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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kiko-kun

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 11/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    ...#########        ######                 ________
                   ##   .###             "#"                .'         '.
                    ##  .##.###.    .##                    /    _____    ;
                    "   ##############                    ;    '.    '.   '
               |||     ##|||  "|||#|||   |||      |      |||||||;     ;   |
               |||    ## |||   ||| ||||| |||     |||     |||''|||    .'   ;
               |||   ##  |||   ||| |||||||||    | |||    |||  |||  .'   .'
               |||  ## | |||   ||| ||| |||||   |||||||   ||||||| .'   .'
               ||| ## .| |||   ||| |||  ||||  |"    |||  |||  |||   .'   
             .#|||||||||. |||||||  |||   ||| |||.    ||| |||.' |||.'    __
            ##   ##   "##.                 .#####.        |      /_____/  |
           ##.  ##      "###.            ###############. |               |
          "######          "####.         #####     ######|_______________|
            "#"                "####.       ####       ###########
                                   "#####..####           ######  
                                       "######             ##"
                |¯¯ ¯|¯ |¯¯ |¯¯| |\ |  /\  |     |¯¯| |   |  ||¯¯
                |--  |  |-- |-<  | \| |--| |     |-<  |   |  ||--
                |__  |  |__ |  | |  | |  | |__   |__| |__ |__||__
                |¯¯   |¯¯|   |\ /|   |¯¯|   |     |¯¯   ¯|¯   |¯¯
                |     |  |   | | |   |--'   |     |--    |    |--
                |__   |__|   | | |   |      |__   |__    |    |__
                       Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (US Version)
                            for the Sony Playstation
                            Game Walkthrough ver 1.05
                       Copyright 2000-2004, by techsavy
                           (previously kiko-kun)
                       [ replace the !'s with "i"s ]
                          Game FAQs ID: techsavy
                      Ascii art copyright 2001 by Beno Jange
                Date first written   : December 26, 2000 (GMT+800)
                Date first submitted : December 29, 2000 (GMT+800)
                Date last updated    : November 15, 2004 (GMT+800)
    Legal stuff (blah blah):
    - This FAQ/walkthrough is for the reader's personal use, provided
      that you do not modify the content in ANY way. 
      Use of this guide for commercial purposes  is ILLEGAL.
      Simply put, you can't use it (or part of it) to make 
      money (in any way).
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      If you want to make this guide available on your website, you may
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      part is not necessary so long as you just let me know that you're
      hosting the guide on your site, it's ok. 
    - Any errors (except for typos) ? Pls. mail me about'em and I'll check
      and revise (if need be). It goes to show that this thing's being
      1) Check if the question can be answered by reading the guide.
      2) Don't e-mail me game info about any missing sections since the FAQ
         is constantly under contruction.
      3) Critics are welcom. I continuously seek to improve on the quality 
         of FAQ authoring.
      4) The author reserves the right not to reply to any e-mail.
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    |                           Revision History                          |
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    1.05 [1.15.2004]
       - Adjusted indentation of some sections
       - Adjusted copyright, contact information, got an account for gameFAQs
       - Updated "legal sites" section; added [date] tags in Revision History
    1.04 [11.13.2001]
       - Updated Item Data, Dragon's Nest section
       - Replaced ascii art with contributor's ascii art; Updated TOC markers
       - Updated "legal sites" section.
       - Adjusted some items in Magic Guide
       - Done up to Star Dragon Tower. Updated equipement guides, 
         TOC markers, revised magic guides, Bromide section
       - Done most of the Disc 3 walkthrough up to Dragon's Nest dungeon.
         Updated spells, item, magic guides. Added Bromide section. Added 
         markers for TOC referrence.
       - Finished Disc 2 walkthrough and start of Disc 3. Updated spells, 
         item guide and character 101.
       - Finished up to Black Dragon section. Updated spells, item guide and
         character 101.
       - Finished up to Blue Dragon section. Updated spells, item guide and
         character 101.
       - Finished disc 1 walkthrough. Updated spells, items, character 101. 
         Reformatted TOC. Started with disc 2 walkthrough.
       - Finished Mystic Ruins ruins section to Taben's Peak section. Added
         Lunn, Nall,  Ghaleon character data. Updated spells list.  Updated 
         Battle Tips. Added Items Guide (partial)
       - Added Takkar section to Mystic Ruins. Added Lemina character data.
         Updated spells list.
       - Added Larpa, West Desert Pass, Dalton Town, Star Forest, Illusion
         Forest, Caravan sections. Added Ronfar and Jean character data.
         Added spells list (partial). Adjusted formatting.
       - Added section until after Lucia gets cursed by Zohar. Improved 
         formatting  and section headers, corrected some typos. Added a logo.
       - Started this FAQ, uploaded it to gamefaqs. Started with characters
         and walkthrough of first area.
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    |                        - Table of Contents -                      |
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    * To  skip to  a certain section faster, you can  either do a  text 
      search on the number of the topic you're looking for (e.g. 23.4), or  with
      the code (e.g. EQP-ABC) on the right.
      TOPIC                                                       CODE
      I. FAQ  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M-FAQ
     II. The Walkthrough
        A. Game controls/other info
        B. Disc 1 Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D1-WK
           1. Dragon Ruins / Gwyn's Research Outpost  . . . . . GWY
           2. Blue Spire  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BLU
              2.1. Blue Labyrinth                               BLU-LAB
              2.2. Blue Spire                                   BLU-SPI
              2.3. Tranmission Room                             BLU-TRA
           3. Off to Larpa  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAR
              3.1. Larpa Pass / Althena Shrine                  LAR-ALT
           4. Salyan Desert West Pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . SAL-WES
           5. Dalton Town . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAL
           6. Dragonship Destiny  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DES
           7. Starlight Forest  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . STA
           8. Illusion Woods  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ILU
           9. Caravan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CAR
              9.1 Althena's Spring                              ALT-SPR
              9.2 Plantella's Lair                              PLA
          10. Takkar Village  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TAK
             10.1 Takkar Mountain Pass                          TAK-MNT
             10.2 Ghost Manor                                   TAK-GST
             10.3 Bandits Butte                                 TAK-BAN
          11. East Nota . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOT-EAS
          12. Madoria Carnival  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MAD-CAR
          13. Mystic Ruins  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MYS
          14. West Nota . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NOT-WES
          15. Zulan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZUL
             15.1 Zulan Mountains                               ZUL-MNT
          16. Meribia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MER
             16.1 Karate Dojo                                   MER-DOJ
             16.2 Taben's Peak                                  MER-TAB
             16.3 Meribia (Sewers)                              MER-SEW
             16.4 The Return to Taben's Peak                    MER-RET
          17. Magic City Vane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VAN
             17.1 The Cave of Trial                             VAN-COT
             17.2 Magic City Vane                               VAN-CIT
             17.3 Sluice Forest                                 VAN-SLU
          18. Water Ruins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WAT
          19. Azado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AZA
             19.1 Azado Barbeque                                AZA-BAR
             19.2 Althena Shrine                                AZA-ALT
        C. Disc 2 Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D2-WK
          20. Pentagulia  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PEN
             20.1 Althena Shrine                                PEN-ALT
             20.2 White Tower                                   PEN-WHT
             20.3 Red Tower                                     PEN-RED
             20.4 Black Tower                                   PEN-BLK
             20.5 Blue Tower                                    PEN-BLU
          21. The Restoration of the White Dragon . . . . . . . WHT-RES
             21.1 Taben's Peak                                  WHT-TAB
             21.2 Dragonship Destiny                            WHT-DES
             21.3 White Dragon Cave                             WHT
          22. The Restoration of the Blue Dragon  . . . . . . . BLU-RES
             22.1 Horam Village                                 HOR
             22.2 Tournament                                    ZEN
             22.3 Blue Dragon Cave                              BLU
          23. The Restoration of the Black Dragon . . . . . . . BLK-RES
             23.1 Zaback                                        ZAB
             23.2 Neo Vane                                      NEO
             23.3 Neo Trial Cave                                NEO-COT
             23.4 Neo-Vane Magic Guild                          NEO-GLD
             23.5 Black Dragon Cave                             BLK
          24. The Restoration of the Red Dragon . . . . . . . . RED-RES
             24.1 Raculi Village                                RAC
             24.2 Serak Palace                                  SER
             24.3 Red Dragon Cave                               RED
          25. The Resurrection of Zophar  . . . . . . . . . . . ZOP-RES
             25.1 Althena's Road                                ALT
             25.2 Goddess Tower                                 ALT-GOD
        D. Disc 3 Walkthrough (D3-WK)
          26. The Final Battle - Zophar's Keep  . . . . . . . . ZOP
          27. Epilogue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EPI
             27.1 The Wedding at Nota                           NOT-R
             27.2 Taben's Peak                                  TAB-R
             27.3 Raculi                                        RAC-R
             27.4 Vane                                          VAN-R
             27.5 Madoria Carnival                              MAD-R
             27.6 Mystic Ruins                                  MYS-R
             27.7 Lost Labyrinth                                LAB
             27.8 Dragon's Nest                                 NST
             27.9 Brave Labyrinth                               BRA
             27.10 Lionhead                                     LIO
             27.11 Water Ruins                                  WAT
             27.12 Dragon Ruins                                 DRA
             27.13 Star Dragon Tower                            STA-TOW
        E. The Bromide Hunt (BRO)
    III. 101
        A. Character Profiles (G-CHAR)
        B. Magic Spells (G-MAG)
           Hiro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MAG-HIR
           Gwyn                                                 MAG-GWY
           Ronfar                                               MAG-RON
           Jean                                                 MAG-JEA
           Jean-Fighter Mode                                    MAG-JEA-F
           Lemina                                               MAG-LEM
           Leo                                                  MAG-LEO
        C. Equipment Guide (G-EQP)
           Hiro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EQP-HIR
           Ronfar                                               EQP-RON
           Jean                                                 EQP-JEA
           Jean-Fighter Mode                                    EQP-JEA-F
           Lemina                                               EQP-LEM
           Leo                                                  EQP-LEO
     IV. Other Pending Updates / Info
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    |                              I. FAQ                                 |
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    What is Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (L2)
       Lunar 2: Eternal is a game developed by Working Designs as a
       sequel to Lunar : Silver Star Story, originally released for
       the Sega Saturn, then for the Playstation in 1999.
    Do I have to play the first Lunar to understand this sequel ?
       No, not necessarily. This is because the story of Lunar 2 is
       set 1000 years after the first Lunar. But of course it would
       always be better if you've played the first Lunar since you'll
       be able to appreciate the finer details of L2.
    Are there bromides in L2 ?
       Yes, there are. We've got a section on how to get them (well most
       of them). That part of the walkthrough is still  under  construc-
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | Game Controls:
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       D-pad          - directional pad
       L1, R1         - L1 and R1 buttons
       L2, R2         - L2 and R2 buttons
       X              - X button
       O              - O button
       Tri            - Triangle button
       Squ            - Square button
       Sel            - Select button
       Strt           - Start button
       D-pad         - scroll through action to perform (in action menu)
         X           - action button (open chests, talk) 
                       cofirm selection when in menu
                       enter / exit dragonship / Gwyn's boat
         O           - press with D-pad to run a few seconds
                       Cancel selection
       Squ           - Activate menu / board the Dragonship Destiny / Boat
       Tri           - Goes back to previous selection
       L1, R1        -  when saving, swicth from memory card slot 1/2
       L2, R2        -  not used
    * To reset the game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then hold the START and
      SELECT buttons simultaneously.
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | Battle tips:
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - When targeting an opponent, it changes color: red, yellow or green
      Red means that the enemy will take less damage. Yellow means  that
      the  enemy will take the fairly normal damage,  while  green means
      the opponent is weak to that attack and will receive a lot of  da-
      mage. Just because a spell has higher casting cost doesn't mean it
      is always powerful than the weaker, earlier learned spells.  An e-
      xample would be the Ghost Manor's boss being vulnerable to  Hiro's
      Boomerang attack rather than his Sword Poe, when the Sword Poe  is
      more powerful (and uses more MP).
    - Let Hiro die more often. (Yes, this seems cruel, but) The boss' HP
      in every area is dependent on Hiro's level so make sure that every
      other  character's stats  are close to or, better yet, even higher
      than Hiro's stats. This way, you won't have a very difficult  time
      in fighting bosses if you're the type of player who loves to level
      up before moving on.  Although even fainted characters gain experi
      ence, the ones who run away don't.
    - Use more healing items before using up healing magic.  Don't worry
      about using them all up and surviving.  That's why  you're earning
      silver, so you can buy more whenever you need to.  And they're far 
      cheaper than MP recovery items (Star and Silver Light). And if you 
      run out of cash, you can always level up while making money out of
      defeating enemies in dungeons.
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | Notations used:
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    To make your reading a little easier (for those who just want to
    skim through, and for those only after tips), the following nota-
    tions have been used.
     > - main objective
     - - narrative 
     * - playing tips, hints, stgy, etc.
     ~ - item/shop/boss information
     ! - extras
     + - additional info.
    [] - comments, inline hints, events
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    |                       II. The Walkthrough                           |
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    | B. Disc 1 Walkthrough (D1-WK)  \
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - o
    1. Dragon Ruins / Salyan Desert - East Pass / Gwyn's outpost (GWY)
       ~ Items: Right Sapphire Jewel (Hiro's Haul), Herb, 100 Silver, 
                Ancient Dagger
         Enemies: Dung Beetle, Sand Shark, Sand Cyclops
       > Head home for Gwyn's research outpost.
       [ FMV of Hiro and Ruby digging in the Dragon Ruins ]
       - Hiro is with Ruby in the ancient looking for treasure as always
         when they finally manage to find a treasure. Suddenly, an earth
         quake starts to be felt and you fall deeper into the ruins. You
         end  up in a dungeon and get chased by a lot of flame monsters.
         You escape from  the  dungeon just in time but the  entrance to
         the ruins closes behind you. [ you now gain control of Hiro ]
         Go all the way to the southwest part of the Desert Pass all the
         way south. You'll encounter Leo [ FMV ] onboard the  Dragonship
         destiny. He'll warn you to return to your home and he tells you
         he's headed for Gwyn's outpost. Continue through the pass until
         you reach Gwyn's outpost.
         Once you arrive home (Gwyn's outpost), you'll see that Leo   is
         already there talking Gwyn into helping him by giving any  info
         on  how to get into the  Blue Spire.  After seeing that Gwyn is
         uncooperative, Leo leaves. Once you are alone with Gwyn,  he'll
         tell  you about checking out the Blue Spire because of  what he
         just heard - a rumore about the destroyer coming to Lunar,  and
         connection of the Blue Spire.  You go up the observation tower,
         check the telescope and see that a strange light shines from a-
         bove and both of you sense the urgency to investigate the spire
         at once. Gwyn looks for the item, he claims, that will open the
         entrance to the Blue Spire (Left Opal Jewel).  Then  you're off
         to the Blue Spire.
       ! IF you manage to get through the East Desert Pass without ATTA-
         CKING  any enemy (just run and use herbs), Ruby and  Hiro  will
         have a short chat when you reach Gwyn's outpost. 
    2. Blue Spire (BLU-SPI)
       The Blue Spire is made up of 2 sections: a Labyrinth, and the Spi
       re itself.  You need to get past the Labyrinth in order to  enter
       the Spire itself.
       2.1. Blue Labyrinth (BLU-LAB)
       > Make your way through the labyrinth.
       ~ Items: Angel's Tear, Starlight
         Enemies: Mummy, Bandage Boy, Brainpicker, Slime
       - The entrance to the Blue Spire is north of Gwyn's outpost.  You
         will see the Dragonship Destiny hovering close by.  Once you're
         at the entrance of the Spire, Gwyn will place the Left Opal Je-
         wel at the left eye of the Dragonhead statue at  center of  the
         door. [ Walk up to the right eye of the Dragonhead and press  X
         to make Hiro place the Sapphire Jewel ]. The Dragonhead  splits
         and  the entrance to the Blue Labyrinth opens.  Notice the four
         guardian statues. [ How evilishly cute! ]
       * Once in the Labyrinth, go to all 4 corners and press the blocks
         in each corner. After all 4 blocks have been pressed, the pass-
         ageway  in the north section will form which will allow you  to
         move on. Once in Level B2, enter in all rooms on the 4 corners.
         Note the icons on the floor (Sun, Moon, Star and Mystic). Press
         X  once in front of the vase to place to orb in the vase.  Head
         to the south part of the room once all 4 orbs have been  placed
         in their vases. You're in a huge room with a  hexagram  symbol.
         Walk up to the center then you'll be teleported to the entrance
         to the Blue Spire.      
       - At the end of the Blue Labyrinth is a statue of a guardian next 
         to the garden. Make your way up towards the Spire entrance.
       * It's  recommended that you defeat every enemy in the  labyrinth
         so that you could level up without even trying. By the time you
         are done with level B2, Hiro should have mastered the Sword Poe
         technique, since it takes out the most damaging enemies in  on-
         ly 1 hit.
       * For a  party consisting of a Mummy and Bandage Boys,  defeating
         the  Mummy will automatically cause all bandage boys to die  as
       * If you're low on HP and MP by the time you've teleported, don't
         worry. There's a statue of Althena just before the entrance  to
         the Blue Spire itself.
       [ you'll be   treated to  a FMV  just  before reaching  the Spire 
         entrance ]
       2.2. Blue Spire (BLU-SPI)
       ~ Items: Healing Nut, 72 Silver, Herb (2), Starlight
         Enemies: Crystal Knight, Bomb Angel, Magic Masque, Slime
       > Go to the top floor of the Spire; find the Transmission Room
       * The Blue Spire is 7 levels high so take your time  raising your
         Hiro's and Gwyn's level by the time you make it to the 7th Flr.
         Hiro's Boomerang and Sword Poe skill is a must have when  figh-
         ting the monsters except for the Slime, which Hiro or Gwyn  can
         defeat in 1 hit.
       - Once you've reached Level 7F, Gwyn will tell you that a  secret
         passage is in this room. [You split up and look for it]. Go  to
         the north part of the room where you'll find a floating  globe. 
         [This is actually the portal to the transmission room]  Go near
         and check it- you'll be teleported to the transmission room.
       2.3. Tranmission Room (BLU-TRA)
       > Meet Lucia
       [ You enjoy another FMV here. Hiro can't help but fall in love w/
         Lucia (at first sight) ]
       - The  girl encased  in the Green Crystal awakens and  introduces
         herself as Lucia. She has come from the Blue Star in  search of
         the Goddess Althena in Lunar in order to fight Zophar, who  she
         says is planning to destroy Lunar. She seems so focused on mee-
         ting Althena that she pays scant notice to Ruby's remarks.  She
         will teleport back you back to the 7th floor of the Spire where
         Gwyn is waiting and worried where Hiro has disappeared to. Upon
         finding out that Lucia is from the Blue Spire, he suggests that
         you all head back to the outpost before Leo finds you.  On your
         way to Level 6F, you'll come across a large group of monsters.
       [ You'll have Lucia in your party.  Now is an even  better chance
         to level up because of her 777 HP and powerful magic.  You  may
         not be able to control her, but she'll make short  of even  the
         toughest foes in the Spire.  Just  because she'll take out  the
         trash  for you doesn't mean that you should go easy.  Watch out
         for your HP and Gwyn's as well. ]
         Once you get rid of the monsters and make your way down to  the
         entrance, Lucia will stop for a moment to try to feel Althena's
       * If  you have the luxury of time, you'd might  want  to go  back
         and forth the Spire to level up even more since you'd be saving 
         yourself the trouble of spending MP.  If  you  cross the stairs
         to heal yourself however, you won't be able to go back with Lu-
         cia's unlimited power, since...
       [ Another FMV of Lucia checking out the surroundings ]
         After some conversation within the party, Lucia will ask  where
         Althena is. She'll be answered by Zophar's voice ( the ultimate
         baddy in the game ). She tries to invoke the power of the  four
         Dragons but Zophar says that he has sealed them off. He casts a
         spell that zaps Lucia bad - her HP's down to 1/1 and her  magic
         disappears [see I told you to level up when you had the chance]
         and Gwyn checks her and says that her soul is cursed and if she
         doesn't get treated soon, she'll die.
       [ Come on why not let Lucia die permanently? That would be a real
         eye popper for fans, nyahahahaha. Besides, it would be a  waste 
         of cardboard printing Lucia picture all over the CD covers when
         she'll just die in disc 1]
       [ Now would be a good time to get healed at the Althena statue in
         the  garden, co'z you're  gonna need  it.  Also, if you haven't
         leveled  up to  learn the spells Fractured Armor and  Shattered
         Sword, it's recommended that you do now before moving on. ]
       - Once you cross the garden and make your way to the portal,  you
         will have your "initiation" boss fight. The guardian statue you
         came across has come to life.
       ~ Boss: Guardian
         This boss has 2 physical attacks and 1 magic spell. It will in-
         crease it's  attack and defense status.  The best way to defeat
         boss  easy is to have  Gwyn cast Shattered Sword then Fractured
         Armor  on  the enemy  while have Hiro attack with his Poe Sword
         technique. If Gwyn hasn't learned the 2 spells yet you'd end up
         using all your herbs and starlights [it's recommended that  you 
         save them for better opponents ].
       [ Once  you've  defeated  the guardian, it's recommended that you
         restore  HP and MP at Althena's statue before returning to  the 
         Blue Labyrinth. ]
       - Head back to the Labyrinth. Remember that Lucia's magic is gone
         and technically useless in battle so be in your usual  cautious
         mode. Once you're out of the Labyrinth, you'll be surprised the 
         4 guardian statues have come to life as well. Another fight  w/
         them will ensue [ at this point it seems hopeless, since  figh-
         one alone took quite an effort ]. When one of  your party  mem-
         bers  faint, the battle will stop.  A shot from a  canon   will
         destroy all the guardians.  Surprise surprise, you'll be  saved
         by Leo riding aboard the Dragonship Destiny. If you try to walk
         past Leo, he'll stop you and ask about Lucia and think that she
         is Destroyer of Lunar. But Hiro's quick thinking buys them time
         to get away when he tells Leo that a monster attacked Lucia  at
         the top of the Sphire and that if he hurries, Leo may still  be
         able to stop it. [Return to Gwyn's outpost]
         At the outpost Gwyn looks in the basement for a book that might
         be able to cure Lucia while you (Hiro) stay  with  Lucia  while
         she's down on the couch. She mumbles about coming  to Lunar  to
         save it, not to destroy it. She also says that now that her po-
         wers are gone, the only way to stop Zophar is to find  Althena,
         and to unseal the powers of the four dragons.
         Gwyn returns from the basement with bad news, he can't find any
         cure  in his tomes.  He sends Hiro off to the town of Larpa  to
         find Ronfar who is said to have become once a priest for Althe-
         na. Gwyn stays behind to hold the fort.  He  prepares  the boat
         since Larpa is on the west side of the Salyan Desert. Board the
         boat once outside and set sail west for Larpa.
    3. Off to Larpa (LAR)
       > Look for Ronfar to have Lucia healed
       ~ Items: 
            Angel's Tear (back of Althena Statue)
            Healing Nut (behind Mayor's Mansion on northern Larpa)
            Saucepan Lid (Mayor's Mansion)
            Herb (Town proper)
            Lucia's Bromide 1 (Guy with blue hair in front of house
              on east Larpa).
       ~ Weapon Shop:
         Short Sword        -  340
         Mace               -  300
         Herb               -   40
         Healing Nut        -  200
         Star Light         - 2000
         Angel's Tear       -  600
       * Talk to everyone in Larpa. If you've got around 2000 silver, it
         would help to get weapons. [ If you have less than 2000 silver,
         I suggest you save it for better weapons in the next town since
         the enemies here aren't that strong ]
       * Don't bother donating any silver to the  people  at the  shrine
         since you can have yourself healed at the Althena statue at the
         east side of the town. 
       ! Don't  forget  to  talk to the blue-haired guy in front of  the
         house in east Larpa - the one who keeps on adoring Lucia.   You
         can get Lucia's Bromide 1 from him if you talk to him again AF-
         TER Lucia has been cured and walks off.
       * To move on in the game, go to the tavern and talk to  everyone.
         Then visit the Althena Shrine and talk to the elders.  Then  go
         to the Mayor's Mansion and talk to the mayor. He'll tell you to
         look for him in the tavern. Go back to the tavern and  talk  to
         guy alone at the east side twice. He's Ronfar.  He'll challenge
       [ FMV of Ronfar ]
         you to a game of dice. Accept the challenge. No matter what you
         pick (odd or even), you'll lose. He'll asks you if you want  to
         play again. Decline his offer, then challenge him again.  Lucia
         will  say that she's not feeling well and he'll notice.  Ronfar
         offers to  let  her rest at his place.  He finds a note from an
         old friend saying that he'll visit soon.  Once in the house, he
         gets a visit  from  Leo (yes, that guy in the Dragonship). Ron-
         far  pretends he hasn't seen Hiro and company when Leo asks  if
         he's seen a person matching Lucia's description. Leo leaves and
         says he's in the Althena Shrine if Ronfar decides to  join  the
         Chosen Ones. Ronfar asks Hiro why he believes  Lucia isn't  the
         destroyer Leo claims her to be. He then checks Lucia  and  says
         they'll need to bring her to  the  statue in the Althena Shrine 
         to be able cure her. He opens a secret passageway in his  house
         that leads to the back door in the Althena Shrine.
       3.1 Larpa Pass / Althena/Chosen Shrine (LAR-ALT)
       ~ Enemies: Killer Fly, Ochr Ooze
       > Make your way to the back door of the Althena Shrine
       * This is a short short dungeon, only 2 levels and goes  straight
         up then straight down. You'll end up at a ledge at the  back of
         the Shrine. After jumping down enter the Shrine's back door and
         step  in  front of the statue. Ronfar will try to use his magic 
         again  to cure Lucia. The first attempt fails.  Ronfar suddenly
         gets a flashback of how he lost his dear  Mauri when he  failed
         to use enough magic to cure her. He tries again and succeeds in
         getting her strength back although he says that she's not fully
         cured yet. Exit the shrine through the front entrance and  head 
         back to Ronfar's place.
       [ Now is a good time to get  Lucia's Bromide 1  from the guy with 
         blue-hair on the east side of Larpa. He's in front of a house ]
       * After resting up Hiro finds Lucia gone and Ronfar still asleep.
         Look  for her in town. You'll find her by the dock  beside  the
         small boat (south side). 
       [ FMV of Lucia watching the people in the boat ]
       - Lucia decides that she should part ways with Hiro first if  she
         is to continue her search of Althena. She heads off to the port
         city Dalton. When you walk back to town,  Ronfar comes  looking
         for you and asks where Lucia is.  When he finds out that  she's
         off to Dalton and Hiro is going after her, he joins your party.
    4. Salyan Desert West Pass (SAL-WES)
       ~ Enemies: Desert Dolphin, Poison Beetle, Scorpion
         Items  : 300 silver
       > Go through the pass to get to Dalton
       - The West Desert Pass is between Dalton,  Star Tower and  Larpa.
         You need to cross this straightway from Larpa to get to Dalton.
       * This place is also a good place to level up since you can  have
         yourself healed from either Dalton or Larpa.
    5. Dalton Town (DAL)
       ~ Items: Herb (left of the entrance)
                Star Light (inside a house on the northwest side)
                Dagger (room before reaching the pier)
       > Board the Dragonship Destiny
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Long Sword                690
         Flail                     630
         Wood Shield               100
         Bracelet                   80
         Colorful Bandana           60
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       - When you enter Dalton Town, you'll see Lucia onboard the Dragon
         ship Destiny with Leo and his guards surrounding her. She tries
         to  convince Leo to believe her story and her mission.  Leo or-
         ders his knights to seize her. Lucia defends herself and knocks
         out a couple of his knights.  Leo uses his sword to knock Lucia
         unconscious and orders her to be thrown into the brig.
       [ you resume control of your party ]
       * Still remember me telling you to save up for better weapons  in
         Larpa? Well, now's the time to use them.  It's best if Hiro and
         Ronfar have the best weapon and armor, for the next 3 areas are
         filled with tough monster and it will be a while until the next
         weapon shop.
       * Talk to everyone to learn more about why the goddess statue was
         broken and who did it.
       * Go up to the second level of the town to get to the pier  where
         the Dragonship is docked. 
    6. Dragonship Destiny (DES)
       ~ Enemies: Private, Captain
       > Rescue Lucia
       - The Dragonship has 4 levels: the  deck, the  1st and 2nd  level
         quarters, and the brig. Unlike most of the areas you've been in
         the game,  you won't be able to avoid the enemies here.  That's
         because they're in the way of the doors you're supposed to go.
       - After  fighting your way to the brig, you'll  find Lucia  being
         questioned by  Leo.  He has her locked up and tells her of  her
         execution the next day. After Leo leaves, walk up to  Lucia and
         free her from the cell.  As you leave, Leo returns to check  on
         Lucia. You hide at a room not far from the cell. While Leo goes
         in  Lucia's cell  to look for clues, Hiro locks Leo up.  Before
         you go up, Ronfar asks that he talk to Leo. After a short chat,
         get  out of the Dragonship the same way you  came in.  Head for
         Pentagulia (notrh through the Starlight and Illusion Forest).
    7. Starlight Forest (STA)
       ~ Enemies: Green Goblin, Killer Fly, Humming Byrd
       > Go north to reach the Illusion Woods
       * Starlight Forest  is your way through  Illusion Woods.  Enemies
         here to level up.  Midway through this forest is a goddess sta-
         tue. The party will rest up and go on their separate ways.  Af-
         you've gained control of Hiro again, talk to Lucia. Talk to her
         a second time (if she says the same thing, talk to Ronfar first
         ). She'll ask you why you're helping her.  There'll be a choice
         - either answer will get the same reply from Lucia. She'll join
         the party again. Talk to Ronfar to have him join the party  and
         move on to the Illusion Woods.           
    8. Illusion Woods (ILU)
       ~ Items: Herb(4), Star Light, 146 silver, Snake Crest
         Enemies: Hobgoblin, Goblin, Hummingbyrd, Goblin King
       > Make your way through the woods
       - Before  you enter the Illusion Woods, Ronfar will tell you that
         he knows someone who might be able to help get out of the woods
         since  it is  rumored that many people get lost.  He finds that
         friend  at the entrance of the forest and plays a game of  dice
         with him (and wins). The  man will open a path from the bushes,
         and tell you how to get through the woods.
       * Like before, try to defeat every monster in the woods.  Better,
         if you can do so by using magic only for stronger foes.
       - You'll know when you've reached the end of the woods when there
         is a clearing up north. By this time, you must be low of HP/MP.
         Don't use your healing items just yet.
    9. Caravan (CAR)
       ~ Items: Jean's Bromide 2 (from the girl by the wall of vines)
       > Meet Jean; Bathe in the Althena Spring; Save the caravan
       - It's evening when you arrive at the caravan. You hear music and
         see someone dancing to its beat.
       [ FMV of Jean dancing ]
       [ Don't forget to talk to the girl in front of the wall of vines.
         You'll get Jean's bromide 2 from her later. ]
       - After Jean finishes her dance, she'll introduce herself.   Talk
         to Giban, their boss. He'll welcome you most especially when he
         finds  out that you're running from the Chosen ones. Giban will
         explain  that they could not advance further because of a  wall
         of vines blocking the way. He advises that you spend the  night
         with them and continue in the morning. Jean will excuse herself 
         for some air. Follow her at the west part of the clearing where 
         there's a moonlight view. Talk to Jean.  She'll tell you to ask 
         her anything you'd like to know.
       [ There will be three questions presented. Ask all of them ]
         After  answering your questions, she'll be the one to ask you a
         question. Suddenly, the ground in front of Lucia will open  and
         a vine will grab her. Jean instinctively attacks the vine  with
         awesome  karate moves and the vine lets go of Lucia.  Jean asks
         the  party to  forget what they just saw, then Jean returns  to
         the caravan. You retire for the rest of the evening as well.
         (When Jean returns to her room, there'll be a flashback of  how
         Jean learned to fight.)
       9.1 Althena's Spring (ALT-SPR)
       ~ Items: Life Jewel (by the Althena spring entrance)
                Iron Clogs (in the male spring)
       > Take a dip in the nearby Althena's spring (east side of carvan)
         In the morning, Ronfar tells you to go for a dip in the  nearby
         Althena's spring. Hiro goes with Ruby and Lucia. When you reach
         the  spring,  the person by the door reminds you that the  left
         spring is for males and right for females.  Hiro tells Lucia to
         go to the right spring. After some moments of bathing, Ruby and
         and Hiro are surprised when they see Lucia in the nude  walking
         towards them.
       [ FMV of Lucia walking towards Hiro.  I could've  sworn this  was
         one of the reasons why Lunar is a hit. ]
       9.2 Plantella's Lair (PLA)
       ~ Enemies: Hobgoblin, Goblin King, Hummingbyrd
       > Save the kidnapped performers.
       - When you return from the spring, the ground will shake and  the
         scene shifts to the caravan. The vine that attacked  Lucia  now
         attacks the rest of the performers and grabs most, even  Giban.
         When you  return,  Jean tells you what has just happened.  Hiro
         decides to go down into the hole to go after the source of  the
       * Talk to Jean and she'll give you a rope ladder which you'll use
         to go down. Talk to Jean again to convince her to help you. She
         says 'no' but when you start descending the ladder, she'll join
         your party.
       * Jean should prove to be very valuable in your party  since  she
         attacks twice with her fan and her magic attacks are almost  as 
         powerful as Hiro's. It also doesn't  hurt that her attacks  are
         long range.
       - This dungeon has only two levels, the first has three  enemies,
         while the second level is your second boss fight.
       ~ Boss: Plantella
         HP  : approx. 1800 (or 100 x Hiro's level)
       * This boss isn't too tough. Just make sure everybody's HP is  a-
         bove 70 since this boss sometimes throws sneak attacks and will
         knock down any character caught offguard. Ronfar must also have
         enough HP to cast the Calm Litany spell if Plantella decides to
         attack the whole party. Have Hiro use his Poe Sword, while Jean
         her Moth or Bee Dance.
       - Once you've defeated this boss, you return to the caravan where
         everybody  thanks  you for your help.  Talk to Jean  and she'll
         tell Giban that the time has come for her to confront her  past
         and joins your party.
       [ Before moving on, don't forget to talk to the girl by the vine,
         where now the vine has withered, to get Jean's Bromide 2 ]
    10. Takkar Village (TAK)
       > Sign up for the Magic Guild (talk to the hooded girl)
       ~ Items: Holy Water (below Althena statue)
                Star Light (left sd of house in West Takkar)
                Passion Fruit (back room of tavern)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Silver Mace              1320
         Iron Fan                 1160
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Iron Bracelet             240
         Iron Gauntlet              60
         Chain Mail                720
         Hairband                   60
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       - When you arrive at Takkar village, you'll learn that the  north
         gate is blocked by guards of the Chosen, and that  Leo is still
         looking for Lucia.  Most of the people will tell you  to  steer
         clear of the hooded girl who is recruiting members for the Vane
         Magic Guild. As usual, talk to everyone.
       * If you check the gate before doing anything else in  town,  the
         guards  won't allow  you to pass.  It's best to go and meet the
         hooded girl.
       * Upgrade your weapons and armor. If you're low on cash,  try  at
         least getting the Iron Fan for Jean since Ronfar deals more da-
         mage  with magic attacks and will usually be used to heal  your 
         party more than do physical attacks.
       - The hooded girl can be found at the tavern. Talk to her and she
         will  invite you to join the Magic Guild by taking an  entrance
         test.  Hiro will hesitate to join, so the girl leaves and  says
         she'll be around if you change your mind. If you go outside and
         look for the hooded girl, she's nowhere to be found.
       * At this point, talk with the guard at the gate again. Jean will
         try to convince the guard to let the party pass but fails. Then
         the  hooded girl  will walk towards you and tell you of another
         way to get to Nota without passing through the gate at Northern
         Takkar. It's through the Takkar Mountain Pass on the way to the
         Ghost Manor. She waits for you at the northeast prt of town and
         tells you to talk to her again when you're ready. This would be
         a great time to stock on healing items or upgrade equipment. If
         you're ready, talk to the girl again. She'll open the gate that
         leads to the Mountain Pass.
      10.1 Takkar Mountain Pass (TAK-MNT)
       > Head for Ghost Manor
       ~ Items: Purity Ring, Wind Ring
       ~ Enemies: Rufus, Banshee Fowl, Death Worm, Mud Cyclops
       * Simply  go  through the area, defeating as many enemies as  you
         can. This place is also great for levelling up because you  can
         always heal at the Althena statue in Takkar.
      10.2 Ghost Manor (TAK-GST)
       > Pass the aptitude test
       ~ Items: Holy Water, 302 silver, Angel's Tear, Star Light (2), 
       ~ Enemies: Rolling Imp, Knuckle Buster, Susie Death
       - The Ghost Manor  is a 1-level dungeon with many pathways.  Some
         lead to items. There is only one path leading to the end of the
         manor. The enemies here leave a lot of silver and experience so
         make  sure to  chop up a couple of them.  You'll know you're at
         the end of the manor when you see a path that leads to a carpet
         -covered room. [If you're still able to, save your game first].
         You'll have another boss fight.
       ~ Boss: Magic Tester LX1
         HP: approx 2850 (or 150 x Hiro's level)
       * Hiro's Boomerang, Ronfar's Anger Dice and Jean's fan attack are
         recommended for this boss since they do the most damage. Norma-
         lly,  the attacks of the  enemy are recoverable by herbs.  Only
         when  the springs come off that the enemy starts using  attacks
         damage all members.
       * A good strategy to beat this boss is to use Lucia as bait.  She
         will  either  move back or towards the opponent during  battle.
         When she moves close to the enemy, she is usually  the one  the
         boss attacks. If the boss does attack Lucia, have Jean heal her
         with  herbs or healing nuts.  Use Ronfar to heal her only  as a
         last resort, since his Anger Dice spell deals the boss a lot of
         damage, a whole lot more damage than Jean's normal  fan attack.
         None of the current spells in her inventory deal good damage so
         her fan attack (with the Iron Fan equipped) does around 40 pts.
         of damage. Compared that to Ronfar's Anger Dice spell which can
         go as high as 120 damage is Ronfar rolls 12 on the dice.
       - After beating the Magic Tester, the hooded girl will  introduce
       [ FMV of Lemina Ausa's introduction ]
       - She'll  ask you to  become apprentices at the Magic Guild,  now
         that you've passed her "entrance exam".  After reminding Lemina
         of  your quest and that you can't join at this time, she  joins
         your party. Head out of the manor through the door in the north
         part of the room. Go all the way to the left until you  reach a
         cliff. You'll ride in Lemina's carpet going down.  However, she
         loses her concentration and you fall to the ground and Lemina's
         carpet gets stuck up high on a tree. Head for the town of Nota.
       * Lemina's magic is powerful, so powerful that it could  wipe out
         most  enemies in  just one blast.  Of course, the most powerful
         magic also  costs a lot of MP, so  make sure to  use it on  the
         toughest enemies (and the ones that do high damage and has high
       * You can't return to the weapon/armor shop in Takkar to stock up
         on healing items, weapons/armor. But you can buy the same items
         from the merchant at the other end of the Takkar gate (north).
      10.3 Bandits Butte (TAK-BAN)
       > Cross the mountain to get to Nota
       ~ Items: Shiro Crest, Star Light, Wind Staff
       ~ Enemies: Maneater, Killer Buzz, Parasite, Killer Shroom
       * Bandits  Butte  is the only area left between you and  Nota, so
         make the most out of levelling up. Next stop, Nota.
    11. East Nota (NOT-EAS)
       > Cross the bridge to West Nota
       ~ Items: Gauss's Necklace (house in west Nota)
                Silver Light (East Nota right of the weapon shop)
                Herb (East Nota, by the bridge)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Broadsword               1240
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---      
         Iron Shield               300
         Flared Dress              720
         Silver Robe               680
         Iron Helm                 150
         Silver Bandana            240
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       - After  talking to the  townsfolk, visit the  leftmost house  on
         East Nota.  Talk  to the  girl who's marrying the mayor of West
         Nota. She'll tell you of the Rememberizer Crystal, an item  w/c
         you'll be getting later in the game.
       [ At this point, it won't matter if you upgrade your  weapons and
         now since you won't be figthing yet ]
         As you make your way to the bridge, the Dragonship Destiny will
         surprise you as you cross the bridge. The West Nota path is now
         blocked by soldiers.  Jean suggests that you  leave town for  a
         while  and check out Madoria carnival to see if Giban's caravan
         is there already. Jean remembers the magic arrow device they've
         been working on and that the party use it fly past Nota.
    12. Madoria Carnival (MAD-CAR)
       > Meet with Giban's caravan and ride the magic arrow
       ~ Items: Holy Water (east side of carnival)
                Angel's Tear (rightmost caravan)
       - The Madora Carnival has some games and lots of people.  Be sure
         to  try the  house of giggles as everyone recommends.  If you'd
         want to try and make some money, you can also try your  luck at
         the  house of chance (casino). Giban's caravan is at the  north
         section of the carnival.
       * Don't bother saving up to 10,000 silver just to be able to  bet
         that much on the house of chance [aha you're planning to  use a
         get-rich-quick scheme by loading the game if you lose eh? ] You
         can only wager as much as 50 silver.  Ruby will stop you if you
         try to wager 10,000 silver. At any  rate, it's better to  go to 
         dungeons and fight monsters so you level up  at  the same time.
       - When you reach Jean's caravan, talk to Giban last.  He'll agree
         to  let you use the magic arrow.  Suddenly, Leo and his  guards
         barge in  looking for Lucia. Giban hides you all then  talks to
         them.  After the coast is clear, he suggests that Lucia changes
         into something that's not so noticeable before riding the magic
         arrow. Jean, Lemina and Ruby go to Jean's dressing room (middle
         caravan) to help Lucia get changed.
       [ You now control only Hiro and Ronfar ]
         Giban is blocking the exit so you can't do anything but talk to
         the performers and walk around.  When you're done, walk  toward
         Jean's  dressing room (middle caravan).  Hiro will take a peek,
       [ FMV of Lucia in different clothes ]
         and Ronfar will try to peek too.  Hiro stops his  attempts, and
         they end up crashing in the dressing room. Jean and Lemina kick
         them both out.
       [ FMV of Hiro and Ronfar being kicked out of the caravan ]
         After being scolded, you'll see Lucia in a new outfit.
       [ FMV of Lucia in her new clothes. You'll gain control of  every-
         body again. ]
         Talk to Giban then to the magic arrow operator. When the opera-
         tor  asks you to  get on board the magic arrow, Leo will return
         with the guards and try to stop you.  He blasts the magic arrow
         with  a spell that changes the direction of the  arrow and  you
         are launched to the east of the carnival instead of flying past
         Nota.  You'll  land at the Mystic Ruins.  When you get off  the
         magic  arrow, you'll come across an old portal.  Hiro and party
         are teleported inside the ruins.  Once there, Lucia will try to
         access a panel that has records stored in it.
       [ FMV of Ghaleon / Grinder, the attack on Vane in Lunar SSS ]
         The party will talk about the records they just saw. When Lucia
         asks who it was from, another ghastly voice will  answer.  This
         time, it's not Zohar's.
       [ FMV of Ghaleon Entering ] 
         It's Ghaleon! The main villain of Lunar SSS has returned  after
         1000 years to try and destroy the world again.  He  doesn't at-
         tack.  Just  drops by and disappears, saying that they'll  meet
         again. After Ghaleon disappears, go further into the ruins.
    13. Mystic Ruins (MYS)
       > Find the exit to return to Nota
       ~ Items: Healing Nut, Dream Crest, *Silver Hair Pin, 
                *Silver Gauntlet
                Star Light(2) (2F), Flame Staff
       ~ Enemies: Persona, Reflector, Masquerade, Dark Knight
       - Go inside the ruins and descend to the exit.  You will find the
         monsters here a bit worth fighting since a good number of  them
         leave a  good  amount of experience and silver.  At the base of
         the  ruins is a  fairy garden.  Talk to the fairies  and you'll
         learn that they don't think of Ghaleon as evil. Once you're out
         of the ruins, you'll be at a point between   Nota and  Bandit's
       * One of the enemies you'll fight will drop a Silver Hair Pin and
         a Silver Gauntlet, if you can find them; so don't bother buying
         one, except for the Silver Hairpin. Jean and Lemina can use the
         Silver Hairpin so it's enough to buy only one Silver Hairpin.
    14. West Nota (NOT-WES)
       > Head North to Zulan
       ~ Items: Peasant Clothes (West house), Herb
                Life Jewel (North section)
       ~ --- Weapon / Armor Shop ---
         Silver Sword             1600
         Flared Dress              720
         Silver Robe               680
         Iron Helm                 150
         Silver Bandana            240
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Cleansing Water            60
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       - As you head for East Nota, Leo will block you in the Dragonship
         Destiny. Just as he is about to blast your party with the ship,
         Ghaleon  helps you by zapping the guards and Leo.  Leo's guards
         retreat  temporarily.  Ghaleon disappears, so now  you're  home
         free to head to East Nota. Go through the bridge to get to West 
         Nota and to the town of Zulan.
       * The people in West Nota don't give very useful information,  so
         it wouldn't matter if you just whiz past them.
       * Now would be a good time to upgrade your weapons and armor.
    15. Zulan (ZUL)
       > Talk to the Mayor
       > Head for the Zulan Mountains
       ~ Items: Plate Armor (Mayor's House)
                Star Light (West of the path to Zulan mountains)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Golden Mace              2100
         Razor Fan                1800
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Silver Shield             600
         Fur Dress                1300
         Fur Robe                 1050
         Silver Helm               360
         Lucky Bandana             450
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Cleansing Water            60
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       * The Plate Armor is a unique type of armor  since any  character
         can use it. You don't have to equip it necessarily on Hiro, in-
         stead try equipping it on the character with the lowest defense
       - When  you get to Zulan, you'll find that it's snowing.  Talking
         to the people will tell you that the extremely long blizzard is
         caused  by a  monster up in the Zulan mountains, and that  many
         have tried to slay the monster but have failed. Talk to the ma-
         yor and he'll ask you to help them fight the monster. Lucia de-
         cides to go alone since saving the village isn't her mission.
       [ Lucia leaves your party ]
       - If you check the southwest of Zulan, it's the way to Pentagulia
         but because of the monster that's causing the snow the only way
         to move on is to defeat the monster.
      15.1 Zulan Mountains (ZUL-MNT)
       > Find and defeat the monster that's causing the snow
       > Find the mayor's daughter
       ~ Items: 2000 silver, Fur Dress (enemy), Healing Nut
                Power Crest, Water Staff, Barrier Ring, Phoenix Ring
       ~ Enemies: Barbarian, Wyburn, Albino Baboon, Razor Wolf
       - The Zulan mountains go all the way up. Each floor is  connected
         by caves. On the higher ground, some of the cave entrances  are
         blocked by ice. Ruby will blast them with her fire breath. Some
         lead to  new   passageways while others lead to monsters.  Make
         your way up to the summit.
       * At this point, (assuming you've upgraded your weapons and armor
         in Zulan), the enemies are definitely tougher now  but leave  a
         lot of silver and experience. Don't hesitate to use the  Escape
         Litany or Dragonfly Wings if you get into a tough spot.
       - When  you  reach the summit of the mountain, an avalanche  will
         knock your party unconscious. When Hiro comes to, he hears  Lu-
         cia's voice. [ Lucia joins your party again ]  After some talk,
         you  find the  rest of the party unconscious.  Have  Lucia heal
         them. When you've all been recovered, save your game if you ha-
         ven't yet. You'll be figthing the monster that's behind all the
         bad weather.
       ~ Boss: Missing Link
         HP: approx 2400 (or 100 x Hiro's level)
       * Despite your upgraded weapons and armor, this beast does consi-
         derable damage. The even worse part about it is that when  this
         furry fiend gets close, its attacks damage multiple party  mem-
         bers. Reposition your party in such a way that Lucia is at  the
         front. This way, the beast will keep on attacking her, and  she
         will counterattack with Napalm Shots.  If you decide to use any
         other  character as  bait, make it Jean or Hiro (since  none of
         their spells cause great damage). Lemina and Ronfar should keep
         their  distance since their attack and healing magic will  make
         things easier for the party.
       * If you're feeling really cruel, have Lemina cast Power Flame on
         your best physical attacker not once, but twice (the  3rd won't
         add up much anymore). That way, the damage dealt will  increase
         dramatically  and you'll have this big ape's head in less  than
         15 turns.   
       - When  you defeat  the monster, you'll find  Maria (the  mayor's
         daughter)  lying in  the snow beside the place where you  found
         the monster. Have Lucia heal her too. You'll find she's got am-
         nesia, so you take her back to village. After leaving Maria  w/
         her father and her baby, you leave for Meribia.
    16. Meribia (MER)
       > Meet with Master Lunn at the Karate Dojo
       ~ Items: Life Jewel (southwest corner)
                Jessica's Bromide (inside the bar)
                Lemina's Bromide 2 and 3 (Ramus' shop)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Bastard Sword            2450
         Platinum Fan             2580
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Steel Bracelet            850
         Platinum Gauntlet         650
         Silver Armor             1920
         Purity Clothes           1800
         Platinum Hairpin          360
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Cleansing Water            60
         Purity Herb                20
         Star Light               2000
         Herb                       40
       ! Jessica's  bromide is a  picture of  Jessica de Al Kirk, one of
         the 4 heroes of Lunar SSS.
       - Meribia is the same Meribia in Lunar SSS, except that the shops
         and houses have been relocated. Ramus' shop has also been rede-
         signed, but still shows evidence of the first shop in Lunar SSS
         Nonetheless, much  of the graphics are the same.  After talking
         to the people, visit the karate dojo (formerly Mel's castle).
       * Be sure to pester the old man in front of the counter at Ramus'
         shop to get Lemina's Bromide 2. Only after that can you get the
         3rd Lemina's Bromide. You can find it at the back of the shop.
      16.1 Karate Dojo (MER-DOJ)
       > Talk to Master Lunn
       ~ Items: Earth Crest (Dojo), Dagger
       - When you enter the dojo, you'll find Master Lunn training  stu-
         dents. After they attack him and Lunn knocks them all down,  he
         notices the party.  Jean talks with  Lunn and he  asks  them to
         chat in his quarters.  Go up  the 2nd  floor and  talk to  Lunn
         again.  Jean will ask him about the Shadow Dragon Cult.  You'll
         also talk to him about the bandits on Taben's Peak. Lunn thinks
         it's the hideout of the Shadow Dragon Cult.  He then sends  you
         to Taben's Peak to find the bandits hideout.
      16.2 Taben's Peak (MER-TAB)
       > Look for the bandits hideout.
       ~ Items: Life Jewel, Herb(2), Legendary Lid, Thunder Staff
                Luck Ring, Spirit Mace, Cute Ribbon
       ~ Enemies: Tormentor, Dream Leech, Octo Plant, Magic Hat
       - Taben's Peak is east of Meribia. Note that the west path of the
         mountain  pass is blocked by a wall of spikes.  The only way to
         go is north. When you reach a clearing, you'll see a white fly-
         ing  baby dragon (like Ruby) hide in the bushes.  Ruby will get
         curious  and run after it. After some searching in the  bushes,
         someone grabs her by the wings.
       [ FMV of Nall ]
         Some  mysetrious guy will introduce himself as  Nall.  He warns
         you that you are trespassing if you are on your way to  Taben's
         Peak.  Then he leaves, with Ruby trying to follow him.  You can
         proceed to Taben's Peak.
       * Don't forget to get the items in the hidden chests.
       - Midway  through Taben's Peak, a group of kids will try to  stop
         you from moving on. They'll throw stones, mostly aimed at  Ron-
         far. After that, continue making your way up.  When you reach a
         treehouse  entrance,  you've reached the  hideout.  You realize
         the hideout is actually a kid's hideout, not bandits as rumored
         in Meribia. Another sequence takes over and the party gets cap-
         tured in a net. When you come to, you find yourself in a  cell.
         When you get out, you'll find the rest of the party taking care
         / playing with the kids. Talk to Jean, Ronfar and Lemina. Lucia
         is  talking to Nall in his room.  After talking to the rest  of
         the kids, talk to Nall. His room is one floor up from the  room
         you woke up in (go to the northwest portion of the room).
         After talking to Nall, you'll hear an alarm sound and Nall will
         say that there are unwanted visitors.  When you go outside, the
         kids will tell you that some of them have been kidnapped by the
         Shadow Dragon Cult.  Go to the  balcony to confront them.  Jean
         will talk to their leader (who remembers her), but they escape.
         Nall will  ask you  to help them rescue the children.  He takes
         Lucia "hostage" to make sure that you help them rescue the kid-
         napped children from the Cult.  You'll learn that the cult  was
         last seen at the Meribian sewers. The entrance to the sewers is
         at a door in Ramus' shop (you'll learn this by talking to  Nall
         and the kids). Return to the Meribia.
       * Using the gondola to make it back down is tempting, but now  is
         good time to level up again since around  this time, you  might
         be low on funds to upgrade your weapons/armor.
      16.3 Meribia - Sewers (MER-SEW)
       > Rescue the kidnapped dragon kids
       ~ Items: Star Light(3), Steel Shield, Dew Ring, Quake Staff
                Silver Light, Steel Helm, Healing Nut, Silk Dress
                Soul Bandana
       ~ Enemies: Fatal Hopper, Grog Snake, Gunfoot, Ammonia, Assasin
       - Go to Ramus' shop and check the door beside the shopkeeper.  It
         leads to the sewers. The sewer is a series of passages  connec-
         ted by bridges. The bridges are activated by touch panels (they
         are marked blue). Activate them (they turn red) to continue un-
         til you reach a clearing.  You'll find the kidnapped kids  held
         by members of the shadow cult. Their masked leader asks his mi-
         nions to attack you (4 Assasins).
       * It's  best to concentrate physical attacks on one assasin at  a
         time, but use mass-attack magic spells, most especially the
         ones that deal the most damage.
       - After  you defeat them, their leader will escape on a  boat and
         tell  Jean that  they would meet again to fight soon.  Now that
         you've saved the kids, you can go back to Taben's Peak and meet
      16.4 The Return to Taben's Peak (MER-RET)
       > Get Lucia back
       - When you get back to Taben's Peak, you'll find the rescued Dra-
         gon kids at the entrance of  their home.  When you enter,  Nall
         will  come out and thank you.  He'll tell you to get Lucia, now
         you have fulfilled your promise of saving the dragon kids. Look
         for  Lucia at the  terrace (where the cult kidnapped the kids).
         After a short sequence, she'll join your party again. Nall will
         tell you that  the wall of spikes blocking the way to  Vane has
         been lifted already. Continue east to the magic city of Vane.
    17. Magic City of Vane (VAN)
      17.1 Tranmission Spring / Cave of Trial (VAN-COT)
       > Enter Vane through the Cave of Trial
       ~ Items: Mia's Bromide (from the guy with the staff)
                Theives' Staff (in the cave of trial)
       ~ Enemies: Giga Wasp, Death Shroom, Bat Knight
       ! Mia's Bromide is a picture of Mia Ausa, one of the  four heroes
         during Lunar SSS. The  picture suggests that she has aged.  Mia
         looks like Lemina, except that Mia has black hair while  Lemina
         has blond hair.
       - When you reach Vane for the first time, Lemina's Aunt will come
         running  to tell Lemina that Borgan has come to visit her  mom.
         As  your party tries to enter the city, the entrance is blocked
         by Borgan's elite guard. No matter what you do, they won't  let
         you in. Lemina suggests that you try enter the city through the
         Cave of Trial.
       ! The Cave of Trial used to be a place in Lunar SSS which  served
         as a testing area for those who wanted to join the magic guild.
         No physical attacks could be used.  Now, it's just another dun-
       * There's no way to get lost in this dungeon. All other paths are
         blocked by boulders. Note the chest located beside the exit. If
         you haven't been inside Vane yet, Lemina won't allow you to  o-
         pen the chest. Come back for it later.
     17.2 Magic City Vane (VAN-CIT)
       > Visit Miria at the guild
       ~ Item's: Lemina's Bromide 1 (Library)
                 Lemina's Purse (Lemina's Room)
                 Gorgon Doll (Throne Room)
                 Thunder Crest (South of Althena Statue)
                 Seal Crest (Right of Guild entrance)
                 Silver Light, Angel Ring (Library)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Smash Saber              2100
         Rune Sword               3990
         Ritual Mace              4060
         Magic Staff              1200
         Flame Staff              2000
         Wind Staff               2000
         Water Staff              2000
         Thunder Staff            2000
         Quake Staff              2000
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Steel Shield             1000
         Steel Helm                650
         Magic Gauntlet           1080
         Platinum Armor           2800
         Silk Dress               2040
         Magician Robe            2100
         Soul Bandana              600
         Bejeweled Hairpin         600
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Cleansing Water            60
         Star Light               2000
         Purity Herb                20
         Herb                       40
       - The  exit of the cave of trial is inside Vane, so the  only way
         out is through it also. Talk to everyone then go to the library
         to read up on the history of Vane, etc. 
       * Don't forget to look for Lemina's Bromide 1. It's in the Poetry
         Book at Lemina's collection at the east part of the Library.
       * The Smash Saber at the weapon shop may be tempting but the Rune
         Sword  is a  more recommended  choice because  its raises stats
         other merely the attack stat.
       - Head for the Magic Guild at the North part of the city.  You'll
         meet Lemina's mother, Miria and the black  wizard Borgan  who's
         just dropped by to pick up Lemina's mother to let her rule Neo-
         Vane. When you talk to Borgan a second time, he'll cast a spell
         that teleports Miria to Neo-Vane. Lemina is enraged and demands
         Borgan return her mother, but instead threatens  her and  tells
         her to go to Pentagulia if Lemina wants to see her mother.  Le-
         mina runs to the rooftop of the guild.
       * When Lemina leaves you, you now have a chance to read her diary
         in her room. It's on the table. You still can't open any of the
         item chests. You can't read Lemina's  diary when  Lemina  joins
         you again.
       - Follow Lemina to the rooftop and talk to her. There'll be choi-
         ces of reply from Hiro (won't  affect  the game's ending) as he
         tries to cheer her up.  After some more talk,  you'll decide to
         help Lemina rescue her mother. Next stop is the port town of A-
     17.3 Sluice Forest (VAN-SLU)
       > Make your way to Azado
       ~ Items: Vigor Ring, Star Light, Warrior Crest
       ~ Enemies: Giga Ant, Flytrapper, Killer Wasp, Bloodbyrd
       - Sluice Forest is the shortest forest-type dungeon, but the ene-
         mies are definitely going to make you keep on using healing  i-
         tems if you're not careful. Don't use healing items though.  It
         isn't far until the next Althena statue so you spend all the MP
         you want.
    18. Water Ruins (WAT)
       - At the end of the Sluice forest is  the Water  Ruins.  When you
         get there however, the water is  too high and the  flood  gates
         would open the following morning, so Lemina  suggests that  you
         make  camp for the evening and continue your  journey the  next
         In the middle of the night, Hiro wakes up to find Lucia missing
         from her sleeping bag. Hiro searches for her, and finds  her in
         the lake going for a swim.
       [ FMV of Hiro spying on Lucia in the lake ]
         Next morning, you'll notice that the water level has dropped so
         you can continue travelling all the way to Azado.
    19. Azado (AZA)
       > Meet the high priest at the Althena Shrine
       ~ Items: Life Jewel (hidden in southwest Azado)
                Angel Ring (east)
                Safety Helmet (in house left of entrance)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Smash Saber              2100
         Rune Sword               3990
         Jean's Fan               3500
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Platinum Shield          1500
         Platinum Bracelet        1320
         Ceremonial Clothes       2590
         Jean's Dress             2940
         Platinum Helm            1020
         Charm Bandana             900
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Dragonfly Wing            100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Cleansing Water            60
         Purity Herb                20
         Healing Nut               200
         Herb                       40
       - When you talk to the people in town, you'll notice that they're
         half-scared  over something, and that  the town is  run by  the
         Chosen of Althena. Also, you'll learn that your  friend in  the
         shrine (the high priest) has been evicted from his post. Notice
         the boy standing guard on the door of the house with a red roof
         (this is where you'll be heading later).
         After talking to the townspeople,  head for the  shrine at  the
         north part of town. You'll be awed at the  size of the  Althena
         statue of this town (it takes more than a screen to see).  Talk
         to the priest by the statue (your old friend).  You'll find out
         that the high priest has been changed and is now retired at his
         home in Azado.  Go and visit him.  Look for the house  with the
         kid blocking the entrance. Talk to the Porom (the kid) then the
         former high priest, Balse will come out and invite the party in
         his house.  After hearing of the things that has been happening
         in town, he offers you to spend the  night at his  place  while
         waiting for the boat to Pentagulia.
         In the middle of the night you leave Balse's house to catch the
         ship bound for Pentagulia. Since it's dark, you just get on the
         biggest boat you see on the  port.  When you get on board,  you
         start to feel that you've been in the same boat  before.  Then,
         you  hear Leo's voice - surprise you're  aboard the  Dragonship
         Destiny! This time however, the Leo's guards capture you. While
         Leo is about to pronounce judgement on Lucia,  flame starts  to
         rain on Azado. Ronfar warns Leo that the chosen is behind this,
         and Leo starts to listen and decides to investigate for himself
         so he joins your party.
       [ Lemina, Lucia and Jean are left behind while Leo joins you ]
         At this point, head back to Azado.
      19.1 Azado Barbeque (AZA-BAR)
       > Save the burning town; make your way to the shrine
       ~ Enemies: Inferno Ghoul
       * Leo is  definitely powerful, even more powerful than  Hiro,  so
         make  sure to  put him to good use, most especially his  magic.
         An Althena statue is in town, so go back and  forth and  defeat
         the monsters while healing for free in between battles.
       - As you fight your  way into  town, you'll find Porom  trying to
         keep his dad conscious. Ronfar will heal him and ask what  just
         happened.  After Leo hears Balse's story, he suggests that they
         go to the shrine right away, which is where you're going next.
      19.2 Althena Shrine (AZA-ALT)
       > Stop the source of the flame raining on the town
       ~ Items: Star Light, Healing Ring, Healing Crest, Healing Nut,
                Silver Light
       ~ Enemies: Dieclops, Flight Knight, Nipple Yanker, Electro Eye
       - Go to the 2nd floor of the shrine.  You'll see 5 priests  chan-
         ting a spell that's causing the fire to rain on Azado. When you
         try to talk to them, you'll notice that they don't seem to  no-
         tice you. Leo suggests that you find the real source of the ma-
         gic. Make your way to the top of the shrine, where you'll fight
         another boss.   
       * This  "dungeon" is definitely worth attacking  all enemies  be-
         they leave a lot of experience although they don't  leave  much
         silver behind. Don't be too spell-happy with Leo,  since you'll
         be needing it for the boss.
       * Before you reach the top of the tower, if you've  still got  e-
         nough HP and MP to make it back up and take on a boss,  go down
         to the right side of the stairs to get the 2 items (the Healing
         Ring and Healing Crest).
       Boss: Flame Fang
       HP  : approx. 4900 (or 140 x Hiro's level)
       * This bird is a tough opponent, and it deals a lot of damage, on
         a single party or on the whole party. Since Leo has the highest
         HP, it would be best to use him as bait (by making him use phy-
         sical attacks). His magic spells do a lot of damage too but the
         physical attacks have a probability of inflicting critical  da-
         mage compared to magical attacks, so it's better to use  physi-
         cal attacks with Leo.  Have Hiro use Sword Poe,  which still is
         the most damaging spell he's got. Have Ronfar on standby to use
         Calm Litany in the later turns of the battle.  On the start, it
         would  be  good to cast Saint Litany on each member, this  will
         make sure that every member has enough HP to survive a pre-emp-
         tive attack.  If  Hiro or  Ronfar is low on MP, have  Hiro  use
         Star Light to recover a few. Whatever happens, don't let Ronfar
         run out of MP for healing magic, since it would be more  costly
         to revive a character than to just heal.
       - After defeating this boss, head back to the Dragonship Destiny.
         Leo, instead of killing Lucia, will cut the girl's ropes loose.
         Suddenly, Mauri, the red priestess of Althena (and Leo's sister
         ) will appear and try to destroy Lucia herself. Ronfar tries to
         talk to Mauri (still remember the girl in the flashback at Lar-
         pa?).  Mauri remembers him, but does not change her  mind about
         killing Lucia. Leo stops her and says that he would be the  one
         to take her to see Althena. Mauri disappears, saying that  they
         would meet again in Pentagulia.  You then set sail for Pentagu-
       - Leo has allowed you access to all places in the Dragonship Des-
         tiny. Talk to Ronfar, Lemina and Jean. They'll tell you to look
         for Lucia. You'll find her at the deck of the ship. Talk to Lu-
         cia (Hiro will ask Ruby to leave him for a while).
       + Expecting Lucia to sing ? Don't keep your hopes up. You must've
         too much of Lunar SSS.
       [ FMV of Hiro talking to Lucia ]
       - After talking to Lucia, you've reached Pentagulia.
       [ FMV of Pentagulia ]
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - o
    | End of Disc 1 Walkthrough      /
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    | C. Disc 2 Walkthrough (D2-WK)  \
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - o
    20. Pentagulia (PEN)
       > Meet Althena at the shrine
       + There are 5 major locations in Pentagulia: the shrine, the blue
         , black, red, and white towers.  Leo  stays at the White tower,
         Mauri at the Red Tower, Borgan at the Black Tower, and  Lunn at
         the Blue Tower.
       - When you get to Pentagulia, Ghaleon appears and present himself
         as the  new dragonmaster.  You'll wonder what he's doing there.
         He knows that you've come to seek an audience with Althena.
       [ FMV of Ghaleon ]
       - Leo then  leaves you to arrange an audience with  Althena.
       [ You'll gain control of Hiro and Lucia only ]
       20.1 Althena Shrine (PEN-ALT)
       - Talk to  Jean, Lemina and Ronfar,  and they'll be off on  their
         own business. Jean will meet Master Lunn at the Blue Tower, Le-
         mina will meet Borgan at the Black Tower, and  Ronfar will meet
         Mauri at the Red Tower. Leo is at the shrine waiting for you so
         the White Tower is locked. Head for the shrine.
        - At the shrine, go up the flight of stairs to the main hall 
         where you'll finally get to meet Althena.
       [ FMV of Althena ]
       - She may look like the real Althena, but Lucia senses that she's
         a fake, so she tries to blast her with a spell. Ghaleon however
         protects Althena and blasts Lucia with a spell of his own.  She
         is knocked unconscious.  You are  taken to a cell in the  White
         Tower. After a few moments of talking to Ruby,  Leo will appear
         (obviously) disguised in a mask and will call himself  Mystere.
         He sets you free and joins you to help free Ronfar, Lemina, and
         Jean. Leo tells you that the 4 towers are connected underground 
         via passageways, so make your way to each tower  and save  your
       * There is no correct order to freeing your party. It's recommen-
         ded  however that you free Ronfar first  so that you'll  have a
         healer in your party.  The  Althena statue is always  there for
         free healing, although it's kind of frustrating to go keep  go-
         ing back and forth the statue just to heal.
       The 4 Towers:
       ~ Enemies: Corp. Crusher, Sgt. Slaughter
                  Flame Reaper, Flash Lord, Black Mage
                  Assasin, Mercenary
                  Flame Reaper, Gargoyle, Dark Sorcerer, Flash Lord
       20.2 White Tower (PEN-WHT)
       > Go to the other 3 towers
       ~ Items: Healing Ring, Platinum Blade, Life Jewel (White Tower)
       - This is where you'll start after Leo  frees you and joins  you.
         Fight  your way out of the tower and  heal up at the  junction.
         Don't have yourself healed at the statue which charges 100 S.
       20.3 Red Tower (PEN-RED)
       ~ Items: Silver Light, Hellfire Staff
       - When you free  Ronfar, he'll tell  you his story.  While he was
         talking to Mauri, she starts to have memories of her past  when
         she becomes under Zohar's control and disables Ronfar.
       20.4 Black Tower (PEN-BLK)
       ~ Items:Jewel Gauntlet, Ritual Hairpin
       - Lemina learns that Borgan has her mother under a spell which he
         also plans to use on her eventually.  Borgan then casts a spell
         which knocks Lemina out.
       20.5 Blue Tower (PEN-BLU)
       ~ Items:Jewel Gauntlet, Ritual Hairpin
       - If you haven't guessed it yet, when Jean shows the mask to Lunn
         he wears it and admits that he is also the master of the Shadow 
         Dragon Cult (who taught Jean her karate long ago). Lunn attacks
         Jean with a quick blow which also knocks her unconscious.
       - After rescuing all the party members,  Leo/Mystere will  leave.
         When you go down one floor from the place where you  have freed
         the last party member,  Leo will appear (now without the mask).
         He joins you again and tells you of the hidden exit in the  un-
         derground passageway. When you get out of the tower you're cur-
         rently in, head for the Althena statue at the north center part
         of the passageway and inspect it. The statue will split and you
         will be able to pass through it.  (Don't worry, you  can  still
         heal yourself by touching the statue).
         When you get out of the passageway, you'll find yourself in the
         secret chamber in the palace where Lucia is being held.  You'll
         eavesdrop  on the fake  Althena and Ghaleon.  You'll learn that
         something  bigger's really going on that Leo doesn't  know, and
         that the other three heroes are somewhat involved in it too.
       [ Leo then leaves the party to investigate on his own ]
         After Ghaleons' speech, they leave Lucia bound to the wall.  Go
         to that room through another secret passage (you can easily see
         it). Hiro frees her and Lucia insists that the goddess  Althena
         is locked up somewhere in Pentagulia so you search for the hid-
         den tower (yes, there is a fifth tower). Go to the 2nd floor of
         the shrine (the front terrace of the floor where Leo showed you
         to Althena).  Lucia will insist that the water below is just an
         illusion and so she jumps off. You all jump after her. You find
         yourself in front of the fifth tower - the goddess tower hidden
         magically.  When Lucia tries to  open it, she  finds it sealed.
         The fake Althena,  Ghaleon, Lunn, Mauri and Borgan appears  and
         surrounds your party.  Just as they are about to blast you, the
         White dragon wings Nall gave you lights up and you are telepor-
         ted back to Taben's Peak. Then you'll hear Zohar gloat again.
    21. The Restoration of the White Dragon (WHT-RES)
      21.1 Taben's Peak (WHT-TAB)
       > Learn about the Dragons and how to unseal their powers
       - When you teleport safely to Taben's Peak, Nall awaits.  Talk to
         him and he'll tell you the story of how his  dragon  power  was
         taken away from him (Lunar SSS fans will appreciate the 1000 yr
         plot continuity).  Now that the power of the dragon are sealed,
         you're  going to have to collect them one by one.  The first is
         the White Dragon Essence, which Leo has. Then one of the Dragon
         kids report that the Dragonship Destiny is docked  just  beside
         Vane.  Now  would be  good time to talk to  Leo and ask for the
         white dragon essence.
      21.2 Dragonship Destiny (WHT-DES)
       > Get the White Dragon Essence from Leo
       - Board the Dragonship which is docked beside Taben's Peak.  Talk
         to Leo. He then asks Hiro to fight him on one.
       ~ Boss: Leo
         HP: approx 800
       * Just keep on using your Sword Poe technique on Leo, and  if you
         run low on HP, use a powerful healing item (i.e. a  Healing Nut
         or a Passion Fruit) so that you could concentrate on  attacking
         Leo instead of using every turn to heal yourself.
         He then gives you the White Dragon Aura    in order to be  able
         to break the seal at the  White Dragon Cave.  That where you're
         off to next. He teaches Hiro how to control the Dragonship then
         he leaves to investigate on his own (actually, he feels disgus-
         ted that he's been supporting the cause of fake Althena). White
         Dragon  Mountain is Northwest of  Taben's Peak.  When you see a
         large pile of Icebergs, you're close.
      21.3 White Dragon Cave (WHT)
       > Obtain the power of the White Dragon
       ~ Items: Starlight, Snake Ring, Endurance Ring, Chiro Crest,
              Wind Crest, Angel Ring, Ice Staff, Vitality Vial  
       ~ Enemies: Shiro Mongrel, Mecha Star, Yeti, Mutant Fly
                  Chiro Mongrel
       - This dungeon is 6 levels high with breakable  iceberg sections.
         If you can make the Yeti enemies move toward the iceberg walls,
         they might break it, allowing you to get through via shortcuts. 
       * This dungeon is definitely MP consuming if you're going  spell-
         happy so it's best to refrain from using magic attacks. Save it
         for later.
       - At the end of the dungeon you'll see the White Dragon but Lucia
         will sense another evil presence coming from the dragon. You're
         in for another boss fight.
       * Boss: White Fiend
         HP: approx 4200 (or 120 * Hiro's level)
       * This boss can pump up its stats by invoking a spell. You'll see
         a pentagram form from underneath it.  When that happens, you'll
         see an  icon at  the lower right section of the screen.  That's
         element  strengthened by the spell.  The best option is to have
         Lemina cast Dispell Magic immediately after it pumps itself up.
         That way, the fake white dragon will try to cast the spell over
         and over again while you have your sweet time kicking butt.
       - When you're done, the wall blocked by the fake dragon opens and
         you'll get to meet the real white dragon.  You'll see Nall wai-
         ting for you. After throwing the  White Dragon Aura to him,  he
         will  change to  his original White Dragon form.  He then gives
         you an  item, the White Dragon Crest, which enables White  Dra-
         gon protect on whoever equips it. He gives you info on where to
         find the locked-up Blue Dragon and Lunn  who is currently guar-
         ding it (in Horam).
    22. The Restoration of the Blue Dragon (BLU-RES)
      22.1 Horam Village (HOR)
       > Visit the master of the Blue Dragon Fist dojo
       ~ Items: Protection Ring, Herb, Life Jewel, 
                Blue Pajamas (2nd flr of house on right)
                Rubber Boots (Dojo)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Platinum Blade           5360
         Samurai Sword            6840
         Flaying Flail            5760
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Warrior Shield           2170
         Bejeweled Bracelet       1890
         Jewel Gauntlet           1540
         Warrior Armor            3840
         Holy Clothes             3520
         Immortal Robe            3200
         Warrior Helm             1470
         Prayer Bandanna          1260
         Ritual Hairpin            900
       ~ --- General Store ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Vitality Vial              50
         Holy Water                100
         Purity Herb                20
         Healing Nut               200
         Herb                       40
         Protection Ring          3200
         Warrior Crest            4000
         Power Crest              3500
       - When you get to Horam, visit all dojos. There's a tournament to
         be held in the Zen Zone (southeast of Horam) where Lunn is com-
         peting in. However, when you visit the Blue Dragon dojo, you'll
         find  out that  Lunn has revealed himself as the  leader of the
         Shadow Dragon cult, and that he has been disowned by the  dojo.
         The current master  Wong-Lee is  too old to fight, so  Jean vo-
         lunteers to enter the tournament.
       [ FMV of Jean donning the Blue Dragon uniform ]
       - After Jean changes into the dragon uniform,  Wong Lee will give
         you a  tournament invitation.  Now you can enter the tournament
         in the Zen Zone, which is south of Horam.
      22.2 Tournament -Zen Zone (ZEN)
       > Fight Lunn at the tournament
       ~ Enemies: Wolf Guard (1st), Flash Ninja (2nd), 
                  Shadow Assasin (3rd)
       ~ --- Man selling items in the tournament ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Vitality Vial              50
         Holy Water                100
         Purity Herb                20
         Healing Nut               200
         Herb                       40
         Protection Ring          3200
         Charm Crest              3000
         Dream Crest              3000
       - Show  the  invitation to the guard and he'll let  you in.  You,
         Ronfar and Jean will compete while Lemina and Lucia will watch.
         You'll  fight three matches.  To start the matches, talk to guy
         beside the ring. Lunn is watching from his throne at the  north
         part of the ring.  Although you can talk to him now, just  talk
         to him when you've the final match (if you survive, that is).
       * Since the tournament opponents have usually high stats and high
         HP,  the best way to survive without using healing items is  to
         concentrate your strongest attacks at one opponent at a time so
         the opponents damaging you will decrease every combat round. Do
         remember that you can always heal yourself at the  Althena sta-
         tue before every match, so don't bother wasting healing items.
         You'll fight 3 teams, the third being the Shadow Assins (Shadow
         Dragon Cult).  Once you've won all three matches, talk to Lunn.
         Jean will fight him alone.
       Boss: Master Lunn
       HP: Approx 2000
       * Since Jean will be figthing Lunn alone, you don't have a healer
         in your party.  So have plenty of  Healing Nuts ready  whenever
         you run low on HP.  You don't  have to heal yourself when  your
         HP goes below 50%.  Observe his attacks. His most damaging  at-
         tack is when he makes a cat stance. This does about 120+ damage
         while the rest only do around 60 pts.  After every 4th turn, he
         heals  himself  (for an amount of HP around 10 x Jean's level).
         Using  this  pattern, you've got a free turn to attack him  w/o
         worrying about getting damaged  by him.  If you have the Seal &
         Warrior crest, you can opt to equip these two crests since this
         raises  your attack power to more than 100%.  Don't worry about
         not  being able to use your Blue Dragon attacks because  you'll
         eventually run of MP using them so you'll waste a Star Light if
         you  need to  keep on sustaining that amount of damage.  Unlike 
         the Warrior + Seal crest combo, the attack is more than doubled
         (although  you can't  use any magic, Jean doesn't have  healing
         magic anyway so it won't help to let her use techniques/magic).
       - Once  you've defeated Lunn, he'll come back  to his senses  and
         give you the Blue Dragon Aura. You can now free the Blue Dragon
         at the Blue Dragon Cave (East of Horam).
      22.3 Blue Dragon Cave (BLU)
       > Obtain the power of the Blue Dragon
       ~ Items: Hurricane Staff, Holy Water, Anti-Magic Ring, 
                Revenge Crest, Angel's Tear, Angel Ring, Plasma Ring,
                Gold Hairpin, Starlight
       ~ Enemies: Tiger Shark, Doom Rigger, Scurvy Slug, Water Elemental
                  Aqua Assasin
       - Unlike the  White Dragon Cave, there are no shortcuts.  Just go
         up and make your way to the 7th level of the cave. 
       ~ Boss: Blue Fiend
         HP: approx 150 x Hiro's Level / average difficulty
       * Hiro's Sword Poe, Jean's Blue Dragon Palm and Lemina's Cremato-
         rium work best against this foe. Just like the White Fiend,  if
         you see it posing for a stat-raising spell, have Lemina use Di-
         spel magic at it. It's also best to spread you party since  the
         Blue Fiend has a very powerful linear attack. Whatever happens,
         keep Ronfar alive since only he has the healing spells.
       - When you've defeated the fiend, head for the cavern it was blo-
         cking.  You'll get the Blue Dragon crest from the  Blue  Dragon
         once you've awaken it. Your next move is to free the Black Dra-
         gon whose dwelling is south of the Blue Dragon cave.
    23. The Restoration of the Black Dragon (BLU)
       - The Blue Dragon tells you that south of the Blue Dragon cave is
         your next destination (Black Dragon).  When you cross the river
         and head south, you'll stop in awe at the sight of Neo-Vane.
       [ FMV of Neo-Vane ]
       - A black beam will blast the Destiny and hold it in place.  That
         means you're going to have to go on foot.  The only place to go
         right now is the Zaback Mines.
      23.1 Zaback / Zaback Mines (ZAB)
       > Head for Neo-Vane via the transporter
       ~ Items in Town: Peasant Clothes (house on southeast Zaback)
                Life Jewel (higher groud)
       ~ Items in Mine: Silver Light, Passion Fruit, Fresh Ring, 
                Angel's Tear Rusty Dagger, Star Light, 92 silver, 
                Earth Ring
       ~ Enemies: Boomba Baby, Boomba Boy, Big Boomba, Elder Boomba 
       ~ --- Weapon Shop (town) ---
         Amethyst Mace            7200
         Black Panther Claw       5940
       ~ --- Armor Shop (town) ---
         Amethyst Bracelet        2560
         Leopard Armlet           2480
         Battle Clothes           4680
         Ninja Wrap               5490
         Spirit Bandanna          1680
         Amethyst Hairpin         1680
       ~ --- Item Shop (town) ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Healing Nut               200
         Holy Water                100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Herb                       40
         Snake Crest              3000
         Mind Crest               3000
       - Zaback is a mining town. Before Neo-Vane was built it was peace
         ful. Now the people of Zaback who don't have  magic powers  and
         those  who fail the trial at the Vane Trial Cave are  forced to
         work as  slaves all their lives.  After hearing the  stories of
         Borgan, head for the transporter to Neo-Vane.  It's in the west
         part of town.
         When you get teleported to Neo Vane, a guardian will ask you to
         stand on a 'magic verifier' to see if your magic powers are for
         real. Jean and Ronfar and separated from you (so you're left w/
         Lemina and Lucia). Don't worry, they'll be fine.  Go ahead into
         Neo-Vane and pay Borgan a visit.
       [ You'll lose Ronfar and Jean ]
      23.2 Neo Vane (NEO)
       ~ Items: Life Jewel (in Weapons shop)
                Herb (in Item shop)
                Luck Ring (house in southeast Neo Vane)
       ~ --- Weapon Shop ---
         Amethyst Sword           8500
       ~ --- Armor Shop ---
         Amethyst Shield          2880
         Mystic Gauntlet          2160
         Amethyst Armor           5040
         Wisdom Robe              4500
         Amethyst Helm            2000
         Amethyst Hairpin         1680
       ~ --- Item Shop ---
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Healing Nut               200
         Holy Water                100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Star Light               2000
         Anti-Magic Ring          9000
         Magic Eye Crest          4000
         Herb                       40
       - In Neo-Vane, youll find out how proud the people there have be-
         come. Check out the Maguic Guild north of town. It's  currently
         locked.  The only way  to enter the magic guild is  through the
         Neo Vane Trial Cave. The entrance is northwest of Vane.
      23.3 Neo Trial Cave (NEO-COT)
       > Find Ronfar and Jean, then head for the Magic Guild
       ~ Items: Healing Ring, Clear Ring, Earth Staff, Star Light
                Silver Light
       ~ Enemies: Rock Biter, Scream Sphere, Gorgon, Dark Lord
       - In the  Trial Cave, you'll find Ronfar and Jean ( opposite cor-
         ners of the 2nd level ).  Talk to the other people in the cave.
         You'll learn of a magically-sealed entrance to the  Mage Guild.
         It's in a lower floor.  The entrance leading to the guild is in
         the Northwest section of the room.  Lemina will break the seal,
         and you're on your way to the guild.
      23.4 Neo-Vane Magic Guild (NEO-GLD)
       > Kick Borgan's sorry butt
       ~ Items: Silver Light, Red Pajamas, Cave Key (Black Dragon Cave)
       - The teleporation device from the Trial Cave leads to the  Guild
         dungeon. You can heal yourself with the Althena statue so don't
         waste  healing items.  When you go up, you'll find  yourself in
         the main hall of the guild where Borgan is.  Talk to Borgan and
         you'll have a voice dialogue of Lemina and Borgan. Talk to Bor-
         gan a second time and you'll have your next boss battle.
       ~ Boss: Borgan
         HP: approx 100-110 x Hiro's level
       * Borgan is easier to defeat than Lunn, simply because  you fight
         him as a group instead of one member only. Nonetheless don't be
         careless. He could still beat you if you're not mindful of your
         HP.  Again, Poe Sword and Blue Dragon attacks are  recommended.
         He has strong resistance to magic attacks, so don't bother with
         Lemina's spells.  It would help to power up Hiro and Jean  with
         her power flame spell, however.
       - After defeating Borgan, he'll ask Lemina to finish him off. Le-
         mina instead will ask him to help rebuild the ancient Vane.  He
         gives  you the  Black Dragon Aura. Now you can enter the  Black
         Dragon cave down in the Zaback mines.
      23.5 Black Dragon Cave (BLK)
       > Obtain the power of the Black Dragon
       ~ Items: Healing Nut, Lightning Staff, Force Ring, Angel Ring
                Star Dagger, 312 silver, Stardust Ring, Angel's Tear
                Hunter Crest, Star Light
       ~ Enemies: Zombie, Webhead, Soul Yanker, Chaos Fiend
       - From Neo-Vane, go back down to Zaback. The Black Dragon cave is
         north of the Zaback mine entrance (from the town). This dungeon
         is 6 levels, which you have to go through some levels more than
         once to be able to proceed and find the Black Dragon's lair.
       * Just like the White and Blue Dragon caves, don't spend too much
         MP for Ronfar and Lemina.  You'll need their magic attacks  for
         the boss.  You can go and waste Hiro's and Jean's attacks howe-
         ver. Put your silver to good use by using healing items instead
         of buying Star Lights to charge your MP.
       ~ Boss: Black Fiend
         HP: approx 125 x Hiro's level
       * This opponent is an annoyance. It will try to drain everybody's
         MP so make sure that you use MP shortly after you charge up, or
         else the fiend will simply absorb it (through an attack).  When
         it spreads its wings, that the signal that it's going for an MP
         drain. Its other attacks are dangerous to clustered party  mem-
         bers so make sure that everyone's somewhat distanced from  each
         other. The best way to defeat it quickly is by magic spells. It
         is  highly  resistant to physical attacks, that even Hiro's Poe
         Sword  technique doesn't do much damage.  Lemina's Pulse explo-
         sion spell (combine Earth and Thunder Crest - if you found them
         both) is the best alternative.  It does a fairly huge amount of
         damage and is the best economical in terms of MP use (20 MP for
         250+  damage is very reasonable).  It would also help if you've
         got the Vigor Ring which prevents paralysis.
       - After you've beaten the Black Fiend, you'll get the  Black Dra-
         gon  Crest, and  you'll be asked to go and free the Red Dragon.
         Now that the Black Dragon has been freed from Zophar's seal, 
    24. The Restoration of the Red Dragon (RED-RES)
      24.1 Raculi Village (RAC)
       > Get info on Mauri's whereabouts, Meet Leo
       ~ Items: Silver Light, Passion Fruit, 
                Yellow Pajamas (House in west Raculi)
       ~ --- General Shop ---
         Master Sword            10340
         Prayer Mace              8800
         White Tiger Claw         7700
         Healing Nut               200
         Hoy Water                 100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Hunter Crest             3500
         Seal Crest               3000
       - You'll meet Leo by the Althena Statue when you reach Raculi. He
         will then meet you at his house after talking to him.  When you
         talk to  the  villagers, you learn that Mauri is  administering
         cleansing rituals to all the villagers in Serak Palace.  Now go
         to Leo's house (upper right house).  You learn  that it was the
         blood  of Zophar that  was given to Mauri when she was about to
         die, which explains her weird behavior. Leo then walks out. Now
         you're  off to Serak Palace to try to free Mauri from  Zophar's
         control.  It is  said that there is a stone in the palace  that
         contains  Althena's Aura.  If you  can find it, you  just might
         have a chance to freeing everyone in the village from  Zophar's
         control too.
      24.2 Serak Palace (SER)
       ~ Items: Holy Hairpin, Psycho Gauntlet, Master Helm,
                Tiger Wrap, Life Jewel, Star Light, Miracle Clothes
       ~ Enemies: Arrow Fish, Blyzzer, Necromancer, Archmage
       > Find Althena's Aura, free Mauri from Zophar's control
       > Get the Red Dragon Aura
       - When you enter the palace, you'll notice a girl guarding a door
         behind her.  That's where Mauri is.  The girl is under Zophar's
         control,  so you'll  have to  look for the stone with Althena's
       * The 2nd floor of the palace is where the action  is.  If you're
         feeling  brave (or stupid, for that matter), you  can skip  the
         items and go for the Aura stone by going right on the 1st hall-
         way of the 2nd floor. Any other path will lead you to a deadend
         but with items to get of course.
       - When you get the Aura stone, Lucia will use it's power and  the
         control over most of the townsfolk will be released. You can go
         back to the 1st floor where the girl blocking the door to Mauri
         is now just walking about.  When you  enter, a  short  sequence
         will ensue.  Then  Lucia will teleport Ronfar into Mauri's sub-
       [ You'll control Ronfar only. You'll see a floating sphere.  Tou-
         ching it will play several flashbacks. ]
         Meanwhile, you'll be busy fighting a boss.      
       ~ Boss: Mauri's ID
         HP: Approx 45-50 x Hiro's level x 5 (5 heads)
       ~ Boss: Mauri's ID 2
         HP: Approx 45-50 x Hiro's level (body)
       * Every head represents one fake Mauri (in Ronfar's mental dive).
         The fake Mauri being destroyed is marked by the head that  cat-
         ches fire. Killing that head will cause a temporary pause  from
         combat. You'll return to Ronfar's subconscious ( this will hap-
         pen until all of the heads are defeated). If you defeat all the
         fake Mauris, one last fake Mauri will appear.  When you talk to
         the last fake Mauri, you'll fight Mauri's Id a second time. But
         this time, you'll only fight the body (without the head). Magic
         attacks work as well as physical attacks on this monster.  Most
         recommended strategy is to have Lemina use Power Flame  on your
         physical attackers (usually Hiro and Jean).  You can survive an
         attack from this beast as long as you have an HP of  above 180.
         It will also depend on the stats of your armor and level.
       - After you defeat Mauri's Id, she'll completely free of Zophar's
         control. She'll give you the Red Dragon Aura and will wait  for
         you back at their house (Leo's). You can now move on to the Red
         Dragon Cave (entrance is just after the altar Mauri is in).
      24.3 Red Dragon Cave (RED)
       > Obtain the power of the Red Dragon
       ~ Items: Holy Hairpin, Life Jewel, Healing Nut, Dyne's Armor
                Star Light(2), Tiger Armlet, Ogre Crest, Passion Fruit
                Water Ring, Angel's Tear(2), Shield Ring, Angel Ring
       ~ Enemies: Blood Slime, Inferno Ghoul, Pyromaniac
                  Flame Berserker
       - Just before you enter the Red Dragon cave, Nall will appear. He
         will tell Ruby that it's nearly her turn to become an adult dra
         gon, and Ruby becomes hesitant of her destiny. 
       * This  dungeon isn't as  preplexing as the other 3 Dragon caves,
         it just has tough enemies blocking your way. It is highly reco-
         mmended that you collect the items in this dungeon, as  they'll
         help you greatly in your adventures.
       - Again, the entrance to the Red Dragon's Sactuary is blocked  by
         another boss.
       ~ Boss: Red Fiend
         HP: 250 x Hiro's level (high difficulty)
       * This enemy is also the toughest so far. It does a lot of damage
         that even at full strength, one of your characters could faint.
         This  is where the White Dragon protect comes  into play.  Note
         the pattern in where the enemy tries to raise its stats.   Have
         Lemina cast "Dispel Magic" whenever the enemy does this. Jean's
         Blue Dragon Palm  and  Hiro's Poe Sword will make short work of
         this enemy. If you have learned the Triple Sword technique,  it
         would even be better because the damage it deals is  worth  the
         MP required for it.
       - Once you get the Red Dragon Crest and head outside, you'll  no-
         tice the sky turn dark and thunder louder than usual. Zophar is
         nearing his resurrection.  Now that you have released the power
         of the  four dragons, you can now break the seal  at  Althena's
         tower in Pentagulia.
    25. The Resurrection of Zophar (ZOP-RES)
       > Head for the Goddess Tower
       - When you're about a short distance from Pentagulia, Lucia  will
         invoke  the power of the four dragons to blast the seal on  the
         goddess tower.
       [ FMV of Dragon's blasting the tower ]
      25.1 Althena's Road (ALT)
       > Make your way to the Goddess Tower
       ~ Items: Vitality Vial, Healing Nut, Holy Water, Holy Mace
                Crushing Fist, Master Shield, Holy Bracelet, Aura Robe
       ~ Enemies: Plasma Prism, Statue Soldier, Stone Creep, Canon Angel
       - When you land in Pentagulia, the Holy City is now  in shambles.
         The goddess tower is now visible, so you make your way  through
         it through passing through Althena's road.
       * This dungeon leaves a lot of experience but not as much silver.
         It's a good place to level up. Don't hesitate to retreat  when-
         ever  you run out of MP or healing items.  You can always stock
         up on healing items at Azado while you can just plain  heal  at
         the Althena statue onboard the Destiny.
       - Midway (around the 5th level), when you  reach the  room  which
         served as a charger for the transport of humans to Lunar, Lucia 
         tells you of the story of the Blue Star and her mission. 
       [ FMV of the story of the Blue Star ]
       - Keep going up. You'll know you're almost there when you  see a-
         nother  transporting room. At the end of  Althena's road is  an
         Althena statue, so don't bother using healing items just yet.
      25.2 Goddess Tower (ALT-GOD)
       > Go to the top of the Goddess tower and meet Althena
       ~ Items: Passion Fruit, Life Jewel, Silver Light, Angel's Tear
                Spirit Talisman, Star Light, Tri-Ring, Goddess Crest
       ~ Enemies: Plasma Prism, Cannon Angel
       - The start of the Goddess tower is marked by a long hallway. You
         will see the fake Althena pacing about asking Zophar for  help.
         Zophar turns her into a beast and your in for a boss fight.
       ~ Boss: Fake Althena
         HP: 250 x Hiro's level
       * This enemy does great damage so spread your party  thin.  Don't
         forget the White Dragon (have Lemina or Ronfar use it for  they
         have the most MP). Again, the Blue Dragon Palm and Triple Sword
         or Poe Sword will inflict major damage to this sorry broad.
       - If you do survive, you're in for another 4 flights up the tower
         but don't worry since there aren't so many enemies in this dun-
         geon. When you reach the top of the tower, Nall will appear and
         talk to you. From here you'll learn that Nall  is the  same  in
         Lunar SSS. After that, a holgraph projected message of  Althena
       ! It appears that Althena's last resurrection was in the  form of
         Luna. She gave up the form of goddess because she fell in  love
         the Dragonmaster Alex.
       [ FMV of Luna / Althena turned old ]
       [ Surprise, surprise! You were expecting a hot babe in skimpy out
         fit? Nope, not this time ] It seems that Althena no longer   e-
         xists, and the projection tells Lucia that she now has the  po-
         wer to decide the fate of the world, if she should destroy  Zo-
         phar or not. She then hesitates for a moment, and casts a spell
         that claims the power of Althena (all the magic in Lunar is now
         transferred to her). Lucia teleports herself outside.
       [ You'll lose all magic and you won't be able to use MP items ]
       - Everybody will then suggest that you get out of the tower.
       [ FMV of Althena's fortress being devoured / Zophar's revival ]
       - When you exit, you'll feel that Zophar is currently being resu-
         rrected. Althena's fortress becomes consumed by the black  void
         that is.. Zophar. The fortress sucks out all the  water in  the
         ocean which leaves the Destiny in a crater.
       [ FMV of Lucia's confrontation with Zophar ]
       - Lucia stands in front of Zophar and slowly wields the power  of
         Althena, but she hesitates because she thinks of the people who
         would die if she uses Althena's power on Zophar.  Zophar reali-
         zes this weakness and attacks the destiny. Lucia protects  them
         and puts down her guard in the process.  Zophar captures Lucia.
         Now he's got Lucia's (Althena's) power as well.  Just as she is
         taken by Zophar, she casts a spell which teleports the  Destiny
         to Vane.
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - o
    | End of Disc 2 Walkthrough      /
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (
    | D. Disc 3 Walkthrough (D3-WK)  \
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - o
    26. The Final Battle (FIN)
       26.1 Vane (FIN-VAN)
       > Talk to Miria, Meet Leo at the rooftop
       ~ Items: Ghaleon's Sword (from Ghaleon)
       [ FMV: Ghaleon appears in Vane ]
       ~ --- Item shop ---
         Healing Nut               200
         Holy Water                100
         Vitality Vial              50
         Angel's Tear             1000
         Star Light               2000
         Earth Crest              3000
         Thunder Crest            3000
         Water Crest              3000
         Fire Crest               3000
         Wind Crest               3000
       - When you come to, you find yourself in Vane's Magic Guild. Talk
         to Miria. She'll tell you to look for Lemina, who's in training
         at the Cave of Trial (near the entrance).  After she joins you,
         go back to the  guild and talk to Miria again.  She'll tell you
         to go to the roof. You'll meet an apologetic Leo. Suddenly Gha-
         leon appears to gloat.  Hiro and the rest fight him.
       ~ Boss: Ghaleon
         HP: Approx. 200 x Hiro's level
       * Ghaleon's attacks are as tough as they get.  However, you won't
         be needing any MP recovery items as you will soon discover that
         he won't survive your atttacks for long.  At the first round of 
         combat you won't be able  to deal much damage.  When your total 
         damage totals 10% of his total HP, the battle will pause tempo-
         rarily. After some  short dialogue, a light shines on your par-
         ty, and  you get a full charge of HP and MP.  Now you're in bu-
         siness!  The Triple Sword attack works well on Ghaleon and  the
         White Dragon Protect (whoever is casting it).  If  you plan  to
         keep on using the White Dragon Protect tactic,  just  make sure
         that  you have  enough MP chargers if you run low on MP.  Don't
         waste your  Silver Light on him however.  If you watch your HP,
         (i.e. healing when you're low of HP) you won't have to  rely on
         magic to beat him if you're properly equipped.
       - After  defeating Ghaleon, he'll give you his sword.  Talking to
         him a second time will result in a choice if you want to attack
         Zophar now or you need some time to prepare yourself and  stock
         up on Star Lights and Healing Nuts.
       * From this point on, there's no turning back once you proceed to
         Zophar's Keep so shop for every recovery item you need. No more
         weapons and armor from this point on, so you'll have to do with
         you current weapons and armor.     
       - When you feel you're ready to take on Zophar.  Talk to  Ghaleon
         again  and  reply " There must be a way to save Lucia".   After
         another  confirmation dialogue,  you set out for  Zophar's Keep
         (where the city of Pentagulia once was).
       [ FMV of Ghaleon fading away ]
       [ FMV of the Destiny arriving at Zophar's domain ]
      26.2 Zophar's Keep
       > Defeat Zophar and rescue Lucia
       ~ Items: Silver Light(4), Fiend Ring, Life Jewel(3)
       ~ Enemies: Snatcher, Mecha Star, Crazy Crab, Hades, 
                  Mace Masher, Ice Seed, Lunar Seed, 
                  Fire Seed, Wind Seed, Fiend Gate
       - Zophar's Keep is around  9 levels high with lots of  tough  and
         easy monsters. The dungeon is not so complex so as to get lost.
         When there is a blocked section, try looking for  another path.
         The alternate path usually leads to a portal to unlock the  ma-
         gically-sealed door(s).  When the  area suddenly changes  back-
         ground, you're getting close to your final showdown with Zophar
         so just keep going. The end of the dungeon is  stairway leading
         to Zophar's chambers.
       [ FMV of Zophar ]
       - At the end of the dungeon, you'll see Lucia encased in  crystal
         fragments and Zophar talking in the background. Then, you're in
         for your biggest boss fight yet.
       ~ Boss: Zophar (1)
         HP: 320 x Hiro's level
       * You'll fight Zophar twice. The first one  without Zophar  using
         Lucia's Power and the second  when you defeat him once then  he
         gets angry.
       * Zophar uses all magic-based attacks and seldom heals itself. It
         would not be wise to go all out at this first battle w/ Zophar.
         You'll find that this version easy.  The best way to effective-
         ly  use the  White Dragon Protect Tactic is to equip the  White
         Dragon  Protect on Lemina, so whenever she runs out of MP,  the
         Star Light (or Silver Light) restores more MP on her than on a-
         ny other character. You'll be able to  sustain battles  without
         even healing yourself often.
       * The Fiend Ring (if you found it) is ideal on Hiro ( since  he's
         the designated Physical Attacker).  Don't be afraid if  his  HP
         starts at 1. You can always have Jean heal him on the 1st turn.
         The disadvantage of the Fiend Ring well worth the advantage. It
         raises your defense stats higher than any other ring. Also, the
         damage inflicted by Zophar's attacks are usually colored yellow
         so Hiro can take lots of damage without healing.  And if you're
         if feeling really evil, you can equip an Angel Ring, so  Zophar
         would get the surprise of his life once he knocks Hiro down - a
         fully energized (HP and MP) Hiro! Ronfar is better off with the
         Red Dragon Anger or Healing Spells. Have Jean use her Blue Dra-
         gon Palm or Fist. I  recommend the  Palm to the Fist since  you
         need to get rid of Zophar only, not the hand-tentacles. You can
         opt to take care of the tentacles but you would waste your time
         if you try destroying all of them. If they annoy you, just take
         out one, since Zophar still attacks twice no matter how many of
         them you try to take out.
       - After defeating Zophar once, he'll get angry and try to use Lu-
         cia as bait (Althena's power). 
       ~ Boss: Zophar (2)
         HP: Arm:            120 x Hiro's level
             HP healing Arm: 120 x Hiro's level
             Main Zophar:    350 x Hiro's level
             Attacking Arm:  160 x Hiro's level
       * This form is just like the first form, except that it has  more
         HP and it attacks more than once per turn. After taking out one
         of the arms that's holding Lucia (marked by the one where she's
         near - usually the one shining), she'll  talk in the  middle of
         battle. Don't get distracted by her in-battle conversation.
       - After defeating Zophar's 2nd form, Lucia will be freed and  Zo-
         phar  will  start to lose his power.  He'll attack you one last
         time, only this time, only Hiro and Lucia will fight him.
       ~ Boss: Zophar (essence)
         HP: 80 x Hiro's level
       * This is the easiest battle ( most especially if  you tried  the
         Fiend Ring strategy ). Zophar won't be able to do major  damage
         to Hiro; and Lucia usually heals him automatically. Hiro's Tri-
         ple Sword attack is the best attack to use (again). You'll kill
         Zophar in not about 8 to 9 rounds.
       - After  defeating Zophar, you escape from the keep and head  for
       [ Now that Zophar's toast, is this the end of the game ? ]
      26.3 Vane
       > Bid farewell and return to Gwyn's place
       - Talk to everyone (Jean, Lemina, Ronfar, Leo, Nall, etc.)  After
         you've heard from everyone talk to Ruby. She'll say she's going
         with Nall to Taben's Peak.  So now it's just you and Lucia back
         to Gwyn's place. You then leave Vane and board the Destiny. You
         pass by the Blue Spire on the way back.
       [ FMV of Blue Spire ]
       - When you get to the Blue Spire, she apologizes and then returns
         to the Blue Star. She leaves you her pendant though.
       [ FMV of Lucia going back to the Blue Star ]
       - With Lucia gone, Hiro returns to Gwyn's place. You'll then find
         yourself in Gwyn's outpost. Hiro decides to go on yet a new ad-
         venture to get to the Blue Star to get Lucia back.
       [ FMV of Ruby and Hiro on the the Destiny ]
       [ FMV of End credits ]
       [ The system will prompt you whether you want to save the game or
         not. If you decide to save, you'll be able to play the Epilogue
         part of the game ]
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    |                      The Epilogue section (EPI)                     |
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    27. The Epilogue 
       * From this point on, all the actions to be done follow no parti-
         cular order unless specified. We've divided the  Epilogue  sec-
         tion according to location, so that you would be able to do all
         the requirements to get the 'extra' items w/ the least visits.
       - You'll find yourself at Gwyn's outpost.  This is your  starting
         point for the end-of-game Epilogue section. You'll have Lucia's
         Pendant in your inventory. With it, you can travel to any place
         you've previously been to (provided you've been there once).
         You have to do is get your party together.  But, you might want
         to get the Rememberizer Crystal first.
       27.1 The Wedding at Nota (NOT-R)
       > Get the Rememberizer Crystal
       - Go to East Nota and look for the daughter to be married to  the
         mayor or West Nota. She'll ask you to deliver a message to Kyle
         her real fiancee. You'll find him in the bar in West Nota.  Af-
         ter talking to him, you'll take off with him onboard the Desti-
         ny and  thrash the mayor's wedding ceremony.  When Kyle and his
         fiancee thank you, they give you the Rememberizer Crystal  as a
         token of gratitude.
       * The reason why I recommended getting the rememberizer  Crystal
         first before getting your party  together is because once  you
         have the  Rememberizer Crystal,  the moment you go to a  place
         where  a FMV was shown, the Rememberizer Crystal would  shine.
         Instead of going through the same spots twice ( when  going to
         places where to get your character), just get the Rememberizer
         first so you won't have to.
       27.2 Taben's Peak (TAB-R)
       > Get Althena's Sword
       ~ Items: Althena's Sword, Lucia's Bromide 2 & 4, Nall's Bromide
       - Talk to Nall at his chambers. He'll give you  Althena's  Sword.
         If you check the surroundings, you'll see that some  items  are
         lying around. You'll find Lucia's Bromide 4 in  the cell  where
         you found yourself the first time you went to Taben's Peak. The
         baby also has Lucia's Bromide 2. In the large room just  before
         Nall's  chambers, one of the kids (the one with gray hair)  has
         Nall's Bromide. You'll hear about a Star Dragon.
       27.3 Raculi (RAC-R)
       > Get Ronfar to join your party
       ~ Items: Mauri's Bromide 1-2
       - You'll  find Ronfar in their house in Raculi.  Talk to Mauri to
         get Mauri's Bromide 1. You'll find Mauri's Bromide 2 in a chest
         just  outside of their  house.  Talk to Ronfar to have him join
         your party.
       27.4 Vane (VAN-R)
       > Get Lemina to join your party
       ~ Items: Borgan's Bromide
       ~ --- New Item Shop ---
         Purity Ring              3200
         Vigor Ring               3500
         Dew Ring                 3200
         Noisy Amulet             3200
         Power Talisman           4000
       - Talk to Borgan to get Borgan's Bromide.  Talk to Lemina to have
         her join  your party afterwards. There's not much for you to do
         in Vane, so your next destination would be the carnival to pick 
         up Jean.
       27.5 Madoria Carnival (MAD-R)
       > Get Jean to join your party
       ~ Items: Jean's Bromide 3-4
       * If  you've got the time to check out the rest of the  carnival,
         you'll notice that it is now possible to place a  10,000 silver
         bet  in  the casino (which previously Ruby would stop you).  If
         you want to get rich (or poor) fast, then keep on betting. Just
         leave 10,000 silver if you really lose heavy. Using the Save-if
         win-Load-if-lose tactic, although personally I'd prefer  level-
         ing-up the hard way so that you gain experience as well as sil-
       - Meet up with Jean's caravan in the north part of the  carnival.
         talking  to the item shop vendor get you Jean's Bromide 3.  The
         chest  right of  the  trailer contains Jean's Bromide.  Talk to
         Jean.  She'll change  into her Blue Dragon outfit,  then she'll
         join your party. Next is to get Leo, so you're off to the  Mys-
         tic Ruins (the place where the Magic Arrow shot you off to).
       27.6 Mystic Ruins (MYS-R)
       > Get Leo to join your party
       ~ Items: Lucia's Bromide 3, Ghaleon's Bromide
       - Instead of starting from the top like last time, you  make your
         way upstairs this time. One of the fairies has  Lucia's Bromide
         3. The enemies in the dungeon hardly tickle you, so you  should
         have no problem in getting to the top floor. When you reach the
         top  floor, you'll  find Leo lamenting.  He'll join your party.
         Don't forget to pick up Ghaleon's Bromide on your way out.
       * From this point onward, you have several options:
       - Get Alex's Ocarina (extra)
       - Get Hiro's Bromide
       - Get The Hero Talisman
       - Get the Jewels needed to enter Star Dragon Tower
       27.7 Lost Labyrinth (LAB)
       > Get Alex's Ocarina
       ! Alex's Ocarina is an item that allows you to play the music  in
         the game.  Although it  would be ok to finish the game  without
         getting this item, it would be cool if you did.
       ~ Items: Alex's Ocarina
       ~ Enemies: Axeman, Gramwalker, Sable Slime, Jack Attack
       - Head for Althena's Spring (the place were the carnival  caravan
         was parked before). When you enter the sprin, you'll notice the
         water has stopped flowing from the fountain and an  entrance is
         now visible. Congratulations, you've found the Lost Labyrinth -
         a bonus dungeon.  The ultimate prize for clearing this  dungeon
         is Alex's Ocarina.
       ~ Boss: Knight Guardian, Mage Guardian, Angel Guardian
         HP: Mage Guardian -> approx. 150 x Hiro's level
             Angel Guardian -> approx. 150 x Hiro's level
             Knight Guardian -> approx. 125 x Hiro's level
       * This trio doesn't look so tough.  Just make sure you take  care
         of  the Angel and Mage Guardian first since they heal the party
         after a few turns, which can be very irritating sometimes.
       27.8 Dragon's Nest (Where Pentagulia once was) (NST)
       > Get the Gale Crest
       ~ Items: Goddess' Hairpin, Goddess Bracelet, Nameless Sword
                Dragon Shield, Sage Staff, Life Jewel, Silver Light
                Chaos Armor, Gale Crest
       ~ Enemies: Harpy, Blood Wyburn, Doppleganger, Death Doll
       - This 9-level dungeon DOES NOT have a boss, and the enemies  are
         not as difficult, so take your sweet time getting the items. If
         you know how to use the Gale Crest, you're in for a treat. =)
       * The Gale crest increases your # of attacks, but I would  recom-
         mend you that equip it on Jean or Leo instead of Hiro. The God-
         dess Crest  and Warrior Crest already make a  good combination.
         It would be better to add damage to your already existing  num-
         ber of attacks instead of having your attack  power shrink  and
         adding an extra attack when you equip the Gale Crest on Hiro.
       * The Chaos Armor (for Ronfar) modifies his defense  randomly, so
         his defense will always be base defense + X, so be sure to  use
         it when you're fighting minions. When you're taking on boss cha
         racters, it's brave to gamble on defense too.
       27.9 Brave Labyrinth (BRA)
       > Get the Hero Talisman
       ~ Items: Hero Talisman
       ~ Enemies: Living Sword, Wicked Wood, Heat Fang, Lady Charme
       - The objective of this dungeon is  simple, get to the  other end
         and get the Hero's Talisman. Of course, you  have to kill  any-
         thing you run into.
       ~ Boss: Hero's Talisman, Sword Arm, Fist Arm
         HP: Hero's Talisman -> 270 x Hiro's level
             Fist Arm -> 60 x Hiro's level 
             Sword Arm -> 70 x Hiro's level
       * You have two choices of strategy to defeat this foe. The Hero's
         Talisman keeps on generating Fist and Sword Arm(s) at a certain
         interval. That means you can either a) defeat all the Sword and
         Fist Arms as they are spawned, OR b)  attack the  Hero Talisman
         relentlessly, ignoring the Sword and Fist Arms it generates and
         just defeat the remaining fist/sword arms when you've taken out
         the talisman itself.
       27.10 Lionhead (LIO)
       ~ Items: Fantasy Ribbon, Miracle Bandanna, Lunn's Armlet, 
                Holy Shield, Hiro's Bromide, Silver Light, 
                Healing Ring, Fierce Fist
       ~ Enemies: Working Stiff, Mumy Lord, Mutant Turtle, Dark Eye
       - You'll find Lionhead where Neo-Vane crashed. When you see a li-
         on's head (obviously), that's the dungeon.
       - This 4-level dungeon packs a lot of experience points if you're
         going for level 99. The dungeon is among the most  complex, but
         manageable, thanks to the treasures to found that make this dun
         geon worth visiting. You'll know you're near the boss when  you
         come across a lion's head.
       ~ Boss: Devil Eye
         HP: approx. 200 x Hiro's level
       * This boss is heavily armored, so make sure you raise Hiro's (or
         whoever you're going to designate as an attacker )  stats  with
         Lemina's power drive while the others go for support attacks or
         HP/MP recovery.
       27.11 Water Ruins (WAT)
       > Get the Left-eye Jewel
       ~ Items: Saint Clothes, Goddess Armor, Sage Robe, Berserker Claw
                Life Jewel, Silver Light
       ~ Enemies: Digester, Black Brain, Shadow, Dark Doll, Gargonka
       - If you forgot already, the Water Ruins is the place  where Hiro
         saw  Lucia bathing in the lake when everyone was asleep.  Check
         it again, Ruby will notice that the water level has gone  down,
         and a dungeon is now accessible.
       * This 5-level dungeon has average-difficulty enemies,  so  don't 
         go all  out on Star Lights, just go easy on healing items.  Get
         all the items - they're definitely worth it.  Most of the paths
         in this dungeon are flooded, so you'll have to open the  flood-
         gates so you could move on. You know you're near the  end  when
         you start walking faster again. Restore some MP and  you're  in
         for another boss fight.
       ~ Boss: Water Guardian
         HP: approx. 400 x Hiro's level
       * The Water Guardian (as the name implies) is weak to water-based
         attacks, but if you're having fun with the White Dragon Protect
         tactic, you might as well have Hiro use his Triple Sword  tech-
         nique slicing this baddie up.  If you're impatient, have Lemina
         cast Power Drive on Hiro at least twice, you'll do around  1500
         points of  damage PER slash.  You'll clean  his clock in a  few
       - After beating up this enemy, the Left-eye Jewel is yours.
       27.12 Dragon Ruins (DRA)
       > Get the Right-eye Jewel
       ~ Enemies: Cannonfoot, Shellshredder, Shock Sphere, Goliath
       ~ Items: Dragon Armor, Justice Rod, Scarlet Wrap, Lion Helm
                Goddess Gauntlet, Archer Crest, Silver Light
       - Remember in the first FMV of Hiro and Ruby that they were
         digging in the Dragon Ruins and found a jewel in the dra-
         gon's eye? That's exactly where you're  headed now.  Only
         this time, you're going back to finish off that adventure
         you've been doing during the start of the game.
       * This dungeon is tougher than the Water Ruins, so make sure  you
         have enough Star Light for the boss.
       ~ Boss: Phantom Sentry
         HP: approx 400 x Hiro's level
       * The Phantom Sentry likes to pull you  closer to  himself before
         he  attacks with his sword to inflict multiple  damage on  your
         party. Good thing his speed's low, so your spellcaster can cast
         White  Dragon  Protect before it does attack.  Have one of your
         party distance him/herself so that the Sentry would  be tricked
         wasting a turn with that 'Vacuum' spell. The usual Triple Sword
         works well on it too. Just keep an eye on your HP while  you're
         at it.
       - After kicking this dude's tushy, you'll gain access to the room
         with the Dragonhead. Get the Right-eye Jewel.  Now you can head
         for the Star Dragon Tower.
      27.13 Star Dragon Tower (STA-TOW)
       > Get to the Blue Star
       ~ Enemies: Master Mirror, Bronze Creep, Steel Soldier, Bomb Angel
       - This final dungeon is 7 levels high. All the enemies are not so
         difficult  if you have made it past level 60.  Compared to  the
         other  epilogue dungeons, yes, this is definitely easier.  Just
         watch  your HP and don't get careless with the enemies.  If you
         plan your strategies well, you won't be using MP chargers.
       * Don't worry about using up all your Star Lights. Just make sure
         you  at least 1 Silver Light available if Hiro's MP isn't fully
       - At the end of the dungeon is the Star Dragon.  He'll  ask  Hiro
         some questions (answer: I have to see Lucia),  then you'll have
         your final boss fight.
       ~ Boss: Star Guardian
         HP: approx. 165 x Hiro's level
       * The last boss isn't the most difficult, most especially  Hiro's
         going  to fight this thing one-on-one.  Just keep your HP above
         280 if you want to take enough damage to land a hit. The Triple
         Sword technique should make short work of the guardian.  If you
         have a good strategy, you'll defeat this boss in less  than  10
         combat rounds (at least 5 Triple Sword attacks and  healing  in
       - Once you've beaten this boss, congratulations! You've just  fi-
         nished Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Enjoy the end credits and the Out
         takes. Don't forget to watch "The Making of Lunar 2" on the 4th
         CD (unless you bought the game CDs only or a bootlegged copy).
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    |                      E. The Bromide Hunt (BRO)                    |
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
       Normal game
       ~ Lemina's Bromide 3 (from Ramus Jr's grandpa)
         Lemina's Bromide 2 (barrels on left of shop)
         Jessica's Bromide (from man in bar)
       - You have to get Lemina's Bromide 3 before you can get  Lemina's
         Bromide 2. First talk to Ramus Jr. a couple of times, then talk
         to his grandpa (in front of the counter).  Your  cue to talk to
         Grandpa  is when he shifts the topic to marriage.  Gramps  will
         give you Lemina's Bromide 3.  ONLY after that will you  be able
         to get Lemina's Bromide 2. Walk along the  northwest corner  of
         the shop (near the barrels). Keep pressing the  action button X
         and you'll stumble upon Lemina's Bromide 2.
       ~ Jean's Bromide 2
       - One of the girls in the caravan has made a poster of Jean.  Get
         it from her before you leave the Madoria Caravan on your way to
         the Water Ruins.
       ~ Lucia's Bromide 1
       - In the morning when you wake up and find Lucia gone,   talk  to
         the guy with blue hair just outside the eastmost house in Larpa
         and he'll give you Lucia's Bromide 1.
       Epilogue section only
       ~ Lemina's Bromide 4 (Meribia sewers)
       - Lemina's Bromide 4 is in the Meribia Sewers after  junior turns
         it into a the "Tunnels of Terror".
       Taben's Peak
       ~ Lucia's Bromide 2 (from the baby in Taben's peak Spring) 
         Lucia's Bromide 4 (in cell in Taben's Peak)
         Nall's Bromide (With grey-haired kid in Taben's Peak 8F)
       - Go to the cell where you found yourself after being knocked un-
         conscious by the Dragon Kids.   You'll find a chest there which
         has Lucia's Bromide 4. The baby at the top floor, she's holding
         Lucia's Bromide 2. One of the kids in the play area just before
         Nall's room has Nall's Bromide.
       ~ Jean's Bromide 1 (from the Drunken Dojo teacher)
       - The Drunken Dojo is on the west part of Horam. Talk to the mas-
         ter of the Drunken Fist. He'll give you Jean's Bromide 1.
       Takkar Village
       ~ Mystere's Bromide (Leo)
       - Enter Takkar through the once-closed exit (north).  Talk to the
         guard and he'll tell you that they're looking for a masked cha-
         racter. He'll give you Mystere's Bromide.
       Madoria Carnival
       ~ Jean's Bromide 3 (from the item shop vendor)
         Jean's Bromide 4 (item chest right of trailer)
       - Go to the North Part of of the carnival where Giban and the  o-
         ther performers are. The guy selling items has Jean's Bromide 3
         while Jean's Bromide 4 is in a chest near one of the caravans.
       Mystic Ruins / Ghaleon's Secret Gardern
       ~ Lucia's Bromide 3 (from Fairy)
         Ghaleon's Bromide (top floor)
       - Lucia's Bromide 3 is with one of the fairies on the first level
         while Ghaleon's Bromide is in the altar where you first saw him
         during the main game.
       ~ Mauri's Bromide 2 (Item chest in Raculi)
         Mauri's Bromide 1 (from Mauri)
       - Mauri's Bromide 1 is with Mauri. Talk to her after you get Ron-
         far to join your party.  Mauri's Bromide 2 is in a  chest  just
         outside of their house.
       ~ Hiro's Bromide
       - Hiro's Bromide is on top of Lionhead dungeon. It's the only 
         treasure in the dungeon, so be sure to get it before you make 
         your way out.
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    |                             III. 101                              | 
    + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
    |                   A. Character Profiles (G-CHAR)                  |
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
         1. Hiro - The main character of the story. Young Hiro's 
            curiosity to learn the secrets of Lunar's past is what
            drives him in his constant adventures with Ruby in 
            the Dragon Ruins and other dangerous places. 
            [ likened to Alex of Lunar SSS ]
         2. Lucia - The main female character of the game. A mysterious
            girl who claims to have come in search of the goddess  Alth
            ena. She comes from the Blue Star and needs to find Althena
            in order to stop Zophar from the destroying Lunar.
            [ likened to Luna of Lunar SSS ]
         3. Ruby - Hiro's er.. sidekick. Claims to be a baby red dragon.
            After meeting Lucia she gets jealous of her towards Hiro. In
            battle she helps randomly by scratching or breathing fire on
            the enemies.
            [ likened to Nall of Lunar SSS ]
         4. Ronfar - He was a priest of Althena, until he failed to save
            Mauri, his love, from a curse which took her life. Eversince
            then he refused to use magic and now spends time in taverns,
            winning people's money. After meeting Hiro and saving Lucia,
            he decides to give himself another chance at using his magic
            to help others.
            [ likened to Jessica of Lunar SSS in terms of healing magic,
              but also to Kyle in terms of appearance. ]
         5. Jean - A fan dancer at a carnival, they travel from place to
            place to perform. Her skill as a dancer  masks her  fighting
            prowess which comes from a dark past.  When presented with a
            chance to use her figthing skill to help others,  she  looks
            that ghost of the past face to face.
            [ likened to Kyle of Lunar SSS in terms of physical attacks,
              but also to Jessica in terms of appearance.]
         6. Lemina - Lemina Ausa is the junior primere at the Vane Magic
            Guild. She has a penchant for making money from everyone she
            meets.  Her  magic is  so powerful  that it makes up for her
            persistence in making a quick buck.
            [ likened to Mia Ausa of Lunar SSS ]
         7. Nall - This mysterious boy shows up at Taben's Peak claiming
            to be the guardian of the Dragon Kids.  He is  actually Nall
            from the past (1000 years ago) who's turned human. His White
            dragon essence.
            [ Nall of Lunar SSS ]
         8. Lunn - Master of the Blue Dragon Fist. He is also one of the 
            Four Heroes and is the overseer of  Meribia. His motives are
            unclear even  though many  marvel at his skill as master  of
            the Blue Dragon fist.
         9. Borgan - The Black Wizard Borgan is the creator of Neo-Vane,
            and  perhaps  the most powerful wizard in all of Lunar.  The
            Black Dragon is his source of magic,  making him the  potent
            wizard he is.
        10. Mauri - The Red priestess Mauri is Leo's sister.  She  draws
            upon the  power of the Red Dragon, which helps her  to serve
            the goddess Althena. Before she became a priestess, she  was
            in love with Ronfar, and the two were supposed to be married
            until an event in the past made things turn bad for the two.
        11. Ghaleon - The Magic Emperor of the first Lunar is back  with
            a vengance. After mysteriously surviving all these 1000 yrs,
            he returns with plans to save/rule the world. Question is...
            who's side is he on ?
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
    |                      B. Magic spells (G-MAG)                      |
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
    S - present already once you have the character
    a - first level of that spell
    A - improved version of spell "a", B is a "b" spell improvement, etc.
    |                           Hiro (MAG-HIR)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Boomerang (a)                               |   S | Single |    3 |
    | Poe Sword                                   |   7 | Single |    6 |
    | Squall (b)                                  |   9 | Zone   |    7 |
    | Sybillium Sword                             |  16 | Zone   |    7 |
    | Vortex (c)                                  |  20 | All    |   10 |
    | Cross-Boomerang (A)                         |  24 | Single |    6 |
    | Tempest (B)                                 |  27 | Zone   |   14 |
    | Batallion Sword                             |  30 | Line   |   14 |
    | Speed Storm                                 |  33 | Self   |    8 |
    | Super Cyclone (C)                           |  37 | All    |   20 |
    | Concussion Sword                            |  41 | All    |   30 |
    | Triple Sword                                |  50 | Single |   30 |
    |                           Gwyn (MAG-GWY)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Heal Litany                                 |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Calm Litany                                 |   S | Party  |   12 |
    | Fractured Armor                             |  10 | Single |    6 |
    | Shattered Sword                             |  12 | Single |    6 |
    |                          Ronfar (MAG-RON)                         |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Heal Litany                                 |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Calm Litany (a)                             |   S | Party  |   12 |
    | Clean Litany                                |   S | Single |    3 |
    | Anger Dice                                  |   S | Single |    2 |
    | Destiny Dice                                |  13 | All    |    5 |
    | Saint Litany (c)                            |  15 | Single |    5 |
    | Escape Litany                               |  16 | Party  |    2 |
    | Purity Litany                               |  18 | Single |   12 |
    | Revive Litany                               |  21 | Single |   12 |
    | Light Litany (b)                            |  26 | Party  |    8 |
    | Recovery Coin                               |  30 | Single |   20 |
    | Tranquil Litany (A)                         |  34 | Party  |   24 |
    | Shining Litany (B)                          |  38 | Party  |   24 |
    | Divine Litany (C)                           |  42 | Single |   20 |
    | Miracle Litany                              |  46 | Single |   30 |
    | Cleansing Litany                            |  54 | Single |   ?? |
    |                           Jean (MAG-JEA)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Moth Dance (a)                              |   S | Single |    6 |
    | Sleep Step (b)                              |   S | Party  |    5 |
    | Bee Dance (c)                               |   S | Single |    7 |
    | Enchanted Kiss (d)                          |  17 | Single |    7 |
    | Butterfly Dance (A)                         |  20 | Single |    9 |
    | Dream Dance (B)                             |  20 | Party  |    9 |
    | Swarm Dance (C)                             |  26 | Single |   12 |
    | Soul Kiss (D)                               |  29 | Single |   14 |
    |                         Jean (MAG-JEA-F)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Dopple Dance (a)                            |   S | Single |   16 |
    | Blue Dragon Kick                            |  36 | Line   |   14 |
    | Blue Dragon Palm                            |   S | Single |   10 |
    | Blue Dragon Wave                            |  41 | Single |   14 |
    | Blue Dragon Fist                            |  46 | All    |   32 |
    | Slam Dance (A)                              |  51 | Single |   ?? |
    |                         Lemina (MAG-LEM)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Flame (a)                                   |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Flame Bomb (b)                              |   S | Zone   |    7 |
    | Burning Rain (c)                            |   S | All    |   10 |
    | Power Flame (i)                             |   S | Single |    9 |
    | Magic Seal (e)                              |   S | Single |    3 |
    | Ice Pick (d)                                |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Ice Lance (g)                               |   S | Zone   |    7 |
    | Freeze Claw (h)                             |   S | All    |   10 |
    | Ice Shell (f)                               |  21 | Single |   10 |
    | Flame Shot (A)                              |  22 | Single |    4 |
    | Dispel Magic                                |  24 | Single |    3 |
    | Ice Arrows (D)                              |  27 | Single |   16 |
    | Erase Magic                                 |  29 | All    |   18 |
    | Pyro Pillar (B)                             |  30 | Zone   |   16 |
    | Crematorium (C)                             |  34 | All    |   30 |
    | Mega Seal (E)                               |  38 | Single |   30 |
    | Cryo-Shield (F)                             |  40 | Single |   16 |
    | Magic Shield                                |  42 | Self   |   18 |
    | Ice Wall (G)                                |  44 | Zone   |   21 |
    | Freeze Smash (H)                            |  46 | All  e |   21 |
    | Power Drive (I)                             |  48 | Single |   21 |
    | Catastrophe                                 |  51 | All    |   55 |
    | Magic Swiper                                |  57 | Single |    1 |
    |                            Leo (MAG-LEO)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Rock Viper                                  |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Rock Crush (a)                              |   S | Zone   |    7 |
    | Crack Point                                 |   S | All    |   10 |
    | Flash Blade                                 |   S | Single |    8 |
    | Buzz Blade                                  |   S | Zone   |   18 |
    | Grizzle Blade                               |   S | All    |   20 |
    | Rock Riot (A)                               |  36 | Zone   |   36 |
    | Earth Prayer                                |  47 | Self   |   15 |
    | Soul Blade                                  |  50 | Single |   20 |
    |                          Lucia (MAG-LUC)                          |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Magic Barrier                               |   S | Single |   ?? |
    | Napalm Shot                                 |   S | Single |   ?? |
    | Plasma Rain                                 |   S | All    |   ?? |
    | Lightning Bomb                              |   S | All    |   ?? |
    | Thunder Blow                                |   S | Single |   ?? |
    | Power Charge                                |   S | Single |   ?? |
    | Healing Litany                              |   S | Single |   ?? |
    |                        Misc Magic (MAG-MIS)                       |
    | Spell                                       | Lvl | Area   | Cast |
    | Poison Dart                                 |   S | Single |    5 |
    | Mind Blast                                  |   S | Single |    7 |
    | Squall                                      |   S | Single |    7 |
    | Thunder Tornado                             |   S | Single |   25 |
    | Lightning Rain                              |   S | Single |    4 |
    | Plasma Shockr                               |   S | Single |    7 |
    | Wind Cutter                                 |   S | Single |    4 |
    | White Dragon Protect                        |   S | Single |   50 |
    | Blue Dragon Healing                         |   S | Single |   60 |
    | Black Dragon Grief                          |   S | Single |   30 |
    | Red Dragon Anger                            |   S | Single |   40 |
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
    |                      C. Equipment Guide (G-EQP)                   |
    o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o
    |                           Hiro (EQP-HIR)                          |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Dagger          | atk+2, #atk+1                 |   S     |       |
    | Ancient Dagger  | atk+??, #atk+1                | GWY     |  ???? |
    | Short Sword     | atk+??                        | LAR     |   690 |
    | Long Sword      | atk+23                        | DAL     |   690 |
    | Broad Sword     | atk+31                        | NOT     |  1240 |
    | Silver Sword    | atk+40, mgcdef+5              | NOT     |  1600 |
    | Bastard Sword   | atk+49                        | MER     |  2450 |
    | Smash Saber     | atk+70,#atk-1,agl-5, spd-5    | AZA     |  2100 |
    | Rune Sword      | atk+57, wis+2, mgcdef+2       | AZA     |  3990 |
    | Platinum Blade  | atk+67, spd+5                 | HOR     |  5360 |
    | Samurai Sword   | atk+76, agl+5                 | HOR     |  6840 |
    | Amethyst Sword  | atk+85, wis+5                 | NEO     |  8500 |
    | Master Sword    | atk+94, (def,agl,spd,rng)+2   | RAC     | 10340 |
    | Ghaleon's Sword | atk+100, wis+9, mgcdef+9      | VAN     | ----- |
    | Althena's Sword | atk+111, def+9, agl+7, spd+7  | TAB     | ----- |
    |                 | wis+7, mgcdef+9, rng+7, lck+7 |         |       |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Leather Armor   | def+12                        |   S     |   360 |
    | Chain Mail      | def+18                        | TAK     |   720 |
    | Iron Armor      | def+26                        | DAL     |  1300 |
    | Silver Armor    | def+32                        | MER     |  1920 |
    | Platinum Armor  | def+40                        | VAN     |  2800 |
    | Warrior Armor   | def+48                        | HOR     |  3840 |
    | Amethyst Armor  | def+56                        | NEO     |  5040 |
    | Dyne's Armor    | def+64                        | RED     |  6400 |
    | Dragon Armor    | def+83                        | DRA     |  8250 |
    | Headgear        | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Leather Cap     | def+2                         |   S     |    40 |
    | Iron Helm       | def+5                         | NOT     |   150 |
    | Silver Helm     | def+9                         | ZUL     |   360 |
    | Steel Helm      | def+13                        | MER     |   650 |
    | Platinum Helm   | def+17                        | AZA     |  1020 |
    | Warrior Helm    | def+21                        | HOR     |  1470 |
    | Amethyst Helm   | def+25                        | NEO     |  2000 |
    | Master Helm     | def+29                        | SER     |  2610 |
    | Dragon Helm     | def+39                        | WAT     |  3500 |
    | Shields         | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Iron Shield     | def+10                        | NOT     |   300 |
    | Silver Shield   | def+15                        | ZUL     |   600 |
    | Steel Shield    | def+20                        | MER,VAN |  1000 |
    | Legendary Lid   | def+20, (atk,agl,spd,wis,     | TAB     |  1462 |
    |                 | mgcdef,rng,lck)+2             |         |       |
    | Platinum Shield | def+25                        | AZA     |  1500 |
    | Warrior Shield  | def+31                        | HOR     |  2170 |
    | Amethyst Shield | def+36                        | ZAB     |  2880 |
    | Master Shield   | def+42                        | ALT     |  3780 |
    | Dragon Shield   | def+50                        | NST     |  5000 |
    |                            Ronfar (EQP-RON)                       |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Dagger          | atk+2, #atk+1                 |   S     |    80 |
    | Flail           | atk+21                        | DAL     |   630 |
    | Silver Mace     | atk+33                        | TAK     |  1320 |
    | Golden Mace     | atk+42                        | ZUL     |  2100 |
    | Spirit Mace     | atk+50                        | TAB     |  3000 |
    | Ritual Mace     | atk+58                        | VAN     |  4060 |
    | Flaying Flail   | atk+72                        | HOR     |  5760 |
    | Amethyst Mace   | atk+80                        | ZAB     |  7200 |
    | Prayer Mace     | atk+88                        | RAC     |  8800 |
    | Holy Mace       | atk+93, wis+8, mgcdef+8       | ALT     | 10230 |
    | Justice Rod     | atk+100, def+10, mgcdef+10    | DRA     | 12000 |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Priest Clothes  | def+23, mgcdef+1              | DAL     |  1150 |
    | Purity Clothes  | def+30, mgcdef+2              | MER     |  1800 |
    | Cerem. Clothes  | def+35, mgcdef+3              | AZA     |  2590 |
    | Holy Clothes    | def+42, mgcdef+4              | HOR     |  3520 |
    | Battle Clothes  | def+52, mgcdef+5              | ZAB     |  4680 |
    | Miracle Cloths. | def+60, mgcdef+7              | SER     |  6000 |
    | Saint Clothes   | def+70, mgcdef+7              | WAT     |  7700 |
    | Chaos Armor     | def-null, lck+8               | NST     |  1554 |
    | Bracelets       | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Bracelet        | def+4                         | DAL     |    80 |
    | Iron Bracelet   | def+8                         | TAK     |   240 |
    | Steel Bracelet  | def+13                        | MER     |   480 |
    | Platinum Brclet | def+15                        | AZA     |  1320 |
    | Bejeweled Brclt | def+27                        | HOR     |  1890 |
    | Amethyst Braclt | def+32                        | ZAB     |  2560 |
    | Holy Bracelet   | def+38                        | ALT     |  ???? |
    | Goddess Bracelt | def+44                        | NST     |  4400 |
    | Bandannas       | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Colorful Band.  | def+3                         | DAL     |    60 |
    | Silver Bandana  | def+6                         | NOT     |   240 |
    | Lucky Bandanna  | def+9, luc+2                  | ZUL     |   450 |
    | Soul Bandanna   | def+12, wis+2                 | MER     |   600 |
    | Charm Bandanna  | def+15, mcgdef+2              | AZA     |   900 |
    | Prayer Bandanna | def+18, wis+1, mcgdef+1       | HOR     |  1260 |
    | Spirit Bandanna | def+21, wis+1, agl+1          | ZAB     |  1680 |
    | Aura Bandanna   | def+24, mgcdef+5              | ALT     |  2160 |
    | Miracle Band.   | atk+4, def+27, agl+4, spd+4   | LIO     |  3000 |
    |                 | wis+4, mgcdef+4, rng+4, luc+4 |         |       |
    |                            Jean (EQP-JEA)                         |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Feather Fan     | atk+24                        | CAR     |   360 |
    | Iron Fan        | atk+29                        | TAK     |  1160 |
    | Razor Fan       | atk+36                        | ZUL     |  1800 |
    | Platinum Fan    | atk+43                        | MER     |  2580 |
    | Jean's Fan      | atk+50                        | AZA     |  3500 |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Pretty Dress    | def+14                        |   S     |   420 |
    | Flared Dress    | def+18                        | NOT     |   720 |
    | Fur Dress       | def+26                        | ZUL     |  1300 |
    | Silk Dress      | def+34                        | SEW,VAN |  2040 |
    | Jean's Dress    | def+42                        | AZA     |  2940 |
    | Gauntlets       | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Iron Gauntlet   | def+3                         | TAK     |    60 |
    | Silver Gauntlet | def+8                         | MYS     |   320 |
    | Platinum Gaunt. | def+13                        | MER     |   650 |
    | Magic Gauntlet  | def+18                        | VAN     |  1080 |
    | Jewel Gauntlet  | def+22                        | PEN     |  1540 |
    |                 |                               | HOR     |       |
    | Hair Ornaments  | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Hairband        | def+3                         | TAK     |    60 |
    | Silver Hairpin  | def+6                         | MYS     |   180 |
    | Platinum Hair.  | def+9                         | MER     |   360 |
    | Bejeweled Hair. | def+9                         | VAN     |   600 |
    | Ritual Hairpin  | def+15                        | PEN,HOR |   900 |
    | Gold Hairpin    | def+18                        | BLU     |  1260 |
    | Amethyst Hair.  | def+21                        | ZAB,NEO |  1680 |
    | Holy Hairpin    | def+24                        | SER,RED |  2160 |
    | Goddess Hair.   | def+33                        | NST     |  3000 |
    |                   Jean as fighter (EQP-JEA-F)                     |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Iron Claw       | atk+55                        | HOR     |  4400 |
    | Fierce Fist     | atk+60                        | LIO     |  5886 |
    | Black Pan. Claw | atk+66                        | HOR     |  5940 |
    | White Tig. Claw | atk+77                        | RAC     |  7700 |
    | Crushing Fist   | atk+87                        | ALT     |  9570 |
    | Berserker Claw  | atk+99                        | WAT     | 11880 |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Hawk Wrap       | def+53                        | HOR     |  4240 |
    | Ninja Wrap      | def+61                        | ZAB     |  5490 |
    | Tiger Wrap      | def+69                        | SER     |  6900 |
    | Scarlet Wrap    | def+77                        | WAT     |  8470 |
    | Gauntlets       | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Hawk Armlet     | def+28                        |   S     |   910 |
    | Leopard Armlet  | def+34                        | ZAB     |  2480 |
    | Tiger Armlet    | def+40                        | RED     |  3240 |
    | Lunn's Armlet   | def+48                        | LIO     |  4300 |
    | Hair Ornaments  | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Hairband        | def+3                         | TAK     |    60 |
    | Silver Hairpin  | def+6                         | MYS     |   180 |
    | Platinum Hair.  | def+9                         | MER     |   360 |
    | Bejeweled Hair. | def+9                         | VAN     |   600 |
    | Ritual Hairpin  | def+15                        | PEN     |   900 |
    |                 |                               | HOR     |       |
    | Gold Hairpin    | def+18                        | BLU     |  1260 |
    | Amethyst Hair.  | def+21                        | ZAB,    |  1680 |
    |                 |                               | NEO     |       |
    | Holy Hairpin    | def+24                        | SER,    |  2160 |
    |                 |                               | RED     |       |
    | Goddess Hair.   | def+33                        | NST     |  3000 |
    |                          Lemina (EQP-LEM)                         |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Magic Staff     | Normal Attack                 |    S    |  1200 |
    | Quake Staff     | Earth Attack                  | MER-SEW |  2000 |
    |                 |                               | VAN-CIT |       |
    | Wind Staff      | Wind Attack                   | VAN-CIT |  2000 |
    | Thieves Staff   | Steals HP                     | VAN-TRI |  Free |
    | Thunder Staff   | Lightning Attack              | MER-TAB |  2000 |
    |                 |                               | VAN-CIT |       |
    | Water Staff     | Water Attack                  | ZUL-MNT |  2000 |
    |                 |                               | VAN-CIT |       |
    | Ice Staff       | Ice Attack                    |         |  6000 |
    | Flame Staff     | Fire Attack                   |         |  2000 |
    | Hellfire Staff  | Powerful Fire Attack          |         |  6000 |
    | Sage Staff      |                               | NST     | 20000 |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Robe            | def+13, wis+1, mcgdef+1       |         |   520 |
    | Silver Robe     | def+17, wis+2, mgcdef+2       |         |   680 |
    | Fur Robe        | def+21, wis+3, mcgdef+3       |         |  1050 |
    | Magician Robe   | def+30, wis+4, mcgdef+4       |         |  2100 |
    | Immortal Robe   | def+40, wis+5, mcgdef+5       |         |  3200 |
    | Wisdom Robe     | def+50, wis+6, mcgdef+6       | NEO     |  4500 |
    | Aura Robe       | def+60, wis+7, mcgdef+7       | ALT     |  6000 |
    | Sage Robe       | def+70, wis+8, mcgdef+8       | WAT     |  7700 |
    | Gauntlets       | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Iron Gauntlet   | def+3                         |         |    60 |
    | Silver Gauntlet | def+8                         |         |   320 |
    | Platinum Gaunt. | def+13                        |         |   650 |
    | Magic Gauntlet  | def+18                        |         |  1080 |
    | Jewel Gauntlet  | def+22                        |         |  1540 |
    | Mystic Gaunt.   | def+27                        | NEO     |  2160 |
    | Psycho Gaunt.   | def+33                        |         |  2970 |
    | Goddess Gaunt.  | def+40                        | DRA     |  4000 |
    | Hair Ornaments  | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Hairband        | def+3                         |         |       |
    | Silver Hairpin  | def+6                         |         |   180 |
    | Platinum Hair.  | def+9                         |         |   360 |
    | Bejeweled Hair. | def+9                         |         |   600 |
    | Ritual Hairpin  | def+15                        |         |   900 |
    | Gold Hairpin    | def+18                        |         |  1260 |
    | Amethyst Hair.  | def+21                        |         |  1680 |
    | Holy Hairpin    | def+24                        | DSF-DFS |  2160 |
    | Fantasy Ribbon  | def+30, luc+2                 | LIO     |  3000 |
    |                            Leo (EQP-LEO)                          |
    | Weapon          | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Rusty Dagger    | #atk+1                        |   S     |     2 |
    | Dagger          | atk+2, #atk+1                 |   S     |    80 |
    | Star Dagger     | atk+20, lck+7, #atk+1         | BLK     |  2000 |
    | Long Sword      | atk+23                        | DAL     |   690 |
    | Broad Sword     | atk+31                        | NOT     |  1240 |
    | Silver Sword    | atk+40, mgcdef+5              | NOT     |  1600 |
    | Bastard Sword   | atk+49                        | MER     |  2450 |
    | Rune Sword      | atk+57, wis+2, mgcdef+2       | AZA     |  3990 |
    | Platinum Blade  | atk+67, spd+5                 | HOR     |  5360 |
    | Samurai Sword   | atk+76, agl+5                 | HOR     |  6840 |
    | Amethyst Sword  | atk+85, wis+5                 | NEO     |  8500 |
    | Master Sword    | atk+94, (def,agl,spd,rng)+2   | RAC     | 10340 |
    | White Fang      | atk+94, agl+5                 |   S     | 10340 |
    | Nameless Sword  | atk+105, (def, mgcdef, rng)+5 | NST     | 12600 |
    | Armor           | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Leather Armor   | def+12                        |   S     |   360 |
    | Chain Mail      | def+18                        | TAK     |   720 |
    | Iron Armor      | def+26                        | DAL     |  1300 |
    | Silver Armor    | def+32                        | MER     |  1920 |
    | Platinum Armor  | def+40                        | VAN     |  2800 |
    | Warrior Armor   | def+48                        | HOR     |  3840 |
    | Amethyst Armor  | def+56                        | NEO     |  5040 |
    | Dyne's Armor    | def+64                        | RED     |  6400 |
    | Dragon Armor    | def+83                        | DRA     |  8250 |
    | Headgear        | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Leather Cap     | def+2                         |   S     |    40 |
    | Iron Helm       | def+5                         | NOT     |   150 |
    | Silver Helm     | def+9                         | ZUL     |   360 |
    | Steel Helm      | def+13                        | MER     |   650 |
    | Safety Helmet   | def+15                        | AZA     |   800 |
    | Platinum Helm   | def+17                        | AZA     |  1020 |
    | Warrior Helm    | def+21                        | HOR     |  1470 |
    | Amethyst Helm   | def+25                        | NEO     |  2000 |
    | Master Helm     | def+29                        | SER     |  2610 |
    | Lion Helm       | def+34                        | WAT     |  3400 |
    | Shields         | Effect(s)                     | Area    | Price |
    | Saucepan Lid    | def+2                         | LAR     |     6 |
    | Wood Shield     | def+5                         |         |   100 |
    | Iron Shield     | def+10                        | NOT     |   300 |
    | Silver Shield   | def+15                        | ZUL     |   600 |
    | Steel Shield    | def+20                        | MER-SEW |  1000 |
    |                 |                               | VAN-CIT |       |
    | Legendary Lid   | def+20, (atk,agl,spd,wis,     | TAB     |  1462 |
    |                 | mgcdef,rng,lck)+2             |         |       |
    | Platinum Shield | def+25                        | AZA     |  1500 |
    | Warrior Shield  | def+31                        | HOR     |  2170 |
    | Amethyst Shield | def+36                        | ZAB     |  2880 |
    | Master Shield   | def+42                        | ALT     |  3780 |
    | Holy Shield     | def+46, mgcdef+4              | LIO     |  4800 |
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    |                     IV. Other Pending Updates / Info              |
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    - Phil Hanna for the question on the Chaos Armor.
    Other walkthrough's I wrote:
    Star Ocean - The Second Story (PS) (also primarily hosted on GameFAQs).
    Star Ocean - Till The End of Time (also primarily hosted on GameFAQs).
    [ still in progress ]

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