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    Cyber Akuma by BLandry

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    Cyber Akuma FAQ
    Version 1.2
    copyright 1999
    bryan landry
    Cyber Akuma FAQ
    For the Game Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (PSX Version)
    All names of characters and such are the property of their respective
    This FAQ is all my own work unless otherwise noted, so don't steal it. I
    don't know why you would want to steal it anyway. If you want to use
    this FAQ, write me at the above email address. This FAQ assumes that you
    know basic game mechanics, such as qcf and super jump. If you don't
    know, read one of the more detailed FAQ's. Mail me if you have any
    questions/comments/criticism/additions. Finally this is my second FAQ so
    if you don't like something, write me, dammit.
    Table Of Contents:
    1.What is Cyber Akuma?
    2.How do i get Cyber Akuma?
    3.What are His moves?
    4.What are His super moves?
    5.How do i combo with Cyber Akuma
    6. What is the stratedy for using Cyber Akuma
    7.How do i make a contribution?
    8. Thanks
    What is Cyber Akuma?
    Cyber Akuma is an evil product of Apocalypse. He is Akuma with enhanced
    moves and stats. Also, he makes a cool clanking sound when hit.
    How do i get Cyber Akuma?
    First you have to beat the game without losing a round. The difficulty
    must be set to 8 as well. (Some disagree about this)After you beat the
    game, save the game to your memory card and start another game.
    Highlight Akuma and press select five times. Then press the either x,
    triangle, square, or circle. I suggest you set the rounds to one and use
    The Hulk and Sakura as your team. Use the Hulk to make quick work of all
    battles before Cyber Akuma and then Press PPP at the versus screen to
    switch to Sakura. If you're a Hulk master, then don't even worry about
    switching. Another good partner is Shuma-Gorath. His team-up super is
    damaging and really looks cool.
    What are His Moves?
    Cyber Akuma and Akuma have similar moves. Shocking, isn't it?
    Numbers are from the Training Mode, A life bar probably equals 150%
    Hard Knuckle:
    12% damage
    Your fist flies at the opponent and will chase them a bit. Always follow
    your ground fireballs with this. Does anyone know how to do this in the
    Upwards Hard Knuckle:
    Down +FP
    12% Damage
    Same as above, but flies straight up. Use this to follow your launcher
    if you're lazy. Also a good anti-air move.
    Elbow Crush:
    (Standing close) Towards+MP
    4 Hits/13% Damage
    Your elbow hits four times from high to low, as opposed to Ryu's measly
    two hits.
    Axe Kick:
    (Standing close) Towards+MK
    2 Hits/9 Damage
    This move is the same as Akuma's
    17% Damage
    Punch button determines speed, Always follow this with a Standing Hard
    Air Fireball:
    QCF +P
    2 Hits/ 27% Damage
    This move throws two fireballs at a downward angle. These can be chained
    into a combo.
    Dive Kick:
    (in the air)QCF+K
    Kick button determines number of hits/damage. Causes flames to engulf
    Hurricane Kick:
    Kick button determines number of hits/damage. Electrifies enemy.
    Dragon Punch:
    Punch button determines number of hits/damage. This move can hit after
    the launcher. Does not cancel as far as i know.
    DP or Reverse DP +either PPP or KKK (determines distance)
    All throws take off 22% and can be done in the air
    Chain Combos:
    Launcher: Crouching Fierce
    Air Chain:ZIg-Zag
    Ground Chain:Stronger
    What are Cyber Akuma's super moves?
    Scramble Gou Punch:
    DP +PPP
    This is Cyber Akuma's Dragon Punch Super. Most of his moves cancel into
    it, and it can be cancelled as well. It can also OTG.
    10 Hits/ 82% Damage
    High Gou Beam:
    This is Cyber Akuma's Beam Super. It has the same cancel properties as
    the Scramble Gou Punch.
    17 Hits/ 66% Damage
    Thunder Gou Shower:
    (in the air)QCF+PPP
    This is Cyber Akuma's Air Fireball Super. You can cancel into it, but it
    does not cancel into anything that i've found.
    26 Hits/55% Damage
    Shining Gou Shock:
    (Level 1 Super Meter)LP,LP,Foward,LK,HP
    This is Cyber Akuma's Raging Demon. He Travels the lenght of the screen.
    It leaves you with two levels of super as well, so you can follow it
    with something mean. It can also be used to follow up an air combo.
    24 Hits/70% damage
    What are Cyber Akuma's Combos?
    Some of these combos are really cheap. Do not use these on human
    opponents unless you have no fear of retribution.
    These are simple combos. I even got all of them to work.
    Chain Combos:
    Launcher: Crouching Fierce
    Air Chain:ZIg-Zag
    Ground Chain:Stronger
    (look at Kao Megura's Combo FAQ's For description if you don't know what
    these mean)
    Fireball, Hard Knuckle, High Gou Beam
    11 Hits/ 68% Damage
    Crouching HP, UP, MP, HK Hurricane Kick
    4 Hits/46% Damage
    HK Dive Kick, HK, High Gou Beam
    19 Hits/84% Damage
    LP,MP,HP,HP,HK Hurricane Kick, Cancel into Thunder Gou Shower
    24 Hits/73% Damage
    LP,MP,Fireball,Scramble Gou Punch, Cancel into High Gou Beam, Cancel
    into Scramble Gou Punch
    At least 23 Hits/ 106% damage
    MP, HK, Scramble Gou Punch
    (This one is courtesy of Lord Wyndia as well)
    Crouching HP , UP,  LP, LK, Shining Gou Shock (Thanks to Lord Wyndia for
    this one. The Shining Gou Shock Must be done on the ground)
    Corner Combos:
    LP, MP, HP, Fireball
     Strong Throw, Crouching HP, UP, Air Combo
    What are the strategies for using Cyber-Akuma
    1. Stay in the air. You have so much air superiority.
    2. End all air combos with the dive kick. THis makes you land before
    your opponent.
    this way, you can fire off a high gou beam at his back.(or at least some
    fireball+hard knuckle punishment.)
    3. Try and teleport through all your opponent's supers. Your teleports
    is really fast, and you can catch them from befind.
    4. In fact, you should teleport towards your opponent after thworing a
    fireball/Hard Knuckle and sweep them. The computer does it enough....
    How do i make a contribution?
    email me at sonofdurell@hotmail.com.
    you'll get the appropriate credit.
    Thanks to Lord Wyndia (LordWyndia@aol.com)for some clarifications and
    Thanks CasenovaAV@aol.com (CasenovaAV@aol.com) for noting the fact that
    i had an incomplete method for
    attaining Cyber-Akuma.
    This document Copyright 1999 Bryan Landry

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