leaving this cavernous area, explore. There is some Incense, Healing 
    Bloom, and Power Water. Once you have found everything, run back to 
    Octam to see what effect the ice has had.  When you get back, go around 
    and talk to everyone. Make sure you talk to the mayor on the third floor 
    of the mansion. He will ask you to get some Spring Salts from Vidna. 
    Now, you can use the elevator, so go on up and head back to Vidna. 
            -=Back to Vidna and Octam One More Time:=-
            When you enter Vidna, you will notice that because the 
    geothermal power is gone, the windmills have stopped and the Mist has 
    entered the town. When you run to find people, be sure to go by the 
    beach and get the fishing tackle off the shore. You can also go to the 
    place that had the hot water on the floor to get the Spring Salts, 
    Shield Elixir, and a Healing Flower. When you have explored to your 
    heart's content, go to Danpas' house. Go down the stairs and examine
    the elevator. Tell the person that you are human so that you can get in 
    the elevator. Once downstairs, you'll find a lot of people that escaped 
    the Mist. After talking with them you'll find that your next stop is 
    Ratayu. But before going there, take the Spring Salts back to the mayor 
    of Octam. When you give him the salts, he'll give you the Slowness 
    Chain. He'll also tell you where the Genesis Tree is. When you are 
    finished talking with him, it will be time to embark on your trip
    to Ratayu.
            -=Ratayu and the Mt. Letona Genesis Tree:=-
            To get to Ratayu, head north of Vidna. When you come across that 
    wooden bridge, go west.  Follow the trail and at the end you will find 
    Ratayu. Once here, jump across the large gap and then enter the town. 
    Enter the Weapons shop to the west to get a Magic Leaf right away. Then 
    go to the Items shop to the north for a Healing Bloom. Next, enter the 
    house east of the Items shop to get a Door of Wind and see a painting in 
    the cupboard. From there, go east again into another house where you'll 
    find the Ivory Book. Then, go south to the inn where you will find a 
    letter and a wedding dress. When you're done in the town, make your way 
    to the eastern exit.  Here, you will find that you need a king from 
    Saryu to get through. You'll also need the key to exit to the west, so 
    that leave north. Now that you know this, go ahead and exit the town to 
    the north. In the next screen, go up the stairs and through the next 
    door. When you enter the palace, you'll be in a large open area. First, 
    run to the north-east corner to get a Magic Leaf. Next, go down the 
    steps in between the two staircases going up. Actually, you can go up 
    the steps if you want to, it doesn't matter--they come out in the same 
    room, just different levels, but for the walkthrough I will go through 
    the door mentioned. Anyways, once in the next room, go up the steps to 
    your right and continue out the door to the east. Here you will find 
    some Swift Water in a treasure chest. Now run back in the large room and 
    this time go across the room to the west and go through the opposite 
    exit to find a random possessed human. Take the exit just above that
    one for a Healing Flower. Now, staying on the upper level, take the exit 
    to the north. Here you will find a Healing Berry, Speed Elixir, and Fury 
    Boost in treasure chests. Then, go up the stairs to see Saryu who will 
    give you the Letona Key to get to the Genesis Tree to the east.  Now 
    with the key, go back to the east exit you couldn't go through before 
    and go through it.  After going through that door, head north and save 
    your game if you'd like. Afterwards, continue north to save another 
    Genesis Tree. Continue until you can go north or west, and go west to 
    get the Wisdom Ring and a Magic Leaf. Then go back to the main path and 
    go north into the cave. Go to the end of the path there to get some 
    Guardian Water. Now exit the cave area and go east. In this next screen 
    take the first southern turn to get a Power Ring and then continue east 
    along the trail and enter the cave. At the fork in the road, go north--
    there is nothing to the east. Then, take the first left turn and follow 
    the trail around, under the bridge, and out of the cave to get some 
    Incense and a Healing Bloom. Now go back into the cave and at the fork
    you just went west at, go north/north-east and follow the trail out of 
    this cave. Go along the grassy area and pick up some Wisdom Water on 
    your way into the next cave. In here, make your way to the Healing 
    Fruit, then save your game and exit the cave. When the little scene
    stops, run to the south-west area and grab a piece of Magic Fruit. Heal 
    up and then try to run back down the path. Songi will interrupt you and 
    battle you. When you defeat him you will be awarded with the Thunder 
    Book II and levels up for your Ra-Seru. Afterwards, go back down to 
            -=Back at Ratayu and the Seru Brides:=-
            Recommended Level=24(Vahn), 24(Noa), 24(Gala)
            When you get back to Ratayu, I recommend going to the Weapons 
    shop right away. You are soon to lose Noa for awhile and if you lose her 
    before getting the upgrades, you can't get them until later. Also, go 
    around and talk to people, but DO NOT ENTER THE INN UNTIL YOU ARE DONE 
    VISITING!  Once you enter the inn the story continues, so be sure you 
    are finished in the town before speaking with people at the inn. You can 
    also go visit Saryu but nothing really happens when you do. Now then, in 
    the inn, when you are ready to continue, speak with the girl in the 
    purple dress. You have to let Noa go in her place--you have no choice. 
    When you are finished talking to her, talk to her again, tell her you 
    are sure it is OK for Noa to go, and the guards will come and take Noa 
    away. When you have control of Noa, talk to the three people in front of 
    her. After that scene, try to leave the area and you will meet Saryu. 
    Once Noa gets fried, you take control of Vahn and Gala. Run through the 
    palace and go through the doors that are guarded by the two Seru 
    monsters called Kemaros. You should also try to absorb them because
    their spell comes in handy on the upcoming boss. Next, just run along 
    the trail to the end. Here you will battle Van Saryu. Once you finish 
    him off, you will be awarded with the West Ratayu Key and be able to 
    destroy the next Mist Generator. First though, visit with the 
    townspeople. A woman in the inn will teach everyone new Arts if you 
    don't already know them and the innkeeper will let you stay for free. 
    When you're ready, head out of Ratayu to the west. 
            -=Dohati's Castle:=-
            Recommended Level=27(Vahn), 27(Noa), 27(Gala)
            Follow the land mass to the end and you will see the next Mist 
    Generator--Dohati's Castle.  Enter the castle and you will have the 
    option to go west or east once inside. First go west and immediately go 
    south through a narrow passage to grab a Wonder Elixir at the end. Then 
    return to where you just were but go north end enter the room to the 
    north for a Healing Flower. Now go back to the middle area and go east. 
    Take the first door to the north to get another Healing Flower. Leave 
    that room and continue down the hall until you get to the escalator. Go 
    on up and head east at the top. Make your way down the hall and go 
    through a slightly hard to see door to the east a pick up some Power 
    Water. Head back into the hallway and keep going until you reach the 
    fork in the path. There, head south to get a Phoenix. Now go pack to the 
    path and head north and then west to get into the "outside" tunnel. Once 
    back inside go north and through the door for a Healing Fruit and then 
    go back to the hall. Now go west past the escalators and grab some Life 
    Water before heading up to the next floor. Once on the third floor go 
    east and then immediately south for the War Soul, then continuing east 
    on the main path to another "outside" tunnel. Once back inside, go past 
    the escalator going down and enter the northern door to grab a Fury 
    Boost. Now leave that room and head south through the hall. At the next 
    fork go north into another room for a Healing Berry. Leave that room and 
    head south to yet another escalator. Once at the top make your way north 
    and at the top of the other escalator you'll find some Magic Fruit. Now 
    go back to the top of the other escalator and go west to a final 
    "outside" tunnel. In the next room when you get to the four-way 
    intersection first go east and west before heading north. To the east is 
    some Power Water and to the west you will be awarded with some Shield 
    Elixir. Now save your game and go through the northern door to fight the 
    next boss--Dohati. He looks a lot like Zeto, and he packs a wallop like 
    Zeto too. Once you finish him off you'll wind up back in Ratayu. 
            -=Once Again: Ratayu, Vidna, Jeremi, and Octam:=-
            After speaking with Saryu leave Ratayu. You can go directly to 
    Octam, but I recommend stopping by Vidna and Jeremi first for a few 
    interesting items. If you go to Vidna and speak with a man near Pepe's 
    old house he will sell you a Rock Camera for 100G. You can use this to 
    take pictures of various people in the game. Also, if you visit Danpas 
    in the shelter he will give you the Chicken Heart. Once you are finished 
    in Vidna, head to Jeremi and go to Zalan's house. When you speak with 
    him you will witness the return of Pepe. Pepe will then give you some 
    Miracle Water. When you are done there get over to Octam. You can buy 
    some new armor and a new weapon for Noa on your way to the tower area. 
    Enter the right door and speak with the man in there. He will open the 
    door to let you up to the area on top of the building. get into the 
    elevator and go on up. Exit the room the south-east and run up the 
    steps. Speak to the men out there to be whisked over to Karisto Kingdom 
    via Flying Seru and a gondola.
    More to come!!!!!!
    VI. -=Boss Strategies:=-
            Here are MY strategies for killing the bosses. These are, in my 
    opinion, the best conservative ways to do it. In other words, I try to 
    beat the bosses without using too many items so that I can save them up 
    for later. Of course, I always find that later in the game I have these 
    items that are basically useless, but I like to keep them for when I 
    absolutely have to have them. Anyways, here are the strategies.
        Recommended Equipment: Have the things you've found along the             
    way equipped 
        Recommended Spells: N/A 
        Recommended Levels: Noa:4 
        This isn't really a boss battle, just a sub-boss. It's actually             
    quite simple and very easy to win.  Because you have Terra there to        
    heal you, just attack with Arts. See, it's as easy as that! 
        Recommended Equipment: Have the best equipment available to Vahn and         
    equip Noa with the things you found on the way to the summit 
        Recommended Spells: Vahn: Gimard, Vera 
        Recommended Levels: Vahn:5; Noa:4 
        Your first boss fight is definitely not a piece of cake, but you 
    should be able to handle it. Start off by having Vahn cast Gimard. A 
    level 3 Gimard will take off about 200 HP. Then, have Noa use Spirit and 
    on her next turn use the Tempest Break Art to inflict about 250 HP. This 
    is certainly your most powerful attack. Vahn's Tornado Flame will do 
    around 85-100 damage if you run out of MP. Watch out for Caruban's 
    Triple Move because it'll take off a lot of HP. If you are unlucky 
    enough to have this used against one of your characters 2-3 times in a 
    row you'll probably have to battle again. It's capable of doing 150-250 
    points of damage! You'll want to keep an eye on your HP because of this 
    and heal with Vera if you need to. When the battle's over, you'll be
    rewarded with a semi-new Ra-Seru. Congratulations! 
        -=Viguro (x2)=-
        Recommended Equipment: You'll want to have all the best equipment     
    from Biron and equip someone with the Ra-Seru egg to defend against     
    their lightning attacks 
        Recommended Spells: Vahn: Gimard, Vera; Noa: Gimard, Vera
        Recommended Levels: Vahn:9; Noa:9; Gala:6 
        These are two tough cookies! I recommend concentrating all of your 
    fire power on one and then the other. Once you've gotten rid of one, the 
    other becomes that much easier. Have Vahn use Gimard and Noa and Gala 
    use Spirit along with various Arts combos. As usual, you'll want to
    keep an eye on your HP and heal with Vera when necessary. They each have 
    a lightning spell that can take off a lot of HP, so be wary of that. 
    Finally, you will have the opportunity to absorb each of these. If you 
    want to go for that, then do not use any magic because that tends to
    decrease your chances of absorbing. I will tell you though, that to 
    summon them, it will take 64 MP, and at this point in the game it really 
    isn't worth it. Plus, Gala is the one who specializes in lightning 
    spells, so if you don't absorb them, don't sweat it...you'll get another 
    chance a little later. 
        -=Songi (First Time)=-
        Recommended Equipment: Have at least the Survival Club, Power     
    Earring, and Power Shoes 
        Recommended Spells: Gala: Theeder, Vera 
        Recommended Levels: Gala:9 
        This is the Songi you face in Zeto's dungeon. It's the first time 
    you face him, but because you face him as Gala alone, he is rather 
    difficult. He has about 1000 HP so to start of the fight, go at
    him with as many Theeder spells as you can. My Theeder was at level 1 
    and it took off about 400 HP with each use. If you don't have enough MP, 
    then I recommend using a Fury Boost to permanently place Gala's AP bar 
    at it's fullest. If you can already input 4 commands without using
    Spirit, then don't worry about it. Now just go at him with your Hyper 
    Art. If your HP gets down to about 100-150 you should heal right away. 
    Songi likes to use his Hyper Wave attack which takes off about 250 HP 
    and his regular attacks can take off around 200 HP. Here's exactly what 
    I did to beat him every time: 
    1.Used Theeder 
    2.Used Theeder 
    3.Used Vera 
    4.Used Theeder 
        Recommended Equipment: All of the best equipment from Biron, plus     
    the Short Sword and the Deep Sea Jewel for Vahn. 
        Recommended Spells: Vahn: Gimard, Zenoir, Vera; Noa: Theeder, Vera;     
    Gala: Theeder, Vera 
        Recommended Levels: Vahn:12; Noa:12; Gala:11 
        This is by far the most difficult battle up to this point...possibly 
    the most difficult of the entire game. I recommend having at least close 
    to full MP for all three characters because spells will your best bet at 
    the beginning. Immediately cast either Zenoir or Gimard, whichever is 
    more powerful for you at this point, Theeder and Theeder. Make sure each 
    character has at least 12 MP though so that each one can use Vera twice 
    if needed. Vahn's level 5 Gimard does about 100 damage, his level 2 
    Zenoir about 400, Noa's level 3 Theeder about 200-275, and Gala's
    level 2 Theeder about 390. Once a character's MP get to the point that 
    you can't cast any more in order to keep their 12 for Vera, have them do 
    Spirit to lengthen their AP bar. From that point on, use various 
    combinations of Arts to cause hi damage to Zeto. Also, keep and eye on 
    those HP. After about the 3rd or 4th round, Zeto will start casting his 
    Big Wave attack which can attack everyone for about 400 HP--except the 
    one with the Deep Sea Jewel. Well, here are some Arts combos that worked 
    well for me:
    Noa: Frost Breath / Mirage Lancer ==> 500 Damage
    Vahn: Tornado Flame / Pyro Pummel ==> 580 Damage
    Gala: Thunder Punch ==>260; Thunder Punch / Back Punch ==> 500 Damage 
    Remember, watch your HP, and when he starts "Calling Wave" make sure 
    that you have Noa heal someone on the next turn if anyone needs it 
    because she's the only one basically guaranteed to go before Zeto. Also, 
    if someone dies, you'll have to decide if you want to take a turn using 
    a Phoenix on them and then healing them or if you'd rather just 
    concentrate on your remaining characters and finishing off Zeto. This is 
    why it's a good idea to generally keep track of how many HP you've taken 
    off of him. And take note, if you do have one character dead, then 
    he/she will not receive any experience and the other two characters will 
    get a lot more.
    More to come!!!!!!
    VII. -=Technical Information:=-
    	Well, as if you all didn't know, this document is copyrighted by 
    me because I wrote it myself.  Please don't take credit for it.  If you 
    want to copy a few bits and pieces of it without crediting me, that's 
    cool, but when it's obvious that you've copied large amounts, please 
    just give credit to me and my website.  Thanks.  Of course, I'd love to 
    sue for some cash since I'm so broke, but still, you should be honest.
    © 1999-2000 Jeremiah Greer 

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