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    Item/Arts/Seru List by MHobbs

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                     - Legend of Legaia: Item/Arts/Seru List -
                                  By: Matt Hobbs
        The most recent version of this list can be found at "Yelsia 9000"
    Forward: Heh, yeah. Another of my item lists. What can I say? I love making
    lists. :)
    Anyway, this is a list of all the items, arts, and Seru Magic in Legend of
    Legaia. While it should be fairly complete, please let me know if I left 
    anything out or made any errors. Ehh... I guess that's about all I need to
    Table of Contents
     1. Revision History
     2. Weapons
     3. Armor
     4. Helmets
     5. Shoes
     6. Accessories
     7. Items
     8. Arts
     9. Magic
    10. Boring Ending Stuff
     1. Revision History
    V1.0 - Well, I guess everything is new.
         - I'm considering doing a breakdown of all the items and spells (that
           is, where they're located, and such). If you think it's a good idea,
           let me know.
     2. Weapons
    Note: Several weapons can be equipped by everyone (as seen below), but if
          anyone but the person they're meant for equips one, their "Arms"
          command gets longer.
    Key:  V - Vahn, N - Noa, G - Gala. 
    --- Vahn ---
                       Price    ATK   Used
    Survival Knife       180      6   VNG
    Vahn Fist            500     11   V
    Battle Knife        1200     18   VNG
    Short Sword         2700     24   VNG
    Force Blade         4200     40   V
    Beast Buster       14500     58   V
    Chaos Breaker      32000     72   V
    Astral Sword       -----     97   V      (Note: Makes 'Arms' 1.5x longer)
    Ra-Seru Blade      -----     98   V
    --- Noa ---
                       Price    ATK   Used
    Nail Glove           160      6   VNG
    Noa Feral            600      9    N
    Crimson Nails        980     16   VNG
    Fighter Claw        2900     26   VNG
    Hard Beat           3800     34    N
    Bloody Claw         9500     49   VNG
    Holy Claw          17000     64    N
    Heavy Strike       34000     73    N
    Golden Claw        44000     86    N
    Ra-Seru Fangs      -----     96    N
    --- Gala ---
                       Price    ATK   Used
    Survival Club        860     15   VNG
    Red Club            3600     30   VNG
    Gala Mace           5200     38     G
    Survival Axe       10800     53   VNG
    Battle Axe         15600     62   VNG
    Power Club         36000     76     G
    Great Axe          55000     88     G
    Ra-Seru Club       -----    100     G
     3. Armor
    --- Vahn ---
                       Price    UDF   LDF
    Hunter Clothes       900      8     7
    Savior Clothes      1800     16    15
    Warrior Armor       3700     24    24
    Ironman Armor       5300     33    34
    Master Armor       15400     45    45
    Expert Armor       22200     57    56
    Hero Armor         40000     68    67
    Triumph Armor      50000     70    69
    Ra-Seru Armor      -----     83    82
    --- Noa ---
                       Price    UDF   LDF
    Fighting Robe       1100     10     9
    Green Robe          2800     19    18
    Scarlet Robe        4800     31    29
    Tempest Robe       13400     42    39
    Battle Robe        35000     65    60
    Ra-Seru Robe       -----     84    78
    --- Gala ---
                       Price    UDF   LDF
    Power Plate         2100     16    17
    Fighting Plate      4600     28    30
    Valor Plate        13800     41    44
    War God Plate      28800     60    62
    Ra-Seru Plate      -----     75    84
     4. Helmets
    --- Vahn ---
                       Price    UDF   INT
    Warrior Seal         240      6     3
    Ironman Seal         940     15    10
    Expert Seal         2400     23    16
    Hero Seal          12500     44    40
    Ra-Seru Seal       -----     62    64
    --- Noa ---
                       Price    UDF   INT
    Guardian Clip        320      7     4
    Green Clip          1000     16    10
    Jeweled Clip        2500     25    18
    Royal Crown         9400     37    30
    Pronged Crown      18200     50    47
    Ra-Seru Plume      -----     60    64
    --- Gala ---
                       Price    UDF   INT
    Power Earrings       780     14     8
    Fighter's Band      2600     28    20
    War God Band       21000     47    42
    Ra-Seru Helmet     -----     64    64
     5. Shoes
    --- Vahn ---
                       Price    ATK   LDF
    Warrior Boots        420      7     7
    Ironman Boots       1400     16    14
    Master Boots        3200     25    22
    Expert Boots        8800     40    37
    Hero Boots         15500     55    42
    Triumph Boots      31000     72    54
    Ra-Seru Boots      -----     86    62
    --- Noa ---
                       Price    ATK   LDF
    Electric Shoes       560      6     8
    Tempest Shoes       1900     19    17
    Olive Shoes         3900     34    29
    Steel Boots        18000     61    46
    Ra-Seru Shoes      -----     90    60
    --- Gala ---
                       Price    ATK   LDF
    Power Shoes         1300     16    14
    Fighting Boots      4300     33    31
    War God Boots      29000     66    49
    Ra-Seru Thongs     -----     88    64
     6. Accessories
    --- Accessories ---
                       Price    Effect
    Life Ring           9500    Max HP +10%
    Life Armband       30000    Max HP +25%
    Mei's Pendant      -----    Max HP +10%; Pendant belonging to Mei
    Minea's Ring       -----    Max HP +25%; Ring belonging to Queen Minea
    Magic Ring         20000    Max MP +10%
    Magic Armband      50000    Max MP +25%
    Yuma's Ring        -----    Max MP +10%; Momento of Zalan's late wife
    Mettle Ring        12000    Increases AP accrual by 10%
    Mettle Armband     40000    Increases AP accrual by 25%
    Zalan's Crown      -----    Increases AP accrual by 10%; Crown made by Zalan
    Seru Flame         -----    Increases AP accrual by 25%; Travel back in time
    Scarlet Jewel       2500    UDF +20%
    Azure Jewel         2500    LDF +20%
    Guardian Ring       8000    UDF & LDF +20%
    Power Ring          8000    ATK +20%
    Speed Ring          8000    SPD +20% 
    Wisdom Ring         8000    INT +20%
    Vitality Ring      50000    AGL +20%
    Star Pearl         -----    INT +20%; Key to the Gate of Shadows
    Spirit Jewel       30000    Reduces MP cost of spells by 25%
    Spirit Talisman    50000    Reduces MP cost of spells by 50%
    Mettle Gem         64000    Reduces AP cost of arts by 50%
    Mettle Goblet      65000    Keeps AP at 100
    Fire Droplet       -----    Keeps AP at 100; Ingredient for TimeSpace Bomb
    Life Source        50000    Slowly restores HP while walking
    Magic Source       50000    Slowly restores MP while walking
    Mettle Source      50000    Slowly restores AP while walking
    Life Grail         40000    Restores HP after every turn in battle
    Magic Grail        40000    Restores MP after every turn in battle
    Lost Grail         60000    Revives wearer once when HP hits 0
    War Soul           60000    Increases power of arts
    Cure Amulet          800    Protects against Venom status
    Pure Amulet         1600    Protects against Venom and Toxic status
    Forest Amulet       4000    Protects against Rot status
    Magic Amulet        4000    Protects against Curse status
    Nature Amulet       8000    Protects against Numb status
    Stone Amulet       15000    Protects against Petrify status
    Wonder Amulet      50000    Protects against all status ailments
    Earth Jewel         2000    Resists Earth attacks
    Deep Sea Jewel      2000    Resists Water attacks
    Burning Jewel       2000    Resists Fire attacks
    Tempest Jewel       2000    Resists Wind attacks
    Madlight Jewel      4000    Resists Thunder attacks
    Luminous Jewel      4000    Resists Light attacks
    Ebony Jewel         4000    Resists Dark attacks
    Rainbow Jewel      50000    Resists all elemental attacks
    Ra-Seru Egg        -----    Resists Thunder attacks; Egg of Ra-Seru Ozma
    Earth Egg          -----    Resists Earth attacks; Egg of Ra-Seru Palma
    Water Egg          -----    Resists Water attacks; Egg of Ra-Seru Mule
    Light Egg          -----    Resists Light attacks; Egg of Ra-Seru Horn
    Dark Stone         -----    Resists Dark attacks; Remains of Songi's Ra-Seru
    Earth Talisman     -----    Resists Earth attacks, can summon "Palma"
    Water Talisman     -----    Resists Water attacks, can summon "Mule"
    Light Talisman     -----    Resists Light attacks, can summon "Horn" 
    Dark Talisman      -----    Resists Dark attacks, can summon "Jedo"
    Evil Talisman      -----    Lowers encounter rate, can summon "Juggernaut"
    Target Chain        1200    Increases hit rate
    Defender Chain      1200    Increases evade rate
    Guardian Chain      6000    Neither the wearer nor the enemy can block
    Speed Chain        30000    Wearer gets the first turn in battle
    Slowness Chain      1000    Wearer gets the last turn in battle
    Crimson Book       65000    Increases Exp won after battle
    Golden Book        40000    Increases money won after battle by 25%
    Bronze Book         8000    Increases chances of winning items after battle
    Ivory Book          5000    Increases chances of absorbing a Seru
    Silver Compass      3000    Reduces chances of getting ambushed in battle
    Golden Compass      3000    Increases chances of ambushing enemies
    Good Luck Bell     12000    Lowers encounter rate
    Bad Luck Bell      13000    Raises encounter rate
    Nemesis Gem        -----    Raises encounter rate; Opens Jette's Fortress
    War God Icon       60000    Perform attack sequence twice
    Evil God Icon      40000    Steal items when killing enemies
    Warrior Icon       55000    Allows wearer to counterattack
    Unholy Icon        50000    Ignore enemy defense (?)
    Evil Medallion      9998    Wearer is berserk; attacks randomly
    Chicken Heart      10000    Increases chances of successfully escaping
    Chicken Safe       10000    Increases defense while escaping
    Chicken Guard      10000    Prevents enemies from running away
    Chicken King       25000    Gives you a 100% chance of escaping
    <No Name>          -----    Fight only Seru; Can only get with GameShark
     7. Items
    --- Items ---
                       Price    Effect
    Healing Leaf         100    Restores 200 HP
    Healing Shroom        60    Restores 200 HP
    Healing Bloom        600    Restores 200 HP for all allies
    Healing Flower       800    Restores 800 HP
    Healing Fruit       2400    Restores 800 HP for all allies
    Healing Berry       3000    Restores Full HP
    Soru Bread          6000    Restores Full HP, used in "Sage's Chest" puzzle
    Magic Leaf          1000    Restores 50 MP
    Magic Fruit         5000    Restores 200 MP
    Phoenix             1600    Revives dead ally with minimal HP
    Antidote              40    Cures Poison
    Medicine             300    Cures all status ailments
    Door of Light        200    Escape from a dungeon
    Door of Wind         200    Teleport to any town you've previously visited
    Fury Boost          2000    Boosts Attack Gauge for one battle
    Incense             2000    Lowers Encounter Rate for a short time
    Power Elixir        1500    Raises Strength for one battle
    Shield Elixir       1500    Raises Defense for one battle
    Speed Elixir        1500    Raises Speed for one battle
    Wonder Elixir       6000    Raises all stats for one battle
    Life Water          5000    Permanently raises Max HP by 16 points
    Magic Water         5000    Permanently raises Max MP by 8 points
    Power Water         2000    Permanently raises Strength by 4 points
    Guardian Water      2000    Permanently raises UDF and LDF by 4 points
    Swift Water         2000    Permanently raises Speed by 4 points
    Wisdom Water        2000    Permanently raises Intelligence by 4 points
    Miracle Water      10000    Permanently raises all stats by 4 points
    Honey              10000    Permanently raises all stats by 4 points
    Fire Book I        -----    Teaches Vahn the Hyper Art, "Tornado Flame"
    Fire Book II       -----    Teaches Vahn the Hyper Art, "Fire Blow"
    Fire Book III      -----    Teaches Vahn the Hyper Art, "Burning Flare"
    Wind Book I        -----    Teaches Noa the Hyper Art, "Frost Breath"
    Wind Book II       -----    Teaches Noa the Hyper Art, "Vulture Blade"
    Wind Book III      -----    Teaches Noa the Hyper Art, "Hurricane Kick"
    Thunder Book I     -----    Teaches Gala the Hyper Art, "Thunder Punch"
    Thunder Book II    -----    Teaches Gala the Hyper Art, "Lightning Storm"
    Thunder Book III   -----    Teaches Gala the Hyper Art, "Explosive Fist"
    Platinum Card      -----    Buy secret items at certain shops
    Point Card         -----    Use in battle; Points = Damage
    Lippian Flute        100    Summons a Lippian; Effect Unknown
    Spikefish Flute      100    Summons a Spikefish; Escape from battles
    Sunrise Key        -----    Opens the "Sunrise Gate" at Drake Castle
    Lightning Key      -----    Opens the "Lightning Gate" at Drake Castle
    Star Key           -----    Opens the "Star Gate" at Drake Castle
    Mountain Key       -----    Opens the "Mountain Gate" at Drake Castle
    Water Key          -----    Closes the Drake Castle floodgate
    Fertilizer         -----    Makes Bridge Grass grow in West Voz Forest
    Weed Hammer        -----    Smashes 'Crystal Weeds' in East Voz Forest
    Zalan's Letter     -----    Letter from Zalan to his son
    Spring Salts       -----    Make bath into hot spring, give to Octam's Mayor
    Letona Key         -----    Opens gate to Mt. Letona in Ratayu
    West Ratayu Key    -----    Opens the west gate in Ratayu
    Genesis Seedling   -----    Seedling of Sol's Genesis Tree
    Ruins Key          -----    Calls Tieg at Uru Mais
    TimeSpace Bomb     -----    Needed to open Nivora Ravine and destroy Koru
    Music Score        -----    A special song, Proof of Cara and Grantes' love
    Soren Flute        -----    Calls the Soren at Mt. Dhini
    Camera Stone       -----    Used to take pictures
    Swimsuit           -----    Used while taking pictures at Vidna
    Gold Card          -----    Allows entrance to the "Sol Fever Disco"
    Mary's Diary       -----    Vulgar, graphic diary; Trade to learn Arts
    Soren Secrets      -----    Book of Soren Secrets; Trade to learn Arts
    Evil Seru Key      -----    Opens the sealed 'Seru Bride' room in Ratayu
    Something Good     50000    No description; Can only get with GameShark
    Old Rod            -----    Used for fishing - Old, weak rod
    Deluxe Rod         -----    Used for fishing - Deluxe, brand name rod
    Legendary Rod      -----    Used for fishing - Best fishing rod available
    Light Lure           200    Used for fishing - Lure for shallow waters
    Normal Lure          300    Used for fishing - Lure for normal-depth waters
    Heavy Lure           400    Used for fishing - Lure for deep waters
     8. Arts
    A - Arms            (Note: Before you get a Ra-Seru, "Arms" and "Ra-Seru"
    R - Ra-Seru          are listed as "Left" and "Right". Noa's are reversed,
    H - High             however, so it'd be difficult to interchange the 
    L - Low              commands in this list...)
    To learn arts, simply make sure you have enough AP to use it, then key in
    the listed code. Hyper Arts work a bit differently, however. You can't learn
    them unless you use the Fire, Wind, and Thunder Books on the character with
    the respective element. And just a quick reminder... While Normal, Hyper, 
    and Miracle Arts appear on the in-game Arts list, Super Arts *don't*, since 
    they're basically just advanced versions of normal moves.
    %%%%%% Vahn %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --- Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Hyper Elbow          18      A R A
    Charging Scorch      18      L R H
    Somersault           18      H L H
    Slash Kick           18      H L A
    Power Punch          18      A A L 
    Cross-Kick           24      L L L H
    Pyro Pummel          24      A R H A
    Spin Combo           24      H L R A
    PK Combo             24      L H H A
    Hurricane            24      H H L L
    Cyclone              24      L H H H
    --- Hyper Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Tornado Flame        30      R R A
    Fire Blow            40      R R L A
    Burning Flare        50      R L A L A
    --- Super Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Power Slash          54      L R H L H L A
    Fire Tackle          54      A R A A L R H
    Maximum Blow         54      L R H L A A L
    Tri-Somersault       60      H L H H H L H
    Rolling Combo        66      H L R A A L H H A
    --- Miracle Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Vahn's Craze         99      R L A H A H R L A
    %%%%%% Noa %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --- Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Lizard Tail          18      H L H
    Acrobatic Blitz      18      H L L
    Sonic Javelin        18      A L A
    Blizzard Bash        18      A R L
    Mirage Lancer        24      A A H H
    Dolphin Attack       24      A A R A
    Bird Step            24      L L L H
    Swan Diver           24      L H H H
    Tough Love           30      L H L R A
    Rushing Gale         30      H H R L A
    Tempest Break        36      A A R H H H
    --- Hyper Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Frost Breath         40      R R A A
    Vulture Blade        50      R R A R A
    Hurricane Kick       70      R H H H H L A
    --- Super Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Super Javelin        48      H H R L A L A
    Dragon Fangs         54      H L H H H L L
    Triple Lizard        66      L L L H H H L H
    Super Tempest        60      A A R A A R H H H
    Love You             72      A A H H L H L R A
    --- Miracle Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Noa's Ark            99      R H A L H R H L A
    %%%%%% Gala %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    --- Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Flying Knee Attack   18      L H A
    Battering Ram        18      A R L
    Ironhead             18      H L L
    Back Punch           18      A R A
    Guillotine           18      A H A
    Head-Splitter        18      A H H 
    Side Kick            24      L L H H
    Black Rain           24      H A L L
    Neo Raising          30      A A R H A
    Electro Thrash       30      H A L R A
    Bull Horns           30      A H R L A
    --- Hyper Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Thunder Punch        30      R R A
    Lightning Storm      40      R R H A
    Explosive Fist       50      R R A A A
    --- Super Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Rushing Crush        54      A R L H A H H
    Super Ironhead       54      L H A H H L L
    Back Punch x3        54      H L L H A R A
    Heaven's Drop        60      L H A H H A L L
    Neo Static Raising   66      A R A H A A R H A
    --- Miracle Arts ---
                         AP      Sequence
    Biron Rage           99      R R L H L H L A A
     9. Magic
    Fire    - A little fireball      Earth - A brown rock
    Thunder - A lightning bolt       Light - A white cross/star
    Wind    - A green tornado        Dark  - A black sphere
    Water   - A water droplet        Evil  - A purple demon face
    Well, the in-game tutorial explains pretty wellhow the Seru absorb system
    works. Just kill that specific Seru until you absorb it. Also, don't listen
    to Meta when he says "I can't absorb all Seru" during the sequence where he
    explains how it works, either. As long as it has an icon, you can absorb it.
    (With one exception, but I believe you'll know it when you see it.)  This
    process can be greatly simplified be simplified by equipping Ivory Books, 
    which increases the chance of absorbing a Seru. They're actually almost an
    essential later on... Also, try to avoid slaughtering Seru. If one has 1,000
    HP, and you launch a Hyper Art that does 3,000 damage at it, you...more than
    likely won't absorb it.
    Ra-Seru work differently. Meta, Terra, and Ozma can be learned through 
    special means later on in the game (which I won't get into), but all the 
    rest of them require you to equip the various talismans. For example, equip
    the Light Talisman, and the Ra-Seru "Horn" will appear on your spell list.
    Unequip it, and it'll disappear. That's really all there is to it.
    --- Seru ---
                    MP   Elem.    Effect
    Gimard          10   Fire     "Burning Attack" - Fire attack on one enemy
    Zenoir          36   Fire     "Vertical Hammer" - Fire attack in range
    Gola Gola       40   Fire     "Spinning Flare" - Fire attack on all enemies
    Theeder         24   Thunder  "Turning Laser" - Thunder attack in range
    Viguro          64   Thunder  "Plasma Storm" - Thunder attack on all enemies
    Gilium         160   Thunder  "Space Cannon" - Thunder attack on all enemies
    Gizam           28   Water    "Bubble Crush" - Poisons all enemies + damage
    Freed           40   Water    "Freezing Point" - Water attack on all enemies
    Slippery       110   Water    "Deadly Rain" - Water attack on all enemies
    Swordie         32   Wind     "Sonicsizer" - Repeated Wind attacks 
    Nova            48   Wind     "Violent Wind" - Wind attack on one enemy
    Barra           85   Wind     "Hell Dive" - Wind attack on one enemy
    Mushura         60   Earth    "Crazy Driver" - Repeated hits in range
    Kemaro          72   Earth    "Canine Fangs" - Earth attack on one enemy
    Iota            90   Earth    "Odd Dimension" - Earth attack on all enemies
    Vera             6   Light    "Mystic Care" - Restores HP
    Orb             18   Light    "Holy Orb" - Restores HP for all allies
    Spoon           45   Light    "Holy Eyes" - Restores HP for all allies
    Aluru           90   Light*   "Final Blast" - Attack or kill enemy
    Nighto          13   Dark     "Hell's Music" - Confuse or kill enemy
    Puera          120   Dark     "Dream Illusion" - Dark attack on all enemies
    *Does anyone else besides me think that the makers goofed here, and Aluru 
     was supposed to be Dark Element? First of all, there're four Light Seru and
     only two Dark Seru, and it's effect really doesn't match that of the other
     three Light Seru. But more importantly, though, is that it's attack is 
     *very* similar in effect to that of Nighto and Jedo. Just a thought... 
    --- Ra-Seru ---
                    MP   Elem.    Effect
    Meta           240   Fire     "Inferno" - Fire attack on all enemies
    Terra          240   Wind     "Queen Twister" - Wind attack on all enemies
    Ozma           240   Thunder  "Voltagor" - Thunder attack on all enemies
    Palma          200   Earth    "Meteor Cluster" - Earth attack on all enemies
    Mule           200   Water    "Deep Avalanche" - Water attack on all enemies
    Horn           200   Light    "Resurrector" - Restores HP for all allies
    Jedo           200   Dark     "Deadly Promise" - Attack or kill all enemies
    Juggernaut*    255   Evil     "Dark Eclipse" - Repeated hits; Massive damage
    *Note: Juggernaut is listed as "Evil Seru Magic" in your spell list.
     10. Boring Ending Stuff
    There're no credits yet, so...
    Well, if you found a mistake, or have something to add, mail me at 
    YelseyKing@aol.com. Please remember, this is just an item list, so don't 
    mail me asking questions about the game. 
    This FAQ ©2000 Matt Hobbs
    Legend of Legaia ©1998-1999 SCEA

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