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    Dr. Doom/Thanos by BScaramucci

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    From: jester@usaor.net (Brian Scaramucci)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony
    Subject: MSH: Moves for Dr. Doom and Thanos
    Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 14:36:14 GMT
    I haven't seen moves for these two posted yet, so here they are. By
    the way, thanks for posting the codes to get the bosses, who ever you
    were :)
    These are probably obvious, but here's a quick move key anyway:
    KEY:	LP = Light Punch	LK = Light Kick		HCF = Half Circle Forward	
    	MP = Middle Punch	MK = Middle Kick	HCB = Half Circle Backward
    	FP = Fierce Punch	HK = Heavy Kick
    DR. DOOM
    Photon Charge: HCB + P (ground and air)
    Energy Beam: HCF + P (ground and air)
    Molecular Shield: HCB + K
    Flight: HCB + KKK
    Super:	Photon Array: HCF + PPP (ground and air)
    -- Press HK in the air and Dr. Doom will do a dive kick. He bounces 
       away after it hits, so you can't combo afterwards. However, you
       can tack on an air energy beam or photon charge.
    -- Press FP in the air and Dr. Doom will shoot his pop-gun (that's 
       what we used to call it in the arcade.) It hits multi-times and 
       does pretty good damage for just using one button. However,
       I can't seem to use it in an air combo. They always fall before it
       hits :(
    -- Dr. Doom's pop-ups are standing MK and crouching FP. Standing
       MP seems like it should be a pop up, but I can't seem to follow up
       with an air combo afterwards. Maybe it's just an anti-air defense. 
    Dash: HCF + P (not sure what to call it, a move like charging stars)
    Bubble: HCF + K (Thanos throws a bubble that stuns the opponent)
    Flames: D+HK (Flames shoot across the ground for multi hits)
    Rock Wave: D + FP (Waves of rocks shoot across the screen)
    Supers: 	 Essentially, Thanos has 6 supers. I guess since he posses 
    	 gauntlet, he can use the gems all the time. His supers are
    	 similar to SFA supers, with a double backwards fireball
    	 motion and one button. For example, his soul gem super
    	 would be HCBx2 + MK. Anyway, here's a listing of his supers:
    	Reality: HCBx2 + LP
    	Space: HCBx2 + MP
    	Power: HCBx2 + FP
    	Time: HCBx2 + LK
    	Soul: HCBx2 + MK
    	Mind: HCBx2 + HK
    	You do not have to have these gems to perform a super. They can be 
    	done at any time, as long as your meter is powered up :)
    	He can also use the gems just like everyone else, with HCB + PPP. 
    -- Thanos' pop-up is crouching MP
    -- Press D+HK in the air for a dive kick (well, it's more of a diving
    I'm sure all of you have figure these out by now anyway, but I thought
    I could try to help :) I did have trouble finding out how to use
    Thanos' supers at first. Anyway, enjoy!!
    A few more things while I'm here. I think Anita can be used as well.
    She's the woman that hugs Thanos in his victory pose (I think.) I
    remember seeing codes to use these three in the arcade version. I
    persuaded the arcade manager to let me try them one day (the game had
    to be in freeplay mode), but they didn't work :( 
    If there are more moves for these two, or if anyone knows the Anita
    code (if it exits), please post it! :)
    Brian (jester@usaor.net)

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