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"Great RPG-Battle System and Tournament Ring Rule!!"

Surprisingly, I have read alot of the reviews and am quite surprised how negatively some of the reviewer reacted to this great RPG.

I have played FFVII and, patiently, await FVIII, but by no means do I believe that Legend of Legaia is just a interim game until FVIII is released. I, just, on a whim rented the game, became entranced with the story, gameplay and unique battle system. After renting the game for 3-4 times, I couldn't find it in the rental stores and bought the game. Additionally, a friend of mine(who shared the FVII experience) bought the game.

I am puzzled that people are critically bashing this game(i.e, it sucks, the story is childish). I find these statement to be linked to an over-saturation of special effects in current blockbuster films.

This game, like so many RPGs, starts off simple so that the gamer can learn and understand the storyline and battle system(By the way, the battle system is not impossible to learn and once you have the hang of it, it is clearly unique and thought provoking). The real joy of this game is towards the middle and end of the story. The fighting tournament is just perfect(I, currently, have only beaten the beginner and expert), you really have to play around with your accessories to find the proper combinations to allow a victory. Second, I just found the items to be able to fish at the pond(I have played "Reel Fishing", and this fishing game is so much more realistic in the feel and action, it's a blast!!).

I have also played Xenogears and never finished it. The storyline on that game was way to complicated and the lack of gameplayon the second disk bored the daylights out of me. This game is much more interesting, I like having the ability to go where ever I want to at any time in the game, which this game permits, Xenogears made you feel like you were a bull being led by a ring in your nose.

I won't sing praises without a few complaints. One, movement on the world map is slow. Two, after level 2-3 on the magic, it takes forever to level up the magic.

Otherwise, this is an incredible game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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