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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DWagoner

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete--English Playstation Version
                              FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.2
                                    by Daniel Wagoner
                            Original Version July 3, 2000
                            Last Revision August 20, 2002
    *Note:  This file is best viewed with WordPad for Windows 95/98 in normal
    (640X480) resolution.
    I.    Revision History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Version Differences
    IV.   Common Questions
    V.    Characters
    VI.   Lists
        A.  Spells
        B.  Items
        C.  Special Items
        D.  Accessories
        E.  Magic Items
        F.  Weapons
        G.  Armor and other equipment
        H.  Bromide Locations
        I.  Rememberizer Locations
    VII.  Walkthrough
    VIII. Song Lyrics and Soundtrack CD track list
    IX.   Special Thanks
    I.  Revision History
    version 1.2--finally finished updating with information from the
                 official strategy guide; several errors fixed;
                 modified Zophar strategies; various other updates.
    version 1.1--added more common questions; Goddess Crest combos added;
                 another strategy for Zophar added; various minor updates.
    version 1.0--the walkthrough is complete! added some common questions;
                 added Rememberizer locations to the lists section; bromide
                 and Rememberizer lists completed.
    version 0.8--the walkthrough is complete except for the epilogue; lists
                 section greatly expanded.
    version 0.3--now covers the full game; lists section started, common
                 questions section started, song lyrics and soundtrack CD
                 section started and completed; walkthrough expanded;
                 other major revisions.
    version 0.1--initial release; covers only the demo version.
    II.  Introduction
    Lunar: Eternal Blue is the second game in the popular Lunar series.  It is a
    traditional style RPG for the Sony Playstation.  It features beautiful 2D
    graphics, an excellent storyline, a witty text translation, a great battle
    system, over 50 minutes of animated video sequences, and about an hour and a
    half of total speech from many different speaking characters.  There are two
    saves allowed per memory block on a standard PSX memory card, which means you
    can have up to 30 saves per card!  Note that this game does not directly
    support the PS2 8MB memory card (although saved data may be stored safely on
    the PS2 memory card for backup purposes via the PS2's memory card manager).
    A demo version of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete was included with the game
    Vanguard Bandits, a strategy-RPG for the Playstation released in June 2000.
    **Important packaging notices: While you're examining the awesome packaging
    that comes with this game, you will notice a sleeve that holds the soundtrack
    CD and has a slot for the demo CD.  Be warned that the process of sliding the
    CDs in and out of this sleeve can easily cause light scratching of the CD,
    which may eventually lead to read errors.  I highly advise that you do NOT use
    the sleeve to store any CDs.  Instead, you should locate some empty jewel cases
    (available cheaply in many stores) and store the soundtrack and demo in those
    instead.  There are also game spoilers in the Making of Lunar 2 disc, so I
    would advise viewing it after completing the game (even if you've played the
    Sega CD version of Lunar 2!).  The soundtrack list contains a spoiler, and the
    character standees contain two spoilers.  Don't open the standees until you've
    reached Vane, to be safe.  You'll discover the identity of these two characters
    by then.  I'll also remind you when it's safe to open the standees in the
    If you haven't played the first Lunar game, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete,
    I would advise you to play it first (check out my FAQ on that game for more
    information).  The storyline In Lunar: Eternal Blue is based heavily on Lunar:
    SSSC's story, and Lunar: EB contains many major spoilers for Lunar: SSSC's
    storyline.  If you can't find Lunar: SSSC for the PSX (it's now out of print),
    try a used game store (many retail and online stores carry used games).
    I tried my best not to spoil anything about the game for you.  I recommend that
    if you're playing the game for the first time, use this file as a reference. 
    If you get stuck, go to the part of the Walkthrough where you need help and
    read only until you find the answer to your question.  Some spoiler information
    will be given away in the walkthrough, be warned!  The biggest spoilers will be
    marked with warnings.  Although you can read your manual (...or maybe it should
    be called an instruction novel? :P) for basic gameplay information, I've
    included some of the basics here for reference.
    Here's what the buttons do:
    Start: quick save during walkabout mode.
    Select: activate menu.
    Directional pad/Left analog stick: move characters/cursor.
    R&L buttons: In menus, these buttons will switch between
                 characters when you are looking at equipment or spells.
    O button: cancel selections; dash--used in dungeons ONLY.  Tapping this
              gives you about a 3-second boost of speed.
    X button: action button; used to accept options, talk, search, etc.
    Square button: activate menu.
    Triangle button: cancel selections.
    "L3" button: by pushing in the left analog stick until it clicks, you can
                 dash, just as with the O button.
    The analog controller is supported, and it allows you to alternatively use the
    left analog joystick to move your characters.  "Dual Shock" is supported; it
    provides jolts in battles, and some other parts of the game as well.
    Playstation 2 notes: If you're lucky enough to own a PS2, this game will work
    fine on the system.  Enabling the "Smooth textures" feature of the Playstation
    driver has no noticeable effects on this game, since there are no real polygons
    present.  The "Fast loading" option will speed up load times when moving
    between different areas of the game.  There are no major problems with Lunar 2
    on the PS2.  Lunar 1 also works well on the PS2 with no problems.  I tested
    Lunar 1&2 on my American PS2 model #30001, containing the version 1.10 drivers.
    The menu works like this: select from the following options: Magic, Item,
    Equip, and System.  Non-equipped items are stored in a single inventory, which
    is shared by the party.  You can carry up to 20 of each item, but it seems you
    can hold as many different items as you wish.  The equip screen doubles as a
    status screen for each character.  Each character can equip a weapon, shield,
    helmet, armor, 2 accessories, and 2 magic crests.  Some characters, such as
    Lucia and Gwyn, cannot change their equipment.  Note that you can save your
    game anywhere you like, as long as you have control of the characters.
    The system menu has the following options: Save, Load, Tactics, and Configure. 
    Tactics allows you to change the party formation, as well as set up
    user-defined command sequences to be used in battle.  The config screen has the
    following options:
    Vibration: On, Off, or Auto (controls the "Dual Shock" feature;
                                 On=always on;
                                 Off=always off;
                                 Auto=Off when analog indicator is dim, On when
                                 analog indicator is lit.)
    Window Style: Solid or Clear (self explanatory)
    Window Color: (choose from Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, or White)
    Spell Names: On or Off (enable/disable spell name display in battle)
    Battle Voices: On or Off (enable/disable speech in battles)
    Unfortunately, you can't change the button assignments :(
    III.  Version Differences
    There are many different versions of Lunar 2.  This section will attempt to
    clarify the differences between the versions.
    The first version is called Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega CD.  There are
    both Japanese and English versions of this game.
    The second version is Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sega Saturn.  Only a Japanese
    version exists.  This game had improved graphics and animations over the
    original.  However, the storyline remains relatively unchanged.
    The latest version is Lunar: Eternal Blue for the Sony Playstation.  This is
    the version this FAQ deals with.  There are Japanese and English versions. 
    This game is very similar to the second version.  I am not aware of any major
    differences.  I own the Sega CD English version and the English PSX version.  I
    do not have first hand information about the Saturn version; I am simply
    repeating information I have found on the Internet regarding these versions. 
    If I am in error in any way, please let me know.
    Differences between the Sega CD and PSX English versions (no spoilers):
    Most of the game and the storyline are almost identical.  There is now more
    emphasis on the relationship between Hiro and Lucia, which lets the player feel
    the building relationship between the two main characters.  The magic system
    has been changed.  There are no more Magic EXP.  New spells are either learned
    by leveling-up, or by equipping magical crests that bestow new spells.  Also,
    there is NO cost for saving the game, as there was in the English Sega CD
    version.  Also new are the Bromides.  Just like in Lunar: SSSC, there are many
    secret Bromides to be found in Lunar: EB.  The difference is that in this game,
    there are male bromides as well as female ones!  That's the basic gist of
    what's new in the PSX version.
    Differences between the demo and complete versions of the game:
    As I mentioned before, a demo version of this game was included with Vanguard
    Bandits in mid-2000.  Here is a list of all the differences I am aware of:
    1.  The speech in battles was Japanese in the demo, now it's in English.
    2.  There was a music slowdown bug that plagued the demo.  This problem has
        been completely fixed in the full game.
    3.  A few text changes, and a few items and spells were renamed.
    4.  The opening movie had a grainy appearance as the text was displayed;
        this was fixed by replacing the text with a speech narration.
    5.  A few speech segments were added that weren't in the demo.
    6.  Various other minor differences.
    IV.  Common Questions
    Q: Where are all the bromides?  I'll just die if I can't have them ALL!!
    A: Whoa, there partner.  Scope out section H of the lists sections for
       locations for every bromide in the game; all 23 of them--including the
       super-secret Bromide X!
    Q: Where is the Black Dragon Cave?
    A: A lot of people are confused about this.  After you get the key from
       Borgan, you can enter the Black Dragon Cave from the Zaback Mines.
       Enter the mines FROM the village of Zaback, and then head northeast in
       the cave, but do NOT go up or down any stairs.  The door to the Black
       Dragon Cave is on the same level of the mines as the entrance to Zaback.
    Q: How do I enter Lionhead?  A guy in Zaback said I could explore it if I
       had time, but the entrance is blocked.  I was able to enter it in the
       Sega CD version...
    A: Lionhead and a few other optional dungeons cannot be entered until you
       reach the Epilogue.  This has changed from the Sega CD version.
    Q: How do I enter the Water Ruins in the Sluice Forest?
    A: In the Epilogue, you must go to Nota and complete a special side-quest
       in order for the Water Ruins to become accessible (see the Epilogue
       section of the for walkthrough for more details about the side-quest in
    Q: I heard something about a "dashing item combo."  Can you enlighten me?
    A: Sneaky WD strikes again!  They put in this unique feature that is
       exclusive to the American PSX version.  By having one character equip
       the Yellow Pajamas, Gorgon Doll, and Rubber Boots, your party will be
       able to dash three times longer than usual (about 10 seconds)!  Note
       that the character equipping these items will be asleep in battle!
    Q: Where can I find the Dark Scimitar in either the Playstation OR the
       Sega CD version of Lunar 2 without the use of cheat codes or in-game
    A: Apparently, they don't exists... But if you can prove otherwise, let me
    Q: Is there a secret mini-game on the "making of" video like Lords of Lunar
       in Lunar: SSSC?
    A: No.  This is confirmed from WD.  They were working on one, but it
       didn't turn out very well, and the programmer who was making it
       left, so they abandoned the project.
    V.  Characters
    Hiro-The hero (obviously).  A boy who lives in Salyan Desert with his
         grandfather.  He really enjoys exploring, and tends to get into
         trouble rather easily.
    Ruby-Hiro's pet.  She looks like a flying cat.  Oh, and she talks... a LOT.
         She says she's a baby Red Dragon, and insists that she is Hiro's
         girlfriend (doesn't she realize she doesn't look remotely human?).
    Gwyn-Hiro's grandfather.  He knows a lot about the Blue Spire.  (Isn't Gwyn
         a girl's name?  Oh, well...)
    Lucia-A mysterious girl who comes from the Blue Star in search of Althena.
    Ronfar-A priest (uh, well, he's SUPPOSED to be a priest...) who loves to
    Jean-A dancer who works for a traveling carnival.  Something strange
         happened to her in the past that she won't talk about...
    Lemina-A descendant of Mia Ausa.  She is trying to revive the ancient
           Magic Guild of Vane.  Lemina is a very skilled wizardess.
    Miria Ausa-Lemina's mother.
    Leo-The White Knight of Althena's elite guard.  He is a very powerful and
        loyal knight.  He controls the White Dragon's power.
    Borgan-A (very ugly) wizard who is trying to take control of Vane.  He
           controls the Black Dragon's power.
    Mauri-A priestess of Althena who controls the Red Dragon's power.  She is
          the sister of Leo.
    Lunn-A karate master who controls the Blue Dragon's power.
    ????-The leader of a group of rogue children.  There's something very
         strange and very familiar about this boy...
    Mystere-A strange, yet familiar man who helps out Hiro's group.
    Zophar-Brad Levicoff, the webmaster of Zophar's Domain
           (http://www.zophar.net).  No, wait... you meant the character in
           Lunar: EB!  He's a powerful evil entity who has come to the world of
           Lunar.  He doesn't like Lucia very much.  Oh, and his voice sounds
           REALLY cool :)
    Althena-The benevolent goddess of the world of Lunar.  No one has seen her
    VI.  Lists
    A.  Spells (1E=One Enemy, EZ=Enemy Zone, AE=All Enemies, 1A=One Ally,
                AZ=Ally Zone, AA=All Allies, OS=One's Self, SL=Single Line.
                Format is: Name--MP used, target, level learned, description.)
    Boomerang--3MP, 1E, Level 5, Wind damaging boomerang attack.
    Poe Sword--6MP, 1E, Level 7, a jumping sword attack.
    Squall--7MP, EZ, Level 9, Wind damage, NOT Rinoa's boyfriend.
    Sybillium Sword--10MP, EZ, Level 16, a ranged sword attack.
    Vortex--10MP, AE, Level 20, a ferocious Windstorm.
    Cross-Boomerang--6MP, 1E, Level 24, Boomerang changes to this.
    Tempest--14MP, EZ, Level 27, Squall changes to this.
    Batallion Sword--14MP, SL, Level 30, slash and dash attack.
    Speed Storm--8MP, OS, Level 33, increases Hiro's agility.
    Super Cyclone--20MP, AE, Level 37, Vortex changes to this.
    Concussion Sword--20MP, AE, Level 41, Hiro tears up the battlefield!
    Triple Sword--30MP, 1E, Level 50, Slashes one enemy three times.
    Heal Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 9, restores HP.
    Calm Litany--12MP, AA, Level 9, restores HP.
    Fractured Armor--6MP, 1E, Level 10, lowers enemy defense power.
    Shattered Sword--6MP, 1E, Level 12, lowers enemy attack power.
    Lucia: (Lucia apparently has infinite MP, and casts spells automatically.)
    Atomic Burn--1E, strong attack on one enemy.
    Thunder Blow--EZ, large-range lightning bolt.
    Plasma Rain--AE, raining plasma... that's GOT to be painful...
    Solar Bomb--AE, a black hole sucks up the enemies.
    Magic Barrier--1A, raises defense power.
    Napalm Shot--1E, projectiles impale the enemy.
    Power Charge--1A, raises attack power.
    Lightning Bomb--EZ, short-range lightning bolt.
    Heal Litany--1A, restores HP.
    Heal Litany--4MP, 1A, Level 12, restores HP.
    Calm Litany--12MP, AA, Level 12, restores HP.
    Anger Dice--2MP, 1E, Level 12, higher roll=more damage; Fire-based.
    Clean Litany--3MP, 1A, Level 12, cures status ailments.
    Destiny Dice--5MP, AE/OS, Level 13, pick odd or even dice--if you win,
                  it damages all enemies, lose and Ronfar gets whacked for
                  minor damage.
    Saint Litany--5MP, 1A, Level 15, regenerates some HP after each round.
    Escape Litany--2MP, AA, Level 16, transports the party out of a dungeon.
    Purity Litany--12MP, 1A, Level 18, restores ALL HP.
    Revive Litany--12MP, 1A, Level 21, restores life to a fainted ally.
    Light Litany--8MP, 1E, Level 26, steals HP from an enemy.
    Recovery Coin--20MP, AA, Level 30, may revive fainted friends OR restore
                   a lot of HP to conscious allies.
    Tranquil Litany--24MP, AA, Level 34, Calm Litany changes to this.
    Shining Litany--30MP, AE, Level 38, Light Litany changes to this.
    Divine Litany--20MP, AA, Level 42, Saint Litany changes to this.
    Miracle Litany--30MP, 1A, Level 46, restores life and HP to a fainted ally.
    Cleansing Litany--18MP, AA, Level 54, cures status ailments for all.
    Moth Dance--6MP, 1E, Level 16, poisonous dance attack.
    Sleep Step--5MP, 1E, Level 16, puts enemy to sleep while attacking.
    Bee Dance--7MP, 1E, Level 16, this paralyzing dance really stings!
    Enchanted Kiss--8MP, 1E, Level 17, this attack may confuse a foe.
    Butterfly Dance--9MP, EZ, Level 20, Moth Dance changes to this.
    Dream Dance--9MP, EZ, Level 23, Sleep Step changes to this.
    Swarm Dance--12MP, EZ, Level 26, Bee Dance changes to this.
    Soul Kiss--14MP, EZ, Level 29, Enchanted Kiss changes to this.
    Blue Dragon Palm--10MP, 1E, learned in Horam, gives enemy the fist.
    Dopple Dance--16MP, OS, learned in Horam, calls a shadow fighter of Jean.
    Blue Dragon Kick--14MP, SL, learned in Horam, a mighty kick attack.
    Blue Dragon Wave--14MP, AZ, Level 41 (after Horam), Jean harms nearby
    Blue Dragon Fist--32MP, AE, Level 46 (after Horam), Jean uppercuts all the
    Slam Dance--32MP, OS, Level 51 (after Horam), a more powerful shadow
                fighter; Dopple Dance changes to this.
    Flame--4MP, 1E, Level 20, your basic Fireball.
    Flame Bomb--7MP, EZ, Level 20, Fire damage.
    Burning Rain--10MP, AE, Level 20, burning Fire damage.
    Power Flame--9MP, 1A, Level 20, raises attack power.
    Magic Seal--3MP, 1E, Level 20, stops enemy's spells.
    Ice Pick--4MP, 1E, Level 20, sharp Ice projectile.
    Ice Lance--7MP, EZ, Level 20, ranged Ice attack.
    Freeze Claw--10MP, AE, Level 20, major Ice storm.
    Ice Shell--8MP, 1A, Level 21, raises defense power.
    Flame Shot--8MP, 1E, Level 22, Flame changes to this.
    Dispel Magic--3MP, 1A, Level 24, nullifies effects of stat-changing spells.
    Ice Arrows--16MP, 1A, Level 27, Ice Pick changes to this.
    Pyro Pillar--14MP, EZ, Level 31, Flame Bomb changes to this.
    Erase Magic--18MP, ALL, Level 32, nullifies spell effects.
    Crematorium--30MP, AE, Level 34, Burning Rain changes to this.
    Magic Swiper--1MP, 1E, Level 36, steals MP from the enemy.
    Mega Seal--9MP, EZ, Level 38, Magic Seal changes to this.
    Cryo Shield--16MP, 1A, Level 40, greatly raises defense power; Ice Shell
                 changes to this.
    Magic Shield--18MP, AZ, Level 42, increases magic defense.
    Ice Wall--21MP, EZ, Level 44, Ice Lance changes to this.
    Freeze Smash--20MP, AE, Level 46, Freeze Claw changes to this.
    Power Drive--18MP, 1A, Level 48, greatly raises attack power; Power Flame
                 changes to this.
    Catastrophe--55MP, AE, Level 51, have you played Final Fantasy 6?  Remember
                 Ultima?  This spell is even cooler!
    Rock Viper--4MP, 1E, Level 35, throws a rock at the enemy.
    Rock Crush--7MP, EZ, Level 35, crushes foes with falling rocks.
    Crack Point--10MP, AE, Level 35, an earthquake hits all foes.
    Flash Blade--8MP, 1E, Level 35, multi-hit sword attack.
    Buzz Blade--18MP, EZ, Level 35, ranged sword attack.
    Grizzle Blade--20MP, AE, Level 35, fierce sword attack.
    Rock Riot--14MP, EZ, Level 36, Rock Crush changes to this.
    Rock Cobra--8MP, EZ, Level 37, Rock Viper changes to this.
    Crack Zone--20MP, AE, Level 37, Crack Point changes to this.
    Earth Prayer--15MP, OS, Level 48, Leo raises his attack and defense power.
    Soul Blade--26MP, 1E, Level 50, Leo steals an enemy's HP.
    Item Magic: These spells are gained only by equipping the appropriate
    Poison Dart--5MP, 1E, venomous projectile.
    Sleep Sheep--3MP, 1E, puts enemy to sleep.
    Rock Viper--4MP, 1E, throws a rock at the enemy.
    Rock Crush--7MP, EZ, crushes foes with falling rocks.
    Crack Point--10MP, AE, an earthquake hits all foes.
    Lightning Rain--4MP, 1E, a powerful lightning bolt.
    Plasma Shock--7MP, EZ, a large-range lightning bolt.
    Dancing Thunder--10MP, AE, a powerful thunderstorm.
    Pulse Explosion--20MP, AE, a large-range powerful explosion.
    Magic Seal--3MP, 1E, stops enemy's spells.
    Wind Cutter--4MP, 1E, a blade of wind strikes the enemy.
    Squall--7MP, EZ, Wind damage, NOT Rinoa's boyfriend.
    Vortex--10MP, AE, a ferocious Windstorm.
    Thunder Tornado--25MP, AE, a violent thunderstorm.
    White Dragon Protect--50MP, AA, total protection from one attack or spell.
    Rogue Charm--7MP, 1E, confuses an enemy.
    Blue Dragon Vigor--60MP, AA, restores full HP to all members.
    Mind Blast--7MP, 1E, damages and paralyzes an enemy.
    Black Dragon Grief--30MP, AE, banishes all your foes.
    Red Dragon Anger--40MP, AE, a blazing fire scorches the enemies.
    Flame--4MP, 1E, your basic Fireball.
    Flame Bomb--7MP, EZ, Fire damage.
    Burning Rain--10MP, AE, burning Fire damage.
    Ice Pick--4MP, 1E, sharp Ice projectile.
    Ice Lance--7MP, EZ, ranged Ice attack.
    Freeze Claw--10MP, AE, major Ice storm.
    Burning Quake--25MP, AE, a blazing earthquake.
    Shining Flame--25MP, AE, a flaming thunderstorm.
    Icicle Break--25MP, AE, attack by icy boulders.
    Mighty Mistral--25MP, AE, a fierce water vortex.
    Burning Rage--1MP, AA, party's attack power greatly increased.
    Rock Cobra--8MP, 1E, rocks smash the enemy.
    Rock Riot--14MP, EZ, a boulder smashes the enemies.
    Crack Zone--20MP, AE, a violent earthquake.
    Call Earth--6MP, strong against Thunder and Wind.
    Thunder Bolt--21MP, 1E, a large lightning bolt strikes the enemy.
    Thunder Bomb--14MP, EZ, lightning blast.
    Thunder Thrust--20MP, AE, a fierce thunderstorm.
    Call Thunder--6MP, strong against Earth and Water.
    Ice Arrows--16MP, 1E, large ice shards impale the enemy.
    Ice Wall--21MP, EZ, a block of ice falls on foes.
    Freeze Smash--20MP, AE, a fierce icestorm freezes foes.
    Call Water--6MP, strong against Thunder and Fire.
    Flame Shot--8MP, 1E, a strong fireball burns the enemy.
    Pyro Pillar--14MP, EZ, fire scorches the enemies.
    Crematorium--30MP, AE, scorching meteors torch the battlefield.
    Call Flame--6MP, strong against Water and Wind.
    Wind Slash--7MP, 1E, gusts of wind impale the enemy.
    Tempest--14MP, EZ, a windstorm whips through foes.
    Super Cyclone--20MP, AE, a fierce windstorm tears up the battlefield.
    Call Wind--6MP, strong against Fire and Earth.
    Super Seal--3MP, 1E, stops enemy spells and special skills.
    Fatal Flirting--7MP, 1E, heavily confuses an enemy.
    Mind Burst--7MP, 1E, fierce paralyzing attack.
    Venom Dart--5MP, 1E, delivers foul poison to an enemy.
    Dirt Nap--3MP, 1E, enemy enters a deep sleep.
    B.  Items
    Herb--restores about 50 HP; 40 Silver.
    Star Light--restores about 20 MP; 2,000 Silver.
    Angel's Tear--revives one fallen friend; 1,000 Silver.
    Healing Nut--restores about 200 HP; 200 Silver.
    Purity Herb--cures poison; 20 Silver.
    Cleansing Water--cures paralysis; 60 Silver.
    Vitality Vial--dispels disabilities; 50 Silver.
    Holy Water--cure most status ailments; 100 Silver.
    Dragonfly Wing--escape from dungeons; 100 Silver.
    Passion Fruit--restores full HP; 1,000 Silver.
    Life Jewel--restores some HP to the party; found in various chests.
    Silver Light--restores full MP; found in various chests.
    C.  Special Items
    Right Sapphire Jewel--a dragon eye jewel found in the Dragon Ruins.
    Left Opal Jewel--a dragon eye jewel from Gwyn's collection.
    Rope Ladder--a simple ladder given by Jean.
    Mask--Mask of the leader of the Shadow Dragon Cult.
    White Dragon Wings--the White Dragon's symbol; allows you to exit a
                        dungeon quickly.
    White Dragon Aura--the essence of the White Dragon's power.
    Invitation--tournament ticket given by Wong-Lee.
    Blue Dragon Aura--the essence of the Blue Dragon's power.
    Black Dragon Aura--the essence of the Black Dragon's power.
    Cave Key--the key to the Black Dragon Cave given by Borgan.
    Althena's Aura--contains the essence of the goddess Althena's power.
    Red Dragon Aura--the essence of the Red Dragon's power.
    Left Sapphire Jewel--a dragon eye jewel found in the Water Ruins.
    Right Opal Jewel--a dragon eye jewel found in the Dragon Ruins.
    Rememberizer Crystal--this cool item lets you view every FMV you've seen,
                          provided you re-visit the location where you saw it;
                          while reviewing an FMV, press Select to cancel;
                          given by Julia in Nota; see section I, below.
    Alex's Ocarina--This item lets you hear all the music in the game; found in
                    the Lost Labyrinth.
    Bromides--pictures of the game characters; see section H, below.
    D.  Accessories
    Lucia's Pendant--attributes unknown; Lucia has it; this is the same pendant
                     that is included in the Lunar 2 game box.  Wear it with
    Iron Clogs--flat metal shoes; defense power +10, range -3; found in a chest
                at Althena's Spring.
    Purity Ring--protects wearer from poison; found in Takkar Mountain Pass.
    Wind Ring--raises defense against earth and fire attacks; found in Takkar
               Mountain Pass.
    Gauss' Necklace--restores 7HP per turn during battle; found in East Nota.
    Barrier Ring--defense power +15, magic defense +15; found on Zulan Mountain.
    Phoenix Ring--raises defense against water and wind attacks; found on Zulan
    Luck Ring--luck +10; found on Taben's Peak.
    Dew Ring--protects wearer from sleep attacks and magic; found in Meribian
    Lemina's Purse--increases Silver gained in battle; found in the Magic Guild
                    of Vane.
    Gorgon Doll--wisdom +5, Magic Defense +5, Luck -1; found in the Magic Guild
                 of Vane.
    Angel Ring--auto-magically revives wearer when faint; found in chests.
    Vigor Ring--protects wearer from paralysis; found in Sluice Forest.
    Healing Ring--regenerates some HP after each round of battle; found in
                  various chests.
    Mystere's Mask--Lord Leo's pathetic disguise; "Mystere" has it.
    Snake Ring--increases ability to avoid attacks; found in the White Dragon
    Endurance Ring--defense power +10%; found in the White Dragon Cave.
    Protection Ring--defense power +10; 3,200 Silver.
    Rubber Boots--insulates feet; found in Horam.
    Anti-Magic Ring--magic defense +10%; 9,000 Silver.
    Plasma Ring--raises defense against earth and water attacks; found in the
                 Blue Dragon Cave.
    Fresh Ring--protects wearer from poison, sleep, and paralysis; found in
                Zaback Mines.
    Earth Ring--raises defense against thunder and wind attacks; found in
                Zaback Mines.
    Clear Ring--protects wearer from mute and charm; found in Neo-Trial Cave.
    Force Ring--decreases magic damage; found in the Black Dragon Cave.
    Stardust Ring--regenerates some MP after each round of battle; found in the
                   Black Dragon Cave.
    Water Ring--raises defense against thunder and fire attacks; found in the
                Red Dragon Cave.
    Shield Ring--decreases physical damage; found in the Red Dragon Cave.
    Spirit Talisman--raises defense against all elemental spells; found in the
                     Goddess Tower.
    Tri-Ring--prevents all status changes; found in the Goddess Tower.
    Fiend Ring--increases defense power and magic defense, but HP is
                reduced to 1 at the start of each battle; found in
                Zophar's Domain.
    Noisy Amulet--protects wearer from mute; 3,200 Silver.
    Power Talisman--protects wearer from charm; 4,000 Silver.
    Hero's Talisman--Enables "Burning Rage"; found in the Brave Labyrinth.
    E.  Magic crests
    Snake Crest--enables "Poison Dart"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Shiro Crest--increases user's range; range +5, wisdom -5; found in Bandit
    Dream Crest--enables "Sleep Sheep"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Power Crest--increases magical powers of other crests, and adds extra
                 damage to physical attacks; 3,500 Silver.
    Earth Crest--enables "Rock Viper," "Rock Crush," and "Crack Point";
                 attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Thunder Crest--enables "Lightning Rain," "Plasma Shock," and "Dancing
                   Thunder"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Seal Crest--enables "Magic Seal"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Warrior Crest--increases user's attack power; attack power +10, wisdom -5;
                   4,000 Silver.
    Healing Crest--attacks drain enemy HP, but doesn't work with staff-type
                   weapons; wisdom -5; found in Goddess Image.
    Wind Crest--enables "Wind Cutter," "Squall," and "Vortex"; attack power -5;
                3,000 Silver.
    Chiro Crest--increases user's speed; speed +10, wisdom -5; found in White
                 Dragon Cave.
    White Dragon Crest--enables "White Dragon Protect"; given by the White
    Charm Crest--enables "Rogue Charm"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Revenge Crest--occasionally counterattacks the attacking enemy; wisdom -5;
                   found in the Blue Dragon Cave.
    Blue Dragon Crest--enables "Blue Dragon Healing"; given by the Blue Dragon.
    Mind Crest--enables "Mind Blast"; attack power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Magic Eye Crest--increases wisdom; wisdom +10, attack power -5;
                     4,000 Silver.
    Hunter Crest--increases agility; agility +10, wisdom -5; 3,500 Silver.
    Black Dragon Crest--enables "Black Dragon Grief"; give by the Black Dragon.
    Ogre Crest--physical attacks shoot a projectile that hits enemies along a
                line in front of target enemy; # of attacks -1, wisdom -5;
                found in the Red Dragon Cave.
    Red Dragon Crest--enables "Red Dragon Anger"; given by the Red Dragon.
    Fire Crest--enables "Flame," "Flame Bomb," and "Burning Rain"; attack
                power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Water Crest--enables "Ice Pick," "Ice Lance," and "Freeze Claw"; attack
                 power -5; 3,000 Silver.
    Gale Crest--# of attacks +1, defense -5, wisdom -5; doesn't work with
                staff-type weapons; found in Dragon's Nest.
    Archer Crest--allows long range attacks; # of attacks -1, wisdom -5; found
                  in Dragon Ruins.
    Goddess Crest--greatly enhances powers of other crests; found in the
                   Goddess Tower.
    *Useful crest combinations--When crests are combined, different effects
                                can occur.  Here is a list of the more useful
                                combinations, try others for yourself!
                                Note that "elemental crest" refers to the
                                Earth, Fire, Thunder, Water, or Wind crests.
    Power Crest + (any elemental crest)--More powerful magic; adds elemental
                                         type to equipped weapon.
    Power Crest + (stat-change crest)--More powerful magic; equipped weapon
                                       gains stat-change ability.
    Power Crest + Power Crest--Most stats +4.
    Earth Crest + Earth Crest--Enables "Rock Cobra," "Rock Riot," "Crack
                               Zone," and "Call Earth."
    Earth Crest + Thunder Crest--Enables "Pulse Explosion."
    Earth Crest + Wind Crest--Enables "Pulse Explosion."
    Warrior Crest + Seal Crest--Unable to use any magic or skills; attack power
                                nearly doubled, # of attacks -2.
    Wind Crest + Wind Crest--Enables "Wind Slash," "Tempest," "Super Cyclone,"
                             and "Call Wind."
    Wind Crest + Thunder Crest--Enables "Lightning Rain," "Plasma Shock,"
                                "Wind Cutter," "Squall," and "Thunder Tornado."
    Shiro Crest + Chiro Crest--Speed +10, range increases to 200!
    Chiro Crest + Chiro Crest--User always attacks first; speed +10.
    Shiro Crest + Shiro Crest--High evasion rate; range +10.
    Snake Crest + Revenge Crest--Attack power increases after each battle
    Mind Crest + Warrior Crest--User attacks last in battle; attack power +50.
    Healing Crest + Magic Eye Crest--attacks drain enemy MP; doesn't work with
                                     staff-type weapons.
    Water Crest + Water Crest--Enables "Ice Arrows," "Ice Wall," "Freeze
                               Smash," and "Call Water."
    Water Crest + Thunder Crest--Enables "Pulse Explosion."
    Water Crest + Fire Crest--Enables "Pulse Explosion."
    Water Crest + Earth Crest--Enables "Rock Viper," "Rock Crush," "Ice Pick,"
                               "Ice Lance," and "Icicle Break."
    Water Crest + Wind Crest--Enables "Ice Pick," "Ice Lance," "Wind Cutter,"
                              "Squall," and "Mighty Mistral."
    Fire Crest + Fire Crest--Enables "Flame Shot," "Pyro Pillar,"
                             "Crematorium," and "Call Flame."
    Fire Crest + Wind Crest--Enables "Pulse Explosion."
    Fire Crest + Thunder Crest--Enables "Lightning Rain," "Plasma Shock,"
                                "Flame," "Flame Bomb," and "Shining Flame."
    Fire Crest + Earth Crest--Enables "Rock Viper," "Rock Crush," "Flame,"
                              "Flame Bomb," and "Burning Quake."
    Thunder Crest + Thunder Crest--Enables "Thunder Bolt," "Thunder Bomb,"
                                   "Thunder Thrust," and "Call Thunder."
    Charm Crest + Charm Crest--Enables "Fatal Flirting."
    Dream Crest + Dream Crest--Enables "Dirt Nap."
    Mind Crest + Mind Crest--Enables "Mind Burst."
    Seal Crest + Seal Crest--Enables "Super Seal."
    Snake Crest + Snake Crest--Enables "Venom Dart."
    Hunter Crest + Hunter Crest--High critical hit rate; agility +20.
    Magic Eye Crest + Magic Eye Crest--Wisdom +30.
    Warrior Crest + Warrior Crest--Attack power +30.
    Gale Crest + Hunter Crest--Physical attacks shoot a projectile.
    Archer Crest + Ogre Crest--Increases attack range.
    **Goddess Crest combos: The Goddess Crest can be combined with any other
                            crest to produce powerful results.  Here is a
                            complete list:
    Earth Crest--Enables "Rock Cobra," "Rock Riot," "Crack Zone," and "Call
    Thunder Crest--Enables "Thunder Bolt," "Thunder Bomb," "Thunder Thrust,"
                   and "Call Thunder."
    Water Crest--Enables "Ice Arrows," "Ice Wall," "Freeze Smash," and
                 "Call Water."
    Fire Crest--Enables "Flame Shot," "Pyro Pillar," "Crematorium," and
                "Call Flame."
    Wind Crest--Enables "Wind Slash," "Tempest," "Super Cyclone," and
                "Call Wind."
    Seal Crest--Enables "Super Seal."
    Charm Crest--Enables "Fatal Flirting."
    Mind Crest--Enables "Mind Burst."
    Snake Crest--Enables "Venom Dart."
    Dream Crest--Enables "Dirt Nap."
    Magic Eye Crest--Halves MP consumption.
    Revenge Crest--Very high counterattack rate.
    Healing Crest--Drains a lot of HP from an enemy while attacking; doesn't
                   work with staff-type weapons.
    Warrior Crest--Attack power +50.
    Chiro Crest--User always attacks first; speed +20.
    Hunter Crest--High critical hit rate; agility +20.
    Shiro Crest--High evasion rate; range +10.
    Gale Crest--# of attacks +2; doesn't work with staff-type weapons.
    Archer Crest--Attacks become ranged; # of attacks reduced to 1.
    Ogre Crest--Attacks become ranged; # of attacks reduced to 1.
    Power Crest--Get items more often in battle; most stats +4.
    White Dragon Crest--Enables "White Dragon Protect"; defense +15,
                        magic defense +15, speed +5.
    Red Dragon Crest--Enables "Red Dragon Anger"; attack power +7, defense +7,
                      agility +7, speed +7, range +7.
    Blue Dragon Crest--Enables "Blue Dragon Vigor"; wisdom +15,
                       magic defense +15, range +5.
    Black Dragon Crest--Enables "Black Dragon Grief"; attack power +15,
                        agility +5, wisdom +15.
    *Note: Having Hiro equip both Althena's Sword and the Goddess Crest (it doesn't
    matter what other crest he equips) causes his # of attacks to increase by 1,
    although it does NOT indicate this on Hiro's status screen.
    F. Weapons (H=Hiro, R=Ronfar, J=Jean, M=Lemina, L=Leo,
                LD=Long distance weapon)
    ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description
    Magic Staff     N/A     M        Lemina has it     -LD; Magic attack
    Wind Staff      N/A     M        Bandit Butte      -LD; Wind attack
    Flame Staff     N/A     M        Mystic Ruins      -LD; Flame attack
    Water Staff     N/A     M        Zulan Mountain    -LD; Water attack
    Thunder Staff   N/A     M        Taben's Peak      -LD; Lightning attack
    Quake Staff     N/A     M        Meribian Sewers   -LD; Earth attack
    Thieves' Staff  N/A     M        Cave of Trial     -LD; Steals foes' items
    Hellfire Staff  N/A     M        Red Tower         -LD; Zone-Flame attack
    Ice Staff       N/A     M        White Dragon Cave -LD; Zone-Ice attack
    Hurricane Staff N/A     M        Blue Dragon Cave  -LD; Zone-Wind attack
    Earth Staff     N/A     M        Neo-Trial Cave    -LD; Zone-Earth attack
    Lightning Staff N/A     M        Black Dragon Cave -LD; Zone-Thunder attack
    Sage Staff      N/A     M        Dragon's Nest     -LD; Zoned Muting attack
    *Rusty Dagger   +0     all       Zaback Mines      -# of attacks +1
    Dagger          +2     all       Hiro has it       -# of attacks +1
    Ancient Dagger  +5     all       Gwyn's chest      -# atk +1, Spd +2, Ag +2
    Mace            +15     R        300 Silver        -No, not the spray
    Short Sword     +17    H,L       340 Silver        -Short but strong
    Star Dagger     +20    all       Black Dragon Cave -MP Steal; #atk+1, Lck+7
    Flail           +21     R        630 Silver        -Spiked ball & chain
    Long Sword      +23    H,L       690 Silver        -Size DOES matter!
    Feather Fan     +24     J        Jean has it       -LD; Fan for a dancer
    Iron Fan        +29     J        1,160 Silver      -LD; Sharp metal blades
    Broadsword      +31    H,L       1,240 Silver      -A real man's sword!
    Silver Mace     +33     R        1,320 Silver      -Shiny skull-basher
    Razor Fan       +36     J        1,800 Silver      -LD; Razor-sharp fan
    Silver Sword    +40    H,L       1,600 Silver      -Magic Defense +5
    Golden Mace     +42     R        2,100 Silver      -Very heavy mace
    Platinum Fan    +43     J        2,580 Silver      -LD; Pretty but powerful
    Bastard Sword   +49    H,L       2,450 Silver      -A very sharp sword
    Jean's Fan      +50     J        3,500 Silver      -LD; Jean's own fan!
    Spirit Mace     +50     R        Taben's Peak      -Soul-crushing mace
    Iron Claw       +55     J        Horam             -Fighter's claw
    Rune Sword      +57    H,L       3,990 Silver      -Wisdom +2, Mag. Def +2
    Ritual Mace     +58     R        4,060 Silver      -Ceremonial mace
    Fierce Fist     +60     J        Lionhead          -Effects unknown
    Black Panther
      Claw          +66     J        5,940 Silver      -Sleek, black claw
    Platinum Blade  +67    H,L       5,360 Silver      -Speed +5
    Smash Saber     +70    H,L       2,100 Silver      -# atk -1, Ag -5, Spd -5
    Flaying Flail   +72     R        5,760 Silver      -Mighty mace
    Samurai Sword   +76    H,L       6,840 Silver      -Agility +5
    White Tiger
      Claw          +77     J        7,700 Silver      -Grrr-l power!
    Dyne's Sword    +65     L        Leo has it        -Def +5, Mag. Def +5
    Amethyst Mace   +80     R        7,200 Silver      -Odd looking mace
    Amethyst Sword  +85    H,L       8,500 Silver      -Wisdom +5
    Crushing Fist   +87     J        Althena's Fort    -Stone crushing power
    Prayer Mace     +88     R        8,800 Silver      -Has power of prayer
    Holy Mace       +93     R        Althena's Fort    -Wisdom +8, Mag. Def +8
    Master Sword    +94    H,L       10,340 Silver     -Def, Ag, Speed, Range+2
    White Fang      +94     L        Leo has it        -Agility +5
    Berserker Claw  +99     J        Water Ruins       -Rip 'em to shreds!
    Ghaleon's Sword +100    H        A special gift    -Wisdom +9, Mag. Def +9
    Justice Rod     +100    R        Dragon Ruins      -Def +10, Mag. Def +10
    Nameless Sword  +105    L        Dragon's Nest     -Def, Mag. Def, Range +5
    Althena's Sword +111    H        Given by Nall     -All stats +7
    *-Note: Equipping Lemina with the Rusty Dagger enables "Shattered Sword"
    and "Fractured Armor" spells IF she does NOT have any other spells from
    other equipped items (like crest magic).
    G. Armor and other equipment (H=Hiro, R=Ronfar, J=Jean, M=Lemina, L=Leo)
    ITEM NAME      Power   User      Price/location    Description
    Blue Pajamas    +3      all      Horam chest       -Causes sleep in battle
    Red Pajamas     +3      all      Neo-Vane chest    -Causes sleep in battle
    Peasant Clothes +3      all      Ronfar has it     -Simple attire
      Clothes       +6      all      Hiro has it       -Weak defense
    Lucia's Robe    ???    Lucia     Lucia has it      -A long, red robe
    Lucia's Shorts  ???    Lucia     Carnival          -Lucia's new clothes
    Leather Armor   +12     H,R      360 Silver        -Made from tough cows
    Robe            +13      M       Lemina has it     -Wisdom +1, Mag. Def +1
    Pretty Dress    +14      J       Jean has it       -Stage clothes
    Silver Robe     +17      M       680 Silver        -Wisdom +2, Mag. Def +2
    Chain Mail      +18     H,R      720 Silver        -Light chain armor
    Flared Dress    +18      J       720 Silver        -Fiery colored dress
    Fur Robe        +21      M       1,050 Silver      -Wisdom +3, Mag. Def +3
    Priest Clothes  +23      R       1,150 Silver      -Magic Defense +1
    Fur Dress       +26      J       1,300 Silver      -Warm fur gown
    Iron Armor      +26     H,L      1,300 Silver      -Full body armor
    Magician Robe   +30      M       2,100 Silver      -Wisdom +4, Mag. Def +4
    Plate Armor     +30     all      Zulan chest       -Very strong armor
    Purity Clothes  +30      R       1,800 Silver      -Magic Defense +2
    Silver Armor    +32     H,L      1,920 Silver      -Shiny armor
    Silk Dress      +34      J       2,040 Silver      -Smooth and stylish
      Clothes       +37      R       2,590 Silver      -Magic Defense +3
    Immortal Robe   +40      M       3,200 Silver      -Wisdom +5, Mag. Def +5
    Platinum Armor  +40     H,L      2,800 Silver      -Beautiful armor
    Jean's Dress    +42      J       2,940 Silver      -Gorgeous dress
    Holy Clothes    +44      R       3,520 Silver      -Magic Defense +4
    Warrior Armor   +48     H,L      3,840 Silver      -Heavy-duty armor
    Wisdom Robe     +50      M       4,500 Silver      -Wisdom +6, Mag. Def +6
    Battle Clothes  +52      R       4,680 Silver      -Magic Defense +5
    Hawk Wrap       +53      J       Horam             -Karate fighter's outfit
    Amethyst Armor  +56     H,L      5,040 Silver      -Odd looking armor
    Miracle Clothes +60      R       Serak Palace      -Magic Defense +6
    Ninja Wrap      +61      J       5,500 Silver      -Dark and stealthy
    Dyne's Armor    +64     H,L      Red Dragon Cave   -Dragonmaster's armor
    Yellow Pajamas  +66     all      Raculi chest      -Causes sleep in battle
    Tiger Wrap      +69      J       Serak Palace      -Fierce defense
    Goddess Armor   +70      L       Water Ruins       -Agi, Spd, Wis, M.Def +5
    Sage Robe       +70      M       Water Ruins       -Wisdom +8, Mag. Def +8
    Saint Clothes   +70      R       Water Ruins       -Magic Defense +7
    Dragon Armor    +75      H       Dragon Ruins      -Ultimate armor
    Scarlet Wrap    +77      J       Dragon Ruins      -Ultimate karate garb
    Chaos Armor     Random   R       Dragon's Nest     -Random defense, Luck +8
    Bandanna        +1       R       Ronfar has it     -Simple sweatband
    Leather Cap     +2      H,L      40 Silver         -Head-hugger
      Bandanna      +3       R       60 Silver         -Tie-dyed sweatband
    Hairband        +3      J,M      60 Silver         -Women's hairband
    Lucia's Hat     ???    Lucia     Lucia has it      -A crimson hat
    Iron Helm       +5      H,L      150 Silver        -Military helmet
    Silver Bandanna +6       R       240 Silver        -Shiny headband
    Silver Hairpin  +6      J,M      180 Silver        -Shiny hairpin
    Cute Ribbon     +8      J,M      Susie Deaths drop -Magic Defense +8
    Lucky Bandanna  +9       R       450 Silver        -Luck +2
      Hairpin       +9      J,M      360 Silver        -Beautiful Hairpin
    Silver Helm     +9      H,L      360 Silver        -Shiny headgear
      Hairpin       +12     J,M      600 Silver        -Bears a magic jewel
    Soul Bandanna   +12      R       600 Silver        -Wisdom +2
    Steel Helm      +13     H,L      650 Silver        -Strong, heavy helmet
    Charm Bandanna  +15      R       900 Silver        -Magic Defense +2
    Ritual Hairpin  +15     J,M      900 Silver        -Ceremonial hairpin
    Safety Helmet   +15    H,R,L     Azado chest       -Luck +2
    Platinum Helm   +17     H,L      1,020 Silver      -Beautiful helmet
    Gold Hairpin    +18     J,M      Horam             -Precious hairpin
    Prayer Bandanna +18      R       1,260 Silver      -Wisdom +1, Mag. Def +1
      Hairpin       +21     J,M      1,680 Silver      -Odd looking hairpin
    Spirit Bandanna +21      R       1,680 Silver      -Agility +1, Wisdom +1
    Warrior Helm    +21     H,L      1,470 Silver      -Heavy-duty helmet
    Aura Bandanna   +24      R       Althena's Fort    -Magic Defense +5
    Holy Hairpin    +24     J,M      Serak Palace      -Divine hairpin
    Amethyst Helm   +25     H,L      2,000 Silver      -Odd looking helmet
      Bandanna      +27      R       Lionhead          -All stats +4
    Master Helm     +29     H,L      Serak Palace      -Powerful helmet
    Goddess Hairpin +30      J       Dragon's Nest     -Ultimate hairpin
    Fantasy Ribbon  +30      M       Lionhead          -Luck +2
    Lion Helm       +34      L       Dragon Ruins      -Ferocious helmet
    Dragon Helm     +35      H       Water Ruins       -Ultimate Helmet
    Saucepan Lid    +2      all      Larpa chest       -A shield... almost
    Iron Gauntlet   +3      J,M      60 Silver         -Cheap armband
    Bracelet        +4       R       80 Silver         -White wrist-wrap
    Wood Shield     +5      H,L      100 Silver        -A former stump
    Iron Bracelet   +8       R       240 Silver        -Iron bangle
    Silver Gauntlet +8      J,M      320 Silver        -Shiny gauntlet
    Iron Shield     +10     H,L      300 Silver        -Military shield
      Gauntlet      +13     J,M      650 Silver        -Beautiful armband
    Silver Bracelet +12      R       480 Silver        -Shiny bracelet
    Silver Shield   +15     H,L      600 Silver        -Shiny shield
    Steel Bracelet  +17      R       850 Silver        -Very sturdy bracelet
    Magic Gauntlet  +18     J,M      1,080 Silver      -Has protective magic
    Legendary Lid   +20     all      Taben's Peak      -All stats +2
    Steel Shield    +20     H,L      1,000 Silver      -A heavy metal shield
    Jewel Gauntlet  +22     J,M      1,540 Silver      -Precious gauntlet
      Bracelet      +22      R       1,320 Silver      -Beautiful bracelet
    Platinum Shield +25     H,L      1,500 Silver      -Beautiful shield
    Hawk Armlet     +26      J       Horam             -Karate bracelet
      Bracelet      +27      R       1,890 Silver      -Bears a magic jewel
    Mystic Gauntlet +27      M       2,160 Silver      -Magical gauntlet
    Leopard Armlet  +31      J       2,480 Silver      -Engraved armband
    Warrior Shield  +31     H,L      2,170 Silver      -Heavy-duty shield
      Bracelet      +32      R       2,560 Silver      -Odd looking bracelet
    Psycho Gauntlet +33      M       Serak Palace      -Crazy protection
    Amethyst Shield +36     H,L      2,880 Silver      -Odd looking shield
    Tiger Armlet    +36      J       Red Dragon Cave   -Striped armlet
    Holy Bracelet   +38      R       Althena's Fort    -Divine bracelet
      Gauntlet      +40      M       Dragon Ruins      -Ultimate gauntlet
    Master Shield   +42     H,L      Althena's Fort    -A shield for experts
    Lunn's Armlet   +43      J       Lionhead          -Ultimate protection
      Bracelet      +44      R       Dragon's Nest     -Ultimate bracelet
    Holy Shield     +46      L       Lionhead          -Magic Defense +4
    Dragon Shield   +50      H       Dragon's Nest     -Ultimate Shield
    H. Bromide Locations
    Lucia's Bromide 1--Get it from a man standing outside the east house in
                       Larpa while you are searching for Lucia.
    Lucia's Bromide 2--Take it from the baby at the Taben's Peak outdoor
                       playground during the Epilogue.
    Lucia's Bromide 3--Get it from a pixie at the Secret Garden in the Mystic
                       Ruins during the Epilogue.
    Lucia's Bromide 4--Found in a chest in the Taben's Peak jail cell during
                       the Epilogue.
    Jean's Bromide 1--Given by the Drunken Master at the Drunken Karate dojo in
                      Horam during the Epilogue.
    Jean's Bromide 2--Get it from the woman standing near the exit of the
                      caravan in Illusion Woods after defeating Plantella with
                      Jean in your party.
    Jean's Bromide 3--Buy it from a man in the Carnival for 3,000 Silver during
                      the Epilogue.
    Jean's Bromide 4--Find it in a chest a the north end of the Carnival during
                      the Epilogue.
    Lemina's Bromide 1--Find it in a bookshelf in the Magic Guild Library on
                        your first visit to Vane.
    Lemina's Bromide 2--Find it among the crates at the back of Ramus' shop
                        after getting Lemina's Bromide 3.
    Lemina's Bromide 3--Get it from the old man in Ramus' shop on your first
                        visit to Meribia.
    Lemina's Bromide 4--Find it in a chest in the Tunnels of Terror (aka
                        Meribian Sewers) in Meribia during the Epilogue.
    Jessica's Bromide--Get it from the minstrel at the bar in Meribia on your
                       first visit to town.
    Mia's Bromide--Get it from a man hanging around the Transmission Spring
                   that leads to Vane.
    Mystere's Bromide--Get it from the man at the north gate of Takkar during
                       the Epilogue.
    Nall's Bromide--Get it from a child in the room with the see-saw at Taben's
                    Peak during the Epilogue.
    Mauri's Bromide 1--Given by Mauri in Raculi during the Epilogue after
                       Ronfar rejoins the group.
    Mauri's Bromide 2--Found in a chest behind Mauri's house in Raculi during
                       the Epilogue.
    Luna's Bromide--Given by the old married woman in the house at the south
                    end of Vane during the Epilogue.
    Borgan's Bromide--Given by Borgan in the Magic Guild of Vane during the
                      Epilogue after Lemina rejoins the group.
    Ghaleon's Bromide--Found at the top of the Mystic Ruins next to the magic
                       video recording machine during the Epilogue.
    Hiro's Bromide--Found on top of Lionhead.
    Borgan's Bromide X--Found in the Magic Guild of Vane during the Epilogue.
                        Stand on the carpet at the back of the Magic Guild
                        (behind Borgan and Miria) between the two orbs and
                        press the buttons O-X-O repeatedly until you hear
                        a clicking sound.  You now have the bromide.
    I. Rememberizer Locations: Once you gain the Rememberizer Crystal in the
                               Epilogue, you must return to where you saw each
                               FMV to add it to your list; **Warning! There
                               are SPOILERS in this section**
    Lucia's Awakening--The epic introductory FMV; Disc 1; found in the Dragon
    Ruin Raiders--Hiro and Ruby get the Dragon Eye Jewel; Disc 1; found in the
                  Dragon Ruins.
    Dragonship Destiny--Hiro encounters Leo and the Destiny; Disc 1; found in
                        the East Salyan Desert.
    The Blue Spire--View of the Blue Spire; Disc 1; found near the goddess
                    statue in the Blue Spire.
    Lucia's Arrival--Lucia comes to the Silver Star; Disc 1; found at the top
                     of the Blue Spire.
    Lucia's Confusion--Lucia tries to sense Althena's power; Disc 1; found near
                       the goddess statue in the Blue Spire.
    Ronfar's Entrance--Your first meeting with the drunken gambler; Disc 1;
                       found at the bar in Larpa.
    Lucia Reflects--Lucia marvels at the world; Disc 1; found at the docks of
    Jean's Entrance--Jean wows the party with her dancing skills; Disc 1; found
                     in the Illusion Woods.
    Althena's Spring--Naked Lucia scene 1; Disc 1; found at Althena's
                      Spring in the Illusion Woods.
    Lemina's Entrance--Lemina reveals herself; Disc 1; found at the Ghost
    The Disguise--Jean and Lemina help Lucia pick out her new outfit; Disc 1;
                  found at the Carnival.
    Punched-Out Peeps--Hiro and Ronfar get a knuckle sandwich; Disc 1; found at
                       the Carnival.
    Lucia's New Clothes--Lucia displays her new outfit; Disc 1; found at the
    Recorded History--Various scenes from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete;
                      Disc 1; found at the top of the Mystic Ruins.
    The Entrance--Introducing Ghaleon; Disc 1; found at the top of the Mystic
    An Old Friend--Introducing Nall; Disc 1; found at the entrance to Taben's
    Moonlit Swim--Hiro startles Lucia; Disc 1; found at the Water Ruins in
                  the Sluice Forest.
    En Route to Pentagulia--Hiro and Lucia on the Destiny; Disc 1;
                            automatically gained upon receiving the
                            Rememberizer Crystal.
    The Holy City--Depicts Pentagulia; Disc 1; found at the former site of
    Dragonmaster Ghaleon--Ghaleon greets the party at Pentagulia; Disc 2; found
                 at the former site of Pentagulia.
    Audience With Althena--Lucia's meeting with "Althena"; Disc 2; found at the
                           former site of Pentagulia.
    Shadow Warrior Jean--Jean dons her Karate uniform; Disc 2; found at the
                         Blue Dragon Karate dojo in Horam.
    Neo-Vane--Neo-Vane hovers ominously in the sky; Disc 2; found east of the
              Zaback Mines.
    Dragon Attack--The four dragons of Althena torch the "Holy City"; Disc 2;
                   found at the former site of Pentagulia.
    Death of the Blue Star--Lucia tells the story of the destruction of the
                            Blue Star; Disc 2; found at the former site of
    Luna's Story--Althena's message for Lucia; Disc 2; found at the former site
                  of Pentagulia.
    Zophar's Revival--Zophar engulfs the Fortress of Althena; Disc 2; found at
                      the former site of Pentagulia.
    Zophar vs. Lucia--Lucia confronts Zophar with the power of Althena; Disc 2;
                      found at the former site of Pentagulia.
    Ghaleon's Challenge--Hiro's last confrontation with Ghaleon; Disc 3; found
                         on the Magic Guild's roof in Vane.
    Destiny Departs--Ghaleon's final moments; Disc 3; found on the Magic
                     Guild's roof in Vane.
    Zophar's Castle--The Destiny approaches Zophar's Domain; Disc 3; found at
                     the former site of Pentagulia.
    Omni-Zophar--The final confrontation with Zophar; Disc 3; found at the
                 former site of Pentagulia.
    Spire in Shadow--A darker view of the Blue Spire; Disc 3; found near the
                     goddess statue in the Blue Spire.
    Tearful Farewell--Lucia returns to the Blue Star; Disc 3; found at the top
                      of the Blue Spire.
    A New Beginning--Ruby helps Hiro find a way to the Blue Star; Disc 3; found
                     at the top of the Blue Spire.
    VII.  Walkthrough
    The Beginning:
    	The game begins on the Blue Star.  Watch the opening FMVs as Lucia awakens and
    surveys the landscape (I don't believe I would stand naked in a fierce
    snowstorm like that, would you??).  The scene then switches to the world of
    Lunar, where Hiro is exploring the Dragon Ruins.  He manages to collect the
    Dragon Eye before he sets off a trap and losing his footing.  Watch and listen
    as Hiro and Ruby make a daring escape from the treacherous ruins!  Once
    outside, you will finally have control of Hiro.  Head south to reach the first
    --East Salyan Desert: Treasure found here: Herb, 100 Silver.
    Really easy, just keep heading south to the exit.  Just watch your HP, and
    return to Althena's statue at the entrance to this area to restore your health,
    or use herbs.  About halfway through this area, the ground will shake and a
    giant ship will appear.  This is the Dragonship Destiny, commanded by White
    Knight Leo.  Apparently, Leo has business with Hiro's grandfather.  Continue
    south through the rest of this straightforward dungeon.
    After leaving this monster-infested region, head northeast to Hiro's home.  The
    Destiny is parked right outside, something must be up...  Head into Hiro's home
    and speak with Gwyn, and then Lord Leo.  After Gwyn refuses to give Leo any
    information, Leo storms out to find the Destroyer.  Head upstairs to the
    telescope when Gwyn calls you, and you'll witness a strange beam of light
    descending on the Blue Spire.  Gwyn suggests that you go investigate.  Head
    down to the basement and open the chest to find the Ancient Dagger.  Take the
    time to read the books while you're down here.  Go back upstairs and speak to
    Gwyn and equip the Ancient Dagger as he suggests.  Now, head north to the
    --The Blue Spire: Treasure found here: Angel's Tear (x2), Star Light (x2),
    Herb (x2), Healing Nut, 72 Silver.
    Approach the entrance and check out the Guardian statues if you want.  Gwyn 
    will take the Left Opal Jewel and place it in the socket in the dragon's head. 
    Hmm...  Nothing happened.  But, there's still another empty socket!  Approach
    it and press X and Hiro will place the Right Sapphire Jewel from the Dragon
    Ruins into the socket, causing the door to open.  Now head inside...  In the
    first chamber, press the switches in the northwest, southwest, and southeast
    corners of the room to form a bridge leading north.  Once you cross the bridge,
    go east to find another switch.  This one deactivates the force field to the
    west.  When fighting the mummy enemies, attack the purple mummy with a Poe
    Sword for an easy win.  Once the purple mummy dies, they all go down.  Go to
    the next area and enter all the doors and activate all 4 floating orbs to
    activate the transporter in the southern part of this area.  After exiting the
    transporter, head north and watch the quick FMV of the Spire and be sure to
    heal at the goddess statue.  Keep heading north into the next room and ascend
    either of the two staircases.  On the next floor, go up either the southwest or
    southeast staircase.  On the next floor, ascend the middle staircase to
    continue.  This time ascend either of the two staircases at the south end of
    the room.  Next, enter the staircase to the northwest for some temporary relief
    from the monsters.  Take a moment to gaze at the beauty of the Blue Star, and
    then head east to the stairs leading to the 7th floor.  Here, Grandpa Gwyn will
    astound you with his complete lack of investigative ability.  While he examines
    the wall for a non-existent secret passage, you might want to check out the
    strange magic symbol with the image of the Blue Star hovering over it at the
    north side of the room.  You will soon find yourself transported to another
    chamber where a woman, Lucia, appears.  Approach the crystal to view the FMV of
    Lucia's appearance.  Lucia asks simply to be taken to see Althena.  Hiro,
    stunned by Lucia's goddess-like beauty, finally manages a response, but only
    after fending off Ruby's jealous attack.  Hiro agrees to help Lucia, and she
    transports them back to the 7th floor.  Gwyn is surprised, and the group
    prepares to descend back down the Spire.  On the floor below, some monsters
    attack.  It doesn't matter what strategy you employ, because before anyone can
    act, Lucia will destroy all the monsters at once with her awesome magic! 
    Continue down, and try to fight every enemy you find to take advantage of
    Lucia's immense power for some easy EXP and Silver.  Note that Lucia cannot be
    controlled, and acts automatically.  This does not change throughout the entire
    game.  Try to get Gwyn up to level 12 by going up and down the spire looking
    for enemies.  However, if you are planning to spend a lot of time leveling up
    Hiro with Lucia's awesome powers, be aware that she will start using Solar Bomb
    when Hiro reaches level 14.  This spell will destroy the enemies, but you won't
    get any EXP or Silver!  Continuing on, when you get to the area where Althena's
    statue is, Lucia will try to sense Althena's presence, but she can't.  Then, an
    ominous voice is heard.  It's Zophar!  He's the Destroyer, not Lucia!  Lucia
    attempts to summon the power of the Four Dragons, but to no avail!  Zophar
    responds by casting a terrible curse on Lucia, one that threatens her life. 
    Now you must find a way to restore her to health.  Lucia now has only 1HP, and
    all of her powers are gone.  She'll spend the upcoming battles cowering in the
    corner, running away, or fainting.  Once you reach the goddess statue, heal up
    and save.  Continue south and you'll see that Zophar's presence has woken up
    the Guardian statue!
    Guardian (AKA: Stoneman)
    HP: 550
    Weakness: none
    This is the first boss battle, and it can be tough if you don't take
    appropriate action.  The Guardian will always start by boosting his attack and
    defense, so you should lower them.  Have Gwyn cast Fractured Armor and
    Shattered Sword the first two rounds.  Hiro should ALWAYS use Poe Sword.  Lucia
    will spend her time cowering in the corner, so forget about her for the moment.
     Have Gwyn cast Heal Litany and Calm Litany as needed.  Use herbs if he runs
    out of MP.  If Hiro is killed, use an Angel's Tear right away!  Have Gwyn
    attack or defend if no healing is needed.  You may need to cast Shattered Sword
    again if the Guardian boosts himself, but if you need to be healed, make that
    your top priority.  It takes quite a few rounds to beat this thing, but it will
    go down in time.  **Note: If you're having trouble with this boss, there's a
    little trick you can employ to make it much easier, and you'll also get to hear
    some extra dialogue between Ruby and Lucia.  When the battle starts, use the
    Defend command to move Hiro and Gwyn towards the Guardian.  After about three
    rounds, you will be able to reach his platform.  Have Hiro stand at the
    northeast corner of the Guardian's platform and have Gwyn stand on the platform
    right in front of the base of the Guardian's body.  Now just keep defending
    until the Guardian knocks out both characters.  If you positioned them
    correctly, the Guardian will be unable to move, and since Lucia will do nothing
    but cower in the corner, the battle will be stalemated.  After about three more
    rounds, Ruby will become irritated, and attack the Guardian.  She defeats it
    with one swoop!  This little trick was actually a glitch in the Japanese
    version, but Working Designs added the segment with Ruby as a very interesting
    workaround for the glitch.
    After defeating the Guardian, make sure to revisit Althena's statue before
    proceeding!  Make your way out of the tower, but try not to get bogged down
    with too many battles.  When you reach the entrance to the tower, there are
    four more Guardians awaiting you!  You'll be thrown into another battle, but it
    looks pretty grim...  Just put the controls on AI and once Hiro (or Lucia and
    Gwyn) are knocked out, a beam of white light will wipe out the monsters!  It's
    Lord Leo's White Dragon Cannon!  Head southeast to find the Destiny.  Leo will
    berate Gwyn for endangering himself, and then he notices Lucia.  Fortunately,
    Hiro will mislead Leo into thinking the Destroyer is still in the tower.  Now
    head back to Hiro's home to see about that curse...
    Lucia's Curse and the Gamblin' Priest:
    	Upon entering Hiro's home, Lucia will lie down on the couch while Gwyn does
    some research.  Speak to Lucia twice and Gwyn will return, saying there's
    nothing he can do.  Then he remembers about a priest named Ronfar rumored to be
    living in Larpa.  Gwyn then prepares his boat for Hiro to use and then leaves
    the party.  You can now check out the bookshelf in Hiro's home to find the
    Haiku book (see the Epilogue section for more information on the Haiku poems). 
    Outside, board the boat by pressing X while standing next to it, and sail to
    the dock to the west.  Press O to disembark.  Walk west to find the village of
    Larpa.  Larpa is a den of thieves, gamblers, and drunks.  There's a shrine to
    Althena here, but most of the people don't seem to care about it.  You'll find
    Ronfar in the tavern, but he won't talk to you at first.  Explore the town, and
    check out Ronfar's house at the west end of town.  Read the note on the door,
    then go talk to Ronfar.  Play a couple of games of dice with him; it doesn't
    matter what you pick, you'll always lose.  Tell him you've had enough and then
    talk to him again.  Lucia will faint and Ronfar will take her to his house. 
    Follow Ronfar and talk to him in his house.  Pretty soon, Leo will show up and
    ask Ronfar if he's seen Lucia the "Destroyer."  Ruby is certain that Ronfar
    will turn them in, but he just brushes Leo off instead.  Talk to Ronfar and
    he'll play another game of dice with you.  Pick either even or odd dice and
    this time you'll win.  Go get Lucia and then talk to Ronfar.  He will reveal a
    hidden path to the sanctuary.
    --Larpa Pass: Treasure found here: 500 Silver.
    This couldn't be simpler, just head north to the stairs, and then south to the
    When you exit the cave, jump off the cliff and enter the shrine.  Go to the
    main sanctuary and Ronfar will call upon Althena to break the curse, but it
    doesn't work.  Ronfar then recalls how he failed to lift a similar illness from
    his ex-girlfriend, Mauri.  Ronfar tries to lift the curse once again, this time
    with absolute conviction.  It works, and Lucia is freed from the curse!  Lucia
    has not been restored to full power, however, but she will gain more HP and new
    spells as Hiro gains levels.  Return to "Casa De Ronfar" and stay the night.
    The Road to Pentagulia, the Holy City:
    	In the morning, Lucia will be gone and Ronfar will still be recovering from
    the curse-lifting incident.  Now go and search for Lucia in Larpa.  Go to the
    house on the east side of town first; it's the one with the baby.  Before you
    go in, talk to the man standing outside to get Lucia's Bromide 1.  Inside,
    speak with the baby's mother and she'll tell you about Lucia's recent visit. 
    Next, head to the mayor's house at the north end of town and talk to the mayor.
     He'll tell you that Lucia asked about Pentagulia and left without paying his
    "information fee."  Hiro will have to cough up 30 Silver to pay the man.  After
    visiting these two locations, Lucia can be found at the eastern pier in the
    south part of town.  Talk to her and she will leave for Dalton to find
    Pentagulia on her own.  As you head out of town, Ronfar will catch up to you
    and inform you that the Destiny is headed for Dalton!  Now head northwest of
    Larpa towards Dalton.
    --West Salyan Desert: Treasure found here: 300 Silver.
    Another simple dungeon; just head north.
    Once you enter Dalton, you'll witness Leo interrogating Lucia.  She fends off
    the guards until Leo attacks her.  Leo then knocks her out with one swift blow!
     You'll have to find a way onto the Destiny to rescue her...  Someone has
    smashed the goddess statue at the entrance to the village, so you must look
    elsewhere for healing.  There's a statue at the shrine, which costs 100 Silver
    to use, but I suggest you wait.  One of the buildings on the west end of town
    leads across a breezeway to the port of the Destiny.  Climb aboard and enter
    the north hatch.  Use the goddess statue here to restore your health before
    venturing any further.
    --Dragonship Destiny: Treasure found here: none.
    From the statue, head downstairs.  On the Destiny, you merely have to make your
    way down to the engine room, fighting soldiers as you go.  The fights aren't
    too bad, just keep attacking and make sure you keep your HP up.  Don't attack
    the privates when their shields are raised.  They will counter your attacks. 
    It's safe to use magic and Hiro's Poe Sword, but don't use physical attacks
    while they're defending.  You must fight all but one of the soldiers, so just
    keep fighting.  If you're lucky, you might win an Iron Shield or Chain Mail in
    these fights.  When you reach the engine room, you'll overhear Leo
    interrogating Lucia again.  When she won't answer his inquiries, Leo orders her
    execution and locks her up.  Approach the cell and press the switch to open the
    door.  Before you can leave, Leo will approach, and everyone will take cover. 
    When Leo runs into the cell, sneak up on him and press the switch to lock him
    inside.  Exit the Destiny the way you came in.  Now head northeast of Dalton
    towards the Forest of Illusion.
    --Forest of Illusion: Treasure found here: Herb (x5), 600 Silver,
    Star Light, Snake Crest, 146 Silver, Chain Mail.
    The first part of this dungeon is called the Starlight Forest.  Keep heading
    northeast to exit this area.  Now you'll come to a clearing where the infamous
    Star Dragon Tower resides.  You won't be able to get inside for a VERY long
    time (and certainly not in the demo version), so don't worry about it for now. 
    Your party will take a rest here.  Talk to Lucia and then continue northwest
    after healing at the statue.  Once outside, walk a short distance northeast to
    reach the second forest--the Illusion Woods.  Talk to the woodsman, and Ronfar
    will convince him to help you.  Walk north into the woods, and then Lord Leo
    will appear right behind you.  After a futile search, Leo and his men head back
    to the Destiny to ambush you on the other side of the woods.  Looks like you
    haven't seen the last of him...  Inside the woods, you'll have to make your way
    through by searching through the light green bushes.  Most of them contain dead
    ends or chests, but one bush in each area conceals the exit.  In the first
    area, the bush furthest to the northeast is the exit.  In the second area,
    again head for the bush in the northeast corner.  In the third area, the exit
    is the far Northwest passage.
    Welcome to the traveling caravan!  Upon entering this clearing, you'll hear
    music and cheering.  Watch Jean's elegant dancing, and she will notice the
    party as soon as she stops.  She introduces herself, and invites you to speak
    with Giban, the troupe leader.  Take some time to explore the area, and say
    hello to the large blue bird--a "chuckuboo," (very funny, Working Designs...)
    as it's called.  Talk to Giban, who informs you that the path out of the forest
    is blocked by vines and offers to let you spend the night with them.  Jean will
    leave to go cool down.  Follow her to the northwest clearing and speak with
    her.  Ask her all three questions, and pretty soon, a vine will appear and grab
    Lucia!  Just as Hiro prepares to slice it in two, Jean leaps forth and subdues
    the vine with a few quick karate-chops!  Jean then leaves after warning
    everyone to keep what they just saw quiet...  Jean returns to her room and has
    a flashback about a strange masked man.  That morning, Hiro and Lucia awaken to
    find that there is a hot spring located here.  Head east to the springs and
    enter the left side.  Hiro and Ruby go in and begin to bathe, when Lucia
    suddenly appears wearing her pendant (and NOTHING else; yowzers!).  Hiro can't
    help but stare at Lucia's features, and Ruby begins to throw a tantrum and ends
    up almost scratching Hiro's eyes out :P  After this little incident, head back
    to the caravan.  Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and vines appear from the
    ground and capture Giban and several others!  Speak with Jean to receive a Rope
    Ladder and try to convince Jean to help.  When she refuses, approach the hole
    and prepare to descend.  Just then, Jean will stop you and agree to help!  Head
    down into the hole and go west.  Fight or avoid the enemies here, and enter the
    doorway at the end of the hall.  Now, make sure you're near full HP and MP
    before continuing.
    Plantella (AKA: Wretched Veggie)
    HP: 1,800
    Weakness: Fire
    I recommend level 18 for fighting this boss.  Plantella has three attacks: a
    weak poisoning attack, a stronger single attack, and a group attack.  She will
    usually target Hiro with her single attacks.  On the first round, have Ronfar
    cast Saint Litany on Hiro.  Thereafter, have him act according to the
    situation.  He should heal if necessary, use Clean Magic or a Purity Herb if
    everyone has high HP and Hiro is poisoned, or use Anger Dice (fire-based) for
    moderate to heavy damage.  Hiro should ALWAYS use Poe Sword, or attack if he's
    low on MP.  Jean should use Moth Dance, it seems to work the best.  She should
    use healing items if necessary as well, since she is the fastest member.  Lucia
    will cower in the corner, and occasionally use Napalm Shot for moderate damage.
     Just keep your fingers crossed and you should prevail, although it may take a
    couple of tries.  Note that if you're playing the demo, the game will end
    immediately after the battle with Plantella and display the teaser FMV.  So go
    out and buy the full game already! :P  You know you want it!
    After defeating Plantella, the troupe will thank you, and you'll automatically
    be taken back to the caravan area.  Speak with Giban and Jean, and Jean will
    now join your party on a more permanent basis.  Before leaving, speak with the
    woman near the exit and she will give you Jean's Bromide 2.  Now head north to
    the town of Takkar.
    In Takkar, you'll find that the north gate has been closed by Althena's Guard,
    and Leo is on his way!  You'll have to find another way to pass through if you
    want to reach Pentagulia...  In the tavern, you'll find a hooded girl.  Speak
    with her and she'll offer to let you join the Magic Guild of Vane and show you
    an alternate route north... IF you can pass her test.  Your group decides to
    try talking to the gate guard again, so do so.  That won't get you anywhere,
    but then the hooded girl appears and offers to show you the path.  Follow her
    to the east gate and she'll open the mountain path.
    --Takkar Mountain Pass: Treasure found here: Purity Ring, Wind Ring.
    Another straightforward dungeon.  Just keep heading northeast along the path
    until you reach a strange, run-down building.
    --Ghost Manor: Treasure found here: Holy Water, 302 Silver, Angel's Tear, Star
    Light (x2), Herb.
    Now, this starts getting interesting.  Not only is this a more complex dungeon
    than the ones you've seen so far, but the enemies also have various weaknesses
    to magic that you can exploit.  To help you out, pay attention to the color the
    enemies turn when you target them.  You want to use spells that make the enemy
    turn green for the most damage.  The Rolling Imps are weak against wind, the
    Knuckle Busters are weak against fire, and Susie Deaths are weak against fire
    and Jean's "Sleep Step" move.  Make your way to the north end of the building
    and enter the large room to face the next boss.
    Magic Tester LX1 (AKA: The Big Drummer Boy)
    HP: 2,700
    Weakness: Fire, Wind
    The Magic Tester has three different phases during the battle.  During the
    first phase, his attacks are paltry, but in the second and third he develops
    more damaging attacks that can affect multiple characters.  Level 19 or 20 is
    good for this battle.  I'd suggest that before you enter this battle (i.e.
    before you enter the large room), spread out your formation via the tactics
    menu.  Also, make sure you have a few Star Lights, they'll come in handy.  Each
    round, have Hiro use the Boomerang spell, Jean use Sleep Step, Moth Dance, or
    items (herbs, star lights), and Ronfar use Anger Dice or healing magic.  The
    Magic Tester likes to put characters to sleep, but they will awake when
    attacked again.  This is a long battle, as the Magic Tester has high HP, but
    stick it out and you'll prevail (as long as you don't run out of MP!).
    After you beat the Magic Tester, the hooded girl will appear again and reveal
    her identity.  She is Lemina, the Junior Premiere of the Vane Magic Guild!  She
    invites your party to join, since you passed her test, but then you inform her
    that you're on an important quest.  After some thought, she decides to join
    your group!  Now head out of the north end of the Ghost Manor and to the
    western cliff.  Lemina will show you your ticket to freedom, a magic carpet! 
    However, Lemina has a little accident, and you end up crashing to the ground. 
    Well... at least you got down!  Make sure you heal at Althena's statue, and
    then press onward.  Be sure to stop by the North Gate of Larpa and stock up on
    supplies from the traveling merchant there.
    --Bandit Butte: Treasure found here: Shiro Crest, Star Light, Wind Staff.
    This dungeon is simply a series of caves and mountain paths.  Just follow the
    basic path and you'll be fine.  Lemina's magic will come in very handy here, so
    don't be afraid to use it!
    After exiting Bandit Butte, head northwest to the bustling town of Nota (you'll
    have to meander your way through the trees near a small lake on the overworld
    to reach Nota).  Here you'll learn that the two halves of Nota aren't on the
    best of terms at the moment.  After you're done shopping in East Nota, head
    across the bridge towards West Nota.  As you reach the middle of the bridge,
    your old friend Leo shows up on the Destiny!  Thanks to Ronfar's quick
    thinking, you manage to escape back to East Nota.  Leave town while Leo's men
    try to figure out how they can all get through a small door at once...  At
    Jean's suggestion, head northeast to the carnival.
    Explore the carnival and check out the giggle den, the gambling hut, and other
    attractions.  When you're ready to proceed, go to the north end of the carnival
    and speak to Giban.  As you're talking, Leo arrives, but Giban sends him away. 
    It's decided that Lucia needs some new clothes if she's going to remain
    inconspicuous.  When you have control of Hiro and Ronfar, approach the middle
    carnival car to see a few FMVs of Lucia's new outfit and watch as Hiro and
    Ronfar find out just how dangerous women can be ;).  When you're ready, speak
    to the man near the Magic Arrow to make your escape.  As soon as you board the
    Magic Arrow, Leo returns and damages the Magic Arrow, changing your
    destination.  After a brief, but terror-filled ride, your group lands on top of
    some ancient ruins.
    --Mystic Ruins: Treasure found here: Healing Nut, Dream Crest,
    Star Light (x2), Flame Staff.
    After your party recovers from their crash, approach the center of the tower. 
    Lucia will sense an ancient seal, and lift it with her powerful magic.  Inside,
    you'll find a strange device, which Lucia activates.  **MAJOR SPOILER WARNING**
    This device is a magical video of sorts, and it displays various important
    scenes from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, including the destruction of
    Vane, the appearance of the Magic Emperor, and even images of Dragonmaster Alex
    and the goddess Althena.  Afterward, the group is puzzled at what they have
    seen, and suddenly a man approaches...  That voice is very familiar...  Oh,
    no!!  It can't be... it's... it's JOHN TRUITT!!  uh, I mean...  It's Magic
    Emperor Ghaleon!  (This is one of the two spoiler characters in the character
    standee package.  Oh, and for those of you who didn't get that joke, John
    Truitt is the voice actor for Ghaleon, and he has a very distinctive voice.  He
    also does the narration at the beginning of the game.)  Apparently, Ghaleon has
    somehow been resurrected after his run in with the last Dragonmaster over a
    thousand years ago.  He vanishes without a fight, leaving your party even more
    confused.  Maybe now is a good time to find a way out of this place... **END OF
    SPOILER**  This is a much more complex maze than any you've seen so far.  This
    dungeon is composed of floating platforms that lead to other platforms (and
    monsters).  Every time you step on a floating platform, you'll be carried to a
    stationary platform surrounded by other moving platforms.  The following guide
    tells you which moving platforms you should step on: from the northern
    entrance, take the south (and only) platform, next take the west platform, then
    the north one, next take the south platform, next west, and finally south to
    reach the southern exit.  The next room contains more platforms.  From the
    door, take the platforms to the west, north, north, east, south, and north to
    reach the northern exit.  This area leads to a garden filled with fairies. 
    **SPOILER WARNING!** The fairies were apparently brought here by Ghaleon, and
    they all seem to like him.  You party wonders how they can possibly like such
    an evil man...  Approach the door at the south end of the garden and Lucia will
    break the seal on the door.  Head back towards Nota (which lies west) and
    you'll be confronted by the Dragonship Destiny.  Just before Leo blows you to
    smithereens, some bolts of lighting strike the Destiny and knock Leo down.  It
    seems that Ghaleon is helping you escape... but why?  After the Destiny
    retreats, head for Nota.  **END OF SPOILER**
    Back in Nota, the Destiny is gone, so you can freely travel to West Nota.  Do
    so, and you'll hear more about how the East and West are feuding, and you'll
    also hear of a severe blizzard in Zulan that is making travel to Meribia
    impossible.  Exit Nota and head North to reach Zulan.  In Zulan, the first
    thing you'll notice is the raging blizzard that torments the village.  Talk to
    the mayor of Zulan in the largest house, and he will tell you that his daughter
    and son-in-law are missing in the mountains, and his granddaughter is very
    sick.  Agree to help him by slaying the monster in the mountains, and searching
    for the lost people.  Once you do, Lucia will berate you for straying from your
    primary mission--stopping Zophar.  She claims that saving one town is
    insignificant compared to saving the world.  At this point Lucia will leave
    your party.  Now, head to the north end of town and enter the Zulan Mountains.
    --Zulan Mountain: Treasure found here: 2,000 Silver, Healing Nut,
    Power Crest, Water Staff, Barrier Ring, Phoenix Ring.
    This is a fairly long dungeon compared to most so far, and there are lots of
    monsters.  Make sure Lemina has the Flame Staff equipped, as it will be very
    helpful.  When you find ice covering up a cave entrance, press X in front of it
    and Ruby will melt the ice (at least her breath is good for SOMETHING :P).  Be
    warned though, some ice shards are hiding monsters that will immediately
    attack.  Follow these directions for the quickest route through the mountain:
    From the entrance, make your way north until you reach an ice-blocked cave
    entrance.  Enter it and head east to the cave exit.  Now make your way north
    and ignore the first ice blockade you see and have Ruby melt the one further
    northeast.  Enter this cave and follow the path to the exit.  Now head west and
    ignore the first block of ice, but melt the second one you come to.  Enter this
    short cave and proceed to the exit.  Be sure not to miss the Phoenix Ring
    hidden in a niche near the exit of this cave.  Now make your way north and melt
    another ice block.  As you continue, you will hear the roar of a beast.  Before
    long, you realize that the beast has caused an avalanche that promptly sweeps
    your party away!  Then the screen goes dark and you can hear Lucia's voice
    calling out to Hiro.  Hiro awakes with Lucia's healing magic, and in a touching
    moment, Lucia admits that she didn't want to leave him.  Find the other party
    members and Lucia will heal them as well.  Now head north to find the monster
    that has been tormenting the villagers.  Note that Lucia has restored everyone
    to full HP and MP, so there's no need to heal before this fight.
    Missing Link (AKA: Big Hairy Beast)
    HP: 2,700
    Weakness: Fire
    Level 25 is good for this battle.  Before starting this battle, it's a good
    idea to put Hiro in the far front of the formation, and put everyone else as
    far back as possible.  The monster has three attacks: he will do a Zone attack
    on the closest person (i.e. Hiro), he will summon a large avalanche to damage
    the party, and he will put up a wind shield, protecting him from all harm.  On
    the first round, have Hiro use Poe Sword, Jean attack, Ronfar cast Saint Litany
    on Hiro, and Lemina cast Power Flame on Hiro.  On subsequent rounds, have Hiro
    use Poe Sword, Jean should attack or use healing items, Ronfar should heal as
    needed or defend if no healing is needed (don't have him attack, since you
    don't want anyone close to Hiro), and Lemina should use Flame Shot.  When the
    Missing Link is protected by his wind shield, you can heal and cast Saint
    Litany on other party members or have Lemina cast Power Flame, Ice Shell, or
    just defend.  Eventually, the Missing Link will fall.
    After defeating the Missing Link, approach Maria (the mayor's daughter) and let
    Lucia heal her.  Maria has amnesia, but she finally agrees to stay in Zulan and
    care for the baby.  Maria's husband is still missing, but perhaps you will be
    able to help him later.  Now that the blizzard has stopped, you should head
    south to Meribia.
    Meribia is still a bustling merchant town, just like it was 1,000 years ago. 
    Explore the town and make sure to stop by Ramus' store.  Talk to the old man
    there repeatedly until you get Lemina's Bromide 3.  After getting it, check the
    crates at the back of the store to find Lemina's Bromide 2.  Also, be sure to
    visit the tavern of Meribia.  Speak with the minstrel at the bar to receive
    Jessica's Bromide.  After you're done exploring this town, head for Lunn's dojo
    in the northeast part of town.  Upon entering the dojo, you'll witness Lunn's
    power as he fights off the attempted attacks of a dozen of his pupils with
    ease!  After speaking briefly with you, he heads up to his quarters.  Follow
    him, and you'll learn about Jean's tragic past as a member of the Shadow Dragon
    Cult.  Lunn tells you of some bandits that have been terrorizing Taben's Peak,
    and he thinks the bandits may in fact be the Shadow Dragon Cult!  Exit Meribia
    and head east to Taben's Peak.  The road east to Vane has been blocked off, so
    for now, head north into the forest.  **SPOILER WARNING** Before long you see a
    flying white cat-like creature who bears a striking similarity to Ruby.  It
    disappears into the brush, and Ruby follows it, only to be caught by a boy who
    calls himself Nall.  Nall is the other spoiler on the character standees, so at
    this point you are free to open your standee package without fear of more
    spoilers (Nall and Ghaleon are the only two spoiler characters).  Follow Nall
    to and enter Taben's Peak.  **END OF SPOILER**
    --Taben's Peak: Treasure found here: Herb, Legendary Lid, Thunder Staff,
    Luck Ring, Spirit Mace.
    In the first area, follow the main path and you will soon see a child run
    across a ledge above you.  Jean believes that you're getting close to the
    Shadow Dragon Cult, but then the child calls his friends, who start pelting you
    with pinecones!  After they stop, proceed up the ladders to the next area. 
    Now, just follow the paths until you run into the same kid again.  This time,
    his friends pelt Hiro, Ronfar, and Ruby with a pepper bomb!  Continue on
    through the next monster-infested area until you reach the top of Taben's Peak.
     Upon reaching the top, you'll meet Nall again.  After you and Nall accuse each
    other of being members of the Shadow Dragon Cult, Nall has you thrown in jail! 
    The next morning, Hiro and Ruby wake up alone.  Go upstairs and speak with all
    the children to learn that Taben's Peak is an orphanage that Nall created for
    children without parents.  Find Nall, in his chambers, and you'll find him
    talking with Lucia.  Lucia can tell that there's something special about
    Nall--and Nall seems to know who Lucia is!  But before they can reveal their
    secrets, the Shadow Dragon Cult attacks!  Follow Nall and regroup with your
    party.  The cult kidnaps several children, and Nall is unable to stop them. 
    Nall then tells you about some sewers hidden in Meribia.  He is certain that's
    where the cult lives.  Go to the entrance of Nall's orphanage and talk to the
    kid guarding the gondola to quickly exit Taben's Peak.  Now return to Meribia.
    Upon returning to Meribia, you'll find that everyone is talking about the hole
    that has appeared in a wall in Ramus' store.  It turns out that the hole leads
    directly into the sewers, which is exactly where you want to go!
    --Meribian Sewers: Treasure found here: Star Light (x3), Steel Shield,
    Dew Ring, Quake Staff, Steel Helm, Healing Nut, Soul Bandanna, Silk Dress,
    Silver Light.
    This dungeon is very similar to the same location in Lunar: SSSC.  Just like in
    that game, press the little blue switches on the walls to make the bridges come
    down.  Start by heading west from the entrance.  Press the switch, and cross
    the bridge to the north.  Enter an alcove with a treasure chest (the Steel
    Shield) and press that switch.  Now head west and then north up the long
    corridor and cross the bridge.  Next head east and take the first path leading
    south.  Continue to the south, and then go west.  Turn south here, then go
    east.  Now turn south, and then head in a general western direction until you
    come to a doorway flanked by two treasure chests.  Those are the basic
    instructions for getting to the door, but I'd suggest you explore the whole
    dungeon, hit all the switches, and get all that treasure before proceeding. 
    One of the switches lowers a bridge that makes a shortcut between the entrance
    and the exit door.  After you're done exploring the dungeon, go back to town
    and heal at Althena's statue.  Then come back in and take the shortcut to the
    exit so that you're mostly healed for fighting the upcoming battle.  Now enter
    the door, and head south.  There you'll find the Shadow Dragon Clan, along with
    their masked leader.  The masked man will send a group of assassins to fight
    you.  This battle isn't too hard.  Just have Jean use Butterfly Dance and Hiro
    attack, while Ronfar either attacks or heals, and Lemina casts Freeze Claw. 
    After wiping out the assassins, the masked man prepares to fight you, but Jean
    knocks off his mask and he retreats, hiding his face!  He tells you to come to
    Horam and participate in the "Tournament of Death."  Jean picks up the mask,
    and decides to show it to Lunn when you get the chance.  In the meantime, the
    kids you saved dart off towards Taben's Peak, and you should follow them.
    Back at Taben's Peak, Nall will show up, and after berating Ruby for declaring
    her love for Hiro when she's obviously not his type, he invites you inside. 
    After the Dragon Kids thank you for saving their friends, go upstairs and out
    on the balcony to find Lucia, who has learned how to sing!  Speak to Nall and
    receive the White Dragon Wings, which will allow you to exit a dungeon quickly.
     Now you should leave Taben's Peak and head east to Vane, as Nall suggests. 
    Once you arrive in Vane, a woman informs Lemina that Borgan, the Black Wizard,
    has arrived in Vane.  Just then, a group of Borgan's cronies appear and block
    your passage into Vane!  Lemina suggests that you try the old Transmission
    Spring, which lies just east of Vane.  Go there, and be sure to pick up Mia's
    Bromide from the wandering man.  Step onto the magic portal, and Lemina will
    cast a spell that activates the portal and takes you to the Cave of Trial, an
    ancient cave that lies beneath Vane's walls.
    --Cave of Trial: Treasure found here: Thieves' Staff.
    Most of the passageways of this ancient cave are filled with rubble.  Thus, the
    path through the cave is fairly straightforward.  From the entrance, head
    northwest, then turn to the northeast and take the stairs to the next floor. 
    Here, head southeast to the stairs, then go northeast to the stairs.  Now head
    west, then north to the stairs.  On the top floor, there's a chest, but Lemina
    won't let you open it!  Maybe you can get it later...  Head south to the exit
    and enter Vane.
    In Vane, be sure to check out the Magic Guild Library.  There are a lot of
    interesting books that tell about the history of Lunar and the Blue Star. 
    Also, if you check the bookshelf on the far right side in the middle section of
    the library, you'll find Lemina's Bromide 1!  After you're done exploring Vane,
    head north to the Guild Mansion.  Inside, you'll find Borgan and Miria.  Speak
    to them both, and eventually Borgan will cast a spell, transporting Miria to
    Neo-Vane!  Then, Borgan and his cronies follow suit...  Lemina rushes off with
    guilt.  Follow her to the roof.  Ronfar tells Hiro to go cheer up Lemina, so
    talk to her and she'll realize that you all really do care about her.  When she
    rejoins, head downstairs, and she'll give you permission to take all the
    treasures in Vane!  Make sure you grab them all, there are some great items
    here!  After your done, head south from Vane towards Azado.
    --Sluice Forest: Treasure found here: Vigor Ring, Star Light,
    Warrior Crest.
    In the first area of this forest, simply head north to the next area.  Here,
    work your way through the trees and continue to the north.  The enemies here
    hit a little harder than most, be sure to keep your health up!  Now you'll come
    to a path that is submerged underwater.  Lemina thinks that the floodgates will
    be opened to allow the water out by morning, so you decide to set up camp here.
     During the night, Hiro awakes to find Lucia missing.  Head north towards the
    water, and you'll see yet another naked-Lucia FMV ;)  This time, though, Lucia
    screams when she sees Hiro.  At any rate, the water level will be down in the
    morning, and you can cross the path and finally reach Azado.
    Azado is a prosperous port town, but lately, things have started to change... 
    Althena's Chosen seem to reign over the entire town, and the people are
    silently afraid of them.  Head north to the shrine, and speak with the man
    standing in front of Althena's statue.  He is Jamil, the new High Priest. 
    Ronfar inquires about Balse, the former High Priest, and Jamil tells him to
    check the house with the red roof.  Go back to town and talk to the boy
    standing in front of this house.  The boy's name is Porom (Final Fantasy 4,
    anyone? ;) ), and although he doesn't remember Ronfar, his father does.  Balse
    tells you about how Mauri came to Azado and starting changing things...  He
    also tells you that in order to reach Pentagulia, you had best wait until
    nightfall and then sneak aboard a boat.  Continue to talk to Balse until he
    asks if you want to wait for nightfall, and do so.  When nightfall arrives,
    board the ship docked at the west end of town.  Hmm... There's something
    strangely familiar about this ship...  Uh-oh!  It's the Dragonship Destiny!! 
    Lord Leo has found Hiro's party, and takes them hostage!  But, suddenly, the
    sky turns red as flames appear all over the town!  Leo believes it to be
    Lucia's doing, but Ronfar tells him it's the Red Dragon's power held by the
    Chosen.  Leo doesn't completely believe him, but he agrees to go with Hiro and
    Ronfar to Balse's house and confirm the story.  There are Inferno Ghouls
    roaming the town, but by using Hiro and Leo's powerful sword attacks, you can
    make short work of them.  When you reach Balse's house by navigating through
    the flames, you'll find him near death.  Ronfar heals him, and Porom confesses
    to turning in Lucia to the Chosen.  But for some reason, the Chosen decided to
    torch the town.  Leo suggests you head to the shrine quickly.  Do so, and be
    sure to heal at Althena's statue (it costs 100 Silver in the shrine, but it's
    free if you backtrack to the statue near the docks).  Now go upstairs into the
    Goddess Image.
    --Goddess Image: Treasure found here: Star Light, Healing Ring,
    Healing Crest, Healing Nut, Silver Light.
    The monsters here are quite vicious, so try to hit them hard, while conserving
    your MP at the same time (easier said than done!).  Be sure Ronfar has plenty
    of MP for healing, so use a Star Light if needed (but hang on to your Silver
    Lights for upcoming boss battles, don't waste them here!).  Proceed up the
    stairs until you reach the 9th floor.  Save your game here, and if you've got
    enough MP left, go down the stairs on the right side of this room to reach the
    treasure chests on the 3rd floor, which contain great items.  Back on the 9th
    floor, go upstairs to the 10th floor to proceed.  Now, continue to climb until
    you reach the flame in the immense statue's hands.  Approach it and a fiery
    bird will appear.
    Flame Fang (AKA: The Phoenix From Hell!)
    HP: 5,000
    Weakness: Ice
    It's a good idea to move Hiro to the far left of the formation and Leo and
    Ronfar to the far right, so that only Hiro will be harmed by the Fang's zone
    attack, and make sure Hiro has the Healing Ring.  However, this boss isn't too
    bad, just have Hiro use Poe Sword, and Leo use Flash Blade.  Ronfar should use
    healing spells and Light Litany.  Keep Ronfar's MP up with Star Lights, but if
    Hiro and Leo run out of MP, just have them attack; they'll do almost as much
    damage as with their sword skills.  Make sure you revive Hiro immediately if he
    After defeating the Flame Fang, the flames will vanish from the town.  Now head
    back to the Destiny.  **SPOILERS AHEAD** Leo will let the girls free, and
    decide to spare Lucia's life for the moment.  Just then, Red Priestess Mauri
    appears!  She threatens to destroy Lucia, but Leo talks her out of it, as he
    plans to let Althena decide Lucia's fate.  Mauri vanishes, and Leo takes you to
    Pentagulia as his guests.  From your quarters, head to the main deck of the
    ship to see another FMV with Lucia and Hiro (Lucia has her clothes on this time
    :P).  Lucia alludes to something that will happen if Zophar is stopped, but she
    won't elaborate, leaving Hiro a bit puzzled.  Now the ship approaches
    Pentagulia.  After a brief FMV of the city, you must insert Disc 2 (did you
    realize that the whole game to this point was only on Disc 1??) to continue. 
    Just make sure you don't turn off the power while you're changing discs, just
    open the CD door (for PS1) or tray (for PS2), exchange the CDs, and close the
    door or tray to continue.  Upon reaching Pentagulia and exiting the Destiny,
    your old "pal" Ghaleon appears.  Apparently he's the new Dragonmaster to
    Althena.  Ghaleon reveals that Althena is waiting for Lucia.  Leo is puzzled as
    to how Althena knows of Lucia's arrival, but he goes off to set up the meeting
    anyway.  **END OF SPOILER**  Now you should say goodbye to Ronfar, Jean, and
    Lemina and explore Pentagulia, the Holy City.
    Head north from the dock to reach the main square of Pentagulia.  Visit the
    four dragon towers at each corner of this area, and see what Lemina, Jean, and
    Ronfar are discussing with the other three heroes.  When you're ready, enter
    the large shrine and go upstairs.  Speak with Lord Leo standing in front a the
    large door and tell him that you're ready for your audience with Althena. 
    **SPOILER**  Ghaleon is standing by, ready to protect the goddess if necessary.
     Leo will summon Althena, but Lucia senses something is not right.  After Leo
    tells everyone to be quiet, Althena appears and speaks.  Lucia accuses her of
    being a fake, and blasts her with a fireball!  Ghaleon acts quickly and shields
    Althena from the blast.  He then attacks Lucia and she falls to the ground. 
    Now Hiro and Ghaleon do battle.  You are obviously meant to lose this battle,
    so just put the controls on AI and read the dialogue until Ghaleon knocks out
    Hiro.  After the battle, Althena puts Hiro in Leo's custody.  **END OF
    SPOILER**  Hiro and Ruby wake up surrounded by a force field.  As they try to
    figure out how to escape, a voice is heard, and Lord Leo appears wearing an odd
    mask.  Leo claims to be "Mystere," and rescues you in a heroic display.  Ruby
    and Hiro try to find out what's going on, but Leo won't stop his pathetic
    masquerade.  Leo tells you that Ronfar, Lemina, and Jean are being held in the
    other tower, which are accessible from an underground path.  He doesn't know
    what's become of Lucia though...
    --Four dragon towers: Treasure found here: Healing Ring, Platinum Blade,
    Life Jewel, Hellfire Staff, Silver Light, Ritual Hairpin (x2),
    Jewel Gauntlet (x2).
    From the top of the White Tower, head down the stairs to the bottom floor.  If
    you need healing, you can always return to Althena's statue near the top for
    healing; the monsters you killed WON'T reappear.  At the base of the White
    Tower, there is a pair of "pay-per-use" statues--don't use them, there's
    another free statue coming up shortly.  Go down the stairs to the underground
    passageway.  This area has four exits, leading to each of the four towers.  The
    White Tower (where you just came from) is at the northeast exit, the Red Tower
    is to the northwest, the Blue Tower to the southwest, and the Black Tower to
    the southeast.  There is a goddess statue in the center of the northern
    passageway.  You may free your friends in any order, but I highly suggest
    starting with Ronfar, since he knows healing magic.  Head northwest to the Red
    Tower and climb to the top quickly (forget the treasure for now, get it on the
    way back down with Ronfar).  When you reach the top, hit the red glowing
    switches to extend the bridge and rescue Ronfar.  Ronfar will immediately
    recognize Leo (much to Leo's dismay), and tell you about what happened with
    Mauri.  Now return to the underground passage, making sure to pick up those
    chests along the way.  Next, you can choose either the Black or Blue towers.  I
    chose to save Lemina first in the Black Tower.  To do this, go to the southeast
    corner of the underground passage, heal at the statue, and enter the Black
    Tower.  Again, it's best to try to avoid as many fights as possible on the way
    up, so that Lemina can help you fight them on the way back down (she'll need
    the EXP anyway).  Free Lemina and listen to her story, then head back down to
    the underground passage.  If you haven't rescued Jean yet, heal at the statue
    and enter the Blue Tower at the Southwest corner.  Use the same strategy as
    always, and rescue Jean at the top.  She will reveal something very
    interesting...  **SPOILER**  It seems that Blue Master Lunn is actually the
    leader of the Shadow Dragon Cult!  **END OF SPOILER**  Once you've rescued all
    three characters, Mystere will leave the party.  Go downstairs one floor and
    Leo will appear, minus his mask.  He still claims that he wasn't Mystere, but
    he joins your party and tells of a secret passageway that leads into the shrine
    of Althena.  Return to the goddess statue in the underground passage, and Leo
    will open the secret door.  You can still use the statue to heal by standing in
    front of it and pressing X, so do so.
    The secret passage leads to a hallway above a large chamber in Pentagulia. 
    **SPOILER** The fake Althena and Ghaleon are standing in front of Lucia, who is
    strapped to the wall.  You learn that it was not the fake Althena who caused
    Ghaleon's revival, but something else...  Althena eventually leaves, and Leo
    says there may be a way into that room up ahead.  Go through the door to the
    north and then take another doorway leading north.  This path will lead you to
    a chamber where you'll find priests of the Chosen chanting an evil chant. 
    Continue on to reach the room where Lucia is.  Ghaleon and Lucia will have a
    brief conversation at this point, where you learn that the purpose of
    "Althena's Chosen" is to revive the evil god, Zophar.  (An interesting note: In
    the Sega CD version of Lunar 2, there was an animated sequence here showing
    close ups of Ghaleon and Lucia during their talk.  It's a shame there's no FMV
    at this point in the PSX version...)  Ghaleon will then leave, and Leo will
    dart off to find the fake Althena.  Ronfar tries to stop him, but he fails. 
    Now enter the large chamber and rescue Lucia.  She will say that she can feel
    the real Althena's power somewhere close by.  She darts away quickly to find
    it.  Follow her to the second floor of the shrine.  Exit to the balcony
    overlooking the lake in the center of Pentagulia.  Lucia will say that it's an
    illusion to hide a fifth tower.  Lucia's blasts through the balcony's railing
    and jumps into the lake!  Hiro and the other's follow.  Once they fall through
    the illusion, you stand before the Goddess Tower!  So this is what happened to
    it after Lunar 1...  Approach the entrance, and you'll find that it's been
    sealed with incredible magic power--that of the four dragons.  The fake Althena
    and the other three "heroes" appear and trap you.  Fake Althena calls for
    Ghaleon, who doesn't show...  Just then, a soft melody, very similar to
    Althena's song (from Lunar 1) starts to play.  Lucia can feel the presence of
    Althena in the song!  Its magic is just powerful enough to briefly reactivate
    the White Dragon Wings to full power.  Your party is whisked away in an
    instant!  Ghaleon appears now, and starts off to find you, but Zophar comes and
    stops him.  Zophar says to wait for Lucia and the others to come back to the
    goddess tower rather than hunting for you.  He also instructs Ghaleon to
    strengthen the power of the dragons' seal.  **END OF SPOILER**
    Dragon Quest II:
    	The Dragon Wings deliver everyone safely to the top of Taben's Peak, where
    Nall greets you.  He seems to have been expecting you to "drop in"... 
    **SPOILER**  Speak with Nall, and you'll soon learn his big secret (in case you
    hadn't figured it out by now)...  Nall is actually Althena's White Dragon! 
    Nall recounts how Ghaleon came one day and robbed him of his Dragon Aura.  He
    also confirms that Ruby is indeed the Red Dragon, but she never claimed her
    Aura, which has now been stolen.  **END OF SPOILER**  It seems that the Four
    Heroes each have one of the Dragon Auras.  He also suggests that you start by
    collecting the White Dragon Aura from Lord Leo.  After you're finished talking
    to Nall, speak to Lemina, Ronfar, and Jean, who all agree to come with you. 
    The Dragonship Destiny is parked just outside of Taben's Peak, so exit and head
    east.  Once aboard (press X to board), talk to Leo and he challenges Hiro to a
    one-on-one battle.  This battle is easy enough, just keep using Poe Sword until
    Leo falls.  He acknowledges your power and spirit, and gives you the White
    Dragon Aura.  Not only that, he also gives you control of the Dragonship
    Destiny!  Leo will not join you, however...  He feels that he has betrayed
    everyone by cooperating with the Chosen.  Anyway, take the Destiny to Meribia's
    port and head west.  You won't have to go far to reach the iceberg.  Once you
    reach land, disembark from the Destiny (press X) and head north to the White
    Dragon Cave.
    --White Dragon Cave: Treasure found here: Star Light, Snake Ring,
    Endurance Ring, Wind Crest, Chiro Crest, Angel Ring, Ice Staff,
    Vitality Vial.
    Once inside, you'll hear Nall's voice.  He tells you to get the four special
    white treasures in the cave, and then come to the central chamber where he is. 
    This statement is actually incorrect.  In the Sega CD version, you had to open
    the four white treasure chests to proceed, but they don't exist in the
    Playstation version.  It seems that Working Designs forgot to change this text
    during their script editing.  I'll skip the step-by-step directions for this
    cave, since you shouldn't have too much trouble navigating it.  This cave is
    very similar to the way it was in Lunar: SSSC.  When you get to rooms that have
    tall ice crystal, try to get the Yeti monsters to break some of them so you can
    access all the treasure chests.  The other creatures can also break the
    crystals, but you'll have to wait longer for them to do it.  You'll also find
    enemies called Chiro Mongrels in this cave, which like to run away.  These are
    very similar to the Ice Mongrels in previous games.  At this point in the game,
    you can't hope to defeat one, since each one seems to have about 1,000 HP and
    they're strong against everything.  However, if you come back to this cave much
    later (levels 50+), employ the following strategy to defeat them: Hiro casts
    Triple Sword, Jean uses Blue Dragon Palm, Ronfar attacks, Lemina uses
    Catastrophe, and Leo (if you have him) uses Flash Blade.  Target only one of
    the Chiro Mongrels if there are more than one.  If one of them sticks around
    for at least one round, you should defeat it on the second.  If you win, you'll
    get 33,333 EXP!!  At the end of the cave, you'll see what appears to be a White
    Dragon, but it's actually a fake that's guarding the doorway to the inner
    White Fiend (AKA: Ice-breath)
    HP: 4,500
    Weakness: Fire
    Try to be at least at level 34 and be SURE that Ronfar knows Tranquil Litany
    for this battle.  It might help to have Jean equip an elemental crest (I had
    her equipped with Earth + Wind for the Pulse Explosion spell).  On the first
    round, make sure Lemina uses Power Flame on Hiro and Ronfar uses Saint Litany
    on whoever doesn't have a Healing Ring equipped.  Then, have Hiro use Poe
    Sword, have Jean cast a Crest spell (or attack if you opt not to use spells)
    and use items when needed, have Ronfar heal or use Anger Dice, and have Lemina
    cast Flame Shot.  If the fiend increases his stats, you may want to have Lemina
    cast Dispel Magic, and if the fiend summons the water element (you'll see a
    water symbol between rounds; this makes the fiend's ice attacks more powerful),
    have her cast Erase Magic to remove it.  You may lose a couple of characters
    during this battle, so be ready with Angel's Tears and Revive Litany as needed.
     Lucia will be helpful with her occasional casting of Heal Litany.  This is a
    fairly long battle, but it shouldn't be too much trouble, provided you know
    Tranquil Litany.
    After the White Fiend bites the dust, head north to the White Dragon's chamber.
     **SPOILER**  Nall is here, floating next to a large crystal.  He instructs you
    to throw the dragon aura at the crystal, so step forward and press X to throw
    it.  Now Nall reclaims his power and transforms into a full-sized White Dragon.
     He tells you to save the Blue Dragon next, and he gives you the White Dragon
    Crest.  **END OF SPOILER**  Now exit the cave by using the White Dragon Wings,
    or walk out and fight monsters if you want the extra EXP.  Head South on the
    Destiny to the village of Horam.
    Horam is a city devoted to various karate methods.  After upgrading your
    equipment and checking out the different dojos, head to the large building in
    the back where Blue Dragon Karate is taught.  Speak with Wong-Lee standing at
    the back of the room and Jean will tell him about her past.  He agrees to let
    her fight in the tournament, as long as she uses Blue Dragon Karate, which it
    turns out is virtually identical to Shadow Dragon Karate.  After viewing the
    FMV of Jean's new outfit, head south to Zen Zone, where the tournament is held.
     Show the invitation to the psycho at the front gate, and enter the tournament
    area.  You will fight three battles in this tournament, and Jean, Hiro, and
    Ronfar will be the contenders for each battle.  Talk to the man next to the
    fighting platform to begin each battle.  You'll fight against Assassin Karate,
    Wolf Karate, and then Shadow Dragon Karate (note that the first two battles
    have the names switched by mistake).  Each of these three battles is harder
    than the last, but if you employ the following strategy, you'll do fine: Equip
    two people with Healing Rings and have Ronfar cast Saint Litany on the third
    person.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, Jean use Blue Dragon Palm, and Ronfar attack
    or heal as needed.  If two or more enemies are close to each other, have Hiro
    use Batallion Sword.  You should be sure to heal at Althena's statue between
    battles.  After you beat the Shadow Dragon team, talk to Lunn twice and
    challenge him to a fight to the death!
    Master Lunn (AKA: Shadow Dragon Master)
    HP: 2,100
    Weakness: none
    Jean must fight alone in this battle.  Be SURE she has a Healing Ring equipped,
    and cast Dopple Dance during the first round.  Thereafter, cast Blue Dragon
    Palm every round unless your doppelganger disappears.  In that case,
    reestablish it by using Dopple Dance.  Don't be afraid to heal with a Healing
    Nut if needed.  This battle may take a couple of tries, but you can win it once
    you learn his pattern of attack.  After you defeat Lunn, he will repent his
    ways and let all of the kidnapped children go.  He also gives you the Blue
    Dragon Aura and points you in the direction of the Blue Dragon Cave, which is
    located to the northeast.  Use the goddess statue, get in the Destiny and head
    to the Blue Dragon Cave.
    --Blue Dragon Cave: Treasure found here: Hurricane Staff, Holy Water,
    Anti-Magic Ring, Revenge Crest, Angel's Tear, Angel Ring, Plasma Ring,
    Gold Hairpin, Star Light.
    Again, the path through this very long cave is fairly clear, so I'll skip the
    step-by-step instructions.  Just note that Hiro can hop along the stones in the
    water if you press the X button in front of them.  Also, don't miss the Revenge
    Crest, which is virtually hidden at the southeast corner of floor 5.  This
    awesome crest will allow the character to randomly counterattack an attacking
    foe.  At the bottom of the cave is... yep, you guessed it--the Blue Fiend.
    Blue Fiend (AKA: Water Beast)
    HP: 5,000
    Weakness: Fire, Lightning
    The Blue Fiend is a bit stronger than the White Fiend was.  Level 38 is a
    comfortable level for this battle.  The first thing to do (before entering the
    battle) is to put Hiro at the front of the formation, and everyone else at the
    back.  The Blue Fiend has a range attack that always targets the front
    character.  If your party members become muted, heal them right away with Clean
    Litany or a Holy Water.  Note that skills like Poe Sword are also stopped by
    the mute condition.  The strategy for this battle is a standard one.  Have Hiro
    use Poe Sword, Jean use Blue Dragon Palm, Ronfar should heal or use crest magic
    (thunder spells work well), and Lemina should use Power Flame on Hiro and Jean,
    then use Flame Shot.  You may also want to employ White Dragon Protect by
    equipping Jean with the White Dragon Crest.  If the fiend is exhaling a blue
    cloud, he's preparing to use a massive water attack, and White Dragon Protect
    will cancel it out.  It's also a good idea to cast Erase Magic to clear the
    water element from the field after the fiend uses this attack.
    Continue on into the Blue Dragon's lair.  He's a little bit lazy, but he agrees
    to help Lucia when the time comes to break the seal on the goddess tower.  Exit
    the cave with the White Dragon Wings, and head south on the Destiny.  Soon,
    you'll come across a strange object floating in the sky--it's Neo-Vane!!  The
    floating city shoots a black magical bolt at the Destiny, trapping it!  Exit
    the Destiny and head West to a cave.
    --Zaback Mines: Treasure found here: Silver Light, Passion Fruit,
    Angel's Tear, Fresh Ring, Rusty Dagger, Star Light, 92 Silver, Earth Ring.
    There are lots of funny looking bomb enemies here that somewhat resemble
    Bob-ombs from the Super Mario Brothers series.  They're not too dangerous, but
    be aware that some of them will detonate, causing zone damage.  In the first
    area, the stairs are located to the east of the start point.  In the second
    area, make your way to the northeast corner of the room to proceed.  In the
    next area, the exit lies northwest of the entrance.  In the next area of the
    mines, the exit lies to the south.  Look for a small patch of light protruding
    from an alcove, that's your exit.
    Zaback was once a very prosperous mining town, but all of that has now changed
    thanks to Fat Bast...  uh, Borgan.  He forces non-magic users to slave away
    digging up diamonds to add to his power.  After exploring the town of Zaback,
    enter the house at the west end of town.  It contains a magic portal that
    transports you to Neo-Vane.  At the entrance, you're greeted by a woman who
    offers to test your magic power.  As you proceed, you're transported away. 
    Hiro, Ruby, Lucia, and Lemina are materialized in one chamber, and Ronfar and
    Jean in another.  Apparently, Jean and Ronfar didn't make the cut, and are sent
    to the Zaback Mines as slaves!  Well, the rest of you might as well enter
    Neo-Vane!  In Neo-Vane, you'll find Borgan's Guild Hall locked...  Check the
    back wall of the city to find an open doorway.  Go inside to enter the
    Neo-Trial Cave.
    --Neo-Trial Cave: Treasure found here: Healing Ring, Clear Ring,
    Earth Staff, Star Light, Silver Light.
    There are lots of enemies in this cave, and as you'd expect, most are weak
    against magic, so let Lemina try one of her newer zone-attack staves to take
    out the enemies quickly.  In the first chamber, go to the exit to the northwest
    to reach the next level.  Here, you'll find Ronfar and several miners.  Talk to
    Ronfar to have him join.  Jean is located east from where you found Ronfar, so
    talk to her as well and she'll join.  It's good that you now have Jean, because
    she's likely to be the only character that will react faster than the Scream
    Spheres that like to attack the whole party at once for major damage.  Have her
    use Blue Dragon Palm on the Scream Spheres to take them out in one swift
    stroke.  South of where Jean was, there are stairs leading down.  Take them and
    head to the northeast in the next area for more stairs.  Now head West to reach
    the next set of stairs.  In the last chamber of the cave, head to the east,
    then go to the southwest corner of the room, and finally go north to reach the
    barrier blocking the exit.  Inspect the barrier, and Lemina will lift the spell
    with ease.  Continuing one, you'll come to a transport tile that takes you to
    Borgan's prison, where you can speak with the prisoners.  Thankfully, there is
    a goddess statue here, so be sure to make use of it!  Upstairs, you'll see
    Borgan floating in his chamber.  Before approaching him, make sure you pick up
    the Silver Light in the corner near the main entrance to the Magic Guild. 
    After you approach Borgan, he and Lemina will exchange dialogue about Vane vs.
    Neo-Vane, and then the battle begins!
    Borgan (AKA: Fat Bastard, Lard-Butt, Slug Lips, Lord Fatness, etc., etc.)
    HP: 4,200
    Weakness: none
    Wow, compared to this battle in the Sega CD version, Borgan is a wuss!  He
    always attacks last, and although he has a couple of strong attacks, he rarely
    uses them.  As before, change the formation so that Hiro is by himself in
    front, and everyone else is in the back.  First round: Have Hiro use Poe Sword,
    Jean use Blue Dragon Palm, Ronfar use Saint Litany (or Divine Litany if you
    know it), and Lemina use Power Flame on Hiro, followed by Jean.  On later
    rounds have Hiro use Poe Sword until Borgan snatches all his MP, then just
    attack (don't bother with Star Lights, you won't need them!).  Have Jean use
    Blue Dragon Palm and an occasional White Dragon Protect if you think you need
    it, and Ronfar should heal (or use Shining Litany to attack Borgan), and Lemina
    should use Ice Arrows or Magic Shield if you want.
    After Borgan kisses the floor, take the Black Dragon Aura from him and head
    upstairs to find Miria.  Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and Borgan
    appears, saying that Neo-Vane will fall without the Black Dragon's Power! 
    Lucia quickly uses its power to slow the city's decent, and it lands only with
    a small thud.  Borgan comes to realize his errors and begs Lemina to finish him
    off.  While the thought is tempting, Lemina instead forgives him and invites
    him to help rebuild ancient Vane.  Before you go, Borgan gives you the Cave Key
    to the Black Dragon Cave.  Return to the Zaback Mines via the village of
    Zaback, and go to the northeast area of the same floor to find the door to the
    --Black Dragon Cave: Treasure found here: Lightning Staff, Healing Nut,
    Force Ring, Angel Ring, Star Dagger, 312 Silver, Stardust Ring,
    Angel's Tear, Passion Fruit, Hunter Crest, Star Light.
    Many of the enemies in this cave are weak against physical attacks, which makes
    them a lot easier to deal with, since Jean can take out three of them before
    they can even attack!  The exit from the first area of the cave lies east.  On
    the next floor, the exit is in the middle of the chamber, southwest of the room
    with two treasure chests.  The next floor contains purple acid puddles that
    damage your characters as you walk through it.  Try to come in contact with the
    acid as little as possible.  Also, don't miss the stardust ring that's almost
    completely hidden in the alcove at the northeast end of this chamber.  The
    stairs to the next floor are just to the northwest of this alcove.  On the next
    floor, follow the short path to find the stairs.  On the 6th floor, stairs
    leading up are just to the east.  Back on the 5th floor, head all the way
    south, all the way west, and all the way north to find the stairs leading back
    to the 6th floor.  Here, head to the northeast corner to reach the last level
    of the cave.  Here you'll find the Black Fiend.
    Black Fiend (AKA: Zombie Breath)
    HP: 5,000
    Weakness: none
    Now this is actually a unique battle.  The Black Fiend has a VERY high defense
    against normal attacks and Hiro's sword skills, so you're going to have to rely
    on magic.  Unfortunately, the Black Fiend has an attack that drains your magic
    power.  You may have to use a few Star Lights in this battle...  Start by
    having Ronfar cast Divine Litany to regenerate everyone's HP.  Have Hiro use
    Cross Boomerang whenever possible, Ronfar should concentrate on healing or
    using Shining Litany, Lemina should cast Ice Arrows as often as possible (this
    will be your strongest attack), and Jean... well... she should use items to
    dispel the various conditions the Black Fiend causes, but otherwise just have
    her defend or use Crest magic.  It's also a good idea to give Jean White Dragon
    Protect and use it to block the fiend's MP-draining attack.  Afterwards, enter
    the Black Dragon's chamber and receive the Black Dragon Crest.  The Black
    Dragon also releases Borgan's seal on the Destiny!  That's great!  Now for the
    bad news...  In order to GET to the Destiny, you're going to have to travel
    back through the Zaback Mines!  The White Dragon Wings will only take you to
    the entrance to Zaback Village, so you'll have to backtrack through the mines
    to reach the Destiny.
    Once you board the Destiny, head south and then east to find the village of
    Raculi.  Along the way, you'll see an island that has a rock formation in the
    form of a Lion's head.  This is one of the two optional dungeons in the game. 
    However, the entrance is blocked, so you can't enter at this point.  For now,
    just head to Raculi.  In Raculi, you'll find out that Red Priestess Mauri is
    performing "cleansing" rituals at a nearby temple, which is making the
    townspeople insane with the power of Zophar...  Speak to Leo who is standing
    next to Althena's statue.  After he leaves, follow him to the house at the
    northeast corner of town.  He says that the only way to stop this madness is to
    kill Mauri, and then he leaves.  But, Lucia tells Ronfar that it might be
    possible to break the curse on Mauri and the villagers with the Aura of
    Althena, which is supposed to be kept at Serak Palace.  Head north to reach the
    --Serak Palace: Treasure found here: Holy Hairpin, Psycho Gauntlet,
    Tiger Wrap, Life Jewel (x2), Star Light, Master Helm,
    Miracle Clothes, Silver Light.
    On the first floor, talk to all the poor souls who have been cursed by Zophar,
    and then take the stairs to the northwest.  On the 2nd floor, head east to a
    large chamber and take the stairs going up.  On the 3rd floor, step on the
    transporter and then go down the stairs.  Take the next set of stairs going
    down, and step on the transporter on the 1st floor.  Now enter the doorway to
    the north and open the chest to find Althena's Aura.  Lucia will use it to
    dispel the dark magic of Zophar!  Now exit the room and make your way back to
    the entrance (or just use the White Dragon Wings).  Heal yourselves at
    Althena's statue (go back to town if you don't want to pay the inflated price
    at the palace), and go through the door at the center of the room.  Here,
    you'll find Leo and Mauri (who seems to have regained her senses).  Leo is
    about to kill Mauri, but Ronfar stops him.  But then Mauri reveals that she is
    still under Zophar's control!  Lucia sends Ronfar into Mauri's subconscious to
    try and save her.  Hiro, Leo, and the others stand there to fend off the
    attacks of the beast that Mauri has become.  As Ronfar, you'll find yourself in
    a strange landscape.  Note that you cannot save your game here.  Walk forward
    and touch the glimmering light on the ground to view one of Mauri's childhood
    memories.  Just then, five clones of Mauri appear.  When you talk to one, it
    asks you a question.  Always answer with "You're not Mauri!" or something
    similar.  When you do, the scene will switch to a battle.
    Mauri's Id (AKA: Zophar's Curse) x5
    HP: 2,000 each (Final form--3,500)
    Weakness: Ice
    When the battle begins, one of the five heads will be engulfed by flames. 
    Concentrate all attacks on this flaming head.  This is a unique battle in that
    both Leo AND Lucia are in the party at once.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, Jean use
    Blue Dragon Palm, Leo use Flash Blade, and Lemina use Ice Arrows.  Use an item
    if needed for healing (although Lucia's occasional Heal Litany should be
    enough).  Once the flaming head is defeated, have Ronfar talk to another Mauri
    clone to begin the next stage of the battle.  After you defeat three heads,
    another memory will appear.  View it, and continue the battles.  When you reach
    the last Mauri clone, another head will appear.  This one looks different from
    the others, but use the same strategy of strong attacks to defeat it.  Once
    Mauri's Id is completely destroyed, the scene again switches to Ronfar.  Pick
    up the memory on the floor and Ronfar will appear in a dream world of Raculi
    village.  Go to Althena's statue and talk to Mauri.  **SPOILER** This is the
    real Mauri, and she's depressed about how much destruction she caused.  Ronfar
    tells her not to worry and hugs her.  The power of their love, along with the
    power of Althena, causes them to glow.  Then, the scene switches back to the
    real world at Serak Palace, and Ronfar and Mauri appear in front of everyone! 
    The power of Zophar has been completely removed from Mauri and everything is
    back to normal in Raculi for now.  Leo once again leaves the party, and Mauri
    gives you the Red Dragon Aura and tells you that the Red Dragon Cave lies
    behind the door at the back of the room.  Go there and enter the Red Dragon
    Cave.  As you do, Ruby will express concern about her fate, but then Nall
    appears and reassures her.  He also gives you a bit of information about the
    nature of Althena's dragons: they are immortal (well, unless someone kills them
    intentionally, ala Lunar 1).  Thus, Ruby will far outlive Hiro and her other
    human friends, so she must learn to accept this and use the memories of their
    time together to help her cope with hard times in the future.  After Nall
    leaves, enter the Red Dragon Cave.  **END OF SPOILER**
    --Red Dragon Cave: Treasure found here: Holy Hairpin, Healing Nut,
    Life Jewel, Dyne's Armor, Ogre Crest, Tiger Armlet, Star Light (x2),
    Passion Fruit, Water Ring, Angel's Tear (x2), Holy Water, Shield Ring,
    Angel Ring.
    Most areas of this cave are straightforward, but beware of the flames shooting
    from the ground on floors 3 and below, they will knock you back if you run into
    them.  The exit from floor 3 lies to the west of the entrance.  The boss lies
    at the southwest end of floor 4.  Gee, I wonder who it could be...
    Red Fiend: (AKA: Dragon Breath)
    HP: 11,000
    Weakness: Ice (duh!)
    Whoa! This guy is TOUGH!  I'd highly recommend that you be at least to level 46
    before taking this guy on.  Here's the most important tip: Equip someone with
    the White Dragon Crest (Lemina's a good choice, since she has high MP); also,
    make sure Ronfar equips the Water Ring, and someone else the Wind Ring--both
    protect against fire damage.  When you see flames in a circle around the Red
    Fiend along the ground, he's about to use a powerful technique that hits
    everyone for MAJOR fire-based damage.  BUT, he will most likely be the last one
    to attack during that round, so have a character cast White Dragon Protect to
    completely neutralize the spell!  Otherwise, use this strategy: 1st round: Hiro
    uses Poe Sword, Jean uses Blue Dragon Palm, Ronfar uses Divine Litany, and
    Lemina uses Power Drive on Hiro (followed by Jean).  Subsequent rounds: Hiro
    uses Poe Sword, Jean uses Blue Dragon Palm, Ronfar heals, revives, or uses
    Shining Litany, and Lemina uses Ice Arrows or Erase Magic to dispel Fire from
    the battlefield.  If anyone needs reviving, take care of it ASAP.  A great time
    to revive is when the Red Fiend has a magic symbol below him--he's about to
    raise his attack power, which means he won't attack that round.  Good Luck! 
    After you toast the Red Fiend, head north to the Red Dragon's Lair. 
    **SPOILER**  After you throw the aura into the dragon crystal... nothing
    happens!  But then, the room starts to shake and the crystal cracks!  Lucia
    says that if Ruby does not claim her power, it will erupt and destroy the area.
     Hiro convinces Ruby to meet her destiny, and tells her that he will always be
    with her... in her memories.  Ruby finally accepts her fate and claims the
    power of the Red Dragon!  After Ruby gives you the Red Dragon Crest, exit the
    The Path to Althena:
    	**SPOILER** As you exit the Red Dragon Cave, a black storm brews across the
    world...  Zophar is reviving!  The scene switches to Grandpa Gwyn, who also
    realizes this.  Then, Pentagulia is shown.  Zophar appears to the fake Althena,
    and he promises her eternal youth and beauty (yeah, right... like he's really
    going to give it to her).  Ghaleon appears briefly in front of the puzzled fake
    Althena.  Once you have control again, head north beyond the mountains of
    Raculi to reach Pentagulia with the Destiny.  As you approach, Lucia prepares
    to call upon the power of the four dragons, but then your old buddy Ghaleon
    decides to pay you a little visit.  He attacks Lucia, but with her power fully
    restored, she stops his attack (and changes clothes at the same time!  What
    talent! :P).  Ghaleon then threatens to destroy the Destiny, but Lucia protects
    Hiro and the others.  Amused, Ghaleon leaves for now.  Lucia calls forth the
    four dragons, now watch as they lay waste to the "Holy City" of Pentagulia! 
    All that remains is the Goddess Tower.  After Ghaleon taunts Lucia, head to the
    ruins of Pentagulia.  **END OF SPOILER**  When you dock, you'll notice some
    Zombies walking around (but, they won't hurt you).  Enter the doorway to the
    north and enter Althena's Fortress.
    --Althena's Fortress: Treasure found here: Vitality Vial, Healing Nut,
    Holy Water, Holy Mace, Crushing Fist, Master Shield, Holy Bracelet,
    Aura Bandanna, Aura Robe, Life Jewel, Passion Fruit, Silver Light,
    Spirit Talisman, Angel's Tear, Star Light, Tri-Ring, Goddess Crest.
    I bet you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to meet Althena, right?
     Well, lucky you!  You get to go through yet another dungeon full of monsters
    before you can meet her!  Unfortunately, this dungeon is designed to be a major
    annoyance...  There are tons of enemies, and it requires different tactics to
    beat the different groups, since some are strong against physical attacks.  The
    dungeon's layout is simplistic however, and it's easy to find the correct path.
     One thing you may notice is that now Ruby's occasional attacks are much more
    powerful!  When you reach the 10th level of Althena's fortress, you'll find the
    "revival machine."  The purpose of this machine is to restore the Blue Star to
    its former beauty by using magic power produced on Lunar.  Lucia then tells you
    the story of how Zophar caused the great war and the destruction of the Blue
    Star, and how Althena graciously took a few lucky humans to live on Lunar while
    the revival machine would very slowly gather enough power to restore the Blue
    Star.  Continuing on, you'll find... more monsters...  Just keep trudging
    through this dungeon until you finally reach an area with a goddess statue. 
    Continue on and watch the scenes that follow.  Enter the tower and approach the
    fake goddess, whom Zophar transforms into a monster!
    Fake Althena (AKA: Zophar's Bi... well, you get the idea)
    HP: 10,000
    Weakness: none
    If you're at level 50 and know Triple Sword, this one's a piece of cake!.  Do
    the standard stuff, Divine Litany, Power Drive on Hiro and Jean, Triple Sword,
    Blue Dragon Palm, Shining Litany, and Ice Arrows.  This Althena-wannabe will be
    history in no time.  However, if you don't want to spend time leveling up to
    50, and are forced to use Poe Sword, you'll have to worry about her fifth
    attack.  In this case, have someone cast White Dragon Protect in the fourth
    round.  Fake Althena will attack one character in this round.  On the fifth
    round, she will usually go first and attack will a wide line-attack that causes
    massive damage, which can destroy your entire party in one shot (even at level
    49).  However, the White Dragon Protect will nullify the attack on everyone
    except the person who was hit in round 4.  Revive this character, and finish
    the battle quickly before she can use this devastating attack again.  Continue
    up the stairs to find... even MORE monsters!  (This is starting to get old,
    isn't it?)  Just keep going...  Note that the goddess statues here don't heal
    you, they're just for decoration.  At the top of the tower, you'll finally
    find...  **MEGA-MAJOR SPOILERS**  Nall?!  But... Where's Althena?  Then Nall
    explains that there is a magical holographic message that Luna (i.e. the
    goddess Althena) wanted to give to Lucia.  As he looks upon Althena's face, he
    is reminded of all his friends.  After Nall leaves, the hologram of Althena
    begins to speak.  Althena is quite old in this message, around 50 or 60 by the
    way she looks.  She describes the events of Zophar's coming to the Blue Star,
    and the details of how he made the humans destroy each other and turned them
    into monsters.  The humans begged Althena for help, so she created her fortress
    and hid some of the humans safely inside, before she banished Zophar and took
    the humans to the Silver Star--Lunar.  There she appeared in human form
    countless times, but she began to realize that she was no longer needed.  She
    decided that the humans could become stronger if they had no goddess to depend
    upon.  So, she transformed herself into a human baby--Luna.  Luna grew up and
    fell in love with Dragonmaster Alex.  The lived happily together, and then they
    died...  Althena had left her power with the humans in the form of magic.  She
    tells Lucia that she must believe in the power of humanity, that their innate
    powers are strong enough to defeat even Zophar!  Then Althena's message ends. 
    Lucia ponders Althena's words for a while, but then comes to the decision that
    she is wrong.  "How can humans have that much power?" she wonders.  So, Lucia
    calls upon the power of Althena (which is apparently a bunch of colorful
    circles and sticks :P), and claims it for herself.  Just then, Ronfar and
    Lemina feel strange... their magic is GONE!  After Lucia vanishes, head out of
    the Goddess Tower.  When you reach the outside of the tower, you'll see Zophar
    approaching!  Hiro and the others somehow manage to run through Althena's
    Fortress very quickly and reach the port where the Destiny is.  Then, Zophar
    appears and engulfs the Goddess Tower and the Fortress!  Lucia appears in front
    of him, full of Althena's power.  In a really cool FMV, Zophar taunts her and
    warns her of the consequences of using Althena's power.  Apparently, if she
    does, Lunar will be destroyed, just as the Blue Star had been.  Hiro and the
    others will be lost...  After stressing for a while, Lucia decides to do it. 
    She sends forth Althena's power, but she can't stop thinking about Hiro.  She
    is unable to concentrate hard enough to complete the spell.  Zophar then shoots
    a blast of energy at the Destiny, which Lucia blocks.  As Lucia's focus is
    turned away from Althena's power, Zophar snatches it for himself!  Then, he
    ensnares Lucia inside a crystal and takes her with him!  With the last of her
    strength, Lucia transports the Destiny to safety.  **END OF SPOILERS**  Now,
    you can insert Disc 3.
    Three days later, Hiro is in Vane.  Ruby comes, and tells him that Miria is
    waiting for him.  Go downstairs and speak with her.  She has something to say,
    but she wants you to speak with Lemina first.  While you're in the room, speak
    with Ramus and purchase all the healing items you can hold (especially Star
    Lights and Angel's Tears!).  Now exit the Guild building and speak with Jean
    and Lunn near the goddess statue, then Ronfar and Mauri in the library, and
    finally Lemina in the Trial Cave.  Now go back to Miria and she will tell you
    someone awaits you back on the roof.  White Knight Leo is here, and he agrees
    to join your party!  He leaves while Hiro and Ruby stop to think for a moment. 
    **SPOILER**  Just then, Ghaleon appears!  He attacks Hiro, but Hiro manages to
    get up just as his friends arrive.  Then, a battle ensues!
    Ghaleon (AKA: Ex-Magic Emperor)
    HP: 7,000
    Weakness: none
    Since you have no magic powers whatsoever, just put the controls on AI (but be
    aware that your characters will use items like Angel's Tears and Passion Fruit
    on AI; although you can replace the Angel's Tears easily enough, you may want
    to use an all-attack pre-set tactic instead).  After several rounds, the battle
    ends and Ghaleon zaps you with his power, knocking you all to the ground.  But
    your party is not willing to admit defeat.  With all of their strength, they
    get back up and reveal the true power of humanity!  Through their own
    determination, they all regain their lost magic power!  Now the battle begins
    again!  This battle isn't too hard if you follow the standard tactics.  Just
    hit hard with skills like Triple Sword, Flash Blade, Blue Dragon Palm, and
    Power Drive, and use Tranquil Litany as needed.  Ghaleon will surrender to you
    in just a few short rounds.  Afterwards, Hiro notices that Ghaleon was holding
    back.  It seems that Ghaleon has finally come to his senses and learned the
    errors of his ways.  Ghaleon knows his time is short, and bequeaths to you his
    own sword!  If you're fully prepared to leave, tell Ghaleon you're ready to
    fight.  But, if you need more items or if you want to talk to the other three
    heroes some more, tell him you need time to prepare.  When you're ready,
    Ghaleon will instruct you on how to defeat Zophar.  It seems that Zophar is
    invincible while he possesses Althena's power, so you must destroy Zophar's
    ability to control it...  That is... you must destroy Lucia!  Have Hiro tell
    Ghaleon that he will find a way to save Lucia, and your party will head out on
    the Destiny towards Zophar's Domain...  An FMV here depicts Ghaleon being taken
    into heaven by a great light; apparently, Althena has decided to forgive him
    since he has finally seen the light and found true peace.  **END OF SPOILER**
    The Final Battle:
    	When you reach Zophar's Domain, Lucia's image will appear and speak to Hiro. 
    Walk out onto the bow of the Destiny and she will warn Hiro to stay away just
    before her "transmission" is cut off.  There's no turning back now!  You can
    always return to the Destiny for healing via Althena's statue, but of course
    the monsters you've killed inside Zophar's Domain will be reset.
    --Zophar's Domain: Treasure found here: Silver Light (x4), Fiend Ring,
    Life Jewel (x3).
    The first section of this dungeon is full of small-chambered rooms and a fair
    number of monsters.  There are several force fields, which must be deactivated
    by switches.  On the first floor of Zophar's Domain, head to the northwest
    corner to find the stairs.  On the second floor, go slightly east and up the
    stairs.  Press the switch here and go back downstairs.  Go southeast through
    where the force field was and continue to the south until you reach more
    stairs.  Hit the switch and go back  downstairs.  Now head north to another set
    of stairs and a switch.  Head to the northwest corner of this floor to find
    more stairs and another switch.  Now head onward through where the force fields
    were to reach the stairs to floor 3.  On this floor, head to the southeast
    corner to proceed to floor 4.  Now you've reached the second section of
    Zophar's Domain, which has new monsters.  Watch out for the Fiend Gate monsters
    in this area, they have a very strong special attack.  On the fourth floor, the
    exit lies to the northeast.  On the fifth floor, head to the southwest corner,
    then go north from there to find the stairs.  Now you have reached the top of
    Zophar's Domain.  Make sure you're healed fairly well, with at least 75% of
    your MP and full HP.  You should be at LEAST at level 52 by this point, and the
    higher your levels, the better.  Be sure to save your game, and then proceed to
    Zophar's Coliseum.  Make sure you give Jean the White Dragon Crest before you
    proceed.  (*Spoilers ahead!  Wait until each battle begins and read only the
    sections through the current battle so you can get strategies for that battle.)
     When you arrive at Zophar's inner sanctum, He reveals his new form, which kind
    of looks like a hideous combination of Althena and a demon.  Then he attacks!
    Zophar (1st form)
    HP: 16,000
    Weakness: none
    This battle can be difficult, but just take it slow and careful and you should
    prevail.  Your characters should be equipped with damage-reducing rings, and
    helpful crest combinations.  I gave Hiro the Goddess Crest linked with the
    Warrior Crest to boost his attack, but most any of the Goddess Crest
    combinations will be useful here, just choose your favorite.  Hiro should be
    equipped with the Tri-Ring.  For this first battle, employ this standard
    strategy for winning: Have Hiro cast Triple Sword each and every round; this is
    your best offense.  Jean uses Slam Dance followed by Blue Dragon Palm.  If
    needed, have her use items (but TRY not to waste Silver Lights!  Use them
    wisely.).  Ronfar should start with Divine Litany, then heal and revive as
    needed.  Leo should use Earth Prayer, followed by Flash Blade.  Lemina should
    use Power Drive on Hiro, Leo, and Jean, in that order.  Then, have her cast Ice
    Arrows.  Just keep everyone healthy, and you will be victorious.  You did it! 
    You beat Zophar.  Your characters are relieved, but you probably know better...
     He's not dead yet!
    Zophar (2nd form) x5
    HP: Hands--6,000 each; Head--17,000
    Weakness: one hand is weak against magic, one is weak against sword skills
    This form is comprised of Zophar's face and four hands.  The battle will begin
    with Lucia in the center, and two of Zophar's hands will use her spells against
    you (but they're pretty weak).  Lucia will speak to you on each round.  This
    part has two parts.  There are numerous strategies that will work well, so I
    will list two different strategies that I found useful.  Feel free to try
    whatever you think will work.
    Zophar Strategy #1:
    For the first part of the battle, only the two outer hands are vulnerable
    (these are the hands that attack you with Lucia's spells).  However, standard
    attacks will usually miss; use sword skills and spells instead.  Focus on one
    hand at a time.  Have Hiro cast Triple Sword, then Poe Sword when his MP gets
    low.  Jean uses Blue Dragon Palm.  Ronfar uses Divine Litany ONLY if everyone
    is fairly healthy (Zophar's attacks may be weak during this phase, but they can
    still take you out if you're all in poor condition!), otherwise use Tranquil
    Litany to heal or Shining Litany to attack AND heal.  Lemina uses Catastrophe
    and Power Drive on Hiro, Leo, and Jean.  Leo uses Earth Prayer and Flash Blade.
     If you have enough MP, you should be able to take out one hand in the five
    rounds that this battle lasts.  However, do NOT waste more than a couple of
    star lights to restore MP, because at the end of the five rounds, Lucia breaks
    free of Zophar and heals the party completely.  Now begins round 2 of this
    battle.  Note that your power-up spells will still be in effect here.  Now
    you've got five targets to destroy (unless you were lucky enough to take out a
    hand or two).  Have Hiro cast Triple Sword on one hand at a time, starting with
    the one weak against physical attacks (it turns green when you target it). 
    But, never have him target the hand that's weak against magic.  Have Jean use
    Blue Dragon Fist on all the targets, and Leo use Grizzle Blade.  Lemina should
    cast Catastrophe every round.  Ronfar should use Tranquil Litany when people
    are hurt badly, and use Shining Litany when everyone has fairly high HP; have
    him revive when needed.  Keep everyone's MP up, especially Ronfar's.  Jean,
    Ronfar, and Leo should be the item users.  Only use Silver Lights if MP is
    extremely low.  Once you get Zophar down to only two parts left, stop using the
    multi-enemy attacks and use Blue Dragon Palm, Flash Blade, and Ice Arrows
    Zophar Strategy #2:
    In the first phase of this battle, when Lucia is trapped inside of Zophar, DO
    NOT ATTACK.  Instead, you can set yourselves up for the next part of this
    battle.  Cast Divine Litany, Earth Prayer, Power Drive, and Cryo Shield on
    everyone that you can.  Hiro and Jean should simply defend and move to more
    strategic locations on the battlefield.  Have Ronfar heal to keep up everyone's
    HP, so that no one dies.  Don't use star lights at all in this battle (unless
    Ronfar is very low on MP--you need his healing power to stay alive).  After
    five rounds, Lucia breaks free from Zophar, and the real battle begins.  You
    power-up spells will still be in effect here, and your party will be fully
    healed by Lucia.  Now this strategy is the easiest way to survive this battle. 
    For all the single-target attacks, target ONLY Zophar's head.  It's only
    necessary to destroy the head to win the battle.  Hiro casts Triple Sword (this
    is your best offense, try to have him cast it every round).  Jean casts White
    Dragon Protect EVERY ROUND (this is important!  This is your best defense)! 
    Ronfar casts Shining Litany, or revives if needed.  Lemina casts Power Drive on
    Hiro only, and uses Catastrophe or Ice Arrows.  Leo uses Flash Blade.  Have
    Lemina and Leo be the item users.  It's VERY important to make sure Jean has at
    least 50MP at the start of each round!  If her MP is less than 60 at the start
    of a round, have someone use a Silver Light on her.  Otherwise, use a Star
    Light if Jean needs it.  Hiro's MP should also be kept up to maintain Triple
    Sword.  You'll use up a fair number of items, but Zophar should go down without
    too much trouble.
    Now, after you win, Zophar will transport Lucia and Hiro away.
    Zophar (3rd form)
    HP: 2,000
    Weakness: none
    It's just Hiro and Lucia in this battle.  Have Hiro use Triple Sword or Poe
    Sword.  If he's out of MP, just attack.  Lucia will keep his HP up.  Soon,
    Lucia and Hiro will automatically perform a combo attack, which I would call
    "Atomic Slash," which finishes Zophar off for good.  Congratulations!  You have
    defeated Zophar and won the game!!
    	Your party will return to Vane upon your victory.  Speak to everyone in Vane,
    then speak with your party members, and finally speak with Nall.  He will
    invite Ruby to Taben's Peak; allow her to go.  Nall will give Hiro a very
    special letter.  It's from Luna!  She had foreseen Hiro's life and she writes
    asking him to show Lucia the love and compassion of humans.  Now, go to the
    roof of the Magic Guild and meet Lucia.  Bring her back and speak with
    everyone, ending with Ruby.  Everyone goes their separate ways, and Lucia
    agrees to go home with Hiro.  Watch as the Destiny sails towards Hiro's home. 
    Once they arrive, Hiro is eager to speak with Gwyn, but Lucia wishes to visit
    the Blue Spire again.  Hiro obliges her and they go.  When they reach the top,
    Lucia stares at the Blue Star for a moment and enjoys the wonderful scenery of
    Lunar.  Once they reach the chamber where she arrived, Lucia changes her
    clothes yet again, and she throws up a magic barrier.  Hiro screams for Lucia,
    but she will not listen.  She says that she MUST return in order to await the
    day that the Blue Star can be revived.  As she leaves, her pendant falls to the
    ground.  Once the barrier is lifted, Hiro picks it up and solemnly leaves... 
    He vows that he will find a way to reach the Blue Star and find Lucia!  Hiro
    returns to the Destiny, and Ruby decides to go with him on a new adventure! 
    **END OF SPOILERS**  Watch the credits roll, which depict various scenes of
    each character.  *IMPORTANT* After THE END is displayed, wait a moment.  The
    game will ask if you'd like to save; do so.  This will allow you to access the
    	So, you've beaten Zophar and restored peace to the world.  The End... right? 
    Wrong!  You've probably played games before where you're allowed limited access
    to certain areas of the game after you win, where you can talk to townspeople
    that congratulate you.  Well, Lunar 2 takes that to a whole new level!  Not
    only can you travel to EVERY town in the game, and hear what all the people
    have to say, but there are also new dungeons, bosses, great items... and
    bromides to be found!  When you load your Epilogue save, Hiro will begin at his
    home talking with Grandpa Gwyn.  Gwyn has been doing some research on the Blue
    Star and has found out that you'll need two more Dragon Eyes to get to the Blue
    Star.  There's more to it, but that's all Gwyn knows.  Gwyn also tells you that
    Lucia's Pendant has the power to transport you to any location you've
    previously visited (only during the Epilogue).  Isn't that nice!  If only the
    pendant that came in the game box could do that! :P  Anyway, there's LOTS to
    see and do on the world of Lunar in the Epilogue.  I've divided the highlights
    up into various categories below.  Before you start out on your new adventure,
    check out the bookshelf at the back of the room you start in.  It has some
    selections of Haiku poetry that was submitted to Working Designs by loyal fans
    of Lunar (my entry didn't get picked... oh well :P).  In case you're wondering,
    here's my entry (no, it's not very good :P):
                              A stranger descends...
                              She is very beautiful.
                               Zophar, stay away!
    It refers to Lucia's initial appearance at the Blue Spire.  Anyway, on to the
    meat of the Epilogue.  Pick from the categories below to start your new
    adventure.  I'd suggest you complete each category in order, but you are free
    to do them in any order you wish (except that you can't explore the Star Dragon
    Tower until you have the two Dragon Eye Jewels, and you can't explore the Water
    Ruins until you bust up the wedding in Nota).
    People and Places:
    	Every town has something new and interesting, but only a few of them have new
    items or former members of your party to find.  Here's a list of the most
    profitable towns to visit:
    Takkar: Here you'll find Mystere's Bromide.  Just talk to the man standing at
    the north gate to get it.
    Nota: **This in an important event, which is required to enter the Water
    Ruins**  There's a wedding planned on the bridge in Nota.  Visit Julia in East
    Nota at the edge of the bridge and she'll ask you to deliver a message to Kyle.
     Agree to do so.  Now visit Kyle in the West Nota bar.  Tell him not to give
    up, and you will set up Kyle to crash the wedding by arriving at the bridge on
    the Destiny!  Julia proceeds to leap from the bridge into Kyle's arms...  How
    romantic...  Anyway, your prize for doing all this: the Rememberizer Crystal!! 
    If you've played Lunar: SSSC, you know what this item does, it lets you view
    any FMV you've seen.  However, in Lunar 2, you must visit the location where
    you viewed each FMV to access it.  Refer to section I in the lists section for
    each location.
    Carnival: Jean is here, and she's ready to join if you want her to.  Pick up
    Jean's Bromide 4 in a chest in this area, and Jean's Bromide 3 can be purchased
    from a man for 3,000 Silver.  Make sure Jean is in your party when you buy it,
    so you can watch her berate the guy for selling it. ;)
    Mystic Ruins: One of the pixies at the entrance will give you Lucia's Bromide
    3.  Talking to the pixies, you will learn that ever since his revival,
    Ghaleon's goal was to help mankind to defeat Zophar.  His cooperation with him
    was all just a ruse...  I guess he learned his lesson after Dragonmaster Alex
    defeated him!  Climb up the ruins (the monsters are still here, take 'em out
    quickly with your superior strength), and find Ghaleon's Bromide near the top. 
    At the very top, you'll find Leo.  Speak with him.  Even if you decline his
    offer to join, he'll come along anyway!  He apparently thinks he owes Hiro a
    tremendous debt after the way he treated Lucia by trying to kill her...
    Taben's Peak: A chest has appeared in the Dragon Kid's jail cell that contains
    Lucia's Bromide 4.  You can also get Lucia's Bromide 2 from the baby that's in
    the outdoor playground area.  Also, Nall's Bromide can be obtained from a child
    hanging out in the room with the seesaw near Nall's chamber.  Finally, speak
    with Nall a few times to learn about the Star Dragon, and to receive Althena's
    Meribia: Check out Ramus' "Tunnels of Terror" (which is in the Meribian Sewers)
    to find Lemina's Bromide 4 in one of the treasure chests.
    Vane: Lemina is in the Magic Guild, and she'll join the party for the mega-low
    price of 10,000 Silver!  Of course, she'd never actually charge Hiro.  If you
    accept her offer, she'll join for free.  Afterwards, speak with Borgan to
    receive Borgan's Bromide, but heed his warning and don't look at it.  You'll
    regret it if you do. ;)  While you're here, you can get the elusive Borgan's
    Bromide X.  Bromide X is a super-secret item that Working Designs threw in the
    game and left very subtle clues for finding it in the official strategy guide. 
    One of the Bromide stickers has a large red X on it.  Also, one of the screen
    shots showing where you get the first Borgan's Bromide depicts a brown X on the
    carpet behind Borgan (this X is not seen in the game).  These are the only
    clues they gave.  There is an orb on either side of the green carpet, and you
    have to imagine the brown X being between them.  This is your clue.  Stand
    between the two orbs and press the buttons O-X-O repeatedly a few times
    (example: press O-X-O-X-O, and so on) and you will hear a clicking sound like
    that of a chest opening.  Look in your inventory to find Borgan's Bromide X. 
    It depicts the Black Wizard Borgan holding... the Dark Scimitar, an item that
    is in the instruction manual for the Sega CD version of Lunar 2, but was
    apparently removed from the game.  Some have speculated that this picture means
    the Dark Scimitar can be found in the PSX version, but it seems doubtful at
    this point, and Working Designs will make no comment on the Dark Scimitar when
    asked.  Also, get Luna's Bromide from the old woman in a house at the south end
    of Vane.  Finally, check out the library and look at the book at the back of
    the room.  Neither Hiro nor Lemina can read it, so she suggest you ask her
    mother about it.  Talk to Miria in the Guild Hall and she will tell you the
    legend of the Dragon Eye Jewels and the tower that leads to the Blue Star
    (which is the Star Dragon Tower).
    Horam: Speak to the Master of the Drunken Karate dojo to receive Jean's Bromide
    1; check out those jugs... uh... I mean, check out that jug of ale; yeah that's
    what I meant... :P
    Raculi: Ronfar is in Mauri's house at the northeast edge of town.  Talk to him
    and he'll offer to join the party!  Speak with Mauri to get Mauri's Bromide 1. 
    Also, you can find Mauri's Bromide 2 in a chest behind her house; it looks like
    that mask-wearing complex that Leo has is a genetic disorder...
    New Dungeons to Explore:
    	There are also quite a few new dungeons you can plunder through to get some
    REALLY great items (including those much-needed Dragon Eye Jewels!).  Just be
    sure you have fully assembled your party of 5 before you enter!  If you need to
    level up, head to the White Dragon Cave and fight Chiro Mongrels.  Just use
    your most powerful attack skills and you can defeat them for a ton of EXP!
    --Brave Labyrinth: Treasure found here: Hero's Talisman.
    The most important tip for this dungeon is to make sure everyone is protected
    against charming by Lady Charmes.  The Tri-Ring and Clear Ring do this, and you
    can purchase Power Talismans in Vane for your other three party members.  This
    dungeon is located just north of Horam.  This is a very strange dungeon.  In
    the first area, you must try to get the sword enemies to step on the four sword
    switches.  If you kill all the swords, you can make more appear by stepping on
    the magic symbols in the center of the room.  As soon as all four sword
    switches are activated, go through the doorway to the north.  In the next
    chamber, there are a series of doors that are opened by switches in the statues
    that are imbedded in the wall.  If you check the wrong statue, you are
    attacked.  Here is the correct sequence:  Number the statues from west to east
    1, 2, 3, and 4.  For the first door, statue 2 is the switch.  The second door
    is opened via statue number 3.  Statue number 1 opens the third door, and
    number 4 opens the fourth.  The final door is opened by number 3.  In the next
    area, there are spike pits.  Some are safe, some will harm you with spikes. 
    You can tell the correct path by the spears the soldiers on the wall have.  The
    correct path is always the side that has no spear.  Here are the exact
    directions:  First, take the east side.  Next, take the western side, then
    west, west, east, east.  Go through the door and you will finally be able to
    access the treasure chest!  BUT, before you do, make sure you're healed.  The
    sneaky game designers hid a boss fight in the chest.
    Hero's Talisman (AKA: Replicator)
    HP: 16,000
    Weakness: Sword skills
    Sword Arm: (AKA: Slasher)
    HP: 3,000
    Weakness: Thunder, Ice
    Fist Arm: (AKA: Karate Man)
    HP: 3,000
    Weakness: Wind, Fire
    This is a pretty tough battle.  Start off by casting Divine Litany, Power
    Drive, and Earth Prayer.  Now target as many attacks on the Hero's Talisman as
    possible, since it can produce more Sword Arms and Fist Arms.  Use Triple
    Sword, Blue Dragon Fist or Palm, Flash Blade or Grizzle Slash, and Catastrophe.
     Ronfar should heal and revive as need.  If you keep your MP and HP up, you'll
    be victorious.  Now grab the Hero's Talisman!  This item enables Burning Rage
    magic, which will greatly increase the entire party's attack power for just
    --Dragon's Nest: Treasure found here: Goddess Hairpin, Goddess Bracelet,
    Nameless Sword, Dragon Shield, Sage Staff, Life Jewel, Silver Light,
    Chaos Armor, Gale Crest.
    The enemies here aren't too bad compared with the other Epilogue dungeons, but
    watch out for the Doppelgangers, as well as the Harpies' charm attacks.  On the
    first floor, head east and then northwest to reach the stairs.  The exit on the
    second floor lies to the southwest.  The third floor's exit lies northwest. 
    The exit on the fourth floor is to the east.  The fifth floor exit is to the
    north, and it leads outside.  Outside, follow the path to the next cave area. 
    On the seventh floor, just follow the winding path to the stairs.  Do the same
    on the eighth floor.  On the ninth floor, head north to the exit and open the
    chest to find the Gale Crest!  Equip Hiro with this crest, the Goddess Crest,
    and Althena's Sword for a total of SIX attacks!!!!
    --Lionhead: Treasure found here: Fantasy Ribbon, Miracle Bandanna,
    Lunn's Armlet, Holy Shield, Hiro's Bromide, Silver Light, Healing Ring,
    Fierce Fist.
    Lionhead is located southeast of Zaback and west of Raculi.  Be warned: the
    enemies in here are TOUGH!!  Whatever you do, stay away from the Dark Eyes... 
    Most attacks seem to do only 1 damage, so just run whenever you encounter one. 
    But, if your levels are high enough, you may be able to defeat the Dark Eyes
    with a couple of Triple Swords and Power Flame or Burning Rage on Hiro.  They
    give a lot of EXP, but it's MUCH easier to fight the Chiro Mongrels in the
    White Dragon Cave for EXP rather than the tough Dark Eyes.  On the first floor,
    the stairs are located to the northeast.  On the second floor, head south to
    the stairs.  The stairs are northwest on the third floor.  On the fourth floor,
    the stairs are south.  On the fifth floor, you have to press switches to change
    the paths over the spikes.  In the first room, hit the left switch and exit the
    room.  Follow the new path to the next room and press the left switch again. 
    Continue this pattern until you reach the outside of Lionhead.  Here you'll
    find Hiro's Bromide in a chest.  Enter the door to the north to find a boss.
    Devil Eye (AKA: One-Eyed Crab)
    HP: 12,000
    Weakness: Elemental Magic
    This is another boss who is strong against all physical attacks, so you'll have
    to rely mostly on magic here.  Start out with Divine Litany.  Have everyone use
    their strongest magic spells.  Without any crest magic, Hiro's strongest spell
    is Cross-Boomerang.  Triple Sword actually does more damage, but its MP cost is
    higher.  Choose between the two based on how many Star Lights you have in
    reserve.  Jean's strongest attack will be Blue Dragon Palm, so I'd suggest
    giving her an elemental crest and the Goddess Crest so she'll have a stronger
    attack spell.  Ronfar will be the healer.  Leo's strongest spell is Rock Cobra.
     Lemina should cast Ice Arrows; this is the party's strongest attack.  Keep in
    mind that the Devil Eye is strong against Catastrophe.  If you follow this
    strategy, keep everyone's HP high, and have your weakest attacker (usually
    Jean) use Star Lights when needed, you'll prevail.  Now grab the treasure
    chests and exit this dungeon.
    --Lost Labyrinth: Treasure found here: Alex's Ocarina.
    To reach this dungeon, take the Destiny to the north end of Takkar (or use the
    pendant if you've been there), go through Takkar and head south to the Forest
    of Illusion where the caravan was.  Enter Althena's Spring and you'll find a
    hole in the back wall.  Enter it to find the Lost Labyrinth.  In this maze, the
    rooms are arranged in a grid, and you will wrap around if you go the wrong way,
    and get completely lost...  Once you enter from the first transporter, go east
    one room, east one room, and south one room to reach the next transporter. 
    Here, so south, west, west, and south.  In the next chamber, go east, north,
    and north.  Next, go east, and east.  Finally, go south and south.  On floor 7,
    heal up and head north to face the bosses of this dungeon.
    Knight Guardian (AKA: Attacker)
    HP: 7,000
    Weakness: Magic
    Angel Guardian (AKA: Healer)
    HP: 7,000
    Weakness: none
    Mage Guardian (AKA: Wizard)
    HP: 7,000
    Weakness: Sword skills
    For the first round, do the standard enhancing via Divine Litany, Earth Prayer,
    and Power Drive.  Then, concentrate on the Mage Guardian first.  Hiro uses
    Triple Sword, Jean uses Blue Dragon Palm, Leo uses Flash Blade, Ronfar heals
    and revives, and Lemina will use Catastrophe to wear down the other two.  Once
    the Mage Guardian falls, things will be much easier.  Now try to take out the
    Angel Guardian with the same strategy.  Once the Knight Guardian is alone, use
    Cross Boomerang, Rock Cobra, and Ice Arrows.  Have Ronfar and Jean use any
    elemental magic they have via crests.  Once they're all dead, continue north to
    find Alex's Ocarina!  Now you can listen to all the songs in the game!
    --Dragon Ruins: Treasure found here: Dragon Armor, Justice Rod,
    Scarlet Wrap, Lion Helm, Archer Crest, Goddess Gauntlet, Silver Light,
    Right Opal Jewel.
    You should remember where this dungeon is; it's northwest of Hiro home in the
    Salyan Desert.  The boulder that was blocking the entrance has since rolled
    away.  On the first floor, the exit lies northeast.  Head west on the second
    floor to reach the stairs.  On the third floor, the stairs are in the southwest
    corner.  The exit from the fourth floor lies north.  On the fifth floor, head
    northeast.  On the sixth floor, the exit is in the northwest corner.  On the
    seventh floor, take the stairs leading up, which are in the northeast corner. 
    On the eighth floor, the stairs going up are in the northwest corner.  On the
    ninth floor (whew!), a boss is waiting.
    Phantom Sentry (AKA: Super Stoneman)
    HP: 20,000
    Weakness: none
    First off, you should be warned that this guy has a mega-powerful ranged attack
    that can wipe out any characters in its way.  When he sucks the party towards
    him and raises his attack power, make sure you choose defend and have the party
    move to various locations AWAY from the Phantom Sentry (White Dragon Protect
    will also work well if you can spare the MP).  Start off this battle by casting
    Divine Litany, Slam Dance, Earth Prayer, and Burning Rage (or Power Drive if
    you don't have the Hero's Talisman).  For the rest of the battle, use Triple
    Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, Flash Blade, Catastrophe, and have Ronfar heal.  Just
    be sure to protect yourselves when he gets ready to do is massive sword swipe! 
    Once you've defeated him, go down the two flights of stairs to reach the dragon
    head statue, and retrieve the Right Opal Jewel.
    --Water Ruins: Treasure found here: Saint Clothes, Goddess Armor,
    Sage Robe, Dragon Helm, Berserker Claw, Life Jewel, Silver Light,
    Left Sapphire Jewel.
    This dungeon is located beneath the lake in the Sluice Forest; in the Epilogue,
    the water has receded enough to allow entry.  **YOU MUST COMPLETE THE EVENT IN
    NOTA BEFORE YOU CAN ENTER THIS CAVE!!**  The monsters in here are pretty
    strong, and you may even lose one or two party members during some of the
    normal battles here, so be careful!  In the first room, you must hit some
    switches to lower the water level so that you can reach the stairs.  The first
    two switches are in the golden dragon images that are painted on the pillars on
    both sides of the room.  This causes the water level to drop in the two upper
    pools of water.  Enter them, and press another switch near the torch in each
    pool.  This will cause the water by the stairs to drain, allowing you access. 
    Now you're in an outside area; just head west to enter the next part of the
    dungeon.  On the second floor, hit each of the dragon switches in the four
    corners of the room, then the water will drain and lead you to the stairs.  The
    third floor has no switches, just follow the path south, east, and north to the
    stairs.  On the fourth floor, just head south to the stairs.  On the fifth
    floor, make sure you save your game before proceeding.  Go north and you'll be
    attacked by the Water Guardian.
    Water Guardian (AKA: Aqua Man)
    HP: 20,000
    Weakness: Fire
    This is a fairly easy boss, when you consider how hard the normal enemies in
    this dungeon are.  Hopefully, you have the Hero's Talisman from the Brave
    Labyrinth.  Make sure a character (I suggest Lemina) is equipped with it. 
    First round: Blue Dragon Palm, Divine Litany, Earth Prayer, and Burning Rage
    (Power Drive if you don't have the Talisman).  Thereafter, just whack him with
    everything you've got!  Triple Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, Flash Blade,
    Catastrophe (over 1,000 damage!!), and Ronfar should stick to healing.  The
    only problem with this boss, is that he likes to encase one character (usually
    Hiro--your most useful character) in a bubble, which means that character can't
    do anything.  The only thing that can free your characters (other than killing
    and reviving them) is the vitality vial item (see, they DO have a use :P).  But
    still, this battle isn't terribly difficult (assuming your levels are in the
    high 50's).  If you're having trouble beating this boss, there's another
    option...  When you arrive on the fifth floor, there's a hidden passage behind
    a gray panel on the east wall.  This will allow you to completely bypass the
    boss and claim the Dragon Eye Jewel!  (Yeah, I could've mentioned this earlier,
    but what's the fun in that? :P)  Whether you opt to fight the boss or not,
    search the dragon head to find the Left Sapphire Jewel.
    Star Dragon Tower:
    	This is the final stop in your Epilogue adventure.  The Star Dragon Tower is
    located between the Starlight Forest and the Forest of Illusion.  If you've
    been there before during the Epilogue, just choose "Starlight Forest" from
    Lucia's Pendant to warp directly to the tower.  Approach the dragon head at the
    base of the tower and press X in front of each eye socket to insert the gems.
    --Star Dragon Tower: Treasure found here: none
    The way through the Star Dragon Tower is fairly straightforward.  Just keep
    following the path, and destroy any enemies that get in the way.  Once you
    reach the seventh floor, you'll see the Star Dragon.  Before you step further
    into the room, save the game and heal Hiro completely (to FULL HP and MP!). 
    Give Hiro the Healing Ring, Warrior Crest, and Goddess Crest.  When the Star
    Dragon asks you why you want to go to the Blue Star, say you want to be with
    Star Guardian (AKA: Star Dragon)
    HP: 10,000
    Weakness: none
    If you're at level 60 or so, this battle is a cinch.  Hiro must fight the Star
    Guardian alone.  Just keep using Triple Sword, and use a Silver Light if your
    MP drops below 30.  If your HP goes below 300, use a Passion Fruit.  In a few
    rounds, you'll be victorious!  Go and claim your prize!  The Blue Star and
    Lucia await!  **ENDING OF EPILOGUE--SPOILERS**  When you enter the transport
    chamber, there will be an FMV in which you say farewell to all your friends. 
    You may speak to your friends again to hear additional goodbyes.  Also, if you
    manage to make it to this point without all 5 party members, you'll get no FMV,
    but the characters will give the same speeches they gave in the Sega CD version
    instead.  Approach the crystal and Hiro will be transported to the Blue Star! 
    In the final FMV, Lucia is shown inside her hibernation crystal, and Hiro has
    somehow managed to climb onto it, and is knocking on the outside, trying to
    wake her up.  Lucia slowly awakens, and is filled with joy when she sees Hiro! 
    The final credits are now displayed.  Afterwards, the outtakes can be heard. 
    The outtakes are presented in a much nicer format in this game, and you can use
    the controls as shown onscreen to switch between different characters.  Some of
    the outtakes are recycled from the Sega CD game, but quite a few of them are
    new, and some are really hilarious!  Enjoy them, and make sure you watch the
    Making Of Lunar 2 video if you haven't already; that movie also uses the same
    controls as the outtakes to switch betweens sections of the movie. 
    Congratulations, you've finally beaten Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete!  **END
    Finally, I'd like to say thanks for reading this walkthrough.  If you have any
    questions I'll be glad to answer them as best I can.  If I have missed any
    items or any other secrets in the game, or if you have other comments or
    suggestions, please let me know (especially if you find a way to get the Dark
    Scimitar without cheat devices)!
    VIII. Song Lyrics and Soundtrack CD track list
    **Eternal Blue**
    A legend of old.
    A story forgotten.
    The memories, of true love stolen from time.
    A darkened romance.
    Try hard to remember.
    A doorway to the heart beckons your mind!
    And now, a corner of light, can lift the weight from you.
    It's in your hands.
    If just you understand.
    A destiny lost.
    A bond that's been broken.
    The memories, of a time that slipped away.
    Just open your mind; the way lies before you.
    A doorway to the heart you seek to find.
    Love can change the key you hold into a gilded chance.
    So tear a memory from your mind and make it so real.
    Blue star above me,
    Your mystic shimmer tells of love,
    I should know.
    Whisper your secret.
    To soothe my doubt and calm my fear.*
    Blue Star above me,
    When shadows lengthen and the dark looms ever closer,
    Turn on your shine and hold me near.
    When the comet pulls the bow,
    The stars begin their dance.
    The time when destiny and hope,
    Will give birth again.
    Then if it's to be,
    I'll find a glimmer of the life,
    I should know.
    Only that moment can show me what I hold so dear.
    Until that moment,
    I'll find some comfort in the love within my slumber.
    Turn on your charm and hold me near.
    Blue Star above me,
    Your mystic shimmer tells of love,
    I should know.
    Whisper your secret.
    To soothe my doubt and calm my fear.*
    Blue Star above me,
    When shadows lengthen and the dark looms ever closer,
    Turn on your shine and hold me near.
    *--Interesting fact: This line read "That can eradicate my fear." in the Sega
    CD version.
    **Lucia's Theme**
    When I was alone as one, my eyes were as blind, I know.
    Sky brilliant with blue elegance, I couldn't behold.
    When I was alone as one, my heart was as ice, so cold.
    Wind whispering sweet melodies, I could not behold.
    Sight to my eyes, and warmth to my heart,
    Your love has been such to me.
    Pull closer now, and strengthen my leaning,
    Toward love to heal all my wounds.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    It seems there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love forever shall be destiny.
    When I was alone as one, my eyes were as blind, I know.
    Sky brilliant with blue elegance, I couldn't behold.
    When I was alone as one, my heart was as ice, so cold.
    Wind whispering sweet melodies, I could not behold.
    Sight to my eyes, and warmth to my heart,
    Your love has been such to me.
    Pull closer now, and strengthen my leaning,
    Toward love to heal all my wounds.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    It seems there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love forever shall be destiny.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    I know there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love eternal shall be destiny.
    Soundtrack CD:
    1. Star Dragon Theme
    2. Ghaleon's Theme
    3. Promenade
    4. Field To Tomorrow
    5. Crowded Street Corner
    6. Gypsy Heart [Jean's Theme]
    7. Brave Warriors
    8. Holding On [Lemina's Theme]
    9. White Mask Funk [Mystere's Theme]
    10. Wine, Women, and Song [Ronfar's Theme]
    11. Eternal Blue [Instrumental]
    12. Desire
    13. Justice [Leo's Theme]
    14. Boss Battle
    15. Hiro's Fight
    16. Eternal Blue [Rondo--Light and Shadows]
    17. Golden Voice
    18. Lucia vs. Zophar
    19. Growing Fear
    20. Heart-Shaped Tears
    21. Zophar's Arrival
    22. Somber Memories
    23. Dragonship Destiny
    24. Lucia's Theme
    IX.  Special Thanks
    Extra Special Thanks goes out to Victor Ireland and the whole crew of Working
    Designs for their WONDERFUL translation of this game.  From witty dialogue to
    beautiful animation to talented voice acting to the BEST game packaging EVER
    (and Extra-Extra Special Thanks for that awesome pendant!), a hearty
    congratulations goes out to all the gang at Working Designs.
    Of course, special thanks also goes out to Game Arts, for designing this great
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete FAQ/Walkthrough by Daniel Wagoner.
    My E-mail addresses are:
    Internet:  daniel0777@aol.com
    America Online:  daniel0777
    Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions you have.  I am glad to help
    you with any problems you're having with the game.  I will also be glad to
    answer any questions about other RPG and adventure games.  I am especially
    knowledgeable about the following games:  Final Fantasy 1-9, Dragon
    Warrior/Quest 1-7 (check my FAQs on DW2 and 3!), Secret of Mana series (Seiken
    Densetsu 1-3), Lufia 1 and 2, Breath of Fire 1-3, Lunar 1 and 2 for Sega CD and
    PSX, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda 1-8, Star Ocean 1 and 2, and
    Soulblazer.  I may not know EVERYTHING about these games (especially not the
    Japanese ones), but I should be able to help you if you are stuck and can't
    figure out what to do next.
    Game Shark Codes:  Do not ask me for Game Shark or Game Genie codes.  I do NOT
    encourage the use of a Game Genie or Game Shark in any of the games I write
    these FAQs for.  These devices can mess things up (temporarily), and can even
    erase your save games!  If you are having problems with your game, be sure you
    try removing your Game Genie/Game Shark before asking me for help.  I have had
    a NES and SNES Game Genie in the past, and had my saved games erased numerous
    times.  I have never used a Game Shark, so I know NOTHING about it, nor do I
    know any codes for it.  If you NEED to use codes, do a search on the web for
    "Game Shark" or "Game Genie" and the name of the game or visit
    http://www.gamefaqs.com; that should help you find the codes you need.
    Visit my website at http://members.aol.com/daniel0777/index.htm
    for the very latest versions of ALL my FAQs!  There is a DexDrive file for
    Lunar 1 and 2 on my website, which contains save games right before many major
    events or cool looking animation sequences in both games.
    This FAQ should also be available at the Video Game FAQ warehouse:
    Look for my other FAQs:  Dragon Warrior 2 FAQ version 1.7 (NES version)
                             Dragon Warrior 3 FAQ version 1.8 (NES version)
                             Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete FAQ version 1.6
    Also, check out the Working Designs home page for information on Lunar and all
    their games at http://www.workingdesigns.com.
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete and characters in the game are copyrights of
    Working Designs and Game Arts.
    You may freely distribute this FAQ AS IS!  You may make minor formatting
    changes, such as realigning tabs or tables, or converting it to HTML format. 
    This type of editing is fine, and you don't need my permission to do so.  But
    DO NOT add or remove ANY text from this file!  If you wish to add something to
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    in the FAQ.
    ATTENTION WEBSITE OWNERS!  DO NOT add Game Shark codes!  I do no want people
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    Last but not least, remember...  "May the light shine upon thee!"
    --from Dragon Warrior 1

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