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    Life Bottle FAQ by ChosenOne

    Updated: 04/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright 2002 by ChosenOne (chosenone@iol.pt)
    Hi to you fellow MediEvil fanatics. Yes, I do know that this game is ages-old,
    but there is still something about it that still eludes many gamers, and that
    is how to get all the Life Bottles. In case you don't know, Life Bottles are
    very precious items that replenish your Life Meter should you fall into a void
    or perish in battle, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing all nine of them
    over your Life Meter, so I'll help you find them all:
    The first of these is right there in the first level, Dan's Crypt, "hidden" in
    plain sight. From where you begin, go forward until you reach the far end of
    the crypt, where you should see the Life Bottle over a rock next to the exit
    gate. Jump onto it and collect it.
    The second Life Bottle is in The Cemetery. When you reach the crossroads with
    the angel statue at the center, hit it three times with your sword, so that it
    faces the gate on the left. The angel statue will open whichever gate it is
    turned to. Proceed trough the pathway to the left. You should reach an open
    space where, among other collectable items, you will find another Life Bottle.
    Collect it.
    After completing level 3, Cemetery Hill, with the Chalice of Souls at 100%, you
    should be taken to the Hall of Heroes. After listening to that old Gargoyle in
    the entrance chamber, talk to Canny Tim and he should give you your third Life
    Bottle. Collect it before leaving.
    After completing level 5, Return to the Graveyard, you will be awarded with the
    Daring Dash ability. Go back to Dan's Crypt. You should notice that there's an
    off-colored block along the left wall from where you start. Charge against that
    part of the wall until it breaks down, giving you free access to your fourth
    Life Bottle and some Chests of Coins. Collect them. This can also be done with
    the Club or the Hammer.
    In level 6, The Scarecrow Fields, go trough the whole level until you collect
    the Harvester Part. Now return to the barn that you found earlier and use the
    Harvester Part on the Harvester machine to fix it. The Harvester should start
    working, break down the wall and cut a pat for you trough the corn field
    outside the barn. Follow that path until you find the Chalice, a Chest of Coins
    and another Life Bottle. Collect it.
    The sixth Life Bottle can be found in level 14, Pools of the Ancient Dead. Near
    the end of the level, you will go trough a gate that can be opened with a Chaos
    Rune. Further ahead, near two ominous-looking chariots, you will notice a small
    island along the left side of the cliff. What you need to do is to carefully
    line up and perform a jump in that direction to get there. Collect the Life
    Bottle and everything else you will find.
    After completing level 16, The Gallows Gauntlet, with the Chalice of Souls at
    100%, you should be taken to the Hall of Heroes. Go up the stairs to the upper
    level and talk to Ravenhooves, the Centaur. He should give you a Life Bottle.
    Collect it before leaving.
    After completing level 19, The Entrance Hall, with the Chalice of Souls at 100%
    you should be taken to the Hall of Heroes. Go up the stairs to the upper level
    and talk to Dirk Steadfast. He should award you with yet another Life Bottle.
    Collect it before leaving.
    The ninth and last Life Bottle is located in the second-to-last level of the
    game, The Time Device. Go to the right side of the master time clock and
    approach the butterfly gate. A clock dial will descend, indicating the
    combination you need to open this gate. Jump up onto the master time clock
    using those big round things on the floor that act as trampolines and step on
    the switches to imput the combination. Drop down and enter trough the open
    gate. As long as you have turned off the red electricity early on in the level,
    you can now collect the final Life Bottle.
    Well, that's it! You now have all the Life Bottles in the game and you can go
    on to fight Zarok and his evil minions! I don't know about you, but I just love
    seeing all nine Life Bottles proudly displayed over my Life Meter. Now we just
    have to wait for MediEvil 3...
    This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by ChosenOne
    Some of the information in this FAQ was taken from Mirrostar@aol.com's MediEvil
    Walktrough. It's great, go read it!
    MediEvil is Copyright 1998 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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