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    Save State Hacking Guide by demonsword2

    Version: 0.991 | Updated: 04/14/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Legend of Legaia (c) Contrail, 1999
    Save State Hacking Guide
    Copyright 2009 Carlos Eugenio
       This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike,
    available here http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode. 
    Simplifying the legalese, that means that you are free to copy, print, 
    distribute, and otherwise use this guide any way you want as long as you don't
    violate the license i.e. give credit where it is due! :)
       Derivative works of this guide are allowed provided that you credit me for
    the original work *AND* release it under this same license or other free, 
    copyleft license compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike. If
    you indeed produce a derivate, kindly inform me after it's done so I can enjoy
    it too and maybe even improve this guide (you will be credited for it too of
    Version History
    2009 October 4: v. 0.9
            -First Version of this guide. Still a lot to do, but hey!
    2009 October 6: v. 0.99
            -Added the money offsets
            -Tested the save states with the Windows version of ePSXe (it worked)
            -Corrected inventory starting offset, it was off by 5 positions
            -Completed ALL lists (items, weapons, etc) 
            -Added some stuff in section 1.1 Chars Stats Offsets that were missing
            -"Corrected" my name in the beggining (not everyone uses ISO-8859-1 or
             Unicode after all)
            -Changed license terms, this work now licensed under a open license,
             check it out right above. 
    2010 April 14: v. 0.991
            -Improved way to handle the save state files!!
            -Corrected Gala's level offset
            This is a save state hacking guide for Legend of Legaia, a classic 
    PSX RPG by Contrail. Why I bothered writing this stuff for this game you ask.
    I love this game and wanted to play it again but... couldn't bear the thought
    of grinding for hours to level up... and to finally USE Juggernaut!! (must be
    lv 99 to unlock it, talk about GRIND!!). So I loaded my favorite hexeditor, a 
    diff tool, some save states and now I want to share it with you, my dear lazy
    classic RPG gamer. Enjoy :)
    PS: This guide won't teach you hex editing. There are plenty of other guides 
    who'll teach you better than me.
    PS2: I used ePSXe. State hacking with ePSXe is a bit tricky but I'll explain
    it in detail on section 1.0.
    PS3: Use this guide with moderation! You can ruin your fun if you go overboard
    and max out everything. In fact, I recommend that you beat the game first
    without cheating, and in subsequent replays hexedit away. 
    And, before anyone bug me with annoying accusations, I played on a emulator
    yes, but I DO OWN a copy of this game!
    Well, on to the guide...
    1.0 Save state?
    1.1 Chars stats offsets
       1.1.1 Vahn
       1.1.2 Noa
       1.1.3 Gala
    1.2 Money
    1.3 Items
    1.4 Lists
       1.4.1 Items
       1.4.2 Weapons
 Ra-Seru Weapons (?!) 
 "Normal" Weapons
       1.4.3 Armors
       1.4.4 Helmets
       1.4.5 Boots
       1.4.6 Relics
       1.4.7 Miscellaneous
    1.5 Thanks & contact info
    1.0 Save state?
            Save state is a file with a snapshot of the game progress on a given
    instant. More specifically, its the CPU & Memory data on a given instant. This
    guide was made and tested on ePSXe for Linux (stated above, before the index).
    I guess that the files structure are the same on Linux and Windows but I cannot
    be certain, since I can't and won't install Windows EVER AGAIN :P
    EDIT: in fact the save states works in both versions. Just tested the Windows
    version using wine. (and, surprise! running the Windows version via wine is way
    better than playing the native Linux version. Go figure...)
            As I said earlier it takes some effort to hack the states. First thing,
    ePSXe save states are compressed using gzip, so before you edit anything at all
    you must decompress it (used gunzip but I guess 7-Zip, WinRAR, etc should do the
    trick on Windows). Then you load the file on your hexeditor, edit whatever you
    want, then recompress the file. Remember to remove any file extension that gets 
    added to the recompressed file, if any. Now you can load the save state on the 
    emulator. A word of warning, it seems that ePSXe somehow keeps the save state 
    in memory, so to edit it you must close it before. Phew! I said it was tricky :)
    EDIT: I recently used ePSXe 1.7 -- wine emulation :P -- and there's no need to
    gzip the file again after you're done editing it... just load it (no need to
    restart the emulator too!!)
    So, to be clearer, that's how I (used) to do it myself:
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001 SCUS_942.54.001.gz
    $ gunzip SCUS_942.54.001.gz             #decompressing the file
    $ bless SCUS_942.54.001                 #loading on the hexeditor
    $ gzip SCUS_942.54.001                  #done editing, recompressing it 
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001.gz SCUS_942.54.001 #removing file extension
    $ cd ..
    $ ./epsxe                               #play away
    Since now there's no need to gzip again the file neither restart the emulator
    it may be already running... SO here's the improved way:
    $ wine ePSXe.exe &                      #yeah the windows version IS better
    $ cd sstates/                           
    $ mv SCUS_942.54.001 SCUS_942.54.001.gz #save state name of course
    $ gunzip SCUS_942.54.001.gz             #decompress file
    $ bless SCUS_942.54.001                 #load it on hexeditor
                                            #reload it on ePSXe and play away
            BACKUP YOUR FILES before you edit them to save yourself a lot of grief
    in case something goes wrong! Saving in two or more slots and editing one does
    the trick neatly.
    1.1 Chars stats offsets
            All stats values are reversed (i.e second offset is the 'start'). 
    Suppose you want to set Vahn's Max HP to 500 (0x1F4). Then, you need to fill 
    'F4' in offset 0x849C6 and '01' in offset 0x849C7. Got it?
    1.1.1. Vahn
    name (starting offset): 0x84B69
    Level: 0x849F2
    EXP: 0x
    AP: 0x
    HP  (max/current):        0x849C6 - 0x849C7   /   0x849C8 - 0x849C9
    HP  (unequipped value):   0x849DE - 0x849DF
    MP  (max/current):        0x849CA - 0x849CB   /   0x849CC - 0x849CD
    MP  (unequipped value):   0x849E0 - 0x849E1
    AGL (current/unequipped): 0x849D2 - 0x849D3   /   0x849E4 - 0x849E5
    ATK (current/unequipped): 0x849D4 - 0x849D5   /   0x849E6 - 0x849E7
    UDF (current/unequipped): 0x849D6 - 0x849D7   /   0x849E8 - 0x849E9
    LDF (current/unequipped): 0x849D8 - 0x849D9   /   0x849EA - 0x849EB
    SPD (current/unequipped): 0x849DA - 0x849DB   /   0x849EC - 0x849ED
    INT (current/unequipped): 0x849DC - 0x849DD   /   0x849EE - 0x849EF
    <TODO I kinda found the offsets but I'm lazy right now, when I figure out how 
    to edit them I will update the guide. C'mon you can live without it :P hehe>
    # of moves learned: 0x84A47 
    Insert the moves you want right after the move counter offset. The game will 
    show them in the order you put them in the list! Neat, huh? Rearrange them
    the way you want!
    To have all insert this: 01020304050607080900A0B0C0D0E0F
    Miracle Arts seems to be activated after story event and won't show on the list
    until then (maybe I'm mistaken since its been so long I played the game, email
    me if you find this out).
    Hyper Elbow:    0x0E         Charging Scorch:0x0D
    Somersault:     0x0C         Slash Kick:     0x0B
    Power Punch:    0x0A         Cross-Kick:     0x09
    Pyro Pummel:    0x08         Spin Combo:     0x07
    PK Combo:       0x06         Hurricane:      0x05
    Cyclone:        0x04         Tornado Flame:  0x03
    Fire Blow:      0x02         Burning Flare:  0x01
    1.1.2 Noa
    name (starting offset): 0x84F7D
    Level: 0x84E06
    EXP: 0x
    AP: 0x
    HP  (max/current):        0x84DDA - 0x84DDB   /   0x849C8 - 0x849C9
    HP  (unequipped value):   0x84DF2 - 0x84DF3
    MP  (max/current):        0x84DDE - 0x84DDF   /   0x84DE0 - 0x84DE1
    MP  (unequipped value):   0x84DF4 - 0x84DF5
    AGL (current/unequipped): 0x84DE6 - 0x84DE7   /   0x84DF8 - 0x84DF9
    ATK (current/unequipped): 0x84DE8 - 0x84DE9   /   0x84DFA - 0x84DFB
    UDF (current/unequipped): 0x84DEA - 0x84DEB   /   0x84DFC - 0x84DFD
    LDF (current/unequipped): 0x84DEC - 0x84DED   /   0x84DFE - 0x84DFF
    SPD (current/unequipped): 0x84DEE - 0x84DEF   /   0x84E00 - 0x84E01
    INT (current/unequipped): 0x84DF0 - 0x84DF1   /   0x84E02 - 0x84E03
    <TODO same deal will write them later>
    # of moves learned: 0x84E5B
    All moves: 01020304050607080900A0B0C0D0E0F
    Lizard Tail:    
    Acrobatic Blitz:
    Sonic Javelin:  
    Blizzard Bash:  
    Mirage Lancer:  
    Dolphin Attack: 
    Bird Step:      
    Swan Diver:    
    Tough Love:  
    Rushing Gale:  
    Tempest Break: 
    Frost Breath:  
    Vulture Blade: 
    Hurricane Kick:
    1.1.3 Gala
    name (starting offset): 0x85391
    Level: 0x8521A
    EXP: 0x
    AP: 0x
    HP  (max/current):        0x851EE - 0x851EF   /   0x851F0 - 0x851F1
    HP  (unequipped value):   0x85206 - 0x85207
    MP  (max/current):        0x851F2 - 0x851F3   /   0x851F4 - 0x851F5
    MP  (unequipped value):   0x85208 - 0x85209
    AGL (current/unequipped): 0x851FA - 0x851FB   /   0x8520C - 0x84DF9
    ATK (current/unequipped): 0x851FC - 0x851FD   /   0x8520E - 0x8520F
    UDF (current/unequipped): 0x851FE - 0x851FF   /   0x85210 - 0x85211
    LDF (current/unequipped): 0x85200 - 0x85201   /   0x85212 - 0x85213
    SPD (current/unequipped): 0x85202 - 0x85203   /   0x85214 - 0x85215
    INT (current/unequipped): 0x85204 - 0x85205   /   0x85216 - 0x85217
    <TODO same deal will write them later>
    # of moves learned: 0x
    All moves: 01020304050607080900A0B0C0D0E0F
    Flying Knee Attack:
    Battering Ram:     
    Back Punch:        
    Side Kick:  
    Black Rain: 
    Neo Raising: 
    Electro Thrash: 
    Bull Horns:  
    Thunder Punch: 
    Lightning Storm: 
    Explosive Fist: 
    1.2 Money
            Money works like stats, which means values are in reverse order. For 
    example, you decide to become filthy rich and give yourself 500,000G (0x7A120).
    Put '07' in the third byte, 'A1' in the second and '20' in the first and you're
    good to go.
    Money offsets: 0x84756, 0x84757, 0x84758
    1.3 Items
            Items are stored using two bytes, one identifies the item, the other 
    says the quantity you have, ex. '78 0E' means '14 Healing Flowers'. Refer to
    next section for valid values to enter here. Maybe it goes without saying but
    in this game everything belongs on the same inventory (weapons, items, etc) so
    it can get quite large, I haven't tested how big it can be. If anyone out there
    discover this mail me please so I can update this info!
    Inventory offset (start): 0x85B12
    1.4 Lists
    This section is still work in progress. I plan to play through the game, 
    acquiring everything, and updating the list as I go but you can help by sending
    me the remaining items and testing other values, etc. if you don't want to wait
    (won't take that long anyway, maybe a week or two, but who knows I'm a busy man
    and can drop gaming if work or something else requires it...)
    EDIT: I decided to test all possible values, in case I miss something in my
    gameplay. Note that the game auto-rearranges the inventory so some values
    may be off. As I said before, feel free to correct me if you find any errors :D
    1.4.1 Items
    0x65 Honey                 0x82 Life Water            0x8F Fire Book I
    0x6D Miracle Water         0x83 Power Water           0x90 Fire Book II
    0x77 Healing Leaf          0x84 Guardian Water        0x91 Fire Book III
    0x78 Healing Flower        0x85 Swift Water           0x92 Wind Book I
    0x79 Healing Berry         0x86 Wisdom Water          0x93 Wind Book II
    0x7A Healing Bloom         0x87 Magic Water           0x94 Wind Book III
    0x7B Healing Fruit         0x88 Door of Light         0x95 Thunder Book I
    0x7C Magic Leaf            0x89 Door of Wind          0x96 Thunder Book II
    0x7D Magic Fruit           0x8A Incense               0x97 Thunder Book III
    0x7E Antidote              0x8B Power Elixir          0x98 Lippian Flute
    0x7F Medicine              0x8C Shield Elixir         0x99 Spikefish Flute
    0x80 Phoenix               0x8D Speed Elixir          0xA3 Healing Shroom
    0x81 Fury Boost            0x8E Wonder Elixir
    1.4.2 Weapons Ra-Seru Weapons (?!) 
    What? Why the Ra-Seru are listed here?! If you remember, everytime you save
    a Genesis Tree your chars gets stronger, yes that's how it was implemented...
    (save a tree and the game automatically upgrades your Ra-Seru "weapons" to the
    next level). But you can have two Ra-Seru equipped now, thanks to me!! :D
    They don't get displayed on battle though... Just imagine having two Meta lv.9
    by the end of the game! Oh well...
    0x01 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 1    0x0A Ra-Seru Terra lv. 1   0x13 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 1
    0x02 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 2    0x0B Ra-Seru Terra lv. 2   0x14 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 2
    0x03 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 3    0x0C Ra-Seru Terra lv. 3   0x15 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 3
    0x04 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 4    0x0D Ra-Seru Terra lv. 4   0x16 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 4
    0x05 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 5    0x0E Ra-Seru Terra lv. 5   0x17 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 5
    0x06 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 6    0x0F Ra-Seru Terra lv. 6   0x18 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 6
    0x07 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 7    0x10 Ra-Seru Terra lv. 7   0x19 Ra-Seru Ozma lv. 7
    0x08 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 8    0x11 Ra-Seru Terra lv. 8
    0x09 Ra-Seru Meta lv. 9    0x12 <empty wp. for Noa> "Normal" Weapons
    0x1A Vahn Fist             0x23 Battle Knife          0x2C Holy Claw
    0x1B Ra-Seru Blade         0x24 Short Sword           0x2D Golden Claw
    0x1C Noa Feral             0x25 Force Blade           0x2E Survival Club
    0x1D Hard Beat             0x26 Beast Buster          0x2F Red Club
    0x1E Heavy Strike          0x27 Chaos Breaker         0x30 Power Club
    0x1F Ra-Seru Fangs         0x28 Nail Glove            0x31 Survival Axe
    0x20 Gala Mace             0x29 Crimson Nails         0x32 Battle Axe
    0x21 Ra-Seru Club          0x2A Fighter Claw          0x33 Great Axe
    0x22 Survival Knife        0x2B Bloody Claw           0x52 <empty wp. for Vahn>
    0xBA Astral Sword
    1.4.3 Armors
    0x43 Hunter's Clothes      0x4A Triumph Armor         0x51 Ra-Seru Robe
    0x44 Savior Clothes        0x4B Ra-Seru Armor         0x53 Power Plate
    0x45 Warrior Armor         0x4C Fighting Robe         0x54 Fighting Plate
    0x46 Ironman Armor         0x4D Green Robe            0x55 Valor Plate
    0x47 Master Armor          0x4E Scarlet Robe          0x56 War God Plate
    0x48 Expert Armor          0x4F Tempest Robe          0x57 Ra-Seru Plate
    0x49 Hero Armor            0x50 Battle Robe
    1.4.4 Helmets
    0x34 Warrior Seal          0x39 Guardian Clip         0x3E Ra-Seru Plume
    0x35 Ironman Seal          0x3A Green Clip            0x3F Power Earring
    0x36 Expert Seal           0x3B Jeweled Clip          0x40 Fighter's Band
    0x37 Hero Seal             0x3C Royal Crown           0x41 War God Band
    0x38 Ra-Seru Seal          0x3D Pronged Crown         0x42 Ra-Seru Helmet
    1.4.5 Boots
    0x58 Warrior Boots         0x5E Ra-Seru Boots         0x64 Ra-Seru Shoes
    0x59 Ironman Boots         0x5F Eletric Shoes         0x66 Power Shoes
    0x5A Master Boots          0x60 Tempest Shoes         0x67 Fighting Boots
    0x5B Expert Boots          0x61 Tempest Shoes         0x68 War God Boots
    0x5C Hero Boots            0x62 Olive Shoes           0x69 Ra-Seru Thongs
    0x5D Triumph Boots         0x63 Steel Boots
    1.4.6 Relics
    Note that some equippable relics are also story items, in this case they get
    listed on the next section instead of here, ok?
    0x6E Earth Egg             0xCF Warrior Icon          0xE8 Mettle Ring
    0x6F Water Egg             0xD0 Evil God Icon         0xE9 Mettle Armband
    0x70 Light Egg             0xD1 Speed Chain           0xEA Mettle Goblet
    0x71 Dark Stone            0xD2 Slowness Chain        0xEB Mettle Gem
    0x72 Earth Talisman        0xD3 Target Chain          0xEC War Soul
    0x73 Earth Talisman        0xD4 Defender Chain        0xED Evil Medallion
    0x74 Water Talisman        0xD5 Guardian Chain        0xEE Ivory Book
    0x75 Light Talisman        0xD6 Cure Amulet           0xEF Crimson Book
    0x76 Dark Talisman         0xD7 Pure Amulet           0xF0 Bronze Book
    0x77 Evil Talisman         0xD8 Forest Amulet         0xF1 Golden Compass
    0xC0 Life Ring             0xD9 Magic Amulet          0xF2 Silver Compass
    0xC1 Life Armband          0xDA Stone Amulet          0xF3 Chicken Heart
    0xC2 Magic Ring            0xDB Nature Amulet         0xF4 Chicken Safe
    0xC3 Magic Armband         0xDC Wonder Amulet         0xF5 Chicken Guard
    0xC4 Spirit Jewel          0xDD Earth Jewel           0xF6 Chicken King
    0xC5 Spirit Talisman       0xDE Deep Sea Jewel        0xF7 Life Source
    0xC6 Power Ring            0xDF Burning Jewel         0xF9 Magic Source
    0xC7 Scarlet Jewel         0xE0 Tempest Jewel         0xFA Mettle Source
    0xC8 Azure Jewel           0xE1 Madlight Jewel        0xFB Bad Luck Bell
    0xC9 Guardian Ring         0xE2 Luminous Jewel        0xFC Good Luck Bell
    0xCA Speed Ring            0xE3 Ebony Jewel           0xFD <unnamed item>
    0xCB Wisdom Ring           0xE4 Rainbow Jewel         0xFE Point Card
    0xCC Vitality Ring         0xE5 Life Grail            0xFF Platinum Card
    0xCD War God Icon          0xE6 Magic Grail 
    0xCE Unholy Icon           0xE7 Lost Grail
    1.4.7 Miscellaneous
    0x6A Zalan's Letter        0xA5 Lightning Key         0xB2 Soru Bread
    0x6B Something Good(!?)    0xA6 Star Key              0xB3 Letona Key
    0x6C Minea's Ring          0xA7 Mountain Key          0xB4 West Ratayu Key
    0x9A Mary's Diary          0xA8 Water Key             0xB5 Nemesis Gem
    0x9B Soren's Secrets       0xA9 Fertilizer            0xB6 Seru Flame
    0x9C Gold Card             0xAA Weed Hammer           0xB7 Genesis Seedling
    0x9D Light Lure            0xAB Ra-Seru Egg           0xB8 Soren Flute
    0x9E Normal Lure           0xAC Mei's Pendant         0xB9 <invalid item>
    0x9F Heavy Lure            0xAD Camera Stone          0xBB Music Score
    0xA0 Old Rod               0xAE Star Pearl            0xBC Fire Droplet
    0xA1 Deluxe Rod            0xAF Yuma's Ring           0xBD Ruins Key
    0xA2 Legendary Rod         0xB0 Spring Salts          0xBE TimeSpace Bomb
    0xA4 Sunrise Key           0xB1 Zalan's Crown         0xBF Evil Seru Key
    1.5 Thanks & contact info
    -Thanks to Contrail, for this wonderful game, I enjoy it to this day!
    -Thanks to the free & open source software people!
    -Thanks to the GameFAQs people!
    -Thanks to Zheng Yi Ming for pointing out Gala's level correct offset!
    -Thanks to anyone who deserves a thanks but I forgot to mention!
    You can reach me on demonsword at gmail dot com. Please, if you want to mail
    me, write in proper English so I can understand you. Offensive mails won't 
    get replied. And please, I'm a busy man, so if I don't reply to you the same
    day/month/year/century don't be mad at me ok? :)

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