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    Captain Commando by Chicho

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/08/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Capcom Ex Edition 
    Sony Playstation
    Version 1.1
    Made by Chicho 
    Mail: christianhagedorn@usa.net
                         Captain Comando´s Profile
                              Table of Contents
                              1. Legal Stuff
                              3. Legends
                              4. Normal Moves
                              5. Special Moves 
                              6. Comboes
                              7. Figthing Strategies
                              8. Updates
                              9. Credits
    -----------------------------  Legal Stuff  -----------------------------------------------
    This is my Captain Comando´s Profile. This copyright belongs 
    to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This
    is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use
    this profile or parts of it, but give me full credit where it
    is due. If you would like to help me with this profile, E-Mail me 
    at christianhagedorn@usa.net . I would really appreciate your help if you 
    can give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for me to clear 
    up, also mail me. If you have questions, I´ll try to answer them immediately.
    (Special Thanks to Exdeath for this copyright writing)
    - Captain Comando is (to my opinion) the best figther, since he is a great keep
      away figther (those who throw Hadou Kens all the time to KEEP you AWAY) thanks
      to his instant Captain Fire, he is a great close combat fighter thanks to his
      comboes into Hyper Moves for great damage, and the best anti-air thanks to the
      almighty Captain Corridor.
    - His entry is great, with those cool glasses and the transformation.
    - His Captain Corridor is by far the most powerfull special move in the game, 
      since it´s easy to connect, and hits twice when cancelled with the Captain
    - He is one of the fewer characters who has an Ultimate Combo (A combo, which 
      takes the whole enemy´s life). The other ones are Gambit and Onslaught (2nd
    - The short form of his name is CapCom, which represents the best fighting game
    3. Legend
    In this FAQ, the punches and kicks will be represented by a number.
    From punch to kick, from weak to strong. This means that 1 is weak punch,
    2 is weak kick, 3 is medium punch, and so on.
    P stands for any punch
    K stands for any kick
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    D = Down
    U = Up
    Two letters together mean diagonal.
    QCF Means Quarter Circle Forward. (D, DF, F)
    QCB means, ......., guess it.
    HCF means Half Circle Forward. (B, DB, D, DF, F)
    HCB means, ... DO I HAVE TO WRITE THIS?
    DP means the motion for a Dragon Punch (F, D, DF)
    RDP would mean Reverse Dragon Punch, but it won´t appear in THIS FAQ.
    For the comboes:
    DI means Dash in, tap forward twice or PPP.
    S means Standing.
    C means Crouching.
    AR means Into Aereal Rave. (Up or KKK after a Launcher, explained later)
    OTG means Off The Ground (explained later).
    4. Normal Moves
    There are some moves that everyone can do:
    Super Jumping - D, U or KKK
    Note: This will take the camera with you. Allows to hit multiple times. Use to confuse 
    enemy and charge energy bars. If you need to Super Jump after a launcher, simply press
    U (KKK is still usefull).
    Forward Dash - Tap F twice - PPP
    Note: A great surprise approach. Don´t use too often, or it will be predictable. Cancel
    with D.
    Back Dash - Tap B twice - B + PPP
    Note: Use to avoid jumping specials or Hypers damage (like Hulk´s Gamma Crush). Use together
    with the Forward Dash to surprise enemy. But then again, son´t become predictable.
    Roll - B, BD, D + P or K
    Note: Can only be done if you were knocked down. You can direct the roll (if you want to go
    BACKWARDS do F, FD, D + P or K). Use it when for example if someone wants to OGT you, roll to 
    the other side of him and punish him while he is doing his OGT with a Cap Storm.
    Partner counter - HCF + P or K while blocking
    Note: If you have War Machine as your partner (you should) try to Cap Corridor your enemy
    while he´s being hit by the Reflect Beams. You know what to do then.
    Team Up - HCF + 5 and 6
    Note: CapCom will use his Cap Sword together with his partner, who will use his Hyper move
    (War Machine will use the Proton Cannon). Try to connect the team up after a Cap Corridor.
    The Screen will Shake Heavily at a Low Speed, making it look like the worst error your
    opponent has done. It´s great, I just love to do it.
    5. Special Moves
    Captain Comando has 4 Special Moves and 2 Hyper Comboes.
    Captain Fire - QCF + P
    Note: The strenght, quickness, and recovery time is the same for all punches.
    Captain Corridor - HCB + P
    Note: The P determinates how far the corridor will be from you (1 for close 
    range, 3 for medium, 5 for maximum)
    Captain Kick - QCB + K
    Note: The K determinates the number of hits and reach. USELESS, avoid at all
    costs, since if you miss, you are in for serious damage intake. AND it attacks
    high, and tiny/crouching character won´t get hit.
    Comando Strike - QCF + K
    Note: The K determinates the partner you will call.
          2 will call Sho, who hits 3 times in front of you.
          4 will call Genity, who will swing his blades in an anti-air move.
          6 will call Hoover, who fires himself in a missile for some damage.
    Hyper Moves
    Captain Sword - HCF + PPP
    Note: Don´t use it alone, or smart guys will know how to punish you. Use
    with a combo or as counterattack.
    Captain Strom - HCF + KKK
    Note: Great as opener. Great damage as well.
    6. Comboes
     This is the best of Captain Comando, his comboes.
    Ground Combo Chain: The combo you submit when on the floor.
    Super Jumping Chain: The Aereal Rave combo.
    Aereal Rave Launcher: If you hit, your oponent will be open for a Super Jumping 
    Aereal Rave Finisher: This hit will most likely send your opponent flying,
    finishing an Aereal Rave combo.
    Flying Attack: If hit, (standing) will send your opponent flying (duh), good
    Ground combo finisher.
    Knockdowns: Will knock your opponent down, leaving them open (if they don´t
    roll away) for an OGT.
    OGT: The Hit which hits your opponent when he´s been knocked down.
    Zigzag means 1, 2, 3, 4 (From punch to kick, from weak to strong), it can
    be started at any point (2, 3, 4 or 3, 4)
     Ground Combo Chain:                       Zigzag
     Super Jumping Chain:                      Zigzag
     Aerial Rave Launcher:                     Standing 6 / Crouching 3
     Aerial Rave Finisher:                     5, 6
     Flying Attack:                            Standing 5
     Knockdown Attack:                         Crouching 6
     OGT:                                      Captain Corridor
     Ground Throws:                            B / F + 3 / 4    B / F + 4 / 6
     Aerial Throws:                            Any direction but D / U + 3 / 5
     Partner Counter:                          HP Captain Corridor
     Partner Combination:                      Captain Sword
    I´ll list, the level needed (if), the number of hits, and aproximate damage. All the comboes
    were tested in the training mode with Ryu, an average character. All team ups were done with 
    War Machine.
    DI, S 1, 2, 3, C 5, Captain Fire
    5 Hits / 49 Damage
    I´ll only explain you this one. DI means you can dash in for easier connect, but it´s not
    obligatory. S 1 is Standing Weak Punch. The following ones don´t have the "S", since there
    is no change in there. C 5 means Crouching Strong Punch.
    Note: This is a basic Combo. Train it well and use it as a counterattack. If you don´t hit
    the S 3, and go directly to C 5, then you can change the Cap Fire for a Cap Corridor. The
    C 5 stuns the enemy for incredible time, even enough to connect a Cap Storm (good timing 
    DI, S 1, 2, 6, AR, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / Cap Fire.
    8 hits / 44Damage
    Note: The best AR combo available (for CapCom). I´d rather use 5 since if you finish off
    your enemy with the Cap Fire it won´t be counted as an AR Finish (points, points!!).
    Sometimes AR 3 or 4 won´t hit. Practice timing.
    Level 1 / 2
    DI, S 1, 2, 6, Not into AR, Cap Corridor, Cap Sword/Team Up
    16 Hits / 87 Damage
    40 Hits / 111 Damage
    Note: This does great damage and it´s easy to pull off. The Cap Corridor will hit twice 
    if it worked. Why War Machine? Because of his start up delay, time enough for the Sword
    to take tho opponent down. Use often.
    Level 1 / 2 
    Cap Corridor, Cap Sword / Team Up
    14 Hits / 81 Damage
    37 Hits / 107 Damage
    Note: Virtually the same, but it´s a great counterattack. The Cap Corridor will hit twice 
    if it worked.
    Note to Above: After delivering the Cap Sword, if you stand in the corner, you can juggle
    with your enemy. Try this: S 1, 2, 6, Cap Corridor. I´ve tried this one, but they cut the 
    counting after the 2, letting your opponent to block. You can try a C 6 instead of the 
    S 6, but you will be pushed back, and won´t be able to connect the OGT. If anyone can
    post the best Juggle available, please do.
    Ultimate Combo:
    Level 2 / 3
    DI, C 5, 6, OGT Cap Corridor, Cap Storm, Cap Sword / *Team Up*
    27 Hits / 125 Damage
    *54 Hits / 150 Damage*
    Note: * * is the Ultimate Combo. A life Bar consist of 145 Hp. For the Cap Storm to connect 
    you have to be extremely quick. For the Team Up, (you have to be extremely accurrate =) )
    you must do it in the Exact Last Hit (The Cap Storm´s Cap Corridor) IN THE OTHER WAY, since
    CapCom appears in the other side of where he started. If you are lucky enough, you´ll hit.
    Pactice A LOT and surprise your friends =)
    7. Fighting Strategies:
    - Use the Cap Corridor a lot, when hit, connect with Cap Sword.
    - Keep away with Cap Fire.
    - Juggle with your opponent after the Cap Sword for extra hits (1, 2, 6, Cap Corridor for 
    - Avoid Cap Kick.
    - Don´t Show Mercy, two Cap Corridor + Sword will kill anyone (remember!!)
    - Don´t give time to rest.
    - Look to both sides before crossing the street (????????????????)
    8. Updates
    Updates since Version 1.0   11/5/00
         1.1     11/8/00
    Added the Extra note in comboes.
    Added 1 (Normal Moves) part.
    Corrected some mistakes.
    9. Credits
    Christian Karl Hagedorn (christianhagedorn@usa.net).
    Exdeath (exdeath@earthlink.net) for the Legal Stuff.
    WOW this was my first FAQ. Email me your opinion!!!
    11 / 5 / 00
    November the 5th of year 2000
    Suprise!!! I´m from Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes.

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