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    Dhalsim by CGrey

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         GAME PAGES
    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (PSX version)
    Dhalsim Guide
    Version : 1.25
    Original: 03/16/1999
    Updated : 04/21/1999
    By      : Charles Grey (iceout0002@aol.com)
    1.02(3/17/1999): Added hit to combo #6
    1.25(4/21/1999): Added 16-hit corner combo and an INFINITE COMBO
                     Far hits combo information and crossover mode differences
    1) Legend        2) Universal Moves
    3) Basic Moves   4) Throws
    5) Special Moves 6) Combos
    7) Strategy      8) Ending
    9) Credits
    UB U UF
    B  * F
    DB D DF
    1: Jab    2: Strong  3: Fierce     = P
    4: Short  5: Forward 6: Roundhouse = K
    2P: Any 2 punches
    2K: Any 2 kicks
    3P: All 3 punches
    3K: All 3 kicks
    QCF: D,DF,F
    QCB: D,DB,B
    HCB: F,DF,D,DB,B
    Dash              : F,F or 3P
    Long Jump         : UF from dash
    Back Dash         : B,B or B+3P
    Super Jump        : D,U/ 3K /U from launch
    Drift             : Hold B/F during super jump
    Counter           : B,DB,D+any button while blocking (B,DB,D+3+6 in crossover)
    Roll              : B,DB,D+any button when knocked down
    Parry             : F+3P when blocking
    Universal Launcher: 1+4
    Variable Assist   : 2+5
    Team Member Switch: 3+6
    Team Super        : QCF+same P+K (QCF+3+6 in crossover)
    Throw Escape      : B/F+2/3/5/6
    Taunt             : Select
    He floats fowrard 1/2 screen.
    He will jump twice as far as usual. It may be good for landing
    deep jump-ins.
    Floats backward 1/2 screen.
    You jump twice as high, can throw multiple attacks in mid-air,
    and change your angle by drifting.
    COUNTER (Need 1 Super Level, both players)
    Dhalsim will jump in and throw a Yoga Flame while his partner is
    blocking. This is good for getting out of corners.
    When knocked down from a special move or a throw, this will roll
    you away from your opponent when you hit the ground.
    Also known as "push-blocking". This will push them away from you.
    Good for blocked specials/supers!
    This is just another way of doing your launcher, which is used to
    start those "AIR COMBOS".
    VARIABLE ASSIST (both players)
    While offscreen, he jumps in and throws a Yoga Fire.
    TEAM SWITCH (both players, crossover mode only)
    This switches your active team member. Dhalsim either exits with
    a taunt or enters with a jump kick. There is a long recovery if
    the jumpkick is blocked.
    TEAM SUPER (2 Super Levels, both players)
    Dhalsim throws a Yoga Inferno and his team mate throws one their
    supers at the same time. It can be a 40+ hits by itself!
    In the very first frames of throw animation, use this to break
    away. The words "TECH HIT" appear when you do it.
    He stands for about a second.
    Far Standing:
    1: Hand jab
    B/F+1: Fast jab (looks slightly different and animates faster)
    2: Long punch
    3: Long punch with both hands
    4: Downward foot strike
    5: Head-level foot strike
    6: Head-level roundhouse (knocks down)
    Far Crouching:
    D+P: Knee-level punch (button determines speed and strength)
    D+K: Foot slide (button determines length, 6 knocks down)
    Close Standing:
    1: Hand chop
    2: Upward chop (launcher)
    3: Headbutt (hits only once though)
    4: Mid-level kick
    5: Stomach kick
    6: Knee strike (knocks down)
    Close Crouching:
    D+P: Low chop (button determines speed and strength)
    D+K: Ankle kick (button determines strength, 6 knocks down)
    Far Jumping:
    Jump 1: Punch aimed 75" down
    Jump 2: Straight punch
    Jump 3: Punch aimed 45" down
    Jump 4: Downward kick
    Jump 5: Same as 4
    Jump 6: Upward air kick
    Close Jumping:
    Contains only the first half of animation of the far jumping
    attacks. A close jumping 6 looks like the far one, it just
    cuts off sooner.
    B+button to throw over head
    F+button to throw forward
    2  : Yoga Noogie (push buttons rapidly to increase damage)
    3  : Shoulder Throw
    5/6: Stomach Butt
    2/3 in midair: Power Chop
    All basic throws can be escaped, and the Noogie and Stomach
    Butt can followed with OTG hits in the corner.
    Yoga Fire           : QCF+P (also in air)
    Yoga Mummy          : Jump D+3
    Yoga Flame(straight): HCB+P
    Yoga Flame(upward)  : HCB+K
    Drill Kick          : Jump D+K (button determines angle)
    Teleport            : F,D,DF+3P or 3K (also in air)
    Teleport            : B,D,DB+3P or 3K (also in air)
    Flight              : QCB+2K (also in air, repeat to land)
    Yoga Inferno        : QCF+2P (also in air) (D/U aims)
    Yoga Strike         : QCF+2K
    This is a projectile that stuns briefly when hit. Don't use the
    air version, though, it's slow.
    He dives head-first at a 30" angle
    There are two versions of this move. Dhalsim blows fire which
    bounces and juggles his opponent.
    1: 1 hit   4: 1 hit
    2: 2 hits  5: 2 hits
    3: 3 hits  6: 4 hits
    A slow-moving drill kick, can be used in jump-in combos.
    4: 75" Downward
    5: 45" downward
    6: 15" downward
    Basically unchanged since Hyper Fighting. Where you end up is
    partially affected by the position of you and your opponent on
    the screen.
    His new move for MSH vs. SF. He floats in the air and can move in
    any direction he chooses. He can throw an unlimited number of his
    baasic and special air attacks. This lasts for 10 seconds, or if
    you get hit. Using the Yoga Mummy or D+K drills also ends flight.
    His main super! He throws a bunch of fireballs that reach 3/4
    across the screen. At any time, hold U to aim it above your head
    or D to aim it below. This can hit up to 24 times and ALL of the
    hits can juggle! New to this version, he can interrupt this with
    a Yoga Strike or a Team Super.
    Dhalsim somersaults up at a 30" angle. If he meets with his
    opponent, he leg-grabs them and slams them twice. I can't
    put this into a combo. The only use I know of is an anti-air
    attack. It IS UNBLOCKABLE.
    Air combo finishers: Close 2/3/5/6  Far 3/6
    Dhalsim's jump-in series is: (1/4)>(2/5)>(3/6)
    This is the number of basic attacks he can use when jumping
    in or meeting an opponent in mid-air. You can use the D+K
    drills in jump-ins as well.
    Dhalsim has NO actual ground chain combos. Instead, he must link
    attacks with careful timing. He can link his various close jabs
    and strongs. (see combos)
    His close super jumping series is 1>4>(2/3/5/6). His far one is 1>4>2>5>(3/6)
    The last are his air combo finishers which will knock the opponent downward. 
    With good timing, he can extend his air combos by linking up to 3 extra air 
    First, connect with your launcher and immediately jump up.
    Next, connect the first super-jumping attack while they are
    flying up. If they block and/or the combo counter stops
    counting, YOU WERE TOO SLOW! It's like connecting a ground
    combo, except you are doing it in midair. You have to chain
    /link the hits before they recover and can air block.
    Next, connect the rest of the air combo. Eventually, you and
    your opponent start descending and air combo hits become much
    harder to connect.
    When your opponent is falling down from a throw or special move,
    when there is no air recovery, you can hit them while they are
    landing from a fall. The first OTG hit will "float" them up a
    little, and you can juggle them before they land again. However,
    if they do the recovery roll, they roll away before you can do the
    OTG hit! You can only do one OTG hit in a combo.
    Basic Combos:
    #1 (2): QCF+P,walk in,3
       (2): Close D+1,D+2
       (2): Meet in midair with jump 1,2
       (3): Dash in D+1,D+1,D+1
       (3): Dash in 1,1,1
    #2 (3): Throw with 2/5/6 into corner, OTG with D+4,D+5
    #3 (3): Close 2,U,1,2
    Advanced Combos:
    #4 (5) : (corner only) 6>HCB+5,OTG with D+4,5
    #5 (8) : Jump-in 1,2,land,close 2,U,1,4,4,4,5
    #6 (10): Jump-in D+4,5,3,land,close 2,U,1,4,4,4,4,6(large guys only)
    #7 (26): HCB+2/5,QCF+2P
    #8 (5) : Dash in close D+1,2,U,1,4,5
    #9 (16): (corner) Jump D+4,5,3,land,close 2,U,1,4,4,4,2,5,6,land,jump 4,5,6,OTG
    #10(IC): (corner) Close 2,slight drift away,4,5,6,4,6,land > jump 4,2,6,jump 4,
             (only on Chun-Li or Sakura)
    COMBO #1
    The classic pressure combo from SSF2! Connect the punch as they reel
    from the fireball. Use this to chip at those keep-away players.
    COMBO #2
    What could be cheaper than comboing off a throw? They can roll after
    the throw, however.
    COMBO #3
    This is a very basic air combo. The close 2 WILL NOT launch Hulk or
    any other super-armor character unless done in a bigger combo.
    COMBO #4
    The knee will knock them up just a little way, cancel into the flame
    very quickly and you should be able to do the last two hits when they
    land. This is a very hard combo!
    COMBO #5
    Now we're thinking big! Make sure the 2-hit jump-in hits deep or else
    you'll get a far 2 instead of the close one. To get all of the hits,
    the air jab must connect early!
    COMBO #6
    This is a bigger version of #5, but it can only be done on large
    characters like Zangief or Hulk. The sixth air hit won't connect
    on smaller characters because it will be too late even for the
    upward kick to connect.
    COMBO #7
    As soon as he finishes breathing the second flame, do the super!
    COMBO #8
    The crouching 1 to launcher is a link, not a chain hit.
    COMBO #9
    The 7-hit air series works on everyone, though you may have mixed results on 
    the 3-hit juggle and the 2 OTG hits (which requires perfect timing).
    COMBO #10
    Infinite combos still exist in abundance in MSH vs. SF. The air combo and the 
    jumping hits must be the FAR versions! Drift slightly back after launching, 
    but not too far or the last 2 hits will miss.
    General CPU Strategy
    A dashing D+5 is one of the best ways to sneak in a hit. If they
    are turtling or starting a fireball fight, a jumping D+5 drill
    can get you closer. If stuck in the corner, dash in and throw.
    A great time to go for COMBO #5 is when they miss a special move
    and their head is exposed.
    DO NOT try to launch them all of the time. If you do, they
    will start countering with a special moves or ground combos!
    Save the air combos for blocked or missed moves!
    Vs. CPU Hulk
    The fire-fist pressure trap won't work here since he can absorb
    and attack through the fireball. Alternate dashing D+1 and D+5
    attacks to keep the pressure on.
    Vs. Apocalypse
    Dhalsim can take him out easily! I jump at his head with a
    jumping 1,2>Yoga Fire combo. You can also Yoga Fire his hand
    when it's exposed. As soon as you build up a super level, USE
    THE YOGA INFERNO!!! Apocalypse takes more damage if open hand
    is hit, if he's blocking with that, aim the inferno up at his
    Vs. Cyber-Akuma
    This guy is tough!!! Pressure with Fierce Yoga Fire and crouching
    jabs! Watch out for his dash-in ducking short combo! If he
    teleports towards you, the Yoga Inferno will nail him when he
    comes out of it! If you are in the corner, get out!!!
    Dhalsim invites Shuma over for dinner and is let on a little
    David S. Dial (nanomaki@mailexcite.com) - Dhalsim's Infinite
    All Marvel Characters (c) MARVEL COMICS
    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (c) 1997,1999 CAPCOM

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