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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tan Yong Hua

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    Legend of Legaia Walkthrough
    -A fortnightly publication
    Version 6.6
    Written by Tan Yong Hua
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    to be the Boss in other words, last dungeon especially the last mist 
    Those who had the janpanese version of the game and which to have the 
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    Okay man, ladies and gentlemen or rather mad players of Legend of 
    Legaia, the great game bestowed upon by Contrail. This is my first faq 
    so perhaps you may find it a bit dull and disorganised. So I plead with 
    you. Email me if you have any comments or suggestions to make. You may 
    ask why I prefer to write Legend of Legaia Faq over Legend of Zelda. 
    Well so much so that? I may as well give you the answer. There is over 
    ten faqs on Zelda at Gamefaqs.com but is there a single one on this 
    game at the website. The answer is no there isn't. 
    Note:Some key events in this faq may be a spoiler!!! Avoid reading them
    Note 2:I will always write all the wuestions emailed to me in the 
    walkthrough. If I do not have time to email you.Please look for them at 
    the appropriate sections where you are stuck.
    Note 3:Usage of the pint card is located in the Secrets section
    3.Basic Controls
    -Rim Elm attacked!
    -On to Drake Castle
    -Reunited as one
    -Biron Monstatery
    -West Voz Forest
    -Biron Monstary Attacked!
    -East Voz Forest
    -Zeto Dungeon
    -Ancient Wind Cave
    -Jeremi and Zalam
    -Vinda and the letter
    -Octum and the Star Pearl
    -Gate of the Shadow
    -Underground Octum
    -The Cave
    -Ratayu Again
    -The Second Mist Gernarator
    -Dr Usha's Tower
    -Uru Maia
    -Nivora Ravine
    -Mount Dlhni
    -Soren Camp
    -Jette's Absolute Fortress
    -Back at Rim Elm
    -Into Seru-Kai
    -Inside Juggernaut 
    5.Secrets,Codes and Mini Game
    6.Magic and Items Charts
    7.Enemy List
    9.Art Moves
    10.Gamesharks Codes
    14.About Developer and Producer
    15.Faq and Revise
    16.Stupid Email I get
    17.Copyright notice
    Created Version 1.0 of Legend of Legaia Walkthrough
    Add Art Moves of All Characters
    Add walkthrough from Rim Elm attacked to Biron Monstary
    Add walkthrough of Biron Monstary to East forest
    Add walkthrough of East Forest to The Cave
    Add getting of Mei's Pendant into Rim Elm attacked
    Added notice and complete the walkthrough to where I am now
    Also finished walkthrough to Sol
    Plans to add magic list and secrets of ra-seru
    Added Mini-games tips
    Finish the walkthrough
    Add all Secret Ra-seru location
       The continent of Legaia is covered in Mist and your town is the last 
    bastion of humanity. This is the setting you begin with for the Legend 
    of Legaia. From the same producer that created Wild Arms,it is so easy 
    to see some of the similiar elements in the games, but there is also 
    much more.
       The game's fighting system is pretty cool , focusing on more on the 
    individual attacks of the players than simply smashing buttons through 
    another series of menus. Each fighter's combinations can make or break 
    a battle if they are poorly exceuted. you can also learn new combos as 
    you go through the game that will make your fighter a new and more 
    powerful adversary for the enemy. Only the hyper arts need to be 
    learned, the rest of them can be activated once you have enough speed 
    to enter it.
       The story line is also very cool, and it changes and curves many 
    times throughout the game,keeping you involved throughout the entire 
    60+ hours gameplay time you will get.To end it,you may say that Legend 
    of Legaia is definitely more successful than most rpgs. Long Live 
    Legaia and may the power be with you
    I am from Singapore and I have always love to play rpg games since the 
    Super Nintendo was released.Playstation and Nintendo 64 games are the 
    best compared to Sega's.Noticing that there isn't any walkthrough at 
    GameFaqs.com,I proceeded to write a walkthrough on the game in order to 
    help those in needs.You do not need to view this walkthrough unless you 
    have queries on the game. Well,hope you enjoy it.
    Basic Controls of Legend of Legaia
    The controls in this game is however wuite similar to Wild Arms. You 
    know,The game where they think arms are forbidden. Legend of Legaia is 
    quite similiar to xenogears in a way where the controls are quite the 
    L1-Mainly to view maps in the area you are in(hold it)
    L2-Does Nothing
    This walkthrough was composed by the author from his memory of playing 
    the game. Some data maybe incorrect. Email me if you find any errors.
    Rim Elm attacked!
    Items found:Healings Herbs,Mei's Pendant,Point Card
    Level Recommended Before:Level 1
    Level Recommended After :Level 3
    The game started with a young lad named Vahn by a Genesis tree in Rim 
    Elm. He will be going on a hunting trip with the hunters tommorrow. 
    After you have finished talking with the mayor, make your way up the 
    steps from the genesis tree. Along the way, Mei will pop out of her 
    house and asked for your measurements one last time.Oh she is going to 
    make the hunting clothes for Vahn.If you haven't noticed,she likes Vahn 
    not you. Mind you!Anyway,she doesn't look better than Noa(you will get 
    her later in the game). She will be waiting in the house on the far 
    right.After she has finished,talk to Vahn's father and he will say 
    something which sounds like he having something to do and will talk to 
    you later. Talk to Vahn's younger sister and she will ask whether you 
    have thanked Mei properly. If you answered truthfully,she will nodded 
    her head and if you say yes you did,she will say I didn't saw you doing 
    that. Explore the whole village as long as you like. Some houses may 
    contain healing leaves when you opened their cabinet and drawers. Upon 
    measuring your size, go to the beach and talk to the man over there, he 
    will let you practise with him. Take your time here. Do not hesistate 
    to try the different attacking combinations below in the arts moves 
    section. Go to Mei house again. Talk to her and answer her truthfully. 
    Next go to the mayor house on the north-east. He is in the second 
    room.Remember to go to the shop's second floor and search the drawer 
    for a point card. It is needed in defeating tough enemies.After that, 
    go back to your house and talk to either your sister or father to 
    You will be awaken by the loud bang. Go outside and you will spot the 
    villager gathering before the wall that has protect Rim Elm from the 
    mist for over ten years. Speak to the mayor. A scene will ocurred.
    Zeto, an evil minion will appear and summon Serus to attack the 
    village. You must hurry to the Genesis tree. Touch the tree and a voice 
    will sound in your mind.It is Meta,the Ra-seru that you willing me 
    getting.It is a fire-elemental one and will possessed higher level than 
    other ra-seru at the end.It doesn't matter whether you answered.If you 
    say no,talk to it again.You need it to complete the game no matter 
    what.It says that you must gather all the villagers at the Genesis 
    tree. Before gathering the villagers,head to Mei's house and she will 
    give you and choose the option the mist is here.She will follow you and 
    when the mist has cleared and she has gave you the hunting clothes for 
    the trip,talk to here again for an accessory called Mei's Pendant.Do as 
    it has told by hurrying back to your house and approaching your father. 
    Soon everyone will appear at the magical tree and started praying. 
    Strange glow will occur in each person gradually as he or she pray 
    hard. Finally the genesis tree will grow and thus clearing away the 
    mist. You are now officially the hero of Rim Elm.
    On to Drake Castle
    Items found:Sunrise Key,Lightning Key,Star Key,Mountain Key,Drake 
    Letter,Healing Leaves
    Level Recommended Before:Level 5
    Level Recommended After :Level 9
    Next morning, talk to the mayor again and he will ask you to bring 
    Mei's mother,Maya back to the village. Buy as many healing leaves as 
    much as possible. You will be needing them a great deal later on.You 
    ought to have many money unless you did not fight the enemies and run 
    away. Also put this in priority.Buy accessory ,weapons and armor from 
    the weapons store. There is one accessory that will speed Vahn up and 
    upgrade his attacks. I personally tried the dungeon ahead without this 
    accessory and I failed. As you go out of Rim Elm, Mei will handed you 
    the hunter clothes. Put it on. As you walk to the west, you will see a 
    pool of water on the world map,enter it and you will encounter many 
    hunters plus a story for you to listen to. Drink the water at the 
    fountain as it will refill your hps and mps. Head west and then north 
    into Drake castle. At the entrance, you will probably see a chest. Open 
    it to find a Door of Light which will granted you the wish to warp tp 
    the entrance of the dungeons.Before entering the dungeon,all you needed 
    to complete the dungeon is to find all the keys and opened the gates to 
    Mount Rikuroko. Go up the stairs into the left room.Pick up the Sun's 
    key(the thing that keeps shining on the cupboard).Next go into the 
    right door and Meta, your Ra seru will say something.Exit and go on 
    into the middle door. You will waste a ton of time plus encountering a 
    ton of enemies if you go through the door neccessary as I have 
    instructed. You can get all the items in there later when the castle 
    have regained. All the chests are locked up.Go the long stairs and into 
    the next room.Go into the bottom left room and walk around. You will 
    soon find the key through the door. Don't worry. There will only be one 
    or two room. Both of them are small. On to the next door,you will need 
    to find the lightning key here. To take a shortcut, go into the bottom 
    right door.You will appear in a passage. Go into the middle room and 
    then into the north-western door.Open the chest to read a letter from 
    the Drake. See the shining thing over there.Pick up the key.I am not 
    sure about this but wander around and you will find the star key.
    Up the next steps and into the final door,The mountain gate.there will 
    be a hidden entrance near the bottom left. Enter it to find the 
    mountain key. Also remember to open the chest at the northwestern for a 
    healing leaf. You will appear o the world map.Save your game!
    Reunited as One
    Items found:Healing Shrooms
    Level Recommended Before:Level 12
    Level Recommended After:Vahn Level 13, Noa Level 12
    Proceed west and up the mountain. A scene will occured saying that Meta 
    has sensed the presence of another Raseru here. The screen will then 
    switched to a girl named Noa. Follow the wolf named Terra,a Ra-seru and 
    soon you will reach the practice cave.Along the way you will spot tiny-
    like mushrooms on the floor of the passage,pick them up.They are 
    healing shrooms and heal your character just like what a healing leaves 
    does!Grab as much as you can.They don't cost anything.You will need to 
    practise your skills here just like what you did with Vahn. Learn your 
    skills well.You will be needing them a lot for the first boss.Talk to 
    Terra if you need any healing After you have finished with your 
    practising,follow Terra back to the camp. Rocks boulders will drops 
    down along the wway signifying a hole for the entrance to the cave. 
    Hurry after the wolf. What really is annoying here is that you seem to 
    fight more enemies than usual. Finally you will see Terra. Hurry along 
    and soon you will be on the world map. Go to the mountain. Into the 
    various small caves. Just run along the path. There will be no 
    conflicts or obstacles to stop you. Save at the save points. A midboss 
    is waiting for you. And finally you get to fight the golem. Dont worry 
    about healing here. Terra will heal you when neccessary. However if you 
    are close to death and feel that a healing leaf or two will never hurt 
    you. Go ahead and use them. You will appear on a landing after the boss 
    is defeated. The wolf will declare to rest a while and finally revealed 
    the truth to you. Hurry on and you will soon reach the summit of the 
    mountain. Zeto will appear and summon a monster to kill you all. The 
    monster will knocked out the wold causing the raseru on it to unable to 
    unleash its power. The scene switched to Vahn. Hurry up the mountain. 
    It is only a little while, less than minute or so compared to Noa's. 
    Save at the save point. Then prepare to fight.
    Boss 1:Caruban
    Level Recommended before:Level 11 Noa,Vahn Level 12
    Use Vahn's Glizzard, fire attack. It will work nicely on the monster. 
    If you have not learned it,you are in deep shit.It is learned from the 
    Drake knightin Drake Castle.Also use combos that you have learned on 
    the monsters. The monsters is quite sly.Ocassionally, it will keep on 
    firing out fire breath which will take away almost your hps.Use the 
    healing items or magics to cure.Dammit, this monster really is wuite 
    difficult. Monsters in Legaia are so difficult and puzzle are so easy. 
    Don't you think so
    When finally the boss is defeated,the wolf will be brought before the 
    genesis tree and the raseru on it will be passed on to Noa.Return to 
    Drake castle. You will be greeted by the Drake himself. Now go into 
    every room and hunt down the chests inside them. Quite pleasing 
    huh?Unlike wandering in the dark castle and encountering monsters when 
    the Drake and his sevants are not transformed back yet. Head 
    downstairs. A whole lot of shops awaits you. Noa will approach all the 
    shops and have some fun with them. When she is at the item store, 
    answer all the questions correctly to obtain 10 healing shrooms. If you 
    got 2 questions correct,you will have 5 shrooms.Buy the fighting robe 
    for Noa and the survival knife. In fact buy accessory that will upgrade 
    your characters.When you have finished with the shops, head outside on 
    the whole map. See the water gate over there just beside the castle. 
    Enter it and inserted the water key that the Drake has presented you 
    with. The gate will close enabling you to walk across. Keep Heading 
    east until you reach a building that look like it is inserted in the 
    wall.. Enter it
    Biron Monastery
    Items found:Power Elixir,Healing Leaves
    Level Recommended before:Noa Level 12,Vahn Level 13
    Level Recommended after :Same 
    Here lives a group of monks that does that believe in wearing Serus. 
    They believe in depending on their skills to protect themselves. Head 
    inside and flip the lever. A door will open and a monk will invited you 
    to go in. The head monk will welcome and hold a party in honour of your 
    arrival. Explore around.Find more healing herbs. You will also find a 
    power elixir on the Buddlha statue.There you will see Mei's 
    mother,Maya. After you are finished with take a rest. The party will 
    start. In the party,Maya will learn of Juno's death and hurry off to 
    cry herself. Talk to to the man at the north and the head monk will 
    arrive. He will ask you to revive the genesis tree at the forests. 
    Gala, a new member of the party will join you.Though he doesn't seem 
    willing,you might be sure that he will join you permanantly later.This 
    guy does not seem so strong and powerful as he appeared to be at the 
    beginning but mind you he is so powerful later in the game and has so 
    high hps,higher than Vahn's in fact. The next morning,but all the 
    neccessry equipments you needed.Enter the door up the stairs west of 
    the head monk's room and out into the world map.
    The Genesis tree in the West Voz Forest
    Items found:Healing Leaves,Shield Elixir,Fertiliser
    Level Recommended Before:Vahn Level 13, Noa, Level 12,Gala Level 11
    When you are on the world map,head northwest into the forest.In the 
    forest,follow the path until you reach a fork. The right path is hidden 
    by a tree at the top.It leads to a chest.Head west along the path into 
    the next screen after taking the item in the chest and open the chest 
    for another item. Here you will be in a big and wide space. There are 
    two logs camouflaged by the tree. One Log is at the far west. It leads 
    to a Shield Elixir and a fertiliser. You must get the fertiliser,you 
    will need it later on. Head north right up into the screen until you 
    reach a river. Examine the small bridge leaf there.Gala will appear and 
    tell you about the bridge leaf. Examine the leaf again to use the 
    fertilser.It will grow very fast and will soon form a bridge to the 
    other side of the river. Enter the log there and head along the path 
    until you reach a save point. Head west and into the log.You will find 
    a Genesis tree but alas it is dead. Wait a minute. The Ra seru egg 
    inside it is still alive. An earthquake will occur. Guess what 
    happening now!
    Biron Monstary Attacked!
    Items Found:Vahn's Art,Noa's Art,Master's Art
    You will soon discovered that Biron Monstary is attacked by Seru and it 
    is led by Songi! He is wearing a Seru too. Let leave it up for you to 
    guess,is he being controlled or is he controllong it. Whatever.Head 
    south and you will discovered that the lever of the door is broken. You 
    will at the room where the Head monk,Zopu's room is at the centre. Head 
    down the stairs and into either one of the doors. Appearing in the room 
    where you can access the kitchen,Maya's room and the sleeping area. 
    Head into the middle door. You will find Zopu and the rest hidding 
    there. Talk to Kohn to learn some new arts and then to Zopu. Buy 
    weapons and items to stock up. When you are finished. Save at the save 
    point. Go outside and head into Maya's room. She has turned into a 
    Seru's monster. Noa will try to pull the Seru out of her arm but Terra 
    wanred her of the danger. Head back to the room where you can access 
    Zopu's room from  and into the East Forest door. 
    East Voz Forest
    Items found:Weed Hammer, Healing Leaves
    Level Recommended before:Vahn Level 14, Noa Level 13, Gala Level 14
    Level Recommended after :Vahn Level 15, Noa Level 14;15,Gala Level 16
    Head northeast and into the forest. Head along the path till you come 
    to a fork that led to the north and to the east. Choose the east path 
    to go and obtain the weed hammer. Go back to the fork again and head 
    north. Hammer all the weeds that stands in your way................
    Oh no I forgot all the parts here but dont worry it is not difficult 
    provided you have the weed hammer and enter all the camouflaged logs. 
    When you spot a save point.You will know that a Genesis tree is nearby. 
    Examine the tree and be prepared to fight two bosses. 
    Boss:Two Theeder Flying Creatures
    Level Recommended before:Vahn Level 15, Noa Level 14, Gala Level 15
    This creatures can be a nuisance to all of us. Use Fire attacks and 
    theeder attacks to quickly eliminate it.Personally, I suggested using 
    theeder attacks as it does more damages. Use the point card too if you 
    have them.It is found in the drawer of the second storey of the shop in 
    Rim Elm.All in all it is not a tough battle.
    Revive the Genesis tree and Gala will get the Ozmma Ra-seru. It is a 
    lightning-elemental seru! Also walk north among the trees to find a 
    Earth Jewel .You will automatically returned to Biron Monstary.
    Prepare yourself for a difficult dungeon.
    Note:I will completed the part where I missed.
    Zeto's Dungeon
    Level Recommended Before:Vahn Level 17, Noa Level 16,Gala Level 17
    Level Recommended After :Vahn Level 20, Noa Level 19,Gala Level 19
    Now this is quite a difficult dungeon to pass. You should now have 
    ample money to buy yourself sufficient weapons upgrade and healing 
    items. When you are ready,speak to Kin in the kitchen to learn Master's 
    Arts if you have missed it earlier. Exit through the southern exit of 
    Biron Monastery. You know the one you came from Drake Castle.
    Once outside,head northwest through the pass between the two mountain 
    and into the Dungeon. A scene will happened here. The dungeon itself is 
    not too difficult. It is just the boss at the end. This looks like 
    islands but you will not get onto an island for nothing. For every 
    island has path to chests or the way to the exit. Once through the 
    maze.Enter the elevator at the end. Save. and then walk through the 
    south exit. You will be in another maze. Keep on going. Don't worry you 
    will not get lost.Each room has some treasure inside it like Elxir or 
    healing items. Save your healing flowers and herbs for the 
    boss.Conserve them especially Healing shroom which can heal all party 
    members at once! As you wander through the maze and get in the 
    elevator, you will see a save point. Save. The mid boss is just ahead 
    of you. One step forward and you are dead meat man. It is one on one 
    not three against one.So you can be sure that its gonna be a tough 
    The boss here is guess who............Songi! Gala will fight with him. 
    Use the point card if you wish here on Songi
    Songi is tough man but there is a trick to defeat him. Use the point 
    card plus some fire magic and he will be down in no time man.He he he.
    Head west and enter through the door and into the elevator.Save at the 
    save point there. The final boss is just 10 seconds ahead. Exit and run 
    throught L-shaped like room into the mist generator room. A scene will 
    again happened here. Zeto will appear as a beetle-like monster and 
    tried to fight you.
    Level Recommended:
    This guy is very harddd and I mean hard too. He will not be easy. By 
    now you should have a lot of money fighting the monsters.Say about 2000 
    to 3000 gold. Use the door of light to exit the dungeon.Go back to 
    Biron and buy water denfense amulet. Buy as many healing herbs as 
    possible too! Return to the dungeon. By now your point card should have 
    more or less a few hundred points. Use the point card on him. Also keep 
    on firing fire attacks at him.He will be down if you use this tactic
    Ancient Wind Cave and Ancient Water Cave
    Items found:Hari's Story,Door of Wind X 2
    This cave is easy too easy for goodness sake. No enemies. No monster. 
    In fact nothing at all except human beings that lives here. You can 
    also buy weapons, armors and items here. You can also know more about 
    the islands that you will be going to. When you can finished with 
    everything. Exit the cave. You will be in an all new area.
    Items found:Zalam letter
    This town has been possessed by Serus. There is a Genesis tree at the 
    Sky Garden the highest building in town.The Genesis tree is at the 
    highest level. Head north and into the building. Enter the northwest 
    elevator to start with. Keep on riding elevator. If you cannot, there 
    will be a Out of Service note there. Keep on riding until there is no 
    more elevator but only one saying out of service. There will be a few 
    possessed Serus there. Head south out. You will be in Sky Gardens. 
    There will be a boss here. Save. Use the point card here if you have a 
    lot of points on your card. Keep on firing magical attacks at him.
    Level Recommended:Level 18 for all
    This monster has high speed with lots of combos.He can crush a member 
    whose hps is at 550+ in just one grab. You should have lots of healing 
    possesion to heal your part members and phoeneix to revive all the dead 
    members.Keep on using elemental combos at him. It works well.Also try a 
    bit of combined combo at him .When he down,its time to celebrate. 
    The Genesis tree will be revived and the whole town will regained back 
    to normal. Now do as you want here. Buy weapons,armors,accerssories and 
    items to start up with. When all has been completed by you,go to speak 
    to Zalam who is in the house in the southern-west part of the town. He 
    will hand you a letter to give to his wife in Vinda. Head out side and 
    then north across the bridge then west across another bridge. Enter the 
    windmill like thing on the world map. You will be in Vidna
    Note: I have received a tragedy from someone that say that using Nighto 
    against Berseker will cause instant death to it. He has used it and has 
    suceeded. Danger!, the use of Noghto is still undetermined.
    Berserker Srategy(By jokl@pc.jaring.my)
    At the sky palace once at the top, Heal all HP to the max with healing
    leafs and not spells for you will need it in the fight late on. Make 
    that all characters have HPs above 550. It would be wise to give Noa 
    ring. This will boost her HP to above 600 hopefully. After that give 
    forest ring to Gala (The ring is to the right of the boss get it
    first!!!!). Now pray hard and go for it. Berserker has very damaging 
    (600+ on Noa if bad) and some poison thing which will cause rot but the
    healing spell will take care of that problem. All should attack in the
    first round. Then have Noa or Vahn heal with ra-serus spells(Well 
    you have it). Noa should be faster then Vahn but she is awfully weak
    agaisnt the beast. Gala should attack constantly with the others curing
    when needed. Well actually every round is like that. If possible try to 
    spirit then use hyper attacks on it. Its the fastest way to kill it so 
    and still not get any characters killed.
    Items found:Yuma's Ring
    You must be surprised to see why this town is so peaceful with no Seru 
    and mist. The windmill generator has driven the mist away. Head up the 
    stairs to the north-western part of the town to meet Pepe,Zalam's son. 
    He will explained and tell you about his mother's death after you had 
    handed him the letter.He will give you Yuma's Ring. Wait dont go back 
    to Jeremi. There will be a quest ahead that will need you to go back to 
    Jeremi so you can convienently handed the ring back to Zalam and to 
    complete the quest at the same time. Explore the whole village. Do all 
    the neccessary things like buying ammunitions,items and so on. When you 
    are done with all these things. head east and then south to Octum which 
    is directly northeast of Vinda, only just one bridge to cross away.
    When at Octum,head foward to the big brown door there. Don't waste your 
    time around there. There are no particular special items here. Keep on 
    walking until you reach a flight of red carpeted stairs. On and on you 
    go throuh the second flight of red carpeted stairs and then out into an 
    underground room with four books phoency and four stone tablets 
    embedded with inscription. Remember them carefully. Then read the four 
    books of phoency, located at both sides of the room.
    Book 1    earth       wind	   Book 2
    Book 3    fire        water      Book 4
    After you have finished reading all four books. Proceed down the secret 
    passage opened up now below book 4. You will enter a room with an 
    elevator. but it is not working. A lady will appear introducing herself 
    as a sneaking thief. She will say that nothing valuable is in the 
    dungeon since the star pearl she has stolen has been pawned to Zalam at 
    Jeremi.Use the Door of light to head back outside and then use the door 
    of wind to warp to Jeremi.
    Go to Zalam 's house and handed him Yuma's ring.This is the quest I 
    have told you about. On furthur scenes created by Noa,the star pearl is 
    handed over to the party. Warp back to Octum but do not enter the city. 
    Instead cross the bridge north of Octum into the next island and east 
    onto another island again. Keep on going down and then go west across 
    another bridge into the Gate of Shadows.
    Gate of Shadows
    Upon entering this area, a scene will occured, a man will appear there 
    saying that Zeto has unfortunately been defeated by a group of 
    kindergarden kids when he saw the Ra-seru on your arms. He will tried 
    to battle with you. Vahn and him alone only ,mind you.  The star came 
    eat the right time.His two siblings appeared asking him to head back to 
    complete some urgent tasks. When the scene is over, you will notice 
    something quite similiar. Yes, the position of the stone tablets here 
    is the same as in Octum. Go to the one in the northwest, choose earth. 
    The northeast choose wind. Th southeast choose water and lastly for the 
    southwest choose fire. The flower statue in the middle will start to 
    operate, revealing a teleport. Approach it and choose to throw the star 
    of pearl inside. You will be warped to underground Octum.
    Underground Octum
    Level Recommended Before:Vahn:Level 25,Noa Level 24, Gala Level 26
    Level Recommended After :Vahn:Level 27,Noa Level 25, Gala Level 28
    This area is not too difficult. Just follow the way round and round 
    till you reach underground Octum city. You will not come to a dead end 
    for nothing. There will always be a chest there for you open and claim 
    the item inside. Once you reach Underground Octum City,you will 
    witnessed the fall of a house. Go the Mayor's house. Which one is it 
    you mean?of course it is usually the biggest house. Head to the biggest 
    house. Walkup the stairs to the third level and speak to the Mayor. No 
    scene will occur how disappointing you will say to yourself. Head dow 
    the stairs and at the first step, a messenger will run up carrying a 
    message that Hari has awaken. Go to the house with a guard outside it. 
    Go down the stairs and speak to all three Haris. Past,Present and 
    Future. Once you have finished,head back to talk to the mayor to 
    prepare entering the Fire Cave or whatsoever. I can't remember. Head to 
    the shop with the inn signoutside it. Buy weapons and items inside it 
    to stock up. You have got a hard boss on front of you. Buy Healing 
    Shroom and Flowers. Then head northwest into the Cave.Before 
    entering,please remind yourself to save.
    The Fire Cave
    Level Recommended Before:Vahn:Level 25,Noa Level 24, Gala Level 26
    Level Recommended After :Vahn:Level 27,Noa Level 25, Gala Level 28
    This cave is just like the one you have entered. Naviagate through it 
    until you reach a save point. The cave is not hard. Keep on heading 
    east until you reach a door. Through the door, keep on heading west to 
    the save poiint. Enter it and into a room full of lava. You will find 
    an unexpected eay to go throught them by standing on a piece of moving 
    rock. When the rock came to a ledge and you cannot find any way out of 
    the ledge,head back to the rock and choose the option of going on 
    throught the lava maze. Finally you will reach the boss
    This monster is a hell lot more difficult. I do not know why, the 
    puzzles are so easy and yet the boss seem so impossible. Use the point 
    card on him if you think they are enough to crush him. use Frost attack 
    especially Noa' Frost Attack(Left,Left Right,Right). When he is down, 
    he will utter a curse that freeze all the lava to ice before dieing. 
    Use the door of light ot get out. You will get back at underground 
    Octum instead of outside on the world map. Talk to the mayor. Now you 
    can use the elevator. He will also ask you to get him some spring water 
    from Vidna. Teleport to Vidna
    This boss is much easier then Berserker. Very much easier if you have 
    right equipment and spells that is. Anyway make sure to get armors from
    Octum. Just the body armors will do. Then get at least 1 Pheonix. The 
    is actually real easy compared with the others. This one is like Zeto. 
    boss has some damaging combos but it won't kill if it does then just 
    then heal. The boss has an all group attack but he will store up energy
    before using it it would take 1 round so when u see it just use spirit 
    next round and you'll be safe unless u have less then 500 HP because it
    does 400-500+ damage. Give Noa the Life ring and the ring that ups fire
    protection. Vahn and Gala should have orb spell by now. Then go for it.
    First round just use spirit on all characters. Next round heal if 
    needed or
    just unleash Hyper and other combos. Noa should do Frost Breath with
    Blizzard Bash after all spirit charge. Vahn should use Tornado Flame 
    Fire Blow(700+) after spirit charges and Gala just use his thunder 
    Remember to use orb to heal. Keep HPs above 500 to be safe. After a 
    he should go down. 
    Vidna's second visit
    On reaching Vidna,you will notice that the once lively town is now 
    covered with mist. If you have explored the town throughly before 
    during the first visit,you would have noticed a man building an 
    underground shelter to shelter from the mist. Go to his house and enter 
    the shelter. His wife will remarked that her husband has gine into the 
    mist to look for people who are not possesed by Serus but have not come 
    back. Go to Ratayu town which is located northwest of Octum. Remember 
    to get the spring water from the spring to give to the mayor in Octum 
    to receive a  slowness chain
    Ratayu Town
    This town is covered with mist and people are posssesed by the 
    Serus.Keep heading north into the building until you reach a room where 
    a person called Sataryu will give you a key to go into the mountain to 
    revive the Genesis tree. Head back to the town and search the eastern 
    side for a locked door. Enter it and save your game at the conveniently 
    save point over there. Head north into the Mountain. I have forgotton 
    the name.
    Mountain Letona
    Items found:
    Level Recommended Before:
    Keep heading north up the slope to the cave. Stop here. If you enter 
    the cave,you will reach enter and walk around it for only just a 
    pitiful item. Useless all is all I can remember about it. Head east if 
    you choose not to go into the cave and keep on going up the path until 
    you reach a cave.Keep on going.You shouln't have any problem here.Head 
    east until you come to a fork. Then head north and east to exit the 
    cave. If you wish to get the incense head west instead of east. This 
    item will lessen the encounter rate you meet your enemies. A most 
    useful item indeed.Use it it and hurried forward through the various 
    caves in front until you reach another save point. Save.A hard boss 
    awaits you.You will notice that the genesis tree is surrounded by a 
    barrier of some kind. Noa will try to touch it and was hurt by the 
    strong barrier.Just when you started to get dishearten by the waste 
    trip you made here.You will meet Songi along the way back. He will try 
    to fight you once more.
    Boss:Songi second version
    Songi is hard this time. Use the point card if you have one on him.Also 
    keep on using combos like Vahn' Fire blow,Noa' Vulture blade on him. 
    This guy is just so troublesome and stands in your way everytime. All I 
    can say is that he sucks.
    When you have defeated the Songi. I wondered if he is that string if 
    you cn defeat him. What a ninny.He will deactivate the barrier as he 
    have promised from the Genesis tree.Revive the Genesis tree and level 
    up your Ra-serus!
    Head back to Ratayu by using the door of light. People will blame you 
    for driving away the mist and causing misery to everyone here.The mayor 
    here is controlled by a seru called the Sim-seru which is a type of 
    Seru created by human hands and handed to him by a person called 
    Doharti.Go up to meet him and claim the key as he has promised you but 
    he will said he is tired and refuses to see anyone. Liar,going back on 
    his promise.Head to the weapons and items store to buy your daily 
    needs. Head to the inn after you have finished. and speak to the lady 
    dressed  in purple there. She is going to be a bride for a Seru 
    monster. Noa will volunteer to take her place after some conversation. 
    This will give you a chance to get near to Sataryu.A scene will take 
    place and soldiers will carry Noa away. In the buildingNoa will 
    witnessed the various brides that have been eaten by the Juggernaut, a 
    forbidden Seru monster. She will be controlled by the Sim seru and is 
    going to be eaten by the Juggernaut when Terra flashed out a warning to 
    Vahn and Gala.
    Hurry to the building and then into the room when you were once 
    forbidden inside through the ong long passage and finally meet Noa. The 
    two scientists will run away leaving only Sataryu to face the enemy. 
    Now you must fight him.
    Level Recommended: 900 hps and above for all
    This guy is a real hazzard. Use combos against him.Vahn's and Gala's 
    works well.Use the point card too if you wish. Also try to get to 
    1000hps before fighting this sucking guy.He has one attack that will 
    grab away 800 hps from you. Try to keep your hps above that.
    When he is finished, the Sim Seru above him will disappear and he will 
    regained to his normal self. He will also give you the Western Ratayu  
    tp get to the Mist Generator.
    Dohalti's Castle
    Head south to the Mist generator in the south,you will enter the Mist 
    Generator,the second one to bomb and to drive away the mist forever 
    from the islands,this dungeon may be a little tricky compared to other 
    dungeons.There will be elevators going up and down. Always use the 
    elevator that is going up. Do not use the ones going down.They will 
    make you repeat the way once more.At the beginning head east. Head west 
    if you want to get a wonder elixir. Go up the elevator and through the 
    exit at the end. Keep on going until you reach a bridge that is built 
    high up in the sky. navigate through the room once more and into 
    another bridge. See that it is opposite of where you came from. At the 
    end is another elevator, go up to find a save poin. Guess what is in 
    front. A boss?You are right. It is Dolhati,a guy that looks like Zeto 
    but more difficult.
    This guy has some weak points. By now, you should have about 1000 hps, 
    not below,it is over.This guy waddle like Zeto,fight like Zeto and most 
    of all die like Zeto. Use Vahn's Fire Blow, Noa, Frost Breath and Gala 
    Thunder Punch on him. You may wish to use the point card if you want 
    but it is not neccessary. as your party members combos are enough. Try 
    to keep your hps above 900 or so.He will be down soon.
    The mist will clear and everything will be ok. You will have a scene at 
    Ratayu with Sataryu and he will mentioned the Karisto Kingdom which can 
    only be reached by Octum's train which is the flying Seru. Teleport to 
    Octum. Before going,you may want to but lots of Door of Winds as they 
    are needed there. Board the flying seru and head to the kingdom. 
    However it will stop halfway and speed at 100km/h to the Karisto 
    Kingdom with only the Gondola. You will be in Karisto Kingdom.You will 
    appear at the station where you will encounter Cara, the female thief. 
    She will chit chat with you and then hopped off. Head to Sol which is 
    to the northeast of here.
    Sol Tower in the Mist
    Item found:8 Soru Breads,  Magic Water, Life Water, Guardian Water, 
    Healing Berries, Swift Water, Phoenix, Wonder Elixir, Power Water, 
    Power Elixir, Healing Fruit, Miracle Water, Speed Elixir, Genesis 
    Seedling, Wonder Amulet, Mary's Diary, Golden Book.
    Level Recommended Before:Vahn Level
    Sol is also encaptured in the mist. However only the lower parts of the 
    buildings are affected and not the higher parts. I have received emails 
    from lots of people about here but I have not reach here yet. I also 
    emailed others players but their answers came too later for i have 
    complete the area by then. Sorry if I have offended you all but I 
    cannot help it especially the players who will think I am not 
    acknowledging them and claiming the credits for myself. Sorry. Head up 
    the stairs and on the 4th floor, everything will be as normal. Head to 
    the weapons shops and to the Bakery,Buy soru breads and weapons but 
    soru bread are a must.You can also get them in the Muscle Dome for free 
    if you defeat the enemies. This is the part where I would like to 
    acknowledge rubend for telling me that.Thanks man.Whatever collect or 
    buy 8 soru breads and then head up to the bar. A scene about Cara with 
    a man will occured here. After that head upstairs to the biron temple. 
    head to the temple there. The head monk there will not welcomed you at 
    first but however when Gala showed Master Zopu's master arts, he will 
    acknowledge you immediately. he will give you the genesis tree seedling 
    and ask you to go to the warrior's square below in the basement. Along 
    the way,Gaza will appear and you have to fight him
    Level Recommended:Hps around 1000 or so
    This guy is quite hard,because he is a swordsman! and he holds the 
    aristo sword. You will marvelled at the sword but you will get it 
    later. Keep your hps above 1000. He can kill Noa in one blow with his 
    hacking sword. 
    After you have defeat him, Songi will appear and take him away. Head to 
    the basement downstairs,you will noticed a sage dog blocking your way. 
    Head tp the rooms that are encaptured in the mist.Open the grey chests. 
    There are eight in all. After you have claimed the items inside.Examine 
    the chest againw ith the X button to feed them Soru Breads. When you 
    are finished with all eight chests. Head to the Control room located 
    before the barrier sage door. and examine it. The Sage door barrier 
    will be removed.
    Head to the warrior square. Save at the save point too. There will be a 
    hard and tricky boss in front. Head to Warrior Square. You will need to 
    activate the switch at the entrance of you. After that activate all the 
    other switchs. You objective is to get to the switch opposite the one 
    at the entrance. Activate the colour switchs. Only one may be 
    deactivated at the time. After you are done with this, activate the 
    switch and head to the centre of the room. Songi will appear with Gaza 
    and put a Sim-seru on his head. Now he is harder than ever.
    Boss:Gaza with Sim-seru
    Recommended Level Before:
    Recommended LEvel After :
    Wow, this guy is with a sim-seru. He is hard enought with no sim-seru 
    and now he is harder. Use the point card here. It is a must. Attack him 
    with Vahn's Fire Blow,Noa 's Vulture Blade and Gala's Lighting storm 
    and keep your hps above 1100.Gaza is faster than Noa, High speed 
    attacking you may called that.
    After you are done with him, he will be going to die. However, he will 
    joined with the genesis seedlings and become the genesis tree and 
    handed over the Astral Sword. Head to the inn in the lower floor of the 
    tower and talk to the Emperor there. He will give you a passqord that 
    sounds like X,X,T,O,S. If I am incorrect please emailed me the correct 
    password. Head to Buma, east of the flying seru station. Use the map by 
    holding the L1 if you wish to.
    When you entered his town, you will see a scene whereby Cara will be 
    kneeling down by the three Genesis tree. She will then walk away. Noa 
    will hurried forward as usual and spotted that the three genesis trees 
    are frozen. However,with still an optimistic attitude, the Ra-serus set 
    off to revive the genesis tree but to no avail. There seems to be 
    nothing to do in this town so head west to Dr Usha Tower.
    Dr Usha Reserch Centre Tower
    Doctor Usha is quite an humorous man when you met him. Enter the 
    building and speak through the pipe by the sign board. You will talk to 
    Dr Usha who will mistaken you for clever serus. Enter the password that 
    you have gotten at Sol Tower. It is T,T,X,O,S and Dr Usha will let down 
    the elevator. There are altogther three floors in this buildings. They 
    are all built high up so as to avoid the mist which is heavy and sinks. 
    Go to the third floor and talk to Dr Usha. He will ask you to relate to 
    him all of your experiences and encounters at various intervals. After 
    the long converstion, he will ask you to get the Fire what is it? I 
    think I have forgotton. Would anyone be kind enough to tell me. This 
    Fire thing can be used to make Time Bombs. You can have some fun with 
    Nivora Ravine
    Items founded: Warrior Icon, Mettle Gem, Rainbow Jewel, Spirit Jewel, 
    Fury Boost, Magic Fruit, Thunder Book III, Wind Book III, Fire Book 
    This place is quite a easy place to take but you may have to split into 
    threes. Upon entering the ravine, the time bombs will be set by brave 
    gala who will quickly tell Noa and Vahn to find a shelter while he set 
    the bomb.
    The bomb did not explode after three seconds instead it explode at the 
    count of two,was that Dr Usha lieing or was there some problem. Never 
    mind that but head through the passage in front to the top of the 
    mountain where there will be a scene on Seru-Flyers. Head down the top 
    and open the chest for a warrior icon. Save at the conveiently save 
    point. Your party will split up. Basically when one character is stuck, 
    the other character who will continue the journey will solve the 
    problem. Just keep on going. There are no splitting of passages or any 
    obstacles. I may have time to list out the problem but right now, I 
    have been receiving emails on how to beat the Delias Family, who seems 
    to be quite tough.
    Delias Families
    One of the most toughest bosses in the games who symbolises in 
    Ligntning speed, fatal blows and power blows. The trick to beating 
    these bosses is to see through their patterns. Notice that they attacks 
    with normal attacks twice and unleash their special attacks. You ought 
    to have train up to above 2000 hps in order to fight all these guys.
    Point Card Way to beat them
    If you have the point card,the two guys can be defeated in 2 point 
    cards summon each but the girl only need once.
    Normal Attacking
    Keep your hps above 1000hps no matter what. If it goes beyond that, 
    heal it quickly. Also Noa is faster than the Lu Delilas too so that 
    made it easier. Gala needs to be a little more attentive to his enemy 
    who struck with power blows. If you want, eqiup Gala with power ring 
    and the accessory which allows you to avoid power blows. You must have 
    spirit to increase your defense before the special is cast.
    Mount Dlhni
    Items founded:Soren Flute, Light Raseru Eggs
    Back at Buma, you will revive the three Genesis tree. Cara will come 
    forward and kneel before the tress and begin dugging through them for a 
    sheet of music. When she finally got them, take them to the Jazz Club 
    in Sol to Grantes. He will not listen if you talk to him. Give the 
    sheet of music to the pianist to play on the piano. He will get up and 
    go to Buma. Go to Buma and meet the couples at the northwestern house 
    where there are two kids outside. Talk to Cara for the ra-seru eggs. 
    Talk it to Zalam in jeremi to work on into a light talisman. Go to 
    Mount Dlhni at the northwest, just above Dr Usha Tower over the 
    This is where the Soren came when Soren people wants help. Keepon going 
    pass the passages. It is very easy to follow. When you are at the 
    top,play the Soren Flute to ask the Soren to come.
    Soren Camp
    Prepare yourself by buying all the neccessary equipments as usual. When 
    finished, talk to the Soren guy who you hav met on Mount Dlhni to carry 
    you to the Floating Castle.
    The Floating Castle
    Items founded:Healing Berry, Magic Ring, Evil God Icon, Soren Secrets, 
    Magic Water.  
    This place is quite complicated. Follow the passage and grab all the 
    items. once yu have reached a room with blue pipes, go through the 
    right one to fight a blue puera. activate the switch. After that , 
    continue to the north.  Keep on going and save at the save point. A 
    tought battle awaits you. Fight the two puera guards and enter the 
    throne room
    but the mist generator room is locked!Don't bother to search the 
    key,find Zora and try to exit the room. Before you is Zora herself.
    Attacks:Dark Typhoon
    Her Glare Attack are deadly and her typhoon spells does about 1200 
    damage so i suggest you equip the ebony jewel for protection against 
    darkness. It will help a lot. Use the person that seemd to exert the 
    most damges on Zora to be the main attacking character while the other 
    heal him. No matter what, put your healing charcater ub priority. Once 
    in a while, you can use one of the stronger healing character to attack 
    When she is down, Songi will appear as usual as a nosey parker and set 
    off to destroy the mist generator. The Floating Castle will then 
    collapse and you have only 6 minutes to escape from the clutches of 
    death. Keep on heading. Fighting enemies will not take off the time. 
    head to the entrance and a scene will follow by Soren Flyers appearing 
    to rescue you.
    Items founded:  Spirit Jewel, Lost Grail, Healing Fruit.
    This place is a whole sim-seru town. Everyone is possessed by serus and 
    is part of it. Head to the castle up the winding stairway and into the 
    seconf floor. Head forward to a flower-like thing and speak with Noa's 
    mother. She will ask you to get the seru flame which can be obtained 
    from Noa's father in the underground laboratory. Head to the first 
    floor. Then into the stairs on the left. Speak to the two guards and 
    they will let the way in. head downstairs and talk with Noa's father 
    who is surrounded by a barrier of some kind to obtain the seru flame. 
    Head back to Noa's mother again and go into the room to the upper right 
    into the room of mirrors.
    Past Conkram
    Items founded:Power Water, Magic Fruit, Wisdom Water, Swift Water.
    You will be in past Conkram. Your mission is to obtain the Nenesis Gem 
    so that the Absolute Forteress can be opened. Head around the town. 
    Stock up on weapons and items if you wish. After exploring,head into 
    the inn to get a good noght sleep. It is free. next day, the 
    demonstration will start. However the experiment went wrong and the 
    mist came out. Head to the underground laboratory and go into the hole.
    Rogue's Tower
    Items founded:  Magic Armband, Phoenix, Fury Boost, Guardian Chain.
    This tower is quite frustrating. You need to teleport from one 
    teleportation to another. Dont go into the teleportation where the 
    place turns into a seru-like thing. You will get to the wrong place. Go 
    into the teleportation only when the screen has stablised. You will 
    need to fight Caruban and Berseker here. You objective is to get to the 
    place where there is a big teleportation. However you need to defeat 
    Caruban and Bersker first before it will be activated. After a series 
    of fighting and finding ways, you will reach a save point. Save here. 
    You will not like to repeat the whole process again,won't you. Anyway 
    the rogue boss in front is quite hard with a sim-seru at the top. Suck 
    it. Anyway, go into the teleportataion and you will end up in a room 
    with pillars of some sort. Head south between the pillars only and you 
    will encounter rogue
    Rogue is quite a tough guy. You will be temoted to use point card on 
    him. However, you will need it for the later part of the game. Use 
    miracle arts on him. Don't use elixirs here. You will need them to 
    defeat Cort if you are too weak later on. Use spirit to defend against 
    his special attacks. He can change into various elements and use 
    element attacks against you so be careful.
    You will have a scene whereby Rogue's Tower will fall and you will be 
    prompted by the ra-serus to escape. You will be given the Nenesis Gem 
    so warp back to the past after you have gotton it. Also talk to the 
    queen for Minea's Ring. It can give you 25% more hps! Go to the 
    Absolute Fortress now. 
    Jette's Absolute Foretress
    Item founded:Life Armband, Rainbow Jewel, Golden Claw, Unholy Icon, 
    Wonder Amulet, Wonder Elixir, Great Axe, Warrior Icon, Lost Grail.
    This fortress is just like the floating castle.Here, Noa throws the 
    Nemesis Gem into the Gate, destroying it.  Procede and collect the 
    tresure up the hill.  Save when possible. Continue and you'll find a 
    pool of Mist.  Take the treasure from the right and procede left.  
    Continue until Noa starts talking.  You'll come across Juggernaut.  
    Anyway, follow the path and in the door for treasure, then continue 
    left.  Continue straight until you find a treasure chest.  Now go back 
    until you come across a split in the path.  Go left (or right) and then 
    down.  You'll come across these blue arrows that summon platforms.  Go 
    on it and ride it across to get the treasure, then go back.  Go up and 
    save.  Above this, notice the rapid transport switches.  They move the 
    platforms in different directions.  First take the treasure to the 
    right, and then move the right switch.  Go back to the platforms and 
    collect the treasure.  Next, go back to move the left switch, and 
    you'll find Jette, self-proclaimed apostle of the Mist.  He moves the 
    top lever.  He'll also fight you.  
    He's not too hard, if you keep healing every other battle and keep 
    using your combos.  His regular attacks didn't always hit me, but his 
    Shadow Break was lethal.  Still, he seemed easy enough.  Don't pay much 
    attention to his clone, it's practically harmless.  Focus on the first 
              Now move the lever back to the left.  Go back to the arrow 
    room and through the door.  Follow the path, which will start to get 
    repetitive.  When approaching the fork, go right for treasure.  Then go 
    back to the fork and go up.  Procede and go up the elevator when you 
    have the chance.  Go around the elevator for treasure and continue.  
    Save when you can and procede.  You'll soon find the Mist Generator.  
    Prince Cort also arrives.  He attacks you.
    He immediatly summons a shield that protects him from most of your 
    attacks.  Regular attacks won't work.  Use combos and heal when your HP 
    goes below 1500.  After a while, his shield will disappear and he'll 
    have a spell.  He will summon Juggernaut to attack.  He isn't 
    impossible to defeat, right?  
    Cort:Seond Stragety
    I finish the points in my point card and I had to fight manually 
    instead of finishing the battle so quickly as before. I recommended 
    Ebony Jewel, Speed Chain, Wonder Elixir,unholy icon, Earth Talisamn and 
    Life Grail to use equip and use here. At the start, use wonder elixirs 
    on your charcater to boost their stats. I suggest using 3 on it on the 
    person who have the life grail and the rest equally amongthe other 
    characters. Your speed and power will now supreme Cort. Use the person 
    that has the life grail as the healer and the rest as attackers. Use 
    miracle arts against him. It will do about 4000 damgaes now since you 
    have taken the wonder elixirs. I suggest using Noa's miracle arts. Also 
    keep your hps above 1200 and above.
    Cort dies, and so does the Absolute Fortress.  You'll have to leave in 
    a hurry, just like for the Floating Castle.  Unfortunatly, the path is 
    blocked.  To get out, use the Door of Light.  Congradulations, but it 
    is not over yet.  
    Rim Elm
    You will end up at Rim Elm.  Talk to Gala who is at the Genesis Tree 
    and then to Noa who is at the elder's house. Songi will appear and turn 
    the village into a sim-seru just like Conkram. Finish all the side 
    quests now.
    Through Uru Mais to Seru-Kai
    Items founded: Triumph Armor, Magic Fruit, Life Water, Healing Berry, 
    Magic Water.  
    Call to Tiag in Uru Mais.  You will be taken to the Seru-kai.  Go right 
    for treasure then go left.  Take the treasure, then go up and to the 
    right.  Go down for treasure and then go up.  Go up for treasure and 
    then go left.  At the crossroads, go to the upper right path.  Go left 
    for treasure, then go right.  Save the game before going up.  You'll 
    find the Great Genesis Tree.  You'll also find Songi, saping the life 
    out of it.  You'll now fight.
    Jus use the point card on him. It's damn easy. You may also want o try 
    the tactic that I have use for Cort
    Songi will die and the Haris will appear to save the Genesis tree. The 
    Genesis tree is saved and you will return to the real world in Mount 
    Rikuora as the genesis tree in Rim Elm is dead.
    Inside Juggernaut
    Items found:  Ra-Seru Armor, Ra-Seru Robe, Ra-Seru Plate, Crimson Book, 
    Lost Grail, Ra-Seru Boots, Mei's Pendant, Ra-Seru Shoes, Miracle Water, 
    Ra-Seru Thongs, Magic Armband, Ra-Seru Club, Ra-Seru Fangs, Ra-Seru 
    How ironic, that the place where you began the game is the same place 
    where it ends!  What you have to do here is go into Juggernaut through 
    its mouth.  Inside, follow the path until you reach a fork.  Go right 
    for treasure.  Keep going until you reach another fork and go left.  
    Take the treasure and go left.  Continue and take another treasure 
    that's coming up.  Keep going.  Dive into the rapids when you can.  
    Take the treasure and continue.  At the crossroads, go right and follow 
    the path.  Save the game when you can and continue.  Inside the cave, 
    paths open up as you jump on the things that appear from the bottom..  
    Go up for treasure and speak to the people.  Go back on the path and 
    head left.  Take more treasure.  Keep going up.  Talk to Mei to get 
    Mei's Pendant.  Follow the path left, and take the tresure.  Take the 
    path up now and then right and down to talk to some of your friends.  
    Now go north of the Village Elder and up to visit your father.  He'll 
    give you something.  Now take the left path and up.  Keep going and 
    collect the treasure.  When you come to a fork, go all the way to the 
    left.  Take the treasure and go back to the fork.  Now go right for 
    more treasure.  Now go down the middle path.  At the next fork, go 
    right for treasure, then go down the middle one for more treasure, and 
    finally down the right one.  Save when you can.  The two things on the 
    floor have to be pressed down together for you to continue.  Get fully 
    prepared for the last battle.  Equip your Lost Grails, because now you 
    are going to need them.  After doing so, go up.  Soon you'll fall down 
    a pit and find Juggernaut's weak point.  You'll now fight Cort.
    Cort  (revised)        Final Boss.  Finally!  Anyway attack and heal.  
    Use any items you have remaining, I suggest using the Fury Boosts.  Use 
    your Ra-Seru wisly here.  Cort's Final Blaster will kill you, so the 
    Lost Grails are useful here.  Kill him quick before he uses it again.  
    His Doomsday may also do this.  Be careful!  Hopefully you'll 
    eventually kill this creature.
              Yippe!  You've finally beaten the game.  Watch as Cort and 
    Juggernaut get destroyed.  Unfortunatly, the Ra-Seru disappear.  Rim 
    Elm is saved because of them.  Talk to everyone and enjoy the ending.    
    4 Different Endings In All!
    There are 4 different and awesome endings together. There may seems 
    nothing to do but its well worth the effort. You will meet Dr Usha at 
    the Genesis Tree in Rim Rlm. Talk to him for some fun.
    1st Ending-To see the Mist-free World
    You will see the World with Mei with evryone of the game waving to you 
    at the end of the game
    2nd Ending- To tell Noa my true feeling
    Mei will marry Igunas and you will seek Noa by yourself
    3rd Ending- To become a Biron Monk
    Mei will wait valiantly for you
    Secrets and Mini Games
    Secrets and Mini Games in this game called the Legend of Legaia are 
    extremely sercretive and exciting. The Mini Games can be found in the 
    Tower of Sol in Karisto Kingdom after you seek the help of Octum on a 
    train. However,secrets can be usually found at all parts of the world. 
    Such secrets can usually enhanced your character's power. These secret 
    items are also called rs-seru. However, they possess the power to 
    summon the gurdian of the ra-seru istead of the normal ones which just 
    absorb and level the powers. They are about 8 ra-seru. I have only 
    recieved emails from those who have completed the games. The secret 
    below are obtained from some of my schooling friends who have completed 
    the game. Oh Oh,no time to talk,read below if you want to find out the 
    different locations of the ra-seru!!!!
    The Point Card
    This Card takes off 5% off the price of every item you have bought. 
    Note that it is not a discount card. It just takes off 5% of the price 
    and converted them as points. This point can be used as offensive 
    materials against enemies that are difficult to defeat. If your card is 
    over 10000 points, the maximum damage can only be 9999 but don't worry 
    the point card will still have 1 point left.10000-9999=1. Another trick 
    related to the point card is to use the Infinte money Gameshark code. 
    Buy as many items a you can with the Gameshark code and the point card 
    will accumulate many points. Each attack you used will be 9999. Isn't 
    that cool?
    Platinum Card
    The Platinum Crad can be found at Drake Castle in  the room where the 
    Drake was trapped inside a cage when he was a seru. Search the northern 
    wall for it.
    Secret Raseru-8 in All!!!-By Asura
    When you are nearing the end of the game,you will get the opportunity 
    to wander about to find some of the secret items. As I have said in the 
    introduction of the secret sections
    Dark RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Jedo (200 MP)
    - Attack Type : Dark
    - Attack Name : Deadly Promise
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : After the final battle with Songi at Seru-Kai, go to 
    the West Voz Forest and pick up Dark Stone below the dead genesis tree.
    Bring the stone to Zalan and he'll change it into Dark Talisman. Equip 
    it and you'll be able to use Jedo.
    Earth RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Palma (200 MP)
    - Attack Type : Earth
    - Attack Name : Meteor Cluster
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Try to win or get 10,000 coins and talk to the girl 
    in the coin exchange place. She will offer to give you Earth Ra-Seru 
    egg for 10,000 coins. Bring the egg to Zalan and he will make Earth 
    Talisman out of it.
    Light RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Horn (200 MP)
    - Attack Type : Light
    - Attack Name : Resurrector
    - Targets : All Allies
    - How To Obtain : After you revive the genesis tree in Buma, Cara will 
    give  you ight Ra-Seru Egg. Bring it to Zalan and he'll make Light 
    Talisman out of it. Equip it and you'll be able to use Horn.
    Water RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Mule (200 MP)
    - Attack Type : Water
    - Attack Name : Deep Avalanche
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Try to get 20,000 and you can get Water Ra-Seru Egg. 
    Bring this egg to Zalan, and he will make Water Talisman out of it.
    Fire RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Meta (240 MP)
    - Attack Type : Fire
    - Attack Name : Inferno
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Check the genesis tree in Sol after the final fight 
    with Songi.(must have learned all the art moves).
    Thunder RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Ozma (240 MP)
    - Attack Type : Thunder
    - Attack Name : Voltagor
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Check the genesis tree in East Voz Forest after the 
    final fight with Songi (must have learned all the art moves).
    Wind RaSeru:
    Ra-Seru Terra (240 MP)
    - Attack Type : Wind
    - Attack Name : Queen Twister
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Check the genesis tree in Mt. Rikuroa after the final           
    fight with Songi (must have learned all the art moves).
    Evil Seru:
    Juggernaut (255 MP)
    - Attack Type : Evil
    - Attack Name : Unknown
    - Targets : All Enemies
    - How To Obtain : Level up all your character to 99, then go to Ratayu 
                      talk to Saryu. Get the key to enter the Juggernaut 
                      You'll get Evil Talisman that would enable you to use
                      Juggernaut spell.
    Each of these raserus have unique powers such as the light raseru which 
    can be used to resurrect people. They are extremely useful in helping 
    to defeat enemies. They may also be used to against the last boss. Wait 
    and See????
    Mini Games-Tricks all Revealed
    Mini Games in Legend of Legaia are fun to play. Howver they can be 
    difficult compared to other rpg games.
    The Dance Contest
    Once you have reached the city or tower of Sol in the Karisto 
    Kingdom,you will be ble to participate in the Dance Contest in the 
    Disco.However you need to get the Old card which can be obtained in the 
    casino. You must win them in a particular game them. Anyone familiar 
    with Paparra the Rapper will get this timing easily. If not, good luck 
    to all of him. Also use your traingle specials to get a good lead.
    The Casino In Sol
    The Best way to get started is to get anything from the casino. You 
    will need to collect some coins first . The most easiest and popular 
    game is to play the Baka fighter. The Enemies are easy to defeat. Just 
    keeping on attacking them with one particular button. Once you get the 
    points,you can either enter the arena or the slot machine to get a lot 
    more. The slots may be a bit easier but for those tough guys ,try the 
    arena so as to be a little more bit challenging. For the Slot,try to 
    get three punches or kicks for the really big money
    Special Prizes
    Evil God Icon    10000
    Lost Grail       8000
    Life Armsband    5000
    Deluxe Rod       2500
    Vitality Ring    1000
    War Soul         1000
    Spirit Jewel     800
    Magic Ring       500
    Guardian Ring    400
    Incense          200
    Fishing Spot near Vidna
    Mettle Armband 1500 points: AP aquired up 25%
    Power Ring 1000 points: Power up 20%
    Healing Fruit 500 pts: 800 HPs party
    Lippian Flute 200 pts: Never got it to work; used in battle to summon 
    Spikefish Flute 200 pts: Spikefish comes, blows up, allowing you to 
                             the battle.
    NOTE: There are two fishing spots one near Vidna, the other near Buma. 
          points acquired from fishing are totaled for use in either pond
    Fish Spot near Buma
    Life Grail 6500 pts: Accessory; Character heals 200 HPs each turn in 
    Magic Grail 6500 pts: Accessory; Character gains 20 MPs each turn.
    Spirit Talisman 5000 pts: Accessory; Consume 50% less MP.
    Lippian Flute 200 pts
    Spikefish Flute 200 pts
    Gaining 100 + coins for entry into the Muscle Dome.
    Method: Baka Fighter game
    Select Gala.
    Battle 1: Black Puira-- [] button only   2 coins
    Battle 2: Gomboo-- X button only         4 coins 6 total
    Battle 3: Skeleton-- O button only       6 coins 12 total
    Battle 4: Wolf--Attack with either [] or X button until you get a
                    clean hit; this should take at most two tries.  When 
                    have hit the wolf to where only he got hit alternate
                    between [] and X for an easy win. 
                    Ex. [](clean) X [] X [] X []........... 
    Battle 5: Xain  Attack with the O button, even if you both get hurt 
                    you hit him three times cleanly.  Then hit him low 
                    times quickly with the X button.  Then hit him with the
                    circle button until you get three clean hits then hit 
                    low with the X button three times, etc. NOTE: This is 
                    only battle so far that requires speedy pressing of the
                    buttons to be effective.  O O O X X X O O O X X X.....
                                              50 coins total
    Battle 6: O O O [] [] [] X X X until you defeat it.
    Battle 7: X O [] [] [] [] until it is defeated.
    Battle 8: O O X until enemy is defeated.
    Battle 9: X O [] repeat.
    Battle 10: O X [] [] repeat.
    Battle 11: X [] O O repeat.
    Battle 12: [] [] X X O O X X repeat.
    Battle 13: Songi
    (Okay People if you made it this far its Big Bad Boss Time!)
    Songi is your toughest opponent in Baka Fight and can end your winning
    streak very easily.  Some of the moves you do he will sometimes
    counter even if you use these moves, but he is beatable.
    Use X [] [] X O O O X [] [] X O O repeat.
    DEFINITELY save before you enter the Beginner's tournament.  Only Vahn 
    enter the tournament, Noa and Gala will shy away from it.
    If you don't win the beginner's tournament you will wind up with less 
    coins than
    you started with.  Winning the Beginner's tournament earns you over 818 
    I don't feel that any of the items in the Muscle Dome are worth getting 
    in the
    Muscle Dome, except for the Deluxe Rod.  The Evil God Icon has 
    essentially the
    same function as the Bronze Book, and I believe the Bronze Book is more
    effective.  The Holy Grail is the Lost Grail item which you can get 
    defeating Slipperys while equpped with the Bronze Book.  The Bronze 
    Book can
    be purchased at Usha Research Center, north of Sol.
    Beginner's Course--Can use equipment, accessories, magic, spirit, but
                       no items.
    Accessories I equipped: War Soul, Defender Chain, Mettle Armband
    Magic recommended: Spoon (strongest healing magic)
    Round 1: Red Puira
    Round 2: Skeleton
    Round 3: Drake Ghost
    Round 4: Caruban
    Round 5: Gola Gola
    Round 6: Zeto 5,000 HPs, Spirit when he calls wave
    Round 7: Viguro
    Round 8: Xain (Bull boss) 10,000 HPs, Spirit after he charges
    Reward: 818 coins
    Expert Course--No weapons or armor, accessories OK, magic OK, Spirit 
                   no items.
    Accessories I used: War Soul, Defender Chain, Mettle Gem
    Magic recommended: Spoon
    Round 1: Black Puira 
    Round 2: High Gomboo
    Round 3: Dark Ogre (Hard!) Approx. 3500 HPs
    Round 4: Gold Bison Approx. 3500 HPs
    Round 5: Ironman Approx. 2500 HPs
    Round 6: Caruban < 1200 HPs
    Round 7: Aluru < 1200 HPs
    Round 8: Xain 10,000 HPs
    Reward: 1500+ coins
    Master Course--No weapons or armor, No items, No magic, Accessories OK,
                   Spirit OK.
    Accessories I used: Defender Chain, Wonder Amulet, Life Grail
    NOTE: I had to use these accessories to win and was level 53.
    ** With these accessories equipped, you can defend all of most bosses
       normal attacks by spiriting (Exception Jette).  This way if your HPs
       are low you can spirit and heal the full 200 HPs from the Life 
    Vahn's Miracle Art: R D L U L U R D L  99 AP
    Round 1: Ironman ~2500 HPs
    Round 2: Viguro ~1200 HPs  Raise spirit on this round.
    Round 3: Gold Bison ~3500 HPs
    Round 4: Caruban <1200 HPs Raise spirit for next round.
    Round 5: Zeto 5000 HPs
    Round 6: Berserker ~4500 HPs; will poison or rot you (Wonder Amulet)
    Round 7: Xain 10,000 HPs
    Round 8: Dohati ~30,000 HPs; will poison 
    Round 9: Lu Delilas ~10,000 HPs; she will attack twice, then do her
             special move Plasma Strike, which you should spirit before to
             avoid major damage.
    Round 10: Che Delilas ~12,000 HPs; same as Lu he will attack twice
              and then do his Megaton press move, which you need to spirit
              BEFORE to reduce damage.
    Round 11: Gi Delilas ~10,000-11,000 HPs; same pattern as the other
    Round 12: Zora ~21,500-22,500 HPs; will eventually run out of magic 
              6 to 8 spells; also uses glare to turn you to stone.
    Round 13: Jette ~33,200-35,800 HPs; ignore clones there are virtually 
              keep track of the real deal; will eventually run out of magic
              after 6 to 8 spells.
    Reward: 13,800+ Coins and first time only a War God Icon.
    1) When you first control Noa, save at the Memory Statue nearby.
    Follow Terra to the training ground, and fight the easier Red Puiras or
    the Black Puiras.  After each battle you can talk to Terra to heal and
    after a couple of battles he will teach you an arts.  I recommend you
    fight here and raise levels until Terra forces you to stop.  You will
    have to fight solo for a period, so you don't to be weak.  Once you
    meet up with Terra again, it joins your party as a computer controlled
    character that cannot be killed.  Don't worry about Noa's health 
    Terra will heal you when necessary and even revive you.  It is a good 
    to raise levels with the Wolf before you progress too far, as you wind 
    losing the wolf Terra before the boss.
    2) Typically you are alerted to a boss by the presence of a Memory 
    before a doorway or cave.  One exception is in Nivora Ravine (see 
    3) When you first control Noa and are on the map screen, head east in 
    direction of the mist, instead of south to Mt. Rikuroa .  This is one 
    four paths to what you will learn is a mist generator, and this is the 
    time you will be able to check that path.  I have entered two of the 
    while the mist was too thick and in both instances the cutscenes had a 
    in each, one of which was an Ivory Book.  I failed to check all four 
    before I thinned the mist with the Genesis Tree.
    I am not sure if you are eventually taught this move, but it is best to
    learn it early on.  It requires 5 moves on the action gauge, you may 
    to spirit to use it initially.
    TOUGH LOVE ART: D U D L R (down up down left right) 30 AP
    This move charms an enemy and I have NEVER had it fail on any regular
    enemy.  The two mains uses I found for this art are as follows:
      a) There is a new, tough enemy amongst others.  Perform TOUGH LOVE on
    that enemy and eliminate the others, sometimes the charmed enemy will 
    out.  You can recharm the same enemy if you accidentally hit him with
    TOUGH LOVE again if you want.
      b) You other characters are low in AP and you want to give them time 
    raise their AP before next battle or before attacking the enemy.  Use 
    LOVE on the last enemy and then spirit on all characters until you are
    satisfied with their AP levels.  I have never had any enemy become
    uncharmed on its own.
    4) When you get to Vidna, go south to the beach and grab the fishing 
    by examining it and then talking to the guy lying down.  Go to the bath 
    where the slot machine is and the guy will give you 10 coins.  Don't 
    them on the slot machine, instead talk tot he guy selling coins for 100 
    each and when you say no he will ask you to you want to trade for 
    Say Yes and then buy some bait for fishing.  Go to the fishing spot
    southest of Vidna, and you can earn some items.
    5) When you reach Sol, you will likely have to raise levels in lower 
    levels and rest at the inn upstairs when necessary.  You can go to the 
    top of Sol and talk to the Master, but you will have to fight a hard 
    Anyway once you reach the top you will have to then gain access to the
    basement by feeding the golden chests in the lower mist levels Soru 
    You need 7 loaves which can be obtained two ways: From the Bakery for
    6000 G each or 100 coins each from the muscle dome.  I suggest you 
    levels, save and try out the beginner's course on the Muscle Dome.  The
    entrance fee each time is 100 coins.  See the Muscle Dome guide above 
    details on how to acquire the 100 coins and winning.
    6) In Sol, at the top after talking to the Master you will have to face 
    tough boss.  Be prepared to fight a tougher version of the same boss in
    Warrior's Square in the basement of Sol.  Be sure to talk to the 
    in the Inn on the 1st floor of Sol to get the password to the Usha
    Research Center. You have to talk into the pipe inside the bottom area
    of Usha Research Center to enter the password, so they send the 
    down.  The password is X X Triangle O [].
    7) When you get the Bronze book from Usha Research System equip it 
    on one of your characters.  This is one of the best items in the game, 
    as it
    dramatically increases your chance on acquiring an item from winning a 
    Items I have acquired include: Healing Berry, Healing Fruit, Magic 
                                   Lost Grail, and Spirit Talisman.
    8) In Nivora Ravine, do not proceed past the first save point unless 
    you are
    comfortable with the idea of all your characters fighting solo.  I 
    raising to level 35.  Past the first save, you split up and head down
    different paths.  *** Look for cave entrances as Vahn should find the
    Mettle Gem (BE SURE TO GET THIS ITEM), Noa the Rainbow Jewel, and Gala
    the Spirit Talisman I believe.
    You cannot save before fighting the bosses of this level, the 
    and Che Delilas, the first boss, is tough.  Here are the matchups:
    Gala vs. Che Delilas: Equip Guardian Ring and Defender Chain
    Noa vs. Lu Delilas
    Vahn vs. Gi Delilas: Mettle Gem
    **Important Note--The Delilases all have the same fighting pattern: 
                      attack normally twice, then they do a special move 
                      unless you spirit to defend against you will get
    9) To get the Soren Book of Arts in the Floating Fortress, in the room 
    the "Hideous Torture Device" go to the switch and activate it.  In the
    remains in the device is the Soren Book.
    10) After defeating Songi in Seru-kai, your party will be warped to the 
    of Mt. Rikuroa.  Touch the Genesis Tree and Terra will learn a new 
    called Terra and power up.  Use the Door of Light to leave, then warp 
    Sol and got to the Genesis Tree in the basement.  Touching this Tree 
    power up Vahn's Meta Ra-Seru and teach him the spell Meta.  Go to the 
    Tree in East Voz Forest to power up Gala's Ozma Ra-Seru.
    11) When going to the Juggernaut, don't be fearful of entering as you 
    leave by foot or a Door of Light, and there are two save points.  The 
    being just before the final boss.  You will want to get the Crimson 
    Book, so
    raising levels is quicker (see items).  You will also find the best 
    and weapons for all of you characters in the Juggernaut.
    12) The optional boss, Lapis, attacks you on the top of Mt. Dhini if 
        return there.  He is the hardest boss in the game.  I recommend
        getting Lost Grails from defeating Slipperys.  All having the War 
        Icon, Speed Chain, Speed Ring, Defender Chain, and Phoenixes helps.
        Good Luck, Lapis has approx. 70,000 HPs and typically kills a non-
        defending character in one set of attacks.
        You will want to get the equipment from inside the Juggernaut, and
        be at least around level 50.  You get the Evil Medallion from him.
    Trying to get all of the Seru Magics? Look no further than the 
    Outside of the Juggernaut, you can learn the spells Grimard, Vera, & 
    In the Juggernaut there are two types of enemies per area and they 
    alternate in appearance.  Since these enemies are level 3 you will 
    need to equip the Ivory Book to learn the spells, especially for Spoon, 
    Gilium, etc.
    Magic Charts-All Magic revealed!!!
    There are 21 magics in all. Some may argue there are three. However the 
    truth is the 22nd one is just a myth. Nobody has known whether it has 
    existed or not. Whoever has find out. Please kindly let me know
    Name        Element    MP Used    Effect                Targets
    Nighto      Dark	     13         Hell's Music          Single Enemy
    Puero       Dark       120        Dream Illusion        All Enemies
    Mushura     Earth      60         Crazy Driver          All Enemies
    Kemaro      Earth      72         Fang                  Single Enemy
    Iota        Earth      90         Odd Dimension         All Enemies
    Gimard      Fire       10         Burning Attack        Single Enemy
    Zenoir      Fire       36         Vertical Hammer       Single Enemy
    Gola Gola   Fire       40         Fire                  All Enemies
    Vera        Light      6          Mystic Care           Single Ally
    Orb         Light      18         Restore All Companion All Allies
    Spoons      Light      45         Holy eyes             All Alilies
    Aluru       Light      90         Final Blaster         Single Enemy
    Theeder     Thunder    24         Turning Laser         Single Enemy
    Viguro      Thunder    64         Plasma Storm          All Enemies
    Gillium     Thunder    160        Space Cannon          All Enemies
    Gozem       Water      28         Bubble Crush Poision  All Enemies
    Freed       Water      90         Freezing Point        All Enemies
    Slippery    Water      110        Deadly Rain           All Enemies
    Swordie     Water      32         Sonicizer             Single Enemy
    Nova        Wind       48         Violent Wind          Single Enemy
    Barra       Wind       85         Hell Dive             Single Enemy
    Items, Accessories, Etc. List (descriptions and locations): 
    ++: can be acquired from winning battles with enemies, especially with
       the Bronze Book equipped
    !!: Recommended Item; explanation
    Healing Leaf/Shroom: Recover 200 HP (Early towns)++
    Healing Flower: Recover 800 HP++ 
    Healing Berry: Recover all HP++
    Healing Bloom: 200 HPs party
    Healing Fruit: 800 HPs party++
    Magic Leaf: 50 MPs++
    Magic Fruit: 200 MPs++
    Antidote: Cure venom (Rim Elm, Hunter's Spring, Drake Castle)
    Medicine: Cure all status ailments (Drake Castle)
    Phoenix: Restore life (about half HP)
    Fury Boost: Extends action gauge for entire battle (For coins in 
    Door of Light: Teleport out of Dungeons (Nearly everywhere)
    Door of Wind: Teleport to a city you have been to (Jeremi, etc.)
    Incense: Decreases enemy encounter rate (Bought with Gold or coins)
    Power Elixir: Attack up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Shield Elixir: Defense up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Speed Elixir: Speed up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Wonder Elixir: All stats up for one battle
    Power Water: Permanent increase in power +4 (From Ironman with Bronze 
                 On Mt. Dhini)
    Speed Water: Speed +4
    Magic Water: MP +8
    Life Water: HP +16
    Wisdom Water: Perm. increase in INT +4
    Miracle Water: all stats +4
    Life Ring/Mei's Pendant: Max HPs up 10%
    Life Armband: Max HPs up 25%
    Magic Ring: Max MPs up 10%
    Magic Armband: Max MPs up 25%
    Spirit Jewel: Consume 25% less MP
    Spirit Talisman: Consume 50% less MP (Defeat Iota with Bronze Book 
    Power Ring: Attack up 20% !!
    Scarlet Jewel: Upper DeFense UDF up 20%
    Azure Jewel: Lower DeFense LDF up 20%
    Guardian Ring: UDF and LDF up 20% !! Useful on Noa throughout
    Speed Ring: Speed up 20% !! Useful on slow Gala
    Wisdom Ring: Intelligence up 20%
    Vitality Ring: Agility up 20% (Buy from Camper at Karisto Station, 
                   The Floating Train goes to the Station).
    Mettle Gem: Consume 50% less AP!!! (In a cave on Vahn's path in Nivora
                Ravine, On a return visit to Rim Elm late in the game, talk
                to the Monk who trained you at the beginning of the game 
                say you want to practice.  Warning he is very hard, but if
                you win you get a Mettle Gem).
    Unholy Icon: Penetrate an enemy's defense.
    Warrior Icon: Counterattack at a fixed rate.
    Evil God Icon: Steal items from enemies and attack (Muscle Dome).
    War God Icon: !!Great item, Allows your character to attack twice in a 
                  If you use a Miracle, Super, Hyper, or regular art you AP
                  are not deducted for the repeated attack.  If Vahn has 
                  Mettle Gem (Consume 50% AP), then it is possible to 
                  two Miracle attacks for only 49 AP!! (Obtained by winning 
                  Master Tournament at the Muscle Dome).  I am not certain 
                  you can acquire more War God Icons by winning the Master
                  level again. 
    Evil Medallion:  Character goes in to uncontrollable rage, performing
                     multiple arts attacks. (Defeat Lapis at top of
                     Mt. Dhini on return visit)
    Speed Chain: Get the first turn in battle (From dance teacher after
                 winning the Dance Tournament). 
    Slowness Chain: Get the last turn in battle. (Ratayu; Mayor of Octam 
                    the Spring Salts).
    Target Chain: Increase rate of successful hits (Hunter's Spring,Drake 
                  Wind Tunnel).
    Defender Chain: Increase rate of successful blocks (Spring, Drake 
                    Wind Tunnel)!!
                    **I found this item invaluabe on the Expert and Master
                      modes of the Muscle Dome in Sol.
    Guardian Chain: Neither you nor your enemy can block attacks.
    Cure Amulet: Nullify all Venom Attacks. (Wind Tunnel)
    Pure Amulet: Nullify all venom and toxin attacks. (Jeremi)
    Forest Amulet: Nullify all rot attacks.
    Magic Amulet: Nullify all curse attacks. (Jeremi)
    Wonder Amulet: Nullify all abnormal statuses.
    **In my opinion the following elemental jewels are not worth obtaining.
    Earth Jewel: Earth defense up (Biron,Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam).
    Water Jewel: Water defense up. (Biron,Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Fire Jewel: Fire defense up. (Biron, Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Tempest Jewel: Wind Defense up. (Biron, Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Ebony Jewel: Dark defense up (Upper Octam). 
    Madlight Jewel: Thunder defense up (Upper Octam).
    Luminous Jewel: Light defense up (Upper Octam).
    Rainbow Jewel: Defense up against all elements (Noa's path in 
    Life Grail: Recover 200 HP after each turn (Buy from Warehouse in Sol 
                40,000 G or from points from fishing at the pond near 
                !! This item is an absolute necessity for winning in the 
                Tournament at Muscle Dome.
    Magic Grail: Recover 20 MP each turn (Buma Fishing Spot or found in the
                 in the side of the wreckage of Uru Mais after the 
    Lost Grail/Holy Grail: Recover all HPs after HP reach zero. (Can 
    acquire once
                           at Muscle Dome in Sol, With Bronze book by 
    Mettle Ring: Increase AP acquired from spirit or hits from enemies by 
                 (Vidna, Ratayu)
    Mettle Armband: Increase AP acquired by 25%
    War Soul: Increase attacking power of arts (Acquire once in Vidna from 
              sells coins for 100 G each, With Platinum Card in Buma)
    Ivory Book: Increases your chance of learning a spell from a Seru you 
                **Note you cannot use Seru magic to kill an enemy you want 
                  learn a new spell from, you must use weapons or arts.
    Golden Book: Increase gold obtained after battle by 25% (Usha 
    Crimson Book: Doubles users EXP earned (In Juggernaut final stage, can 
                  the Door of Light to exit).
    Golden Compass: Increases party's rate of attacking first (Wind Tunnel)
    Silver Compass: Decrease rate of being ambushed (Wind Tunnel)
    Chicken Heart: Increases success rate of escaping from battle.
    Chicken Safe: Increase defense while escaping (Ratayu).
    Chicken Guard: Prevent enemy from escaping (Ratayu).
    Chicken King: Escape from any battle except bosses (Run from Master
                  Course's first battle in Muscle Dome)
    Life Source: Recover 5 HPs per step (Camper at Karisto Station once 
                 clears, must have Platinum Card: 50,000 G).
    Magic Source: Recover 1 MP per step (Karisto Station, Platinum Card)
    Mettle Source: Recover AP while walking (Karisto Station, Platinum 
    Good Luck Bell: Decreases enemy encounter rate. 
    Bad Luck Bell: Increases enemy encounter rate (Usha Research Center).
    Light Ra-Seru Egg 1: Increases Light Defense (Becomes Ozma Ra-Seru from
                         East Voz Forest Genesis Tree).
    Light Ra-Seru Egg 2: Increases Light defense (Obtained from Cara late 
                         quest; bring to Zalan in Jeremi)
    Light Talisman: Increases Light defense; User has new healing spell 
                    (Created from Light Ra-Seru Egg 2 by Zalan of Jeremi)
    Dark Stone: Increases Dark defense (Found returning to West Voz Forest
                later in game; bring to Zalan in Jeremi)
    Dark Talisman: Increases Dark defense; User has new Death spell "Jedo"
                   (Created from Dark Stone by Zalan in Jeremi)
    Point Card: (Found in desk on the 2nd floor of Rim Elm's item shop on a
                return visit); Acquires points for purchases, etc.  The 
                accumulated can then be used to inflict damage on an enemy 
    Fire Book I: Teaches Vahn Tornado Flame Hyper Art (In bookshelf at the 
                 and Drake Castle location at Drake Castle; The door at the 
                 of the throne room).
    Spring Salts: Used to make a hot spring bath (Vidna Steam Generator 
    Mary's Diary: Arts Book found in Bookshelf in Sol basement; return it 
                  the monk at the top of Sol.
    Soren Book of Arts: Found in Floating Fortress in the Torture machine.
    Soren Flute:  Used to call the Soren on Mountain (given by Gantes)
    Minea's Ring: HP max up 25% (From Noa's mother in Conkram)
    Mei's Pendant: HP max up 10% (Given to Vahn from Mei when she is 
                   to Vahn's house during mist attack).
    Seru Flame: Increases AP accrual by 25%
    Zalan Crown: Increases AP accrual by 10%
    Camera Stone: Take pictures in certain areas (breaks after four uses).
    Weed Hammer: Breaks weeds blocking path (West Voz Forest).
    Ruin's Key: Opens Uru Mais Door (From Dr. Usha's wife)
    Old Rod: Beginner's Fishing Rod (Beach in Vidna)
    Deluxe Rod: Expert's Fishing Rod (Muscle Dome)
    Legendary Rod: Master's Fishing Rod (Found in Usha Research Center)
    Swimsuit: All eyes will be on you (Sol Dance Contest Winner)
    Gold Card: Membership card for the disco in Sol (Muscle Dome)
    Platinum Card: Hidden items show up in some shops (Drake Castle--In the
                   door to the top left in the throne room:  Search the top
                   left small window)
    10,000 G: Prize money for winning the Dance Contest in Sol.
    7.Enemy List
    Name:Acid Slime                                                                                       
    Founded:Nivora Ravine
    Sky Gardens (boss)
    Name:Berserker Lv2                                                                                 
    Rogue's Tower (boss)
    Name:Berserker Lv3                                                                                 
    Rogue's Tower (boss)
    Name:Black Piura                                                                                      
    Snowdrift Cave
    Name:Blue Piura                                                                                       
    Snowdrift Cave
    Name:Boogie Pump                                                                                 
    Uru Mais
    Mt. Rikuroa (boss)
    Name:Caruban Lv2                                                                                  
    Rogue's Tower (boss)
    Name:Caruban Lv3                                                                                 
    Rogue's Tower (boss)
    Name:Che Delialas                                                                                  
    Nivora Ravine (boss)   
    Jette's Fortress (boss)
    Name:Curry Devil                                                                                    
    Octam (Mist).
    Name:Dark Ogre                                                                                       
    Name:(dark) Nighto                                                                                
    West Vos Forest.
    Name:(dark) Nighto Lv2                                                                         
    Name:(dark) Nighto Lv3                                                                         
    Bio Castle
    Name:(dark) Puera                                                                                   
    Floating Castle
    Name:(dark) Puera Lv2                                                                           
    Jette's Fortress
    Name:(dark) Puera Lv3                                                                           
    Bio Castle
    Name:Dead Bone                                                                                     
    Name:Death Trigger                                                                                
    Name:Death Wings                                                                                 
    Name:(demon) Cort                                                                                 
    Bio Castle
    Name:Demon Fly                                                                                     
    Name:Devil Pump                                                                                    
    Vidna (Mist)
    Dohati's Castle
    Name:Drake Ghost                                                                                  
    Drake Castle (Mist)
    Name:(earth) Iota                                                                                    
    Rogue Tower
    Name:(earth) Iota Lv2                                                                             
    Jette's Fortress
    Name:(earth) Iota Lv3                                                                            
    Bio Castle
    Name:(earth) Kemaro                                                                             
    Name:(earth) Kemaro Lv2                                                                     
    Conkram (Mist)
    Name:(earth) Kemaro Lv3                                                                     
    Bio Castle
    Name:(earth) Mushura                                                                          
    Name:(earth) Mushura Lv2                                                                   
    Floating Castle
    Name:(earth) Mushura Lv3                                                                   
    Bio Castle
    Name:Evil Fly                                                                                           
    Name:Evil Shadow                                                                                  
    Name:(fire) Gimard                                                                                  
    Rim Elm, Drake Castle
    Name:(fire) Gimard Lv2                                                                           
    B. Monastery
    Name:(fire) Gimard Lv3                                                                           
    Bio Castle
    Name:(fire) Gola Gola                                                                              
    Fire Path (island)
    Name:(fire) Gola Gola Lv2                                                                       
    Rogue Tower
    Name:(fire) Gola Goal Lv3                                                                       
    Bio Castle
    Name:(fire) Zenoir                                                                                     
    Zeto's Dungeon
    Name:(fire) Zenoir Lv 2                                                                            
    Dohati's Castle
    Name:(fire) Zenoir Lv 3                                                                             
    Bio Castle
    Drake, Voz Forest
    Mt. Dhini
    Sol (boss)
    Name:Gaza (#2)                                                                                          
    Warrior's Square
    Name:Gel Frog                                                                                            
    Fire Path
    Name:Ghost Knight                                                                                   
    Name:Gi Delilas                                                                                          
    Nivora Ravine (boss)
    Name:Giant Rat                                                                                          
    Name:Gobu Gobu                                                                                      
    Drake, Snowdrift Cave
    Name:Gold Bison                                                                                       
    Name:Gold Face                                                                                         
    Shadow Gate
    Mt. Rikuroa
    Name:Green Slime                                                                                      
    Name:Heavy Grude                                                                                    
    Name:Hell's Rat                                                                                           
    Mt. Letona
    Name:Hell's Trigger                                                                                    
    Name:High Gomboo                                                                                   
    Name:High Mantis                                                                                      
    Mt. Dhini
    Jette's Fortress (boss)
    Name:Kabuki Rat                                                                                         
    Name:Killer Bee                                                                                            
    Name:Killer Bison                                                                                         
    Name:Killer Wolf                                                                                          
    Usha Research Center
    Name:King Frog                                                                                            
    Mt. Letona
    Nivora Ravine
    Mt. Dhini
    Name:Lava Face                                                                                            
    Nivora Ravine
    Name:(light) Aluru                                                                                        
    Dohati's Castle, Sol
    Name:(light) Aluru Lv2                                                                                 
    Nivora Ravine
    Name:(light) Aluru Lv3                                                                                 
    Bio Castle
    Name:(light) Orb                                                                                             
    Name:(light) Orb Lv2                                                                                     
    Name:(light) Orb Lv3                                                                                     
    Bio Castle
    Name:(light) Spoon                                                                                        
    Name:(light) Spoon Lv2                                                                                
    Rogue and Jette
    Name:(light) Spoon Lv3                                                                                
    Bio Castle
    Name:(light) Vera                                                                                            
    Mt. Rikuroa, Voz
    Name:(light) Vera Lv2                                                                                     
    Zeto's Dungeon
    Name:(light) Vera Lv3                                                                                     
    Bio Castle
    Name:Lip Kid                                                                                                    
    Vidna, Ratayu
    Name:Lip King                                                                                                  
    Mt. Letona
    Drake, Voz
    Name:Lu Delilas                                                                                                
    Nivora Ravine (boss)
    Nivora Ravine
    Name:Mad Bird                                                                                                  
    Mad Golem                                                                                             
    Name:Mad Mantis                                                                                           
    Name:Mad Ogre                                                                                                
    Name:Moldy Worm                                                                                           
    Mt. Rikuroa
    Snowdrift Cave
    Name:Neo Bison                                                                                                 
    Mt. Dhini
    Name:Neo Grude                                                                                                 
    Nivora Ravine
    Name:Oak Slime                                                                                                  
    Name:Poisonous Worm                                                                                    
    Name:Pump Bat                                                                                                 
    Mt. Rikuroa
    Name:Queen Bee                                                                                               
    Name:Red Piura                                                                                                 
    Snowdrift Cave
    Name:Rock Lizard                                                                                             
    Nivora Ravine
    Rogue's Tower
    Name:Scale Lizard                                                                                            
    Name:Skull Knight                                                                                           
    Mt. Letona (boss)
    Name:Songi (#2)                                                                                              
    Zeto's Dungeon (boss)
    Name:Songi (#3)                                                                                              
    Valley of Noaru (boss)
    Name:Spike Fish                                                                                                 
    Name:Stone Lizard                                                                                             
    Fire Path
    Name:Terror Face                                                                                               
    Floating Castle
    Rim Elm
    Name:Tetsu (#2)                                                                                                 
    Rim Elm
    Name:(thunder) Gilium                                                                                       
    Jette's Fortress
    Name:(thunder) Gilium Lv2                                                                                
    Noaru Valley
    Name:(thunder) Gilium Lv3                                                                                 
    Bio Castle
    Name:(thunder) Theeder                                                                                      
    Snowdrift Cave
    Name:(thunder) Theeder Lv2                                                                              
    Monastery, Zeto
    Name:(thunder) Theeder Lv3                                                                              
    Bio Castle
    Name:(thunder) Viguro                                                                                        
    Ratayu, Voz
    Name:(thunder) Viguro Lv2                                                                                
    Name:(thunder) Viguro Lv3                                                                                
    Bio Castle
    Floating Castle
    Name:Van Saryu                                                                                                  
    Ratayu (boss)
    Nivora Ravine
    Name:(water) Freed                                                                                            
    Fire Path (iced)
    Name:(water) Freed Lv2                                                                                    
    Uru Mais
    Name:(water) Freed Lv3                                                                                    
    Bio Castle
    Name:(water) Gizam                                                                                           
    Voz, Zeto(water) Gizam Lv2                                                                                   
    Shadow Gate
    Name:(water) Gizam Lv3                                                                                   
    Bio Castle
    Name:(water) Slippery                                                                                      
    Name:(water) Slippery Lv2                                                                              
    Rogue Tower
    Name:(water) Slippery Lv3                                                                             
    Bio Castle
    Name:(wind) Barra                                                                                          
    Floating Castle, Rogue
    Name:(wind) Barra Lv2                                                                                  
    Jette, Noaru Valley
    Name:(wind) Barra Lv3                                                                                  
    Bio Castle
    Name:(wind) Nova                                                                                          
    Fire Path
    Name:(wind) Nova Lv2                                                                                   
    Dohati's Castle
    Name:(wind) Nova Lv3                                                                                    
    Bio Castle
    Name:(wind) Swordie                                                                                       
    Jeremi, Dohati
    Name:(wind) Swordie Lv2                                                                               
    Name:(wind) Swordie Lv3                                                                               
    Bio Castle
    Fire Path (boss)
    Floating Castle
    Art Moves of the three main Characters-Lord Foul
    	Arts can be learned by trying out different combinations of moves 
    battle.  Once you stumble accross one, the words "New Art!" will appear 
    on the screen and the name of the Art will be recorded in your 
    character's Arts List. You can view this list in the Status area of the 
    Menu screen or in battle by pressing the Triangle button.  You can 
    learn any Art at any time as long as you can perform enough moves to 
    pull it off.  If you try to do an Art without having enough AP, the 
    attacks will be executed, but they will not be as powerful as the 
    actual Art itself.
    Hyper Arts:
    	Hyper Arts are learned by obtaining and using special Books for 
    three Ra-Seru.  These are often more powerful than regular Arts.  For 
    Vahn's Meta, you need to collect the Fire Books.  For Noa's Terra, 
    gather the Wind Books.  For Gala's Ozma, search out the Thunder Books.  
    These books are generally either easy to find in treasure chests 
    (they're usually out in the open) or obtained by defeating bosses.  
    They are similar to normal Arts in the sense that they will just be a 
    motley assortment of punches and kicks if you don't have enough AP.  
    You can also learn these from people in the game, but why bother when 
    you can get them now with a walk-through?
    Super Arts:
    	These are combinations of Arts that end with a special move.  
    These are not recorded on the Arts Lists, so you should either memorize 
    them or write them down.  Or print out this walk-through, of course.  
    They take many more moves to pull off than other Arts, but they are 
    generally worth using Spirit a turn simply because of the damage they 
    can dish out.  Just remember, they eat up AP like nobody's business.
    Miracle Arts:
    	These are learned like regular Arts.  Miracle Arts often combine 
    several different Arts in a large combo, like Super Arts.  Miracle Arts 
    WILL appear on your Arts list.  They are horrendously expenisive AP-
    wise, but the damage dealt is generally worth it.
    The key for this list is simple:  < =left punch  > = right punch   ^ = 
    kick  v = low kick
    Now for lists!
    (Note:  Some of the names and AP might be wrong, but the moves are 
    Vahn's Moves:
    Hyper Elbow:  (18 AP)		< > <
    Charging Scorch:  (18 AP)	v > ^
    Somersault:  (18 AP)		^ v ^
    Slash Kick:  (18 AP)		^ v <
    Power Punch: (18 AP)		< < v
    Cross-Kick:  (24 AP)		v v v ^
    Pyro Pummel:  (24 AP)		< > ^ <
    Spin Combo:  (24 AP)		^ v > <
    PK Combo:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ <
    Hurricane:  (24 AP)		^ ^ v v
    Cyclone:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ ^
    Hyper Arts:
    Tornado Flame:  (30 AP)	> > <
    Fire Blow:  (40 AP)		> > v <
    Burning Flare:  (50 AP)		> v < v <
    Super Arts:
    Power Slash:  (54 AP)		v > ^ v ^ v <
    Fire Tackle:  (54 AP)		< > < < v > ^
    Maximum Blow:  (54 AP)	v > ^ v < < v
    Tri-Somersault:  (60 AP)	^ v ^ ^ ^ v ^
    Rolling Combo:  (66 AP)	^ v > < < v ^ ^ <
    Miracle Art:
    Vahn's Craze:  (99 AP)		> v < ^ < ^ > v <
    Noa's Moves:
    Lizard Tail:  (18 AP)		^ v ^
    Acrobatic Blitz:  (18 AP)		^ v v
    Sonic Javelin:  (18 AP)		> v >
    Blizzard Bash:  (18 AP)		> < v
    Mirage Lancer:  (24 AP)		> > ^ ^
    Dolphin Attack:  (24 AP)		> > < >
    Bird Step:  (24 AP)		v v v ^
    Swan Diver:  (24 AP)		v ^ ^ ^
    Tough Love:  (30 AP)		v ^ v < >  *Note:  This one charms 
    enemies, very 
    Rushing Gale:  (30 AP)		^ ^ < v >
    Tempest Break:  (36 AP)	> > < ^ ^ ^
    Hyper Arts:
    Frost Breath:  (40 AP)		< < > >
    Vulture Blade:  (50 AP)		< < > < >
    Hurricane Kick:  (70 AP)	< ^ ^ ^ ^ v >
    Super Arts:
    Super Javelin:  (48 AP)		^ ^ < v > v >
    Dragon Fangs:  (54 AP)		^ v ^ ^ ^ v v
    Triple Lizard:  (66 AP)		v v v ^ ^ ^ v ^
    Super Tempest:  (60 AP)	> > < > > < ^ ^ ^
    Love You:  (72 AP)		> > ^ ^ v ^ v < >
    Miracle Art:
    Noa's Ark:  (99 AP)		< ^ > v ^ < ^ v >
    Gala's Moves:
    Flying Knee Attack:  (18 AP)	v ^ <
    Battering Ram:       (18 AP)  < > v
    Ironhead:            (18 AP)  ^ v v
    Back Punch:          (18 AP)	< > <
    Guillotine:  (18 AP)		< ^ <
    Head-Splitter:  (18 AP)		< ^ ^ 
    Side Kick:       (24 AP)		v v ^ ^
    Black Rain:      (24 AP)		^ < v v
    Neo Raising:     (30 AP)		< < > ^ <
    Electro Thrash:  (30 AP)	^ < v > <
    Bull Horns:      (30 AP)		< ^ > v <
    Hyper Arts:
    Thunder Punch:    (30 AP)	> > <
    Lightning Storm:  (40 AP)	> > ^ <
    Explosive Fist:   (50 AP)		> > < < <
    Super Arts:
    Rushing Crush:     (54 AP)	< > v ^ < ^ ^
    Super Ironhead:    (54 AP)	v ^ < ^ ^ v v
    Back Punch x2:     (54 AP)	^ v v ^ < > <
    Heaven's Drop:     (60 AP)	v ^ < ^ ^ < v v
    Neo Static Raising:(66 AP)	< > < ^ < < > ^ <
    Miracle Art:
    Biron Rage:  (99 AP)		> > v ^ v ^ v < <
    --You can fit in more moves at once if the character has a weapon 
    he/she is 
    skilled with.  This reduces the size of their Arms command (< for Vahn 
    Gala, > for Noa).
    --You can string together a lot of short combos if you try.  Example:  
    If you 
    have room for 5 attacks, you could do a five-hit combo or two three-hit 
    combos.  String combos together by making sure the last move of the 
    combo is the first move of the next one, and make sure you have enough 
    AP for 
    both moves.
    --Noa's Tough Love combo is great for eliminating the threat from new 
    Seru you 
    want to absorb.  Just Tough Love them, kill any other enemies 
    (sometimes the 
    charmed enemy will help), then just beat on it until it gets absorbed.  
    Love is especially effective on Seru.
    --This has nothing to do with combos, but some spells are more 
    effective when 
    different people cast them.  For example, even if the spells are at the 
    level, Vahn's fire Seru are more powerful than Noa's.  Experiment.  
    This is 
    because the three characters' Ra-Seru are aligned with different 
    Noa is aligned with Wind, Gala is aligned with thunder, and Vahn is 
    with Fire.  Thanks to the_kewl_kat@hotmail.com for reminding me to 
    point this 
    --If your character attacks a Seru that is the same element they are 
    with, they will only do half damage.  Thanks richard@lida.net!
    Cool Accessories to be found:by Xthreme8138@aol.com
    1.Legendary Rod- To get the best rod in the game, the legendary rod, 
    all you 
    have to do is go to the Usha Research Center and look in between the 2 
    on one of the floors. On one bed you will beable to see a teddy bear, 
    between those 2 beds will be a box that looks like it is just there for 
    looks, but if you go to it and press X, you will get the legendary rod. 
    FUNCTION- Best fishing rod in the game.
    2. Mettle Goblet- To get this really good accesory, you must be in the 
    Juggernaut (Bio Castle), which is at the end of the game. On the part 
    you talk to the townspeople, you get all the stuff in there and then 
    move on 
    to the next part, where it is all red, (the area where you get the Ra-
    Thongs). On the wall below the Ra-Seru Thong treasure chest, you go up 
    down the wall pressing X until you find it. FUNCTION- Accesory, AP 
    stays at 100.
    3. Chicken King- To get this accesory, you have to enter the muscle 
    dome 3 
    times, once on each difficulty. Run away from the first battle on each 
    difficulty and the lady will give you a chicken king automatically 
    after the 
    3rd time, she says youve gained a reputation for running away or 
    FUNCTION-Accesory, run away from battles automatically. (EXCEPT boss 
    Gamesharks Codes
    All codes below are tested and proven to work on Gameshark Version 1.99
    Vahn Codes
    MaxHp-      8008480C 270F
                8008480E 270F
                80084824 270F
    MaxMp-      80084810 03E7
                80084812 03E7
                80084826 03E7
    100 Aps-    80084816 0064
    Max Agility-80084818 03E7
                8008482A 03E7
    Max Attack- 8008481A 03E7
                8008482C 03E7
    Max UDF-    8008481C 03E7
                8008482E 03E7
    Max LDF-    8008481E 03E7
                80084830 03E7      
    Max Speed-  80084820 03E7
                80084832 03E7
    Max Int-    80084822 03E7
                80084834 03E7
    Level 99-   80084838 0063
    Max Exp-    80084708 FFFF                               
                8008470A 0098 
    Characters Profile
    Character of the story. Choosen by Meta,the Raseru to save the 
    world.You get to name him in the start. He can get powerful as time go 
    by. Quite a nice guy in fact. Noa likes him a lot if you reply to her 
    questions with childish replies but remains and talks i a chils manner 
    if you answer to her meanly.
    A girl with a sense of humour. Quite a chilish girl in fact. A child 
    who has lost both parents since young. She is risen by Terra, a ra-seru 
    who has possess a wolf in order to help her. High speed with relatively 
    good art moves. She likes Vahn a lot too.
    An Ex-Biron Monk who is serious at fighting. his parents will killed by 
    serus when he was young so he vow never to wear serus anymore. However, 
    he soon obtained Ozama, a lightning-elemental ra-seru not seru mind you 
    and use it to defeat enemies and help save the world of legaia.
    Vahn's father. He was crippled when Vahn had gone out into the mist 
    when he was young and has gone to look for him
    Vahn's younger sister
    Mei is quite a minor character in this game but she plays an important 
    part in Rim Elm. She likes Vahn . Not the kind that chilidish Noa has 
    feel about Vahn,she loves him.
    Mei's Mother. She worked at Biron Monstaery as cook for all the monks. 
    Return to Rim Elm after Biron Monstatery was saved by Vahn and his 
    Mei's father. Dies in the hunting process.Killed by Serus.
    The Drake for Drake Kingdom. His castle was attacked by serus. 
    Surrendered to the serus and locked himself in a cage to prevent 
    himself from hurting others.
    Head of Biron Monstatery. An old man who have two disciples, Gala and 
    A man who lives at Jeremi Town. His wife had left for Vidna with his 
    son,Pepe. Seperated with his loves ones by the mist. You could go to 
    him for modicfication of Ra-seru eggs into summon spells.
    A female thief who steal out of love for a man called Grantes. She will 
    gives you the Ra-seru egg when you have saved Buma
    A man who has help build the Floating Castle Mist Generator. Fooled by 
    Zora that she can give cara Soren wings.
    Dr Usha
    A scientist who had helped you with your journey. Lives at Dr Usha's 
    Faq and Revise
    Where are the fishing spots near Vidna?
    The fishing spots can be found to the east tucked away in a corner
    Legend of Legaia is an excellent game with good storyline like 
    xenogears. However it could be better if the game is long enough like 
    wild arms
    Graphics and Sound 8/10
    Storyline 9/10
    Originality 8/10
    I would like to thank the following people for their help in this faq.
    -Contrail for making this wonderful game and Prokion for developing it
    -Gamefaqs for letting me post this faq up
    -Jonathan for leting me know an extra item that can be obtained during 
    the mist in Rim Elm.
    -Henry for sharing with me his attempted faq which allowed me to fill 
    in -all the missing parts I have forgot and his last few walkthorugh 
    from Conkram onwards
    -All the people who have reminded me of the things I have forgotton to 
    -Ryan(ryanleje@gs.verio.net) for sharing with me his faq and letting me 
    post it on my faq
    -Lord Foul of Illearth (Dharkshade@aol.com) for providing the arts 
    -Henry Francis Reinhart (HFR360@hotmail.com)
    -Asura for sharing with me his raseru locations
    About the Developer and Producer
    Contrail was previously named Media Vision which had created the 
    awesome game , Wild Arms. I do not know why Contrail had changed its 
    copany name or sofore but it seems like Contrail sounds like a better 
    name for it.
    Copyrights Notice
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