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    Boss FAQ by MSta.Maria

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/04/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Legend of Legaia Boss Guide version 1.5
                                      by Mark Sta.Maria 
    What's New?
    I. Introduction
    II. Legend of Legaia Boss Guide
    	A. Caruban (Mt. Rikuroa)
    	B. Viguros (East Voz Forest)
    	C. Songi (Zeto's Dungeon)
    	D. Zeto (Zeto's Dungeon)
    	E. Berserker (Jeremy Sky Palace)
    	F. Xain (Octam Underground)
    	G. Songi second version (Mt. Letona)
    	H. Sataryu (Ratayu)
    	I. Dohalti (Dohalti's Castle)
    	J. Gaza (Sol Tower rooftop)
    	K. Gaza second version (Sol basement)
    	L. Che Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    	M. Lu Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    	N. Gi Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    	O. Koru (Nivora Ravine)
    	P. Zora (Zora's floating castle)
    	Q. Rogue (Rogue Tower)
    	R. Jette (Jette's absolute fortress)
    	S. Cort (Jette's absolute fortress)
    	T. Songi final version (Noaru valley)
    	U. Cort juggernaut version (Rim Elm)
    	V. Optional boss - Bees (Rim Elm)
    	W. Optional boss - Lapis (Mt. Dhini)
    	X. Optional boss - Tetsu (Rim Elm)
    III. Ending Summaries (Spoiler!)
    IV. Credits
    What's New?
    Version 1.5
    Website's down.. sorry!
    Version 1.4
    Added tips to Koru boss
    Version 1.3
    Added Optional boss - Tetsu and corrected some errors. 
    Version 1.2 
    Corrected some errors and added another Lapis tip - and check the webpage for 
    new screenshots of Legaia and other PSX games.
    Version 1.1
    Hey, great, my first update - I got some strategies to beat the optional boss, Lapis..
    I. Introduction
    I am from the Philippines and I always like playing RPG's, starting from the old 
    PC RPG games like Eye of the Beholder, Legend of Kyrandia, Dark Queen of Krynn, 
    Wizardry etc. Then came the PSX RPG's, definitely the games which combine the 
    awesome PSX graphics and the good ol' RPG storylines just like Diablo, 
    Xenogears, and the FF series... 
    Now how did I get to play Legend of Legaia? Well, at first I had no interest in 
    this game since the top RPGs of that time were Final Fantasies.. Squaresoft 
    types. But then I got a little tired of playing it (I got stuck - I haven't read 
    a walkthrough yet and I missed a lot of treasures..) I bought Legend of 
    Legaia... then came the unexpected.
    Wow, I didn't realize how good this game was. It wasn't up there on the top 
    games list when I bought it.. but then the unique battle system and of course, 
    the good ol' RPG storyline just made me play my heart out on it.
    Allright, for those Legaia players.. how's my Legaia experience? Well I finished 
    it in about 3 weeks (with a walkthrough of course, how are you supposed to 
    finish an RPG so quick without a damn walkthrough??) and my level was Vahn 36, 
    Noa 36 and Gala 35.. a bit low I suppose? But hey I only played three weeks, but 
    that level is just enough to bit Cort (but not Lapis, at Mt. Dhini of course)...
    Now for those first-time Legaia players, I suggest that you don't read my boss 
    guide yet until you have been familiarized with the controls, the battle moves 
    (arts), the story and the locations of the places you are supposed to visit. My 
    guide is just for the bosses, so if you need a walkthrough for the whole game 
    then go visit http://gamefaqs.com for a comprehensive list of walkthroughs... 
    although those spoil the challenge of the game - it's up to you.
    Okay, 'nuff said, let's go to the boss guide.. oh by the way if you want to e-
    mail me
    then do so at:
    II. Boss Guide
    Some key notes:
    - This boss guide is based on my experience playing Legend of Legaia, thus, 
    different strategies can be used, My strategy is for those who are too lazy to 
    level up (because my level was just enough to beat the final boss, but not the 
    optional boss). If you don't want to get mad because of losing the boss battles 
    over and over again, I suggest you go and raise your levels to around 45-55 and 
    around 3500-4000 hps (up to the final boss) for an easy task.
    - The HPs of all the bosses are just estimates, more or less within that certain 
    amount (because the fact that the matter is, I just added up all of my damages 
    to that particular boss before it dies, and it varies everytime..)
    Allright, let's start:
    A) Caruban (Mt. Rikuroa)
    HPS - 1,000
    Regular attack - deals 25-75 damage to a single character
    Fire Breath - deals 100-250 damage to everyone
    The first boss of the game. This is a really tough boss if your level is just 
    around 3-5 for Vahn, and more if Noa is just around level 1-2... Wow... I 
    suggest you raise Noa's level while you are within Mt. Rikuroa, since you have 
    Terra as a healer.. raise up to around level 4-6, and Vahn should raise his 
    level to around 6-8 in Drake Castle. And by the way you need Vahn to learn the 
    Gimard spell so you will have a good chance on Caruban. 
    You may have a tough time beating him when he uses fire breath rather 
    consecutively. The first time I fought this boss I lost twice because he uses 
    his fire breath attack around two to three straight times. Use your healing 
    items wisely. Attack with the art combos you learned, and use Vahn's gimard 
    spell to ease up the battle since Gimard causes 150-250 damage to Caruban.
    B) Viguro(s) (East Voz Forest)
    HPS - 1,500 each
    Regular attack - deals 75-200 damage to a single character
    Thunder - deals 300-550 damage to a single character
    Two of them. Arghh. Hopefully you got Vahn to around level 14-16, Noa level 13-
    15 and Gala level 10-13. If not, well hopefully at least one of your characters 
    has learned the Vera spell, which heals your HPs.
    Concentrate first on one Viguro, because if you split your attack you will have 
    a hard time in the end when both of them casts their thunder attack at the same 
    turn. Ouch. When one is eliminated, you will have an easier time with the other. 
    Use your arts here and Vahn's gimard meta attack which deals around 250-350 
    damage. Again, use your healing items wisely, and if you got Vera, use it. 6 mps 
    ain't big right? Gizam magic works quite well too.
    Oh by the way, If you got the point card (which can be found on the drawer on 
    the 2nd floor of Rim Elm's weapon shop) the battle will be so easy. (If you 
    bought quite a lot of items)
    C) Songi (Zeto's Dungeon)
    HPS - 3,000 
    Regular attack - deals 200-340 damage to a single character
    Hyper attack - deals 500-650 damage to single character
    Gala's best friend turns into your arch enemy. Hey you'll fight him three times, 
    and he's hard everytime. In this first fight, only Gala will fight him. Now 
    that's hard! One on one.. It will be a tough fight, hopefully Gala knows the 
    VERA spell and has a lot of healing items.
    Hey, you know what, I've got a tactic for Songi you'll benefit the most if you 
    bought a lot of items. You guessed it. Point card plus some combos will put him 
    D) Zeto (Zeto's Dungeon)
    HPS - 4,500 
    Regular attack - deals 250-400 damage to a single character
    Big Wave - deals 200-400 damage to everyone
    The first hard and I MEAN hard boss of the game. He's the one who threats Rim 
    Elm the first time you played the game right? Well, surprise, he isn't the final 
    boss. but he's hard alright. Everyone's level should be arond 17-19.. but hey if 
    your level is lower than this it ain't impossible. I fought him with Vahn level 
    14, Noa 13 and Gala 11.. ouch. But hey I beat him..
    To lessen Zeto's damage, one of your characters should be equipped with water 
    defense amulet, since Zeto's attacks are water-based. And if his attacks are 
    water-based, what deals the damage most? Fire, of course. Use Vahn's gimard 
    which causes a whooping 400-600 damage to Zeto, but it just won't be enough. 
    Hopefully you've got some on your point card. Your art combos are also your best 
    chance, especially Vahn's fire blow. Use Vera everytime he deals some damage to 
    you, then use SPIRIT once he calls some waves. He will cast that dreaded big 
    wave alright. Hopefully you'll beat this b*tch, to completely eliminate Drake 
    Kingdom's mist.
    If you do beat him, congratulations. No more mist on Drake Kingdom. But there's 
    still the mist around the world of Legaia.
    E) Berserker (Jeremi)
    HPS - 6,500
    Regular attack - deals 400-650 damage to a single character 
    Poison - deals ROT to a character and around 100-250 damage
    Stone Circle - deals a whooping 600+ damage to everyone
    Welcome to Sebucus Islands, second part of the game. And the first boss - 
    someone munching the Genesis Tree. Level? Around 18-20's. But no problem if 
    yours is below that.
    First, before confronting Berserker, make sure you're fully healed. Use items 
    since you will need the healing spells in the battle. Your combos work well, 
    especially hyper arts. You can also use elemental magic, but I suppose you'll 
    save your MPs for healing. Use your point card too. He's not quite hard. Be 
    careful though, when he is about to die he will cast Stone Circle which could 
    kill you too. So keep your HPS safe.
    Still can't beat him? Tried around ten times and still losing? Well, I'll give 
    you a clue. He's Berserker, so why don't you let him go BERSERK? How? Got any 
    magic that confuses your enemy? (hopefully you learned it). But there's no 
    challenge using that magic. :) It's up to you.
    What? you don't know what's that magic? Oh wow. Use NIGHTO for easy victory.
    F) Xain (Octam Underground)
    HPS - 10,000
    Regular attack - deals 200-600 damage to single character
    Bloody Horns - deals 500-800 damage to a single character
    Terio punch attack - deals 1000-1400 damage to everyone
    Now here's a tough guy to beat. Tougher than Zeto alright. If your level is 
    below the 20's, you really have a minimal chance of beating this SOB. But still, 
    you got the chance! I fought Xain with Vahn and Noa level 18 and Gala 16.. I 
    lost around four times but I still managed to beat him... by the way Xain was 
    the first boss in which I felt the feeling --- If only I managed to level up 
    more --- :)
    Now here's my tactic. Hopefully you bought armors in Octam. Body armors will do. 
    The more the better. Buy a lot of phoenix, you'll need them. You need to tell 
    Xain your his enemy, even though you don't want to, if you want to end the game 
    that is. Equip Noa or Gala with the fire defense amulet to lessen the damage, 
    since they are your primary attackers. The most effective hyper art here is 
    Noa's FROST BREATH, which deals around 400+ damage to Xain. Gala's thunder punch 
    works well too. Vahn could be your healer, since his fire attacks do only half 
    the damage as the others, of course, since Vahn and Xain are of the same 
    element. You should have learned the healing spell ORB by now, else your in big 
    trouble. Vahn and Gala should have learned it. Just attack with your combos and 
    hyper arts. 
    Once Xain charges, Each and everyone of your characters should use SPIRIT if you 
    don't want to get annihilated. My experience was, all of my characters HPs were 
    around 1200 when he used Ultra Charge.. I didn't SPIRIT up, so what happened was 
    I threw a pillow into my friends face. I got killed - everyone of my characters 
    with his special attack which dealt around 1300+ damage. So I learned my lesson. 
    Use spirit and his damage would be lessened to around 400-600.
    Then proceed on your hyper art attack. Eventually you'll beat this guy. 
    Oh and don't worry about the curse he utters that freezes the lava - part of the 
    G) Songi (Mt. Letona)
    HPS - 12,000 
    Regular attack - deals 300-450 damage to a single character
    Hyper attack - deals 700-1000 damage to a single character
    Hyper attack 2 - deals 300-400 damage to everyone
    Here we go again with Songi, and much tougher this time. Vahn should be at least 
    at level 23-25, Noa 22-24 and Gala 22-25. He's pretty tough, but not as tough as 
    Xain alright. (sigh)
    Use your combos, especially Vahn's fire blow and Noa's vulture blade. They deal 
    around 350+ damage to Songi. Remember to heal when necessary. Use your point 
    card too to ease the battle. This one is not that tough compared to the battle 
    you had with Xain, so you should be able to beat him easily. The only problem is 
    his HPs are much more than Xain, so this will be quite a long fight.
    Keep your HPS above 1000 to be safe, so if he Songi attacks you with his hyper 
    attack, you'll manage to survive.
    H) Sataryu (Ratayu)
    HPS - 18,000
    Regular attack - deals 300-450 damage to single character
    Earthquake attack - deals 700-1000 damage to a single character
    Earthquake attack 2 - deals 1000-1500 damage to single character
    Now here's the first boss you'll fight who wears a sim-seru. Sim-seru bosses 
    have a better defense rate than non sim-seru ones, so your fight will take 
    longer. Hopefully you got Vahn within the passing grade level, 25 (I call level 
    25 passing grade because this is the level in which you can use your most 
    devastating combo - miracle arts) and Noa and Gala around 23-25. If not, don't 
    worry, the fight will just take a little longer.
    Okay, just remember, to be safe, keep your HPS above 1200+, since you'll never 
    know when Sataryu uses his earthquake attack that deals 700+ damage to you. Use 
    your combos, hyper arts, and hopefully if you got the miracle arts. Heal 
    everytime with ORB or your healing items. Your magic are not quite effective 
    since he is a sim-seru, but use it if you like. I suggest keep attacking with 
    your combos and hyper arts since this are your best chance. Noa or Vahn's 
    miracle arts causes around 1500+ damage to Sataryu. When he uses JUGGER POWER to 
    charge, be sure to spirit up because his Earthquake attack will be stronger. 
    (Earthquake attack 2)
    When you beat him, his sim-seru will separate, and finally you got rid of the 
    first sim-seru boss. Beware, there's still other sim-seru bosses to fight...
    I) Dohalti (Dohalti's castle)
    HPS - 20,000
    Regular attack - deals 200-600 damage to a single character
    Chaos Breath - deals 400+ damage plus venom to everyone
    Hyper attack - deals 800-1000 damage to a single character
    This guy fights just like Zeto. I guess since they're both defending the mist 
    generator, they both attack the same. Dohalti's not hard to beat, his HPS are 
    just a lot more than everyone you fought before. Be careful of his hyper attack 
    that deals great damage to you. Keep your HPs above 1000 to be safe. And 
    hopefully, your ORB spell has already increased its level so you can cure the 
    venom he inflicts when he casts Chaos Breath. 
    Use the point card to help ease the battle, and keep attacking wih your combos 
    and hyper arts. Super arts works well too, while miracle arts takes too much 
    turns to charge up your AP meter. Miracle and super arts do around the same 
    damage, so I suggest keep using super arts and use miracle when your AP is 
    charged up.
    Congratulations, Sebucus Island is free from the mist - you have finished the 
    second part of the game! But hey there's still one more kingdom to free from 
    that dreaded mist!
    J) Gaza (Sol tower rooftop)
    HPS - 20,000
    Regular attack - deals 200-1200 damage to a single character
    Gaza is the first boss of the final part of the game, The Karisto Kingdom. 
    Before you confront him be sure to recover your HP and MP from one of the monks 
    inside the monastery on the rooftop of the Sol Tower. Be careful of his slash 
    attack, because its damage will vary depending on its hit. Just keep your HPs 
    above 1200 so you won't get killed. One time I fought this guy, Noa got killed 
    because her HP was 1000+ and Gaza's damage was 1200+. He's sword really hurts.
    Don't use your point card here, because you will need it in the later part of 
    the game. But if you want, do so to ease the fight. Remember to heal when 
    necessary. By the way you should have explored the Sol basement and fought some 
    SPOONS, learned some SPOON magic so you can heal everyone with that spoon in 
    this fight with Gaza. It will help very much. Level up to around 27-29 for Vahn, 
    Noa and Gala for a much easier fight with Gaza.
    After you beat him, Songi will take him away. You know why? Here's why.
    K) Gaza second version (Sol basement)
    HPS - 25,000
    Regular attack - deals 200-1200 damage to a single character
    Astral Wave - deals 800+ damage to a single character
    Neo Star Slash - deals 1300+ damage to everyone (ouch)
    Here's why. Songi will give Gaza a sim-seru - now he's got that better defense 
    rate.. This is one hard battle if you still are on the lower levels, but if your 
    level for everyone of your characters is around 28-30+ then this will be a fair 
    Just like the fight before, keep HPS above 1200-- no, around 1500 is better. 
    Look out for his regular attack which still deals around 1000+ damage. His 
    Astral Wave is no threat to you, but be sure to heal yourself with SPOON above 
    1500 because once he casts that dreaded Neo Star Slash your dead meat.
    Now here use your point card. Hopefully you'll beat this guy. His defense is 
    better than his first version so use miracle arts and your hyper arts here. 
    Super arts do the same damage as hyper arts, so better charge up for the 
    miracle. Noa and Vahn should have better armors because they are the primary 
    attackers. Gala has that MPs, so use him as a healer, and be sure he has learned 
    the magic SPOON. Else this is a tough fight.
    You'll get his dreaded Astral sword when you beat him. Only Vahn can equip it, 
    but if you're in the lower levels (around level 23-25 for Vahn) I suggest do not 
    equip this sword because it takes a large part of your arms in the attack meter, 
    and does just around the same damage with your regular weapon. The Astral sword 
    deals 150+ damage per attack, while a regular weapon deals around 100+ damage. 
    Delilas Families
    Note - If your level is below 25, raise your level!!! Else you'll have a tough 
    time going one-on-one with each Delilases. I do mean one-on-one! Gala will face 
    Che Delilas, Noa will face Lu Delilas and Vahn will face Gi Delilas.
    The secret to beating the Delilases is to look closely at their attack patterns. 
    Each and everyone of the Delilases:
    ATTACK --- ATTACK --- and then uses their SUPER ATTACK 
    So to beat them, your pattern should be (assuming you are fully healed to start 
    the fight)
    ATTACK - ATTACK - SPIRIT - HEAL (healing berry) - ATTACK - SPIRIT - HEAL (spoon) 
    - ATTACK 
    - SPIRIT - and so on. You could also attack twice before spirit if the 
    Delilases' regular
    attack did not do much damage to you. Just remember that your HP must be safe 
    before the turn of the Delilases' super attack. - NEVER FORGET TO SPIRIT BEFORE 
    THEIR SUPER ATTACK! - If you lose one of the battles, you'll fight them all over 
    again. So be careful, just follow the pattern and you'll beat them easily.
    One more thing - DO NOT USE THE POINT CARD - unless your level is around 30+ for 
    everyone. You will BADLY need it for another battle.
    L) Che Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    HPS - 15,000
    Regular Attack - deals 200-400 damage
    Special Attack - deals 1300+ damage
    Gala should be equipped with DEFENDER CHAIN, else this will be a long and I mean 
    looong battle. Also Gala should be fully healed and his magic must be full too.
    I fought Che Delilas with Gala's level at 25 - no miracle arts yet.. so what I 
    did was to keep attacking him with hyperarts and superarts... since I can't use 
    miracle yet. Use at least a shield elixir to lessen Che's damage. To heal, 
    either use healing berries or your spoon magic. Don't forget to spirit before 
    their super attack. You can use some magic, but just reserve your MPs for 
    M) Lu Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    HPS - 15,000
    Regular Attack - deals 200-400 damage
    Special Attack - deals 1000+ damage
    If Noa's level is below 27, use speed elixirs because Lu will be faster than 
    you. Else, just go on and follow the pattern. After she uses his special attack, 
    heal and use miracle arts for max damage. Hopefully Noa's got the SPOON magic. 
    Heal with magic or healing items. This fight is easier than the two others.
    N) Gi Delilas (Nivora Ravine)
    HPS - 15,000
    Regular Attack - deals 350-650 damage
    Special Attack - deals 1000+ damage 
    Equip Vahn with DEFENDER CHAIN, you need it to lessen his regular attack damage. 
    Follow the pattern, heal with SPOON and healing items, and use your combos, 
    super combos and miracle arts.
    I do not recommend using hyper combos because both Gi and Vahn are of the same 
    elements. That's why the damage you will inflict will be lower compared to Gala 
    and Noa. Super arts work well though. 
    After you beat all three - SAVE the GAME. One of the hardest bosses will be up 
    O) Koru (Nivora Ravine)
    HPS - 100 (15,000)
    Turns - 5
    Delilases' special attacks - deals 600-1000 damage
    The combined power of the Delilases has ressurected Koru, and now you have to 
    fight him. Here's the deal - He will not kill your characters because his 
    attacks are not strong, but the fact that the matter is --- YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM 
    WITHIN FIVE TURNS --- or else Koru will cast Doomsday which will destroy you and 
    the whole Karisto Kingdom.... 
    So how can you beat this SOB?
    First, The attacks you will do will be your miracle arts, and a magic called 
    KEMARO. If you haven't learned KEMARO (Before Sataryu in Ratayu) your dead. - 
    Well if your level is above 30+ you've got a chance.
    Equip Vahn and Noa with POWER RING, METTLE RING (or anything that increases AP 
    accural) if you got METTLE GEM equip it on either one of them. WAR SOUL is 
    useful on Noa. Just equip every POWER items. You do not need healing items in 
    this fight. Vahn should have learned the magic KEMARO, but Gala is preferably 
    the one who should have learned that magic.
    I have two tactics, the first one is if Gala has learned Kemaro, the second one 
    is if Vahn has learned Kemaro. If either Vahn nor Gala has not learned Kemaro, 
    you have a tough battle ahead.
    I will enumerate every step on each turn:
    * Make sure you are fully healed and MPs completely restored!
    First Tactic (Gala w/ Kemaro)
    Turn 1
    - Spirit by Vahn
    - Spirit by Noa
    - KEMARO by Gala
    Turn 2
    - The person who has the mettle gem should cast miracle arts. The other one 
    - KEMARO by Gala
    Turn 3 
    - Miracle arts on the one w/o mettle gem, SPIRIT on the one w/ mettle gem
    - KEMARO by Gala
    Turn 4
    - Miracle arts on the one w/ mettle gem, SPIRIT on the one w/o mettle gem
    - KEMARO by Gala
    Turn 5
    - If possible, use miracle arts on the one who is capable
    - KEMARO by Gala
    - P O I N T  C A R D
    The attack by Koru on Vahn and Noa will help their AP meter increase too. Just 
    remember that SPIRIT uses up turns, so be sure to attack with super arts if 
    miracle is not reachable.
    Second Tactic (Vahn w/ Kemaro)
    - This is a tougher version, but I beat Koru with this.
    - Noa should have Mettle Gem and Mettle Ring, Gala should have power ring and 
    other power increasing accessories.
    Turn 1
    - KEMARO by Vahn
    - Spirit by Noa
    - Spirit by Gala
    Turn 2
    - KEMARO by Vahn
    - Miracle Arts by Noa 
    - Super arts (or hyper arts) by Gala
    Turn 3
    - KEMARO by Vahn
    - SPIRIT by Noa
    - SPIRIT by Gala
    Turn 4
    - KEMARO by Vahn
    - Miracle or Super arts by Noa
    - Super arts (or hyper arts) by Gala
    Turn 5
    - KEMARO by Vahn
    - Whoever is capable of Super arts or hyper arts
    - P O I N T  C A R D
    Gala's miracle arts are not that strong, so rather concentrate on super arts
    You can also cast point card at the start of the battle, but I prefer it on turn 
    five for more excitement :)
    * Also, if miracle arts can be done in the first turn, then DO SO!
    Now the problem is, if both Vahn ang Gala hasn't learned KEMARO (Noa can not 
    learn Kemaro because she isn't there when you fight them) Just keep using 
    miracle, super and hyper arts on Koru. Other magic does not work quite well on 
    If your level is above 30 (30-35) Miracles work best. Use it.
    * In the really worse case that you haven't learned KEMARO and your miracle arts 
    doesn't do enough damage, the spell ALLURU works quite well too. However it 
    doesn't work as well as Kemaro, but you can manage to beat Koru with your Alluru 
    spell and miracle arts. It takes several tries, but it will work. I do suggest 
    the Kemaro spell though.
    (sigh) I hope you did win over Koru, that was a tough one ain't it? But the 
    going gets even more tougher as we reach the final parts of the game.
    P) Zora (Zora's floating castle)
    HPS - 48,000
    Regular Attack - deals 400-700 damage
    Dark Typhoon - deals 1000-1500 damage
    Glare Attack - turns character to stone
    Be careful of her Glare Attack which turns your character to stone. If she does, 
    then quickly cure that character before she casts another one. Also if you equip 
    EBONY JEWEL on one of your characters then his damage won't be that big. Just 
    look out for her Dark Typhoon attack.
    If one of your characters does big damage to Zora, continue using that person as 
    the attacker as the damage he/she inflicts continues to increase. Use two of 
    your characters as attackers and the other one a full-time healer. The healer 
    can also attack occasionally. Her HPs is quite a lot, but your miracle arts and 
    super arts can inflict huge amounts of damages too. Use power elixir to increase 
    the amount of damage being inflicted. You can also use your point card but I 
    don't suggest using it though.
    *** Right before you face the next boss, you will be facing two mini-bosses 
    which you fought before, Berserker and Caruban LV2. All I can say here is that 
    they are twice as much powerful as when you fought them before, but hey, 
    considering the level you have right now, you can beat the crap out of them in a 
    snap. ***
    Q) Rogue (Rogue Tower)
    HPS - 50,000
    Elemental Attack - deals around 2000-3000 damage to all
    After a very mind-boggling teleportation puzzle, you fight a tough boss. Not 
    only he has 50,000 HPs, all of his attacks do over 2000+ damage!! You can use 
    your point card, but your miracle arts and super arts will do very well, so the 
    point card is not necessary.
    Now how do we beat Rogue?
    He may have over half a hundred thousand HPs, but once you get his pattern, it 
    will be so easy to beat him. Level up so that your characters has at least more 
    than 2000 HPs, if not use some life armbands or HPs increasing accessories. 2000 
    HPs is your safe HP target.
    Rogue's pattern is simple. He changes elements, then attacks, changes elements, 
    then attacks. So to beat Rogue is simply to disect his pattern. Attack when his 
    about to change elements, spirit when his about to attack, and so on.
    Let's enumerate for a simpler explanation:
    Turn 1
    - Vahn, Noa and Gala ATTACKS
    Turn 2
    - Vahn, Noa and Gala SPIRITS
    - Rogue ATTACKS
    Turn 3
    - Characters with FULL AP METER attacks with MIRACLE ARTS
    - The other heals everyone with SPOON
    Turn 4
    - Vahn, Noa and Gala SPIRITS
    - Rogue ATTACKS
    Turn 5
    - Characters with FULL AP METER attacks with MIRACLE ARTS
    - The other heals everyone
    Just remember that you must use SPIRIT on everyone before he attacks - that will 
    lessen his elemental attack by half, or else your dead. Once you lose the 
    pattern you'll have a hard time regaining it.
    R) Jette (Jette's absolute fortress)
    HPS - 55,000
    Regular Attack - deals 800-1200 damage to a single character
    Shadow Break - deals 1000+ damage to everyone
    Now here we go again with one tough boss. The assistant of Cort, Jette has 
    really massive attacks. Be sure that your level is around 35+ for everyone and 
    your HPs around 2400+ (use life armbands and the like to increase your HP). If 
    you can, equip DEFENDER CHAIN on your whole party to lessen his regular attack's 
    inflicted damage. 
    When he summons his clone, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to it or else you'll be wasting 
    your turn. The clone could only do 4-10 damage to you (The most damage the clone 
    inflicted to me was 16). Just remember the real Jette is the one who can cast 
    Shadow Break. Speaking of Shadow Break, be sure to heal after he casts it and 
    attack with miracle arts and super arts since this attack by Jette always 
    charges your AP to the max.
    If, just like me, your level is below 35 and your stats are quite low, I'll give 
    you a tip. Equip one of your characters with EVIL GOD ICON, and everytime Jette 
    creates a clone, use the character you equipped with EVIL GOD ICON against that 
    Clone. One hyperart will kill it and you will get MIRACLE WATER - good for 
    increasing your stats. Although you are wasting your turn, it's worth it. When I 
    fought Jette he created 4 clones and I got 4 miracle waters, good enough eh? 
    Just that the more Jette has clones, and the more your dispose of them, the more 
    Jette uses his Shadow Break attack. So be careful. His 55,000 HPs is good 
    enough, but not good for Vahn and Noa whose miracle arts deal around 3000-4500 
    damage. Simple?
    WELCOME to the ENDZONE..... (duh?)
    S) Cort (Jette's absolute fortress)
    HPS - 60,000
    Guilty Cross - deals 1000+ damage to a single character
    Mystic Circle - deals 1200+ damage to everyone
    JUGGERNAUT - deals a whooping 2200+ damage to everyone
    Congratulations on reaching this far. Now you'll face the final boss, brother of 
    Noa - Cort! He created the mist, and now, after reaching the last of the mist 
    generators - you will now fight the creator of it.
    The first turn he will cast MYSTIC SHIELD, which will disable all of your 
    regular attacks. SO don't bother attacking randomly - it won't work! Only art 
    moves work. Magic does not inflict strong damage - so don't bother using it. 
    Okay here's the tactic on beating Cort, especially when your level is below 37 
    or so. (Just like me, I fought Cort with Vahn level 33, Noa and Gala 32)
    Before the fight equip LOST GRAILS. I recommend equipping it on Gala since he 
    will be your designated healer because of his huge MPs. Also you may want to 
    equip some DARK MAGIC PROTECTION to lessen the damage of his attack. Equip Noa 
    and Vahn with METTLE GEM to reduce AP's, and Gala with SPIRIT TALISMAN to lessen 
    his MP usage.
    At the first turn, use WONDER ELIXIRS on every character to boost their stats. 
    After he casts Mystic Shield, use FURY BOOSTS to permanently increase your 
    attack gauge - so you won't have to spirit everytime you want to use miracle 
    arts. Also, you can use POWER ELIXIR on Noa to increase the damage of her 
    Now, here we go. Attack with Vahn and Noa using miracle arts - remember regular 
    attacks does not work so keep attacking Miracle. Gala should heal everytime 
    because Cort's attacks are powerful. Once in a while let Gala attack with 
    Miracle arts. 
    Also, use your point card (I did not use my point card on Zora, Rogue and Jette, 
    so my point card value was around 9300+ and so when I used it I broke Cort's 
    shield) on Cort since it will also help.
    Here's the dangerous part of the battle - BE CAREFUL when you BRAKE CORT's 
    SHIELD! Although you can now attack with regular punches and kicks, at one point 
    Cort could cast JUGGERNAUT (yes, Juggernaut!) which will inflict around 2200+ 
    damage to all! So remember this, when you break Cort's shield, heal every turn! 
    (Gala is a perfect healer of course)
    Here's a breakdown, when I fought Cort, It took 20,000 damage before his shield 
    broke. That means you still have 40,000 HPs left to deal with with the threat of 
    his Evil Seru Juggernaut magic! So be careful when battling Cort.
    Once you beat him, congratulations! You just got rid of every single piece of 
    mist in the world of Legaia. But the game ain't over yet.
    T) Songi final version (Noaru Valley)
    HPS - 65,000 
    Regular attack - deals 300-2700 damage when hit successfully
    Chaos Flare - deals 1500+ damage to a single character
    Genocidal Cannon - deals 2000+ damage to all
    Here we go in the Seru-kai, Noaru Valley, the final battle with Songi. Here he 
    turns in some beetle-like monster. He has a Ra-Seru and a Sim-Seru so he is 
    quite tough. His defense is quite good I suppose. Here's the deal. Every turn, 
    use two characters to attack and one to heal. His regular attack deals over 2700 
    damage to one character, so it could kill one of you in one attack, so equip 
    life armbands and keep HPs over 2800 or so. Attack with miracle arts. No use in 
    magic here since they don't do much damage. You may also use POWER ELIXIRS to 
    strengthen your attack, but I recommend saving it for the last battle. 
    Be careful of his Genocidal Cannon which deals a huge amount of damage. By the 
    way, as you keep attacking Songi, his regular attack's damage keeps getting 
    lower and lower. I do suggest equipping defender chains to lessen his damage at 
    the start of the battle. Heal everytime its necessary, and use your point card 
    too to ease up the fight. 65,000 HPs by Songi ain't that big right? Go on and 
    kill him for good.
    U) Cort JUGGERNAUT version (Rim Elm/Bio Castle)
    HPS - 75,000
    Regular attack - deals 1000-2000 damage to a single character
    Doomsday - deals 2400+ damage to everyone
    Final Crisis - deals 3000+ damage to everyone
    Congratulations, you have made this far. The final and I mean FINAL boss of the 
    game is JUGGERNAUT himself! of course he absorbed Cort.. but hey, since this is 
    the final boss, go on and give it all you got!
    Before entering Rim Elm for the final battle with Cort, finish all the side 
    quests. Go to Mt. Rikuroa to grab Terra magic, East and West Voz Forest to grab 
    Ozma and Jedo magic, Sol Tower to grab Meta magic, and if you want, have 100,000 
    coins and 20,000 fishing points for more magic powers. Fill your point card with 
    points, since by now you should have around 100,000 gold.
    Okay, now before you fall through Juggernaut's mouth (or heart, I dunno what 
    that is with the waterfalls) equip at least two of your characters with Lost 
    Grails, Gala with Spirit Talisman, Vahn and Noa with Mettle Gem, and everyone 
    with life armbands. Make sure your HP and MP are fully restored, then check 
    You could raise your level quicker with Crimson Book equipped. I recommend 
    raising levels at the Rim Elm entrance (where you fight Gimards, Theeders, Veras 
    etc.) since they are easy and they have the same EXP as those monsters inside 
    Juggernaut. Raise up to level 45 or so.
    Buy PHOENIX, around 10+ or so to be safe, HEALING BERRIES, MAGIC LEAFS and 
    FRUITS and all healing items. (Be careful of the damn PUERAS before you enter 
    the final boss - I really hate them, I don't have a fast eye and I can't stand 
    their death game, BS!)
    Equip Light Talisman, just in case...
    Now, the final battle with Cort (Juggernaut)
    preferably Vahn and Noa. Now attack with miracle arts on Cort. Your miracle arts 
    should now inflict around a whooping 5000+ damage since you have taken those 
    elixirs. Continue and attack with Gala preferably as the healer. Once he 
    charges, SPIRIT the next turn or you'll be dead instantly (although you got Lost 
    Grail) You may also use your RA-SERU MAGIC (Meta, Terra and Ozma) which will 
    inflict around 4500+ damage each. Remember, Juggernaut has 75,000 HPs.. Hey, you 
    fought tougher bosses before, Juggernaut is a piece of cake. Just stay healthy 
    by healing occasionally and attack with miracle arts and ra-seru magic. Be 
    careful of Juggernaut's doomsday attack since you won't have the chance to 
    SPIRIT up. If you equipped Light Talisman, you do not have to worry on losing 
    since using it will revive everyone and heal them.
    Once you beat Juggernaut, Congratulations! You have just finished a one hell of 
    an RPG game!
    V) Optional Boss - BEES (Rim Elm)
    HPS - 1,000 each
    Regular attack - deals 100-300 damage to a single character
    Go check the tree left of the windmill in Rim Elm - I suggest fighting the bees 
    when you can already use miracle arts. The bees are faster than Noa, so all four 
    of those bees will attack you even before you do. Kill them all and you'll get 
    HONEY, which will increase all your stats by four.
    W) Optional Boss - LAPIS (Mt. Dhini)
    HPS - 70,000
    Regular attack - deals a whooooooooping 5000-7000 damage to a single character
    Lapis Wave - disables magic use
    This is an optional boss, but if you beat him you will get EVIL MEDALLION which 
    will let the person who equipped it attack over 15 times in a turn (but you 
    can't control that person). He will cast Lapis Wave at the first turn by which 
    you won't be able to use any magic - now that made the situation even tougher.
    My level is not enough to beat this guy, not even enough to deal around 10,000 
    damage to him. The most possible level to beat him is around level 60-70, but of 
    course you'll have a huge problem levelling up to that. At level 45, it is 
    possible to beat him, but not before several tries.
    I got some strategies from a friend, but I haven't tried it yet personally. But 
    I do know this will work, considering the level he had and the damage he can 
    inflict. If you got your characters up to level 99, this battle is a piece of 
    cake considering your stats, but anyway, the least you can do is to make sure 
    that everyone's HPS are around 3000+, without accessories. I suggest level up to 
    around 55-75 for this one. You can have an easier time levelling up by equipping 
    crimson book, and I suggest diving into the monsters around the first part of 
    Rim Elm (before you enter Juggernaut) since they are easy and gives you 2000+ 
    experience, doubled with crimson book.
    Equip everyone with LIGHT defense accessories, specially LIGHT TALISMAN on your 
    primary attacker. Since you can't use magic, you won't be able to use its 
    function but its defense against Light powers is big time. Equip Gala, your 
    healer with speed chain, and Vahn and Noa with Mettle Gem. If you have the 
    Mettle Goblet equip it on Vahn. Then start attacking and healing and Lapis 
    should be down in no time.
    Use your point card too, if you wish. Buy a lot of healing berries since you 
    can't use magic. I say about 60+ of them. I also learned that having your 
    characters just around level 40+ is enough so that he cannot kill you in one 
    (Special thanks to WRefro@aol.com and aspiege@banet.net)
    If you have more Lapis tips please send them at my webpage's guestbook (Message-
    Kai) so that others can easily read them without going through this faq.
    X) Optional Boss - TETSU (Rim Elm)
    HPS - 10,000
    Regular attack - deals around 400-1400 damage when hit successfully
    Just before Songi turns Rim Elm into a Sim-Seru you can practice with Tetsu, who 
    is by the beach. Practice with him, and when you beat him you'll get a mettle 
    gem. But beware, since you will fight by yourself and Tetsu is much faster than 
    you. This will a be a pain in the a$$, but only if you don't have the right 
    Here's my strategy. Equip Vahn, since he will be the only one fighting, with 
    your best armors and weapons. Equip Mettle Gem (the first one that you get) to 
    minimize AP needed, Defender Chain, to minimize Tetsu's combo damage, and Speed 
    Chain. Even though you equipped speed chain Tetsu will still be faster than you, 
    but at least you have enough speed.
    At the start of the battle (make sure you are fully healed) use speed elixirs, 
    so that you will surpass Tetsu's speed. Remember that you can't use magic here, 
    so buy as many healing items as you can. Use miracle arts on him since you have 
    the mettle gem. A few attacks and he will be down. Remember that Tetsu is 
    optional, in the case that you want another mettle gem. I recommend equipping 
    mettle gems on Vahn and Gala, and the mettle goblet on Noa during your final 
    battle with Juggernaut, since in my game Noa had the most damage, but it's up to 
    III. Ending Summaries
    W A R N I N G ! ! !
    Reading ahead will spoil your game! The contents of this section reveal all of 
    the possible endings and everything right after you beat the final boss. So if 
    you do not want to SPOIL your game do not read ahead!
    After you beat Juggernaut, The Ra-Seru you wore for the past months (literally, 
    as in playing the game in months) will separate from you, much to your dislike. 
    Meta, Terra and Ozma will summon the last of their powers to revive Rim Elm and 
    destroy Juggernaut forever.
    After an FMV, You return to the first genesis tree you revived, The genesis tree 
    at Rim Elm. You, Vahn, will be exploring the whole world of Legaia and will be 
    leaving your hometown, Rim Elm. You say goodbye to your father Val and your 
    younger sister Nene when Dr. Usha arrives. He asks you why will you leave Rim 
    - The ending will depend on your answer on Dr. Usha's question. There are four 
    possible endings based on the four answers you will choose. Remember that you 
    must beat Juggernaut again to view another ending (just like what I did) but 
    it's worth it.
    ENDING no. 1
    Oh I see! Then I should have waited for your visit then, Dr. Usha exclaimed.
    Everyone at Rim Elm is rebuilding their village. They have a new life. Zalan and 
    Pepe of Jeremi came to visit Rim Elm. Soldiers from Drake Castle are also there. 
    The Disco King at Sol is also there. He wants to see Noa, the dance queen (If 
    you won the dance contest)
    Noa runs away with Cort, who becomes a baby after being reborn by the Ra-Seru. 
    Gala returns to Biron Monastery to train.
    Nene will comment on how your mother will be so proud of the heroic deeds you 
    had just made.
    When you talk to everyone, they will give their good lucks to you on your 
    journey. Tetsu will tell you how you became stronger the past months. Mei will 
    wait for your return. If you leave town, everyone at Rim Elm will be saying 
    their goodbyes to you as you leave your good ol' hometown.
    ENDING no. 2
    Everyone at Rim Elm is rebuilding their village. They have a new life. Zalan and 
    Pepe of Jeremi came to visit Rim Elm. Soldiers from Drake Castle are also there. 
    The Disco King at Sol is also there. He wants to see Noa, the dance queen (If 
    you won the dance contest)
    Noa runs away with Cort, who becomes a baby after being reborn by the Ra-Seru. 
    Gala returns to Biron Monastery to train.
    Nene will comment on how your mother will be so proud of the heroic deeds you 
    had just made.
    Since there is no more mist, Mei has decided to join you, Vahn in your journey. 
    Even if you answer no she will still come with you. So together with Mei you'll 
    leave Rim Elm.
    When you talk to everyone, they will give their good lucks to you on your 
    journey. Tetsu will tell you how you became stronger the past months. Ixis will 
    exclaim how heroes travel with women. If you leave town, everyone at Rim Elm 
    will be saying their goodbyes to you as you leave your good ol' hometown.
    ENDING no. 3
    Everyone at Rim Elm is rebuilding their village. They have a new life. Zalan and 
    Pepe of Jeremi came to visit Rim Elm. Soldiers from Drake Castle are also there. 
    The Disco King at Sol is also there. He wants to see Noa, the dance queen (If 
    you won the dance contest)
    Noa runs away with Cort, who becomes a baby after being reborn by the Ra-Seru. 
    Gala returns to Biron Monastery to train.
    Nene will give her regards to Noa.
    When you talk to Mei, she will tell something very important to you. She is 
    engaged with Ixis. They are planning for their wedding to be held when you 
    return from your journey. When you talk to Ixis' parents they will feel proud 
    that their son has married Mei but will feel quite sorry for you.
    When you talk to everyone, they will give their good lucks to you on your 
    journey. Tetsu will tell you how you became stronger the past months. If you 
    leave town, Mei, who is right beside Ixis, and everyone at Rim Elm will be 
    saying their goodbyes to you as you leave your good ol' hometown.
    ENDING no. 4
    Everyone at Rim Elm is rebuilding their village. They have a new life. Zalan and 
    Pepe of Jeremi came to visit Rim Elm. Soldiers from Drake Castle are also there. 
    The Disco King at Sol is also there. He wants to see Noa, the dance queen (If 
    you won the dance contest)
    Noa runs away with Cort, who becomes a baby after being reborn by the Ra-Seru. 
    Gala returns to Biron Monastery to train.
    Nene will give her regards to Gala.
    When you talk to Tetsu, he will comment about how you want to increase your 
    fighting ability even though it exceeds most of those in Biron Monastery.
    When you talk to Ixis he will kindly threat you that he will take Mei if Vahn 
    goes practicing for too long.
    Maya and Mei will be waiting for your return.
    When you talk to everyone, they will give their good lucks to you on your 
    journey. If you leave town, everyone except Maya and Mei, will be saying their 
    goodbyes to you as you leave your good ol' hometown.
    The credits show some clips of the peaceful world of Legaia. Noa, with baby Cort 
    in the Sky Palace of Jeremi, Gala back at Biron Monastery, Cara and Grantes, The 
    Sol Tower, Dr. Usha's laboratory, The flying gondola at Octam, Soren Camp, 
    Sataryu at Ratayu and other glimpses of the peaceful world without the dreaded 
    After the credits, the game will display your stats for the whole game (eh?) 
    like your final level, total treasures found, total time, total magic learned, 
    maximum damage, knockouts, no. of battles, escapes, monsters defeated, hyper 
    arts, magic, max. hits, etc. This is the first RPG I saw displaying this stat at 
    the endgame.. revolutionary thing or what?
    Hey, if you like to know my stats in my gaming experience, well okay:
    Level - Vahn and Noa 36, Gala 35
    Maximum damage - Vahn 4880, Noa 6081, Gala 4368
    Maximum hits - Vahn 15 hit, Noa 19 hit, Gala 12 hit
    No. of battles - 750
    No. of escapes - 10
    Total Time - 46:56:23
    Monsters Defeated - Vahn 600, Noa 630, Gala 310
    Hyper Arts - Vahn 15/15, Noa 15/15, Gala 15/15
    Magic - Vahn 19/22, Noa 19/22, Gala 16/22
    Treasures - 231/260 (88.84%)
    Why don't you share your stats and gaming experiences with me too if you already 
    finished the game? e-mail me at msm4life@usa.net
    II. Credits
    Just some, I'd like to thank:
    - Sony Entertainment for this wonderful game, Legend of Legaia
    - Sony again, for the Sony Playstation
    - Sony again, for my television
    - Sony once again, for my VCR (Die hard Sony user eh?)
    - Philips, for the light bulb used in my room
    - National, for the electric fan I used while playing
    - My PC, for making this BOSS GUIDE possible
    - and for you, for reading this guide!
    Copyright 1999 Mark Sta.Maria

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