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    FAQ by Aaron

    Version: 3 | Updated: 03/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  written by Aaron     amaxie@micron.net
    VERSION III-3-3?-99
                      -TEN NEW  FUSIONS!  THANK YOU Ffadic@aol.com
                        and don w.
    Version II-2-14-99
                    -Thanks ever so much to Michael Leaverton and Michael 
                      for contributing information.
                    -more evolutions, NEW FUSION, more spells, items
                    -couple people said I was off on some levels of 
                      evolution.  I'll double check.
    Version I-2/4/99
    -I am not going to do an introduction to the game or 
    write about the basic features because anyone who is
    reading this should already know how to play the game.
    If you don't, read the instruction book.  This is just info
    that is helpful.  I don't have everything.  I'll update 
    sometime.  Please email me anything that you have that
    I don't.  Thanks.
    JUSTICE- Heal, Slow  2- Mind 3- Charge 4- Sleep 5- Firewall
    6- Heal level 1  7-Tempest 8- Revive 9- Heal level 2  10- Bless Shield 
    level 2
    11-Awaken  12- Meteor  13- Daylight  14- Revive level 2  15-  ------
    16-  Dark Mind
    NECROMANCER- Heal, Freeze, Shield, Sleep  2-Thunderbolt  3-Mind Blow
    4-  Ice Storm  5- Speed  6- Heal level 1  7- Hail Storm
    WARLOCK- Heal, Fire, Mind, Haste  2-Firewall  3-Heal level 1  4-
    5-  Charge  6-Revive level 1  7- Shield  8- Meteor  9- ---  10- Sleep  
    11- Daylight  12- Awaken  13- ---  14- Tempest  15- Tower Heal  16- 
    17-  Nova  18- Bless Shield  19- --- 20- Lightning  21- ---  22- Charge 
    level 2  
    23-24- --- 25- Mind Crush  26-28 --- 29- Hell Fire  30-32- --- 33- Super 
    34-38- ---
    SUMMONER- Heal, Fire, Thunder, Charge  2-Revive  3-Thunder Bolt  
    4- Ice Storm 5- Slow  6- Heal level 2
    SHADOWMASTER- Heal, Speed, Freeze, Thunder, Shield  2-Mind Blow
    (numbers after monsters are the level you get them at)
    Opening Episode- Find out when you get there
    I-  Soldier2/Witch2/Barbarian2/Magician2/Amazon2/Ancient2/Dragon1/
    II-  Soldier3/Amazon3/Barbarian3/Magician3/Troll3/Elf2/Roc1
    III-  Soldier4/Neophyte4/Cherub2/Gremlin2/Elf3/Unicorn4/Dragon3/Roc3
    IV-  Fighter5/Cherub3/Elf4/Octopus2/Mermaid2/Beserker5/Roc4/Ghost2
    V-  Gremlin4/Banshee2/Dragon5/Roc4/Cherub4/Mermaid2/Serpent3
    VI-  Fighter7/Elf6/Huntress7/Fairy2/Hell Hound4/Unicorn7/Ghost4/Serpent4
    VII-  Berserker8/Wyvern8/Ghost5/Mage8/Huntress8/Blessed Angel8/
           Hell Hound5/Salamander8
    VIII-  Huntress9/High Elf8/Pegasus9/Sea Dragon8/Chaos Crab8/Reef Mermaid9
    IX-  Knight10/Pegasus10/Wyvern10/Skeleton5/Demon7/Priest10/Ice Giant 15
    X-  Blessed Angel11/Firebird11/Genie8/Wyvern11/Vampire8/Wolfwere3/
    XI-  Knight12/Huntress12/Griffin12/Mage12/Demon9/Firebird12/Apparition9
    XII-  Death Knight13/Cleric13/Valkyrie13/High Elf13/Pegasus13/Zombie10/
            Golem13/ Ice Giant18
    XIII-  Swordsman9/Mystic14/Hound14/Wraith14/Wyvern14/Ice Giant18
    XIV-  Thief15/Swordsman15/Wizard15/Lesser Demon15/Griffin15/Vampire9/
             Sea Dragon14/Feather Fin10
    XV-  Death Knight16/Mystic16/Cleric16/Giant16/MasterElf16/Fire Dragon16
    XVI-  High Wizard17/Lord17/Sorcerer17/Angel Soldier17/High 
             Chaos Crab14/Giant Squid16      
    EXTRA- Succubus16/Mummy17/Naga18/Ice Collosus22/High Wizard18/Paladin18/
              Death Knight18
    XVII-  Paladin18/Cleric18/Lesser Demon18/High Pixie10/Efreeti14/Green 
    XVIII-  Paladin19/Destroyer19/Lord19/Avator19/Master Elf18/Fire 
    XIX-  Dragon Knight18/Syrian20/Kraken20/Phoenix18/Naga20/Manta18/Chaos 
    XX-  Dragon10/Salamander20/Lizardman20/Sea Dragon20/Fire Dragon20/
            Green Dragon20/Naga20/Hydra22
    XXI-  Hippogriff22/Chimera16/Succubus20/Mummy20/Naga20/Ice Collosus24
    You might have noted the extra episode.  Sometimes you get it.  
    Sometimes not.
    If you win, a guy called Dias joins your team.  The level is very hard 
    because it is full of Sphinxes.
    -I have noticed that some monsters have more choices to evolve to if you 
    wait another
    level.  I did not really wait, so here's what they evolve to first. I'll 
    try to keep this in
    order. The numbers are the level they evolve at.  Oh, and if you 
    accidentally choose
    to not evolve, it will ask you every level up after.
    Soldier-5-Fighter/Priest  Fighter-9-Knight/Swordsman  Swordsman-15-
    Amazon-5-Huntress/Priestess  Huntress-11-Valkyrie
    Barbarian-5-Beserker/Thief/Priest  Beserker-10-Death Knight  Death 
    Ancient-5-Priest  Priest-9-Knight/Wizard   Wizard-15-High Wizard
    Neophyte-5-Priestess  Priestess-10-Cleric/Sorcerer/Mystic
    Unicorn-8-Pegasus  Pegasus-13-Griffin  Griffin-17-Hippogriff
    Troll-7-Giant  Giant-15-Cyclops  Cyclops-23-Collosus
    Dragon-6-Wyvern/Salamander  Salamander-13-Fire Dragon  Fire Dragon-20-
    Death Dragon
    Wyvern-14-Green Dragon/Naga  Green Dragon-21-Cloud Dragon 
    Cloud Dragon-25-Apparition Dragon  Naga-22-Kirin
    Elf-7-High Elf  High Elf-9-Elf Lord  Elf Lord-17-Dark Elf  Dark Elf-24-
    Death Elf
    Roc-5-Firebird/Thunderbird  Firebird-13-Phoenix/Cockatrice
    Cherub-7-Blessed Angel  Blessed Angel-15-Angel Soldier
    Banshee-8-Vampire  Vampire-15-Succubus
    Faerie-5-Pixie  Pixie-10-High Pixie  High Pixie-15-Pixie Warrior  
    Pixie Warrior-20-Pixie Lord
    Demon-13-Lesser Demon  Lesser Demon-20-Greater Demon  Greater Demon-21-
    Paladin-20-Dragon Slayer
    -I will not put down evolutions until I know which level they go up at.  
     I do know what quite a few monsters evolve to, but not which level.
    Here's what everyone wants to know, cause almost no one has the patience
    to check every possible combination. 
    Fire Bird + Pegasus = Unisus
    Roc + Pegasus = Unisus
    Pegasus + Berserker = Minotaur
    Blessed Angel + Huntress = Angel Knight
    Fire Dragon + Knight = Dragon Knight
    Tiamat + Shadow Dragon = King Dragon     
    Tiamat + Apparition Dragon = King Dragon
     note-King Dragons also evolve from lizard men.  Level unknown
    Wolfwere + Orc = Overlord
    Goblin + Wolfwere = Overlord
    Orc + Goblin = Overlord
    Unisus + Minotaur = Chimera
    Greater/Lesser Demon + Green Dragon = Gargoyle
    Huntress + Thunderbird = Harpy
    Chimera + Greater Demon = Manticore
    Death Knight + Griffin = Minotaur
    Manticore + Angel Warrior = Sphinx
    Hound + Death Knight = Werewolf
    -I know the Wragnor has to be a fuion.  Giant Squid+? Maybe?  Email me 
    if you know.
    I really didn't think that I was going to add in an item section, but I 
    might as well
    -Items will not affect any Master or enemy boss except for the Sage 
    -Hint- If you find an item, occupy every tower you can right away.  For 
               reason items are found in small clusters instead of at 
    random(like it should be)
    -Right now I'm just listing the items that I can remember.  So don't get 
    mad if I didn't 
      list something.
    Gaia Stone-  Raise one monster 10 levels
    Magic Stone-  Raise one monster 1 level
    Blaze- Whole lot of flame damage to one monster
    Flame Death- Whole lot of flame damage to all enemy units
    Gaia's Sword-  Best item for direct attack
    Master Sword
    Gold Sword
    Silver Sword
    Bronze Sword
    Holy Bow- Best item for shooting attacks.
    Star Bow
    Fog- makes it easier to hit enemies
    Black Cloud- better than fog
    Dream Eye- puts all enemies to sleep(supposedly- doesn't work all the 
    Sage staff, ring, etc.- a lot of useless items.  Restores some of your 
    masters MP.
                                     You only need them if you are not on a 
    I don't really feel like doing a section telling people how they can win 
    the game.  Figure that out
    yourself.  What I will tell you is how to minimize the effects of the % 
    system.  Everyone knows
    that sometimes you cannot hit anything no matter what the % to hit is.  
    Move all your monsters,
    do not attack anything, and end your turn.  The enemy will be the one 
    shafted by this instead of you.

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