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    Boss FAQ by RCarroll

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    LUNAR: The Silver Star Story Complete
    Boss FAQ
    Version 1.0
    By: Rick Carroll <RCarroll22@aol.com>
    Date Written: June 23, 1999
    I. Introduction
    II. Revision History
    III. Bosses
        A. Saline Slimer
        B. Master Mel
        C. Water Dragon
        D. Truffle Troubler
        E. Dragonmaster Zoc
        F. Ultragoyles
        G. Vile Crustacean
        H. Plaster Mel
        I. Bronze Dogs
        J. Tempest
        K. Black Dragon
        L. Shadow Specter
        M. Magic Masher
        N. Magic Emperor (pt. 1)
        O. Magic Emperor (pt. 2)
        P. Royce
        Q. Xenobia
        R. Magic Emperor (pt. 3)
    IV. Miscellaneous
    V Special Thanks
    I. Introduction
    This FAQ is designed to give you strategies for defeating the boss 
    ememies in Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete.  These strategies are 
    proven effective by myself, however these are not the only strategies 
    that can be used.  As I discover more strategies, I will revise this 
    document as needed.  Readers are welcome to submit their own stratagies 
    to me and if effective, they will be included in future versions of 
    this FAQ with proper credit given.  If you are looking for information 
    on how to get through a dungeon, or where to find that elusive 
    accessory that you are looking for, you are looking in the wrong place.  
    There are plenty of good walkthroughs for this game available at 
    www.gamefaqs.com that will have the information you are looking for.  
    This FAQ will help you defeat the bosses and nothing more.  Now onto 
    the heart of this FAQ,
    but before that a little warning...   !!!!!!!!!!THIS FAQ DOES CONTAIN 
    II. Revision History
    Version 1.0- Original version.  Includes strategies for defeating all 
    bosses in the game.
    More to come soon : )
    III. Bosses
    A. Saline Slimer-
          After travelling through the White Dragon cave, hiking through 
    the weird woods, and meeting the old hag to get the sea chart back, you 
    venture back to Saith and meet up with the first boss, Salime Slimer.  
    At this time, you're party will consist of Alex, Luna, Ramus, and Nash.  
    I reccommend that you're characters all be at least on level 10 at this 
    point.  Now if you don't know fully what you're doing at this point, 
    this giant blue booger can be a bit tricky but this strategy will make 
    it very easy.   Make sure that Ramus is equipped with a few herbs and 
    all of the starlights that you've found.  You probably won't need them 
    with Luna in the party but its better to be safe just in case she goes 
    down.  In the first round of the battle, have Luna cast Cascade song on 
    Alex.  This will increase his attack and defense.  Also, if Alex has 
    reached level 12, have him cast Vigor in the first rd.  Nash should 
    defend this round, you will see why in a minute.  Have Ramus defend 
    also.  In the second round, have Alex use Sword dance which will do 
    around 200 damage.  Have Nash use Thunder Bomb, which does around 60-70 
    damage, have Ramus attack, and if no one is in serious need of healing, 
    have Luna cast Cascade song on Ramus.  You will notice that at the end 
    of the round that Saline Slime gets back around 90HP each rd.  That's 
    why I said to have Nash and Ramus defend, because any damage that they 
    did would have all been recovered and there is no need to waste 
    valuable MP.  In the third round and all rounds after, have Alex use 
    Sword Dance, Nash use Thunder Bomb, Ramus attack, and Luna heal when 
    neccesary.  If Alex runs out of MP, have Ramus use a starlight on him 
    so he can continue using Sword Dance.  Don't waste a starlight on Nash, 
    its not worth it.  If Luna happens to fall and Nall doesn't revive her, 
    use Ramus as your healer.  You shouldn't need to worry about that.  
    After 4 or 5 rounds, the Saline Slimer should go down without much 
    trouble.  The biggest problem you'll have with this battle is the 
    Slimers mucus attack.  This attack traps one of your members in a ball 
    of slime making them immobile for a few rounds.  If this happens before 
    you kill him, it won't really make the battle harder, just longer.  
    After beating him, its off to Meribia.
    B. Master Mel-
          This battle is very straight forward.  It is a one on one duel 
    between Alex and Mel.  It doesn't matter if you win this battle or not 
    but if you do win you get a nice little 100EXP bonus.  Also, if you are 
    not yet on level 12, you are very unlikely to win this battle because 
    Alex won't have the use of his Vigor spell.  At the beginning of the 
    fight, have Alex cast Vigor.  Each round after this use Sword Dance.  
    Mel's attacks do around 20 damage each so you will only have 4-5 rounds 
    to beat him unless you carry some herbs with you.  If you are strong 
    enough to outlast him, you will win, if not, no big loss.
    C. Water Dragon-
          At this point you should be around level 14.  Before entering the 
    sewers, make sure that Ramus is equipped with a bow or he will be 
    completely useless as an attacker in this battle. (not that he is a 
    great help anyway but something is better than nothing)  Again have 
    Ramus equipped with herbs and starlights in case Luna goes down.  Start 
    the battle with Alex casting Vigor (are you noticing a pattern yet?) 
    and Luna casting Cascade Song on Alex.  Have Ramus attack.  The Water 
    Dragon has two attacks, Fire Press which does a large amount of damage 
    to one person, and his regular attack, which in addition to doing 
    decent damage, can poison a member.  Neither of the attacks is 
    particularly dangerous to you, as long as you were pretty close to full 
    strength when you arrived.  Just have Luna heal injured party members, 
    Ramus attack, and Alex use Sword Dance throughout the battle.  If Alex 
    runs out of MP, have Ramus use a starlight and keep using Sword Dance.  
    If you get an opportunity where everyone is pretty close to full 
    strength, have Luna cast Cascade Song on Ramus to increase his attack.  
    After the battle, its time to get the Dragon Diamond back and continue 
    on your way.  *NOTE* If you need money, remove all items that Ramus in 
    carrying including all equipped items and sell them when you get back 
    to town, Ramus is about to leave the group.
    D. Truffle Troubler-
          This is probably the easiest boss in the game if you start the 
    battle at full strength and you have reached level 16.  I suggest that 
    you don't let the guy on the previous floor of the dungeon heal you 
    until you clear out the monsters on this floor.  After defeating all of 
    the monsters, let him heal you and then go fight the boss.  Equip the 
    healing ring that you found earlier on Luna.  She will take more damge 
    than Alex and she has lees HP.  Then use the same tactics as before to 
    defeat him.  Cast Vigor and Cascade Song on Alex in the first round 
    then unload with Sword Dance until he goes down.  Make sure Alex has at 
    least on starlight on him in case he runs out of MP.  You don't want 
    Luna to waste a turn restoring Alex's MP when she would be better 
    served healing the party.  After defeating the beast you can now enter 
    E. Dragonmaster Zoc-
          This is going to be your first boss battle with Jessica in your 
    party.  Although she is a healer, she is also a much better attacker 
    that Luna is.  Therefore, keep Luna on healing duty for now and let 
    Jessica attack.  Your party should be on about level 18 now.  Start the 
    battle as usual with Alex casting vigor and Luna casting Cascade Song 
    on Alex.  Have Nash use Thunder Bomb, and have Jessica attack.  The 
    fake Dragonmaster is pretty pathetic except for one attack.  He has an 
    attack called press that will hit everyone within an area.  Therefore 
    you should spread out your formation before beginning this battle.  If 
    press is used, have Luna and Jessica both heal the party.  You may want 
    to cast Cascade Song on Jessica in the second round of battle but its 
    not needed.  If you do, simply have Jessica heal damage that round and 
    switch back to attack mode afterwards.  Zoc should go down pretty 
    easily and will apologize for terrorizing the town.  Now its time to 
    return to Vane.
    F.  Ultragoyles (X4)-
          These guys can be tough, but you should be able to take them 
    down.  You won't have Luna  or Jessica in this battle so you will want 
    to take them down as quickly as possible since you want have a healer 
    there watching your back.  You do get to use Mia in a boss battle for 
    the first time though.  This battle is all about brute force.  If 
    you've reached level 18, have Alex use Flash Cut, if not have him use 
    good ol' Sword Dance.  Nash should use Thunder Bomb and have Mia use 
    Blizzard.  If Alex Has learned Flash Cut, you should wipe them all out 
    in two rounds.  If not, It will take a little longer to finish them off 
    and you may need to carry a couple of healing nuts with you into 
    battle.  When the battle is over, Luna will rjoin and you will be asked 
    to escort Ghaleon to the White Dragon.  *NOTE* Luna is about to leave 
    permanently, unequip everything she has so you can sell it.
    G. Vile Crustacean-
          You didn't really think that all of the bosses were going to be 
    easy did you?  This guy is tough.  Jessica is back with you at this 
    point and you will need her.  The worst part of this battle is that 
    Nash and Mia's magic is almost worthless.  What you want to do is have 
    Alex cast Vigor the first two rounds.  Have Nash use Thunder Bomb, it 
    won't do much but it will help.  Have Jessica heal every round, and 
    finally have Mia cast Ice Shell on everyone in this order, Alex, then 
    Jessica then Mia and fianlly Nash.  Nash should have some healing nuts 
    and starlights and should be used as a secondary healer when neccesary.  
    Alex is your main source of attack in this battle so do what ever is 
    neccesary to keep him alive, give Mia Angel's Tears and healing nuts in 
    case of emergency.  This is by far the toughest battle you've faced to 
    this point so when you win pat yourself on the back and continue on 
    your journey.
    H. Plaster Mel-
          This is another straight forward battle similar to Alex's duel 
    with Mel earlier.  The differences are that this time it is Kyle going 
    one on one with Mel, and this time you must win.  It isn't that hard of 
    a battle, just have Kyle use power slash every round.  He should 
    outlast Mel in the battle.  If you are lower than level 22 at this 
    point, you might want him to use Power up in the first round to make 
    him hit harder but it shouldn't be needed.  Finally, after this battle, 
    Alex resumes his quest for the dragons by going to the Red Dragon cave.
    I. Bronze Dog (X2)-
          I've heard people say that this was an easy battle but my first 
    time through the game, I had more trouble with them than I did with the 
    Magic Emperor.  (Of course that might have had something to do with the 
    fact that I was only on level 17 my first time I fought them)  In 
    reality they aren't that hard if you are around level 25 or so.  Have 
    Alex start off with Vigor, have Kyle use Power Up, have Mia cast Ice 
    Shell on everyone starting with Alex, have Jessica cast Saint Litany if 
    she has it, and attack if she doesn't(if you bought her an ice mace, 
    use it) and have Nash use his Ice Cane if he has it or cast Thunder 
    Bomb if he doesn't.  After the first round, have Alex and Kyle power 
    themselves up one more time and unload with Sword Dance and Power 
    Slash.  When Mia has cast Ice Shell on everyone, have her start casting 
    Ice Lance and Ice Wall.  Jessica should be healing as needed and Nash 
    should be used as a secondary healer with Healing Nuts, Angel Tears and 
    Starlights in his inventory.  Concentrate on one enemy at a time and 
    they shouldn't be too hard.  Alex is now halfway to becoming a 
    J. Tempest-
          Its been a while since you foiught a boss battle, and I wouldn't 
    exactly call this a boss.  I would call it a joke.  Remember when I 
    said that the Truffle Troubler was the easiest boss in the game?  I 
    lied!  This is another one on one battle with Alex facing the Prarie 
    Tribe member, Tempest.  All you have to do to win this battle is cast 
    Dragon Anger one time.  That's it.  No need for that fancy powering up.  
    No need for healing at any point.  No need to worry about running out 
    of MP.  Just one Dragon Anger spell and Tempest is done.
    K. Black Dragon-
          This is a tough battle here.  Your party in this battle consists 
    of Alex, Kyle, Nash, and Tempest.  In case you didn't realize what that 
    means, you have no healer.  To make things worse, you can't give 
    Tempest any items so he can't be used as an emergency healer.  I 
    suggest you give Kyle and Alex healing rings (you should have two at 
    this point)to help keep their HP up.  Fill out everyones inventory with 
    one Silverlight, 4 healing nuts and one Angel's Tear.  Have Alex and 
    Kyle power up the first two rounds.  Nash should use Thunder Bolt if he 
    has learned it at this point, and Thunder Bomb if he hasn't.  Have 
    Tempest use Flash Arrow every round since he can't use items.  If your 
    party starts running low on HP, have Nash heal them since he is the 
    least useful of the group.  If he dies or runs out of healing items, 
    switch to Kyle as your healer and have Nash start using Thunder 
    Bomb/Bolt again.  This battle is tough but if you are at level 32 or 
    so, you should be able to win it.  Finally, its time to take the fight 
    to the Magic Emperor in the Frontier.
    L. Shadow Spectre-
          Make sure that Jessica is equipped with the refresher ring so she 
    is immune to status changes.  If she gets muted, you are in trouble.  
    Have Alex and Kyle power up, Mia cast Flame Bomb, and Jessica heal.  
    You can have Mia cast Power Drive on Alex in the first round to get him 
    powered up faster if she knows it at this point.  Then have Alex use 
    Sword Dance, Kyle use Power Slash, and Mia use her most powerful magic 
    spells while Jessica heals the party.  This shouldn't be too hard as 
    long as Jessica can keep everyone healed up and not muted.  Carry some 
    Healing Nuts and Angels Tears on Mia just in case.  When you're done, 
    continue on to the Magic Emperor's castle.
    M. Mobile Magic Masher-
          This is a piece of cake.  Just unload with Alex and Kyle's sword 
    attacks, Mia's Flame Bomb and have Jessica simply attack.  You 
    shouldn't even have to heal your party any in this battle but if you do 
    Jessica is available to do so.  Back to Vane to take on the Magic 
    Emperor on more even terms.
    N. The Magic Emperor-
          This battle is not that hard at all.  Just power up Alex and Kyle 
    as usual and have them use their sword attacks.  Have Mia use Ice Shell 
    across the board.  Have Nash use Thunder Bolt, and have Jessica use 
    Saint Litany to start the fight and other healing spells as needed.  
    After you win this battle, its all over...
    M. The Magic Emperor(pt. 2)-
          Or is it?  When you go through the next door you find out that 
    the Magic Emperor you fought was just an illusion and the real fight 
    begins.  It doesn't matter what you do here.  You lose.  Its as simple 
    as that.  Let loose whatever you want to use, but once he uses Hell 
    Wave its over.  There is nothing you can do about it except regroup and 
    come back stronger
    O. Royce-
          After regrouping you come back to make a final assault on the 
    Magic Emperor.  The first boss you will face is Royce.  You are going 
    to take a lot of damage in this battle so have Nash equipped with 
    Healing Nuts as a scondary healer.  Also give everyone else at least on 
    Angels Tear each.  Other than that you can fight this battle just like 
    every other one.  Power up with Alex and Kyle and use their sword 
    attacks, use Thunder Bolt with Nash, use Ice Shell with Mia and use 
    Saint Litany and other healing spells with Jessica.  If Mia falls in 
    this battle, don't worry about it too much.  If you get an opportunity 
    to revive her, have someone revive her, but if everyone is running low 
    on HP stick to your game plan and ingnore her.  If anyone else falls in 
    the battle, use an Angels Tear and revive them immediately.  Save 
    Jessica for normal healing and not reviving unless everyone is pretty 
    high on HP.  Also at this point in the game, Jessica should be equipped 
    with the Hell Ring to reduce the amount of MP used because she will be 
    using a lot of healing spells from this point on.  Mia's Ice spells do 
    good damage but not as much as Alex and Kyle's sword attacks.  Keep her 
    using Ice Lance as long as she is alive.  You're down to just one more 
    battle between you and the Magic Emperor.
    P. Xenobia-
          Again, make sure that Jessica is equipped with the Refresher Ring 
    before this battle because Xenobia has an attack that will turn your 
    party members to stone.  Jessica's safety is most important in this 
    battle.  She has to be alive to heal and restore status to stoned 
    members.  Use the same tactics from previous battles to win this fight.  
    Alex and Kyle should power up and use sword attacks.  Mia should use 
    Ice Shell on everyone and carry healing items, Nash should use Thunder 
    Bolt and also carry healing items, and Jessica should use Saint Litany 
    at the beginning of the battle and other healing spells when needed.  
    Make sure you have a few Holy Waters in case someone is stoned and 
    Jessica is busy healing.  Its been a long journey and its time for the 
    final showdown of good against evil.  The Magic Emperor awaits.
    Q. Magic Emperor(pt. 3)-
          This is by far the most difficult battle of the game.  Make sure 
    everyone is properly equipped before beginning the fight of your life.  
    If you didn't use all of your Angel Rings before this point, equip them 
    now.  I had 3 left at this point and gave them to Alex, Kyle and Mia.  
    Jessica should have the Hell Ring equipped because she is going to be 
    healing constantly in this battle.  After these items are equipped take 
    all of your magic resistance accessories and spread them out on 
    everyone else.  Give Alex and Kyle each a protection ring.  Give Nash 
    the Ice Pendant and a Healing Ring.  Give Mia the Fire Ring and give 
    Jessica the other Healing Ring.  Now you should be ready, but before 
    you start, make sure everyone is healed to full power.
    Also, everyone should be fully equipped with healing and MP restoring 
    items.  I gave everyone 2 healing nuts, 2 silverlights and 2 angels 
    tears.  You should be at approximately level 46 at this point.  Now 
    begin the battle.  Have Alex and Kyle power up, have Mia cast Power 
    Drive on Alex.  Have Nash use Thunder Bolt, and have Jessica use Saint 
    Litany.  Next round have Alex use Sword Dance, have Kyle power up 
    again, have Mia start using ice shell on everyone, and have Nash and 
    Jessica heal as neccesary.  The Magic Emperor has one attack to really 
    take notice of and that is Fate Storm.  It will automatically kill one 
    member of your party.  The dead member should be revived immediately, 
    even if it means Alex skipping an attack.  You need everyone in your 
    party to win this fight.  When Fate Storm is used, The Magic Emperor 
    will also use a defensive move called Chaos Shield.  This is a shield 
    that protects him until it is destroyed.  The Chaos Shield takes about 
    1000 damage before it is destroyed.  If you are strong enough and lucky 
    enough, the Magic Emperor will fall at your feet and you will stand 
    IV. Miscellaneous
    This is the first FAQ that I have ever written.  Any feedback would be 
    greatly appreciated.  Anyone who would like to add to this FAQ can 
    email me <RCarroll22@aol.com> and if the information is relevant, it 
    will be added with proper credit given.  I'm currently working on a 
    Star Ocean 2 FAQ, so let me know if you like my work so I know whether 
    to continue or not.  (I don't want to work on something that no one is 
    going to read!)  Also I would be glad to answer any questions that you 
    have related to Lunar: SSC that aren't included in this FAQ.  If you 
    have a question about the game, read this FAQ, and if its not answered 
    here, odds are that I can answer it.
    V. Special Thanks
    -To Game Arts for creating this masterpiece
    -To Working Designs for providing us a flawless translation of a true 
    classic game (Even if they did make us wait forever for it!)
    -To all of the fans of the original US release of the game for 
    supporting the game and letting the powers that be know that a re-
    release would be worth their time and effort
    -To Daniel Wagoner for the great FAQ that he wrote that helped me find 
    all of the Bromides and Special items
    -To GameFAQS for hosting one of the best gaming sites on the net
    L:SSC Boss FAQ is copyright Rick Carroll 1999

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