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"The so called amazing battle system isn't amazing..."

Legend of Legaia is a RPG for the Sony Playstation. It quickly gained a cult following due to it's unique battle system that appealed to many. I find the game and it's battle system mediocre though. Read on to find out more regarding Legend of Legaia.

Graphics:7.3/10:Out of battles the Graphics aren't too good. Expect about FFVII Graphics out of battles. Areas don't look too good and characters are very pixelish. The Graphics during battles are great though. Character designs look very good in battle. Weapons have different designs in battle too which is a nice addition. Animations for attacks are pretty good and enemy designs while not too amazing are done okay. Bosses look fine as well. Overall bad out of battle Graphics, but good in battle Graphics.

Gameplay:6/10:Legend of Legaia is mostly typical RPG fare in terms of traveling. You'll of course, be going from town to dungeon. At towns you'll as usual be upgrading equipment. Also, resting at the Inn to recover your HP/MP. Once, your done at town you watch the event you need in town then move onto the next dungeon. At the next dungeon, simply travel through to the end and face the boss. Battles and exploration is done with a three man party. Legend Of Legaia is a turn based RPG, but with a not so good innovative feature for battles.

The Arts system. Legend of Legaia gets it's recognition from fans due to the Arts system. Basically, during battle you can enter certain commands and combine them to form a Art. A Art is basically a special attack that does more damage then doing a ordinary attack. A fortunately good feature to the Arts system is the Spirit system. In order to make the bar that you enter commands/combine them you must use Spirit. Spirit is where a character charges there power and the next round takes less damage. So, fortunately due to Spirit a little more strategy is added to battles. Now, the problem with the Arts system is the animations. Battles take a lot longer then they should due to the Arts system. Since every battle composes of using Spirit then using your best Arts with all characters. Due to Arts attack animations taking so long battles take a lot LONGER then they SHOULD. Combine this with the fact when enemies are knocked down onto the ground from a attack you have to wait about three seconds for the enemy to stand up. So, due to the Arts system which adds no strategic value and enemies having to stand up after being knocked down battles take forever. Towards the end because of this random battles took at least five minutes. The Arts system adds no strategy at all to the game and makes battles take much longer then they should. Now, there's another problem I have with this game.

Seru which are monsters that grant you magic. You have to capture them in order to gain their spell, but it's very time consuming. What you have to do is kill the a certain monster and pray you obtain it. If you don't then simply have to keep getting into battles and running into the right enemy. Due to this Seru is very frustrating to get. Since you have to usually spend a decent amount of time to get a spell you really need. It gets worse from there though, you have to level up your Seru as well. Yeah, basically you use a Seru a certain amount of times and it level ups. When it levels it has a better effect and costs more MP to use. So, not only is catching a Seru time consuming, but leveling one up is as well. Overall the Gameplay in Legend Of Legaia is mediocre. Arts make battles take longer and add no strategic value whatsoever. Seru you not only have to get lucky to catch, but must level as well. Due to these pointless time consuming major parts of the game you'll mostly be bored.

Story:5.8/10:The Storyline in Legend of Legaia is nothing special really. Your living a peaceful life as Vahn, but one day the "Mist" invades your village. Monsters begin attacking and you must find out the cause of the problem. From, that point on the Storyline never really develops. The three characters you get have nearly no personality as well. Dialogue in the game is written okay, but it could have been much better. Out of the three, Vahn the protagonist is silent as well. So, you only have two characters to really develop on. They only developed on them very little though. Aside, from their introductions you only learn very little about them as you proceed through the game.

I have to admit though, the Storyline made me curious. For some reason, I wanted to find out who was behind the mist as I played through the game. So, that's a positive at least. Overall the Storyline in Legend of Legaia is pretty bad. The characters hardly get any development or say anything interesting throughout the game. Noa, one of the three party members in the game does get some slight development towards the end though. Dialogue in the game is written okay, but it could have been so much better. So, the Storyline has poor characters and the dialogue isn't written too well. The game also has very few interesting events and will never hold your attention often. Fortunately, it oddly makes you curious to find out who's behind all the trouble in the game. As said, before and I will say again the Storyline is very bad, but not absolutely horrible. So, the Storyline gets a 5.8

Music:9/10:The Music in the game is very good. The town songs are pretty good and the battle/boss songs are great too. Dungeon songs are pretty good as well. I don't think this quite deserves a 10, but it is close to a 10 I will admit. Overall a pretty good soundtrack.

Overall:6/10:Legend of Legaia is a mediocre game. The Gameplay is ruined due to the very slow battle system. The Storyline is pretty bad and has nothing really interesting about it. Graphics are bad out of battle, but in battle look pretty good. Fortunately, the game has a good soundtrack. Overall, Legend of Legaia is a very disappointing game in my opinion. So, it gets a 6/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/29/08, Updated 07/20/09

Game Release: Legend of Legaia (US, 03/17/99)

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