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    Misc FAQ by Dan GC

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    Legend of Legaia - Miscellaneous FAQ Version 0.8
    By Dan (not "Saikoryu" Dan) GC <lbdangc@aol.com>
    for PSX
    Last updated: 05/23/99 12:13 PM PT
    First Edition: 04/09/99 02:25 PM
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      Legend of Legaia was...
    Created by     Prokion
    Produced by    Contrail
    Licensed by    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Published by   SCEA
    ESRB Rating    Everyone
    Released       March 15, 1999 in America
      If you can help me with anything: tips, secrets, etc., or if you just
    have questions, comments, etc., E-mail them to <LB Dan GC@aol.com> One
    more thing, don't E-mail with questions that are already in the FAQ
    section, otherwise, I'll discard them or tell you to check the FAQ.
    Table of Contents
    1.  Updates
    2.  What is Legend of Legaia, anyway? (General Details)
    3.  Plot/Storyline
    4.  Character Info
          1. Vahn
          2. Noa
          3. Gala
    5.  Legend
    6.  Statistics (in Menu)
    7.  Basic Stuff and Strategy, Hints, and Tips
    8.  Arts Lists
          1. Vahn
          2. Noa
          3. Gala
    9.  Magic absorbed from Seru
          1. Tips on and Explanation of Absorbing (**should read!**)
          2. Magic Spells
          3. Ra-Seru Magic Spells
    10. Arts Combos
          1. Vahn
          2. Noa
          3. Gala
    11. Secrets
           1. Secret Ra-Seru Spells
           2. Miscellaneous Secrets
    12.  Mini-Games
           1. Wild Card
           2. Fishing
           3. Baka Fighter
           4. Coliseum Zone
           5. Dancing Queen Contest
    13.  Frequently Asked Questions
    14.  Special Thanks
    15.  Author Information
    Copyright Disclaimer:
    Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC
      This FAQ is for private and personal use only. If reproduced, it must
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      This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Dan GC <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
    Any Copyrights and Trademarks not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are
    acknowledged. Always give credit where it is due.
      Legend of Legaia is a Registered Trademark and Copyright (c) to
    Prokion Ltd. and Contrail Inc. Any other things are Copyright to their
    rightful owners.
      Alright, writers of EGM, GamePro, other Game Mags, and plagiarizers,
    you plagiarize, many people know that, you can be sued. If I find out
    ANYTHING from any of my FAQs in a Game Magazine or in another FAQ w/o
    my permission, I'm suing. It clearly states not to copy anything without
    my FULL AUTHORIZATION unless put on a non-profitable/promotional Web
    Page with the above Copyright Disclaimer.
      If I see any FAQs with information from mine, like I update my FAQ
    with a lot of stuff, then another FAQ for Legend of Legaia is updated
    one or two days afterwards and has the new stuff I put in my FAQ, I'm
    going to tell Jay (the webmaster of GameFAQs) and you're FAQs will be
    deleted. I already saw one FAQ like that, and I'm getting awfully
    suspicious. One day after I updated this FAQ, some FAQ was sent in with
    the information in this FAQ. Then I updated again, and guess what? That
    FAQ was updated one day afterwards again, with the new information I put
    in my FAQ.
      That author is probably plagiarizing, or maybe not, but it looks
    awfully suspicious with similar information from this FAQ. I'm going to
    keep looking at that FAQ, and once I have proof, that FAQ is going down!
    Don't plagiarize, it's stupid, and proves that you are stupid and can't
    think of your own stuff. Even if the author of that one FAQ isn't
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    could at least ask before stealing information. 
      The only thing allowed would be to print this document for personal or
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    take out unnecessary things, like this section here, the disclaimer, the
    beginning, Author Information, the section just below this place,
    updates, etc. Just a few tips for you people.
    This FAQ can be found at:
    GameFAQs                              www.gamefaqs.com
    Dan GC's Legend of Legaia Home Page   i.am/dan_gc
                      Available much later in the future
    Part 1: Updates
    Version 0.8 5/23/99:
      BIG update
    Version 0.7 4/14/99:
      Cyntalan told me a lot of useful info (how many Points/Coins are
    needed to get the Water and Earth Ra-Seru Egg; how to steal items, etc.)
    Version 0.6 4/12/99:
      Fixed what pictures you can take with the Camera Stone, and that's
    about it
    Version 0.5 4/11/99:
      It's amazing, I'm still receiving E-mail from people. I thank them.
    Some of them are questions, some are advice, some are secrets, etc.
    I added where you can take pictures with the Camera Stone (the Tourist-
    Trap thing made of stone).
    Version 0.4 4/10/99:
      Wow! That's a lot of E-mail I received about my FAQ, more than I
    expected. Anyway, a lot of people E-mailed about the Point Card, three
    concerning the Legendary Rod, and one about the Platinum Card. I'd like
    to thank all of them, and they are in the Special Thanks section. I
    changed one thing about gaining AP, added the Platinum Card, and, not
    really anything else. You can check the Special Thanks section for who
    has E-mailed me.
    Version 0.3 4/09/99:
      Cyntalan Maelstrom told me even more about the Point Card, so I put it
    Version 0.2 4/09/99:
      SSTrunks94 told me what the Point Card is used for.
    Version 0.1 4/09/99:
      First edition
    Part 2: What is Legend of Legaia, anyway? (General Details)
      Legend of Legaia is an above average RPG with a battling system very
    similar to other battling systems of RPGs combined together. It's like
    Xenogears with Wild Arms, not exactly, but very close. The magic system
    is also similar to FFVIII, in the terms you can't get Magic by getting
    items and leveling up, but in the world of Legaia, only certain monsters
    have Magic, and those monsters are actually the Magic. They are Seru,
    elemental Seru, that is. You have to kill them without Magic and with a
    physical attack, but you won't always get it. It's a pretty good RPG
    loaded with lots of fun, for some areas. You have to experience it for
    Part 3: Plot/Storyline
      God created the heavens, the earth, and the seas. After creating all
    things in the universe, god created humans to rule over this world. Yet,
    while possessing the wisdom of god, humans were physically weaker than
    the wild beasts, and impulsive in spirit. Many times did the humans come
    close to dying out forever. Concerned about the humans' future, god gave
    them a mighty force with which to aid them. It was the Seru.
      Since the dawn of human memory, known as history, humans lived
    together with creatures known as the Seru. The Seru lived together with
    humans, always obeying them, and making the humans many times stronger
    than before. When not worn by a human, a Seru looks much like a stone
    figure. However...Upon touching a human, a Seru changes form and gives
    that human secret abilities. With a Seru, a human can lift extremely
    heavy objects and even fly in the air. However, that era came to an end.
      Appearing from out of nowhere, the Mist covered the land, bringing to
    an end the world of prosperous symbiosis between humans, rebelled
    against them. The Seru began attacking humans at will. Seru that
    attached themselves to humans controlled their minds and turned them
    into evil beasts.
      As if forsaken by god, human civilization collapsed. It was the
    twilight of humanity. Those who escaped the Mist inhabited the desolate
    areas and protected each other. Now, their faint hope is their only
    source of inspiration.
    Source: Legend of Legaia
    Part 4: Character Info
      As the main character, you will meet many characters: main, secondary,
    etc. Each main character will gain a Ra-Seru, a holy Seru resistant of
    the Mist. Most of this stuff is from the Instruction Manual of the U.S.
    version of Legend of Legaia.
            4.1: Vahn
    Element Attribute   Fire
     Element Weakness   Water
              Ra-Seru   Meta
      Best Hand Usage   Right
    Best Weapon Types   Knife, Sword, Knuckle
                  Age   Unknown (out of the three, he is in the middle)
      A young boy living with his father and younger sister in Rim Elm, a
    remote village whose high walls keep the Mist out. Possessing a strong
    sense of justice, Vahn is determined to uncover the true nature of the
    Mist and free the world from its terror. After his fateful encounter
    with the Ra-Seru Meta, he leaves his village to embark on a great
      Vahn possesses a good balance between offense and defense in combat.
    His statistics growth is average. Have a Ra-Seru of the Fire attribute,
    Vahn cannot summon Seru of the Water element very skillfully. Water is
    his ONLY weak point. Vahn is actually a very good character, if you do
    the right attacks in battle.
            4.2: Noa
    Element Attribute   Wind
     Element Weakness   Earth, ?
              Ra-Seru   Terra
           Hand Usage   Left
    Best Weapon Types   Claw, Feral
                  Age   Unknown (the youngest of the three)
      Raised by a wolf in Snowdrift Cave, which miraculously escaped the
    Mist, Noa is not very atriculate, but, on the other hand, possesses a
    natural intuition and the ability to perceive evil. She is curious and
    cheerful, but has an extreme dislike of being alone.
      With excellent agility and speed, Noa is very proficient at sequential
    attacks. Her light, nimble body gives her excellent agility, but makes
    her lacking somewhat in strength and upper defense. She is the only
    left-handed character of the three. Because of her high agility, her
    agility gauge contains a lot of space so you can execute many attacks in
    on turn,amount of space you have to execute attacks, she can actually do
    more damage than the other characters in the first third or so of the
            4.3: Gala
    Element Attribute   Thunder
     Element Weakness   Earth, Water
              Ra-Seru   Ozma
           Hand Usage   Right
    Best Weapon Types   Club, Mace
                  Age   Unknown (the oldest of the three)
      A warrior-monk of Biron: a faith centered on the belief in physical
    and mental discipline through rigorous training. Having lost both
    parents to the Mist when he was a child, Gala not only disavows the use
    of Seru but also hates the Seru themselves. Even after attaining the
    title of Master at the young age of 17, the ever-serious Gala continues
    his rigorous training without pausing to celebrate this achievement.
      His well trained body delivers the most powerful attacks of the three.
    On the other hand, his agility and speed ratings are low, and he is not
    very skilled at combining Arts. Gala requires accessories to increase
    his speed, otherwise, he'll be about the last to attack, as it is when
    you first get him.
    Part 5: Legend
    U: Up
    D: Down
    L: Left
    R: Right
    Part 6: Statistics (in Menu)
      The Statistics of a character plays a major role in this game. If a
    certain stat is too low, well...find out for yourself.
    Abbr.      Translation     Description
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    LV         Level           Character's Current Level
    (2nd) LV   Ra-Seru Level   Ra-Seru's Current Level
    HP         Hit Points      Amount of strength a character has; 0 = Faint
    MP         Magic Points    Amount of magic that can be used
    AP         Arts Points     Points needed to use Arts in battle
    ATK        Attack Power    Character's attacking power
    UDF        Upper Defense   Reduces damage of the upper body
    LDF        Lower Defense   Reduces damage of the lower body
    SPD        Speed           Determines who attacks when & chance of block
    INT        Intelligence    Character's Magic attack power
    AGL        Agility         Length of Agility Gauge
      The blue numbers are the original stat, while the ones in white are
    the current ones because of the Ra-Seru and equipment.
    Part 7: Basic Stuff and Strategy, Hints, and Tips
    - To view the Panoramic Map on the World Map, push L1.
    - To absorb an elemental Seru, it must be killed without Magic
    - Elemental Seru are Seru with an element icon before their name
    - The Attack Commands are: High, Low, Arms, Ra-Seru if you have a weapon
      and a Ra-Seru, if not, the commands are: High, Low, Left, Right
    - Search areas where you cannot see, there may be treasures
    - Search everywhere, there may be secrets
    - Check places you can open, such as cupboards, desk drawers, etc.,
      there may be items
    - Look everywhere, there could be useful stuff
    - Talk to everyone, they may give you items or helpful info
    - When you are allowed the choice of answering a question in one of how
      many ways, try to choose the correct one, in other words, the one you
      think Vahn would choose, if he were real
    - Anything you do (or don't do, in this case) in the game may affect you
      dramatically later
    - Use Spirit against formidable enemies
    - Talk to Tetsu when in Rim Elm
    - Read what the Statues say in Hunter's Spring
    - Combine Arts and Hyper Arts for more damage.
    - Confuse your opponents to make the battle easier on you
    - Contents of a Treasure Chest may change, it depends when you get it
    - After certain events, try going back to a previous place to see if
      something new happened or something new is there
    - You can never be too cautious!
    Part 8: Arts Lists
      Each character has the same number of Arts, Hyper Arts, Super Arts,
    and Miracle Arts. There are 11 Arts, three Hyper Arts, five Super Arts,
    and one Miracle Arts. The AP usage of any type of Arts may vary
    depending on the character. All Miracle Arts use 99 AP.
      There are about three ways to gain AP:
    1) Getting hurt by an opponent [you gain one AP for losing every 14 HP
       (approximately, that is)]
    2) Using a turn (Attack), as default, eight AP every turn;
    3) Using Spirit, as default, 32 AP is gained.
      You can learn any Arts from people, or do them yourselves, except
    Hyper Arts, which are learned from books. You get the first book for
    each character in a Treasure Chest. The other two books are being held
    by bosses, and you must defeat them to get the books. Vahn always gets
    his book first, then Noa, then Gala. When you do Arts or Miracle Arts
    anytime without learning them from someone, it is recorded in the Arts
    list. Hyper Arts will be in the list when you use a book. Super Arts do
    not go on your list, even if you do it. Super Arts don't go on your list
    because, basically, they are mutliple Arts combos, but Super Arts just
    have the Super Arts tacked on them. Super Arts have their own individual
    AP usage, but the total is different.
    |  For the "AP" part, it's the AP only that Arts does. For Super Arts,
    |a "/" will appear after a number, the one before the slash is how much
    |AP that Arts does, but the one after the slash, it's the total AP the
    |Super Arts uses, the "/" only applies to Super Arts, so it won't appear
    |on any of the other Arts. Anyway, enough ranting.
            8.1: Vahn
    Name              Command     AP      Arts Type
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Hyper Elbow       LRL         18      Arts
    Charging Scorch   DRU         18      Arts
    Somersault        UDU         18      Arts
    Slash Kick        UDL         18      Arts
    Power Punch       LLD         18      Arts
    Cross-Kick        DDDU        24      Arts
    Pyro Pummel       LRUL        24      Arts
    Spin Combo        UDRL        24      Arts
    PK Combo          DUUL        24      Arts
    Hurricane         UUDD        24      Arts
    Cyclone           DUUU        24      Arts
    Tornado Flame     RRL         30      Hyper
    Fire Blow         RRDL        40      Hyper
    Burning Flare     RDLDL       50      Hyper
    Power Slash       DRUDUDL     18/54   Super
    Fire Tackle       LRLLDRU     18/54   Super
    Maximum Blow      DRUDLLD     18/54   Super
    Tri-Somersault    UDUUUDU     18/60   Super
    Rolling Combo     UDRLLDUUL   24/64   Super
    Vahn's Craze      RDLULURDL   99      Miracle
            8.2: Noa
    Name              Command     AP      Arts Type
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Lizard Tail       UDU         18      Arts
    Acrobatic Blitz   UDD         18      Arts
    Sonic Javelin     RDR         18      Arts
    Blizzard Bash     RLD         18      Arts
    Mirage Lancer     RRUU        24      Arts
    Dolphin Attack    RRLR        24      Arts
    Bird Step         DDDU        24      Arts
    Swan Driver       DUUU        24      Arts
    Tough Love        DUDLR       30      Arts
    Rushing Gale      UULDR       30      Arts
    Tempest Break     RRLUUU      36      Arts
    Frost Breath      LLRR        40      Hyper
    Vulture Blade     LLRLR       50      Hyper
    Hurricane Kick    LUUUUDR     70      Hyper
    Super Javelin     UULDRDR     18/48   Super
    Dragon Fangs      UDUUUDD     18/60   Super
    Triple Lizard     DDDUUUDU    18/66   Super
    Super Tempest     RRLRRLUUU   36/60   Super
    Love You          RRUUDUDLR   30/72   Super
    Noa's Ark         LURDULUDR   99      Miracle
            8.3: Gala
    Name                 Command     AP      Arts Type
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Flying Knee Attack   DUL         18      Arts
    Battering Ram        LRD         18      Arts
    Ironhead             UDD         18      Arts
    Back Punch           LRL         18      Arts
    Guillotine           LUL         18      Arts
    Head-Splitter        LUU         18      Arts
    Side Kick            DDUU        24      Arts
    Black Rain           ULDD        24      Arts
    Neo Raising          LLRUL       30      Arts
    Electro Thrash       ULDRL       30      Arts
    Bull Horns           LURDL       30      Arts
    Thunder Punch        RRL         30      Hyper
    Lightning Storm      RRUL        40      Hyper
    Explosive Fist       RRLLL       50      Hyper
    Rushing Crush        LRDULUU     18/54   Super
    Super Ironhead       DULUUDD     18/54   Super
    Back Punch x3        UDDULRL     18/54   Super
    Heaven's Drop        DULUULDD    24/60   Super
    Neo Static Raising   LRLULLRUL   30/66   Super
    Biron Rage           RRDUDUDLL   99      Miracle
    Part 9: Magic (absorbing Elemental Seru)
      This section includes the Seru Magic Spells list and Explanation and
    Tips on absorbing Seru.
            9.1: Tips and Stuff on Absorbing Seru
      Ra-Seru are needed to absorb Seru, no human can. Absorbing strong
    Elemental Seru is difficult because they are strong. You may have to
    kill the Seru repeatedly to finally absorb it. So, if you don't absorb a
    Seru after repeated tries in a certain area, try it later in the game in
    another area. Once you have already absorbed a Seru, you can't do it
    **Also, the higher the level of an Elemental Seru, the easier it is to
    absorb it.** Don't ask why, it just is. Also, if you have something
    which would increase your chances of absorbing Seru, such as an Ivory
    Book, equip it so you don't have to kill the Seru as much just to
    absorb it.
      To absorb Elemental Seru, you must kill it physically. There are many
    ways to kill Seru to absorb them:
    1A) A certain type of Super Arts
    1B) A certain type of Arts
    2A) Another certain type of Arts
    2B) Another certain type of Super Arts
    2C) Hyper Arts
     3) A certain type of a physical hit
    4A) Arts
    4B) Super Arts
    4C) Physical Hit
     5) Miracle Arts
      Starting from number one, it goes from the most likeliness of
    absorbing Seru to the least likeliness. The "certain" type of 1A and 1B
    is a Super Arts or Arts that ends with Down. You see, when you kill a
    Seru and "blast it to the moon," it actually decreases your chance of
    absorbing it! Blasting to the moon is when you kill an opponent, they
    are launched in the air in the shape of an arc, or parabola. But Super
    Arts and Arts that end with Down usually don't do that, but if it does,
    the probably of absorbing is lessened, but not as much as if you did it
    with another attack. The "certain" type for 2A and 2B is an Arts or
    Super Arts that ends with "Arms," which is Left for Vahn and Gala while
    it is Right for Noa. Hyper Arts always end with Arms, so it wasn't
    necessary to put you needed to do a certain type of Hyper Arts.
      For the "certain" type of 1A and 1B, it is actually Love You (Super
    Arts) and Tough Love (Arts) for Noa. The "certain" type for 2A and 2B
    are Arts and Super Arts ending with Down for Noa.
      The "certain" type of a physical hit is a physical hit that is Arms.
    Also, if you do too much damage to a Seru, the chances of absorbing are
    also slimmed down. (Exp. Vahn does a Fire Blow, Power Punch combo
    against a Seru with 1200 HP, the attack causes it to lose 1081, so it
    has a little more than 100 HP left. Vahn does the same thing again, Fire
    Blow, Power Punch, causing it to lose another 1000 something. He doesn't
    absorb it because too much damage was dealt.)
    **Your best chance of absorbing would be to make the Seru you are trying
    to absorb critical with combos, then do the attack you will do to absorb
    it. Or you can just Confuse it then do a Super Arts or whatever you want
    to do to absorb the Seru.**
    Best Stuff to Use to Absorb Seru
    Character     Best Arts       Super Arts
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Vahn          Power Punch     Maximum Blow
    Noa           Tough Love      Love You
    Gala          Black Rain      Heaven's Drop
      The highest level Seru and Ra-Seru Magic can go is nine.
            9.2: Magic Spells
    I will only list the Magic of Seru, not secret Ra-Serus, that's in the
    section below this one.
    Element   Seru         Attack Name       MP    Description
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Dark      Nighto       Hell's Music      13    Annihilate/Confuse Enemy
    Dark      Puera        Dream Illusion    120   Attack All Enemies
    Earth     Mushura      Crazy Driver      60    Attack Enemies
    Earth     Kemaro       Canine Fangs      72    Attack Enemy
    Earth     Iota         Odd Dimension     90    Attack All Enemies
    Fire      Gimard       Burning Attack    10    Attack Enemy + Range
    Fire      Zenoir       Vertical Hammer   36    Attack Enemy + Range
    Fire      Gola Gola    Spinning Flare    40    Attack All Enemies
    Light     Vera         Mystic Care       6     Restore HP: Ally
    Light     Orb          Holy Orb          18    Restore HP: All Allies
    Light     Aluru        Final Blaster     90    Annihilate/Attack Enemy
    Light     Spoon        Holy Eyes         45    Restore HP: All Allies
    Thunder   Theeder      Turning Laser     24    Attack Enemy + Range
    Thunder   Viguro       Plasma Storm      64    Attack All Enemies
    Thunder   Gilium       Space Cannon      160   Attack All Enemies
    Water     Gizam        Bubble Crush      28    Poison All Enemies
    Water     Freed        Freezing Point    40    Attack All Enemies
    Water     Slippery     Deadly Rain       110   Attack All Enemies
    Wind      Swordie      Sonicsizer        32    Attack Enemy
    Wind      Nova         Violent Wind      48    Attack Enemy
    Wind      Barra        Hell Dive         85    Attack Enemy
    Evil      Juggernaut   Evil Seru Magic   255   Unknown Effect
      Note: Thunder is actually Lightning, but that's how it appears in the
    Instruction Manual and game. And Juggernaut has an element (the symbol
    is a fist), the thing you have to equip to summon it is Evil Talisman,
    just like the Ra-Seru Spells: Earth Talisman, Water Talisman, etc. The
    Evil Seru Magic spell is the same exact thing as Cort's Evil Seru Magic
    spell, even the name.
            9.3: Ra-Seru Magic Spells
    Element    Ra-Seru    Attack Name        MP     Description
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Dark       Jedo       Deadly Promise     200    Attack All Enemies
    Earth      Palma      Meteor Cluster     200    Attack All Enemies
    Fire       Meta       Inferno            240    Attack All Enemies
    Light      Horn       Resurrector        200    Restore HP: All Allies
                                                    (revives the 'Faint'ed)
    Thunder    Ozma       Voltagor           240    Attack All Enemies
    Water      Mule       Deep Avalanche     200    Attack All Enemies
    Wind       Terra      Queen Twister      240    Attack All Enemies
    Part 10: Arts Combos
      The combos below are just combos, in my opinion, good. If you don't
    have enough Agility for these combos, just do parts of them, instead of
    trying to do the whole thing. The Super Arts themselves are combos,
    except the last Arts is replaced with a Super Arts, the Super Arts are
    pre-programmed combos that do a extra damage.
            10.1: Vahn
    Names                                          Command     AP
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯
    Hyper Elbow+Power Punch+Cyclone                LRLLDUUU    60
    Hyper Elbow+Pyro Pummel x2                     LRLRULRUL   66
    Charging Scorch+Somersault+Cyclone             DRUDUDUUU   60
    Somersault+Cyclone+Hurricane+Charging Scorch   UDUUUDDRU   84
    Somersault x3+Cyclone                          UDUDUDUUU   84
    Slash Kick+Power Punch+Cyclone                 UDLLDUUU    66
    Cross-Kick+PK Combo+Power Punch*               DDDUULLD    66
    Pyro Pummel+Hyper Elbow+Power Punch*           LRULRLLD    60
    PK Combo+Pyro Pummel+Power Punch*              DUULRULLD   66
    Hurricane+Cross-Kick+Cyclone                   UUDDDUUU    72
    Tornado Flame+Power Punch*                     RRLLD       48
    Tornado Flame x2+Power Punch*                  RRLRRLLD    78
    Tornado Flame+Fire Blow+Power Punch*           RRLRRDLLD   88
    Tornado Flame+Pyro Pummel+Power Punch*         RRLRULLD    72
    Tornado Flame+Cyclone+Hurricane                RRLDUUUDD   88
    Tornado Flame x3                               RRLRRLRRL   90
    Fire Blow+Power Punch*                         RRDLLD      58
    Fire Blow+Tornado Flame+Power Punch*           RRDLRRLLD   88
    Fire Blow+Pyro Pummel+Power Punch*             RRDLRULLD   82
    Fire Blow x2                                   RRDLRRDL    80
    Burning Flare+Power Punch*                     RRLDLLD     68
    Burning Flare+Fire Blow                        RRLDLRRDL   90
    Burning Flare+Pyro Pummel                      RRLDLRUL    74
    ____________________________________________   _________   __
    Names                                          Command     AP
    *: should use to absorb Seru
            10.2: Noa
    Names                                                   Command     AP
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯
    Lizard Tail+Acrobatic Blitz+Swan Driver                 UDUDDUUU    60
    Lizard Tail+Acrobatic Blitz+Bird Step+Swan Driver       UDUDDDUUU   84
    Lizard Tail+Acrobatic Blitz+Tough Love*                 UDUDDUDLR   66
    Lizard Tail+Swan Driver+Rushing Gale                    UDUUULDR    72
    Lizard Tail+Rushing Gale+Blizzard Bash                  UDUULDRLD   66
    Acrobatic Blitz+Bird Step+Swan Driver+Acrobatic Blitz   UDDDUUUDD   84
    Sonic Javelin+Dolphin Attack+Mirage Lancer              RDRRLRRUU   66
    Sonic Javelin+Tempest Break                             RDRRLUUU    54
    Sonic Javelin+Blizzard Bash+Swan Driver                 RDRLDUUU    60
    Sonic Javelin+Blizzard Bash+Tough Love*                 RDRLDUDLR   66
    Blizzard Bash+Bird Step+Swan Driver                     RLDDDUUU    66
    Blizzard Bash+Bird Step+Tough Love*                     RLDDDUDLR   72
    Blizzard Bash+Swan Driver+Acrobatic Blitz               RLDUUUDD    60
    Mirage Lancer+Acrobatic Blitz+Swan Driver               RRUUDDUUU   66
    Mirage Lancer+Super Javelin                             RRUULDRDR   72
    Dolphin Attack+Blizzard Bash+Swan Driver                RRLRLDUUU   66
    Dolphin Attack x2+Blizzard Bash                         RRLRRLRLD   66
    Dolphin Attack+Tempest Break                            RRLRRLUUU   60
    Bird Step+Lizard Tail+Swan Driver                       DDDUDUUU    66
    Bird Step+Acrobatic Blitz+Swan Driver                   DDDUDDUUU   66
    Bird Step+Lizard Tail+Rushing Gale                      DDDUDUULDR  72
    Bird Step+Lizard Tail+Tough Love*                       DDDUDUDLR   72
    Swan Driver+Acrobatic Blitz+Swan Driver                 DUUUDDUUU   66
    Swan Driver+Super Javelin                               DUUULDRDR   72
    Swan Driver+Lizard Tail+Tough Love*                     DUUUDUDLR   72
    Rushing Gale+Sonic Javelin+Blizzard Bash                UULDRDRLD   66
    Frost Breath+Tough Love*                                LLRRDUDLR   70
    Frost Breath+Tempest Break                              LLRRLUUU    76
    Frost Breath x2                                         LLRRLLRR    80
    Frost Breath+Vulture Blade                              LLRRLLRLR   90
    Vulture Blade+Dolphin Attack                            LLRLRRLR    74
    Vulture Blade+Frost Breath                              LLRLRLLRR   90
    Hurricane Kick+Blizzard Bash                            LUUUUDRLD   88
    _____________________________________________________   _________   __
    Names                                                   Command     AP
    *: should use to absorb Seru
            10.3: Gala
    Names                                                Command     AP
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯
    Flying Knee Attack+Battering Ram+Side Kick           DULRDDUU    60
    Flying Knee Attack+Guillotine+Black Rain*            DULULDD     60
    Flying Knee Attack+Guillotine+Black Rain+Side Kick   DULULDDUU   84
    Flying Knee Attack+Guillotine+Electro Thrash         DULULDRL    66
    Flying Knee Attack+Guillotine+Bull Horns             DULULURDL   66
    Flying Knee Attack+Head-Splitter+Black Rain*         DULUULDD    60
    Flying Knee Attack+Head-Splitter+Electro Thrash      DULUULDRL   66
    Flying Knee Attack+Neo Raising+Black Rain*           DULLRULDD   72
    Battering Ram+Side Kick+Black Rain*                  LRDDUULDD   66
    Ironhead+Side Kick+Black Rain*                       UDDUULDD    66
    Ironhead+Side Kick+Electro Thrash                    UDDUULDRL   72
    Ironhead+Flying Knee Attack+Guillotine+Black Rain*   UDDULULDD   78
    Back Punch x2+Guillotine+Black Rain*                 LRLRLULDD   78
    Guillotine x3+Black Rain*                            LULULULDD   78
    Black Rain+Flying Knee Attack+Black Rain*            ULDDULDD    66
    Black Rain+Side Kick+Black Rain*                     ULDDUULDD   72
    Neo Raising+Electro Thrash                           LLRULDRL    60
    Electro Thrash+Bull Horns                            ULDRLURDL   60
    Bull Horns+Guillotine+Black Rain*                    LURDLULDD   72
    Thunder Punch+Guillotine x2+Black Rain*              RRLULULDD   90
    Thunder Punch+Neo Raising+Black Rain*                RRLLRULDD   84
    Thunder Punch x3                                     RRLRRLRRL   90
    Thunder Punch+Lightning Storm+Black Rain*            RRLRRULDD   94
    Lightning Storm+Head-Splitter+Black Rain*            RRULUULDD   82
    Lightning Storm x2                                   RRULRRUL    80
    Lightning Storm+Thunder Punch+Head-Splitter          RRULRRLUU   88
    Explosive Fist+Black Rain*                           RRLLLULDD   74
    Explosive Fist+Lightning Storm                       RRLLLRRUL   90
    Explosive Fist+Neo Raising                           RRLLLRUL    80
    Explosive Fist+Bull Horns                            RRLLLURDL   80
    __________________________________________________   _________   __
    Names                                                Command     AP
    *: should use to absorb Seru
    Part 11: Secrets
      Although there may be many secrets, I shall not name all of them for I
    haven't found all of them, or there are not many big, important ones.
            11.1: Secret Spells
      To know if a spell is a Seru or a Ra-Seru, Ra-Seru have a type of
    background when you check the Magic. It's black and white stripes. Seru
    don't have a background.
    1. Earth Ra-Seru Egg
      Get the 'Earth Ra-Seru Egg' in the Muscle Dome in Sol Tower. You get
    the Egg by... Getting 100,000 Coins and exchanging it with the Prize
    lady, she'll talk about how you've gained a reputation or something like
    that. You'll have to trade the 100,000 Coins for the 'Ra-Seru Earth
    Egg'. Go to Zalan in Jeremi and talk to him. Just say "Yes" to all of
    the questions he asks. He'll appraise it into the 'Earth Talisman'. It
    increases defense against Earth attacks and allows its wearer to summon
    the Earth Ra-Seru Palma.
    2. Water Ra-Seru Egg
      Get the 'Water Ra-Seru Egg' in the Fishing Place east of Buma. You get
    the Egg by... getting 20,000 Points. After you get 20,000 Points, go to
    the Menu and 'Trade Points' or whatever and you'll see at the top of the
    items to exchange is the 'Water Ra-Seru Egg' for 20,000 Points. You
    might want to get the Legendary Rod in Dr. Usha's Research Center to
    fish better. Go to Zalan in Jeremi and talk to him. Just say "Yes" to
    all of the questions he asks. He'll appraise it into the 'Water
    Talisman'. It increases defense against Water attacks and allows its
    wearer to summon the Water Ra-Seru Mule.
    3. Light Ra-Seru Egg
      You get the 'Light Ra-Seru Egg' from Cara. You get it after reviving
    the Genesis Trees in Buma and Grantes goes to Buma. Go inside Cara's
    house and talk to her until she gives you the Egg. Go to Zalan in Jeremi
    and say "Yes" to all the questions he asks. He'll appraise it into the
    'Light Talisman'. It increases defense against Light attacks and allows
    its wearer to summon the Light Ra-Seru Horn.
    4. Dark Ra-Seru Egg
      Get the 'Dark Ra-Seru Egg' in West Voz Forest where the Genesis Tree
    is. You get the Egg by... killing Songi at Seru-kai Noaru Valley then
    going to West Voz Forest. You'll find it in a Treasure Chest. It's
    Songi's Ra-Seru. Go to Zalan in Jeremi, talk to him, and say "Yes" to
    all of his questions. He'll appraise it into the 'Dark Talisman'. It
    increases defense against Dark attacks and allows its wearer to summon
    the Dark Ra-Seru Jedo.
    5. Fire Ra-Seru Meta
      When you have all of the Arts and Hyper Arts for Vahn, and Meta is
    level eight, go to the Genesis Tree in Warrior's Square in Sol. Talk to
    the tree. After some stuff, Vahn can summon the Fire Ra-Seru Meta.
    6. Wind Ra-Seru Terra
      When you have all of the Arts and Hyper Arts for Noa, and Terra is
    level seven, go to the Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa. Just talk to the
    tree. After some stuff, Noa can summon the Wind Ra-Seru Terra. Of
    course, after beating Seru-kai, you are automatically at the Genesis
    Tree on Mt. Rikuroa, so it doesn't really matter.
    7. Thunder Ra-Seru Ozma
      When you have all of the Arts and Hyper Arts for Gala, and Ozma is
    level six, go to the Genesis Tree in East Voz Forest. Just talk to the
    tree. After some stuff, Gala can summon the Thunder Ra-Seru Ozma.
    8. Evil Seru Juggernaut
      You can get this in Ratayu. When all of your characters are Level 99,
    talk to Saryu in Ratayu. He'll give you a key to the Juggernaut Room.
    Inside the room is a Treasure Chest with the 'Evil Talisman'. If you
    equip it, the wearer can summon the secret Evil Seru Juggernaut. This
    is the "Knights of the Round" in the world of Legaia. At level 1, it
    only does about 7,000 HP damage. It's rumored to do damage as high as
    50,000! I'm assuming it increases defense against Juggernaut's and
    Cort's attacks. If you can get it to Level 9 without using a GameShark,
    congratulations, since it'll take years to get it to that level, and not
    just because of it's high MP cost, but because it's so strong.
            11.2: Miscellaneous Secrets
    1. Point Card
      In Rim Elm, go to the only shop there, near Vahn's house, go upstairs
    and check the drawer in the room all the way to the left near the bed
    closest to the door. The drawer should be locked. But you can open it
    later. After going to Hunter's Spring, you can return to Rim Elm and
    the drawer's open. What's in it? A 'Point Card'. To get Points, well...
    you get points when you buy something in a store, and the points you
    receive are 5% of the price of what you bought. The 'Point Card' can be
    used in battle. The Point Card is used to damage your enemies: one
    point is one HP. If you have a lot of points on the Point Card, you can
    do some major damage. You always use the max. points on the Point Card,
    if it isn't over 9,999. If it is over 9,999, then the extra Points are
    2. Platinum Card
      The 'Platinum Card' can be found in Drake Castle. The 'Platinum Card'
    allows you access to special items at stores. You find it in the Throne
    Room, the left sideroom in the Throne Room. This is the room King Drake
    was trapped in when he was a Seru. You can only get the Card after the
    Mist is gone from this area. Anyway, go to the sideroom and search the
    upper left-hand corner (something similar to a window there), then you
    will have the 'Platinum Card'. This gives you access to special items at
    certain shops. The special items will be in blue.
    3. Camera Stone
      The 'Camera Stone' (made of stone) is just a little extra fun, I
    suppose. You can find it in Vidna to the right Pepe's house. It's just
    used to take pictures of certain people. To see all of the pictures (you
    can't produce pictures), you should use a fresh 'Camera Stone'. If a
    'Camera Stone' breaks, just buy another one. One 'Camera Stone' can only
    take five pictures before it breaks. Anyway, here are the people who
    allow you to take their picture and how many pictures they take:
    Rim Elm:
      - Mei: first time you take her pictures, five will be taken so the
        Camera will break; after you reach a certain point in the game, the
        next time you take her picture, only one will be taken
      - Little girl on beach takes a group picture of Vahn's Group: one
      - After getting Swimsuit, little girl on beach takes pictures of Noa
        in her swimsuit: different poses until Camera breaks
      - Girl in Swimsuit on Beach: one
      - Guy in Trunks next to girl: one
      - Guy in Machine Room, first floor: one
      - Lady who was a messenger for Hari (house with Biron Monks): one
      - Mrs. Danpas: one
      - Mr. Danpas: one
      - Old Man in what was Hot Spring: one
    4. Speed Ring
      The 'Speed Ring' increases your speed by 20%. You get it by taking
    lessons from the Disco King in Sol Tower. After his lesson, if you get
    400 Points or above, he'll say something like, "You're a natural born
    dancer. You may even be one of the best in the Dancing Queen Contest."
    The fifth time he is supposed to say it, which he doesn't, he'll say
    something similar to this, "I can't teach you anymore dance moves."
    He'll give you a 'Speed Ring' as a gift.
    5. Speed Chain
      The 'Speed Chain' gives you the first turn in battle. You get it by
    winning the Dancing Queen Contest. Well, actually, you just have to get
    over 500 Points while dancing, but since you usually get over 500
    Points to win the contest, it seems better to say "Win the Dancing Queen
    Contest." Anyway, after you get 500 Points, talk to the Disco King and
    he'll give you the 'Speed Chain'. The 'Speed Chain' allows its wearer
    to get the first turn in battle.
    6. Chicken King
      In the Muscle Dome, if you participate in the Coliseum Zone and run
    away from the first fight of each difficulty, you will be given the
    'Chicken King' accessory. This accessory, when worn, is an all accessory
    and allows you to run away 100% all the time, except against bosses.
    7. War God Icon
      After you beat Jette's Absolute Fortress, go back to the Muscle Dome
    and enter in the Coliseum Zone, difficulty Master. If you beat it, you
    shall be granted the 'War God Icon'. This accessory allows you to have
    two attack sequences (!two!) in one turn.
    8. Muscle Dome stuff
      In the Muscle Dome in Sol Tower, there are some very good items you
    can exchange Coins for. The ones in yellow are good. The 'Lost Grail'
    restores your HP to its max after you die, there are other accessories
    and they're all useful and good, but you should see for yourself. The
    'Evil God Icon' allows you to steal items from enemies. You steal items
    the same way you absorb Seru.
    9. Life Grail
      You can buy this for 96,000 G in the Warehouse in Sol Tower, or you
    can find it in a place after Sol Tower. The 'Life Grail' restores
    one-tenth of the wearer's HP at the end of each turn.
    10. Vitality Ring
      When you first go to Karisto Station, there will be an 'Honest Man's
    Store' or something like that. There is a kit you can buy 3,000 G. You
    can just take it, but you shouldn't, you should be an "honest" person
    and pay for it. So, to the left of the store is a tree, check it to get
    3,000 G. Now you can pay for the kit without losing any money you had
    before getting the 3,000 G from the tree. After the Mist is cleared,
    come back here and talk to the owner of the store and he'll give you a
    Vitality Ring. The Vitality Ring increases your Agility by 20%.
    11. Magic Grail
      The 'Magic Grail' restores one-tenth of the wearer's MP at the end of
    each turn. You get it in Uru Mais after it is destroyed by Juggernaut.
    It's in one of the holes where, before it was destroyed, you go through
    to get a dream. Go to the outside of the black area, go right, up, and
    keep holding up-left until you get to the end of the ripped area and
    push X to get the 'Magic Grail'.
    12. Soren Secrets book
      When you are in the Floating Castle, there's a room with a big machine
    in the middle and a switch in the most-north wall. When you pull the
    switch, the top of the machine will move and some weird stuff can now be
    seen. Check the weird stuff and you'll find the 'Soren Secrets' book. 
    t's not really a secret, but then again, it's something that can't be
    found very easily. When you give the book to a certain Soren, he'll
    teach you Arts.
    13. Devil Medallion
      After you go to the Soren Camp, if you go back to Mt. Dhini's summit,
    you'll fight Lapis, a secret boss. Lapis ambushes you from behind. Now
    it's your time to fight it. But the problem with this boss is it is
    difficult to beat because it drains your MP, you can't restore MP or
    anything like that. Its attacks do more damage than the last boss. Be
    careful, without Magic, it's going to be hard. If you manage to beat it,
    you'll get the 'Devil Medallion'. An accessory that grants its wearer to
    have the ability to attack from 0-15 Arts per attack, but the problem
    is, you can't control the character when it is equipped!
      You don't need to be a high level to beat Lapis, but you should be at
    at least level 40. Don't equip 'Lost Grail's, unless you have a lot of
    Lost Grails. You shouldn't equip 'Life Grail's, unless your characters are
    high levels (60+). You'll need a lot of 'Phoenix'es.
    14. Something Good
      I don't know anything about it except you find it at some point in the
    game. The description of this item is 'Something Good'.
    15. Seru Encounter
      I don't know where you get it. When equipped, it increases the rate of
    encountering Seru.
    16. Mettle Goblet
      At the very end of the game, in the area where you get the 'Ra-Seru
    Thongs' (the Treasure Chest is in the area after the place where the Rim
    Elm townspeople are, the area after that place doesn't look anything
    that place), before you open the chest, check the big red cell-like wall
    to the right of the Treasure Chest. There will be a 'Mettle Goblet'. The
    'Mettle Goblet' allows the wearer to always have 100 AP
    Part 12: Mini-Games
      There are some very fun mini-games in the world of Legaia. There are
    only five, though. And four of them are in Sol Tower, one is in Vidna,
    and the other one is found on the World Map.
            12.1: Wild Card
      Wild Card is a Slot Machine game. It takes three Coins to play. You
    have to push Square, Triangle, and Circle to try to get three in a row:
    horizontally and diagonally. The secret is to push the button when you
    see the seam on the reel. In other words, push the button of the
    beginning of what you want to get when you see it on the visible gray
    lines. If you get three Punch or Kick symbols in a row, you go to the
    Bonus Game, which grants you money no matter what you get. Try to get
    all "10s" in the middle. Remember, when you see the top of the 10 on the
    line in the middle, push the button, start with Square, then Triangle,
    then Circle, or any order you want, but one at a time. If you succeed,
    you'll get 1,000 Coins!
            12.2: Fishing
      Fishing is just a mini-game. You find fishing places in some places.
    One is near Jeremi and Vidna. Another is east of Buma. You have to get
    a 'Rod' to play. There are three different types of 'Fishing Rods', and
    you can get the...
    - 'Old Rod' in Vidna on the beach
    - 'Deluxe Rod' by exchanging it in the Muscle Dome in Sol Tower
    - Legendary Rod, in the Usha Research Center, after going to Uru Mais,
      talk to the guy eating spicy food, then check the area between two
      beds with a bear on one of the beds to get the 'Legendary Rod'
      The size of and the fish determine how many points you will earn. You
    can exchange the points you earn, or save them for later to go to the
    other Fishing Place to exchange the points for better prizes. The
    'Legendary Rod' is the best. There are different types of Lures. One for
    each type of water: Shallow, Normal, and Deep. You buy the Lures in
    Vidna, in the building to the right of the Hot Springs. The guy with the
    Wild Card machine, if you say "No" to his first question then "Yes" to
    his second one, you can trade Coins for the Lures. Have fun!
            12.3: Baka Fighter
      In Japanese, "baka" actually means "idiot," "stupid," or other stuff
    you can say to ridicule someone. Anyway, the CPU you fight has a set
    pattern, each different monster has a set pattern. But sometimes, when
    you are doing too well, the CPU adds a button here and there to mess you
    up. But the next attack should be part of the pattern, but sometimes it
    isn't. At one point in the fight, the pattern will take place. I shall
    also say the monster's name, just to know who it is. But the order it'll
    appear in is in order of appearance. To fight the Mid-Boss and the very
    Final Boss, you have to get a certain amount of points. The prerequisite
    to fight the Mid-Boss is at least 300,000 points. To fight the Secret
    Boss, you have to get at least 800,000 points, and probably have to
    fight Xain. The Coins you gain each stage is already pre-set, so
    whatever score you get doesn't affect it. If you do fight the Mid-Boss,
    then that stage is Stage 5, and ones after that are one higher number
    than if you didn't fight the Mid-Boss. Also, if you don't fight Xain
    and/or Songi and beat Baka Fighter, the announcer will say, after the
    Victory screen appears, "It's not over yet," and a fading out Songi will
      Only the basic pattern will be listed for the enemy, after it ends,
    it will show "repeat" meaning the pattern starts all over. Sometimes,
    the CPU will start from the middle of the pattern and continue from
    there, or start from the end then continue from there.
    **If you hold Triangle before a match of Baka Fighter begins, the
    waitress from the restaurant on the third first floors will be in the
    center of the screen, bow, and promptly leave.**
      I will only list what the enemy does, not what you should do, since
    the rules are below, showing what you need to do certain attacks, also
    the CPU sometimes throws in random attacks to throw you off, so it would
    be useless to tell you what to push, since the CPU might throw in a
    random attack. If the CPU uses X, you push []; if it uses [], you push
    O; if O is used, you push X.
    [] beats X
     O beats []
     X beats O
    1. Black Piura
    X, repeat
    2. Gobu Gobu
    O, repeat
    3. Skeleton
    [], repeat
    4. Wolf
    X, O, repeat
    Mid-Boss: Xain
    [], [], [], O, O, O, repeat
    5. Warman
    [], O, repeat
    6. Shadow
    [], [], [], X, X, X, O, O, O, repeat
    7. Ogre
    [], X, X, X, X, O, repeat
    8. Twin Tomb
    [], [], O, repeat
    9. Golem
    [], X, O, repeat
    10. Killer Bison
    O, X, X, [], repeat
    11. Grude
    [], [], O, X
    12. Berserker
    O, O, [], [], O, O, X, X
    Secret Boss: Songi
    O, X, X, O, [], [], [], repeat
            12.4: Coliseum Zone
      The Coliseum Zone is very similar to the Battle Arena in FFVII, except
    there are no in-battle handicaps and there are three difficulty
    settings. You can't use items for any difficulty settings. The cost to
    enter the Coliseum Zone is 100 Coins. Remember, Armor is different from
    Weapons. The difficulty settings are Beginner, Expert, and Master.
      - Beginner: eight stages
      - Expert: at least eight stages (you fight some bosses you haven't
        already beaten)
      - Master: fight most bosses after stage eight
    Beginner: No handicaps
    Expert: Can't equip Armor
    Master: Can't equip Armor and use Magic
            12.5: Dancing Queen
      This is found in the Disco Zone in Sol Tower. But you need to get the
    Gold Card for 50 Coins in the Muscle Dome to gain admittance. After you
    get in, you can take lessons from the Disco King to learn how to dance.
    It's similar to PaRappa the Rapper in terms of seeing what to push and
    when to push it. But dancing, beats, and multiple commands for one
    movement, it's similar to Bust a Move (Bust a Groove in U.S.). If you
    win the Contest, Noa becomes the Dancing Queen. Find out for youself
    what you get if you win the Contest.
      You should wait until you get to Level 2 by dancing regularly, then,
    as soon as you get to Level 2, use one Triangle. Then you'll be at Level
    3, dance regularly, but use one more Triangle at one point or another.
    When the announcer starts counting, use the last Triangle on the
    sequence you are on.
    Part 13: Frequently Asked Questions
    What's the use of the Point Card?
      After you earn points you can use it in battle and do really good
    damage if you have enough points. After you use it your points go down.
      When you use the Point Card, all of the points are used at once, so
    you can't choose how many points you want to use.
    What's the use of the Honey in Rim Elm, other than raising Stats and
    giving it to Vahn's sister to make an Elm Cake?
      Well, I'm unsure. But once you use the Honey on a character, the Bees
    mysteriously disappear. But I think near the end of the game, she'll
    give you the cake to eat or something. I don't really know.
    How does the Evil God Icon work?
      You steal items the same way you absorb Seru.
      If you can help me answer questions, or if you have a question, just
    send it to me at lbdangc@aol.com
    Part 14: Special Thanks
    My Previous FAQs:
      As always: layout
    SSTrunks94 <sstrunks94@aol.com>:
      Answered the question "What's the use of the Point Card?" (the first
    Cyntalan Maelstrom <cmaelstrm@aol.com>:
      Told me more about the Point Card (you can't choose how many points to
    use; all of the points are used when you use it; if you have over 10,000
    points, the extra points are saved). Told me all about the Evil Talisman
    and its effects. Told me the Points/Coins needed for the Water and Earth
    Ra-Seru Eggs. Also, told me how to steal items with the Evil God Icon.
    Lord Foul of Illearth  <Dharkshade@aol.com>:
      Told me about the Platinum Card and the Legendary Rod
    tblack <tblack@localink4.com>:
      Told me about the Point Card
    Arstein1 (arstein1@aol.com>:
      same as above
    Crimson Star <ace987@hotmail.com>:
      same as above and told me something about the Legendary Rod
    Turkey6158 <turkey6158@aol.com>:
      corrected me on the Coliseum Zone handicaps and the Point Card usage
    UofMfan204 <ufofmfan204@aol.com>:
      gave some more specifics on the Legendary Rod
    Kight Hawk <khawk213@yahoo.com>:
      told me some stuff you can do with the Camera Stone
    Eric <eric@cuteandcuddly.com>:
      told me you can take the picture of the guy in the Machine Room
    Mr. Nice Guy <MrNiceGuy@skyinet.net>:
      confirmed what Turkey6158 is true
    GSandSDS <seandavid.schoeppler@okay.net>:
      posted on some NG (newsgroup) how and where to get the Mettle Goblet
    Lord Asura <asura_lord@hotmail.com>:
      told me what GSandSDS posted on some NG
    I don't remember <I don't remember>:
      told me a Baka Fighter secret (hold /\ before a match and the waitress
    from the restaurant bows and walks away)
    Muliyanto Tan <mu1iyanto@hotmail.com>:
      I already got this item, but...told me about the Speed Chain
    Legaia1 <legaia1@aol.com>:
      I already knew about this, but...told me Gilium's attack
    Sam Kim Cheong <censor@tm.net.my>:
      I already knew what he told me, but...he told me the names of four
    Ra-Seru spells and told me where you can get the 'Soren Secrets' book ________________________________________________________________________
    Part 15: Author Information
    Name:     Dan GC
    E-mail:   LB Dan GC@aol.com
    Web page: None
              Under Construction	
    ICQ:      None
    "You're funny. But keep it up and you'll just piss me off." ~ Fei of
    Don't plagiarize! It's bad! And always give credit where it is due!
      Yo, people of the world [who E-mail me], sorry about what I say, it's
    just that many of the things people ask or tell me are things I already
    know, so I have to set people straight. Or, things people ask me are
    very stupid and seem very obvious to understand/do. But I have decided
    to thank some people for things I already know, just to be respectful.
    Besides, sometime in April, I beat the game four times, just to see all
    of the endings. So, don't think I don't know where obvious items are,
    'cause I DO know.
    Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

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