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    Walkthrough by INoble

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    Subject: Medievil Walkthru LONG! SPOILERS!
    From: Iain Noble <71154.3234@CompuServe.COM>
    Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 17:35:43 -0500
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony, uk.games.video.playstation, alt.games.sony-playstation, alt.games.video.sony-playstation, alt.uk.games.video.playstation
    compiled by Iain and Ann Noble (71154.3234@compuserve.com) with help from Micah (zeade@stanford.edu)
    General points
    Kill all the enemies you find.
    Talk to the gargoyles for information.
    Not all the minor pickup items are mentioned, so keep your eyes open.
    Dan's Crypt
    Introducing our Hero - the luckless, and dead, Sir Dan. Don't be put off by his appearance cos by the end of the game you will be really fond of him. Explore, pick up clues from the books and collect the small sword, throwing daggers and the life bottle. Go down the left corridor for the Star Rune which you need for the hand gate. Pop over the stream and open the chest for a copper shield and get the coins. Note the cracked wall which you will be able to smash later, then go back to the gate and head up the stairs.
    The Graveyard
    Wend your way along the path, killing your first enemies, the zombies. Collect the Earth Rune on the right and use it to open the gate further along the path. Despatch more zombies, get the Chaos Rune and coins, then head back through the gate. Go up the steps to open the Chaos Rune doors and head towards the angel statue. Hitting the statue once will open the gates on the right for the Chalice but you won't have enough yet to collect it so continue down the path, past the Skull Gate, until you're told that the Chalice is available. Go back and collect it. 
    Hit the angel twice to open the gates on the other side and get a Life Bottle. Drop down the other side and head towards the health fountain. Splash through the water and get open the chest for a copper shield. Walk over the bridge to avoid drowning in the deep water and make your first visit to the Hall of Heroes. Ignore the sounds of merrymaking from upstairs, as you can't get up there yet, and find your first old friend. (Crossbow). Exit.
    Cemetery Hill
    Head left to hit the skull chest (surprise). Then head up towards the pesky boulders - your first major challenge in keeping our hero alive. Dodge and/or jump them and go up the first steps for a chest with a copper shield. Drop into the compound and then get the club from the chest. Use it to smash one of the rocks (remember it is limited use) in the doorway and then go forward (past the start) through the opposite doorway. Use the club to smash to rock and enter the cave. Bit of nifty footwork coming up - kill enemies, then put the club in the fire outside in order to light it. Rush back in, up the stairs and slam the club into the fire to light it. Quickly switch weapons and kill the released zombies. Collect all the goodies, most importantly the Chalice and the Witch Talisman.
    Go back outside and then up the path past the boulders (ignore the items for now). At the top, get the coins and heal if necessary. Before you exit, go back down the path and pick up the items. Hall of Heroes - Life Bottle.
    The Hilltop Mausoleum
    Walk along the aisle and kill the imps. Get the club from the chest at the far end (not easy to see), use it to smash the coffins and jump into them. Do the one at the upper right last as you will drop down into a tunnel. Smash through the glass and kill imps (don't get too close to them as they steal and you may find yourself without a weapon in your hand). Then break the left red window, smash the spikes (don't get too close) and go down the slope. When you collect the Earth Rune the floor will start to collapse so rush back into the centre area as fast as possible. Now break the purple glass and head up to open the Earth Rune gate. Drop in, kill the imps, collect the coins and then go up the stairs. More imps and a fountain. Go right to get the Moon Rune and then right again for the Chaos Rune. Ignore the organist for the moment.
    Return left and jump down the smashed coffin again. This time break the right red glass, smash the spikes and open the Moon Rune gate. Spikes again, grab the sheet music. Collapsing floor so return to the centre again. Go back to the organist and stand in front of the organ to give him the sheet music. The new tune will reveal the Chalice. Return left, through the room and down the stairs to open the Chaos Rune gate. Push the block along the path until it gets to the heart. (Note: if you do this before you give the sheet music to the organist, you won't get the Chalice). Go back up the stairs to the large stained glas window which turns into your first boss - the Stained Glass Master. His only vulnerable part is the heart, so avoid his attacks and then use the crossbow on the beating heart. After you defeat him, collect the Skull Key. Hall of Heroes - Hammer. After you get this go back to Dan's crypt and smash the wall to get the Life Bottle, and regenerating chests of coins.
    Return to the Graveyard
    On the world map go south and then southeast to this area. RUN over the bridge (otherwise it disappears beneath your feet) and follow the path to collect goodies. Up the stone steps, turn left at the pillar and creep along the grass ledge to get to the fountain, drop down to the path and then open the gate using the Skull Key. New enemies - wolves. Follow the path to the gate, go to the right for coins and then up the slope opposite the bridge for the Star Rune. Go back to the front of the gate to open it and head down the tunnel. Go along the passage to the right of the Chalice (jump up at the end) for items and a merchant gargoyle (on the lower ledge), then push the block along the the ledge and into the water. Jump, don't drop, onto the block and return to the Star Rune gate. Down the tunnel again, head left along the passage, and then collect the Chalice - you should have killed enough enemies by now.
    Go back into the left passage, jump up at the end and push the block into the water. Jump down to it and use the healing fountain as you have a boss battle upcoming. The main tactic against the Graveyard Guardians is defense. Then when they appear in front of you, hit them. When the gates open, exit. Hall of Heroes - chests of coins.
    At this point there is a choice of destinations: Enchanted Earth or Scarecrow Fields. They're both equally tricksy so just take your pick but you will get the broad sword after the Enchanted Earth which should make the Scarecrow Fields a bit easier.
    Enchanted Earth: Ant Caves
    Kill the frogs from a distance, turn left and destroy the plants by the witch's cauldron. Use the witch talisman to summon the witch and she will give you a quest. Accept and she will send you into the ant's nest. Head down the slope, then right, breaking the glass to free the firefly who will ask you to release the other fireflies. Head back and right at the fork. Get the club from the chest and go to the portal. The firefly will open it for you. Enter, go down and then left. 
    Unfortunately you're on your own now cos we can't remember how we got to the Queen Ant. Just explore, killing ants and larvae, collecting amber and freeing fireflies. The patterns on the floors of the open chambers should help you to navigate but you can't get out until you kill the Queen Ant. When you've collected the amber and freed all the fireflies, break the glass in the central chamber and get into one of the more difficult boss battles. Destroy the soldier ants with the hammer and then shoot the queen with the crossbow. When she's dead, exit through the passage where her head was and you will return to the witch's cauldron. She will reward you with the chicken drumsticks; hold onto them as you will need them much later in the game and they are not renewable. If you rescued all the fireflies, you will go to the Hall of Heroes - Broad Sword.
    Scarecrow Fields
     Kill scarecrows, including the spinning ones which are very destructive, for your Chalice count. Go forwards to the pen and move the cart from the right side to get into the area with items and a merchant gargoyle. Back up the path and go through the left gap towards the windmill. Take out the mechanical giant by first shooting his head, and then shoot the man in his back who's controlling him. Pick up the Moon Rune that the giant leaves behind. Head round to the Moon Rune gate, go through and pick up the club and the Earth Rune. Go back up by the windmill and through the Earth Rune gate.  Avoid the windmill blades and use the healing fountain; you'll probably need it. Avoid the scarecrows and pick up the silver shield from the chest. Go on and defeat another mechanical giant to get the Chaos Rune and open the gate. Get rid of the 2 scarecrows and read the book by the barn. Go left round the back of the building and hit the skull chest. The serpent will get rid of the spinning scarecrows for you, although they are credited to your enemy count.
    Explore the paths in the fields for items; don't go into the corn or it will burn you up. Head up to the other windmill and dash through it under the broken blade. Now you have to make your way through all the machinery - watch each one carefully and work out your tactics before you go in. In the fifth one take the path at the top and collect the Harvester Cog. Of course you have to get all the way back, past the windmill and to the barn. In the barn push the bale to the left so you can get onto the ledge at the back, walk round and flick the switch to lower the harvester. Use the Cog and then follow the harvester's path to the Chalice. If you haven't killed enough enemies, go and kill some more. After collecting the Chalice, make your way back through all the machinery circles and take the exit on the right of the final one. Hall of Heroes - chests of coins.
    Another choice of destinations here:
    Pumpkin Gorge
    Follow the path a short way and then head into the tunnel on the right by the branches. Slash at the roots/tentacles above and follow the path down to get the Moon Rune. Then go up the tunnel to return to the path outside. Smash the rocks and go along the path to a clearing. Open the Moon Rune door and run clockwise round the wheel to raise it sufficiently to get the Chaos Rune. Go through the Chaos Rune gates and continue round to the first door which will open. Jump up via the rising and falling mushrooms to reach the right stony path. Follow it to find the Earth Rune and then exit through the door. Head left to open the Earth Rune door and make your way up the spiral ramp. Defeat the pumpkin man at the top to get the Star Rune. Smash the boulder to exit.
    Now make your way back to the mushrooms and this time jump to the dirt path at the top to enter the Star Rune gates. The Time Rune will be on top of a trunk, so destroy the tentacles to lower the trunk and grab the rune. Open the Time Gates and head left, collecting items and killing enemies. When you have enough for the Chalice, make your way back to the path you first started on. Go into the right hand tunnel again and smash the wall next to the merchant gargoyle. This will reveal another tunnel leading to the Chalice. Then go all the way back again to the Time Rune gates and head left to the fork. Go left and up on the mushroom to the exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Spear.
    The Pumpkin Serpent
    Make your way left to the witch's cauldron and talk to the witch. You have to destroy 9 of the pods to wake the serpent so: 1. by the right house, 2. by the arch, 3. go through the arch and take the first path left, 4. back to the main path, by the tentacles, 5. right along the next offshoot, 6 and 7. around the Pumpkin Serpent, 8 and 9. past the Pumpkin Serpent (all this time you will be fighting pumpkin men). Now the Serpent has woken up go and fight it. Hit the skull chests to cause explosions and use your Spear from a distance. Then kill enough pumpkin men to get the Chalice. Go back to the witch and receive the first Dragon Gem. Then jump down the well and go up the tunnel to collect the Chalice. Follow the tunnel to get outside and go past the serpent to find the exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Longbow.
    The Sleeping Village
    DON'T KILL THE VILLAGERS however annoying they are cos it puts your Chalice count down. Anyone you meet before the first guards appear will be a villager.
    Walk down the central street to the fountain - the Chaos Rune is on top of it. Head into the left house and avoid the woman while grabbing the Moon rune. Exit and head into the house ahead to find the Moon Rune gate. Before going through it, push a barrel onto the switch to open the hatch behind the fence. Go through the gate and down the hatch to get the club, then exit right to find the Earth Rune gate. Go upstairs and use the hammer to open the cage with the Earth Rune, and then return downstairs and go through the gate. Flick the switch there and return upstairs where the pedestal has been lowered. Grab the Landlord's Bust. Then downstairs, left, upstairs and back outside. Now the guards appear so you can go on a killing spree, remembering not to kill the villagers. 
    Then go down the steps by the water (near the Moon Rune gate house) and flick the switch to change the water level in the fountain. Go and get the Chaos Rune. Use it to open the library. Read the various books (dodging the annoying villager) and then hammer through the middle bookcase to find the Crucifix Cast. Exit the library and go to the smithy. Put the Crucifix Cast in the hot forge, then the Landlord's Bust and jump up and down on the bellows (just to the left of the forge) to heat it up.
    Eventually the gold Crucufix will appear. Collect it and return to the church. Use the Crucifix at the back of the church to open a secret panel. Get the Safe Key and go to the garden with the pool to go through the newly opened gate. Jump up onto the roofs and drop down the chimney of the main house. Use the Safe Key to open the blue safe and get the Shadow Artefact. Flick the switch to open the gates to the fortress, then exit the garden and head right. After disposing of the four guards, you should have enough points to collect the Chalice so go back to the garden. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Gold Shield.
    The Asylum Grounds
    Four puzzles to solve here as well as fighting enemies.
    Head right through the gate and then right at the crossroads to talk to Jack of the Green. The answer to the first riddle is stars. Return to the crossroads and go left to hit the first star by the Chaos Rune gate, then go over the crossroads to hit the second star. Back at the crossroads, turn right to enter the maze. Head right to find the third star. Return past the maze entrance (not through it), then left at the next junction for the fourth star. Exit and go down the steps for the last star. Return to Jack for the next riddle. Go back into the maze, head left and then left above the steps. Follow the path to find the five sad masks. You have to hit them to alter their positions but they affect one another. So get them all one turn from happy, then quickly hit the top right, bottom left, top left, bottom right, top to make the clown laugh. (This may be the most challenging/irritating puzzle in the whole game).
    Go back to Jack to hear the next riddle, then back to the maze, left and through the right gap before the steps. Get the Chaos Rune and take it back to the gate near the start. Use it and then head over the crossroads to the opened gates. Follow the path to reach the elephant. Then go back to the gate and get the white mouse to follow you, avoiding the grey cats, to the elephant in order to frighten it. Back to Jack for the final riddle, then back to the elephant and the smashed wall behind it. Drop down the hole and then exit the room. Push the three blocks next to the stained glass windows. Go back into the room and stand in the light to be raised out of the maze.
    Return to Jack and then to the elephant for the Chalice. Enter the maze there and turn right at the junction, shooting the hedge man. Hit the chess pieces to move them onto their coloured squares. The exit appears in the centre of the board, so drop down it. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Flaming Longbow.
    Inside the Asylum
    You will probably die here more than anywhere else in the game if our experience is anything to go by. (Try using the chicken drumsticks on groups of enemies). 
    Kill all the zombies to open the hatch and then drop down it. Kill more zombies (use broad sword and power move), while avoiding bombs, to open the exit door. Kill the zombies, then the tougher large ones. Drop down the hatch. Destroy the madmen in straitjackets, heal, buy ammo and get your sword enchanted. Exit. Jump right over the lava stream and hit the skull chest, but jump back across the lava to avoid being knocked into it. Exit through the right gold door and collect the Chalice and the Earth Rune. Free the Mayor and get the second Dragon Gem. Heal up and exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Axe.
    Enchanted Earth: Shadow Demons
    Follow the left path past the cauldron and then turn right at the pool crossroads (slightly difficult to see). Get on the lift, ride it up and then get on the next lift. Jump up the platforms round the tree to reach the nest. Using the shield to defend against the bird's attacks, roll the 3 eggs out of the nest to break them. Pick up the Earth Rune and take the lifts back down again.Go back to the pool crossroads, take a left, then left again at the fork to open the Earth Rune gates. Jump across the stones in the water and use the Shadow Artefact to open the hatch. Enter and step on the floor switches in this order, Fire, Earth , Water, Wind. Get the Shadow Talisman. Exit through the teleport and head through the gates. 
    Go back to the pool and place the Shadow Talisman in the socket just below the fire-breathing demons. Go up the steps and fight the demons. Use spear or longbow but watch out for the platform tilting which can throw you off, and the falling rocks. Heal up and walk along the bridge, then drop down the hole. Kill enough enemies to collect the Chalice, then jump back over the water to the prison to get it. teleport out and open the Star Rune gate to exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - chests of coins.
    Pools of the Ancient Dead
    This level will test your jumping skills to the limit.
    Head left, jump over and talk to the boatman. Jump back, cross the bridge and follow the path. You can't kill the fat knights but you can push them into the water. Jump right to the stone bridge and fight your way to the fountain. Then jump left to the first Helmet. Jump back to the fountain and go round to the left. Hit the skull chest to release the serpent. Head over the first small bridge, then left. Jump to the Helmet. Head round to the Chaos Rune and then onwards to the tree for another Helmet. Jump over the small gap and continue round to the find to find another Helmet.
    Jump to the leftmost land and head back past the stone bridge. Go straight over the junction and get the Helmet to the right. Jump via the small rock (by the Helmet) to the next land (the bridges have been destroyed). Get the Helmet and then go through the Chaos Rune gates. Get the Helmet on the right and then run down the hill and dodge the chasing chariots. Go up the ramp for the last Helmet. Go back to the gates and kill enough enemies to collect the Chalice (you saw it earlier). Get the Chalice and then head all the way back to the boatman and give him the Helmets. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Magic Sword.
    The Lake
    The chicken drumsticks, if you have any left, work well on the frogmen.
    Disembark, head up the steps and along the walkway. You can alter the alignment of the crosroads by shooting the switch but for now turn left for dry land. Go over the right walkway for the Earth Rune. Head into either of the opposite doorways, then through the next doorway. Run to the far left to collect the Chaos Rune in the boat. Then go all the way back to the crossroads. Rotate the junction and go straight over. Follow the winding path carefully until you get to the whirlpool. Head left and heal and then continue round and take the 2nd left path. Activate the Earth Rune machine and return to the walkway. Head left and go down the next path to collect the Time Rune. Then down the next path to activate the Chaos Rune machine. Continue round back to the fountain and heal. Then take the next path to the Time Rune machine and activate that.
    Jump into the frozen whirlpool. Follow the path (notice the wildlife) and exit from the Chalice room. Go right for coins and then over the bridge. Enter the doorway in the building and then go left through the arch to collect the Star Rune. Go back outside and head forward, round the left of the fence. Then right through a doorway and hit the switch which raises the gate to the path leading back to the crossroads. Fight until you can collect the Chalice and then go back to the crossroads and turn right. Make your way back to the Star Rune gate (which you saw earlier when collecting the Chaos Rune) and exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Magic Longbow.
    The Crystal Caves
    And this is the level you were saving the Dragon Gems for.
    Cross the bridge, head right at the junction and talk to the gargoyle. Go through and smash the crystals. Go right at the junction and smash the clear crystal at the crossroads. Head left and collect the Earth Rune (mind the beams), then back to the crossroads and right into the next chamber. Kill enemies, collect items and then continue through the next passage. Heal and then head up the zigzag path. Enter the Earth Rune gate and head through the waterfall. Jump the gap to collect the Star Rune. Insert the Dragon Gems into the carved dragon's head on the wall to wake up the dragon. You can't damage him directly so use the hammer on the ground to make rocks fall onto him. If he sets you alight, jump into the waterfall.
    After he concedes, he'll give you the Dragon Armour. From the waterfall head right into the large room. Make your way carefully round the pool, jumping the gaps and falling rocks, and exit at the back. Then drop down the tunnel at the back to return to the earlier junction. Head left to the Star Rune lock to raise the platform. Head over it but don't exit until you have killed enough enemies to collect the Chalice, which of course is near the beginning. Then exit. Hall of Heroes (door on the landing) - Lightning.
    The Gallows Gauntlet
    Read the book and then go down the passage. Head through the archway and then put on your Dragon Armour and go through the portal of fire. Kill enemies, step on all the floor switches and avoid the serpent. Put your Dragon Armour back on and exit through the fire, running down  the passage to avoid the serpent. Collect all the items from behind the newly opened gates, including the Star Rune. Through one of the gates (opposite the dead dragon) is another floor switch. Step on it to raise the gate in front of the Chalice. Now go through the Star Rune gate and kill enough enemies to collect the Chalice. Get the Chalice and use the green slime exit. Hall of Heroes - Life Bottle.
    The Haunted Ruins
    Gently guide the chickens to the pile of grain closest to the castle entrance. When they've eaten it all the floor switch will rise up, which lowers the drawbridge. Enter the castle and jump up the steps on the left to the walkway. Run and jump left (gaps in the battlements) to collect the Earth Rune, then return right. Kill the flying demon and then run and jump right to reach the courtyard. Equip the Magic Longbow and shoot all the demons before they can get to the floor switch which lowers the captives into the fire. Then use the hammer on the fires to put them out BEFORE you stand on the floor switch. (If you don't save all the farmers, you cannot make your Chalice count).
    Return right and go through the gate. Run left past the cannons and go up the steps to the walkway; follow it to the left and go down the steps into the courtyard. Kill the knights, collect items and enter the Chaos Rune gate on the other side of the courtyard. Through the gate put on the Dragon Armour to walk past the flames. Enter the doorway to find the throne room. Walk right towards to fall through a trap door and land on a ledge. Carefully walk along it and enter the left doorway. Collect the Crown and then leave that room and enter the right doorway. Heal up and then exit left and return to the throne room. Use the Crown near the throne to summon King Peregrine who'll transport you to the floodgate lever. As soon as you hit the switch, a timer will start so get the Earth Rune first. 
    Hit the switch (timer starts), put on your Dragon Armour and push the stone golems over the far ledge (the only way to kill them). Equip your weapon again and run right through the gate. Kill enemies and head back past the cannons to the main courtyard. Enter the doorway at the back to find the Earth Rune lock. Once it's activated, exit and continue left through the gate and up the zigzag path to get the Chalice on the left. Back at the bottom of the path, go past the books and hit the switch to drop a boulder onto the catapult. Then step onto the catapult to be thrown out of the level. (The time is tightish so you might want to explore before you use the Crown so that you know where to go and what the hazards are). Hall of Heroes - Energy Vials.
    The Ghost Ship
    This level is particularly testing for two reasons. The jumps are tricky because of the perspective; and you have to go for the blue-jacketed officers when fighting.
    Head right to the deck to fight the skeletons; if you kill the officers the others will explode. Go up the ramps to the mast to collect the Moon Rune. Then go back to the start to open the Moon Rune gate. Kill enemies and collect the Star Rune. Go to the right of the deck and try to traverse the opening trap doors; if you fall through, just kill the skeletons, avoid the barrels and exit right. Run past the barrels to the fountain. Jump up left to go through the Star Rune door. Drop off by the mast and fight skeletons. Go down the right ramp and run past the cannons to get the Chaos Rune. Return left and open the Chaos Rune doors to the right of the deck. You now have to jump across the springy rope trampolines; but first drop down a hole to kill more enemies, then head left past the cannons to get back to the deck. (Back at the trampolines, press and hold Circle to jump higher). From the right of the trampolines, come down screen and time a series of jumps across the hinged platforms - watch for the pattern first otherwise you will die.
    Heal and then jump to a long blade on a rotating wheel and jump to the right steps. Go up and then up the stairs to kill enemies. Return left to the rotating blade and jump left into the small cage to ride up. Jump right at the top to kill more enemies and then jump back to the cage. It will drop so jump straight up to raise it again. Then jump left at the top to collect the Chalice. Jump back to the cage and via a rotating blade to the steps on the right again. Up the stairs and enter the right doorway to find the Captain up at the top. Now comes a challenging boss battle. You need to set the club alight to fire the cannons at the Captain to knock him overboard; while also battling the skeletons with your sword - some fast weapon changes are required. After defeating him, use the slime exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - chests of coins.
    The Entrance Hall
    After all the excitement of the Ghost Ship, here's a nice simple level with no puzzles just a lot of walking and killing enemies.
    Kill the imps with the Magic Sword and search the orrery for more imps. Head down the tunnel and then left at the junction. Down the stairs and heal, then down the spiral staircase and through the doorway. Head back to the junction, go straight over and down the stairs. Down the next stairs and use the Flaming Longbow on the thieving imps. Get the Chalice and make your way back to the slime exit. Hall of Heroes (upstairs) - Life Bottle.
    The Time Device
    The last level may have lulled you into a false sense of security but this level will really challenge you.
    Flick the switch and kill the guard. Head round to the left and kill the eye, but ignore the flying clocks. Jump past the wrench and kill the guards and the eye and then head left down the narrow ramp. Jump to the green clock face (avoiding the hands) and then jump to the next platform. Go over the bridge, past the pendulum, to another clock face. Again avoid the hands and head over to the next one. Over another short bridge, collect the Time Rune. Flick the switch to open the gate and go through. Return to the entrance and round the other side to kill the guards and the eye. Memorise the time shown on the descending clock when you approach the butterfly gate - this is what you have to duplicate on the large clock face. Use the springy pads to bounce up to it and then use the two buttons to set the right time. Drop off and go through the opened gate - heal. Use a springy pad again to jump up to the clock face and go over the bridge. Go through the Time Rune gate. run past the pendulum and note the time shown as you approach the butterfly gate. Wait for the low blade to pass and then run clockwise to the back to ride up the platform. Head right around the circular platform, jumping the blades, to take the path left. Run past the pendulums and rolling shields to get the Chaos Rune. Return to the circular walkway. 
    Return to the rising platform and straight over it, then up the next right path. Jump into the pipe to go up. Hit the switch (the face) to start a 3 second time limit and hit one of the electric field junctions round to disable the field. Collect the Earth Rune. Return through the pipe and to the circular walkway. Head left to the rising platform and take the path left to the Chaos Rune gate. Enter and open the Earth Rune gate. Then push the arrow to rotate the train towards it. Jump onto the wagon behind the train and ride along the tracks. At the end, bounce up and shoot the guards. Collect the Moon Rune and return to the truntable room on the train. Open the Moon Rune gate and rotate the train to face it. Ride the train along the tracks again. At the end, walk along both sides of the track and hit the switches.  Take the train back to the turntable room. (If you want to collect the Chalice, you have to change the alignment of the four electric junctions so that they will shatter the glass). Go back to the large clock face. Set the time to open the right butterfly gate. Go through and collect the Life Bottle that was under the force field. Then go back to the train and take it to the exit.
    Zarok's Lair
    This level consists of three battles, during the first of which you cannot damage the enemies.
    Enter and collect the Good Lightning and the shield from the chests. Equip the Good Lightning and place the Chalice on the grey circle in the centre. His skeletons will fight yours. You have to keep your skeletons alive so use the Good Lightning on them although this depletes you. Each of your skeletons left standing at the end of the battle will give you an energy vial. Collect the vials to heal and then face the knight on his horse. Use distance weapons on him and avoid his various attacks. Then Zarok appears as a giant lizard. You can only hit him when he rears up so avoid his attacks and the forcefield. Use the Magic Sword on him when possible, otherwise run in circles. Eventually you will defeat him.
    RIP Sir Dan.        

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