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    Boss FAQ by SephKatana

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    Boss FAQ
    by Sephiroth Katana (http://www.rpgclassics.com)
    Like its predecessor, Lunar 2 can be somewhat challenging at times. This
    FAQ is a quick reference for how to beat the bosses in the game. The HP
    numbers come from my own estimates.
    Guardian (easy)
    HP: 550
    You only have two characters, so there aren't many possible strategies to
    adopt. Hiro should use Poe Sword every turn. If you didn't get it while
    climbing up the Blue Tower, you should have spent some time fighting
    enemies on your way down. In that short time frame, before getting zapped 
    by Zophar, Lucia is able to kill all the enemies for you with her powerful
    spells. So, you really have every opportunity to learn Poe Sword in time
    for this fight.
    Gwyn should heal whenever necessary, and if both characters are at full
    health, he should use Shattered Armour to decrease the boss's defense.
    That's about it.
    Plantella (medium)
    HP: 1800
    Jean will be fairly useless in this fight, since she's only got her
    regular attack. Ronfar should heal every turn, and if everyone is already
    at full health, he should cast Saint Litany on someone (Hiro first, then
    others) so that they can recover HP every round. If he doesn't need to do
    that either, he can use Anger Dice.
    Eventually, the boss will start to use attacks that harm your whole party,
    but this is actually good, since it will provoke Lucia into using Napalm
    Shot to cause an additional 80 HP of damage. You can compensate by having
    Ronfar switch to Calm Litany instead of Heal Litany. Hiro should keep 
    using Poe Sword.
    Magic Tester LXI (hard)
    HP: 2700
    This fight is difficult because you don't get to heal right before it, and
    also because many of your attacks, including Poe Sword, don't work on him
    at all. He starts out with a physical attack against one character, and
    once you damage him, he'll get an area-attack spell and finally a spell to
    harm your whole party. All three attacks do about 60 HP of damage to their
    targets. He also has a weaker attack that does 20 HP of damage but puts the
    target to sleep.
    I recommend rearranging your party before the fight so as to put Lucia in
    the front lines. She tends to be useless at this stage of the game, but in
    this fight, the boss always attacks whoever is closest to him, and Lucia
    will retaliate with Napalm Shot if she gets attacked. You can have Ronfar
    cast Saint Litany on her in the beginning to help her out, but for the
    most part you need Ronfar to cast Anger Dice, because it's one of the few
    attacks that work on the boss. Hiro should use Boomerang every turn. That
    leaves Jean to be your healer, so I hope you have a lot of Herbs.
    Missing Link (easy)
    HP: 2700
    This fight is much easier than the previous one. The boss is weak against
    fire, so Lemina's single-enemy fire attack will do lots of damage. Sometimes
    he creates a barrier around himself that blocks all of your attacks.
    However, he also doesn't attack while the barrier is up, so you should just
    take that time to heal and cast Lemina's attack-up spell on Hiro a couple
    of times. Ronfar should heal, unless everyone is at full health, in which
    case he can cast Anger Dice. Hiro should use Poe Sword. Jean, again, is
    pretty useless, so you can just make her use her regular attack.
    Flame Fang (hard)
    HP: 5000
    I hope you've bought all the new equipment for Hiro and Ronfar, because this
    boss is hard, and you don't get to use Lucia, Lemina or Jean at all. Start
    by having Ronfar cast Saint Litany on Leo, and equip Hiro and Ronfar with
    the Gauss Necklace and Healing Ring. The latter can be found in the Azado
    Shrine basement on your way to the boss, so it's definitely worth taking
    that long detour to the treasure chests.
    The boss has three attacks. He either hits one character for 150 HP of
    damage, or he hits a zone for about 75 HP, or he hits everybody for 80-90
    HP. He's fast, too, so he'll usually attack before Ronfar can heal. You
    don't have many options; just use Poe Sword and Leo's Flash Blade, and
    use Ronfar to heal and revive when necessary. You might consider spacing
    your characters far apart so they don't all get hit by the zone attack.
    Other than that, there's really nothing you can do. You'll probably need
    to use a Star Light on Leo as the fight progresses so he can keep casting
    Flash Blade. Saint Litany makes Leo recover a lot of HP, so he can last
    a long time.
    Leo (easy)
    HP: 600
    You only have Hiro, but Leo doesn't have a lot of HP. His only dangerous
    attack is Flash Blade, which does about 110 HP of damage, so keep your own
    HP above that level. His other attacks can safely be ignored if Hiro has
    a Healing Ring. Just use Poe Sword a few times, but if you take too long,
    Leo can use an item to fully recover his HP.
    White Fiend (medium)
    HP: 3000
    This fight is kind of long, but it follows a fairly predictable pattern.
    The boss will either damage your whole party for 80 HP or so, or he will
    increase his own attack and defense. In the first turn, cast Saint Litany
    on someone who doesn't already have a Healing Ring, and have Lemina cast
    her attack-up spell on Hiro. Then use Poe Sword, Jean's regular attacks,
    and Lemina's fire spells every turn. Ronfar will probably have to cast
    Calm Litany all the time, but if everyone is at full health, Anger Dice
    is useful too. Lucia will occasionally pitch in with Napalm Shot.
    Master Lunn (easy)
    HP: 2000
    You only have Jean, but by now she's turned into a really strong fighter.
    Her Blue Dragon Palm skill will do 330 HP of damage every time. Lunn
    cycles between the same three attacks. First he'll hit you twice for 60 HP
    of damage, then he'll heal himself for 375 HP and raise his defense, and
    then he'll use his super skill that takes off 110 HP. You can tell when
    he's about to use the super skill because he gets into a special stance
    with his arms extended, so use a Healing Nut whenever he does that. Jean
    should have enough MP to beat him with Blue Dragon Palm.
    Blue Fiend (hard)
    HP: 5000
    This boss has pretty much the same attacks as the White Fiend, except now
    they're water-elemental. However, he also has the ability to heal himself
    for 1200 HP at a time. Fortunately, he doesn't use this ability often. I
    recommend spreading out your characters to avoid his zone attack. Also,
    bring a lot of items with you, since the zone attack can inflict the Mute
    status on your characters. He has one very strong attack which damages
    the whole party for 100-150 HP. Try to equip some accessories that increase
    your resistance to water, and cast Saint Litany on Jean and Lemina in the
    beginning. Ronfar and Hiro should use Healing Rings.
    As far as attacking goes, use Poe Sword, Blue Dragon Palm and Lemina's
    single-enemy fire attack. If Ronfar doesn't need to heal (Tranquil Litany
    heals a lot of HP, so you only need to use it every other turn), Anger
    Dice will help chip away at the boss's health. Lucia will mostly help
    heal your party, but sometimes she'll use Napalm Shot.
    Borgan (easy)
    HP: 4000
    This fight is much easier than the dungeon that just preceded it. Borgan
    is very slow, which means that you don't have to plan ahead as much.
    Ronfar will always be able to cast a spell before Borgan's attack. Even
    though this is mostly Lemina's fight, her attacks are actually pretty
    useless here, so just use her to raise Hiro and Jean's attack power.
    If Ronfar doesn't need to heal, just have him use his regular attack.
    Borgan uses three different attacks. He can either harm your whole party
    for 175 HP of damage or so, or he can drain 95 MP from one character, or
    he can do 100 HP of damage to a zone and cause sleep. The zone attack is
    the most dangerous one, but if your characters are spread out, you don't
    have much to worry about. The MP draining attack is only dangerous if
    he attacks Ronfar twice or something. Hiro and Jean can still have enough
    MP for Poe Sword and Blue Dragon Palm even after getting drained once.
    Oh yeah, he's supposed to protect himself with some kind of barrier after
    a while, but you can beat him before then.
    Black Fiend (very hard)
    HP: 5000
    The Black Fiend is the hardest boss up to this point. The problem is that
    he's resistant to almost all physical attacks, so you'll have to rely on
    Lemina's strongest spells and occasional help from Lucia. But the boss
    can drain the whole party's MP (around 40 MP from each character) as well
    as paralyze everyone simultaneously. You need to distribute some anti-
    paralysis rings (Vigour Ring, Fresh Ring) among your characters. If you
    don't have enough, start by equipping Hiro, Ronfar and Lemina.
    Hiro's Cross-Boomerang is one of the few things that works, so have him
    use that every turn. Jean should use Blue Dragon Palm, which only does
    about 80 HP of damage, but hey, it helps. Lemina should cast the best
    spell she has, which in my case was Crematorium. Ronfar should heal the
    party and cast Anger Dice if everyone is at full health. Also, start the
    fight by casting Divine Litany. Even if you have three Healing Rings,
    still cast it, since it doubles their effectiveness (so those characters
    will heal about 50 HP per turn).
    When you start running out of MP, have Jean and Hiro use some Star Lights
    on whoever needs them. Just make sure to keep Lemina healthy and at full
    MP. The boss tends to alternate his attacks. First he drains your MP,
    then he uses a zone attack that does about 200 HP of damage to everyone
    in the zone, then he uses the paralysis attack that also does 100 HP of
    damage to everyone, and then he attacks one character (usually Hiro) for 
    about 150 HP, with a chance of causing poison and charm. But with Divine
    Litany working, you'll probably only need to heal every other turn. It's
    a very long fight. If you're having trouble, find the Stardust Ring in 
    the dungeon and give it to Ronfar. It restores 4 MP per turn, which helps 
    against the draining attack.
    Mauri's Id (medium)
    HP: 2000 per target (6 targets total)
    Every time the action switches to Ronfar, talk to one of the replicas of
    Mauri and tell her that you don't believe her. Then, when you go back to
    the battle, one of the boss's heads will begin to glow with an aura of 
    fire. Target that head with Poe Sword, Flash Blade and Blue Dragon Palm
    until it dies, and then repeat the process. When there are just two heads
    left, a sixth target will pop up and then the battle will continue with
    no further interruptions.
    Just use the above three attacks every turn. Lemina can heal, since none
    of her attack spells is particularly useful here, or she can boost Hiro
    or Jean's attack. The sixth target has an area attack spell, so quickly
    mop up the remaining heads and go for it.
    Red Fiend (hard)
    HP: 8000
    For this fight, you absolutely need the Water Ring that's hidden in the
    dungeon. Find it and give it to Hiro. The boss is extremely strong, and
    just his opening attack can wipe out your party unless everyone is at
    full health, but the Water Ring will let one character (Hiro) take just
    90-110 HP of damage each turn. Now if you give Hiro a Healing Ring, and
    cast Divine Litany when the fight starts, Hiro will recover about 75 HP
    per turn, so he can last a really long time.
    Basically, it's not worth it to try to keep all your characters healthy.
    Just use Blue Dragon Palm, Poe Sword and Lemina's Ice Arrows, and have
    Ronfar heal with Tranquil Litany, for as long as you can until everyone
    but Hiro goes down. Then just have Hiro use Poe Sword every turn and
    use a Healing Nut when his HP gets down to 130 or so. For all the boss's
    strength, there's not much he can do against the Water-Ring-protected
    character, so Hiro can then win the fight by himself.
    Fake Althena (medium)
    HP: 12000
    She has some very strong attacks, including a zone attack that does 500
    HP of damage to everyone it hits. But if you time it right, you can get
    through it unscathed. The thing is, she telegraphs her strong attacks in
    advance by assuming special poses -- one where she lifts her staff right
    after raising her defense, and one where she makes a praying gesture
    with her hands. If, when she does this, you can have Ronfar cast White
    Dragon Protect, that will nullify her attacks completely. Then she'll
    just be left with an attack against one character, which can easily be
    cured if you cast Divine Litany in the beginning.
    Lemina's attack magic is useless again, so just have her raise Hiro and
    Jean's attack. If you have Triple Sword already, have Hiro use it and
    boost his attack for a quick victory. If you don't, just use Poe Sword
    and Blue Dragon Palm. Lucia will occasionally help out with Atomic Burn,
    so you can really do a lot of damage with just these three characters.
    Ghaleon (easy)
    HP: 2000
    You don't have any magic, so all you can really do is attack him. Have
    Lemina use healing items, since her attack is useless. Ghaleon tends to
    target Hiro with his only two attacks. Even without special abilities,
    your four attackers can do a total of 500 HP of damage per turn.
    Ghaleon (very easy)
    HP: 5000
    Now you have your magic back. In the first turn, cast Divine Litany,
    have Lemina boost Hiro's attack, and have Leo use his attack-up skill
    on himself. Then use Triple Sword, Flash Blade, and Blue Dragon Palm.
    Ronfar should heal with Tranquil Litany every turn, and Lemina should
    keep boosting the other characters' attack power. It's more difficult
    to lose this fight than to win it.
    Zophar, Round 1 (medium)
    HP: 12000
    The only real cause for concern in this fight is the fact that there's
    no Goddess Statue anywhere in the final dungeon, so you can't get healed
    when you start the fight. But if you were reasonably careful about
    using your MP in the dungeon, and if you restore your HP with Healing
    Nuts and Herbs before the fight, then you should have a pretty easy
    time. The boss has a standard set of attacks -- individual, zone and
    area-attack -- and you can also beat him the standard way, with Triple
    Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, and Flash Blade. Lemina should boost your
    attackers' strength, and Ronfar should cast Divine Litany and then
    use Tranquil Litany every turn. White Dragon Protect makes it even
    But this isn't the real final battle, of course, and you don't get to
    change your equipment or use items after it, so you should plan ahead
    a little. I gave Hiro the Tri-Ring to guard against status ailments,
    a Healing Ring, and the Goddess Crest combined with the Red Dragon
    Crest to raise his stats. Ronfar had the White Dragon Crest, as well
    as a Healing Ring and a Stardust Ring. Jean had another Healing Ring,
    a Spirit Talisman to guard against elemental magic, and the Blue
    Dragon Crest. Lemina had a Force Ring and the Gorgon Doll, and Leo had 
    the Gauss Necklace, the Chiro and Shiro Crests, and a Fresh Ring. If 
    you have a better setup, by all means use it. This is just my idea for 
    a configuration that would protect you against a variety of attacks.
    Another option is to give Warrior Crests to Hiro and Jean. If you also
    give Hiro the Goddess Crest, he can really do a lot of damage.
    Zophar, Round 2 (medium)
    HP: 7000 per hand (2 hands total)
    Oh hey, it's time for a time-honoured RPG crutch to use when the game
    designers can't come up with an interesting final boss: a huge thing
    with five body parts, each of which has its own attacks! Actually,
    three of the parts won't attack you at all in this battle, and they
    also can't be damaged now either. In this round, all of the attacks
    will come from the two pale hands covered with blue light. They'll
    use all of Lucia's attack magic against you. Napalm Shot will do
    about 110 HP of damage to one character, and Plasma Rain and Thunder
    Bomb will do about 80 HP to each target.
    You don't have to do anything in this battle. Lucia has some dialogue
    at the beginning of every round, and when she's done talking, the
    battle will automatically end. However, if you don't do anything now,
    you'll just get killed in the next round. Your mission is to destroy
    both of the ghostly blue hands now, and you can just barely do it in
    the time you're given.
    You still don't get healed after the last fight, so you probably
    need to use some items now. Use Silver Lights on Hiro and Lemina, and
    a Star Light on Ronfar. Jean and Leo will probably have enough MP
    left to get through this round, so don't bother with them. But you
    do need to have Ronfar cast Divine Litany, and have Leo boost his
    own attack, while the other characters are using the items.
    In the second round, the fun can begin in earnest. Target one of the
    hands with Triple Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, and Flash Blade, and keep
    boosting Hiro, Jean and Leo's attack, one after the other. Ronfar
    should use Tranquil Litany when necessary, but since Divine Litany
    will heal half of the damage done by the boss's attacks, he may
    occasionally be free to use Anger Dice, or any attack of your choice.
    The thing is, you also need to have good timing here and not waste
    a single attack. It takes three turns for Hiro, Leo and Jean to kill
    one of the hands. However, in the last turn, Jean can switch to the
    other hand. Triple Sword and Flash Blade can finish off the first
    hand between them. You need to do this because, if you don't switch
    targets, and you destroy the hand before one of your characters gets
    to attack, then that character will just attack the head and do zero
    damage. That's why you need to switch, so you don't waste an attack.
    After the first blue hand is gone, have everyone attack the second.
    It won't do much damage on its own, so you don't need to heal. When
    Lucia calls out to Lemina and Leo, that's a sign that the next turn
    will be your last, so have everyone use the best attacks they have,
    including Lemina's Catastrophe. Hopefully, you'll just manage to
    kill the second hand, and the fight will end there.
    Zophar, Round 3 (very hard)
    HP (Hand): 5000 per hand (2 hands total)
    HP (Head): 15000
    Finally, you get your HP and MP restored! And Divine Litany will
    still be working if you cast it in Round 2, so don't bother casting
    it again. If you killed the two pale hands in Round 2, you now only
    have three targets. The right hand (that's your right, not the
    boss's; in other words, the hand that's closest to your characters)
    can heal the other body parts or use an area attack, and it's also
    quite fast, so it's the logical first target. The left hand will
    use a powerful area-attack elemental spell each turn, but it is
    slow, so it will always attack after your characters do. The head
    starts by using a weak status-changing attack against Hiro, but
    quickly moves to using a strong (300 HP) attack spell against one
    character, or an area-attack (250 HP) spell against everybody, or
    a one-hit kill (5000 HP!) against one character.
    How do you fight this monstrosity? Well, you need to be fast. The
    idea is to quickly kill the right hand using Triple Sword, Blue
    Dragon Palm and Flash Blade while Lemina boosts your attack and
    Ronfar heals with Tranquil Litany (again, don't bother casting
    Divine Litany, it still works from the last round). If you boost
    Hiro and then Jean, you can defeat the hand in two turns, just
    when the head is starting to use its tougher attacks.
    Now comes the hard part. The left hand is very strong against
    physical attacks, so you need to use magic. But only Lemina's
    Catastrophe can do any sizable damage (about 800 HP) against it,
    and time is not on your side. The answer is to have Lemina switch
    to casting Catastrophe every turn, while Hiro continues to use
    Triple Sword (for only about 400 HP of damage, but it's better than
    trying to use magic with him) and Leo uses his single-target earth
    spell for about 200 HP of damage. Jean should cast Blue Dragon Heal
    as necessary, while Ronfar casts White Dragon Protect. This allows
    you to dodge one area-attack spell per turn, which you need to do
    because, if the head decides to attack your whole party, you won't
    be able to survive the follow-up from the left hand. Jean's skills,
    even Blue Dragon Palm, are useless against the left hand, so it
    makes sense to give her the Blue Dragon Crest. If you start to run
    low on MP, have Leo use a Star Light on whoever needs it.
    The trouble begins when the head uses its one-hit kill against 
    either Ronfar or Lemina. If this happens, use lots of items. Take 
    advantage of the order in which your characters act. For example, 
    Jean is the fastest character, so if Lemina gets knocked out, have 
    Jean use an Angel's Tear on her and tell Ronfar to cast Tranquil 
    Litany. By the time Ronfar's turn comes up, Lemina will have been 
    revived, and he'll automatically heal your whole party. But you'll 
    then have to try to survive without White Dragon Protect that turn. 
    So, after a point, it may be better to just have Jean use Blue 
    Dragon Heal on whoever is left standing. As long as Lemina is still 
    up, you have a chance of killing the left hand.  If she runs low on 
    MP and there's no one to heal her, try her weaker spells like Ice 
    Arrows. It may just be enough to take out the left hand.
    The good news is that once the left hand is gone, the rest of the
    fight will be pretty tame. The boss still has his one-hit kill and
    his area-attack, but you can survive that. When the left hand dies,
    quickly revive anyone who may have fainted, while healing. Then use
    your usual combination of Triple Sword, Flash Blade and Blue Dragon
    Palm. You may need to use some more Silver Lights on Hiro or Lemina,
    but you probably have a decent supply of them at this point (I had
    about fifteen, and used six or seven in the fight).
    Zophar, Round 4 (easy)
    HP: 2000
    If Hiro is really low on HP, use a Healing Nut in the first turn. Lucia 
    will cast Heal Litany on him, but she's slower than the boss. The boss
    only does about 100 HP of damage per turn, though, so there's not much
    to worry about unless Hiro starts out really weak (he doesn't get
    healed after round 3). Now just use Triple Sword, or Poe Sword if you
    don't have a lot of MP.
    Water Guardian (easy)
    HP: 20000
    Even though Zophar is dead, there are a few bosses left in the Epilogue 
    of the game. The Water Guardian is found at the end of the Water Ruins
    (that building you were camping at when Hiro saw Lucia bathing for the
    second time). Actually, you don't need to fight him. In the first room
    with coloured stones on the floor, there's a small blue door just to
    the right of the entrance. You can take that door to the Dragon Jewel
    and bypass the boss fight.
    But there's actually no reason to skip the fight, since it's easy and
    it gives lots of EXP. Use Triple Sword, Flash Blade, Blue Dragon Palm
    and Catastrophe for 4000 HP of damage every turn. Ronfar should cast
    Divine Litany and then heal with Purity Litany or Tranquil Litany. The
    boss mostly uses single-target attacks, including one that can make
    a character immobile for one turn, and another that does about 480 HP
    of damage. If you can't beat him, go back to the White Dragon Cave
    and fight Chiro Mongrels (the little green-and-gray guys) to level up
    quickly. (But you have to use your most powerful attacks on them,
    since they run away after one turn.) If you can get up to level 57 or
    so, and pick up Althena's Sword for Hiro at Taben's Peak, you should 
    have a much easier time in the Water Ruins. When you've reached the 
    room with the boss, feel free to heal with Star Lights (not Silver 
    Lights, though) and Healing Nuts, since you can always buy more in 
    Knight/Mage/Angel Guardians (easy)
    HP: 10000 each
    You can find these guys at the end of the Lost Labyrinth, which can 
    be accessed through a newly opened door in the hot springs (where
    you met Jean for the first time). The enemies are not hard, but it's
    a little difficult to find your way around the dungeon. But, if you
    could do it, the bosses are easy.
    In the first turn, have Ronfar cast Divine Litany, have Lemina cast
    Catastrophe, and have Leo power himself up. Jean and Hiro should
    attack the floating thing with Blue Dragon Palm and Triple Sword.
    If you survive the bosses' attacks in the first round, you've
    basically won the fight. Now use Flash Blade, Blue Dragon Palm and
    Triple Sword on the floating thing until it dies, then switch to
    the guy with the staff, then finally to the guy with the sword. 
    Lemina should keep casting Catastrophe and Ronfar should use 
    Tranquil Litany. It's not hard, since the floating guy is weak 
    against physical attacks, and he's also the most powerful attacker 
    of the three, so you can have him out of the way by the second turn 
    and then have an easy time with the other guys. You get Alex's 
    Ocarina for your troubles.
    Phantom Sentry (medium)
    HP: 20000
    This guy is guarding the end of the Dragon Ruins, that dungeon you
    saw in the opening sequence. There's only one thing to remember about 
    this fight. When he draws all your characters up close to him and 
    raises his attack, have everybody defend and run as far away from him 
    as possible (choose Defend and then move). The very next turn, he will 
    do a monster sword swipe that will do about 950 HP of damage to a zone 
    around him. But, if all your characters have run away from him, he won't
    hit anybody.
    Other than that, the fight is easy. Use Triple Sword, Blue Dragon
    Palm, Flash Blade and Catastrophe. Ronfar should use Divine Litany
    and then heal. If the boss's sword starts glowing, use White
    Dragon Protect to avoid his next attack completely.
    Hero's Talisman (easy)
    HP (Hero's Talisman): 17000
    HP (Arms): 5000
    This fight takes place at the end of the Brave Labyrinth north of
    Horam. You trigger the fight by opening the treasure chest in the final
    room, so make sure to heal up beforehand. The Talisman itself won't 
    attack. Instead, it will create new Sword and Fist Arms, then raise 
    their attack. The Arms start out weak (only about 30 HP of damage per 
    attack), but once boosted, they can do quite a bit of damage. However, 
    the Talisman is weak against physical attacks, so if you use Triple 
    Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, and Flash Blade, and have Lemina boost Hiro 
    and Jean's attack, you can get rid of it quickly. Ronfar should cast
    Divine Litany in the beginning, then heal, as always. After the
    Talisman is dead, use Catastrophe and your strongest physical attacks.
    Devil Eye (medium)
    HP: 12000
    You can find this guy at the end of the Lionhead dungeon southeast
    of Neo-Vane. This is another one of those fights where the boss is 
    immune to all your best attacks, so it'll take a while. Use Hiro's 
    Cross-Boomerang, Leo's single-target earth spell, and Lemina's Ice
    Arrows. Jean can use Blue Dragon Heal or attack with Blue Dragon 
    Palm for 100 HP of damage. Ronfar should cast Divine Litany and then 
    use White Dragon Protect every turn. The boss has one strong area-
    attack spell, but White Dragon Protect will block it, allowing you to 
    win almost unscathed.
    Star Guardian (very easy)
    HP: 10000
    This is the last boss of the game, at the top of the Star Dragon Tower
    (that tall blue thing in the middle of Starlight Forest, northwest of
    Gwyn's house). You only have Hiro, so heal him before the battle starts, 
    and use Triple Sword five times to beat the boss. If your HP goes
    below 300, use a Passion Fruit. If Hiro has a Healing Ring, he might 
    not even need to heal.
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is copyrighted by Working Designs, 2000.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Sephiroth Katana, 2007.

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