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    Art Move List by Superotter

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    Legends of Legaia:   All the Art moves
    Type of art.      Art Name           AP used         commands
    regular	      Hyper Elbow        18               left,right,left
    reg                Tackle Crush        18              down,right,up
    reg                Somersault            18              up,down,up
    reg                Slask Kick             18              up,down,left
    reg                Power Punch        18              left,left,down
    reg                Cross Kick            24              down,down,down,up
    reg                W. Upper              24              left,right,up,left
    reg                Spin combo          24              up,down,right,left
    reg                Pk combo              24              down,up,up,left
    reg                Hurricane              24              up,up,down,down
    reg	      Cyclone                24              down,up,up,up
    *hyper         Tornade Flare      30              right,right,left
    *hyper         Fire Blow              40              right,right,down,left
    *hyper         Burning Flare      50               right,down,left,down,left     
    super            Power Slash         54              down,right,up,down,up,dwon,left
    super            Fire Tackle           54               left,right,left,left,down,right,up
    super            Maxium Blow      54               down,right,up,down,left,left,down
    super            trio-somersault    60               up,down,up,up,up,down,up
    super            Rolling Combo    66               up,down,right,left,left,down,up,up,left
    #miracle        Vahn's Craze      99                right,down,left,up,left,up,right,down,left
    Type of art.      Art Name           AP used         commands
    reg                 Lizard Tail               18                    up,down,up
    reg                 Beast Fang             18                    up,down,down
    reg                 Sonic Javelin          18                    right,down,right
    reg                 Wind Strike            18                    right,left,down
    reg                 Mirage Lancer       24                    right,right,up,up
    reg                 Dolphin Attack     24                    right,right,left,right
    reg                 Bird Step                24                    down,down,down,up
    reg                 Swan Diver            24                    down,up,up,up
    reg                 Tough Love          30                    down,up,down,left,right (confuses oppent)
    reg                 Rushing Gale         30                    up,up,left,down,right
    reg                 Tempest Break      30                    right,right,left,up,up,up
    *hyper          Frost Break            30                  left,left,right,right
    *hyper          Vulture Blade        25                  left,left,right,left,right 
    *hyper          Hurricane kick       35                  left,up,up,up,up,down,right
    super             Super Javelin        48                    up,up,left,down,right,down,right
    super             Dragon Fangs      54                    up,down,up,up,up,down,down
    super             Triple Lizard         66                    down,down,down,up,up,up,down,up
    super             Super Tempest    60                     right,right,left,right,right,left,up,up,up
    super             Love you              72                     right,right,up,up,down,up,down,left,right (confuses oppent)
    #miracle         Noa's Ark             99                     left,up,right,down,up,left,up,down,right
    Type of art.      Art Name           AP used         commands
    reg                Flying Knee           18                   down,up,left
    reg                Battering Ram        18                   left,right,down
    reg                Iron Head               18                   up,down,down
    reg                Back Punch            18                   left,rightleft
    reg                Guillotine                18                   left,up,left
    reg                Head Spliter           18                   left,up,up
    reg                Side Kick                24                   down,down,up,up
    reg                Black Rain              24                   up,left,down,down
    reg                Neo Raising           30                   left,left,right,up,left
    reg                Head Fang             30                   up,left,down,right,left
    reg                Bull Horn               30                   left,up,right,down,left
    *hyper         Lighting Punch     30                   right,right,left
    *hyper         Thunder Storm      40                   right,right,up,left
    *hyper         Explosive Fists      50                   right,right,left,left,left
    super           Rushing Crush      54                    left,right,down,up,left,up,up
    super           Super Iron Head    54                   down,up,left,up,up,down,down
    super           Back Punchx2        54                    up,down,down,up,left,right,left
    super           Heavens Drop       60                    down,up,left,up,up,left,down,down               
    super           NeoStaticRaising  66                    left,right,left,up,left,left,right,up,left
    #miracle      Gala Final               99                    right,right,down,up,down,up,down,left,left 
    *= hyper arts are eanred not learned...mostly after boss fights
    #=Miracles are usually done after about level 25 
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