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    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 04/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (U.S. Sony Playstation version)
    Credits: Ryan LeJeune ryanleje@gs.verio.net
             Matthew LeJeune
    Update Credits:
    Point Card, Mary's Diary, Spring Salts--David ?
    Baka Fighter update--Shawn Toczyl
    Version 1.15
    4/12/99 Item and location updates
    4/12/99 Baka Fighter update
    4/12/99 Added section on Lapis in HINTS
    4/14/99 Added Water Egg, updated misc items, Chicken King item
            correction; Updated Master Course in Muscle Dome Guide 
    4/15/99 New Section: Items obtained from regular enemies;
            general corrections
    In this Guide:
    Items, Accessories, Etc. List (Locations)
    Items obtainable from regular enemies
    Fishing Items List
    Muscle Dome Guide
    General Hints and Tips
    Opinions of Game
    Item locations that I am looking to find:
    If you know of any regular enemies that give out (with the Bronze Book
    equipped) one of the Waters (Power, Speed, Wisdom, Miracle, etc.),
    a Wonder Elixir, Mettle Gem or War God Icon please let me know the
    enemy and the area it is found.  For example, you can get a Power
    Water from Ironman on Mt. Dhini.  Any other contributions to
    this guide are welcome as well.
    My email address is ryanleje@gs.verio.net
    Items, Accessories, Etc. List (descriptions and locations):
    !!: Recommended Item; explanation
    ++: can be obtained from regular enemies, see next section for
        the enemy and location.
    Healing Leaf/Shroom: Recover 200 HP (Early towns)++
    Healing Flower: Recover 800 HP++ 
    Healing Berry: Recover all HP++
    Healing Bloom: 200 HPs party
    Healing Fruit: 800 HPs party++
    Magic Leaf: 50 MPs++
    Magic Fruit: 200 MPs++
    Antidote: Cure venom (Rim Elm, Hunter's Spring, Drake Castle)
    Medicine: Cure all status ailments (Drake Castle)
    Phoenix: Restore life (about half HP)
    Fury Boost: Extends action gauge for entire battle (For coins in Vidna,Sol)
    Door of Light: Teleport out of Dungeons (Nearly everywhere)
    Door of Wind: Teleport to a city you have been to (Jeremi, etc.)
    Incense: Decreases enemy encounter rate (Bought with Gold or coins)
    Power Elixir: Attack up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Shield Elixir: Defense up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Speed Elixir: Speed up for one battle (For coins in Vidna)
    Wonder Elixir: All stats up for one battle
    Power Water: Permanent increase in power +4 (From Ironman with Bronze Book;
                 On Mt. Dhini)++
    Guardian Water: Defense +4 (See new item/enemy list below)++
    Swift Water: Speed +4 ++
    Magic Water: MP +8 ++
    Life Water: HP +16 ++
    Wisdom Water: Perm. increase in INT +4
    Miracle Water: all stats +4
    Life Ring/Mei's Pendant: Max HPs up 10%
    Life Armband: Max HPs up 25%
    Magic Ring: Max MPs up 10%
    Magic Armband: Max MPs up 25%
    Spirit Jewel: Consume 25% less MP
    Spirit Talisman: Consume 50% less MP (Defeat Iota with Bronze Book equipped)
    Power Ring: Attack up 20% !!
    Scarlet Jewel: Upper DeFense UDF up 20%
    Azure Jewel: Lower DeFense LDF up 20%
    Guardian Ring: UDF and LDF up 20% !! Useful on Noa throughout
    Speed Ring: Speed up 20% !! Useful on slow Gala
    Wisdom Ring: Intelligence up 20%
    Vitality Ring: Agility up 20% (Buy from Camper at Karisto Station, after
                   The Floating Train goes to the Station).
    Mettle Gem: Consume 50% less AP!!! (In a cave on Vahn's path in Nivora
                Ravine, On a return visit to Rim Elm late in the game, talk
                to the Monk who trained you at the beginning of the game and
                say you want to practice.  Warning he is very hard, but if
                you win you get a Mettle Gem).
    Unholy Icon: Penetrate an enemy's defense.
    Warrior Icon: Counterattack at a fixed rate.
    Evil God Icon: Steal items from enemies and attack (Muscle Dome).
    War God Icon: !!Great item, Allows your character to attack twice in a row;
                  If you use a Miracle, Super, Hyper, or regular art you AP
                  are not deducted for the repeated attack.  If Vahn has the 
                  Mettle Gem (Consume 50% AP), then it is possible to perform
                  two Miracle attacks for only 49 AP!! (Obtained by winning the
                  Master Tournament at the Muscle Dome).  I am not certain if
                  you can acquire more War God Icons by winning the Master
                  level again. 
    Evil Medallion:  Character goes in to uncontrollable rage, performing
                     multiple arts attacks. (Defeat Lapis at top of
                     Mt. Dhini on return visit)
    Speed Chain: Get the first turn in battle (From dance teacher after
                 winning the Dance Tournament). 
    Slowness Chain: Get the last turn in battle. (Ratayu; Mayor of Octam for
                    the Spring Salts).
    Target Chain: Increase rate of successful hits (Hunter's Spring,Drake Castle,
                  Wind Tunnel).
    Defender Chain: Increase rate of successful blocks (Spring, Drake Castle,
                    Wind Tunnel)!!
                    **I found this item invaluabe on the Expert and Master
                      modes of the Muscle Dome in Sol.
    Guardian Chain: Neither you nor your enemy can block attacks.
    Cure Amulet: Nullify all Venom Attacks. (Wind Tunnel)
    Pure Amulet: Nullify all venom and toxin attacks. (Jeremi)
    Forest Amulet: Nullify all rot attacks.
    Magic Amulet: Nullify all curse attacks. (Jeremi)
    Wonder Amulet: Nullify all abnormal statuses.
    **In my opinion the following elemental jewels are not worth obtaining.
    Earth Jewel: Earth defense up (Biron,Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam).
    Water Jewel: Water defense up. (Biron,Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Fire Jewel: Fire defense up. (Biron, Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Tempest Jewel: Wind Defense up. (Biron, Wind Tunnel, Upper Octam)
    Ebony Jewel: Dark defense up (Upper Octam). 
    Madlight Jewel: Thunder defense up (Upper Octam).
    Luminous Jewel: Light defense up (Upper Octam).
    Rainbow Jewel: Defense up against all elements (Noa's path in 
    Life Grail: Recover 200 HP after each turn (Buy from Warehouse in Sol for
                40,000 G or from points from fishing at the pond near Buma).
                !! This item is an absolute necessity for winning in the Master
                Tournament at Muscle Dome.
    Magic Grail: Recover 20 MP each turn (Buma Fishing Spot or found in the
                 in the side of the wreckage of Uru Mais after the Juggernaut
    Lost Grail/Holy Grail: Recover all HPs after HP reach zero. (Can acquire once
                           at Muscle Dome in Sol, With Bronze book by defeating
    Mettle Ring: Increase AP acquired from spirit or hits from enemies by 10%
                 (Vidna, Ratayu)
    Mettle Armband: Increase AP acquired by 25%
    War Soul: Increase attacking power of arts (Acquire once in Vidna from man
              sells coins for 100 G each, With Platinum Card in Buma)
    Ivory Book: Increases your chance of learning a spell from a Seru you defeat.
                **Note you cannot use Seru magic to kill an enemy you want to
                  learn a new spell from, you must use weapons or arts.
    Bronze Book: Increases chance of getting an item from an enemy (Usha
                 Research Center)
    Golden Book: Increase gold obtained after battle by 25% (Usha Research).
    Crimson Book: Doubles users EXP earned (In Juggernaut final stage, can use
                  the Door of Light to exit).
    Golden Compass: Increases party's rate of attacking first (Wind Tunnel)
    Silver Compass: Decrease rate of being ambushed (Wind Tunnel)
    Chicken Heart: Increases success rate of escaping from battle.
    Chicken Safe: Increase defense while escaping (Ratayu).
    Chicken Guard: Prevent enemy from escaping (Ratayu).
    Chicken King: Escape from any battle except bosses (Run from 1st battle
                  of all three courses in Muscle Dome)
    Life Source: Recover 5 HPs per step (Camper at Karisto Station once mist
                 clears, must have Platinum Card: 50,000 G).
    Magic Source: Recover 1 MP per step (Karisto Station, Platinum Card)
    Mettle Source: Recover AP while walking (Karisto Station, Platinum Card).
    Good Luck Bell: Decreases enemy encounter rate. 
    Bad Luck Bell: Increases enemy encounter rate (Usha Research Center).
    Light Ra-Seru Egg 1: Increases Light Defense (Becomes Ozma Ra-Seru from
                         East Voz Forest Genesis Tree).
    Light Ra-Seru Egg 2: Increases Light defense (Obtained from Cara late in
                         quest; bring to Zalan in Jeremi)
    Light Talisman: Increases Light defense; User has new healing spell "Horn"
                    (Created from Light Ra-Seru Egg 2 by Zalan of Jeremi)
    Dark Stone: Increases Dark defense (Found returning to West Voz Forest
                later in game; bring to Zalan in Jeremi)
    Dark Talisman: Increases Dark defense; User has new Death spell "Jedo"
                   (Created from Dark Stone by Zalan in Jeremi)
    Water Egg: Increases Water defense; 20,000 pts from Buma Fishing Spot
               (Bring to Zalan in Jeremi)
    Water Talisman: Water defense up; allows user to cast Mule spell (200 MP)
                    (Zalan makes this item from the Water Egg) 
    Point Card: (Found in desk on the 2nd floor of Rim Elm's item shop on a
                return visit); Acquires points for purchases, etc.  The points
                accumulated can then be used to inflict damage on an enemy in
    Fire Book I: Teaches Vahn Tornado Flame Hyper Art (In bookshelf at the save
                 and Drake Castle location at Drake Castle; The door at the top
                 of the throne room).
    Wind Book I: Teaches Noa's Hyper Art (In chest in the river; Drake Castle).
    Spring Salts: Used to make a hot spring bath (Vidna Steam Generator room).
    Mary's Diary: Arts Book found in Bookshelf in Sol basement; return it to
                  the monk at the top of Sol.
    Soren Book of Arts: Found in Floating Fortress in the Torture machine.
    Soren Flute:  Used to call the Soren on Mountain (given by Gantes)
    Minea's Ring: HP max up 25% (From Noa's mother in Conkram)
    Mei's Pendant: HP max up 10% (Given to Vahn from Mei when she is brought
                   to Vahn's house during mist attack).
    Seru Flame: Increases AP accrual by 25%
    Zalan Crown: Increases AP accrual by 10%
    Camera Stone: Take pictures in certain areas (breaks after four uses).
    Weed Hammer: Breaks weeds blocking path (West Voz Forest).
    Ruin's Key: Opens Uru Mais Door (From Dr. Usha's wife)
    Old Rod: Beginner's Fishing Rod (Beach in Vidna)
    Deluxe Rod: Expert's Fishing Rod (Muscle Dome)
    Legendary Rod: Master's Fishing Rod (Found in Usha Research Center)
    Swimsuit: All eyes will be on you (Sol Dance Contest Winner)
    Gold Card: Membership card for the disco in Sol (Muscle Dome)
    Platinum Card: Hidden items show up in some shops (Drake Castle--In the
                   door to the top left in the throne room:  Search the top
                   left small window; Hidden items are shown in blue.)
    Fire Droplets: Obtained from dreaming in Uru Mais.
    TimeSpace Bomb: Bomb created by Dr. Usha using the Fire Droplets; Used
                    in Nivora Ravine.
    10,000 G: Prize money for winning the Dance Contest in Sol.
    Items obtainable from regular enemies:
    Karisto/Sol/Buma Map Region       Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Grude                             Healing Fruit     Fury Boost
    Queen Bee                         Antidote          Phoenix
    Acid Slime                        Healing Berry     Silver Compass
    Moldy Worm                                          Phoenix
    Inside Nivora Ravine              Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Neo Grude                         Healing Fruit     Fury Boost
    Lucifer                                             Magic Water
    Lava Face                         Magic Fruit       Guardian Water
    Amethyst                          Magic Leaf        Magic Leaf
    Warfish                           Medicine          Incense
    Rock Lizard                                         Guardian Water
    Map Screen near Mt. Dhini         Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Giant Rat                                           Healing Berry
    Death Trigger                                       Healing Berry
    Speed Wolf                                          Healing Berry
    High Mantis                                         Healing Fruit
    On Mt. Dhini                      Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Neo Bison                         Healing Fruit     Healing Flower
    Ironman                           Power Water       Life Water
    Garnet                            Magic Fruit       Magic Fruit
    Conkram Area                      Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Heavy Grude                                         Fury Boost
    Dark Ogre                         Power Elixir      Healing Berry
    Gold Bison                                          Healing Berry
    Scale Lizard                      Door of Wind      Swift Water
    Inside Juggernaut                 Bronze Book       Evil God Icon
    Slippery                          Lost Grail
    Iota                              Spirit Talisman
    ***This list will be updated further soon.
    ***Please, note that the Waters are sometimes difficult to get from
    the enemies and make take several attempts, but they are worth it.
    If anyone know of a regular enemy that has Miracle Water or a Wonder
    Elixir, please email me with that info.
    Fishing Spot near Vidna                            
    Mettle Armband 1500 points: AP aquired up 25%
    Power Ring 1000 points: Power up 20%
    Healing Fruit 500 pts: 800 HPs party
    Lippian Flute 200 pts: Never got it to work; used in battle to summon 
    Spikefish Flute 200 pts: Spikefish comes, blows up, allowing you to escape
                             the battle.
    NOTE: There are two fishing spots one near Vidna, the other near Buma. The
          points acquired from fishing are totaled for use in either pond
    Fish Spot near Buma
    ***Water Egg 20,000 pts: this item is hidden until you get 20,000 points
    Life Grail 6500 pts: Accessory; Character heals 200 HPs each turn in battle
    Magic Grail 6500 pts: Accessory; Character gains 20 MPs each turn.
    Spirit Talisman 5000 pts: Accessory; Consume 50% less MP.
    Lippian Flute 200 pts
    Spikefish Flute 200 pts
    Gaining 100 + coins for entry into the Muscle Dome.
    Method: Baka Fighter game
    Select Gala.
    Battle 1: Black Puira-- [] button only   2 coins
    Battle 2: Gomboo-- X button only         4 coins 6 total
    Battle 3: Skeleton-- O button only       6 coins 12 total
    Battle 4: Wolf--Attack with either [] or X button until you get a
                    clean hit; this should take at most two tries.  When you
                    have hit the wolf to where only he got hit alternate
                    between [] and X for an easy win. 
                    Ex. [](clean) X [] X [] X []........... 
    Battle 5: Xain  Attack with the O button, even if you both get hurt until
                    you hit him three times cleanly.  Then hit him low three
                    times quickly with the X button.  Then hit him with the
                    circle button until you get three clean hits then hit him
                    low with the X button three times, etc. NOTE: This is the
                    only battle so far that requires speedy pressing of the
                    buttons to be effective.  O O O X X X O O O X X X.....
                                              50 coins total
    Battle 6: O O O [] [] [] X X X until you defeat it.
    Battle 7: X O [] [] [] [] until it is defeated.
    Battle 8: O O X until enemy is defeated.
    Battle 9: X O [] repeat.
    Battle 10: O X [] [] repeat.
    Battle 11: X [] O O repeat.
    Battle 12: [] [] X X O O X X repeat.
    Battle 13: Songi
    (Okay People if you made it this far its Big Bad Boss Time!)
    Songi is your toughest opponent in Baka Fight and can end your winning
    streak very easily.  Some of the moves you do he will sometimes
    counter even if you use these moves, but he is beatable.
    Use X [] [] X O O O X [] [] X O O repeat.
    DEFINITELY save before you enter the Beginner's tournament.  Only Vahn will
    enter the tournament, Noa and Gala will shy away from it.
    If you don't win the beginner's tournament you will wind up with less coins than
    you started with.  Winning the Beginner's tournament earns you over 818 coins.
    I don't feel that any of the items in the Muscle Dome are worth getting in the
    Muscle Dome, except for the Deluxe Rod.  The Evil God Icon has essentially the
    same function as the Bronze Book, and I believe the Bronze Book is more
    effective.  The Holy Grail is the Lost Grail item which you can get from
    defeating Slipperys while equipped with the Bronze Book.  The Bronze Book can
    be purchased at Usha Research Center, north of Sol.  You can get the Evil
    God Icon in one of the "dungeons", I have no recollection as to which one
    ***Correction, the Evil God Icon IS worth obtaining as well.  It turns out
    that you can get different items from an enemy depending on if you steal
    using the Evil God Icon or after winning the battle with the Bronze Book
    equipped.  See earlier in this guide for the newly added list of items
    obtainable from enemies for details.
    Beginner's Course--Can use equipment, accessories, magic, spirit, but
                       no items.
    Accessories I equipped: War Soul, Defender Chain, Mettle Armband
    Magic recommended: Spoon (strongest healing magic)
    Round 1: Red Puira
    Round 2: Skeleton
    Round 3: Drake Ghost
    Round 4: Caruban
    Round 5: Gola Gola
    Round 6: Zeto 5,000 HPs, Spirit when he calls wave
    Round 7: Viguro
    Round 8: Xain (Bull boss) 10,000 HPs, Spirit after he charges
    Reward: 818 coins
    Expert Course--No weapons or armor, accessories OK, magic OK, Spirit OK,
                   no items.
    Accessories I used: War Soul, Defender Chain, Mettle Gem
    Magic recommended: Spoon
    Round 1: Black Puira 
    Round 2: High Gomboo
    Round 3: Dark Ogre (Hard!) Approx. 3500 HPs
    Round 4: Gold Bison Approx. 3500 HPs
    Round 5: Ironman Approx. 2500 HPs
    Round 6: Caruban < 1200 HPs
    Round 7: Aluru < 1200 HPs
    Round 8: Xain 10,000 HPs
    Reward: 1500+ coins
    Master Course--No weapons or armor, No items, No magic, Accessories OK,
                   Spirit OK.
    Accessories I used: Defender Chain, Wonder Amulet, Life Grail
    NOTE: I had to use these accessories to win and was level 53.
    ** With these accessories equipped, you can defend all of most bosses
       normal attacks by spiriting (Exception Jette).  This way if your HPs
       are low you can spirit and heal the full 200 HPs from the Life Grail.
    ** It is best to fight in the Master Course as soon as possible.  The
       reason being that you can win the course and not have to fight all
       the bosses listed below.  If you fight in the Master Course before
       facing the bosses you will not fight them here.  So if you fight
       in the Master Course before completing Nivora Ravine, then you will
       have to fight up to Round 8 only.  You may not receive the
       War God Icon until you face all of them, but if you do it is worth
       it. Jette, the round 13 boss is quite difficult as is Zora, so the
       sooner you fight the better.
    Vahn's Miracle Art: R D L U L U R D L  99 AP
    Round 1: Ironman ~2500 HPs
    Round 2: Viguro ~1200 HPs  Raise spirit on this round.
    Round 3: Gold Bison ~3500 HPs
    Round 4: Caruban <1200 HPs Raise spirit for next round.
    Round 5: Zeto 5000 HPs
    Round 6: Berserker ~4500 HPs; will poison or rot you (Wonder Amulet)
    Round 7: Xain 10,000 HPs
    Round 8: Dohati ~30,000 HPs; will poison 
    Round 9: Lu Delilas ~10,000 HPs; she will attack twice, then do her
             special move Plasma Strike, which you should spirit before to
             avoid major damage.
    Round 10: Che Delilas ~12,000 HPs; same as Lu he will attack twice
              and then do his Megaton press move, which you need to spirit
              BEFORE to reduce damage.
    Round 11: Gi Delilas ~10,000-11,000 HPs; same pattern as the other
    Round 12: Zora ~21,500-22,500 HPs; will eventually run out of magic after
              6 to 8 spells; also uses glare to turn you to stone.
    Round 13: Jette ~33,200-35,800 HPs; ignore clones there are virtually harmless
              keep track of the real deal; will eventually run out of magic
              after 6 to 8 spells.
    Reward: 13,800+ Coins and one time only a War God Icon.
    1) When you first control Noa, save at the Memory Statue nearby.
    Follow Terra to the training ground, and fight the easier Red Puiras or
    the Black Puiras.  After each battle you can talk to Terra to heal and
    after a couple of battles he will teach you an arts.  I recommend you
    fight here and raise levels until Terra forces you to stop.  You will
    have to fight solo for a period, so you don't to be weak.  Once you
    meet up with Terra again, it joins your party as a computer controlled
    character that cannot be killed.  Don't worry about Noa's health because
    Terra will heal you when necessary and even revive you.  It is a good idea
    to raise levels with the Wolf before you progress too far, as you wind up
    losing the wolf Terra before the boss.
    2) Typically you are alerted to a boss by the presence of a Memory Statue
    before a doorway or cave.  One exception is in Nivora Ravine (see below).
    3) When you first control Noa and are on the map screen, head east in the
    direction of the mist, instead of south to Mt. Rikuroa .  This is one of
    four paths to what you will learn is a mist generator, and this is the only
    time you will be able to check that path.  I have entered two of the paths
    while the mist was too thick and in both instances the cutscenes had a chest
    in each, one of which was an Ivory Book.  I failed to check all four paths
    before I thinned the mist with the Genesis Tree.
    I am not sure if you are eventually taught this move, but it is best to
    learn it early on.  It requires 5 moves on the action gauge, you may have
    to spirit to use it initially.
    TOUGH LOVE ART: D U D L R (down up down left right) 30 AP
    This move charms an enemy and I have NEVER had it fail on any regular
    enemy.  The two mains uses I found for this art are as follows:
      a) There is a new, tough enemy amongst others.  Perform TOUGH LOVE on
    that enemy and eliminate the others, sometimes the charmed enemy will help
    out.  You can recharm the same enemy if you accidentally hit him with
    TOUGH LOVE again if you want.
      b) You other characters are low in AP and you want to give them time to
    raise their AP before next battle or before attacking the enemy.  Use TOUGH
    LOVE on the last enemy and then spirit on all characters until you are
    satisfied with their AP levels.  I have never had any enemy become
    uncharmed on its own.
    4) When you get to Vidna, go south to the beach and grab the fishing gear
    by examining it and then talking to the guy lying down.  Go to the bath house
    where the slot machine is and the guy will give you 10 coins.  Don't waste
    them on the slot machine, instead talk tot he guy selling coins for 100 G
    each and when you say no he will ask you to you want to trade for items.
    Say Yes and then buy some bait for fishing.  Go to the fishing spot
    southest of Vidna, and you can earn some items.
    5) When you reach Sol, you will likely have to raise levels in lower mist
    levels and rest at the inn upstairs when necessary.  You can go to the very
    top of Sol and talk to the Master, but you will have to fight a hard boss.
    Anyway once you reach the top you will have to then gain access to the
    basement by feeding the golden chests in the lower mist levels Soru Bread.
    You need 7 loaves which can be obtained two ways: From the Bakery for
    6000 G each or 100 coins each from the muscle dome.  I suggest you raise
    levels, save and try out the beginner's course on the Muscle Dome.  The
    entrance fee each time is 100 coins.  See the Muscle Dome guide above for
    details on how to acquire the 100 coins and winning.
    6) In Sol, at the top after talking to the Master you will have to face a 
    tough boss.  Be prepared to fight a tougher version of the same boss in
    Warrior's Square in the basement of Sol.  Be sure to talk to the Emperor
    in the Inn on the 1st floor of Sol to get the password to the Usha
    Research Center. You have to talk into the pipe inside the bottom area
    of Usha Research Center to enter the password, so they send the elevator
    down.  The password is X X Triangle O [].
    7) When you get the Bronze book from Usha Research System equip it immediately
    on one of your characters.  This is one of the best items in the game, as it
    dramatically increases your chance on acquiring an item from winning a battle.
    Items I have acquired include: Healing Berry, Healing Fruit, Magic Fruit,
                                   Lost Grail, and Spirit Talisman.
    8) In Nivora Ravine, do not proceed past the first save point unless you are
    comfortable with the idea of all your characters fighting solo.  I suggest
    raising to level 35.  Past the first save, you split up and head down
    different paths.  *** Look for cave entrances as Vahn should find the
    Mettle Gem (BE SURE TO GET THIS ITEM), Noa the Rainbow Jewel, and Gala
    the Spirit Talisman I believe.
    You cannot save before fighting the bosses of this level, the Delilases,
    and Che Delilas, the first boss, is tough.  Here are the matchups:
    Gala vs. Che Delilas: Equip Guardian Ring and Defender Chain
    Noa vs. Lu Delilas
    Vahn vs. Gi Delilas: Mettle Gem
    **Important Note--The Delilases all have the same fighting pattern: They
                      attack normally twice, then they do a special move which
                      unless you spirit to defend against you will get
    9) To get the Soren Book of Arts in the Floating Fortress, in the room with
    the "Hideous Torture Device" go to the switch and activate it.  In the
    remains in the device is the Soren Book.
    10) After defeating Songi in Seru-kai, your party will be warped to the top
    of Mt. Rikuroa.  Touch the Genesis Tree and Terra will learn a new spell 
    called Terra and power up.  Use the Door of Light to leave, then warp to
    Sol and got to the Genesis Tree in the basement.  Touching this Tree will
    power up Vahn's Meta Ra-Seru and teach him the spell Meta.  Go to the Genesis
    Tree in East Voz Forest to power up Gala's Ozma Ra-Seru.
    11) When going to the Juggernaut, don't be fearful of entering as you can
    leave by foot or a Door of Light, and there are two save points.  The second
    being just before the final boss.  You will want to get the Crimson Book, so
    raising levels is quicker (see items).  You will also find the best armor
    and weapons for all of you characters in the Juggernaut.
    12) The optional boss, Lapis, attacks you on the top of Mt. Dhini if you
        return there.  He is the hardest boss in the game.  I recommend
        getting Lost Grails from defeating Slipperys.  All having the War God
        Icon, Speed Chain, Speed Ring, Defender Chain, and Phoenixes helps.
        Good Luck, Lapis has approx. 70,000 HPs and typically kills a non-
        defending character in one set of attacks.
        You will want to get the equipment from inside the Juggernaut, and
        be at least around level 50.  You get the Evil Medallion from him.
    Trying to get all of the Seru Magics? Look no further than the Juggernaut.
    Outside of the Juggernaut, you can learn the spells Grimard, Vera, & Theeder.
    In the Juggernaut there are two types of enemies per area and they typically
    alternate in appearance.  Since these enemies are level 3 you will probably
    need to equip the Ivory Book to learn the spells, especially for Spoon, Iota,
    Gilium, etc.
    My favorite accessories settings:
    Vahn: War God Icon, Mettle Gem, and Wonder Amulet or War Soul
    Noa: Wonder Amulet, Guardian Ring, and Rainbow Jewel
    Gala: Spirit Talisman, Magic Grail, Mettle Gem
    Miracle Arts:
    Vahn: R D L U L U R D L  99 AP
    Noa: L U R D U L U D R   99 AP
    Gala: R R D U D U D L L  99 AP
    My Opinions
    Overall, I liked Legend Legaia very much.  It has a good story, characters,
    combat system, and I liked how new equipment was noticeable in combat.
    My main gripe is with the Magic in the game.  I think it is great that your
    Ra-Seru acquires spells from enemy Seru, but the length of the spells gets
    tiresome after the first couple of castings.  If there were an option to
    shorten the spell length that would have been awesome.  Most of the spell
    length is the "intro" of the Seru.  This fact is the only real gripe I
    have with the game.  I think that Gala looks cool in his Ra-Seru
    equipment.  I think he resembles what Kain the Dragoon from Final
    Fantasy II would have looked like in 3D.
    If I have missed any items in the game that you know of please let me know
    via email.   Please include where the item is found and what its properties
    are.  I am also going to try and compile the items you can get from enemies
    using the Bronze Book or Evil God Icon.  Please let me know the know the
    name and location of the enemy and the item it gives.  If you have
    corrections for any aspect of this guide, please let me know.
    Email: ryanleje@gs.verio.net
    More questions about the game, comments?
    Email me and I will try to assist:  ryanleje@gs.verio.net
    Copyright 1999:  Ryan LeJeune

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