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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CanadianGhaleon

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    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Walkthrough/FAQ ver. 0.1
    Walkthrough for the Playstation game console
    Written by : Shawn Doyle a.k.a. CanadianGhaleon
    Started on: August 8, 2001
    Finished on: ?
    Web site: www.geocities.com/canadianghaleon
    E-mail address: diehardrpgfan@hotmail.com
    Alright, here we go! This is my first walkthrough/FAQ so please be kind. Right 
    now, there are already some well-done walkthroughs, so why would I, a busy man, 
    write one? Well, all the other walkthroughs are good, but there's not a perfect 
    one: that's what I'm creating. I absolutely love this game. If you have any 
    questions/corrections, just e-mail me. Just don't ask about things further on in 
    the game that I haven't written about. You can often find me in the GameFaqs 
    message boards, specifically the Lunar 2 board. For more good web sites on RPG's 
    and videogames, check out my personal favourites:
    The latest version of this walkthrough/FAQ can always be found on:
    (to add your site here, contact me)
    1. Table of Contents (duh)
    2. Disclaimer
    3. Update history
    4. Introduction
    5. Packaging
    6. Spoiler Alert Explanation
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    8. Gameplay and controls
    9. Characters (description and spell list)
    10. Tips and tactics
    11. Disc 1 walkthrough
    12. Disc 2 walkthrough
    13. Disc 3 walkthrough
    14. Epilogue walkthrough
    15. Bromide locations
    16. Other secrets
    17. Remeberizer locations
    18. Complete Spell list
    19. Weapon list
    20. Shield List
    21. Headwear list
    22. Armor list
    23. Ring list
    24. Crest list
    25. Monster List
    26. Eternal Blue lyrics (English and Japanese)
    27. Lucia's theme lyrics (English and Japanese)
    28. Lunar 3 wish list
    29. Soundtrack track list
    30. Credits
    You can not use this FAQ/walkthrough in anything that gains profit. It is for 
    personal use only. You may not use it in any magazines, commercial web sites, 
    game guides or anything else that gains a profit. You can not use ANY part of 
    this walkthrough/FAQ in your own walkthrough/FAQ. That is plagiarism and I will 
    follow up on it accordingly. You can not even use this walkthrough/FAQ as a 
    guide to make your own walkthrough/FAQ. The only way you can use this on your 
    own web site is if you ask permission and leave it as it is (don't change 
    Ver 0.1- Started the FAQ/walkthrough; added Disclaimer, Introduction and Update 
    History and everything else before walkthrough
    Ver 0.2- Added up to Vane in the walkthrough
    Ver. 0.3- Added gameplay and controls, plus Hiro's character profile
    Hi everybody! (Crowd shouts in unison) Hi CanadianGhaleon! Yes, I am 
    CanadianGhaleon (or Shawn Doyle for all the people who care). I am a self-
    confessed Lunar freak. I am here to make the most complete guide to Lunar 2: 
    Eternal Blue Complete. The game is developed by GameArts and published by 
    Working Designs. I will now talk a little about GameArts, Working Designs and 
    Lunar itself.
    GameArts (in my mind) is one of the best game developers on the planet. They 
    manage to create marvellous games, one after the other. Their games might not 
    sell more than Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but they are just as good in 
    quality. Other games (besides the Lunar games) GameArts has developed include 
    Grandia, Gungriffen Blaze, Silpheed: The Lost Planet and Grandia 2 (I'm just 
    naming some recent games off the top of my head). GameArts has developed for the 
    Sega CD, the Sega Saturn, the Sony Playstation and the Sega Dreamcast (again, 
    off the top of my head; they may have developed for older systems). They mostly 
    make shooters and RPG's. The instruction manual for Lunar 2 has interviews with 
    several members of GameArts, including Youichi Miyaji (executive producer), 
    Keisuke Shigematsu (scenario writer), Isao Mizoguchi (sound producer; not the 
    composer who is Noriyuki Iwadare), Toshiyuki Kubooka (art director), Shoji 
    Murahama (animation) and S. Sato (map design editor). 
    Working Designs published this grand game. I think the presentation speaks for 
    itself when I say they are great publishers. They always put a little extra into 
    everything they do and it pays off in the end, because you get a product 
    dripping in quality. They always put extra bits of humour in the translation as 
    well. Some people complain about this, but I like it. There's no humour in the 
    serious parts of the game. It's nice to hear a pop-culture reference or too when 
    you're relaxing in a small town. The president of Working designs is Victor 
    Ireland, who you can see in the making of Lunar 2 disc. I believe he really 
    cares about his consumers. He even checks the message boards on Working Designs 
    web page and occasionally responds to them. All in all, I love Working Designs 
    because they translate games that we wouldn't normally see on our shores. Thanks 
    for the wonderful translation Victor.
    The Lunar series began on the Sega CD with Lunar: The Silver Star Story. The 
    game was the highest selling RPG ever on the Sega CD and the first RPG I ever 
    played. It was, of course, developed by GameArts and published by Working 
    Designs. Then, a sequel was created, called Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Again, it was 
    developed by GameArts and published by Working Designs. Lunar 2 became the top 
    selling RPG ever for the Sega CD. Then a psuedo-sequel was made for the Game 
    Gear. It was called Lunar: Magic School. The game was developed by GameArts but 
    was not published by Working Designs. No other publisher picked it up, so it was 
    not released in North America or Europe. Why, do you ask, did Working Designs 
    not publish it? They felt it was of lower quality than Eternal Blue and The 
    Silver Star and they didn't want to tarnish the Lunar name. A few years pass and 
    the Sega Saturn is born. GameArts decides to do remakes of all the Lunar games, 
    including Lunar: Magic School. Does Working Designs publish ANY of them? NO. 
    Now, picture this. Working Designs is already publishing Saturn games and the 
    Lunar games are their biggest-selling games of all time. Perfect, right? Wrong. 
    Vic (the prez of Working designs) got into a fight with Bernie stolar (leader of 
    Sega of America). Now Working Designs doesn't publish any games for the Saturn 
    or any Sega system (they did publish magic Knight rayearth because they were 
    already working on it). Then GameArts announces a remake of The Silver star for 
    the Playstation. This one, Working Designs publishes, with awesome packaging. 
    They also publish Eternal Blue for the Playstation (the one you're playing now). 
    Lunar 3 is in the works at gameArts and Working Designs says they will publish 
    it. It's currently being worked on for the Playstation2. Hopefully, it will 
    retain the qualities that made Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue 
    so great (check the wish list for Lunar 3 for more thoughts on it).
    Working designs always puts a lot of thought and time into their packaging and 
    presentation. Lunar 2 is no exception. They managed to even do better than the 
    superb job they did with Lunar: The Silver Star. The game comes with 5 CD's:
    3 game CD's; Disc 1 shows a close-up of Hiro with Ruby on his shoulder.  
                 Disc 2 shows a close-up of Lucia in her caravan clothes.
                 Disc 3 shows a close-up of Ruby, who looks in trouble.
    1 Making of Lunar 2 CD; The CD shows how Lunar 2 was made with 
                            interviews with GameArts, working designs and 
                            the voice actors. No secret game like in Lunar:
                            The Silver Star. The disc shows the blue cave
                            drawings seen at the title screen.
    1 Music CD; The game's soundtrack composed by Noriyuki Iwadare. There 
                are a few tracks missing. The disc shows a silhouette of 
                Jean dancing in front of the Blue Star
    Instruction Manuel; Hardbound, Black with blue letters. Mini-walkthrough 
                        for the first part of the game in the back. 
                        Interviews with GameArts staff. Lyrics to both songs 
                        in English and Japanese, art from the game
    Omake Box; contains a paper map (no harsh fumes), a full-size replica 
                of Lucia's pendent in a black bag and character standees of 
                18 characters (may contain spoilers). 
    Shell case: The beautiful shell case your game comes in is littered with 
                art and pictures. When you open it up, you will see a 
                description of the game. The picture in the top-right corner 
                is from the Sega CD ads (I still have them!). You will 
                notice the discs are different in the photo to the left. 
    You will encounter the spoiler alert sign many times while reading through the 
    walkthrough. They are there for the purpose of not ruining the story for you, in 
    case you are reading ahead. It will look like this:
    When you see that, turn away if you don't want to know what happens in the 
    story. It can be frustrating when the game is ruined because you know what is 
    going to happen. I learned Aeris died before I got to that point in FF7, so the 
    scene had no impact. At the end of the spoiler, I will put a spoiler over, so 
    you can look. it will be like this:
    This is a place for those questions that get asked repeatedly. I will answer 
    them here, so don't ask them again.
    1q. How did you get this game? I can't find it!
    1a. I pre-ordered and got a ghaleon punching puppet (fun for the whole family!). 
    I still see it in the stores around my house, so hunt around. if all else fails, 
    try EBay. (www.ebay.com)
    2q. The soundtrack case scratched my soundtrack and demo. Does this always 
    2a. I too noticed this, but stopped putting it in there. It's now lightly 
    scratched. It scratches when you slide it in and out (not enough room ), so keep 
    it out of there.
    3q. Why is the map on paper now?
    3a. The cloth maps gave off terrible fumes after awhile. I know mine did! 
    Working Designs decided to change the map because of that.
    4q. Why doesn't the map show every town?
    4a. Not big enough, I guess. It shows the main towns. It basically shows the 
    regions. You should know what big places the small towns are near, so you can 
    locate small places like that.
    5q. Why do the animations suck?
    5a. Well, I wouldn't say they sucked, but they were kinda grainy. I thought they 
    were better and smoother in Lunar 1.
    6q. Have you played Lunar: Magic School?
    6a. No, I haven't had the chance to play it. My friend in Japan (he moved there) 
    says it's good, but not as well polished as the first two.
    7q. Are they working on Lunar 3?
    7a. Yes, it's being developed for the Playststion2
    8q. How old are you?
    8a. Well, I am 15 years old
    9q. Where do you live?
    9a. Getting a little personal here :) Let's just say I live in Canada.
    10q. Is Lunar 2 your favourite game of all time?
    10a. Tough question. It's up there with FF7, Chrono Trigger, FF6, Lunar: SSSC 
    and Xenogears
    11q. What's your favourite quote from the game?
    11a. Probably, "Peer into the eyes of your executioner, Hiro"!
    12q. Where is the black dragon cave?
    12a. In the last area of the Zaback mines, right before the town. It's the door 
    near the top of the area
    13q. What changes were made from the Sega CD version?
    13a. There were not as many changes as in Lunar: The Silver Star. Not even a new 
    character! (Vile tribe in Lunar 1). Basically the difficulty was toned down (bad 
    move, I think), animations and voice acting was redone and the graphics and 
    sound were improved. It no longer costs you magic EXP to save your game, as it 
    did in the original. Also, Magic EXP has been eliminated. Now you get magic by 
    gaining a level or using crests. The last change was the elimination of random 
    battles and battles on the world map. In the Sega CD version, you couldn't see 
    the enemies, the battles were random. There were also fights on the world map, 
    in the Sega CD version. 
    14q. What were the changes from the demo?
    14a. Not much, spells are now spoken in English. Of course, now you have the 
    full game (duh).
    15q. Why can't I visit some dungeons that I did in the Sega CD version?
    15a. Those dungeons (Lionhead,etc.) can be visited during the epilogue.
    16q. Who is the hardest boss in the game?
    16a. Ummm, I had trouble with Plantella the first time through (Nelson Muntz 
    laughs at me). The final boss can be beaten easily, even at a low level. The 
    epilogue bosses can be hard.
    17q. Are there any cities from the first game?
    17a. Yep, Meribia and Vane. Vane is greatly changed, but Meribia is basically 
    the same.
    18q. How is this version different form the Saturn version?
    18a. Not much, it's basically a port. It just takes better advantage of the 
    better hardware.
    19q. Do you like the music from the game? I hated it.
    19a. Yep, Noriyuki Iwadare is one of my favourite composers. The final boss 
    theme is the best ever! Jenny also did some great vocals. The soundtrack is one 
    of my favourites, with the Silver Star Story, Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Chrono 
    Trigger (you can tell I like Iwadare and Mitsuda). FF4-9 and Grandia have great 
    soundtracks too (Iwadare did Grandia too).
    20q. Is Taben's peak the remains of the grindery?
    20a. I'm pretty sure it is (same structure and design), plus the leader of 
    Taben's Peak would know where it is (won't tell you who). Also, the name (Taben) 
    is the name of the inventor who invented the Grindery, in the first game.
    21q. Do you have any future projects in the works?
    21a. After I finish this, I will probably do another FAQ/Walkthrough for a 
    different RPG. Right now, it's either Chrono Cross, Lunar: SSSC or Thousand 
    Arms. Something else might come along though.
    22q. Can you recommend any good web sites for Lunar 2?
    22a. I would highly suggest checking out the GameFaqs message board for this 
    game, you will probably meet me there. The people are friendly and helpful with 
    great knowledge of the game. Working Designs site is alright as well.
    8.Gameplay and Controls
    This section will be devoted to the gameplay and controls of Lunar 2. The 
    sections will be: Menu, Combat, Changes in character status and battle symbols. 
    I'll start with the basic control functions (what buttons do what).
    L3/R3 (analog) stick: basically moves your character or vehicle; moves cursor on 
    item or equipment screens.
    Directional Buttons: the same as L3/R3 (analog stick)
    Select Button: Opens regular menu
    Start Button: Shortcut to save screen
    Square Button: Opens regular menu; press it to board vehicle
    Triangle Button: Cancel 
    Circle Button: Hold it to make Hiro dash for three seconds
    X Button: Confirm Menu selection; cancels commands in battle
    Special Note: Pressing and Holding start, select, L1, L2, R1 and R2 will reset 
    the game.
    Gameplay in Lunar is as traditional as you get. Wander the land and fight 
    enemies. It's a tried and true formula that works well in this game. It suits 
    the beautiful yet modest 2D graphics. I will outline the basic features of your 
    Pressing Square brings up the menu. There will be four icons: Magic, Items, 
    Equip and System. The menu will also show how much money you have. In Lunar, the 
    currency is silver. You will also see your characters that you have in your 
    party and their health/mp.
    Magic: The magic menu screen shows all the magic the character you select has. 
    It shows its cost, range and description as well. Here you can cast healing 
    spells outside of battle.
    Items: You can carry up to 20 of one item at a time. There is no limit to how 
    many different items can be carried. In the item menu, you can use items on 
    characters. Just pick the item and the character you wish to use it on. When 
    your cursor is on the item, it will show its description and range.
    Equip: You will use the equip menu to equip or unequip the various weapons, 
    protective gear and items you get. You can also see the characters stats. The 
    following stats are shown:
    Attack(attack power)
    Attacks(how many attacks a character can do in one turn)
    Defense(your defense power)
    Agility(how fast your character reacts)
    Speed(how quickly your character attacks)
    Wisdom(how effective your magic will be)
    MgcDef(how strong your magic defense is)
    Range(how far you can move in one turn)
    Luck(how often critical hits are made)
    When you go to equip a weapon, gear, etc, you will see the name and how it will 
    increase or decrease the various stats. Keep in mind, certain equipment can only 
    be used by certain people. When looking at the stats, remember, the stat will go 
    green if it increases and red if it decreases. 
    System: In the system menu, you will save, load, change your tactics and order 
    and get to the options. Order changes your formation. It's best to keep a spread 
    out party, so zone attacks don't hit everyone. In the Tactics menu, you can 
    select battle tactics, such as making everyone attack or cast a certain spell. I 
    never personally used it, but if you are bored of fighting, you can use it and 
    not have to worry about the A.I. screwing up. The options menu is simple. You 
    can change the vibration, window style and window colour. You can also choose 
    either to hear battle cries or not, and to see the spell names or not. 
    Combat is turn-based in Lunar 2. All enemies are visible, so you can try to run 
    from enemies using the dash button. You may not always be able to get away, 
    though. Fighting gains you experience and money; two key things in Lunar 2. When 
    you do get in a fight, you will see the enemies names and how many of each enemy 
    there are. You will see your characters health and magic points. It will be 
    shown in a colour. These colours represent the percentage of your health/mp 
    compared to the maximum. Here is the breakdown;
    Green: 100%
    White: 99-50%
    Orange: 49-25%
    Red: 24-0%
    When you start to fight, there will be four icons to select: Control, A.I., 
    Tactics and Run.  
    Control: Another four icons will appear. This is the option you will use most. 
    Attack, magic, items and defend. Attack will attack the selected enemy with your 
    weapon. Magic opens up the magic menu and allows you to cast a spell. Items 
    opens up the item menu and allows you to use an item. Defend lets you defend 
    which makes attacks on you take away less health. 
    A.I.: This makes the computer make the choices for you. Press the triangle 
    button any time to cancel it and the next set of turns will be yours to control. 
    I find the computer makes stupid decisions, so I don't use it.
    Tactics: This uses the tactics you earlier selected in the tactics menu outside 
    of battle. 
    Run: Attempt to flee from battle. Use this when you're about to die. Doesn't 
    always work.
    I will describe each condition that could occur in battle;
    Good: Your fine
    Poison: Health is taken off each turn; you look green
    Confused: You have no control, may attack your own team; have a heart on           
    the top of your head
    Sleep: You can't do anything, you wake up when you're hit; Cloud above                      
    your head
    Mute: Can't cast magic; cartoonish dialogue box above head
    Paralyse: Character can't move; Little circles around you
    Faint: Your dead; stars above your body
    Numbers also mean something, when they appear next to your character in battle:
    White; Loss of health
    Red; critical hit by the enemy
    Yellow; weak hit, you have item that protects against the attack
    Green; Gain health
    Orange; Increase attack power
    Blue; Increase defense power
                                   BATTLE SYMBOLS
    When you put your cursor on an enemy, one of three colours and signs will appear 
    on him. 
    Yellow and arrow; Normal attack damage
    Red and X; weak attack damage
    Green and Circle; Critical attack damage
    Also, battlefields have attributes as well. They are displayed on the bottom-
    right corner of the screen. Not all battles have them, but some do. If you cast 
    the opposite attribute (if it's fire and you cast water) you will cause more 
    damage. If you cast the same attribute (it's fire and you cast fire) damage will 
    not be as strong. I will tell you what spells to cast for the various 
    attributes. There are five attributes;
    Earth: Brown rocks. Cast Thunder or Wind
    Wind: Green tornado. Cast Earth or Fire
    Fire: Red flame. Cast Water or Wind
    Water: Blue rain. Cast Fire or Thunder
    Thunder: Yellow bolt. Cast Water or Earth
    In this section I will give the booklets description, my own thoughts, my own 
    battle tactics and their spell list (I won't include spells gained by crests). I 
    will also talk about non-fighting friends and enemies.
    Hiro is an adventurous youth who is greatly influenced by his grandfather's love 
    of archaeology. Legends of the four Dragons, Dragonmasters, ancient battles, and 
    the Goddess Althena fascinate him. He hopes that by unlocking the secrets of the 
    past, he will be able to understand the future. Although he's not supposed to 
    explore the ancient ruins near his home without his Grandfather Gwyn, Hiro and 
    Ruby frequently break this rule. Fortunately, he's pretty handy with a 
    My Thoughts: Hiro is an energetic young boy always ready for his next 
                 adventure. He is a bit rash and cocky, always sticking up 
                 for his friends. He is never without his best friend Ruby.
    Battle Tactics: Hiro uses sword and Wind magic. He will be your best 
                    fighter and is always doing damage in boss fights. His 
                    Poe Sword and Triple Sword attacks will be used in every 
                    boss fight, much like Alex's sword dance. In personality
                    and fighting, he is like Alex. 
    Boomerang: Single, throws boomerang, 3MP
    Squall: Zone, Hits enemies with cyclone, 7MP
    Vortex: All, Big tornado, 10MP
    Speed Storm: Self, Increases Agility, 8MP
    Cross-Boomerang: Single, Stronger Boomerang attack, 6MP
    Tempest: Zone, Stronger Squall attack, 14MP
    Super Cyclone: All, Stronger Vortex attack, 20MP
    Poe Sword: Single, Strong sword attack, 6MP
    Batallion Sword: Line, Cuts through with sword, 14MP
    Triple Sword: Single, Three Strikes with sword, 30MP
    Sybillium Sword: Zone, Shoots wind from sword, 10MP
    Concussion Sword: All, Shoots with sword, 20MP
    Ruby has been Hiro's constant companion for as long as anyone can remember. She 
    claims to be the offspring of a dragon, but Hiro doesn't quite believe her. Like 
    another little dragon, she has a bad habit of speaking her mind at the wrong 
    time. Sooner or later, this little wisecracker's bound to get Hiro into a lot of 
    My Thoughts: Ruby is the equivalent of Nall from the Silver Star Story. 
                 She seems very juvenile and childish. No one believes that 
                 dragon thing either. However, she is very faithful to Hiro.
    Battle Tactics: You don't control Ruby. She randomly attacks the enemy. 
                    (I preferred Nall's revive better). She is basically 
                    useless after the first few hours. Even when her attack 
                    goes stronger, she still sucks.
    Lucia is quite a mysterious young lady. She is haunted by nightmares about the 
    future of Lunar. She also seems troubled by a terrible secret she cannot share. 
    Despite her strong magic skills, she seems to be a little naive when it comes to 
    dealing with other people. She has trouble containing her emotions and looks to 
    Hiro for guidance and protection. She is only concerned with Althena, and begs 
    Hiro to help her find the Goddess. Will her mission cause the ruination of this 
    My thoughts: Lucia definitely is mysterious. She also has the most 
                 entangled and confusing plot of any character in the game. 
                 She was sent to Lunar by the power of Althena with the 
                 power to re-create Lunar. But she may need to destroy it
                 first. Later on in the game she begins to show emotions 
                 that she never knew she had. In looks and personality, she 
                 is like Luna, but she is closer to Mia in skill.
    Battle Tactics: Lucia has magical powers beyond anyone's comprehension. 
                    You have no control over here, but she usually makes 
                    wise decisions. She helps you out many times with both
                    healing and attack spells, though she uses the latter 
    is an aging scholar who dreams about making his mark in the world of archaeology 
    before he dies. He's devoted his entire life to the study of the Blue Tower and 
    similar ruins, and has become a notable-expert. He's taught Hiro and Ruby how to 
    explore the ancient ruins near his home, though he's warned them never to go 
    there without him. But, will Gwyn's quest for fun and adventure turn out to be 
    his last?
    My Thoughts: Gwyn is Hiro's grandfather. They live together with Ruby. 
                 When he's not bugging Hiro to do the dishes, Gwyn is busy
                 reading about the Blue Star and other wonders in his 
                 basement. I compare Ramus to Gwyn because of the length 
                 that they are in your party and how they are both friends
                 from home to the main character.
    Battle Tactics: You only control Gwyn for a short time. He is fairly
                    weak on attack, but his magic is invaluable in the fight 
                    against the Guardian. For the short time he's with you,
                    Gwyn's not that bad. You should use his magic often to
                    soften the blows of tough enemies.
    Heal Litany: Single ally, restores health, 4MP
    Fractured Armor: Single, decreases enemies defense, 6MP
    Calm Litany: All allies, restores health, 12MP
    Shattered Sword: Single, decreases enemies attack, 6MP
    Ronfar is rumoured to have been a priest for the Goddess Althena. He possesses 
    impressive healing powers. When he was unable to save his true love from an evil 
    spell, he swore he would never use magic again. He now spends most of his time 
    in bars winning people's money. He also tends to make decisions on a throw of 
    the dice. His dice, like his charm, seem to be magic, because they never let him 
    down. He's a womanizer who's always concerned about the fairer sex, and they're 
    usually all too happy to return his affections.
    My Thoughts: Ronfar is a sly, cheating and womanizing man. Picture Kyle 
                 as a priest and you've got it. He definitely carries a few 
                 traits from Kyle. His skills are more like Jessica, though. 
                 He seems to have a past with Leo and Mauri, but is keeping
                 it a secret.
    Battle Tactics: Ronfar (besides Hiro) is the best character in a fight.
                    Why? He has healing powers and in this game you use them 
                    a lot. He's also pretty good with a mace, but with 
                    limited range. His dice attacks are good and don't cost
                    much MP. 
    Escape Litany: All allies, teleports to entrance of dungeon, 2MP
    Purity Litany: Single Ally, restores all HP, 12MP
    Tranquil Litany: All allies, restores most HP, 24MP
    Anger Dice: Single, higher the dice number; more damage it causes, 2MP
    Heal Litany: Single ally, restores health, 4MP
    Calm Litany: All allies, restores health, 12MP
    Destiny Dice: All, half chance of causing damage, 5MP
    Recovery Coin: All allies, has a chance of reviving, 20MP
    Revive Litany: Single ally, revives ally, 12MP
    Saint Litany: Single ally, gets some HP each turn, 5MP
    Clean Litany: Single Ally, cured of all conditions, 3MP
    Light Litany: Single Ally, steals HP from enemy, 8MP
    Miracle Litany: Single Ally, revives and fully heals, 30MP
    Divine Litany: All allies, get some HP after each turn, 20MP
    Cleansing Litany: All allies, cured of all conditions, 18MP
    Shining Litany: All allies, steals HP from enemy, 30MP
    Jean is a fan dancer in the Carnival and is highly valued for her talents. She 
    is a tomboy with a big-sister complex, who can be a bit overbearing at times. 
    She tends not to develop strong relationships with people. However, Jean is an 
    extremely talented fighter. Those in the Carnival say she was trained to fight 
    as a child. Unfortunately, her past is going to catch up with her, and it may 
    not be a pretty sight!
    My Thoughts: Jean definitely has a strange past. She seems to be 
                 fighting to keep her past a secret. However, she is
                 friendly and always ready to give it her all, whether she
                 is dancing or fighting for her friends. She is a strong 
                 woman, much like Jessica from the previous game. However, 
                 she has skills reminiscent of Kyle; good fighting skills. 
                 She will need them.
    Battle Tactics: Jean is second to Hiro in fighting. She has several 
                    useful offensive skills, especially when she matures.
                    Her fans allow her to attack from a distance, so put her 
                    at the back. She will be a great asset in boss fights.
    Moth Dance: Single, poison attack, 6MP
    Sleep Step: Single, puts enemy to sleep, 5MP
    Bee Dance: Single, paralyses, 7MP
    Enchanted Kiss: Single, confuses, 7MP
    Butterfly Dance: Zone, poison attack, 9MP
    Dream Dance: Zone, puts enemies to sleep, 9MP
    Swarm Dance: Zone, paralyses, 12MP
    Soul Kiss: Zone, confuses, 14MP
    Slam Dance: Self, creates dopplegang, 32MP
    Blue Dragon Kick: Line, attacks with a kick, 14MP
    Blue Dragon Fist: All, attacks with fists, 32MP
    Dopple Dance: Self, weaker version of Slam Dance, 16MP
    Blue Dragon Palm: Single, attacks with fist, 10MP
    Blue Dragon Wave: Area around her, shoots energy, 14MP
    Lemina is the Junior Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane. Unlike her mother, 
    Miria, she doesn't seem to understand the legacy of the great magicians that 
    inhabited this ancient city, and doesn't seem to possess any of their noble 
    qualities. Instead, she seems to be a very selfish and arrogant girl who's only 
    concerned with money. Yet, at times, she does let people see a softer side. 
    Despite her greedy demeanor, her magic skills are extremely powerful. Can Hiro 
    afford to have her in his party?
    My Thoughts: Lemina tends to be annoying at times, but is a great party 
                 member. She seems to be fixated on the idea that money buys 
                 everything, including happiness. She is also in place to
                 take over as the Premier of the Magic Guild in Vane. But is 
                 she ready? Her personality seems to be like Nash, but her 
                 skills are more towards Mia. 
    Battle Tactics: Lemina can use a wide variety of magic canes, so you 
                    should figure out the weaknesses of the enemies in the
                    area and use the right weapon. She has a massive MP 
                    count, so use her for MP-consuming spells, like White
                    Dragon Protect. Her magic comes in handy many times.
    Flame: Single, throws fire, 4MP
    Flame Bomb: Zone, fire shoots from ground, 7MP
    Burning Rain: All, a hail of flame bombs, 10MP
    Power Flame: Single Ally, Increases Attack, 9MP
    Flame Shot: Single, stronger version of flame, 8MP
    Pyro Pillar: Zone, stronger version of Flame Bomb, 14MP
    Crematorium: All, stronger version of Burning Rain, 30MP
    Power Drive: Single Ally, stronger version of Power Flame, 18MP
    Cryo-Shield: Single Ally, raises defense, 16MP
    Erase magic: Everyone, all stat changing spells are gone, 18MP
    Catastrophe: All, most powerful magic attack, 55MP
    Ice Shell: Single Ally, weaker version of Cryo-Shield, 8MP
    Dispel Magic: Single, removes stet-changing spells, 3MP
    Magic Swiper: Self, steals MP from enemy, 1MP
    Magic Shield: Every ally near Lemina, boosts defense, 18MP
    Magic Seal: Single, stops enemy from using magic, 3MP
    Ice Pick: Single, shoots ice at enemy, 4MP
    Ice Lance: Zone, ice rises from ground, 7MP
    Freeze Claw: All, a storm hits the enemies, 10MP
    Mega Seal: Zone, stops enemies from using magic, 9MP
    Ice Arrows: stronger version of Ice Pick, 16MP
    Ice Wall: Zone, stronger version of Ice Lance, 21MP
    Freezer Smash: All, stronger version of Freeze Claw, 20MP
    This part-human, part-beast is a staunch supporter of the Goddess Althena. In 
    fact, White Knight Leo is the leader of Althena's Guard, a group of elite 
    soldiers sworn to protect and uphold the orders of the Goddess. Althena has 
    granted Lord Leo the use of the Dragonship Destiny. The Destiny allows him to 
    roam freely around the world of Lunar to keep its inhabitants safe. His skill as 
    a swordsman is unmatched by any human. He is searching for a Destroyer that has 
    come to Lunar. Can Hiro help him find it!
    My Thoughts: Leo is nearly identical to Kyle in skill. Both support the 
                 main hero with sword attacks of their own. He is most like 
                 Mia in personality, both concerned about their leaders and
                 very cautious. You will encounter Leo several times as both
                 your enemy and friend. He will always do what he feels is 
                 right and that's usually what Althena says.
    Battle Tactics: Leo is a formidable swordsman, but also can whip up some
                    strong earth magic. His range is good, so you might want
                    to put him somewhere in the middle. You should 
                    constantly upgrade his weapon, he will use it a lot.
    Rock Viper: Single, enemy is hit with rock, 4MP
    Rock Crush: Zone, Rock comes from ground, hits enemies, 7MP
    Crack Point: All, ground cracks and damages enemies, 10MP
    Earth Prayer: Self, raises attack and defense, 15MP
    Rock Cobra: Single, stronger version of Rock Viper, 8MP
    Rock Riot: Zone, stronger version of Rock Crush, 14MP
    Crack Zone: All, stronger version of Crack Point, 20MP
    Flash Blade: Single, exactly like Sword Dance, 8MP
    Grizzle Blade: All, Shoots projectiles from his sword, 20MP
    Buzz Blade: Zone, shoots holy light from sword, 18MP
    Soul Blade: Single, steals health, 26MP
    Blue Master Lunn is the current governor of Meribia. He looks after many of the 
    towns in the area, keeping them out of harm's way. He has also established the 
    town of Horam to further instruct people in the martial arts. The people that 
    know Lunn think he is the greatest of the Four Heroes, but he views himself as a 
    humble servant to the Goddess, at least in public. Some have come to question 
    Lunn's true motives. If only they knew his secret...
    Despite his rather ghastly appearance, Black Wizard Borgan claims to have a 
    heart of gold. His magic is without equal among any person in the known world. 
    Since he draws upon the power of the Black Dragon for his strength and magical 
    abilities, he has an endless supply of power. His primary goal is to bring the 
    Magical Guild of Vane back to it's original glory, but in a glorious all-new 
    city he has designed. He spends most of his time in service to the Goddess 
    Althena, but he still finds time to help people develop their magic skills. Will 
    Borgan have a task for Hiro at the Guild?
    Red Priestess mauri, like her brother Leo, is whole-souled in her devotion to 
    the Goddess Althena. By drawing upon the power of the Red Dragon, Mauri is able 
    to carry out her priestly duties for the Goddess. The people find Mauri to be 
    very quiet, yet friendly to be around. Before becoming one of the Four Heroes, 
    Mauri was in love with Ronfar. They were to be married, until fate stepped in 
    and decided otherwise. Mauri chose to give up her former way of life in order to 
    serve the Goddess. Will fate step in again and decide a new future for her?
    Ever since the death of the last dragonmaster, Alex, the Goddess Althena has not 
    been seen in the land. She is rumoured to have locked herself inside the walls 
    of the holy city of Pentagulia. Despite the world being at peace, Althena is not 
    the same person that many have come to love and respect. In fact, the people are 
    in a state of unrest, and the winds of change are blowing. Many are saying that 
    the bonds of Althena are too oppressive, while others are wondering how Althena 
    became an oppressor in the first place. What's happened to her?
    This mysterious stranger is the leader of the Dragon Kids (also known as the 
    Lostest Boys) of Taben's Peak. Because of his impressive fighting skills and 
    strong leadership, he's earned the respect of his loyal followers. Granted, 
    they're just orphaned children who don't know any better, but they need someone 
    to look up to, even if it is this guy. Due to his recent raids on travelers, 
    he's become a wanted outlaw. Fortunately, he's got a master plan. Seek him out; 
    he has many secrets that will no doubt aid Hiro in his quest.
    This ghost from the past will emerge from the shadows to forge a new alliance. 
    In times past, he fought for the protection of the Goddess alongside the 
    legendary heroes of that time. Since he last appeared on Lunar, he has mastered 
    a host of new magic, making him extremely powerful. He seems to be misunderstood 
    by the people of Lunar. Some believe that he is serving the Goddess, while 
    others are convinced that he's turned to the service of evil. You'll have to 
    decide where his allegiance lies yourself.
    - Save. A LOT!! You never want to have to replay a hard dungeon
    - Space out your characters. Zone attacks will not be as bad
    - Fight every enemy. They give you valuable EXP and silver.
    - Don't waste your silver. Spend carefully. Don't buy tons of antidotes 
      or other stat curing items.
    - Don't use the A.I. They make some bad decisions
    - Always cure at an Althena statue. Even if you think you have full 
      health and MP. 
    - Be smart in fights. Put characters like Hiro and Ronfar in the front 
      (short range attacks) and put Jean (with fan) and Lemina in the back 
      (long range attacks).
    - Never be afraid to use items if you need them. It's not worth starting
      over to save a star light
    - Conserve MP. If there's a boss fight, don't use magic except for 
      Ronfar and the occasional spell.
    - Talk to everyone. Not only will it help you, but they have sometimes
      have funny responses
    - In your vehicles and on the world map, don't be afraid to look around. 
      There are no fights and you can find a town you missed
    - If you find yourself at a level below mine, level up. I'm not joking. 
      I'm going at the minimum level
    - Don't read spoilers!! Find out for yourself, it's much better
    - And finally, have fun. If the games getting on your nerves, stop 
      playing. Come back later. Now on to the walkthrough!
    11.Disc 1 Walkthrough
    Alright, the meat of this FAQ/walkthrough. I will always post my level, so try 
    to be at my level. I fight every enemy until I run out of magic and healing 
    items. You should too. I will also put all the treasure gained and the enemies 
    you fight, so you can look them up in the monster list when I have it up. So 
    remember, have fun! Really, if you're getting mad, stop playing. I've broken to 
    many controllers to ever do that again (FF8's undersea place with 
    Bahumet...AHHHHH! Fights every step). Back on track. Feel free to e-mail me with 
    different strategies for the various bosses. Also mail me corrections, but not 
    ahead of where I am in the walkthrough. This is my second time through the game, 
    so I know the spoilers. I'll mark them. But I'm not going to keep marking 
    spoilers every time a secret character from disc 1 appears in the game. There 
    are a few surprise characters and I will mark a spoiler when they first arrive, 
    but after that, read at your own risk.  Enjoy!
    Level: ?
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    When the game starts, you will hear a familiar voice (for those that have played 
    the Silver star Story). The voice describes the story and relation of the Blue 
    Star to Lunar. Then an animation will begin.
                                   SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
    The animation will show a blizzard surrounding the Blue Spire. A strange girl is 
    inside a crystal. Then, you will see a rock-type creature with glowing red eyes. 
    The credits roll over on paintings of the struggle between the Blue Star and 
    Lunar, hinting at certain events to come. The girl is now walking through the 
    Blue Spire to the outside and is right in the middle of the blizzard. She senses 
    something is wrong. 
                                   SPOILER OVER!!!!!!
    You know get your first look at hiro and Ruby. They are in the middle of 
    stealing a jewel when something goes wrong. Soon they are being chased by hordes 
    of monsters. While they are running away, Hiro provides a commentary on his life 
    with Ruby and his grandfather Gwyn. finally, they escape the ruins. Once you get 
    control of Hiro, leave the area and head south. Turn east and then south to the 
    East Desert pass, the way to Gwyn's house.
    --------------------------EAST DESERT PASS-----------------------
    Level: 5
    Items: Herb, 100 Silver
    Enemies: Dung Beetle, Sand Cyclops, Sand Shark
    Once you enter the area, go south. You will pass an Althena Statue. They restore 
    your health and magic points. Use them if you need healing in this area. Head 
    south until you are forced to go west. Choose the lower path and follow it until 
    you hear a rumbling. An animation will show a large ship approach. It's called 
    the Dragonship Destiny. You will meet Leo for the first time. He wants you to go 
    home. He also tells you about Althena's Guard. After that, he leaves for Gwyn's 
    house. After Leo leaves, go south to a new area. 
    Here, head west and skip the first path that runs south. Continue on your path 
    to pick up a herb. Go back to the path you skipped and follow it. Don't go down 
    the next path that leads south, that's the exit. First, continue north to 
    receive 100 silver. Now go to the exit. 
    On the world map, head east, then north to Gwyn's house. You should see the 
    Destiny parked beside it.
    ----------------------------  GWYN'S HOUSE-------------------------
    Level: 7
    Items: Ancient Dagger
    Enemies: None
    The first thing to do is to heal at the Althena Statue you see. Then, enter the 
    house. Leo will be talking to Gwyn about the Blue Spire. Leo also mentions a 
    "destroyer", which he has been ordered by Althena to kill. Talk to Gwyn. Leo is 
    wondering how to enter the Spire. Gwyn claims he doesn't know. Then, talk to Leo 
    and he will leave. After he leaves, Gwyn calls for you. Climb up the ladder to 
    the observation deck. Look at the Spire. A shining light goes through it. Gwyn 
    believes the Destroyer has come. You then decide to visit the Spire. Before you 
    leave, go to the basement and grab the Ancient Dagger. Equip it on Hiro. Gwyn 
    takes a jewel from his shelf and you leave. 
    On the world map, go southwest, then north to reach the spire. You will see the 
    Destiny in the ocean near it.
    ---------------------------  BLUE SPIRE-----------------------------
    Level: 7
    Items: Angel's Tear (2), Star Light (2), Herb (2), Healing Nut,
           72 Silver
    Enemies: Slime, Brainpicker, Bandage Boy, Mummy, Magic Masque, 
             Bomb Angel, Crystal Knight
    When you reach the entrance, the door is sealed with the face of a dragon. Gwyn 
    puts his jewel in one of it's eyes, but the door doesn't open. Put your jewel in 
    the other eye. The door will open. Enter.
    This is the lower section of the spire. Go north and get the Angel's Tear. Then 
    go west. Go north to the room and hit the button. Head southwest and hit that 
    button. Go back to where you got the Angel's tear and go east to hit another 
    button. Cross the bridge formed in the north of the room. You will see a force 
    field blocking a door. Go east, hit a button and enter the door. Go up the 
    Go south to get a Star Light. Head back northeast and go through the door. Press 
    the button. Do this for the other three doors in each corner of the section. 
    After that, step on the star in the south. 
    You'll pass a stone guardian as you head north to the next area. This area is 
    peaceful. An animation shows the real upper part of the Spire. Use the Althena 
    Statue and head north. 
    Go north until you see a statue. Move a little west, then north to get an 
    Angel's Tear. Now go up any of the two stairs and through the door to a new 
    Defeat the enemies and go through either of the lower doors to the next section
    Go through the northwest door for a Herb. Then go through the northeast door for 
    a Healing Nut. Finally, head through the centre door. 
    Go east to receive a Herb. Then, go through either of the lower doors to the 
    next area.
    Pick up the 72 silver in the northwest part and a Star Light in the northeast 
    part. Go through the northwest door.
    Go east through the room with the view of the Blue Star. You will find yourself 
    in another room, with no exit. Gwyn knows that there is a secret passage. Touch 
    the globe in the north and you will be transported to the top level. 
    Go north towards the green crystal. 
                                    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
    The girls name is Lucia. She has come from the Blue Star in search of Althena. 
    She says she needs to stop Zophar, who you have never heard of.
                                    SPOILER OVER!!!!!!
    Lucia transports you back to the previous floor. She meets Gwyn. Gwyn is scared 
    that Leo might find Lucia and think she is the destroyer, so he suggests they 
    leave quickly. When you reach the middle of the room with the view, several 
    monsters attack. Hiro tries to protect Lucia, but it proves to be unnecessary 
    because Lucia has amazing magical abilities and easily defeats them. Hiro, Ruby 
    and Gwyn are shocked at her power, but now is no the time to be asking 
    Now Lucia is in your party. She will destroy all monsters quickly, so fight lots 
    of enemies to get loads of experience. Go down to the room with the staircases. 
    Fight monsters until you are. When you are at Level 12, leave the upper level of 
    the Spire. An animation will show Lucia outside. She doesn't feel the power of 
    Althena in the air. She suspects something is wrong. 
                                   SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!
    You then hear an evil voice: It's Zophar, who Lucia was talking about. Lucia 
    feels Zophar will destroy the world and tries to stop him by calling upon the 
    powers of the four dragons. It doesn't work, because Zophar has sealed away the 
    four dragons. Zophar then takes away Lucia's power.
                                    SPOILER OVER!!!!!
    After the event, use the Althena Statue. Lucia will not help you anymore and 
    only has one health point. Exit the area. The guardian of the Blue Spire has 
    come to life! Get ready for your first boss fight.
    This is an easy fight. Use Hiro's Poe Sword every round. If he runs out of 
    magic, just attack. When the guardian raises it's attack and defense, take them 
    down with Gwyn's spells. First, take down his attack with Shattered Sword, then 
    his defense with Fractured Armor. Gwyn should also cure when needed. Have Gwyn 
    attack if there's nothing else to do. 
    After the fight, step on the star to warp to the lower section of the Spire. 
    Then run through and exit the Spire. When you do exit, you will see that the 
    other guardians have come to life. You start to fight. It's actually impossible 
    to win this fight. You are about to die when the Destiny shoots the guardians 
    with the Dragon Cannon. After saving your life, Leo asks you about the 
    Destroyer. Hiro tells Leo that they were attacked by the Destroyer in the Spire. 
    Leo calls out the destroyer's name and it's......Lucia!! Leo than runs to the 
    Spire to kill Lucia, who he thinks is inside. Hiro still believes that Lucia is 
    good and decides to take her back home. Go right to get to the world map, and 
    head back to Gwyn's place.
    ---------------------------------GWYN'S HOUSE----------------------
    Level: 12
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    When you enter the house, Lucia faints. Gwyn searches for book that could tell 
    him how to break the curse. When you get to control Hiro, talk to Lucia. She 
    will plead with you to help her stop Zophar, saying Zophar will destroy the 
    world. Talk to her again and Gwyn will come back from the basement. Apparently, 
    a priest is needed to break the spell. If it isn't broken, Lucia might die. 
    Suddenly Gwyn remembers a priest named Ronfar, who lives in Larpa. Gwyn agrees 
    to lend you his boat to get to Larpa. Go outside the house and Gwyn will inform 
    you he's staying home. He wishes you luck and gives you his boat. 
    Get on the boat at the dock beside Gwyn's place. Go east until you see another 
    dock. Get off your boat there and follow the southern path on foot to Larpa. 
    Level: 12
    Items: Angel's Tear, Herb, Saucepan Lid, 500 silver, Lucia's bromide 1
    Enemies: Ochre Ooze, Killer Fly
    When you enter Larpa, look behind the Althena Statue on the first level to the 
    northeast to find an Angel's Tear. Also, take some time to upgrade Hiro's 
    equipment at the local shop. When you talk to the townspeople, you will realize 
    that everyone seems to hate Ronfar! He has cheated many gamblers out of their 
    money, and The Chosen, a strange group who praise Althena, hate him because he 
    quit being a priest for them. Go to the tavern. A strange man wants to be with 
    you, but leave him alone for now. Someone near the Sanctuary says you can find 
    Ronfar at the bar and that no one knows why he left The Chosen. You can find his 
    house and a note attached to the door. It was left by someone with the initials 
    L.M. When you go to the Sanctuary, go down the stairs in the northwest part and 
    around the back to find a herb. You can also find a Saucepan Lid in the Mayor's 
    house, at the top of the town. After all this, go back to the bar and talk to 
    that stranger. You'll realize the stranger is Ronfar and a short animation will 
    play. Ronfar really doesn't want to help you, but he will if you beat him in a 
    game of dice. It's impossible to win, so just quit when you get the chance. Talk 
    to him again and Lucia will faint. Ronfar takes her to his house. Now go to 
    Ronfar's house, it's on the western side of the second level. Talk to him and he 
    will read the letter. Follow him inside and talk to him twice. After that, an 
    old friend will arrive...LEO!! Luckily, Ronfar hides Hiro and Lucia from Leo and 
    he soon leaves. But not before mentioning how Ronfar was unable to save Mauri 
    (you do not know her yet). After Leo mentions Mauri, Ronfar goes silent. It 
    seems Mauri almost died because Ronfar couldn't break the spell on her, and she 
    never was the same. After Ronfar stops thinking about Mauri, he again wants to 
    play dice to see if he will help you. Luckily for you, you can't lose and Ronfar 
    will agree to save Lucia. He quickly figures out he needs an Althena Statue to 
    break the spell. He decides to go to the one in the Sanctuary. Go through the 
    back door into a cave. 
    The cave is easy to navigate. You can't get lost. The enemies are also fairly 
    weak. Just follow the path and soon you will pick up 500 silver. Go up the 
    stairs. In this area, it's the same thing and soon you'll be at the exit. Jump 
    off the cliff and enter the Sanctuary through the door on the western side.
    When you enter, you will see Leo to the south. Avoid him and go to the Althena 
    Statue. At the statue, Ronfar tries to break the spell. The spell is very 
    strong, in fact he can only remember one spell that is stronger: the one that 
    was on Mauri. A flashback sequence shows how Ronfar failed to help Mauri, with 
    Leo at her side. He doesn't want to go through that pain again and saves Lucia. 
    Lucia is not fully cured, her health is only in the 70's, a big difference from 
    the 700's she had before. Go back to Ronfar's house and sleep.
    Hiro will wake up to find Lucia missing. He fears Leo might have taken her and 
    starts searching for her. Everyone in town seems to have seen Lucia at some 
    point. Talk to the guy in front of the house on the east part of the second 
    level to obtain Lucia's Bromide 1. Then, talk to the mom inside to see how Lucia 
    learned what singing is. The parent then suggests you go talk to the mayor about 
    Lucia's whereabouts. The mayor will tell you where she is and what she wants to 
    do (he'll take 30 silver, but you have to talk to him). Go to the south part of 
    town and talk to Lucia. An animation will show her feelings and thoughts of 
    Lunar so far. She informs Hiro that she must go to Pentaguila to speak to 
    Althena. The only way there, is to hitch a ride on a ship in Dalton. After her 
    goodbyes, Lucia leaves. Hiro is deeply saddened by the turn of events and wishes 
    she would stay. Walk north and Ronfar will talk to you. When he finds out Lucia 
    is going to Dalton, he freaks out. Dalton is the next stop for Leo, Lucia is 
    going to be caught! Obviously, Hiro can't let this happen and decides to go to 
    Dalton to save her from Leo. Ronfar then joins you. Go to the store and buy 
    equipment for Ronfar before leaving. Leave the town.
    On the world map, go northwest to the next area, the West Desert Pass.
    -----------------------------WEST DESERT PASS--------------------
    Level: 13
    Items: 300 Silver
    Enemies: Poison Beetle, Desert Dolphin, Scorpion
    There is no way you can get lost here. Just walk north, fighting the monsters 
    along the way. A little more than half way through, you should pick up 300 
    silver. There is only one section to the West Desert Pass.
    On the world map, follow the path and enter the big city on your left, Dalton.
    Level: 13
    Items: Herb, Star Light, Dagger
    Enemies: Private, Captain
    When you enter Dalton, you will see Lucia being held by Leo. After knocking down 
    guards trying to throw her in jail, Lucia is knocked out by Leo. She is taken 
    into a jail cell located in the Destiny.
    Before you rescue her, you should do a few things. First off, get the herb 
    beside the boxes on the left, just inside the entrance. Make sure to upgrade 
    your equipment in the shop. You can get a Star Light in the right house on the 
    second level. When you go to the Sanctuary, DON'T HEAL! It will cost you money, 
    you can heal for free when you board the Destiny. Now, cross the bridge above 
    the city. Go to the second floor of the house on the right side of the bridge to 
    find a Dagger. Now board the Destiny.
    When you are on the Destiny, head north and through the door. Heal at the 
    Althena Statue and enter the door to the left. Go down through the south 
    corridor and follow it until you are in an open space with two big tables. Now 
    go up the right corridor. Follow this and go up the stairs. Go south. Follow 
    this hallway until you can either go down or left. Go left and up the left 
    hallway. Go up the stairs in the next area. Go south and you will see Leo 
    talking to Lucia. Leo tells her that her execution is tomorrow. Once you get 
    control of Hiro, press the button beside Lucia's cell to set her free. After 
    talking to Lucia, Leo will return. Lock Leo in the cell by pressing the same 
    button you used to free Lucia. Now, walk north, go up the stairs and exit the 
    Destiny. Leave Dalton.
    On the world map, go northeast to your next destination, the first forest that 
    you pass. There is a big blue tower at the north of the forest.
    ------------------------------STARLIGHT FOREST-------------------
    Level: 15
    Items: Herb, 600 Silver
    Enemies: Green Goblin, Hummingbyrd, Killer Fly
    Before you go to the Forest of Illusion, you have to pass through the Starlight 
    Forest. After you enter, go right at the first fork and follow the path for a 
    Herb. Then, go back and up the left path. Go up the left path at the next 
    intersection and make another left. here you can pick up 600 silver. Go back to 
    that last fork and take the right path, which is the exit. Now you should be in 
    a clearing. Talk to Lucia and she will question your motives for helping her, 
    wondering why you put your life at risk for her. Talk to her again and Ronfar 
    will suggest you make tracks for the Illusion Woods. He knows an old gambling 
    buddy that can help you through. Heal at the Althena Statue and leave by going 
    Follow the path east and you will see a big forest with an entrance. Enter the 
    ----------------------------ILLUSION WOODS------------------------
    Level: 15
    Items: Herb (4), Star Light, Snake Crest, 146 Silver, Chain Mail
    Enemies: Green Goblin, Hummingbyrd, Hob Goblin, Goblin King
    When you enter the woods, talk to the man beside the Althena Statue and he will 
    show you how to enter the woods (after losing to Ronfar in a game of dice). 
    Press X in front of the discoloured bushes to make them open. Right after you 
    enter the first area, Leo arrives. He sends his soldiers around the area to look 
    for Lucia, but quickly leaves after finding no trace of you. 
    Alright, the woods can be confusing, so try to follow my directions. I will get 
    you every item and lead you out. Go right at the first fork and continue right 
    until you reach a bush. Open the bush to get a Herb. Now go back to the start of 
    the area and go left. Now go up the path. Keep going up and you should see a 
    treasure box. Open it to get another Herb. The bush beside it is a dead end. Go 
    down, then right and up to find the bush that will lead you to the next area.
    It's darker in this area of the forest. Keep left on the first fork and open the 
    bush to find a Star Light. Go down a little and open the chest to the right for 
    a Herb. Now follow the path on the right until you can go to either the left, 
    the centre or to the right. Go to the left and open the bush for the Snake 
    Crest. Now go right. Open the bush to leave the area.
    It's even darker in this area (I'm getting scared). Go north to a bush. It's a 
    dead end, but pick up the chest to the right of it for yet another Herb. To the 
    left of the chest is a bush with 146 silver in it. Now go down and right. Follow 
    the path upwards. A bush on the left is a dead end, but the bush to the right of 
    it contains a Chain Mail. Now go down and right again and follow the path up. 
    The bush directly north is a dead end, so follow the path left to the exit of 
    the forest (finally).
    ------------------------------ CARAVAN-------------------------------
    Level: 17
    Items: Jean's Bromide 2
    Enemies: Green Goblin, Hummingbyrd
    At the clearing, there will be a caravan. Walk north and the green-haired dancer 
    Jean will introduce herself. Talk to the man beside her to meet Giban, the 
    leader of the Caravan. You'll soon find out that the exit of the woods is being 
    blocked by vines, so you decide to stay the night. After talking, go find Jean, 
    who is west of the Caravan. Talk to her and ask her questions about herself and 
    the caravan. Once you mention your trouble with Althena's Guard, she talks of 
    the Caravan's trouble with the Guard. The Chosen feel the caravan is evil and 
    try to stop it from visiting towns. Suddenly, a vine shoots from the ground and 
    grabs Lucia. Luckily, Jean uses her karate to kill the vine. Jean seems scared 
    and shaken after saving Lucia, like she didn't know she could do it. She quickly 
    heads back to the Caravan. A flashback then shows ninjas closing in on Jean, 
    with a leader in a strange mask. They called themselves the Shadow Dragon Cult. 
    In the morning, go to Althena's Spring, which is located to the right of the 
    Caravan. Go through the left door and Hiro will get in the spring. Suddenly, 
    Lucia appears in the spring. An animation will show her entering the water. She 
    doesn't seem to care if Hiro sees her and doesn't understand what is wrong with 
    what she is doing. After the event, leave the spring. As you are leaving, you 
    will hear a scream. You rush back to the Caravan only to see vines grabbing all 
    the people, including Giban. Talk to Jean and she will give you a ladder to go 
    down one of the holes in the ground. Go up to the hole and start to go down. 
    Jean will join your party. 
    This area is very simple. Follow the path left until you see an opening south. 
    Go through the opening and prepare to fight the boss.
    This can be a hard fight. Have Hiro use Poe Sword every round. Ronfar should 
    cast Saint Litany on everyone, and cure their status, if they become poisoned. 
    he should also restore health when needed. Jean should cast Moth Dance every 
    round. Plantella has three forms and each one is a little stronger than the last 
    form. Keep up your attacks and you will eventually win. Hopefully, Plantella 
    will attack Lucia, because then Lucia will cast Napalm Shot. That will make the 
    fight much easier.
    After the battle, talk to Jean and she will join your party for good. Then go 
    north of the Caravan. Talk to the girl on the north path to receive Jean's 
    Bromide 2. Leave the woods on that same path.
    On the world map, follow the path east to the next town, Takkar.
    Level: 18
    Items: Holy Water, Star Light, Passion Fruit
    Enemies: None
    Congratulations, you made it to the peaceful town of Takkar! Too bad the gate to 
    Nota is blocked off. Leo ordered it to by closed while he searches for you. Go 
    to the southwest part of town to find some Holy Water in a chest against the 
    fence. Now go to the west side of takkar to find a Star Light behind some boxes. 
    Now go to the bar and talk to the hooded girl. She will inform you of an 
    alternate route out of town. You decide to try your luck with the guard of the 
    exit. Grab the Passion Fruit in the room behind the table you're at and talk to 
    the guard. You will soon find out that you're not getting through. The hooded 
    girl will tell lead you to the secret exit. The only problem, is that you have 
    to walk through a haunted house to get to Nota. Oh well, nothing Hiro and the 
    gang can't handle, right? After the discussion, talk to her on the east side of 
    town to go through the exit.
    -------------------------TAKKAR MOUNTAIN PASS-------------------
    Level: 18
    Items: Purity Ring, Wind Ring
    Enemies: Banshee Fowl, Rufus, Death Worm, Mud Cyclops
    Before you get to the ghost House, you must go through a simple mountain pass. 
    The path is very simple. Watch out as you approach the second level, monsters 
    will shoot balls at you that knock you down. At the end of the second level, 
    lies the Purity Ring. Now, walk north onto the third level. Go left at the 
    intersection to get the Wind Ring. Go back to the intersection and go right to 
    exit the area. In this area, you should see an old house. Enter it.
    -----------------------------------GHOST MANOR---------------------
    Level: 18
    Items: Angel's tear, Holy Water, 302 Silver, Star Light (2), Herb
    Enemies: Rolling Imp, Knuckle Buster, Susie Death
    The first thing to do is to go up the centre path right in front of you to get 
    an Angel's Tear. Now go back to the start and head right to pick up some Holy 
    Water. Now go back and take the left path. Go up the far left path to get 302 
    Silver. Now go up the path the monster blocks. Follow it and you will soon see a 
    small path that has a treasure box at the end of it. Defeat the monster and pick 
    up the Star Light. Now continue on the original path. Here, go either up or 
    down, it doesn't matter, you'll end up in the same place. Grab the chest to the 
    right for a Herb. Now follow the north path until you see an opening north. Grab 
    the chest to the left for a Star Light and go into the room to fight the boss.
    This boss can be hard, if you don't know what you're doing. Have Hiro use 
    Boomerang every turn, not Poe Sword. Have Ronfar cast Saint Litany on everyone 
    and, obviously, heal people when their injured. He can also cure people's 
    conditions because the magic Tester can put people to sleep. Use Anger Dice if 
    he has nothing to do. Jean should cast Moth Dance. Hopefully the Magic Tester 
    will attack Lucia. If it does, Lucia will counter with Napalm Shot for around 85 
    damage. The magic Tester has three forms. The first form is easy. The second 
    form can take off as much as 80 to one person. The third form is even harder, it 
    now as an attack that takes away around 60 to every character. Give Ronfar a 
    Star Light if he runs out of MP and keep up your attacks to win the battle.
    After the battle, you find out that the whole fight was just a test to see if 
    you're good enough for the Magic guild of Vane. The hooded girl will reveal 
    herself to be Lemina, the Junior Premier of the Guild. After some talking about 
    your quest, she will join your party. Once you exit the room, go left on the 
    roof to a cliff. You'll get down the cliff (barely) with the help of a magic 
    carpet. Heal at the Althena Statue and go left to reach the world map.
    On the map, go southwest to your next destination.
    -------------------------------EAST BANDIT BUTTE-----------------
    Level: 20
    Items: Shiro Crest, Star Light, Wind Staff
    Enemies: Maneater, Killer Buzz, Parasite, Killer Shroom
    Weird name, isn't it. The first area is simple, just follow the path. At the end 
    there will be an opening. Go through it.
    Now you're in a cave. It's also simple. Follow it north and pick up the Shiro 
    crest along the way. Leave through an opening at the bottom.
    You will now be outside again. Just follow the path and go in the opening that 
    you see.
    In this cave, go to the right instead of down to get a Star Light. Now go down 
    the south path and exit in the opening.
    Again, you're outside (when does this end?). When you get to the intersection, 
    take a right to get a Wind Staff. Now go down the other path and follow it to 
    leave the mountain.
    On the map, head west, then north and enter the town with the big bridge in the 
    -----------------------------EAST NOTA------------------------------
    Level: 21
    Items: Gauss's Necklace, Silver Light, Herb
    Enemies: None
    Welcome to East Nota. The two sides of Nota are divided by a big bridge and 
    don't mix with each other much. But by talking to Julia (left house on second 
    floor), you will find out that she's marrying the mayor of West Nota, even 
    though she's in love with another man. She's going through with it to unite the 
    two sides. Open the chest on the right side of her house to get a Gauss's 
    Necklace. Upgrade your equipment and take the Silver Light that sits beside the 
    shops. Also, grab the Herb that is beside a man in the north of town. Now, try 
    and cross the bridge to West Nota.
    While you are crossing the bridge, Leo will come in the Destiny. He'll send his 
    soldiers after you and they approach from the West Nota side. Luckily, your team 
    manages to lose them by running back to East Nota (I don't know how they did 
    it). You need to get away from Nota fast, so you decide to go to the Carnival 
    where you can use a missile to fly over Nota.
    Level: 21
    Items: Holy Water, Angel's Tear
    Enemies: None
    The Carnival is a busy place. In the first tent north, you can bet silver on 
    dice. Go to the east side of this area to get some Holy Water. There's an item 
    shop in the tent to the left of the Holy Water. Now go north to the second 
    The man to the right of the entrance sells weapons, armor and items. Go in the 
    Caravan on the right to get an Angel's Tear. Now talk to Giban. While you're 
    talking, Leo interrupts (this guy won't give up). You hide behind a Caravan and 
    Giban takes care of him. After Leo leaves, Giban suggests Lucia should get some 
    new clothes. Lemina, Ruby and Jean leave to a caravan with Lucia to find some 
    clothes. Go up to the middle Caravan and an animation will show Lucia trying on 
    some "different" clothes. Outside, Hiro is trying to keep Ronfar from sneaking a 
    peek. They start pushing and they both fall in the Caravan. Lucia doesn't seem 
    to mind, but Ruby, Lemina and Jean kick them out, literally. 
    After Lucia chooses her clothes, talk to the man beside the missile and you will 
    start to board. Before you can launch, Leo returns. He sees you, but the gang 
    manages to get in the missile. But the jokes on you, Leo hits the missile and 
    changes your direction. Who knows where you will land?
    ------------------------------MYSTIC RUINS-------------------------
    Level: 21
    Items: Dream Crest, Healing Nut, Star Light (2), Flame Staff
    Enemies: Persona, Reflector, Masquerade, Dark Knight
    When you're stressful flight comes to an end, you will be in some ancient ruins. 
    Go to the centre of the area and Lucia will transport you into the Ruins by 
    removing an ancient seal on the teleporter. 
    Walk north in the new room to find an ancient item that stores old information 
    in video form. 
                               MEGA SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On the video, you'll see the events of the Silver Star Story, including the 
    destruction of Vane, Alex becoming a Dragonmaster, Evil Luna singing and Ghaleon 
    in Magic Emperor form. After the video, the group wonders who stored the 
    information. Just then, a familiar man walks into the room. The one and only, 
    Ghaleon. Ghaleon is apparently alive again and knows about Lucia. After taunting 
    you, he leaves. 
                            MEGA SPOILERS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go north through the door, heal at the Althena Statue and go through that door.
    This section can be confusing, and it's not easy to write. Okay, here's the 
    deal. When you step on a platform,  it will take you to a new place. I will tell 
    you exactly which platforms to step on to get all the items and get to the exit. 
    First, go on the south platform (the only one there). Next, step on the left 
    platform. Here, take the left one and then go in the opening in the wall to get 
    a Healing Nut. Now go back up to the last set of platforms and take the north 
    one. Now take the south one and go through the opening to the right for the 
    Dream Crest. Now exit the room and take the left one. Then step on the south one 
    and enter the opening at the bottom to leave.
    Alright, last area. First, take the centre one. Follow it's path (there's only 
    one choice each time) until you see an opening in the wall on the right side. 
    Enter the opening to get a Star Light. Now go back to the start of the area and 
    choose the right platform. Follow it's path to get the Flame Staff. Continue 
    following it until you have a choice of either going up or left. Take the left 
    and enter the door on the left to get another Star Light. Now go back to the 
    last choice and take the north platform to exit the area.
    Now you should be in Ghaleon's garden, which is full of fairies. The door to the 
    exit has a seal on it, but Lucia manages to open the door anyways.
    On the map, go southwest. As you are walking, Leo comes and tries to stop you. 
    Your valiant group decides to fight, but it proves to be unnecessary. Just as 
    Leo is about to hit you with the Dragon Cannon, Ghaleon hits the Destiny with 
    magic, stopping it from shooting. He also manages to fry Leo in the process (way 
    to go Ghaleon!). The Destiny quickly retreats. So Ghaleon saved your life: Is he 
    friend or foe?
    On the map again, walk back to Nota (southwest). As soon as you enter, cross the 
    bridge to West Nota.
    -----------------------------WEST NOTA------------------------------
    Level: 22
    Items: Life Jewel, Peasant Clothes, Herb
    Enemies: None
    Ah, West Nota. You can read the sign beside the bridge to see your wanted ad 
    placed by Leo. Go to the left house on the second level to get some Peasant 
    Clothes. Now, still on the second level, go to the far right and go up the path 
    to find Julia's true love, Kyle, and a Life Jewel. Now go get the herb on the 
    left side of the first level. Not much to do in West Nota. You can talk to the 
    Mayor to see how happy he is about marrying Julia. By talking to the 
    townspeople, you learn the road to meribia by a blizzard in Zulan. What luck 
    you're having. When you're ready, exit the town.
    New world map music. I think this song's better. Follow the path north and 
    you'll reach some snow. Keep following it to reach the town of Zulan.
    Level: 22
    Items: Town; Plate Armor. Mountain; 2000 Silver, Healing Nut, Power 
           Crest, Water Staff, Barrier Ring
    Enemies: Barbarian, Wyburn, Albino Baboon, Razor Wolf
    As you can see (or can't see), visibility in Zulan is low due to the blizzard. 
    Upgrade your armor and weapons, you'll need them. Talking to the townspeople 
    will reveal that the cause of the blizzard is a monster living in the mountains. 
    Many people have tried to kill the monster, but have failed. A woman in a house 
    to the south of the town is going to die soon if the blizzard doesn't stop; she 
    needs the special grass that grows only in the mountains. Go to the large house 
    to the north, the mayor's house. Get the Plate Armor on the right side of the 
    second level and talk to the mayor. After hearing his daughter is missing after 
    going up the mountain, you decide to try and kill the monster. Lucia's not too 
    fond of the idea, thinking it's a waste of time. She leaves the party and leaves 
    the town. Now go north, beside the Mayor's house. Heal at the Althena Statue and 
    walk up to the mountain. 
    This mountain can be difficult, so conserve Ronfar's MP. Only use it for 
    healing. Use everyone else's magic, you will be healed before the boss. Go right 
    and up to the second level. Now go all the way to the left and up the stairs to 
    the next level. Now press X in front of the ice blocking the door, and Ruby will 
    melt the ice. You will have to do this a few times during your quest to stop the 
    blizzard. Go in the cave.
    Walk right to get 2000 Silver. Then go up the stairs in the northeast part to 
    the next level. Go up the stairs right in front of you to get a Healing Nut. Go 
    back to the last level, go right and down the stairs. Go left and down those 
    stairs. Now go right and up these stairs. Exit the cave at the opening north.
    Once outside, go up the stairs to the left to get to the next level. Now you 
    have a choice of melting the ice to the left or right. The left one has a 
    monster in it and leads to a dead end, so melt the right one.
    In the cave, go left and up the stairs to the next level. Go to the right and go 
    up the stairs. Now go left to get the Power Crest. Now continue left and go down 
    the stairs. Exit the cave in the opening to the right.
    Outside again, go right to get the Water Staff. Now go left. You will see an ice 
    wall. Ignore it, continue left and go up the stairs. Again, you'll have a choice 
    of either going left or right. Take the left one and enter the cave.
    Go right, past the stairs, to get the Barrier Ring. Now go down the stairs. Now 
    go in the opening to the right.
    Go to the left and up the stairs. Go in the opening to the right.
    Walk west and an avalanche will take you to a new area. When you wake up, Lucia 
    will be there. She saved your life and will heal you back to full health. She 
    came back because she cared about you. It's the first time she has ever cared 
    about someone. Walk north to get everyone in your party back again. You are 
    fully healed. Now walk north to fight the boss.
    NOTE: You will notice a change in Lucia's fighting. Before, she used to cast 
    magic that only helped her and she often escaped. From here on in, she will help 
    out by healing, casting stat-boosting magic on everyone and by attacking, even 
    when she's not being attacked.
    As usual, have Hiro use Poe Sword every round. Have Ronfar cast Saint Litany on 
    everyone and heal. If he has a free turn (not likely in this fight), have him 
    use Anger Dice. Jean really isn't that useful in this fight. She should just use 
    Bee Dance. Have her use items if they are needed. Lemina should first cast Power 
    Flame on Hiro, then have her use Flame Shot. Missing Link will occasionally put 
    a tornado around himself. When he does this, don't attack, you can't hurt him. 
    Take this time to heal and revive if necessary. You should beat him soon.
    After the battle, the blizzard stops. Go to the left to find the mayor's 
    daughter. Lucia will heal her, but she's lost her memory. The scene will switch 
    back to the mayor's house. As you are leaving the house, Maria (the mayor's 
    daughter), decides to join your party (I was totally shocked). But, her baby 
    starts to cry and she realizes she needs to stay. Now leave the town by going 
    On the map, follow the path south to the big city of Meribia, which is on the 
    Level: 25
    Items: Herb, Life Jewel, Lemina's Bromide 3, Jessica's Bromide, Earth 
           Crest, Dagger
    Enemies: None
    Jean will have an interest in this city, because it's governed by Lunn, a famous 
    martial artist. She hopes to track down the Shadow Dragon Cult. Meribia hasn't 
    changed much since the first game. The whole magic district has been scrapped 
    and the lone magic store in the main area is closed. Go to the Southeast part of 
    the big city to get a Herb, in front of a big box. Now go to the west part of 
    Meribia to find a Life Jewel, tucked in the side of the walls. Now head to 
    Ramus's shop and talk to his grandpa several times to receive Lemina's Bromide 
    3. Go to the bar and talk to the guy at the left counter to get Jessica's 
    Bromide, which should bring back some memories to those who have played the 
    Silver Star (if you haven't played the game, go to EBay and place a bid on the 
    game right now). Now run to the big castle, which used to be Hell mel's mansion. 
    Lunn has turned it into a dojo to teach his martial arts. Lunn will talk to you 
    and take you upstairs. When you can control Hiro, walk to the southeast part of 
    this floor to find the Earth Crest, hidden behind some barrels. Now talk to 
    Lunn. Jean will explain why she needs Lunn's help. Then Jean will have a 
    flashback of her escape. The masked man shot her off a cliff and left her for 
    dead. The caravan found her and helped her get back on track. Talk to Lunn again 
    and he will tell you the Shadow Dragon Cult's hideout is in Taben's Peak. He 
    wants you to go there. Now go down to the lower floor. Go to the southwest part 
    of this floor to find a dagger, hidden behind some racks. Now leave Meribia.
    On the map, go east to the tree-like structure.
    ----------------------------TABEN'S PEAK---------------------------
    Level: 25
    Items: Herb (2),  Legendary Lid, Thunder Staff, Luck Ring, Spirit Mace
    Enemies: Tormentor, Dream Leech, Octo Plant, Magic Hat
    Go north on the path and you will see a small, white dragon. Ruby is curious and 
    chases after it. A young man will stop Ruby and hold on to her. An animation 
    will introduce you to Nall (what a coincidence). Taben's peak is his property 
    and he doesn't want you on it. Lucia and Jean don't think Nall is in the Cult, 
    but Lunn said they were here, so go north. Go up the stairs and up the ladder.
    Follow the wooden path left, down and left. Ignore the small south path. Follow 
    the main path until you reach a fork. Go left at the fork. Follow this until you 
    can either go left or north. Go left, pick up the Herb and go back on the main 
    path. Now go north. When you do go north, some kids, who are obviously cult 
    members (sarcasm), will throw pinecones at you. Ronfar gets the worst of the 
    attack. Climb up the ladder and walk right, beside the stairs and walk north to 
    get the Legendary Lid. Now go up the stairs.
    Follow the stone path onto the wooden path. Follow this path, up the ladder and 
    back on the stone path. Follow this around and go up the stairs. You will see 
    some more stairs. Go around the right of them to get the Thunder Staff. Now go 
    up the stairs. Follow the path left and go through the opening.
    In this room, the kid will return. Hiro, Ronfar and Ruby will chase after them, 
    only to run into a trap. They are hit with a pepper bomb. The kids run away. 
    Exit the room.
    Grab the Luck Ring beside the stairs and then go up the stairs. Get the Spirit 
    Mace to the right of the next set of stairs and go up them. Now you're done.
    Nall isn't too happy about your arrival and believes your the Cult! A net falls 
    on you and the kids (who he calls the Dragon Kids) take you to a jail, in 
    Taben's Peak. In jail, talk to everyone. Jean doesn't think any of the kids 
    belong to the Cult. Lunn must have been wrong. Now you sleep.
    When you wake up, everyone's gone. Leave the room. You'll see everyone else in 
    your party working. Now go through the door on the northeast part. Now go to the 
    Northwest door. You will hear Lucia and Nall talking. Now go through the door 
    and talk to Nall. Kids will scream. Nall seems to know what is happening, but 
    you are clueless. Exit the room and go up the north door to see the Cult 
    stealing some kids. One member recognizes Jean. The Cult ends up escaping with 
    the children. Nall will then have a long talk with you. Talk to Nall again after 
    the discussion. He will send you to save the kids. You will have to do it 
    without Lucia, though. Nall is holding her for insurance purposes, in case you 
    run off. Nall believes the Cult's hideout is in the sewers below Meribia. Now go 
    back to the kidnapping scene to get a Herb. Go to the entrance and talk to the 
    kid on the left, beside the Gondola. He will let you get down on the Gondola. Go 
    to the world map.
    On the map, go back to Meribia. The hideout is in the sewers. In this game, 
    there are two entrances to the sewers. One entrance is in Lunn's dojo and the 
    other is the familiar entrance in Ramus's shop. Let's go through the one in 
    Ramus's shop.
    ---------------------------------MERIBIA SEWERS-------------------
    Level: 25
    Items: Star Light (3), Steel Shield, Dew Ring, Soul Bandana, Quake 
           Staff, Silver Light, Steel Helm, Healing Nut, Silk Dress
    Enemies: Fatal Hopper, Gunfoot, Grog Snake, Ammonia, Assassin
    The sewers have changed since you last chased after your diamond in the Silver 
    Star Story. Follow the first path across a bridge and hit the button on the 
    wall. Don't go up the newly created bridge yet, go down the left path to get a 
    Star Light. Now cross the bridge. Go to the right and go in the north room to 
    get the Steel Shield. Press the button above the chest to drop a bridge. Now 
    exit the room and go to the left. Now go north across the new bridge. Follow 
    this path right and south. Now you have a choice of either going right or 
    keeping south. Go right and in the room to get the Dew Ring. Now go back and 
    take the south path. At the fork, go left or right, it doesn't matter. Now, 
    again, you have a choice of going left or right. Head right and follow the lower 
    path to get the Soul Bandana. Hit the button above the chest to drop another 
    bridge. Now take the left path and go north at the fork to get the Quake Staff. 
    Follow the path south. Go left at this fork and hit the button to drop yet 
    another bridge. Now follow the path right. Cross the bridge south and go right. 
    Continue right and cross the bridge south to get a Silver Light. Now go back up 
    and left to the path you skipped. Go in the small room to get the Steel Helm. 
    Now follow the path left. Go north when you can. Hit the button. Now go south 
    and continue on this path. Go left at the choice to get a Healing Nut. Now go up 
    the north path. Follow this and hit the button to the right of the opening, but 
    don't go in the room just yet. Go down the bridge to the south. Follow this path 
    to get the Silk Dress. Now go back, get both Star Lights beside the door, and go 
    in the room. Wow, that was long.
    In this room, you will see the cult and the masked man. The masked man will send 
    his Assassins to fight you. This battle is harder than a normal fight, but 
    easier than a boss fight. Just use any MP you have left. Make sure you make 
    Lemina use Ice, they are weak against it. Jean should also use Butterfly Dance, 
    it will poison them. After the fight, the masked man decides to fight you. But 
    before you begin, Jean knocks off his mask and he quickly retreats. After he 
    leaves, the kids run to Taben's Peak. Exit through the door on the right and go 
    try and talk to Lunn. It seems he is in Pentaguila, so you're story will have to 
    wait. Leave Meribia and go to Taben's Peak.
    -----------------------------TABEN'S PEAK--------------------------
    Level: 27
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Talk to the kid beside the Gondola to get a free ride up to the top. At the top, 
    Nall congratulates you. When you can control Hiro, go through the northeast door 
    and then go through the north door to the former kidnapping scene. Lucia will be 
    singing to some Dragon Kids. Talk to her and prepare to leave Taben's Peak. Talk 
    to the kids around and they will all be sad that you are leaving (a far cry from 
    the pinecones and pepper bombs). As you're leaving, Nall will stop you and give 
    you the White Dragon Wings (you're first reaction, SWEEEEEEEET). He says they 
    will allow you to instantly transport to the start of any dungeon you're in 
    (WHAT!! Why did they change?). Now leave via the Gondola and go to Vane, the 
    elevated town south.
    Level: 27
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    As you enter the town, a woman will run to Lemina speaking of trouble in town. 
    But before you can do anything, guards kick you out of the town. Borgan's 
    orders. They won't even let Lemina in! Oh well, Lemina knows of another way in. 
    The Spring of Transmission. Exit the town.
    On the map, go in the blue circle to the south.
    ----------------------------SPRING OF TRANSMISSION-------------
    Level: 27
    Items: Mia's Bromide
    Enemies: None
    First thing to do is to talk to the guy wearing pink to get Mia's Bromide. Then 
    talk to the guy beside the transmission. Years ago, this was the only way into 
    Vane. That's because Vane was floating. But then the coolest villain ever shot 
    it out of the sky. Anyways, back on track. Step on the right circle and Lemina 
    will cast some magic to make it work.
    ----------------------------CAVE OF TRIAL-------------------------
    Level: 27
    Items: None (that you can get now)
    Enemies: Giga Wasp, Death Shroom, Bat Knight
    Well, it's not exactly Vane. The Cave of Trial has changed quite a bit since you 
    tackled it with Alex. Almost all the paths are blocked, so the cave is extremely 
    linear. Walk north and go left at the fork, because going right means going into 
    a dead end. Now in this area, the south path leads to nothing, so go north. Head 
    right when you can and follow the path. Now go up the northeast path and up the 
    Go left at the fork. Now go down any of the lower left path's, you'll end up in 
    the same place. Go up the stairs on the left.
    Go north. Follow this path to the stairs, which are located in the northeast 
    In this area, you have a choice of either going left or south. The south path is 
    a dead end, so head left. Go north at the next choice. Continue north and up the 
    Now go all the way south and exit the former testing ground. You might see the 
    chest to the southwest, but Lemina will prevent you from opening it. Finally, 
    you're in Vane.
    Level: 28
    Items: Lemina's Bromide 1, Lemina's Purse, Gorgon Doll, Thunder Crest, 
           Seal Crest, Angel Ring, Silver Light, Thieves Staff
    Enemies: None
    As you walk through the once majestic city, you may see some chests you will 
    want to touch (Not Jean's chest, you dirty pig!). However, Lemina will stop you 
    every time, so don't even bother trying to open them. First, buy some new 
    weapons and armor. Now go to the library. Reading the books will educate you 
    non-Silver Star playing gamers on the history of Vane and Ghaleon. The books 
    will also tell you about the history of the Blue Star, Lunar, Althena, the 
    Dragons and the Dragonmasters. Look at the book that is the farthest right on 
    the right side of the third row. Lemina's Bromide 1 will fall out. Now enter the 
    Magic Guild, the big building north. Go north in the guild and talk to Borgan. 
    After he's done, talk to Miria and then talk to Borgan again. He wants Miria to 
    come with him to Neo-Vane and help him rule the floating city. Borgan will then 
    teleport Miria to Neo-Vane. After laughing at you, he'll teleport himself there. 
    Lemina considers herself a failure and wanders to the roof. Follow her onto the 
    roof and talk to her. She decides she's going with you to stop Borgan. Now she 
    lets you open the chests in Vane. Let's get them all. From the stairs, go south 
    and in the first room to get Lemina's Purse. Now go in the main room to get the 
    Gorgon Doll. Now leave the guild. Go right and grab the Seal Crest on the right 
    side of the run-down mansion. From here, go left and down the stairs to where 
    the Althena Statue is. Get the Thunder Crest in the southwest part of this small 
    area. Now go in the library. Go to the northwest part of the library to get an 
    Angel Ring. Now get the chest in the southeast part of the library for a Silver 
    Light. Finally, go back to the Cave of Trial to get the Thieves Staff, in the 
    southwest part. Now leave Vane.
    On the map, go east near the Spring of Transmission. Now go down the south path 
    to the next area.

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