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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PersonMan92

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    An FAQ by PersonMan92
    Table of Contents:
    1. Information
     1.1 Version History
     1.2 Contact Info
    2. The Basics
     2.1 Controls
     2.2 The Story
    3. Walkthrough
     3.1 Dan's Crypt
     3.2 The Graveyard
     3.3 Cemetery Hill
     3.4 The Hilltop Mausoleum
     3.5 Return to the Graveyard
     3.6 Scarecrow Fields
     3.7 The Sleeping Village
     3.8 The Asylum Grounds
     3.9 Pumpkin Gorge
     3.10 The Pumpkin Serpent
     3.11 Inside the Asylum
     3.12 The Enchanted Earth
      3.12.1 The Ant Caves
     3.13 Pools of the Ancient Dead
     3.14 The Lake
     3.15 The Crystal Caves
     3.16 The Gallows Gauntlet
     3.17 The Haunted Ruins
     3.18 The Ghost Ship
     3.19 The Entrance Hall
     3.20 The Time Machine
     3.21 Zarok's Lair
    4. Others
     4.1 Key Items
     4.2 Collectibles
     4.3 Life Bottle Locations
     4.4 Weapons
    5. Legal Crap
    6. Closing
    1. Information                                                               |
    1.1 Version History         |
    Completed everything but the walkthrough
    Added the FAQ Extras section, and completed some of the guide.
    Almost finished. Sorry for the lack of updates. I was having trouble with
    Inside the Asylum.
    Completed the Walkthrough. Changed "Extras" to "Others", and put "Weapons"
    section in "Others".
    1.2 Contact Info            |
    If you wish to contact me, e-mail me at personman92@gmail.com
    2. The Basics                                                                |
    2.1 Controls                |
    X: Main Attack/Use
    Square: Secondary/Power Up Attack
    Triangle: Defend/Duck/Dash
    O: Jump
    Start: Pause
    Select: Inventory
    L2: Pan Camera
    R2: Pan Camera
    L2+R2: Activate Dan-Cam
    L1: Switch Target
    R1: Side-step/Back-step
    L3: Toggle Walk/Run
    R3: N/A
    2.2 The Story               |
    Note: This has been taken from the manual
    The history books of Gallowmere tell of a hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque, who
    single-handedly halted an invasion by the zombie hoards of Zarok the 
    Sorcerer...but then, history books are known to lie. For years, Daniel
    Fortesque had regaled the nobles of Gallowmere with wild tales of slain
    dragons and vanquished legions. King Peregrin was so impressed that he made
    Daniel a Knight and appointed him head of the Royal Battalion. Of course it
    was only an honorary post-Gallowmere had not seen a war in centuries-but the
    King liked stories, and Sir Dan was an excellent storyteller. But then evil
    Zarok the mad magician returned from years of exile. Embittered and filled
    with wrath, he threatened to unleash an army of darkness that he had built
    using the most sinister of magic. The King was in desperate need of a hero and
    knew exactly who he wanted. Sir Dan was thrust at the front of the King's army
    to face a monstrous enemy. The battle commenced and within seconds Sir Dan
    fell to the ground, struck in the eye with the very first arrow fired. His
    wound was fatal and the army was left to fight without him. Zarok's legions
    were defeated, but Zarok himself was never found. Embarrassed by Sir Dan's
    poor show, and realizing his subjects needed to feel safe, King Peregrin
    declared that Sir Daniel Fortesque had died in mortal combat, seconds after
    killing the sinister wizard. A hero's tomb was erected for Sir Dan, the
    history books inscribe with tales of his valor. Zarok was soon forgotten, a
    lost character in history's plays. But Zarok himself never forgot. He lay in
    hiding, creating a bigger, stronger army of mutated monsters. Until 100 years
    later, his scheming complete, Zarok returned...
    3. Walkthrough                                                               |
    3.1 Dan's Crypt             |
    I think it's pretty obvious what to do here, although you can come back after
    you get the club or warhammer, break the off-colored wall, and take everything
    3.2 The Graveyard           |
    From the beginning, follow the path, destroying zombies as you go. When you
    come to a hill, head right to get the Earth Rune, the continue to follow the
    path. When you see some green aura (Rejuvenation Fountain), stop and place the
    rune you just found in the hand near the fountain. Head up the hill and grab
    the Chaos Rune. Also there's a bag of gold near the hill. Anyway, continue
    back through the gate and place the Chaos Rune in the hand. Go through the
    gate you just opened, killing zombies all the while (remember to kill all the
    enemies you can, because this will fill up your chalice). Continue until you
    come to the angel statue. The trick here is that whichever way the angel's
    back is pointing, that gate will open. So once you have killed enough enemies,
    turn the angel's back towards the gate containing the chalice. But for now,
    point it towards the gate opposite the one I just mentioned. Head through said
    gate and get the treasure and Life Bottle. Jump off the ledge and continue to
    kill all the zombies that stand in your way. Around now you should have enough
    kills to collect the chalice, so go and grab that. After that, come back to
    the area where you jump off the ledge and you should spot a Merchant Gargoyle.
    He will supply you with whatever you need, but right now all he can sell you
    is more Throwing Daggers. Anyway, continue down the path and don't stop,
    except to heal yourself and to get treasure. Eventually you will get to the
    end of the level.
    3.3 Cemetery Hill           |
    First, run around killing as many zombies as you can. After you've killed
    every zombie you see, head across the lava pit, and keep heading up the hill.
    Don't go up the second set of stairs, but pass them and jump off the side of
    the hill. You should now be behind some rocks. Kill the headless freaks and
    grab the club. Use the club to break the boulders. While you were killing
    zombies, you probably noticed another boulder blocking the entrance to
    something. Go destroy that boulder, and you will enter the home of a Witch's
    Coven. Unfortunately, there are no witches here. But there is a chalice and a
    Witch Talisman, one of the key items in the game. To get these, go to the main
    part of the area and destroy the bookcase with the club. In this room, take
    your club and use the alternate attack to hold it out above the fire. Then
    run back to the main room and into the room up the stairs. Point the club
    over the pedestal in the middle of the room. This will open all the gates in
    the room, which also releases more headless freaks. After you kill them all
    should have enough spirits to collect the chalice.  So get everything in the
    room and leave the witches home. From here, just head up the hill and through
    the doors on top to finish the level.
    3.4 The Hilltop Mausoleum   |
    Just a heads up, the imps without torches can take your weapon, and if you
    don't kill them, your weapon is gone, so be careful. Okay, head straight up
    the hall and break the chest containing the club. Grab it and start destroying
    all the crypts except the shining one. Once you've gotten everything here,
    destroy the shining crypt and jump into it. When you get to the area where
    there are four colored glass walls, go through the one on the left first.
    In this room, imps will come out of holes in the walls, so keep killing them 
    to fill up your chalice. As soon as the stop coming, grab the energy vial and
    Earth Rune, then run back to the area with the colored walls. Also, you can
    use the club to destroy the crystal spikes. Next, go through the purple wall
    and place the rune in the hand. From here, kill all the imps and head up the
    stairs. Heal yourself and head through the door. Grab the Moon Rune and head
    through the opposite door to get the Chaos Rune. Leave and go back to the
    tunnels. Go through the last stained-glass wall. Once again kill the imps as
    they come, and don't leave until you've gotten everything in the room. Head
    back to the room with the ghost playing the organ and give him the sheet
    music. Grab treasure and chalice, then go back to the basement floor. Place
    the Chaos Rune in the hand. Push the burning block (remember that you have to
    follow the path) under the glass heart. This will release the spirit of the
    Stained-Glass Demon. So head on upstairs to fight him.
    Stained Glass Demon
    HP: 500
    Preferred Weapon: Crossbow
    This guy is really easy if you can dodge his attacks. Just wait for him to
    reveal his heart, then just keep shooting it with your crossbow. Also, if
    you're out of ammo for the crossbow, the throwing daggers are a good
    3.5 Return to the Graveyard |
    Head across with your newly acquired warhammer and kill the zombies and
    headless. Keep going until you come to the stairs. Look familiar? This is the
    same as area as level two. Now head up the stairs and open the gate with the
    skull key. Inside you'll encounter some new enemies, wolves. Just keep
    following the path, beyond the hill. When you come to some water, stop, turn
    around, head up the hill, and grab the Star Rune. Head back to where you saw
    the hand, and place it in. Heading into this area you will find two tunnels
    and a chalice. Head through the right tunnel and push the block left into the
    water. Next head back down and through the other tunnel. Go right and push the
    block into the water again. When you get to the water, you should notice
    another ledge. Jump down and push the final block into the water. Around now
    you should have enough souls to collect the chalice, so go grab that. Next,
    head back down to broken bridge and jump across. Be very careful, because if
    Dan falls in you lose one Life Bottle. When you're across head through the
    gates for a boss battle.
    Guardians of the Graveyard
    HP: 600
    Preferred Weapon: Crossbow
    These two are a bit of a pain. For most of the battle they'll be invincible,
    but when they become vulnerable, shoot them as much as possible. After they're
    dead you'll get the Daring Dash.
    3.6 Scarecrow Fields        |
    Keep following the path, destroying scarecrows. Myself, I like to use the
    small sword, but it's your choice. When you find a hay stack, crazed farmers
    will start coming out of it, as it is a spawn point. Unfortunately, they can't
    be destroyed. To get the cart out of your way, hit it from the side with your
    warhammer. When you find a metal giant, run through its legs and use the
    crossbow to kill the imp. Killing it will yield the Moon Rune. Go place the
    Moon Rune in its lock and head on in. The bats in here are really annoying,
    so take them out with the Throwing Daggers. Grab the Earth Rune and go place
    it in the lock near the metal giant. Follow the path until you face another
    metal giant. Kill this one, take the Chaos Rune, and place it in the lock.
    You are now in the corn maze. DO NOT STEP INTO THE CORN. If you do, you will
    immediately be killed. Keep going until you find another farmer spawn point.
    Near it there should be a chest with a skull 'n crossbones. Inside is Kul
    Katura, the Serpent Lord. Freeing him is a very good idea, as he will fight
    with you. Keep following the maze until you come to a rolling stone machine.
    To get past this, jump in the little holes and wait for the stone to pass you
    by. After this you will come to a spinning razor, witch can be avoided by
    jumping over the razors. There is yet another machine, a corn cutter. Just hug
    the wall and avoid the fumes. Another razor machine is next, and I think you
    can figure this one out for yourself. The final machine can be past by jumping
    over the razors. Remember to enter the second opening, not the first. Get the
    harvester part and go back to the barn you saw earlier. Head on in by moving
    the cart near the farmer spawn point. Put the harvester part on the harvester
    and follow its path to the chalice. To exit the level, go to the last machine
    and go through the first opening instead.
    3.7 The Sleeping Village    |
    Keep in mind that you can't kill the villagers, because it drains your
    chalice. Head straight. then take a left. Follow the path until you find a
    house that has a sign with a cloth on it. Don't go into it, but remember it
    for later. Near it are some stairs. Head down there and hit the switch. This
    will release the Chaos Rune in town square, so go grab that. Place the rune on
    the lock nearby and enter. One of the bookcases in here is fake, and can be
    destroyed with the warhammer. Once you find it, grab the crucifix cast and
    leave. Across from the house you were just in, there should be another house
    that is open. Go inside and get the Moon Rune. Go back to the house with a
    cloth and go in. Push one of the barrels onto the switch and place the rune in
    the lock. Downstairs you will find lots of barrels, and some of them contain
    items. Head to the next room, then up the stairs. Destroy the barrels in the
    corner and grab the Earth Rune. Go back downstairs and place the rune in the
    lock. Hit the switch and head back upstairs. Grab the landlord’s bust and get
    out of the house. Around now there should be a small scene where the guards
    enter the level. They are easily killed with the warhammer. Now go to the
    beginning of the level and enter the blacksmiths. Place the bust and cast into
    the fire and jump on the pump until it becomes the crucifix. Now head into the
    nearby church and place the crucifix on the wall. Grab the safe key and go to
    the area it just showed you, witch is near the blacksmiths. In this area, jump
    across the roofs until you get to the big house. Jump through the chimney and
    use the safe key on the purple safe in the corner. Also, don't forget to press
    the switch. Grab the shadow artifact and leave. After you leave, look to your
    left to find an opening that contains the chalice. Leaving here you'll be back
    in town square. Just head right to find the exit.
    3.8 The Asylum Grounds      |
    Follow the path until you come to a square area. Head right to fight Jack of
    the Green.  To complete the first riddle, go to the beginning of the level and
    hit the star. Next go straight forward and hit the other star. The go back and
    take a left to enter the maze. Take a left and look for an entrance in the
    wall. Destroy the star in there and defeat the groundskeepers. From there just
    go back and you should see the star.  Go to where you entered the maze and
    go right to find the last star. Return to Jack of the Green for your next
    riddle. Go back to the maze and head left. One of the stone walls is missing.
    Go through and find the clown. To solve this riddle, hit all the faces except
    the middle one so that one more hit will make them smiley faces. Use the sword
    to hit them two at a time then hit the middle one. Return to Jack again. Get
    your next riddle and go back to the square area. Go right and clear the area
    of keepers. Then go back to the maze and to the stone walls. You'll see that
    the other wall is gone. Enter and defeat the squid by hitting its tentacles.
    Grab the Chaos Rune and go to the beginning of the level. Place the rune in
    the lock and grab a mouse. Bring the mouse to the area where you cleared the
    keepers. Make sure it doesn't touch the cats and bring it to the elephant. Go
    to Jacko for the final riddle. Enter the hole the elephant made and continue
    until you see a hole. Jump in and leave this house. Outside push all the
    blocks into all the windows to complete the riddle. After you return to Jack
    for passage, head to the elephant and grab the chalice. Enter the passage made
    by the elephant. When you find the giant chess board, keep in mind that you
    have to play it like real chess. Solve the riddle and exit the level.
    3.9 Pumpkin Gorge           |
    Yes, I realize that the next level should be Inside the Asylum, but you'd
    probably get your butt kicked if you went in there right now. Anyway, just go
    straight until you see a hole in the wall. Enter said hole and continue
    through it. After you get the Moon Rune, you should see a Merchant Gargoyle.
    Next to him is an off-colored wall. Destroy it to find the chalice. Just come
    back when you need to get it. Just continue and jump out the end of the
    tunnel. If you want to get the chalice sooner, go backwards and kill
    everything. Otherwise, head forward and place the Moon Rune in the lock.
    Inside the house, run around on the thing in the middle of the room until you
    are high enough to get the Chaos Rune. Outside, kill the pumpkin men and place
    the chaos rune in the lock behind the house. Eradicate more pumpkin men and go
    behind the house. Head through the gate and hop across the mushrooms. When you
    get to the last mushroom, you have a choice whether to go straight or right.
    Choose right and grab the Earth Rune. Head out the door. Go left and place the
    rune into the lock. Up top you will find the Star Rune and a boulder. Grab the
    rune, break the boulder, and jump in. Go back to the mushrooms and this time
    go straight. Put the rune in the lock and go in. You will find a giant stem
    thing. To defeat it, keep hitting its roots. After the stem is short enough,
    grab the Time Rune and place it in the nearby lock. Both the paths meet up
    later, so take either one. Eventually you will get to the end.
    3.10 The Pumpkin Serpent    |
    To begin battle with the Pumpkin King, you smash all his pod sacks. But first,
    you must awaken the witch. To find her, go straight, then left when you see an
    opening in the wall. Awaken her with the witch talisman. She will give you
    a reward if you kill the King. So go around the level smashing pods. One is at
    the beginning of the level. The second is near the well. The third is next to
    the house. The fourth is on the path behind the house, protected by tentacles.
    The fifth and sixth are next to the Pumpkin King. The seventh and eighth are
    near the end of the level. The final is near the Rejuvenation Fountain on the
    right side of the level. Now prepare to fight the Pumpkin King.
    The Pumpkin King
    HP: 1100
    Preferred Weapon: Spears
    Don't be intimidated by his large amount of health. Only two words can
    describe him: extremely easy. Just hurl spears at him until he dies. If you
    run out of spears, switch to the crossbow and kill him.
    Oh, don't think you're done just yet. You still don't have the chalice.
    Remember the well we saw earlier? The tentacles are gone now, so jump on in.
    Grab the stuff and head up the tunnel. Grab the chalice and get outta there.
    Oh, and don't forget to go see the witch for your Dragon Gem.
    3.11 Inside the Asylum      |
    This place is less of a level and more of a giant arena. Anyway, drop down and
    take out a weapon. Kill the zombies until the trap door opens. Head down and
    kill even more zombies, all while avoiding cannonballs. When you're done, go
    through the door that opens and get ready for bats. Take out a ranged weapon
    and blast 'em (and more zombies) till the door opens. Now prepare for a new
    enemy, the asylum patient. They're actually pretty easy to beat, since all
    they do is run around in circles. Defeat the first wave, (the best weapon in
    this situation is the hammer) then kill the second wave, which is patients and
    zombies. Before you leave, grab the health and treasure, and talk to the
    service gargoyle. Head through the golden doors to find...ta-da, more enemies!
    Jump over to the right side of the lava river, take out your crossbow, and
    blast away. When the patients are dead, you'll be attacked by zombies from
    both sides of the river. Take out one side, and shoot at the other side.
    At one point, zombies and patients will come out of both sides, but luckily
    there's a skull 'n crossbones chest on the right side. Using it will wipe out
    most of your foes, open the golden door on the right, and should let you get
    the chalice. Head through said door. In the bottom left side of the room you
    will find the mayor, in the top left you will find a rejuvenation fountain,
    and in the top right you will find a bag of money, the chalice, and the Earth
    Rune. Use the rune to free the mayor and he will reward you with a Dragon Gem.
    3.12 The Enchanted Earth    |
    First, head forward, then left at the fork. Kill the plants, then head right.
    When you come to the next fork, go right. Jump up the tree stump and onto the
    lift. Also note that there is a fountain behind the lift. Anyway, keep going
    up the lifts until you get to the top of the tree. Go up the mushrooms on the
    side of the tree. On top, push the eggs off the side of the nest while you
    try to avoid the bird. No matter which order you push them off, the last one
    will always be the Earth Rune. After you get that get back to the ground.
    Head back to the second fork in the road is, near the small pond. Around there
    you should find a door that you can open with the rune. Go through the door
    and jump across the small platforms. On the other side, go to the mouth-door
    and use your shadow artifact to open the door. Inside you will find a circular
    device in the middle of the room, surrounded by small switches. This puzzle is
    somewhat easy. On the wall there is a drawing of the switch designs. Just
    push the switches in order from left to right. In case you still can't do it,
    the order is: Fire, swirl, waves, wind. Doing this will release the Shadow
    Demons from their circular tomb, and also open all the gates in the room. One
    of the gates contains the chalice, so come back here once you've killed enough
    enemies. The other two contain the shadow talisman and the exit, along with a
    health vial. Grab the talisman and get out of there. Once out, you will be
    attacked by two Shadow Demons. Kill them and go down the nearby slope. Go back
    to the pond from earlier, killing demons as you go. Next to it you will see a
    statue with the face of your talisman on it. Place said talisman and head on
    through. Jump over to the big platform and grab the Star Rune only to be
    attacked by a boss.
    Winged Demons
    HP: 1700
    Preferred Weapon: Spears
    This guy is probably the hardest boss in the game, next to the Pirate Captain.
    First off, there are two of them, a small one and a big one. Take out your
    spears and throw like mad at one of them. At one point in the battle, the
    platform you're on will begin to tip. Just run the opposite way it's tipping
    and it will eventually turn back to normal. Also, one of them may fly above
    the platform and cause rocks to rain on top of you. Once one is dead, kill the
    Once they're dead, the platform will be lifted up top. Here you will find a
    fountain and a bridge. Heal yourself, the head across the bridge and heal
    again if needed. Grab the treasure and head to the other side of the bridge.
    Jump through the hole to land back on the ground. Kill enough demons to fill
    the chalice, then head back to the demons lair and grab it. Use the exit from
    the lair, and put the Star Rune in the lock opening the exit to the level.
    3.12.1 The Ant Caves        |
    First off, you need to get to the nest, as it's not an actual level. Go into
    the Enchanted Earth and find the cauldron. Once there, use your witch
    talisman. This will summon the Witch of the Forest, who will give you a quest.
    Accept it, and hop on in. Once inside, head down the slope and take a right.
    Use your hammer to smash open the off-colored wall and free the fairy. He
    tells you that if you free the other fairies, he will give you a reward, the
    chalice. Leave the room and keep going, and when you find the fairy, he will
    open the door for you, and give you some light. I'm sorry, but from here on
    out, you're going to have to do the level on your own. It's far too big and
    complicated for me to walk you through. I might put a walkthrough for the
    level some other time, but it is unlikely. However, I can provide a boss
    Ant Queen
    HP: 1000
    Preferred Weapon: Spears
    First, the Ant Queen will just sit there, letting the worker ants attack you.
    She is invulnerable right now, so wait until she gets up and launches boulders
    from above, then whip out your spears and unleash. Just repeat until she's
    3.13 Pools of the Ancient Dead|
    Head towards the gargoyle and go across the bridge. Go around the dome and,
    once back on the path, knock the fat undead soldier into the lake. These guys
    are covered by armor, thus invulnerable to weapons. Keep going around the path
    and knock the next soldier into the lake. Head over to the service gargoyle
    and stock up if needed. Jump to the bridge and off the submerged castle-like
    structure. Go right until you find a set of bridges. Here you will find a new
    enemy, the thin undead soldier. These are vulnerable to weapons, but can't be
    killed by pushing them into a lake. They also throw mini spears at you. In the
    middle of the bridge maze you will find the chalice, and at the end, a
    knight's helmet. You need eight of these to complete the level. On another end
    of the maze you will find the Chaos Rune and another knight's helmet. After
    you've gotten all of these, go back to the area with the bridge and 
    rejuvenation fountain. Instead of going right, head left from the rejuvenation
    fountain to find another helmet. On the side opposite from that, you'll find
    another helm. On the far left side of the area, another helm awaits, along
    with the gate for your Chaos Rune. Through it, and to the right a bit, you'll
    find a small piece of land jutting out from the wall. Jump over and grab the 
    Life Bottle, then jump back and head towards the spiked carts. Next to them
    is a helm, and grabbing it will spawn three spear zombies. Kill them, and go
    down the hill. While going down, the carts will give chase. Try to outrun
    them, but if they catch you, just jump over them. At the bottom, you will find
    another helm. Grabbing it will spawn several spear zombies and fat zombies.
    Kill the spear zombies first, then take out the fat ones. After killing them,
    go back through the gates, then back to the bridge maze, where you'll find the
    last helm. Go back to the castle to find that it's infested with flying
    knights. Head to the fork in the road and go left to find the Boat Man, who
    will let you leave the level.
    3.14 The Lake               |
    Once the Boat Man lets you off, walk (don’t run) across the bridge. Don’t mind
    the fish things, they won’t fill the chalice. When you get to land, you’ll
    notice there’s an eye on the wall. There are two kinds of eyes, one being
    black, and the other being white. The black ones attack you with acid, and the
    white ones summon gatormen when they spot you. It’s impossible to avoid this
    eye, so kill the gatormen and proceed. Take the bridge and grab the rune.
    Behind you, there will be an eye and two black doors. The doors both lead to
    the same place, so take either one. Get the vial and go through the next door,
    into another area. Kill more gatormen, then run over to the ship and grab
    another rune. Also, remember that the level exit is there. Now head back toward
    the beginning of the level, until you get to the two-way platform. Hit the
    switch twice to access two new areas. One leads to a closed gate, and the other
    leads to your next destination. Take the obvious route until you come to the
    giant whirlpool. Go right to find a crystal machine. Place the rune inside, and
    fend off the attacking gatormen. Go until you find the next sub-bridge. Grab
    the rune and, again, go back to the main bridge. Find the next crystal machine
    and place the rune in it’s spot and continue. Use the final machine to stop the
    water. Hop in and get everything inside. When you get out, you’ll find the
    chalice. Through the next door you’ll find another area. Cross the bridge to
    find a merchant gargoyle and another rune. To get the rune, go through the
    nearby house. Sstock up on what you need, and go open the gate by going right,
    into the house, and hitting the switch. Once you’ve killed enough enemies, go
    grab the chalice. Finally, head back to the exit to finish the level.
    3.15 The Crystal Caves      |
    Go across the crystals until you find an fork. The right path leads to the
    rest of the level, while the left leads to the chalice. Take the right and kill
    the bat demons. You will come to another fork. Take the right, again. Be sure
    you don’t let the imps (without torches) take your weapon, because you won’t
    get it back. There is another fork. Go left and grab the rune, then leave the
    room and take a left (right if the camera is facing Fortesque’s face). In this
    room, you will encounter a new enemy. They are kind of tough, so break the
    crystals containing them (there are three) and then use the skull chest. Keep
    going until you reach the lock for your rune. Look to your left, after you
    enter the gate, to see a waterfall with a door behind it. Enter there to find a
    room with a pit. Grab the treasure and the rune, then go to the dragon carved
    into the wall. Place the two Dragon’s Gems into the sockets to awake the
    dragon. Fight him.
    The Dragon
    HP: 250
    Preferred weapon: Hammer
    You must kill him by knocking his head with rocks. Notice that there are four
    connect platforms. If you are on the first one and bang on the ground with the
    hammer, rocks will fall on the second. See how it works? Just use this
    strategy to kill thedragon.
    Once you beat him, he will give you the Dragon Armor. This makes you
    invulnerable to fire, and also allows you to breathe it (you can’t use other
    weapons, though). Leave the room and continue going. You will eventually be
    brought back to the area with the spinning crystal room. From there, take a
    left and, at the fork, a right. Use the rune to bring up a platform. The next
    room has the exit. Don’t forget to grab the chalice.
    3.16 The Gallows Gauntlet   |
    Follow the gray brick road until you come to a fork. Take the left one, then
    put on the Dragon Armor. Walk through the fire and kill everyone (zombies and
    mummies). Kul Katura (the snake) will come out of the chest, but not to help
    you. Press the four switches (Kul can’t be avoided). The only way to block his
    attack is with a shield. Go back to the beginning of the level until you see a
    rune. Grab that and press the switch, to open the gate with the chalice. Head
    back to the first fork you came to, then take a left. Use the rune in the lock
    to find the exit. Don’t forget to get the chalice.
    3.17 The Haunted Ruins      |
    The level starts with a puzzle. There are several piles of grain, and you must
    use the chickens in the pen to get rid of them. Go into the pen, and jump
    around to scare them out. Scare a few of them over to northernmost and largest
    pile of grain. Once they are done, it will reveal a switch. Go across the now
    lowered drawbridge, and through the archway, until you come to some stairs.
    Head up them and you will be at the top of the gate. Go left to get the rune,
    then go right to find three Shadow Demons. Since you are on top of the gate,
    they can’t see you, but don’t fight them yet. Get out your Magic Longbow, and
    start firing at them, then jump down and keep going until they die. Be quick,
    though, because if they get to the switch, it will kill a farmer and you won’t
    be able to get the chalice. Use your Hammer to beat out the fires, then press
    the switch. This will release the farmers and open two gates. Take the one to
    the right (with the cannons). Get past the cannons, then up the stairs. At the
    end of the stairway, jump down and take a right to find the lock for the rune.
    Go past and across the drawbridge into the building. Step on the emblem to fall
    through. Kill the bat demons and, at the end of the path, go through the left
    door to get the crown, then through the right to leave this area. You will be
    at the side of the building. Go back in, but jump over the emblem. In front of
    the throne, use the crown to summon the King. After the conversation, you will
    be transported to an arena. Get the rune, then pull the switch. The golems will
    attack you. Kill them by pushing them into the darkness. Run back the place
    where you saved the farmers, then go into the nearby door. Put the rune into
    the lock, and run back outside. Go left, and up the ramp. Grab the chalice,
    and jump back down. Run across the empty pool and find the catapult. Next to
    it is a switch. Press it, and jump into the catapult afterwards to finish.
    3.18 The Ghost Ship         |
    This is probably the most annoying level in the entire game. Anyway, head
    forward into the larger area and kill the pirates. Just a note, the blue
    pirates are the only ones that count toward the chalice. Go up the ramp to the
    left and follow it to get the Moon Rune. Go back to the beginning of the level
    and use the rune. Kill everyone in the room and grab the Star Rune. Go outside
    and to the right. Get across the platforms to the other side. There will be
    rolling barrels and two paths, an upper one and a lower one. The lower has a
    bag of treasure. Grab it if you want, then take the upper one. Use your rune
    and jump off the platform. Kill the blue pirate and another area is revealed.
    Take the lower one (without the rune lock) and avoid the cannons to get the
    Chaos Rune. Go use the rune and jump across the nets. If you fall, you won’t be
    hurt. You’ll be in a lower deck. Kill everyone and go to the door in the upper
    right corner. From there just avoid the cannons and get back to the nets. Once
    you get across, there are two ways to get across the next area. Go down to find
    the quicker but harder route. If you take the other one, jump across the
    platforms and onto the spinning ones. On one side of the spinner there is the
    next area, and on the other a cage. The cage leads to the chalice. Continue on,
    and you will fight four pirates (cannot be killed by blues). You’ll then fight
    more pirates. Continue to fight the Ghost Ship Captain.
    Ghost Ship Captain
    HP: 400
    Preferred weapon: Club
    400 HP doesn’t seem like much, but this guy is hard. To kill him, get out a
    club and light it on fire. Go light cannon with it, and try to time it right
    so that it hits the captain. After a while, the pirates on the floor will get
    up and attack you. Repeat as needed.
    3.19 The Entrance Hall      |
    This isn’t really a level. Just explore and kill stuff until you fill up the
    chalice. You should be able to figure everything out by yourself. If not,
    email me and I’ll write up a guide.
    3.20 The Time Device        |
    Head straight and hit the switch to open the gate, then kill the guards and
    eyeballs. The clocks and sponges won’t hurt you, though. Head left and jump
    across the moving scythe. Take a left down the ramp and move across the
    platforms until you come to the end. Kill the guard, get the rune, and hit
    the switch to open the gate. Use a sponge to jump onto the giant clock in the
    middle of this area, then go forward and place the rune in the lock. At the
    next gate a clock will fall from the ceiling, and display two hand pointing at
    two symbols (this will be referred to as a time from now on). Memorize the time
    and run back to the giant clock. Using the switches at the bottom, create the
    same time as the other clock. The gate is open now, so go in. Avoid the slicing
    machine and continue forwards onto a rising platform. You are now on the upper
    part of the slicing machine. Go right and follow the path until you come to the
    Chaos Rune. Grab it and head back to the circular area. From where you just
    came from, head to the opposite side and follow the path. You will find a pipe.
    Jump in. On the other side, kill the guard and the eyeball. The chalice is in
    this area, so you might as well do this puzzle. In the area with the red
    electricity, hit the switch to turn it off. Adjust the bottom generators to
    create a square. This will break the crystal surrounding the chalice. It will
    also break the energy field surrounding the Earth Rune to your left. Take it,
    and jump back through the pipe. Go to the circular area, and go to the northern
    path. Place the Chaos Rune in its lock and continue. You are now at the train
    station. Find the lock for the Earth Rune and hit the marker for the train so
    that it faces the direction of the open gate (the marker is the straight line
    coming out the side of the train). Jump on the train and get off at the next
    stop. To your left is a giant sponge. Jump up and kill the guards, grab the
    earth rune, and get back on the train. Place the rune in its lock and use the
    same procedure as before. At the next stop, kill the guards and hit the
    switches at the left-most part of this area. The exit is now open and you are
    free to leave, but don’t forget about the chalice. On a side note, there is a
    life bottle at the beginning of the level. Refer to 4.3 for more info.
    3.21 Zarok’s Lair           |
    You finally made it. This is the last level in the game. It’s actually not all
    that hard, either. One suggestion, though: Go to an earlier level and refill
    your Life Bottles. Enter the house and open the chest to your right to get the
    Good Lightning. Step onto the emblem in the middle of the floor to begin.
    Skeleton Army
    HP: N/A
    Preferred weapon: Good Lighting
    This is relatively easy, just zap your troops with the Good Lightning whenever
    they turn red.
    Now that that’s done, you have to fight the Horseman.
    The Horseman
    HP: 1500
    Preferred weapon: Magic Longbow
    Just shoot him over and over. Most of his attacks are unavoidable and do a lot
    of damage. Occasionally he will put a shield around himself.
    Finally, you fight Zarok.
    HP: 1500
    Preferred Weapon: Magic Sword
    He has a shield around him, except when he rears up his head. This is your
    chance to get him. Mostly he just rams you and spews acid. If you run around
    him, there is less of a chance he will hit you.
    If you’ve gotten every Chalice, you get the alternate ending. Otherwise you
    get the normal one. Either way, you beat the game. Congratulations!
    4. Others
    4.1 Key Items               |
    1. Witch Talisman
    This is the only key item you will have throughout the entire game. It is used
    to summon witches. Can be found in Cemetery Hill.
    2. Sheet Music
    Used to obtain the chalice in the Hilltop Mausoleum.
    3. Skull Key
    Can be found in the Hilltop Mausoleum after killing the Stained-Glass Demon.
    Used to open a gate in Return to the Graveyard.
    4. Harvester Part
    Used to activate the harvester in Scarecrow Fields.
    5. Safe Key
    Opens the safe in the Sleeping Village.
    6. Crucifix Cast
    Used to create the crucifix.
    7.Landlords Bust
    Same as crucifix cast.
    8. Crucifix
    Used to open a passage in the church in the Sleeping Village.
    9. Shadow Artifact
    Can be found in the Sleeping Village in a safe. Used to release the shadow
    demons in the Enchanted Earth.
    10. Shadow Talisman
    Found in the Enchanted Earth. Used to find the boss in Enchanted Earth.
    11. Crown
    Used to find the king in the Haunted Ruins.
    12. Dragon Gem
    Found in both Inside the Asylum and the Pumpkin Serpent, these are used to
    obtain the Dragon Armor in the Crystal Caves.
    4.2 Collectibles            |
    1. Treasure Bag
    A small red bag of treasure worth 10 gold.
    2. Treasure Chest
    A small chest that contains 50 gold.
    3. Energy Vial
    Refills some of your life.
    4. Life Bottle
    Adds another bottle of energy to what you can carry.
    5. Amber
    Found only in the Ant's Nest, collecting these and then giving them to the
    witch will get you the chicken drumstick.
    6. Helmets
    Found only in the Pools of the Ancient Dead, collecting these then giving them
    to the reaper will give you entrance to The Lake.
    4.3 Life Bottle Locations   |
    1. In Dan's Crypt, you can't miss it.
    2. In Dan's Crypt, behind a wall that is breakable by the club or warhammer.
    3. On a cliff accessible by using the angel statue puzzle in the Graveyard.
    4. As a reward from Canny Tim.
    5. Near the chalice in Scarecrow fields.
    6. Pools of the Ancient Dead, a small piece of land near the spiked carts.
    7. Given to you in the Hall of Heroes.
    8. The Time Machine, use the clock to open a gate at the beginning of the
    level. To the right of where you start, the energy field must be disabled.
    9. Given to you in the Hall of Heroes
    4.4 Weapons                 |
    1. Arm
    Obtained: Nowhere. It's always with you.
    Alternate Attack: Used as a boomerang.
    Notes: This is the most useless weapon in the game.
    2. Chicken Drumstick
    Obtained: From the witch after the Ant's Nest level.
    Ammo: 30
    Notes: Can turn scarecrows, gatormen, and a few other enemies into pieces of
    3. Small Sword
    Obtained: Dan's Crypt
    Alternate Attack: Holding square will power it up, and releasing will make Dan
    twirl the sword around himself.
    Notes: While it's not very powerful, it's better than most other weapons
    you'll have in the beginning of the game.
    4. Broad Sword
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Alternate Attack: See small sword
    Enchanting Percentage: 100%
    Notes: A more powerful version of the small sword, it can also be enchanted.
    5. Magic Sword
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Alternate Attack: See small sword
    Notes: This is the most powerful melee weapon in the game.
    6. Club
    Obtained: Cemetery Hill
    Alternate Attack: Dan will hold out the club so that you can light it on fire.
    Weapon Percentage: 100%
    Notes: A weaker version of the warhammer, it can be broken if it's overused.
    7. Warhammer
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes.
    Alternate Attack: Charge up for a power attack.
    Notes: A better club, it can't be broken, and can also break down walls.
    8. Throwing Daggers
    Obtained: Dan's Crypt
    Alternate Attack: Charges up the daggers, then releases three of them.
    Ammo: 250
    Notes: This is the weakest ranged weapon in the game.
    9. Spear
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Ammo: 30
    Notes: Next to the lightning, this is the most powerful ranged weapon in the
    10. Axe
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Alternate Attack: Dan will throw the axe like a boomerang.
    Notes: Just a better arm.
    11. Crossbow
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes.
    Ammo: 200
    Notes: Not much to say about the crossbow...
    12. Longbow
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Ammo: 200
    Notes: A better crossbow
    13. Flaming Longbow
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Ammo: 100
    Notes: A flaming version of the longbow.
    14. Magic Longbow
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Ammo: 50
    Alternate Attack: Produces a sonic boom.
    Notes: A magical longbow.
    15. Lightning
    Obtained: Hall of Heroes
    Alternate Attack: Charges up the lightning, then releases it, hitting
    everything in sight.
    Weapon Percentage: 100%
    Notes: A very powerful weapon, but it can't be replenished.
    16. Good Lightning
    Obtained: Zarok's Lair
    Notes: This has an infinite supply. It can also revive your troops, at the cost
    of health.
    5. Legal Crap                                                                |
    This FAQ is copyright 2004-2005 Chris Smith. It may not be copied, reproduced, 
    or altered in any way, shape or form without my express written permission. 
    Only the following sites are allowed to use this FAQ:
    6. Closing                                                                   |
    Well, this is the end. So I'd like to thank the following people:
    GameFAQs, IGN, & Neoseeker: For hosting this FAQ
    You: For reading my FAQ
    Kammy Richards: For reminding me to finish this thing. :p

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