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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gbness

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    "You've caused this collapse between...
                                      MEDIEVIL II
                                  An FAQ/Walkthrough
                              For the Sony PlayStation
                          Copyright 2005-2006 Richard Beast
    ...the heart and the synapse." - The Receiving End of Sirens
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Disclaimer
    3. Contact Rules
    4. Basics
    5. Walkthrough
       5a. The Museum
       5b. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
       5c. Kensington
       5d. The Freakshow
       5e. Greenwich Observatory
       5f. Kew Gardens
       5g. Dankenstein
       5h. Wulfrum Hall
       5i. The Count
       5j. Whitechapel
       5k. The Sewers
       5l. Time Machine - Museum
       5m. Time Machine - Sewers
       5n. Time Machine - Ripper
       5o. Cathedral Spires
       5p. Cathedral Spires Descent
       5q. The Demon
    6. Cheats
    7. Credits
       ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    1. INTRODUCTION  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    You may ask, should you be familiar with my work, why am I starting yet another
    new guide instead of working on my Tales of Symphonia guide. Or rather, if you
    know me in a different way, you may be asking me why I'm not getting off of my
    lazy ass and finishing my Medievil 1 guide. Well... that guide is kinda in a
    slump. I'll finish it eventually, but meanwhile I'm a bit busy with some other
    projects. And the fact is, after a guide I recently finished, I wanted to finish
    my ToS guide but couldn't get around to it... so here I am.
    Medievil II is simply an awesome game. It's a fantastic action/platformer when
    you compare it to the stuff that's made these days, and it's got a mix of most
    things you might want. It's got the violence, the green/red blood for the
    hardcore, the platforming for everyone else, the cool weapons for the people
    like me who love weaponry, and... for those who liked Medievil I, the dead guy.
    You may not care what I have to say on the matter, but the idea of having a dead
    guy in charge of things is awesome. So anyways, I've babbled on enough. Hope you
    enjoy the guide. :)
    - Richard "Gbness" Beast
      ~+{X ME2 X}+ -- {  +~+  {    2. LEGAL DISCLAIMER  }  +~+  } -- +{X ME2 X}+~
    You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
    All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
    then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
    you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
    If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
    Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
    on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
    pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.
    Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
    sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
    permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
    me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like
    your site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it
    has to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have
    the luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.
       ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {   3. CONTACT RULES  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    You can e-mail me if there is a question you wish to ask that hasn't been
    answered in the guide, but I REALLY don't want to bother answering questions
    that have already been done, answered, and done again in the guide, if it isn't
    too much trouble. Feel free to tell me if there's something I've forgotten,
    My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace
    the [at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I
    have to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and
    getting me viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich
    ur gides r t3h su><0rz & how du i beat tyrano recxks", and don't ask something
    that's already been answered in the guide, and I'll respond.
    And don't bother sending things like:
    "You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
    sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"
    "What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
    of crap?
    "I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"
    "u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"
    I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
    a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
    through with it too much.
    Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
    or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
    like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
    list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.
          ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    4. BASICS  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    Medievil 2 isn't the most complicated game in the world... basically, after a
    couple levels at the beginning, your home is the professor's lair, and the game
    takes place across the worlds you can get to from there, on your quest to thwart
    evil and all that. And your character is Sir Dan... ancient hero risen from the
    dead for the second time.
    Every level, excluding the boss levels, have an item known as the Chalice of
    Souls to collect, which is transparent until you've defeated all to almost all
    of the enemies in the level. Then find that Chalice to find it clear, and then
    pick it up to claim it. Then once you finish that level, you can return to the
    professor and give it to him, and he'll give you a new weapon. I personally
    recommend collecting all of them, since you have to get all or all but one to
    get the two very best weapons.
    All the weapons you can collect in the game are listed here:
    Small Sword
    The weakest form of sword, and overall far from the best weapon out there. It'll
    get you through the majority of the early part of the game nicely though, but it
    gets much better after you've gotten all the chalices before Wulfrum Hall and
    get the Enchanted Sword, which is an upgrade to the Small Sword and better in
    every way, even when not, well, enchanted. :)
    Similar to the Small Sword, the Pistol is the weakest form of gun weapon, but
    will get you through the first part of the game. It's best when you're facing a
    tougher enemy, or one that you don't want to approach and can handle from a
    distance instead. Obviously weapons like the Blunderbuss and Gatling Gun are so
    much better, but you get my point.
    The normal damage from the Torch is weak. Extremely weak. However, the Torch
    will actually show its power if you put it to a flame and light it. Doing that,
    you can set some enemies on fire, so it's like a slow poison. You can just sit
    back and watch as an enemy dies on its own, occasionally dropping in with a
    Pistol bullet. Otherwise, it's best used for what it is: a torch.
    Cane Stick
    One of the most useless weapons later in the game, the Cane Stick isn't really
    that great to begin with, although if you have it for Kensington, you can finish
    that place with more relative ease. Pull the Cane Stick back and let the energy
    flow from it, and you'll do quite a bit of damage, but I still prefer to use the
    Small Sword in most occasions.
    The Hammer is the first really good/powerful weapon. It's slightly slower than
    the Small Sword or even the Cane Stick, but it damages about as much as both of
    them combined. It also has a small bit of long range in it, in that you can
    charge it and damage all around Dan, as well as what you smack will take a huge
    beating. Great stuff.
    A slightly better version of the Pistol. It's much faster when it all comes down
    to it than the Pistol, but the damage really isn't THAT much greater. All the
    same, it'll make a great replacement for the Pistol, in which is getting a bit
    primitive by the point of the Greenwich Observatory, anyway, and the speed is
    very good.
    The Axe, in my opinion, is one of the best weapons in the whole game. Far better
    than even the Hammer, it competes with even the Magic Sword and the Gatling Gun
    for greatest weapon ever. Plus, it'll prove a whole lot more useful than either
    of them (except maybe the Gatling Gun) against the final boss. I used this a lot
    through the game, and you should too.
    Bombs are single handedly the worst weapon in the entire game, in my very honest
    opinion. They operate just like any other bomb would; you put them on the floor
    and they explode a little later, but few enemies are going to walk into a bomb
    radius, and by then you could have used the Hammer, Crossbow, or Axe to finish
    them anyhow. Stick with anything else.
    Enchanted Sword
    The first "upgrade" type weapon with perhaps the exception of the Pistol and
    Crossbow, the Enchanted Sword can be "enchanted" with energy by the Spiv, in
    which it's quite nearly as powerful as the Magic Sword, but this is only
    temporary, until it goes back to normal. Still, even if it's not enchanted, it's
    much better than the Small Sword, and even replaces it.
    Keep the lightning going at an enemy, and it'll do more damage than perhaps any
    other weapon in the entire game, but there's a catch. You can use it until it
    reaches 0%, but you cannot buy it back. That's right, when you use it all up,
    it's gone forever. Not like in Medievil 1, in which there was a glitch to bring
    it back. Not so here, so use it only in emergencies.
    Flaming Crossbow
    Hahaha, told you that comparing the Pistol and the Crossbow couldn't be done. ;)
    The Flaming Crossbow will put both the Crossbow and the Torch out of business,
    because as the name implies, it'll set enemies on fire once it touches them. I
    barely used it at this point, but who knows, you can make fairly good use of it
    in the right areas.
    I barely used the Blunderbuss, personally, because it really isn't my type of
    weapon. It's like a musket; it fires really powerful bullets, but it's very slow
    and the ammo is quite costly. All the same, this baby can blast just about any
    thing that it touches, so it's best used for taking down strong enemies from a
    distance, although the Gatling Gun is still the best for that.
    Magic Sword
    One of two "ultimate weapons", the Magic Sword is an absolutely splendid weapon
    which can kill just about any early enemy in one hit; two at the very most. It
    looks cooler than any other weapon, and it's superior to the Enchanted Sword in
    every possible way. And the best thing is, it doesn't have to be charged with
    magic. =D Perhaps not as good as the Gatling Gun, though.
    Gatling Gun
    Although it's the last weapon that you'll collect in the whole game, the Gatling
    Gun is my personal favorite. At first it'll appear quite weak... try the zombies
    in the Museum; the Magic Sword can slaughter them in one hit, while the Gatling
    Gun does in three. But it has no less than 999 bullets, so it can go a LONG
    time. Extremely fast shooting, and very powerful when combined. Amazing stuff.
       ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    5. WALKTHROUGH  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    Well, here's the walkthrough. Hope you enjoy reading the walkthrough... and if
    you don't mind, please ignore my sense of humor that may show throughout the
    guide. I tried not to spoil anything, but if I do end up spoiling something,
    then please bear with me. Anyways... here we go.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Cane Stick
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5a. The Museum  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 1/5
    And thus the dead Sir Daniel Fortesque rises after many, many long years... he
    ain't no relic anyway. But anyways, your mission now is to find a weapon and get
    outta here. Bahaha, talk about WORST. MISSION. EVER. Easy enough, though. Just
    leave this room and at the cross there, just head up and break the glass there
    to find a Short Sword. That's definitely better than nothing.
    Now return to the split, and from where you were earlier, take a right to the
    next room. One wonders how a museum is a haven for dead zombies, but that's what
    we've gotta face here. That is, if you want to have a new weapon anytime soon.
    Just slash all the zombies across with your Short Sword, tearing their limbs off
    one by one, and then make the final blow. Once you've done that, go back to the
    entrance and look inside the structure in front of you to find a Museum Key.
    We'll need that in just a moment.
    Having collecting that, head to the left and into the next room, where two
    armored knights break out of their own glass. That at least makes SOME sense.
    Anyway, you may have a bit of trouble beating them, since they're far more
    aggressive than the zombies. Just go slowly at them, slashing and then using a
    Daring Dash to get away from their sword slashes. Basic elementary hit and run,
    Once they're both dead, head up the stairs nearby, to find an Energy Vial near
    the structure there, which will restore a bit of health if you had trouble with
    the Armored Knights. Now go behind the structure to find ten coins. Money, it's
    a hit, don't give me any of that do goody-good bull... right. Head to the left
    and go up the stairs, and then break the glass there to find a Pistol. We DO
    need a long ranged weapon, no? Although I'm surprised. Keeping a gun that easy
    to collect right in public in a museum? That's crazy.
    But anyway, the Pistol is great for some long ranged combat. Now head to the
    room at the right, to find yourself on a circular jump above the rest of the
    Museum. Head to the right and jump over to find another Energy Vial, then jump
    to the right again and Daring Dash through to collect thirty more coins. Hella
    nice! Now, when you reach a locked door, put that Museum Key in it and go right
    Just head right forward to find a ladder that goes a bit to the right once you
    go up, but if you jump right down, you're a dead man. Not that you already
    aren't, but you get my point. Climb down to the bottom, to find a big...
    dinosaur busting its head through a wall and summoning three small little dinos
    called Bonesaurs, and then disappearing. Bahaha, it helps that this dinosaur is
    just a skeleton. We wouldn't want to be THAT strange by going back to the
    Mesozoic Era, right? ;]
    The Bonesaurs are easy enough to take out, although if you leave them be,
    they'll try to jump around and gnaw you to pieces, as well as breathe energy
    bullets at you. Not good. Just handle them quickly, and then this dinosaur (his
    name is Wrecks) will roar so loud in his anger that a statue falls over,
    allowing you to climb up. See? Anger is convenient. Anyway, make your way up to
    find a door and a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Use the latter if needed (probably
    not), but otherwise, go through the door.
    Inside, you'll meet up with two Museum Guards, both of who have big guns. All
    the same, both the guards and the guns are more of the "be slow and do more
    damage" all brute force type, so you can take them by surprise by shooting one
    of them with the Pistol, then using the Short Sword to slaughter them quickly
    before they can make a response, then repeat with the other one. Wusses.
    Go to the next room on the right, to find yourself in the museum's main "hall".
    The crafty thief who happens to sell stuff to you who goes by the name of the
    Spiv, is here if you want to buy some ammo for your Pistol, but I mean, the
    thing already goes with 200 bullets, so that's not necessary. Just go down one
    of the two sets of stairs to find some Bonesaurs in the way. Meh, just slash
    them to pieces.
    In the main hall, you'll find three doors. The one on the left leads to the
    Garden, the one on the right to the Display room, and the one in front of you to
    the Myths & Legends, but it's blocked off by a statue. There also happens to be
    none other than a cannon right in the middle, but let's just ignore that for
    now. First of all, enter the Display Room to the right, to find two Museum
    Guards, and two Armored Knights. This could be a bit bad.
    Since you're bound to get hit anyway, I'd just use the Small Sword here to slash
    through the guards first, and then go on to the Armored Knights. As for them,
    charging it and releasing it may hit them several times, so try and do that and
    they'll end up dead in no time. With that, collect the chest at the back of the
    room to find a Torch. Eh, it'll have its uses soon enough. Now return to the
    hall, and enter the Garden.
    Wow, this is a nice change of sight. The Chalice, which SHOULD almost be filled
    by now, is to the right, but you can't get it yet. Some tombstones will appear
    to the left when you walk over there, each containing a zombie. Also, there's
    another Fountain of Rejuvenation there, so if the Display room got the better of
    you, you can soak up some energy there. Otherwise, just go right for the zombies
    and slash them to pieces with the Small Sword, and if you got all of them, the
    Chalice of Souls should be solid with 100%. If so... go right to it!
    Supposing you did get the Chalice, after you finish the level right after this
    one, you can collect a new weapon afterwards. Once you've taken care of the
    Chalice and the zombies, head up to the upper-left part of the garden, and near
    the bush there, you'll find a Cannon Ball. Alright, who DOESN'T know what we're
    gonna do now? ;) Return to the main hall, and go to the cannon, and just put the
    Cannon Ball in it. Now, for lighting it. Just take the Torch, light it with the
    torches on the pillars here, and just... ignite the trigger.
    That Cannon Ball goes off, blowing the statue in front of the Myths & Legends
    section up! M'kay, supposing you have the Chalice, there's no reason not to go
    inside. Once in, head to the right and climb up the ladder there. We're flyin'
    above the rest, yo? Walk along this floor heading around to find thirty coins
    left there, along with the Dinosaur Key on the other side. Once you have this,
    return to the ladder and climb back down to the floor. There are Museum Guards
    here, but I'd just completely ignore them. Charge through!
    Once at the locked door, open it with the Dinosaur Key, and in this next room,
    you'll meet up with Wrecks again, who will once again make three Bonesaurs go
    after you. Come on, you don't need a strategy for this, right? :) Handle them
    like before, and then the door at the side of the room will open. However, in
    the hole in the wall, you can find twenty coins near the crypt. Eh well, the
    door is open, might as well take it... to the next level! Hahaha.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ 5b. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks  ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 1/5
    In this next part, Winston will prompt you to save. Might as well, since we've
    got a boss fight ahead of us. Just enter the room in front of you, and then the
    bones of a dinosaur gone will rise to form the figure of Wrecks. He ain't no
    Rex, dude...
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Wrecks  ||  HP: 400  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //     ++
    || Wrecks, as the first boss of the game, really isn't too much to deal    ||
    || with, but you should immediately get off the floor below, or he'll just ||
    || charge right at you and slaughter you. Not to mention the fire. So as   ||
    || soon as you gain control, Daring Dash over to the left, making sure     ||
    || Wrecks doesn't hit you. Head up the stairs in this next room, getting   ||
    || some Pistol ammo from the Spiv if needed. But anyway, you'll find none  ||
    || other than a door there, which leads to the top of the previous room.   ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Up here, Wrecks will try and charge you from below, but he's going to   ||
    || fail at doing that. Just let him charge the wall a few times, and then  ||
    || he'll summon some Bonesaurs to help him. Do NOT attack the Bonesaurs,   ||
    || lest you just want to repeat this process. Jump to the floor and climb  ||
    || up Wreck's tail, making sure you move quickly, or the Bonesaurs might   ||
    || just catch you! Just go up his tail and get to his brain, and give a    ||
    || good slash at that to take off 200 HP from Wrecks. Now, just go back up ||
    || to the top of the room, and repeat the process. Easy, right?            ||
    So with that, Wrecks falls into the former bone pieces that he was, but with
    that... the bones reconnect to form the body of a pterodactyl. I think the
    strategy guide summed it up best when it said that Darwin was right. Bahaha...
    alright, let's take care of Wrecks.
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Wrecks II  ||  HP: 400  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //  ++
    || This new form of Wrecks is very slightly harder than the last one, but  ||
    || not enough to be noticeable. Wrecks will fly around trying to drop some ||
    || fire bombs down on you, but those won't do that much damage. All the    ||
    || same, avoid those and go up to the top of the room again, and get your  ||
    || Pistol ready. Wrecks will fly over you, but he won't be doing much.     ||
    || Eventually, he'll call some Bonesaurs, just like the T-Rex did. Easy;   ||
    || while in front of him, fire the Pistol at him. Let the R1 trigger help. ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Just run away from the Bonesaurs while shooting at Wrecks, and then     ||
    || after you've landed eight bullets in his skull (aka 200 HP of damage),  ||
    || the Bonesaurs will shatter and the pattern repeats... except, you don't ||
    || even have to climb back up! Yep, just don't fall off and you can wait   ||
    || for Wrecks to get tired of missing at you, and then call the Bonesaurs  ||
    || and get shot just like before. And with that, the bones fall apart and  ||
    || even explode this time. That's one dead dactyl now.                     ||
    Wrecks leaves a Life Bottle behind, so make SURE you get that. They're quite
    important. So anyway, once that's done, leave through the exit that's closest
    to the Life Bottle, and that's the end of this place, although not the Museum
    After that, you'll be in none other than a pit. Or, rather, the Professor's Lab.
    Right, whatever the game calls it. Head forward and talk to the professor and
    Winston there a bit, and then head to the chalice mark to the right. Supposing
    that you got the Chalice earlier, you'll get the Cane Stick. Told ya. So when
    you're ready, just head left and select to go to Kensington.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\    Chalice Collection - Hammer
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5c. Kensington  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 3/5
    Not the most... peaceful looking of places. Kinda dark, with shadows looming all
    over it. I guess that's part of the genius of this game. Anyway, head forward
    down the street, and you'll see a slightly well dressed zombie pouring energy
    down from his staff, and reviving some normal zombies. I'll just refer to the
    well dressed zombie as a Regal Zombie, but anyways, ignore the fact he's well
    dressed, and use the Cane Stick to send some energy his way.
    Once his zombies are gone, he'll become visible. Now switch to the Small Sword
    and just whoop the piss out of him to rid yourself of him, AND the zombies. A
    good improvement, I'd say. After the Regal Zombie is dead (although he was dead
    before, but you get my point), head straight onward, and go into the little
    "tunnel" there to enter a new area. There's another Regal Zombie with some more
    zombies here, so just do what you did last time.
    After the guys are gone, take a left to find a small little elevator on the
    ground, along with a lever to the left. Hit that lever and then IMMEDIATELY go
    over to the elevator, jump on, and head up into the passage there. So anyways,
    once inside, drop down to the floor and go down to find Winston there, who can
    give you some brief "education" on pushing and pulling things. Right. After he's
    finished talking, find the nearby block, and then use X to pull it out, and then
    put it beside the stack of crates.
    Climb up the crates and get to the top, where you'll find a Depot Key. But in
    any case, head in the passage there, and then a bunch of normal Zombies will
    attack you. But hey, they don't have any help from their Regal lackies, so just
    give them some hell from your Cane Stick, and head down the street, back to the
    area in which we were previously. And from there, just head to the left, near
    the fountain, to find another Regal Zombie. You know what to do.
    After that guy's dead, you can head near the building there and find a Fountain
    of Rejuvenation near it if you like, but just in case you didn't know, that's
    actually the Museum in which you see in front of you. Yup, and that's a part of
    this level. But ignore that for know, just return to the fountain and head north
    from there, to find a gate in which we can insert the Depot Key. Some zombies
    will try and stop you... but they won't succeed right?
    Enter through the door there, using the Depot Key, and once inside, yet some
    more zombies will come to attack you, but. There's a chest to the left with a
    skull and crossbones. Pop that open, and then a lightning ball will arise and
    finish the zombies off. Remember these from Medievil I? Hey, they're better here
    in that they won't pull you back. :) From there, climb up to the left and jump
    into the passage there, and once inside, jump down to the floor. There's yet
    another Fountain of Rejuvenation here if you need it.
    But let's get to business. Head forward and jump up the crates to find a Town
    House Key, but once you get that, the coffins here will open and then the very
    evil Mummies will break out! Oh noes... and the thing that bites is that, these
    are actually TOUGH enemies, especially compared to them puny zombies. What they
    like to do is jump around, claw and bite at you, and then send waves of green
    energy everywhere. They're very aggressive, and take a bit of a hitting to go
    Concentrate on them one at a time with the Small Sword, and reduce them to
    nothing as quickly as possible. Once they're gone, find a small crate at the
    bottom-left of the room, and push it over to the wagon at the upper-right side
    of the room. Just push it up until it won't go any further, and then jump into
    the passage there to arrive in... the room we were previously in. Oh well,
    useful all the same, since we have the Town House Key. Some zombies will attack
    you on the way, but you know the drill.
    Head down the street on the way back to the entrance, looking to your left to
    find a house with a lock on it. When you find it, open it up with the Town House
    Key and enter. This is none other than the house of the man behind the dark
    events that are happening: Lord Palethorn. Winston is right inside in his usual
    state; talk to him and he'll tell you to find clues within this house and then
    go to the Museum -- something's happening there. Doesn't sound too bad. Head
    over to the staircase and go over to the top floor.
    In here, head down and smash all the blocks down, and behind them, you'll find a
    Pocket Watch. Some clues. Well, anyway, just head back down and the door outside
    will open. Now time for some Museum hunting, but first of all, the Chalice. Head
    to the left, back to the main area and past the zombies, then take a right and
    go over to the ladder against the wall. Climb up to find yourself on the
    railroad tracks, where a phantom train is going to take you to the day of your
    Or not. Head to the right across the tracks, to find the Spiv there. Buy some
    Pistol ammo if needed, and ring the bell there, assuming that you have 100%
    completion for the Chalice. If not, question what the hell you're doing and roam
    through the town killing everything in your path. But supposing that you have,
    ring that bell and the train will stop, the Chalice inside it. Just pick it up
    there, and after we get finished with this town, we'll even get a trusty Hammer
    out of the deal later.
    Head to the end of the train tracks, and then drop down from the very end. There
    IS a ladder there, but it's unnecessary. Soak up some juice from the Fountain of
    Rejuvenation if you need to, but otherwise find the ladder there and climb up to
    the roof of the Museum, and that's from where we're going to get in. But before
    you enter, two suspicious characters will exit, one who looks like a dog, one
    who looks like a reptile. Then a ship will pick them up. That look like good
    news? Not to me...
    But anyway, ignoring that, fall in through the roof of the Museum to reach the
    second part of Kensington: the Tomb. Too bad (or actually a good thing) that we
    landed on top of the planters held up from the ceiling and have to jump across
    to the top of the tomb there. If he didn't, Sir Dan would just break a leg. ;)
    Whoops, enoguh babbling. You'll have to carefully make jumps across the planters
    here, making not too long and not too short jumps. If you just walk off them,
    you'll suffer damage. And if you jump off them... well, you'll lose an entire
    Life Bottle. Don't want that to happen now, do we?
    Carefully making the jumps across, finally end on the top of the Tomb,
    collecting "da money" there, and also finding the Spiv there. Yeah, as if we
    need him. Now descend to the floor, having sustained no damage on the way. It's
    only then that four Mummies will break out to attack. Ouch. They're no less
    powerful than they were in the depot, but this might be a little easier since
    there's that big hole in the wall in which Wrecks made, so there's more room for
    the fight. Either way, you can handle them.
    After they're gone, the door to the tomb itself will open... just head inside,
    to find yourself in pitch blackness. However, that's where we have the Torch.
    Sir Dan will automatically light the torch and use it on a sconce a bit forward,
    but that's just one. Light them as you go along, until you reach a Fountain of
    Rejuvenation. Good timing... albeit unnecessary. In the next room, however, we
    meet up with two Mummies, but hey, there's just two. You can see them with the
    green light they'll be emitting, so go over to 'em and light THEM with the
    torch. Then as they burn away, slash them and shoot them. Not that hard.
    Once he's gone, we can go through a door to the upper-left. In there, you'll
    find the game's first and one of its only puzzles. Head down the stairs here,
    your torch still lit, and use the fire to light the sconces at the corners of
    the room, occasionally relighting it there if necessary. Now, the purpose of the
    puzzle is to find three Egyptian artifacts, and this shouldn't be too hard. The
    first thing to do is to find a single crate at one side of the room. Pull it out
    to the center of the room.
    Now find two crates stacked together, and push the single crate up to those two
    to climb up. At the top, you'll find the Scroll of Sekhmet. Not bad. Jump back
    to the floor, and find a three crate stack across the room, and start by pulling
    the single crate out, but not next to the three crate stack. Pull it anywhere
    else so it's not between the two stacks, and then pull the two crate stack out,
    to reveal a Mummy there. Oh well... easily killed with the Torch and Small Sword
    Back to the two crates. Push them beside the two crate stack, then follow up
    with the single crate, pulling it near the two crate stack, to form steps up to
    the top of the room. And there, collect the Tablet of Horus, and jump down to
    the floor. Now find a door somewhere nearby, and NOT one with stairs. Don't go
    in there yet, just pull the crate and two crate stack out to other parts of the
    room, and then pull the three crate stack out and place it right near the door
    Now follow up with the two crate stack and the single stack, and climb up the
    stairs there to find the Staff of Anubis. That took long enough, but you get
    greeted with a single Mummy there. Just completely ignore him and jump down to
    the floor, entering the door finally. In here, head around the room giving the
    artifacts to the statues, until they shine light down on the crypt there, which
    reveals a coffin, and inside is... well, something that I'm sure Sir Dan would
    like. You know what I mean.
    So anyway, with Kensington done, you're back in the professor's lab... talk with
    him and then get your prize for the Chalice: the Hammer of Thor. Trust me when I
    say this is going to come in handy. So with that, our next destination is the
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Crossbow
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5d. The Freakshow ++ ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 2/5
    I guess you could say that the Freakshow is an amusement park, but it's far from
    a pleasant place. It's full of pits with appropriately named Pit Monsters
    inside, Bearded Women who look like they just went out with a serial killer, the
    classic Imps from the original Medievil, Magicians who summon dragons that
    aren't exactly friendly, and mechanical elephants bent on destruction. A one
    sided circle of freaks, pretty much.
    To your immediate right is a Fountain of Rejuvenation, one of many in this very
    level. The left leads to a dead end, so just proceed slightly to get ambushed by
    Bearded Women. Scaaary. Take your Hammer of Thor and smash among one of them,
    and the shock will get to all of them. Then just head back, not letting them hit
    you, charge the Hammer of Thor again, and then finish them. Now go past the
    certain bridge over troubled water there, to find a few more. No problem,
    they're no harder than the last bunch.
    Continue further to get attacked by Imps, who are even easier than the Bearded
    Women. After three of them, collect the coins there, and head a bit further to
    find a gate there. Don't go in there just yet, there's stuff to get beforehand.
    At the fence, take a left past the wagons and into the "tunnel" there, getting
    attacked by our old pals the Imps on the way. Smash 'em and bash 'em around and
    head to the path at the end, where you'll find a free Life Bottle there. Yay!
    Now you have to make a choice. Risk death (but that Life Bottle will save you,
    plus there's a Fountain of Rejuvenation back) with a jump to no less than fifty
    coins lying about, or go the long way back? I personally risked it with the
    jump, as it's nothing compared to the jumps at the top of the second trip to the
    Museum, but if you're not careful, don't expect to be treated. So anyway, the
    next jump from the chest of coins is back to the main area, where the Bearded
    Women came out to play (or kill you and rape you, but whatever).
    Go through that gate I mentioned earlier, to get locked in immediately with an
    old Magician fart, who can summon an illusion of a dragon to attack you. Before
    doing anything, charge your Hammer, and then chase after him. Before he summons
    the dragon, smash him with the Hammer. This won't kill him, but it'll give him
    a fatal wound. However, when he's moving or the dragon is after you, you cannot
    harm him, and he'll summon the dragon pretty quickly. Charge your Hammer, but
    don't do anything yet.
    The dragon is fast, but even with the Hammer charged and not being able to do a
    Daring Dash, I was always one step ahead of him. Eventually, the dragon will
    tire of chasing you and will go back to its master, who will promptly run away.
    What a wimp. When he stops again, let loose of your charged Hammer, and he'll
    die. Poor ol' guy, but we had no choice, right? A door will open at the upper
    right side of this court, so go through there to reach the next area.
    Here are some more Bearded Women, and you don't even have to walk past! Not too
    hard, though. Walk past them (don't Hammer them) and make them follow you up to
    a skull and crossbones chest behind them. Some Imps will join them, which is all
    the better. Just open that chest, and five enemies or so will die immediately.
    Haha, I'm so badass. Walk over to the long colorful thingy on the right, which
    tests your strength. Charge the Hammer to full ability, and give it a good
    Your reward for this is thirty coins, which is better than nothing. What is a
    bit ahead is much better. Enter the game house there (after taking care of a
    Bearded Woman who comes down), which is a friendly game of Whack-an-Imp. The
    first part of this game treats you to whacking eight imps, which is very easy.
    Start from the center, and when an imp shows its head from one of the holes, use
    a Daring Dash and whack it on the head and return to the center. Extremely easy,
    as is the second part.
    The third part, on the other hand, will have a whole bunch of Imps appearing at
    once, so you'll need to be really fast. Feel free to take the Energy Vials that
    occasionally pop up, since the Imp slime can get damaging very quickly. If you
    get off to a good beginning, you can end it very easily. Your reward for winning
    these is Chicken Drumsticks. Errr... right. They'll get more useful later. So
    anyway, with that done, head outside and go a bit north to find Winston there,
    explaining how to bounce on a trampoline. THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.
    Still, you'll make use of trampoline jumping very soon. The trampoline near him
    will take you to the roof of... a barn, I think, but there's nothing on the
    roof. Inside the building, however, is the Spiv. Stock up on Pistol ammo to the
    best of your ability, because you're going to need it very soon. Exit that barn
    and head back to the main area, and follow the unexplored path up to find two
    statues with locks on them (what?) and a locked tent (the hell?). Hmmm.
    First of all, head up the hill past the statues with the locks to find yourself
    at a two way fork. Take a right first of all to soak up a Fountain of
    Rejuvenation, since we're going into a tough room soon. After that, return to
    the fork and take a left to get attacked by a huge bunch of Imps. They're great
    fodder for the Chalice; just smash them around one by one until they don't seem
    to be coming anymore, and then return to the statues and take a left into the
    opened tent.
    Inside, you'll be treated to a Magician with a dragon handy, and three Bearded
    Women. The Magician is the first, primary threat, so start by charging your
    Hammer and chasing him until he stops at a corner. Smash him there, and then you
    get the dragon to deal with. By now the Bearded Women will be on your tail, but
    you can probably slash through them while avoiding the dragon. In fact, you may
    even want to test out your Chicken Drumsticks on them, recovering health at the
    same time.
    So anyway, when the Magician stops again, just charge the Hammer again and smash
    him to death. Annoying room, but tolerable. There's yet ANOTHER Fountain of
    Rejuvenation here; might as well soak it up while you have the opportunity. Take
    the exit at the opposite end, and that's where the trampoline jumping mayhem
    begins. Start with the trampoline in front of you, and jump on it twice to reach
    the upper part of the area. From here... we get to trampoline jump across a
    river full of Pit Monsters. Fun!
    It's not that hard, so long as you don't jump when a Pit Monster ascends. Just
    jump from one trampoline to another, and don't just jump too far as to land in
    the pit, and you'll be fine. When you reach the other side, some Imps will come
    out to play, but we're about to face much bigger fish that need to be fried than
    them. Enter the room at the other side of this cliff, and that's where an Imp
    riding a large mechanical elephant attacks. En garde!
    ++   \\  \\  Boss: Elephant-Bot  ||  HP: 225  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //   ++
    || This guy is covered all over with protective armor, so no luck if you   ||
    || just want to smash it to pieces with the Hammer. However, the Elephant  ||
    || Bot is controlled by an Imp at the back, who isn't protected. First of  ||
    || all, the Elephant-Bot's attacks aren't much. It'll stomp across, which  ||
    || might possibly catch you if you're not careful, but you can avoid this  ||
    || by using a Daring Dash to get between its legs. And other than that, it ||
    || will fire bullets, which aren't too hard to dodge if you strafe.        ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || The Imp is at the back of the Elephant, and the only weapon you have at ||
    || this point which can hit back there is the Pistol. It'll do 15 damage a ||
    || hit to this Imp, so that makes fifteen necessary hits. When the guy's   ||
    || just a bit ahead of one side, Daring Dash between its legs, taking care ||
    || not to hit them (thus taking damage), and fire the Pistol at the Imp. I ||
    || could get in an average of four hits a go-around, so you will only have ||
    || to do this process four times or so before the beast succumbs.          ||
    Once the Elephant-Bot is done with, collect the Elephant Key that it drops, and
    return to the previous area. More Imps will probably come out, and by now, you
    probably have enough juice to collect the Chalice, or if not, you're pretty damn
    close. If you're the latter, jump to the ground nearby, and smash the multitude
    of enemies that you find, and then enter the building nearby, to find some imps
    working on an Elephant-Bot. Don't worry, no boss fight in here. :)
    Slash the Imps across and then jump up the trampoline to the ledge above, to
    find some coins, the Spiv, and a wine glass full of blood. Or, if you want to
    put it one way, the Chalice. Pick it up and then leave this whole building, and
    take the main pathway down. Don't take the upward path over the hill; just head
    down to the bridge, to find a large spinning wave of colors... or something like
    that. Just head to the room past there to find another Elephant-Bot. It's the
    same as the last one, so handle it like you did that one. Overall easy.
    Once it's gone, it'll drop the Elephant Key 2. Alright, remember the two statues
    with the two locks? Return there and put the keys there, and the tent near them
    will unlock itself. And inside it, you'll find yet another Elephant-Bot roaming
    about. It's exactly the same kind of Elephant-Bot as the previous one... but a
    wiser Imp.
    ++    \\  Boss: Deluxe Elephant-Bot  ||  HP: 225  ||  Difficulty: 2   //   ++
    || The different between the Deluxe Elephant-Bot and the normal elephants  ||
    || is that the Deluxe has an Imp shielded with bullet-proof glass, so you  ||
    || have to find another method of damaging it. At the entrance is a Copper ||
    || Shield, which will prove useful, but anyway, this arena is composed of a||
    || ring with three outward steps, with switches on them. Press these, and a||
    || pulley will come down, and that'll hurt something that it lands on, let ||
    || me tell ya. The Imp is no exception.                                    ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || The Deluxe Elephant-Bot roams around the area in a clockwise fashion,   ||
    || and can stomp you and shoot you much like the generics. Stay at one of  ||
    || the platforms with the switches, with the Copper Shield held outward, so||
    || if the Elephant-Bot tries to shoot you, it'll hit your shield. When it  ||
    || walks directly in front of the switch, hit it and the pulley will       ||
    || descend and take off 75 of its HP. Now the Elephant will go berserk and ||
    || run in the opposite direction... you can now repeat the process and     ||
    || defeat it. And as it crashes, a gate leading out of here will open.     ||
    With the Deluxe Elephant-Bot gone, return to where you fought the first Magician
    here, to find the door there open. Well, that's the exit. Whence in the lab,
    speak to the Professor to hear what's going on, and trade your Chalice for the
    Crossbow, which will be incredibly handy in our next destination. From the
    projector, just head on over to Greenwich Observatory.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Axe
    <- \ /  ++ 5e. Greenwich Observatory ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 3/5
    You can barely take a few steps forward before a bird swoops down and steals
    your head. That brings meaning to birds existing in video games solely to annoy
    you. So... you've got "Headless Dan" now, but you can still think, see, hear,
    and act, so it's not really that much different. And fighting, of course. Equip
    the Hammer and Small Sword, and head forward to meet up with some enhanced
    zombies, called Sailor Zombies. After all, the Greenwich Observatory is a sea
    side place.
    Head forward, slashing and bashing some Sailor Zombies as you go across, until
    you find a large blue cross. From a distance, switch the Small Sword for the
    Crossbow, and wait for the green light around you to direct to something on it.
    That, my friends, is another bird. Shoot the useless waste of life to feathers
    and then move on. From there, head past the gate to find the observatory itself;
    except it's locked. Can't get in that way... so head over to the right before
    doing anything.
    There are some more Sailor Zombies here, in which you can easily smash to pieces
    if you beat the last pack. Behind them is a Fountain of Rejuvenation in which
    you shouldn't hesitate to soak up and soak yourself with. Having done that,
    return to the fork near the locked observatory door, and take a left to find
    even more Sailor Zombies, and two chests. One contains a Copper Shield, and the
    other... it's a skull and crossbones chest! Draw the zombies near it and then
    open that, and... enjoy the fireworks show.
    Errr, sorry if it isn't July 4. Anyway, return to the locked door; it's time to
    get your head back. On top of the observatory, there's yet another bird on its
    nest, but there are two ways to handle it. The first is easier, which involves
    taking your Crossbow from a distance, waiting for the green light to get on the
    bird, and then shooting it to pieces for the love of justice. The other involves
    climbing up the ladder and then taking the Hammer on it, which is a bit harder
    and will involve it trying to fly away, but hey, at least you get the honor of
    spitting on the bird (or where it is on the screen) in disgust.
    After the bird is gone (and is never coming back, thank god), climb up the
    ladder there to find your head, and then put it back with L1 + Triangle. With
    that, climb back down to ground level and enter the seaside area to the left.
    Not much sea, however... but anyway, head forward to find a few easy Sailor
    Zombies on the way, and then you're faced with a left-right fork. The left leads
    to a ladder with a bird on top of it. Oh, get real. Take a right here, and a
    short scene will show a Sailor Zombie getting possessed.
    The creatures that can possess zombies (and even you) are called Octomators, and
    they are HARD. Even on Sailor Zombies, in which I'll call Octo-Zombies while
    possessed, they're just nasty. Handle with the Hammer, and try to smash the
    Octomators off their heads. Then when the Octomator is left alone, it may try to
    possess you. If he tries this, struggle by mashing X repeatedly until it leaves.
    But otherwise, use the Hammer to mash it down to a big slobbery green mess. Hah,
    they're even worse than the birds.
    Once any and all Octomators are gone, smash the zombie corpses (ewww), so that
    future Octomators can't use them. Then proceed a bit further, drawing your
    Crossbow, as there's another bird perched on the nearby sign. Stick about six
    arrows into his gut for the better purpose, then head past the loser to find
    another Octomator and the Spiv behind him. The Crossbow or Hammer should work
    well on the Octomator, anyhow. Talk to the Spiv for more Crossbow ammo if it's
    running out, and then head through the nearby arch.
    Before going into the building there, head around it to find a Life Bottle
    there. Any and all opportunities to collect Life Bottles should be taken up as
    soon as possible, and this is no exception. After you've collected that, enter
    the small building, and talk to Winston if necessary. After his intelligence is
    finished, head to the back and put your head in the slot there. That's right,
    you need to use your head, how wonderful. Almost literally. Switch to your
    head's perspective, and then hold L2 and R2 down to see from its point.
    Glad we didn't do this when we were in a bird's talons, right? Anyway, you'll
    see four bars with Roman numerals (i.e. I, II, III, and IV) there, and bars
    filled with them, in usual bar form. There are always the little ticks there
    which can show you how much they're filled, so using this knowledge, go back to
    Dan and flip the switches labeled I, II, III, and IV, until the bars are filled
    as much as the ones inside the slot that your head is in. Once they're all
    matched up, a drawbridge will lower. Eh.
    Make sure to recollect your head, and then head back outside. Before taking the
    drawbridge, hop down to the ground level to find a whole bunch of dead zombies,
    and Octomators everywhere. Make sure to eliminate all of them as to fill the
    Chalice all the more, and to find some more coins. It's a really large area, so
    just search around the ships and ladder to find everything, until your chalice
    is 90% or more. Mine was personally 98% although I'm sure I didn't find every
    single thing, but there's more yet to come.
    Head to the ladder to the left of the large path where you jumped off from, with
    the building and Spiv, and all that. After climbing up, take the drawbridge to
    the ship there, and then jump from ship to ship until you reach a two way fork.
    The left leads to a switch and the Chalice, in which you may be able to collect
    at this point. If not, don't worry, since there are a few more enemies ahead.
    Hit that switch to make a bridge at the bottom of the dried sea rise, and then
    jump over to that.
    You'll have to make a rather large jump here to the next ship, but a very
    manageable one. On that ship, jump to the upper-left for some more zombie and
    Octomator bashing fun. Just slaughter them as you go, as you did the previous
    ones. No harder here, since you're likely getting more and more experienced with
    the Hammer. By now, you should get the Chalice, so if you don't have it, haul
    your bony ass (yup) over to the last ship and get it. Otherwise, head forward,
    into the observatory area.
    Much like Kensington, Greenwich Observatory consists of two parts, but the
    second is probably the tougher but easier. To start off with, we're faced with
    cannons, Sailor Zombies, Octomators, zombie corpses, and even birds. But if you
    can past these, the left side will treat you to a Fountain of Rejuvenation, and
    the right will grant you an Energy Vial. But personally, I decided not to bother
    and just jumped down and took a right into the inner observatory. Much easier
    and quicker.
    Inside you'll find four zombie corpses and a few Octomators, but if you just use
    the Crossbow from a distance, you can totally avoid the zombie corpses and then
    go on to easily beat the Octomators. You'll find a whole lot of switches to the
    right, but don't touch them yet. Instead, go over to the stairs at the back and
    climb up. Don't head all the way up (that leads outside), but take a right when
    possible to find a large machine there, with a slot for something that looks
    like it'd fit your head.
    Now we go on to those juicy switches, but first of all, switch to your head's
    perspective and look around. You'll find a shadow of the tank that your head is
    in, as well as an object there. Using the first two switches on the left, you
    need to move the tank over until it's right above the object there. The first
    switch moving it up and down, the second switch moving it left and right, as the
    signs indicate. The object is in a random location, so I can't specify, but just
    flip the switches until the tank is over the object.
    Use your head to keep checking, and when it's finally there, head to the third
    switch to pick it up. If it's in the right area, then it'll drop the object down
    to the floor for you to pick up. And it is... a Bellows. Not bad, as we're going
    to use it in just a second. Head all the way up the stairs to reach the top of
    the observatory, and then take your torch and light it on the sconce there. Now
    head to the vehicle below and light it with the torch. Now put the Bellows there
    and jump on it. Very similar to the original Medievil's Sleeping Village, eh?
    After that, lift off! A quick scene, and then a boss fight. Me likes.
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Dogman  ||  HP: N/A  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //     ++
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Mander  ||  HP: N/A  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //     ++
    || Dogman and Mander, the two goons from Kensington, are a great duo, with ||
    || Dogman being the all out offensive and Mander being the fast one. The   ||
    || immediate threat, first of all, is Dogman. If you get caught in his     ||
    || paws, he'll stun you and then start punching you. Mander will do        ||
    || absolutely nothing during the first portion of this fight; instead,     ||
    || Dogman will be walking ahead of Mander. Do NOT get caught in Dogman's   ||
    || paws, or you'll regret it, since he's seriously damaging.               ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || If you're low on health, head left from the entrance to find a room in  ||
    || which neither Dogman nor Mander will follow you into, where a Fountain  ||
    || of Rejuvenation and the Spiv will await you. I needed neither, so it's  ||
    || not important. But anyway, as for handling this fight, keep ahead of    ||
    || Dogman, not too close and not too far. Let several shockwaves from the  ||
    || Hammer break through, and you'll damage the both of them. Dogman will   ||
    || be the one to go down first, and that's where Mander starts going nuts. ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Mander will now start swinging his staff out, dealing some minor damage ||
    || to you if it hits, and shooting out fireballs. He's much quicker, but   ||
    || he'll do far less damage than Dogman. Plus, if you took the Hammer      ||
    || strategy, he'll already be seriously wounded. Either some rapid fire of ||
    || the Crossbow or some more of the Hammer will work well, but either way, ||
    || with his pal Dogman gone, it won't be long before he's gone. And while  ||
    || they're both sitting ducks, Dan just walks away. Gotta love the guy.    ||
    Back at your local lab, the Professor gets right to the point. Good, good; I
    don't like to feel like a slave, though. Collect the Axe from him, and he'll
    even comment on how it looks bad. Bah, what does he know. The Axe is the third
    best weapon in the whole game, in my opinion. Only problem is that the two best
    are the two last. Anyways, Kew Gardens is our next destination.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\     Chalice Collection - Bombs
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5f. Kew Gardens ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 2/5
    Before anything really begins, a quick scene with Palethorn and Mander will
    commence, and then we start an area which very much reminds me of Pumpkin Gorge
    from the original. Anyway, take a right and big orange pumpkin will start
    rolling down. Told you it was Pumpkin Gorge all around. Anyway, stay to the
    right and just let the pumpkin roll down, as it's not going to hit you. Once
    it's safe, head to the little pond behind it to find a Potting Shed Key.
    Return to the main path and head upward, to get ambushed by another large
    pumpkin. Just let this one roll as well as you move out of the way, and it's
    no big problem. Now head beyond it to meet up with our main enemies here, the
    Pumpkin Soldiers. They're not that damaging, but they can block your attacks
    easily, and if you find innocent citizens here, they'll try to infect them, so
    you'll need to defend them. Defeat this batch with your Axe. For the best deal
    out of damage, throw it with Square.
    Once they're all gone, head forward to find none other than a Life Bottle there.
    Wow, I'd at least think they'd try to hide such a valuable item... but there are
    some more Pumpkin Soldiers here at least, but hey, they're no match for your
    Axe. Head to the far back area to get attacked by two more Pumpkin Soldiers in
    which are easily defeated, and then use the Potting Shed Key to unlock the door
    there, where you'll find a Water Tank Valve. It'll come in handy later, but not
    Return to the path you were previously on, and then head near the building to
    find a passage going through. Guess there's nowhere else to go... so inside,
    you'll find a huge tree but a garden below, where Pumpkin Soldiers are attacking
    humans. There are three of them; two women near the large Spitting Plants, and
    one man at the back. You barely need to look at the man there, the women are the
    only problem. All Pumpkin Soldiers will drop Antidote, in which you need to use
    on the women if they get infected.
    When otherwise having been healed, throw the Axe at the Pumpkin Soldiers to get
    them wiped out one at a time. Just make sure the women are okay, and handle the
    Pumpkin Soldiers until it gets easier by the minute. Once they're all gone,
    hopefully no innocent souls were lost, or you'll lose some Chalice juice. But
    otherwise, 'tis all good, although there's nothing you can do about those evil
    Spitting Plants... yet. To get back up, start by hopping on one of the leaves at
    the lower part of the tree.
    Climb up, and if you're willing to take a small risk, climb to the top of the
    tree to find fifty coins at the top. But do NOT fall off, or you'll lose a Life
    Bottle or at the very least, suffer an injury. Assuming you're okay and have the
    chest of coins, return to the walkway from whence we began, and follow the path
    past some more Pumpkin Soldiers to a new area. There are some Spitting Plants
    here, but they're not too bad. Feel free to jump all the way down, since it's
    just water.
    Finish some more Pumpkin Soldiers off down here, and then collect the coins
    lying about, as well as soaking up some Fountain of Rejuvenation at the bottom.
    Once that's done, head to the upper-left side and climb up the vines to the
    upper area, and then jump to the cut off bridge on the left side. Now go through
    there to reach another new area, and... Pumpkin Soldiers attacking humans! Oh
    noes... fortunately, though, this is easier than the last one. You know what to
    do by now, and even more so since the Pumpkin Soldiers tend to move together.
    Kill them all quickly, using the Antidote where it is necessary, and you'll
    find two souls saved in no time. There's another tree here, which is even more
    risky than the last one, and at the top is none other than the Chalice. It won't
    be filled at this point, though, so don't bother climbing all the way up. Just
    climb until you can jump to the walkway, and then proceed from there. Ignore the
    Spitting Plants, and circle the area to eliminate any and all Pumpkin Soldiers
    that you find.
    When they're all gone, take the door there out, to find yourself above the very
    first area. Do NOT fall off the platforms here, or you'll have to trek all the
    way back up here. Jump from one platform to the next slowly and carefully if
    need be, then climb up the ladders and continue to the left, until you're on the
    top of the building. There are cracks littered across here, in which you should
    not exactly fall into. But anyhow, there are some coins left about here, which
    should be used for the collectin'.
    After business is done, take the path beyond the cracks to find another huge
    pumpkin, much like the first two at the beginning. Just run back when it starts
    rolling, and stay near the cracks (but don't fall in!) to avoid it, and when
    it's past, continue into the room that it was in front of earlier. You'll find
    the Spiv here, as he has to be just about everywhere. But more importantly, go
    to the pipe at the back of the area with the blue markings, and put the Water
    Tank Valve on it.
    This will cause it to rain in the area where you saved the first three humans
    from the Pumpkin Soldiers, so return to the ladders and platforms (don't jump
    through the cracks) and return to ground level, and then just return over there.
    The Spitting Plants have become, well, regular flowers now. :) Jump over to them
    and then begin to climb the ladders on the wall over to the upper-left, where
    you'll find a flower bed with a Pond Room Valve on top of it. Know what this
    Yep, stuff's abrew. Do NOT jump back to the ground like that, lest you want to
    lose 300 HP or so. Instead, fall off on the bottom-left side. Now go on to the
    second room where you helped the citizens, and climb up to the walkway. Head to
    the right of the Spitting Plants, and you'll find a pipe there with some green
    markings, with exactly the same overall color as the Pond Room Valve... just
    stick it in there to get some rain in here. Yep, now we have some more flowers,
    in here and in the previous room. ^_^
    Climb up the new flowers to reach a ledge containing a lone Hothouse Valve. Now
    return to the floor level (and for good love do not jump all the way down) and
    go to the room with the pond below, a single Spitting Plant in the center which
    has now turned into a regular flower, and the bridge on the left. Jump across
    the flower to reach another cut off bridge, and we get to rescue more captives
    who are getting handled by Pumpkin Soldiers. Oh noes.
    Fortunately, this is the easiest one yet. If you did the last ones, you know
    that the usual throw Axe and use Antidote on the blasted humans works. When
    everyone's free, head to the back side of the area to find a door there (you
    may recognize this place from the scene at the beginning), and inside, jump on
    the table to find ANOTHER Life Bottle. That's right, two Life Bottles in one
    level, but we'll need them for what's coming right up. Return to the last area
    and go to the side with the Spitting Plants.
    Near them is a pipe with red markings, so you should know the drill. Give it the
    Hothouse Valve, and then climb up the Spitting Plants to reach the final area,
    and by far the hardest at that. No humans, but pumpkins through the roof. It'll
    start with just some bouncing pumpkins, but then it turns into Pumpkin Soldiers
    everywhere. Use the Axe to chop 'em all to pieces, letting their souls fill the
    Chalice, until large pumpkins start rolling everywhere! Uh-oh, this could be
    very bad.
    Avoid the huge rolling pumpkins at all costs, as they'll do far more damage than
    the Pumpkin Soldiers can even dream of doing. Handling them from a long distance
    is good, but the best strategy would probably be to stay in the middle, throwing
    the Axe as time goes by, making sure the huge pumpkins don't hit you. Once they
    are all clear, another huge pumpkin comes by and smashes into the statue at the
    northern side, clearing the way... but make SURE you have the Chalice at this
    point. If not, go there and get it now! And with that... immediate next level.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\ Chalice Collection - Enchanted Sword
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5g. Dankenstein ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 3/5
    This is perhaps the most interesting level in the whole game. First of all, it
    consists of two parts, one taking place in the Professor's lab, and the second
    in an arena. So anyway, Winston will meet you at the entrance prompting you to
    save, and he'll hand you the Bombs, supposing you got the Kew Gardens Chalice.
    Meh, we're getting something much better soon. Head to the room on the right and
    hear what's going on, and then we're thrown into a rather disgusting mission all
    in all.
    What we need to do is build a monster by collecting six limbs: two arms, two
    legs, a torso, and a bum (yes, the sixth is no joke). We have eight minutes to
    do the whole thing, so that averages about one minute and a half per limb. We
    can do that. Leave the professor's room, and head into the upper room. There
    you'll meet the Limb Monsters. These are all rather easy creatures, although
    they like to try and block your every attack. Throwing the Axe works pretty
    well, even from just the entrance.
    Before going on to the limbs, though, head up the train tracks nearby, but watch
    out, as a train may come by. Follow the train track to the upper-right, until
    you reach a platform. There you'll find a Silver Shield and a Fountain of
    Rejuvenation in the corner. Now drop down to the floor killing Limb Monsters if
    need be, and drop at the upper-right side to find yet another Life Bottle. Yay,
    they are incredibly good. Now, as for collecting limbs itself.
    All of the items except the Bum can be found by defeating the monster with that
    particular limb, but when you collect a limb, you only have 20 seconds to take
    it back to the Professor. That's much more than it sounds, however, so unless
    you're on the middle of the train tracks you should have no problem getting it
    back. The Bum, however, is much different. Sometimes in the train, you can find
    the winged Bum on top of a train, trying to resist by farting at you (no joke).
    But no problem, just swing an Axe at it.
    When the Bum falls off the train, slash it down with your Axe and then take it
    back to the Professor. Try and get five out of six limbs in before taking on a
    different task... the Chalice. By then, it should be full, so from the entrance
    of the limb collecting area, start by jumping onto the train tracks, and take
    the upper path on the left up to a different area... just AVOID trains, if you
    see them, since they'll push you back and damage you. Follow the linear train
    track until you reach the Spiv there. Good, he'll always helpful.
    Once you've checked out with the Spiv, return to the train tracks and return a
    bit, up to where platforms are about. Start jumping across these platforms 'til
    you reach the Chalice at the end, and then pick dat baby up. Then you can just
    go on to collect the sixth limb, deliver it to the Professor, witness another
    scene, and then begin at the arena, where the Professor's monster, appropriately
    named Dankenstein since it used Dan's head, has to duke it out with Palethorn's
    monster, the Iron Slugger! Fighter game fans rejoice.
    ++   \\  \\  Boss: Iron Slugger  ||  HP: 200  ||  Difficulty: 3   //  //   ++
    || The difficulty of this fight depends on your overall experience with    ||
    || fighters and such... if you're decent at them, like me, it'll be an     ||
    || average difficult fight, probably one of the harder ones, but if you're ||
    || bad at them, expect a very tough fight. Otherwise, it probably won't be ||
    || that bad. Anyway, the Iron Slugger is an all out aggressive creature. If||
    || you just have a straight out head to head fight, Iron Slugger will win, ||
    || so that's out of the question.                                          ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || First of all, let's see Dankenstein's repetoire of moves. You can do a  ||
    || low jab with X, a high jab with Square, and stronger hits with Circle   ||
    || and Triangle respectively. You can block up and down with R1 and R2,    ||
    || headbutt with Square and X simultaneously, and do my two personal       ||
    || favorite moves, the overhead chop and the jaw buster (R1 + Square and   ||
    || R2 + Square) with some beauty. I recommend using the jaw buster until   ||
    || Iron Slugger starts losing some limbs. It'll do a 10 damage a blow, and ||
    || that, if I do say so myself, is quite a lot.                            ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || If you lose both arms, at least, start running away. Iron Slugger can   ||
    || rack damage up on you very quickly, and that shouldn't be something that||
    || you stand for. After a round is over, Dan will get his own piece of the ||
    || action trying to get limbs back, and thus HP. Chase Imps around when you||
    || do this, to see them carrying limbs. Just throw your Axe at them to get ||
    || them back, and then they'll be automatically combined when Kiya holds up||
    || the sign. And you'll get a lot of HP back, as a bonus. And the best     ||
    || thing is, Iron Slugger won't. That's a cheap advantage. =D              ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Once you reduce Iron Slugger to 40 HP or so, he'll just be a torso and  ||
    || head, and this is where he starts getting the most aggressive. He'll    ||
    || start racking a LOT of damage up very quickly, so if you have your arms ||
    || left, pound him with everything that you've got left. Once you get to 50||
    || HP or so, then start running away from him. It doesn't matter how many  ||
    || rounds it takes, as long as it's less than six... just finish him off   ||
    || whatever it takes, even if it does take awhile. Eventually, his HP bar  ||
    || will reach 0, and the fight ends in Dankenstein's favor! Yep yep.       ||
    After that fight, return to the Professor's lab to collect the Broad Sword, or
    the Enchanted Sword. It replaces the Small Sword, but it's MUCH better anyhow.
    Talk to the Professor, who lets Kiya go to Whitechapel, proving he doesn't know
    anything about women. But anyway, your next destination is Wulfrum Hall, which
    is Palethorn's next target.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Lightning
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5h. Wulfrum Hall ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 4/5
    A note before we begin this level... Dan has gained the ability to place his
    head on the hands that wander about, so you may want to go back to The Museum,
    Kensington, The Freakshow, Greenwich Observatory, Kew Gardens, and Dankenstein,
    all of which allow you to find some extra chests of gold and Fountains of
    Rejuvenation and stuff. None of this was particularly necessary to me, so I
    really didn't delve into it too much.
    Anyway, watch the quick scene at the beginning, and then head up to the palace
    itself and ring the doorbell... only to get rejected. Bahaha. We have to find
    another way in, and it's right before us. Find the hands wandering around the
    plaza, and use L1 + Triangle to put your head on one of them. Now head to the
    right of the entrance to Wulfrum Hall itself, and enter the small hole on the
    right. Now we have a little mission of stealth before us... start by jumping on
    the table.
    In the next room is the Front Door Key, which is necessary to open the door, but
    its guarded by a creature called a Renfield. It couldn't care less about you
    until you try and steal the key, though, but start by charging into that room
    and jumping on the table to collect it. Renfield will definitely notice you now,
    so return to the last room and hide under the table. If you're safely under
    there, Renfield will try to get you, fail, and then lose interest and head back
    to the previous room. What a moron.
    When Renfield's gone, step on the switch near the shaft at the upper wall, and
    then immediately jump into it to get taken up to the upper floor of the palace.
    Now head to the bottom right and into the next room, where you'll find a bunch
    of statues of Armored Knights, from the Museum... huh, but they won't move. Head
    into the next room from there (which appears to be a dining room), and then a
    demonic little girl appropriately dubbed the Vamp Girl will run after you. Make
    like the Detroit Lions and lose your way into the room on the left.
    This is a library, in which you have to share with another Vamp Girl... for one
    second. Climb up the books at the upper side, and continue to climb up on top of
    the bookshelf... then jump to the left and exit through the window. Now just go
    over to Headless Dan and give him back the head... whoo, that took long enough.
    :) With that, enter into the palace. At the very ENTRANCE, you'll have to deal
    with four Armored Knights... yep, the statues ignored Dan-Hand, but not Sir Dan.
    Perfect opportunity for the Enchanted Sword.
    Slice them all down to pieces, taking use of the fully charged sword swing to
    hit all of them. They can take a bit of a beating, but they'll go down in no
    time. From here on, there's no point in going to any of the previous rooms,
    especially with the Vamp Girls, so don't bother. Instead, switch from the Broad
    Sword to the Hammer, and find the wall at the right side. Smash the wood down
    there, and then enter through the hole that you've just found. And in here, you
    get the main foyer. Yay, or something.
    Head up the stairs at the entrance to find another Renfield and a Vamp Girl.
    Vamp Girls are like Octomators; they want to be on your head so they can bite
    you to pieces. Struggle if they get on you, but note that you can't kill them.
    As for Renfields, they're slow, so they're one of the only enemies that Bombs
    may work well on. Talk to Winston at the top of the stairs if you want, but
    otherwise, you're faced with four doors, three of them being locked. The one
    that isn't locked is on the far right.
    Collect the chest of coins nearby, and then enter that room to find a boarded
    window, and two coffins. With vampires sleeping inside them, obviously. Use your
    sword and slash the boards on the windows up, to reveal some sunlight. It'll
    fall directly on one of the coffins, making it catch fire and obviously wake the
    errr... contents up. The vampire will run out berserked (hey, he's on fire, who
    wouldn't) but then explode into dust. As for the other coffin, grab it with X,
    and then push it into the sunlight. Easy.
    Once you've done this, a door to the left will open. There are five puzzles in
    this place, that being one of them, but that was by FAR the easiest. The second
    isn't particularly difficult either. Head to the room that just opened, getting
    the Silver Shield along the way. Once done, enter that room to find two more
    coffins to deal with... start by heading over to the right and slashing down the
    boarded up windows, and then pushing the coffin there slightly until it catches
    fire. Good vampire!
    The other one is slightly more difficult... first of all, there's a block pretty
    close by, so push it up near the stationary block. From there, find the coffin
    near the entrance and push it onto that stationary block in the floor, which
    will make it raise up. Good, I need a raise in work myself, but anyway, push it
    onto that block, and then pull it over to the right. With that, just push, pull,
    and work the block and the coffin into the sunlight, and then it'll explode. Not
    too hard, right? The turning point is right up.
    Leave this room and enter the next room that's opened, and in here, you'll find
    a stairway. Where does it go, to heaven, eh? Anyways, get the chest of coins
    near it, and then climb up to find a Fountain of Rejuvenation at the top. But do
    not ring the bell here, or the vampires in their coffins will wake up. Instead,
    find two platforms swinging across, and jump on them to reach the window there.
    You know the drill, use anything to cut it open and reveal some nice open sun
    Return to where the coffins were, and push them one by one onto the floor down
    there. Do NOT push them across the green floor, because for some reason it will
    chime the bell. If this happens, just run away, and they'll get bored and go
    back to their coffins. But anyway, the coffin will break once it reaches that
    floor, so follow behind them and use the long block if necessary to trap them in
    the sunlight. Let 'em burn away, all three of them, and that's one more puzzle
    that we've solved.
    Yet another door in the main hall will be opened... so just return there and
    enter that new one, and you'll find a staircase with a Vamp Girl and Renfield at
    the top, as well as two doors. One of 'em is locked, so you'll have to go with
    the opened one. But BEFORE doing that, look around at the back to find another
    Life Bottle. The seventh so far, but they're all so useful that I can be glad.
    But anyway, take care of the Renfield and torture the Vamp Girl if needed, but
    otherwise enter the door.
    This here is the hardest of the five puzzles here, although it's really not too
    bad. First of all, head over to the lift at the upper-right, and at the top,
    slash open the boarded windows, and then jump the platforms on the left to find
    a coffin, deserving all due pushing. There are two coffins here, but it'll be a
    lot easier if you tackle one at a time, since they'll break when they land, and
    this time we have vampires to lure, not coffins to push. Anyway, with one
    vampire down there, go back down.
    It'll probably land near the entrance, and should this happen, use the small
    block at the bottom to push it into the first area with the little walls. Now
    block it off by leaving the block there, and repeat with the longer block until
    you force it on the lift, and thus, right into the sun. Hahaha... now repeat
    with the other vampire, and by now, your Chalice should be full and the locked
    door in the hall should be open. Try and get the Chalice right now, and then
    return to the door that just opened.
    Once you're in this new and very large room, start by ignoring the coffins and
    heading up the stairs there. Ignore all the rooms in the way, and climb until
    you reach a boarded window... slash it up to reveal the light, and then return
    to the floor. From the entrance, head to the left and drop into the little room
    there, finding a switch and a chandelier. Hit the switch until the light shines
    on the floor, and then head back up and drop into the area with the three
    coffins. Some of the floor here is connected to the bell which will wake the
    vampires up. You could look at the blueprint, but instead, here's the ASCII.
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    | V | V | V | O | O | O |
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    | O | O | O | O | O | O |
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    | O | V | O | V | O | O |
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    | O | V | O | V | O | O |
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    | O | O | O | V | O | V |
     --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Pushing the vampires into a square with a "V" will wake them up, so push them
    all onto the fifth row on squares marked with O, and then push them onto the
    fourth square from left to right on the upper row, and push 'em right into the
    area that the chandelier has brought the sun down upon. Once they're all gone,
    head up the stairs and enter the first room you see to find the blueprint for
    that, and a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Might as well soak it up... cuz just go
    up and into the large opened door with the green trail. Count Dracula time,
    just supposing you have the Chalice.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\      Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5i. The Count  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 2/5
    Yup... inside this lonesome room, talk to Winston at the entrance, and then get
    some stuff from the Spiv if necessary, although ammo will not be required for
    what's ahead, trust me. Just a sword (even if you still have the Small Sword) is
    enough. Collect the coins lying about, and then enter the room and jump onto the
    floor, to meet up with the master of Wulfrum Hall. You can call this guy Count
    Dracula if you want, but it's time for a good brawl.
    ++     \\  \\  Boss: The Count  ||  HP: 500  ||  Difficulty: 3   //  //    ++
    || The Count... very aggressive boss, and probably the toughest one yet,   ||
    || although he's not really THAT hard. Still, you'll want at least two or  ||
    || three full Life Bottles, and a sword ready. Don't bother with the Axe,  ||
    || as you need a fast weapon. Like any vampire, the Count is immune to your||
    || weapons, so you need to use light to get rid of him, and it just so     ||
    || happens that half of his attacks consist of firing balls of light at    ||
    || you, and perhaps for ego reasons, he keeps a bunch of mirrors around.   ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || For the first part of this fight, the Count will fire the balls of light||
    || at you, so find a mirror and slash it until it's directly up. Now stand ||
    || in front of it and wait until he fires, and then Daring Dash away to see||
    || a beam of light reflected at him, taking 64 HP away. When not doing     ||
    || this, the Count will lunge at you, letting bats chew away at you, and   ||
    || going back and forth repeating. Not too dangerous. But wait until he's  ||
    || taken in total 128 damage, and he'll start firing the beams MUCH faster,||
    || as well as dropping bombs of fire everywhere. Very dangerous. Avoid.    ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || So anyway, you may take hits from the beams of light that he'll fire,   ||
    || but it's really worth it, anyhow. Just make sure that the mirrors       ||
    || deflect the light at him, and then he'll take his armor off, and in a   ||
    || rage break open all the windows, and thus, sunlight. Hahaha. Now the    ||
    || fight gets a little different... we have to slash the mirrors so that   ||
    || they shine light on the chandelier at the top, and thus, bring light    ||
    || down to set the Count on fire. Harder than the first part, overall.     ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || First of all, the Count is now done firing balls of light at you. Now   ||
    || he'll just stick to fire bombs and lunging at you with his bats. And if ||
    || you take too long to slash the mirrors, he'll fly to the center and     ||
    || immediately turn them all around. Not good. The best strategy would     ||
    || probably be to stand near a mirror, but not quite, then let him lunge   ||
    || at you and miss, but then you can slash the mirror around, run, and     ||
    || repeat with all four until he gets set on fire and loses 125 HP. Just   ||
    || repeat this process again, and then the Count will be finished. Good.   ||
    After that battle, Dan will just yawn. But anyway, back at the Professor's Lab,
    go to the chalice table for the Lightning... ultra high powered weapon which
    will be very handy... too bad it's very finite. Anyway, speak with the professor
    to hear the situation, and then let's go off to Whitechapel to find Kiya and
    errr... well, you know.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - Blunderbuss
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5j. Whitechapel ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 2/5
    You'll start a bit outside of Whitechapel itself... inside a cemetery, to
    specify. But anyway, take out the Axe and head forward to find one zombie after
    another appearing... easy. Just go around the whole area finding any zombie you
    can, and just throw the Axe at the everyone you meet to kill them all, one by
    one. The Chalice here increases VERY quickly, even if it may be a bit tough to
    find all in all. So anyway, once they're all gone, enter the town itself. Time
    for some fun.
    First of all, the police (called the Peelers) don't exactly like you much,
    unless you act like a gentleman, and that's not exactly easy. Just don't run
    through the area looking suspicious, and it's all good. Head forward a bit to
    try and enter the club, but the guy there won't let you in. To get in, you need
    the following: a Membership Card, a suit, and a beard. Shouldn't be TOO hard.
    Start by going to the right of the entrance, and then head upward to find some
    crates lying about, along with some zombies.
    Slaughter the zombies with your Axe, and then push a crate over to the wall with
    the chipped ladder there. And from there, climb up to the roof and make your
    way across the path to find a passage there... might as well break and enter,
    right? ;) Inside is a Fountain of Rejuvenation, in which you might as well soak
    up. Anyway, we're at the top floor of this building, so head down two sets of
    stairs to reach the bottom floor. In here, you'll meet up with three in total
    Use your Axe and smash them to pieces for a Library Key and a bit of money
    (brother can you spare a dime?). But anyway, before doing anything, find the
    green hands wandering around, and put your head on one of them. Now find a
    little hole to crawl through, and inside, stand on the switch. Once that's done,
    a bookcase in some room will move... hmmm. Rejoin Dan-Hand with Headless Dan,
    and then go upstairs.
    In here, find the bookshelf that moved, and find a Griffin Shield there... no,
    this is NOT an equippable shield, but it does have a different purpose in a bit.
    Anyway, find the locked door here and use the Library Key that you just got, and
    inside, pick up the Silver Shield behind the ladder there, and then climb up to
    find a Membership Card there. Yeah, that's 1/3 of the parts, only two more
    glorious ones to go. So anyway, hop back down to the area with the club... too
    bad the guy won't let you in.
    Anyway, from the club, take two lefts to go through the streets themselves. Take
    a look out for a door in which you can go through, and once you find it, enter
    and smash the crates that you see before you, as well as collecting the coins
    there. Then head to the room at the back, and in that next room, enter the
    dressing room. So when Dan exits... he comes out in a suit! So that makes two
    out of three now, as for the last one, the beard... leave the house and take the
    path you were following earlier.
    Eventually, you'll come to a large court, complete with a locked gate to a clock
    tower. Head to the right at the path end, slashing some zombie gut along the
    way. Try and fill the Chalice if possible; it shouldn't be that hard what with
    the amount of juice that the zombies constitute for, but even if you can't
    manage, there's still something else a bit onward... anyway, enter the opened
    building there, and collect the Flaming Crossbow inside. Excellent projectile
    weapon, its only competition being the Lightning and Gatling Gun.
    Follow the complete path to find a statue of a guy named Isibod Brunel... he's
    the guy whose Membership Card you took, and the reason that we need a beard, so
    screw him. Anyway, stand on the switch in front of the statue, and then a bunch
    of lights will kick on, switches near all of them... all of these lights are
    originally red. Keep one of them that way, and move to the next one. Step on
    the switch once to turn it green, and then step on another switch (either of the
    red ones) twice to turn it blue.
    Red, green, and blue... put the colors together to get white. From that, you'll
    find a Unicorn Shield there... yep, this is another one we can't equip. But
    anyway, head back to the very beginning of the place. That's right, to the
    cemetery. But on the way, you may notice the Chalice... collect it if you can,
    but otherwise, back at the cemetery, find a small building with two empty slots
    at the top, which fit the shapes of a griffon and a unicorn. Heh heh heh... put
    them both in there and it opens.
    Inside... zombies, and a LOT of them. There are about six or so at first, so
    just take them all out in one hit apiece with your Axe, and then none other than
    Isibod Brunel himself will rise from his grave, in the form of a Regal Zombie
    from Kensington... and he'll summon the whole screen forth of zombies. That's
    right, about twenty or so. Your Axe is way too slow for this, so the Enchanted
    Sword is best. If it was recently enchanted by the Spiv, even better.
    Slash through the zombies and get to Isibod, who's going to try and hide. Give
    him all the fury that your sword has to unleash, even if you do take some hits
    from the deal. Or if you're a coward, the Flaming Crossbow you recently got will
    work well. Isibod is fairly resistant, but six to eight hits, and he'll fall.
    The zombies will remain, but they fall fairly quickly without their leader. This
    is the only even remotely tough part of this level, especially compared to what
    you went through in Wulfrum Hall.
    And from Isibod's tombstone itself... collect a Beard inside! Yep, now we have
    all three parts needed to enter the club. Enter Whitechapel and talk to the guy
    there, and he'll let you in. Good guy. Inside, talk to the woman sitting near
    the piano, who will tell you what Kiya is up to. So now we have to go for the
    Ripper, but she'll give you a Life Bottle out of the deal. The Ripper and Kiya
    are at the clock tower, which starting now, has been opened. Remember where it
    If not, it's near the statue of Isibod, from where you got the Unicorn Shield.
    Return all the way back there and head through its gates, to find both Jack and
    Kiya there. In a bit of a rush... some bad stuff happens. After a line from Dan
    that reminds me of the new Star Wars movie, you're back at the Professor's lab,
    but because of stuff that's happened, you can't get the Chalice now. Speak with
    the Professor to realize how stupid he is, and then next level, immediately.
    And it's the worst in the whole game... I guess Dan really does hate himself.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\  Chalice Collection - Magic Sword
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5k. The Sewers  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 4/5
    Winston will give you a Blunderbuss as you enter, which pales in comparison to
    the next two weapons or any recent weapon (in my opinion) but is still fairly
    decent, especially in this level. There are three rats at the entrance, so take
    the Enchanted Sword or Hammer out for some coins, and then drop into the hole
    in front of you, to meet the sewers, by far the hardest level in all of Medievil
    2. Be alert.
    A creature in green/brown called a Mullock is right at the entrance, and he
    needs your help taking out the Octomators that have come to this place. Yep,
    remember the Octomators from Greenwich Observatory? They're back, and they're
    plain deadly. Either the Axe or the Blunderbuss works well against the Sewer Ram
    that the Octomator has possessed. Once it's off, immediately kill it, then the
    Mullocks will get all happy and a door will open to the left. Well, it's our
    only destination.
    Follow the path there and around the small house there, to find a statue of your
    own self, and the king of the Mullocks. Speak with him, and then open the chest
    nearby to get a Gold Shield. Now head over to the left part of the bridge to
    find a much needed Fountain of Rejuvenation there. Yay. Now just head into the
    passage near there, and follow the bridge to meet two Mullocks, both possessed
    by Octomators. Oh, geez. Just slash 'em around a bit with your Axe, then turn
    the Octomators into a big green mess.
    After you're done with the Octomators, enter the room on the left, which has
    some rather shallow water on the right, but a locked door on the upper side, and
    a few hands wandering around. Put your head on one of them, only to be greeted
    by two Octomators. IMMEDIATELY run out of here, as the Octomators are way out of
    your league. Head under the door, and then jump up the pipes on the left. Do NOT
    jump into the deeper parts of the water here, as Dan-Hand will just drown in it.
    Never good.
    Jump from one pipe to the next, and on the other side, step on the switch there
    to open the door where Headless-Dan is. Might as well get your head back now, so
    switch back to Dan and prepare to take on some Octomators. The Blunderbuss and
    Axe are as good as always, but you may very well get possessed here, in which
    you'll need to struggle to break out of. Anyway, once they're gone, make the
    easy trek back to your head, and put it back on. Good, even if we're going to
    need to take it off again very soon.
    Head through the pipe there, and in the very next room, put your head on one of
    the hands. Bahaha. Now climb up the metal boxes and tubes on the left, one by
    one, to reach another small room to enter. In here, head to the left and enter
    the small pipe there. Do NOT go all the way off, or you'll fall right into water
    that's far too deep for you. Anyway, once you're in that pipe, switch back to
    Dan and enter the door there. 
    In here, hit the switch there to move the pipes for Dan-Hand... so promptly, as
    Dan-Hand, enter the new pipes that you've joined with, and then switch back
    again to Headless-Dan. Slash the switch thrice, and then the pipe that Dan-Hand
    is in and a nearby one will be joined... walk to the end of the new one, and
    then back as Headless-Dan, hit the switch three more times again! Heh, just how
    fun was that... on the floor that you can now access, stand on the switch there.
    The pipes that Dan-Hand was walking through have now been lowered, so Headless
    Dan can now cross. Good, that puzzle was annoying enough. Follow the pipe path,
    then climb up and get your head back (literally). After that, climb up the
    ladder to reach a new area, in which you'll almost immediately come to a fork...
    take a left to find Winston and the Spiv. After a brief talk, the Spiv will give
    you a Poster. Huh. Get some ammo if you want, and then head to the nearby room
    to contend with a Tentacle bearing one of five females we need to rescue.
    As for this Tentacle itself, it's a very difficult enemy... it'll constantly
    spit out fire balls for you to block with your shield, and it has several holes
    it can go through to escape. Stand on one side of it, and use the Axe to start
    cleaving its neck. Don't aim for its mouth, as you'll just take a few fireballs
    to the face if you do that. Instead, just go for its neck, and listen for where
    it's going. I can always detect where it is from the sound, so just follow what
    you hear to find it, and slash it. Shoudln't be THAT hard.
    Once the female is freed, she runs off without even giving me a huggy bear. Aw,
    I'm so snubbed now, I think I'm gonna throw myself in the sewers. Oh wait... so,
    anyway, return to that fork and take the other path... which isn't exactly too
    pleasant. Jump to the platform ahead of you, and soon you'll find another
    Tentacle to deal with, who has only one hole to escape from. Just stand near it
    and cleave it with the Axe, and it won't land a hit in. And hey, you get another
    unappreciative female out of the deal!
    Head forward, and at the end here, drop down to meet up with two Octomators, and
    three much needed Energy Vials. Yay. :) Use the Axe to take down the Octomators
    (they'll follow you so you can stay out of range while you finish the little
    bugs), and now climb up the nearby ladder to almost immediately find another
    Tentacle to battle... this one with two holes. Not hard. Stand between them,
    then move between them with the Axe ready, and you can't lose. With three out of
    five females freed, time to backtrack, in a very convenient way.
    Go over to the corner at the other side and head through the pipe there, and in
    there, immediately drop down. There's a bell here in which you can ring, so that
    a Mullock can row you out, but he won't do that for you just yet. Kinda similar
    to Pools of the Ancient Dead in the original. Anyway, take the other path to
    find yourself in the area with King Mullock, which was ACTUALLY our destination,
    coincidentally. See, I'm a genius and all that. So anyways, head into the room
    behind King Mullock.
    Follow the path there to reach a Fountain of Rejuvenation. Good, I value all of
    these very highly. Continue to find some Mullocks and a Sewer Ram that's been
    possessed by an Octomator... run around and throw the Axe to deal with the Sewer
    Ram... they're much easier to take care of than the Mullocks. Once the Octomator
    is out, smash it like you would a forgetful Benedict Arnold, and now let's deal
    with finding the way onward.
    You may notice a passage blocked by rocks at the upper side, and we need the
    Sewer Rams to take care of that. Easy. Just slash the Sewer Rams with your Axe
    in a way so that they're facing the wall, and then they'll smash it. Don't
    worry; you cannot kill the Sewer Rams or the Mullocks. But in the immediate next
    room, we've got another easy Tentacle to deal with... same old, as it's got two
    holes. Once the woman is safe, head into the next room.
    Very aggressive part, this... we have to contend with two Sewer Rams and two
    Mullocks going about, along with two Octomators. Handle one at a time from a
    distance, with your Axe. Or if you've got phobia, head up the ladder at the
    back, and from above, use the Bombs and occasional Axe, but this will take much
    longer. Anyway, once the Octomators are gone, at least head up at that ladder,
    because at the corner, you'll find a Life Bottle... good, I was hoping that
    those weren't going to die off. ;)
    Now anyway, back to the Mullocks and Sewer Rams. Next to the ladder, there's
    another rock wall for the Sewer Rams to dispatch, so go through there when you
    get the opportunity, and you'll find the fifth and final Tentacle, with three
    holes to escape into. Oh well, shouldn't be much different. After the woman is
    safe (five females I've freed, and none of them offered my sweet self at least a
    kiss or something... ACTION!), time for the Chalice! Yep yep.
    Some hands are wandering about here, so put your head on one of them, and enter
    the center hole. Neither of the left or right are worth going through; only the
    middle one is. You'll find the immediate Chalice there... bahaha. Anyway, the
    toughest level in the game is pretty much done with... go back to the area with
    the two Mullocks and two Sewer Rams, and climb up the ladder and enter the room
    at the top.
    Yep, it's a drop to the area with the bell and Mullock boatman... enter the
    vicinity of King Mullock, and after the scene, you'll be given two chests of
    gold, and you can just ring the bell and jump onto the boat to get out. Just do
    NOT fall into the water. :) Once you're back in the Professor's lab, you'll see
    that he's not here... enter the room at the back, and after a quick scene, we
    have a new hope...
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ 5l. Time Machine - Museum ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 1/5
    Talk to Winston right at the entrance, and he'll give you the Magic Sword if you
    got the last Chalice. This weapon kicks the ass off any weapon we have yet seen,
    and only weapon even compares with this weapon (the Gatling Gun, the Lightning
    isn't bad either). Anyway, near one of the statues close to the stairs that lead
    to Wrecks, you can pick up a chest of coins. But anyway, once you've done that,
    head to the upper-left part of the room and head down the stairs there. Beyond,
    here we go.
    Some heavy armored knights will meet you down here, but they are absolutely no
    match for your new Magic Sword. Anyway, start by heading down the stairs there
    and going around to find a Fountain of Rejuvenation. After doing that, find a
    door with a sign near it that reads "Earth", and head through there. In here,
    find a hand, and put Dan's head on it... well, you know the drill. After giving
    it head (WTF), enter the hole there.
    Inside, jump up the stairs there, and you'll find some object on a machine there
    that's meant to symbolize the earth. And I suppose the machines circling it are
    supposed to symbolize satellites, albeit poorly... anyway, you have to jump over
    to that object there, which can be a bit tough, but you won't lose any health if
    you fall. Plus, second jump to the earth machine shouldn't be hard, so with a
    bit of timing, you can do it. On that platform, collect the Time Machine Piece;
    not bad.
    Anyway, head back into the room with that sign, and then head up the stairs
    there to reach the top of the room. Ignore the first door you see; just enter
    the second for another puzzle, this one testing our inner eye... well, you get
    the point. The switches here play music; you need to press them in the order
    they're originally played. There are three, then four, then five, etc., until it
    reaches eight, and after that, you'll get a Time Machine Piece as a reward...
    Return to the last room and continue on the path we were taking earlier, to
    reach another room... this is the toughest puzzle, but still not that hard.
    Begin by standing on one of the switches, and then an alien will come out of
    the holes on the other side of the glass... heh heh. Put your head on one of the
    hands here, and use it to crawl under the crack there. Now avoid the bullets the
    alien will shoot at you, and lure it until it shoots at the rocket at the upper
    left. Which WILL happen.
    The alien will die after shooting the rocket, and take off a piece of it. Now
    rejoin with Dan and stand on the second switch for another alien... uh huh. Just
    repeat this process with three of them, and once they're all gone, get the Time
    Machine Piece that's dropped. And that makes three parts, which is all that's
    needed. So let's end this extremely easy level by going into that room we have
    not entered yet, and inside, putting the parts of the machine on, well... the
    machine. Off we go through time...
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ 5m. Time Machine - Sewers ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 2/5
    The Time Machine can only float through space as of now, so you could say it's
    time to do some surprise stabbing! Oh yeah! Head past the Mullocks at the
    entrance; no Sewer Rams or Octomators to deal with. Head over to that four-way
    bridge fork, and this time, we can enter the building. But before hand, you may
    notice that the Fountain of Rejuvenation from the last trip is there, even if
    you completely soaked it up last time. Get that, and now let's get down to the
    Enter the building in the center, and as soon as you enter, drop through the
    hole on the left. And from here, drop all the further down to find a Time Stone
    lying there... heh heh heh. Just take that, and then a cage drops down on you
    and the Mullocks decide to try and kill you for stealing it. Baha, stealing it?
    I hardly call it stealing when you left it right out there... but anyway, some
    hands will come to your rescue. Since it's our only lead...
    Put your head on one of the hands, and then make your way up the stairs. The
    Mullocks guarding Dan's cage will chase after Dan-Hand, so make your way up very
    quickly. And obviously don't try to fight back, since Dan-Hand can't do a thing.
    Once you're upstairs, escape through the little hole on the left, and you're
    outside. Well... let me just say that news of the Time Stone being stolen has
    broken out fairly quick. As soon as you break out, find the nearby stairs; they
    should be around the upper-left side.
    Once you climb up, enter the building that you entered earlier as a normal Dan,
    and inside, enter the fireplace on the right, standing on the switch. This will
    free Dan from his cage, but only provoke the Mullocks to stab him with their
    spears. But anyway, a door has opened to the left, so just get out of that
    fireplace, and switch to Dan. With the Magic Sword, you can fight off the
    Mullocks a bit, but you cannot kill them (and neither do you want to, really).
    Plus, no Chalice anyway.
    Go up the stairs as quickly as you can, and then you might as well get your head
    back at the same time. With your whole body in one piece, escape through the
    door on the left, and head over to King Mullock's hut. There's a single Mullock
    guarding it, so we need to get through him. Block his spear attack with your
    Gold Shield if you can, but he shouldn't be a problem if you just hack and slash
    away. Then King Mullock will come out, bring that Mullock back with Good
    Lightning, and attack you. And this isn't even a boss fight, sadly.
    So anyway, King Mullock shouldn't be too tough to stun. Just slash away at him
    with your Magic Sword, taking care not to get hit by the guarding Mullock, who
    really isn't that tough anyhow. Once you've stunned the king, he'll drop King
    Mullock's Key, which leads into his hut. Oh well, no better place to go... if
    the other Mullock isn't stunned, don't bother with him, and just break into the
    king's hut. Inside, you'll only be greeted by two other Mullocks. Man, we just
    don't have the time...
    Just break through these Mullocks and enter the room behind them. Inside, you'll
    find a dressing room similar to the one in Whitechapel... just go in there, and
    you've got yourself a handsome Dan dressed up like King Mullock, and Good
    Lightning. Hey, the normal Lightning is already for justice, dumbasses. Alright,
    now head over to the boatman's place, where we left the Sewers last time. Just
    ring the bell and the guy will come over, thinking you're the king... I love it.
    Make sure you don't fall into the water, and we're on our way to the Ripper.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\ Chalice Collection - Gatling Gun
    <- \ /  ++ 5n. Time Machine - Ripper ++  / \ ->-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 2/5
    Not much to do here... right at the entrance, you'll find the Spiv and a
    Fountain of Rejuvenation. You might want to make sure that the Flaming Crossbow
    has some arrows ready to fire, though, since it'll prove a bit useful in this
    upcoming boss fight. So anyway, you're at the end of Whitechapel already. Just
    head through the gates, and... there ya go.
    ++     \\   Boss: Jack the Ripper  ||  HP: 200  ||  Difficulty: 3   //     ++
    || He's not as tough as the Count, but he's in the top three hardest bosses||
    || in the game, and it doesn't help that Jack is the only one you've got   ||
    || here. You have to defend Kiya at the same time, who has 150 HP. Through ||
    || the early portion of this fight, Jack will do next to nothing except    ||
    || chase after you. He's fairly fast, but note that he's transparent, so   ||
    || you can't hit him while he's doing this. Eventually he'll tire, and then||
    || dash over to Kiya, becoming clear (and a bit opaque) at the same time.  ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || When he does this, Kiya will lose some HP, but ignore her and start     ||
    || using either the Lightning or the Magic Sword to deal out massive damage||
    || to him while you can. You should do 50-60 damage or so to Jack, which   ||
    || isn't that bad, but then he'll start going on a rampage, run to the     ||
    || northern side of the arena, and start zigzagging all over to the area.  ||
    || This is incredibly hard to dodge, so I recommend you just use the Gold  ||
    || Shield to block it. And then, go over to Kiya.                          ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || To heal her, use the Good Lightning, but don't completely heal her. It  ||
    || costs your own HP to heal her (somewhat like the battle for Gallowmere  ||
    || at the end of the original), and Jack won't do THAT much damage to her  ||
    || anyway. Not to mention it'll leave you susceptible to Jack's attacks,   ||
    || anyhow. Repeat the usual process until Jack reaches about 50 HP, and    ||
    || then take out the Magic Sword and reduce him a bit while he's shocking  ||
    || Kiya, and now it's time for the Flaming Crossbow.                       ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Normally, it's almost impossible to avoid Jack reaching exactly 1 HP,   ||
    || and then becoming transparent and shooting fireballs down from the sky. ||
    || These are incredibly deadly and very difficult to avoid (not hard to    ||
    || block though), but if you use the Flaming Crossbow just right, the fire ||
    || will take that 1 HP off before he can do this, and he'll be dead. Not   ||
    || THAT hard, so long as you keep your eye on Kiya at all times.           ||
    After some luvvy-duvvy action, the Dan from the past will arrive and shake hands
    with the Dan from the future, and thus the two will merge into one to become
    Super Dan. Protected by golden armor from the Gold Shield, he's now much
    stronger as far as defense goes. Back at the Professor's lab, you'll see how
    time really DID work, and then you can exchange the Chalice for the strongest
    weapon in the game by far: the Gatling Gun. Alright! Now we're on our way to
    stop Palethorn, at Cathedral Spires at last.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ ++ 5o. Cathedral Spires ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 3/5
    Well, we've finally come to the end of the line, after one hell of a ride. Now
    it's finally time to finish it all up... so anyway, the Cathedral is an
    enormous place, but you find the last page of Zarok's spell book, we need to
    find the souls of twelve angels. Also, the door to the Cathedral is obviously
    locked, so we need to get in through the chimney. This isn't too long of a
    level, whether you interpret this as good or bad. So, anyway, let's get this one
    Start by collecting the Gold Shield right at the entrance, then head to the
    right and climb up the ladder there. You'll find an Energy Vial and the much
    needed Spiv there, so stock up on Gatling Gun ammo, as you'll be using it a LOT
    for this place. Once that's done, return to the ground and back at the front
    door of the Cathedral, take a left all around to find a lost soul there; that
    makes one out of twelve.
    Climb the ladder here, and at the right, you'll be greeted by none other than
    a winged Shadow Demon from the original. It'll take four Magic Sword hits and
    about twenty Gatling Gun bullets to take them (but don't forget that the Gatling
    Gun is extremely fast). Personally I think either one works equally well. After
    it's gone, head to the far right, where you'll pick up a chest of coins... very
    Don't climb up the ladder immediately, as a pot poured some yellow liquid down
    is at the top, but to counter this, start climbing a bit and when you hear a
    sound, deflect the flow with your Gold Shield. Shouldn't be too tough. Climb
    over to the one on the right whence possible, only to be greeted by another
    Shadow Demon. After it's gone, head to the right but STOP when you see the
    gargoyle statues. There are three of 'em, breathing fire. Before passing, it may
    be a good idea to take out the Shadow Demons first, though.
    At one time, the middle one or the ones at the left and right will be breathing
    out the fire. So when the middle one is breathing, head closer to that one and
    wait for it to stop, then proceed to the third, wait for that one to stop, and
    continue. Not overly difficult. Two things to note before the last ladder, is
    that there's another pot there, and a chest of coins nearby. Oh well, if you got
    past the last pot, you can get past this one.
    Once at the top, open the chest at the right for a Silver Shield, only to be
    greeted by a Shadow Demon. Finish him off quickly, get another chest of coins,
    and now let's be prepared to cross more gargoyles, except one's above. Pretty
    much the same as last time, just a little strange compared to the last one. At
    the left, anyways, you'll need to block the pot at the top with your shield more
    than once, since it's a long climb. Oh well, shouldn't be any different than
    Now we're at the top of the Cathedral, and behind us is a lost soul. Please do
    not be long... please... *snaps out of trance* Oh, sorry about that. Anyways,
    we need to find three more lost souls in total, so start by heading into the
    rooms to the left and right, just a little bit ahead. Inside each is a lost
    soul, but when you get them, Shadow Demons appear. Three to specify, so two
    weapons work exceptionally well: the Gatling Gun and the Lightning. I personally
    prefer the former.
    After you've explored both rooms, head further to find a ladder and some more
    Shadow Demons. Just use the Magic Sword, bah. But before climbing this ladder,
    head around the back to find a passage there, with the Spiv and a Fountain of
    Rejuvenation there. Good, good, but why oh why did they have to hide the sole
    Fountain of Rejuvenation in this whole place? Anyway, return around and start
    climbing up this ladder, just be alert of the pot's flow of liquid, and even
    worse, the Shadow Demons.
    Continue to move to the right upon this ladder, until you get dropped off on a
    ledge, containing the fifth lost soul (yes!) and a Life Bottle (even more of a
    "yes!"). Get them both as quickly as you can, as you want 'em both, real bad.
    Now just return on the way you were earlier, to the left, and use the shield to
    guard against the liquid flow, in which there's no escape this time. Oh well...
    the chimney door (what?) is just nearby, so go on and enter. No Chalice here.
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\   Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ 5o. Cathedral Spires Descent ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/    Difficulty Level - 4/5
    Alright, here's the single toughest level in all of Medievil 2. The Sewers are
    the only place in the game that can rival this place in difficulty, except the
    Cathedral Spires Descent is far more fun than The Sewers. So anyways, Winston is
    right at the entrance, so after saving, hop onto the chandelier in front of you,
    and take note that this one level is going to test all the ability that you've
    thus gotten to jump, so if you're not experienced, you'd better get that way and
    Once on that chandelier, hit the switch there to take it down, until you can see
    two ledges, each complete with a switch and a lost soul near them. Yes, more
    lost soul collection here, yo. Do NOT lower the chandelier until you're level
    with them; just get above them, since these are very tough jumps and ones that
    aren't entirely necessary to make. From above them, jump to one of them and get
    the lost soul, then hit the switch to get level with the chandelier. Now, this
    is the tough part.
    Get a running start and at the very edge of that ledge (yeah, dig mah funky
    rhymes, dude), make a jump. If you fall, then, well, you lose. A Life Bottle.
    Not good. But even if you do, there's a switch at the bottom anyway. Once you're
    done with this, if you want to play it safe, hit the switch at the bottom to get
    the chandelier next to you, and then hit it several times more until you're
    above that ledge. Once you are, jump to get the next lost soul, then return and
    hit it until you're on the floor. Simple.
    At the floor, anyways, you have to deal with a huge bunch of enemies whom I like
    to call Dark Knights. They have shields, armor, and yep, swords. Just ignore
    them, since there's no Chalice here. There are two ways to go from here, one
    which is really large and one which is really just a small arch... head for the
    small arch first. Inside, pick up the immediate lost soul, only to be attacked
    by a legion of Demon Dogs, some of the toughest enemies in the entire game,
    quite seriously.
    The Demon Dogs can become transparent, as well as lunge at you, and they do a
    shitload of damage, but they have one weakness: the Chicken Drumsticks we got
    from the Freakshow. Just toss one of those and then lure the dogs near it, and
    because the room is so small and there are so many fast enemies, you can expect
    to see three dogs turned into roast chicken soon. And that's a pity, these are
    really nice, fluffy puppies. So anyway, when they're all gone and you get an
    extra 20 HP for each piece of chicken you eat, return to the last room.
    Now go through that door with the large opening, and in here, prepare to face
    the toughest that this game gets. But before anything, eliminate any and all
    Shadow Demons that you can find, since they're going to be incredibly hard as
    we go along. When the way is clear, jump to the lift in front of you, and wait.
    Wait until it's as close as it can be to the ledge on the opposite side of the
    room, and then jump over there. Time to collect a rather important item for
    getting out of here.
    What we have to do here is very difficult for the inexperienced, so if you're
    not good with jumping, this is your worst nightmare. Hop down to the floor and
    speak with the Spiv if you need to, but otherwise hit the switch to level the
    chandelier with you, and then on the chandelier, hit it twice to level it with a
    platform high above, containing an item. This is the jump which will test your
    ability; if you fall you'll either lose 40-50 HP or so, or a whole Life Bottle.
    Can't do with that, now, can we?
    Supposing you can make the jump, which can be done with the help of a Daring
    Dash, collect the Golden Cog there, and then jump back, which shouldn't be quite
    as hard. Now return to the entrance of this room, and return to the last one.
    Time for the REAL jumping action. First of all, hop to the platform that we've
    already taken, and when one of the nearby platforms gets really close, jump to
    it. Do NOT take any risks on this, my friend, or expect to see yourself as a
    relic in a museum 500 years in the future.
    Whichever one you jump to really doesn't matter. When it comes over to a ladder,
    immediately jump over, and climb up. Depending on which one you took, there may
    be a lost soul there, which should be the ninth out of twelve. And as for the
    tenth and eleventh, hop over to that long path in front of you, with the help of
    a Daring Dash (otherwise it's quite hard). Now AVOID the logs, if you value your
    life. They can roll you off the entire walkway.
    Go to the left and right sides, collecting both lost souls, and then use a
    ladder to drop back down. With that, go to the very bottom of the floor, and if
    you want, fight the Dark Knights. Personally, I wouldn't bother. Find a passage
    you can go through down here, and then just take it. Once inside this rather
    glorious room, you'll find a lost soul and, even better... a LIFE BOTTLE! And
    you'll be greeted by six adorable, fluffy newfoundland puppies, who are soft
    and furry. Awww...
    Or actually, it's a bunch of Demon Dogs. This time it's much tougher, since you
    have a much larger room, but still, Chicken Drumsticks will work. When they're
    all finished off with, head to the next room for a bit of a reward in a sole
    Fountain of Rejuvenation. After doing a bit of relaxing, find the nearby gears
    and put the Golden Cog we collected a bit earlier into them. There are some
    hands here, but don't bother with them. By ourselves, we can get our own or-;
    oh, whoops, I've said too much. Never mind. Just hit the switch.
    Another room will be completely flipped over sideways. Huh... so anyhow, just
    enter the room nearby, and inside, head up the stairs that you see for another
    standardized room, along with a hand. Now it's time for Dan-Hand to take some
    action. Jump into the hole nearby, and inside, follow the path and jump off to
    the gear nearby. This is a bit dangerous, so stay cautious and alert as you go.
    Then jump off to the ledge nearby, and after a bit of jumping, you'll find the
    second Golden Cog. Yep, that's another one of them.
    There's a large gear nearby, which is constantly moving. Jump on it when it's
    NOT moving, and it'll take you right out to the room with the gears, where you
    put the first Golden Cog. Alright, now as Headless Dan, return to that room and
    get your head back, might as well. Once you've done that, flip the switch here
    twice. That's right, flip it twice. Now enter the next and improved room that is
    the one before the hole for Dan Hand, and put the Golden Cog on the gears at the
    With that, head to the previous room and hit that same switch twice more. Don't
    worry, that's the end with flipping that one particular switch. :) Now just
    enter the room that you've done all the flipping to, and hit that one switch
    three times. With that, enter the room where you put Dan-Hand into that hole,
    and enter the room that's now been put on your side. Hopefully you have all
    twelve lost souls, because they're needed to conquer a certain demon in here.
    And once it's gone... the Cathedral starts collapsing!
    Now we have one minute to get all the way back to the entrance. Sound completely
    insane? Believe me, it actually isn't, since you wouldn't believe how slow it
    seems the timer goes sometimes. Anyway, avoid falling rocks if they come; there
    are only two particular spots. In the room with all the platforms and ledges
    above (and three lost souls above), head up and then take an immediate right,
    there you'll find the exit to that. And in the room with the chandelier, just
    WAIT on it. Then when it comes down, hit the switch three times, and make your
    way out to the left, careful not to fall off. Now we're out as it explodes!
     /-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-\      Chalice Collection - N/A
    <- \ /  ++ ++  5p. The Demon  ++ ++  / \ ->~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~
     \-+-+<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>+-+-/       Difficulty Level - 4/5
    This is an incredibly short and sweet level, especially for the final one...
    head to the right, through the ruins of the Cathedral, and speak with Winston
    there. Make sure you save, as the two final boss fights are coming right up. In
    the next room, jump right into the arena at the bottom, and after a quick scene,
    Palethorn sics his two lackeys after you, for the second time. Alright, I can do
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Dogman  ||  HP: N/A  ||  Difficulty: 2   //  //     ++
    ++       \\  \\  Boss: Mander  ||  HP: N/A  ||  Difficulty: 1   //  //     ++
    || Yep, the duo is back, and surprisingly, much easier than the last time, ||
    || since the arena is much larger. Mander actually does a bit more here,   ||
    || but he's pathetically easy to dodge. Dogman, on the other hand, is quite||
    || damaging and can easily catch you between his paws. He's overall about  ||
    || three times as hard as Mander, especially being that he'll block lots of||
    || projectile attacks while Mander just sits there and lets you use them.  ||
    || Anyway, your first target here should be Dogman.                        ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || Run around between the two of them, slashing away with the Magic Sword  ||
    || so that BOTH of them take damage. Mander is more likely to take hits    ||
    || than Dogman, but go for Dogman anyway. Eventually, you'll see him       ||
    || knocked out again, and Mander going insane with the cane and fireballs, ||
    || and such. Either the Gatling Gun or the Lightning work incredibly well  ||
    || here, especially the latter. If you have either of them, just keep him  ||
    || among them, and he'll die in a matter of seconds. Easy fight.           ||
    Now enter the room on the right, and proceed into the little niche on the left,
    and Palethorn will show up from the skies, and using Zarok's spell book, will
    summon a great blue demon. So the two are a pair, and we're out to fight the
    final boss at last...
    ++    \\  \\  Boss: Palethorn  ||  HP: 300  ||  Difficulty: 4   //  //     ++
    || This is by far the hardest fight in the game, and it's about a thousand ||
    || times harder than the joke final boss from the original. There are two  ||
    || opponents here, the Demon that Palethorn has summoned, as well as       ||
    || Palethorn himself. The Demon will do most of the dirty work, but only   ||
    || has two attacks, both of which are "achingly predictable" as Palethorn  ||
    || put it. If he raises his head, he'll breathe fire, in which you can just||
    || jump over.                                                              ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || If he moves his head to the left or right, he'll do an even easier to   ||
    || dodge, albeit slightly stronger attack, as in pounding the floor with   ||
    || his fist. He'll never go in random order, so just Daring Dash along     ||
    || when he's stopped, and he'll be easy to undermine. That's when Palethorn||
    || comes along. His bullets aren't too hard to dodge, but when he fires    ||
    || missiles, you're in big trouble. They do massive damage, and will leave ||
    || you very much open to the Demon's attacks. Never good.                  ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || So anyway, as for beating Palethorn, note that he's in his craft, which ||
    || has a deadly shield, so we need to confuse him a bit. First of all,     ||
    || equip none other than the Axe. Most people would prefer the Gatling Gun,||
    || but I find the Axe to be far more efficient. When Palethorn passes by in||
    || his craft, throw the Axe at him once or twice, and then this will make  ||
    || his craft malfunction, and target the Demon, who in response, will hit  ||
    || Palethorn. That's a bit of stupid way to damage him, but it does 75     ||
    || damage in total, so we need to do this process four times.              ||
    ||                                                                         ||
    || As this happens, the Demon will get more and more aggressive. He'll     ||
    || breathe longer waves of fire, so you need to jump among them this time. ||
    || He'll start smashing the floor more, so it'll become more and more vital||
    || that you AVOID his attacks. And as for the missiles that Palethorn      ||
    || shoots, risk anything to not get caught in those. It'll take longer and ||
    || longer for Palethorn to pass, but when he does, blade him with the Axe, ||
    || and he'll turn around and shoot the Demon. Then eventually, the Demon   ||
    || will land the killing blow and return to which it belongs. Thus...      ||
    Yep, the defeat of Palethorn marks the end of the game. But depending on how you
    played it, you'll get one of two endings. Read below to find out which one you
    will get, and with that, congrats on beating Medievil 2! ^_^
          ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    6. CHEATS  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    There are a few codes and minor things in this game in which I know, but hey, I
    don't know everything in the world that there is to know (I come pretty close
    though =P) so if I'm missing something, feel free to e-mail me. With that...
    >> All Codes: With this code, you can unlock just about everything. All levels,
    all weapons, as well as little niches like giving Sir Dan a bigger head... well,
    anyway, to unlock this, hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle,
    Circle, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle,
    Right, Circle, Left, Left. Long code, but I'll be damned if it isn't worth it...
    after you've completed the game.
    >> Different Endings: Collecting all the Chalices has an impact on the ending
    that you'll get. I'm pretty sure that if you get all the Chalices, you'll
    actually get the BAD ending. If you finish without the Gatling Gun, though (and
    might I add this may be hard), then you'll end up with a juicy good ending. And
    cheese. Whatever.
         ~+{X ME2 X}+ --- {  +~+  {    7. CREDITS  }  +~+  } --- +{X ME2 X}+~
    You, obviously, deserve something for actually taking the time to find the URL
    to this guide, actually say "eh, let's see how bad this is", "He's back again?
    Let's read this!", or "Hopefully this can help me in my quest through the game",
    because you deserve something for that. But with that, here are some shout-outs
    to whatever and whomever helped me.
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
    that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
    this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.
    - Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
    write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
    very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.
    - Psycho Penguin: Two reasons really. He was great help and motivation in the
    course of writing this guide, and he let me kick his ass. That really helped me,
    - Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The Beatles, and
    many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't believe this
    guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.
    - All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
    best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
    ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
    supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
    Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
    definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
    anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
    you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.

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