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    Onslaught by PhildotheGreat

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    PhildotheGreat's Onslaught FAQ/Move List
    Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of the Superheroes for Playstation
    FAQ Version 1.5  (11/15/00)
    1. This is not an official FAQ.
    2. I am not responsible for any damage done by the contents of this FAQ.
    3. This FAQ is for personal use only and should not be sold or be put on any site with an ad banner.
    4.You may put this FAQ at your site if you follow the above rule and do not change or alter it in 
    any way.
    5. There is a good chance the newest version of this FAQ is at GameFAQs.com, so don't mail me about 
    the FAQ until you go there!
                                 Table Of Contents
    I. FAQ version and updates
    II.  Introduction to MvC and Onslaught
    III.  Default Controller Buttons
    IV.  Move Key
    V.  Onslaught Move List
            A.  First Form Moves
            B.  Second Form Moves
    VI.  Onslaught Combo List
            A.  First Form Combos
    VII.  Versus Strategies
            A.  Vrs. Chun-LI
            B.  Vrs. Ryu
            C.  Vrs. Zangief
            D.  Vrs. Morrigan
            E.  Vrs. Captain Commando
            F.  Vrs. Mega Man
            G.  Vrs. Strider 
            H.  Vrs. Spider Man
            I.  Vrs. Jin
            J.  Vrs. Captain America
            K.  Vrs. Venom
            L.  Vrs. Hulk
            M.  Vrs. Gambit
            N.  Vrs. War Machine
            O.  Vrs. Wolverine
            P.  Vrs. Orange Venom
            Q.  Vrs. Orange Hulk
            R.  Vrs. Gold War Machine
            S.  Vrs. Roll
            T.  Vrs. Shadow Lady
            U.  Vrs. Lilith
    VIII.  Ending and Win Phrases
            A.  Ending
            B.  Win phrases
    IX.  Credits
            A. 11/15/00 First version of FAQ sent in to GameFAQ's with Onslaught move list, combo list, 
    and ending and win phrases.
            B. 11/21/00 Updated move list a little, ending phrases, and added vs. section to give some 
    helpful hints against each particular character.
             Marvel Vs. Capcom is one of the most fun and innovative fighting games in a long time.  It 
    combines huge combos, awesome graphics, and a cross over mode in 2-D!  There are many characters but 
    in this FAQ I am going to go into detail on the secret character Onslaught.  He is also the final 
    boss in battle mode.  He has two forms, the first a strong, large character that cannot block but 
    does mucho damage and can also summon a clone of the opponent.  His second form is him, just a lot, 
    LOT bigger.  He uses his giant hand for his primary attack.  He turns into his second form if all of 
    his life bar is drained, or the timer gets to thirty seconds.  He is definitely a worthy adversary.  
             To make Onslaught a playable character, simply beat the game with any character on any 
    settings.  After beating it, at the player select screen go to Wolverine and press down.  The select 
    cursor should go below Wolverine and be in a blank space with no one showing on the side you are on.  
    When you select it, Onslaught will appear.  You must play as Onslaught in manual mode only, you 
    cannot have a hero teammate, and his only special partner is always sentinel.  You can still select 
    Turbo or normal speed however.  When you fight, you have a chance to kill your opponent in the first 
    form.  If all your vitality is lost however, you come back in his second form and get another 
    chance.  If you lose all your vitality after that, you lose the match.  Easy enough?
    Square = Low punch
    Triangle = Medium Punch
    R1 = Fierce Punch
    L1 = three punches
    X = Low Kick
    Circle = Medium Kick
    R2 = Fierce Kick
    L2 = three kicks
    D = Down on the directional pad.
    DF = Diagonal Forward on the directional pad.
    F = Forward on the directional pad.
    DB = Diagonal Back on the directional pad.
    B = Back on the directional pad.
    P = Punch
    Lp = Low Punch
    Mp = Medium Punch	
    Fp = Fierce Punch
    K = Kick
    Lk = Low Kick
    Mk = Medium Kick
    Fk = Fierce Kick
            A.  These are a list of moves I have found so far for Onslaughts first form. (Damage usually 
    varies 1 or 2 points.)
    MOVE DESCRIPTION                +MOVE COMMAND           +	DAMAGE		
    1) Small Sentinels fly accross 	+ any p or k            +If all hit, 7 hits for 8 damage.
    the screen and drop bombs on    +                       +
    the opponent.                   +                       +
                                    +                       +
    2) Small magnetic rocks fly     + D, DF, F + any p      +Varies, (Usually the # of hits + 1 is  
    everywhere across the screen.   +                       +
    (AKA Magnetic Tempest)          +                       +the damage. I.E. 20 hits for 21 damage.)                                 
    +                       +
    3) Onslaught turns red and      + D, DF, F + any k      +If all hit, 10 hits for 14 damage.
    dashes towards the opponent.    +                       +
                                    +                       +
    4) Onslaught teleports in close,+ D, DB, B + Lk(close)  +No damage.
    medium, and far lengths.        + D, DB, B + Mk(medium) +
                                    + D, DB, B + Fk(far)    +
                                    +                       +
    5) Onslaught shoots a giant     + D, DF, F + two p's    +If all hit, 17 hits for 29 damage.
    laser from his eyes. (This takes+                       +
    one level of the Super Bar.)    +                       +
                                    +                       +
    6) Onslaught shoots strong      + D, DF, F + two k's    +1 hit, 7 damage. 2 hits, 13 damage.
    magnetic vertical bars at the   +                       +3 hits, 17 damage. 4 hits, 24 damage.
    opponent. (This takes one level +                       +5 hits, 30 damage. 6 hits, 37 damage.
    of the Super Bar.  AKA: Magnetic+                       +7 hits, 43 damage.
    Shockwave.)                     +                       +
                                    +                       +
    7) Onslaught calls upon his     + Mp + Mk               +2 hits, 8 damage.
    special partner, sentinel.      +                       +3 hits, 12 damage.
                                    +                       +
    8) Onslaught sends out clone of + D, DB, B + two k's    +Varies greatly on character and attacks.
    the opponent, which has about a +                       +
    fifth a bar of life, and stays  +                       +
    until vitality is lost or       +                       +
    approximately 25 seconds. (This +                       +
    takes 2 levels off the Super    +                       +
    bar.)                           +                       + 
                                    +                       +
    9) Onslaught sends four glowing + F,DF,D,DF,F + any p   + No damage, Stuns.
    green balls after the opponent. +                       +
    The opponent cannot block this  +                       +
    and is stunned if hit by it.    +                       +
    (AKA Hyper grab)                +                       +
            B.  This is a list of moves I have found for Onslaughts second form. (Damage usually varies 
    1 or 2 points.)
    MOVE DESCRIPTION                +MOVE COMMAND           +	DAMAGE		
    1) Onslaught attacks with his   + any p                 +If all hit, 8 hits for 8 damage.
    giant hand.                     +                       +
                                    +                       +
    2) Sentinels fly accross the    + any k                 +If all hit, 7 hits for 8 damage.
    screen and drop bombs on        +                       +
    opponent.                       +                       +
                                    +                       +
    3) Onslaught shoots one magnetic+ D, DF, F + any p      +1 hit, 15 damage.
    eyebeam at the opponent.        +                       +2 hits, 21 damage.
                                    +                       +
    4) Onslaught moves off the      + D, DF, F + any k      +If all hit, 8 hits for  damage.
    screen very fast, and slides    +       &               +
    across with his giant hand.     + D, DF, F + FP + FK    +
                                    +                       +
    5) Onslaught does many eyebeams + D, DF, F + two p's    +1 hit, 15 damage.
    across the screen. (This move   +                       +2 hits, 21 damage.
    takes 1 level of the Super Bar.)+                       +
                                    +                       +
    6) Onslaught sends four glowing + F,DF,D,DF,F + any p   +No damage, Stuns
    green balls after the opponent. +                       +
    The opponent cannot block this  +                       +
    and is stunned if hit by it.    +                       +
    (AKA Hyper Grab)                +                       +
             A.  These are some combos for his first form.  Some have to have good timing for all moves 
    to hit.  I don't have a second form combo list because they are basically either one move or the 
    same as below (you'll catch the patern.)
    COMBO DESCRIPTION               +COMBO COMMAND          +	DAMAGE		
    1) Trap opponent in corner and  + D, DF, F + p          +Damage usually does the # of attacks +1
    do D, DF, F + p for around 25 to+                       +(30 hits for 31 damage)
    35 hits!                        +                       +
                                    +                       +
    2) Sentinels drop bombs on      + any p or k and D, DF, +This can do up to 43 hits for 44 damage! 
    opponent while also being hit   + F + P                 +
    with D, DF, F + P.              +                       +
                                    +                       +
    3) Sentinels drop bombs on      + any p or k and D, DF, +If all hit, 18 hits for 18 damage.
    opponent while also being hit   + F + K                 +
    with D, DF, F + K.              +                       +
                                    +                       +
    4) Sentinels drop bombs on      + any p or k and D, DF, +If all hit, 24/25 hits for 24/25 damage.
    opponent while also being hit   + F + two p's           +
    with eye laser.                 +                       +
                                    +                       +
    5) Sentinels drop bombs on      + any p or k and D, DF, +If all hit, 14 hits for 27 damage.
    opponent while also being hit   +                       +
    with magnetic shockwave.        +                       +
            A.  Chun-LI
            Chun Li is fast and has a lot of easy damage combos.  Use the eye laser and D, DF, F + any p 
    a lot to keep her back.  Chun Li has a fireball but it is very slow and is a pain to do.  If she 
    uses it on you, if you are fast enough you can use teleport and get in a good move.  Through in a 
    few F, DF, D, DF, F + any p just to catch her off guard.  In the second form, stay across the screen 
    from her as much as possible because she has these annoying rising kicks.  Also she can't hit you 
    with any of her hyper combos if you are far away, because they either dont have range or are too 
    low.  Be careful of her lightning kick when she does get close to you, she can hit a lot of times 
    with it.  Use the hyper grab because this will always get her if she is using the lightning kick, 
    and Chun Li is so fast it may just get her cause she's moving so much.
            B.  Ryu
            The easiest way to beat Ryu in the first form is play a range game.  If he tries to get 
    close use the eye laser or D, DF, F + any k.  When he uses fireballs, use D, DF, F + any p quickly 
    and one of the rocks should cancel out the fireballs and others should connect for a few hits.  If 
    he tries to use a hyper combo teleport as quick as possible to take less hits, and also having 
    sentinels flying over head whenever possible also can stop him in the middle of hyper combos and 
    fireballs.  If he gets you into your second form, stay high and far away so he can't use his 
    uppercut or fireballs.  This will force him to use super jumps to try and hit you.  Just use your 
    sentinels, eye lasers, and throw in a few might hands (D, DF, F + any K).  That should get him.
            C.  Zangief
            Zangief is one of the easiest characters to beat with Onslaught, in fact second only to 
    Roll.  He is big, slow, and can't jump high.  This calls for magnetic shockwave a lot.  Also his 
    power comes from throws, and he can't use them on you!  The guy is a target!  If he however gets 
    lucky or you are just toying with him, in the second form the strategy remains the same.  Just smack 
    him around, he can't do jack!
            D.  Morrigan
    	Morrigan can be a pain in the first mode because she is a well balanced character.  She has 
    fireballs, a hyper combo that's ranged and does good damage, and also uppercuts and her other hyper 
    combo which is a close range combo.  Best just to mix it up and keep her on her toes.  Second form 
    is pretty much the same except that her ranged hyper combo becomes useless, and you don't even have 
    to be that high up.   
            E.  Captain Commando
            Captain Commando is another one of those characters you hate to see selected because you 
    know he can easily put up a good fight.  Definitely a cloner.  Concentrate on counters because he 
    has some powerful moves, but not many combos that can stun Onslaught.  In the second form, staying 
    low isn't a bad idea.  Just keep using the mighty hand and sentinels.
            F.  Mega Man
            Mega Man is a small character with lots of power like Wolverine.  Watch out for his one hit 
    fireball and Hyper Mega Man combo, because that is one that can do some damage.  Since he is small 
    stick to sentinels and D, DF, F + any k.  When you get to the second form change the strategy to 
    staying high.  Onslaught is hard to reach with Mega Man.  The mighty hand can come in handy too.
            G.  Strider
            Strider has some heavy hitting combos, and is hard to get in the first form if playing an 
    experienced player or high level computer.  He is gonna get close so use magnetic tempest some, use 
    the clone when you get low on vitality.  Strider is one of the guys you want to use eye laser on 
    also.  In the second form stay low and just mix it up.  His Legion Hyper combo is easy to avoid 
    because it is really slow.
            H.  Spider Man
            Really all you can do against Spider Man since he jumps around so much, and is so fast is 
    just use constant attacks, hopefully, cancelling out a lot of Spider Mans moves.  One of the players 
    that you should use the clone on if you want to win in the first form.  Second form is a lot 
    different however.  Since you're higher up he can't dance around you as much.  Use the hyper grab a 
    lot since it's hard to do damage otherwise.  Just mix it up a lot and chip away at him.  
            I.  Jin
            Jin is a strong character, but his moves are slow and have no range.  Use the eye laser a 
    lot and magnetic tempest to keep him away from you.  If he does his Blodia punch, teleport at the 
    right time and you won't take any damage.  Jin is another character that becomes a breeze in the 
    second form.  Just keep attacking and stay high.
            J.  Captain America
            Captain America is actually one of the stronger characters.  Since he uses charging star and 
    the upercuts a lot, use sentinels and eye lasers.  When he gets close use magnetic shockwave, 
    because he usually goes for quick moves.  If he is giving you a working, use D, DB, B + two k's.  
    This will gain you back some of Onslaughts energy and possibly buy you some damage as well.  In the 
    second form, use his sentinels and hand mostly.  He recovers slowly from his upercuts, so instead of 
    trying to avoid them, let them hit and do a move while he is doing it.  Nine times out of ten you 
    will do more damage than he will!  The only thing that will really catch you off guard is his shield 
    throw.  He can do it in the air too.
            K.  Venom
            Venom has some fast moves and combos.  He can get close rather easily so use a variety of 
    most of the moves.  When he close use the charge and shockwave.  When he's far, the eye laser and 
    magnetic tempest.  In the second form watch out for his bite move, which he can do in the air.  Stay 
    just a little higher than the lowest you can go, so his death bite hyper combo can't hit you, but so 
    you can use the mighty hand.  You should have no problem in the second form.
            L.  Hulk
            Hulk is pretty slow and his combos require him being close to do them.  Throws are also one 
    of his strengths but he can't do throws on Onslaught.  Another range game character, the only real 
    thing to watch for is the Gamma wave which comes accross the screen.  Other wise you should be fine.  
    In the second form, stay high and blast him, he can't jump high enough to reach you at the top!
            M.  Gambit
            Gambit has a lot of close hitting combos and only one range move, his cards.  Keep him back 
    and use counter moves when he throws cards so you can get in damage even if he hits you.  His hyper 
    combos do some good damage, so be ready to send out the clone.  In the second form watch his 
    vertical card throw, and his second hyper combo (the one where he jumps to the back of the screen 
    and shoots the bars of energy at you, I don't know what it's called!)  Eye lasers work well when 
    he's jumping around trying to hit you.  Another character that sentinels and mighty hands work well 
            N.  War Machine
            War Machine is definitely one of the hardest opponents Onslaught faces.  He uses his solar 
    cannon a whole bunch and his proton cannon hyper combo does some pretty good damage.  Mix it up with 
    ranged attacks and his charge attack, to keep War Machine thinking you could do any move at any 
    time.  This is another one you should use the clone move on whenever you can.  In the second form, 
    it's easier to avoid his cannons but he has a move that enables him to fly, so you have to play 
    counter a lot.  
            O.  Wolverine
            Wolverine is small, fast, and powerful, so he is another character you want to play keep 
    away with.  Use D, DF, F + any p if he gets close or comes towards you with an attack.  Since he is 
    so powerful, use it against him by doing D, DB, B + two k's every time you get to level 2.  His 
    hyper combos can do a lot of damage, but are not ranged so the keep away works well.  In the second 
    form, stay high.  His jumping hyper combo can really catch you off guard and take a lot of damage if 
    you get low.  Once you get high it's easy, since all his attacks and combos are mostly ground based.
            P.  Orange Venom
            Orange Venom is a lot faster than regular venom, however he becomes much weaker.  Thus, he 
    takes more damage with the same amount of hits.  Just shut him down in the corner with sentinels and 
    magnetic tempest.  When you get him in the corner though, watch out for his close range bite move, 
    he can do it so fast he can actually hit eight or ten times just using it over and over again.  
    Mostly same strategies apply.
            Q.  Orange Hulk
            Orange hulk is a rusher because he is basically the same as Hulk just a little faster.  Same 
    strategies apply, you just have to move around with the teleport a little because he can get in fast 
    if you let him.
            R.  Gold War Machine
            Gold War Machine, well, can't block!  Just send constant attacks at him.  He can attack 
    through your attacks but is slowed down considerably.  The eye laser slows him down the most, use it 
    as much as possible.  In the second form all you have to do is stay high and do eye lasers since he 
    can't block, cheapness rules!
            S.  Roll
            Roll is quite possibly the weakest character ever.  She is worse than gold War Machine and 
    Zangief.  Just mix up your attacks and keep sending them.  The little damage she does will be no 
    problem.  In the second form just go at her with the mighty hand.  It chips away a lot of her life.
            T.  Shadow Lady
            Shadow Lady is a faster version of Chun-Li.  She also has this drill super move that is 
    different and can catch you off guard.  Best to play range on her, and when she comes in for a combo 
    blast her with Magnetic Tempest or Magnetic Shockwave.
            U.  Lilith
    	Lilith is just Morrigan with different hyper combos.  Her Soul Eraser has now been turned 
    into a weaker version of the move that hits less.  Same strategies apply, hell, it's probably easier 
    to beat Lilith than Morrigan.
            A.  Ending
            Onslaught faces eight opponents, the eighth being a secret character.  If you beat all the 
    eight opponents, it flashes to a screen with Onslaught hovering in the middle of the screen.  It 
    then says "Congratulations!  You beat the game with a secret character!."  Wow, the best ending 
            B.  Winning Phrases
            1)  "Witness the might of Onslaught unleashed!"
            2)  "Behold my might hand.  The world will tremble!"
            3)  "Now and forever, I am Onslaught!"
            4)  "I was forged within the crucibles of fear!"
            5)  "Free will is a privelege, not a "right.""
            6)  "You are beaten.  Join the ranks of the fallen."
            I'd like to thank Capcom for making the greatest 2-D fighter ever!  Also EdtheMoogle for 
    making me decide to write FAQ's and Reviews.  Last but not least CJayC for his bad-ass website that 
    he slaves over day and night for people like me and the other hardcore gamer

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