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    Bromide Guide by Ruk Chan

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    LUNAR 2: ETERNAL BLUE (COMPLETE) English Release
    BROMIDE GUIDE (In Chronological Order)
    by Ruk Chan
    INTRO NOTE:  The only locations where you will find updated versions of this
    FAQ would always be first and foremost in GameFAQs and my website disc13.com.
    If you got this FAQ elsewhere, please make sure you have the right version 
    before you email me!
    Version 3.0 - March 02, 2002
    Ahrk!  Sorry it took me more than a year to edit this.  I've already been
    getting too many emails asking me to put up the 23rd_bromide_information.
    I've just been too busy with work, wedding preparations (hey, I wanna be
    a happy bride!) and three of my network websites namely, hentaineko.com,
    disc13.com, and animeokashi.com (anime okashi is actually owned by my 
    cousin, but I help her out).
    Anyway, the addition to the bromide info is here. Courtesy of nsrock@hotmail.com.
    They call it Bromide X...
    Version 2.2 - January 15, 2001
    Okay, I really have to put warnings on this FAQ because many people missed
    some of the bromides because they've read this FAQ too late.
    Version 2.1 - January 08, 2001
    Whew, that was a long vacation!  I'm sorry for those people who were
    left hanging on my last update.  I actually finished the epilogue 
    right after I submitted Version 2 to GameFAQs, and since I didn't want
    to stress CJayC further (he's trying to keep up with the holiday barage 
    of GameFAQs stuff) by submitting another version just hours after,
    I thought I'd wait a few days.  Anyways, I only updated the last 
    Version 2.0 - December 31, 2000
    At last!
    After that battle with the final boss, I'm finally able to list the 
    last of the bromides.  Most of them are in the Epilogue stage, however, 
    so you will really have to beat the final boss in order to get them.
    Version 1.1 - December 28, 2000
    Added bromide titles and captions
    Version 1.0 - December 27, 2000
    Listing of Bromides incomplete as I am still in the first disc.  I'll try 
    to make this guide as complete as possible, but as of now, I'll just save 
    my post at gameFAQs.
    I. Introduction
    II. Bromides during the normal game
    III.  Bromides after the final battle (Epilogue)
    VI. Credits
    V. Disclaimer
    What are bromides?  Well, they are pictures of the pretty women of Lunar.  
    In Lunar 2, you will see different bromides of even the women of the first 
    Lunar.  There are even extra bromides of some of Lunar 2's most important 
    men.  This is quite nice for a change.
    Bromides don't really mean anything or add to your stats, unlike in Lunar 1 
    where they increase your stats a leeetle bit.  They are still worth 
    collecting, though.  There are more bromides in Lunar 2, so this list will 
    be longer than expected.
    One more difference between the bromide search in the two games is that, 
    unlike in Lunar where you have to accomplish some certain pre-requisites in 
    getting some of the bromides because here you can get the bromides by simply
    talking to some people.  Anyway, on with the hunt!
    Note: If you find mistakes regarding the bromides, please don't hesitate
    	to contact me at my email on top of this FAQ.
    	I have arranged the bromides chronologically (as always) because
    	this is the order that you can get them.  Some of you might think
    	I just arranged them this way because I'm a rigid person who must have
    	to put everything in order, but that's not the reason.
    	So as a tip, I would suggest whenever you visit a particular area or
    	village, find the bromides immediately.  As in, as soon as you land in
    	that area, unless I say otherwise in my FAQ.
    	The reason I was able to put up this guide is because when I play an RPG
    	I just have to talk to every person, scan every area, examine every 
    	nook and crany and whatever place that looks suspicious.  I guess it's my 
    	way of savoring every moment that I am away from the gruesome battlefield ^_-
    	For those who have read this FAQ too late and missed some bromides, hmmm
    	I wish I could help you but I accidentally deleted my game. I can't even watch
    	my precious anime scenes or view my bromides ;_;
    1. Lucia's Bromide 1 - Staring at the Sky
    LOCATION: Larpa
    EXACT: There's a man who stands by his house, just above the Althena Statue 
    	(you'll know it	is him when you enter his house you'll find his wife 
    	and baby).  When you wake up and find Lucia gone, go talk to this 
    DESCRIPTION: Lucia is wearing a tight black suit and red cape.  It seems like 
    	a beautiful day to be staring at the sky.
    2. Jean's Bromide 2 - Dancing Queen
    LOCATION: Caravan after the Illusion Woods
    EXACT: After you rescue the crew of the Caravan from a gigantic venus flytrap 
    	monster, go talk to the girl who guards the pathway out of the 
    	Illusion forest.  This path will be blocked at first, but when it's 
    	opened, that's the time you talk to her.
    DESCRIPTION: Looks like a poster of dancing Jean in all her charming glory.
    3. Jessica's Bromide - Land Ho!
    LOCATION: Meribia
    EXACT: Go to the bar and talk to one of the guys there.
    DESCRIPTION: Jessica (of the first Lunar) riding a sailboat, looking
    	unusually thinner than ever.
    4. Lemina's Bromide 3 - Midnight Appraisal
    LOCATION: Meribia
    EXACT: Go to Ramus' shop (if you played Lunar 1, you'll be able to find it 
    	easily) and talk to Ramus' grandfather.  He's the guy who keeps 
    	giving Lemina so much praises (it borders on being lecherous).  Just 
    	keep talking to him and he'll eventually hand over the bromide.
    DESCRIPTION: Lemina checking out all her gold (as usual) in the middle of 
    	the night.
    5. Lemina's Bromide 2 - Seaside Stroll
    LOCATION: Meribia
    EXACT: Examine the barrels at the back of Ramus' shop.  
    	Additional note about this bromide: I think you can only get this one if
    	you've gotten the previous Lemina bromide.
    DESCRIPTION: Lemina playing on the beach.
    6. Lemina's Bromide 1 - Sunset Breeze
    LOCATION: Vane
    EXACT: Examine the shelves where obviously Lemina's books lie (stuff about 
    	gold, money, her weird poetry).  You might want to read all the books 
    	if you've played Lunar 1, if you're curious as to what happened with 
    	the previous heroes.  I think the bromide is in the shelves are on 
    	the right, second row.
    DESCRIPTION: Lemina enjoying a good book while she sits on her window.
    7. Mia's Bromide - Warm Tea, Good Read
    LOCATION: Transmission Spring Near Vane
    EXACT: Talk to the guy near the Althena Statue.  There are only 2 people 
    	there anyways, so finding this bromide wouldn't be too hard.
    DESCRIPTION: Mia having tea on a good day.  She looks a bit older and so
    	much thinner.  I think somebody ought to tell her to eat more.
    The next group of bromides can be gotten during the Epilogue, after the
    final battle with Zophar.  You'll just notice that some treasure chests
    that weren't there before, suddenly start popping up.
    They're also quite easy to find because you'll be stumbling upon most of 
    them while looking for the rest of your party members. (You kind of want
    to regroup because there's a new quest you may want to finish.)
    8. Mauri's Bromide 1 - Afternoon Picnic
    LOCATION: Raculi
    EXACT: Mauri's house.  Speak to Ronfar first to get him to join you in
    	your new quest.  After this, speak to Mauri.  They'll have that
    	ultra-mushy ewwy conversation and Mauri will give Ronfar her
    	bromide as a means to remember her by (during your quest).
    DESCRIPTION: Mauri is walking near a stream, carrying a fruit basket.
    	Very pretty sight.
    9. Mauri's Bromide 2 - In Leo's Footsteps (Sibling Rivalry)
    LOCATION: Raculi
    EXACT: Behind Mauri's house is a chest that wasn't there before.  Open it.
    DESCRIPTION: This is so weird... Mauri masquerading as Mystere (her brother
    	Leo's alternate ego).
    10. Jean's Bromide 3 - Long Hard Night
    LOCATION: New Carnival
    EXACT: At the North Carnival, talk to the guy on the right of the fence,
    	and he'll sell you the bromide.
    DESCRIPTION: Sexy Jean falling asleep after a hard days work.
    11. Jean's Bromide 4 - Martial Awe
    LOCATION: New Carnival
    EXACT: Also at the North Carnival, there's a new treasure chest at the 
    	back of one of the balloons.
    DESCRIPTION: Jean is sparring with poor Hiro?  I pity the guy... (I don't
    	think he stands a chance without his sword.)
    12. Lucia's Bromide 3 - Blue Starlight
    LOCATION: Mystic Ruins
    EXACT: One of the pixies there will give you this bromide.  It looks like
    	they like Lucia very much.
    DESCRIPTION: Lucia sleeping like a baby.
    13. Ghaleon's Bromide - Secret Garden Moment
    LOCATION: Mystic Ruins
    EXACT: Remember the room where you saw a record of the final battle of the
    	first Lunar?  That's where you'll find this bromide.
    DESCRIPTION: What a sweet moment!  Ghaleon shows his soft side here, spending
    	quiet time with his pretty little pixies in the garden.
    14. Luna's Bromide - Dreamy Weaver
    LOCATION: Vane
    EXACT: In the lower left house, there's a couple who were once part of
    	Nall's kiddie group (once lived in Taben's peak).  Talk to the woman
    	and she'll give you this "lucky charm" which originally came from
    DESCRIPTION: Luna (from Lunar 1) stitching some patterns on a beautiful 
    15. Borgan's Bromide - Rub-A-Dub-D'ohh!
    LOCATION: Vane
    EXACT: Enter the Ausa mansion (Lemina's home) and go to the throne room.
    	Talk to Borgan.
    DESCRIPTION: This is really weird!  Who would want to see a picture of 
    	Borgan taking a bath????
    16. Nall's Bromide - Fishy Fantasies
    LOCATION: Taben's Peak
    EXACT: On the room before Nall's quarters, talk to one of the kids 
    	repeatedly.  To be sure, talk to them all, if some of the kids
    	just repeat the same thing, move to the next, until you find one 
    	who talks about something different each time.  There are only
    	3 of them inside the room, so you won't have a problem.
    DESCRIPTION: A cute picture of Ruby sleeping on Nall's tummy.  They're both
    	dreaming about fish.  This is soo sweet.  Those two should end up
    	together (heh).
    17. Lucia 2 - Another Great Day
    LOCATION: Taben's Peak
    EXACT: Remember there was a baby in a cradly on Taben's Peak.  Go to that
    	baby and you'll find that it has a Lucia bromide with it.  Everybody
    	will wonder where the baby got it from.
    DESCRIPTION: Lucia opening the window to let in the glorious rays of the sun.
    	She's now wearing the short shorts that was given to her during the 
    	Carnival escapade.
    18. Lucia 4 - Splendor in the Grass
    LOCATION: Taben's Peak
    EXACT: Enter the room where Nall locked you up during your first meeting.
    	There's now a new chest there.
    DESCRIPTION: Lucia is enjoying the day while she's sitting on the grass.
    19.  Lemina 4 - Steamy Scene
    LOCATION: Meribia
    EXACT: Go to Ramus' shop again and enter his Hall of Horrors.  Actually
    	you'll find the bromide easier if you use the passage in Lunn's Dojo.
    	There's another new treasure chest (actually there were other 
    	treasure chests I wasn't able to get here during my first visit,
    	because I was dodging enemies but I'm pretty sure that new treasure 
    	chest wasn't there the last time).
    DESCRIPTION: A better version of Borgan's bromide.  This time it's Lemina
    	in the bath tub.
    20.  Mystere's Bromide - Shining Justice
    LOCATION: Takkar Village
    EXACT: Talk to the old man standing near the gate of the top part of
    	Takkar Village.
    DESCRIPTION: Mystere in three different poses.  It's ironic how a rigid
    	guy like Leo could actually be this hilarious!  (He's my favorite
    	btw, because he's cute.)
    21.  Jean 1 - Gypsy Feast
    LOCATION: Horam
    EXACT: On the left of the Blue Dragon Dojo is a house which belongs to the
    	Drunken Karate practitioners.  Talk to the perverted old man (who
    	obviously has the hots for Jean), and you'll get your bromide.
    DESCRIPTION: Jean sure looks like she could eat all that food, what with
    	being a dancer and a martial artist at the same time!  She's 
    	wearing her ultra sexy dancer's dress.
    22.  Bromide still being located.  I saw in one of the forums that there's 
    	a 22nd bromide in Lionhead (the lion-shaped sanctuary that you 
    	couldn't enter during your first mission or regular quest).  I went
    	there and literally got slowly tortured and eventually annihilated.
    	So at the moment, I'm trying to get enough strength so I could 
    	locate the exact location of this bromide.  My boyfriend told me
    	that this is the last bromide......READ UPDATE BELOW BEFORE EMAILNG ME
    	If I got lazy, I'd probably just have to borrow his brother's memcard 
    	and list it here, but I'd rather award myself _after_ my own hard 
    	work. I'd rather not spoil the fun, doncha think?.....READ UPDATE BELOW 
    22. Hiro's Bromide - Adventurer's Club
    LOCATION: Lionhead
    EXACT: On the top floors of Lionhead, where there are no more annoying enemies,
    	just before the boss battle.
    DESCRIPTION: Hiro deserves a bromide too...  Hiro and Ruby running out of a 
    	crumbling dungeon?  They must be treasure hunting again.
    	NOTE:  Silly me didn't realize how easy Lionhead is, even at low levels.
    	All you have to do is go first to the cave North of Horam and get that 
    	special item that makes all your party's attacks higher.  Put that on Jean
    	and have her cast the spell on her first turn.  Then have Hiro cast Triple
    	Sword attack on the following types of enemies:
    	(a) The Big Black Ball - Triple Sword is the only thing that kills it fast 
    	(b) Mummy Leader - I dunno what the name of that group is, but if you encounter 
    		a group of claymen, look for their leader (the one with a different 
    		color from the others).  Just kill that and you're home free.  You 
    		don't have to worry about the rest of them 'cause they die after that 
    		leader dies.
    23.  BROMIDE X - This is courtesy of nsrock@hotmail.com: "Hi.  I was reading your FAQ 
    for Lunar 2 on GameFAQs.com, and I thought I'd inform you that there is one more hidden 
    bromide in the game.  Bromide X can be found in the Epilouge in the curtain behind 
    Borgan and Maria in Vane.  You can get it by going up to the curtain and pressing 
    O, X, O, X, O, and so on until you hear a treasure chest open.  Interestingly, you can 
    get a hint of its location in the Vane library on a bookshelf on the far wall, second 
    from farthest right that Hiro proclaims to have jelly stains all over it.  Anyway, 
    just thought you might want to know.  Your FAQ was very helpful to me.  Thanks!"
    Well, thank you too.  My game was deleted but at least I get additional information thru
    emailers.  *sniff*
    Credits will have to go to the forum people of Disc 13 for hinting (without 
    giving spoilers or exact locations) of the bromides.
    Special thanks to the creators of Lunarhope.Com.  I don't think I could have finished
    the labyrinths and mazes and dungeons in this game without their guidance.
    Also to my sister, who loves experimenting different scenes in Lunar 2 with 
    me.  She's the only who can stand reading the lengthy dialogues of most of 
    the village people I've had to talk to.
    Under no circumstances can the content of this FAQ sheet be copied.  If
    you want this on your page, please give this site proper credit.
    Disc XIII http://www.disc13.com
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (Complete) is copyright by Game Arts, by
    Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, ESP/JAM.  English translation is 
    copyright 2000 by Working Designs. I am neither an authorized distributor 
    of the CD or a contributor in the creation of the game.

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