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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Charat-chan

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     By: Charat-chan [charat@nervhq.org]
     Started: 1-07-01
     Last Update: 5-09-01
     Version: FINAL
    (For use with the -English- Playstation version ONLY)
    READ THIS~~~
    This walkthrough is (as of 3-23-01) exclusively for the Silver Dust
    website, GameFAQs.com, PSXcodez.com, and neoseeker.com. No part of this
    document may be copied or put on a site without the consent of its
    If you wish to use this walkthru on your site, contact me for details.
    All characters mentioned courtesy of Game Arts/ESP Kadokawa Inc.
    And all other companies who worked very hard on the successful LUNAR series.
    Walkthru is...
    (C) Copyright Charat-chan [Ruby] 2001
    VERSION 0.5
    Started on the Walkthrough, mainly just the intro and copyright data.
    Also finished character bios, and up to where you meet Jean and the caravan.
    VERSION 1.0
    Got through all the way up to your first meeting with Mauri in Azado.
    Added to Author's Notes, put up MORE legal stuff, corrected some typo
    demons. ~_~
    VERSION 1.5
    Basically finished walkthrough, roughly. Stopped at the epilogue, but
    finished Bromide Section. Looking forward to more updates! (FAQ, epilogue,
    Did you Know sections)
    VERSION 2.0
    Added to Epilogue, added the Spell/Skill Listings, tempered with the
    Walkthru, corrected more typo demons,
    added more to the Did You Know? section, added more to Walkthru.
    VERSION 2.5
    More was added to the READ THIS sections, due to more requests for my
    FAQ on different sites. I've tempered with the epilogue sections-- I'm
    basically adding more with each update until I'm satisfied. Who knows,
    perhaps that'll be never.. I also changed my mind and decided to place the
    Seiyuu CD vocal songs.
    VERSION 3.0
    Finished Epilogue section! 0_o
    Completed 'Did you Know?' Section.
    Hopefully, this will be my last update. It's been fun, everyone...
    Added some more to the epilogue [finished it, basically],
    added Ruby's "Love Love Funny" verses to Songs section. Lucia's theme has
    been added due to the request of someone.
    FINAL (Again)
    I thought I'd finished the walkthru for good... Sorry^^
    But I felt strongly that this little detail had to be added: FAQ section.
    Why? Simply because now that I'm getting a hefty amount of feedback, amazingly
    the same few questions keep coming up. And I'm getting tired of answering
    them. Thank you.
                        ~~~Table of Contents~~~
                       SECTION ONE:
                        -Notes from author's desk
                          -About your host
                          -Main characters
                          -Side characters
                       SECTION TWO:
                        -Complete Walkthrough/FAQ
                          -Disc one
                          -Disc two
                          -Disc three
                       SECTION THREE:
                            -Epilogue Fun Facts
                            -Epilogue Complete Walkthrough
                          -Bromides: Better than ever
                          -Spell and Skill Listing
                          -Songs (includes Seiyuu CD)
                          -Did you know?
                          -Frequently asked questions
    *There is a SPOILER WARNING on this walkthrough, mainly because I feel it is
    crucial to an FAQ's lack of boredom*  :^)
    Some people may consider it
    a spoiler walkthrough, but others may not... since there are even more detailed
    walkthrus out there.
    If you catch something in the walkthrough that needs correcting, please don't
    hesitate to tell me. ... I hate typo demons ... Please tell me
    if you catch one.
    Any ideas and any special nothings are greatly appreciated!^^
    NEW!~~~ Why didn't I think of this before? I thank my humble friend Shadowcat
    for this idea, while I sat back in stupor glaring at this problem.^^
    If you don't want to hear about the story (special quotes, in-depth storyline, etc.)
    then just skip the extra In-Depth *Character Relations* I've added (The things
    that look like boxes).
    Lunar 3: Eternal Blue Complete is the sequel to the popular and very extravagently-
    told story of Lunar 1: Silver Star for the Sega Saturn and Playstation.  Unlike
    *cough* SOME sequels, this one is by far one of the better ones, and might even be
    considered better than the first by some people.  Personally I think they're both
    on the same wavelength. There are some downsides as well as some improvements to the
    battle system, and the menu is a tiny bit different. For instance, you cannot let only
    one character run from battle now (if you want to run, it's the whole party).
    The same with AI.  If you use AI, it's the whole party.
    Items are not equipped to characters anymore (an improvement!) meaning that all items
    are available to all characters during battles at all times.
    Something that may confuse you is that the AI and CONTROL icons in the battle menu
    have been switched!
    Lunar 2 does, however, have more gametime and more cutscenes than its predescessor.
    The story takes place 1,000 years in the future, so don't expect to be seeing much
    of the original cast anymore.  However, that doesn't mean Dragonmaster Alex and
    his friends won't be mentioned at all, and expect some new bromides of these older
    characters. (Bromides... much easier to find this time... PLUS male bromides!!)
    The story is also very linked to the first, and is set on the same stage.
    Look for a few remaining characters left from Lunar 1.
    Just for some info, the characters will be more than a little similar. Not mentioning
    his personality, Hiro looks like an older version of Alex, as Lucia looks like an
    older version of Luna (Infact, I can almost still hear my siblings squeal "So Lunar 2
    is about the Lunar 1 characters after they grew up!").  ---Unfortunately, that's
    not true... Heck, they didn't live to be 1,015 years old!
    Here's a list of the characters, lined up with their familiar perdescessor.
    Hiro= Alex
    Lucia= Luna
    Ruby= Nall
    Ronfar= Kyle (weapon- and magic-wise, Jessica)
    Mia= Lemina
    As for the character relations, it's a lot less obvious than in L:SS.  Your party in
    Lunar 1 consisted of six characters, all of whom had one of the other (Alex and Luna,
    Mia and Nash, Jessica and Kyle).  However, in Lunar 2, the only two people who you can
    really consider an "item" are, quite obviously, Hiro and Lucia.  And that's not until
    later.  Your other members either have no one of particular interest, or have someone
    outside of your battle party.
    Just decided to share this little bit of nothing.
    About your Host
     !!NOTE!! *Before you contact me, visit the "frequently asked questions"
                sections to see if your q can be answered that way. Thanks.* ^_^
    ICQ#: 100195610
    E-Mail: Charat@nervhq.org
    AKA: Nadia S.
    Member of the gamefaqs.com boards [forums]
    As you might have guessed, Hiro is the is the main "hero" of Lunar 2.
    He is a curious, adventurous youth who seeks danger in ruins close to his
    Grandfather Gwyn's study.  He grew up hearing and learning about tales of
    Dragonmasters, the Goddess Althena, and the heroes who saved the world one
    thousand years ago. With all the books of his Grandfather's, this is not a
    hard thing to accomplish, even though Gwyn greatly disapproves of his love
    of adventurism.
    ~I'd say Hiro is a nice guy, but with more personality than Alex, and he's one of
    the strongest fighters you'll have in your party.  For instance... Triple Sword^^
    (Level 50) Now that must be the best Special Attack in the game (against bosses and
    single enemies).  Hiro uses swords and daggers, although he has one boomerang attack.
    ONE. And yet the artwork of Hiro often times illustrates him with a boomerang, which
    aren't even possible to equip him with.
    This "Little Girl" is basically the replacement for the flying Nall you loved in
    Lunar 1. =)  She's cute, she's got shiny pink hair, and.. she's a baby red dragon.
    Equipped with both a razor-sharp tongue and firey breath, she's one of those
    characters where you either hate them, or like them a lot!  She's been friends
    with Hiro since he could walk and talk, and they love eachother very much, however,
    Ruby seems to take this to the extreme.  Her view of Hiro and her "behavior for a
    red dragon" seems to greatly annoy Nall.  Nall helps Ruby out in her hard days of
    dragon adolescence^^ and helps her realize the true meaning of growing up.
    ~Ruby is not a character you can control, but like Naru in the first Lunar, she'll
    sometimes help out in battles, this time not reviving you, but showing enemies
    what she's made of.  After "growing up," Ruby will increase in ATT power.
    A mysterious woman found by Ruby and Hiro in the Blue Spire who doesn't seem to
    understand anything about human emotions.  Her true time to awake from her long
    slumber was to be when the Blue Star was resurrected, but her early awakening
    could only mean the revival of Althena's nemesis, Zophar.  She is a cold figure
    only concerned with finding Althena quickly, and orders Hiro to help locate her.
    Will humankind show her the meaning of love, tenderness, and care for others?
    ~Lucia can get very annoying in the early game battles, helping only herself and
    usually fleeing the battles. [Once again, a character you cannot control. Ever.]
    Later on, as her personality warms up, so does her role in your enemy battles.
    The ATT of the Spells she uses grow in value as your own party grows in levels.
    Ronfar was once a devoted and very gifted priest, although his failure to completely
    save the girl he loved turned his life upside down.  Ronfar decided to leave his
    past forever, and became a lusty gambling king loved by almost every woman in
    Larpa.  However, a meeting with a frail and cursed Lucia carried memories of his
    past.  He decides to once again call upon the Goddess Althena, though not
    fully restoring himself to what he used to be.  He takes a liking to Hiro, and
    offers his help, which you can't refuse.
    ~Mage/figher. Uses maces. Not too sharp when it comes to fighting, Ronfar is of
    great use thanks to his priestly healing abilities.  He's your only healer, and in
    the beginning of the game you must equip him with a weapon, because he practically
    comes with nothing but peasant clothes.
    Jean's placid, tomboyish facade seems to be of a spritely dancer in the moving
    "circus" caravan.  However, very soon it is discovered that the lovable dancing girl
    has a painful past that she's been trying to hide from her friends... and herself.
    She refuses to accept that fact, and begs Hiro and co. to say nothing concerning
    the matter.
    When it comes down to the life of her friends, consequently, with the help of
    Hiro, she eventually realizes the need to face up to her past. Again
    thanks to her need to fulfill the duty of accepting her past, she joins the
    ~An A+ fighter, especially once she acquires the blue dragon fist. She's definately one
    of my favorites, and she's also the only female fighter.
    Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane Lemina Au$a, the descendent of the familiar Mia,
    is firm in her belief to return Vane to its former beauty. As of the moment, however,
    it is far from being repaired, and The Magic Guild seems dependent on a single
    memember... herself.  A school girl with a money-hyped, proud stature and attitude,
    she can't help but be childish.  Although that's not all there is to her. She loves
    and protects her mother, and shows a sensitive, kind side to her every once in a blue
    moon...  Lemina's one of the few characters serving as comic relief next to Ruby and
    Ronfar. A highly likable character... Be grateful, especially in L2's tense moments.
    ~Your usual magic user.  Of good use, especially on enemies with weaknesses for elemental
    properties.  Lemina's weapons do not vary in power, but rather have elemtal attributes
    for different kinds of enemies.  This time, your only character who's an elemental mage.
    He is the bearer of the White Dragon Aura, White Knight Leo, a half-beast with a strong
    sense of justice and dignity, and also Ronfar's childhood friend.  Leo is wholly set on
    his devotion to the Goddess Althena and will stop at nothing to fulfill his duties
    believed to have been sent forth by her.
    A destroyer said to have come from the Blue Spire is ordered by Althena to be hunted
    down... but the only being that came from the Spire is Lucia, and is therefore accused by
    the White Knight as the Destroyer.  Could Lucia really be the destroyer, when she claims to
    have been sent to save LUNAR?
    ~Awesome awesome fighter.  He's got some powerful special attacks and rock magic & uses
    swords, like Hiro, but uses different kinds.  Sadly, you'll only be allowed to use him
    a short while in Azado, and then again only for the final dungeon (not counting the
    epilogue). :^(
    Appears like your usual evil villain, and was also the major villain in Lunar TSS.
    Constant teasing of your group doesn't lighten matters up.
    *He has many fans that remember him from L1. :p
    He is the Dragonmaster of the new Althena, but how is it that he's alive now,
    after being killed 1,000 years ago?  There is no magic strong enough in LUNAR to
    have revived him, and a greater source is believed to be behind the matter.
    That's right, the return of the fluffy, lovable, cuddly little--- *Gasps*
    Now wait a minute!  This Nall appears to be human, and coincidently is also the
    leader of a rough bunch of orphaned kids all living together, under his loose care,
    at Taben's Peak.  He is believed by Hiro and the party to be the leader of the
    evil shadow dragon cult, but by the way these children are acting, the party has some
    very large doubts (according to Jean, children in the Cult were constantly showered
    with bruises and never had smiles on their faces).  Later the party finds out who
    this mysterious stranger really is.  He especially believes in Ruby, and always seems
    to be there for her guidance.  Nall is very useful, in the event that he saves you
    from harm sometimes and also gives you the White Dragon wings (bye-bye dragonfly wings).
    ~Hmph. You don't get to use him as a fighter... Well, afterall, who would be looking
    after the kids at Taben's Peak?  But I think he would be a pretty good fighter...
    unless he'd be flying around the top of the screen and getting in Ruby's way. $_$
    *Other Supporting Cast*
    No, Ramus the First did not come back to life, this descendent of Lunar SSS's Ramus
    looks exactly like his money-making ancestor, has the same name, and seems to have
    inherited his talents.  Will Ramus's love for Lemina cash-in any success?
    Strange orders, Ghaleon as Dragonamaster, seeing to Lucia's death... what's
    happened to the dignified Althena we knew and read about in our history
    The once kind and gentle childhood friend and love of Ronfar, as well as Leo's little
    sister.  It is said that the three of them were once very close, but Mauri seems to
    have changed much over time.  The bearer of the Red Dragon Aura, one of the 4 heroes,
    she serves the Goddess Althena with small remorse for citizins of LUNAR.
    Lunn, the famous and highly respected karate teacher of Meribia, offers to
    aid the group in their quest to help Jean, due to his great distaste for the story of
    the Shadow Dragon Cult.  With his help, the group will more than surely bring justice
    to the mystery of the Cult, but not quite how they expected to......
    ~LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue Complete~
    Right at the start of the game, prepare for an ANIME SCENE of Lucia's
    Then you will see a cute ANIME SCENE of Hiro and Ruby in the Dragon
    Ruins, pecking at a Right Sapphire Jewel.
    After accumulating the jewel, Ruby and Hiro flee from firey dungeon
    ghasts as Hiro narrates about himself and his life.  After the event,
    you will be free to control Hiro.  You'll find that you have 5 herbs
    and one Star Light to heal yourself.  After saving, head south.
      -1st Salyan Desert Pass
    Herb, $100
    Soon you'll come across an area of land infested with nasty little
    sand critters.  After every battle, I would suggest running for the
    Althena statue and pray to get healed.  This makes Salyan a pretty easy
    dungeon. Fighting every single enemy gets you to level 7, enabling
    Poe Sword. In the middle of Salyan, you'll stumble accross the leader
    of Althena's Guard, Leo, so prepare for an ANIME SCENE.
      -Grandpa Gwyn's Study
    Ancient Dagger
    Worried about Gramps, Hiro and Ruby run home as fast as they can.
    Enter the first house you see, and you will end up at Grandpa Gwyn's.
    Talk to Gwyn and Leo and then Gwyn, then Leo again to trigger events.
    after some talk you'll decide to head to the Blue Spire, so equip
    Hiro with the Ancient dagger and with Gwyn as your healer, set out
    north to the Spire.
    RELATIONS BOX (Spoiler Warning)****
    | -Your starting friendship with Leo will more than likely get off
    |  to a bad start!  He'll ask Hiro to join him, but Ruby will tell
    |  him that Hiro doesn't fancy getting hired.  Some first impression
    |  to the leader of Althena's Guard!
    |       *Notable Quotables:
    |     Leo:  "How strange that you would put down an offer like this."
    |     Ruby: "Not any stranger than you being 25 and not having a
    |           girlfriend! People are starting to talk..."
      -The Blue Spire
    At the entrance to the Tower, Gwyn will put the Left Opal Eye into
    the left eye, but... there doesn't seem to be a response.  So get
    Hiro close enough to the other eye and search around until Hiro
    automatically places the Right Jewel.  Head into the ruins and prepare
    to work till you reach level 12~!  You'll thank me for this when it
    comes down to the boss battle >_< Unless you have a gameshark, of course!
    **Remember that single Guardian that you see in the first room....
    when you head back down, you'll know why...
      -Blue Dungeon Level 1
    Angel Tear
    If you simply run through here, you won't get past the broken bridge.
    So activate the three switches found around the first room and then
    head back across to where the bridge has formed, letting you pass.
       -Blue Dungeon Level 2
    Star Light
    There's a number of rooms to enter here, and in each one simply search
    the scintillating light switches and you will activate the way to get
    further up.
       -Blue Dungeon Final Floor
    There is a small ANIME SCENE animating the entrance to the Tower.
            1st Floor= Angel Tear
            4th Floor= Herb (2), Healing Nut
            5th Floor= Star Light, $70
    After the tower dungeon, go to the middle of the room, (where Gwyn is
    standing, observing the wall...) & search the sight.
    The frightened Hiro and Ruby will land in a glowing room with
    a shiny blue crystal.
    They will comment on its beauty, but it is not long until something
    even stranger emerges from it (ANIME SCENE) that orders them on a
    mission none of them prepared themselves for...
    You should thank Lucia for this-- This means mooching on practically
    free experience points, because having Lucia in your party destroys
    the monsters easily.  So don't worry about using Hiro's Specials, and
    worry more about getting everyone to level 12~.
    Once you reach the Goddess Statue, Lucia will experience the landscape
    of LUNAR for the first time(ANIME SCENE).
    But right after that, it's an attack from Zophar!
    No need to fight him as a boss, however he does practically suck all
    the life out of Lucia and you will practically have to lug her along
    wherever you go now.  Don't bother healing her, because she'll just
    drop back down to 1 point of HP.
    Looking to escape the Spire?  Tough luck!  The guardians have awakened,
    and I would suggest you not even attempt to try them if you are under
    level 11.  Get ready for your first boss battle.
    Once you reach the exit...
    Blue Spire Guardian
    Like all enemies in Lunar, this boss will attack differently according
    to what it looks like.  Spinning the chain means a ferocious attack
    with damage to more than one person if you're standing too close. A
    glowing aura means it will improve its own ATT and DEF.
    ~Here's a good strategy to use... Make sure you only use Hiro to do
    all the attacking (Poe Sword).  Don't let Gwyn do anything but stay
    in the back lines and heal and/or use aid magic (shattered sword and
    broken armor). Use items as necessary!  If you let Gwyn stray too
    close to Hiro, the guardian's Area attack will do damage to both
    characters.  Oh, and... don't worry about Lucia.  If the guardian kills
    her off, there's no point in using an Angel Tear on her.. obviously.
    It's over..... Right?  Quite wrong.  Now instead of having to fight one
    guardian, you'll have to fight, oh, just 4 or 5.^^
    So after your party gets slaughtered easily, wait until Leo comes to the
    rescue with the White Dragon Cannon.
    | -Leo will ask you who the girl in your
    |   party is, and you'll tell him she was attacked by the Destroyer at the
    |   top of the Spire!  Naturally, justice-pumped Leo will stop at nothing
    |   to find this threat.  You've gotten rid of Leo for now... but you'll
    |   have to flee to Larpa before he finds out the truth.
    | -Grandpa Gwyn will tell you about a Priest in Larpa that can help their
    |   friend Lucia.  "He's a good, clean kid, and he'll surely help out."
    Leave your current location and head up to where the Priest Ronfar can be
    Herb, Angel Tear
    Lots of stuff to see and do!  Congrats, it's your very first Lunar 2
    Town/City... looks a lot like Lunar 1, ne?
    Go on up to the bar and you'll find a guy that's drowning himself in
    |  *Notable Quotables*
    |     Ronfar: "Maybe I could find a use for her... Pet shop, zoo, stew..."
    |       Ruby: "Did you hear that, Hiro?? He wants to EAT me! But Hiro
    |             would NEVER let you do that... Uh... right, Hiro?"
    He'll tell you to try the Chosen's temple.  So go to Larpa's
    chapel and find a priest who'll tell you Ronfar has changed significantly
    in his ways.  Head BACK to the bar, and confront the same guy. Yes, it
    WAS Ronfar.
    ANIME SCENE with Ronfar
    |   -Your ragtag party will be a little flushed with Ronfar for lying
    |     to them, and Ronfar will still not fully admit it's him.  He'll
    |     offer to give up if you beat him in a game with his "bones"...
    |     his super lucky (or super loaded!) dice.  You won't win, but try
    |     once or twice and then give up.  When you decide to try again,
    |     Lucia will faint (for frustration of Hiro's stupidity, if you ask
    |     me...)
    After giving up the game and then trying again, and Lucia fainting,
    Ronfar will finally lead you to his house.
    Follow him. If you talk with him, he'll grant you entry. Talk to everyone,
    then Ronfar again.  After this, unfortunately, you'll be startled by your
    worst nightmare... *groan*
    It's Leo.  Watch as Ronfar lies to help you.
    | -Ronfar and Leo will talk about Mauri, and about Ronfar leaving her.
    |    It may not make much sense to you now, but it will later.
    | -Ronfar will lie to his best friend in order to help you.  After his
    |    trust in Ronfar's words, Leo leaves again.
    Speak with Ronfar one more time, and he'll agree to help you out.
    The only way to get to the shrine, though, is through a hidden passage
    in the back of his house.  If you want to, go back to town and buy a
    mace for him (since he doesn't have any weapons right now).  But don't
    enter the chapel, because a priest is guarding it (Nice try... >.<)
      -Larpa Mountain Path
    It's a very short dungeon, if you would even call it that.  It's more
    like an enemy-infested walkway.  When you reach the chapel's back door,
    stand in front of the Althena Statue and Ronfar will remove Lucia's
    curse (Most of it, but not entirely).  From now on, Lucia will be able
    to cast a few spells, most of the time when she is attacked. Her HP will
    raise according to your party's HP.  A common spell she will now use is
    Napalm Shot.
    |  -When Ronfar's first attempt to save Lucia fails, he thinks back to
    |     the time when he failed to save his sweetheart Mauri.  You will
    |     see a scene with Ronfar and Leo as little kids, trying to help her,
    |     but it seems as though it's hopeless...
    |  -Afterward, Ronfar will determine himself not to let anyone else die,
    |     and with all his might finally manages to save Lucia.
    Head back to Ronfar's house.  Lucia will smugly and rudely have occupied
    his bed, leaving everyone else to nestle on the floor very comfortably.
    You'll wake up early in the morning only to find Lucia gone.  So with Ruby,
    run to town on a search for her.
    BROMIDE: The husband of the wife you'll need to talk to will give you a
    bromide of Lucia just for talking to him. (For a complete listing of where and
    when to find the other bromides, just scroll down to my Bromides section!) :)
    In one of the houses is a girl with a baby, and she'll tell you about Lucia's
    strange visit.
    |  -In the house, the wife will explain to you that Lucia didn't even know
    |     what a baby was, much less a lullaby!  Ruby and Hiro wonder whether
    |     Lucia has any human emotions at all.
    |  -Here's something I thought was kind of funny.  Go to the bar and talk to
    |     the young man, he'll tell you that Lucia chugged a whole booze bottle
    |     in less than a couple of seconds! Sugoi!^^ Whatta girl.
    If you were paying attention, you'll know where she told you to go next...
    The mayor's house, where Lucia was expected to be seen last. The mayor's
    house is the largest house in Larpa in the top center of the town (next to
    the guy who was leaking the lizard).
    After a frustrating time of talking to the mayor, you'll finally be told
    where to look for Lucia next, because she's not here anymore either.
    Part with $30 -_-  And he'll tell you.
    Head to the Ship Dock to find Lucia. (ANIME SCENE: Lucia marvels at the people
    of this world)
    A little sadly, she will part with Hiro, and decides to go on by herself now
    that her curse is gone.  Which is just fine with Ruby, but Hiro....
    Ronfar sees him in distress, and upon hearing that Lucia is headed for Dalton,
    flies into panic.  That's where the Dragonship Destiny is headed!  After joining
    forces with Ronfar, you'll set off to save her from your pal Leo.
      -Dungeon: W Salyan Desert Pass
    I'd say the enemies are kind of hard here, But it's only a single walkway.
    Stuff to find!:
    Herb, Star Light, Dagger
    Weapon Shop - Long Sword              $700
                  Flail                   $630
                  Wooden Shield           $100
                  Bracelet                $80
                  Charm Bandana           $60
    You'll see a devistating scene in which Leo manages to slay Lucia.
    Filled with rage now, Hiro decides to enter the Destiny to help her.
    Ronfar agrees and comes along.
      -The Dragonship Destiny
    Once you're inside the ship, heal at the Goddess Statue if necessary
    (The one at the road entering Dalton was destroyed).  Make your way
    through fighting squad members of Althena's Guard, which shouldn't be
    too difficult.  Once you reach the prison, you'll hear a conversation
    between Leo and Lucia.  Leo refuses to believe her when she tells him
    she is trying to complete a mission to save this world, and her not
    fully explaining it doesn't help matters.  Once Leo leaves, walk up
    and press the button to free her.  When Leo enters the cell, lock him
    up again.
    Now just leave the Destiny, following Ronfar's orders.
      -Starlight Forest
    Stuff to Find!:
    $600, Herb
    'Nother short, quite easy dungeon. You'll eventually end up near a
    Goddess Statue, which looks like a nice place to rest for a while.
    When talking to Lucia, it doesn't really matter which choice you take
    (I mean, this isn't Star Ocean 2 or anything, and nothing's gonna
    give you the chance of 86 different endings...)
    After talking to everyone twice, leave here and head up northward to
    the Illusion Woods.  If you've played Lunar 1, the Illusion woods are
    nothing like the original.
    It's a good thing to remember where the Starlight Forest was, because
    you'll need to know for the Epilogue (in order to get to the FINAL-FINAL
    dungeon) after getting two new Opal Jewels.  But I'm getting ahead of
      -Illusion Woods
    You'll learn that the guy near the entrance is an ol' pal of Ronfar
    (lucky for us) even though he's ripped him off more than too often.
    He'll show you how to navigate thru the forest, all you have to do is
    basically search shrubbery.
    4 herbs, Star Light, Snake Crest (Poison Magic), $150, Chainmail
    Your enemies here are very generous in EXP points, and even better,
    they're not hard at all.  If somehow you do get stuck, just go
    back to the entrance of the Woods to heal at the statue, becuase
    the enemies won't come back to life. (Yess!)
    The woods seem to be getting dark... darker... until finally you see
    something like a ...town?
    The Caravan
    You'll stumble accross something similar to a festival, and marvel at
    a dancer and exotic music.
    ANIME SCENE- Dancing Girl Jean
    Jean will spot you and immediately seems to know you're not the usual
    carnival workers.  She's being so generous, she offers to introduce you
    to the leader of the caravan. You'll find out that you can't leave here
    soon, because thick vines of some sort are blocking the upper paths.
    After some polite chit-chat, Jean will leave, and as always,
    so rudely you follow her.  You must ask her all three questions.
    Then a near disaster occurs!
    | -While Ruby and Jean are discussing dancing lessons, Lucia is captured
    |  by a man-eating plant, but Jean saves her
    |  using a kind of Jujitsu attack.  She pleads that you do not tell anyone
    |  else what has happened, leaving the ragtag team awe-struck. Why not?
    |  Who wouldn't want everyone to know you just saved someone?
    |  Something's up!
    If you talk to Ronfar the morning that follows, he'll tell you to take a
    soak in the hot springs to the right of the traveling caravan.  You decide
    that this is quite an opportunity, and head for Althena's Spring (You don't
    need a bar of soap this time!).
    -Althena Hot Springs
    Free Stuff to Find:
    Iron Clogs, Life Jewel
    Once inside, don't go to the right because Ruby will yell at you.  Head to
    the left where the boys' side is. (Great opportunity for females playing
    the game^^...)
    Anyways, you're about to see something very disturbing (shudder)
    ANIME SCENE- What happened inside the Althena Springs
    | -Despite Ruby's and the old man's warnings, Lucia STILL insists on
    |  going to the bath with Hiro. Consequently, she just doesn't understand
    |  why it's a bad thing to do. Another event you should mark, coz a similar
    |  yet very different one takes place in the future.
    Now that you're clean, fresh, and pleasantly odorous, you head back to the
    caravan, only to find that you will need to get sweaty AGAIN! The reason?
    Jean's friends have been kidnapped by that same plant which tried to grab
    Lucia on the night before.  Talk to Jean, and she'll hand you a rope.  Place
    it near the hole, then Jean will surprise you...
    That traitor!
    Ehehe... just kidding. How many of you believed me? lololol ^___^
    Now that Jean is in your party, the dungeon monsters should be easy.
    The dungeon is only a half walk.  You will reach the BOSS almost
    This one is tough! X_x Here's a good strategy to use---
     -Ronfar: Stays in the way back! Heal when needed, use Anger Dice the
       other times.
     -Jean: Near the back. Use her Special Attacks. The status effects won't
       work on the monster, but they still deal a lot of damage.
     -You: Hiro should continually use the fitting Special Attack. Put em in the front, yes
       he will usually be the one attacked, but this is the best formation.
     -Lucia: Will attack only when she herself is attacked. (Oh-so-helpful -_-)
    Beware its Roots attack, and beware its Zoned attack.  Has three stages:
    Gets stronger as it comes out of its flower shell. All difficult, the
    third one being hardest.
    BROMIDE: Before leaving the caravan, there's a girl near the exit.
    She'll hand you Jean's poster. (For a complete listing of all the
    bromides in this game, look for the Bromide section at the bottom of
    the walkthu!^^)
    Okay. Now that that's over with,
    After the event, speak with Jean, who follows Hiro and company on the
    way to Melibia.
    Free Stuff to Find:
    Star Light, Passion Fruit
    Weapon Shop - Silver Mace           $1320
                  Iron Fan              $1160
    Armor Shop - Iron Bracelet          $240
                 Wristlet               $60
                 Chain Mail             $720
                 Hairband               $60
    After wandering about town, look for a brown-robed girl sitting at a
    table inside the bar. Talk to her, and eventually she will leave you
    to make a decision. Now that she's gone, go to the main gate (the
    passage that was blocked off... remember?). Once there, try speaking
    with the guard. The hooded girl will appear again and tell you not
    to bother trying to get through thataway. If you talk to her again at
    the entrance to the woods, she'll let your curious team through.
      -Takkar Mountain Pass
    Not hard, but there will be two more dungeons afterward.
    Fresh Ring, Wind Ringlet
      -The Haunted Mansion
    Stuff to Find:
    Angel Tear, $30, Holy Water, Star Light (2), Herb,
    New Party Member (Lemina)
    SAVE before entering the red-carpeted room! Rearrange equipment
    and battle positions!
    Lemina's Magic Tester
    This is quite a battle. If you have a ring that keeps you from
    falling asleep (I can't remember if you would have one at this
    point in the game) then by all means EQUIP IT! This guy's bubble
    attack makes a party member fall asleep. He also has a Drumroll
    attack, and in its final stage (yes, again, there are different
    stages to the monster, just like Plantella -_-) it will have a
    devistating beam special attack. The M. Tester will ALWAYS attack
    the person closest to it, but this time, I wouldn't recommend
    putting Hiro in the front lines.  You need him to do the damage,
    & he's pretty much the strongest person in your party now. So
    keep Ronfar (healer) and Hiro (exterminator) out of the way.
    -Jean's magic is an important factor in this battle, as is
     Lucia's Napalm Shot... so if you can, put Lucia where she will
     be hit, and she will attack the robot. However, if she *dies*,
     don't revive her. (I know that sounds mean, but it's necessary!)
    | -Now wait just a minute!! You were fighting for your life against some
    |  robot that wouldn't stop pummeling you until both its arms and legs
    |  were safely exterminated, and then this hooded girl emerges with puffed
    |  anger at what you've done to her robot!?
    |  Lemina: "You idiots! You've TOTALLY destroyed my mega-magic Tester!!"
    |   >_<
    | -Well, excuse us for defending ourselves 0_o
    |  "But, eh, you've passed the test with flying colors, you know!"
    After the ANIME SCENE with Lemina the "hooded girl", head towards the back of
    the room where you'll find the exit.
    You finally have a real mage in your group!
    After leaving the mansion, you'll be taken on a magic carpet ride... Well, not
    exactly the kind you're thinking of. After a rough landing, heal at the Goddess
    Statue and be on your way...
      -Bandit Butte (another dungeon? *sigh*)
    Free Stuff to Find:
    Shiro Crest, Star Light, Wind Staff
    Straight-forward. 4 different levels.
      -East Nota
    Free Stuff to Find:
    Beaded Necklace, Herb, Silver light
    Weapon Shop - Broad Sword             $1240
    Armor Shop -  Iron Shield             $300
                  Flare Dress             $720
                  Silver Robe             $680
                  Iron Helmet             $4150
                  Silver Bandanna         $240
    Head all the way up to the bridge that connects east and west
    Nota. In the middle passage, Leo will spot and confront you on the
    Destiny. After following Ronfar's advice, Jean tells you that there
    is another way to get by West Nota--- the Magic Arrow found at the
    (Located north of here)
      -The Moving Carnival
    Jean will talk to Giban, and Leo will enter not long afterwards, then
    leaves again after believing Giban's information.  The girls in your
    group will decide to dress Lucia differently, due to the conspicuousy
    that the flaring red garb attracts.
    As Hiro and Ronfar, c'mon, why not sneak a peek inside of the dressing
    room, perverts?
    3 consecutive cutscenes.
     Lucia experiences LUNAR trends and fashions
     The way to exterminate peeping toms
     Brand-spanking new outfit
    Now all you have to do is talk to the Old man next to the Magic Arrow,
    and your trip will begin-- not as planned.
      -Ancient Ruins (dungeon)
    Walk towards the center of the platform, where Lucia will get you inside.
    2 consecutive cutscenes
     Can you remember... Lunar the Silver Star Story
     Enter Ghaleon- the eternal lost soul
    Healing Nut, Dream Crest (Sleep Magic), Star Light, Fire Staff
    | -At the end of the dugeon, you'll find a Secret Garden inhabited by faeries.
    |   They are protected by Ghaleon.  Almost like the faeries in Lunar 1... except,
    |    these seem to love Ghaleon...
    In one of the Sand Dunes, you'll be surprised by the Destiny.
    Just when you're about to be fried, Ghaleon comes to your aid. (But why?)
      -West Nota
    Now you can pass to the other side of Nota.
    West Nota Items to Find:
    Life Jewel, Peasant Clothes, Herb
    Weapon Shop=  Silver Sword           $1600
                  Silver Bracelet        $480
                  Silver Wrist           $320
                  Iron Armor             $1300
                  Priest Uniform         $1150
                  Silver Brooch          $180
    After leaving, Ronfar will suggest the newest destination. All you
    have to do is continue to follow the trail, and eventually you'll
    reach snow-capped mountains.
      -Zulan, the forever snowing city
    Star Light, Magic Robe
    Armor Shop - Platinum Shield         $600
                 Fur Dress               $1300
                 Fur Robe                $1050
                 Platinum Helmet         $360
                 Lucky Bandanna          $450
    Enter the mansion (unmistakable... the biggest house in the middle of
    the town) and you will speak to an aged man sitting next to his grand-
    daughter. He will explain to you that this fierce snowstorm has made her
    very sick, and the storm is not being caused by nature. His daughter has
    gone out into the mountain paths to retrieve a weed needed for the healing
    of the baby. Hiro will be prompted to help, and don't think you can just
    refuse and be on your way, because the exit is blocked. You must agree to
    what the Mayor asks of you, even though Lucia will leave you.
    Now, the path to the mountains will not be guarded. Head into the dungeon.
      -Zulan Mountain Pass
    Dungeon Items:
     $2000, Healing Nut, Power Crest (raises value of other crest worn), Water Staff,
      Barrier Ring, Phoenix Ring (hard to see)
    ****At the top of the dungeon, don't bother healing.*
    There will be an avelanche. Hiro will awaken to find Lucia, who WILL HEAL
    YOU completely. She has decided that she couldn't leave her friends!
    Talk to everyone, and then save. Your party will be completely healed.
    |  -Lucia will now be a very useful character for your party.
    |    She casts healing spells on party members and raises ATT and DEF for
    |    Hiro.  Gradually she will learn more powerful magic attacks, now
    |    even attacking when she herself is not attacked. Thank the--- whatever
    |    deity you follow ^_^
    Now... SAVE before heading up any further than where your injured party
    members were taking naps.
    White Yeti
    Usually, this beast will beat its chest and do a zoned attack. The good
    thing about this battle is that when it is being protected by a barrier
    tornado, you can concentrate on healing your party, since it will not
    attack during this time (about 3-4 turns). However, do not attack while it
    does this, because its defense level does not let you get above 0 in damage.
    Lemina should constantly use her single flame attack, and Ronfar as always
    should heal and not attack. As necessary, Lucia will heal you (usually Hiro).
    ***If another party member is badly hurt, and Hiro is mildly hurt, Lucia will
    still heal Hiro and ignore the other party member. However, when Hiro's health
    is fine, and another party member is hurt, she'll heal that person.
    After some short talks, the party will find a young lady laying prone in the
    snow. Soon, you'll find out that she's Maria... the daughter of the mayor...
    but SHE doesn't seem to know. Now just head down (no dungeon) until you get
    back to the town.
    After a touching moment at the house of the Mayor, linger awhile in the city
    before leaving again. Maria will have come back, but.... what about the
    rest of the family? (In the epilogue, return here... Hint, hint)
    Meribian Items to Find:
    Herb, Life Jewel, Dagger, Earth Crest (Rock Magic)
    Weapon Shop - Bastard Sword           $2450
                   (A sword to deal much cursing!)
                  White Silver Fan        $2580
    Armor Shop - Bronze Bracelet          $850
                 White Silver Wristlet    $650
                 Silver Armor             $1920
                 Purified Uniform         $1800
                 White Silver Brooch      $360
    At the top left corner of Meribia (hasn't changed much, has it?), you'll find
    Master Lunn's Dojo (Mel's mansion...). An event will occur, showing you the strength
    of his students.
    Talk to him, and then find him again inside the other room on his bed. He'll be
    disgusted with the story of the Shadow Dragon Cult, and he is eager to help you.
    With his instructions, head out of Meribia and towards the tree-studded remanants
    of the Grindery.
      -Taben's Peak (the old tank)
    The minute you enter, you'll be surprised by a white flying cat, similar to Ruby.
    As Ruby investigates, she gets caught (ANIME SCENE) by a young man, who in turn
    orders you to leave immediately.
    | -The stranger identifies himself as "Nall".
    |   To everyone's surprise, the white cat vanishes and a boy is left in his place.
    |      Nall: "Caught you!! ...I HATE cats!"
    |      Ruby: "Ow-w-w-w-ch! My wings!"
    |      Nall: "Quiet, you, or I'll have you for dinner!"
    |      Hiro: "Hey....? What's going on here! >_< Release Ruby at once!"
    |      Jean: "And you really think we're going to heed your warning? We're not going
    |              to run from you, shameful CULT LEADER!
    |    Ronfar: "Eh? He's... he's getting away!"
    |    Lemina: "AFTER him!!!"
    | -AND SO....... BACK TO OUR STORY........
    Dungeon Items:
         2f- Herb, Holy Water
         4f- Lightning Staff,
         5f- Lucky Ring, Spirit Mace
         8f- Cute Ribbon
         Playground- Herb
    Of course you won't listen to him. Head straight up the stairs toward the dungeon,
    and be prepared for a few instances of kiddie humiliation.
    (Dungeon: Quite easy, no boss.)
    When you reach the top, Knob-- I mean Nall-- will find you, and be furious.
    He decides to lock you up.
    Once you're locked up in the little prison, talk to everyone in your party.
    Eventually, the party decides to take it easy for now.
    When you wake up in the morning, you'll be the last one up.  Hiro decides
    to look for Lucia.  To find her, head up to the highest room up, Nall's
    quarters (Ah!).  You'll hear her having a strange conversation with him.
    When you talk to Nall, you will hear children scream. Nall runs out,
    pushing everyone out of his way, & Hiro follows him.
    Head for the playground!
    |  The Shadow Dragon Cult--?? But didn't we think that Nall...?
    After some deciding, Nall will entrust you to save the children. However,
    he still does not quite trust you. Therefore, Lucia must stay behind as
    a "hostage", or rather, more accurately, as a baby-sitter for the children
    who just saw what happened to their friends.  You promise Lucia you'll
    save her after you save the kids, and head for Meribia to look for the
    entrance to the sewers.
    If you talk to the people in the village, they'll have told you that there
    is a hole that's opened up in Ramus's store... yes, it is the entrance
    to the Meribian Sewers.
      -The Meribian Sewers
    Dungeon Items:
    Bronze Shield, Quake Staff, Bronze Helm, Healing Nut, Silk Dress,
    Star Light (2)
    In here, you must activate different switches to operate different ladders.
    Basicallly.... just find all the glowing switches and turn them on.
    (I believe there is an overflooding population of monsters in this dungeon.)
    At the end of the dungeon, where you find two treasure chests containing
    the Star Lights, save.  Inside of the room, there will be a boss waiting.
    3 Cult Ninjas
    After the event, follow the children and run back to Taben's Peak.
    At Taben's Peak, search for Lucia at the playground. You'll hear her
    singing, and everyone is amazed at her beautiful voice.
    Heading out, you'll be stopped by Nall. He says he is very greatful
    for what you have done, and he won't forget it.  After a few words
    with Ruby (much to Ruby's disgust), he will give you the "White Dragon
    Wings"!  With this, you have no more need for the Dragonfly Wings that
    you can buy in stores.
    Outside, you'll find that the barricade has been removed.  The path to
    Vane is clear.
    Once inside of Vane, a few of Black Hero Borgan's guards will stop you.
    Lemina will be outraged, and nearly crazed with worry for what Borgan may
    be doing to her mother inside of the mansion, but she is still composed
    enough to tell you of a secret entrance to Vane using the magical training
    hall: The Cave of Trials.
    Lemon (Lemina^^) says, the Transmission Springs are due south of Vane, in
    which you will find the dungeon.
      -The Cave of Trials
      B1- Thieves' Staff (Lemina: "Grubby hands off, buster!" [Can't take any
               items from Vane until you receive permission from Lemina])
      -Ancient Vane
    (Lemina:"Morons!! Don't even TRY taking anything!!") Lemina's Purse, Gorgon Doll,
    Thunder Crest, Silver Light, Angel Ring, Seal Crest (Prevent Magic)
    Inside the Mansion, find Borgan (not easy to miss) and talk to him two times.
    Much to Lemon's dismay, he will disappear with Miria to Pentagulia.
    Lemon loves her mother the most, so she is in very much distress. Follow
    her to the roof, do not offer to give her any money, and try cheering her up.
    It helps... a little.
    Lemina will give you the permission to open the chests!
    Comb the entire village, including the Library and cave, for treasure.
      -Sluice Gate Forest
    Resist Ring, Star Light, Warrior Crest (+ATT)
      -Water Ruins
    At night (after talking to each of your sleeping party members for some
    funny dialogue :P) search for Lucia near the water.
    Naughty naughty ANIME SCENE: Althena's Springs, Part 2
    Azado Items to Find:
    Safety Helm, Angel Ring
    At Althena's Shrine, you need to talk to the head priest infront of the
    Goddess Statue.  He is an aquiantance of Ronfar, and he will tell you
    to seek the Former Head Priest in the house with the Red Rooftop.
    The child that was blocking the door will now let you in.
    Inside, you need to talk to the ex-priest two times before you are
    prompted to rest. Yes, you'll need to rest, for that night, you'll be
    sent out to fight the specters.
    During the night, your party will find the ship you need. However, while
    inside, Ruby will bring the other passengers to their attention.
    It seems you have slipped into the wrong ship.....
    If you talk with Leo, he'll eventually be convinced enough to help you.
    Be happy! Leo has joined your party! For now, anyway...
    Make your way thru the Azado Barbeque to the Former Priest's House. Talk
    them, and then go forward to the shrine.  If the Inferno Ghouls plunder
    too much of your HP or MP, just head back to the Goddess Statue of the town.
      -Azado Shrine (Dungeon)
    Take full advantage of having Leo at your disposal. Without Lemina or Jean,
    you'll need him (Why the heck do the girls always end up having to be rescued?
    In Lunar 1, you had to save them from the Songstress... makes ya wonder...)
     Healing Ring, Holy Crest, Star light, Healing Nut, Silverlight
     Flame Phoenix (?)
    Beware. This one is tough (unless you have a Game Shark :p).
    If you managed to take the Healing Ring from one of the chests in
    the dungeon, equip it on either Ronfar or Hiro.
    Use items as necessary, and always revive Ronfar as he is crucial
    to your party's health. The phoenix doesn't just attack the person
    in the front. It also has an All-Enemy attack. It's going to take
    a while, be sure of that.
    You will have gained Leo's trust, and regained his friendship.
    Back at the Destiny, you'll encounter an event with Mauri, and
    Ronfar will see what has happened to her.
    After the event, you and Ruby are free to wander the dragonship.
    Your party members will direct you to where Lucia is. Look for her
    on the deck.
    2 Consecutive cutscenes--
    ANIME SCENE: Hiro and Lucia, distress for what's to come
    ANIME SCENE: Pentagulia, golden in the sunset
      -Holy City Pentagulia
    When you get off the ship, Hiro will spot Ghaleon (ANIME SCENE).
    Leo will set off again, and you need to say goodbye to your party members.
    Each of them will set off for one of the Towers of the 4 Heroes. You can
    go into the towers later if you want to see them, having a chat with the
    desired person.
    Enter the center building. You'll find Leo waiting infront of the Goddess'
    Chamber. You're adventure is finally at an end.
    ANIME SCENE: Lucia meets the Goddess, Althena
    After an unfortunate accident, Hiro will challenge Ghaleon to a duel.
    He will agree, but remember that this is not a fight you are supposed to
    You have to go on without dying for a couple of rounds, but you don't have
    to win. Just coninue hacking at him until the screen turns back to the
    Suddenly, you wake, finding yourself in a jail cell. You are actually in the
    White Tower Prison.
    Talk to Ruby, who will conclude that it is hopeless to find a way out.
    Not quite-- You're rescued just in time by a familiar stranger.
    | -What a handsome masked knight! ^_~ Can we have your autograph?           |
      -White Hero tower
     What to Find: Healing Ring, Life Crystal, Platinum Sword
    Head all the way down, then from the white room up. You'll be in a room that
    connects all four towers. I suggest getting your healer first! He is located in
    the Red Dungeon.
    The towers go as follows......
      -Blue Hero Tower
      -Red Hero Tower
      -Black Hero Tower
    Now you have your entire team back (you knew this was coming... didn't you?).
    It seems that your adventure isn't quite done yet afterall.
    Your savior Mystere will leave you on an urgent call (*sniff* goodbye...).
    On the next floor, you'll find "Leo" waiting for you. He'll tell you that
    there is a secret path inside of the Goddess Statue. So head back down to
    the room that connects the towers, and search the statue there.
    After freeing Lucia, keep following her until you are inside of the Goddess
    Tower.  You think that you are dead meat, but-
    Once again, you are rescued by Nall. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that
    you need to free the Dragon Auras from all four Heroes. The first one should
    be his own.  The White Hero is Leo, and you find the Destiny docked close
    to Taben's Peak.
    It seems you'll have to fight him afterall.
    Sometimes, he'll use items to rejuvenate. It's not too bad, though. The
    only thing that is significantly higher on him than Hiro, is his
    Hit Points.
    >From now on, you'll be able to use the Dragonship Destiny. ^___^
    And with the Dragon Aura, use the ship to sail to the White Dragon Cave
    (Located in the North near the snowcapped mountains).
      -White Dragon Cave
                               What to look for:
     Star Light, Avoidence Ring, Protection Ring, Chiro Crest,
        Wind Crest, Angel Ring, Ice Staff, Holy Water
    There's one enemy that won't be beaten here... the Chiro Mongrel!
    Later on in the game, you can try beating them for 30,000 EXP.
    Equip Lemina with the Thieve's Staff and you'll be able to steal Chiro
    and Shiro Crests from the Chiro and Shiro Mongrels (it works every time).
    The White Fiend
    Another Hard one. Just make Lemina use her Single Flame attack, and use
    Erase Magic whenever it casts the Field Effect (I give credit to JL for info
    on Field Magic).
    Hiro, once again, the main exterminator, Ronfar healer. This time, Lucia
    will also heal you if you're in serious trouble. I wouldn't recommend keeping
    Hiro in the front lines, or he'll most likely die.
    Don't be surprised if you don't make it the first time you try this battle.
    After your victory, find Nall in the next room. He'll turn into a very
    handsome dragon (according to Ruby), well, better looking than Quark LOL^.^
    You'll receive the White Dragon Crest! This is one of the best items in the
    game.  If you give this to Jean, who's always the fastest, she can use it
    during Boss Battles to keep your party safe from one Spell (just keep casting
    White Dragon Protect and you'll be safe from all spells in the fight^^)
    Now head down the path which used to be blocked by ice bergs.
    Protect Ring, Life Crystal, Blue Pajamas, Rubber Shoes
    ANIME SCENE: Jean's new outfit!
    Head inside of the Dojo, talk to the man in the middle.
    You will receive a card that will grant you entry to the Tournament.
    The Tournament is held in the Zen Zone. It is South of Horam.
      -The Tournament of Zen
    ***For those of you already getting excited, I'll have to inform you that
    you won't be fighting the Bunny Fist.
    There's a Goddess Statue in this town, so every time you finish a battle,
    just go there to pray. You will fight three tournament battles, and then
    When you have completed all rounds, you must accompany Jean to speak with
    Lunn two times. You will go into a boss battle, but not with Hiro or Ronfar
    this time.
    Blue Hero Lunn
    He really isn't that difficult, and if you had your entire party with you,
    he'd be dead before long.
    But since there's only Jean, take a different strategy. None of his attacks
    are severely deadly, so use items when Jean is below 60 Hit Points.
    Continually use the Blue Dragon Fist. You should be fine.
    Now, not only have you saved hundreds of children from the influence of Lunn,
    but you're also free to find the Blue Dragon in the Blue Dragon's Cave.
       -The Cave of the Blue Dragon
                                       Items to Find:
     Wind Staff, Holy Water, Barrier Ring, Revenge Crest, Angel Tear, Angel Ring,
      Lightning Ring, Golden Hairpin, Star Light
    This is my favorite of all the caves. It doesn't have many levels and the
    monsters are no match for your party.
    Once you see a door with light shining through it, get everything prepared.
    The Blue Fiend
     Hiro- Use the best Special Attack at hand on your current level, use items
       when necessary.
     Ronfar- Use Shining Litany on the first turn, heal all other times
       when necessary, otherwise just use Anger Dice.
     Lemina- Use her Single Flame Attack, will do much damage. As she should do
       with all fiends, use erase magic when you see the Field icon.
     Jean- Use White Dragon Protect whenever possible (provided she has the White
       Dragon Crest equipped).
    The Blue Dragon hasn't changed at all. ^_^ Still lovable/goofy...
    Once again, you will receive a Dragon Crest. This crest enables the equipped
    person to cast a healing spell which rejuvinates all party members.
    As you ride down the path that has been cleared by the Dragon, you will
    be stopped in your tracks by the site of a floating something.
     Borgan's Glorious Flying City
    You will not be able to use the Destiny, so step off it and into the cave
    entrance that you see.
      -Zaback Mines
    Silverlight, Healing Fruit Fresh Ring, Angel's Tear, Rust Dagger,
     Star Light, Earth Ring
    ***Four levels
                   Free Items:
     Life Jewel, Passion Fruit
    If you have enough money, check out the weapon and armor shops for
    some good equipment.
    In order to get to Neo Vane, go to the building that has the
    teleportation system.
      -(Neo) Vane
    Find: Luck Ring
    The woman/man at the door to Neo Vane will put Jean and Ronfar into a
    cell, and you are left with only Lemina. Once you enter Neo Vane and
    check out the shops, enter the little door in the wall to get to the
    Cave of Trial.
      -(Neo) Cave of Trial
    Healing Ring, (Party Members), Barrier Ring, Earth Staff, Star Light,
     Silver Light.
    Watch for some tough monsters. Don't bother skimping on the amount of MP
    you use, since there will be a Goddess Statue for you before you must
    fight the boss.
    At the end of the dungeon, just search the Electric-like door and Lemina
    will take care of the rest.
      -Neo Magic Guild
    Look for: Red PJs, Silver Light
    Before fighting him, talk to Borgan a few times.
    You must be careful about the attack that sucks your characters' MP
    (He'll use it when you see his Dragons glowing).  Jean should use White
    Dragon's Protection on the spells that hurt your party badly.
    If possible, (if her MP isn't running low) let Jean use Blue Dragon Palm.
    Lemina should be the one to secure Star Lights and Healing Nuts, as well
    as Power Flame for Hiro.
    There will come a point when Borgan uses a magic barrier. You won't do
    any damage at this time, but your characters should use Normal Attacks
    to break it.
    At this time, the battle won't take much longer.
    | -"Geh, heh, heh..."
    Look for Miria upstairs. After what happens to Borgan, speak with him to
    receive the Cave Key you need to open the formerly-locked one in the Zaback
    Mines. Return her and just search the door, which reveals the Black Dragon's
      -Black Dragon Cave
    This cave is hard and annoying, but nothing compared to your boss.
    Healing Nut, Thunder Staff, Force Ring, Angel Ring, Star Dagger,
     $312, Angel's Tear, Healing Fruit, Hunter's Crest (+Range), Star Light
    CAREful... there are places in this dungeon that will leach your party's
    Hit Points when walking through them.
    ***Before starting the Boss Battle, equip your party with Rings that
    prevent most conditions.
    The Black Fiend
    Do not expect to win on the first round.
    This guy/girl is a pain in the butt. Not only are its attacks abnormally
    strong, but it has a resistance to most Special Attacks and ALL physical
    attack formations. Lemina should attack with her Single Ice Spell,
    and since Jean's does hardly ANY damage, make her use items and White
    Dragon Protection. On the first round, Ronfar should use his Divine Litany.
    ***Has attacks that cause abnomalies.
    Now the Black Dragon is free! She grants you the Black Dragon Crest, and
    now all you have to do is go through the Zaback Mines to return to the
    Dragonship Destiny. Keep moving downward, the way you were going before the
    Neo Vane cannon hit you, and you will end up near a village.
    Items - Yellow PJs, Silver Light (look near the bushes), Passion Fruit
    You need to find Leo at the Goddess Statue. After he leaves, follow him up
    to his house. It is to the far right. He'll tell you what is happening to
    the villagers, and what he plans to do about Mauri. Your party has another
      -Serak Palace
                           Stuff to Find:
    Star light, Insane Wrist, Holy Hairpin, Silver light, Life Jewel (2),
     Master Helm, Priest's Uniform, Tiger Wrap
    If you aren't concerned with the items, all you have to do is go right
    and then just let the teleportations system lead you to where you need
    to go.
    After releasing Althena's power to awaken everyone from their trances,
    head back out to the door that the woman was blocking. You will see Leo
    and Mauri talking.
    Ronfar will leave you, so your boss battle won't have a healer (but Leo
    will join in your fight).
    You are now controlling Ronfar. Supposedly, you have gone inside of Mauri's
    mind. You must tell the Mauris that appear that you do not believe they are
    the real one.
    Now, we switch back to your other party members.
    Mauri's ID
    Usually, there will be three battles to win, all without a healer.
    In the first two, you must destroy the connected heads. In the final,
    there will be a "Boss Head" which has more Hit Points than any of the
    I don't expect you to lose this battle, since it's not hard at all.
    Lemina will be effective in using her Single Ice Spell, and Leo should
    use his Single Special Attack, unless you want to use Grizzle Blade, to
    damage all enemies simultaneously.
    You are back to being Ronfar....
    All you have to do now, is find and talk to Mauri. You have to admit this
    is very sweet. Afterwards, your party will be thrilled to see both of
    them in good condition. Automatically, you will receive the Key to the
    Red Dragon Cave from Mauri. Enter through the doorway in that room.
      -The Red Dragon Cave
    ~Before you are allowed to enter the cave, you'll be confronted by Nall,
    who wants to have a few words with Ruby~
      Lots of items to find!
    Holy Hairpin, Healing Nut, Life Crystal, Dyne Armor, Star Light (2),
     Tiger Armlet, Passion Fruit, Evil Crest, Minch Ring, Holy Water, Angel's Tear (2),
      Shield Ring, Angel Ring
    Red Fiend
    Revive Lemina whenever possible, you need her for her Single Ice Attack.
    Jean, as usual, cast White Dragon Protect.
    For some reason, I didn't find this battle difficult. I thought the
    Black and White Fiends were significantly tougher.
    Witness Ruby turn into a lovely Red Dragon!
    |   -~!!This is the point where Ruby increases in ATT power!!~
    | Ronfar: "Woah! I never thought you had it in ya, Red! You're the
    |           most kawaii dragon I've ever seen!"
    |   **Memorable Quotables**
    | Hiro: "I guess Nall thinks of Ruby as more than a friend."
    | Ruby: "Have you gone mad, Hiro?! Nall is just... um... making amends..!"
    | Jean: "Ha, ha, ha! Ruby may have grown up, but she's still an awful liar."
    Now, you can basically sail around anywhere you want.
    When you're ready, and ONLY when you're ready (When I say only when you're ready,
    that's what I mean-- when you finish Pentagulia, there will be no other way to get
    necessary equipment if you need it), set sail for Pentagulia.
    You'll see an event where Ruby turns back into the Dragon.
     Dragon Attack
    Now that you're in Pentagulia, you'll be somewhere you should remember well.
      -The Fortress of Althena
    Look For: Healing Nut, Holy Water (2), Holy Mace (Ronfar),
               Steel Claw (Jean), Master Shield, Bracelet of Exorcism, Bandana of
                Protection, Light Robe
    Eventually you step foot into a room that your party wants to investigate.
     Life of the Blue Star
           When you reach the Goddess tower, I suggest you save.
    Fake Althena
    Some of you (particularly the kind of gamers that like to be way ahead
    in level) will have Hiro's Triple Sword Special Attack. This is an easy
    way to get rid of this lady, and even easier if Lemina casts her Power Up
    Whenever there's an attack that you think could severely damage your party,
    let Jean cast her usual (White Dragon Protect), and everything should turn
    out all right.
    No need to be afraid of her +ATT and +DEF spell, since they do her very little
    Now go back out and heal again at the Goddess Tower if needed, because there
    will be a few more monsters ahead.
            2nd Floor- Life Jewel, Passion Fruit
            3rd Floor- Silver Light
            4th Floor- Angel Tear, Farie's Protection
            5th Floor- Goddess Crest, Star Light, Tri-Ring
    A surprise is waiting for you at the top of the fortress. Speak with him, and
    a sad truth is uncovered for Lucia.
     Ancient Luna's Story
    Continually talk to Lucia. She will not listen to you, and instead, everyone's
    Magic Power will have dropped to 0 after what she does. You won't really need
    it now anyways.
    Just leave the room-- your party will involuntarily leave the fortress.
    Something evil has awakened...
    Two consecutive cutscenes:
      -Zophar's rebirth
      -Lucia tries...
    You find yourself in Vane.
    ~~~If you talk to Ramus who's inside of the magic guild, you'll be treated to
    some cool (and needed) stuff.
    As Ruby says, talk to Miria, who's standing next to Borgan inside of Main Hall.
    She'll inform you about your party's condition, and says you ought to look for
    them.  It's embarassing, but it took me forever to find Lemina... She's inside
    the Cave of Trials. Talk to her a few times. Then look in the library, and
    scout the area near the Goddess Statue.
    Afterwards, Miria will give you a few more wise words, and then orders you to
    the Guild rooftop.  You'll find Leo, who will finally join you!!
    When he's gone, you'll need to have a fight with someone you know well.
    Eventually, you knew it had to happen. (ANIME SCENE)
    If you talk to him (I suggest saving before doing so) you'll automatically
    be thrown into battle.
    Even though you don't have to win this, don't get lazy. You must inflict
    enough damage to start another battle, which is fairer than the first.
    After the first battle, your party somehow regains their MP.
    Continue using the same strategies as always.
    Now, IF you have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a final battle,
    talk to Ghaleon and you'll be off to the fight of your life.
    Two consecutive cutscenes:
     -Ghaleon, a spirit once again
     -Zophar's Lair and Lucia
    The Destiny will have driven over some rocks in order to get here, so
    there's no way you can leave again now (I warned you).
    If you need to heal, go inside of the Dragonship and pray to the Goddess
      -Zophar's Keep
    Silver Light (4), Fiend Ring (Looks good, but don't equip it),
     Life Jewel (3)
    I hope you saved your silver lights for the final battle!
    When you reach the Stairs, SAVE
    This is about as hard as your final fight in Lunar Silver Star was, and
    that is... not hard, for a final fight.
    Use your usual strategies, by now everyone's Hiro should have Triple Sword,
    and hopefully Lemina has her Catastrophie spell. Just have Lemina give Jean
    Star lights when necessary, don't use many of your Silver Lights yet! You
    have to save them for the absolute final battle.
    | ~He's Baaack--!!
    Now you will go into a fight that you don't really have to win, but you need
    to stay alive for 5 turns!
    NO ONE should attack.  Your entire party should defend, and while you do that,
    spread everyone apart, so that multi-attacks will only hit one person.
    Ronfar should heal every to every other turn.
    Don't worry about your MP now, because Lucia will rejuvenate everyone soon
    If you thought the last one was hard, you've got a problem here...
    Yes, it is hard... but possible!
    Have everyone equipped with an Angel Ring. Jean should use White Dragon
    Protect nearly every round, and either Leo or Lemina should use a Silver
    Light on her whenever necessary. Hiro keeps using his Triple Sword.
    This is just my opinion, but it's fastest to kill ONLY the HEAD of Zophar,
    and not worry about his Hands. You can win this battle even without killing
    any of his hands.
    To lessen magic damage to your party, have Lemina use her Magic Barrier
    spell. It's a good deal of help.
    I give full credit to JL for the following information:
    FALSE LEFT & RIGHT HANDS - Attacks one person each
    REAL LEFT HAND - Round 1: Heals one body part
                     Round 2: Absorbs HP, heals all parts
                     Round 3: Absorbs MP, heals all parts
                     Round 4: Attacks one person
                     Round 5: Dispel Magic on one character
    REAL RIGHT HAND - Round 1: Area Ice attack
                      Round 2: Area Wind attack
                      Round 3: Area Electricity attack
                      Round 4: Area Fire attack
                      Round 5: Area Earth attack
    HEAD - When light in middle is shining red, it will attack one person +
           status attack
           When head is filled with electricity, will attack one person
           When light in middle is shining green, it will attack one person
           When light in middle is shining white, it will cast Erase Magic
           When face is moving, it will do a killer blow (7000+ damage)
           When light in middle is shining yellow, it will attack one
           When light in middle is shining blue, it will cast Meteor Shower
           on the entire party
    Note the attack that will kill one of your characters no matter what
    your stats are... (over 6,000 in damage!)
    Weakened Zophar
    >Sigh> This is starting to get annoying.
    Oh well, this battle is easier than trying to fight Albino Baboons on
    your current level.
    Ahh... You did it. You should be proud! That was one tough battle!
    I'd tell you how many times I lost to it, but I'm too ashamed. *lmao*
    Save here, just incase someone steps on the power button now or if
    the CD jams... you know, just incase.^^
    You'll want to have the record of beating Zophar, and you'll want to
    see the ending, and you'll also want to see the Epilogue!
    Now, just speak to Nall, who'll give Ruby an invitation. Don't think
    that you can keep Ruby to yourself and just move on with the game,
    because if you don't let Ruby go with Nall, he won't tell you where
    Lucia is, and she won't show up, either.
    So eventually-- and you knew this had to happen SOMEtime-- it'll be
    time to let Ruby go. ):
    After reading Nall's letter that he'd preserved for 1000 years (just
    imagine how dirty this thing looks), look for Lucia on the Guild rooftop,
    as Nall informed.
    After a looong voyage on the Destiny (what they should have done is let
    the players navigate this themselves, because it takes forever), there
    will be a scene in which Lucia must... (ANIME SCENE)
      "What your party members are up to now"
    ***Don't let the "The End" words make you turn the PSX off ...
        there is an epilogue that I suggust you partake!
    EPILOGUE- The Real End
    So! You're the newest hero of the world, you've got yourself a girl, and
    life is good. Well, not exactly.. the problem now, though not a threat to
    the world, is still important to you. Lucia is gone! She went back to the
    Blue Star! But you're determined to go after her....
    And thus, the Epilogue was made.
    But the epilogue isn't all about dungeons. As Working Designs has said,
    it is to "tie up all loose ends", and that is exactly what they mean. The
    people in all towns have come up with all of their own solutions.
    For example,
    going to Taben's Peak and speaking with the kids there, will reveal that the
    boy that told you he will one day confront Nall and ask him how he keeps young
    has finally asked him, and the girl that told you that she wants to tell Nall
    she wants to marry him has finally told him, and the older girl has left!
    Stuff like that. There's some really entertaining things going on in towns,
    if you're into the calm part of the game.
    If you spoke with those people during the course of the game, it will make more
    sense to you.
    ***NOTE: If you want a challenge (or just want to figure all of this out
     by yourself, like I did), there is a way to get hints. For instance, going to
     the carnival and speaking with the fortune-teller will reveal all places (in
     hints) of where to find your party members. After you have them, she reveals
     (in hints) of where dungeons are located.
    ***NOTE: The only dungeons you are recquired to finish are the Water Ruins
    (located near Sluice Gate), Dragon Ruins (the dungeon in the VERY beginning
    of the game... where Hiro narrated about himself), and then, only when you
    have the two jewels, the Star Dragon Tower (Area in Starlight Forest where the
    Goddess Statue is).
    Here are your party members, incase you want to re-recruit them...
      -Jean: carnival
      -Lemina: Vane
      -Leo: Ancient Ruins {The dungeon with the faeries}
      -Ronfar: Raculi
    I don't expect you to fight the entire epilogue on your own (wink/nudge).
    --To get the Crystal of Memories.....
         +Go to Nota
         +Find the short-haired girl in the room connecting the bridge and east Nota
         +Give the message she told you to the boy in the bar (the drunk one/blue haired one)
         +Give him words of encouragement (Tell him not to give up!)
         +Watch what happens to the wedding
      *Now that you have the rememberizer, you still can't watch the animé scenes.
       In order to watch them, you must visit all places of where the scenes took place.
       EX: Go to the entrance of Taben's Peak, and after Ruby informs you that the crystal
            is glowing, you will be able to watch the scene "An Old Friend" whenever you
    --To get Althena's Sword.....
         +Go to Taben's Peak
         +Enter Nall's chambers
         +(remember to speak with the grey-haired kid to get the bromide^^)
         +Talk with Nall multiple times.
         +Handle with care.
    Here is the list of ALL the dungeons in the EPILOGUE...
           ~Dragon Ruins
                [The Adventure began here...]
           ~Water Ruins
                [in Sluice Gate, where Lucia took a bath]
           ~Dragons' Nest
                [A cave has developed near Pentagulia]
                [The sphynx-like structure close to (Neo) Vane]
           ~Brave Labyrinth
                [A cave has developed near Horam]
           ~Lost Labyrinth
                [The dungeon in Althena Springs-- close to where you first saw Jean]
           ~Star Dragon Tower (FINAL!)
                [The place in Starlight Forest where the Goddess Statue is]
    After you retrieve the two Opal Jewels (found in the Dragon Ruins and in the
    Water Ruins), place them inside the door of the Star Dragon Tower and it will be
    your FINAL-FINAL dungeon, and you will see the REAL ending....
     ***Once again, before journying to the dungeons, pay a visit to Nall (chatting
          a few times), and go to Nota to retrieve the Crystal of Memories. (Chatting
           even more with Nall grants you some entertaining dialogue...)
    On to the Walkthrough!
    {{{Dragons' Nest}}}
    Goddess Hairpin, Goddess Bracelet, Dragon Shield, Nameless Sword, Sage Staff,
    Life Jewel, Silver Light, Gale Crest, Chaos Armor.
    Located behind Pentagulia. This is a straightforward dungeon, with no puzzles, no
    twists or turns, and not even a boss! However, it takes a long time to finish with
    nine levels.
    Comb this place for some cool treasure. Once in the final room, all you need to do
    is just take the Gale Crest from the treasure chest, and you're done!
    {{{Brave Labyrinth}}}
    Hero's Talisman
     Pretty easy to find, located near the city of the Fist (Horam). In the
     first room, don't go in like a homocidal murderer and slaughter all grey
     things in your way-- you need the sword enemies to glide across the four
     buttons to open the doorway.
     Once you do this, head straight through the door. Pressing the monuments
     gets you into a new room each time, but not all of the stone monuments are
     real. If they're fake, you'll need to get into battle. Here's the pattern
     of the real monuments you should follow to avoid attack: In the first walkway,
     press statue 2. In the second walkway, press statue 3. Third, press number 4,
     and finally, press the 3rd monument, to get across to the next station.
     In this room, take this pattern to avoid dangerous metal traps: west, west,
     west, east, east. Now save, and heal! You know the drill!
     You won't see the boss,
     but while opening it with Hiro's hot little hands will reveal it.
    Talisman and Arms
    Deal damage to the Talisman using attacks and sword skills. Ronfar
    should use Divine Litany on the first turn, as always. My first instinct
    was to kill that annoying Talisman, the one who's creating all the
    Sword Arms and Fist Arms. It turns out, he has a lot more HP than it looks
    like he'd have. Just use your strongest attacks, and range attacks if
    possible (Recom: Triple Sword, Catastrophe, Grizzle Blade, Blue Dragon Fist,
    Miracle Litany/Healing Magic).
    Remember that only the Talisman is susceptible to the sword attacks.
    The treasure should be in the chest now. This is a crest which, when equipped,
    lets the user cast Burning Rage which {for ONLY 1MP} raises power of all allies
    DRASTICALLY. Pretty cool item ^_^
    {{{Lost Labyrinth}}}
    Alex's Ocarina (!)
    Remember where you first met Jean? It was in the forest of illusion. Head back
    there and enter Althena's Springs. A newly formed break in the wall will be discovered.
    Inside is a seemingly endless Maze, the Lost Labyrinth, A.K.A. the dungeon of doom
    which took me forever to figure out(I hope you're reading this...).
    It really is almost endless, if you go the wrong directions each time. Here's the
    order in which you need to go...
      Enter the first transportation device.
        -east one
        -east one
        -south one
      Enter the second transportation device.
        -south one
        -west one
        -west one
        -south again
      Enter the third transportation device.
        -east one
        -east one
        -north one
        -west one
        -north one
      Enter the fourth transportation device.
      Enter the final transportation device.
    Now, SAVE! Like I always say...
    Make sure you bring up your MP and HP points.
    On the seventh floor, you just go north to find your boss!
    Wow. This one is tough if you're below level 57.
    Healers are the wretched evil of all enemy battles, so first kill
    the one that you notice healing the others. Either do this, or, if
    you want it easier, kill the one that uses elemental magic (Mage
    Guardian, I believe).  Hiro's Triple Sword works on the Angel and
    Mage, but not the Knight. Use Catastrophe, Healing spells, Blue Dragon
    Palm/Fist (White Dragon Protect if you want to, if the Mage is still
    alive).  For the Knight, use anything Wind-magic related (Hiro's Cross-
    Boomerang should work) and any elemental magics.
    Keep going up! Don't go back yet! You will WANT this item, believe me
    you'll want it... Alex's Ocarina is nestled a few paces away. Yay!
    {{{Dragon Ruins}}}
    Dragon Armor, Scarlet Wrap, Justice Rod, Lion Helmet, Archer Crest, Goddess Gauntlet,
    Silver Light, RIGHT OPAL JEWEL
    Ah! Remember this place? Those early memories... (For those of you still clueless,
    it's the dungeon you first found Ruby and Hiro in, near Grandpa Gwyn's.)
    Head up to where the big rock used to be blocking a pathway. It's gone now,
    allowing you entry.
    I would suggest this to be your first dungeon to try in the Epilogue.
    It's pretty much straightforward, and you should reach the boss chamber in
    no time at all (there's always a catch to easy dungeons-- the long walks! Ugh)
    on the ninth floor.
    At the end of floor eight, SAVE.
    Phantom Sentry
    Spread your party out to be out of Zoned Att range. Try putting them near the
    back, AND spread them out.
    Use White Dragon Protection whenever he tries to do an attack your party will
    suffer greatly from.
    Once again, on the first turn, cast Divine Litany, Dopple Dance/Slam Dance, and
    any other Aid Magic available. Afterwards, Continue the pattern Triple Sword,
    Catastrophe, Heal/Revive Magic, Dragon Palm, and for Leo Flash Blade.
    Once you gain your victory, keep going until you reach the place with a Dragon-
    like head where your Opal jewel treasure lies.
    Fantasy Ribbon, Miracle Bandanna, Lunn's Armlet, Holy Shield, Silver Light,
    Healing Ring, Fierce Fist, Hiro's BROMIDE ^_^
    Obviously, it's the dungeon near Neo-Vane that looks like a lion/sphynx.
    I didn't even attempt this dungeon until after I was at level 61, and it was
    the last dungeon I completed. Why? Everything here is annoying. Enemies. Corridors.
    It's similar to a big maze. >Sigh<  If you want to, just run from all the monsters.
    If an enemy does manage to catch you, just flee from battle. It worked most of
    the time for me.
    In the first corridor, head northeast to find the door to the next level. However,
    if you want all the treasure here, just run around looking for it through the
    Eventually you'll be in a corridor with rooms on the side. enter each one and
    press the switches. Another path will open up each time you press a switch in
    a room, which LEADS you to a new room. (? Did that make sense?)
    Finally, you'll be in a place that looks like a big face. You should save here,
    for the boss is just ahead.  Make sure to get Hiro's Bromide, located in one of
    the treasure chests!  Once you do, you'll know the boss is in the very next room.
    Put on any crests that let you cast elemental magic.
    **Note: This tip comes from Metalzona@yahoo.com. ^_^;; If you decide to try
    combating one of those black eye monsters afterall, here's the strategy: Jean
    casts WDP, Hiro uses Triple sword, Lemina casts Power flame. It will cast its
    attack on all of your members, but needless to say it won't do any damage. In the
    second turn, just finish it off with another Triple sword. It gives you a total of
    2222 points of EXP, so it should be worth it.
    -The Devil Eye
    Doesn't matter if you didn't fight any of the monsters in the dungeon to level
    up. I beat this guy, so can you.
    First, here's what you should be aware of. He is strong against all physical
    attacks.  What you need to do is attack with any magic you have.  Hiro has
    his Cross-Boomerang attack, Lemina should cast Ice Arrows(works wonders here).
    Ronfar heals if it ever becomes necessary, Jean issues White Dragon Protect if you
    want her to.  If Jean's Palm attack works, use it, although it doesn't work too
    well. Leo's magic choice is either his single or zoned earth spells.
    Jean and Hiro are the ones to issue items.
    All right!
    Now you can steal the rest of the treasure, and be on your way.
    {{{Water Ruins}}}
    Saint Clothes, Goddess Armor, Sage Robe, Dragon Helm, Berserker Claw, Life Jewel,
    Go to the place where Lucia was taking a bath in, the Sluice Gate Forest.
    ****Be warned that this dungeon CANNOT be entered until you receive the Rememberizer
    in Nota, like I said before.
    I like this place. The monsters give you excellent EXP. I used this dungeon to
    level my chars up for the Lionhead. What you should do BEFORE attempting to
    FINISH this dungeon, is fight all monsters in the first room, go back out, heal
    at the Goddess Statue, go back in, fight all monsters in the first room, go back
    out, heal at the Goddess Statue, go back in, fight all monsters in the first room...
    Just keep doing that and your party will advance like mad.
    Anyways, once you think you're on a high enough level to fight the monsters
    without having to go out to keep healing, go inside again.
    All you have to do is basically press switches to open staircases to get to
    the next rooms. It's pretty basic. Just be aware that some switches won't be
    accessible until you press another switch.
    On the fifth floor, SAVE.
    There is a way to avoid the boss battle! Just enter the
    doorway to the east instead of heading straight up north. There, you can grab
    the Jewel you need, and head back out the way you came, never having to
    even touch the Water Guardian. However, if you want to just try it, I won't
    stop you..
    -Blue Guardian
    Hey, he's not as hard as I expected him to be. Have Lemina cast
    Catastrophe for 1000 in damage (whoo!). Hiro, same as ever, Triple Sword,
    Ronfar healing/revival, Jean Dragon Palm attack, Leo Flash Blade.
    If you want, cast all of your Aid Magic on the first turn, or early on in the
    battle. He'll be gone before you even realize...
    Wait, I forgot to mention that he can trap a character in some sort of white
    bubble that won't pop! It's very annoying. If too many of your people have
    been trapped, you're basically doomed, unless he's almost dead and you still
    have a healthy character fighting.
    So if for some reason you can't beat him, just use the method I showed you and
    head around the eastern door without having to fight him.
    Head up to claim your Jewel! So now, if you have both your Opal and Sapphire
    Jewels, you can head to your FINAL dungeon!
    {{{Star Dragon Tower}}}
    Find: N/A
    To get here, go to the Starlight Forest first, with both of your jewels.
    Enter the both jewels into each eye of the Dragon monument, and the dungeon
    will open. You're on to the real end...
    There's really nothing for me to give you advice on here. The enemies aren't
    very hard, and you can use all Star Lights and Healing Nuts you want, because
    the boss battle is only for Hiro.
    On the 7th floor, heal Hiro to near complete statues and SAVE!
    The Star Dragon is lurking ahead.
    -The Star Dragon
    This is SOOO easy. No need to be afraid of this one, especially if you're
    at a level between 58 and 65.
    Just continue using Triple Sword the whole way through. None of the attacks
    the Dragon has are very frightening. His speech was nothing but empty boasts
    (-VP :P)
    This is all I'm going to say about this battle, along with.. if you're party
    would have fought with you, this battle would've been over in 4 or 5 rounds! *lmao*
    Finally, finally.... you're done!! Keep going up into the next room to see
    an ANIME SCENE of your party members saying goodbye to you.
    Now, on to the Blue Star. On to Lucia.
    You've beaten Lunar 2!
    ^_^ I'll see you in Lunar 3! ...Oh yes, you'll be back...
     -Spells and Skill Listing
      ***NOTE: Once an attack or spell has morphed into the more powerful
                 version, you will no longer be able to use the older version***
     White Dragon:     White Dragon Protect   50 MP
     Red Dragon:       Red Dragon Anger       40 MP
     Blue Dragon:      Blue Dragon Vigor      60 MP
     Black Dragon:     Black Dragon Grief     30 MP
        Squall/ morphs into Tempest (He was a cutie.. -_-)
        Vortex/ morphs into Super Cyclone
        Speed Storm (raises Agility)
        Boomerang (Wind ATT- attacks one enemy)
        Cross Boomerang (morphed from Boomerang- more powerful)
        Poe Sword (Ferocious attack- single enemy)
        Sybillium Sword (Attacks zone of enemies)
        Concussion Sword (make zone of enemies disappear [does not always work])
        Triple Sword (Three times the damage of Poe Sword- one enemy)
        Heal Litany (Restores small amount of HP to one person)
        Calm Litany (Restores some HP to all)
        Fractured Armor (Decreases the targeted enemy's DEF lv)
        Shattered Sword (Decreases the targeted enemy's ATT lv)
        Heal Litany (Restores small amount of HP to one person)
        Clean Litany (One friend cleansed of anomalies)
        Anger Dice (Attack one enemy- ATT depends on number rolled)
        Revive Litany (Awakens fainted friend, and grants a small bit of HP)
        Calm Litany (Restores some HP to all)
        Destiny Dice (Attacks all enemies, if you guess right [Odd or Even])
        Light Litany (Steals some HP of one enemy and grants it to Ronfar)
        Escape Litany (Escape from a dungeon)
        Saint Litany (One friend restores HP after every round)
        Tranquil Litany (Restores lots of HP to all/ morphed from Calm Litany)
        Miracle Litany (Revives and heals one ally completely/ morphed from Revive Litany)
        Divine Litany (ALL friends restore HP after every round/ morphed from Saint Litany)
        Cleansing Litany (ALL friends cured of anomalies)
        Shining Litany (ALL friends steal HP from all enemies)
        Recovery Coin (May/may not revive all friends with all HP *If this fails, you will
                         be healed instead*)
       Blue Dragon Palm (Ferocious attack on one enemy)
       Blue Dragon Kick (Glides across field, hitting every enemy in the way)
       Dopple Dance (Get a shadow that will fight alongside you, dealing extra damage)
       Blue Dragon Wave (Attack the enemies standing close to you)
       Blue Dragon Fist (Uppercut to ALL enemies)
       Slam Dance (Get an even stronger shadow that fights alongside you)
       Moth Dance (Poison [doesn't always work] and attack one enemy)
       Butterfly Dance (poison and attack group of enemies/ morphed from Moth Dance)
       Sleep Step (Attack and put to sleep a single enemy)
       Dream Dance (Attack and put to sleep a group of enemies/ morphed from Sleep Step)
       Bee Dance (Paralyze and attack one enemy)
       Swarm Dance (Paralyze and attack a group of enemies/ morphed from Bee Dance)
       Enchanted Kiss ^_~ (Attack and confuse one enemy)
       Soul Kiss (Attack and confuse a group of enemies)
         Flame (Fire attack on one enemy)
         Flame Shot (more powerful fire attack on one enemy/ morphed from Flame)
         Flame Bomb (Fire attack to group of enemies)
         Pyro Pillar (more powerful fire attack to group of enemies/ morphed from Flame Bomb)
         Burning Rain (Attack all enemies)
         Crematarium (more powerful fire attack to all enemies/ morphed from Burning Rain)
         Power Flame (Gives one of your friends a boost in ATT power)
         Power Drive (A BIG boost of ATT power for one friend/ morphed from Power Flame)
         Ice Shell (Raises DEF of one person)
         Cryo-shield (Raises DEF of one person a LOT/ morphed from Ice Shell)
         Ice Pick (Attack one enemy)
         Ice Arrows (Attack one enemy/ morphed from Ice pick)
         Ice Lance (Attack group of enemies)
         Ice Wall (Attack group of enemies/ morphed from Ice Lance)
         Freeze Claw (Attack all enemies)
         Freeze Smash (Attack all enemies/ morphed from Freeze Claw)
         Catastrophe (Attacks all allies-- Great for bosses! Sometimes causes
                        over 1000 in damage!)
         Power Flame (Raises ATT of one friend)
         Power Drive (Raises ATT of one friend/ morphed from Power Flame)
         Ice Shell (Raises DEF of one friend)
         Cryo-Shield (Raises DEF of one friend/ morphed from Ice Shell)
         Dispell Magic (Get rid of Field Icon-- One Enemy)
         Erase Magic (Get rid of Field Icon-- All enemies AND allies)
         Magic Swiper (Steal enemy MP/ does not work if enemy has no MP...)
         Magic Shield (Every friend standing close to Lemina will boost Magic Defense)
         Magic Seal (Prevents one enemy from casting spells)
         Mega Seal (Prevents zone of enemies from casting spells/ morphed from Magic Seal)
       Rock Viper (Attack one enemy-- Earth)
       Rock Cobra (Attack one enemy-- Earth/ morphed from Rock Viper)
       Rock Crush (Attack group of enemies-- Earth)
       Rock Riot (Attack group of enemies-- Earth/ morphed from Rock Crush)
       Crack Point (Attack all enemies-- Earth)
       Crack Zone (Attacks all enemies-- Earth/ morphed from Crack Point)
       Earth Prayer (Raises DEF and ATT of Leo)
       Flash Blade (Attack one enemy)
       Buzz Blade (Attack group of enemies)
       Grizzle Blade (Attack all enemies with shining lasers)
       Soul Blade (Attack, while stealing HP)
     "Back and Better than Ever"
    Remember these special items from Lunar 1? They were naughty photographs
    taken of the females *and ONLY females* in the game.
    In L:EB, they are less perverted, some are silly, and a few of them are of
    guys. (YES!^^)
    BROMIDE 1 [Luna] **Luna, the Dreamy Weaver*
     (Anytime during the epilogue, talk to the old lady in the first house on
      the left in Vane. She was once a member of the Dragon Kids..)
    BROMIDE 2 [Mia] **Tea on the Patio*
     (At the Transmission Springs, talk to the younger man.)
    BROMIDE 3 [Jessica] **Father's Adventure Ship*
     (A man in the Meribian pub will grant this kawaii pic of Jessica de Alkirk.)
    BROMIDE 4 [Lucia] **The sky is beautiful*
     (The first time you're in Larpa, have a conversation with the man outside of
      the house of the woman with the baby.)
    BROMIDE 5 [Lucia] **Children, rise and Shine!*
     (In the epilogue at Taben's Peak, there is a baby on the playground. If you
      search his crib, you'll find this bright picture.)
    BROMIDE 6 [Lucia] **Moonlit Night*
     (A faerie in Ghaleon's Secret Garden will grant this to you only in the
    BROMIDE 7 [Jean] **Let's have another Cup...*
     (During the epilogue, speak with the Master of the Drunken Fist in Horam.)
    BROMIDE 8 [Jean] **Dancing Queen Poster*
     (After saving Jean's friends at the caravan from the plant monster, chat with
      the girl near the exit.)
    BROMIDE 9 [Jean] **Too tired to put on PJ's*
     (Epilogue- There's a man in the carnival that will sell this pic to you
      if you give him 3,000 silver.)
    BROMIDE 10 [Lemina] **Studying Hard...*
     (Only works when Lemina is in your party. One of the bookshelves in Vane
      has a book with Lemina's poetic scribbles, and her picture falls out...)
    BROMIDE 11 [Lemina] **Beach Girl*
     (First, you must get Bromide number twelve. Now search the barels in Ramus's
      store and you'll find this photo.)
    BROMIDE 12 [Lemina] **Can't sleep with all these silver coins*
     (In the epilogue... Ramus's grandfather will finally give it to you after
      talking to him many times.)
    BROMIDE 13 [Mauri] **Ronfar, a picnic just for you*
     (Once again in the epilogue, go to Raculi and talk to Mauri.)
    BROMIDE 14 [Nall and Ruby] **Fishy Fantasies*  ~_~
     (Epilogue only- In the room in front of Nall's quarters, at Taben's Peak,
      there's a kid who'll give this to you if you talk a few times. Just
      be careful not to look at this while Nall is around X_x)
    BROMIDE 15 [Mystere] **Shining Justice* ^_^
     (In Takkar, no one can stop talking about the mysterious masked knight.
      Perhaps he's Leo's twin? Speaking to the guard grants you this painting.
      Epilogue only.)
    BROMIDE 16 [Borgan] **Uncensored...* 0_o
     (All you have to do is talk to Borgan in Vane during the Epilogue.)
    BROMIDE 17 [Lucia] **Lucious Lucia in the grass*
     (In the epilogue you'll find a chest that wasn't there before in the prison
      chamber of Taben's Peak.)
    BROMIDE 18 [Lemina] **It's clean... yet, it's dirty..*
     (Epilogue only, there's a chest that wasn't there before in the Meribian
      sewage system.)
    BROMIDE 19 [Jean] **Kung-Fu Kid*
     (There's a chest that pops up in the epilogue only, at the carnival
      behind a balloon stand.)
    BROMIDE 20 [Hiro and Ruby] **Never done exploring*
     (You'll have to go through the hard dungeon "Lion Head" in the epilogue
      if you want this. Located near the boss chamber in a treasure chest.)
    BROMIDE 21 [Mauri] **Mysterella..?*
     (Epilogue only- Treasure chest pops up near Mauri's house.)
    BROMIDE 22 [Ghaleon] **We love you, Ghaleon!* ^_~
     (Epilogue only- In the Ancient Ruins, there's a new treasure chest.)
    THX Shadowcat, _Ghaleonheart_, Nall-kun, Sami, and MetalZona@yahoo.com for
    corrections, advice, and tips.
    Arigato C-Ko-chan, Ai shiteru!
    Game Lyrics {animelyrics.com} for the Song translations.
    I also thank Working Designs for a great English version and for ALL
    creators of the Lunar series for an awesome Lunar 1 and 2.  I don't think
    I'll have any sleep until Lunar 3 is finished... -_-
    JL and Matt H., other Lunar Walkthru publishers, for some info that I just
    COULD NOT get....
    To female readers, you rule just for being a female and liking Lunar. ^_^
    I'm not alone...
    To male readers, too...
    To ALL readers and gamers!
    And a thank you for all web sites that posted my Walkthru!
    ^_~ You rule!
    Songs of LUNAR
    This section includes some of the Seiyuu CD vocals! *ahem* Not all of them.
    Once again, many thanks to animelyrics.com. I tried to keep this as close to
    the original state as possible.
    When I was alone as one,
    my eyes were as blind, I know.
    Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
    I couldn't behold.
    When I was alone as one,
    My heart was as ice, so cold.
    Wind whispering sweet melodies,
    I could not behold.
    Sight to my eyes,
    and warmth to my heart,
    Your love has been such to me.
    Pull closer now,
    And strengthen my leaning,
    Toward love to heal all my wounds.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    It seems there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love forever shall be destiny.
    When I was alone as one,
    my eyes were as blind, I know.
    Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
    I couldn't behold.
    When I was alone as one,
    My heart was as ice, so cold.
    Wind whispering sweet melodies,
    I could not behold.
    Sight to my eyes,
    and warmth to my heart,
    Your love has been such to me.
    Pull closer now,
    And strengthen my leaning,
    Toward love to heal all my wounds.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    It seems there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love forever shall be destiny.
    When our hearts both beat in time,
    There's magic in your smile,
    I know there's nothing we can't do.
    And within your warm embrace,
    My heart will find a place,
    Even from afar,
    Our love enternal shall be destiny.
      NALL'S {"Les Miserables"}
    Japanese/ English Mix
    nani ka suru ni mo rikutsu ga iru no?  sore wa kyuukutsu dakara
    uchiakechae yo mojimoji sezu ni  sore ga koi no te hajime
    dokidoki suru ne kurakura suru ne  soshite gitaa o porori
    boku no taiyou  yuu a mai sanshain
    oo sore miyo, ju teemu
           Do you have to have a reason for everything you do?  What a drag!
           So tell me right out, without hesitation, those're the first signs of love!
           Your heart's pounding, right?  And you're dizzy?  Strumming out sad songs on
           your guitar.
           My soleil, you are my sunshine
           O sole mio, je t'aime
    a-a nan ta suteki na hito  boku no jinsei bara iro sa
    nido to wa aenai hito yo  unmei da
           Ahhh...such a splendid person; the color to my life's rose
           A person the likes of which I'll never meet again!  It's fate!
    hajime wa tereru dare mo sou sa  koudou aru no ni
    damatte te mo hi wa mata kurete iku  re mizeraburu
    deaigashira sore ga kikkake  guuzen romansu
    atatte  kudake nakucha dame
    otoko ni nari na yo
           At first you're nervous, just like everyone
           You're lost for words, but dusk's already falling  -  les miserables!
           A chance meeting  -  that's the opportunity for an accidental romance
           Don't blow this chance  -  seize the moment!
           That's the true mark of a man!
    kinenbi wa mochi  sore wa igai de mo chansu wa nigasaide
    okurimono ni mo orijinariti  dakyou wa yurusarenai
    wakuwaku suru ne harahara suru ne  bishitto kimete potsuri
    kawaii hito yo  uoainii airen
    oo sore miyo, senyooru
           Your day to remember is here; don't let this one-time chance pass you by
           Originality in every gift is a must  -  no ifs, ands, or buts!
           You're nervous right?  And you're trembling?  Then a sudden awkward silence
           A cute girl!  a whiny lover  -
           o sole mio, señor!
    a-a utsushiki hitomi ga boku no jinsei kuruwaseru
    uruwashiki sono kuchibiru tameiki sa
           Ahhh...the beauty in those eyes has the power to turn my life upside down
           The sweetness of those lips  -  sigh!
    Tsukikage de wa koibitotachi ga ai o katatte ru
    muudo wa ii  ima o nogashita nara  re mizeraburu
    kata o daite  sore ga kikkake  guuzen romansu
    ishibashi tataite kowasou
    otoko ni naru n da
           Sweethearts talk of love by the light of the moon
           The moon is right; if you let the moment slip away  -  les miserables!
           Shoulder to shoulder  -  that's the opportunity for an accidental romance
           Knocking down hesitation  -
           that's the path to true manhood!
    a-a nan ta suteki na hito  boku no jinsei bara iro sa
    nido to wa aenai hito yo  unmei da
           Ahhh...such a splendid person; the color to my life's rose
           A person the likes of which I'll never meet again!  It's fate!
    hajime wa tereru dare mo sou sa  koudou aru no ni
    damatte te mo hi wa mata kurete iku  re mizeraburu
    deaigashira sore ga kikkake  guuzen romansu
    atatte  kudake nakucha dame
    otoko ni nari na yo
           At first you're nervous, just like everyone
           You're lost for words, but dusk's already falling  -  les miserables!
           A chance meeting  -  that's the opportunity for an accidental romance
           Don't blow this chance  -  seize the moment!
           That's the true mark of a man!
      RUBY'S {"Love Love Funny"}
           Is something wrong?  Is something wrong?  My heart's pounding!  (Is that
           I'm just looking at that guy's face!
           Is something wrong?  Is something wrong?  I'm losing my cool!  (Is that
           That guy's just talking to another girl!
           Ah!  So this is love!  This is certainly love!
           Grandma told me,
           "When you meet someone who makes your tail quiver just when he stands at
           your side..."
           My special someone is a real heart ace;
           a gentleman as pure as a fish!
           These burning thoughts aren't a fire!
           They're the smouldering flames of a lady's love  -
           of burning love
           Is this really strange?  Is this _really_ strange?  I'm always testy!
           (Is that strange?)
           It's all because that guy's being such a rotten brat!
           Is this weird?  Is that weird too?  It probably is weird, isn't it?  Is
           it _really_ weird?
           I think about that guy in my sleep!
           Ah!  So this is love!  This is certainly love!
           Father told me,
           "One moonlit night, when your wish for a soulmate comes true..."
           I dream of everyone treating me not as a "kid",
           but as the maiden that I am!
           The two of us will launch a ship from the lake's shore;
           romance rippling in the waves, we'll pledge our eternal love  -
           our dream love
           Ah!  This is funny!  This is certainly funny!
           Mother told me,
           "Like everyone else, when you reach puberty, you'll get strange yearnings..."
           My special someone is the leader of the pack!
           A savage, dirty, unbearable gentleman!
           I can think of a hundred reasons to hate him,
           but I sigh...and shed a tear...
           funny love.
      HIRO'S {"Adventure Road"}
    shiokaze o mune ni suikonde
    unabara ni fune o mogidasou
    kagayaki hajimeru suiheisen
    atarashii maku ga hiraku
           I take a deep breath of the ocean breeze;
           it's like diving a ship into the waves.
           On the brilliant horizon dawning,
           a new curtain rises.
    furui kaizu ni shimesareta
    kuusoo ga tsubasa o hiroge
    donna arashi ni mo make nai yuki o
    tomo ni nanatsu no umi o kukeru
           Guided by the old charts,
           fantasy, spread your wings!
           Whatever storm that comes will not discourage
           my friends from sailing the seven seas!
    saa! mada mishirame yume o sagashi ni
    hoshi ga bokura no yukute o terasu
    saa! dare mo shiranai tochi o mezashite
    tabidatsu ima ga
    bouken no toki
          Come!  Until it's found, I'll search for my dream
          The stars will illuminate our path.
          Come! Towards the distant land
          I'll start my journey
          Now is the time for adventure!
    furusato no sora ni todoku you ni
    kuchibue o tsuyoku fuite miru
    taisetsu na nani ka o sagashite iru
    subarashii koto ga aru hazu
          The strong sound of my whistling
          seems to reach my homeland's sky.
          Discovering something valuable
          must be a splendid thing!
    wasuresarareta densetsu ga
    bouken no tobira o tataku
    eigao de hagenmasu nakama to kibou to
    koukishin ga boku no buki sa
         Forgotten legends
         knock on adventure's door.
         Your smiling face inspires me; with my friends and my hope,
         curiosity shall be my weapon!
    saa! kokoro no oku ni shimaitonda
    otogibanashi ga kienai uchi ni
    saa! haruka kanata no ashita no tame
    tabidatsu ima ga
    bouken no toki
         Come! Tucked away in the bottom of my heart
         is a fairy tale that will not die.
         Come! Because of that far-off tomorrow
         I'll start my journey;
    Now's the time for adventure!
    saa! mada mishirame yume o sagashi ni
    kaze ga bokura no kouro o hiraku
    saa! dare mo shiranai tochi o mezashite
    tabidatsu ima ga
    bouken no toki
        Come! Until it's found, I'll search for my dream
        The wind shall clear our course.
        Come! towards an unknown land
        I'll start my journey;
        Now's the time for adventure!
    ...I would add the Lunar 2 theme song, but everyone's heard it, and no
    one would want the lyrics.
    That's it for the songs!
    Did you Know?
       *Includes a few spoilers, maybe, but then again, that's why I put this at
          the END of the walkthrough (duh)*
    ~Did you know there are pictures of Ruby as a human? [Not on a bromide, mind you]
    ~Did you know Quark was Nall's father?
    ~Did you know you can get Althena's Sword in this game?
    ~Did you know that there are exactly 7 new dungeons you can beat in the epilogue?
    ~Did you know that there is a way to view all anime scenes anytime you want?
    ~Did you know you cannot pass over level 99 in this game?
    ~Did you know new treasure chests appear in the epilogue?
    ~Did you know that Taben's Peak is actually the remnants of the Grindary?
    ~Did you know that a Lunar 3 is in the making?
    ~Did you know there is rumored to be 4 Lunars, all with a different-colored
        flying cat? (If that's true, it's going in the order... White Red Blue Black)
    ~Did you know that you can get Alex's Ocarina in this game? (With this, you can
        play all songs anytime you want) >See Epilogue walkthrough<
     Frequently asked questions
            Q: (By far the most frequent question) "Where can I find pictures of
                 human Ruby in the game?"
            A: "You can't get them in the game.  Pictures of Ruby's human form
                 can be found in the Japanese Lunar 2 Artbook.  For a link to
                 some of her pics, go to
            Q: "What is the relationship between Nall and Quark, the White Dragons?"
            A: "From my understanding... A new dragon is born after an older dragon
                 of a certain color dies, or is already very old. Therefore, Nall was
                 born, Quark was an old dragon not expected to live much longer. Since
                 Lunar games start out with a small flying dragon, you never really
                 see how they get born."
            Q: "Are you a male or a female?"
            A: "...Well, let's say I like to be known as 'Ruby'." ^_^
            Q: "Do you have any other FAQs on gamefaqs.com?"
            A: "No. Currently, Lunar 2 for the PSX is my first FAQ."
            Q: "When is Lunar 3 coming out?"
            A: "Sites like ign.com have information on upcoming games. For now, though,
                  I just want to keep my eye on the upcoming Valkyrie Profile 2 and
                  Tales of Eternia.^^"
            Q: "I can't figure out how to get around the Lost Labyrinth in the
                  epilogue. How is this supposed to work?"
            A: "Ahhh yes, The Dungeon of Doom..... Refer to the Epilogue section
                  under 'Lost Labyrinth'."
    Remember, I love getting comments/q's from you. Don't hesitate. ^_~
    HOWEVER, if you have a question, refer above for the FAQ section to see
    if it may be answered that way.
    ICQ# 100195610
    E-mail charat@nervhq.org
    Lunar for all time.
    As time passes on, never forget it...

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