What is the best strategy for acquiring money?

  1. Please be descriptive & thorough. The other question just says: "Nino ruins." That's no answer.

    User Info: MercenaryCrow

    MercenaryCrow - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go to Nino Ruins. Not the one with the key, the one with the refractor. When you enter the ruin, the first enemy you'll encounter will either be a trapped treasure chest, or a frog. If it's a frog, leave the ruins and enter again. Keep doing this until it's a trapped treasure chest. Walk forward until you're in a room with 2 shielded enemies on your right hand side. Go down the hallway they're guarding. Follow the hallway til you get to a branch and take the left instead of going forward. Open the door. There will be a large golden bird. Kill it, get zenny. Leave the room. Enter it again. Every time you leave the room it will spawn again, so just keep doing it til you have enough money for whatever you need. I recommend having the S Class license, you'll receive significantly more if you do.

    User Info: MaverickZero526

    MaverickZero526 - 6 years ago 0 0

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