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    Sara FAQ by Zetsaber

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    MegaMan Legends 2
    Sara FAQ
    For the Sony Playstation™ game console
    Developer/Publisher: Capcom USA
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is created for personal use only. This document is 
    not to be used in any way for profit. This document is also not allowed 
    to be used in any way by "ripping-off" parts of it and entering it in 
    your own FAQ/Walkthrough. This FAQ/Walkthrough is also not to be used 
    as a guide in the making of your own. It is advisable that you do your 
    own research and planning in order to gather sufficient information to 
    create these documents on your subject.
    Table of contents
    I.	Introduction
    II.	Information on Sara
    a) Basic storyline background on Sara
    b) Sara's attacks and forms
    III.	Preparation and strategy in the fight against Sara
    a)	First form, Armored Sara
    b)	Final form, Mother Unit Sara
    IV.	Closing Remarks
    V.	Credits
    VI.	About the author
    I. Introduction
    Hello. I am Zetsaber. That is all I shall be called for now. This FAQ 
    is for the purpose of beating the last boss, which I think is the 
    hardest. She is the Mother Unit known as Sara. In this FAQ I will 
    explain a few things about how to defeat both her forms and some 
    frequently asked questions about Sara. Please be informed that this FAQ 
    contains some minor storyline spoilers. So please do not read the 
    indicated storyline elaboration if you wish to see the story yourself.
    Sara is far more complex than the last enemy in MegaMan Legends 1. She 
    has more attacks and she has a better tactical system. More 
    importantly, many of you may find the final form of Sara incredibly 
    harder than the first… assuming that you DID in fact survive the first 
    form. I myself had a hard time beating her first form, thus the 
    creation of this FAQ.
    I can be contacted by the following means:
    ICQ UIN #: 101849017
    MSN/email address: endless_hatred@hotmail.com
    AIM: Weapon Zetsaber
    If there are any complaints about any of the information listed in this 
    FAQ or if you would like to add to it, then you may contact me in this 
    way. In addition, I am also a starting regular in the gamefaqs.com 
    message board. You may also contact me there.
    II. Information on Sara
    A.	Basic storyline background on Sara
    Sara is Megaman Trigger's long time rival. She was jealous of 
    Trigger being so close to the Master. She wanted to be close to 
    the Master, yet she was restrained to the System and was unable 
    to do so, since she was too loyal to it.
    Sara thinks that by destroy Megaman Trigger it would enable her 
    to understand the Master. In the end she would realize that she 
    was wrong…
    B.	Sara's attacks and forms
    1.	First form, Armored Sara
    a)	Diamond Shard- an attack in which a blue hue of 
    light surrounds her and 5 small diamond-shaped 
    shards appear above her. She then waves her 
    hand(or hands) downward towards the ground and the 
    shards beam downwards towards the floor, one after 
    another, making large blue beams come out of the 
    places the hit. It causes some medium damage if 
    b)	Flame Blitz- an attack in which Sara is covered in 
    a red flame, shield-like dome on the front. She 
    then flies at you in a fast speed, supposedly 
    hitting you. It causes medium to large damage on 
    you, depending on how exactly it hits you.
    c)	Electric Shockwave- an attack in which she holds 
    her hands out towards you, creating waves of 5, 
    nicely spread yellow- colored electric balls, 
    shooting towards you. She does this 5 or so times 
    in a row. Afterwards, she changes her tactics. 
    This does large damage to you, no matter how 
    you're hit.
    d)	Flame Spread- probably the most annoying and 
    devestating attack Armored Sara has. Here, she 
    appears, making the screen turn red, lowering the 
    gravitational force in the room. Triangular bombs 
    appear around her and spread out after a few 
    moments. She then flies up, then comes crashing 
    down, causing a firey shockwave to rise up from 
    the impact of Sara's fall, spreading out to all 
    corners of the room. What's more annoying about 
    this attack is that the bombs home in on you, 
    making it harder for you to avoid it. This causes 
    major damage to you by either the shockwave or the 
    2.	Final form, Mother Unit Sara
    a)	Teleport- not really an attack, more like a way 
    to confuse you. She uses this to cancel out 
    your auto-targetting, making it harder to hit 
    her. It stops after a few seconds, with her in 
    another part of the fighting arena. She then 
    changes her tactics.
    b)	Split Laser- an attack in which she rises up 
    above you and points her underside towards the 
    platform. Many lasers then begin to come out. 
    As they continue to shoot out towards the 
    ground, not stopping, she also continues to 
    move towards you in an attempt to hit you. It 
    eventually stops. It causes only medium damage.
    c)	Volcano Explosion- an attack in which she 
    spreads her hands out wide, causing bursts of 
    fire to explode from under your feet. They 
    follow you while you run around trying to avoid 
    them. This should remind you of one of Juno 
    final's attacks. It causes medium damage.
    d)	Laser Blast- I HATE this attack. In this attack 
    she puts her hands to her sides and a ball of 
    energy comes out of her chest. After 3 seconds, 
    it comes out at you, following your direction. 
    So if you're on the floor, she'll shoot from 
    side to side on the floor, and if you jump, 
    she'll shoot for side to side in the air. It 
    took me 2 weeks to understand the patter of 
    this attack. You'll understand in the next 
    section. This attack causes too much damage, 
    from 6-9 units of damage, depending on your 
    armor. If you have full armor, it takes off 6 
    units. See? This is why it sucks. She's too 
    e)	Dark Matter- I HATE this attack too. Well not 
    really an attack, just a way to stop or hinder 
    you from making any moves. She puts her hands 
    to her chest and a black sphere of energy 
    emanates from her hands. She then shoots it 
    towards you. If it misses, a swirling section 
    in which it hits remains, sucking you into it. 
    If you're caught, it hinders movement, allowing 
    Sara to do what she wants to you. Of course you 
    can get out of it or you can wait for it to 
    dissipate… but you'll probably be dead or half 
    dead by the time you escape.
    f)	Flight- an attack where she flies towards you 
    in an attempt to hit you. She's also cheap in 
    this way. Deals medium damage if you touch her.
    III. Preparation and strategy in the fight against Sara
    	A) Preparing	
    In preparing for the fight against Sara, you must have the 
    Homing Missile special weapon equipped. It should be upgraded to 
    it's near maximum, if not it's maximum. Your buster should have 
    maximum atk. The rest of the buster's stats should be at level 4 
    or 5 just enough for you to be a rapid shooter and a semi-
    invincible blaster. You must also have enough range to reach Sara 
    from afar in both forms. 
    Sara does not cause any special status ailments so you 
    don't have to worry about using the medicine canteen. As for the 
    energy canteen, it's advisable that you have 60-70 units. You'll 
    be losing a lot of life in this battle. Also, be sure you have 
    the item for special weapon recharging. You'll need it.
    I'll be referring to the attacks she does according to the letter 
    assignment I've given them above in section II.B 1 and 2. Also, take 
    note that Sara(in both forms) has no fixed tactical system and she 
    could do anything. This section is just to give advice onto how to 
    actually hit her in her different attacks and forms.
    	B) First form, Armored Sara	
    When the battle first starts, begins shooting at her until 
    she finally dissapears. She does this teleport all the time 
    before reappearing and doing one of her attacks. Just hold L2 and 
    you'll automatically lock onto her no matter where she is. When 
    she reappears, she'll do either attacks a, b, or c. Once you 
    damage her high enough, she'll do the same tactics except that 
    after 3 or 4 times she'll do attack d. 
    If she does attack a, just keep shooting her and running to 
    the right side until she drops them to you. You'll instantly 
    avoid the attack. If she does attack b, run immediately away from 
    her and jump to either side as she is just about to hit you. You 
    won't be able to avoid it if you're too close or your timing is 
    all wrong. You'll only get 3 or 4 shots before she comes at you. 
    If you plan on attacking her while she charges for it, then go 
    right ahead and do it. Hell, that's what I did. When she does 
    attack c, you must run towards the right, jumping towards the 
    right as the electric wave is about to hit you all while hitting 
    her with either your buster or your Homing Missile. 
    When she does that annoying attack d, you're gonna have to 
    be prepared for it. She'll do this attack 3 times before the 
    gravity returns to normal. Just as she reappears, begin shooting 
    her with the Homing Missile until you indirectly destroy at least 
    1 of those bombs. Then when she starts to float up, stop shooting 
    and be prepared to time your jump over the shockwave that comes 
    up when she lands. It'll be hard to jump over the wave, but once 
    you understand the timing of it you'll get the hang of it. Do the 
    same tactic for the next 2 times she does it. Eventually you'll 
    win against her, but unfortunately for you, you have the 2nd and 
    final form to attend to…
    	C)Final form, Mother Unit Sara
    This form is too cheap. She'll begin by using attacks a, c, 
    d or f. When she does a, don't hold L2. Instead, stand still 
    until she stops teleporting around the outside of the area. Then 
    use L1 and R1 to look around and find her. She'll do c or f more 
    often than d for now. To avoid c, all you have to do is run to 
    the right. If you run out of room, run downwards and to the left. 
    If you end up running in front of her shoot her while you run. As 
    for attack f, you can probably roll away from that attack at the 
    last moment. If you don't know how to do a roll it's L1/R1 + X.
    She should be doing attack d by now. As she begins charging 
    for the attack, move towards her. Be as near as possible while 
    shooting at her with the Homing Missile or buster. Make sure 
    you're NOT at the VERY EDGE of the area. In other words, be 
    close, but not TOO close. When she finally shoots the beam, run 
    backwards quickly without changing the point of view. Once you 
    reach the other end of the area, look to see if it's about to hit 
    you. If that's about to happen, jump up quickly. It SHOULD make 
    her change her aim upwards then it will dissipate.
    As her damage increases, she should be using her other 2 
    attacks by then. She'll probably first do attack e, then she'll 
    do another attack, most likely attack b or d. If, in the 
    unfortunate event that you are caught in attack e, jump out of 
    it's field. When avoiding d with attack e's effect still active, 
    do NOT go into the "zero field"(the attack's point of impact). 
    Just do the same thing just not stepping into the "zero field". 
    As for attack b, with or without the "zero field", attack her as 
    she begins levitating above your head. Just make sure you watch 
    the lasers as she begins charging. When it shoots out, run the 
    heck out of her underside and run away. You can't roll away from 
    the lasers so your best bet is to stay away from her when she 
    begins the attack. If you follow these tactics, then you'll 
    definitely be able to defeat Sara. Good luck!
    IV. Closing Remarks
    	I thank you for taking the time to reading my FAQ. I hope that 
    you will be able to put this FAQ to good use. It took me a lot of time 
    for me to do this but I was able to finish it. I really do hope that 
    you appreciate my FAQ. So until my next FAQ/Walkthrough, we shall meet 
    - Zetsaber
    V. Credits
    Capcom for it's creation of such a good sequel to an already great 
    My parents for their undying love and protection to me for all these 17 
    years of mine.
    Samantha, my girlfriend, for her continual support and love to me. I 
    love you hun! =)
    And lastly, gamefaqs.com and it's owner Jeff "CjayC" Veasey for putting 
    my FAQ up and their endless support to me and other videogamers out 
    there in the world.
    VI.	About the Author
    	Zetsaber lives in the beautiful area of San Diego, California 
    with his mother, father and 2 brothers. He is currently studying in San 
    Diego State University under the course of Computer Science. He was 
    born August 17, 1983. He is, like many San Diego residents, a filipino. 
    This is his first FAQ.
    Megaman Legends 2™ is a registered trademark of Capcom, co. LTD. 
    MegaMan Trigger and Sara are copyrights of Capcom USA all rights 
    reserved. Playstation™ and its accessories are all registered 
    trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment America.
    MegaMan Legends 2: Sara FAQ copyright 2000 Zetsaber.

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