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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TClemente

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    Legend of Legaia Walkthrough
    Version 4.5
    June 11, 1999
    By: "LagunaFF8" (Timothy Joseph Clemente)
    E-mail: Laguna_FF8@ignmail.com
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    |  |            _        __       _        __      ____|  |     
    |  |           / \      /  \     / \    |\/__\    /    \  |
    |  |______    // \\    // \ \   // \\   | /  \|  / / \    |
    |         \  / \ /__  | \ / |  / \ /__  | |  ||  | \ /    |
    \_________/   \____/   \_   |   \____/  \|   \/   \____/\_|        
                             \  |          
                            _/  /               ----/
                           |___/               /   _/                                                                      
                                       __      |  | 
                                      /  \     |  |
                                     / /\ \  /--  --\
                                     \ \/ /  \--  --/    
                         ___          \__/     |  |
                         \  \               __/  /
                         |  |               |___/                                                                
                         |  |                                     
                         |  |            _        __       _      _      _
                         |  |           / \      /  \     /_\    | |    /_\
                         |  |______    // \\    // \ \   // \\   | |   // \\
                         |         \  / \ /__  | \ / |  / \ / \  | |  / \ / \
                         \_________/   \____/   \_   |  \_/ \_/  |_|  \_/ \_/
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    "LagunaFF8" Timothy Joseph Clemente
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    The world of Legaia is covered by a strange mist.  Whatever it touches 
    brought rage and madness.  The people dwell outside of the civilization to 
    survive.  The people are hiding from the Seru creatures - creatures 
    transformed by the strange mist.  In the small town of Rim Elm lives a 
    young man named Vahn who has bonded with a good Seru.  Along with his loyal 
    friends, Vahn sets off to restore life to the seven genesis trees - the 
    only hope for the world of Legaia.
    Vahn is a young boy survived by his father and younger sister in a small 
    village called Rim Elm.  A distant village surrounded by high walls to keep 
    the village from the killer mist.  A young boy possessed with a great sense 
    of integrity, he is determined to uncover the cause of the mist and free 
    the world of its horror. After his meeting with a Ra-Seru Meta he leaves 
    his village to set out for his greatest adventure.
    Vahn possesses a great knowledge of offense and defense in combat. His Ra-
    Seru controls the fire attribute though Vahn is very week in convoking the 
    Seru that controls the water attribute - and that is his weakest point.
    Attribute:    Fire
    Suitable weapons: knuckles, knives and swords.
    A lively spirited girl that was brought up by a wolf in a snowdrift cave.  
    She and the wolf amazingly escaped the killer mist. Though is not very 
    intelligent, she is very intuitive and has the talent for recognizing evil.  
    She likes to be always in the company of others.
    Noa is energetic and very fast.  She is excellent at successive attacks.  
    Her small body frame gives her agility although she may look weak - but 
    don't be fooled by her body size.  One thing to note about her is that she 
    is left-handed.  Her Seru summoning power is the wind attribute.
    Attribute:  Wind
    Suitable Weapons: Claw and feral.
    A well trained Biron monk that possesses physical and mental discipline.  
    Gala hates the Seru's extremely because he became an orphan due to the 
    terror the mist has created.  At a tender age of 17, Gala achieved the 
    title of Master.  He continuously trained keeping in mind his anger for the 
    Seru's.  Among the three, Gala is the most powerful though his liveliness 
    and speed are all below par.  His greatest attribute is thunder.
    Attribute:  Thunder
    Suitable Weapons: Club and mace
    A childhood friend of Vahn who is also secretly in love with Vahn, though 
    she could not express her feeling, in her heart she will always love Vahn.
    The game starts at the village called Rim Elm. A short scene takes place 
    with Vahn and the Genesis tree, then the village elder comes and talk to 
    Vahn, for Vahn will be hunting and he will ask you if your praying for a 
    successful hunt pick YES or NO. You must choose wisely to have a better 
    dialogue in the game. When finished talking with the village elder, go 
    upstairs or talk to the children before you go up if you wish. On your way 
    up a door will open on the house, a woman comes out its Mei she was looking 
    for him and it's about his hunting clothes. Pick the second option. She 
    needs to measure Vahn to finish his hunting clothes pick the No.1 option 
    and now she will be waiting at Vahn's house. At this moment you can explore 
    the whole village, but first if you want to learn an art move before you go 
    on to your quest. Find your way through the beach in the South of the 
    village its just below. You will see a guy there talk to him and his name 
    is Tetsu. He is the one who taught Vahn Biron art moves and he will ask you 
    if he want some training today, you will be choosing 3 options you can pick 
    the No.1 and the No.2 and through No.3, No.3 is practice. Before you start 
    he will give Vahn a Healing Leaf. Now listen to his tutorials and finish 
    you will know all the basics of fighting. After training with Tetsu you can 
    now explore the village.
    NOTE: Remember this throughout the game check all the cabinets, 
    bookshelves, jars, and anything unusual. Some items are rare throughout the 
    game so better look for them it is worth it.
    Now back to Vahns house there will be a scene, Nene will ask Mei if she is 
    in love with Vahn, she blushes and Vahn goes in, after Mei measured Vahn 
    she says farewell to everyone and left. Talk to Nene she will ask Vahn if 
    he thanked Mei properly pick YES, then talk to her again she tells Vahn if 
    he is hungry, he can check the cupboard, actually inside there is a Healing 
    Leaf. Now go back outside and a scene takes place. The hunters have 
    returned and Juno is with them laid on the rack, but he is dead. This is a 
    sad moment for Mei, after the sad scene Vahn is at Mei's house and her 
    beloved father. An old woman speaks with Vahn and tells him that it is 
    getting dark he should go home and his family is waiting and they will take 
    care of Mei pick No.2 option. Then talk to Mei for the last time and go 
    back to his house, in the house talk to his father Val you are asked if you 
    want to rest say YES. Vahn is sleeping and his father woke him up because 
    of the noise and it is coming from outside the walls of the village, he 
    asked Vahn to check it out for him pick YES. When outside talk to the 
    village elder and a scene takes place, Zeto will come out and threatens 
    everybody, Tetsu trys to fight him but failed. An FMV will take place when 
    the Seru's are attacking after some talks a battle takes place with Vahn 
    and a Gimard. This will be very easy as you learned the Somersault art move 
    already or try out some other moves and check. Arts move list from 
    Superotter or my Art Moves at my Move List section sended by DraG0N804(check 
    out Gamefaqs).
    \    GIMARD     /                         
    \               /                          
    \    HP 100     /                          
    After defeating it you will see all Seru monsters around the village you 
    will expect random battles. Go to the Genesis tree without any hesitation, 
    because when you get the Ra Seru in advance there is a possibility of 
    absorbing Gimard magic, but of course you have to encounter them several 
    times, hit them with Ra Seru attacks. When you arrive at the Genesis tree 
    you will see a woman there, she stayed there because the Seru monsters 
    can't get near it and she tells Vahn to touch the Genesis tree. When Vahn 
    touched the tree a light glows in the tree and a Ra Seru asked Vahn to be 
    its owner and help the others. Vahn is now one with the Ra Seru called 
    Meta. Meta tells you to gather everyone at the Genesis tree to pray and 
    strengthen the tree, but first go to Mei's house. At her house talk to her 
    and pick No.1 option and pick the No.1 option again, she will now go with 
    Vahn to his house. At Vahn's house talk to Mei pick No.2 option. A scene 
    takes place where everybody is praying for the Genesis tree to grow strong. 
    After the miracle scene the village elder talks to Vahn and it is about 
    Mei. You will now have to find Mei's mother, after Vahn accepts the task go 
    back up and the shop is already open its near Vahn's house, after checking 
    the shop go back to Vahn's house. Talk to his father then his sister and 
    leave at the next morning. When Vahn is about to leave, Mei will talk to 
    him pick No.1 she will give Vahn the hunting clothes she made and she will 
    give her pendant for her gratitude to Vahn for her safety last night. Don't 
    forget to equip them all.
    Now go North West just follow the road to be easy. If you get caught up on 
    a fight take it, it is for your own good. Quick building up levels in this 
    game is very important.
    NOTE: Take your time building up levels outside the village at least reach 
    Level 5 or 6, you can also learn the rest of the art moves while training 
    check Superotter's Art Moves List.
    On your way training pass by the big spring Vahn will find his fellow 
    hunters there, now talk to the guy named Lezam he will ask you for help 
    pick YES. Now go to the small fountain on your right to recover your HP/MP. 
    When building up levels, you can go here and recover your HP/MP. At the top 
    of the drinking fountain you will see 4 statues check them all for 
    information. After reaching the acquired level you can go back at Rim Elm 
    and buy some Healing Leaves before going to the Drake's Castle.
    When you go inside you will see 3 doors, go to the left first.  Inside you 
    will see people infected by the seru, you will see something glittering on 
    your right, take it, and it's the sunrise key.  This opens the middle door.  
    Next when inside, go either to the left or right side, and then go into the 
    door below.
    Note: make sure to check the bookshelves and treasure chest in each room 
    you explore.
    When you get the lightning key, you can now open again the middle door you 
    will see above. When inside go the right side door below you, get the star 
    key.  Then again inside take either the left or right side.  Way down you 
    will see a door in the middle, its King Drakes throne room.  There are two 
    doors left and right.  First take the right one.  In this place you can 
    rest and save, pick the first option.  A scene takes place, after a short 
    nap, go now at the left side.  When inside, you will obtain the mountain 
    key.  Now go back up and regroup again.  Now with the map at your back 
    follow the road up to Mt Rikuroa.
    This time you play as Noa, as Vahn makes his way to Mt Rikuroa.  But first 
    a scene takes place here before starting with her.  Its all a dream, she 
    woke up and Terra the wolf is besides her. Pick the first option, then 
    after that, it's training time, just follow Terra's path, then you will be 
    stopped and asked some questions, pick the third option, don't forget to 
    pick the healing shroom on the way, follow Terra again.  Now after mind 
    training and you are going to physical training at last.  On the way to her 
    left, there is a healing shroom, don't forget to take it.  At this moment 
    you can train.  Noa increases her level to 2 just keep on fighting all 
    Piura's until Terra says that you are finish, but say "no" so you can build 
    up her level.  After training with Piura, the screen automatically changes 
    talking with Noa.  Terra says that's enough for the day and follow him 
    again.  When Terra's about to tell you something important, an earthquake 
    occurs.  The mist started spreading around you and Terra tells you a hole 
    has opened somewhere and they must find it.  As you go out the hole, pick 
    up the healing shroom on your way.
    (Note: Terra is going to be with Noa along the way to Mt Rikuroa.  A great 
    team for building Noa's level so you don't have to depend on the item's 
    inventory.  Do the same method of building up level for Vahn.)
    After building up, go to Mt Rikuroa.  You are now inside and find the end 
    of the otherside.  There is a Golem waiting for them.  When you go out to 
    the next exit, to your right a scene takes place. Now you will switch back 
    to Vahn when entering Mt Rikuroa.  In the caves and tunnels, you still have 
    time to find some treasure chest.
    Now Vahn meets Noa, but no time for talks.  This is the toughest boss so 
    \   CARUBAN   /
    \             /
    \   HP 1000   /
    After a fierce fight another scene takes place.  Now Noa is one with Terra, 
    she asks you to take her with you and you say "yes".
    Back at the castle Noa hears a lot of people's voices, she ask you if it's 
    safe.  Pick first option.  On the way down a man will ask you if you have 
    driven the mist away.  Say "yes", actually the man is King Drake and he 
    will thank you, then follow him, Vahn tells the King of his mission.  In 
    order for them to proceed they need to pas from the water gate and the King 
    gives him the water key.  Now be free to explore the castle chambers.  
    Those locked up treasures are now open, but first go up to the right door 
    and rest, a scene will take place.  Noa is dreaming about her mother.  Now 
    check the rooms outside, there will be a lot of people, it's a market 
    place. Noa will ask you if the people will talk to her, pick the first 
    option.  First Noa will beat the armory shop talk to her and she will ask 
    what is money, choose the third option, and the shop keeper will explain 
    everything and he will give the fighting robe for Noa for free.  Now when 
    she goes to the items shop, talk to her, she will ask you three questions, 
    pick the first, third and the second one.  If your answer is right, she 
    will give you ten healing shroons.  After the trivia questions she will go 
    to the Inn. When she asks what is an Inn, pick the second option after she 
    finishes you can still go for shopping before leaving.  Now head eastwards 
    and you will see the river, put the key in the big yellow keyhole, after 
    putting it, you can now proceed going to Biron Monastery.  Don't forget the 
    wind book 1 after crossing.  Biron Monastery is just east, follow the road 
    and you will see a fork in the road, choose the left path not right, that 
    is later on.
    On your way up you will see a switch, open it and the 2 exhaust fans will 
    activate. A monk pops out of the door.  He is surprise to see a human has 
    made it to the Monastery throughout the mist.  He invites you in to meet 
    everybody.  You will see people inside are training and later on you will 
    meet Zopu.  After meeting Zopu, a guy named Songi will talk to you, say 
    "yes", when he finish talking to you feel free to go upstairs on the next 
    room to your left, a woman appears and talks to you, choose the first 
    option.  Now proceed to go up, you will see 3 doors, take the first one on 
    the left first, talk to the guy if you want to rest say "yes" then go to 
    the middle door, there is a save point.  There is another door, proceed to 
    go in, you will see an items shop and an armory shop.  Next go to the door 
    on the right side; a man is guarding the women's room.  Noa can go in but 
    Vahn has to wait outside.  Some women are cheerfully talking, Noa pops out 
    of the room and talks to you pick the first option.  Now go to the path 
    where a monk is guarding below, it's near the middle door. Actually there 
    are two paths, one on the left is the same as the right one, you will end 
    up on the same place, at this place you will meet master teacher Songi and 
    the other monks.  There are 3 doors, pick the middle which goes to Zopus 
    room.  Talk to him and say "yes".  The party begins and a scene takes 
    place, Maya is very frustrated of what happened in Rim Elm and to Mei.  
    After that sad scene, talk to everybody if you wish, after talking with 
    everybody talk to Songi.  Now Zopus comes out, talk to him pick first 
    option. Zopu ask you a favor to help revive the Genesis trees, say "yes".  
    Zopu announced to everybody Vahn and Noa are going to help, he talks to 
    you, pick the first option.  After the announcement a scene takes place, 
    Songi is up to no good.  On the next day, the mission starts.  Songi leaves 
    first to the east Voz.  Now before leaving you might think of shopping 
    buying your necessary needs and you may proceed.  Before you proceed to 
    your mission on to the west Voz forest door, Maya is there, talk to her 
    before leaving.  Now open the switch and proceed, just follow the road 
    Note:  Gala is on level 1, you might want to build him up to level 5, 
    believe me it's worth it.
    Proceed up north where the water flows, there is a cave there, you can 
    absorb the theeder lazer attack here with Meta and Terra, just use your 
    spirit then choose Ra-Seru's attach.  Keep doing this process until you 
    absorb it. After that, build up Gala; go through your mission West Voz 
    Here you can fight with Nighto and Veras and absorb them.  Do the same 
    method done at the Ancient Wind Cave; you may also explore this place.  
    This place is full of treasure chest.  Once you find the entire treasure 
    chest, you must have the fertilizer already, up north there is a river and 
    there you will see a grass sway.  Put the fertilizer on so you can cross 
    the river.  After finding the treasure chest you will see a save point, go 
    to the left of the save point and you will find the Genesis tree.  Upon 
    finding it, the Genesis tree is dead, a Ra-Seru egg glow and you will 
    receive it.  At this moment an explosion occurs, it came from the Biron 
    Monastery.  Now hurry and head back to Biron Monastery.
    When you arrive everybody seems to be dead and the mist surrounds 
    everything.  Gala will leave your party to check on the others. Vahn and 
    Noa will be the only two left, be on your guard.  Now up to the women's 
    room, a scene takes place.  You will find Maya infected by the Seru's.  
    Your destination now is East Voz Forest, but not yet.  Before you leave 
    pick up the letter in the floor, read it.   After reading the letter, go 
    next to the middle door, somebody will talk to you, say "yes".  You will 
    see Zopu here, he tells you what happened.  Songi betrayed them.  You might 
    think of buying some necessary items before leaving.  Now you proceed at 
    the east gate.  On your way Gala comes, he will ask you if you are going to 
    the east, say "yes" and he will ask you if he can join, say "yes".  Now 
    Gala comes and joins you again, he is with you now.
    There is a lot of treasure chest here so be sure to search them all.  You 
    must find the weed hammer to get the other treasure chest and also your 
    path on the way to the Genesis trees.  When you find it and you are about 
    to touch it, Songi appears.
    \   VIGURO X 2   /
    \                /
    \    HP 1300     /
    After a fierce fight, Songi leaves.  Now go to the Genesis tree and revive 
    it.  After reviving the Genesis tree the Ra-Seru egg hatches and the Ra-
    Seru chooses Gala to be its owner.  Gala submits to the Ra-Seru and become 
    one with it, the Ra-Seru name is Ozma.  After that, go back to the Biron 
    Monastery, don't worry you will be there automatically.
    Now your back talking with Zopu, then Maya pops in she will ask you if 
    you're going to the castle, pick the first option.  Before you meet Maya at 
    the kitchen you can talk to everybody if you wish.  When you see her at the 
    kitchen talk to her and she will give you 10 healing leaves.  Now when out 
    side the map, you may well go to the Ancient Wind Cave to learn Gimard and 
    Theeder magic, for Gala.
    This castle is right at the middle of the map; it won't be hard to find. 
    This place is full of treasure chest so if you want some rare items better 
    take it.  You won't find some of them on the shops.  The first treasure 
    chest you will see contains a Thunder Book 1 for Gala so use it to learn 
    his Thunder punch.  When you recovered all the treasure chests go to the 
    elevator, on the way down you will see a save point.  At this floor a 
    treasure chest is kept on each room.  Be sure to take them all.  Finally 
    when you see a save point again at the other side, Songi waits for Gala's 
    challenge, this battle is between Gala and Songi only.
    \   SONGI    /
    \            /
    \   HP 900   /
    Go to the elevator.  After a great fight, save your game before you 
    proceed.  Now go to the last door and inside you will see the Mist 
    generator as you proceed Zeto comes out.
    \   ZETO    /
    \           /
    \  HP 5000  /
    After defeating this mean boss, a scene takes place.  Vahn, Noa and Gala 
    destroyed the mist generator.  After that everybody is back at Biron 
    Monastery.  Talk to Zopu and later Noa comes with Maya and will say that 
    she is going back to Rim Elm.  When Maya talks to Vahn pick the first 
    option.  Before you leave, you can go shopping then proceed.  Go to the 
    Ancient Wind Cave and you will find that the mist is gone and you will meet 
    an old man who owns the shop.  Further inside, you will see a lever, open 
    it and the strong gate on the right will open then proceed.  Now there are 
    two-treasure chest here, take them.  When you go inside to the other door 
    an old woman meets you.  She will ask you if you will spend the night, say 
    "yes" and a scene takes place. Everybody is dreaming you will be asked a 
    question, pick the first option.  On their dream, a vision spoke to them, 
    he is called "Hari", and then everybody woke up.  Gala tells Vahn he had 
    this dream again, pick first option.  When you leave through the door, the 
    old woman will stop you and give you the door of Wind, and you may proceed.  
    Follow the road to the NorthWest, you will find the place called Jeremi.  
    But before you proceed, you might as well go back to training, do the same 
    methods I mentioned earlier and at least reach level 3, then proceed to 
    Jeremi.  Believe me the next boss you will encounter is mean and I do mean 
    - mean.  As you enter Jeremi, you will see people infected by the Seru's.  
    Check all the buildings and cabinets, there are also treasure chest on the 
    buildings. After you finish checking the buildings go north, enter the 
    building, go through the door, don't go to the middle elevator yet, take 
    the one on the upper left.  When your down take the elevator below, then 
    there are two elevators again, take the upper right corner and take the 
    item there in the treasure chest.  After that take the lower right 
    elevator.  Again you will see elevators, take the upper right corner and 
    take the item in the treasure chest, after that take the elevator on the 
    upper left corner to open the high-speed elevator.  Now go to the lower 
    left corner and you will see two people infected by the Seru's, the 
    elevator in the middle can take you back down if you want to go back down 
    fast.  Now proceed down and you will be at the Garden and a save point.  Be 
    sure to get the treasure chest items before fighting the Berseker monster 
    at the Genesis tree, equip the items then proceed.
    \  BERSEKER  /
    \            /
    \  HP 5000   /
    After defeating this mean monster you will get the Fire Book 2 for Vahn.  
    Now a scene takes place, 3 of them revived the Genesis tree, after the mist 
    is cleared, two people wondering who were driven away by the mist, now they 
    come to you and talk to you, say "yes", and they ask how did you do it.  
    Noa explains it.  Now the guy will spread the news of what happened. After 
    talking to the woman save first then go down.
    On your way down the Mayor thanks you.  Gratefully, the Mayor ask you to go 
    with him to see the towns people. For Vahn, Noa and Gala's great deeds the 
    people are very happy to see them.  After these you will be at the Inn to 
    rest.  The Mayor will talk to you briefly, now you can talk to everyone if 
    you wish.  You need to see a guy named Zelan, he has a favor to ask you, 
    his place is just opposite of the general store.  When you find him, he 
    will give you a letter to send it to his wife and son to Vidna.  After that 
    go to the Northwest.
    It's strange here, no Seru's and mist, talk to the tourist guy if your want 
    to go west and find where the Biron Monks are.  When inside Gala will feel 
    sad, talk to him, and pick second option.  You will meet Sashia the 
    priestess, she was sent by Hari to Vidna to wait for 3 youths with a Ra-
    Seru, she tells everyone to go to the Temple of Rem, and see the four books 
    of prophecy. After seeing them all the secret will be clear.  A great Ra-
    Seru will acquire a great key, the Star Pearl.  The Temple of Rem is 
    located in Octam.  Now don't forget your other mission to send the letter 
    of Pepe, he lives just at the back of the hot springs resort after talking 
    to him and he reads the letter after that he will give everyone Yuma's ring 
    to give it to his father to let him know he is alive, but don't go to 
    Jeremi yet you still have to get the Star Pearl at Octam.  Now feel free to 
    explore this place, you can find a mini-game here, go to the hot spring 
    resort and talk to a guy that has a beard and he will give you 10 coins and 
    go and play at the slot machine.  After a short entertainment go shopping 
    and go to the outside map and go to Octam. Once there a scene takes place, 
    there Noa will go looking for Hari but can't be found.  She will talk to 
    Vahn pick first option.  Now as I searched the place it took me some time 
    what to do.  Later on as I found the answer, the answer is in the big brown 
    door in the middle of the place.  I wasted time in going left to right, 
    anyway forget it for what happened and go on your quest.  Also here you can 
    absorb the orb magic, take your time, just go through the door and the 
    stairs, when your down you will see the books of prophecies read them in 
    order V.1 to V.2 and a secret floor is revealed underneath book V.4. 
    Proceed down stairs you will see an elevator, but a scene occurs.  A woman 
    pops out and her name is Cara, she is a thief, she tells everyone that the 
    people have gone hiding and there is nothing there.  But she found the Star 
    Pearl and handed it to a guy named Zalan in Jeremi.  After talking she 
    leaves.  Now head back to Jeremi to get the Star Pearl, don't go to the 
    elevator, its no use it does not work.
    When you meet Zalan again Vahn will give him Yuma's ring, after that he 
    will give them the Salan's crown and later Noa asks Zalan if he knows about 
    the Star Pearl and he will give it to Vahn.  Now you have the Star Pearl, 
    it's a long way up to the shadow gate.  So if you want to teleport use the 
    door of wind or you can train again and build up your levels and earn 
    money.  If you used the door of wind teleport to Octam then go noth at the 
    bridge, you will see a board sign, look at it and the shadow gate is at the 
    east.  Follow the road.  Through east until you get there, to the bridge 
    just go down and to your left you will see another bridge and there is the 
    shadow gate.  You can check the map so it will be easy.
    When you enter there you will encounter a mysterious person named Gi 
    Delilas.  He will talk to Vahn pick first option and again pick first 
    option.  But before you start to fight 2 persons will join him.  Their 
    names are Lu Delilas the one in pink and Che Delilas the guy with the club, 
    and they will leave. Oh! Darn it thought I'll fight ninjas, anyway this 
    bugged me a bit longer to figure out.  Check all four sides there are four 
    stone tablets at the lower right and pick water, go to the lower left and 
    pick fire, then go to the upper left and pick earth, and at last go to the 
    upper right and pick wind.  After that the stone flower opens in the middle 
    and now go to the middle of it and you will use the star pearl.  Pick 
    "yes", it's an elevator to the underground of Octum.  Now remember to 
    search everything in this place, and absorb some magic powers here.  When 
    you reach the end of the place you will find the Octam's town people.  Now 
    explore the place and talk to the other people when finished go to the left 
    side.  A scene takes place, an earthquake occurs and nobody will be hurt.  
    Now talk to the small child named Kina she will ask Vahn if they came here 
    for Hari, pick "yes".  Keep following her until you are at Hari's house but 
    inside, Hari's is asleep.  Now go to the big mansion to the third floor and 
    talk to the mayor when you are about to leave, the guard announces that 
    Hari is awake.  When the guard goes in a hurry at the third floor, he bumps 
    Vahn due to his excitement.  Now go the Hari's house, you can speak with 
    three Hari's, past, present and future.  Be sure to hear them all, then 
    when you are about to go the mayor tells Vahn that the fire cave in the 
    northwest is cleared and the guards will let you pass.  When about to go 
    outside an earthquake occurs again.  The rest of the casts are safe except 
    for Hari and the 2 caretakers, the earthquake swallowed them.  But Hari's 
    spirit rises and talks to everyone for the last time, after that Noa will 
    ask Vahn if he is dead, pick second option.  Now Fei talks to Vahn, pick 
    the first option.  Now head for the fire cave.  Don't' forget to go 
    shopping this next boss is meaner that the other one you have fought.
    There are a bunch of treasure chest here. Go follow the path and later you 
    will stop in to the lava grounds.  Go on the rock plate so you can travel 
    through the lava.  Later you will encounter a Minotaur monster his name is 
    Xain keep bugging him until he fights you.  I'm on level 17 on Vahn, Level 
    16 on Noa and Level 16 on Gala, when I fought Xain, you will receive the 
    Wind Book II after defeating him.
    \    XAIN     /
    \             /
    \  HP 10000   /
    After defeating Xain his spirit comes out and talks to everyone briefly and 
    dies. Xain turned the lava place into ice.
    Note: the place turned into ice, there are some treasure chest here and 
    also you can absorb a magic spell through the monster called Freed, but you 
    don't want to risk yourself without saving, use the door of light to escape 
    the place.
    Now when your back, the guard near you will talk say "yes".  The people are 
    happy for Vahn's team success, now talk to the people if you wish, then go 
    to the mayor.  When you see him, talk to him and he has a favor to ask 
    Vahn. He will ask you if you can bring spring salts for him and you will be 
    rewarded.  So use the elevator and go back to Vidna.  Use the door of wind.
    When your are inside, the place is full of mist.  Now go to the house of Mr 
    Dampas.  If you have not met him, he lives west of Vidna.  Go to the 
    basement and take the elevator, you will see a save point.  Now talk to the 
    old man with only a towel on, choose all the 2 options.  Then go to where 
    the machinery is, and find the spring salts.  Go back to Octum and give the 
    spring salts to the mayor then go to Ratayu, it's just northwest check the 
    map.  Once in there, the place is also with the mist make sure to check all 
    houses, then proceed to the north door.  You must find a guy named Saryu.  
    When your inside be sure to check every corner of the place and go upstairs 
    then go to the north door and you will find Saryu there.  He will give Vahn 
    the key to the east gate to the genesis tree.  Now don't forget to find the 
    treasure boxes. Once at the top, everybody will see the genesis tree on a 
    barrier, when you're about to leave, Songi arrives.  In order to remove the 
    barrier, you have to fight Songi.
    \  EVIL SONGI   /
    \               /
    \   HP 13000    /
    After defeating him, you will receive the thunder book 2 for Gala.  No head 
    back to the town, go to the inn there will be some people there.  You will 
    see a letter on the table, look at it.  Now talk to the girl wearing a Seru 
    wedding dress, her name is Eliza.  She is going to get married to Saryu, 
    then Noa will tell Vahn she want to be on her place, pick "yes".  After 
    that a scene takes place, it seems all women that are getting married to 
    him turns into a life force for the monsters.  After that you will switch 
    back at Vahn and Gala go to the throne room, if you're ready.  Now when 
    your about to go to the throne room 2 monsters will stop you.
    \   KEMARO X2  /
    \              /
    \    HP 1500   /
    After beating them go through the door and proceed. As you see Noa is about 
    to be sacrificed, the two guys will save her. Then you will find Van Saryu,
    \  VAN SARYU   /
    \              /
    \   HP 14000   /
    After defeating him, the Sim Seru dies leaving the Saryu back to normal and 
    he will vanish the giant Seru monster.
    After all the troubles, he thanks Vahn and everybody and he gives the key 
    to the West Ratayu.  Now go back to the inn and rest, a scene takes place, 
    Noa's dreaming.  In her dream her parents says she can change faith in 
    Conkram.  When awake, go to the west gate of the town, be sure to go 
    shopping before going to the west gate.  Now go to Dohati it is were the 
    mist generator is, there near Ratayu, look at the map.
    There inside Dohati treasure chest are around, better take them all, start 
    at the left side and also you might absorb Aluru magic here as well. 
    Finally find your way to the top, you will see a save point there.  When 
    you go up straight at the mist generator, Dohati will stop Vahn and 
    everybody and you will fight him.
    \   DOHATI     /
    \              /
    \  HP 17000    /
    After defeating him an FMV will take place and Vahn, Noa and Gala will 
    destroy the generator.  You will be back at Ratayu automatically.
    Saryu will talk about Noa's mother, he says she is in Conkram, the only way 
    to go there is to go to Octam first.  Now head back to Octam.
    Note: Or you may go back at Rim Elm and see Vahn's family, Mei and Maya.
    At Octam go upstrairs and get in the brown door on the right.  But the man 
    tells you to better have some doors of wind with you.  Now go to the 
    elevator on your right, then go outside at the exit near the elevator lower 
    right.  Upstairs talk to the guys there and at the guy with wings pick 
    first option.  Now off to Kalisto.
    The flying Seru will stop at the middle of the sea, they can not go further 
    because the mist has thickened and now they will push the gondola instead.  
    After crashing at the wall everybody will meet Cara and talk to her, she 
    has a Ra-Seru egg that is why she can travel the mist without turning into 
    2 Seru monster, after some talks she leaves and Fei wonders where did she 
    find the Ra-Seru egg.  When you go down stair you will see a small shop.
    NOTE: There is a secret here on the tree besides the woman on her right, 
    there is 3000 G take it.  So you can buy what she has or keep it.
    Now proceed down south and you will be on the map.  Go to the place on the 
    north check map, follow the road.
    Inside Noa will be gazed at the place and will proceed inside. Inside Meta 
    will sense humans are not infected by the Seru.  Now go up, make sure to 
    check all rooms, after that go further upstairs.  Noa will hear someone 
    fighting and Gala hears it too, now proceed upstairs to the path through.  
    At the pathway you will encounter an old knight, but he won't fight you.  
    He will talk to everyone and he will recognize Noa of someone she looks 
    like.  Now proceed upstairs, you will see people here.  Go to the inn and 
    rest, now proceed going upstairs they will hear Cara's voice, go to the 
    bar, a scene will take place.  Noa will ask what is a pimp to Vahn, pick 
    first option then she will ask Gala what is a pimp and he will say its sees 
    to be a bad man.  She will rush at the guy drinking in the bar with Cara 
    and he was sent off by Noa's flying kick, Cara will stop Noa beating up the 
    man and Noa and the others will step outside and Gala is scolding Noa.  
    After that Cara will pass by and went down stairs, now you can go back 
    inside.  Talk to the girl with a blonde hair, she will tell you something 
    about the treasures below Sol and also you can talk to the girl on the 
    right with a purple hair she has some story about Soren.  But first go 
    upstairs at the Muscle Dome, her there are mini-games and arcade fighting.  
    A game called Baka Fighter and slot machines.  Now talk to the bunny girl 
    on the upper left, she tells you if you want to enter the tournament, but 
    first you must play the arcade or slot machines to earn coins. Arcade 
    machine will raise each coins on each round and the slot machine will give 
    in random so better be lucky.
    NOTE: When playing the arcade here are some buttons to punch for your 
    victory, keep using them continuously.
    Stage 1 Sqr
    Stage 2 X
    Stage 3 Crcl
    Stage 4 Sqr
    Stage 5 Crcl,Crcl,X,X,X
    Stage 6 Crcl,X
    Now if you 100 coins, join the tournament, here you can get more coins to 
    buy some great items, so if you have time better get them.  After that you 
    should have bought the gold card when exchanging tokens so you will have a 
    membership card.  Now go upstairs at the disco club.  When you go inside 
    give the gold card at the man.  Inside the Disco Sol, talk to the disco 
    king and he will teach on how to dance and enter the dance contest, when 
    she is ready go the guy for the registration and begin.  If you win, you 
    will receive 10000 G and a swimsuit but before going, talk to the disco 
    king and he will give you the speed chain.  Now go upstairs and you will 
    see Byron Monks there.  You can talk to them if you wish, now go to the 
    temple and an old man will come out.  Gala showed his secret art of degree 
    to the old man to know his rank - seventh degree.  After seeing Gala's 
    proof, he will let everyone in.  After the story was told on the old man, 
    he will give the genesis seedling, now go downstairs but Gaza will stop the 
    whole party from bringing down the tree.  He will fight everyone.
    \   GAZA    /
    \           /
    \ HP 13000  /
    After defeating him, Songi helps him and takes him away.  Now this next 
    turn drove me crazy for some hours looking for what to do, if your lucky 
    enough to have 800 coins good, but if not go to the Muscle dome and make 
    some earnings.
    NOTE:  You can go play the arcade to earn some coins.  It took me a while, 
    but it is worth it.  Or if you are confident enough to join the tournament 
    for big win prize coins, its more than OK.  One more thing, when playing 
    the arcade, win at least 3 perfects or more until you reach stage 5, now 
    don't worry for example on stage one there are two rounds, you can get one 
    perfect or two get it. Then Xain will come out to fight.
    Now exchange the 800 coins you have earned to Soru bread, at the bakery the 
    cost of one Soru bread is 6000G, too expensive for a bread. Anyway as I 
    figured it out, you have to give it to those brown treasure chest on the 
    house below the mist 8 in total. Be sure to search each room and floors. 
    Finally when all finished, you will hear a rumble. Next go far down the 
    stairs and go to the end, you will see a statue there blocking your path, 
    now go near the door from the statue. Inside press the button on the organ 
    like machine and the statue will be gone and proceed down, but before going 
    down a ghost appears and its name is Usha, but it tells everyone this is a 
    recording only. Now the recorded message tells everyone to proceed to their 
    mission. Now go down, you will pass by some treasure chest here take them 
    all, now at the end you will see a save point and the stairs to the 
    basement. At the basement there will be some switches, these switches are 
    easy. After switching the 2 main big switches a white circle will be seen 
    in the middle of the ground. When you are about to the plant the Genesis 
    seedling, Songi arrives again with Gaza, now you have to fight Gaza and he 
    is possessed by a Sim Seru.
     \             /
     \ GAZA ASTRAL /
     \             /
     \  HP 17000   /
     \             /
    After defeating him the Sim Seru will die and old man Gaza is also dying.
    When he is about to die, he will unite his spirit to the Genesis tree. 
    After that Vahn will receive the keepsake of Gaza the Astral sword, it 
    looks big and strong but takes a lot of space on the battle bar. Now head 
    back at Old Geez and he will tell you to go North at Buma, but first go to 
    the Inn at the first floor. Now inside go down stairs and talk to the big 
    guy with green clothes and he will tell you a message from Usha it is a 
    password X,X,Triangle,Circle,Square. Now go North to Buma, a scene will 
    take place at the floating castle the Delilases are talk to a person named 
    Zora. After talking, the Delilases will be on pursuit of Vahn team.
    When inside a scene will take place. Noa will go ahead and look at the 
    Genesis trees. Also a scene takes place on Cara, she will say a few words 
    and leave. As soon as Cara leaves Noa arrived at the Genesis tree. The 
    trees can't be revived at this point and the Ra Seru eggs are gone and Gala 
    suspects Cara for doing it. Now Gala tells everyone they will find another 
    way to solve the problem now head West.
     You will see a long brown tower go there, inside you will see a sign board 
    it tells you to speak at the tube pipe. Now speak at the tube pipe Noa will 
    talk, and Usha will not believe that they are the heroes now give the 
    password to him X,X,Triangle,Circle,Square. After entering the password the 
    elevator will be sent down, now go on to it. Up there you will be at Usha's 
    lab, at the third floor. He is easy to find with his Gray white hair, 
    everyone explains their long tale almost until morning to finish. Now in 
    order to revive the Genesis trees you must go to Uru Mais. You must find 
    the Fire Droplet to make the TimeSpace Bomb. You must dream in the place of 
    the Seru and summon Tieg, that will bring the Fire Droplet. After talking 
    to Usha go down stairs and Mrs. Usha will ask you some question before 
    leaving, pick the third option, then pick the second option, then the 
    fourth option, at the last pick the second option and she will give the key 
    as the reward. Now go to Uru Mais it is just Northwest check the map.
    Inside, a short scene takes place, Gala will talk to Vahn pick the first 
    option then again when he talks pick the first option. Now Noa will go to 
    the weird house then everyone follows her, and it seems Cara is following 
    them. Now read the book on the table, read it. Now go to the middle of the 
    ruins and some body will speak through Noa and Gala's mind and three doors 
    will open below Green, Blue, Red. Go to the Green left bottom door first, 
    just keep going through the pathway and at the end a scene will take place, 
    Noa will dream of her past. It seems Noa is born of royalty, her father is 
    King Nebular and her mother is Queen Minea. Conkram is attacked by the mist 
    and soon will be doomed, Noa's mother will send her away from the dangerous 
    mist with the help of the Soren soldier. As the soldier escapes with the 
    baby Noa they will end at the mountain in Mt. Rikuroa and there Terra met 
    the young Noa. After the dream everyone will be back at the surface, now go 
    to the Blue top part entrance. Just follow the path way and at the end a 
    scene will take place Gala is dreaming, Its seems that Songi cheated at the 
    ritual tournament and Gala knew it all along, after some words he received, 
    everyone will be back at the surface. Next for the last one is for Vahn, 
    just follow the pathway until you reach the end. At Vahn's dream He blames 
    himself by failing to get the Drake water medicine for his mother, after 
    some few words he receives everyone will be back at the surface. After the 
    dreams fulfilled Tieg will be fully visible to see, now talk to all Tiegs 
    but not the middle one that's later when you finished talk to them in all 
    both sides and if you finished talking to all, talk to the one in the 
    middle. After talking to him Vahn will receive the Fire Droplet, now go 
    back at Usha's Research Center. Before leaving an earthquake occurs, an FMV 
    will take place it is the giant evil Seru monster Juggernaut and the 
    creature destroys the Uru Mais. Now Cara will show up again and Noa will 
    ask her to give the Ra Seru egg to them, but she tells everyone she will 
    give the Ra Seru egg to them when they revive the Buma Genesis trees, after 
    she talks she leaves again. Now head back at Usha Research Center.
    Inside give the Fire Droplet to Dr. Usha and now he will make the 
    preparations of making the TimeSpace Bomb. Now he gives four bombs only, he 
    tells everyone how to use them. Now head down stairs and Mrs. Usha will ask 
    some question again before leaving pick the second option, then the third 
    option, then the first option, and for the last option pick the fourth. For 
    all the right answers she will give five Healing Berries, five Healing 
    Fruits and five Magic Fruits for a reward WOW! Now go to Nivora Ravine
    Inside Gala will arrange the bomb and it will implode and makes a new path. 
    Now go inside a short scene will take place three guys are there, but Noa 
    will not notice them and they will leave. Below you will see a save point 
    and another tunnel. Once inside everyone will take there tunnel and there 
    you can change characters every time by pressing the square button. Make 
    your pathway here is easy, after everybody is in their positions, everybody 
    will plant the bomb. But the Delilases will stop everyone and they will 
    fight them all.
    \                         /
    \  CHE DELILAS            /
    \                         /
    \    HP  12000            /
    \                         /
    \  LU DELILAS             /
    \                         /
    \    HP  10000            /
    \                         /
    \  GI DELILAS             /
    \                         /
    \    HP  10000            /
    After defeating them, they will unite with Koru. When fighting, there is a 
    turn limit of five.
    \                  / 
    \      KORU        /
    \                  /
    \    HP 20000      /
    \                  /
    After defeating him, the thermal energy inside Koru emits throughout 
    Karisto melting the ice and now your next destination is Buma.
    NOTE:  When everything was defrosted, the small lake near Buma is already 
    open for fishing.  If you have a fishing rod and some lures from Vidna.  If 
    not go back at Vidna and talk to the guy in the beach and try to get his 
    fishing kit and he will give it to you for free.
    Inside go straight ahead at the genesis tree.  A scene will take place, 
    after some talks, Cara will give the music note to Noa and play it for 
    Grantes.  Now before leaving you can go shopping first and talk to the 
    Go to the Jazz club and talk to Grantes, pick the first option.  Now give 
    the music note to the piano player.  Noa will be impatient as always and 
    the piano player will play the song. Grantes will hear the sweet song, he 
    remembers it the first melody Cara played on his flute on the first time 
    she met her, and he ask if she will forgive him, pick the first option. 
    After that strong moment, he will go back to Buma to meet his love.  Now go 
    back to Buma.
    Now go to the northwest house, a scene will take place.  Grantes is asking 
    forgiveness to Cara and she will and they will make up. Gala will ask what 
    Grantes has to say, Zorro made a deal with her to give Cara Soren wings by 
    getting the 3 Ra-Seru eggs, at the end he was tricked by Zora by not giving 
    Cara Soren wings. But he gave Cara the other Ra-Seru egg as a sign of their 
    love.  As the Soren found of what Grantes did, he was banished at Soren and 
    turned into a surface dweller.  Gala will ask if they can see the Soren, 
    Grantes will give the Soren a flute to them.  You must go to Mt. Dhini and 
    play the flute to meet a flying soren.  Before leaving, Cara will give the 
    light.  Now go outside then go in again at Buma and see Cara, a scene will 
    take place then go to the inn and sleep. (TIPS: get all treasure boxes as 
    possible.  Absorb magic if you see one).  A scene will take place on Noa's 
    dream, some one tells her she is almost near to them, and this is their 
    final contact with her in her dream.  As they are about to say who was the 
    reason for all the chaos, they left and everybody woke up again.  Now head 
    to Mt. Dhini.
    Here you can absorb the magic Iota, before going to the summit, Vahn will 
    summon the Soren and they will come and talk to everyone.  Luctes will ask 
    everyone, pick the first option.  They will agree to bring them to their 
    elder to meet him.
    Once there, go to meet the elder or you can talk to the people.  After 
    talking to the elder, see and talk to Luctes and he will bring everyone to 
    the floating castle.  Don't forget to bring some important items before 
    Luctes team will drop Vahn's team from the balcony of the castle and will 
    wait for them until they succeed destroying the mist generator.  Inside 
    this place you may also absorb the magic barra and piuras.  When you enter 
    the throne room, it is locked.  Then try to exit the place and you will 
    fight Zora.
    \     ZORA      /
    \               /
    \   HP 25000    /
    After defeating her, a scene will take place, Songi comes again. He will 
    destroy the mist generator, strange he destroyed it.  Anyway he destroyed 
    it because Zora spoiled the trap for Vahn and the rest of his team. After 
    the scene you must run like a wind.
    NOTE: Equip the good luck bell so you won't encounter enemies frequently, 
    if you got the item.
    Now outside the meeting point, a scene takes place.  Luctes and his friends 
    are gone and they will fall any minute.  But Luctes will come to the rescue 
    and apologize to them. Now they will head back to Soren's camp for their 
    They will be talking at the elder, it seems that Ra-Serus are used to make 
    mist generators.  Luctes send a reconnaissance teams to find were the main 
    resource of the mist and found out it is in the North of Karisto.  If you 
    are ready, talk to Luctes again and he will bring Vahn's team to the North 
    of Karisto.  Before they leave he will give Vahn the door of wind, it is 
    the only way to go back.  Once in the other side you will see a giant 
    shellfish, go there.
    Once inside, a short scene will take place, now you can absorb the slippery 
    magic.  Just head north until you reach the top.  There a scene will take 
    place, Noa's mother is there and she tells Noa the only way to destroy the 
    mist through the north is to have the nemesis gem and nothing exits now in 
    their time they have to go back on time.  She now tells Noa to go to her 
    father below, now find the two guards, guarding the door.  They will let 
    you pass by the queens permission.  Below you will see Noa's father and he 
    gives the seru flame to Vahn so they can go back on to the past, head back 
    at Noa's mom's room.  You will see two doors, to the left and right, take 
    the one on the right.  A scene will take place, they will warp back in the 
    Here in this world, you will meet everyone you have encountered in the 
    game, explore and talk to the people around.  After talking to everyone, go 
    outside the castle or talk again to the people if you wish but don't go to 
    the inn yet after you talk to the people.  Go the inn and sleep.  In the 
    morning everybody is waiting for the secret weapon demonstration and it is 
    called the mist. They will show the demonstration but it will be out of 
    control.  There it all started from the mist to Seru and madness.  Now go 
    to the underground to shut down the mist making madness.  Head back to the 
    castle and go down at the basement.  You will now go to the Rogues Tower to 
    destroy the source: The Rogue.  When they arrive there, you will see a blue 
    small circle.  Go through the circles and find the two guardians. It will 
    activate a big circle to teleport.  Here are the guardian's Hp's.
    \  CARUBAN LV2  /
    \               /                
    \    HP 4000    /
    \   BERSEKER    /
    \               /                
    \   HP 10000    /        
    If you find the teleport, you will be on another floor.  Now you have to 
    find the guardians again, you must find them to activate another teleport.  
    If found you will see a save point.  Be sure you are ready for battle.
    \   ROGUE   /
    \           /                     
    \ HP 28000  /
    After defeating it, Vahn, Noa and Gala's Ra-Seru will bring them back to 
    the surface.  King Nebular will give the nemesis gem to Vahn.  Cort will 
    repent for it but King Nebular will dismiss him.  Before you go back to the 
    present, go find Queen Minea. She is in the rooftop at the throne room just 
    take the left door.  A scene will take place, Noa will try to say she is 
    Noa, her daughter but Gala and Terra will stop her because it will cause 
    chaos and disaster if she does.  It is very hard for Noa but she has to 
    listen to them.  The queen will ask if Noa's speaking to her, but Gala will 
    tell the queen Noa says she looks like her mother, after that touching 
    moment, she will give Noa Minea's ring, it is her mother's, be sure to 
    equip it to Noa.  Now head back at the mirror if your finished exploring 
    the place.
    Inside a scene will take place, Noa will throw the nemesis gem at the gate 
    and a large hole will open through the wall, go in if your prepared.  Here 
    in this place, there are items for Gala and Noa so better look to it, if 
    you want more power after arranging the switches and taking the items a 
    scene will take place, Jette arrives.
    \   JETTE    /
    \            /            
    \  HP 35000  /
    After defeating him, go to the place where you are suppose to go, the 
    switch that Jette defaulted.  Switch it back, the left one and proceed 
    until you reach the top.  There a scene will take place again, they are 
    about to destroy the generator, Noa is starting to have a headache.  It is 
    Cort her brother is there. He will fight everyone.
    \   CORT    /
    \           /
    \ HP 60000  /  
    After defeating him, he will die with the generator. Noa will be depressed, 
    Vahn will talk to her pick the first option.  Now you have to escape with a 
    minimum time limit, don't panic.  Use the door of light and now everyone 
    will be in an unlocated place, Gala will ask Vahn pick the first option and 
    an explosion occurs. They will be outside of danger and Cara is there with 
    Grantes, a short scene will take place.  Now head back to Conkram.  Conkram 
    is also destroyed and a dramatic scene takes place to Noa.
    Here Vahn is sleeping and no one will try to wake him up.  He wakes up, go 
    see Mei..  When entering the door, Maya comes out and tells Vahn, Mei is 
    inside and Maya has to go to the item shop.  Inside you can decide which 
    dialogue you want, you decide this time.  After sweet talks go see Noa at 
    the elder's home and talk to her, after that brief moment see Gala, he is 
    in the genesis tree.  Gala is still bugged Songi is still alive, suddenly a 
    boy interrupts them and saying somebody wants to see them, pick the first 
    option.  Then the boy will ask something, pick the second option.  Songi is 
    there, when Vahn talks to him, pick whatever option you like.  I hate him 
    so I picked the first option.  Now he will blast everyone with his air-to-
    air Shinku Hadoken Ryu type attacks and hurts everyone.  Songi tells them 
    that juggernaut lives and Cort.  After these treats an FMV takes place, Rim 
    Elm turns into a Seru itself.  Now after talking to Mr Bad Guy Songi, go to 
    Uru Mais.
    Here just go to the ruins, a scene will take place. Everyone summons Tieg. 
    Tieg will open a portal to Seru-Kai and you will be asked if you are ready, 
    pick "yes" if you are. GOOD LUCK.
    Just search for the items, if you want, then look for the genesis tree, it 
    is colored brown greenish.  Be sure to save here.  You will meet Songi, he 
    is draining the life of the great genesis tree, after the short talks he 
    will fight.
    \  SONGI DEMON  /
    \               /                    
    \   HP 49000    /      
    After defeating him, he will die because humans don't be
    long on Seru-Kai, after he makes some curses he dies.  A scene here will 
    take place, the great genesis tree will soon die.  Terra and the rest of 
    the Ra-Serus are weakened their only hope is their fate.  They all prayed 
    for the genesis tree, then 3 coloured lights shined and its Hari, he will 
    give strength to the great genesis tree, but only for a brief while.  After 
    Hari bids farewell, Vahn and everyone received the power of the GGT.  It is 
    the ultimate power for the Ra-Seru, they have received.  They will be back 
    at Legaia at Mt Rikuroa.  Head back to Rim Elm.  If not, go refill your 
    necessary needs, before heading back to Rim Elm.
    Inside Juggernauts body is also with Rim Elm, here you can find the 
    equipment for your characters. It is all made from Ra Serus.
    NOTE: Equip Chicken Heart and Good Luck Bell if you have, because here the 
    monsters are attacking on 3, equiping them will also give you a chance to 
    find the items without being attacked all the time. Also here you can build 
    up you levels, gain Gold, and you can build up you points card by 
    purchasing items or equipment, the last boss is really tough. So better 
    collect a lot of points on your card. If you have the Gold Book and the 
    Crimson Book it is better.
    After finding your way in, a scene will take place in a long tunnel and a 
    flood rushed on Vahn and everybody. They will be on the place were Cort 
    united with Juggernaut, Noa will ask Cort to come back to be human and 
    showed her feelings about love. But Cort is already possessed by Juggernaut 
    and a final battle will take place.
    \               /
    \     CORT      /
    \               /
    \   HP 65000    /
    \               /
    After defeating him a short scene will take place and an FMV. Feel free and 
    enjoy to choose any dialogue in the ending of LEGEND OF LEGAIA.
    SENT BY: aspiege@banet.net
    Subject: LOST GRAILS
    TIP: Equiping Lost Grails to each character during boss battles. Also 
    equip 2 Lost Grails for each character, but it will take a lot of dough and
    use GameShark. ( Actually aspiege@banet.net asked me a question for 
    Equiping Lost Grails for each character and had an idea about.) Thanks
    aspiege@banet.net your really smart.
    SENT BY: Onyxdogg@aol.com
    Subject: A couple of things for your FAQ
    1. On the second story of the item shop in Rim Elm is a point card. 
    Every time you buy something you get 5% worth of the price points. You
    can then use the card in battle to deal as much damage as you have
    points. i.e. 300 points = 300 damage
    Note: points reset after use in battle
    2. After you have eliminated the smoke from the castle you can go to
    the room the king was locked up and search the North/west corner of the
    room to find a card. It will allow you to buy special items at certain
    The Merchant at the fountain
    The Shop in the monk house
    and others I dont know of.
    SENT BY: DraG0N804@aol.com
    Subject: Duplicating items with the shark
    Tip: Gameshark codes
    Duplicate weapons,armor,and accessories with game shark:
    Turn on these two codes:
    2 Infinite Items All Slots 8004309E 2400 
    3 Infinite Use of Items In Battle 800423CE 2400 
    Then equip the item you want to duplicate and de-equip it then you will have 
    two of em.
    SENT BY: DraG0N804@aol.com
    Subject: All tip for boss fights
    Tip: His tip
    Tip for all bosses
    Save before you fight a boss then fight the boss try to figure out what 
    element it is then purposly lose. After you re load the game to were saved 
    buy the jewel that reduces the damage that bosses element does.
    SENT BY: "Joshua Burke" jburke15@hotmail.com
    Subject: Battling LAPIS
    TIP: A tip for battling the hidden Boss Lapis: Give someone the Light
    Ra-Seru egg because Lapis is a Light based seru.
    SENT BY: DraG0N804@aol.com
    Subject: Some boss fight tips
    Tip: Boss fight tips
    Tip for Jette 
    When he splits attack the original one the duplicate can barely do any damage
    Tip for Cort
    Use all the points on your point card and use the Ra-seru spells for easy 
    Tip for Zora 
    Equip the item that prevents you from turning into stone and the life grail 
    on everybody.  Then wait for Zora to run out of MP form casting spells then 
    attack her full force and heal when nessecary and you will win easyly
    Tip for Zeto
    Equip a deep sea jewel every body to lessen the damage.  You can buy Deep sea 
    jewels in Biron Monastary
    Tip for Kemaro boss
    Save before you fight them in Ratayu and make sure vahn and Gala are equiped 
    with the ivory book then fight them and absorb both of them if you didnt 
    reset and try again
    Tip for the Gaza's
    Equip the luminous jewel to lessen the damage
    Tip for the Delilas family 
    Use this pattern Heal attack spirit so you can lessen the damage taken when 
    they use their special attack, also equip a life grail and defender chain to 
    help heal and block
    SENT BY: WierdJokes@aol.com
    Subject: Berserker Suprise!
    Tip: How to kill it easily
    For an Easier battle use a level 3 or 4 Nighto to confuse Berserker. To 
    instintly kill him use a Level 6 or higher Nighto.
    SENDED BY: Tony Mcdaniel blade_sb@yahoo.com
    Subject: War God Icon
    This is a secret of legend of legaia. When you first get a fishing pole
    and some bait go to the fishing spot near vinda. If you earn 50,000
    points you can get the secret item that is not shown on the list. It is
    a War God Icon which allows you to attack twice with using AP for the
    second attack this makes it possibly to use 2 miracle arts in one
    round. If you take time to get this early on you will have a lot less
    trouble through out the game. I hope this info will help your
    SENT BY: "Joshua Burke" jburke15@hotmail.com
    Subject: How to get the summon Juggernaut
    TIP: Secret Spell: Level Everyone up to Level 99. Then go to Ratayu.
    Talk to Saryu and he'll give you the key to the juggernaut room. Go
    in there and there is an evil Talisman. It will grant you the power
    to summon Juggernaut. He cost 225mp.
    SENT BY: DraG0N804@aol.com 
    Subject: Secret magic summons
    TIP: Getting all magic summons
    At level 99 go to king Saryu and talk to him then get the key he gives you 
    and go to the juggernaut room, get the talisman from the chest and equip it 
    and you will have juggernaut
    Get 100,000 coins at the muscle dome and trade it in for the earth egg, give 
    the egg to Zelan and equip the talisman he gives you
    Get 20,000 points fishing and trade the points for the egg and give the egg 
    to Zelan and equip the talisman he gives you
    After beating the last Songi go to west Voz forest and go to the Genesis Tree 
    get the item in the chest and go to Zelan, and equip the talisman he gives you
    Take the Ra-seru egg Cara gave you and go to Zelan and equip the talisman
    he gives you
    Meta, Terra, And Ozma
    After beating the last Songi go and push X on these Genesis Trees: Mt. 
    Rikaroa, East Voz forest, and Sol.
    SENT BY: DraG0N804@aol.com 
    Tip: Magic Grail and legendary rod
    Also there is a secret Magic grail in Ura Mais when Juggernaut blows it up it 
    is in the crack on the right hand side of the black part (were you met Teig)
    Legendary rod
    After you beat Koru go to Usha research center and talk to the man eating 
    spicy food he will say he lost some thing then look between the two beds to 
    find the best rod in the game.
    Heres the arts list
    The only thing that may be wrong is the AP cost
    <=left  >=right  ^=up  v=down
    Vahn's Moves:
    Hyper Elbow:  (18 AP)           < > <
    Charging Scorch:  (18 AP)       v > ^
    Somersault:  (18 AP)            ^ v ^
    Slash Kick:  (18 AP)            ^ v <
    Power Punch: (18 AP)            < < v
    Cross-Kick:  (24 AP)            v v v ^
    Pyro Pummel:  (24 AP)           < > ^ <
    Spin Combo:  (24 AP)            ^ v > <
    PK Combo:  (24 AP)              v ^ ^ <
    Hurricane:  (24 AP)             ^ ^ v v
    Cyclone:  (24 AP)               v ^ ^ ^
    Hyper Arts:
    Tornado Flame:  (30 AP)         > > <
    Fire Blow:  (40 AP)             > > v <
    Burning Flare:  (50 AP)         > v < v <
    Super Arts:
    Power Slash:  (54 AP)           v > ^ v ^ v <
    Fire Tackle:  (54 AP)           < > < < v > ^
    Maximum Blow:  (54 AP)          v > ^ v < < v
    Tri-Somersault:  (60 AP)        ^ v ^ ^ ^ v ^
    Rolling Combo:  (66 AP)         ^ v > < < v ^ ^ <
    Miracle Art:
    Vahn's Craze:  (99 AP)          > v < ^ < ^ > v <
    Noa's Moves:
    Lizard Tail:  (18 AP)           ^ v ^
    Acrobatic Blitz:  (18 AP)       ^ v v
    Sonic Javelin:  (18 AP)         > v >
    Blizzard Bash:  (18 AP)         > < v
    Mirage Lancer:  (24 AP)         > > ^ ^
    Dolphin Attack:  (24 AP)        > > < >
    Bird Step:  (24 AP)             v v v ^
    Swan Diver:  (24 AP)            v ^ ^ ^
    Tough Love:  (30 AP)            v ^ v < >  **This one charms enemies
    Rushing Gale:  (30 AP)          ^ ^ < v >
    Tempest Break:  (36 AP)         > > < ^ ^ ^
    Hyper Arts:
    Frost Breath:  (40 AP)          < < > >
    Vulture Blade:  (50 AP)         < < > < >
    Hurricane Kick:  (70 AP)        < ^ ^ ^ ^ v >
    Super Arts:
    Super Javelin:  (48 AP)         ^ ^ < v > v >
    Dragon Fangs:  (54 AP)          ^ v ^ ^ ^ v v
    Triple Lizard:  (66 AP)         v v v ^ ^ ^ v ^
    Super Tempest:  (60 AP)         > > < > > < ^ ^ ^
    Love You:  (72 AP)              > > ^ ^ v ^ v < >
    Miracle Art:
    Noa's Ark:  (99 AP)             < ^ > v ^ < ^ v >
    Gala's Moves:
    Flying Knee Attack:  (18 AP)    v ^ <
    Battering Ram:  (18 AP)         < > v
    Ironhead:  (18 AP)              ^ v v
    Back Punch:  (18 AP)            < > <
    Guillotine:  (18 AP)            < ^ <
    Head-Splitter:  (18 AP)         < ^ ^ 
    Side Kick:  (24 AP)             v v ^ ^
    Black Rain:  (24 AP)            ^ < v v
    Neo Raising:  (30 AP)           < < > ^ <
    Electro Thrash:  (30 AP)        ^ < v > <
    Bull Horns:  (30 AP)            < ^ > v <
    Hyper Arts:
    Thunder Punch:  (30 AP)         > > <
    Lightning Storm:  (40 AP)       > > ^ <
    Explosive Fist:  (50 AP)        > > < < <
    Super Arts:
    Rushing Crush:  (54 AP)         < > v ^ < ^ ^
    Super Ironhead:  (54 AP)        v ^ < ^ ^ v v
    Back Punch x3:  (54 AP)         ^ v v ^ < > <
    Heaven's Drop:  (60 AP)         v ^ < ^ ^ < v v
    Neo Static Raising:  (66 AP)    < > < ^ < < > ^ <
    Miracle Art:
    Biron Rage:  (99 AP)            > > v ^ v ^ v < <
    I would like to thank GameFaqs for posting this FAQ.  I appreciate all the 
    efforts of GameFaqs in maintaining their web site.  It is very helpful and 
    useful to all of us gamers. Also I would like to thank again the following.
    1. DraG0N804@aol.com: For the tips how to get the magic summons and all the 
    other stuffs. A very big THANKS to ACE!!!.
    2. "Joshua Burke" jburke15@hotmail.com : for the hidden boss Lapis battle
    tip and also how to get Juggernaut.
    3. Onyxdogg@aol.com: For the Rim Elm point card and the special card item 
    found at Drakes Castle.
    4. Loco348553@aol.com: Xain defeat tip and I also fixed the errors I made
    thanks for telling me.
    5. aspiege@banet.net: for the question he asked, turned out to be a Tip
    6. "Kathy Barnett" kathybarnett@home.com and "Corey Harrison" 
    ragnar_dragonfyre@pcsrock.com for posting my walkthrough. You should check out 
    his webpage it cool. HI! Kathy and Corey ^_^
    AND THATS ALL!!!!!!!!!
    MORE STILL ON THE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Feel free to distribute this walkthrough, however in its current form.  
    This walkthrough (or any part of it) cannot be reproduced or altered by 
    means without sole permission from the author.  Any form of plagiarism will 
    be dealt with under full extent of the law.
    This FAQ is a copyrights and protected by international laws.  It should 
    not be sold for money or posted on other sites without permission from the 
    author.  It should also not be altered in any way.  Proper credits should 
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