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    Akuma by CMEYERS752

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                   Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
                               Akuma FAQ V. 1.4
    Last Updated 4/30/99
    -Minor Changes
    -Changed Cyber Akuma Section
    -Added a Strategies Vs. Other Characters Section
    -More Minor Changes
    -Added to The Why to Pick Akuma Section
    -Fixed a Few Errors, Changed Strategy Section
    -Added Accessing Cyber Akuma Section
    -Few Minor Changes
    -Added a New Hyper Combo
    1.)   Why to pick Akuma
    2.)   Special Moves
    3.)   Hyper Combos
    4.)   Strategies
    5.)   Combos
    6.)   Comboing Hyper Combos
    7.)   Best Helpers
    8.)   Strategies Vs. Other Characters
    9.)   Cyber Akuma
    10.) Credits 
    B=      Back
    F=      Forward
    C=      Crouch
    QCF= Quater Circle Forward
    QCB= Quater Circle Backwards
    HCF= Half Circle Forward
    HCB= Half Circle Backwards
    SJ=    Super Jump
    WP=  Weak Punch
    MP=  Medium Punch
    FP=   Fierce Punch
    WK=  Weak Kick
    MK=  Medium Kick
    FK=   Fierce Kick
    DP=   Dragon Punch Motion (Towards-to-down-to-towards.)
    1.) Why to Pick Akuma?
    First off, Akuma is a mix between Ryu and Ken.  While Ryu
    and Ken can take hits better than Akuma, they can't inflict
    damage the way he can.  Akuma is the quickest of the three,
    but he is not the fastest.  He also has the best hyper combos.
    Another attribute is that Akuma can combo all of his hyper
    combos, except for Shun-Goku-Satsu (Raging Demon).  His
    Team-Up Hyper can also be comboed.  Akuma, if used
    properly which is pretty rare, can be a tremendous force in
    this game.  This FAQ will try to help you get familiar with
    comboing the hypers, learning the basic techniques to win,
    and to improve your knowledge on how to use Akuma effectively.
    2.) Special Moves
    F + Medium Punch
    Collar Bone Chop- This is a move that should be done very
    rarely, and only against players that stay in the corner,
    ducking and blocking.  It has startup time and can't be
    comboed or used to start a combo.  Akuma also has a bit
    of recovery time if this is blocked.  However, this move can
    not be blocked by crouching and blocking.
    F + Medium Kick
    Half-Spin Kick- This is a decieving move.  Akuma does the
    motion for a hurricane kick but only spins halfway around.
    Most opponents won't see it coming and will get hit by it if
    used at the correct time.  If you trap an opponent in the corner,
    throw one of these out after a blocked combo.  Chances are
    it'll get them off guard.  The only drawback is that it can not be
    comboed and can't be used to startup a combo.
    QCF + Any Punch
    Gou Hadoken- This is a very useful move.  It comes out 
    moderately fast and can be thrown in a 45 degree angle in the
    air.  Akuma can also throw many fireballs out at a time while
    floating to safety.  The stronger the punch, the faster Akuma
    will throw the fireball.  Watch that you don't keep throwing
    out fireballs or a smart player will make you pay by a well
    placed counter.
    DP + Any Punch
    Gou Shoryuken- This is Akuma's main air defender.  He charges
    his fist with a purple lightning and jumps up in the air.  He
    jumps slightly up by using a weak, a medium sends him
    a little higher, and a fierce launches him a little higher than a 
    medium. Use this move to defend against opponnents that like to
    jump in a lot.  This is not as useful as Ken's because it can't
    be done in the air.
    QCB + Any Kick  (Can be done in the air.)
    Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (Air Demon)- This is a very useful move.  Akuma does
    an electrified hurricane kick.  This move has much more priority
    than Ken and Ryu's.  It can be used as an AC finisher.  You can
    also use it against a big character to give them chipping
    damage and to allow yourself to plan for another attack.  Be 
    careful not to use this move carelessly against Spider Man and
    Wolverine.  They may duck it, and you will soar over them while
    they get you into an air combo or hyper combo.
    DP or DP Backwards + All Three Punches or Kicks
    Ashura Senku- This move is Akuma's teleport.  The punches make
    Akuma teleport almost the full screen.  The kicks allow him to
    teleport half of the screen.  This move seems basically useless,
    but it does have its uses.  If at any point you are cornered or
    in trouble, you can teleport to the other side of the screen.
    Also, use the half-screen teleport to get behind an opponent and
    quickly counter a misplaced move.  Note, that Akuma is invisible
    during the duration.  Be careful not to throw teleports out at random.
    Akuma has a slight delay after the move comes off and can be 
    countered easily.
    QCF + Any Kick  (Must be done in the air.)
    Tenma Kujinkyaku- Akuma comes down with a penetrating jump
    kick in a 45 degree angle at the opponnent.  This move sets up
    hyper combos perfectly and has very little, if any, recovery time.
    It also can be done as a safe landing after throwing multiple
    fireballs in the air.  Builds the Hyper Guage nicely and applies
    chipping damage in tight matches.
    3.) Hyper Combos
    QCB + 2 Punches
    Messatsu Gou-Hadou- Akuma shoots a long, streaming fire ball
    at his opponent.  Although this has some start up time and it isn't 
    as long as Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken, it still is very useful.  This is a
    very good mistake punisher and can be comboed.  Remember after
    this hits, press buttons to get as many as possible.  21 hits is about
    the most you can get.
    QCF + 2 Punches
    Messatsu Gou-Shoryuu- Akuma charges his fist with lightning and
    does a triple dragon punch.  With very little start up time, this is
    defienately Akuma's best hyper combo.  Although it has dragon
    punch recovery time, it is so easy to combo that you shouldn't
    be missing with it.  Remember, like with the teleport, do not
    throw this off at random.  A smart player will block it and counter
    easily.  Also, use this after poorly placed moves or hyper combos.
    QCF + 2 Punches  (Must be done in the air.)
    Tenma Gou-Zankuu- Akuma floats in the air while hurling
    many fireballs at his opponnent.  This is another great hyper combo
    Akuma has.  It is an effective chipper and can be comboed very
    easily with the hurricane kick, and the air demon kick.  The
    reason why this isn't Akuma's best hyper combo is that he
    can't use it as an effective mistake punisher.  Like all of Akuma's
    hyper combos, don't throw this out at random.  Wait for an
    opportunity and make your opponent pay by putting this
    into a combo.
    WP, WP, Forward, WK, FP  (Must have 3 levels of Hyper Gauge.)
    Shun-Goku-Satsu- Akuma slides to his opponnent and grabs
    them.  The screen turns black, flashes and gun shots are fired.
    When the screen returns, Akuma is standing over his wounded
    opponent.  This move comes out very slow and it takes Akuma
    forever to grab his opponent.  This is the only hyper combo that
    can't be comboed.  Against a smart player, this is basically
    useless and shouldn't even be attempted.
    4.) Strategies
    There are basically two ways to play with Akuma.
    (1)  Against a slow character, you basically want to smuther your
    opponent with constant jump-ins, (Air demon kick or a 2-hit jump-in
    (MP, FP) combo to set up your opponent with a hyper combo.)
    Remember to take advantage of Akuma's speed and quickness
    along with his devestating hyper combos.
    (2)  Against a quick character, play a match of keep-away.  Jump
    in the air and throw streaks of 2-3 fireballs to confuse your opponent.
    Then, safe land with an air demon kick.  This will prevent your
    opponent to counter the fireballs.  Remember to mix up the number
    of fireballs you throw and to safe land with the air demon kick.
    This will get the opponent frustrated and they will make
    dumb mistakes allowing you to combo your hyper combos.
    (Note:  If playing against a friend, you may be called "cheap".
    If so, refer to the other stratagies.)
    Also, if at any time an opponent throws more than 2 fireballs
    blast them with a Messatsu Gou-Hadou.  By now, you should
    know that your ticket to victory is to combo Akuma's hypers.
    5.) Combos
    Like most characters, Akuma's air combo motion is a zig-zag.
    (WP, WK, MP, MK, Air Combo Finisher.)  To start an air combo,
    you need to find out the character's air launcher.  Akuma's is 
    C.FP.  This move should be set up by a crouching weak attack,
    or off a super jump MP, FP.  An air combo finisher is a move to
    finish Akuma's air combos off with.  Akuma's best are basically the
     SJ. FP, weak fireball, or the hurricane kick.  The first 2 combos are
    basic for most characters.  Both have very important priority to use
    when an opponent isn't paying attention, or off a misplaced move.
    1. WP, MP, FP
    2. C.WK, C.MK, C.FK
    3. SJ. MP, SJ. FP, C.FP, SJ. WP, SJ. WK, SJ. MP, SJ. MK,
    AC Finisher.
    4. C.WP or C.WK, C.MP, C.FP, SJ. WP, SJ. WK, SJ. MP, SJ. MK,
    AC Finisher.
    5. Hurricane Kick, C.WK, Hurricane Kick.
    6. WP, C.FP, SJ. WP, SJ. WK, SJ. MP, SJ. MK, AC Finisher.
    6.) Comboing The Hyper Combos
    Akuma can combo hyper combos very easily.  After the FP connects,
    it should become second nature to go into a Messatsu Gou-Hadou
    or a Messatsu Gou-Shoryuu.  Akuma can combo the Messatsu
    Gou-Shoryuu practically off any of his normal moves.  Also, use the
    air demon kick and the hurricane kick to setup the Tenma
    Gou-Zankuu.  This is extremely effective to catch an opponent
    off guard.  Remember that Akuma's Tenma Gou-Zankuu hyper can
    be used as an AC Finisher.  Note, that if you try to go for the zig-zag
    motion and finish the combo off with it, the timing has to be almost
    perfect for it to connect or it will miss altogether.  I suggest you stick
    with just the SJ. WP and then the Tenma Gou-Zankuu to finish off
    the air combo.
    1. WP, MP, FP, Messatsu Gou-Hadou, or Messatsu Gou-Shoryuu, or
    Double Team-up Hyper.
    2. C.WK, C.MK, Messatsu Gou-Shoryuu.
    3. SJ. MP, SJ. FP, WP, MP, FP, Messatsu Gou-Hadou, or Messatsu
    Gou-Shoryuu, or Double Team-up Hyper.
    4. Air demon kick, Tenma Gou-Zankuu.
    5. C.WK, C.MK, Hurricane kick, Tenma Gou-Zankuu.
    6. SJ. MP, SJ. FP, C.FP, SJ. WP, Tenma Gou-Zankuu.
    7.) Best Helpers
    I rated the helpers with their team-up hyper as the first priority, their
    counter as a second priority, and third, their attack when you summon
    them.  The helpers that I usually pick with Akuma are:
    1. Ryu
    2. Captain America
    3. Shuma Gorath
    4. Hulk
    5. Cyclops
    8.) Strategies Vs. Other Characters
    These strategies are assuming that you are Akuma, and that you
    are playing a good opponent.  Next to the charatcer there is a
    number.  That is there ranking according to how much potential
    they have.
    (5) Akuma- There is really no strategies you can do in a mirror match.
    The best advice I can give you is to combo your hypers and do what
    you feel is working.  If Akuma starts to use the air demon kick, push
    block it or use a cross-over counter.  Watch out for his hyper combos.
    (12) Bison- Bison is very quick for his size.  He can take hits well and 
    deal them fairly well, too.  What Bison lacks is an effective air launcher
    and air combo.  Use this to your advantage.  If Bison starts to fly,
    blast him with a Tenma Gou-Zankuu.  To sum it up, he shouldn't
    cause a problem.
    (15) Blackheart- Blackheart is very slow.  He is tall and lacks speed and
    quickness.  He doesn't have effective hyper combos and shouldn't be a
    problem at all.   Watch out for his dash.  He sinks in the ground and can
    come up and surprise you.  You can either play keep away or smuther him.
    Either strategy should work fine and leave you with an easy win.
    (2) Captain America- Despite his lack of speed, his agility sure makes up
    for this loss.  Captain America is a major force in this game.  If used by
    an expert, he has the tools to beat anyone with ease.  He can take hits
    increadibly well and can deal them, too.  Watch out for his standing FP.
    This move comes out very quickly.  It will put your dash-in game to a halt.
    He has a double jump, so watch out when shooting fireballs and doing the
    air demon kick.  Basically, use your quick speed to smuther him in the
    corner.  Then just combo your hypers and you should be fine.  Watch out
    for the cartwheel.  This move can catch you off guard and leave you trapped
    in the corner.  A smart player will combo his double team hyper off a sweep
    and leave you in a world of hurt.  Learn to roll out of it.  This could be one of
    the hardest characters you face.  To sum it up, get in his face and make him
    frustrated by your quickness.
    (6) Chun Li- Chun Li is quick and agile.  She has an air dash and a triple
    jump. Although she can combo her hyper combos, she can't take hits
    well or deal them out.  Try to inflict as much damage as possible and to
    catch her on misplaced moves.  Watch out for combos ending with
    Senretsu Kyaku. A master Chun Li player can make this match tough,
    but if you stay calm and counter, you should come out winning.
    (7) Cyclops- Cyclops has an effective projectile.  Watch for a mistake and
    place a Messatsu Gou-Hadou.  You might want to think twice about
    launching fireballs.  His optic blast can penetrate your keep away game.
    My advice is to smuther him.  He can't deal hits well and has a problem
    comboing his two hypers.  Don't be repetitive with the fireballs or you're
    asking for a Mega Optic Blast.  To sum it up, he shouldn't be tough if
    you're comboing your hypers.
    (17) Dan- Dan is very easy.  He has no ground combo series.  Watch for the
    premium sign move.  As soon as you see him write the autograph make
    him pay.  He has one effective move.  The Dankukyaku move
    (QCB + Any Kick.)  This move comes out quick and does chipping damage.
    Wait for it, and then do cross-over counters.  A smart Dan player will
    confuse you with taunts.  Then do his super taunt and hope you'll start
    watching it.  Don't watch this move.  Dan can cancel out of this and blast
    you with a hyper.  To sum it up, this match should be a "Walk in the park".  
    (11) Dhalsim- Dhalsim lacks speed, quickness, and an effective combo.  He
    does have range though.  He might surprise you with his long limbs and
    quick teleports.  Both strategies work well against him and he shouldn't
    cause a big problem.  His Yoga Inferno hyper comes out quickly and chips.
    Be carefull and don't make many mistakes.
    (8) Hulk- Hulk in a masters hands can be tough.  He can combo his hypers
    surprisingly well and can take and deal hits well.  He lacks speed and
    quickness, but has penetrative armor.  Play keep-away.  If done so, he
    shouldn't be able to get near you to cause damage.  Be carefull of his
    Fierce Punch.  This may be a long match, but keep hurling fireballs 
    and you should come out on top.
    (4) Ken- Ken can be tough.  He is faster than Akuma and can combo his
    hypers just as good as you can.  He can't deal hits well, so use this
    to your advantage.  Watch that you don't throw many fireballs down, or
    a smart Ken player will get under you and blast a Shinryuu-Ken hyper
    at you.  He can combo his double team hyper easier than you can, so
    don't make many mistakes.  Use a smart strategy by hyper comboing
    and you should win.
    (16) Omega Red- Omega Red is slow, but can take hits well.  What he 
    lacks potential.  He can pull off some big combos, but his speed should
    allow you time to see it coming.  He also does not have a hyper combo.  
    Counter off mistakes and use your hypers wisely.
    (3) Ryu- Ryu is very hard to play against.  He can take hits better than you
    can, but is slower.  Smuther him and don't let him do anything.  Watch
    for his air combo ending with a Shinkuu-Hadoken.  He can combo all 3
    of his hypers without much effort.  Be careful not to play keep-away much
    or he will jump and blast you with a Shinkuu-Hadoken.  Prepare for a close
    (13) Sakura- Sakura is pretty quick.  She has trouble comboing her hypers and
    shouldn't cause much of a threat.  She is slower than you, so smuther her and
    get your opponent frustrated.  If you are getting pushed blocked constantly, use
    the Half-Spin Kick and the Collar Bone Chop to throw her off guard.  Counter her
    misplaced moves and this shouldn't be a difficult win.
    (10) Shuma Gorath- Shuma Gorath is slow and has useless hypers besides
    Chaos Demension.  This is difficult to dodge, but you should be winning the
    match before he can get this level three hyper to connect.  Watch out for the
    Mystic Stare move.  If this connects, explosive eyes will attach to you and
    explode in about 10 seconds.  Make sure you hit him to get them off you
    and to prevent taking damage.  Smuther him and perform hyper combos and
    you should win easily.
    (1) Spider-Man- Spider-Man has the quickness and strength to beat anyone with
    little effort.  He uses exceptional quickness to set up his deadly air combo.
    With high prioritized moves to set up his double team up hyper and his Crawler
    Assault, there is little you can do verses a master except for learning how to roll
    out of a sweep which sets these combos up.  Keep-away works fairly well.  Try
    to get him frustrated and to make him make dumb mistakes allowing you to
    combo your hypers.  Smuthering doesn't work because his moves are quicker
    than yours.  Basically, this is a very hard fight to win and you might have problems
    beating a master.
    (9) Wolverine- It is extremely rare to find a Wolverine player that is not cheap and
    that doesn't throw.  He has blinding quickness and speed, and possibly the best
    hyper in the game (Beserker Barrage X), but he can't take or deal a hit.  He can
    combo his hypers the easiest in the game.  To beat a Wolverine player, simply
    counter misplaced Berserker Barrages and Tornado Claws.  Most players button
    mash and these moves will leave him wide open for a hyper or combo.   If a player
    goes into Beserker Rage, they become even more careless.  Watch for an opening
    and counter. To sum it up, a very easy battle, but watch for his hyper combos.
    (14) Zangief- Zangief is big and slow.  He can take and deal hits well though.
    Keep-away works great and it will easily chip him to death.  Don't get to close,
    he has the Final Atomic Buster hyper that loses the most in the game.  A
    master may find a way to penetrate your fireballs and cause problems by
    throwing.  Be calm and continue playing keep-away until the match is over.
    9.) Cyber Akuma
    (1) Accessing Cyber Akuma
    Go to Akuma, then press select 5 times and hold it down and hit a button
    after the 5th time.
    Note:  I'm not too sure about this, but you need to beat the game either
    without losing a round, or you need to beat Cyber Akuma perfect.  I beat 
    Cyber Akuma perfect by beating every character with Akuma, then
    switching to Dan at the end and keep using his Dankukyaku move
    (QCB + Any Kick.)  To chip him to death.  I did it with a 1 star difficulty
    level, and with one round.  I also have beaten him on a 4 star difficulty
    without losing a round throughout the whole game.  Again, I'm not sure
    which method works, but I do know that you don't have to beat the game
    on an 8 star difficulty level without losing a round.
    (2) Playing Against Cyber Akuma
    Cyber Akuma is an exact replicate of Akuma.  The only difference is that
    Cyber Akuma has more potential, is quicker, and stronger.  His Shining
    Gou Shock hyper loses 3/4 of your power, can be done in the air, only
    takes 1 level of hyper away, and travels faster and across the screen.
    His Scramble Gou Punch can be comboed and loses a ton.  What your
    going to have to do is to out think your opponent.  This is very hard to do,
    because Cyber Akuma has basically no recovery time on anything, but
    you can catch him off guard.  Wait for fireball repetition and blast a
    Messatsu Gou-Hadou.  Also, off a missed dragon punch or missle
    shot, combo a hyper.  If you manage to beat a good opponent using
    Cyber Akuma, you're making a statement.
    10.) Credits
    This FAQ was designed for the (American) Playstation version.  It is also
    assuming that you're not using your second character as a tag-team partner
    (Cross-Over Mode in Playstation).
    All combos, special moves included in this FAQ were done and tested by
    me.  Thanks to Capcom for making another great game, Marvel for their
    great characters, and to GameFAQs.
    Any questions, comments?  Contact me at CMEYERS752@aol.com
    The Street Fighter game series is (C) Capcom of Japan and (C) Capcom
    of America.  The Marvel characters are (C) Marvel Company.
    This FAQ should not be reproduced, sold, or published in anyway, shape,
    or form.
    (C) CMEYERS752

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