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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HReinhart

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/23/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
    Started on April 20.
    Sent on July 23.
    Walkthrough by Henry Francis Reinhart (HFR360@hotmail.com)
    WARNING:  Before reading any further, you must realize that this walkthrough 
    may give away some secrets to the game.  Read it at your own risk!
    SUGGESTION:  If you wish to print this out, a cheap alternative to home 
    print outs is your local library (U.S.).  I don't suggestion printing this 
    out at home since it can use up quite a bit of ink.
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Character List
    3.  Walkthrough
         First Disc:
            Caldor Isle
              -White Dragon Cave
              -Back to Burg
              -Weird Woods
              -Old Hag's Forest
         Continued from Demo:
            Katarina Zone
              -Meribian Sewers
              -Althena's Shrine
              -Cave of Trial
              -Nanza Pass -East Side
              -Nanza Pass -West Side
              -Lann Island
              -Crystal Tower
              -Back to Burg again
              -Magic Emperor
              -Meribia in trouble
              -Vane in peril
              -Return to Nanza
              -Nanza - South Side
            Marius Zone
              -Meryod Woods
              -Damon's Spire
              -Theives' Bazaar
              -Iluk Field
              -Red Dragon Cave
              -Crash Landing in Reza
            Stadius Zone
              -Lyton Shrine
              -Blue Dragon Shrine
              -Tamur Pass
              -Lost Woods
              -Black Dragon Cave
              -Unfinished Busness
              -To the Frontier
              -Talon Mine
              -Silver Spire
              -Grindery Bowels
              -Grindery Quarters
              -Althena's Sword
              -Althena's Fortress
              -Goddess Tower
              -The End
    4.  Song Lyrics and Music (Third Disc)
    5.  The Making of Luna
    6.  Weapons
    7.  Protection
              -Helmets, Hats, and Hair Stuff
              -Arm Equipment
    8.  Accessories
    9.  Items
    10. Magic List
    11. Enemy List
    12. Red Chest Locations
    13. Bromides
    14. Rememberizer / Movie Descriptions
    15. Conclusion
    1.  Introduction
    Version 1.4
              -The last version of my Lunar walkthrough
              -Added a few information for the characters section.
              -Fixed up some of the information in the songs section.
    Version 1.3
               -The game was finally released, thus the walkthrough continued.
               -Touched up the songs section.
               -Touched up the enemies list.
               -Organized the Magic, Weapons, Armor, and Accessories Lists.
               -Added another song and a Music Soundtrack CD List.
               -Added a Red Chest Locations Section and a Bromides Section
              -Added a Making of Luna section
              -Added a Rememberizer / Movie Descriptions section
              -Spread out the equipment sections
    Version 1.2
              -Added a Music List from Alex's Ocarina.
              -Also added more character information (not really important)
    Version 1
              Completed as much as I could within a short time.
              This is the first walkthrough that I have ever attempted to 
    complete and put on the internet myself, so be prepared for some errors.  
    This statement is true, but after I finished the demo section I have tried 
    my hand at another walkthrough for Super Smash Brothers (also on gamefaqs).  
    This one, however, is the one I'll spend most of my time on.  I have been 
    playing video games, mainly rpgs,  most of my life.  Beating these games is 
    one of my specialities (if anyone wants a list of some put here, please 
    e-mail me).  I've written this walkthrough to see if I could do it, and 
    possibly post it on http://www.gamefaqs.com.  This walkthrough was started 
    on April 20, the date when I got the demo.  The demo should contain about 4 
    hours for the average player.  The actual game was supposed to come out on 
    May 7th, then May 11th, and then May 18th.  I pre-ordered it, but there was 
    some sort of shipping problem, so I received it on June 4th.  If you find 
    any errors or have any questions please contact me at HFR360@hotmail.com 
    (but I'll also accept it at my yahoo address [HFR360@yahoo.com]).  
    Unfortunatly, I do not personally have the internet, so this walkthrough can 
    only be sent on weekends via a friend's computer (my e-mail can only be 
    checked weekly, or possibly bi-weekly, because of this).
               Working Designs, the makers of Alundra, Dragon Force, and of 
    course the Lunar series (the first two of which I've beaten the games of), 
    have decided to re-create one of their classics.  Lunar: The Silver Star 
    Story Complete was supposed to come out on May 11th.  Some of its features 
    are (according to the Demo's ending):  20 speaking parts with over an hour 
    of speech, 100+ hard cover game manual, full-color cloth map (not as 
    impresive as it sounds), 23 song soundtrack CD, and a making of Lunar 
    feature on a CD.  With the two game discs, it contains four CDs.  The 
    leather-bound manual is supposed to have about 10% of the official hintbook 
    in it.  This traditional style RPG is done in 2D (remember those SNES 
    RPGs?).  This game can be considered a collectors item.
              A problem with the demo is that you can only reach level 12 on all 
    your characters.  For me, this leaves some element of a challege to the 
    actual game, but many people hate it.
              Since this game was out for both Sega CD and Sega Saturn, there 
    should be plenty of walkthroughs for this game, but perhaps hardly any for 
    Playstation.  Still, this is completly my work.  I never played any of the 
    previous games, so this is done entirely from the Playstation game.  This 
    walkthrough is aimed at finding as many treasure and secrets as I can.  
    Anyway, here's my walkthrough.
    2.  Character List
    Playable characters:
    Alex               Hero of the game.  Has the aspiration to become the 
    "Dragonmaster" like his own hero, the former Dragonmaster Dyne.  Plays the 
    Ocarina, sometimes combined with Luna's singing.  He starts out in the small 
    village of Burg.  A great feature the game gave him is that he can attack 
    twice after a certain level, ( I think level 9), and three times at level 
    27.  Luckily, he never leaves the party.
    Nall               A flying creature that resembles a cat, and talks.  Been 
    together with Alex since he was a child.  Possibly, no definitly, a white 
    dragon.  Nall brings an element of humor with his various wise cracks and 
    his attitude.  He can carry up to 96 things.
    Luna               An orphan who lives with Alex.  Has a great singing 
    voice.  Appearently, the game is centered around her.  Without her, it would 
    be much harder to heal, and thus the game would be harder (until Jessica 
    Ramus              Alex's pleasantly plump friend who looks for adventure, 
    and money.  Although he talks brave, he seems to be a coward.  He can't use 
    magic, but can fight.
    Nash               Self proclaimed "Skilled Apprentice Nash, Third Rank of 
    the Magic Guild" of Vane.  Found in a trap, supposibly inspecting it.  He's 
    a very proud person, and also very arrogant.  He likes Mia Ausa, but is shy 
    about telling her.
    Jessica de Alkirk  Daughter of Hell Mel.  She lived in Meribia, but acts as 
    a priestess at Althenia's Shine. She attacks twice at level 26.  She is your 
    primary healer after Luna leaves the party.
    Mia Ausa           She's the daughter of Lemia and the future leader of the 
    Magic Guild.  She's very shy and enjoys reading.  Her magic is strong 
    against enemies, but her physical attacks are not.
    Kyle               He resides in Nanza.  He's Jessica's boyfriend.  Like 
    Alex, he can attack twice (Three times at level 31).  He uses sword-type 
    fighting magic.
    Tempest            He's the leader of Pao.  He's excellent with the bow and 
    arrow.  Can attack three times.  You can control him for a limited time in 
    the game.
    Ghaleon            See below in "The Four Heroes".
    The Vile Tribe:
    Magic Emperor      Leader of the Vile Tribe.  Seems to be the ultimate evil 
    in this game.
    Xenobia            Has a talent for mimicing the facial features of others.
    Royce              Originally found on Black Rose Street as a fortune 
    Phacia             Leader of Althena's Shrine.  Not much is known about her 
    earlier in the game.
    Taben              An anti-Myght who sides with the Vile Tribe.  He's the 
    creator of the Grindery.  I'm still wondering what happens to him at the end 
    of the game...
    The Four Heroes:
    Dragonmaster Dyne  Alex's role model.  Rumors state that he was killed by 
    the Black Dragon.
    Mel de Alkirk      Governor of Meribia.  He was one of the four heros.  He's 
    also a beastman.  His nickname is Hell Mel because he is feared by many.  He 
    has a daughter, Jessica.
    Lemia Ausa         She's the Guildmaster of the Magic Guild of Vane.  She 
    was one of the four heros.
    Ghaleon            Premier of Vane.  He was one of the four heros.  Some 
    people say he can become the next dragonmaster, but something's holding him 
    Other important characters:
    Quark              The White Dragon who resides in a cave south of Burg.
    Damon              The keeper of knowledge who resides south east of Reza.  
    Finding him is not that easy.
    Fresca             Tempest's bride to be.  Unlike Tempest, you can't use her 
    in battle at all.
    Myght              A powerful inventor who lives in his own tower away from 
    most people.  The english version of the game had him suffering from extreme 
    body odor.  Don't ask.
    Althena            The all powerful goddess of Green Earth who brought life 
    there.  She will play an important role in the story.  An incident happened 
    with her and Dragonmaster Dyne in the past ...
    3.  Walkthrough
    Items found: Dagger, Sling, Flame Ring, Ocarina.
              Watch the opening sequence.  Alex's flying cat friend, Nall 
    appears.  Soon you'll be able to control him.  With this game, you can save 
    wherever you want.  Pretty useful.  Anyway, follow the path and the earth 
    will shake.  You'll find out from your friend, Ramus, that you'll have to go 
    to the white dragon's lair for a diamond, but Nall reminds you that you have 
    to go to Luna.  Next, follow the path to Burg and to the springs to find 
    her.  I suggest exploring first, and talking to people more than once, or 
    even twice.  In the spings, you'll hear Luna sing ( Lyrics are "La La... 
    something or other).  She joins you.  Go to Alex's house (north westmost 
    house) to get a Dagger from your father.  Give the Sling to Luna and equip 
    it.  Also take anything you want from the basement.  Talk to Ramus who's 
    waiting at the exit of the village.  Now leave the village.
    White Dragon Cave
    Items found:  Herb x4, Star Light, Dragon Ring, 250 silver, Dragon Diamond.
    Enemies:  Albino Baboon, Mutant Fly, Slime, Synapse Guard
              Go right and follow the path until you reach a cave.  Inside, 
    you'll find an ice block that can be destroyed by Alex because of his ring.  
    Now follow the path, dodge enemies if you want, and collect the treasure 
    chest slightly hidden at the edge of the path coming up. The crystals that 
    appear ahead are hard to beat, but you can trap them by luring it into an 
    enemy.  You can also go around it.  Go up from the crystal to find treasure. 
      Follow the path to the left, all the way down, and to the right for 
    treasure.  Keep going right and down when you can.  Take the treasure, then 
    go left and down.  I suggest stockpiling your herbs with Nall.  Dodge, or 
    fight, the crystals and procede into the doorway.  You'll find the dragon, 
    Quark.  He says that he'll give you the Dragon Diamond if you give him the 
    Dragon Ring.
              Leave the dragon and go to the doorway to the left.  The Baboon 
    there is extremly helpful (Don't kill it!).  Make it charge at you to the 
    bottom, to the right, up, left, and up to smash the block ( or sideways if 
    you can).  In the next room, use the Baboon to get the treasure.  Go into 
    the doorway.  Use the Baboon again to get the treasure and to exit the room. 
      Go to Quark and show him the ring and he'll give you his lump of... 
    Diamond.  He tells you to search for his brothers: Red, Blue, and Black.  
    After doing this, he tells you to return to him.  Now leave the cave and 
    return to Burg.
    Back to Burg
    Items found:  1000 silver.
              Once home, heal at the statue.  After you're finished talking to 
    everyone, go to the shop and try to sell the diamond.  She'll tell you to go 
    to Meribia, the harbor town.  Now go back home.  You'll agree not to tell 
    Luna you're leaving for Meribia,
              The mist covered woods is your next destination ( left of town).  
    Follow the path and  Ramus will run away.  You'll be back in Burg.  Talk to 
    Luna and then your father and mother.  She'll give you money ( choose the 
    bottom choice for optimal honesty).  Talk to Luna and then your father.  
    You'll sleep.  Watch the scene
    Weird Woods
    Items found:  Antidote x6, Herb x4, Locked Chest?.
    Enemies:  Flytrapper, Goblin, Gorgon, Scythe Spore
    The next morning, talk to Ramus.  In the woods, Luna casts a spell and the 
    fog disappears.  Follow the path and go down for treasure.  At the fork, go 
    all the way up for treasure.  Go left for more treasure.  Go straight down 
    for treasure, then go left for more treasure.  Go further left for even more 
    treasure.  Go straight up for treasure, then go right for more treasure.  
    Follow the path right, pick up treasure, continue.  At the clearing, save 
    and go left for some trouble with monsters.  Luckly, a friend, Laike, 
    appears.  At level 99, he'll destroy them easily.
               You'll soon start a fire, talk, and sleep.  Laike leaves in the 
    morning.  Follow the path, collect treasure, and exit.
    Items found:  Locked Chest?
              Follow the map south until you reach the port town of Saith.  
    Explore the place.  Notice another locked chest in the house west of the 
    statue.  What opens these?  When finished, go to the docks, talk to the 
    captain there, and then talk to Brett in the bar.  You'll need some money 
    first, and if you don't have it you can always sell something.  He flips a 
    coin, and you'll lose 200 moneys.  Ramus will discover that he's cheating, 
    so Brett gives you the Fortune Cane to give to the woman in the forest left 
    and  north of town.  Go there.
    Old Hag's Forest
    Items found:  Herb x3, 400 silver, Star Light, Locked Chest?
    Enemies:  Killer Fly, Killer Wasp, Mantle Rapper, Mutant Ant
              If you go right, you'll find treasure but don't open it unless you 
    want to fight bees (and get no items).    You can dodge them if you go fast 
    enough ( they'll just give up). Go up and left for more treasure bees.  The 
    one to the right is actual treasure.  Now go right and up when you can.  The 
    treasure here also contains bees.  Go left for more treasure, that has more 
    bees.  Go up and find the treasure hidden in the woods.  Next, go right.  
    The treasure chest here also contains, you guessed it, bees!  Go up and 
    search the treasure north for money.  Go right and up to leave ( down to get 
    a treasure chest).  Now you'll find a trap with someone inside.  Nash will 
    join you.  In the house, notice the locked chest in the basement.  Talk to 
    the woman with Luna and get the Chart.  Don't keep talking to her, because 
    this will force you to give her your Fortune Cane.  Anyway, head to Saith.
    Boss:  Saline Slimer
              Back at Saith, a monster has crawled onto the pier and attacked 
    the cargo.  Find and attack it at the ship.  This is your first main boss.
    Saline Slimer     Use Nash's Thunder Bomb first, then attack as you please.  
    This weakens it and allows the other members to attack.  Use Luna's spells 
    to heal, and Ramus to attack.  Use Alex's sword skills (I suggest Sword 
    Dance).  If you have the  Cascade Song use it, but it's not necessary.  
    All-in-all it's a pretty easy boss, even though it heals itself.
              Talk to Luna.  She says that she's not going with you.  The next 
    morning, however, Alex convinces her to come and start the adventure.  Its 
    time to leave Caldor Isle via the Hispaniola.
    ---------------------------------------------End of 
              When you get the chance, head downstairs.  You can buy things from 
    the store downstairs.  They sell...
    Items                         Price
    Long Sword                    360
    Small Bow                      320
    Leather Clothes                200
    Leather Armor                 260
    Healing Nut                   200
    Soap                          1000
              I suggest buying at least 2 soaps (you'll find out later).  Talk 
    to Luna when you're finished.  You'll soon go to sleep.  Luna decides to go 
    up on the deck, so go there.  You'll get to see another scene where Luna 
    sings her boat song.  You'll soon go back to sleep.
         In the morning, talk to whomever you want and head to the bow of the 
    ship.  You'll soon reach Meribia.
    Items found:  Locked Chest?
              Well, you're finally here!  Ramus and Nash go their separate ways. 
      Explore the town.  In the Seagull Tavern, you'll hear a singer sing.  
    There's a locked treasure chest in the middle of three houses to the left of 
    town.  In the Item store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Herb                          40
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleansing Water               60
    Dragonfly Wings               100
    In the Weapons Store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Long Sword                    360
    Small Bow                     320
    Fire Cane                     1400
    In another Weapons Shop they sell...
    Items                          Price
    Short Sword                    200
    Long Sword                     360
    Broad Sword                   600
    Poison Darts                  180
    Small Bow                     320
    Battle Bow                    640
    In an armor store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Leather Armor                 260
    Iron Armor                    480
    Wooden Shield                 100
    Iron Shield                   360
    Headband                      160
    Iron Helmet                    260
              Master Mel is located in his mansion north of town.  He's located 
    in the conference room.  Talk to him for another scene.  He will fight you.  
    After you lose, head towards the west side of town ( It is possible to win, 
    but not nessessary).  Ramus is in an item shop trying to sell the diamond.  
    Continue west to Black Rose Street.  There are more shops here.
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                    200
    Star Light                    1000
    Dragonfly Wings               100
    Here's another Weapon's Shop...
    Items                         Price
    Long Sword                    360
    Small Bow                     320
    Fire Cane                     1400
    Here's another Armor Shop...
    Items                         Price
    Robe                         400
    Steel Armlet                  220
    Headband                      160
              When you're finished buying what you need, go to the house to the 
    far left and you'll see Nash talking to Royce, a fortune teller.  After 
    this, find Ramus outside of Black Rose Street and in the house with symbols 
    on top.  You'll have to settle with selling the diamond for 20000 silver.  
    Unfortunatly, the store owner, Dross, takes the diamond but doesn't return.  
    You'll have to enter the sewers and follow him.
    Meribian Sewers
    Items found:  Star Light x3 , 250 silver x2 , Herb x2 , Antidote x3.
    Enemies:  Ammonia, Evil Wisp, Fatal Hopper, Grog Snake
    Boss:  Water Dragon
              Before going in, you might want to buy some Star Lights and 
    healing items for the boss.  Once you decide to go in, press the switch in 
    the upper right to lower the bridge and go right.  Follow the path to the 
    right and fight the enemies.  If you ever need to heal, go to the statue 
    outside and near the entrance to the city.  Follow the path and press the 
    blue switch to the left of the next bridge.  Go right at the crossroads and 
    down into the room for an item.  Go left,down, and right for a treasure 
    chest.  Fight the next two enemies and go down.  You'll be in an area with 
    alot of fish enemies jumping out of the water.  Try not to touch them 
    (unless you need the experience) and go all the way right for treasure.  Go 
    back to the left and go down (second passage from the left).  Press the next 
    switch and go down for treasure.  Go right and up the bridge for another 
    switch, then go back to the left and up to the crossroads.  Now go down the 
    third path on your right.  Follow it and go down the ladder.  Take the 
    treasure tucked away in the left corner and go up and the crossroad for 
    money.  Now go right and go up from the doorway.  Follow the path all the 
    way up and follow it into a door.  Inside are three treasure chests and 
    Dross.  I suggest equiping some bows first before talking to him.  Talk to 
    him last and prepare for battle.
    Water Dragon     This dragon can not be attacked by close range attacks.  
    Hopefully your party has some bows and strong magic.  Alex's magic does 
    work, and I suggest using it now.  The dragon sometimes uses Fire Press, 
    which always attacked Alex and did about 50 HP worth of damage.  Have Luna 
    use Cascade Song on each of the party members and heal everyone when needed. 
      Have Alex use his spells on it, such as Sword Dance (which works well 
    here), and have Ramus shoot.  Use items when needed.  This battle is harder 
    than the one with Saline Slimer, but it's still not that difficult.
              Dross gets frightened and gives you 500 silver.  Ramus makes Dross 
    a deal: trade the Dragon Diamond for the store.  Since he sold the Diamond 
    to the store, he now owns it.  Royce appears and disappears stating "She's 
    the one".  Once you get control of your characters, notice the treasure to 
    your right.  There must be a way to get it.  Anyway return to Ramus' store.
    Meribia (optional Sewers)
              When you return, you'll find Nash.  He invites you to go to Vane 
    with him.  Unfortunatly, Ramus doesn't want to come and stays to operate his 
    new store.  Anyway, I suggest going to Mel's Mansion.  If you want, you can 
    enter a different area of the sewers.  If not, disregard these directions.
    Items found:  Star Light, Fortune Ring, Locked Chest?
              Go to the right and upstairs.  Go past the training area and down 
    into the sewers.  Go down past the enemies and follow the path until you get 
    to a treasure box.  You'll also find a locked treasure chest.  You'll be 
    here again...
              Anyway, head towards the exit of town.
    Althena's Shrine
    Items found:  Application.
              According to Nash, to reach Vane you'll need to use the Spring of 
    Transmission.  Follow the path to see the floating city of Vane.  After this 
    scene, go to the spring.  Unfortunatly, the man there won't let you use the 
    spring without permission from Phacia.  Go to Althenia's Shrine and let Nash 
    speak to her.  She'll give you the Application.  Now go to the spring.
    Cave of Trial
    Items found:  250 silver x4, Healing Ring, Locked Chest.
    Enemies:  Death Shroom, Gunfoot, Ice Mongrel, Slumber Moth.
    Boss:  Truffle Troubler.
              You'll be transported to the Cave of Trial.  Once there, if you 
    ever need to heal, talk to the old man.  Anyway follow the path and fight 
    the enemies.  Go in the doorway, go down, right, then all the way up for 
    treasure.  Now go right and follow the path until you reach the old man.  
    You can heal here, but for me it wasn't nessessary.  Go through the doorway, 
    go left and follow the path to the next doorway.  Follow the path until you 
    get to a crossroad.  If you go right, you'll find a locked treasure chest 
    and an enemy.  I suggest going down.  Follow the path until you can see the 
    treasure chest.  After acquiring the treasure, go in the doorway.  Talk to 
    all the people here (you'll meet Mr. Powers here [again with the "pop 
    culture" references]).  Anyway talk to the old man and heal if you need it 
    (this is the last place to heal before the boss).  Go through the doorway 
    and head up and to the left.  Grab the treasure and go down.  Go all the way 
    down for treasure, then back up and to the left.
    Truffle Troubler          For this boss, I suggest you have Alex use his 
    Sword Dance and Luna heal when possible.  Its also a good idea to have Luna 
    use her Cascade Song a couple of times on Alex.  His attacks were Mad Spark, 
    which attacks everyone by about 30 to 32 damage (I was at level 15 for both 
    characters), and Flash Bolt, which attacked one person at 45 damage.  If 
    Alex runs out of MP, have him attack (Although it wasn't nessessary for me). 
        Just follow these instructions and the battle will be easy.
              Right before you leave, save, and head towards the left.  Follow 
    the path for a Healing Ring.  Now leave via the doorway and go to the old 
    man in the upper right corner.
    Items found:  10 silver.
              Explore this new town before going to the Magic Guild.  If you 
    explore the Library, you'll find 10 silver in the 4th bookshelf on the right 
    In the weapons store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Saber                         1000
    Fire Cane                     1400
    Dream Cane                    1600
    In the accessories store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Crystal Pendant               12000
    Devil Pendant                 12000
    Star Light                    1000
    Holy Water                    100
    Angel's Tear                   600
    Dragonfly Wing                100
    In the items shop they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleansing Water               60
    In the armor store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Chain Mail                    1200
    Magic Robe                    1280
    Silver Shield                 900
    Silver Bracelet               480
    Steel Armlet                  220
    Fruity Bandanna               240
              If you ever need to heal, there's a statue in the upper left most 
    corner.  When you're ready, enter the structure directly north of the city.  
    Luna will rest in a small room and notice that someone is playing music.  
    She explores and you'll see a scene involving Ghaleon (Unfortunatly, one of 
    the songs on Alex's Ocarina reveals too much about him).  Explore the place. 
      There's a mysterious person locked in the dungeon.  Will he/she be 
    important later on?  Go up the left staircase and meet Mia when you're 
    finished.  Nash will come barging in and tell you that Ghaleon will see you. 
      Go up the right staircase this time and meet him.  There will be another 
    scene with Ghaleon here.  He tells you to go to Lann to investigate if 
    theres a Dragonmaster there, or if it's a hoax.
    Nanza Pass -East Side
    Items found:  50 silver x2, Herb x2, Enemy Chests x2.
    Enemies:  Antorion, Death Mutt, Giga Wasp, Mud Cyclops.
              Follow the path left, then up.  Fight the enemies if you wish.  If 
    you open the treasure, your whole party will be confused and you'll have to 
    fight Giga Wasps.  From there, go right and down for money.  Now go to the 
    left and then down.  Follow the path that leads to the treasure chest.  Now 
    go down and to the left to pick up another treasure chest.  Now go right and 
    down.  From there go right, up, and right for treasure.  Then go all the way 
    down if you want another enemy chest, if not go left from there.  Keep going 
    left to get to the Nanza Barrier.
              Explore the place.  You won't be able to pass without Kyles 
    permission, so head for the tower.  The people say he's in the east tower, 
    but he seems to have went to the dinning area.  Once there, he disappears to 
    his bedroom above the mess hall.  Now he appears to have gone to the jail 
    cell.  Here you'll see another scene.  You'll now be able to leave via the 
    west gate.
    Nanza Pass - West Side
    Items found:  Enemy Chests, Star Light.
    Enemies:  Same as the other side.
              Go all the way down and you'll see an enemy treasure chest.  Go 
    left from here and talk to the man.  Go left from him and you'll see another 
    treasure chest (actual treasure).  Go left and you'll see another person.  
    Keep going to exit.
    Items found:  Locked Chest?
              Go north to find Lann.  Here there's a locked chest hiden behind a 
    In the item store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleansing Water               60
    Dragonfly Wing                100
              Go in the mayors house to find Jessica.  Now you'll have to go to 
    Lann Island to get rid of the fake Dragonmaster.  Go to the docks and borrow 
    the boat there.
    Lann Island
    Items found:  300 silver, 500 silver x2, Confusion boxes x4, Fresh Ring.
    Enemies:  Barrel Snake, Monocrop, Nightmare, The Deep.
    Boss: D Master Zoc
              Go all the way to the left (Avoid the poison swamp areas!) and 
    you'll find treasure.  Go to the right of this for another treasure box, but 
    don't open it unless you want to be confused (up goes left, left goes down, 
    right goes left, and down goes right).  Go down for another confusion box 
    (why?).  Go all the way to the right then up for actual treasure.  Go left 
    then up when you can for another treasure box.  Go to the left and up to 
    find another confusion box (Don't open it).  Go all the way to the left, 
    then up to see another confusion box.  If you go left from here, you'll find 
    another confusion box and go up and all the way to the right for treasure.  
    Go all the way to the left for a ring.  Go to the other side of the stream 
    and save before talking to the man.  He is the fake Dragonmaster Zoc.
    D Master Zoc          Now you have two healers in your party, so the battle 
    isn't that hard.  Have Alex use his Sword Dance, Luna use Cascade Song twice 
    on Alex and then heal, Nash use his Thunder Bomb, and Jessica heal or attack 
    when needed.  His Press attack hurts anyone within the area of attack, but 
    just let one of the healers heal everyone.  He also uses Throwing Fire, but 
    it never hurt me because the one he attacked was wearing the Fire Ring.  
    He's not too hard, it just takes awhile to beat him.
              Go back to Lann, and once there you'll meet Phacia.  When Jessica 
    leaves, so does Jessica because she never heard of Phacia.  Now leave and 
    head for Vane (you'll have to go back through the Nanza Passes).
    Items found:  Althena's Mirror.
              Go to the Great Hall and talk to Ghaleon twice.  Lemia will then 
    arrive.  She says that she can sense evil in Alex, and throws him in 
    prision.  Once there, look around and the masked woman will speak.  Mia will 
    then appear to recuse you and gives you Althena's Mirror.  Next you'll free 
    the masked woman.  She tells you to go to the Star Chamber.
    Crystal Tower
    Items found:  250 silver, 500 silver, 750 silver, Star Light, Angel Ring.
    Enemies found:  Blood Lord, Neutronitor, Reflector, Plasma Fiend.
               Once you arrive at the door to the Star Chamber (the blue one on 
    the right side), Nash will join you.  Mia will open the door.  Unfortunatly, 
    once inside you can't use you're weapons, but Alex still does when he uses 
    his spells.  You'll have to rely on magic skills.  First go up the right 
    staircase and go down for treasure.  Go to the left and down when possible.  
    Go through the doorway, then up, left, and down.  Go through the next 
    doorway and go up, then right and down for a hidden treasure chest.  Now go 
    up from there and up the staircase.  You'll see another slightly hidden 
    chest here.  Now go back down and take the left staircase.  From there go 
    right, down and up the staircase.  Go up and take the left staircase, and 
    follow the path for treasure.  Go back down and take the other staircase.   
    Go right and all the way down to go up another staircase.  Take the ring in 
    the treasure box, go down, and take the other staircase.  Avoid the enemies 
    and go up the next staircase.  Here you'll hear Luna singing.  Go up the 
    last staircase.
              Here you'll find a ritual being performed with Luna in the center 
    singing.  Appearently, Luna was captured because of her singing (and so was 
    the other singer in Lann).  Mia uses the mirror to see if Lamia was who she 
    seemed to be.  It didn't work on her.  The masked women then removes the 
    masks and reveals that she is the true Lamia.  The mirror appearently 
    removed her mask.  Ghaleon tell refuses to side with the fake Lamia and goes 
    to Mia's side.  You'll then see a scene which shows that the fake Lamia was 
    realy Xenobia of the Vile Tribe.  Four ultragoyles then attack.  I suggest 
    you use the rest of you magic on these.  Have Alex use his sword attacks, 
    Luna heal, Nash use his Thunder Bomb, and Mia use her Blizzard or Flame 
    Circle spells.
              Ghaleon states that he knew nothing about Xenobia and that he want 
    to see Quark, the White Dragon.  Mia will stay in Vane to act as ruler 
    because Lemia still has a tough time with her memory, and Nash will stay to 
    help.  Now take Ghaleon to Meribia to board the ship there.
    *Before you go, stop by Althenia's Shine and talk to the woman near the 
    statue for Phacia's Bromide.
    Back to Burg again
    Items found:  1000 silver, Ice Mace.
              When you're ready, go the Mel's Mansion.  You'll see Mel, Ghaleon, 
    and Jessica here.  Talk to Ghaleon and soon you'll go upstairs to rest.  
    Talk to Jessica a few times to tell her your story and you'll sleep.  Luna 
    will have a dream.  The next morning, go to the ship.  You'll go to Saith.  
    Once there, talk to the man walking around in the house you're forced to go 
    it and he'll give you some silver.  Before going to Burg, visit the Old Hag 
    for an item.  Don't worry about the enemies, Ghaleon makes it easier to get 
    by.  The mace can be used by Jessica.  Now head back to Burg.  If you go to 
    the pond area, Luna will say something to Alex.  Explore and when you're 
    ready, go visit Quark.
    Magic Emperor
    Items found:  Dragon Wings
              Ghaleon asks Quark if Luna is the one.  Quark says yes.  Then, 
    Ghaleon turns against Quark and reveals that he is the Magic Emperor 
    Ghaleon.  He then traps Quark into a giant magic dome that shrinks into a 
    tiny orb and he grabs it.  He kidnaps Luna and then shoots Alex with his 
    magic.  Never trust anyone with red reptilian-like eyes.  Alex then wakes in 
    his home.  Alex's father tells him that Laike saved him.  First go in the 
    basement and search the drawers for Luna's Bromide 2.  Next, go to Dyne's 
    monument and speak to him.  His story about Dyne risking his life for the 
    one he loved encourages him, and Alex sets out to save her from Magic 
    Emperor Ghaleon.  Laike also gives him Dragon Wings
    Meribia in trouble
    Enemies:  Gargoyle, Guardian, Rook, Shadow Lord
              First off in Meribia, you'll have to help out Jessica from some 
    enemies.  After this, Alex will tell her what happened.  Now you'll have to 
    help out Master Mel in the mansion.  Go there, unless you need the 
    experience gained from the monsters.  You'll have to go around the boxes to 
    get to the mansion.  I also suggest stoping by Ramus' store.  He sells...
    Items                          Price
    Silver Sword                  1800
    Chain Mail                    1200
    Silver Shield                 900
    Healing Nut                   200
    Star Light                    1000
    Holy Water                     100
              Once you're inside Mel's Mansion, head towards the combat arena.  
    You'll find Mel fighting inside.  Xenobia sees Jessica and attacks by 
    shooting a beam at her, but Mel jumps in front of it.  He then turns to 
    stone.  Xenobia then leaves.  Jessica trys to undo the curse on Mel, but it 
    can't be lifted unless the caster is dead.  Jessica then asks Alex to take 
    her to Vane.
    Before you go, you might want to go to Black Rose Street.  There's an 
    interesting glitch in the game when you talk to the old man in the first 
    house.  Mia appearenly comes from nowhere to speak to him (can someone 
    explain this?).  One of the people walking on the street has Royce's 
    Bromide.  I suggest you take it.  Anyway when you're finished, go to Vane.
    Vane in peril
    Boss:  Vile Crustacean
              Once you arrive, you'll see a giant monster fighting a group of 
    soldiers, Mia, and Nash.  Their magic has no effect on it.  You have to help 
    Vile Crustacean          Nash's and Mia's magic does little damage, but 
    you'll have to use it.  Have Alex use his Sword Dance and his Vigor spell.  
    Have Nash use his Thunder Bomb.  Have Mia use her Ice Lance, and her Ice 
    Shell on a party member.  Have Jessica heal with her Calm Litany.  Use a 
    Star Light if Alex's MP runs out.  This monster was a little harder than all 
    the rest, mainly because your magic doesn't work too well.
               You'll now speak with Lamia and then speak to Mia and Nash a few 
    times.  They'll both join you.  When you speak to Lamia again, she tells you 
    to seek out the Red Dragon, who lives in a volcano south of Nanza.  Head for 
    Return to Nanza
    Items found:  Jess' Bromide 4.
    Enemies:  Scythe Master.
              Notice that the world map music changed.  Anyway once your in 
    Nanza, you'll see a scene with Kyle, and he'll attack the enemies by 
    himself.  One Power Sweep will take them out.  After this, go to Kyle's bed 
    to pick up Jess' Bromide 4.  Now talk to Kyle.  He'll join you.  Now head 
    Nanza Pass - South Side
    Items found:  Angel's Tear, Locked Chest?
    Enemies:  Same as the other sides (Just flies though).
              Go down and right at the second sign coming up.  Follow the path 
    until you see two treasure chests.  Come back later...  Now go back to the 
    sign and go down.
    Items found:  Locked Chest?
              Now you're in a new area.  Explore if you want, but you'll have to 
    go to the first town you see, Reza.  To the left of the Marius Zone is 
    Althenia's Spring and a forest.  You can see a scene in the spring were the 
    males bath if you want (only if you have soap).  There are two different 
    scenes, but I personally hate both.  You'll need the second disc for the 
    second scene, but the strange thing about this is that you can play on the 
    second disc the same way as you can with the first one (except for the 
    animation scenes that come up).  There's also a tower down from this, but 
    the guard doesn't let you in.  There's another town by the coast called 
    Iluk, but you don't have to go there yet.  Whenever your finished, go to 
    In the items store to your right after entering the town they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                       20
    Cleansing Water               60
    Dragonfly Wings               100
              Once you travel a little further into Reza, somebody bumps into 
    Nall.  You'll soon realize that that man stole the White Dragon Wings (even 
    though Alex had them in my game).  Anyway, go in one of the two doors in the 
    blueish building all the way into town.  Talk to the guy at the counter.  He 
    mentions that you have to join the Thieve's Guild to get the item back.  To 
    join the guild, you'll have to go to Meryod and find the tester.  You could 
    explore Reza a little more too.
    In the weapons shop they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Chain Mail                    1200
    Purity Clothes                1400
    Sorcerer's Robe               2000
    Silver Armlet                 660
              You should also notice the locked chest hidden between a tree, 
    barrels, and a house on the left side.  Anyway once you're finished head 
    towards the forest on the eastern side of the Marius Zone.
    Meryod Woods
    Items found:  1000 silver x2, Locked chest?.
    Enemies:  Brain Licker, Chono Gorgon, Graggen, Killer Buzz.
              Don't use magic or magical weapons on the enemies ahead because it 
    will heal the enemies.  Anyway , go up and then right at the cross section 
    to find treasure.  Go all the way to the left for another treasure box.  If 
    you look behind a tree above the treasure, you'll see another locked 
    treasure chest.  Now go right and up to get out.  Once you actually get out, 
    head for the bridge-like city.
    Items found:  Old Notebook, Locked Chest?
              Here's another town to explore.  Of course you'll want to heal at 
    the statue if you've been fighting the enemies in the woods.  Now go down 
    (not to the right, yet).
    In the items store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Wrath Ring                    12000
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleansing Water               60
    Angel's Tear                   600
    In the armor store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Steel Armor                   2400
    Steel Shield                  1800
    White Bracelet                1000
    Steel Helmet                  1360
    Jade Hairpin                 400
              There's also a locked treasure chest hidden behind the bottom left 
    house.  Once your finished, take a walk down the path right of the statue.  
    The bridge will collaspe and your party will split up.  First find Nash to 
    your left.  Then you'll see Jessica to your left from where Nash was.  From 
    Jessica, you'll see Mia to your left.  After you find Mia, head for the bar 
    to find Kyle.  He says that if you go to Damen's Tower and get the jewel 
    that's supposed to be there, you'll be guarented membership to the guild.  
    He gives you the Old Notebook which lets you enter.  Now you'll have to go 
    back to the forest and go to Damon's Spire, but there's a little surprise 
    waiting for you...
    Boss:  Plaster Mel.
              At the end of the forest, you'll see Mel.  He'll start talking, 
    then Kyle pushes Jessica out of the way.  The rest of the party turns to 
    stone.  Mel tells Jessica to join him, but Kyle breaks free and attacks the 
    Plaster Mel           First Power Up, then use your Power Slash against him. 
      He's not too hard, just don't let your HP get too low.
              After you're finished, go to the spire.
    (At this point I traveled through Nanza to Althena's Shrine and got one of 
    Jess' Bromides from the person who thought that Jessica was his sister [ask 
    twice].  I'm not sure if you can get this later on, but I think you can).
    Damon's Spire
    Items found:  Sage's Clothes, Spirit Bandanna, Star Light x4, Ice Pendant, 
    Theives' Guide.
    Enemies:  Bat Knight, Mummy (2nd floor), Rufus (3rd floor), Kill Roller (4th 
              Once here, you'll read a passage from the Old Notebook and that 
    will let you in.  Now step on the double red squares all over the first 
    floor to gain access to the stairs in the bottom left corner.  Examine the 
    doors there to talk to the old man.  Let Mia answer the question to continue 
    (although both answers will lead you inside).
              Once you go upstairs, you'll find monsters.  Be careful, because 
    the enemies here only perish when exposed to magic.  Press the switches to 
    your right, then go up and right past the mummies.  Press some more switches 
    and go all the way to the right.  Take the treasure and go up.  Try to open 
    the door to speak with Damon again.  For this question choose Nash.  He 
    states that Skill determines Force, and you'll be able to go.  Before you do 
    this, grab the treasure towards the right.  Now go upstairs.
              The enemies here only respond to physical magic attacks.  Have 
    Alex use his Flash Cut.  Anyway, press the switch and go down for treasure.  
    Now press the switches and go left, then up.  Go left from the man there if 
    you want treasure.  Go back to the man and make sure you help him to 
              Use regular attacks on the enemies on this floor.  Go left, take 
    the treasure, then go down to press the switch.  Go back towards the 
    staircase, then go right and take the treasure.  Go down to press the switch 
    and get treasure.  Go back to the left side and find your way to a big white 
    block that looks like it's blocking the staircase.  If you guess incorectly, 
    you'll face one of each of the enemies that you've seen already in the spire 
    (if you want you can do this with each character to see their reactions).  
    Just make sure everyone stays together in your party and continue up the 
              The next floor is unusually peaceful.  Follow the path made by the 
    switches and you'll soon end up near the blocked staircase.  What you'll 
    have to do here is choose a character to create something with clay.  I 
    suggest using everyone to see what happens, then ultimatly choose Alex.  
    Nall with take over and you'll eventually create Luna, but Jessica will 
    think it's the Goddess (did anyone figure it out yet?).  Anyway continue 
              Here you'll find Damon.  He'll give you the Thieves' Guide.  You 
    can now read the books in the spire.  Whenever you're finished, leave and go 
    to back to Reza.
    Thieves' Bazaar
    Items found:  Soap, Thieves' Crest, White Dragon Wings.
    The weapons shop here has new weapons...
    Items                         Price
    Samurai Blade                 2800
    Flail                         2600
    Ethereal Cane                 2400
              Anyway, go to the bar.  You'll find Laike here, but you should 
    talk to the man at the counter.  You'll get the Thieves' Crest, which lets 
    you open those annoying red treasure chests.  Go in the door behind the 
    counter to go to the Thieves' Bazaar.  They sell many things here.  In the 
    armor stand they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Steel Armor                   2400
    Intelligent Robe              3600
    Steel Shield                  1800
    Crystal Armlet                1200
    Steel Helmet                  1360
    In the items stand they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                   200
    Star Light                    1000
    Angel's Tear                  600
              When you're finished, talk to the guy in the upper right hand 
    side.  You'll get the Dragon Wings back.  He'll also give you soap.  If you 
    talk to him again, he'll sell you weapons...
    Items               Price
    Ice Blade                     4000
    Ice Mace                      4400
    Stone Bow                     4600
    Ice Cane                      3600
              Once to try to leave, you'll find Royce kidnaping Lily.  Lily's 
    grandfather comes in, but he couldn't stop her.  You'll also find out that 
    the Vile Tribe is going for the Red Dragon next.  Lily's grandfather tells 
    you to follow him to the Thieves' Bazaar.  A man there gives you the Balloon 
    Blueprint and he tells you to go to Iluk and take them to an inventor there.
               This town is located south of Reza and along the western 
    coastline.  Remember, you can now use your dragonwings to visit the other 
    towns that you've been to.  Once you get to Iluk, explore.  In the 
    items/armor store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    White Bracelet                1000
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleasing Water                60
    Dragonfly Wing                100
              Go to the inventor's house (above the statue).  When you give 
    Shira the blueprints, he will build you a balloon.  You'll have to catch a 
    fluffy bug in the field north of there to make the balloon fly.  Now go in 
    the basement (to the left of the house) to speak with the man there and 
    he'll open the gate north of the basement.
    Iluk Field
    Items found:  Crystal Bracelet, Fluffy Bug, Healing Ring, Spook Hairpin, 
    1500 silver.
    Enemies: Fluffy Bug, Fly Devil, Man Eater, Puffy Bug.
              Now you'll hear some interesting jubilant music.  You're goal here 
    is to catch the elusive Fluffy Bug.  I suggest fighting the enemies here, 
    because they seemed to advance my party's level alot.  Go all the way to the 
    right and jump on the springs there (looks like lilypads).  You'll cross the 
    streams that way.  Take the treasure and go back towards the entrance.  You 
    could go out and heal if you wish.  Go all the way to the left (a little bit 
    down) and hop over the streams.  Go up and take the treasure, then go right 
    and up.  Keep going and you'll find more treasure.  The bug here is the one 
    you'll need.  It'll still run away, but the party will surround it.  Go to 
    the right and a little up for another treasure chest.  Now you can leave.
    Red Dragon Cave
    Items found:  Angel Ring, Barrier Ring, Dragon Shield, Flame Sword, Rainbow 
    Star Light x7,
    1000 silver.
    Enemies:  Burner, Blood Slime, Fire Elemental, Scorpion.
              The balloon won't be ready until tomorrow, so you'll go to sleep.  
    The next morning, the balloon still doesn't work, until Nall bumps into it.  
    Whenever you're ready (save first (have at least two, in case the cave is 
    too difficult, and stock up on ice weapons and Star Lights), enter the 
    ballon and you'll go to the Red Dragon's Cave.
              Careful, the enemies here can get quite annoying, especially once 
    you run out of MP.  Once here, go up and down the staircase.  Remember that 
    this is a volcano, so the enemies here will be susceptable to ice attacks.  
    Now go down and down the next staircase.  From there go right and up for 
    treasure.  Keep going left for more treasure, while attacking or avoiding 
    the enemies.  Go down and right to find the next staircase.  You'll hear the 
    Red Dragon speak from somewhere.  He heals you and says to come forward.  Go 
    to the left a little and try to notice the treasure hidden below.  Now go 
    all the way up for more treasure.  Now go right and through the flaming 
    pillars (which do hurt you), then go downstairs.  Go down and to the right 
    for treasure.  Go back to the staircase and head to the right for more 
    treasure.  Now go to the left and take the second path up for treasure.  Go 
    down and left towards the next treasure.  Go all the way left and then down 
    for treasure, then go to the right for more treasure.  Step on the hole in 
    the ground to be transported to a little island for the Flame Sword (equip 
    it after you leave the volcano).  Now go back all the way to the left, then 
    go up past the flames (save and heal after you cross).  Take the treasure 
    there and Nall will start complaining about the cave.  You'll also see two 
    monsters on pedestals.  Royce will show up and stick them after you.
    Bronze Dog          You'll face two of these things.  They can attack by 
    using their Fire Ball spell, which shoots a few fire balls at you.  
    Sometimes these guardians burst into flames.  When they do this, they'll 
    attack everyone with Heat Rush eventually.  Of couse, ice hurts them so use 
    any ice weapons and magic against them.  Have Alex use his Vigor, then use 
    Sword Dance.  Have Nash use his thunder attacks.  Have Mia use Blizzard and 
    have her use Ice Lance when there's only one.  Have Kyle use his Power 
    Slash, or one of his multiple attacks if they can be used to hit both.  Have 
    Jessica heal the party.  Make your Star Lights and Healing Nuts you found 
    come to good use here.  Try to stay focused and use everyone to attack them 
    one at a time.  Don't lose track of the one you're attacking.  It gets much 
    easier when there's only one monster.  With any luck, no rather skill, 
    you'll defeat them.
              Royce will disappear after this encounter and you'll suspect that 
    somethings wrong with the dragon.  Take the treasure to the right and go 
    down the stairs.  You'll enter the dragon's room, but it's not there.  Then, 
    it suddenly appears stating that the Magic Emperor stole its body.  Alex had 
    already passed the trial by going through the magic flames.  The Red Dragon 
    will vanish again, but it'll leave behind the Red Dragon Shield.  Now head 
    back to the balloon (Warning: The enemies have come back!  [I don't know if 
    you can use Escape Litany, since I didn't try it].  You'll also get healed 
    when you go back up the third staircase).
    Crash Landing in Reza
              The balloon doesn't make it to Iluk and instead crashes in Reza.  
    Thieves make off with the remains of the balloon as the party lays there 
    unconscious.  Laike arrives to greet you when you wake and he tells you that 
    the bridge from Meryod is now fixed.  Next destination:  Stadius Zone.
    Stadius Zone
              When you go to Meryod and cross the bridge, you'll notice a 
    weapons shop.  They sell...
    Items                         Price
    Great Sword                   9000
    Water Mace                    7600
    Holy Bow                      8400
    Sage's Cane                   8600
              You'll notice a spring located pass a forest here in the Stadius 
    Zone.  The enemies are very powerful, but it is possible to run past them 
    all.  Of course you'll need two soap here to use the spring.  If you decide 
    to come here now, don't save in there.
              Follow the path up until you find a strange sounding village.  
    This is Lyton.
    In the armor/items store they sell...
    Items                         Price
    Holy Armor                    4800
    Holy Shield                   3600
    Rainbow Armlet                2400
    Holy Helmet                   2600
    Healing Nut                   200
    Angel's Tear                  600
              Appearently, this excruciating cacophony is caused by monsters in 
    the wind shrine.  There's an entrance on the east side of the village.  The 
    people in the village can call the Blue Dragon with their songs, so you'll 
    have to stop the music.
    Lyton Shrine
    Items found:  Star Light, Wisdom Robe, 2500 silver.
    Enemies:  Bob Goblin, Brainpicker, Electro Eye, Giga Ant.
              Go up and down the staircase.  Now go right and then down.  Take 
    the path to the upper left and take the treasure, but don't touch the crack 
    in the floor (unless you want to fight more enemies).  Instead, follow the 
    path to the left and down the staircase.  Now go right and towards the 
    treasure.  Go up and up again to go down the staircase.  You'll arrive in a 
    green glowing room.  Now go down and follow the path towards the treasure.  
    Go down and go all the way to the left, then go up.  Go up the staircase 
    when you can.  Try not to fall down the pits and go to the next staircase.  
    Now go up and up the staircase.  The strange music will come back.  Go left 
    and up.  You'll see two rocks.  Push the left one left and the right one 
    right.  That should fix the music problem.  Now return to Lyton.
    Blue Dragon Shrine
    Items found:  Angel Ring, Angel's Tear, Chira's Tail, Dragon Armlet, Dragon 
    Jewel Bracelet, Ruby Tiara, 5000 silver.
    Enemies:  Aqua Genie, Gelatin, Razor Wolf, Water Elemental.
              Go to the lake north of the village.  The temple will rise when 
    two lovers sing.  Kyle and Jessica sing, and Mia and Nash sing, but it 
    doesn't work.  Then Alex plays his ocarina, and Luna sings from her prison.  
    All the singers also join in.  The Magic Emperor also mentions something 
    about Luna's awakening.  Then, the temple rises.
              The pools here are transports.  Go in the first one and head for 
    the second.  Now go left (ignore the next pool, unless you want to fight 
    enemies).  You'll come across three pools.  First take the treasure in the 
    left corner, then go in the pool right next to that treasure.  Go up and 
    into that pool.  Now go left and you'll find three pools.  The only one that 
    lets you pass is the middle one.  Now all the way to the left and down for 
    treasure.  Now go in the next pool.  Go all the way to the left for 
    treasure.  Now go to the right past the spring and up for treasure.  Then go 
    right some more and go up.  Take the right path and go up.  You'll find six 
    pools here.  Go all the way to the left and take the second one to the 
    right.  Now don't go in the two whirlpools next to you (unless you need the 
    experience).  Go right, up, and left.  Go down for two treasure chests 
    (equip your new accessories [use the Tail on a slow character]), then go in 
    the pool above.  Now go left for treasure, then continue and enter the 
    lighted room.  You'll find the Blue Dragon here.  The dragon will open up a 
    room for you to receive the helmet.  Go there and take it.  Once you do, 
    you'll hear a struggle with the Blue Dragon.  Go out to investigate.  The 
    dragon will be gone and Phacia will appear.  She'll talk for awhile and then 
    disappear.  The spirit of the blue dragon will appear.  It says that Ghaleon 
    was jealous of Dyne and Althena.  The dragon disappear after telling you to 
    become the next Dragonmaster.  There's nothing you can do about it.  Leave 
    the shrine and go back to town (The monsters have also come back here so be 
    careful!) (You can also use Escape Litany to get out of here without the 
    grief, but also without the experience and silver).
    Tamur Pass
    Items found:  Angel's Tear, Dark Helmet, Healing Nut, Shira's Tail, Star 
    Light, Wind Cane.
    Enemies:  Great Hornet, Ice Pup, Octo Plant, Shrieker.
    Xenobia's Minions:  Carapace Knight, Dark Sorcerer.
              Go right of Lyton and follow the path to a rugged mountain pass.  
    The enemies here really don't like fire attacks (make sure Alex has his 
    Flame Sword equiped).  Go as far as you can to the right (first stop at the 
    sign that says "Danger Ahead!  Turn Back" and go below it for treasure, then 
    keep going right), then down for treasure.  Now go to the next path down to 
    the left.  Keep going down for treasure, then go left and go west when you 
    reach the sign that says "WEST: Tamur".  Take the treasure and go down from 
    the sign.  Go left to find treasure, then keep following the path for more 
    treasure.  Now take the right path.  Keep going and you'll find Xenobia.  
    She'll summon her monsters after you.  Just attack the Sorcerer and use 
    magic against the Knights.  After you defeat the first three, she'll summon 
    more.  After this arrows will appear from the sky, wiping out the advancing 
    enemy army.  Two people on horseback appearently saved you.  Keep going 
    right to get out of here and into Tamur.
              Here's that bug-catching music again.  The General Store here 
    Items                          Price
    Protection Ring               12000
    Healing Nut                   200
    Antidote                      20
    Cleansing Water               60
    Holy Water                    100
    Angel's Tear                  600
              The weapons store sells...
    Items                         Price
    Great Sword                   9000
    Wind Sword                    14000
    Judgment Mace                 12400
    Holy Bow                      8400
              The armor store sells...
    Items                         Price
    Silver Armor                  9600
    Radiance Clothes              5600
    Saint's Robe                  7200
    Spirit Robe                   12400
    Dragon Armlet                 3800
    Lucky Bandanna                2800
              Once you buy all this good stuff, go to the stables.  You'll find 
    Laike here.  He tells you that an inventor named Myght could build a flying 
    machine, which would be helpful in finding the Black Dragon.  Since Myght 
    isn't really a people person, Laike takes only Alex and Nall.  Your friends 
    will wait for you in the bar.  Nash seems very depressed if you talk to him. 
      Anyway, head for the building north of town.
    Myght's Tower
    Items found:  Barrier Ring, Crystal Sword, Healing Nut, Silver Light, 500 
    Enemies:  Magic Hat, Mecha Star, Plasma Prism, Tormentor.
              Talk to the man at Myght's Tower.  He'll let you go upstairs.  
    Read the note here if you want.  You'll have to go through the doors in a 
    certain sequence:  Planet (bottom), Star (left), Sun (right), and Moon (up). 
      The next section involves you going through a system of pipes, and 
    fighting enemies (the Magic Hats can only be hurt with Alex's Magic [use 
    Sword Dance]).  Take the left elevator up once, and follow the pipes to the 
    first ladder.  Once outside again, go into the adjacent pipe and follow the 
    pipes until you find treasure.  Now go back outside where there's an 
    elevator and ride it down.  Go up the left elevator three times to the top.  
    Go in the pipe and head for the exit to the left.  Go back in the next pipe 
    and take the treasure that you'll see.  Now exit to your right and go in the 
    second pipe to your left.  Take the treasure that you'll see, then go back 
    to and down the elevator.  Go back up the left pipe, twice this time.  Go in 
    the pipe and follow the path down for treasure, and up for for the exit.  
    Once again outside, go right and into the next pipe.  Take the treasure and 
    follow the path to the exit.  Go back in the next pipe to finish this maze.
              You'll hear Ramus' music again.  You'll also see another animation 
    scene.  He'll agree to build the airship.  Laike says that he heard rumors 
    of the Black Dragon found in the Prairie south of Tamur.  Laike will stay 
    with Myght for awhile.  Head back to Tamur (it's easier if you go down using 
    the chute to the left[and don't worry about getting back, the wings will 
    take you here now]).
    Items acquired:  Dragon Necklace
    Enemy?:  Tempest
              Go to the bar to meet everyone again.  Talk to Mia to have Nash 
    return.  Nash seems overly optimistic now.  He states that something is 
    going on in the town square.  You'll find the two people who saved you 
    before from Tamur Pass here.  They're hanging a man here.  Alex frees him.  
    You'll then see an animation scene that explains why they tried to hang him. 
      Tempest challenges you to a fight.  Just use Sword Dance and Dragon Anger 
    to defeat this easy adversary.  He then congradulates you.  He then states 
    that he and Fresca came to investigate a singer who was kidnaped five days 
    ago.  He then gives you the Dragon Necklace.  They then leave.  Now head for 
    the forest to the right of Tamur.
    Lost Woods
    Items found:  Chira's Tail, Dark Shield, Healing Nut x2, Holy Hairpin, 
    Silver Light,
    Star Bracelet.
    Enemies:  Ambush, Killer Shroom, Monster Wasp, Yeti.
              The enemies here, like in Tamur Pass, hate fire.  Keep going down 
    and you'll reach a clearing.  From there, go left and up for treasure.  Go 
    down and a little to the left.  Keep going down to find treasure.  Go up, 
    right, and down.  Kyle will examine a few trees in the area.  Go a little to 
    your right, up for the treasure, then back down.  Go all the way to the 
    right, then up and left for treasure.  Go back to the crossroads and go left 
    this time.  Keep going up for treasure.  Keep walking around and your party 
    members will soon start complaining.  They tell you to go back to the 
    campsite.  Go there.  You'll then rest.  Alex will have a nightmare 
    involving Luna and alot of a certain red liquid.  When you wake up, the 
    Prairie Tribe will find you.  They see the necklace and tell you that it's 
    the Black Dragon Pendant.  They then consider you friends and they take you 
    to their village.  Follow them down to the trees, and they'll open the trees 
    for you (just watch).  Now go right and take the treasure that you'll find.  
    Now go all the way to the left and take the treasure there.  Now go back and 
    take the path going down.
              On the world map, go down to the next village.  Someone there says 
    that the village is overrun with a horrible disease.  The people here are 
    also nomadic, that is they move their village around with them.  A man here 
    Items                         Price
    Healing Nut                   200
    Star Light                    1000
    Angel's Tear                   600
    Holy Water                    100
              Whenever your finished looking around, go inside Tempest's tent.  
    You'll find out that the Dark Songstress is causing this disease.  Alex will 
    give back Tempest's necklace saying that he can't keep something this 
    important.  You'll soon here a strange song.  Jessica will start to get 
    sick.  Then Mia will also get sick.  Fresca also gets sick after mentioning 
    that the Dark Songstress is in the Black Dragon Cave.  Tempest rushes off to 
    it.  You'll have to go there without Mia and Jessica.  Talk to the Elder to 
    get in.  Next follow the path leading to the cave.
    Black Dragon Cave
    Items found:  Angel Ring, Dark Armor, Dark Sword, Dragon Bandanna, Dragonfly 
    Wing, Dream Bow, Healing Nut, MP sucking chest x2, Silver Light x2.
    Enemies:  Chaos Fiend, Hell Raiser, Nipple Yanker, Slice O'Dead.
              I love this music!  Now I suggest avoid the enemies when possible. 
      Go through the door and through the upper left door for treasure.  Now 
    follow the path to the right and bypass the staircase for treasure.  Now go 
    up the staircase.  Take the first treasure chest, but not the second unless 
    you want to lose most of your MPs (which you don't).   Go left and you'll 
    see Tempest, who joins your party.  Continue on past the next treasure chest 
    (don't take it, you know what's inside).  Follow the path until you find 
    another treasure chest (again, don't take it).  Go down the right door and 
    go to the next treasure chest.  Go upstairs and follow the path until you 
    come to a crossroads.  Go up to speak to the Black Dragon.  He tells you to 
    destroy his physical body before the Black (Dark) Songstress can take it 
    over.  He'll also give you the armor.  Now go up and right to get more 
    treasure, then go left for more treasure and a staircase.  I suggest 
    equiping anything that you've forgotton now and get your Healing Nuts ready. 
      Take the last treasure here and go up.
              You'll find Luna/Dark Songstress here.  She'll call Magic Emperor 
    Ghaleon.  Her song hurts the entire party.  The Black Dragon will attack, 
    and you'll be paralyzed.  Alex will start playing his ocarina and she'll 
    stop.  She'll start coming to her senses, but Ghaleon takes her away.  The 
    Black Dragon Armor will glow, and Alex will become the Dragonmaster in an 
    interesting animation scene.  You will then fight the Black Dragon.
    Black Dragon          Have Alex use his Vigor (maybe twice if you want, but 
    once is enough), then Sword Dance.  He'll also be your healer with his 
    Dragon Healing.  Have Nash use his Thunderbolt, or Thunderbomb attacks.  
    Have Kyle use his Power Up, followed by his Power Slash attack.  Have 
    Tempest use his Flash Arrow attack.  The dragon's Fire Breath attack will 
    push your characters back and hit one with fire.  His Cold Breath will push 
    everyone back and attack them all.  His Thunder Breath will push everyone 
    back and shock them all.  Heal with items or Alex when your HPs are low.  
    This boss isn't really that difficult, if no one gets knocked out.
              Ghaleon will once again turn Luna against you.  The Dark 
    Songress/Luna revives the Black Dragon and she escapes on it with Ghaleon.  
    Ghaleon tells you to come to the Grindery in the Frontier.  You'll have to 
    leave now and return to the village (so that's why the Dragonfly wings were 
    in that chest).
    Unfinished Busness
              Go back to Tempest's tent to see the rest of the party.  You'll 
    inform them of what's happening, and Laike will arrive.  He tells you to 
    return to Myght's Tower to see if the airship's ready.  You'll get your 
    original party back.  Talk to Tempest and he'll give you the Master Sword.  
    Now I suggest going back to every town to see their reaction to Dragonmaster 
              If you go back to Burg, your parents will tell you that Laike 
    brought Luna and Nall to Burg fifteen years ago.
              If you go back to Meribia, Ramus will give you the Rememberizer, 
    which lets you see all the animation scenes that you have seen already.  
    It's a very useful item indeed!
              You can also go through the forest leading to the women's spring 
    in the Stadius Zone if you want.  Just remember to save before you use the 
    two soaps.
    To the Frontier
    Items found:  Balloon Engine, Mia's Bromide 4.
              Once your finished, go to Myght's Tower and speak to him.  The 
    airship will be ready in the morning, so you'll go to sleep.  Talk to all 
    your party members and then you too will go to sleep.  In the morning, your 
    party is ready to go.  Unfortunatly, Nash betrays everyone by admitting that 
    he's been reporting to Ghaleon and blowing out the engine to the airship.  
    Royce then appears and takes him away.  Kyle comes up with a plan however.  
    He tells them to get the engine from Shira's balloon.  Myght protests, but 
    nothing can be done.  Go now to Reza.
              First head to Iluk for another one of the bromides.  The perverted 
    man in the northeast house has it (what sick person makes these things?).  
    Now go to Reza and the Thieve's Bazaar.  Talk to the Guild Chief and then 
    the guy with the balloon ( If you go directly to the guy you'll have to pay 
    for it).  Take the engine back to Myght.  You'll find out that Shira was 
    Myght's apprentice.  Laike will arrive.  Talk to everyone and you'll  leave 
    after you talk to Myght.  Laike talks to Myght saying "I'm sorry you must 
    undo what I have done..." (I have a feeling that he's Dyne...).
              You'll fly by a giant tower, and the game tells you to insert disc 
    2.  The airship will hit some sort of barrier.  You'll have to land by a 
    nerby town.  The first thing you'll notice is a friendly monster.  Explore 
    the place.   To find the mines, start outside and take the left path.  Now 
    go up and then up right.  Take the middle path (like the guard says) and go 
    into the door with the X on the sign.
    Talon Mine
    Items found:  Angel's Tear, Devil Pendant, Fire Tiara, Healing Nut x3, Hell 
    Holy Robe, Protection Ring, Refresher Ring, Silver Light x2, Star Light.
    Enemies:  Groper, Mecha Tank, Rock Biter, Stalker.
              This music again!  Go up the ladder and go north to the next room. 
      Go left and into the next doorway.  Follow the path to treasure, then 
    follow the path and go to the upper left most doorway.  Now go up through 
    the doorway and you'll see a treasure chest.  Now go back down, then right 
    and enter the staircase on the upper east side.  Go right and up the ladder, 
    then up the staircase.  Take the treasure, then go back down the staircase 
    and ladder, then go down the ladder to the left and into the doorway.  Go in 
    the next downway in the upper left corner.  Now follow the path past the 
    enemy and go in the doorway to the left.  Take the treasure and go up.  
    You'll find the miners here.  The miners, and the other monsters in town 
    too, seem to think that they'll get to go to the Blue Star if they support 
              Go in the next doorway and continue until you hear a rumbling.  
    Someone will yell out for help.  Go back and help him.  Talk to the monster 
    there and save the other one.  A few guards will appear to attack after they 
    realize who you are.  Beat them (very easy) and then go north.  Phacia will 
    appear and talk to herself about your selfless bravery.
              Keep going north and to the sign.  Go up the ladder and into the 
    doorway that's coming up for treasure.  Go out and down the ladder to the 
    right.  Follow the path to treasure, then go back to the sign.  Take the 
    right path into the doorway.  Take the treasure and go back to the sign.  
    Now go left and follow the path to the crossroads, and go up to find the 
    Holy Robe.  Now go right and in the next doorway to find more treasure.  Go 
    back to the crossroads and go to the left doorway.  Fight the bugs and go 
    out the doorway to find treasure.  Now go back again to the crossroads and 
    go right.  Follow the path to the treasure.  Now go up the ladder and follow 
    the path going left.  Go in the doorway for treasure, then go down the 
    ladder and to the closest crossroads, and go up.  Follow the path to 
    treasure and go up.
              You'll be in a graveyard.  Follow the path to a statue of Althena. 
      The monster of whom you rescued is here and says that the only way the 
    monsters can survive is to look up to the very Goddess they hate.  Heal and 
    go up.  Equip the refresher ring on Jessica, then go up past the enemy and 
    into the next room.  It's quiet in here.  The lights will go out.  Mia and 
    Jessica will have been captured by Xenobia.  She wants Alex to fight Kyle.  
    I suggest not attacking, but it really doesn't matter.  Xenobia will tell 
    you to use your true power against Alex or she'll kill Mia and Jessica.  
    Kyle pretends that he doesn't care whether she lives or dies.  Kyle and 
    Jessica then get into an argument.  Xenobia releases the seal she had on Mia 
    and Jessica, and Kyle admits he was bluffing.  She'll then send out...
    Shadow Spectre          Have Alex start out using Vigor (twice if you think 
    you need it), then Sword Dance.  Have Mia use Power Drive on whoever you 
    think will need it, then have her use Flame Bomb.  Have Kyle use Power Up, 
    then Power Slash.  Have Jessica use Saint Litany, then have her heal or 
    attack (whichever one you need).  This Spectre has an attack, Black Bile, 
    which mutes one of your characters (the Mute attack does wear off).  It can 
    also attack three times.  Its Piercing Eyes attack will hurt everyone (and 
    probably cut your party's HPs down by half).  Just keep attacking, healing 
    with Jessica, and use your healing items if needed.  This battle isn't much 
    to worry about.
              Jessica will congradulate Kyle and call him a thespian.  They also 
    start arguing again.  Go back to the statue to heal, then follow the path 
    leading outside.
              Go into this strange place.  The door will be locked with a magic 
    seal, so you'll have to look for another way in.  Go back outside, then go 
    into the green-egg like thing to the right.  Follow the path inside and go 
    into the egg-thing.  You'll see coccons that talk to you.  One says that 
    Ghaleon with the Grindery will bring them to the Green Earth (which is the 
    world where everyone's living now).  Go up through the doorway and keep 
    going where you'll find a monster.  He says that you're in Cadin.  You'll 
    also see another statue of Althena.  The monster will turn into Phacia.  She 
    tells you that the only way into Ruid is the hidden door to the left of the 
    front gate.  She tells you it can be opened with a password.  The password 
    is "Green Earth".  Now go to Ruid.
    Items found:  Dark Mace, Fortune Ring, Healing Nut, Silver Light x2, Star 
    Light, Tri-Ring, Xenobia Bromide.
    Enemies:  Baigen, Devastator, Flash Lord, Master Mirror.
              Go into the newly opened left door.  Go into the left chamber and 
    quickly to the right to trick the guard and grant you treasure (if this 
    doesn't work just fight him).  Go get the next treasure in the room above 
    and to the left.  Go up past the next two rooms and take the treasure in the 
    right one above this.  Go up and you'll see a monster. It will press a 
    button releasing more monsters (use a combo of Alex's Flash Cut and Mia's 
    Flameria).  Go right when you have the chance.  Follow the path to the 
    treasure, then go past the monsters to go outside.
              Go up from the tracks and take the two treasure chests in the 
    building to the left.  Now go up the tracks again and into the building to 
    the right for treasure.  Go down and follow the path.  Kill the enemies and 
    take the treausure.  Go in the door and in the next door.  Go to the right, 
    in the door, and in the next door.
              The music stop and starts again.  The save's name is "Taben's 
    Tower".  I wonder who we're going to see?  Taben appears as expected and 
    tells you of his creation, the Mobile Magic Masher.  A familiar voice 
    appears.  Nash comes in with his new introduction music.  Nall says that he 
    looks like a giant chicken in his new magic-amplifying suit.  He uses his 
    thunder magic against everyone except Mia.  She then slaps him and 
    encourages him to stop.  He realizes that what he was doing was wrong.  
    Taben then controls Nash via remote control.  Nash then, unwillingly, 
    attacks the party.
    Magic Masher          Fire works very well here.  Anyway use your standard 
    boss fighting procedure against him.  Have Alex use Vigor once or twice, 
    then attack with Sword Dance.  Have Mia use Power Drive on perhaps Jessica, 
    then have her use Flame Bomb.  Have Kyle use Power Up, then Power Slash.  
    Have Jessica use Saint Litany, followed by healing spells and regular 
    attacks.  Magic Masher will use Nash's Thunder Thrust, Thunderbolt, and  
    Thunder Bomb attacks, which work pretty well in hurting your party.  His 
    regular attacks, however, suck by dealing a single 1 HP blow to one person.
              Taben leaves saying that it's time to reveal his greatest work, 
    the Grindery (an armored castle that moves).  You'll then forgive Nash (have 
    Alex forgive him too) and you'll search for the activation room that 
    controls the Grindery.  Follow the path and you'll run into Magic Emperor 
    Ghaleon.  Taben will cause the Grindery to move.  You'll see an animation 
    scene of this.  Exit this place and go back to the airship (Amazing, the 
    monster that you fought are still dead!  You can also exit via the main door 
    which is south of the tracks).  Exit the crater via the hole in the crater 
    caused by the Grindery.  Before you go back to the airship, go back to the 
    miners.  One will give you Xenobia Bromide (also one monster says that they 
    feed them with Soylent Green and Nall says "Ahhh!  Soylent Green is 
    PEOPLE!".  Just thought I should bring that up).  Now you can go back to the 
    Silver Spire
    Items found:  Mia's Bromide 2, Gale Ring, Ghaleon's Tear, Hell Ring.
              The Grindery is headed for Althena's Tower.  You'll soon agree to 
    go to Vane.  Mia tells Lemia there that the only way to stop the Grindery is 
    to use the true power of Vane.  Nash is helping the people evacuate the 
    city.  You'll then have to enter the Silver Spire.  Mia tells you to first 
    get Nash.  First go to the classroom to the right and talk to the only 
    student there for Mia's Bromide 2.  Well anyway, enjoy your last visit of 
    Vane.  Get Nash and go talk to Mia.  She banishes the seal.  Go in and to 
    the circle in the middle of the floor.  You'll enter a control room.  You'll 
    see the Grindery approaching in another animation scene.  In the scene, Mia 
    will command Vane and set up a barrier.  Unfortunatly, Vane is no match and 
    plummets to the ground.  The shield around the Grindery was shattered.  
    You'll have to enter it yourself to destroy it.  Now I suggest doing 
    anything else you where planing to do now, since you can't later.
              Go back to Lann and talk to the mayor for Ghaleon's Tear (don't 
    give it to someone who attacks more than one, because he/she'll lose that 
    ability with this item equiped).  Go back to Reza and talk to Lily a couple 
    of times for her to give you the Gale Ring.  Go back to Damon (yes travel 
    back up his tower) for the Hell Ring (a good accessory for Alex).  Whenever 
    you're ready, go to the Grindery (stock up on the essentials:Healing Nuts 
    and Star Lights).
    This is the last time you can travel via the Dragon Wings to any town or 
    place that you've been to.  Finish up anything you want to do(and maybe keep 
    an extra save here).
    Grindery Bowels
    Items found:  Angel Ring, Healing Nut x2, Silver Light x3, Stone Bracelet.
    Enemies:  Death Armor, Elemental Master, Magic Machine, Soul Yanker, Tank 
              You'll see the moving castle on the world map.  Approach it and 
    it'll open, releasing monsters.  Dispatch these and another group will 
    appear (one Thunder Thrust and Blizzard should do it for the Death Armors).  
    After you destroy these more enemies will come, but arrows will wipe out 
    some.  Tempest will hold back the monsters while you enter.
              Go all the way to the right for treasure.  If you evey have 
    trouble with the enemies, you can always use Flash Cut.  Now go in the pipe 
    next to the treasure, pass or fight the enemies, and enter the next tube.  
    Go up and left for more treasure.  Go in the next tube, and you'll see the 
    Red Dragon's foot.  Go into the next tube to your right to go up a floor.
              Follow the path to treasure, then continue until you get to a 
    crossroads.  Go down, right, all the way down (you'll see something 
    happening to the Blue Dragon in a pit), and left.  Continue through the next 
    tube on the bottom left to go up.
              Follow the path and you'll come across a pit with what looks like 
    the Black Dragon connected to the Grindery.  From the top right corner of 
    the pit, go right and up for treasure.  Now go left and up until you see two 
    tubes.  Take the left one and take the treasure.  Now go left to the 
    crossroads and go all the way to the left for treasure.  Now go right and 
    all the way down to go up to another floor.
              Go to the left, down, and go in the tube.  Go in the left one, 
    then follow the path until you find Quark.  The Grindery is sucking the 
    power out of the Dragons to fuel the Grindery.  Continue left and take the 
    treasure.  Now go up the tube.
              You'll be in a garden called "My Secret Garden" surrounded by 
    pixies.  He captured and brought them here for some reason.  Heal at the 
    statue and go in the door.
    Grindery Quarters
    Items found:  Healing Nut, Holy Bandanna, Insane Helmet, Phantom Ribbon, 
    Star Light.
    Enemies:  Archmage, Arrow Fish, Blyzzer, Bomb Angel.
              Go down, to the left, down again, and into the door on the right 
    to go upstairs.  Now go all the way to the right and up for treasure.  Now 
    go all the way to the left and down for treasure.  Go back to the staircase 
    and go north of it to another staircase.  Now go right, down, all the way 
    left for treasure, and up the staircase.  Take the items in the treasure 
    chests and go north.  You'll find a locked door sealed with magic.  Phacia 
    will arrive, wounded, and open the door with an incantation 
    ("Emena-Rena-Ena...Kofal-Rela-KURIDO!").  Xenobia and Royce will appear.  
    Phacia will hold them back while you enter.  You'll find Ghaleon here.  
    You'll now fight him.
    Magic Emperor          As you fight, a different and more positive melody 
    plays.  Have Alex use  Vigor, then Sword Dance (you can use Dragon Protect 
    if you want, since he does use magic).  Make him use Dragon Healing if 
    Jessica is put out of commision.  Have Nash use Thunderbolt.  Have Mia use 
    Power Drive or Flame Bomb.  Have Kyle use Power Up, then Power Slash.  Have 
    Jessica use Saint Litany, then heal whenever possible.  Ghaleon can attack 
    twice and use his spells that you're familiar of from when you had him in 
    your party.  This isn't as hard as you might think, but there's a reason for 
              Ghaleon will disappear.  Go north and you'll find Luna.  Luna will 
    start laughing.  She'll change her outfit and release some sort of 
    magic-amplyfing device.  You'll see another animation scene where she'll 
    sing and Althena's Tower will rise up from the mountain.  Ghaleon will 
    appear and says that you defeated an illusion.  He also says that Luna is 
    Althena herself.  Ghaleon awaked her power and claimed it for himself.  
    He'll then fight you, but he stores his power for a blast that wipes out 
    your party (even if you use Dragon Protect).  He'll then depart for the 
    fortress, while the Grindery gets destroyed.  Nall will do something, and 
    Alex will have a dream.
    Althena's Sword
              You'll wake up in Mel's Mansion.  Nall says that the White Dragon 
    Wings started to shine and took the party to Meribia.  He's been asleep for 
    three days.  Alex also seemed to have changed back to his original clothes, 
    even though he still has all the equipment.  Go to Ramus' store and he tells 
    you that if you put in the movie disc and press Up, Down, Left, Right, 
    Triangle, then Start, you'll get something special.  He'll also give you 
    free items.  Stock up on these and look for Nash and Kyle at the bar.  Go 
    back to Mia and Jessica, and they'll try to convince Nash and Kyle to fight. 
      Go back to the bar and get your party members back.  Then Laike will 
    arrive and tell him that you'll fight.  When you're ready talk to Laike to 
    continue.  Nall will transport everyone to Dyne's Monument.  You'll then see 
    another animation scene of Dyne, the Goddess, and Ghaleon.  Althena will be 
    born again as a human, while Ghaleon protests.  Ghaleon tells him it's a 
    mistake to spead Althena's powers throughout the world.  You'll hear the 
    song called Four Heros on the ocarina and track 18 on the CD.  As Laike 
    says, "Althena relinquished her power, placing the fate of her children in 
    their own hands...".  Laike then reveals that he's Dyne (I knew it!).  
    Ghaleon wants to resurrect the Goddess and become a God.  Laike/Dyne tells 
    you to take the sword from the monument.  You'll see another animation scene 
    of Alex taking out the sword and becoming the Dragonmaster again.  Nall then 
    transforms into a White Dragon.  He'll take you to Althena's Fortress, and 
    you'll see yet another animation scene.  The fortress is sucking the life 
    out of the world, and you'll have to stop it.
    Althena's Fortess
    Items found:  Aegis Robe, Angel's Tear, Dragon Cane, Holy Clothes, Holy 
    Insane Armor, , Silver Light, Starlight Bow.
    Enemies:  Death Warrior, Gades, Necromancer.
              Equip your new sword and walk in.  Go up to the next room and 
    you'll see some enemies.  What you'll have to do here is kill the monsters 
    to pass (Gades).  Go to the right and keep going for treasure and the exit 
    to this room.  Now follow the path to the treasure chest, and keep going for 
    more treasure.  Kill the Necromancers here to procede.  At the crossroads go 
    up for treasure (you'll have to kill Necromancers to pass though) and then 
    left for the exit.
              Follow the path and you'll see Luna.  Something's wrong with her.  
    She then casts a spell on the party and shows that she's really Royce.  The 
    only way to remove the spell is to defeat her.  Now go upstairs and take the 
    treasure.  When you fight, you'll find out what Royce did to you.  In my 
    party, two people kept falling asleep.  At the crossroads, go north for 
    treasure and you'll also have to fight an enemy to leave.  Now go all the 
    way down for more treasure and more enemies.  Now go towards the left and up 
    the stairs.  Fight the monsters to pass and go up to fight more monsters.  
    Now go down to fight another monster, then go right for treasure.  Now go up 
    the stairs.  Save and continue to meet Royce.  She'll look into your future 
    where everyone's dead.  She'll now attack.
    Royce          This is interesting music (track 17 I think).  First of all, 
    don't use fire based attacks.  Have Alex use Vigor, then Sword Dance and 
    Dragon Healing if Jessica can't handle it.  Have Nash use his Thunderstorm.  
    Have Mia use Power Drive, then Ice Lance.  Have Kyle use his Power Up, then 
    Power Slash.  Have Jessica use Saint Litany and her healing spells when 
    needed.  Royce's Cross Bridge attack ("I've saved this just for you!") 
    attacks in a linear fashion.  Her Flame Bind will trap one of your 
    characters, making them unable to move.  Her Arch Flare attacks everyone 
    with a blaze.  Make sure Jessica doesn't run out of MP, and if she does have 
    Alex heal or give her a Star Light.
    Goddess Tower
    Items found:  Detonator Armlet, Insane Sword, Sage's Robe, Spook Armlet
    Enemies:  Cannon Thug, Ring Horn, Stone Creep.
              Follow the opened door to a statue of Althenia.  Keep going and 
    you'll reach the Goddess Tower.  You'll soon see four eyes on the floor, 
    each representing the dragons.  Go up and follow the white eyed path.  Step 
    on the green orb on the floor there.  Now go to the left for the red path, 
    then go to the blue, and finally the black path.  Go through the door with 
    the flashing green thing and enter the green portal.  Now follow the 
    transports in the same order as the dragons:  White, Red, Blue, Black.  
    You'll be given a useless clue:  "Blue Dragon Helmet, Black Dragon Shield, 
    Red Dragon Shield, and White Dragon Wings".  Disregard this and go in the 
    northwest portal, pick up the treasure and step on the switch, then the 
    southwest one, the northeast one, and finally the southeast one.  Now go to 
    the portal above the one that got you into this room.  You'll be given 
    another clue:  "Smashing through the white ice…  Sprinting through the red 
    flames… Swimming through the blue water… Sojourning the black earth…".  
    Instead, step on the switches in this order:  Red, Black, White, Blue.  This 
    opens a passage above the black eye and go upstairs.
              It's strange that you'll hear the world map music here and see a 
    statue of Althena.  Heal at the statue and go upstairs.  Make the monsters 
    hit the energy fields below and go upstairs.  Take the treasure and walk 
    towards the next staircase.  Go up and press the switch to cause a bridge to 
    appear.  Take the treasure and go upstairs again.  Now go left and up the 
    next staircase.  Take the treasure and force the monster to open the barrier 
    to go up the stairs.  Go down and up the next staircase.
              Now you'll hear new music.  Save and get ready to fight.  Xenobia 
    will appear and trap everyone in some sort of black orb.  Everyone will face 
    themselves and their fears.  They will discourage your party members, until 
    Nall comes to encourage them.  Agree with him and your party will face their 
    illusions.  With Alex, have him run towards Luna no matter what your 
    illusion says.  Now you'll fight Xenobia.
    Xenobia          Use the same technique I've used for most of the bosses on 
    this one (the music sounds the same as Royce's music).   Have Alex use  
    Vigor, then Sword Dance.  Make him use Dragon Healing if Jessica is knocked 
    out.  Have Nash use Thunderbolt.  Have Mia use Power Drive or Flame Bomb.  
    Have Kyle use Power Up, then Power Slash.  Have Jessica use Saint Litany, 
    then heal whenever possible.  When Xenobia turns your party to stone, have 
    Alex use his Dragon Healing to cure everyone.  Her attacks are Aura Shot, 
    which is a group attack, and Sonic Boom, which attacks everyone and stones 
    them ("Your time has run out!").  Save your important items for the final 
    boss coming up next.
              After killing her, go up all the way to find Ghaleon (save and 
    have all your best items ready [and at least one angel tear per person]).  
    You'll also see Luna here.  She'll try to gather up all the power in the 
    world and turn back into a goddess.  Ghaleon expects Luna to submit to him 
    rule, making him reign forever as a god.  You'll now see another animation 
    scene.  You'll also fight Ghaleon one last time.  If you win, you'll beat 
    the game.
    Ghaleon          This final boss attacks twice with his magic ("Time to 
    die!"  This can get quite annoying).  Have Alex use Vigor twice, then Sword 
    Dance and Dragon Healing if Jessica can't heal the party enough (you can 
    also use Dragon Anger if you can spare the MPs).  Have Nash use Thunderbolt. 
      Have Mia use Flame Bomb and Power Drive.  Have Kyle use Power Up, then 
    Power Slash.  Have Jessica use Saint Litany, then any healing spells deemed 
    necessary (use Miracle Litany if someone dies).  Use any item you want now, 
    you won't need them later.  Ghaleon uses his original spells and a few new 
    ones.  His Worm Crush attacks in a group.  It's nothing that special though. 
      His Siphon Soul will heal him, and hurt you.  His Fate Storm will kill one 
    of your party members (use those Angel's Tears).  His Chaos Shield will 
    summon a protector, that can be easily destroyed.  His Hell Wave will hurt a 
    portion of the group.  Ghaleon still uses Rock N' Roll, Inferno, Nitro 
    Dagger, and Tornado.  It'll take a while, a long while, but Ghaleon will 
              Talk to everyone, even Ghaleon, and go up the stairs.  Luna will 
    attack you.  Ghaleon will get up and say that he's already one.  He says 
    that Luna has regained her memories as the Goddess Althena and forgot about 
    being reborn as a human.  He'll then laugh and finally die.  Now you'll have 
    to walk up the stairs and use the ocarina.  Luna will still attack and 
    threaten you.  Keep going anyway.  Go up the stairs and you'll see another 
    animation scene.  Of course, Alex will save Luna and the world.
    The End
              Nall will rescue the party minus Alex and Luna.  You'll see 
    another animation scene of Althena's Fortress destroyed, and Alex and Luna's 
    return.  You'll then arrive in Meribia.  Talk to everyone and pick up the 
    rest of the bromides from Ramus.  Whenever you're finished, talk to Laike 
    saying that you're ready and the credits will pass.  You'll also hear the 
    outtakes from the game's english translators.  Well thats about it...
    4.  Song Lyrics and Music
              I've tried to piece together some of the songs from Lunar.  This 
    was originally done from what I have heard from the game and finished from 
    what I've seen in the manual.
    Opening Song Lyrics
    In your dreams,
    magical thoughts...
    all things are real
    unless you dream they're not.
    In your dreams,
    love is the plot
    carried on wings of hope...
    Each of our souls
    intertwine, when we do.
    Instantly we see it
    the time to grow and be it
    when everything is pinned on a hope.
    Let rise the dreams of your heart,
    then innocent youth, careless and kind
    Free to roam the breeze in love,
    only when two
    brilliantly shine as one...
    Boat Song Lyrics
    Wishing on a dream that seems far off
    Hoping it will come today.
    Into the starlit night,
    Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
    Waiting on a shooting star.
    But, what if that star is not to come?
    Will their dreams fade to nothing?
    When the horizon darkens most,
    We all need to believe there is hope.
    Is an angel watching closely over me?
    Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
    I know my heart should guide me, but,
    There's a hole within my soul.
    What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
    Am I to be satisfied without knowing?
    I wish, then, for a chance to see,
    Now all I need, <desperately>
    Is my star to come...
    ??? Track 9 ???
    (Any help on this song is greatly appretiated)
    When all the land is peaceful and there is ?offered? to us at last
    Then comes a time for love, two hearts colliding into one great hymn.
    But there winds forboding and there is ???
    Cause ?we my love, and go? the time for valor has returned again.
    All throught the night
    keep marching on.
    Fighting through the darkness on a ??? so we must press on.
    Friendship ?on to battle? watch your backs now
    Take heed.
    (Hey! Hey!)
    (Hey! Hey!)
    Come back to me...
    Fighting through the darkness on a ??? so we must press on.
    Flying toward the power that enslaves us ?if we're all not done?.
    Racing through the climax of the valor to return to ?
    ??? it a power, ?evil forces
    Take heed.
         These music melodies can be played on Alex's ocarina whenever he learns 
    them just by experiencing it.  This list will feature the song and where it 
    was found.  I have marked the songs that I don't know or don't remember with 
    question marks around the description.
    Fighting Spirits                        Regular Battle
    Bar                                     The bar where you find Brett
    Stand and Fight                         Main Boss music
    Mysterious Party                        Arrival of a mysterious person 
    (found when meeting Laike)
    Go Go Go!                               The fight with Ghaleon, Track 16
    Fun Travelling                          World Map music
    Toward the Horizon                      Second world map music, track 5 on 
    the CD
    Burg                                    Pretty self-explanatory.
    Traffic                                 One of the towns, I believe its 
    Street Corner                           Meryod
    Song of Blue Dragon                     The song of Lyton caused by Lyton 
    Meribia                                 Also pretty self-explanatory, Track 
    12 on the CD
    City of Magic                           Vane, the city of magic
    Thieves' Bazaar                         Reza
    In the Darkness                         ? I think from the forest ?
    Silent Place                            ???
    Mysterious Cave                         A whole bunch of places (#2 
    favorite), Track 17
    Dragon Cave                             Cave music
    Hurry Up!                               Ruid
    Breakthrough                            ?Goddess Tower?
    Brilliance                              Althena's Fortress
    Tumultuous Seas                         Hispaniola music , track 4 on the CD
    Silver Light                            Opening screen music
    Mourning Bell                           ?Sad music?
    Now the Story Begins                    Music when you start a new game 
    (without talk)
    Have a Big Dream                        Ramus's and Myght's music
    Dragon--Holy Spirit                     When you encounter the White Dragon
    Dragon--Someday                         ?Alex wants to become a 
    Mother                                  Althena's Shrine
    Modern Boy                              ?Something near the end of the game?
    Four Heroes                             Your meeting with the last of the 
    Four Heroes, Track 18
    Darkness Come                           Evil arrives (Xenobia or the Magic 
    Emperor usually)
    Fairy Rain                              ?familiar, but I still don't know?
    Pretty Girl                             ??? Faster version of the world map 
    music ???
    It's Me!                                Kyle's song
    Magic Emperor Ghaleon                   Come on, guess
    Sadness                                 Sad music  After a certain betrayals
    Green Earth                             ???
    Feeling of Fight                        Preparing to fight (Vile Tribe 
    Tamur                                   Tamur, and Iluk Field
    Mist                                    From the Weird Woods.
    Intrigue                                Vile Tribe's music
    Determination                           When Luna boards the boat, Track 11
    Stand up to Destiny                     Preparing to fight something music
    Let the Wind Blow                       The balloon ride
    Solitary Wolf                           Tempest's and the village of Pao's 
    Reach for Front                         The airship's music, Track 19
    Steel Movement                          The Grindery moving
    Fighters                                Preparing to enter the Grindery
    Broken Blade                            Death music  The music of losing
    Relax                                   ???
    Recollection                            ? Sadder tone of the opening screen 
    melody? Track 13
    Machinery                               ??? Sounds like Steel Movement ???
    Thoughts Far Away                       Alex's ocarina reaches Luna's prison 
    w/other singers
    Winners                                 Victory after a regular battle
    Victory                                 Victory from a boss battle
    Fanfare                                 Victory from ???
    Blue Dragon's...                        Messed up Blue Dragon's Song caused 
    by monsters
    Wave Crest                              Waves
    Chirping Crickets                       Self-explanatory
    Magical Weapon Nash                     Magical Weapon Nash. Track 10 (my 
    Ripples                                 More Waves
    Music Soundtrack CD
    -----------------------------------Tracks: 24
    Running Time: 54:59
              Please help here, because I don't know the names for these songs.  
    Any help is appreciated.
    1          Opening Song
    2          Burg (Sega CD version)
    3          Future World Map music?
    4          Tumultuous Seas remix (Hispaniola)..
    5          Toward the Horizon remix.
    6          The end of the Demo music (it was a cinema scene)
    7          The Vile Tribes' first appearance
    8          ?Some was played at the end of the Making of Luna Disc?
    9          ?Has lyrics?Help needed?
    10         Magical Weapon Nash remix
    11         Determination remix
    12         Meribia remixed
    13         ?Sad music, another remix of the opening music?
    14         ???
    15         ?A mix of track 3?
    16         Go Go Go! remix
    17         A remixed version of Mysterious Cave (First heard in Meribian 
    18         Four Heros remix
    19         Airship music
    20         ???
    21         Reza remix
    22         ?Piano music?
    23          Luna's Boat Song
    24          Ending Music
    5.  The Making of Luna
              This disc came with the game.  This disc is bascially a movie disc 
    that has the creaters of Lunar telling us what they did with the game.  
    There's background music in the disc.  It is bascially a stream video 
    30:06:18 (minutes/seconds/milliseconds) long.  The cast includes:
    Japanese Staff
    Kei Shigema                   Scenario Writer
    Yoichi Miyaji                 CEO  Game Arts, Inc.
    Toshiyuki Kubooka             Character Design / Art Direction
    Showji Murahama               CEO, Gonzo  Animation Company
    Noriyuki Iwadare              Composer
    Isao Mizoguchi                Arranger / Lyricist
    American Staff
    Don Shirley                   VP of Marketing  Working Designs, Inc.
    Victor Ireland                President  Working Designs, Inc.
    Tim Trzepacz                   Lead Programmer  Working Designs, Inc.
    John Truitt                   Voice of Ghaleon
    Rhonda Gibson                 Speaking Voice of Luna
    Jackie Powers                 Voice of Nall
    Ashley Angel                  Voice of Alex
    Jenny Stigile                  Singing Voice of Luna
              This CD first tells us about the story and how it was translated 
    for the U.S. audience.  It also tells us of the changes from Sega CD to 
    Playstation.  The CD then tells us about the artwork involved.  It then goes 
    on discussing the songs and music from the game.  The lyrics and 
    translations of those are then discussed.  The CD goes on to speak about the 
    voices and the people who do them.
              This disc also has a mini game called "Lords of Lunar".  This game 
    features a pong-type game where your guarding a picture of a character in 
    the game inside a bunch of blocks that disappear one by one when hit by the 
    ball.  Once one player loses, another ball appears.
    6.  Weapons
    A = Alex       N = Nash            Agil = Agility
    L = Luna            J = Jessica         Wis = Wisdom
    R = Ramus            K = Kyle            Lk = Luck
              These metalic weapons are a classic genre of weapons for many 
    RPGs.  They are short range and usually used by the hero.
    Name                     Effect                    Person (People)           
    Althena's Sword Atk+75,#Attack+1    A         Dragonmaster's blade
    Bastard Sword Atk +50             K                   Long battle sword
    Broad Sword   Atk +21             A, K                Wide and wicked
    Crystal Sword  Atk +61             A                   Shimmering sword
    Dagger             Atk +6              A, L, R, K          Basic pointed 
    Dark Sword      Atk +65             K                   Blade O' EvilSword   
                Atk +49             A                   Forged in fire
    Great Sword              Atk +55             A, K                Really good 
    Ice Blade                Atk +44             A                   Chilly 
    Insane Sword             Atk +70             K                   Cuts like 
    Long Sword               Atk +16             A, K                Lenght DOES 
    Master Sword             Atk +68             A                   Swordsman's 
    Saber                    Atk +26             A                   Dueling 
    Samurai Blade Atk +38              A, K                Hari-kari made easy
    Short Sword   Atk +9              A, L, R, K          Adventurer's blade
    Silver Sword   Atk +33             A, K                Shiny stabber
    Wind Sword    Atk+60,Agil+5       K                   Blows enemies away
              These long range weapons are essential for the Water Dragon from 
    Meribian Sewers.  They work the same way as magic in that you don't have to 
    walk up to the monster to hit it.
    Name           Effect    Person (People)          Description
    Battle Bow     Atk +20          L, R, N   Arrow-flinging device
    Dream Bow      Atk +66          N         An enemy's nightmare
    Holy Bow       Atk +56          N         Death from above
    Sling          Atk +4          Everyone  Throws stones
    Small Bow      Atk +10          L, R, N   For archers on a budget
    Starlight Bow  Atk +72          N         Glows white and warm
    Stone Bow      Atk +50          N         Rock-solid aiming
    Poison Darts   Atk +8          Everyone  Pointy projectiles
              These weapons can deliver magical damage with each attack.  They 
    work like the Maces.
    Name           Effect    Person (People)               Description
    Dragon Cane    Atk +60                       M              Powerful bite
    Dream Cane     Atk +34                       L              REM rod
    Ethereal Cane  Atk +38                       M, N           Spiritual staff
    Fire Cane      Atk + 28                      M, N           Casts fireballs.
    Fortune Cane   Atk+16,Lk+10                  L, M, N        Good luck to 
    carry it
    Ice Cane       Atk +43                       M, N           Ice is nice
    Sage's Cane     Atk+48,Wis+10                  M, N           Wise 
    Water Cane      Atk +20                       M, N           Splash magic
    Wind Cane      Atk+54,Agil+20                M              Conjures gusts
              These Maces, and one Flail, can only be used by Jesscia.  These 
    short range weapons look like canes, attack like canes, and bascially are 
    blunt canes minus the magic (except elemental ones).
    Name                Effect                    Description
    Dark Mace           Atk +52                    Wicked magic
    Flail               Atk +29                    Whip it good
    Holy Mace            Atk +68                    Healing staff
    Ice Mace            Atk +44                    Freezing staff
    Judgment Mace       Atk +54                    Lest ye be judged
    Mace                Atk +34                    Iron club
    Water Mace           Atk +50                    Moist magic
    7.  Protection
    A = Alex            N = Nash            Endr = Magic Endr
    L = Luna            J = Jessica         Def = Defense
    R = Ramus           K = Kyle
    Name                Effect                Person(People)           
    Aegis Robe          Def +33               M          Imbued with magic
    Chain Mail          Def +8, Endr + 5      A, K       Linked Armor
    Cool Clothes        Def +14, Endr +1      J          Priestly formalwear
    Dark Armor          Def +33               K          Evil protection
    Dragon Armor        Def +40               A          Dragonmaster's armor
    Heavy Clothes       Def +5                Everyone   Bad - weather workwear
    Holy Armor          Def +25               A, K       Stronger than prayers
    Holy Clothes        Def +34               J          Althena's fave fabric!
    Holy Robe           Def +29               M          Blessedly informal
    Intelligent Robe    Def +23               N, M       Smart-looking garment
    Insane Armor        Def +37, Endr +20     K          Maddening metal
    Iron Armor          Def +13               A          Fortified metal
    Leather Armor       Def +9                A, R , K   Reinforced rawhide
    Leather Clothes     Def +7                A, L, R, N Kinky, yet comfy
    Magic Robe          Def +8                L, N, M, J Magically delicious
    Radiance Clothes    Def +26               J          Sacred robe
    Robe                Def +11               L, N, M, J Thick cloth wear
    Sage's Clothes      Def +22, Endr +3      J          Ceremonial robe
    Sage's Robe         Def +36               N          Wise man's outfit
    Saint's Robe        Def +26               M          Delightful duds
    Silver Armor        Def +29, Endr +10     A, K       Light and strong
    Sorcerer's Robe     Def +19               N, M       Magic Guild attire
    Sprit Robe          Def +31               N          Sewed by sorcerers
    Steel Armor         Def +21               A, K       Stainless and shiny
    Peasant Clothes     Def +3                Everyone   Everyday apparel
    Purity Clothes      Def +17, Endr +2      J          Washed in holy water
    Wisdom Robe         Def +27               N          Knit with knowledge
    Helmets, Hats, and Hair Stuff
    Name                  Effect               Person (People)           
    Bandanna              Def +1           Everyone   Lassos long locks
    Dark Helmet           Def +1           K          Black brain-bucket
    Dragon Bandanna       Def +12          N          A lovely length of linen
    Dragon Helmet         Def +20          A          Dragonmaster's helmet
    Fire Tiara            Def +24          J          Flaming headpiece
    Fruity Bandanna       Def +6           N          VERY colorful attire
    Hat                   Def +2           A, R, K    Orange chinchilla fur
    Headband              Def +2           L , M, J   Keeps forehead dry
    Holy Bandanna         Def +15          N          Boosts wearer's magic
    Holy Hairpin          Def +23          M          Sacred scrunchie
    Holy Helmet           Def +12          A, K       Heavenly head-holder
    Insane Helmet         Def +18          K          Crazy cranium can
    Iron Helmet           Def +5           A, R, K    Solid skull shild
    Jade Hairpin          Def +6           M, J       For ladies only
    Lucky Bandanna        Def +10, Luck +5 N          Do ya feel lucky, punk?
    Rainbow Tiara         Def +9           J          Colorful crown
    Ruby Tiara            Def +12          J          Encrusted with gems
    Scarf                 Def +1           L, M, J    Silky, soft, and warm
    Spook Hairpin         Def +10, Wis +2  M          Hairy-scary
    Sprit Bandanna        Def +7, Wis +5   N          Spiritual and silky
    Steel Helmet          Def +19          A, K       Absorbs noggin knocks
    Phantom Ribbon        Def +17, Wis +6  M          Haunted headpiece
    Name             Effect                    Person (People)          
    Dark Shield      Def +26        K          Dusky defense
    Dragon Shield    Def +20        A          Dragonmaster's shield
    Garbage Can Lid  Def +2         A, L, R, K Almost a shield
    Holy Shield      Def +13        A, K       Holy, not hole-y
    Iron Shield      Def +7         A, R, K    Heavy and easily dented
    Insane Shield    Def +19        K          Insane Shield
    Silver Shield    Def +4         A, K       Better than gold
    Steel Shield     Def +10        A, K       Deflects darn damage
    Wooden Shield    Def +3         A, R, K    Lumbering defense
    Arm Equipment
    Name                Effect       Person (People) Description
    Crystal Armlet      Def +9           M, J        Shimmering band
    Crystal Bracelet    Def +10          N           NOT cubic zirconia
    Detonator Armet     Def +17          J           Althena's armlet
    Dragon Armlet       Def +12          M           Beastly bracelet
    Fire Armlet         Def +15          M           Brighter than sunlight
    Hell Armlet         Def +14          J           Repels evil magic
    Iron Armlet         Def +1           L, M, J     Wrist guard
    Iron Bracelet       Def +4           A, N, M, K  Heavy gauntlet
    Jewel Bracelet      Def +12, Wis +5  N           Rainbow band
    Rainbow Armlet      Def +9           J           A circle of color
    Silver Armlet       Def +7           M, J        Sterling shielding
    Silver Bracelet     Def + 3          A, N, K     Shiny wrist-wrap
    Spook Armlet        Def +18          M           Don't be afraid
    Star Bracelet       Def +14, Wis +10 N           Heavenly hoop
    Steel Armlet        Def +3           L, M, J     Wrist reflector
    Stone Bracelet      Def +26, Wis +15 N           Rolling wrist-ring
    White Bracelet      Def +8           N           White is alright
    8.  Accessories:
    A = Alex          N = Nash          Endr = Magic Endr
    L = Luna          M = Mia           Agil = Agility
    R = Ramus
    Name              Effect              Description
    Angel Ring        Def +1              One-time auto-resurrect
    Barrier Ring      Def +15, Endr +15   Raise magic resistance
    Chira's Tail      Def +2, Agil +10    Increases agility
    Crystal Pendant   Def +2, Wis +10     Increase spiritual power
    Devil Pendant     Def + 2, Endr +10   Increase magic resistance
    Flame Ring        Atk +1, Def+1       Def water & wind atk
    Fortune Ring      Def +1, Luck +10    Increase luck
    Fresh Ring        Def +1              Prevents conditions
    Gale Ring         #Attack +1          Increase # of attacks
    Ghaleon's Tear    Def +2              Attack all enemies
    Healing Ring      Def +1              Recover HPs
    Hell Ring         Def +1              Halves MP consumption
    Ice Pendant       Def +2              Def thunder & fire atk
    Jess' Bromide 1                       What To Wear?
    Jess' Bromide 3                       Sleepy Smile
    Jess' Bromide 4                       Hot in The Shade
    Luna's Bromide 1                      Precious Ponytail
    Luna's Bromide 2  Wis +1              The Playful Wind
    Mia's Bromide 1   Def +1              Nash's Treasure
    Mia's Bromide 2                       Short Shorts
    Mia's Bromide 3                       Rise And Shine
    Mia's Bromide 4                       Clean Yet Obscene
    Phacia's Bromide                      Birds And Legs
    Protection Ring   Def +10             Increase defense
    Refresher Ring    Def +1              Prevents conditions
    Royce's Bromide                       A Poisonous Beauty
    Shira's Tail      Def +2, Range +8    Increase range
    Sprit Talisman    Def +2              Halves all attacks
    Tri-Ring          Def +1              Prevents status change
    Wrath Ring        Atk +10             Increase attack power
    Xenobia Bromide                       Cat Scratch Fever
    9.  Items
    Angel's Tear
    Revives fainted characters
    Neutralizes poison
    Alex's Ocarina
    Melodic instrument
    Althena's Mirror
    Reflection of truth
    Magic Guild form
    Balloon Blueprint
    Airships for dummies
    Balloon Engine
    Shira's masterwork
    Cleansing Water
    Cures paralysis
    Dragon Diamond
    Priceless gem
    Dragon Necklace
    Tempest's gift
    Dragon Ring
    Symbol of heroism
    Dragon Wings
    Magical traveling tool
    Dragonfly Wing
    Escape dungeons
    Fluffy Bug
    So soft and cuddly!
    Healing Nut
    Restores plenty of HP
    Restores a bit of HP
    Holy Water
    Recover conditions
    Old Notebook
    Password to the Spire
    View past adventures
    Sea Chart
    Detailed ocean map
    Silver Light
    Restores MP completely
    Rope not included
    Star Light
    Restores a bit of MP
    Thieve's Crest
    Open locked chests!
    Thieves' Guide
    Damon's treasure
    10.  Magic List
    Here's my Magic List, featuring the caster, MP used, effect, and what level 
    you'll find them at.
    (single = one enemy/ one ally)
    (group = may hit more than one if the enemy is in a close range to the 
    original target)
    (all = everyone's included [ally or fiend])
    (Begin with = the character began with the spell when I found him/her)
    (WD = after the second encounter with the White Dragon)
    (RD = after the encounter with the Red Dragon)
    (BluD = after the encounter with the Blue Dragon)
    (BlaD = after the second encounter with the Black Dragon)
    (BW = Begin With)
    Name        Magic           MP   Effect                          Level
    Alex        Sword Dance     6    Multi-hit attack (single)         BW
                Explosion Staff 9    Pressure attack (group)
                Vigor           10   Increase atk power (single)       12
                Flash Cut       18   Slices up enemies                 18
                Dragon Protect  60   Defend magic attack               WD
                Dragon Anger    35   Searing firestorm                 RD
                Dragon Healing  40   Heals everyone                    BluD
                Dragon Grief    15   Dimension attack                  BlaD
    Luna        Healing Song    4    Heal wounds (single)
                Purity Song     4    Recover condition (single)
                Temptation Song 8    Hypnotize
                Cascade Song    10   Encourage friends (Raises Atk and Def)
                Tranquil Song   15   Heal friends (all)
                Escape Song     10   Send enemies away (all)           12
    Nash        Thunder Bomb    6    Thunder attack (group)            BW
                Stone           6    Turn to stone
                Confusion       7    Confuse                           12
                Magic Box       8    Suppress magic                    15
                Spark Ball      10   Paralyze enemies                  18?
                Sleep           9    Hypnotize                         20
                Thunder Thrust  18   Fierce lightning (all)            23
                Thunderbolt     15   Lightning (single)                34?
    Jessica     Heal Litany     4    Recover HP (single)               BW (16)
                Calm Litany     15   Recover HP (all)                  BW (16)
                Cleanse Litany  4    Cure condition                    BW (16)
                Escape Litany   20   Escape from dungeon               BW (16)
                Saint Litany    12   Recover HP each turn (all)        25
                Fear Litany     6    Drive away enemy (single)         27
                Althenia Litany 10   Recover all HP (single)           31
                Miracle Litany  20   Resurrect (single)                          
    Mia         Flame Circle    7    Fire pillars (group)              BW (17)
                Ice Lance       5    Ice daggers (single)              BW (17)
                Blizzard        10   Raging blizzard (all)             BW (17)
                Ice Shell       11   Increase defense (single)         BW (17)
                Ice Wall        15   Cold air                          21
                Flame Bomb      13   Throw fireball                    24
                Power Drive     11   Increase attack                   27
                Flameria        30   Fire storm                        35
    Ghaleon     Inferno         14   Flame attack (all)                BW
                Nitro Dagger    14   Cold air attack (all)             BW
                Tornado         10   Tornado attack (all)              BW
                Rock 'N' Roll   10   Earthquake attack (all)           BW
    Kyle        Power Slash     6    Skilled attack                    BW (19)
                Power Sweep     9    Sword swipe                       BW (19)
                Sonic Riser     14   Release weasel                    BW (19)
                Power Up        8    Increase attack                   BW (19)
    Tempest     Flash Arrow     8    Arrow attack                      BW (34)
                Flash Wind      10  Wind attack                        BW (34)
    11.  Enemy List
    Here's my enemy list.  This lists the enemy and where it was found.
    Ambush (use FIRE) (uses Venom Gaze: attacks one person and can poison)
    Lost Woods
    Albino Baboon
    White Dragon Cave
    Ammonia - uses: Spin Rush ( a spin attack)
    Meribian Sewers
    Nanza Pass
    Aqua Genie (uses Aqua Stream: a water attack that hits in a line)
    Blue Dragon Shrine
    Grindery Quarters
    Arror Fish
    Grindery Quarters
    White Dragon Cave
    Baigen (uses Fire Kick: a flame based kick)
    Barrel Snake
    Lann Island
    Bat Knight
    Damon's Spire
    Black Dragon (boss)
    Black Dragon Cave
    Blood Lord - uses: Shot Lancer (attacks one [for me 50 damage])
    Crystal Tower
    Blood Slime (use ICE) (uses Flame Rush: a flame-spin attack)
    Red Dragon Cave
    Grindery Quarters
    Bob Goblin
    Lyton Shrine
    Bomb Angel
    Grindery Quarters
    Brain Licker (don't use magic or magical weapons)
    Meryod Woods
    Brainpicker (use magic) (it uses Brain Bomb: a group attack)
    Lyton Shrine
    Bronze Dog
    Red Dragon Cave
    Burner (attacks twice) (use ICE)
    Red Dragon Cave
    Carapace Knight
    Tamur Pass
    Chaos Fiend
    Black Dragon Cave
    Chrono Gorgon (don't use magic or magical weapons)
    Meryod Woods
    D Master Zoc (boss)
    Lann Island
    Dark Sorcerer (strong against magic, weak against sword attacks)
    (uses White Wave: a magic attack)
    Tamur Pass
    Death Armor
    Grindery Bowels
    Death Mutt
    Nanza Pass
    Death Shroom
    Cave of Trial
    Death Warrior (uses Shot Lancer: a single attack)
    Althena's Fort
    Devastator (attacks twice) (uses Heavy Cannon: attacks all with a blast of 
    Electro Eye (use FIRE) (it uses Vicious Eye: a single attack)
    Lyton Shrine
    Elemental Master
    Grindery Bowels
    Evil Wisp
    Meribian Sewers
    Fatal Hopper
    Meribian Sewers
    Fire Elemental (use ICE) (can paralyze you)
    Red Dragon Cave
    Flash Lord (uses Thunder Mesh: a lightning attack that hurts a group)
    Fluffy Bug (runs away
    Iluk Field
    Fly Devil (pretty powerful little flies...)
    Iluk Field
    Weird Woods
    Althena's Fort
    Gelatin (attacks twice) (use THUNDER or FIRE)
    Blue Dragon Shrine
    Giga Ant
    Lyton Shrine
    Giga Wasp
    Nanza Pass
    Weird Woods
    Weird Woods
    Graggen (don't use magic or magical weapons)
    Meryod Woods
    Great Hornet (uses Needle Shot: stings you and can poison you)
    Tamur Pass
    Groper (can confuse you)
    Talon Mine
    Gunfoot - uses: Sorcery Light (a beam of light that hits all)
    Cave of Trial
    Hell Raiser (strong against fighting, weak against magic)
    Black Dragon Cave
    Ice Mongrel
    Cave of Trial
    Ice Pup (use FIRE) (uses Throwing Guts: a little snake-thing attacks you) 
    (attacks three times)
    Tamur Pass
    Kill Roller (use regular attacks) (Likes to turn party members into stone )
    Damon's Spire
    Killer Buzz (don't use magic or magical weapons, and finish off quickly)
    Meryod Woods
    Killer Fly
    Old Hag's Forest
    Killer Shroom (use FIRE) (uses Para Spore: can paralyze you)
    Lost Woods
    Killer Wasp
    Old Hag's Forest
    Magic Emperor (boss)
    Grindery Quarters
    Magic Hat (use Alex's Sword Dance, nothing else hurts it)
    Myght's Tower
    Magic Machine (can paralyze you)
    Grindery Bowels
    Magic Masher (boss)
    Taben's Tower
    Man Eater
    Iluk Field
    Mantle Rapper
    Old Hag's Forest
    Master Mirror
    Mecha Star (uses Chase Bomb: attacks you)
    Myght's Tower
    Mecha Tank
    Talon Mine
    Monocrop -uses: Paralyze Gaze (Paralyzes you)
    Lann Island
    Monster Wasp
    Lost Woods
    Mud Cyclops
    Nanza Pass
    Mummy (use Magic, attacks won't work) (attacks twice)
    Damon's Spire
    Mutant Ant
    Old Hag's Forest
    Mutant Fly
    White Dragon Cave
    Althena's Fort
    Neutronitor - uses: Star Blast (hits everyone)
    Crystal Tower
    Nipple Yanker (uses Sorcery Flame:  A fire attack aimed at one person) 
    (strong against magic, weak against fighting)
    Black Dragon Cave
    Lann Island
    Octo Plant (use FIRE) (uses Sleep Fang: can put you to sleep)
    Tamur Pass
    Plasma Fiend
    Crystal Tower
    Plasma Prism (uses Laser: attacks one person)
    Myght's Tower
    Puffy Bug (likes to put you to sleep)
    Iluk Field
    Razor Wolf (use THUNDER or FIRE) (uses Spin Rush when it spins: attacks 
    Blue Dragon Shrine
    Reflector - uses: Mirror Ray (shoots a beam at one of you)
    Crystal Tower
    Rock Biter
    Talon Mine
    Rufus (use only physical magic attacks ex: something with a sword)
    Damon's Spire
    Saline Slimer  (boss)
    Red Dragon CaveMaster
    Scythe Spore
    Weird Woods
    Shadow Lord
    Shadow Spectre (boss)
    Talon Mine
    Shrieker (use FIRE) (uses Para Spore: paralyzes you)
    Tamur Pass
    Slice O' Dead (can attack everyone)
    Black Dragon Cave
    White Dragon Cave
    Slumber Moth
    Cave of Trial
    Meribian Sewers
    Soul Yanker
    Grindery Bowels
    Talon Mine
    Synapse Guard
    White Dragon Cave
    Tank Golem
    Grindery Bowels
    The Deep - uses: Absorb (feeds on your HPs)
    Lann Island
    Tormentor (uses Slow Head: attacks someone)
    Myght's Tower
    Truffle Troubler (boss)
    Cave of Trial
    Crystal Tower
    Vile Crustacean (boss)
    Water Dragon (boss)
    Meribian Sewers
    Water Elemental (use THUNDER or FIRE) (can Mute you)
    Blue Dragon Shrine
    Yeti (use FIRE) (uses Rock Shot:  ferociously attacks one party member)
    Lost Woods
    12.  Red Chest Locations
              These chests have been bothering me for a long time.  This list 
    will tell you where they are found and what they have.  The Thief's Crest 
    has the secret of opening these (don't worry, this item is forced upon you 
    later in the game).
    Town                         Item                  Where
    Burg                         Garbage Can Lid    Ramus' house
    Weird Woods        Wrath Ring             Northeast corner of the forest 
    (hidden in the trees)
    Old Hag's Forest    Silver Light             Downstair in the corner.
    Saith                         Protection Ring     Upstairs in the lower left 
    Merbia                     1000 silver.             The middle house of 
    three on the bottom left side.
    Merbia Sewers       Silver Light             The basement to Mel's mansion, 
    last section of sewers.
    Cave of Trial           Soap                        Hiding on the level 
    below all the travelers
    Nanza                      Crystal Pendant      Lower left corner of the 
    basement, next to five beds.
    Reza                         Silver Light             Top left between a 
    tree and a house.
    Meryod Forest       Fortune Ring          Almost completly conceled behind a 
    tree northwest.
    Meryod                   Silver Light              Hidden behind the lowest 
    left house.
    13.  Bromides
              These bromides feature a picture of  a woman of whom its named 
    after.  Some of these are hard to get, and disappear if you can't find them 
    at the right time.  If there's any that I missed please e-mail me (Somebody 
    please tell me how to get Jess' Bromide 2 w/o gameshark).
    Mia's Bromide 1          Nash is equiped with it when you get him in the Old 
    Hag's Forest.
    Phacia's Bromide        Found after you recue Luna from the Crystal Tower.  
    The woman in                                                                 
                 Althenia's Shine has it.
    Luna's Bromide 2        Found after Luna is kidnapped by the Magic Emperor.  
    It's located in the bookself in the basement of Alex's house.
    Royce's Bromide         Found on Black Rose Street after Mel has turned to 
    Jess' Bromide 4           Found in Kyle's bed after Xenobia disappears from 
    Jess' Bromide 1           Found after talking to the person in Althena's 
    Shine twice (sometime after you lose the White Dragon Wings).
    Mia's Bromide 4          Talk to the man in the northeastern house in Iluk 
    after Nash destroys the engine to the airship.
    Xenobia Bromide        Go back to Talon Mines after the Grindery leaves and 
    talk to one of the miners.
    Mia's Bromide 2        Talk to the student in the right most classroom of 
    Vane before you go to the Silver Spire.
    Luna's Bromide 1       Given to you for free by Ramus after Ghaleon is no 
    Mia's Bromide 3        By it from Ramus after the fall of Ghaleon
    Jess' Bromide 3        Purchase this from Ramus after you defeat Ghaleon
    Jess' Bromide 2        Before you kill the fake Dragonmaster Zoc, go back to 
    Lann from Lann Island and talk to the boat's owner.  When he says " If Ya 
    Still Want Ta Use My Boat, It's Ready An' Waitin'!", you'll trigger this 
    bromide. (Again thanks to Michael M. for this).
    14. Rememberizer / Movie Descriptions
              These movies tell the story of Lunar.  They can be recalled using 
    the rememberizer.  I've listed here what happened in each scene and how long 
    each was.
    LUNAR Opening
    This is the opening to Lunar, complete with opening music.  The lyrics are 
    in the song section.
    This basically shows some scenes that appear throughout the game.
    Alex at the Monument
    Alex:  "Oh, hello Nall!"
    Nall:  "Alex, couldn't you hear me?  I've been flying all over for the last 
    half hour calling for you, but, I should've known you'd be here."
    Alex: "Oh, Nall!  Where else would I be?"
    Ocarina music plays through the rest of this scene...
    Nall reads from Dyne's Monument...
    "In honor of the great Dragonmaster Dyne.  <a short Pause>  I know that Dyne 
    was probably the greatest of the Four Heroes, Alex, but I'm amazed that you 
    never get tired of coming to stare at his dull monument. <Pause>  Oh, shoot! 
      I just remembered... we'd better meet Luna to practice singing.  If we're 
    late, she'll be upset..."
    Ramus Shows His Stripes
    Spoken fast and with enthusiasm.
    <Close up of Ramus>
    Ramus:  "Hey, Alex!  I figured you might be here.  Now that the warm weather 
    has melted the ice near the dragon's cave, there isn't any time to waste 
    getting started on our big adventure.  If we hurry, we may be able to sneak 
    in without waking the dragon.  Then we can get a fantastically huge diamond 
    from its lair worth thousands and thousands of silver, making us filthy 
    stinking rich and very popular in the process!"
    Luna at the Springs
    The scene starts from what Alex sees as he enters the springs.  You'll hear 
    someone singing, then you'll actually see Luna.  After she's finished, 
    you'll see Alex playing his ocarina.
    Luna:  "Alex.  You're late again, silly.  Were you whittling away the 
    morning at Dyne's Monument again, or were you planning more make believe 
    adventures with Ramus?"
    Quark Awakens
    You'll hear an eccoing voice...
    Quark:  "Who has awakened me from my deep slumber?"
    Then you'll see a White Dragon arising and growling, then he smells you and 
    Quark:  "My friends, you are the first adventurers to visit me in a long 
    time.  I am Quark, patriarch (?) of the Dragon Tribe.  You have journeyed 
    far, and now you have arrived at my lair.  It's a journey few have survived. 
      Your mission must be urgent."
    Luna's Dream
    This is basically a flashback scene of moments of A Goddess Reborn.  Dyne 
    holds a baby...
    Laike's Introduction
    Laike:  "What a hapless bunch you are!  You're lucky I happened to come 
    along when I did.  Didn't you know that these woods were ridiculously 
    dangerous for ordinary travelers?  Are you lost, or out for a picnic?
    I guess the party inaudibly responds...
    Laike:  "What?!  An adventure?"
    He then chuckles at first, then laughes maniacally for some reason.
    Nash and His Hair
    Someone appears spinning a comb.  You'll then see Nash combing his hair, and 
    he puts the comb away.
    Nash:  "Hey there, kiddies!  My name's Nash!  I'm a level three apprentice 
    from the famous Magic City of Vane that floats around the Goddess Tower.  
    The area around the Sea Hag's house can be a little tricky, so be sure to 
    watch your step around here, okay?
    On the Boat
    This is Luna's Boat Song (the lyrics are in the songs section).  Alex and 
    Nall secretly watch as Luna sings on the crow's-nest of the Hispaniola.  The 
    scene goes from Alex, to the Blue Star, to Luna and the night bugs.  She 
    then sings.  The scene finishes with Alex looking at her.
    Arrival in Meribia
    The party is looking at a still picture of Meribia's docks that moves up and 
    Nall:  "Look Alex!  Look at all the ships and the huge town!  Meribia is 
    even more splendid than I imagined!"
    Hail, Hell Mel
    Master Mel appears and you'll see him standing in front of an ax (that must 
    Mel:  "I'm Mel de Alkirk, governor of Meribia.  Since you're new here, I'll 
    warn ya. <Close up>  If you dare to make any sort o trouble in my town, I'll 
    pop your tiny little heads off your twikky little necks and mount them on me 
    trophy wall."
    He then laughes maniacally, for some strange reason.
    Royce's Introduction
    You'll see a woman hovering her hand over a crystal ball.
    Royce:  "We seem to have guests, but I welcome those pursuing knowledge, as 
    always.  For you see, I am a student of knowledge:  past, present, and 
    future.  I can foretell many things in the future.  <Close up>So.  Let's see 
    your future.  That's why you came to me today, isn't it? <smirking>
    Facing Phacia
    Phacia appears.
    Phacia:  "Good day to you all.  I am Phacia, head priestess of the temple of 
    the Goddess.  I have received word that you are on a journey to become the 
    new Dragonmaster, Alex!  I pray that you choose to stay in Vane and become 
    the guardian of Althena, for as you know, we haven't had a Dragonmaster 
    since the days of Dyne came to an end...
    The Magic City, Vane
    The scene starts on the ground facing Althena's Shrine.  It then pans upward 
    to the floating city of Vane.  It comes to a close showing the city from a 
    A Mysterious Musician
    The mysterious musician is interrupted and puts his guitar down.
    Luna:  "Oh!  I'm so sorry I interrupted!  You see I heard the music and I, 
    well, I thought it was Alex that was playing."
    MM:  "Mmm...  it's... no bother."
    Luna looks embarrassed and the scene switches to a shot of both of them, at 
    a respectable distance.
    This is one of his voices that I personally do not like.
    Mia Stays Composed
    You'll hear Mia's music, and see here getting off her bed and heading toward 
    Mia:  "I'm sorry.  I cannot go to the magic school today.  I'm... not 
    feeling well. <see then actually sees you for the first time>  Oh!  I'm so 
    sorry!  I mistook you for a messenger of my mother's.  Um... my name is Mia. 
      Mia Ausa.  May I ask your name?"
    Ghaleon stand before a window.  He then looks at you through his 
    traditionally evil red reptilian eyes.
    Ghaleon:  "Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, Alex of Burg.  I am Ghaleon, 
    premier of the Guild.  My apprentice Nash speaks quite highly of you, boy.  
    He said you passed the trial of the White Dragon.  If that's true, then 
    perhaps you can... help me."
    Enter the Kyle
    Kyle sleeps on the floor of Nanza prison.  A giant bubble (whats with this?) 
    appear on his face.  As it gets larger, it pops as expected.  He then wakes 
    Kyle:  "What a night!  Kyle had himself another night of wine, women, and 
    song!  Just between you and me, I think I had a little too much of the wine. 
      But the women didn't complain."
    He then passes out again.
    Jessica Speaks
    Jessica appears stading on a box(same drums as Mel had).
    Jessica:  "Hmm...  Oh!  When did you come in?  You weren't here before.  Did 
    you come after hearing of the trouble here?  I think this Dragonmaster is a 
    fake!  In fact, I bet he's even a bigger phony than my former boyfriend.  A 
    good fight is just the ticket to get over that rat!  So let's go find this 
    fraud and show him who's boss!"
    Lemia Ausa?
    The crest of the Magic Guild of Vane appears.  Then Lemia comes in...
    Lemia:  "I am Lemia Ausa, governess of the Magic Guild.  I have heard you 
    seek the Dragons.  I see the strength of your will in this regard in your 
    eyes, and I sense something else.  I sense... evil.  You seek to destroy the 
    Magic Guild, and Althena!"
    A Trinity of Terror
    The fake Lemia, Phacia, and Royce jump into a pillar of flames.  Xenobia, 
    Phacia, and Royce each respectively appear out of it in a close up. Then 
    you'll see all three.  Music from Track 7 now appears.
    Xenobia:  "I am Xenobia, a descendant of the forgotten Vile Tribe, the 
    innocents Althena callously pushed out beyond the wastelands of the 
    Royce:  "I warned you I could see many things.  Unfortunately, I have now 
    foreseen your demise.  Too bad you had to get involved."
    Phacia:  "We didn't expect you to get this far, young Alex.  It's been quite 
    a revelation, but you never can tell when luck like yours, will run out."
    Ghaleon vs Quark
    The Magic Emperor appears.
    Ghaleon:  "Not Ghaleon, dear Quark.  Magic Emperor Ghaleon!"
    Alex:  "Magic Emperor!?
    Luna:  "Ghaleon, no!"
    Ghaleon:  "Oh, no!  Ghaleon... yes!  Someday people may mourn this day, but 
    my glorious rule can only begin with your enslavement."
    He then casts a magic globe around Quark that shrinks to the size of a small 
    ball that Ghaleon grasps.
    Ghaleon:  "Quark shall be the cornerstone of a new order.  My world order, 
    but...  who shall be my queen?
    The scene then closes up on Luna's shocked face.
    La Kyle Aux Follies
    The scene starts off on a close up of some woman.
    Woman:  "Oh, pardon my heels!  What's the world coming to when a decent lady 
    has to be so vulgar to protect herself?  <Close up and deep voice>  And now 
    let's end this cheap charade."
    She/he then takes off the costume while jumping upwards, thus revealing that 
    he's really Kyle.
    Kyle:  "You and your boys need to learn some manners, sweetcheeks."
    Red Dragon's Gift
    The Dragon's shield appears.  That's it.
    Hindenburg Redux
    This is basically one picture spun around many times.
    They also say something, but I couldn't tell who was saying what, or what 
    they were saying.
    Blue Shrine Revealed
    Basically, the Blue Shrine is revealed.  A spiral of water appears at first. 
      Then out of the center, the Blue Shrine appears.
    Blue Dragon's Gift
    The Dragon Helmet.  With some sort of achievement music.
    Saviors on Horseback
    You'll see Fresca, then Tempest as they ride off.
    Myght's Irritation
    Myght appears first looking at you through a magnifing glass.
    Myght:  "Is there something wrong with your eyes?  Didn't you see the signs 
    warning about the cranky, stinky, rude genius?  Well, that's me, Myght!  I 
    hate noise, interruptions,and people!  You're trespassing!  Go away!
    He then procedes to pass his gas.
    Tempest's Indignation
    Tempest and Fresca appears...
    Tempest:  "We are of the Plains Tribe.  I am Tempest and this is Fresca.  
    That man was trying to sell fake medicine to the desparate people here.  He 
    knowingly lied for profit!  It is the rule of the praire to execute liers.  
    Why do you interfere with our tribal affairs!? Are you a thief as well!?
    A Frightening Dream
    Luna appears, and drowns in a sea of blood.
    The scene has Luna huming at first...
    Luna:  "Alex!  Alex!"
    Black Dragon's Gift
    The Dragon Armor, followed by the usual achievement music.
    A Dragonmaster Born
    Alex slowly changes into the Dragonmaster.
    To the Dark Frontier
    The airship approaches Ruid.
    Nall:  "Alex, look at the size of that tower!  Is Luna really in there?"
    Alex:  "She's in there... and so is Ghaleon."
    -----End of Disc 1-----
    The Grindery Unleashed
    Ruid crumbles revealing the Grindery.  The Grindery starts rolling away from 
    the frontier (Along with its music).
    Vane vs The Grindery
    The Grindery approaches Vane and Althena's Shrine.  It aims its weapons at 
    Vane.  Mia summonds a barrier to protect the Shrine and Vane.  Everyone 
    watches in anticipation.  Then the Grindery fires its cannons.  Vane's 
    shield protects the Shrine, but fails to save Vane as it falls from the sky. 
      The scene ends in a standoff between the destroyed Vane and the Grindery.
    The Dark Goddess
    The Dark Goddess:  "You shouldn't have interfered.  Haven't you figured it 
    out?  There's no way to stop this!"
    Alex:  "Luna?"
    She then sings her dark theme.
    Alex:  "Luna, what are you doing?"
    Power is being drained from the dragons.  The Dark Goddess attacks Althena's 
    Tower with a flash of light.
    Kyle:  "What the ...?!"
    The tower is fully revealed as Althena's Fortress.
    Nash:  "What happened to the Goddess Tower?"
    Mia:  "This can't be real!"
    Alex:  "Oh my God..."
    Ghaleon:  "Amazing, isn't it?  Behold the long forgotten fortress of 
    Kyle:  "That's the voice of Ghaleon!"
    Jessica:  "Impossible..."
    You'll then see Ghaleon with the Dark Goddess.
    Alex:  "Ghaleon?"
    A Goddess Reborn
    This is a flashback scene of the Goddess and Dyne.  Dyne walks toward 
    Ghaleon:  "Wait!  Dyne, Stop!"  "Stop before the path you have chosen strips 
    you of the very power that safeguards your soul!"
    Dyne continues to walk towards the Goddess and gives up his power as the 
    Ghaleon:  "Dyne!  NO!"
    A bright light blinds them.
    Ghaleon:  "Why have you done this?  What is that you can see that I cannot?  
    Tell Me!"
    A baby appears in Dyne/Laike's hands.
    Laike:  "I see a bright hope for the future that resides in each and every 
    human being."
    The baby cries.
    Ghaleon:  "I see only despair..."
    A Dragonmaster Reborn
    Alex attemps to pull Althena's Sword out of Dyne's Monument.  He does and 
    transforms back into Dragonmaster Alex.
    Ascent To Althena's City
    Nall flies everyone to Althena's City.
    Kyle:  "Look at that thing!  The Fortress of Althena is huge!"
    Mia:  "Wow!  I wonder why this was hidden beneath the Goddess Tower all this 
    Jessica:  "I never heard a word about it when I was studying to be a 
    Kyle:  "Ha!  That's because you always ditched class honeypie!"
    Jessica:  "At least I've set foot in a school, you dumb bastard!"
    Nash:  "You're both acting like children!  Knock it off!"
    Nash:  "See what's happening?"
    The ground slowly dies as the Fortress leaches the ground of life.
    Nash:  "A desert of death is spreading below us!"
    Mia:  "The Fortess of Althena appears to be sucking the very life from the 
    ground.  If this continues, our whole world will be as desolate as the 
    Kyle:  "I don't think Ghaleon will stop at desolation.  He wants total 
    Alex:  "I'll never let that happen!"
    Ghaleon Descends
    Ghaleon:  "What utter nonsense.  Perhaps you should demonstrate the power 
    that gives you such confidence.  Then we shall see who is fit to be supreme 
    ruler, and who is Dead.
    Alex:  "Thouse that underestimate the power of the human spirit are destined 
    to fail."
    Alex:  "And that means you, Ghaleon!"
    Warm Embrace
    Alex:  "Luna... I'm here."
    Luna:  "I knew you would never abandon me to evil, Alex."
    Alex:  "Yes, now we can finally go back to Burg together!"
    Luna:  "Though Ghaleon has perished, the Fortress of Althena continues to 
    bleed life from the world of Lunar.  If it does not cease, all Lunar will 
    become as lifeless as the Frontier.
    Luna:  "But if I leave the Fortress, the stored magic will be released too 
    rapidly, and it may end up destroying the entire world of Lunar.  I'm a 
    prisoner, Alex."
    Alex:  "NO!"
    Luna:  "I'm sorry, Alex.  I must stay here... for Lunar."
    Alex:  "I won't give you up!  You mustn't give up either, regardless of how 
    hopeless things may seem!  There has to be a way!  We must believe in the 
    power that resides within each of us, Luna!"
    Flashback of Althena and Dyne, then back to the present.
    Alex:  "I believe each of us is entrusted with a future to realize, and this 
    is not our future!  Luna, if we work together, I'm certain we'll find a 
    way... just like Dyne did, remember?"
    Luna:  "Alex, no!"
    Alexs loses his power as the Dragonmaster.
    Luna:  "Alex, you mustn't try it, it's too dangerous!"
    The power of the Dragonmaster is lost.
    Alex:  "We will always be together... in the past, the present, and the 
    future as well.  It's destiny."
    Luna:  "Oh, Alex... Alex..."
    The Green Earth
    Althena's City falls into the sea and explodes.
    Jessica crys
    Kyle:  "Alex, you dumb kd.  Why'd you take the risk?"
    Mia:  "Alex and Luna sacrificed their lives to save this world from 
    Nall:  "Oh, Alex and Luna... they're gone forever!"
    The world of Lunar becomes alive again.
    Kyle:  "Look at the ground... it's alive again!"
    Alex and Luna descend from the sky.
    Alex:  "We did it!  It's over."
    Jessica:  "We were so worried about you!  Oh, Luna!"
    Luna:  "Oh, Jessica, I'm just... so happy to see you all!"
    Kyle:  "Well done, Alex... well done."
    15.  Conclusion
              Of course, since this is a FAQ, it is automatically protected by 
    international Copyright law, so please don't steal my work.  You may use it, 
    however, if you give credit to where credit is due.  I would like to take 
    this time to thank:
    Nate Hartman for the help on getting the levels up to 12 (demo), and thus 
    getting my party new spells.
    Dallas <jmerlin@mindspring.com> for the help on the music sections (The song 
    from Burg, the Opening/Intro Theme, and Theme for the original Lunar).
    Micheal M <latin_rebel@hotmail.com> for the help on getting Jessica's 
    I thank Working Designs for the translation of this game.
    I also thank Electronics Boutique for selling me the game even though I 
    pre-ordered it somewhere else and there was a problem with shipping.
    I hope this guide helps anyone who needs it.  Ciao!

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