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    Game Script by Shotgunnova

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            (ŻŻŻŻ)                                                /ŻŻŻŻŻŻ\
             )  (      (ŻŻŻŻ)ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\(ŻŻŻŻ)   /\    (ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\  \_(ŻŻ)  )
             |  |       )  ( )  (Ż|     \)  (   /  \    )  |Ż\  \     /  /
             |  |       |  | |  | |  |\     |  / /\ \   |  |_/  /    /  /
             |  |       |  | |  | |  | \    | /  ŻŻ  \  |      (   _/  /_|Ż|
             |  |       |  |_|  | )  (  \   |/  (ŻŻ)  \_|  (\   \ |________|
             |  |      /\       )(____)  \__(____)(_________)\   \
             |   ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  )ŻŻŻŻŻŻ                              \   \
           (Ż           / ETERNAL BLUE GAME SCRIPT             \   \
            \/ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\/  By Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)      \   ŻŻŻ)
     01) Introduction........................................................ GS01
     02) East Desert Pass.................................................... GS02
     03) Gwyn's House........................................................ GS03
     04) Blue Spire.......................................................... GS04
     05) Gwyn's House........................................................ GS05
     06) Larpa Village....................................................... GS06
     07) Dalton Town......................................................... GS07
     08) Starlight Forest.................................................... GS08
     09) Illusion Woods...................................................... GS09
     10) Takkar Village...................................................... GS10
     11) Ghost Manor......................................................... GS11
     12) Nota................................................................ GS12
     13) Madoria Carnival.................................................... GS13
     14) Mystic Ruins........................................................ GS14
     15) Zulan............................................................... GS15
     16) Meribia............................................................. GS16
     17) Taben's Peak........................................................ GS17
     18) Meribia Sewers...................................................... GS18
     19) Vane................................................................ GS19
     20) Sluice Forest....................................................... GS20
     21) Azado............................................................... GS21
     22) Dragonship Destiny.................................................. GS22
     23) Holy City Pentagulia................................................ GS23
     24) Taben's Peak........................................................ GS24
     25) White Dragon Cave................................................... GS25
     26) Horam............................................................... GS26
     27) Blue Dragon Cave.................................................... GS27
     28) Neo-Vane............................................................ GS28
     29) Black Dragon Cave................................................... GS29
     30) Raculi.............................................................. GS30
     31) Serak Palace........................................................ GS31
     32) Red Dragon Cave..................................................... GS32
     33) Holy City Pentagulia................................................ GS33
     34) Vane................................................................ GS34
     35) Zophar's Keep....................................................... GS35
     36) Epilogue............................................................ GS36
     37) Updates & Contributions............................................. GS37
     38) Legality............................................................ GS38
    01) INTRODUCTION                                                         [GS01]
    [Shot: planet and Blue Star in orbit.]
    Narrative: Hanging silently in space, the world in the shadow of the Blue Star
               was once a lonely, barren place, unfit for habitation. However,
               Althena took pity on that world and transformed it into a place of
               beauty and wonder. She called the new world Lunar. Time and
               circumstances conspired to force Althena to populate Lunar with
               people from the Blue Star, and, just as the world they came from,
               life was held in a delicate balance. Through times of peace, war,
               chaos, and battle, the Blue Star loomed as the only constant in the
               new world. Thousands of years passed, burying the origin and purpose
               of the Blue Star in the sands of time. Eventually, inhabitants of
               Lunar forgot why the Blue Star was there, or how it came to be...
               Until a girl awakened that could join the two worlds...or tear them
               apart forever...
    [In an icy faraway land, a girl inside of a crystal awakens. She exits outside]
    ????: "This is not the time for my awakening. Something's gone terribly wrong."
    [Meanwhile, in the Dragon Ruins somewhere, a teen pokes at some rock with a
    sword while a winged pink cat holds a lantern in her mouth.]
    Hiro: "Ruby, did you say something?"
    Ruby: "Hah! Oh, great! Don't tell me you're hearing voices now?"
    Hiro: "I'm sure I heard something. I should've brought grandpa's chisel, this
          is way harder than I thought."
    Ruby: "Hurry up and get the Dragon's Eye! The timer's almost run out on the
    Hiro: "Trap? What trap!?"
    [A ring of fire appears around the dragon statue Hiro's suspended over.]
    Ruby: "Whoa! This trap!!"
    Hiro: "Aaagh! Why didn't you tell me about that earlier!?"
    Ruby: "I did, but you were too wrapped up in getting the jewel to listen!"
    Hiro: "Oh yeah, the jewel! Hold on...I've almost got it."
    Ruby: "Hurry, Hiro!"
    [He chisels it out of the statue.]
    Hiro: "Unghhhhhh! There, I got it!"
    System: "Right Sapphire Jewel. It's beautiful...and it's all ours!"
    Ruby: "Wh...what's that rumbling?"
    Hiro: "Oh, no! The exit's closing! Hurry!"
    Ruby: "Ahhhhhh! The rope broke!"
    [The two fall downwards and land in the lower reaches of the dungeon.]
    Ruby: "Oh, Hiro! Don't die on me! You just can't die!!"
    Hiro: "Ah...ahhhh...I...I'm okay, Ruby...it's just a few bruises..."
    Ruby: "Okay, that's it! No more exploring for us. I can't do this anymore! We
          always end up in some sort of troub--"
    Hiro: "Shhh! Ruby, listen."
    Ruby: "What?"
    [Some Inferno Ghouls appear.]
    Ruby: "Ahhhh!"
    Hiro: "Ahhhhh! Come on, Ruby! Let's get out of here!"
    [They start running around, evading the enemies. Hiro narrates.]
    Narrative: Well, looks like you've caught us in another messy situation. Oh,
               by the way, if you haven't figured it out, my name is Hiro. And the
               flying cat is named Ruby. She says she's actually a baby red dragon,
               but I don't know if I quite believe her. She doesn't care though;
               we've been friends for what seems like forever! My grandfather Gwyn
               is an archaeologist who taught us how to explore ancient ruins like
               this...well, not exactly like THIS... Grandpa'd have a coronary if
               he saw me in this kind of danger! But, you get the idea. I think
               it's so cool that these dungeons and ruins that time forgot, can be
               found and explored by someone like me. The world I live in today is
               the result of things that happened long ago. Someday, I'll gather
               enough information from ruins like these to prove that!"
    Ruby: "Ahhhh!"
    [A rolling boulder follows them and blocks the entrance in as they exit.]
    Ruby: "Whew! That was too close for comfort! One of those Inferno Ghouls
          singed my wings... But hey! It's just a small price to pay for that huge
          jewel we found! Uh-oh. We'd better head back to Grandpa's house before
          he starts to worry about us!"
    02) EAST DESERT PASS                                                     [GS02]
    [They continue toward home and fight some monsters.]
    Ruby: "Running away from all those flaming monsters and giant boulders really
          wore me out. Hiro, why don't we stand at the statue and send a prayer of
          love to Althena? I always feel better after a blessing from the Goddess!
    [As they're walking through the mountain pass, the ground shakes violently.]
    Ruby: "Uh-oh? Now what did we do!?"
    [A massive ship lands.]
    Ruby: "Wow! Hiro! Get a load of that? It's incredible! But what the heck is
          it? It looks like a ship but it moves without wings or sails!"
    Man: "Hey, you! Yes, you over there! What are you doing in this area?"
    Ruby: "Who does this joker think he is?"
    Hiro: "My name is Hiro, and this is Ruby. Identify yourself!"
    Leo: "Certainly! I am White Knight Leo, leader of Althena's Guard. And this is
         the Dragonship Destiny. Now then, listen up, you kids need to evacuate
         this area. I don't want to see any civilians caught in the middle of this
         thing. Return to your home immediately. Move it!"
    Ruby: "Hmmph! This guy sure is bossy! Thanks for the warning, but we'll make
          our own decisions! Isn't that right, Hiro?"
    Leo: "How amusing. Not only are you country folk rude and ignorant, but your
         pets are as well."
    Ruby: "What?! I am NOT Hiro's pet, mister, and don't you forget it!"
    Hiro: "Excuse me, but you just said you're the leader of Althena's Guard. Uh...
          what is it, exactly? And why would the Goddess need you to protect her,
    Leo: "What? Are you so ignorant as to be unaware of the protectors of your
         world?! Perhaps I should spare a moment to educate you, Hiro. That IS the
         name you spoke, is it not? Our world is approaching an era of darkness 
         and destruction, Hiro. It has been foretold. But prophecies are not set
         in stone. They speak of a possible future, not an inevitable one. And that
         is why you currently behold the Dragonship Destiny! Althena's Guard is
         here to wield the Goddess's strength and save this world from cataclysm!
         Now that I have enlightened you, Hiro, I again ask that you leave this
         place at once...and take your cat with you! I cannot guarantee your safety
         if you remain here any longer. Helmsman, set a new course! Destination:
         Gwyn's research outpost!
    [Leo and the ship leave.]
    Ruby: "Someone needs to teach that guy what a cat looks like! I didn't like
          what else he had to say, either. An era of darkness? The destruction of
          the world?"
    Hiro: "It creeped me out, too, Ruby. What did he mean by that? And when he
          left, he shouted the name 'Gwyn.' What does he want with Grandpa?"
    Ruby: "Gah! Speaking of Grandpa, he's going to be ticked if we're not home
    Hiro: "Good point, Ruby. Let's get outta here!"
    03) GWYN'S HOUSE                                                         [GS03]
    [As the two adventurers return home, Leo and Gwyn are conversing.]
    Gwyn: "Yes, Lord Leo, I have spent many years researching the Blue Spire...but
          it remains a mystery to me, as it has been to everyone for hundreds of
          years. You can't possibly expect that I would know all its secrets, or
          even any of them! Besides, what leads you to be interested in the Spire
          at all?"
    Leo: "Blue Stars, secret riddles! Pah! What a simple life you lead, my aged
         archaeologist! My work is of much greater importance than digging up the
         offal of our ancestors! The Destroyer is coming to our world, and the Blue
         Spire is the place at which it will enter! The Goddess Althena has given
         me direct and explicit orders to eradicate the Destroyer."
    Gwyn: "The Goddess Althena? A demon in the tower of blue?! Bah! You speak
          nonsense! Utter nonsense..."
    Leo: "Whether you believe me or not, Gwyn, I require your help, and I shall not
         leave without it!"
    Hiro: "Grandpa! We're home!"
    Gwyn: "There you are! If you weren't always late, I might've started worrying
          about you! This is Lord Leo, the head of Althena's Guard. He wants to
          know about the Blue Spire."
    Leo: "Yes, and as I was about to explain, I don't have the time for a history
         lesson. I have but a single question to you, Gwyn: how does one break the
         seal of the Spire's entrance?"
    Gwyn: "Ah, yes, well...that is indeed the million-silver question, isn't it?
          I'm not exactly sure, of course, but it seems to me that if one were to
          take the--"
    Leo: "I don't have time to act on a hunch, old man! If you don't know the way
         inside...I shall simply have to destroy the Blue Spire with a blast of the
         Destiny's Dragon Cannon! Hiro, you have a kind face and a strong will,
         which makes you a valuable commodity. Why don't you leave this foolish
         field of archaeology and join us in Althena's Guard? You have the
         potential to be a great warrior, Hiro. I know a good man when I see one!"
    Ruby: "Oh, I just bet you do! Why would Hiro want to trade his freedom for
          servitude? He won't work for you!"
    Leo: "You are grating on my nerves, little one. Did you never learn to speak
         only when spoken to? Unless you have suddenly recalled the information I
         seek, I shall take my leave of you now. I must prepare myself and the
         members of Althena's Guard to confront the Destroyer. And for your safety,
         Gwyn, I suggest that you stay far away from the Blue Spire...for it is
         soon to be a battlefield, upon which the Destroyer shall become the
    [Leo leaves.]
    Gwyn: "That arrogant fop claimed the Goddess had come to our world once again
          as a human...and is issuing orders directly to him. Very strange. And
          this...this Destroyer he spoke of... Something's up, m'boy, that's for
          certain -- and I don't like the smell of it! Not one bit! Oh, dear!
          Hiro! Hiro, m'boy! Come quickly! You have to see this! Something's
          happening at the...the...hurry, lad! HURRY!!"
    [They join Gwyn at the rooftop telescope.]
    Gwyn: "Look, Hiro! Do you see that strange beam of light shining forth from
          the Blue Spire? It's aimed directly into the heavens, pointed toward the
          Blue Star... I've lived near the Spire for many years, Hiro, and I've
          never seen anything quite like that! I think we have witnessed the
          arrival of the Destroyer, m'boy. Just as Lord Leo predicted. And I have
          the awful feeling that we're all going to be in a world of trouble."
          -> Let's go to the Blue Spire!
             Hiro: "Let's go to the Blue Spire and find out what just happened!
                   Aren't you dying to know? Maybe we can find out the answers to
                   all the questions you have about that place. And we can warn
                   Lord Leo if the Destroyer has arrived. I'll...err, I mean, WE'LL
                   be heroes!"
          -> Let's check out that light!
             Hiro: "We should check out that light, Grandpa! What if it really was
                   the Destroyer? We need to find out for sure, and warn Lord Leo
                   if it is! And I know you won't be satisfied until you see it
                   with your own eyes...right, Grandpa?"
    Gwyn: "Ah, yes. I suppose you do have a point there, m'boy... Well, then, go
          get my weapon in the basement. It might be a little rusty, but it'll do.
          I'll get the things we need from the house...although there's only one
          item we MUST have. I'm not letting you and Ruby travel to the Spire by
          yourself, that's for certain!"
    Ruby: "This is SOOO exciting, Hiro! What do you think we're going to find at
          the Spire? Well, other than a fantastic adventure, of course! Not that I
          didn't like the Dragon Ruins... But I can't help but feel that something
          really amazing is about to happen!"
    [In the basement...]
    Ruby: "Wow...that's the oldest knife I've ever seen! I wonder where Grandpa
          Gwyn got it from!"
    System: Ancient Dagger. It might be old, but it's sharp...
    Gwyn: "Ah! I knew I'd put it away for safekeeping...I'd just forgotten where
          it was! This jewel is the key that opens the entrance to the Blue Spire!
          Hold onto it for me, alright?"
    System: Left Opal Jewel. Sure thing, Grandpa.
    Gwyn: "Well, Hiro, you look excited and anxious to get going! I'd expect no
          less... Hiro, m'boy! I'm no expert on swordplay, but you have to equip a
          weapon before using it! I'm too old to take on whatever we might
          encounter at the Spire all by myself, you know! Anyway, I'm ready to
          depart as soon as you are, Hiro. The Blue Spire is due north of here, and
          mighty hard to miss!
    04) BLUE SPIRE                                                           [GS04]
    [At the entrance at the base of the sheer cliffs...]
    Gwyn: "Here's the entrance. Hiro, hand me the jewel I gave you earlier. It's
          time to put it to use. Hmmm...now if we put the jewel into the eye, like
          this, the door should open..."
    System: Left Opal Jewel. It's a perfect fit, m'boy!
    Gwyn: "My eyesight isn't what it used to be, but I can certainly see that the
          door hasn't opened. I followed the procedure just as it was written in
          the book! Very strange indeed.
    System: Right Sapphire Jewel. Let's see what happens!
    [The draconic entrance opens.]
    Gwyn: "Eureka! I should have realized that we needed two jewels to open the
          entrance, not one! I didn't know you'd found a Dragon Jewel, Hiro. I
          suppose it's from the Dragon Ruins? What else haven't you told your
          grandpa, hmmm? Are there any more secrets I should know? Ah, well. I
          should have realized that you were ready to explore the Ruins, m'boy.
          You've gone and grown up on me, Hiro, much as your grandpa hates to admit
    Hiro: "I'm just glad you're not upset with me, Grandpa! Now let's go inside and
          see what we find..."
    [At the very top, they come to the foot of the mountaintop's Blue Spire.]
    Ruby: "Hiro! Gwyn! Look at that! Isn't it fantastic?"
    Gwyn: "Indeed it is, Ruby. Indeed it is. After all these years of gazing at
          the Blue Spire from afar, I'm about to unlock its mysteries..."
    Ruby: "We have to keep walkin' before you start unlockin', Grandpa!"
    [They enter the Blue Spire. Towards the top...]
    Gwyn: "This is the seventh floor of the Spire. The ancient writings tell of a
          hidden passage to the top... And we must search this room thoroughly to
          find it, m'boy!"
    [They find a hologram of a globe.]
    Ruby: "Whoa, Hiro! What is this? Let's go get Grandpa and show it to him. I bet
          he'll know! Hiro...what's happening? Hiro?! HIIIIROOOO!!"
    [They're teleported upwards.]
    Ruby: "H...Hiro...I think we just found the secret passage to the top of the
          Spire. You don't think the Destroyer is around here, do you? I don't
          wanna be eaten by a monster!"
    Hiro: "Heh, heh! You worry too much, Ruby! And besides, I don't think either of
          us looks very tasty!"
    [They approach a green crystal.]
    Hiro: "It's so beautiful...OOOOHHHH!!"
    Ruby: "YAAAHH!!"
    [A girl steps out of it.]
    Ruby: "H...Hiro...I think I'm gonna hurl."
    Hiro: "Huh?"
    Lucia: "My name is Lucia. I have come from the Blue Star on an urgent mission.
           Your world is in grave danger. I must see Althena immediately. Take me
           to her."
    Ruby: "Do...do you think she's friendly? She looks like she could be some sort
          of Goddess or something? What are we going to do, Hiro? Ruby to Hiro!"
    Hiro: "She's...the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."
    Ruby: "Hiro! What's wrong with you? She's not even human! Here. Let me tuck
          your tongue back into your mouth and wipe that drool off your chin!"
    Hiro: "Hey! Ooh! Ouch! Knock it off, Ruby! Hey, wait...Lu...Lucia! Where are
          you going?"
    Lucia: "I must find Althena and join with her to fight Zophar."
    Hiro: "Althena? The Goddess of our world? Why do you need to find her?"
    Lucia: "Who are you?"
    Hiro: "I'm Hiro, and this is Ruby."
    Ruby: "In the flesh!"
    Lucia: "The two of you are residents of this world? You must guide me to
           Althena. It is urgent that I find her and speak with her."
    Ruby: "Are you nuts, lady?! You just show up out of nowhere and expect a trip
          to the Goddess? Hiro's an adventurer, not a tour guide! And no one knows
          where Althena is anyway!"
    Hiro: (Ruby is right...but this girl obviously needs the help of a brave
          warrior like myself!) "I don't know if I can help you, Lucia, but I'm
          willing to try!"
    Ruby: "Hmph! We'll see what Grandpa has to say about this, Hiro!"
    Lucia: "We must leave at once."
    [She teleports them down to the 7th Floor.]
    Gwyn: "What's happening?! Bah! Oh! Confound it all, son! Don't scare me like
          that! You had me beside myself with worry, young man! I've been looking
          all over for you! Where in tarnation did you go? ... ... ...Oh dear!
          Who's this you've found?"
    Ruby: "Her name is Lucia. We found her at the top of the Blue Spuire, inside a
          giant green crystal! And guess what, Grandpa! She says she's from the
          Blue Star!"
    Gwyn: "By Althena herself! She traveled here from the Blue Star?! Hiro, we
          have to get out of here right away!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Gwyn: "If Lord Leo discovers us here, we're in big trouble, and so is she.
          We'll talk later...let's go!"
    [They start to leave.]
    Lucia: "What is this?! Why are there monsters in the Blue Spire?!"
    Hiro: "Don't worry, Lucia! I'll get rid of these fiends for you with a few
          swats of my sword!"
    [Lucia kills them all.]
    Ruby: "D-d-did you see that magic?!"
    Hiro: "Lucia, how were you able to cast such a powerful spell?"
    Lucia: "I have no time for questions, Hiro. You must take me to the Goddess
           Althena, and quickly."
    Hiro: "Hey, wait up! Did I offend you? I'm sorry if I did! Lucia? Lucia!"
    Gwyn: "I don't think you offended her, m'boy. I think she's just focused on
          finding the Goddess. Hiro...I don't think Lucia is human. Her magic is
          stronger than any I've ever seen. Lord Leo could be right. She could be
          the Destroyer. But why would she come here?"
    Hiro: "She couldn't be the Destroyer, Grandpa! She's just a confused and
          beautiful girl!"
    Ruby: "And she's gonna leave us all behind in this Spire unless we catch up to
    [They leave the tower.]
    Lucia: "Is this Althena's world? I do not sense the aura of her magic powers.
           But then, perhaps the evil hides it from my sight."
    Gwyn: "Lucia, you say that you came here from the Blue Star...but what I'm
          curious about is WHY you have come here, lass."
    Ruby: "Lucia told Hiro and me that she needs to see the Goddess!"
    Gwyn: "She's come here to meet with Althena? Perhaps she's involved with The
          Chosen somehow."
    Hiro: "Well, it would be nice if she'd answer our questions...but I'm having
          fun trying to figure her out. And, hey, maybe she'll introduce us to
          Althena! What's the matter? Was Ruby starting to get on your nerves?
          She's just a little jealous is all."
    Lucia: "Even though I call out to her with my mind, I cannot sense Althena's
           presence in this world. How can I have been brought here without being
           summoned by the Goddess? Has something happened to Althena that you
           have not told me about, Hiro?"
    [An evil laugh rings out.]
    Lucia: "Oh, no! It can't be!"
    Voice: "My, my, sweet Princess of the Blue Star. Welcome."
    Lucia: "It is...it's Zophar!"
    Zophar: "Yes, sweet Lucia, it's been a long time, my dear. I'm crushed that
            you haven't stayed in touch. But I'm very patient. I know that you'll
            come around to my way of thinking...eventually."
    Lucia: "I will never submit to you! What have you done with Althena?!"
    Zohpar: "Althena. Ho, ho, ho! Sweet Lucia, why don't you ask her yourself? Oh,
            dear! I forgot...you don't know where she is. What a pity!"
    Lucia: "Zophar, I will not allow you to corrupt this world! Dragon Power,
           shine forth! Fill me with the strength of ages! Empower me to overcome
           the Destroyer in our midst!"
    [Nothing happens.]
    Zophar: "Lucia, that was quite...unimpressive."
    Lucia: "Oh, no...w..w...what happened?"
    Zophar: "I'm afraid I had to seal away the power of the four Dragons. You see,
            very soon, you will be all that stands between me and universal
    [An eerie power encircles her.]
    Lucia: "Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I...I...I can't...too strong..."
    Zophar: "Tell me, darling. Was it good for you? Now that I've stripped you of
            your power...you are nothing more than a helpless bug, waiting to be
    Lucia: "I...."
    Zophar: "Save that prcious breath, child. You'll need it to find Althena...your
            little needle in my haystack. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!
    Lucia: "Zo...Zophar...you...c...an't..."
    [Zophar's presence vanishes.]
    Hiro: "Lucia?!"
    Lucia: "Unghh...I...have...to...Althena...before...unghhhh...."
    Gwyn: "It seems that this Zophar fellow has cursed Lucia's soul...and if we
          don't break it, she will die."
    Ruby: "Hiro...tell me I'm having a bad dream...wake me up...please!"
    Lucia: "Time is...I must...only Althena can...Zophar...unnghhh..."
    Gwyn: "Young lady, save your strength. You can tell us all about it later. 
          Maybe one of my books will give us a clue about how we can break this
          wretched curse. Come, Hiro! We have to get her back to the house at once!
    Hiro: "No problem, Grandpa! Let's go!"
    [They start heading for the labyrinth at the foot of the cliffs.]
    Ruby: "What do you think Zophar was talking about, Hiro? And why did he put a
          curse on poor Lucia? I don't understand any of this. Hiro, I'm scared.
          We're in the middle of something WAY too big for us to handle. If we
          hadn't taken the Dragon Eye Jewel from the Ruins, none of this would have
    Gwyn: "Oh, fiddle! I suspected this might happen! The Guardian has been
          awakened! Now we'll have to fight our way outside, kids!"
    Ruby: "Are you kidding, Grandpa?! Look at the size of that thing! There has to
          be another way!"
    [They defeat the Guardian and exit back out of the dungeon.]
    Ruby: "The rest of the Guardians have come to life?! This is bad, Hiro! Very,
          very BAD! What are we gonna do, Hiro? We barely beat one Guardian, so how
          can we beat four?!"
    [After a bit of fighting...]
    Ruby: "This is it, Hiro! We're finished! I hope this doesn't hurt as much as I
          think it will--"
    Voice: "Targets acquired and locked! FIRE!!"
    [The guardians are destroyed by a beam of energy.]
    Ruby: "What was that?! Has Lucia regained her powers?"
    Leo: "Ha! Those Guardians were no match for the blinding power of the Destiny's
         Dragon Cannon! You are fortunate indeed to have witnessed the awesome
         power of the Goddess Althena. And I intend to use that power to capture
         the Destroyer which has come to the Blue Spire!"
    Gwyn: (But all we found in the Blue Spire was Lucia...)
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Gwyn: (No...it can't be true. Leo has to be mistaken! He has to be!)
    Leo: "I warned you not to come here, Gwyn, and yet you disregarded my advice.
         If I hadn't arrived when I did, you would have paid for your foolishness
         with your life! You're out of your league here, old man. Just go home and
         read your musty tomes!"
    Ruby: "Of all the...I can't believe how rude he is! I know he saved our lives,
          but geez! I guess Althena's Guard values comat skills a lot higher than
          social skills!"
    Leo: "Hold on! Who is the woman in your party, Gwyn? She wears a strange dress
         of red cloth, and she seems to be sick...what has made you weak, girl?"
    Hiro: "She was assaulted by a monster at the top of the Spire! It leapt at her
          from a magical sphere! We barely escaped its clutches! If you hurry, you
          might be able to catch it!"
    Leo: "A monster in a magical sphere, you say? At the highest floor of the
         Spire? Exactly as I suspected! Lucia the Destroyer is within the Spire!
         Follow me, men! We must find Lucia and capture the creature before it
         escapes into our world!"
    [They all run off.]
    Ruby: "Heh, heh, heh! He fell for it! You've never even lied that convincingly
          to Grandpa!"
    Gwyn: "Hurry, kids! We must get Lucia back to the house! She's getting weaker
          by the moment..."
    05) GWYN'S HOUSE                                                         [GS05]
    Gwyn: "She's about to faint dead away, Hiro! Help me bring her over to the
          couch! Ah, this will do nicely! Okay, Hiro! I want you to stay here with
          Lucia. I'll go downstairs and find a book that tells us how to break the
    [Lucia mumbles about Zophar.]
    Ruby: "Lucia must be having a nightmare, Hiro. How horrible... Leo said she was
          the Destroyer. Do you think she really is?"
    Hiro: "I...I don't know what to think."
    Lucia: "I must find Althena as soon as possible! Help me to resume my search
           for her!"
    Hiro: "We can't look for her yet, Lucia. You have to rest until we figure out
          how to lift this curse."
    Lucia: "No...time...Zophar...will... Zophar is...the essence of evil. His
           strength grows...with each passing moment. If he regains control...of
           the power...he once held...this world will be...destroyed."
    Ruby: "This world..."
    Hiro: "...destroyed?!"
    Lucia: "I came...to stop him... Ahhhh! Such...pain... The Four Dragons of
           Althena...did not respond when I called...to them at the...Blue Spire.
           Zophar said that...he sealed away their power. And if...the Dragons are
           helpless...then only the power of the Goddess herself...will be able to
           stop...Zophar's madness. That is why I am...searching for Althena, and
           that is why you humans must...help me!"
    Ruby: "Then Leo IS wrong! Lucia came here to SAVE our world, not to destroy it!
          I can't wait until that arrogant hair-splitter realizes how wrong he is
          about you, Lucia!"
    Lucia: "You mean the one who referred to me as...the Destroyer? ... ... ...
           He cannot understand the true nature of my existence, nor can any human.
           That is all I can tell you, and for your safety, all you must know..."
    Ruby: "What does she mean by that, Hiro? Is Lucia trying to tell that...she's
          not human?"
    Lucia: "I...am...unghh..."
    Gwyn: "Hiro, it appears that this curse is far beyond anything I have the
          ability to cure myself. We would need a priest with special training and
          exceptional power to dispel it."
    Hiro: "And where do we find a priest, Grandpa? What else can we do to save
    Gwyn: "There's nothing else we can do, Hiro. I fear that Lucia's life is...
          Tarnation! How could I forget?! I believe there's a priest by the name
          of Ronfar in the village of Larpa. I knew his father back in the day,
          and he's a good kid. I just pray he can help us. Larpa is on the other
          side of the lake, and you don't have the time to journey there on foot...
          ...so you'll have touse the boat. I'll get it ready while you bring Lucia
          outside, alright, m'boy?"
    Hiro: "It's time to go, Lucia. Just put your arm around my shoulder and hold on
    Lucia: "Yes, we must leave at once."
    Ruby: "Lucia, I know you're not feeling very well...but I need to make sure
          that we're straight about something. Hiro is helping you out 'cause he's
          a nice guy, but he's ALL mine. Got that?"
    Lucia: "What...what do you mean by that? I don't understand."
    Ruby: "I mean you shouldn't get too close to Hiro, because you'd be setting
          yourself up for a fall."
    Lucia: "Now I understand. You mean that Hiro tends to trip people who get too
           close. I will remember to walk several paces behind him in the future."
    Ruby: "No, no, no! That's not what I meant! You're too dense to be a threat to
          me...let's just go!"
    [They go out to the boat.]
    Gwyn: "Ok, m'boy, the boat's ready to sail. Find the priest and save Lucia from
          this curse!"
    Ruby: "What do you mean, Grandpa? Aren't you coming with us?"
    Gwyn: "Lord, no, little one! I'm just too old for this sort of thing now...and
          I know you'll be fine. I've taught you well, Hiro, and you're a bright
          boy. You make me proud."
    Hiro: "But, Grandpa..."
    Gwyn: "No buts about it, young man! Besides, I've got a million books to catch
          up on...so get moving! Remember to seek out Ronfar when you get to Larpa!
    06) LARPA VILLAGE                                                        [GS06]
    [The journeying party arrives at the tavern.]
    ??????: "Hey, buddy, are you looking for someone, or are you having an
            involuntary neck spasm? So...you're looking for a priest named Ronfar.
            Well, what are you doing in HERE? Just a wild guess, but you'd probably
            find a priest in the Sanctuary instead of a bar!"
    [They travel to the sanctuary only to learn Ronfar's the guy at the tavern!]
    Ronfar: "What are YOU doing back here? I'm getting real sick of your face."
    Ruby: "Well, WE'RE getting sick of your games, Ronfar! We know who you are!"
    Ronfar: "What do you want with this Ronfar guy anyway? Y'know, he's kind of a
            deadbeat. Heh, I can't believe he was ever a priest for Althena. But
            I'll tell you where your guy is if beat me in a game...'cause the only
            truth I've ever found, lies right here...in these!
    [He flashes some dice.]
    Ronfar: "Well, kid? Are you gonna shoot the dice with me? Beat me and I'll tell
            you all about Ronfar."
            -> Sure, why not?
               Ronfar: "So what will you bet? Even or odd dice?"
               -> I'll take the even numbers.
               -> I'm betting the odd numbers.
            -> Uh...no thanks.
               Ronfar: "Well, suit yourself. If you don't play, you can't win, and
                       you'll never learn about Ronfar!"
    [Hiro tries for awhile and loses.]
    Ronfar: "Huh? You're coming back for more? I think I'm gonna cry! Haven't you
            figured out that I'm using my super-lucky dice?"
    Ruby: "I think it's more like super-LOADED dice, if you ask me, you big
    Ronfar: "Now let's keep our voices down! I'd hate to see you kicked out of
    Lucia: "Hiro...I can't...h-help...me..."
    [She collapses in Ronfar's arms.]
    Ronfar: "What's wrong with this girl?! Her skin is cold and clammy... Tell you
            what...let's get out of here. She can rest at my place, and so can you.
            Come with me!"
    [They go to his house.]
    Ronfar: "Welcome to Casa de Ronfar! Your lady-friend is inside, so come on
            in...hmmm? A letter? I was in such a hurry to get that poor girl into
            bed I must've missed it! Well, let's see what pearls this oyster has to
            impart, shall we? 'Ronfar: I need to speak with you of an urgent
            matter. I will return when I have completed the day's work. Take care,
            friend. --LM' Well, well. I was wondering when he was going to stop by
            and say hello."
    Ruby: "Hmmph! He could have at least told us what "LM" stands for!"
    Ronfar: "This girl is the reason you sought me out, isn't it? You want me to
            heal her. You want me to call upon the Goddess Althena... Well, buddy,
            I hate to break it to you, but Althena and me have gone our separate
            ways. Take her to the Sanctuary and see if the priests can help you...
            because I can't! You're a persistent little bunch, aren't ya? Well,
            listen up: I'm a gambler, not a priest. I parted ways with The Chosen
            long ago, buddy, and I can't lift the curse on your friend."
    [Someone knocks on the door.]
    Ronfar: "What's this? Another visitor to Casa de Ronfar? Must be my lucky day
    Leo: "Ronfar! Where are you, friend? Do you have...company?"
    Ruby: "Hiro, that's the voice of Lord Leo! What are we gonna do?! He'll take
          Lucia for sure!"
    Hiro: "I'm not strong enough to fight Leo, but we can't run away and leave
    Ronfar: "I take it you've met my overachieving friend, but why are you so
            afraid of him? Tell ya what...you stay here, and I'll go see what he
            wants. And calm down! Geez."
    [He goes out to meet Leo.]
    Ronfar: "Say friend, long time, no see! But, I guess you've been busy... So
            what's the 'urgent matter' that brings you to the den of thieves also
            known as Larpa?"
    Leo: "I was tricked, Ronfar. A young brat named Hiro fooled me and helped the
         Destroyer to escape. I never suspected it would assume the form of a human
         female. That was my first, and last, mistake."
    Ronfar: "The Destroyer disguised as an innocent girl? That's...that's pretty
            heavy stuff, Leo."
    Hiro: (Come on, Ronfar...don't turn us in to Leo...)
    Ruby: "Did you hear the shock in Ronfar's voice, Hiro?! He's gonna turn us in!
          We're dead meat on a stick!"
    Leo: "You sound surprised, Ronfar. Have you heard talk of this girl?"
    Ronfar: "Well, Leo, what I know about that girl...along with a nickel, will buy
            you a warm cup of jack squat. But I'll keep my ears open."
    Leo: "Er...thank you, Ronfar. I shall resume the search tomorrow. The Destroyer
         will be found! Ronfar, I have another request to make of you. I wish for
         you to rejoin Althena's Chosen. The Goddess needs your skill and strength,
         Ronfar, just as you require her guidance. And surely you realize the pain
         you caused Mauri the day you left so abruptly." (As I expected, Ronfar.
         When you are confronted with truth, you cannot bear to face it.)
    Ronfar: "You have to tell her to forget about me, Leo. She's too good for me,
            and we both know it."
    Leo: "You judge yourself too harshly, Ronfar. You gave your utmost, and
         although you failed...she managed to survive. You must let go of the past,
         Ronfar, and embrace the future. I shall be at the Sanctuary until morning.
         Come and see me if you change your mind."
    Ronfar: "It's not that easy, Leo. Nothing ever is."
    [Leo leaves.]
    Ronfar: "You know, back in Pentagulia, Leo was my best friend in the world. We
            were like brothers...and I lied to him, just for you, stranger. But I
            lied on a strong hunch that you are doing what you think is right. I
            can see it in your eyes. You don't believe that girl is a Destroyer at
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "I was just like you once...a young kid all fired up with ambition...
            But there's something I just don't understan, buddy, and I need you to
            explain it to me. WHY do you believe in Lucia's innocence? Why are you
            willing to risk your freedom and your life? If you don't want me to rat
            you out to Leo, you'll tell me the answer!"
    Hiro: "I...I'm helping Lucia because..."
          -> ...because she's a total babe!
             Ruby: "Hiro, that's not funny! Ronfar is asking a serious question,
                   and you're cracking wise! Now stop joking around and give him
                   the REAL answer!"
          -> ...because she needed my help.
             Hiro: "Well, I found out right away that Lucia needed to meet with the
                   Goddess Althena. But she's a stranger in this world, Ronfar. She
                   doesn't know anything, or anyone. She was willing to look for
                   the Goddess all alone, and there's no way I could let her do
                   that." (I think I'm going to leave out the part about how
                   blindingly beautiful she is.) "I just did what any decent guy
                   would do, Ronfar. I helped out a person in need. I can't really
                   explain it. There's just something about Lucia... Leo thinks
                   she's the Destroyer, but he's wrong. Lucia has come here from
                   the Blue Star to SAVE our world, not destroy it."
    Ronfar: "You're doinga noble thing, Hiro, Very noble indeed. ... ... ..." (If
            only I had been so noble with Mauri. If only I hadn't failed her. If...
            if only I hadn't left her...all alone... Ehhh! Why am I having these
            stupid thoughts?! All that I care about now are the dice!) "Okay, Hiro,
            here's the deal. We're playing the dice again. Win, and I help you and
            Lucia. Lose, and I give you the boot from Casa de Ronfar and deny I
            ever met any of you. You might think it's chance, buddy, but I call it
            fate. Are you ready to roll?"
    Ruby: "Hiro, forget about it! We know that Ronfar's dice are loaded!"
    Ronfar: "No, Ruby. These dice only roll straight and true. So which is it? Odd
            or even?"
    [Ronfar rolls and...Hiro wins!]
    Ronfar: "______! Ha, ha! You won!"
    Ruby: "Hiro, you won! I guess those dice weren't loaded after all!"
    Ronfar: "Luck is with you today, buddy. I'm yours on a toss of the dice. To
            lift the curse, we'll need a statue of the Goddess, and there's one in
            the Sanctuary. We don't want to run into Leo, of course, so we'd better
            use the back door. Check THIS out..."
    [He reveals a hidden passage behind a bureau.]
    Ronfar: "This handy little passage will take us right ot the Sanctuary. Hiro,
            you bring Lucia."
    Lucia: "Ronfar...lift...the curse? But...humans...cannot...power...of...
    Ruby: "But what else can we do, Lucia? Can you hear me?"
    Lucia: "...I see...it...all so...very clearly...now... You are my...only hope."
    Ronfar: "We'd better hurry and get there while Lucia has the strength to walk
            ...or move."
    [At the end of the tunnel...]
    Ronfar: "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you about this incredibly dangerous jump.
            Ah, well. Are you ready?"
    Hiro: "Ready as I'll ever be..."
    Ruby: "Three, two, one, JUMP!"
    [They go in the church's back door.]
    Ronfar: "Okay, buddy, everything is prepped and ready. Now let's break this
            spell! Goddess Althena, governess of all creatures, hear my plea and
            grant my wish. Shatter the curse which has enveloped the heart and mind
            of this delicate creature. Shatter the darkness of evil with rays of
            holy light!"
    [The curse doesn't break.]
    Lucia: "Uhhh...aaaahhhh!!"
    Ruby: "Ronfar, what's wrong? Lucia's in agony! Don't you know what you're
    Ronfar: "This is impossible! The spell she's under is stronger than... Stronger
    Hiro: "Ronfar, talk to us! What's happening to Lucia?"
    Ronfar: "I...I've never failed to break a spell, except once when..." (Oh,
    [Flashback: Leo & Ronfar are gathered around a girl on a bed somewhere.]
    Mauri: "Leo...Ronfar...I'm in pain! Ohhhh...help me..."
    Ronfar: "I just need a little more power! Hold on, Mauri!"
    Leo: "Fight, Mauri, fight! Stay with us! I won't let you give up!"
    Mauri: "Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!"
    Ronfar: "Mauri...!!"
    [Flashback ends.]
    Ronfar: "I play that moment back in my mind over and over. I won't go through
            something like that again. I'll save Lucia, or die trying. Goddess
            Althena, mother of the world, hear my plea and grant my wish! Snatch
            Lucia's soul from the jaws of darkness, and purify her heart with your
            holy light!"
    [The curse breaks.]
    Ronfar: "Well, how about that? Sweet success at the hands of Ronfar. Oh, yes!
            Lucia still isn't completely free from the curse, but she's gonna be
            fine for now."
    Hiro: "She's going to be alright... Thank you, Ronfar!"
    [A priest comes into the sanctuary.]
    Priest: "Oh! I didn't know we still had worshippers in the Sanctuary...Ronfar?!
            Why in Althena's name are you desecrating this holy place with your
            presence?! Have you finally decided to give up your wicked ways and
            rejoin The Chosen? Alas, the Sanctuary is closed. I do pray you can
            wait until tomorrow morning to repent?"
    Ronfar: "No thanks, old man. I don't have any need to come back to this place.
            Lucia, you can rest at my house with your friends. Let's go."
    Hiro: "Yeah!"
    [They return to Ronfar's pad. After awhile...]
    Ronfar: "Lucia is sleeping like a baby. A very large, pale baby, but a baby
            nonetheless. Only the purity of Althena herself can restore the
            strength Lucia lost to the curse. I forgot how hard this healing stuff
            was! I need to sleep...and I suggest you guys do the same."
    Hiro: "That's a good idea. We have a long journey ahead. Thanks, Ronfar...for
    Ronfar: "Are you kidding, Hiro? It's me who ought to be thanking you."
    Hiro: "What do you mean, Ronfar?"
    Ronfar: "Oh nothing...I think Lucia has laid claim to the bed...so feel free to
            crash on the floor. I suggest using an empty bottle as a pillow.
    [The next morning...]
    Ruby: "Hiro, look! Lucia's bed is empty! Where do you think she went? Oh, no!
          What if Leo sneaked in during the night and took her?"
    Hiro: "I really hope you're wrong, Ruby...let's go look for her!"
    [They enter a villager's house.]
    Woman: "Now that my little one is finally asleep, I can start making dinner."
    Ruby: "Oh, Hiro, you HAVE to see this baby! He's the cutest little kid I've
          ever ever EVER seen!"
    Woman: "I agree with you, but pleas don't speak so loudly. He just fell asleep
           a few minutes ago."
    Hiro: "Sorry about that, ma'am. We're looking for a friend of ours by the name
          of Lucia."
    Ruby: "She has long dark hair, creamy skin, and she's wearing a fancy red
    Woman: "You're friends of the girl in the red cloak? Yes, I've seen her very
           recently, in fact. She was quite a strange one. She barely said a word
           the entire time she was here. I had to run to the store for some
           groceries, so I asked her to watch my baby for a few minutes..."
    [Flashback: Lucia is watching the woman's baby.]
    Lucia: (What is the strange sound coming out of this tiny wrinkled human?)
    Woman: "Is he crying again? My poor baby has been restless all day long! Hey,
           little one! I'm here now! I missed you, too! There, there..."
    Lucia: "Excuse me...but why is your...little one...crying so loudly? Is he
           ill? His skin is so very wrinkled..."
    Woman: "Ha, ha, ha! No, dear, it's nothing like that. He was crying because he
           was lonely."
    Lucia: "Lonely...?"
    Woman: "I know what will make you feel better, little one! Are you ready? Here
           we go!"
    [She sings a lullaby.]
    Woman: "Nothing makes my little one fall asleep faster than a lullaby. Look at
           the smile on his face..."
    Lucia: "What kind of magic did you use on the little one? Was that a sleeping
           spell? I have never seen that type of magic before. Could you teach it
           to me?"
    Woman: "Ha, ha, ha! That wasn't magic, dear, just a very rusty singing voice.
           Didn't your mother ever sing lullabies to you as a child? My mother sang
           to me all the time."
    Lucia: "I have never heard a...lullaby until now. As with many things in this
           world, it is very strange."
    Woman: "You've never heard a lullaby?! I find that VERY hard to believe, dear!
           You just don't remember. You're wearing a lovely garment, by the way.
           Did you buy it somewhere in Larpa? No, they wouldn't have anything this
           fancy here. You must be from out of town...someplace where they don't
           sing lullabies to children! Ha, ha, ha!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    [The flashback ends.]
    Woman: "...then she asked if I knew where she could find Althena! I suggested
           she speak with the Mayor. He seems to know everything about everything
           ...so I figured he'd know where to find the Goddess."
    Ruby: "I knew she was anxious to find Althena, but couldn't she at least have
          waited for us this morning?"
    Hiro: "Could you tell us where to find the Mayor's house, ma'am?"
    Woman: "It's the mansion at the north end of town. She left as soon as I told
           her where it was."
    Ruby: "Of course she did! Well, Hiro, let's go track her down and try to
          explain that patience is a virtue!"
    [At the mayor's...]
    Mayor: "You people are friends of the girl named Lucia! Don't try to deny it!
           Several of my sources saw you in her company at places throughout
           Larpa! I'm told you even escorted her into the Sanctuary of Althena's
           Chosen without permission! She wanted information, and I told her she
           could travel to Pentagulia by way of a ship in Dalton! Then the crazy
           girl left without paying my fee, and no one leaves without paying my
           fee! NO ONE!! But now that you're here, I'll just get the fee from YOU!
           Now hand over 30S or I'll be VERY upset!"
    System: (Hiro reluctantly parts with 30S.)
    Hiro: "30S?! For that kind of money, you should share the contents of your
          entire brain with us!"
    Mayor: "Trust me, child, you'll never have enough money to buy most of the 
           secrets in my skull!"
    Ruby: "Do you realize we could've bought three HUGE fish for 30S, Hiro? I'm
          gonna cry..."
    Hiro: "I'm not worried about your appetite, Ruby! I'm worried about where
          Lucia went!"
    Mayor: "I could charge you extra, but I'm so nice that I'll tell you where she
           went for free! She told me that she was going to the harbor to see the
    [They find Lucia by the harbor.]
    Ruby: "THERE you are, Lucia! We've been searching all over Larpa for you! Do
          you know how worried we were?! You shouldn't have just left without a
          word! But you look much better than you did yesterday! How do you feel?"
    Lucia: "Much of the afflicition is gone, Ruby, but I am still recovering my
    Hiro: "Lucia?"
    Lucia: "It's so strange; I did not humans possess such wondrous powers. It
           should be impossible, unless Althena was the source. What a strange
           world I've come to. It's beauty is unsurpassed, and yet it remains
           filled with such mystery and emotion. Why is the flower so soft, and
           the snake so deadly? Why do some love and others hate? Is this land of
           contrast the one that Althena created? The one that so far rises to..."
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "Hiro, I must go now. I will never forget you."
    Ruby: "And where do you think you're going, missy?"
    Lucia: "Pentagulia. The Holy City. I have learned that I can travel to
           Althena's City from the port city of Dalton...so that is where my task
           now leads me."
    Ruby: "Dalton? But, Lucia..."
    Lucia: "I thank you two for your help, and please extend my thanks to Gwyn and
    Hiro: "Lucia! Wait!"
    [She starts walking out of town.]
    Lucia: (I know that parting from Hiro is the correct decision...but why do I
           feel so...) "Goodbye, Hiro, I will miss you."
    Hiro: "Lucia, don't go--!"
    Ruby: "She's gone, Hiro...and after all we did for her! Well, at least we know
          she's okay. Let's go home and tell Grandpa about our adventures!"
    Hiro: (I can't believe Lucia is just walking out of my life...) 
    Ronfar: "...Hey, Hiro! Just you and the pink pest, huh? Where's the honey-pot?
            All the villagers are talking about her. I guess she really got around
            this morning!"
    Hiro: "She's gone, Ronfar. This is what she told us..."
    Ronfar: "What?! She went to Dalton?! Now why'd she go and do a dumb thing like
            that? And how retarded are you guys not to realize what a mistake she
            was making? Dalton is the next destination of the Dragonship Destiny!
            It's probably already there! Lucia is marching right into the hands of
            Althena's Guard!"
    Ruby: "This is bad, Hiro! Very, very BAD! What are we gonna do?!"
    Hiro: "There's only one thing we CAN do, Ruby."
    Ronfar: "Hiro, I recognize that look. You want to rescue her, which leads me
            to the following conclusion...sleeping on the floor gave you a dent in
            your head! Leo and his men would slaughter you, kid! I usually try not
            to mess with armies that wield the power of a supreme being!"
    Hiro: "Leo might work for Althena, but he's flesh and blood, just like me...and
          I can beat him. I'm going to make him realize that Lucia's here to save
          us, not to destroy us."
    Ronfar: "Leo changes his mind about as often as I change my socks, pal, which
            is to say never...but I get the feeling you're even more stubborn than
            he is. Ah, foolish youth. I guess I'm a part of this mess now. Why
            aren't I surprised about that? It's about time I gambled with my future
            ...and I'm betting it on you, buddy."
    Hiro: "Don't worry, Ronfar. We won't crap out!"
    Ronfar: "Now let's go to Dalton and set Leo straight, shall we?"
    07) DALTON TOWN                                                          [GS07]
    Ronfar: "Hey, Chief, take a look! Isn't that Lucia?"
    [They see her on the deck of the Dragonship Destiny. She's surrounded.]
    Lucia: "But you must believe me! My story is true. I have no reason to lie! If
           I do not find Althena before Zophar returns to power, he will destroy
           your world!"
    Leo: "Ha! You expect me to believe THAT, Destroyer? Althena's only order was to
         eradicate you, not to listen to your evil lies! I will fulfill my duty to
         the Goddess I serve, and bring you to justice! Soldiers! Take the
         Destroyer below and seal it away!"
    Lucia: "No, you can't! I won't allow it! Althena and I are one in our purpose.
           She would never command that I be destroyed! You have misunderstood your
           orders, and brought shame onto yourself and Althena!"
    Leo: "You dare to place yourself in the company of the Goddess, you insolent
         wench?! Men! Seize her NOW, or face Althena's wrath!"
    [She rebuffs her captors.]
    Leo: "You reveal your fiendish power at last, Lucia...but I will not let you
         escape. You will kneel before my sword and succumb to my strength!"
    [He KO's her.]
    Leo: "Guards, take this pathetic fraud to the brig."
    [From the shore...]
    Hiro: "This can't be happening...!"
    Ruby: "How did Leo defeat her when you lifted the curse, Ronfar?"
    Ronfar: "Leo is the White Knight of the Guard, kitty-cat. Lucia never stood a
            chance against him. If we don't sneak onto the ship and get her outta
            there pronto...we all know what Leo will do."
    Hiro: "He won't do ANYTHING! We're going to rescue Lucia no matter who stands
          in our way!"
    [The party sneaks down into the ship. They hear Lucia talking with Leo.]
    Lucia: "But you're only a human, and you can't possibly understand! You must
           take me to Althena!"
    Ruby: "Hiro, that sounds like Lucia!"
    Lucia: "Your world is in danger, and yet you refuse to listen! Why do you
           behave this way?"
    Leo: "Because you refuse to answer my questions. Why have you come, and for
         what purpose? Answer me, wench!"
    Lucia: "... ... ... I do not have to explain myself to you, or any human. Now
           release me at once!"
    Leo: "Your refusal to answer is an acknowledgement of your guilt, Lucia. How
         pathetic you are! Lock the cell door, soldier. No one is to open it
         without me personally present."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Leo: "Your crime is treason, Lucia, and I sentence you to death. Tomorrow is
         your execution."
    Soldier: "Lord Leo...I just can't believe that the girl we captured is a
             Destroyer. She looks so...normal, and she only used her powers when
             we attacked her. Perhaps we're wrong..."
    Leo: "Never let the curve of a hip or the sparkle of a woman's eyes sway you,
         soldier! Many men have made that mistake, and damned their eternal souls
         in the process. I am the White Knight, soldier. I cannot question the
         Goddess, nor can I betray her trust."
    [They leave.]
    Lucia: "Hiro! Why have you come here?"
    Ruby: "Duh! We're here to rescue you, Lucia! Or did you forget that Leo plans
          to bump you off?!"
    Lucia: "Bump me off? I hope it doesn't hurt as much as when he struck me with
           his weapon. Thank you Hiro. And to you, as well, Ruby and Ronfar. You
           are my...friends. Why does Leo want to kill me? Why does he refuse to
           listen to me, despite my pleas? The White Knight of Althena should not
           act so foolishly. He should understand my mission."
    Ruby: "Oh, Lucia, Leo's just as dumb as any other boy! Isn't that right, Hiro?
          Heh, heh, heh!"
    Ronfar: "I wouldn't say he's dumb, but he's unquestionably the most stubborn
            bastard I've ever met."
    Hiro: "Lucia, don't worry about Leo. All that matters is you're with us, and
          you're safe."
    Lucia: "If I don't meet with the Goddess before Zophar is revived, you'll all
           be in terrible danger. But in my current form, I don't have enough
           strength to protect myself from humans like Leo. Meeting with Althena
           will be all but impossible."
    Hiro: "You're going to find Althena...because I'm going to help you find her.
          We ALL are. Besides, going to the Holy City sounds like fun, and I'm
          always up for adventure!"
    Lucia: "Hiro, I do not understand you. Why have you placed yourself in danger
           by coming here...and why do you offer to help me when you know it will
           only cause you even greater risk?"
    Ronfar: "Pipe down, you two...someone's coming! Get outta sight!"
    Leo: (What's this? The Destroyer's cell door has been opened?! The Destroyer
         has escaped her prison! How can this be?! I was only gone for a few
         moments! I should not have waited until tomorrow. I should have killed
         her at the first opportunity. Why did I doubt the will of Althena, and
         allow myself to feel compassion for Lucia?)
    Ronfar: "Okay, friends, now let's watch and see what happens when the jailer
            becomes the jailed!"
    [Leo, who's standing in the cell, is locked in by Ronfar.]
    Leo: "Ronfar?! What in the name of the Goddess has possessed you to ally with
         the Destroyer?! You can't be doing this of your own free will, Ronfar!
         Lucia has placed you under your control!"
    Ronfar: "Not true, old pal. Hiro and me are helping her for all the right
            reasons. Trust me on this."
    Ruby: "Hold on, Hiro? Don't you hear that voice? Listen!"
    [They start leaving.]
    Ronfar: "Wait here a second, you guys. I'm going to have a brief chat with the
            locked-up Lord Leo."
    Leo: "What could you possibly have to say, traitor? More lies, like the ones
         you told me in Larpa?"
    Ronfar: "Just the truth this time, Leo. I'm going to Pentagulia with Hiro and
    Leo: "When that girl destroys our world, Ronfar, the blood of the innocent will
         be on your hands."
    Ronfar: "You don't get it, bud. This girl isn't here to make the world go bye-
            -bye. It's something else...something BIG. Something I don't quite
            understand. That's why I'm going to the Holy City. I'm taking a gamble
            on Lucia, bud, and I'm smelling one hell of a payoff. There's another
            reason I need to hit the Holy City, of course, and we both know what it
            is. Goodbye, Leo. I'll see you when this is all over. Maybe you'll be
            ready to forgive me by then. Thanks for waiting for me, guys. What say
            we get off this boat and head for the Holy City? If we hike north from
            Dalton, we'll hit the Forest of Illusion. Once we're through the
            Forest, the Holy City shouldn't be too much farther.
    08) STARLIGHT FOREST                                                     [GS08]
    Ronfar: "These aren't the Illusion Woods, buddy. Not yet, anyway. We've entered
            the Starlight Forest. The Illusion Woods are much harder to navigate,
            and filled some very nasty critters...but let's worry about one patch
            of trees at a time, okay?"
    [They make it to an enemy-less portion by the foot of a tower.]
    Ronfar: "Ladies and germs, welcome to the beautiful and mysterious Star Dragon
            Tower! I'm gonna scout the area and make sure everything is cool,
            daddy-o. Be right back..."
    Ruby: "Ow! OWW! Wing cramp! I gotta take a break!"
    Hiro: "Lucia, why don't you sit down and rest? We still have a lot of walking
          ahead of us!"
    Lucia: "No, thank you..."
    Hiro: "Lucia...?"
    Ruby: "Don't worry about her, Hiro! If she doesn't want to listen to us, that's
          HER problem!"
    Hiro: "What's wrong, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "... ... ...I do not understand why you are helping me, Hiro, and why
           you believe my story...when no one else does. What is it you see that
           other humans cannot? Is helping me just an adventure to you? Or do you
           conceal your true motives?"
    Ruby: "What are you implying, Lucia? Hiro's only helping you because he's a
          nice guy, and that's IT!"
    Hiro: "Ruby...that's not exactly true."
    Ruby: "WHAT?! Hiro, you can't mean it! You can't be...falling in...NO! I won't
          let you make the biggest mistake of your life! Listen up, Lucia, and you
          listen good! Hiro will NEVER be yours. He's mine, mine, MINE!"
    Hiro: "Ruby, why are you acting like such a spoiled brat?!"
    Lucia: "Hiro, why is Ruby so upset with me?"
    Hiro: "Uh...um...actually, Lucia, there's something else I want to explain to
          you first."
          -> When I was a kid...
             Hiro: "When I was a kid, I'd spend hours and hours reading all the
                   books in my grandpa's library. They were filled with the most
                   amazing stories, Lucia. My heart would race with excitement! I
                   read about the four Dragons...about magic cities clashing with
                   moving castles...and about the Dragonmaster who saved the world
                   from the evil Magic Emperor. And when I read those stories, I
                   knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to journey into
                   the world and have adventures like the ones in those books. I
                   wanted to have such fantastic adventures that someone would
                   write a book about ME someday!"
          -> I have a dream, Lucia.
             Hiro: "I have a dream, Lucia, and it's a simple one. I want to
                   experience everything the world can offer. I want to explore
                   places that have never been found, and do things no one thought
                   possible. I learned very early that life is short, and precious,
                   and I don't want to waste a moment of it. Every time Grandpa
                   told me of ancient folklore or read a story from his books, he
                   inspired me. I can't always tell Grandpa of my adventures,
                   because I know he'd worry himself to death...but he knows that
                   I love him, and he understands that I have a thirst for
    Hiro: "When I first saw you at the top of the Blue Spire, Lucia, I knew. I knew
          you were going to lead me on the greatest adventure of my life, and you
          have. You say that you came here to save our world...but you've also
          changed my life. That's why I'm helping you, Lucia, and that's why I'm
          going to get you to the Holy City!"
    Lucia: "I do not understand everything you have told me, Hiro...but I
           understand that you are definitely not like other people. You are
    Hiro: "Heh, heh, heh! I'll take that as a compliment, Lucia!"
    Ronfar: "Well, the Destiny is still parked in Dalton, so I'm guessing that Leo
            hasn't been bailed out yet...but he'll come after us as soon as he's
            freed, and he knows exactly where we're headed. Our best bet is to get
            into the Illusion Woods. There's no way he can find us in there. Of
            course, there's also a decent chance that we won't be able to find our
            way OUT..."
    Ruby: "What?! I thought you knew your way through the Woods, Ronfar!"
    Ronfar: "I surely don't, my pink pal, but I have a gambling buddy in the Woods
            who surely does. He might still be a little upset about all the money I
            won, but let's worry about that later."
    09) ILLUSION WOODS                                                       [GS09]
    [A guy is camped near an Althena statue.]
    Man: "Ronfar, you mangy dog! How about you give me a chance to win back my
    Ronfar: "Buddy, while it would bring me infinite pleasure to put you into the
            poorhouse again...I'm not here to roll the bones. I want you to show us
            how to get through the Woods."
    Man: "Then here's the deal, gambler man: one roll of the dice. You win, and I
         show you how to enter the Woods. I win, and you give back every last
         silver coin you swindled me out of. Now let's roll, Ronfar!"
    Ruby: "Geez, this guy's not too bright! Hasn't he figured out Ronfar's dice are
    Ronfar: "How about we not verbalize our thoughts, my pretty peach pet? Thank
            you very much! Now then. I make the roll, you make the call. Odds or
    Man: "Uh...um...uh...give me a minute to read the aura of the dice...um...I'm
         seeing blue...or is that red?"
    Ronfar: "While your retardation amuses me, I have a schedule to keep...so make
            a choice already!"
    Man: "Uh...well...okay...I'll go with...um...odds! Yeah, I'm choosing odds!"
    Ronfar: "Well, how 'bout that? An even number for me, another humiliating loss
            for you!"
    Man: "AARRGGHH! How do you DO that?! [Sigh...] Let me show you how to get
         through the Woods. The sooner your'e out of my sight, the better! I'm not
         going to do this twice, so watch closely! These thickets block the paths
         that lead deeper into the Woods. Some of the thicket paths lead to dead
         ends, though, and there's no way to tell the difference. You'll just have
         to explore every path until you find the right one! Heh, heh, heh!"
    Ronfar: "Thanks, buddy. You've helped us out big-time. Well, Hiro, time to
            probe the bush. Let's get this party started."
    [They leave through the hedge; Leo's men arrive at that time.]
    Leo: "Listen up, soldiers. Our fugitive has been on the run for a short while.
         She's in here somewhere. I want a low-level search of every bird house,
         dog house, outhouse, tree hourse, hen house, road house, boat house, and
         penthouse within a two-mile radius! We shall capture this rogue and her
         cohorts!" (Your betrayal will never be forgiven, Ronfar. You threw away
         our friendship...to assist the Destroyer and her consort in their damnable
         quest to end our existence! When I find you and your new friends, Ronfar,
         you shall witness my unbridled anger!)
    Soldier: "Lord Leo, sir! I have completed my search and found no trace of them.
    Soldier 2: "I found nothing, sir! There's no sign that the Destroyer was here!"
    Soldier 3: "The only person we found was a simple woodsman, sir. If the girl
               was here, she's long since gone."
    Leo: "The Destroyer has once again proven more resourceful than I had hoped...
         Alright, men! Return with me to the Destiny! We're going around to the
         north side of the Woods!"
    [After making it through, there is a gypsy band playing and a girl dancing.]
    Ruby: "Hiro, what's going on up there? I-I hear music... Wow, that was amazing!
          She's the most skillful dancer I've ever seen!"
    Jean: "Well, thanks! Say, I've haven't seen you before. Are you visiting? Well,
          my name is Jean. I'm the  star dancer! Hold on...you guys aren't part of
          the caravan, are you? Sorry for the confusion! We're a troupe of
          performers. We travel from town to town and put on spectacular shows!"
    Ruby: "That sounds like a lot of fun, Jean! Don't you think so, Hiro?"
    Jean: "Hiro's your name, huh? Well, it's very nice to meet you and your
          friends! You guys look like you're on a journey. Where are you going, if
          you don't mind my asking?"
    Hiro: "We're headed for the Holy City of Pentagulia to speak with the Goddess
    Jean: "Well, I hope the Goddess can reschedule, because the Woods are blocked
          up ahead. Let me introduce you to Giban, the head of our troupe. He'll
          tell you the whole story!"
    Giban: "Howdy, strangers! My name is Giban, and I'm in charge of this fine
           group of performers. It's nice to meet you, although you certainly
           picked an awful time to show up here."
    Ruby: "We're sorry, Giban. We didn't mean to crash your party!"
    Giban: "Oh, no, that's not what I mean! There's a tangle of vines blocking the
           path to the Plains. We couldn't find a way through them, and it was near
           dark when we arrived, so we made camp."
    Ronfan: "This IS rotten timing, Hiro. If Leo followed us into the Woods, he'll
            get here before daybreak."
    Giban: "Well, you're certainly welcome to try squeezing through those vines,
           but I have a better idea. Stay with us this evening as our honored
           guests! We'll clear those vines away tomorrow morning."
    Hiro: "We'll assist you, of course. Like my grandpa says, helping hands are far
          better than flapping lips."
    Ruby: "I'll help you, too! I bet I can burn through all those dumb vines with
          my fire-breath!"
    Hiro: "Wah, hah, hah, hah! I like your spirit, little one, and I look forward
          to seeing your breath!"
    Jean: "I don't mean to be rude, but I have to go and cool down for a little
    Giban: "Yes, of course, Jean. And wipe off all that sweat so you don't come
           down with a cold!"
    Ruby: "Hiro, why don't we follow Jean? She's really nice, and I wanna talk to
          her some more! Please?"
    Hiro: "Okay, Ruby, but don't get TOO excited. She might want a little privacy,
          you know..."
    [They find Jean by a western cliff.]
    Jean: "Oh, hello! Isn't it a wonderful evening? I love the feeling of the cool
          breeze on my skin. There's always a light breeze coming up from the
          valley and flowing across this ridge. And it's the time of year when you
          can smell the wild roses of the Madoria Plains in the air...but I'm
          starting to ramble, aren't I? Did you come here to enjoy the breeze, too?
    Hiro: "Actually, Jean, we just wanted to talk to you -- but only if we're not
          bugging you."
    Jean: "Oh, not at all, Hiro! I'm glad you came, because I want to know more
          about you, too. So, what would you like to ask me first?"
          -> What IS the caravan, exactly?
             Hiro: "I know this sounds dumb, but...what IS the caravan, exactly?
                   How would you describe it?"
             Jean: "How would I describe it? That's a tough question, actually!
                   Um... Well, I guess I'd call the caravan a moving festival,
                   spreading joy around the world!"
             Ruby: "That sounds like so much fun, Jean! I'd love to go to a
                   festival every day!"
             Jean: "Not to complain, but it's a lot more fun to play at a festival
                   than to work at one. Trust me!
          -> How long have you been dancing?
             Hiro: "How long have you been a dancer, Jean? We all thought your
                   moves were amazing!"
             Jean: "Not that long, Hiro. I learned to dance when I joined the
                   caravan a few years ago."
             Ronfar: "Well, honey-smack, I have to say that was the best dancing
                     I've seen outside of a bar."
             Jean: "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I much prefer to dance with
                   my clothes on. Thank you for the compliment, but just remember
                   that flattery will get you nowhere with me! 
          -> What song were you dancing to?
             Hiro: "What song were you dancing to, Jean? I've never heard it
             Jean: "It's called 'Oasis Rose.' It was wirtten by a musician who fell
                   in love with the Blue Star. I only dance to it when the Blue
                   Star is as clear and beautiful as it is tonight."
             Ruby: "What a neat story! Jean, will you teach me how to dance like
                   you do? I'll be your bestest friend in the world if you do!
             Jean: "I'd be happy to teach you how to dance! With your tiny legs,
                   it'd be quite a challenge!
    Jean: "Alright, Hiro, now it's my turn to ask you some questions...like why
          you're in the Woods. Travelers get lost in this forest all the time, and
          no one explores it at night...so why didn't you just wait until the
          morning to make your way through?"
    Ruby: "Because we're running away from Lord Leo and Althena's Guard. They want
    Jean: "What?! You're in trouble with Althena's Guard?!"
    Hiro: "Jean? Are you okay?"
    Jean: "The Guard and The Chosen are always harassing us because we dare to sing
          and dance. They say the Goddess hates us all for what we do, but I know
          that's not true! If Giban wasn't so skilled at dealing with them, the
          caravan would've been shut down...so now we're always careful to avoid
          performing near towns where The Chosen are present. You guys can stay
          with us for as long as you'd like. I'm sure Giban will allow it if I ask.
    Hiro: "Thank you, Jean, but we can't do that. I promised Lucia that I would
          take her to Pentagulia, and to meet the Goddess."
    Lucia: "Hiro is correct. I must speak with Althena as soon as possible."
    Ronfar: "Watching you dance every day is tempting, my emerald-haired vixen,
            but I go where Hiro goes."
    Ruby: "Hiro needs me by his side for moral support and good advice! He'd die if
          I left him!"
    Jean: "... ... ...I'm really impressed with your positive attitudes. You make
          me believe that you guys could take on the Guard and win! But I don't
          like the thought of you guys fighting. I don't like it when ANYONE
          fights... Lucia! Look out!"
    [A giant plant snatches her.]
    Ronfar: "What in the Goddess's name is THAT?!"
    Lucia: "Aaaahh!!"
    Hiro: "Hold on, Lucia! I'll--"
    Jean: "Get out of the way, Hiro! Nooo--!"
    [She punches the plant in a flurry and it drops its prey.]
    Jean: "Are you alright, Lucia?!"
    Lucia: "Yes...yes, I'm alright. Thank you."
    Ronfar: "Once again, I would really like to know what this thing is and where
            it came from!"
    Ruby: "You never told us you knew karate, Jean! That was even cooler than your
    Jean: "... ... ...My body just...moved before I knew what was happening..."
    Hiro: "Jean? Did you hurt yourself when you attacked the monster?"
    Jean: "I want you guys to promise me that you'll never, ever mention what you
          just saw."
    Ruby: "What? But why don't you want us telling peopl about how you saved Lucia?
    Jean: "I...I just don't. Please keep this to yourselves. Please..."
    [She leaves back to camp.]
    Ruby: "I don't understand at all, Hiro! Jean saved Lucia's life, and she wants
          us to forget about it?!"
    Ronfar: "Everyone has their secrets to keep, pretty-kitty, and I intend to
            respect Jean's privacy."
    Hiro: "I'm with Ruby on this one...totally confused. What's Jean trying to
    [Jean is alone in her caravan room.]
    Jean: (My mind has forgotten, but my body remembers everything. It still burns
          inside of me. Just as he said it would...)
    [Flashback: A younger Jean is being chased by some hoodlums by a cliffside.]
    ????: "Why do you run from us, Jean? Wherever you may go, you will take our
          teachings with you."
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    ????: "Your soul now thirsts for blood, and your body aches to quench it. Come
          to me, Jean. Come to me and accept your destiny within the Cult of the
          Shadow Dragon."
    [Flashback ends.]
    Jean: "No...NO. That part of my life is over. I'm a dancer now. A dancer..."
    [The next morning...]
    Hiro: "Good morning, Lucia! Did you sleep well?"
    Lucia: "Yes, Hiro, I did."
    Ruby: "Hey, where's Ronfar? He can't still be asleep, or we'd hear him
    Ronfar: "Hey, guys! About time you all decided to crawl out from under the bed
    Ruby: "Good morning, Ronfar! Hey, wait a minute...something's different about
          you. Did you get a new bandanna or something?"
    Ronfar: "I'm even studlier than usual, aren't I? And thanks for noticing,
            pretty-kitty. It's not a change of headwear, however. I just got back
            from Althena's Spring."
    Ruby: "There's a hot spring smack-dab in the middle of the Woods?!"
    Ronfar: "Strange but true, my feathered friend. It's a very old building, and
            VERY hot water. I highly recommend that you guys soak 'til you
            shrivel. Your muscles will thank you."
    Ruby: "Yeah, Hiro, let's go! It's always fun to play in the water!"
    Hiro: "Uh, Lucia, would you like to come and soak with us?"
    Lucia: "Yes, Hiro. It sounds like it will be very enjoyable!"
    Ruby: "Well, c'mon, Hiro, let's GO!"
    [They go to the hot springs building.]
    Ruby: "Lucia, you can't go into this bath, remember? You have to use the other
          one. C'mon, Hiro! Let's get wet!"
    Hiro: "Wait, Ruby! You can't go into this bath, either-- Heh, heh, heh. Oh,
          well. Ruby's never listened to me before, so I doubt she's gonna start
          now! Have a good soak, Lucia. See you in a little while."
    Lucia: "Alright, Hiro."
    [Hiro and Ruby get into the springs.]
    Ruby: "Wow! This water feels so GOOD! Take THAT, Hiro!"
    Hiro: "You better cut it out, Ruby, or I'll be forced to splash you back!"
    Ruby: "Ha, ha, ha! That's exactly what I want you to do!"
    Hiro: "Alright, you asked for it! I hereby declare water war!"
    Ruby: "Ahhh! Alright, buster, no one squires water in my eye and gets away with
          it-- Huh? LUCIA?!!"
    [Lucia, naked, walks toward the hot springs.]
    Ruby: "Hiro, look away! You're being rude! I know Grandpa Gwyn taught you
          better manners than this!"
    Hiro: "Y-y-you're on the wrong side, Lucia."
    Ruby: "If you can't shut your eyes, I'll do it for you!"
    [She starts scratching his eyes. After the soakin'...]
    Ruby: "I still can't believe you DID that, Lucia! Have you no SHAME?!"
    Lucia: "Why are you upset, Ruby? I only wanted to join you and Hiro."
    Ruby: "Why am I upset?! Because you walked into a bath with all your no-no
          parts showing...and girls don't show their no-no parts to boys until they
          get married!"
    Lucia: "Are you saying Hiro and I should get married?"
    Ruby: "NO!! I'm saying that you need to keep your clothes on! Especially in
          front of Hiro!"
    Lucia: "I still don't understand, Ruby. How can I take a bath without removing
           my clothes?"
    Ruby: "AARGH!! Hiro, will you please explain to Lucia why she can't show the
          world her...her stuff!"
    Hiro: "Actually, Ruby, I'd rather just go back to the caravan and find a really
          big bandage."
    Ruby: "Hmmph! Be that way, Hiro!"
    [The ground rumbles as they try to leave.]
    Voice: "AAAAHHH--!!"
    Ruby: "You must have heard that, Hiro!"
    Hiro: "That scream came from the clearing! Come on!"
    [In the clearing...]
    Ronfar: "Well, this is new. Usually, it's me making the earth move for a lucky
            lady-- What in Althena's name?!"
    [Plant shoots come out of the ground, grab caravan-ers, and disappear again.]
    Jean: "My friends! Giban! The hole's too dark. I can't see anything down there!
    Ronfar: "That was the same critter you wailed on last night, Jean!"
    Hiro: "Ronfar! Jean! What's happened?! We heard a scream, and came as fast as
          we could!"
    Ronfar: "You remember the monster that molested Lucia last night? It just made
            another appearance...and snatched almost everyone in the caravan!"
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "Let's hike into that hole and pull that overgrown weed out by the
    Jean: "Hiro..."
    Hiro: "Let's hurry, Jean! Your friends are still alive, I'm sure of it! There's
          no way the monster can survive if we fight it together!"
    Jean: "I...I cannot fight, Hiro. Here..."
    System: Rope Ladder. Use this to climb into the hole.
    Hiro: "Jean! These are your friends' lives at stake!"
    Jean: "I won't go, Hiro, and I can't go. You don't need my help..."
    Ruby: "What are you saying, Jean?! Last night, you saved Lucia with your
    Jean: "I told you to forget about that, and meant it!! I...I'm sorry... I'm a
          dancer now, Ruby. I don't fight anymore..."
    Hiro: "No, Jean! You ARE a fighter! I don't know why you're trying to deny your
          abilities, Jean, and I honestly don't want to know. I was taught to 
          respect other people's privacy, and I respect yours. But none of that
          matters at all right now. We all know what matters, and we all know that
          you can help us DO something about it."
    Jean: "I can help my friends..."
    Ronfar: "This is a fascinating discussion, Hiro, but those people are gonna be
            mulch if we don't hurry UP!"
    Hiro: "Make the right choice, Jean!"
    Jean: "It's not as easy as you make it sound, Hiro..."
    Ronfar: "After you, buddy!"
    Hiro: "I was afraid you'd say that."
    Jean: "Wait! Stop! ... ... ... I'm coming with you."
    Hiro: "Jean..."
    Jean: "Ever since I joined the caravan, Hiro, I've been trying to forget my
          past...but now I realize that I can't run from it anymore. I have to face
          it, and accept it. I have the power to save Giban and my friends...and
          I'm going to use it!"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Jean: "Thank you, Hiro. Thank you for making me realize what's important."
    Hiro: "Let's go!"
    [They descend into the underground cavern and find Plantella's hostages.]
    Ruby: "Th-there it is!"
    Hostages: "Help us! PLEASE!!"
    Giban: "Be careful, Jean! This creature is incredibly strong!"
    Jean: "No monster has the strength of the Shadow Dragon..."
    [They defeat Plantella.]
    Person: "You saved our lives! Thank you so much, everyone!"
    Person: "Jean, I didn't know you could fight like that! You're the coolest
            dancer of all time!"
    Jean: "Well...thank you. I never believed that I could use my fighting skill to
          help instead of hurt...but I helped my friends. I...I saved their lives.
          And it felt wonderful."
    [Everyone exits the dungeon.]
    Ronfar: "Ah! Sunlight! It was so dark in that creepy cave, I feel like I've
            come back to life."
    Ruby: "Well, Ronfar, I hope you're reborn a little more serious!"
    Jean: "Thank you, Hiro, for convincing me to help. I'm sorry I took so long to
          realize you were right. And...Giban...thank you for taking care of me,
          and treating me as if I were your own child."
    Giban: "What's the matter, Jean? You say such kind things, but you sound so
    Jean: "I've decided that I'm going to leave the caravan for a while. I thought
          about doing this sooner, but I just didn't have the courage. I've been
          running away from my past since the moment you found me, Giban. I
          believed that I could forget all that has happened to me, and learn to
          find happiness. But Hiro and the others showed me how wrong I was. They
          showed me that I can't embrace the future without reconciling the past.
          And that's why I have to go..."
    Giban: "Were you really worried that I would be angry at you, Jean? Do you
           remember what I said when we found you, and when you joined the caravan?
           I said that the caravan was your new family, and that you were my new
           daughter. What kind of parent would I be if I didn't let you pursue this
           chance at redemption?"
    Jean: "Thank you, Giban. The first place I'm headed is the city of Meribia. I
          want to meet with Blue Master Lunn, the greatest martial artist in the
    Giban: "Of course. If anyone can help you to hone your skills, it's him!"
    Jean: "Then I'll use those skills to slay the demons of my past...and liberate
          my soul from shame."
    Giban: "Hiro, you know how much I care about Jean. Promise me that you'll help
           her on her quest."
    Hiro: "Of course, Giban!"
    Jean: "...Goodbye, Giban."
    Giban: "Goodbye, Jean. Don't be afraid to come back and visit us on your
    10) TAKKAR VILLAGE                                                       [GS10]
    [At the tavern, they meet a girl in a hooded robe that hides her face.]
    ??????: "Greetings, travelers. I am a messenger from the Magic Guild of Vane.
            We are recruiting new members. Would you like to join? All you need to
            do is pay an entrance fee and pass a simple test."
    Ruby: "The Magic Guild sounds like fun, Hiro! Let's take the test!"
    ??????: "Oh, pooh! I forgot that we don't allow flying cats in the Guild. I
            always forget that rule..."
    Ruby: "Well, that rule doesn't matter anyway, because I'm not a cat!"
    Ronfar: "I hate to break up the raging kitty debate, sister, but we're late for
            a very important date."
    ??????: "Haven't you heard? The gate on the north side of the village was
            recently closed...because a very dangerous creature is on the loose,
            and headed for Takkar."
    Ronfar: (A "dangerous creature"? Geez, I thought Leo was searching for Lucia,
            not my last girlfriend!)
    Lucia: "We cannot find Althena if we cannot pass through this place..."
    Jean: "Well, since none of us is a hairy, drooling beast, I'm sure we'll be
          allowed through the gate. Let's go and talk to the guard. I'm sure he's
          a sensible guy."
    ??????: "... ... ...Perhaps you're right, and the guard will let you pass.
            Perhaps he won't. You can only try. If you wish to speak with me
            again, I'll be...around."
    [She leaves.]
    Ruby: "What kind of attitude was that? Offering us a test to enter the Guild,
          and then excluding me?! That girl was a mountain of weird, that's for
          sure. I mean, what was UP with that hood? And was I just hearing things,
          or did she...giggle at us when she walked away?"
    [The crew talks with the gate guard.]
    Priest: "Hail, travelers! My apologies in advance, but I'm afraid I can't allow
            you through this gate. As a priest of the Goddess, I must obey the will
            of Althena's Guard and of Lord Leo."
    Jean: "According to a...friend of ours, you shut the gate because you're trying
          to trap a monster. But as you can see, none of us are monsters, not even
          Ronfar! So why not let us through?"
    Priest: "I'm sorry, miss, but we don't yet know exactly what this creature
            looks like. A messenger from Dalton will be here shortly to provide us
            with a more detailed description."
    Ronfar: "Well...uh...what have YOU heard about this monster, buddy?"
    Priest: "Its name is Lucia the Destroyer, and it has enlisted the aid of a band
            of notorious criminals. Lucia's goal is simple...to destroy our world
            and annihilate all that Althena has created."
    Lucia: "Is that what you have been told? That story is false, human. I am not
           the Destroyer--"
    Hiro: "Ha, ha, ha! Of course you're not, honey, but you sure are funny!"
    Priest: "There's no need for any of you to worry. The Destroyer will be found
            very soon, I'm sure of it. No less a figure than Lord Leo, the White
            Knight of Althena, is coming here to deal with Lucia. It should be
            very entertaining to watch him dispatch the Destroyer, don't you
    Ruby: "Actually, I don't agree at all!"
    ??????: "Hm, hm, hm...you're wasting your time with that fool. He'll never let
            you through. If you're in as much of a hurry to leave this village as
            you seem to be, perhaps I can...help you. Come with me and I'll share
            something very interesting..."
    Hiro: "Hey, you're the girl we met in the tavern! What do you want to share?"
    ??????: "The north gate isn't the only way out of this village. There's a
            secret mountain pass to the east of here, leading all the way around
            to Nota."
    Ruby: "Really!? That's wonderful news! So what are we wai--"
    ??????: "BUT the mountain pass also leads to a haunted manor. If you don't pass
            through the manor...you can't continue along the pass, and you won't
            get to Nota."
    Ruby: "Couldn't you have given us the BAD news first?"
    ??????: "If you have enough magical ability, you SHOULD be able to make it
            through the manor. Are you willing to accept this challenge and take
            the test?"
    Ruby: "Can we use a lifeline? Or how about a fifty-fifty?"
    ??????: "There's a fence on the east side of the village. Don't keep me
    [She leaves.]
    Ruby: "Who in the world IS that girl, and why does she know so much about
          haunted mansions?!"
    Jean: "I'd like to know why she hides her face under that hood. What a weird
    Lucia: "Am I also weird? Should I wear a hood as well?"
    Ruby: "It's not a fashion trend, Lucia! Besides, if you were wearing a hood,
          you'd look suspicious! ANYway...let's go and meet her at the gate. If
          we don't get out of here soon, Leo will catch us!
    ??????: "You've decided to take the test? Excellent! You must be confident in
            your abilities! This is the entrance to the mountain pass... This path
            will lead you to Nota, but it's not an easy journey. There are many
            monsters along the trail, since it's never cleared out by adventurers
            ...so you must be cautious at all times. There could be something
            lurking around every corner! You'll find out soon enough if you have
            enough strength and wisdom to pass the test."
    [They leave down the path.]
    ??????: "Heh, heh, heh! That went even better than I thought it would. I have
            to dash if I'm going to beat them to the manor, though!"
    [She trails them.]
    11) GHOST MANOR                                                          [GS11]
    [The team braves the mountain pass and makes it to the end of the mansion.]
    Ruby: "Phew! I think we're almost outta here, Hiro! That door looks like an
          exit...but WHAT is that crazy thing next to it?!"
    Ronfar: "I haven't seen something this weird since the pub in Larpa had a
            dwarf-tossing contest."
    Ruby: "It almost looks like a carnival ride, doesn't it?"
    [It starts moving...and it's ugly.]
    Ruby: "If this is a ride, I wanna get off!"
    [They defeat the hideous creation. The hooded girl from before jumps out.]
    Lemina: "You idiots! You've totally destroyed my Mega Magic Tester! I guess
            you did pass. Tah-dah! Congratulations, you're a winner! My name is
            Lemina Ausa. You have now officially passed the magic exam to the
            Magic Guild of Vane! Did I surprise you? I've got a confession to make.
            This manor is a testing ground. And since you passed with flying
            colors, you're officially approved for Guild membership. In fact, if
            you join right now, you'll be charter members of the Guild! Isn't that
            exciting?! You'll become part of the rich history and tradition of
            Vane. You, uh, won't be paid for your services, but it can't be
            helped...you being apprentices and all. So, what do you think? Ready to
            join the most prestigious organization in the world?"
    Ruby: "It sounds nice, but we're in the middle of a quest, so we don't really
          have time. Sorry!"
    Lemina: "Oh, don't say that! You have to reconsider! You have to join the
            Guild! Please, please, please! I'll even make you a deal! Join the
            Magic Guild right now and I'll reduce your entry fee to 98S!"
    Hiro: "Entry fee? You never said anything about an entry fee!"
    Lemina: "I can't believe this! You're going to turn down an invitation from the
            leader of the Magic Guild?! Well, fine. I suppose you have to finish
            this little quest of yours...so I'll come along and lend you the
            considerable services of my powerful magic! While we're on the road,
            I'll tell you all about the Magic Guild, and why you all have to join.
            And when your quest is over, we'll go to Vane and sign you up for some
            magic classes! So let's start moving! The sooner I help you finish your
            quest, the sooner you can join the Guild!"
    Ruby: "Uh, excuse me, but don't you think you're being a little...oh, I don't
    Lucia: "The Magic Guild sounds like an enchanting place. Are you going to
           travel there, Hiro?"
    Ruby: "Watch it, Lucia. This girl sounds desperate enough to hog-tie you and
          drag you to Vane in a sack!"
    Jean: "Don't be silly, Ruby! I'm sure that we'll have a lot of fun traveling
          with Lemina!"
    Ronfar: "Yeah, lighten up, Red! And besides, there's always room for a lovely
            lady in our party."
    Jean: "Okay, Ronfar, I think we all know what your motivations are! Two words:
          hands OFF!"
    Ronfar: "Calm down, my emerald-haired angel. I assure you that my thoughts are
            entirely pure."
    Ruby: "Pure lust, you mean!"
    Lemina: "Are we going to talk or are we going to move? My time is very
            valuable, you know! Let's go down the stairs and I'll guide you through
            the rest of the mountain pass!"
    [They go outside to the cliffs.]
    Ronfar: "I don't mean to nit-pick, but I thought this trail went ALL the way
            through the mountains."
    Ruby: "We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way...didn't we,
    Lemina: "Actually, we're exactly where we should be! For the last part of our
            journey, we'll be using... Ta-DAHH! The Magic Carpet of the Magic
            Guild, sewn from the thread of precious Vane magic silk! Don't just
            stand there, everyone! Hop on! I promise to charge you a very
            reasonable transit fee!"
    Ruby: "You're CHARGING us to take a ride on this moth-eaten rug?!"
    Lemina: "Of course I am! You may be my new friends, but business is still
            business! Now get on and let's GO! The only thing I hate more than
            wasting time is wasting money! Is everyone on board? I know it's a bit
            cramped, but the carpet wasn't meant to hold passengers!"
    Ronfar: "I have an idea: how 'bout you carry us down one at a time, instead of
            killing us all at once?!"
    Lemina: "I'll ask you to be quiet before I have to charge you a complaint fee
            on top of the transit fee! Anyway, here we go! Keep your head and arms
            above the carpet at all times!"
    Hiro: "This is amazing, Lemina! We're really FLYING! Now I see why Ruby loves
          her wings so much!"
    Lemina: "... ... ..."
    Jean: "Lemina? What's the matter? Why do you look so serious?"
    Ronfar: "Because strong magic requires complete concentration. Even the
            slightest distraction could..."
    Lemina: "Ahhh...ahhh...AHHH..."
    Ruby: "Somebody put their finger on Lemina's upper lip, QUICK!"
    [Lemina sneezes and everyone falls down the cliff. The carpet flies away.]
    Hiro: "I think I ruptured my spleen...and I don't even know...what my spleen
          DOES. IS everyone okay?"
    Lemina: "Aw, geez! That magic carpet was in my family for eight generations!
            It's irreplaceable!"
    Ronfar: "Uh, yeah, we're fine, Lemina, and thanks for your concern."
    Hiro: "Well, that wasn't what I'd call a SMOOTH ride, but it was actually kind
          of fun!"
    Jean: "Cheer up, Lemina! What's most important is that we all made it down
    Lemina: "Yes, you're right. I can always buy another carpet...even if it won't
            be quite as nice. I just hope you guys realize that I'm not going to
            quit until you decide to join the Guild! And I'll have to raise your
            entrance fees to cover the cost of buying a new carpet..."
    Ruby: "What was that, Lemina?"
    Lemina: "Uh...never mind. If everyone's okay, let's get moving! The Magic City
            of Vane awaits!"
    12) NOTA                                                                 [GS12]
    [The crew starts walking over the huge spanning bridge to get to West Nota--]
    Ronfar: "What the heck?!"
    Ruby: "Oh, no!"
    [The Dragonship Destiny stops underneath them.]
    Leo: "Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. You did well to get this far...but you'll not escape
         again! Soldiers, restrain our friends."
    Soldier: "Lord Leo knew that you would come here. You fools stumbled right into
             our clutches! The fugitives are surrounded, Lord Leo! What would you
             have us to do with them?"
    Leo: "Hold your positions, soldiers, while I come down to assist you in their
    Jean: "I know you said that Althena's Guard was after you, Hiro...and you
          weren't kidding! They don't send the Dragonship Destiny to capture just
    Lemina: "I bet I know why the Guard is after you, Hiro...you took out a loan
            and never paid it back! It's too bad you didn't meet me sooner. The
            Magic Guild's loans are practically interest-free!"
    Ruby: "This isn't about money, Lemina! This is about Lucia! Leo's trying to
          capture her and..."
    Ronfar: "No time for talk, kiddies! The only way we're getting out of this mess
            is with our feet! RUN!!"
    [A huge army follows them into East Nota, where they lose their pursuers.]
    Ronfar: "While I could use big words to summarize our predicament, I'll go with
            'This really sucks.'"
    Hiro: "We have to leave Nota and get Leo and the Guard to chase us. Then we can
          pass the bridge."
    Jean: "Well, Hiro, why don't we go to the Carnival at the north end of the
          Madoria Plains? Giban and the others should be there by now, and they
          have a device called the Magic Arrow. We can use the Arrow to fly through
          the sky...and maybe we can fly right over Nota!"
    Hiro: "Sounds like a plan, Jean. Let's go to the Carnival, everyone!"
    13) MADORIA CARNIVAL                                                     [GS13]
    Giban: "Jean?! What's the matter?!"
    Jean: "I'd love to tell you everything that's happened, Giban, but we just
          don't have time. Here's the short version: Althena's Guard has blocked
          the bridge to West Nota...and I want you to let us fly past Nota in the
          Magic Arrow."
    Giban: "Jean, you can't be serious! The Magic Arrow has never flow for such a
           great distance!"
    Voice: "Who is the person in charge of this drunken revelry?! Come forth at
    [The crew hides by the caravan homes...it's Leo!]
    Giban: "You're in more trouble than I imagined, Jean! Don't worry...I'll take
           care of the Guard."
    Leo: "You there! We are searching for a criminal which may have sought refuge
         in this place. She is dressed in an unusual red robe, and is traveling
         with four companions. Have you seen her?"
    Giban: "We've been here for some time, sir, and we've seen no one that matches
           your description."
    Leo: "I trust that you are telling the truth...because it is not wise to betray
         my trust. Search this area thoroughly! We cannot allow the Destroyer to
         travel beyond Nota!"
    [They leave.]
    Jean: "Thank you, Giban. Lord Leo has been relentless in his pursuit of poor
    Giban: "Jean, you don't have to thank me. I've seen the Guard punish too many
           innocent people. Now we're all friends...no, we're more like family.
           Isn't that right, Hiro?"
    Hiro: "Definitely."
    Giban: "You know, Lucia is too easy to spot in that red robe of hers. Jean,
           why don't you take her to the costume cart and get her into some new
    Lucia: "New clothes? But..."
    Jean: "Don't worry, Lucia! With all the clothes in the caravan, we'll find
          something that suits your style!"
    Lemina: "I'll help you, too! I love doing makeovers, and I'll only charge you
            a small commission."
    Ruby: "Don't leave me out! I wanna help Lucia, too!"
    Giban: "Just remember that the costume cart is in the middle, Jean. Don't
           wander into the wrong one!"
    [The girls go off, and the mischevious boys try to sneak a peak.]
    Ronfar: "Hiro, my friend, we must take full and immediate advantage of this
            delicious opportunity. Just follow my lead..."
    [In the costume car...]
    Ruby: "Wow! Look at all these clothes! Which outfit are you going to choose,
    Lucia: "I only wish to be less noticeable, Ruby. The type of clothing does not
           matter to me."
    Jean: "Of course it matters, Lucia! When you put on an outfit, you're making a
    Lemina: "And because you're not being charged, you should choose the most
            expensive garments! How about these?"
    [Lucia starts trying on outfits.]
    Jean: "Oh, that's definitely not you, Lucia."
    Ruby: "I think the bow's kinda cute!"
    Jean: "Next!"
    Ruby: "No way!"
    Lemina: "Yeah, too far west! Next!"
    Jean: "Next year's fashion rage?"
    Lemina: "That one's not too bad! Are you sure this is for sale?"
    Lucia: "Do you think this is really my color?"
    Lemina: "No! We were just joking!"
    Ronfar: "I can't see anything! Switch places with me, Hiro!"
    Hiro: "Ronfar, it's not right!"
    Ronfar: "Now is not the time for morality lessons. Cut the sermon and step
    Hiro: "Cut it out, Ronfar!"
    Ronfar: "Dammit! Quit spoiling the view, you little do-gooder! Oh yeah...
            there... Knock it off, Hiro! Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not wise
            to stand between a man and his cheesecake?! MOVE! Hiro! Get out of the
    Hiro: "Waah?!"
    [They stumble into costume car.]
    Lemina: "Ronfar?!"
    Jean: "Hiro?!"
    Ruby: "You...you...creeps!!!!"
    Lucia: "What's wrong, Hiro? Have you come to help me change into a new outfit?"
    Lemina: "Lucia, aren't you embarrassed?! These two perverts were scoping you
    Lucia: "Embarrassed?"
    Jean: "Lucia, you can't let guys take advantage of you! Show them who's in
    Ruby: "You live with someone all these years and you think you know them!"
    Jean: "Quit it, you perverts!"
    [She kicks them all outside.]
    Jean: "Are you two going to behave from now on? Good! So what do you think of
          Lucia's new threads, Hiro? I think they really enhance her natural
    [Lucia's dressed in a cute gypsy outfit.]
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Lucia: "Why are you staring at me, Hiro? Do you not like these new clothes? ...
           ... ... ...We should leave now."
    Man: "The Arrow is ready for launch. Hold on a moment while I adjust the
         destinationometer...there! Don't worry. This thing's solid as a rock.
         It'd take an act of God to throw it off course!"
    [They pile in the capsule.]
    Leo: "I knew the old man was lying! You will be punished for your crimes
         against Althena! Wait...what are you doing?!"
    Ronfar: "Come on! Hurry up and get in!"
    Leo: "Do you really think that you can escape me again?! Guess again, vermin!"
    [He shoots it and the trajectory does a 180-degree turn.]
    Leo: "Enjoy your flight, fools!"
    Ruby: "Whoooo's ideaaaaa wasssss thissssss?"
    14) MYSTIC RUINS                                                         [GS14]
    [They land in a mountainous area.]
    Ronfar: "Did you guys prefer the whiplash or the takeoff or the broken tailbone
            of the landing? So does anyone have an idea of where the world we are?"
    Lemina: "All I know is that my magic carpet was a much smoother ride than THAT
            crazy thing!"
    Hiro: "I don't know if I'd go that far, Lemina."
    Lucia: "The human who lied to Leo to protect me...Giban...is he going to be
    Jean: "He'll be fine, Lucia. He's been getting himself out of trouble since he
          started the caravan."
    Ruby: "Do you hear that, Hiro? Lucia's worried about Giban. I wonder if she
          worries about you, too!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "Now that the contents of my stomach are settled, let's try to figure
            out where we are."
    Lemina: "Wherever we're at, it's OLD. Maybe it's an ancient fortress. Or maybe
            it's a sacrificial altar."
    Jean: "Right now, let's just focus on getting out of here...wherever HERE is."
    [They stand on a weird-shaped stone platform.]
    Ruby: "What do you think, Hiro? Can you find a way into these ruins?"
    Lucia: "I sense an ancient magic in this place...yes, a magical seal."
    Lemina: "Are you sure? I have excellent magical skills, and I don't sense
            anything at all."
    Lucia: "This is a very old magic. I doubt that any humans could detect it. I
           will try to remove the seal."
    Lemina: "I...I...I've never heard the spell you used uttered by a human. It
            was one of the sacred spells...and only Althena herself has the power
            to wield that magic! Who ARE you, Lucia?!"
    Lucia: "I have already told you. My name is Lucia, and I come from the Blue
           Star, where I was...alone... Quickly. We must enter while the seal
           remains open."
    [They teleport downwards.]
    Ruby: "Look! Look, Hiro! Over there! I don't know what it is, but I know it's
    Hiro: "It looks like runic writing. I've seen Grandpa studying symbols like
    Lucia: "This has some sort of magical information stored inside. Let me attempt
           to access it."
    [There are some scenes from Lunar Silver Star Story that're shown.]
    Jean: "What WAS that?"
    Lemina: "I think it was showing the...the destruction of Vane."
    Ruby: "Vane?! How old IS this place? And who stored this here?"
    Ronfar: "Very good rhetorical questions, pretty kitty. What worries me is that
            we might have just seen something we weren't supposed to see."
    Hiro: "Let's not continue along that line of thinking, Ronfar. I'm already
          creeped out as it is."
    Lucia: "The figure in that record was the Goddess Althena! We must determine
           the keeper of these records, Hiro. We must know how they were acquired."
    Voice: "Hm hm hm hm hm... That was a record of my best work.
    Hiro: "Who's there?!"
    [A man walks out...he's from the first Lunar game.]
    Ghaleon: "Fortunately, I now have a chance to surpass it. The world will once
             again be mine on a delicious half-shell. And you can't stop me, Lucia.
    Lucia: "How do you know who I am?"
    Ghaleon: "Oh, where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. I am Ghaleon."
    Lucia: "Ghaleon...?"
    Ghaleon: "Yes, I am the same Ghaleon that was buried and left a cursed memory
             ...and yet I now live again. Truly, if there is a god of destiny, he
             is fond of plot twists. Aha, ha, ha, ha...and so am I. The time is not
             right for our...decisive encounter. We will meet again, dear Lucia...
             it's our destiny. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
    [He teleports out.]
    Lemina: "That was GHALEON?! That's the name of the guy who called himself a
            Magic Emperor, and tried to destroy the world! It has to be the same
            person. I mean, how many Ghaleons do YOU know, Hiro?"
    Jean: "The Magic Emperor is just an ancient legend, Lemina! You're worried
          about nothing...again."
    Hiro: "You know, I read a book about the Magic Emperor in Grandpa Gwyn's
          library. It said that Dragonmaster Alex defeated Ghaleon and saved the
          world, so how strong can he be?"
    Ronfar: "Incredibly strong, Hiro. Ghaleon was oozing magical power from every
            pale pore on his face. Whether that guy was the Magic Emperor or not,
            he's dangerous...and creepy."
    Lucia: "His appearance made me very uneasy, as well. And there was something
           in...his eyes..."
    [They reach the exit.]
    Lucia: "This door is held with very old and powerful magic. I will try to
           remove the spell... If the man named Ghaleon was able to open this
           door...he must have used a sacred spell. But the sacred spells cannot be
           used by humans. Only Althena and I have that ability..."
    [On the world map...]
    Ruby: "Oh, noooo! It's the..."
    [...Dragonship Destiny!]
    Leo: "I sincerely hoped you enjoyed my little detour. You cannot escape the
         power of the Dragonship Destiny. The chase ends here!"
    Hiro: "He's right. One blast of the Dragon Cannon and it's over."
    Lucia: "...I must fight."
    Hiro: "Lucia?!"
    Lucia: "I must accomplish my mission, Hiro. I cannot surrender. If I give up
           now, you and your world will suffer for eternity."
    Lemina: "I don't see how I'll profit from being mega-blasted into a cloud of
            vapor, Lucia!"
    Hiro: "...Alright! I'll fight with you, Lucia. To the death."
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    Ronfar: "Never underestimate the power of Lady Luck, HIro, I'm willing to
    Jean: "I knew that following you guys was a big mistake...but not fighting
          Leo would be an even bigger one."
    Lemina: "Hey, I have a great idea! Why don't we surrender ourselves instead of
            getting slaughtered?!"
    Leo: "Whatever you are discussing amongst yourselves is a moot issue. Don't you
         understand? My given task is to execute Lucia before she destroys us
         all...and how know that I have both the will and the resources to carry
         out that task. Acquire targets! Prepare to fire!"
    Lemina: "I surrender! Don't shoot! I'm too young and beautiful to die!!"
    Leo: "Cease your pathetic begging, and go to your graves with a shred of
         dignity. Dragon Cannon, fi--"
    [Something lightning hits the ship.]
    Leo: "What the HELL?!"
    Soldier: "Ahhhh! Lucia the Destroyer is going to kill us all! Please help us,
             Lord Leo! PLEASE!"
    Leo: "You pathetic morons! There is no danger from Lucia, because Althena will
         protect us! You are proud warriors of the Goddess! Stand firm and you will
         be impervious to harm--"
    [Lightning hits Leo repeatedly.]
    Soldier: "Lord Leo! Are you--are you dead?"
    Lucia: "This magic is very powerful. Could it be that...?"
    [Ghaleon's using the magic, and Lucia spots him a long ways away on the cliff.]
    Ghaleon: "... ... ..."
    [He disappears.]
    Lucia: "Why did that man...Ghaleon...save us? I do not understand his
    Soldier: "Lord Leo has been wounded! We must retreat at once and tend to his
             injuries! Keep the Dragon Cannon aimed at Lucia, and ready to fire!
             Don't take your eyes off her!"
    [The Dragonship retreats.]
    Ruby: "I don't know what THAT was all about, but we're saved! I know he's a big
          jerk and all, but I hope Leo's okay. Whatever hit him really must have
    Ronfar: "Leo will be fine, pretty-kitty. White Knights tend to bounce back
            pretty quickly. He's taken worse than that and survived...so let's get
            outta here while we have the chance. After we leave Nota, we should
            head north, Hiro. It's a pretty good stretch to Azado, but I'm sure we
            can make it. And since Azado is a port of call, we can sail from there
            to the Holy City of Pentagulia."
    15) ZULAN                                                                [GS15]
    [The team visits the snowbound town's frantic mayor.]
    Mayor: "Oh, thank the Goddess! She has heard my prayers and sent you to save
           us! Our village has been plagued by this snowstorm for many weeks, but
           this is not natural weather. A terrible creature has moved into the
           mountains above Zulan, and it somehow triggered this blizzard. A group
           of villagers went into the mountains to exterminate it, but they failed.
           Some of them even lost their lives in the attempt... And in the midst of
           this madness, my precious granddaughter was stricken with a terrible
           illness. My son-in-law left the village to find medicine for her...and
           it wasn't long after his departure that my daughter Maria followed suit.
           She went to gather a special grass that grows only on the mountain above
           our village. It is called snowsprout grass, and while it doesn't taste
           very good, it has powerful healing properties. But there has been no
           sign of Maria or her husband since they left the village. My son and
           daughter are missing...my grandchild lies helpless...and I am powerless.
           I'm begging you...please help us. Save this village...save my child and
           -> That beast is history!
              Mayor: "Oh, you have no idea how happy you've made me! I'll make sure
                     you receive everything you need!"
           -> I'm tired of helping people.
              Mayor: "I...I see. It was foolish of me to think that strangers would
                     care about our village, anyway. Well, unless you want to watch
                     the death toll continue to climb, I would suggest you leave."
              Ruby: "Hiro, how can you be so self-centered? We can help these
                    people! We can save lives!"
    Lucia: "Hiro, we are wasting valuable time. Our mission is to stop the revival
           of Zophar. What does it matter if we save a single village, when Zophar
           can destroy the entire world?"
    Hiro: "It's not going to slow us down THAT much, Lucia. We'll slay the monster
          and be on our way!"
    Lucia: "You don't understand, Hiro! You cannot comprehend the terror of Zophar!
           If you are determined to help these people...I can no longer stay with
           you. My mission is too important. I will find Althena on my own. I
           suppose this is good-bye. Thank you for your help..."
    [Lucia leaves and Hiro follows.]
    Hiro: "Wait, Lucia!"
    Lucia: "... ... ...Goodbye, Hiro!"
    [She leaves.]
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Ruby: "I can't believe that Lucia would turn her back on these people...and on
          us. We can't abandon these people! How can she be so...heartless?"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Mayor: "That girl seems to have pressing business. I'm just glad you were able
           to stay! The monster lives inside a cave in the mountains to the north
           of Zulan Village. I wish I could tell you what to expect inside, but we
           have only vague details. Be careful up there!"
    [They head into the mountains. At the top...]
    Lemina: "W-w-what was that?!"
    Jean: "It sounded like some kind of beast."
    Ronfar: "And we're downwind from where the sound came from! Plug your noses,
            I'm predicting stench!"
    Hiro: "Ronfar, this is no time for jokes. That WAS some kind of beast, and it's
          close. We need to be on guard. Anything can happen..."
    Ruby: "It's the monster!! It's about to attack us! Where is it? Where is it?!"
    Ronfar: "That's no monster, Red. It's something else...but..."
    Ruby: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The snow! It-it-it's an avalanche!"
    [An avalanche blows over the crew.]
    Lucia: "Hiro... Hiro... Hiro...? Hiro...Hiro...wake up... Hiro...please open
           your eyes for me..."
    [Lucia is near Hiro and Ruby.]
    Hiro: "L-Lucia?"
    Lucia: "Oh, Hiro! You're awake!"
    Hiro: "I...I can't move..."
    Lucia: "Oh dear! I'll do my best to heal you... I was so worried about you,
           Hiro. I'm so sorry that I left..."
    Ruby: "Lucia, you saved our lives."
    Lucia: "Yes..."
    Ruby: "Why did you come back to find us? What about your mission?"
    Lucia: "I came back because...I... When I came to this world from the Blue
           Star, finding Althena was my only concern. I did not think...or care
           ...about anything else. But I feel differently now. Something has
           changed over the course of the journey. ... ... ... After I left Zulan,
           and when I was thinking about you, I had the strangest feeling. I never
           experienced anything like it when I was alone on the Blue Star. It was a
           throbbing pain in my chest, as if someone had pressed a thorn into my
           heart...and the further I away from Zulan I walked, the greater the pain
           became. And so I...came back to you..."
    Hiro: "I missed you, too."
    Lucia: "You did?"
    Hiro: "Of course I did, Lucia. I was so worried about you. And to know that you
          came back for us...means a lot to me. More than you know, probably. Thank
          you for saving our lives, Lucia, and thank you for coming back into mine.
    Lucia: "Hiro, I..."
    Hiro: "Come on, Lucia! Let's hurry and find the others.
    [They find Jean and heal her.]
    Jean: "Lucia?! Wh...what happened? Have you come back to join us?"
    Lucia: "Yes, Jean. I am sorry that I left..."
    Jean: "Don't worry about it, Lucia! You came back to us, and that's what
          matters. And I bet Hiro is even happier to see you than I am. Admit it,
    Hiro: "All I admit is that girls always know how to embarrass me..."
    Jean: "Yes, we do, Hiro! And there's something strangely pleasant about seeing
          you squirm! Anyway...thanks for saving me, Lucia! I owe you my life."
    Lucia: "You're welcome, Jean."
    [They find Ronfar.]
    Ronfar: "Am I...am I dead? No, wait...it's a hallucination. I can even see
            Hiro and Lucia. How bizarre. But I'm so tired...I need to close my
            eyes again...and go to sleep."
    Ruby: "Don't go to sleep, Ronfar! You'll never wake up again if you do! Now
          get UP!!"
    Ronfar: "... ... ...Ugh...couldn't you have turned down the volume just a
            little on that scream, Red?"
    Hiro: "Ruby was trying to save your life, Ronfar! Give her a break!"
    Ruby: "Besides, Ronfar, I bet you like it when girls tell you what to do!"
    [Lemina's nearby also.]
    Lemina: "Oh, pooh! My dress is soaking wet...not to mention that I was almost
            killed in that avalanche... It would have been a tragic loss to the
            world if I had perished in these stupid mountains! Wait...how am I
            still alive? You saved me, didn't you, Lucia? I...I don't know what to
            say. ... ... ... Would it, uh, be alright if I repaid my life debt to
            you in monthly installments? You don't want any money? You're horrible
            at business, but you're a great friend, Lucia!"
    Ruby: "One of these days, Lemina, you'll realize that some things DON'T involve
    Lucia: "I'm so glad that everyone is alright...but I'm having another strange
           feeling. The pain which I felt in my heart has changed to warmth. Why
           has this happened?"
    Ruby: "It's called relief. It's the opposite of what you were feeling earlier,
          which is anxiety."
    Lucia: "Anxiety? Relief?"
    Ruby: "Yes! Of course you're relieved, now that your friends are okay!"
    Lucia: "All of you are my...friends?"
    [A ways up the road...]
    Ruby: "There's the m-m-monster...so...what do we do now?!"
    Jean: "We stop this hideous thing from dumping any more snow on the village,
          that's what."
    Ronfar: "And we give it a little payback for trying to bury us under ten tons
            of snow!"
    Hiro: "Let's do it!"
    [They defeat the Missing Link.]
    Ruby: "The snowstorm is over! Hooray! We did it!"
    Lemina: "Now the villagers of Zulan won't freeze to death...and they're certain
            to give us bagfuls of silver for our efforts!"
    Jean: "It's not over yet. We still have to find the Mayor's daughter and the
          snowsprout grass."
    Hiro: "Hey! What's over there?"
    Ruby: "Do you think it's Maria?"
    Lemina: "Uh...hello? Can you hear me? Anyone in there? Hell-OOO? Uh...is she
            breathing or not?"
    Ruby: "LEMINA! You can't actually be that cold, can you?!"
    Lemina: "Well, she's not moving, so I thought it was a perfectly fair question
            to ask!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    [Lucia heals Maria.]
    Lemina: "Yes! The Mayor will pay us a handsome rew--uh, I mean, she's alive!
            How wonderful!"
    Jean: "That wasn't exactly sincere and heartfelt, Lemina! Hey, look in her
          hand! She's holding the snowsprout grass!"
    Hiro: "This is definitely Maria!"
    Maria: "Who are you people? Where in the world am I...and why am I holding this
    Jean: "Come on, Maria! Let's go back to Zulan right away! If your baby doesn't
          get some of that grass very soon...well...you know what will happen."
    Maria: "My BABY?! What are you psychotic people TALKING about?! I don't know
           what this grass is for, but I certainly know that I don't have a child!
           And I know that I'll eventually remember who I am..."
    Ronfar: "Any ideas on how to restore someone's obviously missing long-term
            memory, Jean?"
    Jean: "No, Ronfar, but I bet there are a lot of girls who'd like to forget
          about YOU...Lemina? Any ideas?"
    Lemina: "Actually, I have a question. Will the Mayor still give us a reward if
            she doesn't recognize him?"
    Hiro: "I don't CARE about a reward! I just want to take that grass back to the
    Ruby: "That's exactly what I was gonna say, Hiro! Let's go, you guys! The Mayor
          will know if this is Maria or not, so there's no point in standing here
    [Back in the Mayor's house...]
    Mayor: "You have stopped the blizzard and saved the village. You are all
           heroes! And, thanks to the snowsprout grass, my granddaughter's fever
           has broken. She's much better. Unfortunately, my daughter still has yet
           to remember anything but her name. She must have gone into shock when
           she saw the monster, and her mind has yet to recover. I'm sure that her
           memory will be restored in time."
    Maria: "And I already told you that you're WRONG, old man! I'm a woman of noble
           birth! I'm not the daughter of the dumb old Mayor of this dumb old
           village! In fact, I will soon be taken from this wretched place by a
           handsome prince on a White Dragon! And let me tell you, the sooner he
           shows up, the better! I need to get OUT of here!"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Maria: "Hold on! Wait for me! I'm going to travel with you!"
    Hiro: "You're WHAT?!"
    Maria: "I can't keep waiting for my dear prince to find me and carry me away on
           his White Dragon! I'm going to find him first, which is why I'm going
           with you! Unless, of course, you don't want to roam the land with a
           beautiful young woman at your side!"
    Ronfar: "Maria, I think you need to slow down and think this through!"
    Maria: "I've already thought about it, and I've already decided! If you won't
           take me, I'll just go alone! ... ... ..."
    Mayor: "There, there, little one! Do you want to play a game with your grandpa?
           Let's play peek-a-boo! Well, I never was very good at peek-a-boo..."
    Ruby: "Don't you know why the baby is crying, Maria?"
    Lemina: "She knows that her mother is leaving, and she doesn't want her to go."
    Jean: "Go to your child, Maria. Go to her and take her in your arms."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Hiro: "Come on, Maria! I'm begging you to stay!"
    Maria: "Alright, alright! Geez!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    [She sings a lullaby and shuts the baby up...]
    Maria: "... ... ...This smiling little face...and this adorable voice..."
    Hiro: "Do you remember, Maria?"
    Maria: "No, I don't remember. No, I still don't believe this child is mine. But
           I wouldn't mind taking care of this little one until you find her real
           mother. When this baby girl smiled at me, it melted my heart..."
    Hiro: "This is a very good thing! The more Maria is around her child, the
          better the chances of her memory returning."
    Lucia: "I hope you're right, Hiro."
    Hiro: "Now let's get out of here before Maria changes her mind again..."
    Lucia: "Let's go!"
    16) MERIBIA                                                              [GS16]
    Jean: "Well, this is Meribia. The city is governed by Master Lunn, Sensei of
          the Blue Dragon Fist. Lunn has constructed a dojo here, and many people
          have signed up to learn the way of the Fist."
    [They go to the dojo where Lunn is training some students.]
    Lunn: "Come on! Show me your strength! Remember the vow you took when you
          begged me to take you in! You gave your miserable lives to me! I must
          make something of you, but you must concentrate! Your first is an
          extension of yourself! Channel the power! Bleagh! That is pathetic! If
          you think you stand a chance against ANY opponent, with that clumsy
          display...you'll be dead in a moment! You MUST try harder! Mmmm? Oh,
          ohhhh...I did not realize that we had visitors. I apologize for this
          pathetic lack of skill you had to endure watching.
    Jean: "Yes, well, my name is Jean. We have come to you because you are known
          to be the karate expert. Master Lunn, we desperately need your help."
    Lunn: "Hah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Well, well, perhaps you are expecting too much of
          me? I am merely a servant of the art of karate. Ha ha! But enough talking
          here! It is quite noisy in the great dojo. Please come this way."
    [They go downstairs.]
    Lunn: "Now then, Jean. You say that you and your friends need my help...but you
          haven't said why."
    Jean: "Master Lunn, have you heard of a martial art called the Shadow Dragon
    Lunn: "I'm afraid I've never heard of it, Jean, and I've heard of every martial
          art. Are you sure that--"
    Jean: "Yes, Lunn, it's real. It's a martial art of pain, darkness, and death.
          It's the art of the assassin."
    Lunn: "An assassin's art?! How horrible!"
    Jean: "The man who teaches this art is a coward who hides behind a mask. His
          name is unknown. He kidnaps helpless children, he breaks their fragile
          minds, and he teaches them to kill. His victims become mindless soldiers,
          willing to do anything for their masked master...willing to kill in the
          name of the Shadow Dragon Cult."
    Lunn: "How sickening. How horrible. How do you know so much of this cult, Jean?
          Did they kidnap someone close to you?"
    Jean: "Not quite, Master Lunn. They kidnapped...me."
    Ronfar: "What?!"
    Lemina: "Oh, Jean..."
    Ruby: "It can't be true, Jean! You're just making all this up to get Lunn to
          helpus...aren't you?"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Jean: "No, Ruby. It's true. It's all true. I still have nightmares...and I
          still remember what happened on the day I escaped."
    [Flashback: Jean is near the cliff with her pursuers.]
    Jean: "You're a LIAR! You've lied since the beginning! The Shadow Fist isn't
          an art of strength! It's an art of death, smeared in the blood of the
    ????: "Have you already forgotten my teachings, Jean? Strength means nothing
          unless it is wielded. The Shadow Dragon Fist is not the art of death. It
          is t he art of ultimate strength."
    Jean: "Shut up! Your words are lies, and your heart is black! I won't do your
          bidding any longer!"
    ????: "Why do you run from us, Jean? Wherever you may go, you will take our
          teachings with you."
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    ????: "Your soul now thirsts for blood, and your body aches to quench it. Come
          to me, Jean. Come to me and accept your destiny within the Cult of the
          Shadow Dragon."
    Jean: "Ahhhh...!"
    ????: "Are you angry, Jean? Are you angry enough to strike at me? Stand up and
          use what I have taught you! Allow the anger to infiltrate your soul!"
    Jean: "I...I won't fight you. I won't use the Shadow Dragon Fist. You don't
          control me any more."
    ????: "Not true, Jean. I control your life...and I summon your death."
    [His projectile knocks her off the cliff. End flashback...]
    Jean: "I was found near death, at the bottom of the cliff, by a traveling
          caravan. They brought me back from the brink of death, and took me in as
          their own. Since that day, I've been trying to forget my past, to block
          it completely out of my mind. But now I know that I can't live like that
          anymore. I have to confront it, no matter how much it hurts. I have to
          find the masked man...and make sure he doesn't do to any other children
          what he did to me."
    Hiro: "Jean..."
    17) TABEN'S PEAK                                                         [GS17]
    Lemina: "We have to be mega-careful around here. Taben's Peak is just ahead...
            ...and this is where Master Lunn said most of the robberies are taking
            place. Keep your eyes peeled and your hands on your valuables. Ronfar!
            Take your hands out of your pants!"
    Ronfar: "Just following orders..."
    Lemina: "You're DISGUSTING!"
    Jean: "And hilarious!"
    [They see a white floating kitty up the road, but it disappears into bushes.]
    Ruby: "Heeeeyyyy!"
    Ronfar: "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle-in-law! It's the spitting image of you,
            Ruby, 'cept it's white. Hey...I thought you were supposed to be
    Ruby: "I thought I was... Hey! You over there! Wait up! Are you deaf or
          something?! I said WAIT!! Where'd that little runt GO? I know he's in
          here somewhere... Hello!? Ollie, ollie, oxen free! Heeeeyyy!!"
    [A teen picks Ruby up by her wings.]
    Ruby: "Put me down this instance! Who do you thnk you are?"
    Nall: "Hah! Got you, you little twerp! What are you doing on my property? I
          don't allow trespassers, so you'd better have a good story!"
    Ruby: "Try to grab me like that again, and I'll chew your fingers off!"
    Nall: "Those are some very big words from such a little...cat? It...can't be...
          ...but it HAS to be."
    Ruby: "Oh, great! Not only are you rude, but you're crazy! Stop mumbling to
          yourself! And stop STARING at me! Don't you know it's impolite to ogle a
          beautiful lady?"
    Nall: "No...you don't...never mind! I'm not going to take any guff from a pink
          cat with a big mouth! Listen here! Taben's Peak is our property, and
          you're trespassing! I don't have time to escort you out of here, but I'm
          sure you can make it out on your own. Don't let me find you around here
          again, or I'll have to take more drastic action! Goodbye!"
    [Nall runs off.]
    Ruby: "That boy is nothing but a rude, crude, pain in the BUTT! Jean, was he a
          member of the Shadow Dragon Cult?"
    Jean: "Hmmm...I don't think so. I don't remember ever seeing his face."
    Lucia: "His aura was not one of evil, but it WAS unusual. Perhaps he is--"
    Ruby: "Oh, sure! Gang up on me and tell me what a nice guy he is! You wouldn't
          feel the same if he yanked on YOUR wings! Let's see where he's going,
    [After awhile...]
    Jean: "Did you see those children?! The Shadow Dragon Cult must be very close!"
    Kid: "We WARNED you not to come here anymore! Now we'll have to REALLY hurt
    Ronfar: "What are you talking about, pipsqueak? We've come here to save your
            ungrateful butt!"
    Kid: "Ha! You can't fool us! Defense squad, take your positions! NOW!"
    [They throw pinecones down at them.]
    Ruby: "Hey! Ouch! OUCH!! What are you DOING, you little jerks?!"
    Lemina: "Stop throwing those pinecones RIGHT NOW! You're gonna put someone's
            eye out!"
    Ronfar: "Kid, I'm gonna spank you so hard that your grandkids are gonna feel
    Kid: "Defense squad! Concentrate your attacks on the dumb-looking guy! HOORAY!
         Defense squad, retreat!"
    Ronfar: "That...REALLY hurt...but I still have sensation in all of my most
            important extremities."
    Jean: "Those children didn't look like members of the Cult...but why else would
          they attack us?"
    [They see a kid in a tunnel.]
    Hiro: "Hey! It's him again!"
    Ronfar: "C'mere, you little punks! I'm gonna introduce your butts to my belt!"
    [A giant slingshot is aimed at them.]
    Ronfar: "Oh...crap."
    Kid: "Pepper-bomb AWAY!"
    Ronfar: "I don't know who these kids are...I only know they are in SERIOUS need
            of spankings."
    Ruby: "You hold 'em down, Ronfar, and I'll smack their bottoms with my wings!
    [At the top...]
    Nall: "I warned you to leave this place. Now you're gonna be very sorry that
          you didn't listen!"
    Ruby: "We'd never listen to the leader of the Shadow Dragon Cult! We're here to
          save these poor kids from your evil influence!"
    Nall: "You think I'm WHAT?! YOU'RE the ones from the Cult, and not only are you
          evil, you're also amazingly stupid!"
    Ruby: "Wait just a minute! This isn't making any sense! Master Lunn told us
          that you were--"
    Nall: "I'm tired of hearing your lies! Defense squad! NOW!"
    [A net falls on them.]
    Lemina: "Aaugh! This net is crushing the life out of my beautiful hair!"
    Ruby: "I'm a little more worried about the way it's bending my wings! OWWWWW!"
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    Ruby: "Whatever you plan to do to us, pal, you'd better think again!"
    Nall: "You should have given my warning some thought before you decided to
          follow me here! And I don't need to hurry. The Dragon Kids will keep you
          here until I decide what to do. Lock them up!"
    [Everyone is put in a cell.]
    Lemina: "Let me out of here at once! This is no way to treat the Junior Premier
            of the Magic Guild!"
    Ruby: "Those kids called their leader 'Nall.' I'd call him 'Knob.' And why did
          he say that WE were from the Cult, when he's the Cult leader?! I don't
          get it!"
    Ronfar: "There was something I noticed while the little munchkins were so
            effectively humiliating us. Jean said that the leader of the Cult wore
            a mask, but Nall was bare-faced. Interesting, no?"
    Hiro: "VERY interesting. Well, Jean? Do you think the masked man has ditched
          his gimmick?"
    Jean: "I honestly don't know if it's the masked man or not, but my hunch is
          that it isn't. The slaves of the Cult had broken spirits and dark
          hearts...but the children who cuaght us might be the happiest kids I've
          ever seen. I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's not what Master
          Lunn told us it was."
    Hiro: "No, it's not..."
    Ruby: "All I want to know is what they're going to do with us now that they've
          got us!"
    Ronfar: "All I want to know is whether or not I have to kill myself...after
            getting my butt handed to me by a mob of pee-wees."
    Jean: "I don't think they're going to harm us, Ruby. These children aren't
          members of the Cult. The children of the Cult were always covered with
          bruises, and they never smiled. But these children are so ALIVE. Even
          when they were attacking us, you could see them smiling."
    Lemina: "So that means Master Lunn lied to us...but WHY?"
    Jean: "I don't know if he lied, Lemina. Maybe his advisors gave him the wrong
    Ronfar: "We could come up with theories all night, buckaroos...but how about
            we just get some sleepy-beepy and see what happens in the morning?"
    Hiro: "Ronfar's word choice is a little goofy, but he's right. We could all use
          the rest."
    Ruby: "Goodnight, everyone! Maybe all your dreams be filled with fish!"
    [The next morning, Ruby and Hiro are in the cell alone.]
    Kid: "It's about TIME you woke up! I was just about to dump a bucket of cold
         water on you! All your other friends have been awake for hours! Now come
         on and help us work, because there's plenty to do!"
    [Hiro and Ruby wander around.]
    Hiro: "That's Lucia's voice, and it's coming from upstairs!
    Lucia: "Nall? Why are you the only one here?"
    Nall: "What are you talking about? This place is full of children! You DID
          notice them, right?"
    Lucia: "Nall! You know what I'm asking you. Why are you the only one here?"
    Nall: "Gah! Stop giving me grief, lady! Why did you-- Wait...wait a minute!
          You're...Lucia...from the Blue Star!"
    [Hiro walks in.]
    Nall: "Good timing! I was just about to walk down to your cell and drag you out
          of bed. I have an important question for you, Hiro. Is this girl really
          Lucia, Princess of the Blue Star?"
    Hiro: "Yes, she is. That's one of the first things she told me when I found her
          in the Blue Spire. I didn't quite believe her at first, but now I'm
    Nall: "... ... ..."
    Hiro: "But...how did you know where Lucia came from? I don't think she would
          have told you."
    Nall: "Keh! You know too much, kid! All you need to know is that I'm a lot
          smarter than you are. You're just like me when I was your age, Hiro...
          all attitude and ignorance!"
    [Some kids scream.]
    Nall: "They're here?! Damn it!!"
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    Hiro: "Let's talk after we find out what's happening! Come on!"
    [They run down the hall.]
    Lemina: "Where did you guys go?! We've been trying to find you!"
    Jean: "We heard kids screaming from the direction of the playground!"
    Hiro: "So did we! Where's Nall?"
    Ronfar: "He ran to the playgrounds when he heard the screams, and the look on
            his face was intense."
    Hiro: "Come on! Let's go!"
    [They run onto the large balcony.]
    Hiro: "Put them down! Now!!"
    Cultist: "What a lively group of children you've assembled for me, Nall! I look
             forward to giving them the discipline they so obviously require...and
             teaching them to kill their enemies without remorse."
    Jean: "The Shadow Dragon Cult--!"
    Kid: "Help us, Nall!"
    Nall: "You're nothing but a bunch of filthy cowards! Why don't you try taking
          ME hostage instead of a group of helpless children?!"
    Cultist: "Because you're of no use to me, you fool. You're an adult, unable and
             unwilling to learn. But these children are untainted, and easily
             trained in the way of the Shadow Dragon Fist."
    Jean: "... ... ...There won't be any more of your training. There will only be
          my fist smashing your face. I will spill your vile blood and end your
          unspeakable evil!"
    Cultist: "Jean?! You're alive?! This little visit has become much more
             interesting than I had anticipated! Don't worry, Jean. I shall train
             these children as diligently as I trained you...but it would be cruel
             to expect any of them to match your skills in the art of
    Nall: "You're a student of the Shadow Dragon Fist?!"
    Cultist: "Farewell, fools."
    [They leave.]
    Nall: "Come back! COME BACK!!"
    Jean: "Those bastards--!"
    Nall: "How could I have been so damn careless?! I should've known the barricade
          wouldn't work! It's because of my arrogance that those kids were taken...
    Jean: "... ... ...You're going to pursue the Cult, aren't you? Please allow us
          to join you. I'll do whatever it takes to help you save those children."
    Nall: "Help me?! You're the ones who led the Cult here! Or did you forget that
          I heard their leader singing your praises as he took the children?"
    Hiro: "You don't understand, Nall! Jean was--"
    Jean: "I was kidnapped by the Cult when I was a child, and I know what awaits
          those children. I don't want any of them to go through what I did, Nall.
          I don't want them to lose their souls. Please...let me help you."
    Nall: "I want you to tell me the whole story, Jean. In fact, I demand to hear
          ALL of your stories. Follow me to my chambers!"
    [They go downstairs.]
    Nall: "You all have some crazy stories, I'll admit that...but I've heard
          crazier. I've decided to give you guys a chance to prove yourselves by
          saving the children. But I still don't have complete trust in you, and
          can you really blame me? So here's what I'll do. While you're saving the
          kids, I'll keep one of you here as a hostage. Who should I choose? You,
    Lucia: "What?!"
    Nall: "Okay, kids! Say hello to Miss Lucia! She's going to be your babysitter
          for a while, okay? Why don't you show Miss Lucia the playroom?"
    Lucia: "Nall, why have you chosen me? What are you thinking?"
    Nall: "Don't you have any compassion, Lucia?! These poor kids just saw their
          friends get kidnapped! They need someone to comfort them. They need...
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    Hiro: "Don't worry, Lucia. We'll save the children and be right back!"
    Lucia: "Please hurry, Hiro. Your world moves closer to destruction with each
           passing moment."
    Nall: "Lucia will be fine...unless you decide to run away instead of saving
          the kids. We've done some investigation of the Cult...and we think that
          their hideout is somewhere in the sewers beneath Meribia. A long time
          ago, you could enter the sewers from Ramus' shop or Lunn's dojo."
    Hiro: "Underground sewers? Quite a fitting location for a group of vermin like
          the Cult. Let's go save the children!"
    Jean: "Indeed!"
    [On the way out, they hear Lucia in a room with the kids.]
    Girl: [Sniff!][Sob!] "I'm scared, Miss Lucia. What'll we do if the Cult comes
          back to take away the rest of us? Miss Lucia, I'd feel much better if
          you gave me a hug."
    Lucia: "A hug? Is that some sort of candy? I'm sorry, but I don't have any..."
    [They hug her.]
    Lucia: "Oh...this is a hug?"
    Girl: "Of course, silly! Whenever I get a hug, I feel warm and safe. It's the
          best feeling in the world!"
    Lucia: "... .... ..."
    Girl 2: "Miss Lucia, will you sing me a song? I want to hear a lullaby. Please
            please please please PLEASE!"
    Lucia: "Oh! You mean the magic which makes tiny humans fall asleep. I'm sorry,
           children, I don't know any lullabies...
    18) MERIBIA SEWERS                                                       [GS18]
    [They enter the sewers and see the man from Jean's past.]
    Jean: "That...that mask! It's the one that...
    ????: "Well, well! Jean! Have you taken to associating with trash like this on
          a regular basis? I'm disappointed in you. After all, you were my best and
          brightest student. It's such a shame you left as you did. Now, you will
          pay the ultimate price!"
    [They defeat the boss' entourage.]
    ????: "I'm proud to see that you still remember all that I taught you. But now
          you must face me...and we both know that I will use the Shadow Dragon
          Fist to rip out your beating heart."
    Jean: "Shut UP! HAAAY-YAAAAAAA!!!!"
    ????: "Urmph! Ahhh! My...mask...!"
    Jean: "Master, why do you run from your student? Come back and fight!"
    ????: "Ha, ha, ha! If you really believe you have a chance against me...come
          to the town of Horam. The Tournament of Death will be the most suitable
          forum for your humiliating defeat, child. Your death will demonstrate
          the strength of the Shadow Dragon Fist to the world! I'm looking forward
          to our reunion, Jean. Ha, ha, ha!"
    [His boat leaves through the canal.]
    Jean: "This mask..."
    System: Mask obtained.
    Jean: "If we take this mask to Master Lunn and show it to him, maybe we can
          earn his trust. And once he trusts us, I'm sure he'll be willing to help
          us! You know, there was something strange about the masked man. Was it...
          his voice? Anyway...let's go to see Lunn. We don't have time to waste!"
    Hiro: "Are all of you okay? Good! We're going to take you back to Taben's Peak
          with us."
    Kids: "Thanks, but we have to get back to Taben's Peak before our leader gets
          worried! See you later!!"
    [They leave.]
    Ruby: "Wait up! We want to see your leader, too-- Shoot! They're gone! Kids
          today have no attention span! Didn't they hear you say we were going to
          Taben's Peak? I hope they'll be okay, Hiro. The way they went out isn't
          the way we came in. C'mon, let's go!"
    [They return to Taben's Peak.]
    Nall: "I'm very impressed! You rescued all the kidnapped Dragon Kids! The
          truth is that I didn't think anyone could save them."
    Ruby: "It was simple! My Hiro is a great leader and a master of strategy!"
    Nall: "'My Hiro'? Hmmph! You're at least a hundred years too young to know what
          love is!"
    Ruby: "What are you snapping at me about?! My feelings for Hiro have nothing to
          do with you!"
    Nall: "And don't you think that your feelings are most inappropriate for a Red
    Ruby: "Of all the NERVE! Listen here, Nall, because I'm going to call you some
          VERY nasty th-- Hey! You called me a Red Dragon, but I never told you I
          was one...so how did you know?"
    Nall: "I...uh...it was a lucky guess, that's all... Why don't you all come
          inside? I have something to tell you. By the way...have any of you
          thanked Hiro and his friends for what they did? I didn't think so! How
          many times do I have to ask you to display good manners?"
    Kids: "Thank you all very much for saving us! You must be very stron to beat up
          the Shadow Dragon Cult! Weren't you scared of the Cult? We want to hear
          about how you beat them! Please tell us!"
    Nall: "Calm down, you guys! They can't talk to all of you at once! One question
          at a time, okay?"
    Hiro: "Nall, have you seen Lucia?"
    Nall: "Nuh-uh. She was just here, so she can't have gone very far. Why don't
          you go find her and let these kids calm down a bit?"
    [Downstairs, Lucia is singing a lullaby to some kids.]
    Hiro: "That voice... ..."
    Lucia: "Oh. Hello, Hiro."
    Hiro: "You were...singing!"
    Lucia: "Yes. These children taught me."
    Ruby: "I didn't know you had such a good voice, Lucia! I bet Hiro's surprised,
    Hiro: (I should've known her voice was as beautiful as she was...) "Yeah, I was
          surprised, alright! So which one of you rugrats taught her to sing?"
    Girl: "I did, I did! I told her that she can't be a mommy unless she knows how
          to sing a lullaby!"
    [Everyone else comes over.]
    Jean: "Hey, everyone! Who was singing just now?'
    Lucia: "I was, Jean."
    Jean: "You're good, Lucia! And I mean, VERY good!"
    Lemina: "Lucia, you were mega-fibbing when you said you didn't know what a song
    Ronfar: "The little darlings seem to be very attached to you, Lucia...or is it
            the other way around?"
    Lucia: "I only sang because they asked me to...but I continued to sing because
           I enjoyed it. When I sing, I feel a...warmth inside me? It's unlike
           anything I've felt before. We should be leaving..."
    [Everyone goes to leave.]
    Nall: "Hey! Wait up! I heard that you were headed to the Holy City of
          Pentagulia to find the Goddess Althena. I want you to have these before
          you go. It's the least I can do to thank you all for your help."
    System: White Dragon Wings obtained from Nall
    Nall: "This gizmo has the power to transport you out of any cave and back to
          the surface. You can use them as many times as you want, and they never
          run out of magic! Cool, huh? Just remember that they might not work if
          you're someplace with strange magic in the air. Oh, I almost forgot! I
          had the Dragon Kids remove the barricade on the road to Vale. Be careful
          on your travels, and come back here if you need any more help. Hey. Ruby.
          Try to remember that you're a Red Dragon...and try to let go of your
          obsession with Hiro. It's not healthy for either of you. Take care,
    Ruby: "Hmmph! Nall needs to keep his nose out of my business before I bite it
          off! C'mon, Hiro! Let's hit the road!"
    Lemina: "Come on, everybody! We're almost to Vane! Aren't you excited?! Now I
            want to warn you that the city might look a bit run-down...but that's
            just until we get the Magic Guild up and running. And my mother will be
            very happy when I show her that I've brought four new recruits!"
    Ruby: "Hiro, when are we going to tell Lemina that we're not planning on
          joining the Guild?"
    Hiro: "We don't have to tell her yet, Ruby. I don't want to ruin our chance at
          checking out Vane!"
    Lemina: "What are you two whispering about? Magic Guild recruits aren't allowed
            to keep secrets!"
    19) VANE                                                                 [GS19]
    [The party walks into the city that used to float in the air.]
    Woman: "...Lemina! Oh, Lemina! Thank the Goddess you've come back! We're in big
    Lemina: "Big trouble? What are you talking about? Did you lose your purse
    Woman: "No, no, no! I use a wallet these days anyway! I'm talking about Borgan!
           He's come to Vane!"
    Lemina: "Borgan?! The evil tub of lard with more rolls than a bakery?"
    Woman: "The very same! He said he had important business to discuss with your
           mother. We tried to stop him and the group of magicians he brought
           along, but they were too strong. They stormed into the mansion of the
           Guild and haven't come out since!"
    Lemina: "Oh, no...Mother!"
    [Some black magicians push the woman aside.]
    Mage: "As servants of the most High Master, Borgan, we cannot allow anyone to
          enter Vane. Borgan has discreed that no one shall enter or leave until he
          completes his business here."
    Lemina: "And what business is he doing? Number one or number two? Get out of my
            way, you morons!"
    Mage: "Halt! Who are you?"
    Lemina: "You don't know who I am?! You really ARE simpletons! I am Lady Lemina,
            Junior Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane! Now if you'll be so kind as
            to get the heck out of my way!"
    Mage: "Oh, Junior Premier of the Magic Guild! Your title means nothing to us,
          little girl! Borgan has discreed that none shall enter, and we are here
          to enforce that edict! Step back!"
    Lemina: "I'm vexed! I'm terribly vexed! I know much more about Vane than you
            ever will, and I'll find a way to get in. And when I do, I'm going to
            make sure that you're very, VERY sorry! Okay, guys, listen up! There's
            a Spring of Transmission just to the south of here. If it still works,
            we can enter Vane behind the backs of these bozos! If we pull this off,
            I'll appoint all of you to the Magic Guild's advisory board!"
    Ruby: "Well, Hiro? Do we cast our lot with Blondie?"
    Hiro: "We don't have a choice, Ruby. Lemina...tell us what to do."
    Lemina: "That's why I like you, Hiro! You know when to let me take charge of
            the situation! Alright, everyone! Let's head for the Spring! Like they
            say, time is money!"
    Ruby: "Uh, Lemina, could you explain what that saying has to do with anything
          that's going on here?"
    [They go the Spring of Transmission in the south.]
    Lemina: "In the days before Ghaleon, the Magic City of Vane floated high above
            the earth. The only way to get there was via this Spring of
            Transmission. Fortunately, it still works! We're going to use the
            Spring as our own private backdoor into the Magic City! I, Lemina,
            Junior Premier of the Magic Guild, daughter of Miria, call upon the
            ancient power. Awaken from your deep sleep, and open the pathway to
            Vane! Ha! Mega-magical! It worked!"
    [They teleport.]
    Lemina: "This is the Cave of Trial. In the old days, it was used as an exam of
            sorts. It separated those who were worthy to join the Guild from those
            who weren't. Anyway...that's ancient history. We need to get moving.
            But be careful! I don't know what kind of freaks might be lurking in
            this creepy cave!"
    [They make it into Vane.]
    Lemina: "This is my home, the mansion of the Magic Guild of Vane. These walls
            are filled with the history of our world. Well? Isn't it great?"
    Ruby: "This place sure is big...but it's kinda run-down, isn't it, Hiro? I
          mean, look at the hole in the roof...and that sign over there is broken!
          If the Magic Guild is so prestigious, why can't they afford a carpenter?"
    [They go inside.]
    Miria: "It's been a long time, Borgan. To what do we owe the...ah...pleasure
           of this visit?"
    Borgan: "Miria, you are the picture of mannerly perfection, as always. However,
            Vane has drifted ito chaos since the Guild fell apart. You know it's
            true. Lowly simpletons who know nothing of the way of magic roam the
            once-majestic streets. Disgrace and despair are all that remain of the
            Magic City. How utterly pathetic."
    Miria: "Then why, may I ask, have you come to the place that you hold in such
           low esteem?"
    Borgan: "Ah, Miria, you never were one to skirt the issue? I confess that I
            come here for selfish reasons. This city no longer suits a woman of
            your stature. I have come to take you to Neo-Vane. We will be very
            happy together, you and I..."
    Lemina: "Oughh! That flying cesspool has no right to come in here like he owns
            the place!"
    [They enter the hall.]
    Miria: "Lemina, my dear, you've returned! Welcome home! And...what's this?
           You've brought some new friends with you? How wonderful! You have so
           few friends, darling, that I'm delighted to see you making new ones!
           I am Lemina's mother, Miria. Welcome to Vane, and to the mansion of the
           Magic Guild!"
    Lemina: "These aren't just friends of mine, mother. They're candidates to join
            the Guild! I'm gathering new candidates every day, and I'll revive the
            Guild someday soon!"
    Borgan: "Muha, ha, ha, ha, ha... Oh, look who we have here... Lemina, Junior
            Premier of the guild. Remember me? I'm Borgan, creator of Neo-Vane and
            the most powerful wizard in teh world. Ring a bell, dumpling? I thought
            it might bring back a few fond memories."
    Lemina: "Oh, I remember! I could never forget a face so beastly grotesque as
            yours! I told you Vane was off-limits! Get out of here!"
    Borgan: "It's such a shame when places of former glory are neglected by their
            own creators. I'm afraid that's exactly what has happend to Vane. Its
            time is almost over. Surely you agree, Lemina."
    Lemina: "Absolutely not!! Vane is not destined to disappear at all!! I'm going
            to restore it!"
    Miria: "Calm down, Lemina. Listen to what Borgan has to say. You know, once you
           get past the surface, he's very much like you."
    Lemina: "MOTHER! How can you say such a terrible thing?! Borgan is ugly and
            awful and...evil! Why are you defending him? Has he cast a spell on
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh! I do not submit my power for your approval, dear girl.
            I am absolute sovereign of my destiny now. I will do as I wish.
            Behold... Please excuse my actions, Lady Miria, but I must do this..."
    [He teleports Miria out of the room.]
    Lemina: "MOTHER!!!"
    Borgan: "Wasn't that delicious? And all it took was a simple wave of my hands.
            Poof! Mommy's gone! Gwa, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Lemina: "What have you done with my mother?! I demand that you return her this
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh! And I demand that you think before you speak, girl.
            Think of the power I possess, Lemina. I could squash you like a cream-
            -filled cupcake. No, your mother will not be coming back. She will rule
            with me...in Neo-Vane! And, oh...if you feel the need to visit, please
            don't hesitate to visit Pentagulia. We'll be certain to roll out the...
            dead carpet for you..."
    Lemina: "No! Borgan! I'm serious! Come back here this instant!"
    [They all teleport out.]
    Lemina: "Oh, Mother! I can't believe I let you down! ... ... ... I don't have
            enough magical strength to qualify as a bathroom attendant...let alone
            the Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane! What was I thinking? I can't
            even save the person I love the most! How can I hope to restore an
            entire city? Oh, Mother...I'm a failure!"
    [She runs to the roof.]
    Hiro: "Lemina..."
    [They follow her...]
    Lemina: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "Say, chief, I think you should have a few words with Lemina. I was
            gonna say something about you being our leader and having to take
            charge...but the truth is that the rest of us are kind of scared of
            her. Good luck."
    Hiro: "Thanks, Ronfar...for nothing."
    [Hiro goes over.]
    Lemina: "What do you want, Hiro? Have you come to laugh at me for being so
            weak? Sure...g...go ahead and laugh. It must be worth...a thousand...
            y...yucks! Ha! Lemina's reviving the Magic G...Guild, but she's the
            only member. I don't even have the power to fix the leaky roof of the
            Guild Mansion! My mother knew I was too weak to do anything, Hiro.
            That's why she told me to accept the Magic Guild the way it is. You
            agree with her, don't you?"
            -> Uh...care for a donation?
               Lemina: "What is this? Do you pity me? Do you think everything will
                       be fine if you give me money, Hiro?! Is that it?! ...But
                       I'll take your money in good faith. Thank you, Hiro. Oh,
                       Hiro, just go away. I have to figure this out for myself!"
            -> It's not like that, Lemina.
               Hiro: "It's not like that, Lemina. Vane is a wonderful city, with a
                     rich history of great leaders. I think that you will become
                     the next great leader of Vane. I believe in your dream,
                     Lemina. I believe you have the strength and the courage to
                     make it real."
               Lemina: "... ... ..."
               Hiro: "Someday, you will restore this place to its former glory.
                     Someday, the Magic Guild of Vane will once again be the center
                     of this world. And someday, everyone will know that it was
                     your vision which made it all possible."
               Lemina: "... ... ...I've never heard such a load of hose-blast in
                       all my life, Hiro! Is this your idea of a pep talk?!"
               Hiro: "Can you tell it's my first?"
               Lemina: "Uh, YEAH...but I do appreciate the effort. Thanks, Hiro."
    Ronfar: "Hey, Lemina. There's no shame in being the only member of the Magic
            Guild! There are certain situations where being the only member can be
            quite pleasant, in fact. Think of it this way. When you have nothing,
            you have nothing to lose. All you can do is win!"
    Jean: "And I'll join you as a member of the Guild...that is, if you'll have me.
          I'll support your dream any way I can, because that's what friends do for
          each other!"
    Lucia: "I don't understand the people of this world very well...but I do know
           that you are wonderful for trying to carry out your given duty."
    Ruby: "We're all here for you, Lemina. Now let's go save your mom from that
          floating fatty!"
    Lemina: "... ... ...My only thoughts this entire time have been how to get you
            all into the Guild. But you...you're all concerned about me...me...
            personally! I don't deserve to have friends like you...I'm not crying,
            by the way! I just have something in my eye! I must've looked really
            pathetic, but I'm alright now. So let's get moving! We're headed for
            the Holy City of Pentagulia, where we'll find Borgan and rescue
            Mother! That lard-butt is going to pay dearly for putting me through
            this, I assure you! I won't be satisfied until I've squeezed every last
            silver coin out of his rolls of fat!"
    Ruby: "Now this is the Lemina we've come to know and love!"
    Hiro: "Well, we know her, but I'm not sure if we're ready to love her. Anyway,
          let's make our way to the Holy City!"
    Lemina: "We need the right tools if we're going to rescue Mother from Borgan.
            Before we go to the Holy City, I should open the treasure chests of
            Vane! I'll even let you guys use whatever I find, for a very reasonable
            rental fee...oh, what the heck! I'll let you use them for free. After
            all, you ARE helping me save my mother!"
    20) SLUICE FOREST                                                        [GS20]
    [In the middle of the forest, there's some submerged ruins.]
    Ruby: "Huh? The road's underwater! I can fly across, but what are you guys
          gonna do? Swim?"
    Lemina: "Oh, pooh! This is mega-rotten timing! I didn't think that the
            floodgate would be closed! The water's too cold for us to swim
            across...but the water level is so high, I bet they'll open up the gate
            by tomorrow morning."
    Ronfar: "Well, gang, let's set up camp and think up a bunch of scary stories to
            tell around the fire..."
    [That night...]
    Ronfar: "Geez...I think Ruby went into a coma before she finished chewing the
            last of her fish. I haven't seen someone pass out like that since I
            flashed that priestess in the Larpa Sanctuary."
    Ruby: "Zzzzz...you're a cute little fish, arebn't you? Now get in my belly...
    Ronfar: "You know, when she's not busting my chops, Red's almost kinda cute.
            Don't tell her I said that, of course. Anyway...by tomorrow, we should
            reach Pentagulia. It's kinda hard to believe that we're almost at the
            end of our journey, huh? I know we haven't known each other for long,
            but we've surely had our share of adventures!"
    Jean: "I'm grateful that you allowed me to join you, Hiro. If I hadn't met you,
          I'd still be running from my past with the Shadow Dragon Cult."
    Lemina: "I'm happy that I met you, too. I was so depressed when Mother was
            kidnapped...but before I knew it, I was swept away by your charisma and
    Hiro: "Uh, thanks, Lemina. I'm just trying to help you and Lucia, that's all."
    Jean: "And speaking of Lucia, she's certainly changed since I first met her."
    Lemina: "Yeah, she has! She barely used to talk, and now she sings for any kid
            who'll listen!"
    Lucia: "I only sang because the children asked me to...but I will admit that I
           enjoyed it."
    Jean: "Ha, ha, ha! Spoken like a lover of the spotlight!"
    Ronfar: "Well, gang, we have to get up early, so I'm following Ruby's lead and
            going to dreamland..."
    [During the night...]
    Hiro: "Huh? Lucia...where did she go...?
    [Lucia is skinny-dipping and singing to herself.]
    Lucia: "Hiro!? Aiyee!"
    Hiro: "Lucia?!"
    Lucia: "Don't look, Hiro!"
    Hiro: "Right, okay, not looking..."
    Lucia: "And don't stand there! Go AWAY!"
    Hiro: "Right, okay, going away!"
    [He runs away.]
    Lucia: "I can't believe Hiro did that! ... ... ... But...why am I upset? Jean
           is right. I have...changed."
    [The next morning...]
    Ruby: "Good morning, Hiro! Hi, Lucia!"
    Hiro: "Oh, uh, good morning."
    Lucia: "...Hello, Ruby."
    Ruby: "What's wrong? You're both acting weird! Did something happen to you two
          last night?"
    Hiro: "Naked--uh, I mean, nothing happened at all, Ruby!"
    Ronfar: "Hey! It looks like the water's drained! Now we can cross to the other
            side! The city of Azado is now within reach, dear friends. And then
            it's just a sweet sunset sail from Azado to the Holy City of
            Pentagulia! I have a friend in Azado who should be able to set us up
            with a bitchin' boat."
    Ruby: "We're going to be sailing?! YAY! Come on, Hiro, let's go!"
    21) AZADO                                                                [GS21]
    Ronfar: "Hah! If we made it this far, Pentagulia should be no problem. The
            first order of business is to head to the shrine and see an old
            acquaintance. After that we can make arrangements for a ship."
    [They go to the incredibly huge, ornate temple with a huge statue.]
    Ruby: "Wah--!! Will you look at that, Hiro? It's amazing! I've never seen a
          statue of Althena this immense! It IS amazing...but... For some reason,
          it seems kinda creepy...it...is...Althena...isn't it?"
    Lucia: "Strong magical power... This is Althena's power... No, wait...I'm
           wrong. It's something different...something not of Althena."
    Ronfar: "You know, it's strange. There shouldn't be a Goddess statue like this
            in this city... Well, the only way to get to the bottom of this is to
            enter the shrine."
    Jamil: "Who might you be? Well! Don't just stand there! Kneel at once and give
           thanks, cretins!"
    Ruby: "HMPH!! What kind of nerve do YOU have to talk like that? Our business
          isn't with you, buster!"
    Lemina: "And, we don't appreciate your mega-grating attitude! We've come to
            meet with the high priest of Azado."
    Jamil: "Huh? Well, you must not be from around here. I am the High Priest of
           Azado, Jamil."
    Ruby: "That's not the naem of the high priest. Ronfar...say something already!"
    Ronfar: "All right Jamil, stop babbling grand delusions in your sleep. Tell us
            where the real High Priest, Balse, is."
    Jamil: "Wh...what?! How do you know that... Ahh!! I should have known! It IS
           you, isn't it, Ronfar?"
    Ronfar: "In the flesh, my underachieving acquaintance. Looks like you've been
            busy while I was away."
    Jamil: "Y...yes. But it's partly thanks to you, old buddy."
    Ronfar: "Well, I always did have a soft spot for the runt of the litter. But
            look at you now. You're not the runt I knew. But then, I suppose even
            runts have to grow up, sometime."
    Jamil: "Well, despite the ribbing you always dish out, I'll always be grateful
           to you, Ronfar. If you hadn't protected me when the others teased, I
           don't know what... Well, that's all water under the bridge now. Did 
           your friends know that you were the teacher's pet in school? Yes. Ronfar
           here was the one we all expected to be the first High Priest."
    Ruby: "Talk about unexpected! You mean Ronfar was some kind of prodigy? What
    Ronfar: "Time and circumstance, my furry tormentor. Time...circumstance...
            women...wine...parties...uh...you know, general temptation stuff. But
            enough of that. Where's old man Balse, Jamil? Tell him Ronfar's here!"
    Jamil: "I'm sorry, Ronfar. I wasn't joking. Priest Balse was...removed. He's
           not here... I truly am the High Priest now."
    Ronfar: "What? Fired?! That's crazy talk!"
    Jamil: "He disobeyed the teachings of the Goddess. His release was not
    Ronfar: "Grrr! I won't believe it. I must speak directly with him."
    Jamil: "Well, his house in town has a bright red roof...so it is easy to find.
           But I would not speak to him if I were in your shoes, old friend. It
           might not be good for your long-term health. Just a bit of friendly for
           you to take or leave..."
    [They go to Balse's. A kid blocks the door.]
    Kid: "I'm doing as much as I can to help the priests of The Chosen. They are
         all telling me that if I continue, Father may be allowed to return."
    Ronfar: "Hmmm? Could it...is it? Are you Balse's son, Porom?! well, I'll be a
            monkey's mamma! You ARE little Porom after all! You sure have grown,
            kiddo! But I guess that's the way things work. Do ya remember me? It's
            your old 'Uncle' Ronfar!"
    Porom: "Uncle...Ron...far? I...I'm sorry...I don't remember you. Are you a
           friend of Father's?"
    Ronfar: "Well, you were a pretty young tike when I was here last. It's no big
            surprise that ya don't rmeember ol' Ronfar."
    Ruby: "Pfft! It's no wonder he can't remember you. I'm traveling WITH you and
          try to forget."
    Ronfar: "Ouch! Hey now, Ruby. No call for that!"
    Balse: "Porom?! What's going on out there? Has a visitor come? Well, well!
           This is a pleasant surprise! Ronfar, my old friend! What brings you
    Ronfar: "I'm doing fine, and it's a long story. But we'll get to that later.
            For now, I have a favor to ask of you, my friend."
    Balse: "Yes,  yes. There's always time for a favor for a friend. But let's get
           out of the cold. My bones aren't what they were in the old days. Come
           in. Come in!"
    [They go inside.]
    Balse: "...Hmmm, indeed. The issues you raise are troubling, though I have
           suspected as much. But, to Pentagulia...? I really do wish to aid you,
           but I've been..."
    Ronfar: "Balse, what is going on in this city? I thought I knew what way was
            up here, but things have been turned upside-down. First that creepy
            statue is erected. Then you're removed as High Priest. What's next?"
    Balse: "Alas, yes. It's a long story, complete with twists, turns, and
           betrayals. But the full story is better left unsaid for the present.
           There are unfriendly ears about, and they seem to hear even the
           faintest whispers."
    Ronfar: "What news could you have that is so difficult to impart to me?"
    Balse: "...Ronfar, it is difficult news. You see...all the problems in Azado
           began exactly one year ago...when Lady Mauri arrived."
    Ronfar: "Mauri?! Mauri has been in this city?"
    Balse: "Lady Mauri speaks long and often of swearing obedience to The Chosen.
           She taught that those who didn't follow The Chosen would burn in holy
           fire. But her teachings fell on deaf ears at first, because Azado is a
           free city with gentle people. Nobody believed that they transgressed
           the true teachings of Althena. For the teachings of The Chosen and those
           of Althena were supposed to be the same. However, soon our fair city was
           consumed by the fire of furious anger. Mauri's prophecy had come true,
           and for reasons no one could fully understand. All we knew was that the
           fire was not holy, but evil."
    Ronfar: "... ..."
    Balse: "While the priests lectured that the gods' punishment was meted out
           because we lacked faith...they promoted new doctrines that fed on the
           fear and uncertainty of the masses. It was less than three days before I
           was ousted as High Priest."
    Ronfar: "...b...but Mauri was always such a kind, gentle...what's happened to
    Balse: "Say, Ronfar, did you see the big flames in the palm of the Goddess
           statue? That is said to be the flame of the Red Dragon. It is a fire
           that is supposed to consume the enemies of The Chosen. It has come to
           be known as the symbol of Lady Mauri's anger lately, though. All the
           townspeople are terrified of that fire."
    [Someone knocks on the door.]
    Balse: "Wh...who is it?!"
    Porom: "Uh, S...sorry, Father."
    Balse: "What, it's Porom? Are you going to go play again?"
    Porom: "Y...yes..."
    Balse: "Be certain to return before darkness falls. Evil roams about after
    Porom: "Yes, I know, Father. I'll not forget, I promise."
    Balse: "My word. That was close. I feared that he might be of The Chosen. Were
           they to hear what I just said, I am certain they would not be pleased."
    Ronfar: "What is it with this terror of nightfall? What happens after dark?"
    Balse: "Well, according to the teachings of The Chosen, it is forbidden to be
           out after dark. They say that evil will snatch your soul."
    Hiro: "Well then, it sounds like night will be the perfect cover for us to
          sneak onto a boat!"
    Ruby: "Yes, yes! That's a beautiful idea."
    Balse: "Mmmmm...yes. I'm afraid that a boat may be the only way to get into
           Pentagulia now. If that's what you've decided to do, then, why not wait
           here and rest until night falls?"
    Hiro: "Why not take a break?"
    Balse: "I'm glad you've accepted my hospitality so generously. Rest here, and
           think of my home as yours."
    Ronfar: "Thanks again, Balse. You know what they say about a friend in need...
            Well, that's me this time. And, I won't be forgetting what you've done
            this time."
    [They wait until nightfall.]
    Ronfar: "So if we head for the dock, the ship to Pentagulia should be there
            now, right?"
    Balse: "Yes...it's probably the largest ship there, so there should be no way
           to mistake it. The Chosen are controlling ship traffic between Azado
           and Pentagulia. They've been more and more militant about it lately.
           I'm not certain what's up, but please be careful."
    Ronfar: "No problem, old buddy. Thanks again. I'll let you know how it turns
    [In the darkness, they get on a large ship.]
    Hiro: "So this is our ride to the Holy City, huh? It's a lot bigger than I
          thought it'd be."
    Lemina: "Hiro, you of all people should realize that size doesn't matter,
            unless it's a money pouch."
    Ronfar: "I have a funny feeling, and not one in my no-no zone... I...I've seen
            this ship somewhere before."
    Ruby: "What's wrong, Ronfar? Aren't you happy that we're finally on our way to
    Ronfar: "Yeah...yeah, of course I am. I guess I'm just a little loopy from lack
            of sleep."
    Ruby: "Lack of sleep? I thought it was because you were dropped on your head a
          lot as a kid. You should be HAPPY, Ronfar! Look at how happy I am!"
    Ronfar: "Ruby, you retard! Put out your fire-breath or--"
    Voice: "Who's out there?!"
    [A spotlight comes out...and the ship is revealed to be the Destiny!]
    Jean: "This is bad! Very, very BAD!"
    Leo: "What are you doing here?!"
    Ruby: "Uh...we were just gonna ask you the same thing, Leo!"
    Leo: "Seize them before they attempt an even more pathetic retort!"
    Ronfar: "Come on, Leo! Give us a chance to talk our way out of this!"
    [They all start fighting, and eventually get tied up.]
    Leo: "How does it feel, Hiro, to know that all your schemes and tricks were for
         naught? How does it feel to know that I emerged victorious?!"
    Hiro: "It makes me sick, actually."
    Leo: "I have many questions to ask of you, Hiro. Get over here...and don't try
         anything stupid. Finally...the White Knight has come back to Azado, and
         found the Destroyer. You will not escape your fate again, Destroyer. You
         will be slain by the sword of justice!"
    Hiro: "Lucia is NOT the Destroyer! Why won't you understand?!"
    Jean: "How dare you call Lucia evil when The Chosen are the ones committing
          the evil in Azado?"
    Ruby: "That's right, Leo! We know exactly what you're doing to these poor
    Leo: "Silence! I will not listen to your meaningless accusations against The
         Chosen! Search the male prisoners first, and be careful. They're liable
         to try anything to escape."
    Soldier: "As you command, Lord Leo!"
    Ronfar: "You really don't know what's going on in this town, do you, Leo?"
    Leo: "...What do you mean, Ronfar? If you have something to say, then say it
    Ronfar: "Here's the deal, Leo. We found out that The Chosen of Azado--"
    [A strange flame/mist appears.]
    Leo: "What was THAT?!"
    [Flames are spouting down on Azado.]
    Leo: "The horror...the horror! I do hope you enjoyed that display of your
         power, Lucia, for it will be your last!"
    Ronfar: "Enough with the macho talk, Leo! Calm down and listen to what I have
            to say! The Chosen are causing this firestorm to put the fear of
            Althena into Azado's citizens. They've told these people that they
            have to join The Chosen or suffer Althena's wrath. Look at the flame,
            Leo. It's just like the flame that burns in the palm of the statue.
            Do you see? And the person controlling the firestorms is..."
    Leo: "Enough, Ronfar! You might be able to fool others with your lies, but I
         know you all too well! Now watch as I cut out the black heart of the
         Destroyer and feed it to the vermin!"
    [Hiro moves in front of Lucia.]
    Hiro: "Ronfar's telling the truth, Leo! Balse said the fire is actually the
          flame of the Red Dragon, to be used on Althena's enemies!"
    Leo: "Balse, the High Priest? He said that to you?! ... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "You're scared, aren't you, Leo? You're afraid of the truth. And it's
            because your service in the Corps means everything to you..."
    Leo: "Afraid... This is neither the time nor the place to debate such matters!
         My only concern at this moment is to save the town of Azado from
         destruction! Soldiers, free Hiro and Ronfar from their bonds."
    Soldier: "As you command, Lord Leo!"
    Hiro: "Leo..."
    Leo: "You and Ronfar will guide me to Balse's home, so that I might hear his
         claims for myself. Your companions will remain here as my prisoners, to
         ensure your cooperation."
    Lemina: "What!? I think you just LIKE seeing girls tied up, pervert!"
    Jean: "Go on, you guys. The sooner you return, the sooner Lemina will stop
    Lucia: "I feel a very strong magical force coming from the flames, Hiro.
           Please be careful."
    Hiro: "We will, Lucia. And I promise we'll be back for you soon!"
    [They go to Balse's house.]
    Porom: "Father! Father!! Oh, no. Get up! I'm begging you... Please! Why...
           Father, why has this happened?!"
    Ronfar: "What's wrong, Porom?!"
    Porom: "Ronfar! Oh Ronfar, LOOK! My father is..."
    Ronfar: "...Balse! Hey, what in the world happened here? Answer me, Balse!"
    Balse: "Ungh...Po...Porom..."
    Leo: "It chills me to the bone to witness the lows to which The Chosen have..."
    Hiro: "Ronfar! Hurry! You must try to help him!"
    Ronfar: "Step aside. I'm already prepped and ready to go."
    [He starts healing.]
    Ronfar: "...Ahhh. That's it. Good. It's not the best recovery magic, but it'll
            have to do for now. Now then, tell me what happened, Porom."
    Porom: "...I don't know...I don't know... The Chosen said that if I was a good
           boy my father could be High Priest again. So I went to the shrine to
           give them information...about The Destroyer. I told them The Destroyer
           was in our house. I asked them to save Ronfar and Father from The
           Destroyer. ...But right after that, the flames on Althena's hand...
           Why?! I did the right thing, right?! Why..."
    Leo: "... ..."
    Ronfar: "Ungh..."
    Balse: "...Porom. What you did wasn't wrong..."
    Porom: "Father!!"
    Balse: "You're a good boy. And Althena knows that. This unfortunate happening
           must have been some kind of mistake."
    Porom: "Oh, but Father...[snitff]..."
    Leo: "There, there. Don't cry any more... Porom, you should hold out your
         chest! You did what you knew to be right! ...that's right. The true evil
         is... I'm going to the shrine! I must find out what The Chosen are really
         up to!
    [At the shrine's anterior:]
    Jamil: "Hmmm? Lord Leo? What cause has kept you up to this late hour? You have
           no reason I know to come here, because I cannot let you pass."
    Leo: "If you prevent my advance, we shall take the gate forcibly! Step aside!
         I said STEP ASIDE. I'll warn you not once more! Step aside or risk
         physical harm."
    Jamil: "Uh...um...uh...okay."
    Leo: "That's better. Quickly now! Inside."
    Hiro: "Let's get this over with."
    [They go upstairs and see some mages creating the flames in a pentagram.]
    Priests: "...Gather...Gather...Holy flames...Burn...The Evil ones...Burn...
             Burn...Holy flames...Burn...Burn the evil souls..."
    Leo: "...!! Th...What...?!"
    Hiro: "... ..."
    Ronfar: "...what kind of foul magic is this?!! It is as you see, Leo! Can you
            STILL believe The Chosen are pure?"
    Leo: "There is time for thought and reflection later. We must save the city
         first! If we fail to put out the fire, the city will burn to the ground!"
    Hiro: "Understood! Ronfar, Leo! Let's get this fire out!"
    [They reach the top of the statue where the flames are.]
    Leo: "Look! There is the flame! We must extinguish it at once!"
    Hiro: "Then the city can be saved..."
    Leo: "D...did that flame just take the shape of..."
    Hiro: "Leo, step back! I think it's alive!"
    Ronfar: "It's just like Balse said...this isn't just a flame..."
    Leo: "Battle positions, Hiro and Ronfar! It's getting ready to strike!"
    [They defeat the Flame Fang.]
    Ronfar: "Will you look at that! I bet this is how the flame is supposed to
            look! ...and there! Look at the city!"
    [The flames have all died out.]
    Leo: "... ..."
    Ronfar: "The city has most certainly been saved...but..."
    Leo: "...Ronfar, I know what troubles your heart. You have my support, friend.
         For now I shall return to the Destiny."
    Ronfar: "This city won't be consumed by fire any longer."
    Hiro: "I'm worried about Lucia and the others. We'd better get back to the
          Destiny soon.
    22) DRAGONSHIP DESTINY                                                   [GS22]
    Ronfar: "I'm sorry, Leo, but you had to know the truth, for your sake AND
            ours. Now could you be a sport and let the ladies go?"
    Leo: "... ..."
    Ronfar: "Leo? What's wrong, buddy? Are you going into shock? I can't say I
            blame you. Now you know the truth about The Chosen. You know that what
            you believed in was--"
    Leo: "Enough, Ronfar!"
    Hiro: "Leo!!"
    Leo: "The will of Althena is absolute. Doubt cannot be forgiven. If the Goddess
         deems Lucia to be the Destroyer, and demands Lucia's death, then I..."
    Hiro: "Leo!! NO!!"
    [He cuts their bonds off instead of slaying them.]
    Ronfar: "Leo...what..."
    Leo: "Lucia was judged by Althena herself, and sentenced to death. And by
         defying the will of the Goddess, I am guilty of treason, and sentence
         myself to death..."
    Voice: "Well, well, brother. It appears you've become soft in your old age."
    Leo: "What?!"
    [Leo's sister, Mauri, appears.]
    Mauri: "Althena gave a direct order to destroy Lucia...and for some unknown
           reason you've chosen to ignore it. I guess it's up to me now. Bend to
           your executioner, Lucia. Your game is up."
    Leo: "What are you doing Maura?!"
    Ronfar: "Please, Mauri...don't do what I think you're about to..."
    Mauri: "Is that you...Ronfar?"
    [The flames disperse.]
    Ronfar: "Yes, Mauri! It's me! I know it's been a while, but...have you already
            forgotten about me?"
    Mauri: "... ... ...Ah, Ronfar! I have desired to see you for such a long time!
           After I kill these heathens, we have to talk and catch up with each
           other! Oh, my...you're a heathen, too, aren't you? I suppose we should
           postpone our chat! Oh, ho, ho!"
    Ronfar: "Why are you acting this way, Mauri? Why are you being so...so dam
            EVIL? The Mauri I knew would never say something like that. You're a
            stranger to me..."
    Leo: "Stop this at once, Mauri! If you do not, I shall use my authority as the
         White Knight to smite you!"
    Mauri: "... ... ..."
    Leo: "You know the words I speak ring true, sister. Do not force me to follow
         through. I am escorting Lucia and her friends to Pentagulia, at Althena's
         behest. To interfere would be to run counter to the wishes of the Goddess
         you supposedly serve."
    Mauri: "But of course, brother. Please don't let me interfere in such important
           business! I'm sure that Althena will deal with your insubordination soon
           enough. Farewell, Ronfar!"
    [She teleports out.]
    Leo: "Hiro...Ronfar...I apologize. And to you, Dest......Lucia. It is my hope
         that you will be able to meet the Goddess. I will provide you with safe
         passage to Pentagulia."
    Ronfar: "Leo..."
    Leo: "Please, Ronfar...please don't say anything right now.
    [The ship sets sail. I the cabins...]
    Ronfar: "Hey, chief. Didya ever notice that life is as unpredictable as a roll
            of the dice? And I don't mean my super-lucky dice, either. I never
            expected to see Mauri again, and I never expected to see her...like
    Hiro: "I'm sorry, Ronfar. I never really know what to say at times like this...
    Ronfar: "No, Hiro, I'm sorry. We're finally on our way to Pentagulia, and I
            decide to bum you out with my tale of woe. Tell you what, friend. Why
            don't you go and check out the interior of this baby?"
    [He finds Lucia in the hallway.]
    Hiro: "Hey, Lucia..."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Hiro: "I guess she didn't hear me..."
    Ruby: "Hiro, don't you think Lucia's been acting a little strange?"
    Hiro: "She probably has a lot on her mind, Ruby...especially since we're almost
          at Pentagulia."
    [He follows her up to the deck.]
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    [He goes back inside.]
    Ruby: "What's the deal, Hiro? Is Lucia up there or not?"
    Hiro: "Ruby, I feel kinda weird about this, but......I have a BIG favor to ask.
          Ever since I first time we set foot on the Destiny, I've wanted to stand
          at the helm. I know it sounds silly, but I want to pretend that I'm in
          charge of the Destiny! The thing is, if Leo spots me up there, he'll
          freak...so I need you to watch out for him."
    Ruby: "Sure, Hiro. I mean, it's not any weirder than when you pretend to be
          Dragonmaster Alex. But......Hiro, are you hiding something from me?"
    Hiro: "What?! Not at all, Ruby! I just don't want you to make fun of me when
          I take the helm!"
    Ruby: "I'm kidding, Hiro, I'm kidding! You get flustered way to easy these
          days, you know that? Anyway, I'll look out for Leo. Go and make your
          weird little fantasy come true!"
    [Ruby leaves.]
    Hiro: (I'm sorry, Ruby. I'll never lie to you again...)
    [He goes out to meet Lucia. She's singing to herself.]
    Hiro: "We're almost to Pentagulia, Lucia. After everything we've been through,
          the end's finally in sight! Once we're there you can meet with the
          Goddess Althena and our mission will be complete. But, why do you seem so
          sad? This is what you've wanted all along; you should be happy!"
    Lucia: "You don't understand anything."
    Hiro: "Huh?"
    Lucia: "Hiro, you don't even have a glimpse of what's really at stake here!"
    Hiro: "But, Lucia..."
    Lucia: "I came from the Blue Star to find Althena...that's my only mission.
           Zophar must not be allowed to return to full power; his evil WILL
           destroy this world. We must find a way to prevent his return...even if
           it... No! I came to this world to stop Zophar from reviving, at any
           cost! Hiro, the only hope for blocking his power at this point is to
           seek help from Althena; once that is accomplished, my mission here will
           finally be complete."
    Hiro: "Then, won't everything be okay?"
    Lucia: "But...but then..."
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "This is all so confusing... I can't stop thinking about what will
           happen if... Oh, what's happening to me? Why does my heart feel so
           heavy, and my mind spin with possibilities? Why can't I accomplish
           the task I set out to do?"
    Hiro: "Lucia...I..I...I just don't understand."
    Lucia: "Oh, Hiro! You can't possibly understand! Just leave me alone!"
    [She runs off crying. Ruby comes onto the deck.]
    Ruby: "Hiro...I didn't see Leo, but I saw Lucia. She ran past me with such
          sorrow on her face. Did something happen, Hiro?"
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    [The floating holy city comes into sight on the horizon.]
    Ruby: "Whoa! Hiro, look! Is that Pentagulia?"
    Hiro: "It's got to be, Ruby! I've heard tales about Pentagulia, but I never
          imagined it would be so unreal!"
    System: Please insert DISC 2.
    23) HOLY CITY PENTAGULIA                                                 [GS23]
    Leo: "Ah! We've arrived at last! Welcome to the Holy City of Pentagulia,
         governed by the Goddess Althena! All right then, now that we've arrived,
         I shall proceed ahead and tell Althena of your arrival. I do not know what
         will happen, but I pray the outcome is good."
    [Ghaleon teleports in.]
    Lucia: "Ghaleon!"
    Ghaleon: "Welcome to Pentagula, I'm impressed with your cunning and resolve.
             Unfortunately, the sands only run from the hourglass."
    Leo: "Ah! Dragonmaster Ghaleon! This is an unexpected pleasure."
    Ronfar: "Wh...what!!"
    Lemina: "That's impossible! Ghaleon is..."
    Hiro: "...Dragonmaster?!"
    Lucia: "Dragonmaster Ghaleon? This is the one that is the greatest defender of
           Goddess Althena? So was it Althena's will that we have come safely to
           this place...under Ghaleon's watchful eye?"
    Hiro: "I won't believe it."
    Leo: "I was ordered to bring Lucia to justice. I have therefore brought her to
         Pentagulia so that Althena may decide her fate."
    Ghaleon: "Ah, but I know all of that already. For you see, I have been
             following Lucia's progress at the behest of Althena."
    Leo: "Following?!"
    Ghaleon: "Yes. I have noted that your dedication to the Goddess has become...
    Leo: "How can you say that/ I have done everything asked of me by the Goddess!"
    Ghaleon: "Ah, yes. Well then, I'm certain you'll do your best to take the girl
             to the Goddess. ...and then the real show can begin...hm, hm, hm, hm,
             hm, hm, hm, hm..."
    [He disappears.]
    Leo: "Althena is waiting to meet Lucia in person...? That must mean she knows
         we are coming... I don't understand fully what is happening. But the only
         way for things to become clearer is for you to gain an audience with
         Althena. I shall proceed ahead to secure that."
    Leo: "...Wait a minute, Leo. Hey--! What about us--? Where's the shrine?
         ...Awww, he's gone again! I wish he'd slow down sometimes."
    Ronfar: "Well, it's been a long, wacky trip, but we made it. I kept my part of
            the bargain to accompany you to Pentagulia."
    Hiro: "Yeah. Thanks, Ronfar."
    Ronfar: "Well, I'll leave the rest to Leo. In all the time I've known him, I've
            only seen him do good. He'll take care of you, I'm certain. Now that
            I've finished our little bargain, I'm off to see if I can find Mauri.
            I've got a few fences to mend, if ya know what I mean."
    Hiro: "So, Mauri is here..."
    Ruby: "Haven't you forgotten a special goodbye for someone, Ronfar?"
    Ronfar: "Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about you. Don't eat anything you pick up
            off the street, Ruby. And forget about that whacked-out fantasy with
            you and Hiro ridin' into the sunset."
    Ruby: "Hey! That wasn't the goodbye I had in mind!"
    Ronfar: "Heh! I thought not, but it's so much fun messing with you, Red! I'll
            see you all around!"
    [He leaves.]
    Ruby: "...Mauri was Ronfar's true love, right? I wonder if he's going to try
          to... Mauri has become a frightened woman. I don't think he knows what
          he's getting into."
    Lemina: "It's my turn to go. I have to find Borgan and rescue my mother. You
            be careful, Hiro, okay?"
    Hiro: "I will, and thanks, Lemina...for everything."
    Lemina: "You know, I haven't given up on you guys joining the Magic Guild for
            good. Especially Lucia! The Guild would be sooooo popular if she were
            to promise to join!"
    Lucia: "But...Lemina...I won't be..."
    Lemina: "Yeah yeah yeah...details, details. We'll talk it all over later. Just
            think it over, okay? Goodbye, everybody! After I save my Mother from
            that bloated barge...I'll come back and see you for sure!
    [She leaves.]
    Jean: "I have to go see Master Lun now, so I must say goodbye as well. You have
          helped me come to terms with my past...and now I need to put it to rest.
          Lucia...Hiro...I'm grateful to you. The gratitude I feel is beyond words.
    Hiro: "Jean? What are you talking about? We're the ones that should be thanking
    Lucia: "Yes... Thank you, Jean."
    Jean: "You really are the best of friends. When all of this is over, come see
          me with the dancing troupe and we'll talk about old times!"
    Ruby: "Oooh! That sounds fantastic! I love watching you dance, Jean!"
    Jean: "Heh heh! I'd better get out of here before one of these raining
          compliments falls on me! Thanks again to you all! I'll see you again
    [She leaves.]
    Hiro: "...What's wrong, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "...it seems as if our journey with them just began, and yet it's
           already over... When the thought that they will not travel with us
           passes my mind...I..."
    Ruby: "You're sad, Lucia, just like me! Bwahhhhh!"
    Lucia: "...sad? ... ... ...I...is this what sadness feels like? ...But, why am
           I sad? I will finally get to see Althena, after all we have been
           through. And once I meet with her, my mission will finally be complete.
           So why..."
    Hiro: "Lucia, I'm a little sad, too, but it's just because we have to say
          goodbye to friends. Knowing that we will see them again someday makes it
          a little less sad. Besides, we can't change the course we have chosen
          now. You came all this way to see Althena. There is no choice now. You
          must see Althena so Zophar can be stopped! I'm sure everything will work
          out fine. Let's go and get this over with..."
    [They go to the grand temple.]
    Leo: "The Goddess Althena will see you now, Lucia. Are you prepared, Hiro,
         Lucia? Shall I admit you to Althena's inner sanctum?"
    Hiro: "All right, let's go. Doesn't this feel good, Lucia? Your mission is
          almost at an end!"
    Lucia: "......Say, Hiro. If I... ...This world of yours... ... ...No. Never
           mind. I just wanted to thank you, Hiro. In this entire journey, you've
           always been helpful. I wanted you to know that I appreciate that...
           regardless of what the future holds. I'll never forget what you've
           done. ... All right, Leo, I am ready to meet the Goddess."
    Leo: "...Hiro, Lucia, I know this goes without saying, but please be on your
         best behavior."
    [They go in to see Althena. Ghaleon is the only one there.]
    Leo: "Great Goddess Althena, your humble servant has returned from afar! And,
         I have returned with Lucia. She comes willingly in order to speak with
         you on a matter of great import."
    Lucia: "Hiro, something is wrong... The aura here...it's...it's not as I
           expected it to be... There's..."
    Leo: "Silence, Lucia! Did I not warn you to show proper respect? Althena
         approaches. You must stand in respectful silence!"
    Lucia: "But...Lord Leo..."
    Hiro: "Lucia...we don't want to make a bad impression. Tell Leo of your
          concerns later."
    Lucia: "But...Hiro..."
    Ruby: "Lucia, it'll be all right. You're just nervous, that's all. I
          understand. It's all right."
    Leo: "I shall not tell you again. She comes! You must maintain silence or there
         will be grave consequences!"
    [Althena comes into the chamber.]
    Althena: "Oh, Lucia from the Blue Star, I know you have traveled very far to
             visit me. Your journey was difficult, more than it had to be. Accept
             my apologies as I welcome you to Pentagulia. Speak up, my dear."
    Lucia: "You! You are not Althena! Who are you?!"
    [She fires a blast at the fake Althena; Ghaleon blocks it.]
    Ghaleon: "Hm, hm, hm...my, my! It seems that we have quite a firebrand in our
             presence. Your mother obviously never taught you the benefit of proper
             manners. Perhaps a little...er, creative redirection is in order...
             Hold on, dear Lucia. I'm afraid it's going to be a bumpy ride... Hm,
             hm, hm, hm, hm..."
    [He attacks her with lightning.]
    Hiro: "...Lucia?! Lucia, are you all right?! Lucia!!"
    Lucia: "Ungh... H-Hiro..."
    Hiro: "Ghaleon! How dare you harm her! You will pay for this!"
    Ghaleon: "Ohmmm...how delightful. A little twerp tete-a-tete, hmm? I'm up for
             it if you are, boy! However, for your sake, your bite had better be
             worse than your pathetic bark. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm..."
    [They fight.]
    Ghaleon: "Really now, boy. Is that the best you can do? I'm almost embarrassed
             to show you a glimmer of my true power now... Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. Oh,
             give it up, boy. You've already lost. Your destiny and that of Lucia
             is no longer in your control."
    Hiro: "...your words won't stop me! I will not give up!"
    Ghaleon: "Mmmmm, well now, that's better. Perhaps this will be interesting
             after all... Perhaps I'll increase the effort a notch... All right,
             Hiro. Make this seem meaningful."
    [Ghaleon defeats him.]
    Althena: "Ha ha ha ha! Excellent work, Dragonmaster Ghaleon. Your superb battle
             skills are an honor to my name."
    Ghaleon: "Hrmph. Perhaps soon you will provide me with a challenge worthy of my
             skill. And stop calling me Dragonmaster. The title does not amuse me."
    Althena: "What?"
    Ghaleon: "I shall not be a toy for your amusement. Nor will I be some twisted
             attack dog to jump at your every command."
    Althena: "W...what do you mean by that, Ghaleon? Lord Leo, you saw it with your
             own eyes! The Destroyer was to attack me! Ghaleon acted in my defense!
    Ghaleon: "It's clear that Lucia was about to harm the Goddess, that is
             indisputable. Perhaps you knew of her intent all along, Lord Leo?"
    Leo: "No...I...!!!"
    Ghaleon: "Perhaps our good Lord Leo is a bit too...mm, good for his own
             welfare. The question is...where exactly does his loyalty lie?"
    Leo: "How dare you question my loyalty! There is no one living that can turn
         me from service to the Goddess! Do what you will with Lucia. I ask only
         that you leave the innocent Hiro to me."
    Althena: "Do as you like, Leo."
    Leo: "...Lord Ghaleon, you're hurt?!"
    Ghaleon: "...It's a scratch. However..."
    Leo: "...?"
    Ghaleon: "Hm, hm, hm..."
    [Hiro wakes up in a confinement place with Ruby.]
    Ruby: "Hiro...are you okay?"
    Hiro: "R...Ruby...where are we?"
    Ruby: "We're in a jail cell at the top of the White Tower. Leo brought us here.
          Ghaleon is much more powerful than we thought! I knew that Leo was a no-
          -good traitor, too! He's working for that evil Althena! Hiro, we've got
          to find a way to get out of here! Lucia must be in danger..."
    Hiro: "Ruby, what happened to Lucia?"
    Ruby: "I don't know. The last time I saw her, she was laid out on the floor of
          Althena's audience chamber. Hiro...I hope she's alright. If the Goddess
          really is a fake like Lucia said, we're all in big trouble."
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ruby: "We've got to find a way out of here and then find the others! ... ...
          ... Uh, any ideas?"
    ???: "Why do you look so down? Never give up! Never surrender!"
    Ruby: "Uh...I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but... ...what
          kind of cheesy puff is that?
    ???: Hahaaaaa!"
    [A masked man who looks an awful lot like Leo swings over on a rope.]
    Mystere: "Mystere has arrived to save you!"
    Hiro: "Uh, L...Leo? What are you doing here? I thought you were the servant of
          the false Althena?!"
    Mystere: "Uh, er...I...I am not White Knight Leo! I am the amazing Mystere!
             Protector of the innocent and...uh...defender of...TRUTH! You must
             hurry or your lives shall be lost!"
    Hiro: "Heh, heh, heh!"
    Ruby: "Come on, Leo! Knock off the party games and tell us what's really
    Mystere: "Silence, cat! I am Mystere. I know not the 'Leo' of whom you speak."
    Ruby: "Okay...right...Mystere. I get it. Whatever..."
    Mystere: "My true identity shall remain a secret, but I have knowledge to 
             impart to you. Listen very carefully, now. There are four towers in
             this city, each with a prison on the top floor. They are connected
             by an underground network of passages. You are in the White Tower.
             Your friends are in the other three. But I have no information on
             the girl you call 'Lucia.' Since she tried to murder the Goddess, her
             fate is most likely execution. I shall help you release Ronfar and the
             two women from their cells. What you do after that is your own
             business. But first, we must get you out of there!"
    Hiro: "I don't really understand what's going on here...but at any rate,
    Mystere: "We must hurry to the other three towers! There is no time to waste!"
    Hiro: "Um...why don't you go first?"
    Mystere: "Certainly, my friend! I...uh...am merely preparing myself to leap
             for the rope. The ah...er...midpoint of the divide is not as close as
             my calculations led me to believe. It might be more difficult than I
             had anticipated to return to the other side. But, no matter! I am
             Mystere! Even the most daunting task becomes trivial before me!"
    Ruby: "You're not preparing yourself! You're too scared to jump!"
    [Ruby flies over and triggers a connecting bridge.]
    Mystere: "Why did you not volunteer to aid us in such a way earlier?"
    Ruby: "Because it was fun watching you make a fool of yourself!"
    Mystere: "I...uh...I suppose there's no sense in debate at this point! We must
             hurry to the others! Come on!"
    [They rescue Ronfar from the Red Tower.]
    Ronfar: "Man! I thought the cavalry would never get here! I can't tell ya how
            glad I am to see you all! ... Uh, hey Leo, what's with the mask?"
    Mystere: "... ..."
    Ruby: "He's pretending to be some kind of nutty superknight called 'Mystere.'
          Go figure..."
    Ronfar: "Well then, Mystere it is! Now then, get a load of what happened to
            me! I'm in a serious pile of poo..."
    [Earlier that day, he is talking with Mauri in her chamber.]
    Mauri: "My dear Ronfar, why have you come all this way to see me? There is
           nothing left to discuss. Our love has grown cold."
    Ronfar: "Don't say that, Mauri. I've been running away from my true self. I
            realized that when last I saw you. It was then that I knew in my heart
            that I can't live without you. I realized that I need you in my life.
            But we must find a way to free you from this spell you are toiling
    Mauri: "But Ronfar...I am this way because of you... Don't you see? We can
           never go back..."
    Ronfar: "Don't say that, Mauri. You have no idea ho I torment myself with the
            knowledge that I turned you into this! I was the one that made you
            drink the medicine from the supposed Goddess."
    Mauri: "But Ronfar, how wrong you are. It is you who have changed. Love me for
           the way I am, and return to the ways of the Goddess. Prove your love
           with a kiss, darling!"
    Ronfar: "Mauri, I can't join you here. Can't you see that the Goddess is a
            fraud?! And worse, she's imprisoned you in some kind of eternal
            darkness! I'm here to get you out! To find the real Mauri again!"
    Mauri: "Oh Ronfar! Let's not talk about that right now. Let's talk about the
           times we used to have, the games we used to play...and let's forget
           about this crazy mess that both of us are in."
    Ronfar: "I wish I could Mauri. You have no idea how badly I wish for that to
            be. But there is more at stake here than just us... You've got to give
            me some straight answers before I can help you. Tell me...what is
            really going on in this terrible city? Why is it that you never show
            the sweet smile of innocence I fell in love with? All I see now is the
            fire of hate in your eyes. Mauri, you have to tell me before I can
            help you!"
    Mauri: "Enough of this nonsense, Ronfar! Nothing has changed except you. I am
           the person you fell in love with."
    Ronfar: "But...Mauri...you HAVE changed."
    Mauri: "If you cannot accept me for who I am and join me in Althena's glorious
           service...I'm afraid I will have to end your pathetic life along with
           the others! And that is what I've... Ron...far...this is...not...not
           me... Help! I...I am awash in a sea of...darkness... ...I am right
    Ronfar: "...M...Mauri! What in the world is going on here? Are you in there,
            Mauri? Come back!"
    [He's knocked out.]
    Mauri: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's one way to shut you up! ... Hrmph! I cannot
           believe those memories still exist! I will soon wash them from this
           wretched mind..."
    [Flashback ends.]
    Ronfar: "...and when I woke up, I was in this comfy little cell countin' hash
            marks. I can't believe that I could have been such a fool. Mauri is
            obviously under some kind of black spell from the false Goddess...and
            has been ever since the day I cured her from the disease. That impostor
            Goddess will pay for what she's done to Mauri... Believe me...she shall
    [Lemina is rescued from the Black Tower.]
    Lemina: "Whew! Talk about mega-nick-of-time! I didn't know if you guys were
            even still alive! Hey, who's the festive dude in the party mask?"
    Mystere: "... ..."
    Ruby: "Funny you should ask... We're playing a little game. Lord Leo has
          decided to play this part called 'Mystere' and we're playing along. We're
          not supposed to know who he is...but he's helping us, I think..."
    Lemina: "Well, whatever floats his boat. Anyway, you'll never guess what that
            mega-mangy creep Borgan did!"
    [Earlier, Lemina was talking with Borgan.]
    Borgan: "Well, well! If it isn't my dear Lemina! You're the last waif I would
            have expected to see in Pentagulia. Geh, heh, heh."
    Lemina: "Zip it, you overweight toad! I'm tired of listening to your trite
            speeches. I have three reasons for being here: The first is to rescue
            my mother. The second is to make certain that you never set foot in
            Vale again. And the last is to make sure you pay us a fat wad of
            compensation for what you've done!"
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh, heh, heh... I find your manner so...I don't know...
            delicious. You are always so hell-bent on changing others. Perhaps you
            should consider changing yourself. Besides, your sweet mother is no
            longer in Pentagulia. She's busy making a new home for us in Neo-Vane,
            my illustrious magic city."
    Lemina: "Neo-Vane?!"
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh...yes, that's right, cupcake, Neo-Vane. And, surprise
            of surprises, she loves it there! But why wouldn't she? Her
            surroundings are those of a Queen. I have given her the finest of all
            the world has to offer. And, all that I ask is that she grow to love
            me. Despit what you think, it can be done. If you try hard enough, I'm
            sure you can grow to find affection for me as well. I'll think of you
            as the daughter I never had."
    Lemina: "...Daughter?!!!"
    Borgan: "Yes! Soon Miria will agree to be my wife! I can feel it! After Miria
            and I are united, your ability to revive the Magic Guild of Vane will
            be forever sealed. I'm afraid you don't stand a chance at stopping me,
    Lemina: "I won't allow you to do this!"
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh. I'd suggest you get a handle on your emotions, sweetie.
            Soon, the only words you'll utter will be those of a loyal daughter.
            When Zophar is revived, the power of Neo-Vane wil finally be...oops! I
            almost let the cat out of the bag. I mustn't let you in on that little
            secret until we're back in Neo-Vane. Believe me, poopsie, you'll feel
            right at home. Geh, heh, heh, heh, heh... But since you seem a little
            adverse to the idea right at the moment...I'd best put you in a holding
            cell. Sweet dreams...daughter!"
    [The flashback ends.]
    Lemina: "There is NO way I'm going back to Neo-Vane with that tepid bucket of
            lard! We've got to find a way out of here so I can rescue my mother!
            And besides, I don't get what Borgan said about Zophar. Are he and The
            Chosen somehow connected?"
    Hiro: "... ..."
    [They rescue Jean from the Blue Tower.]
    Jean: "Thank goodness! I've been counting the minutes since they locked me up.
          I'm just glad you're all okay. I was worried... Say, what's Leo doing
          here? Isn't he working for the fake Goddess?"
    Mystere: "... ..."
    Ruby: "Uh, well, yes and no. Near as we can tell, this is some sort of
          elaborate party game Leo is playing. He's dressed up and calls himself
          'Mystere.' And as 'Mystere,' Leo was the one that rescued Hiro and me in
          the first place."
    Jean: "All right, then, Mystere it is. Listen. Some really bad stuff is going
          down here. When I went to see Master Lunn to report on the Shadow Dragon
          Cult...I discovered something very interesting..."
    [Flashback to earlier.]
    Lunn: "Ah! It has been some time since our last encounter, Jean. What has
          brought you all the way to Pentagulia?"
    Jean: "I came here to show you this. It is the mask of the leader of the Shadow
          Dragon Cult."
    Lunn: "...?! What good is this mask alone? Did you get a look at the leader?"
    Jean: "No, he covered his face before I could see who it was. However, in his
          haste to get away, he dropped the mask. His voice seemed so very...
          familiar...and yet I cannot put my finger on it..."
    Lunn: "Ha ha ha...Jean, you always were my best student. But you never knew
          when to give up...to leave well enough alone..."
    Jean: "...your best student? What are you talking...abou... ... It was YOU!
          You are the leader of the Shadow Dragon Cult!"
    Lunn: "I'm surprised it took you so long to put it together. But then again,
          you were bred to fight, not to think. And fight you did. Under my
          watchful eye, your fighting skill increased no less than a hundred-fold!"
    Jean: "Yes, but you forced me to use that skill for death and destruction! I
          was little more than a naive assassin for your corrupt cause! You stole
          my childhood, Lunn. I'll never forgive you for that!"
    Lunn: "'Never' is such a strong word, Jean. Think about it carefully. I molded
          you into what you are today! You should be grateful to me."
    Jean: "You molded me into what? An emotional wreck who is running from a past
          I don't understand? Or perhaps a trained killer who can never live a
          normal life. You took everything I had to advance your own selfish
          desire and gave me nothing in return. You never cared about me...not
          really. I was simply another child whose soul you would blacken for your
          own evil purpose. A trusting child whose innocence you would tear away
          with no hint of remorse."
    Lunn: "Jean...Jean...you make it all sound so...cold...so harsh. I did care
          about you. Your skill was beyond anything I had encountered. You were
          special. ... We could have gone far together, but your rebellion has made
          us adversaries."
    Jean: "I will always be the adversary of evil. And now that I know who you are
          ...you must be stopped."
    Lunn: "Well then, Jean, the hour is upon us. It is time for your final lesson.
          And, a hard lesson it shall be!"
    Jean: "...I don't believe...your karate has...grown...so...so very...strong...
          L...Lunn...you...you can't!"
    [His punch knocks her out, and the flashback ends.]
    Jean: "...and the next thing I knew I was here in this cell. We must find a way
          to stop Lunn! He cannot be allowed to continue stealing the innocence of
          little children. His newer, stronger Karate of Death is called the Shadow
          Dragon Fist. We cannot allow it to spread."
    Mystere: "...Hmmm... ... I must take my leave of you now. I have just
             remembered an urgent matter."
    [Mystere leaves.]
    Ruby: "Mr. Masked White Knight! Thanks for saving us! Why in the world was Leo
          wearing that kind of get-up? He's a weird bird, that's for sure."
    Ronfar: "I think it's because Leo can't hep us openly, since his allegiance is
            to The Chosen. I think he's conflicted. Hopefully he works it out 
            before he thinks that kind of getup is normal! He is playing a
            dangerous game, though. If the false Althena finds out..."
    Hiro: "Let's not think of that..."
    [They spot Mystere a ways on.]
    Leo: "I overheard you talking of the masked man that departed a short while
         ago. I sense that he hides his true identity to better serve those who
         respect justice. I've been following your progress. Good work! Do not
         worry. I shall not tell anyone that you have escaped. In fact, I believe
         we must work together to discover what is truly going on here. I believe
         that an evil lurks within Althena's organization, and I must root it out.
         Our first order of business must be to find Lucia and hear her story. I
         believe that she is being held within a secret area of the shrine. The
         entrance can be found in a chamber in these underground passages. Let's
    Hiro: "... ..."
    Ronfar: "Leo, these costume changes are getting kind of old. Are you going to
            be Leo for a while now? We're all friends here. You can drop the
    Leo: "I know nothing of a disguise. Are you drunk again, Ronfar? There's never
         been any sort of disguise! Regardless, we do not have time for debate!
         We must get to the secret area of the shrine at once! I firmly believe
         that Lucia's life hangs in the balance!"
    [They go into the underground.]
    Leo: "Hmmm...the passage should be behind a statue in this area... If we search
         diligently, we're certain to find it. Let's go, Hiro! Ah! Here it is! This
         is the entrance to the passage!
    [They go inside. Lucia is strapped to a wall. Althena and Ghaleon are there.]
    Lucia: "But your sick plan can never succeed. No matter how hard you try...you
           can never stop me from finding Althena and halting Zophar's return."
    Althena: "Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Why Lucia, you're delirious. Althena herself
             stands before you. Don't you recognize me, darling?"
    Lucia: "I recognize only the face of evil. You are not Althena. You are nothing
           more than a human puppet, dancing for the amusement of Zophar."
    Althena: "In what way am I not the Goddess Althena? Served by the Four Heroes
             who rule the four dragons, and the mighty Dragonmaster, I fight
             evil... Isn't this the very form of the legendary Goddess Althena?
             All I have yet to achieve is eternal youth and beauty."
    Lucia: "Heretic! If Althena were to hear such words she would..."
    Althena: "Ah, ha, ha, ha! What a dense little waif you are. Do you still have
             no idea as to the true purpose of Pentagulia's creation?"
    Lucia: "... ... ...I won't believe it!"
    Althena: "The day draws near when the true objective of The Chosen shall be
             attained. And Ghaleon's return from the past was just the beginning...
    Ghaleon: "Yes, but my return was not at your hand, de..."
    Althena: "Silence, Ghaleon! I will not permit insubordination in this holy
             place. ...Now then, Lucia. I'm going to use your magical powers for
             the good of all The Chosen. By your small sacrifice, I shall attain
             eternal beauty and youth. So I would suggest that you enjoy what
             little life you have remaining...dear Lucia of the Blue Star."
    [She teleports out.]
    Leo: "So Althena will take the life of Lucia... But..."
    Hiro: "Tell me, Leo! How can we get down there?!"
    Leo: "...That is a very special place. Even I am not permitted to enter it.
         But I am certain a passage can be found that will connect that room to
         another in this place."
    Hiro: "Great. Let's look for the passage! We've got to save Lucia before 
          Althena returns!""
    [They find Ghaleon talking with Lucia alone.]
    Ghaleon: "Don't you realize Zophar's only ambition is to take revenge on
             Althena. He brought me back from the netherworld knowing that I, too,
             had a score to settle with her...and would sell my eternal soul for a
             chnace to take revenge on the world that ruined me."
    Lucia: "But how can you hope to suc--"
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha. Because he has a secret weapon. The true purpose of
             Althena's cult is to aid Zophar in his return to power...and once he
             is restored, my revenge will be complete!"
    Lucia: "I won't let you do that."
    Ghaleon: "Mmmm, big words from such a small lady."
    Lucia: "The real Althena must be imprisoned somewhere within Pentagulia. I will
           find her, and destroy Zophar once and for all."
    Ghaleon: "You ARE delirious. YOur powers have been drained. Face it, you've
             already lost."
    Lucia: "But Ghaleon, you forget, humans have an undeniable power, too."
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You mean to say that you're counting on the power
             of humans...to save Althena and fuel your offense against Zophar? That
             'plan' is even more pathetic than I had hoped. You might as well kiss
             your precious Blue Star goodbye right now, Lucia."
    Lucia: "Do not underestimate humanity's power."
    Ghaleon: "So tell me, what will become of this world once you've used the
             humans and cast them aside?"
    Lucia: "Uhhh! They'll...they'll be..."
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Don't worry, I doubt that your precious Hiro will
             be able to save you now. So the question is, shall we say, moot. And
             even if he did, you don't stand a chance at unlocking Pentagulia's
             secrets. So long, sweet-pea. Ha, ha, ha, ha."
    [He teleports out.]
    Lucia: "Hiro will come. I will escape, Ghaleon."
    Leo: "The Chosen, a cult? A tool of deception? I cannot believe it to be so!
         If the true objective of The Chosen is to revive Zophar, I am fighting for
         evil! I cannot believe such a thing to be true! I must find the Goddess
         Althena and address her directly!
    Ronfar: "Wait, Leo! No!"
    [Leo leaves. They go to Lucia.]  
    Lucia: "Oh Hiro...I knew you'd come! Thank you... And all of you, too. I don't
           know how to thank you properly. Even though I knew that you all would
           come...I...I was beginning to doubt..."
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "I'm all right now. Listen, though. Hiro, that Althena is not the
           Goddess. She is an impostor...a human. I sense Althena's power in this
           city, but it is not coming from the false Althena. We must try to
           discover the true source of Althena's power that I sense. Because time
           is running out..."
    Hiro: "Wait! Lucia!"
    Lucia: "Come on, Hiro...we'd better hurry or we'll lose her!"
    Hiro: "Lucia! Where in the world are you..."
    Ruby: "I wonder where in the world Lucia went?"
    Jean: "Ghaleon said something about the secret of the five towers or
    Lemina: "But I only counted four towers, White, Blue, Red, and Black."
    Hiro: "Maybe Lucia is going to look for the hidden fifth tower, then?"
    Ronfar: "I don't know what that girl's up to, but we'd better find her fast.
            The longer we leave her alone, the more likely she is to get into
    [They follow her onto a balcony.]
    Lucia: "It is strong here. Althena's power...the power that envelops me..."
    Hiro: "......Lucia?"
    Lucia: "...I can sense it...there...just ahead...Althena's power... It is
    Ruby: "All right, Lucia. I'll take your word for it. But all I see is a lake."
    Lucia: "No. There can be no mistake. There is another tower...a hidden tower,
           the fifth. And it is right before us. It all makes perfect sens. The
           fifth tower lies at the intersection of the four. Do not let what you
           think you see deceive you. The final tower of Pentagulia is here."
    [She blows part of the railing off and jumps down.]
    Hiro: "Lucia!"
    Ruby: "Okay, that settles it. Hiro, I think Lucia has officially lost her mind.
          I hope she knows how to swim."
    [They all jump down.]
    Lucia: "This is the fifth tower of Pentagulia!"
    Hiro: "...B...but why couldn't we see something this huge until now?"
    Ruby: "Yeah! Where did the lake go that was here just a minute ago?"
    Lucia: "The lake was an illusion to hide the tower from human eyes. This tower
           is the place I have sought since I arrived here. Once I enter, I will
           have achieved my goal. Please accompany me to the real Althena, within
           this tower. The tower is sealed with a magical boundary. I've never
           felt anything this powerful. I did not think it was possible to create
           a force field strong enough to contain Althena. It must be related to
           the sealed power of the Four Dragons..."
    Voice: "My, Lucia! You do have a keen sense of the obvious!"
    [Althena, the fake one, warps in.]
    Althena: "Welcome to the fifth tower of the Holy City, the shining centerpiece
             of Pentagulia...the Goddess Tower! I used the Dragons' power to keep
             the purity of this place from escaping into the world. Isn't it
             ironic that the seal was created by the very power that Althena used
             for protection? But I must admit that I did not create this seal for
             Zophar or my own. I had a little help from my dear servants..."
    [Her three 'heroes' teleport in.]
    Lunn: "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh!"
    Mauri: "Hu, hu, hu, hu!"
    Althena: "Your miserable souls will enable us to revive Master Zophar, our
             great leader. You should be honored that your otherwise useless lives
             now have meaning! What?! Ghaleon? What is wrong with you? Hurry up and
             come here, that we may finish this!"
    Ruby: "What do we do, Hiro?! If they call in Ghaleon, our chance of survival
          goes buh-bye!"
    [The place resonates bright white.]
    Lucia: "What...what's happening?! Althena...is it you? I can feel your power!"
    Ruby: "Look, Hiro! The White Dragon Wings are shining!"
    Hiro: "But why...!"
    [They all warp out.]
    Althena: "What is the meaning of this?! I demand to know what just happened,
             and why!"
    Voice: "You are pathetic..."
    Althena: "Ghaleon?! Show yourself!"
    [He warps in.]
    Althena: "Why didn't you arrive sooner? It's your fault that Lucia was able to
    Ghaleon: "What a poor imitation of Althena you are, Goddess. You don't even
             have the power to capture a little girl without my help...but you let
             parlor tricks and tired magic ease her through your feeble grasp. But
             don't worry your empty little head about it. I will go retrieve the
             girl and her fr...damn it."
    [Zophar's presence is felt.]
    Zophar: "Wait, Ghaleon."
    Ghaleon: "Zophar!"
    Zophar: "Use what's left of your head. It is not necessary to roam the land
            chasing Lucia and her ragtag party of misfits. They will return to this
            very spot of their own free will. Lucia must return to this tower to
            meet Althena and complete her mission."
    Ghaleon: "Yes, Zophar...but I'm certain that Lucia will try to free the Four
             Dragons you have sealed to save Althena. She must..."
    Zophar: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Well then, you must work to strengthen the seal
            and make certain that she does not succeed. For the moment, I will just
            watch...and relish the way she worms her way into the hearts of the
            humans that have foolishly befriended her. She is so misguided to even
            try to harness the power of humankind to complete her mission. But her
            attachment will be her undoing. Mark my words. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
            ha, ha, ha!"
    24) TABEN'S PEAK                                                         [GS24]
    [The White Dragon Wings warp everyone to Taben's Peak.]
    Hiro: "Where are we? It looks like..."
    Nall: "Taben's Peak, of course! Didn't I tell you that those Dragon Wings would
          come in handy?"
    Ruby: "Nall!"
    Nall: "The White Dragon Wings have been sealed away by the power of Althena."
    Lucia: "I must break the barrier around Pentagulia and free the Goddess, and
           you must help me. Zophar's power grows stronger by the minute. We have
           no time to waste. You have an obligation to help me liberate Althena.
           Don't you understand that? You are Nall...the White Dragon of Althena!"
    Ruby: "Ehhh--! N-Nall..."
    Hiro: "Althena's White Dragon...?!"
    Nall: "So you've known my secret this entire time. I bet you know that Ruby is
          the Red Dragon, too."
    Lucia: "Yes, Nall. Althena has always relied on the power of the Four Dragons
           for protection. We must now use that power to break the barrier of
           Pentagulia and free her from confinement."
    Nall: "I wish we could...but the power of the Four Dragons is sealed away just
          as tightly as Althena."
    Lucia: "How can this be? Zophar does not yet have enough strength to create
           such a seal."
    Nall: "Zophar enlisted the aid of a powerful ally to accomplish it. His name
    [Flashback. Nall is sitting alone when Ghaleon warps in.]
    Nall: "...You?!"
    Ghaleon: "Hm, hm, hm. It's been a long time, hasn't it, Nall? I see you no
             longer have the boy or the Goddess to protect you. I can't tell you
             how happy it makes me to meet you like this. The circumstances of our
             reunion are so...perfect."
    Nall: "Ghaleon...how can this be?"
    Ghaleon: "I won't trouble you with the details. Suffice to say I've all the
             right connections. Now, dear boy, to the crux of the matter. You have
             something I require. Surrender your Dragon Aura to me. ... Oh, and
             please don't entertain any heroic thoughts at this critical moment...
             they can be so MESSY! ... Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm... But then again, I
             did manage to crush your father. Wouldn't it be rather...ironic if you
             forced me to shoot for a matched set? Er, so to speak..."
    Nall: "I'll never surrender my power to you, PIG!"
    Ghaleon: "Hohoommnn...I expected no less of you, foolish boy."
    [Ghaleon takes the aura forcibly. End flashback...]
    Nall: "So that's what happened! I barely escaped with my life, and Ghaleon left
          with the essence of my power. He has become much, much stronger than he
          once was."
    Ruby: "Some White Dragon YOU are! You lost your power to a human! I'd be
          ashamed of myself!"
    Nall: "Oh, really?! You hadn't even claimed your power yet when he stole it!"
    Ruby: "What are you talking about? What do you mean, my power?"
    Nall: "Your Dragon Aura, stupid! You don't remember it because you were just a
    Lucia: "And if your power is sealed away, you cannot help me or the Goddess
    Nall: "Bingo. I'd gladly help you and Althena if I could, but I'm helpless.
          Your power is sealed away, too, isn't it, Lucia? This is bad...very,
          very BAD. To revive the Goddess, you have to collect the Dragon Auras
          and remove the seals on the Dragons. Each of the Four Heroes guards one
          of the Auras. Lucia can't gather the Auras by herself, not without her
          powers. What are you going to do, Hiro? You wouldn't abandon Lucia when
          she so desperately needs your help...would you?"
          -> Lucia will be fine on her own.
             Hiro: "Lucia doesn't need my help! I'm sure her powers will come back.
                   Besides, I need a break!"
             Lucia: "Hiro..."
             Nall: "Okay, Hiro, whatever you say...but I think you don't want to
                   because you're afraid. I thought you had as much strength as
                   Alex, the last Dragonmaster...but I was wrong."
          -> Adventure is my middle name!
             Hiro: "I will stand by Lucia's side until her mission is complete,
                   just as I promised her. That is my responsibility, and I won't
                   back away from it, no matter what happens."
             Lucia: "Oh, Hiro... Since I have come to this world, you have risked
                    your life for me many times. But despite the danger, you have
                    never complained, and you have never deserted me. I am not
                    skilled at expressing my feelings, but...thank you, Hiro.
                    Thank you very much."
             Hiro: "You're welcome, Lucia."
    Ruby: "Hiro, why do you always have such a dumb look on your face when Lucia's
          talking to you?!"
    Nall: "Ruby, can't you see what's going on here?! Please don't tell me that
          you're that naive! Oh, never mind... The first Aura you should try to
          reclaim is mi...uh, the White Dragon's. The Aura is in possession of
          White Knight Leo, one of the strongest warriors in the world."
    Ruby: "Leo has the Aura? Great! Since he's our friend, I'm sure he'll give it
          to us!"
    Jean: "Since I escaped the Shadow Dragon Cult, I've been afraid of the strength
          inside of me. But I'm not afriad anymore. I understand my strength, and
          I know how to control it. I've overcome my fear of the Shadow Dragon
          Fist. I will use its power for good, not evil. I will use the Fist to
          confront my past. I can't, and won't, run away from it anymore. If you're
          going to fight against Althena's Chosen, count me in! I'll help you
          settle your scores while I settle my own!"
    Ronfar: "You can count me in on this little adventure. I can't let Althena's
            Chosen revive Zophar...and I have a hunch we'll run into Mauri. I can
            save her...and maybe, just maybe, I can redeem myself a little. All the
            gambling I've done 'til now was just practice, Hiro. This bet is the
            one that counts. I'm not just doing this for you, Hiro. I'm doing this
            for myself, and for Mauri."
    Hiro: "Thank you, Ronfar..."
    Lemina: "I know I have to do something, but I'm not sure what. I've never had
            to make a decision like this! Whatever I decide will affect the entire
            Magic Guild...but the choice is obvious! I have to fight Althena's
            Chosen and stop Zohar's resurrection! But I also want to find out if
            I'm really worthy of being the leader of the Magic Guild...and I think
            this adventure is the perfect test of my abilities!"
    Hiro: "I guarantee it will be, Lemina."
    Lemina: "Plus, I have a mega-grudge to settle with that turd, Borgan! I'll
            flush him out of Neo-Vane and out of Mother's life forever!"
    Hawk: "Report! Report!! Lookout Squad Ensign Hawk, reporting as ordered! The
          Dragonship Destiny has been spotted in the direction of Vane! Be careful!
    Nall: "White Knight Leo, of course. He senses me here... Hiro, it's up to you
          to recover the Dragon Aura from Leo. I'll be waiting for you in the White
          Dragon Cave!"
    [He teleports out.]
    Ruby: "Oh, good! Leo helped us in the Holy City, so I'm sure he'll give us the
          White Dragon Aura! This oughta be a piece of cake! Let's go, Hiro!"
    [They see the Dragonship Destiny nearby.]
    Leo: "Hiro, you must fight me. The chosen...their way is not right...I know it
         in my heart. However, I do not know how to escape from the web in which
         I've been ensared...and now my options are severely limited. I know good
         must prevail. Now prove it with your sword!"
    [Leo loses.]
    Leo: "You have proven your strength to me, Hiro. There was no doubt in your
         sword, or your heart. And by proving your strength, you demonstrated my
    Hiro: "No, Leo. Join us! Fight with us!"
    Leo: "Even in victory, Hiro, you retain your humility. You are a great warrior
         indeed. Take this, and use it to liberate the power of the White Dragon."
    System: White Dragon Aura obtained from Leo.
    Leo: "You will find the cave of the White Dragon in an iceberg in the North
         Sea. You can reach the North Sea by entering the ocean off the coast of
         Meribia. Follow me to the helm, Hiro. I will show you how to take control
         of the Destiny. That's right, Hiro. It's quite simple to control after a
         few minutes of practice. I now leave the Dragonship in your capable
    Hiro: "But this ship means so much to you. Stay with us. Take us to the cave."
    Leo: "I am not worthy to remain with any of you, Hiro. That is why I must
         leave now."
    Hiro: "Leo!!"
    Leo: "Farewell, Hiro.
    [He leaves.]
    Ruby: "He's gone..."
    Ronfar: "Leo is a man of justice, Ruby. And right now, he feels like a common
    Hiro: "Thank you, Leo..."
    Ruby: "Well, Hiro, what are you waiting for? Let's take the Destiny for a
          ride! Grab the wheel and start it up! Leo said the White Dragon Cave was
          in an iceberg near the North Sea. So all we have to do is sail west and
          look for a chunk of ice with a hole in it!"
    Ronfar: "Lucky for us that the Destiny can reach wildly unsafe speeds on land
            OR in the water."
    Lemina: "Great! Now let's find Borgan and slap some sense into that flabby face
            of his!"
    Jean: "Right after I find Lunn and stop him from harming any more children."
    Hiro: "And don't forget that we also have a Goddess to save! Isn't that right,
    Lucia: "Yes, Hiro..."
    25) WHITE DRAGON CAVE                                                    [GS25]
    Nall: "Ha! You got the White Dragon Aura from Leo at last!"
    Ruby: "Hey, Nall! Where in the heck are you?"
    Nall: "I'm where I need to be! Listen, you need the four ice treasures to open
          the passage to my lair. Once you have those, you may have to backtrack a
          bit, but the way will be open. Each one is in a big, white ice chest in
          the corners of this cave. Hurry up and get them. I'll be waiting. ...
          ...and I DON'T like waiting."
    [They make it to Nall's lair.]
    Ruby: "...!! Hiro! Th-That's...!"
    Hiro: "Th...That's the White Dragon!"
    Lucia: "No, it is an impostor. I sense the aura of evil. It is not the true
           White Dragon."
    Lemina: "Oh, so it's a fake, here to keep guard on the place."
    Jean: "Fake or not, it's not going to let us pass while it lives."
    Ronfar: "Well, let's fix that little problem, then!"
    [They defeat the impostor and find Nall.]
    Nall: "I can't believe you finally made it! I was beginning to think you were
          a lost cause!"
    Ruby: "What?? Nall!! How'd you do that?"
    Nall: "It's not important. Now taht you're finally here, my dragon power can be
          released at last. You must throw the Dragon Aura directly at the crystal.
          Once the Aura touches the crystal, the seal will be shattered, and my
          dragon power will be released!"
    System: White Dragon Aura was thrown at the crystal.
    Nall: "All right. Watch this!"
    Ruby: "C'mon Nall! Stop playing with us!"
    Nall: "Get ready for a big surprise!"
    [Nall transforms into a huge White Dragon.]
    Nall: "Well? What do you think?"
    Ruby: "All right. I'm officially surprised..."
    Nall: "I told you..."
    Lucia: "Can the other seals be broken in the same manner?"
    Nall: "Yes, but you must have the correct Aura for each seal. Ghaleon made
          certain that the Dragon Aura was the only way to unlock them. You should
          unlock the Blue Dragon next. Lunn is guarding its Aura at the training
          city of Horam to the south. The way is treacherous, but I will melt some
          of the icebergs blocking the route. Oh! And here...I'll leave you
          something to help you on your way."
    System: White Dragon Crest obtained.
    [He leaves.]
    Ruby: "Nall really does make a very handsome dragon. Too bad he's such a pain
          in the rear... ... Hmmm...maybe there is hope for him yet, though... But,
          I can't even think about leaving Hiro...what would he do without me?!"
    [They reboard the Destiny.]
    Ruby: "Good thing we've got The Destiny at our command. We'll be to the Blue
          Dragon Cave Nall told us about in no time at all! And, if we go south
          from here, I think we can stop in at Horam for snacks and supplies!"
    26) HORAM                                                                [GS26]
    [They make it to the fighting village of Horam. In the main dojo...]
    Wong-Li: "Is there no one among you with the strength of heart to enter the
             tournament and face Lunn?! Don't you understand? If Lunn wins the
             very tournament that I challenged him to enter...then we are
             acknowledging the Shadow Dragon Fist as the ultimate martial art!"
    Student: "I...I'm sorry, Master, but I can't forget what happened a month ago.
             None of us can. We were helpless to stop Lunn as he defeated every
             one of our teachers, including you. How are we supposed to defeat
             Lunn when we are mere students?"
    Wong-Li: "Damn it! If only we had more strength, we could beat Lunn! I know we
             could! No. Strength alone is not the way to conquer an opponent. If we
             use only strength, we might as well use the Shadow Dragon Fist
             ourselves. The true strength of martial arts comes from the heart.
             Lunn was taught that, but he still doesn't understand... ...It's
             unavoidable now. I must fulfill my responsibility. My duty...as Lunn's
             teacher... Visitors? I'm sorry, but we are very busy now. Please
             return to the dojo later...much later."
    Jean: "My name is Jean, sir. I know this will sound rude...but I happened to
          overhear the conversation with your students. Please, sir! I must find
          Lunn and gain entry into the tournament!"
    Wong-Li: "You mustn't talk such nonsense, girl! This is a matter of life and
             death...no, wait. You wear the outfit of a dancer, but I sense that
             it's more of a disguise."
    Jean: "I came here to settle things, teacher. Once and for all. I will use my
          fists to confront my past...when I was a member of the Shadow Dragon
    Student: "The Cult?"
    Wong-Li: "Stand firm, both of you! Please, Jean. I would ask you to continue
             with your story..."
    [She tells it.]
    Wong-Li: "Capturing children...and turning them into assassins! Lunn...why?
             Jean...you cannot erase your past by defeating Lunn, and you must
             realize that. So why do you wish to fight?"
    Jean: "I don't want to fight Lunn to try and erase my past, teacher. I want to
          fight him because of what Hiro taught me. Only by fighting Lunn can I
          confront my past...accept it...and move on with my life. That is why I
          must fight Lunn. That is why I must use this cursed martial art. And
          then...I will be free of it. All of it."
    Wong-Li: "Jean, if you intend to use the Shadow Dragon Fist...I cannot let you
             enter the tournament. The person who fights Lunn must use the Blue
             Dragon Fist."
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "Now hang on just a minute, dojo dude! Why can't Jean use the martial
            art she knows?"
    Lemina: "Yeah! What's the difference? Blue Dragon, Shadow Dragon, it all looks
            the same to me!"
    Wong-Li: "That's correct. The Blue Dragon Fist and Shadow Dragon Fist are
             absolutely identical."
    Jean: "What?!"
    Wong-Li: "The Blue Dragon Fist draws upon the light in a person's heart...and
             the Shadow Dragon Fist calls upon the darkness. They're two sides of
             the same coin. Only a person who has called upon light AND darkness
             can master the Blue Dragon Fist."
    Jean: "... ... ..."
    Wong-Li: "The martial art you practice is not cursed, Jean. You have simply
             failed to notice. The martial art you use is the Blue Dragon Fist."
    Jean: "I...well...wow!"
    Wong-Li: "Jean, I choose you to represent our dojo in the tournament."
    Ruby: "You did it, Jean!"
    Ronfar: "Blue Dragon Fist versus the Shadow Dragon Fist, huh? My money's on
            you, Jean!"
    Lemina: "And when you're done beating Lunn to a pulp, I'll go through his
            pockets and steal his silver!"
    Hiro: "I would wish you luck in the tournament, Jean, but I know you're going
          to win!"
    Jean: "Thank you, everyone!"
    Wong-Li: "Now then, Jean. While your outfit is...pleasant, it is not suitable
             for the tournament. Would you, instead, wear the uniform of our
    Jean: "Of course I would! Thank you!"
    Wong-Li: "Thank you, Jean. You, there...show her to the changing room."
    [Jean goes into the changing room and gets on the outfit.]
    Jean: "Once I tried to bury the past, but it will not be buried. The knowledge
          haunts me; I will deny it no more. And so it has come to this...I must
          now embrace what I once despised. The time has come to put aside the
          mask I have chosen to wear. I'm finished running away; this is my
    [She rejoins everyone.]
    Jean: "Teacher, I promise to prove myself worthy of wearing this wonderful
    Wong-Li: "I know that you will, Jean. Here, take this."
    System: Invitation. You can't enter without it.
    Wong-Li: "I hope you are able to achieve what I could not, Jean. I hope you can
             make Lunn realize how much his quest for power has cost him."
    Jean: "Don't worry, teacher. I'll show him the error of his ways...and the back
          of my fist!"
    Wong-Li: "Well said! Go now, Jean, and draw strength from our prayers!"
    [They go to the southern arena.]
    Man: "Hee, hee, hee! The tournament is soon to begin. Blood will fly gaudily!
         The weak will soon become the dead! But spectators like you are not 
         allowed at this tournament, by order of Wong-Lee. How sad! I would like to
         watch you vomit as you witness the carnage! Hee, hee, hee!"
    Jean: "We've come to WIN this tournament, you sadistic pig. Take a look!"
    System: Invitation given to the gatekeeper.
    Jean: "Hee, hee, hee! You're a curious girl, aren't you, coming here to get
          your pretty face kicked in? I look forward to watching you bleed and
          hearing your pathetic pleas for mercy! Hee, hee, hee!"
    [They enter.]
    Proctor: "This tournament is a single-elimination format. Winners move on and
             go home...usually in body bags. There are eight teams in the tourn-
             -ament, and each team has three members. The last team standing earns
             the right to proclaim their art as the strongest. The first round of
             competition is about to begin. Is your team ready to fight? Good. Now
             then, which three members of your team will be fighting in this
    Jean: "I'll be on the team, of course. Our second fighter will be...Hiro. That
          is, if you don't mind helping me, Hiro."
    Hiro: "Of course I'll help you, Jean!"
    Jean: "Thanks, Hiro. Well, then, the third and final fighter is..."
    Ronfar: "Jean, you don't have to ask. As the only guy left on the team, you
            have to choose me."
    Lemina: "Isn't your way of thinking a little, I don't know, piggish?! Maybe
            you haven't heard, but women are quite capable of doing anything men
            can do."
    Ronfar: "Yeah...you're absolutely right, Lemina. So, I guess you should take
            my place. I'm glad to see you're doing something so unselfish, by the
            way. You ARE aware that there isn't any prize money in this tournament,
    Lemina: "... ... ...Well, Jean, good luck. Lucia and I will be right over here,
            cheering for all of you!"
    Jean: "Ha, ha, ha! Thanks, Ronfar. I needed a good laugh to ease the tension.
          Alright, you guys! I know it's only the first round, but fight with all
          your strength. We can't afford to play it safe, because we can't afford
          to lose..."
    [They defeat the Wolf Clan.]
    Proctor: "Congratulations! Your team has advanced to the second round. The
             other matches are still in progress, so I suggest you rest until
             we're ready to proceed..."
    [They hang around.]
    Ronfar: "Well, THAT was easy. Did those fools think it was a sparring match,
            or what?"
    Ruby: "No, those fools made the mistake of getting into a fight with Hiro!"
    Jean: "We can't get cocky, you guys. Not until we've beaten the Shadow Dragon
    Voice: "WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"
    Ronfar: "What was THAT?!"
    [The Shadow Dragon Cult beat their opponents easily.]
    Assassin: "Why did you bother to enter this tournament, you pathetic morons?!
              Your skills are PATHETIC!"
    Armadillo: "Ahhh...you...you have...won. Please...please...stop..."
    Assassin: "Shut up! Fools like you are not allowed to speak in our presence!
              We reject your feeble attempt to surrender. Our victory must be
              absolute. Observe! NOW do you understand the power of the Shadow
              Dragon Fist?! DO YOU?!?!"
    Hiro: "Why did they do that, Jean?! They'd already won the match!"
    Jean: "That's the nature of Shadow Dragon Karate, Hiro. Members of the Cult
          hunger for blood. They don't want to win. They want to kill..."
    Proctor: "We're ready to start the second round. Is your team prepared?"
    Hiro: "As ready as we'll ever be."
    Proctor: "Then let the match begin!"
    [They defeat the Wolf Clan.]
    Proctor: "Congratulations! Your team has advanced to the final round of the
             tournament! Your opponents in the grand championship are the Shadow
             Dragon Cult!"
    Ruby: "I was hoping someone would take care of those homicidal maniacs for
          us...but I guess we'll have to take care of them ourselves!"
    Proctor: "We're ready to begin the final match. Are you prepared to face the
             Shadow Dragon Cult?"
    Hiro: "You'd better believe it!"
    Proctor: "Start the final battle!"
    Ronfar: "It's funny. I thought I'd be a little scared of these Shadow Dragon
            guys...but for some reason, I can't stop laughing. Weird, huh?"
    Jean: "It's not weird at all, Ronfar. I think it's very normal to laugh in the
          face of death. ... ... ..." (I can't succumb to the hatred I feel for
          Lunn...for if I do, he's already won the fight.) "I will defeat Lunn with
          Blue Dragon Karate. I will dissolve the darkness with light!"
    [They defeat the cultists in the final match.]
    Proctor: "Amazing! The winners of the tournament are Jean and her friends!"
    Ruby: "I knew we could do it, Hiro! The Shadow Dragon Cult never had a chance!"
    Ronfar: "'We' could do it, Ruby? All I remember you doing is sitting on your
            little pink butt."
    Ruby: "Did you say something, Ronfar? I didn't think so!"
    [They go over to Lunn.]
    Lunn: "I knew you would win, Jean. You are still the finest I have ever
          produced. Jean, you still haven't come to realize the truth, have you?"
    Jean: "Silence, Lunn! It's time for you to make good on your promise, and fight
    Lunn: "Mahhh, Jean! The martial arts are nothing more than an official way to
          terminate opposers. Power is not a reward...it's a jewel to be snatched
          from the weak and foolish. As one of my students, you should know this
          better than anyone else. You always were the bright one. The only way to
          defeat me is to compromise your principles by using my Karate of Death.
          Join me again, Jean. I know it's what you want more than anything. Muh,
          ha, ha, ha, ha!
    Jean: "You're wrong, Lunn. Your worm-infested heart hides the truth from your
          eyes. Power grows when spread amongst the many and and perishes when
          hoarded by a few. I intend to show you the power of free will by
          delivering a crushing blow to you in the tournament! If I win, you will
          no longer use the Shadow Dragon Fist. And you will no longer take
          children from their homes and train them in your twisted art."
    Lunn: "Heh, heh, heh! Very well, Jean. If you win, I will forsake the Shadow
          Dragon Fist forever. But what incentive do I have to win, Jean, besides
          the utter satisfaction in killing you? Of course! If I win, I will be
          allowed to claim the lives of all your friends! Well, Jean? Are your
          friends willing to place their faith in you? Heh, heh, heh!"
          -> I...I'm not ready to fight.
             Lunn: "Heh, heh, heh! What's the matter, Jean? I thought you were
                   going to defeat me! Did you suddenly realize that all the brave
                   words in the world won't save your life?"
          -> Then I suppose I have to win!
             Jean: "All of you...please...entrust me with your lives!"
             Lemina: "Uh...can I just lend it to you, instead? Don't worry, Jean.
                     I know you're gonna win!"
             Ronfar: "Well, why don't we all just fight with Jean, just to make
                     sure? Good idea, right?"
             Jean: "I appreciate the offer, Ronfar, but I have to do this myself."
             Hiro: "Don't worry, Ronfar. I know Jean is going to win, because our
                   faith makes her strong!"
             Lucia: "Jean...the course you have chosen has placed the future of
                    this world in your hands. If you lose here, the entire world
                    will feel the pain of that defeat for all eternity."
             Jean: "Don't worry, Lucia. I've waited too long for this moment, and I
                   don't intend to lose! Lunn! This is...your last fight!"
    [She defeats Lunn.]
    Lunn: "Well...well done, Jean. But...how...did you use...the Blue Dragon Fist?
          I never taught you...anything about that art."
    Jean: "My technique hasn't changed at all, Lunn. It's my heart that has
          changed. I use the skills you taught me...but I don't use them to kill.
          I use my skills to fight for my friends, and for the future. I don't know
          if it's the Blue Dragon Fist. I don't know if it even has a name. I just
          entrust my body to the warmth and the strength that I feel in my heart."
    Lunn: "I believe that I would become invincible if I cut off my own emotions.
          But you...you grow strong by drawing upon your emotions, and by placing
          your faith in others. I don't understand...but I could not overcome your
          strength, and I must acknowledge your power."
    Lucia: "Lunn, please give us the Aura of the Blue Dragon."
    Lunn: "Here, it is yours. Do as you wish with it. I have no use for it anymore.
    System: Blue Dragon Aura obtained from Lunn.
    Lunn: "The cave in which the Blue Dragon sleeps is to the north of here. The
          revival of Zophar means nothing to me. Nor do I care about the Blue
          Dragon. I obeyed Althena's Chosen only so that I could devote my life to
          fighting. Heh, heh, heh. I just recalled something that my teacher, Wong-
          -Lee, once told me. He said there was no way to teach the Blue Dragon
          Fist...but that you would know when you have mastered it...because you
          would feel it in your heart. I didn't understand what he meant...but
          now...I must retrain myself. I want to feel what you do, Jean. Your words
          will remain with me forever, Jean, engraved on my heart..."
    27) BLUE DRAGON CAVE                                                     [GS27]
    [They find the Blue Dragon's lair and the crystallized ally.]
    System: Blue Dragon Aura was thrown at the crystal.
    Blue Dragon: "Yaaaaawn... Aw, man! Every time I'm having a cool dream, some
                 tomb-raiding human wakes me up! Hey, hold on. You're not an
                 adventurer. You're Lucia, the child of the Blue Star! And if
                 you're here, that means...it means I'm going back to sleep and
                 pretending I never saw you. Good night..."
    Lucia: "This is no dream, Blue Dragon of Althena. I have come from the Blue
           Star to awaken you."
    Blue Dragon: "I was afraid you'd say that. Well...what's happening in this
                 world since I started snoozing?"
    Lucia: "Zophar has been revived, Blue Dragon, and he wants to enslave the
    Blue Dragon: "So you need me and the other Dragons to free Althena from her
                 bonds...so together you can return Zophar to his magical prison."
    Lucia: "You are correct, Blue Dragon. As a child of Althena, it is your duty to
           aid me."
    Blue Dragon: "I know that, Lucia, but we Dragons were also charged with
                 protecting this world. And if you use Althena's power to seal up
                 Zophar, the world--"
    Lucia: "Silence! You should know not to speak of such matters in the presence
           of humans!"
    Blue Dragon: "Oops...sorry about that, Lucia. I tend to ramble, if you haven't
                 already noticed. Anyway...I will do everything in my power to aid
                 you. Do you accept my pledge of loyalty?"
    Lucia: "Of course, Blue Dragon. Thank you for your pledge."
    Blue Dragon: "The next Dragon on your list should be the Black Dragon. She's
                 in a sanctuary to the south. We'll meet again when you've revived
                 all four Dragons. Now then...I'm going back to sleep!"
    System: Blue Dragon Crest obtained.
    Hiro: "The Blue Dragon's definitely...informal, isn't he? I just hope he gets
          a little more serious when we need his power to free the Goddess."
    Ruby: "I wonder what kind of Dragon I'm going to be... I thought I understood
          the significance of being one of the Four Dragons...but I was wrong. I
          don't think I understood what it meant until this moment. Now I'm 
          starting to think like a Dragon would..."
    [In the south, Neo-Vane floats above the river.]
    Hiro: "What the...?! Do you guys see what I see?"
    Jean: "I can't believe this! Pinch me, because I must be dreaming!"
    Ronfar: "I've never seen anything like that in my life...and I'll take a rain
            check on that pinch."
    Lucia: "Since Althena is no longer powering this world...how do they have such
           magic to levitate an entire city?"
    Lemina: "It's just as they described it in the legends. A magical city,
            floating in the sky...Neo-Vane!"
    Ruby: "What's going on?!"
    Hiro: "The Destiny can't move!"
    Lucia: "This...this magic. It is using the power of the Black Dragon...which
           means that the floating city must also be drawing upon its power.
    28) NEO-VANE                                                             [GS28]
    [They reach Zaback and teleport to the floating city. Inside...]
    Girl: "Hello, strangers! Is this your first visit to Neo-Vane? Then you might
          not know that only the magically gifted are allowed into our glorious
          city. Thus, you all need to have your magical power verified. Please
          follow me."
    [The floor symbol teleports the party into two separate areas.]
    Jean: "Hey, sister, what do you mean Ronfar and I are no good?! Isn't that just
          a bit rude?!"
    Ronfar: "I don't need this. Jean and I will wait outside of this dump. Hey,
            lady...if that's indeed what you are...we're leaving. Hurry up and let
            us out."
    Girl: "Oh, goodness. I'm afraid you don't understand at all. The two of you are
          not allowed to enter Neo-Vane...and you are also not allowed to leave.
    [A trapdoor opens and they fall.]
    Ruby: "Ronfar! Jean!!"
    Girl: "People without magic power, like those two commoners...are made to work
          in the mines of Zaback until they die. Harsh, but necessary, I'm afraid.
          In any case. To the rest of you, congratulations, and welcome to the
          wonderful city of Neo-Vane!"
    [They find Ronfar in the mines.]
    Ronfar: "I don't believe you guys found me in this crazy place! I have no idea
            where Jean ended up. I can't believe I had to take a magic test like
            that. There's no way I could pass! I'm a preacher, not a
            prestidigitator! This place is worse than I had heard."
    Lemina: "...I'm so sorry, Ronfar."
    Ronfar: "Why are you so sorry, Lemina? It's not your fault, that's for sure."
    Lemina: "I mean, they're all supposed to be magicians...they give us all a bad
    Ronfar: "I did hear that there's an exit of some sort at the bottom of this
            hellish labyrinth. It's supposed to be some kind of secret entrance
            to the Magic Guild. They say Lord Fatty uses it, so it's gotta be big.
            Let's keep our eyes peeled for it."
    [Jean's nearby, too.]
    Jean: "I was beginning to wonder if you would ever rescue me! I guess the test
          bore out that I'm not gifted with magical ability. I'm definitely a
          dancer of the non-magical variety...but to be dropped like that...OW!"
    Lemina: "Oh Jean...I...I'm so sorry."
    Jean: "Lemina, you didn't know. Don't feel guilty. I'm not mad at you at all.
          I've heard around that Borgan sometimes comes down here. They say there's
          some kind of secret door he uses at the bottom of this maze. I wonder
          what he could possibly have to do down here?"
    [They reach the B5 secret door.]
    Lemina: "Okay, time to break the spell on this thing...watch and learn! What
            are you waiting for? ...let's go!"
    [They enter the Magic Guild and find Borgan.]
    Lemina: "...Borgan!"
    Borgan: "Muh, hu, hu, hu, hu, ha, ha... Why, if it isn't little Lemina and
            friends. I trust you've had time to look around Neo-Vane? You've seen
            the fruits of my discipline and tight regulation. Neo-Vane is vastly
            superior to the original in every way. Once people forget about the old
            Vane, I will begin a glorious new Magic Guild...right here. Bow before
            the new premier of the Neo-Vane Magic Guild! If you're lucky, perhaps
            I'll spare your lives! Hm, hm, hm, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho..."
    Lemina: "Borgan, you're dreaming! I won't let you get away with this!"
    Borgan: "You...are a fool!"
    Lemina: "Yes...I am. I'm a fool for wasting so much of my time ignoring the
            advice my mother gave me. She said that restoring the Magic Guild
            alone wasn't enough...I needed to revive the history and tradition of
            Vane. I never realized how important that was...until I saw this
            disgusting mockery of everything Vane stands for. I just hope it's not
            too late to stop you..."
    Borgan: "It sounds like you're already admitting defeat. I can't believe that
            you would utter such words. Why don't you admit that I've created a
            utopia here in Neo-Vane? This place has surpassed the ancient Vane in
            every way. Why don't you acknowledge my success and submit to me? Geh,
            heh, heh, heh..."
    Lemina: "...No! I will defeat you! And I will prove to you that you're wrong.
            Magic is NOT everything in this world. I should have known that I
            would have to beat the truth into you!"
    Borgan: "My power is much different than it used to be, Lemina. Are you really
            that confident? Let's see what you can do!"
    [They defeat Borgan.]
    Borgan: "How demeaning..."
    System: Black Dragon Aura taken from Borgan.
    Lucia: "Just as he lost the power of the Black Dragon...he will lose his own
           power. Borgan's magic was entirely dependant on the Aura of the Black
    Lemina: "And with the end of Borgan also means the end of Neo-Vane. No more
            discrimination, and no more abuse of magic power. This is mega-cool!
            Borgan! Where is my mother?!"
    Borgan: "... ... ..."
    Lemina: "Borgan! BORGAN!!! What's WRONG with you? This is no time to be
            sleeping! Maybe he's not sleeping. Maybe he's unconscious. Not that it
            matters! What has he DONE with my mother? I know it's horrible,
            whatever it is! Mother, just hold on a while longer! I'm on my way!
            You'll be free soon!"
    [They find Miria upstairs.]
    Miria: "Lemina?! How did you get here?"
    Lemina: "Mother! Are you alright? He didn't hurt you, did he?"
    Miria: "Calm down, Lemina. I'm fine. Oh, how I prayed that you would find me."
    Lemina: "Mother, you know that I would give my very life to save yours! If
            Borgan caused you any pain, I'll make him pay ten-fold in misery!"
    Miria: "Were you worried about that? No, my dear, Borgan treated me like
           royalty. Just take a look over there. He gave me all of those gifts. I
           told him that he didn't need to give me anything, but he simply wouldn't
    Lemina: "You're not seriously thinking about keeping them, are you?"
    [The place shakes.]
    Lemina: "Aaahhhhh!! What's happening?!"
    Borgan: "Geh, heh, heh, heh! Neo-Vane has begun its great fall! Now that I no
            longer have the power of the Black Dragon, Neo-Vane cannot fly. Without
            me, there is no way that you can use the Black Dragon's power. What
            now, dumpling? I guess we'll have to work closely together to save Neo-
            -Vane! Well, Lemina, the decision is all yours, and there is no time to
            think about it. Can you live with the blood of all these people on your
            hands? Now give me the power of the Black Dragon or we'll all die!"
    Lemina: "Borgan...you are..."
    Lucia: "Do not worry, Lemina. To use the power of the Black Dragon is simple
           for me."
    [Lucia softens Neo-Vane's descent.]
    Lucia: "It's alright now. We've landed safely on the ground."
    Borgan: "Damn you, Lucia! Why did you do such a stupid thing?! ... ... ... I
            no longer have any magical powers. My failure is complete. I only
            wanted to create a place where people like myself could learn magic...
            ...but my dream is forever lost. I don't want to go back to the way I
            was! I need my power! ... ... ... Please, Lemina...finish me off."
    Lemina: "Borgan..."
    Borgan: "I don't want to continue living a powerless, meaningless existence.
            I would rather die... I am ready for you to strike me down, Lemina,
            and end my hopeless life..."
    Lemina: "...Borgan, I have to apologize."
    Borgan: "You...you do?!"
    Lemina: "I take responsibility for what you tried to do with Neo-Vane. I've
            never really understood the purpose of the Magic Guild until now. When
            I looked into a mirror, you were my reflection... I have the
            responsibility to help everyone who wants to learn magic...and to use
            magic to assist people who DON'T want to learn magic. The Magic Guild
            is necessary for a world like that, a world where everyone is happy.
            And we are at a crossroads. The Magic Guild of Vane must be rebuilt.
            Borgan, will you help with the reconstruction of the Guild?"
    Borgan: "...What?! Lemina, you are too kind...but I don't belong in a world
            like the one you speak of. ... ... ... Please take this, Lemina."
    System: Cave Key. This was the key to my success.
    Borgan: "You can enter the Black Dragon Cave with that key. The entrance to the
            Cave is in the Zaback mines. Be careful."
    Lemina: "Thanks, Borgan!"
    29) BLACK DRAGON CAVE                                                    [GS29]
    [After defeating the Black Fiend, they find the real dragon.]
    System: Black Dragon Aura was thrown at the crystal.
    Black Dragon: "Lucia, you have come at last! That you stand before me now,
                  and that you have revived me, can only mean that..."
    Lucia: "...Zophar has been reborn into this world. We need your help to destroy
    Black Dragon: "Lucia, I feel the conflict within you...the pain that lives in
                  your mind and heart. But that agony is the key to making
                  Althena's dream for you into a reality."
    Lucia: "The dream of Althena? What do you mean? I do not understand. All that
           Althena and I have are our mission. We have no dreams."
    Black Dragon: "So it is true... The duty of the Four Dragons is to protect this
                  world, and to help revive the Blue Star. But the future of this
                  world is now entrusted to you, Lucia. Now that my power has been
                  restored to me, your ship will now be able to move again. We will
                  meet again when the Red Dragon has been revived... Go! Quickly
    System: Black Dragon Crest obtained.
    Ruby: "So, now that the Black Dragon has been revived, what's our next move?
          White, Blue, and Black. We've revived three of the Dragons. Now it's...
          my turn to face my destiny. I...I know it sounds silly, but I'm kind of
    [They make it back to the Destiny and head for the nearest village.]
    30) RACULI                                                               [GS30]
    Ronfar: "Hmmm...just as I remember it. Nothing ever changes in this ol' town.
            Ever since I was a kid growing up here with Leo and Mauri, it's been
            the same..."
    [Leo is nearby.]
    Ronfar: "Leo!"
    Leo: "I've been waiting for you, Ronfar. It's good to see you again. How many
         years has it been since you visited Raculi last? I think the last time
         you were here was during the epidemic... The disease was terrible. It
         claimed the lives of everyone that caught it."
    Ronfar: "All but one...Mauri. ... But the price she paid for taking the potion
            I gave her was so high. I..."
    Leo: "There is no need to apologize, Ronfar. The potion you gave her saved her
         life. Even though she now is a tortured soul, there is yet hope of curing
         her. Without the potion, she would be dead at this moment. Ronfar, you
         have nothing to be ashamed of. You did the best you could."
    Ronfar: "...Leo...I..."
    Leo: "We must concentrate on returning Mauri to normal."
    Ronfar: "...Leo! Do you know of a way to awaken her from the trance? Don't give
            me false hope!"
    Leo: "...there is a way...but...I have to think about it a while longer..."
    [He leaves.]
    Ronfar: "Leo...don't leave me hanging like this! Come back! What's the way to
            cure Mauri?!!!
    [They find him in his old house.]
    Leo: "It's good to be home. Looks like they kept the house in good repair while
         I was gone. I'll have to remember to thank the Mayor for that when I see
         him. Nothing really changes around here...except Mauri. Mauri's life was
         spared by taking that potion, but in exchange, she..."
    Ronfar: "..."
    Leo: "You couldn't have known what you were really giving her. The potion was
         really the blood of Zophar!"
    Ronfar: "Z...Zophar!?"
    Leo: "It saved her life, but made her a slave to the dark master himself. And
         now she's 'cleansing' the villagers, one by one, enslaving them, too."
    Hiro: "Making them servants of Zophar as well..."
    Leo: "The only thing that can restore her to us is the power of Althena. But
         now that Mauri has sealed the power of the Red Dragon, Althena's power is
         bound. ... And that leaves us only one way to save the villagers..."
    Ronfar: "Leo...you couldn't possibly mean to kill Mauri...!?"
    Leo: "Ronfar...it is for the return of Althena...for the return of the
         villagers... Oh, Mauri... ... Farewell, Ronfar. I do not think we shall
         meet again..."
    Ronfar: "W...Wait, Leo!"
    [He leaves.]
    Ronfar: "Damn! There has to be something I can do besides sit on the sideline
            looking helpless! Think, Ronfar, THINK!"
    Lucia: "The only way to drive Zohpar from this place is by means of Althena's
           power. But even something that contains a fraction of Althena's power
           might be useful..."
    Ronfar: "Really, Lucia? Then...there is hope! According to the legends, there
            is rumored to be an ancient stone in the palace. It is called the Aura
            of Althena. And it is said to carry the essence of Althena's power and
    Lucia: "If it exists...that may be the way to save Mauri and all the villagers!
    Ronfar: "It sounds like the only chance we have to save everyone. We've got to
            go to Serak Palace and try to find it. Let's go!"
    31) SERAK PALACE                                                         [GS31]
    [They search the place and find...]
    Ronfar: "This is Althena's Aura..."
    System: Althena's Aura. Relic of the Goddess.
    Lucia: "With the essence of Althena's power contained within this jewel, we
           can clear every trace of Zophar's dark power from this place. Only two
           can release the power in this jewel. Althena herself...and me. Stay back
           as I release the power within. You may wish to shield your eyes. In the
           name of Lucia of the Blue Star...I command Althena's power within this
           jewel! Be released and clear the darkness from before us!"
    [A bright light shines.]
    Lucia: "With the power of Althena's Aura, Zophar's wicked blood has been
           rendered impotent."
    Ronfar: "Lucia, I don't know how to thank you properly! Oh, Mauri...hold on..."
    [They find her on the first floor. Leo is talking to her.]
    Mauri: "Leo... Where am I? Wha...what happened?"
    Leo: "I will not fall for you deception! Now you shall decide if you toil for
         good or evil."
    Mauri: "Leo? W-what are you saying? I don't understand...I...I'm scared..."
    Leo: "Silence! I shall not be manipulated into a position of weakness by your
         act! Your pathetic attempt to gain my pity should shame you, Mauri. You
         are nothing more than a tool of Zophar..but no longer! I shall bring back
         on your head all the blood you have shed at Zophar's behest!"
    Ronfar: "Wait! Leo! No! Mauri! Do you understand me? It's me...Ronfar!"
    Mauri: "Ronfar? What are you doing here?"
    Ronfar: "...Mauri! You're back to normal, right!? This is the happiest day of
            my life! Lucia must have succeeded in breaking the hold of Zophar's
    [She warps backwards in a fiery teleportation move.]
    Mauri: "...hm, hm, hm...I see it all clearly now...Lucia did it with Althena's
    Ronfar: "...Ma...Mauri!?"
    Mauri: "It seemed strange that Zophar's power left suddenly..."
    Ronfar: "...Wh, why!? Why have only you remained under Zophar's black power?"
    Lucia: "I was afraid this might happen. I believe that Mauri was under the
           influence of Zophar for too long. The essence of Zophar's power still
           has some kind of hold on her soul. It's trying to claim her mind and
           heart, once and for all... If Zophar's essence succeeds in taking her
           over, she will remain a vessel of Zophar's evil forever. And then...
           neither I nor Althena can do anything to bring her back."
    Mauri: "Hm hm hm...Mauri's heart? It has already been taken from you!"
    Ronfar: "I just can't watch her slip away like this, Lucia! Please! I'll do
            anything to save her! There must be a way..."
    Lucia: "...If you truly mean that, Ronfar, there might be a way. But it may
           cost you your life."
    Ronfar: "Yes. YES! I'll do it...anything!"
    Lucia: "To save her now, you must enter her subconscious, and do battle against
           the evil within her. But, if you fail, both your lives shall be lost.
           ...There is only a small amount of Althena's power left in this, but it
           should be adequate."
    Mauri: "What are you mumbling! You will not be able to destroy me, no matter
           how hard you try. I will kill you here!"
    Ronfar: "I will not run away again. I'm going to save you, Mauri! I shall
            return with the gentle Mauri I love..."
    Lucia: "Are you certain that you wish to risk your live to save hers? Once I
           use this power, there can be no turning back."
    Ronfar: "Mauri is the only person I've ever loved! I have to do this! C'mon,
            Lucia...hit me with it!"
    [Lucia uses the power on Mauri.]
    Mauri: "Whatever you did was useless! I shall turn everything to ash...SUFFER
           FOR ALL ETERNITY!"
    [She changes into the hydra-type monster.]
    Leo: "Ronfar, I sure hope you know what you're doing...plan your course
         carefully, or we're all dead. Until you return, we'll hold our ground..."
    [Ronfar appears in Mauri's mind.]
    Ronfar: "Whoa! Creep-O-Rama! I've always wanted to get inside Mauri's head,
            but this isn't how I planned on doing it... ...But this is no time for
            bad jokes. I've got to find Mauri before it's too late. I just hope the
            others are all right..."
    [He sees something shining on the path.]
    Ronfar: "This is...?"
    [Flashback: A young Mauri is being attacked by some monsters in Raculi.]
    Mauri: "N...no! Don't step any closer! I...I'm scared! Save me, Ronfar!"
    Ronfar: "Mauri!!! Stand away from the girl. Let's see if you can stand to fight
            like a man!"
    Mauri: "Ronfar...NO!!"
    [The flashback abruptly ends.]
    Zophar: "Hahahaha! Mauri no longer has a heart... Let us erase this
            insignificant memory..."
    Ronfar: "How dare you! I won't let you get away with this!"
    [Five copies of Mauri are nearby.]
    Mauri 1: "Oh Ronfar, I can scarcely believe that you would be suspicious of me.
             If you are, it would kill me, but I must know. Are you?"
             -> Why would I be?
                Mauri 1: "Hm, hm, hm, hm... Of course you would never doubt me,
                         your one true love!
             -> You're not Mauri!
                Mauri: "What? Are you saying that you don't believe what you see?
                       Well then... Everything shall become fuel for the glorious
    [Meanwhile, the dragon-fighting party cuts off one of the hydra's heads.]
    Mauri 2: "Oh, dear Ronfar, have you come to throw away everything we once had?
             Do you doubt that I have our best interests at heart?"
             -> I couldn't doubt you, Mauri.
                Mauri 2: "Hm, hm, hm... Well then, that's more like the response I
                         wished to hear..."
             -> You cannot be Mauri!
                Mauri 2: "Why would you say that, my darling? Is it because I can
                         torture you eternally? Everything shall become fuel for
                         the glorious flames!"
    [Meanwhile, the dragon-fighting party cuts off one of the hydra's heads.]
    Mauri 3: "Oh sweet Ronfar. If your heart is not sure, we can never be right.
             Do you doubt the love I hold out to you?"
             -> I have no doubt, darling.
                Mauri 3: "Hm, hm, hm... Those are the words I longed to hear from
                         your lips."
             -> I doubt that you're even Mauri!
                Mauri 3: "Well, then, I do not see how we can have a future
                         together, then... Everything shall become fuel for the
                         glorious flames!
    [Meanwhile, the dragon-fighting party cuts off one of the hydra's heads.]
    Mauri 4: "Oh my sweet Ronfar. I've longed to have you alone with me... Will you
             be mine forever?"
             -> Yeah, of course.
                Mauri 4: "Oh Ronfar, I can't tell you how happy this makes me...
                         Come closer and let us forget the bonds of eternity..."
             -> No! You're not Mauri!
                Mauri 4: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Have you never
                         heard this, Ronfar? Everything shall become fuel for the
                         glorious flames!"
    [A memory is left in place of the fifth Mauri copy (from previous flashback):]
    Ronfar: "Stay away from the girl!"
    Mauri: "Ronfar..."
    Ronfar: "Stay behind me Mauri! I won't let these beasts touch a hair on your
    [He gets KO'd and some villagers help neutralize the threat.]
    Mauri: "Ronfar, are you alright...? Hey, wake up, Ronfar."
    Ronfar: "...ungh...Ow ow ow ow..."
    Mauri: "...the monsters were driven away by the adults..."
    Ronfar: "Y...yeah..."
    Mauri: "...W...what's wrong?"
    Ronfar: "I...I failed you. That was a pathetic attempt to protect you."
    Mauri: "Oh Ronfar! That's not true. The beasts were too strong. There was no
           way to defeat them alone."
    Ronfar: "But Mauri, if I were stronger, I could have protected you!"
    Mauri: "Oh, Ronfar..."
    Ronfar: "I swear to Althena, I shall become a man strong enough to protect
    Mauri: "Ronfar..."
    Ronfar: "I'm completely serious, Mauri. You deserve someone who can protect you
            from harm. I vow that that person will always be me..."
    Mauri: "...he he he."
    Ronfar: "Hey! What's so funny about that? I'm being serious!"
    Mauri: "Oh Ronfar! I'm laughing because I'm happy! You just made a backward
           proposal, I think!"
    Ronfar: "What...!? Er...that is... Well, you see... ...Ha hah AAAhahahahaha!"
    Mauri: "Ehehehehe..."
    [Flashback ends.]
    Ronfar: "Mauri...I made a vow, and I intend to keep it. I shall protect you
    [A memory's nearby. It's from the epidemic era, after drinking the potion.]
    Mauri: "Wrong, it's wrong... Wh...y...am, am I...doing this... S...Save...me...
           Ro...Ronfar! ... A heroic effort. But, there is no one in this world who
           can save you. You are alone. Ronfar!"
    Ronfar: "Mauri...there is one thing I must ask you. Of all the towns and
            villages you've been to in your travels for The Chosen...not a single
            one has escaped some terrible calamity. Fires, disappearing villagers,
            terrible monsters...the list goes on and on. ...At first, I thought it
            was merely a coincidence, but... Tell me, Mauri, truthfully. Were you
            the one responsible for the suffering of so many?"
    Mauri: "...Oh, dear, sweet Ronfar. Why do you suddenly doubt me? Those were
           all unfortunate accidents. Hm, hm, hm... Gwah...it...it can't be!"
    Ronfar: "What's wrong!? Hold on, Mauri!!"
    Mauri: "...ungh, uu...Ro...ron...Ronfar! I...I am..."
    Zophar: "Worthless! There are still fragments of heart here. Mauri does not
            need a heart any longer. I shall crush it!"
    [Two copies of Mauri appear in the distance.]
    Ronfar: "Mauri... Hold on, Mauri. I'm coming to rescue you!"
    Mauri 5: "My sweet, pure Ronfar. How I've longed to have you alone with me. I
             want to be with you like this for all eternity. Do you?"
             -> Of course, my sweet.
                Mauri: "Oh Ronfar, I can't tell you how happy you have made me.
                       Eternity has just begun...
             -> You are not Mauri!
                Mauri: "If you doubt...it may cost you dearly... Everything will
                       become fodder for the burning flames!
    [The last of Mauri's Id is defeated in battle. Everyone's back in the Palace.]
    Hiro: "...Ronfar! RONFAR! Can you hear me?"
    Ruby: "Ronfar! Oh, why won't he wake up!?"
    Jean: "Even though the monsters are gone...he hasn't come back! What should we
          do, Lucia!?"
    Lucia: "Mauri's heart has been blackened by Zophar for some time. It is as if
           it were a locked door. If Ronfar cannot open her heart to love, the door
           shall remain sealed forever. And they will both remain like this...lost
           to use forever."
    Leo: "No! I will not accept that. Come on, Ronfar! You can do it... You are the
         only one who has the power to save Mauri...we can't help you now.
         Ronfar...you must do it! I'm not ready to lose you both!"
    [In Mauri's mind, another memory plays. It's from the epidemic flashback.]
    Ronfar: "Mauri! Did you do THAT?"
    Mauri: "...uh uungh...Ro...Ron...far..I...I..."
    Ronfar: "What's wrong!? Hold on, Mauri!!"
    Mauri: "... Hm, hm, hm. Those that do not bend to Althena's teachines must bend
           to divine retribution!"
    Ronfar: "Ma...Mauri...you... Hm, hm, hm, hm... No! It cannot be! I refuse to
            believe it!"
    Mauri: "Quiet yourself, Ronfar. I have much to do...leave me!"
    [She leaves.]
    Ronfar: "Mauri changed after I gave her the potion. If the potion I received
            from The Chosen is the cause of her change... Then I am the one
            responsible for this! I have blackened her heart! I have taken the one
            thing I was to protect for the rest of my life and broken it!
    Ronfar: "...that's right. I was scared...of knowing the truth... I couldn't
            deal with the fact that I ruined the oneI loved so much. I couldn't
            face the awful truth, so I ran from The Chosen...and from Mauri. I
            didn't understand her suffering. And yet...I was powerless to ease it.
            ...But I shall not run any longer! I will release Mauri from this
            darkness once and for all!"
    [He finds her on the town outlook (of her mind).]
    Mauri: "Ronfar?"
    Ronfar: "Mauri...I'm finally here for you. Come on, let's go home..."
    Mauri: "No..don't come near me! I've done terrible things! You know...don't
    Ronfar: "Mauri.."
    Mauri: "I am no longer the one you knew and loved. I've done such horrible
           things to so many people... I should be punished, alone..in this world.
           So please, Ronfar, go home... I can't bear to let you see what I've
    Ronfar: "The Mauri I knew understood the pain in people's hearts and healed
            them gently. She felt the pain of others more acutely than even they
            did...and that Mauri is standing before me, punishing herself for
            things she couldn't control."
    Mauri: "But Ronfar, I just..."
    Ronfar: "Mauri, I won't leave you alone again. If there is a burden to carry
            for what you've done, put it on me...I can bear it. Just come with
            me...I can show you the love you deserve."
    Mauri: "Oh Ronfar...my love.."
    Ronfar: "Oh Mauri..you haven't changed at all..this is the feeling I missed all
            these years."
    [In reality, they're hugging each other.]
    Leo: "...Ronfar! Mauri!"
    Mauri: "Leo!?"
    Leo: "Thank goodness...Mauri... I'm so grateful things worked out as they did.
         Thank you, Ronfar."
    Leo: "It's not...a dream, right? I just can't tell anymore...this seems too
         good to be true..."
    Ronfar: "No dream this time...it's better!"
    Ruby: "Hey, Ronfar! How about we seal this little reunion with a kiss!"
    Ronfar: "Ruby, you are an insufferable runt, aren't you?"
    Mauri: "Hee hee hee..."
    Hiro: "...Leo! Where are you going!?"
    Ronfar: "Yeah, Leo, what's up? Aren't you going to stay with us? We've got
            quite a team here..."
    Leo: "...my assistance is no longer necessary. All that remains is to unlock
         the power of the Red Dragon to revive the Goddess Althena. You have done
         most of this without my assistance. I am no longer necessary... ..."
    [He leaves.]
    Hiro: "Leo..."
    Ronfar: "That guy..."
    Mauri: "Oh Leo... Ronfar...take this...it's what I was trying to keep from The
    System: Red Dragon Aura. I know it'll be safe with you.
    Mauri: "The entrance to the Red Dragon's cave can be found in this room. Be
    32) RED DRAGON CAVE                                                      [GS32]
    [They approach the entrance.]
    Ruby: "This is the Red Dragon Cave. This is where I'm going to take on my true
          form...but I don't know if I'm really ready to become an adult Dragon. I
          don't know if I'm ready to protect the world...
    ????: "You're right to have doubts, Ruby, because you're not ready to grow up.
          Not just yet. Right now, you're just a scared little girl, afraid of
          losing her friends, afraid of change."
    [Nall warps in.]
    Ruby: "Nall?! What the heck are YOU doing here?!"
    Nall: "Listen to me, Ruby. You and I are Dragons. We didn't choose to be. We
          were born to be. We are children of Althena, just like humans, be we are
          very different. And a Dragon never matures until he, or she, accepts
          that. Althena gave us eternal life, Ruby. It's wonderful, but it's also
          horrible. Because you have to watch your human friends grow old. You have
          to say goodbye, and watch them die..."
    Ruby: "Stop saying such stupid things, Nall! I'll never say goodbye to Hiro!
          We'll always be together! Hiro and I are more than friends! Hiro and I
          are love--"
    Nall: "Stop being so spoiled, Ruby! I understand the feelings you have, wanting
          to stay with Hiro and the others forever. I had friends like that, too. A
          long, long time ago... Saying goodbye to Hiro...and the people you love
          ...will be the hardest thing you ever do. It will make you hurt. It will
          make you cry. But...Hiro and the others will be with you long after they
          die. The adventures you're having with Hiro and the others will become
          wonderful memories. And those memories will live in your heart,
    Ruby: "... ... ..."
    Nall: "You'll experience stronger emotions as an adult, Ruby. Deeper joy.
          Deeper sorrow. And in those times of sorrow, you'll call upon your
          memories to make yourself happy again. You'll hear Hiro's voice...you'll
          see his smiling face...and you'll find the strength to go on. Do you
          understand what I've told you, Ruby? Or was I just freaking you out?"
    Ruby: "... ... ..."
    Nall: "I guess you're freaked. And I guess you're still not ready. But I can't
          help you anymore. I've done everything I can do for you, and then some.
          You know what you have to do, Ruby. Now you have to summon the will to
          do it. Good luck, Hiro...and good luck, Ruby. See ya!"
    [He leaves.]
    Ruby: "No! Wait!! Nall has been watching over me this entire time... Let's go,
    Hiro: "Okay, Ruby."
    [After defeating the Red Fiend, they go to the final chamber.]
    Lemina: "Huh? Nothing's happening!"
    Ronfar: "Are you SURE you're the Red Dragon, Ruby? Maybe you're just a flying
            furball after all!"
    Ruby: "No...I'm the Red Dragon...I AM!"
    Hiro: "Whoa!"
    Lucia: "The power of the Red Dragon has been unleashed, but Ruby has not
           absorbed it. If she does not take control of it soon, we will all be
           engulfed in its wake."
    Ruby: "Perhaps you should've mentioned that little detail a LOT sooner, Lucia!
          What do we DO?!?"
    [The place starts shaking as the crystallized dragon cracks.]
    Lemina: "Grow up, Ruby! And I mean that literally! HURRY!!"
    Ruby: "I'm trying...but I can't...I...I don't want to grow up, Hiro! I don't
          want eternal life! I want to be with you forever! I don't want to be
    Hiro: "Ruby... Don't you understand? It's up to you to decide whether you'll
          be alone or not!"
    Ruby: "What do you mean?"
    Hiro: "Didn't you hear Nall? Every day we spend together, we're making more
          memories. And those memories will always brighten your heart and take
          away your fear. You've lived with me since I was a boy, Ruby. And you've
          spent plenty of time with our new friends. Your heart must be bursting
          with memories by now, Ruby! And as long as you have those memories, we
          will always be with you. You'll NEVER be alone."
    Ruby: "I always pretended not to hear the voice inside of me. The voice that
          kept asking when I was going to grow up. I knew that I would have to
          become an adult to protect our world...but I didn't want to lose my
          friends. So I ignored that voice, no matter how loud it spoke. But now I
          know that I won't lose you. I won't be alone. I'll always be with all of
          you, whether it's in the real world or in my heart. I won't ignore that
          voice anymore. I'll let it tell me what I need to do... Ever since I can
          remember, I dreamt of the day that I would claim my birthright and become
          a full-fledged dragon. Now that the Dragon Aura is released, and I stand
          ready to claim that prize...Zophar tightens his merciless grip. My only
          hope is that I will be strong enough to make a difference...and maybe
          even save our world. Dragon Aura, I stand ready. Embrace me with the 
          power I need to complete my destiny!"
    [Ruby changes into the Red Dragon.]
    Ruby: "I...I'm all grown up!"
    Ronfar: "Whoa! I never knew you had it in you, Red! You're the cutest Dragon
            I've ever seen!"
    Ruby: "Heh, heh, heh! I am, aren't I?"
    [She changes back.]
    Ruby: "I still like this form the best, though. It feels more comfortable to
          me, I guess. And in my adult form, I can't sit on Hiro's shoulder! Let's
          go, you guys! All of the Dragon's power should be restored now!"
    System: Red Dragon Crest. Hold onto this, Hiro!
    Hiro: "I'm glad that Nall decided to show up when he did. I guess he thinks of
          you as more than a friend, Ruby..."
    Ruby: "WHAT?! You're talking crazy, Hiro! Nall and I are NOTHING like that!
          Nall is just...he's trying to make amends for being a jerk when we first
          met him!"
    Jean: "Ha, ha, ha! You might be all grown up, Ruby, but you're still an awful
    Lemina: "Let's get going. Now that all the Dragons are revived, I'm ready for
            the happy ending!"
    Hiro: "Lemina's right. Let's head for the Holy City and save Althena from her
    Lucia: "I can sense that Zophar is on the verge of resurrection. We must
    [They leave the cave.]
    Ronfar: "Oh, now THAT can't be good..."
    [The sky flickers with lightning.]
    Lemina: "What the heck is going on?! It's not a magic spell, but it's very
    Lucia: "I know what it is, Lemina. It is...Zophar."
    [At Gwyn's house, he is on the outlook.]
    Gwyn: (This is no ordinary storm. That thunder is deafening, and those clouds
          are angry. This must have been what Lucia was talking about. The revival
          has begun...!)
    [In Pentagulia...]
    Fake Althena: "F-Forgive me, master Zophar! Hold back your anger from your
    Zophar: "What troubles you, dear Althena?"
    Fake Althena: "I-I apologize, Master. Th-the four dragons have ben revived, and
                  Lucia comes!"
    Zophar: "I see. If this continues, the true Goddess will be released and then
            the fun shall truly begin. Hm, hm, hm, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! 
    Fake Althena: "W-what do you mean?"
    Zophar: "It is not for you to understand my ways. All you msut do it trust in
    Fake Althena: "But..."
    Zophar: "Relax, my dear. I promise that soon you shall have that eternal youth
            and infinite beauty you desire."
    Fake Althena: "Oh, thank you master Zophar!"
    Zophar: "Oh, you are quite welcome. Hm, hm, hm, hm, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    [Zophar's presence leaves.]
    Fake Althena: (Master Zophar has spoken, but Lucia still approaches...)
    [Ghaleon warps in.]
    Fake Althena: "Oh! It's you, Ghaleon! Where have you been, and what have you
                  been doing? We have a dire situation!"
    Ghaleon: "... ... ..."
    Fake Althena: "You...you surely know that Lucia is coming to the Holy City. She
                  is a great danger! Master Zophar is paying her no mind, but we
                  cannot leave this be. For...for I am Althena, Goddess of this
                  world! My mission is to protect the Holy City, and to wield the
                  power of the Corps! Alas, the Corps has not been able to stop
                  Lucia. But you..."
    Ghaleon: "I understand."
    Fake Althena: "Of course you do, Ghaleon! You were brought back to life by the
                  Master...and now you must repay him for the life he breathed back
                  into your bones!"
    Ghaleon: "... ... ..."
    [He walks past her, bumping her aside.]
    Fake Althena: "Ghaleon? Ghaleon!!"
    [He leaves.]
    Fake Althena: (Hmmph! Was he always such an impertinent man in his previous
                  life? No matter now. He will stop Lucia, and all my wishes will
                  finally come true. No longer will there be any need for
                  sacrifice! Eternal beauty will be mine. The WORLD will be mine!)
    [Back at Red Dragon Cave's entrance...]
    Lucia: "The Dark God is almost upon this world. I did not expect the beginning
           of his revival quite so soon..."
    Ronfar: "...and I expect to need several changes of underwear before this is
    Hiro: "No time for jokes, Ronfar! Let's hurry to Pentagulia and rescue
    [They approach the city.]
    Hiro: "Look, Lucia! I can see the port of Pentagulia!"
    Lucia: "We must now gather the power of the Dragons to destroy the seal and
           rescue the Goddess. With that, my mission will be complete, and the
           rest will be entrusted to Althena. Even if..."
    Hiro: "Lucia...?"
    ????????: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Ruby: "Danger! Incoming zombie at six o'clock!"
    Ghaleon: "My, my, my. You've been busy little beavers haven't you?"
    Hiro: "Ghaleon!"
    Lucia: "Ahh! What are you doing here?"
    Ghaleon: "Zophar's restoration is now complete, and you've been making faster
             progress than we expected. Therefore, it's my job to create a
             little...crisis. Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Hiro: "Why are you here, Ghaleon? Are you trying to stop us?"
    Ghaleon: "Hmm, hmm, hmm. You're not as ignorant as you look, Hiro. I'm afraid
             I simply cannot allow you and your friends to enter the Holy City."
    Hiro: "You ARE as stupid as you look, Ghaleon. Last time, you got lucky. This
          time, we'll beat you!"
    Lucia: "Wait, Hiro. I know your plan, Ghaleon. You will join with Zophar to
           destroy our world."
    Ghaleon: "Me? Destroy the world? Oh, dear, that sound so...barbaric. Hmm, hmm,
             hmm...I love it. But please don't confuse my intentions, sweet child."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Ghaleon: "I will indeed destroy this world and send it into chaos...but then,
             with Zophar, I will recreate this world in the form it was always
             meant to have. LUNAR will be reborn as a flawless gem, without the
             impurities of the Goddess...and without YOU!"
    [He uses a spell on Lucia.]
    Hiro: "Lucia!!"
    [She resists it.]
    Lucia: "I will not rest until I have accomplished my mission. And now that I
           have removed the seals of the Four Dragons, you cannot stop me."
    Ghaleon: "So you think, Lucia, but you are so very wrong. You will disappear
             along with the Dragonship Destiny!"
    Lucia: "No!!"
    Ghaleon: "Sweet Lucia of the Blue Star! Your actions surprise me! You chose to
             protect Hiro and his friends...mere humans? Hmm, hmm, hmm! Dear Lucia,
             this is quite a change in your way of thinking."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Ghaleon: "I never expected you to be quit so amusing, dear child. And so I have
             decided to spare the lives of you and your friends...for now. I expect
             all of you to keep me delightfully entertained until our next
    [He disappears.]
    Hiro: "Lucia, are you alright?!"
    Lucia: "Hiro... I am...I am Lucia of the Blue Star, and I must fulfill my duty,
           no matter what the cost. No matter how I...feel..."
    Hiro: "Lucia?"
    Lucia: "Hear me, Dragons of Althena! Hear the commands of Lucia as I call you
           forth! Reveal your powers and appear before me!"
    Ruby: "Ahhh!!"
    Hiro: "Ruby?!"
    [The four dragons destroy Pentagulia's towers, revealing the Goddess Tower.]
    Ronfar: "That was...awesome!"
    Lemina: "That was the power of the Four Dragons!"
    Jean: "And now that they've broken the seal, we can finally see..."
    Hiro: "...the Goddess Tower, with the Goddess herself waiting inside!"
    Ruby: "Didja see that, Hiro?! The other Dragons and me broke through the seal
          like nobody's business!"
    Hiro: "Great! Now we can enter the Tower...and meet with Althena."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    [Ghaleon's voice rings out.]
    Ghaleon: "Hm, hm, hm, hm, aha, ha, ha, ha! Tell me Lucia, what weights so
             heavily upon your heart."
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Ghaleon: "You should be thrilled, dear Lucia. Your mission is nearly at an end.
             Go forth princess of the Blue Star. Go forth and meet with the Goddess
             Althena...or are you starting to realize what the consequences of that
             meeting will be? Ha, ha, ha, ha, HA, HA, HA, HA!"
    33) HOLY CITY PENTAGULIA                                                 [GS33]
    [They go into the destroyed city's Goddess Tower.]
    Hiro: "...! What IS this place?"
    Lucia: "This is Althena's Fortress. It is the ark that Althena created for the
           journey to the Silver Star."
    Lemina: "Wha!? Th...then the legend is true? Our ancestors really WERE brought
            here from the Blue Star by Althena?"
    Jean: "I've heard the same legend, but I never guessed it could really be true.
          I used to hear stories about how the Blue Star became uninhabitable for
    Hiro: "But, what could possibly have happened to ruin the Blue Star for humans?
    Lucia: "It...it...it's not important to know right now. We must hurry! Althena
           is waiting!
    [They go into Athena's Road and see a hologram machine.]
    Ronfar: "Wh...what the...?!! What in the world can the purpose of THIS be?"
    Lemina: "This entire room is radiating immense magical power! All of it seems
            to be focused that way..."
    Jean: "Toward the Blue Star...?"
    Hiro: "...Lucia, what is this...?"
    Lucia: "This place was made to focus the magic of LUNAR and channel it back to
           the Blue Star. That is the Goddess Tower's...no...that is the role of
           Althena's Fortress."
    Lemina: "Channel magical power? ...to the Blue Star? Why? What's going on?"
    Lucia: "Since the day humans arrived here, the way was being prepared to return
           to the Blue Star. This world was created for the purpose of safeguarding
           humanity until the Blue Star was reborn. But that rebirth would not take
           place quickly, for the world had been damaged greatly...
           Long ago, Zophar, the god of destruction and darkness, came to the Blue
           Star. He preyed on mankind's greed for wealth and power, creating
           anarchy and chaos where there once was peace and love. Mankind fought
           one another with furious anger, spilling the blood of others without
           thought of consequence. Feeding on the dark desire within the hearts of
           humans, Zophar's exponentially. He used that power to pervert mankind
           further. Humans, consumed with bloodlust, were transformed into hideous
           beasts. The people suffering under Zophar's tribulation implored Althena
           to rescue them. 
           The terrible battle with Zophar raged on, as the people of the Blue Star
           cried out for solace. In the end, the Blue Star was laid to waste as
           Zophar intended. However, all hope was not lost. A gleaming sanctuary
           loomed large in the sky. The once dead dead world of LUNAR was
           transformed into a thriving land of wonder. Althena moved the surviving
           humans there to live in peace while the Blue Star recovered from
           Zophar's assualt. Althena had left the Blue Star to safeguard the
           humans, while I...
           I remained on the Blue Star, waiting in solitude...for the time when I
           could visit the revival machine. I accepted the hopes and dreams of the
           humans that departed with Althena for a new life. And I vowed, as 
           guardian of the Blue Star, to see that world reborn. So that, one day,
           the humans could return to the world they loved so dearly."
    Hiro: "I still can scarcely believe it's true..."
    Jean: "And to think that Zophar had the power to destroy an entire world! It's
    Lucia: "...I must meet with Althena as soon as possible...to delay might
    Ruby: "This world would become like...the Blue Star?"
    Hiro: "We're not gonna let that happen, Ruby! C'mon! Let's get Lucia to her
          meeting with Althena! Lucia? I...Is something wrong? I know it might seem
          overwhelming, but we're almost there! We must meet with Althena!"
    Lucia: "Y...yes... We...must...."
    [At the top of the road, they enter a door. Ghaleon watches from above.]
    Ghaleon: "Lucia...my life ends here. Is that what you're thinking? Heh, heh,
             heh...you are soon to meet the Goddess Althena. But what will you do
             after that, I wonder? Will you remain as Lucia, the Princess of the
             Blue Star? Or...hmmph. Whichever path you choose, your time in this
             world is short. I will enjoy watching the struggle within you, Lucia."
    Fake Althena: "The Four Dragons of Althena have found release! Pentagulia...is
                  lost... No...NO! I will have everything I desire! It will ALL be
                  mine! Master Zophar! Ma...master Zophar! Come to the aid of your
                  loyal servant! Master Zophar, help me! You promised me eternal
                  beauty and youth when I agreed to your plan! I need your
                  help now! The opposers seek to destroy me with their burning 
                 light! Master Zophar..please... Master Zophar...please help me..."
    Zophar: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You need not worry, my child. Your
            diligence in my service has been rmearkable. The malice in your heart
            and those you ensnared has been nearly enough to restore me to power. I
            do not abandon those with such obvious talent until I have fully
            exploited it. Yes, my sewet. The curtain is rising on your finest
            performance. Rise up now and destroy the opposers!"
    [They defeat the Fake Althena.]
    Lucia: "Zophar can never be trusted to keep his promises. He takes advantage
           of the darkness of the human heart to gain what he desires. And his
           desires are...horrible..."
    [At the top of the Goddess Tower...]
    Lucia: "Nall?! Is this the Goddess Tower? Where is Althena?"
    Nall: "This is it, Lucia. This is the home of Luna...of Althena. Lucia...
          there's something you need to see. Something I've waited a very long
          time to show you. Wait right here, Lucia. You're about to receive the
          answers to all of your questions.
    [A hologram of Luna from the first Lunar game appears out of an orb.]
    Lucia: "What is this?"
    Nall: "Please, listen carefully to what Lu...Althena has to say."
    Lucia: "What do you mean, Nall? This is just a magical projection!"
    Nall: "I believe in you, Lucia. I believe in all of you! I've waited so long
          for this day...I've kept my promise, Luna. ... ... ... It's been so long
          since I've seen her face. It brings back so many memories. Nash's crazy
          hairdo...Mia's shy laughter...Kyle's nasty belches...Jessica's sassy
          attitude...and Alex's quite smile... Look at me, huh? After all the
          snobbish things I said to Ruby, I'M the driveling fool. Go ahead and
          laugh at me, Ruby. I deserve it."
    Ruby: "No, you don't. I understand what you mean now. The pain of watching your
          friends and family pass on...now I understand, Nall."
    Nall: "... ... ... Heh! Well, Ruby, you're even more grown-up than I thought. I
          leave the rest to all of you. Seeya!"
    [He teleports out.]
    Hiro: "Lucia...where is the Goddess?"
    Lucia: "... ... ...Althena...this cannot be..."
    [The pre-recorded hologram plays.]
    Althena: "Lucia, the Goddess Althena does not exist any longer in this world.
             Let me explain so you will understand. My task as Althena was to lead
             the humans and control the power of the Silver Star, so that one day,
             when the Blue Star was reborn, the humans could return and we could
             begin anew. However, Lucia, I came to know while I existed, the
             humans were not truly happy. They lacked a sense of self-reliance, a
             sense of pride in their accomplishments. They had become too dependant
             on me. When I last came to this world in human form, something quite
             marvelous happened. I returned to this world, as I had many times
             previously; however, this time I was born into the form of a girl
             named Luna. As Luna, I grew and fell in love with a Dragonmaster named
             Alex. It was to be my final rebirth. You see, I chose to remain a
             human, surrendering my immortality for love. And now, Lucia, you have
             come seeking my aid...and yet, I no longer exist. But what you must
             know is that you hold the power to accomplish your mission. It has
             been near you since you arrived. Humans possess the remarkable ability
             to rise up in adversity and overcome obstacles to make the future
             bright for their offspring. Lucia, you have never been alone in this
             journey. To reach this tower, I know you must've had the help of many
             good friends. If you trust what you felt in this journey, and also in
             the power of the companions who stood at your side, then you need only
             to believe in the power of humanity to gain it. If that power becomes
             yours, you will achieve the one thing Zophar fears most: victory."
    [The message ends.]
    Lucia: "Althena...I came here for guidance. I knew you would show me what to
           do... What...what now? ... ... ..."
    Hiro: "Lucia, the Goddess might not be here any longer...but WE'RE here! We've
          come this far on our own, by joining together and fighting together. And
          if we fight together, we can defeat Zophar!"
    Lucia: "Do you...truly believe that?"
    Hiro: "Of course, Lucia! The Goddess said that our dreams and hopes are what
          give us power. And after all we've managed to accomplish on our journey,
          I know she's right!"
    Ronfar: "She's absolutely right, Hiro. If we give up, it's over. But we'll
            NEVER give up!"
    Jean: "I agree with Hiro. Anything is possible when we learn to believe in
    Lemina: "If the Goddess Althena has faith in us, who are we to doubt her?"
    Hiro: "Exactly!"
    Lucia: "Believe in the power of the human heart...and use that power to defeat
           Zophar. Can it really be that simple? I...I don't know..."
    Hiro: "Lucia! Fight Zophar with us! We don't need Althena's help to defeat
          him! We only need to combine our strength!"
    Lucia: "... ... ..."
    Hiro: "Lucia! Come on!"
    Lucia: "I came here with a mission to protect this world. And if I fail, both
           this world and the Blue Star will be thrown into eternal darkness. ...
           ... ... I want to believe in you, Hiro. I want to believe in all of
           you. But...I..."
    Hiro: "We believe in you, Lucia! I promise that no matter what happens, you and
    Lucia: "It is impossible, Hiro. There is nothing that humans can do. There is
           nothing that...anyone can do. Zophar is about to complete his revival.
           And the only way to stop it is by..."
    Hiro: "Lucia, what are you--"
    Lucia: "Stay away, Hiro!! I am left with no choice. I must do...THIS! In the
           name of Lucia, Princess of the Blue Star...I claim the power of Althena!
           With this, the power of the Goddess, and of this world, lies in my
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "I am...Lucia, of the Blue Star... I'm sorry, Hiro!"
    [She teleports out.]
    Hiro: "Lucia!!"
    Ruby: "Where did she go?"
    Ronfar: "And what did she DO? I feel really weird...almost like I've got a
    Lemina: "You heard what she said, didn't you? She gathered the power of
            Althena...and now I don't have any magic powers!!"
    Ronfar: "You're right! Neither do I! Why would Lucia do this?!"
    Ruby: "There has to be a reason, Hiro! Let's think about it!"
    Lemina: "Okay...why would Lucia need all the world's magic power?"
    Jean: "To fulfill her mission, Lemina. To fight Zophar!"
    Hiro: "No!"
    Ruby: "But Lucia CAN'T do it all by herself! Why doesn't she realize that by
    Jean: "She didn't want us involved, Ruby. Maybe she didn't want us to put
          ourselves in danger."
    Hiro: "Why, Lucia? Why?!"
    Ronfar: "Staying here isn't going to answer our questions, chief! Let's get
            outta this place!
    [They leave the tower. Lightning flashes.]
    Ronfar: "Just when I think I'm out, the darkness keeps pulling me back IN!"
    Jean: "This has to mean that..."
    Lemina: "...Zophar has been revived!"
    Ruby: "WAHHH!! What's going on?!!"
    Ronfar: "Isn't it pretty obvious?! Pentagulia is falling to pieces!"
    Hiro: "Let's get back to the Destiny! HURRY!!"
    [They make it to the bottom near the docks.]
    Ronfar: "I don't know how the hell we made it, but we did! Now let's blow this
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ronfar: "I'm sorry for what happened up there, chief, but we really gotta go."
    Hiro: "I know."
    [They board the ship. Pentagulia rises and Zophar devours Althena's Fortress.]
    Lemina: "Oooh, that smarts! Jean, can you see what's happening up there?"
    Ronfar: "What is that thing?"
    Ruby: "Uh, Hiro! H-Hiro, look! Up there!"
    Lemina: "The Fortress of Althena! Why?"
    Jean: "Heaven help us all..."
    Hiro: "Oh no... Zophar..."
    [Using his magic, he drains the ocean of all water and knocks the ship around.]
    Ruby: "Hiro! Come on, Hiro! Get UP!!"
    Hiro: "R...Ruby...? Are you okay, everybody? Talk to me! Jean! That bump on
          your head looks pretty nasty. Are you okay?"
    Jean: "It will take more than a bump on the head to stop me, Hiro. I'll be
          fine. The question is, what are we going to do to stop that thing? We
          all saw what he's capable of doing. I don't know if Lucia has the power
          to defeat him..."
    Hiro: "Lemina! Can you stand up?"
    Lemina: "...ungh...owwww... I think I'll be okay. But that's more than I can
            say for Zophar once I get my hands on that creep! ... Metaphorically
            speaking, of course. I'd be mega-stupid to think I could literally
            wrap my hands around that billowing bundle of blow! C'mon, Hiro! We
            have to put our heads together to think of a way to help Lucia ice
            that mutation!"
    Hiro: "Ronfar! Are you alright!?"
    Ronfar: "...mmmm...unghhh...ahhhh... Y...yeah, Hiro...I'm...okay. Ungh..this
            bad boy is asking for trouble...the question is, who's going to take
            him out? There's got to be a way to do it. I won't take lumps from
            that freak without a fight! Well, chief, I think our options are on
            the slim because we're mired in some kinda crater. Zophar sucked the
            water and left these muck-filled craters behind."
    Hiro: "..."
    Ruby: "...look, Hiro! Over there!!"
    Hiro: "That's... Oh no...Lucia."
    [Lucia is confronting Zophar herself.]
    Lucia: "The time has come. You don't belong in this dimension, Zophar. Your
           evil corrupts everything. I'm sending you back to where you belong...
    Zophar: "Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha! If you think you've mastered Althena's power, go
            right ahead. What's wrong, my dear? Your mission is to restore the
            Blue Star. Why do you hesitate to abolish me and complete it? The goal
            is within your feeble grasp. Take it! Just as I foretold...you are not
            fit to carry out your assigned task.
    Lucia: "Liar! That's not true!"
    Zophar: "Then destroy me and accomplish your mission."
    Lemina: "What are you waiting for?! Cream his mega-ugly butt, Lucia!"
    Ronfar: "I got twenty silver that says you can take him!"
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Zophar: "Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha! Or do you believe in the power of humanity after
            all? As Althena did, before you bet on them, remember: they enabled the
            power of my return with their dark side. Mwa, ha, ha, ha! Face it:
            Althena's power is your only hope! Yes, my dear, destroy me with
            Althena's power and desiccate this miserable world in process."
    Hiro: "Lucia never told me that...he must be lying."
    Zophar: "Mwa, ha, ha, ha, ha! You fools don't understand anything. Althena's
            power is the power of creation. There can be no new creation without
            destroying the old. Unleashing Althena's power on me will reduce this
            world to ash! ...Just like the Blue Star."
    Hiro: "Althena didn't do that! You're lying!"
    Zophar: "Hmmmmm, you only wish I was lying. Then it would be easier to delude
            yourself into a happy ending."
    Lucia: "Zophar, it was the only way to stop you from destroying everything!
           You're evil...it had permeated every corner of the Blue Star."
    Zophar: "After Althena saved the Blue Star, it was nothing more than a cinder.
            And for what? The hope that one day you could return the humans to it?
            Have you forgotten that the same power of humanity Althena needed is
            the same power that revived me?! Come, my pet...why do you hesitate?
            There is no need; destroy me and everything you've come to love, and
            complete your mission!"
    Lucia: "Althena's light, shine forth!
    [She starts to destroy Zophar with Althena's light but can't follow through.]
    Lucia: "I must remain focused..."
    Zophar: "What's wrong, Lucia? Do you still doubt? Are you torn? Dear Lucia,
            you seem to be distracted. But I have the solution! Allow me to remove
            the source of your hesitation."
    Lucia: "...!"
    [He fires a projectile at the Dragonship Destiny, but Lucia repels it.]
    Hiro: "Oh, no! Lucia, no!"
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    [Zophar encases Lucia in a crystalline prison while she's distracted.]
    Hiro: "Lucia...!
    Zophar: "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Now all the pieces have fallen into place. My
            plan has worked perfectly! You are a weak fool, Lucia; worrying about
            the fate of insignificant humans will cost you dearly!"
    Lucia: "Hiro...! Get away!
    [She warps them all out of the crater area.]
    Zophar: "Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Althena's power has made my plan complete!
            The time has come to put my plan into action. Creation will start anew,
            but this time it will be the creation of my design. Worlds will rise to
            a glory or wither to dust at my whim! Ha, ha, ha...and the best part is
            that no one can stop me. Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    34) VANE                                                                 [GS34]
    [Hiro stands on the roof of the magic guild.]
    Hiro: "...Lucia..."
    Ruby: "C'mon, Hiro. Cheer up. Lucia did what she had to."
    Hiro: "..."
    Ruby: "If Lucia hadn't transported The Destiny away, we would have been crushed
          by Zophar...but because of what she did to save us, she's now been
          enslaved by him. He now commanders her power as well. Even though it's
          been three days, I can hardly believe it's not some terrible dream...
          It's probably best not to think too much about it, and hope we can find a
          way to help her. Oh, that reminds me. Lady Miria said she wanted to see
          you. Maybe she has some idea about what we can do to help."
    Miria: "I'm glad you came, Hiro. I have something very important to tell you."
    Hiro: "What is it, Lady Miria?"
    Miria: "Actually, Hiro...I just decided that you're not ready for my news yet."
    Ruby: "C'mon, Lady Miria! You can't tease us like that!"
    Miria: "Before you hear my tale, please go speak to Lemina and the others.
           Don't worry, Hiro. My tale will wait until then.
    [Jean is outside with Master Lunn.]
    Jean: "Ugh...that was awful! If we're going to defeat Zophar, I'll have to do
          much better than that! I have to become much faster and stronger. My
          skills have to be at their absolute peak. ...I can't let Zophar win, and
          I won't let him win! Let's continue our sparring match, Master Lunn. I
          don't have much more time!"
    [Ronfar's in the library.]
    Ronfar: "Alright, people, listen up! Just because Zophar is threatening our
            world doesn't mean it's over! When my friends and I join together,
            there's nobody we can't beat! We don't need magic to fight Zophar. All
            we need is faith...so don't lose it!"
    [Lemina is in the Cave of Trial.]
    Lemina: "I'm the Junior Premier of the Magic Guild, and I don't have any
            magical powers. I don't even have any money! I'm vexed! I'm terribly
            vexed! But I'm not giving up! I'm going to regain my powers and be the
            best leader in Guild history! I just have to focus my mind...
            concentrate my thoughts...ow! It hurts to think hard!"
    [Hiro goes back to Miria.]
    Miria: "Now that you have seen Lemina and the others, you know they have the
           will to fight. They're never going to surrender our world to men like
           Borgan. They believe in the power of each other, and the power to
           overcome any obstacle. Hiro...it's you who taught them that."
    Hiro: "Me...?!"
    Miria: "But if you forget to believe in yourself, Lucia will truly be lost to
           you. That poor girl..."
    Hiro: "But...Miria...I..."
    Miria: "Listen, Hiro. I'm still not sure this is the right thing to do...but
           there is someone coming to the Guild who wants to meet with you. Go!
           Quickly now...see for yourself...on the roof."
    [On the roof is...Leo!]
    Leo: "It's been a long time, Hiro."
    Hiro: "Yes, Leo, it has."
    Leo: "I know that I am unfit to show my face in front of you, let alone to
         fight with you. But now that Zophar has gained Althena's power...I cannot
         simply turn my back and ignoer the existence of such incredible evil. I am
         largely at fault for what has happened. I thought I was serving the
         Goddess Althena...when I was serving the Dark God Zophar. White Knight Leo
         is dead, Hiro...slain by your hand on the field of battle. Allow me to
         fight at your side. Not as one of the Four Heroes...but as a man who
         fights for justice."
    Hiro: "Leo!"
    Leo: "Come on, Hiro! We can't waste any more time!! We have to ride in and
         attack Zophar now, before he shows any signs of movement! The Destiny
         awaits us, Hiro! I'll see you and the others on board!"
    [He leaves.]
    Ruby: "This is great! With Leo on our side, we have the strength of a hundred
          men! Heh, heh, heh! If we combine our strength, there's no way for Zophar
          to win! Isn't that right, Hiro?"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ruby: "RIGHT, Hiro?!"
    Hiro: "Uh...sure, Ruby."
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! My, my...looks like the hero doesn't pass
             muster in our little morality play..how delightful."
    [Ghaleon warps in.]
    Hiro: "Ghaleon!"
    Ghaleon: "Now that you've failed in every possible way, the whole world awaits
             execution at Zophar's hands. But that's too good for you; you're not
             worthy to wait for Zophar's judgement! Peer into the eyes of your
             executioner, Hiro! Your companions continue to struggle desperately...
             and uselessly...against fate. But what about you, Hiro? Have you
             surrendered? Have you become a spineless coward, lying prostrate at
             the feet of destiny?"
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ghaleon: "You say nothing because you know my words are true."
    Hiro: "I..."
    Ghaleon: "What's the matter, boy? Mmmm...are you sad? Are you...down? Oh,
             that's so...delicious. Have you come to your senses and decided to
             beg for your life? It really is the only course of action now left to
             you, boy."
    Hiro: "You're wrong, Ghaleon! I'm not afraid to fight you OR Zophar! What stops
          me from fighting is that I can't forgive myself. I didn't understand why
          Lucia was suffering, and I still don't. That's...unforgivable."
    Ghaleon: "What an embarrassing display of self-pity. Have you no respect for
             yourself? And I find it hard to believe that, despite your incredible
             amount of naivete...you don't understand that YOU, in fact, are the
             cause of Lucia's suffering."
    Hiro: "What do you mean, Ghaleon?!"
    Ghaleon: "I mean exactly what I said, boy. But I suppose that I have to spell
             it out for you, don't I? Lucia shouldn't have hesitated to release
             Althena's power, yet she did. Why? Because her heart has been awaken-
             -ed, Hiro. Her emotions forced her to make a choice...and the sad
             little boy who stands before me is proof that she made the wrong
    Hiro: "You're the one who's wrong, Ghaleon, and I'll prove it to you now..."
    Ghaleon: "You poor, delusional soul. If I had a heart, I would weep for you
             ...but I don't. Feel my fury!"
    [He zaps Hiro.]
    Ruby: "Hang on, Hiro!"
    Hiro: "Ungh..."
    Ghaleon: "What's the matter, Hiro? Don't tell me you give up! We haven't even
             begun to fight! Did you honestly expect to challenge Zophar when you
             are so embarrassingly weak?"
    Hiro: "You haven't seen a fraction of what I can do, Ghaleon!"
    Ghaleon: "This is even more amusing than I had hoped for. You are nothing to
             me, Hiro...and you shall die alone."
    Ronfar: "Hey, I think you're getting ahead of yourself, Ghaleon."
    [Everyone comes onto the roof.]
    Leo: "We will not abandon our brave friend in his time of need."
    Lemina: "Besides, you're trespassing! I never invited you to the guild."
    Jean: "I don't know what your motive is, Ghaleon...but will stop you...cold!"
    Hiro: "Ugh...I...I thought you...you'd never...come..."
    Ghaleon: "Tha ha ha ha ha...what can YOU possibly hope to accomplish now? You
             know as well as I that magic has been diminished in this world. You
             have nothing left to fight for. Just give it up."
    Ronfar: "That's where we're different. We won't give up hope until it's ALL
    Jean: "And this battle isn't close to being finished!"
    Lemina: "If you damage even one stone of the Guild, you're payin' for it,
    Leo: "I wasted years of my life fighting for the wrong side. The time has come
         for me to right the wrongs I have committed! Starting here. Starting now."
    Ruby: "If you think we're gonna roll over and play dead, you've got another
          thing coming, buster!
    Hiro: "You heard them, Ghaleon. The time is now. Let's go."
    [They defeat Ghaleon.]
    Ghaleon: "Hmmm, well...perhaps I underestimated you a little. But unfortunately
             for you, only a little! The end result will be exactly as I expected.
             Your end at my hand! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It amazes me that they 
             ever had a chance at all. What a delightfully pathetic waste of life."
    Ronfar: "Don't count your chips yet...this isn't over."
    Lemina: "We're down, but we're not out."
    Leo: "Until our dying breath...we will resist you."
    Jean: "We will never bend to your will."
    Hiro: "Ugh...you can't defeat us, Ghaleon. We're fighting, not for ourselves,
          but for the lives and the future of all humanity. That power is stronger
          than you'll ever know!"
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Your endless speeches are entertaining, but
             worthless. The time for action is at hand. Show me this 'power of
    Hiro: "Ahhhhhhhhhh! I...I will not give up until my world and Lucia are save!"
    Ghaleon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! What admirable goals. Now, ending your miserable
             existance will be even sweeter! Call on your 'power of humanity' to
             save you, if it even exists!"
    [They defeat Ghaleon again, this time on even terms.]
    Ghaleon: "H...Hiro...why did...you spare my life?"
    Hiro: "It's because you spared ours. We owe you."
    Ghaleon: "Hrrmm...mrrmh..."
    Hiro: "Ghaleon, you disobeyed Zophar and let us defeat you. You can't go back
          now. He'll kill you."
    Ghaleon: "Hhrrmph... Hiro, forget me. Just go. Save the world before it's too
    Hiro: "Ghaleon, join us. You belong here."
    Ghaleon: "Hiro, I can't join you fight. My end is near. This...this reprieve
             from death was not an accident. Zophar granted it. And now that I
             have betrayed his purpose, his power will be withdrawn. I will weaken
             ...and soon will be nothing more than a shadow fading in the darkest
             recesses of time."
    Hiro: "But Ghaleon..you saved our lives...you can't..."
    Ghaleon: "Hiro...wipe the sorrow from your brow. Even though I must again die,
             there is no regret in my heart. I have tried to atone for my sins of
             the past by helping you. I'm grateful that I had this opportunity...
             ohhhh...Hiro my end is near. I cannot join you. Here, take my sword.
             You will need it's power to defeat Zophar. I pray it serves you well,
             for you have proven that you truly deserve to prevail.
    System: Ghaleon's Sword. I pray it serves you well, Hiro.
    Ghaleon: "You must fight Zophar, the Destroyer, with the power of the human
             spirit. Are you prepared, Hiro? Are you ready to sacrifice your soul
             to save this world?"
    Hiro: "We're ready to fight!"
    Ghaleon: "Before you depart, Hiro, I must tell you something. Zophar cannot be
             defeated. Not as long as he wields the power of Althena. And if he
             calls upon that power to reshape the world, all is lost. Listen well,
             Hiro. The only way to defeat Zophar is to aim for his weak point. You
             must snatch the power of Althena from his grasp. You must destroy...
             ...Lucia. Zophar is invincible in his current state, Hiro. You must
             know this to be true. But...if you steal the power of Althena and use
             it against him, you can win."
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Ghaleon: "Do you understand what you must do, Hiro, for the sake of this world,
             and for humanity?"
             -> Are you sure, Ghaleon?
                Hiro: "Are you sure, Ghaleon? What if Zophar has a weakness you
                      just don't know about?"
                Ghaleon: "I'm telling you the truth. There is no other way, Hiro.
                         Destroy Lucia and you will weaken Zophar. Let her live,
                         and Zophar destroys us all."
             -> I can save Lucia
                Ronfar: "Yep, no doubt about it. This has got to be a bazillion-to
                        -one longshot. Hah, only a mental midget would take it. But
                        hey, I've been called much worse. It's all or nothin', and
                        I never settled for nothin'!"
                Jean: "Our fight for the soul of this world isn't over yet. If we
                      all join together as one, we can grow even stonger than
                      Zophar. All it takes is a little luck, and the power to
                      believe in ourselves."
                Lemina: "And besides we have to rescue Lucia for my new Magic
                        Guild. Oh pooh! Tongue slip... I meant...Zophar will be a 
                        piece of cake. I'll wipe the floor with his mega-mangy
                Leo: "Hiro, justice lies with us! In the face of impossible odds,
                     we can secure victory if we strive for it. Remember, we wield
                     the power of humanity. With that, anything becomes possible!"
                Ruby: "Listen to them, Hiro. They're right! We'll stick Zophar's
                      butt in a sling!"
                Ghaleon: "Hrmph...your endless resolve never ceases to amaze me.
                         When it appears to be the darkest and most hopless hour...
                         you pull together and fight toward the light. The time has
                         come, Hiro. Darkness rushes forth. Unleash your power and
                         save this desprate land."
    Hiro: "Secure all positions! Let's go!"
    Ruby: "Duh-da-duh-dah-da-dah! Charge!"
    Hiro: "Next stop: Zophar's domain!"
    [They all head for the Dragonship Destiny. Ghaleon watches them from a cliff.]
    Ghaleon: "Are you watching me in secret, Dyne? These children shine with your
             light. Fight hard, Hiro. Believe in your friends. The final test lies
             before you."
    [Light shines down on Ghaleon and he disappears from the world.]
    35) ZOPHAR'S KEEP                                                        [GS35]
    [The Dragonship approaches where Pentagulia once stood. A huge castle's there.]
    Hiro: "What has Zophar...done?
    [A hologram of Lucia appears before their ship.]
    Hiro: "...Lucia!
    Lucia: "Hiro...run away. You must get away from here! Zophar's too strong...
           No one has the power to stop his evil now.
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "I came here to defeat Zophar...and to save Lunar...but I involved all
           of you in my mission."
    Hiro: "And you..."
    Lucia: "...I did not fulfill my duty. The salvation of Lunar and the
           resurrection of the Blue Star were my missions...and they are also the
           sole purpose of my existence. But despite that, I..."
    Hiro: "... ... ..."
    Lucia: "When Zophar was in front of me, I could not fulfill my duty. I could
           not destroy him. Why? Aaaahhh! It's...it's too late now. Zophar has used
           Althena's power to turn himself into an omnipotent god. All is lost..."
    Hiro: "No, Lucia! It's not over yet! We still have the power to fight and the
          will to win! You CAN'T give up, Lucia! I won't let you!"
    Lucia: "Hiro...why do you say such things? Why are you kind to me after what I
           have done? It's my fault that magic has been stolen from this world.
    Hiro: "We're coming for your, Lucia! Together, we'll destroy Zophar!"
    Lucia: "Hiro...all of you...I want to believe in the power of the human heart
           ...but I am alre..."
    [The hologram disappears.]
    Hiro: "Lucia!!"
    Ruby: "Hiro..."
    Hiro: "I know, Ruby. I made a promise to Ghaleon that we would win. And we'll
          be true to our word. Let's go, everyone...to save the world, and to save
    [They reach the top.]
    Hiro: "Lucia!"
    Lucia: "No..Hiro...run away...run away..."
    Zophar: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! What's the matter with you, Lucia? Turning
            our special guests away without a proper reception? That's so...
            impolite! I thought you would've had the manners to at least show them
            around... Ah, now, what brings you to my inner sanctum? Have you come
            to beg for mercy or perhaps to halt my glorious plan? Go ahead, it
            doesn't matter; you haven't the slightest chance of stopping me now. My
            new age of supreme darkness has begun! Watch now as I mold this world
            to my taste!"
    Hiro: "Zophar, your twisted words don't scare us. We will not allow you to
          pervert this world with your evil. Your game's up."
    [They defeat Zophar's.]
    Lemina: "Wa...wait a minute. Am I still alive? Did we defeat Zophar?"
    Ronfar: "...I guess we did! Heh, heh, heh! Serves him right!
    Ruby: "I guess Zophar wasn't as tough as we all thought! Right, Hiro?"
    Hiro: "I guess not..."
    Ruby: "Uh, Hiro...I know you're not going to believe this, but...uh... he's
    Zophar: "Your power is undeniable, but what is the source? Wait! Don't answer
            that. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...it doesn't matter. Whatever power you hold
            will fail before the supreme master of treachery. I hold the winning
            hand, and the itme has come to play my trump card. Wah, ha, ha, ha, ha!
            Now that I have seized the power of Althena, my return is complete! I
            am the absolute ruler of the universe! You're all doomed."
    Hiro: "Althena's power or not, you can't win this, Zophar. We'll stop you and
          save Lucia, because we have power you can't fathom!"
    Lucia: "Hiro...in the face of defeat, why do you rise up? What gives you the
           power? It must be the power to believe in each other. I...I should have
           known, I should have believed in you. Ronfar, your passion; Jean, your
           dreams for a better world... Lemina, your kind heart; Leo, your piercing
           insight... Ruby, your quick wit...and Hiro, your bravery. I've known
           this all along, and yet it becomes clear. The power of the world lies
           in the human spirit. I believe Hiro, I finally believe."
    Zophar: "Your belief in each other is grieviously misguided. The time has come
            to wipe your miserable souls from existence. You don't have a prayer."
    Ronfar: "Hiro..."
    Lemina: "Hiro..."
    Jean: "Hiro..."
    Leo: "Hiro..."
    Ruby: "Hiro..."
    Ronfar: "Heh-heh, time to roll the bones."
    Lemina: "Mega-showdown time!"
    Jean: "This fight will be ours..."
    Leo: "If we only believe..."
    Ruby: "In the power that lies within us."
    Lucia: "Hiro, it's true. Humanity's power is the key."
    [Lucia breaks free of Zophar.]
    Zophar: "This is not possible! It cannot be!"
    Lucia: "Zophar, you are blind to the truth. This world is one of light and
           hope, you have no place here. Your power can never extinguish the light
           within the hearts and minds of every single human. The power to love,
           trust, and hope will always conquer the lure of evil. I finally believe
    Zophar: "You're speaking in circles, sweet Lucia! You know in your heart that
            I'll never be defeated."
    Lucia: "Ronfar, Jean, Lemina, Leo, Ruby, and Hiro. The time has come. Believe
           in yourself, and take back this world for humanity...I believe in you!
           Never give up!"
    Hiro: "Zophar, it's time to die!"
    Zophar: "Yes, and you will be the first to go."
    [They defeat Zophar's second & third forms.]
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    Zophar: "Curse you, Lucia! You and your trained monkeys are through interfering
            with my plans! This world doesn't deserve to be recreated. I've decided
            to destoy it forever starting right here with you! Nothing can save you
            now! Lie down before me and await your descruction. There is nothing
            left to save you now."
    Lucia: "Zophar, you have made a fatal miscalculation. Humanity's power is
           stronger than any power you can seize. Your end is now!"
    Zophar: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...I am Zophar, Lord of Darkness. The time has come
            to put an end to everything..."
    [His fourth and last form is defeated.]
    Hiro: "Zophar, it's over! Lucia, get ready... Now!"
    Zophar: "No...no...this is not possible! I cannot be defeated! Never!"
    Lucia: "The power of darkness and hate will never overcome the power of life,
           Zophar. Never."
    Zophar: "The power..of humanity should not have been this strong...this real."
    Lucia: "But it is...and it has dealt you a fatal blow. Fade to a twisted
           memory, Zophar. The world will not mourn your passing"
    Zophar: "I am ZOPHAR! Architect of Anarchy, Lord of Darkness, and the Master of
             Mayhem! I will never be completely defeated...never!"
    [The two rejoin their friends.]
    Lucia: "Hiro..."
    Hiro: "Lucia..."
    Ruby: "Oh Hiro! Lucia! You're all right!"
    Leo: "Justice has triumphed at last."
    Ronfar: "Zophar may finally be history."
    Lemina: "That mega-magic mania is gone, and it's all thanks to you, Lucia and
    Jean: "We all believed in you, and now the happy ending we dared not dream has
          come true."
    Lucia: "Oh, thank you all!"
    Hiro: "We couldn't have done it without you!"
    36) EPILOGUE                                                             [GS36]
    [They all return to Vane. Hiro finds Lucia on the roof.]
    Lucia: "...Hiro...so much has happened since we first met at the Blue Spire.
           You have shown me so much of this wonderful world. The cool breezes
           that blow in the afternoon. The warm sands of the beach. And, most
           wonderful of all, the kind people whose spirits cannot be broken by
           adversity. I have seen so many things that I never even imagined until
           I came to this world. I want my Blue Star to be like this world,
           someday. That is...that is my dream. ... ... ... I'm so glad that you
           were the first person I met here. Thank you, Hiro."
    Hiro: "... ... ...Lucia, why don't you come back with me to my home? I'm sure
          that Grandpa would be thrilled to see you... And...you know I would love
          the pleasure of your company."
    Lucia: "...Alright, Hiro. We should go. Everyone is waiting for us..."
    [They meet the others outside of the guild and speaks with each personally.]
    Jean: "So, Lucia, you and Hiro are leaving together? I envy you!"
    Lucia: "I...uh...I'm sorry?"
    Jean: "Ha, ha, ha! There's no need to apologize, Lucia. We all know he's a
          great catch! Anyway, I'm headed back to the Carnival. Promise me you'll
          stop by and let me teach you how to dance!
    Ronfar: "Hiro, take care of Lucia, no matter what happens. Don't run away from
            reality like I did, buddy. Stand up and face it head-on."
    Leo: "The regret I feel over the course I took in the past is immeasurable. If
         I had come to my senses just a bit earlier...I would not have put you in
         this terrible situation, Lucia. Know that I am sorry, and I pray you can
         ...revive the Blue Star."
    Lucia: "Knowing what you were, your words mean so much more to me now. Thank
           you, Leo."
    Nall: "Althena chose to live life in happiness as a human girl named Luna. What
          do YOU intend to do with your life, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "Don't worry, Nall. I also intend to choose the same path as Althena.
           Like her, I have experienced the power of humanity, and it is a
           wonderful thing..."
    Lemina: "Lucia...Hiro...I will never forget the adventures we had together.
            Whenever you two are in the area, don't forget to stop by Vane and say
            'hello.' And remember, you're honorary members of the Magic Guild now!"
    Ruby: "Hey, Hiro, if you're heading back to Grandpa Gwyn's, I'll go with you!"
    Nall: "Hey! What the heck are you tellin' Hiro that for? You just finished
          saying you'd go back to Taben's Peak with me."
    Ruby: "Oh..yeah...right. Well, I knew that. I guess you'll have to make your
          way home without me. But at least you have Lucia to keep you company! I'm
          going back with Nall to Taben's Peak. He promised to show me how to morph
          into a human form. Hopefully it doesn't make me as immature as he is."
    Nall: "Hey, who are you callin' immature, you little pipsqueak?"
    Ruby: "OK, read my lips...YOU!"
    Ronfar: "Well, chief, it looks like your gamble payed off big. You saved the
            world, and picked up a cheeky little babe in the process. Now that 
            everything's calmed down, I think it's time for me to pack away the old
            magic ivories and settle down with Mauri back in Raculi. I know, I know
            ...it doesn't sound like me, but hey, it's time."
    Lemina: "Hey, Ronfar, if you ever get the urge...I'd be happy to accept your
            magic dice as a donation to the Vane Magic Hall of Fame. It's going to
            be mega-cool, I promise, so think about it, okay? Now that I'm
            massively experienced from fighting that panty-wad Zophar, I'm sure I
            can revive the rich history and tradition here in Vane. By the way
            Hiro, I've made you an honorary member of the Guild, so come back and
            visit sometime, OK?"
    Jean: "I'll never forgive Lunn for what he did to me and the other children he
          corrupted with his terrible teachings... But at least now I can try to
          forget. Now that I've come to terms with my past. I can dance with
          absolute freedom, unrestrained by the specter of my terrible secret.
          Thank you, Hiro."
    Leo: "Hiro, your strength is admirable. The fire in your eyes reminds me of
         days gone by. But before I can move forward, I must re-evaluate everything
         I once took for granted. I'm leaving to find something I only know in my
         heart...and when I find it, my life will begin anew."
    Hiro: "I'll never forget the adventure we all shared. If any one of us hadn't
          been there, Zophar might have won. I wish you all the best in life, 
          because you all deserve it. Stay in touch, OK?"
    Ruby: "Ruby, Ronfar, Jean, Lemina, Leo, and Nall. Your thoughts and your love
          of this world will live inside of me forever. Goodbye."
    Hiro: "So, are you ready, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "Yes, Hiro."
    Hiro: "C'mon, Lucia, we should go. Grandpa Gwyn is probably sick with worry by
    Lucia: "Yes, you're probably home."
    [They go to the Dragonship Destiny.]
    Hiro: "Man, I can't wait to get home! The first thing we'll do is set up a room
          for you..then we have to teach you how to cook, so you can do your share
          of the meals! I hope you like fish! If Ruby doesn't get some every other
          day, she turns kinda cranky, and I bet she'll be visiting often!"
    Lucia: "Oh, Hiro..."
    Hiro: "What's wrong, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "I never knew that...that being with someone could make me feel so
           wonderful. It's a different...feeling from the way it was on the Blue
    Hiro: "Lucia...you're not alone anymore, and you'll never be alone again. We'll
          be together forever."
    Lucia: "Forever...yes, forever. You're right, Hiro."
    Hiro: "Of course I am. Did you doubt me? Heh heh. Just knock those bad thoughts
          out of your mind and let's get home."
    Lucia: "Alright, Hiro."
    [They head for Grandpa Gwyn's.]
    Hiro: "You know, in the few days the village of Larpa is holding the annual
          Goddess festival. They celebrate the blessings of Althena with singing
          and dancing and drinking. And every year, they hold a contest to pick the
          best singer of the festival. This year, YOU'LL win for sure!"
    Lucia: "A singing contest? In front of...people? I don't know..."
    Hiro: "Tell you what, if it makes you less nervous, we'll go get the kids from
          Taben's Peak. All of you can sing together...it'll be great! Lucia...
          what's wrong?"
    Lucia: "Nothing, really. I was just wishing we could continue this journey
    Hiro: "Uh. Well, Lucia, I have to be honest...I've been thinking the same
          thing. After we visit Grandpa Gwyn, what do you say we take the Destiny
          and go on a new adventure?"
    Lucia: "That soudns great, Hiro."
    Hiro: "Well, here we are! We better get moving. I can't wait to tell Grandpa
          Gwyn about all the stuff we've done. C'mon, Lucia."
    Lucia: "Wait...Hiro. There is still something I want to do before we speak with
           Gwyn. I want to visit the place where I first met you."
    Hiro: "You mean the Blue Spire? But Lucia, I...I don't understand."
    Lunar: "You needn't. Will you do it...for me?"
    Hiro: "Of course, Lucia. You know I'd do anything for you."
    [They go to the Blue Spire's peak. She looks out a window.]
    Hiro: "Lucia? Lucia?"
    Lucia: "This world will be hard to forget. I've come to love so many things
           here. The bright green grass, the dazzling light of the clear blue sky,
           and the people...whose strength of conviction shines brightly on to
           eradicate the evil. Yes, the inner strength you humans possess is the 
           kind of magic that can revive the Blue Star. You have the strength and
           power to control your own destiny...and that's the greatest gift of
    Hiro: "Lucia? What are you...???"
    [She goes into the chamber Hiro found her in. She prepares to leave toward the
    Blue Star once again, and erects a forcefield between herself and Hiro, sadly]
    Hiro: "No! Lucia!"
    Lucia: "During our fight with Zophar, he said one thing that was very true. He
           said that I couldn't believe that I was incapable of believing in the
           power of humanity. And so, Hiro, I could not believe in you."
    Hiro: "No, Lucia! What are you doing?"
    Lucia: "When I came to this world, I did not even know the meaning of
           humanity's power. So how could I believe? But you changed all that,
           Hiro. You showed me the power of your inner strength and made me
           believe. I'll return to the Blue Star far richer than when I left. For
           you see, I now know that one day, when it is restored, I can safely
           entrust it to humans who will care for it as tirelessly as you have
           cared for LUNAR. And Hiro...I know that day will eventually come...
           because I hold the most miraculous power of all in my heart: the power
           of love."
    Hiro: "Come back! Lucia! Why are you doing this, Lucia?"
    Lucia: "I will never forget this place. The people here, they will live on in
           my memory...forever. I must go, Hiro...please understand why."
    Hiro: "But I don't!"
    Lucia: "Hiro, I must go back...the Blue Star needs me. Goodbye, Hiro. I'll
           always love you."
    Hiro: "Wait...! Luciaaaaa!"
    [She leaves her pendant behind.]
    System: Lucia's Pendant... I'd rather just have Lucia.
    Hiro: "Lucia, I will find a way."
    [He is on the Dragonship Destiny with Ruby later.]
    Ruby: "Hiro, where are you going?"
    Hiro: "I think you already know, Ruby."
    Ruby: "But...but Hiro, that's impossible. No one has EVER done it! You'll get
          yourself kill trying. C'mon, Hiro, she's gone...just forget about her."
    Hiro: "No can do, Ruby."
    Ruby: "Why can't you just accept the fact that she's gone?"
    Hiro: "Because she's alone out there...waiting...and I intend to find a way to
          get to her, with or without your help."
    Ruby: Hey, don't be like that! I intend to stick with you, Hiro! And there's
          no way you can talk me out of helping you, 'kay?"
    Hiro: "Oh, Ruby... Allllllright! Here we go! Our next adventure starts now!"
          (I will find a way, Lucia.)
    [Him and Ruby set off into the sunset as the credits roll.]
    [At Gwyn's.]
    Gwyn: "Young man, you asked me how to get to the Blue Star, and I've been
          searching my archives...but all I found was a single passage in an
          ancient scroll. Here's what it says: [Ahem!] 'When the twins sparkle, a
          dragon of the universe will again rise into the heavens. It's my guess
          that the 'twin stars' are a pair of Dragon Eye Jewels. Beyond that,
          however, I'm not really sure how to interpret it. And I also don't know
          where you would find another pair of Dragon Eye Jewels. But finding those
          Jewels is your only chance of seeing Lucia again. You must try! I've also
          conducted a couple of experiments with the pendant that Lucia left
          behind. Somehow, it draws power from the Blue Star...and uses that power
          to allow you to teleport to any place that you've previously visited.
          It's incredible magic, m'boy. I even believe Althena herself might have
          made the pendant. The pendant does have one serious limitation, however.
          You can't use it in places where you can't see the Blue Star, such as
          underground caverns. And that's all I know, m'boy. Get going! Lucia is
    Hiro: "Thanks, Grandpa..."
    [They find Jean at the Carnival.]
    Jean: "Oh! You've come to visit, just like you promised! Not that I doubted
          you'd keep your word!"
    Ruby: "Wow, Jean...you know what? You've always looked best in your dancing
    Jean: "Why, thank you, Ruby! I like this outfit, too. It's fun to get all
          dressed up! Where's Lucia? I promised that I'd do a special dance for
          her when we defeated Zophar. What's wrong, Hiro? Did you have a fight
          with her? Your eyes are so distant..."
    Hiro: "Lucia left. She returned to the Blue Star...and I've decided to follow
          her there. I need to be with her, Jean, becuase I love her."
    Jean: "Hiro, are you sure about this? Well, you can always count on me, Hiro!
          Do you want my help?"
          -> No, Jean. You're a dancer now.
             Jean: "If that's how you feel, Hiro, then I won't argue with you. No,
                   I lied...I WILL argue! After all we went through together, why
                   don't you trust me to help?"
          -> Yes, Jean. You're a great friend!
             Jean: "That's what I wanted to hear! This is going to be just like old
                   times, Hiro! Excuse me for a minute while I go put on something
                   a little more appropriate. Alright...all we have to do now is
                   find a way to the Blue Star. If anyone can do it, we can! Let's
                   go, Hiro! Lucia is waiting for you!
    [The three stop in Vane afterwards.]
    Lemina: "Oh! Hi, Hiro! Welcome back to the great city of Vane! Have you finally
            decided to join the Guild? Now let's see, where are those contracts...
            Here we go! All you have to do is put your initials here, here, and
            here, and sign here. Well, come ON, Hiro! Your pen is starting to dry
            out! Just SIGN it already! Oh, is Lucia with you? I'm sure she wants to
            join to, and for just 98S... Wha?! Lucia went back to the Blue Star...
            all alone?! That's...terrible! Ah, I'm starting to get it now. You
            intend to follow Lucia to the Blue Star...and you're here to ask for my
            help! Very wise of you! That should only run you about 10,000S. A
            special price for a special friend. Okay?"
            -> Ummm...I'll think about it.
               Lemina: "If you have to think about it, you must not care for her
                       too much. I should think that 10,000S would be so cheap,
                       you'd be diving for the deal!"
            -> Whatever it takes! Help me!
               Lemina: "You're serious, aren't you? You really do love Lucia with
                       all your heart. Alright, Hiro. I'll help you...and I hope to
                       meet a man just like you someday. Hiro, what's that money
                       for? You silly boy! I just wanted to see how serious you
                       were. Did you really think I'd charge a friend? C'mon! This
                       one is on the house. So...let's go!"
               Hiro: "There's just one problem, Lemina. I'm not really sure how to
                     get to the Blue Star. Grandpa Gwyn found a story that talks
                     about 'Star Pupils' and a dragon...and he thinks that the
                     Pupils are actually Dragon Eye Jewels. Other than that, I
                     don't have a clue. Do you?"
               Lemina: "Dragon Eye Jewels...hmmm...'Star Pupils'? I vaguely
                       remember seeing a book in the Magic Library with the title
                       'Star Pupils'. And I think I saw it at the very top of the
                       innermost shelf in the Library. Let's go and see, Hiro!"
    [They go to the library.]
    Lemina: "I found it! I found it! This is it! See the title, right there on the
            binding? 'Star Pupils'!"
    Hiro: "So let's read it...uh...is that...a letter or a number? Whatever
          language this is written in, I don't know!"
    Ruby: "And we've learned a lot of languages from all Grandpa Gwyn's books,
    Lemina: "Well, it's to be expected that this type of book would be above your
            literacy level...but the truth is that I don't understand a single word
            of it, either. Pooh! Who wrote this book, and why did they use a mega-
            -weird language? ... ... ... Hey, I have an idea! Let's go ask Mother
            if she knows how to read this! She's the only person in the world who's
            smarter than I am!"
    [They see Miria.]
    Miria: "Oh, Lemina, what's wrong? You look so pale!"
    Lemina: "Have you heard the story of the 'Dragon Pupils'? It's also called the
            'Rising Dragon'...I was sure that story would be in the Magic Library's
            oldest book, but I couldn't find it!"
    Miria: "Place the Dragon Pupils into the eyes of the dragon in the shining
           tower. When you do...you shall find the guardian of the bridge between
           the blue heavens and the blessed earth. ... I'm fairly certain that was
           the wording, but I might have paraphrased a bit."
    Lemina: "You memorized that story?! That's my Mother, alright!"
    Ruby: "I'm happy that Miria has such a good memory, but what does that story
    Miria: "Well, it's actually somewhat straightforward compared to most other
           fables. I would interpret it to mean that there is a tower with a
           pathway to the Blue Star...and that you need the two 'Dragon Pupils' to
           get inside."
    Hiro: "A tower that has something to do with a dragon...it's not the Blue
          Spire, is it?"
    Ruby: "Why didn't that story tell us where to find the tower? Old stories
          always leave stuff out. But it's okay, because Hiro will find it. He's
          too proud to ask for directions, anyway!"
    [They find Leo at the Mystic Ruins.]
    Leo: "Hiro?! Well met, my friend! This is a most unexpected encounter! It's
         been quite a while, friend. You look health, and strong! But your eyes...
         your eyes are filled with sorrow. Why, Hiro? What has happened to you?
         Wait a moment...where is Lucia? Why isn't she with you?"
    Hiro: "She left, Leo. She returned to the Blue Star, and she took my heart
          with her...but I'm going to follow her there and tell her how much I
          love her!"
    Leo: "If anyone can achieve such a feat, Hiro, it is you. You will, of course,
         allow me to assist you in your quest."
         -> No, I can do it on my own.
            Leo: "What are you saying, Hiro?! Together, we defeated a being of
                 ultimate evil! And together, we will send you to the Blue Star
                 and reunite you and Lucia!"
         -> Leo, that would be wonderful!
            Leo: "Don't mention it, Hiro! This is but a small payment toward an
                 enormous debt of gratitude. Now, then, Hiro, we cannot waste
                 another moment. Lucia awaits you!"
    [Ronfar is in Raculi.]
    Ronfar: "Hiro! buddy! Long time, no see. Say, what brings you back to Raculi?
            Oh, I see...the old ruins, eh? Why do you want to find them? And by
            the way...where's Lucia? Holy moo-maker! She left you? Well now, I
            never saw THAT one coming!"
    Hiro: "No, no. That's not what happened at all, Ronfar. She had to back to the
          Blue Star."
    Ronfar: "Well, you know she loves you, don't you, kiddo?"
    Hiro: "Yes, I do."
    Ronfar: "For the sake of true love, I'll help anyone out. So, are you asking
            for help?"
            -> No, Mauri needs you.
               Ronfar: "Well, if you're concerned about Mauri's welfare, why'd you
                       come here in the first place? I mean, were you just lookin'
                       for a shoulder to cry on? Sheesh, kid, make up your mind!"
            -> Yes! I need your help!
               Ronfar: "Okay, I'm ready to help you out. I just need to say goodbye
                       to Mauri."
               Mauri: "Oh, Ronfar. Off again?"
               Ronfar: "Dumplin', if he wasn't the greatest guy in the world, I
                       wouldn't go. But he is, and I've got to help him out. I'll
                       be back before you know it."
               Mauri: "Well then, good luck, sugar buns. I'll be waiting for you."
               Ronfar: "Okay, Hiro. Ya got a hired hand in your party. Let's go!"
    [They proceed through the Dragon Ruins.]
    System: Right Opal Jewel. It looks like a star.
    Ruby: "Do you remember the first time we found this room, Hiro? We were so
          green! I think my ribs are STILL sore from that fall... We're lucky we
          didn't get killed back then. We were such kids! But we survived, and now
          we're great adventurers! Now that we have the Left Dragon Eye, we need to
          find the Right Dragon Eye. Where should we start looking, Hiro? Any
    [They proceed to the Water Ruins.]
    Hiro: "Hey, check it out, Ruby! Now that the water's drained away, we can get
          into the ruins!
    [They proceed through.]
    System: Left Sapphire Jewel obtained.
    Ruby: "At last, Hiro! Now we have both of the Dragon Eye Jewels! Now we have
          both the Star Pupils...but where do we find the dragon of the High
          Church? We could wander around the world forever and never find it,
    [They go to the Star Dragon Tower.]
    Ruby: "I know these stairs weren't here before, Hiro...but why are they here
          now? Hiro! Look at THAT!"
    Lemina: "Here we are, Hiro! The Star Dragon Tower will take you to the Blue
            Star, and to Lucia! I still can't believe my mom never told me about
            this place before, that mega-meanie! But...uh...I don't see a way for
            us to get inside, do you?"
    Ruby: "Hey, Hiro, doesn't this dragon's head look familiar to you? It sure
          does to me? Where have I seen it before...? Oh! Of course! It was at the
          entrance to the Blue Spire!"
    Hiro: "Oh, yeah! You're right, Ruby!"
    Ruby: "And we opened the dragon's head with those two Dragon Eye Jewels...just
          like the Jewels we have! I think we both know how go get into this tower
          now, huh? Pop the Jewels into the dragon's eyes, Hiro!
    System: Right Opal Jewel was placed in the socket.
    System: Left Sapphire Jewel was wedged into the socket.
    [The door opens.]
    Ruby: "Ha! Look, Hiro! We did it! Now we can get inside! We're some team, huh?"
    [They enter.]
    Ascent Dragon: "Welcome, intrepid adventurer...ye who holds the Star Pupil,
                   and seeks guidance to the Blue Star. If true courage dwells
                   within thee, the path shalt be revealed to thine eyes. But if
                   thou dost not have a mind and body of sufficient strength...
                   thou shalt draw thy final breaths within this tower."
    Hiro: "I have the strength, and I have the courage. Now can we hurry this up?
          Lucia is waiting for me."
    Ascent Dragon: "Very well, courageous one. Reveal the power of your heart!"
    Lemina: "It's just like Mother said! This is definitely the way to travel from
            Lunar to the Blue Star! there's only one task let, Hiro, and that's to
            find the Ascent Dragon. So let's all work together to make it happen!"
    [They get to the top.]
    Ascent Dragon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha! Are you the one who seeks the Blue Star? The
                   impudent human who dares to challenge my superior knowledge with
                   nothing more than courage?"
    Ruby: "Who...who are you?! Show yourself!"
    Ascent Dragon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha! I am surprised that you fail to recognize me,
                   Red Dragon! Do you not feel the presence of one of your own? Do
                   you not realize I am the Star Dragon?"
    [A ghostly dragon head appears.]
    Hiro: "What in the world..."
    Star Dragon: "I am the guardian of the ancient bridge that joins this world to
                 the Blue Star. There are many years yet to pass before the Blue
                 Star will awaken from its sleep...and I cannot allow anyone to
                 disturb that sleep until the time of awakening. Whatever reasons
                 you may have for traveling to the Blue Star are meaningless to me,
                 human. I command you to leave this place at once, and to never
                 -> I must find Lucia!
                    Hiro: "I must find Lucia! Don't you understand? She needs me,
                          just as I need her!"
                    Star Dragon: "What could she possibly require of a human being?
                    Hiro: "I...I don't know yet. But that's why I have to go! Lucia
                          is all alone in a barren, hostile place, trying to
                          fulfill her mission to return it to life...and I love her
                          too much to let her shoulder that burden alone. I know
                          that if I were there, I could find a way to help her
                          revive the Blue Star. And then, someday, when it's ready
                          to be inhabited again...I want to be there with Lucia. I
                          want to be with the one I love. You must let me pass!"
                    Star Dragon: "You defy me, human, despite all that I have told
                    Hiro: "We defeated Zophar to save this world, and I am prepared
                          to defeat YOU to save Lucia..."
                    Star Dragon: "As you wish..."
                 -> I must reach the Blue Star!
                    Hiro: "I must reach the Blue Star!"
                    Star Dragon: "And what will you do once you arrive there,
                                 human? She needs no help in reviving the Blue
                                 Star. It is a task for which she is certainly
                    Hiro: "But, she's changed. I...I mean WE changed her. She has
                          emotions that are confusing her...she's human. And I know
                          she loves me as strongly as I for her. We're meant to be
                          together forever...and I won't leave her up there all
                          alone. I just know that if I were there, I could find a
                          way to help her revive the Blue Star. And then, someday,
                          when it's ready to be inhabited again...I want to be
                          there with Lucia. I want to be with the one I love. You
                          must let me pass!"
                    Star Dragon: "You defy me, human, despite all that I have told
                    Hiro: "We defeated Zophar to save this world, and I am prepared
                          to defeat YOU to save Lucia..."
                    Star Dragon: "As you wish..."
    [Hiro defeats the Star Guardian all by his lonesome.]
    Star Dragon: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You fought with skill and strength like I
                 have never seen, human! You have earned passage to the Blue Star.
                 I have witnessed the power of your love for Lucia, human. I only
                 hope that it is strong enough to help you survive the harsh
                 landscape of the Blue Star. This is but the first step on a long
                 and treacherous road. Find your footing on the road, human, and
                 find the hope that lies buried amongst the stars. I shall wait
                 here, and believe that your love has the power to make dreams
                 into reality. Go now, Hiro. The way is open to you. Go to the Blue
                 Star. Go to Lucia!"
    [It disappears.]
    Hiro: "Yes..."
    [He goes to the top floor.]
    Hiro: "What's that?! It's the Star Dragon Crystal. I...guess this is where we
          have to say good-bye.
    Leo: "Hiro, the time is now at hand for us to part ways; but this time, we do
         so as friends. I shall wander this land in search of my true destiny while
         you seek yours with Lucia on the Blue Star. Well...good luck."
    Ronfar: "Till now, I thought I was the biggest gambler on Lunar...but it's you!
            I don't know what lies ahead of you on this journey, but I'm sure
            you'll manage to win it all in the end. So I'm bettin' it all on you!
            Well...that's my pep talk. Seeya, chief."
    Ruby: "Hiro, this is so very dangerous! I wish you could stay here with me, but
          I guess that wouldn't be fair to Lucia or you. But...but then...your
          leaving isn't really fair to me either!" [sobs]
    Jean: "Some of what Ruby says is really true, y'know, Hiro. But then I...I'm
          sure you'll make it back to Lucia just fine! I have faith that you can do
          what you dream, so get out of here before I cry. Go! I mean it!"
    Lemina: "I...I'm really mega-bad at saying goodbye like this. But this isn't
            like a final forever goodbye, is it? You're just going out to pick up
            a friend. Oh...who am I kidding? Hurry back...Hiro."
    [On the Blue Star, Lucia is in her crystal. She opens her eyes and sees Hiro,
     on top of the crystal, upside-down, and looking at her.]
    Lucia: "Hiro!"
    [They go out to the balcony and share a kiss as the sun comes out. Is the Blue
     Star slowly unthawing? Hmm...]
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