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    Game Script by Estil

    Version: 5.0 | Updated: 08/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: Estil Rumage
    GameFAQs Handle: Estil
    Email: estilrumage@hotmail.com
    Version 5.0
    Use Microsoft WordPad with Times New Roman (Western) 10 font for best 
    Copyright 2003
    I. Introduction
         A. Purpose of FAQ and Spoiler Warning
         B. Version Changes
         C. Hosts
         D. Credits
    II. Mega Man Legends 2 Transcript
         A. Instruction Manual
         B. Tutorial
         C. Pre-Game Story
         D. Intro Stage
         E. Yosyonke Pad
             1. Before Visiting Junk Shop
             2. Roll Finds Dropship
             3. Calinca Tundra
             4. Abandoned Mines
             5. After Abandoned Mines
             6. License Tests
         F. Forbidden Island
         G. FIRST KEY--Pokte Village at Manda Island
             1. Pokte Plains
             2. Manda Ruins
             3. Pokte Village
             4. Mayor's Quizzes
             5. Presentation of First Key
         H. SECOND KEY--Ruminoa City at Nino Island
             1. Nino Island
             2. Nino Island Invasion
             3. Calbania Island
             4. Back at Nino Island
             5. Nino Ruins
             6. Presentation of Second Key
         I. THIRD KEY--Kimotoma City at Saul Kada Island
             1. Kimotoma City
             2. Saul Kada Ruins
             3. Presentation of Third Key
         J. FOURTH KEY--Calinca Ruins at Yosyonke City
             1. Return to Yosyonke Island
             2. Calinca Ruins
             3. Back at Yosyonke City
             4. Presentation of Fourth Key
         K. MegaMan's Origins
         L. Elysium
             1. Defense Area
             2. Side Area and Center Area
             3. Mother Zone
         M. Library
         N. Good and Bad MegaMan
             1. Normal MegaMan
             2. Bad MegaMan
             3. Good MegaMan
         O. Data Quotes
         P. Flutter
             1. Deck 1
             2. Development Room
             2. MegaMan's Room
             4. Barrell's Room
             5. Barrell's Files
             6. Roll's Room
             7. Roll's Diary
             8. Deck 2
             9. Deck 3
         Q. Sulphur-Bottom
             1. Deck 3
             2. Deck 2
             3. Deck 1
             4. Bluecher's Office
             5. Servbot Guests
         R. Menu Descriptions
         S. Item Descriptions
             1. Items
             2. Key Items
             3. Letters
             4. Special Weapons
             5. Body Parts
             6. Buster Parts
         T. ENDING
    Greetings and welcome!  This is my sixth FAQ and is based this time on Mega 
    Man Legends 2 for the PS1!  My previous two transcripts were of The 
    Misadventures of Tron Bonne and Mega Man Legends 1, so it is only natural 
    that my next big project would be to do a transcript on Mega Man Legends 2 
    to complete the trilogy!
    You would think that since this is a much bigger game than Legends 1, that 
    this transcript would be even harder, but because the quotes on each island 
    don't change nearly as much as they did in Legends 1, that helped make the 
    job a lot easier in a way.  It was a little hard getting the last few 
    quotes, since some can only be revealed under very special circumstances.  
    Plus, I also was a lot more motivated to do this transcript because Reeve at 
    the MegaMan Network (www.megaman-network.com) just started a Legends section 
    (and other MegaMan series also; he used to focus exclusively on the X 
    Series), and thus he was counting on me to help him have all three 
    transcripts hosted on his site.  Consequently, I was able to complete 
    Version 1.0 of this transcript in less than two weeks.
    SPOILER WARNING: Because this is a transcript for this game and because it 
    covers EVERYTHING from start to finish and even includes the ENDING, DON'T 
    read this if you don't want to spoil the story and/or ending for yourself.  
    If you don't mind spoiling it for yourself or if you've won the game and 
    want to see what you've missed, then go ahead and enjoy!
    5.0 (8/5/03)--Added several more quotes that I over looked before, including 
    what Roll says if you visit Forbidden Island after completing it.
    4.0 (3/13/2003)--Added a Data quote I overlooked before (what he says after 
    Forbidden Island but BEFORE you visit Bluecher) as well as the usual 
    spelling/grammatical error fixing.
    3.0 (10/4/2002)--Gave proper kudos to JohnLiter for giving me the Class SS 
    License description and fixed some Yuna quotes that I accidentally labeled 
    as Sera quotes.
    2.0 (8/21/2002)--Added a new host (Rockman Dash!) to the Host section.  I 
    added a Buster Parts section to transcript the Buster Part descriptions.  I 
    split up the Tutorial Section by rooms to make it easier to read.  Plus, I 
    added what Roll would say in the Development Room if you have one Special 
    Weapon ingredient but not both.  Added the correct description for Class SS 
    License (thanks, JohnLiter).  Also fixed several spelling and grammatical 
    errors pointed out to me by Link_z1 (from GameFAQs).
    1.0 (7/31/2002)--Very first writing of this transcript!
    These are the websites that are authorized to host my transcript.  If your 
    website is not on this list, then you do NOT have my permission to host my 
    transcript.  If you'd like to request permission, then please have the owner 
    of the website request it via email.  No form emails, please.
    1. GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    2. MegaMan Legends Network (mmlo.megaman-network.com)
    3. Rockman Dash! (www.rockmandash.com)
    4. NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    1. Capcom--For making this wonderful game (and I hope Legends 3 or MOTB 2 
    will soon follow).
    2. DButler (from GameFAQs)--For giving me the idea and inspiration for 
    making a transcript for this game (this individual did the Zelda 3 and Zelda 
    5 transcripts on GameFAQs).
    3. Reeve--For also giving me inspiration (he did transcripts of all the Mega 
    Man X games, which can be seen on his website at www.megaman-network.com) to 
    do this transcript.
    4. Mega Man Home Page (www.mmhp.net)--For giving me the names of the Bonne 
    Family robot bosses that are mentioned without written dialogue (Teisel's 
    Blitztrig in Kimotoma City and Tron's Gomoncha in Yosyonke), as well as for 
    helping me find the last items I overlooked, the Spike Chip and Cleated 
    5. Kaji Ryoji  (from GameFAQs)--For this individual's MML2 FAQ/Walkthrough 
    which helped me find most of the sub-quests and items that I couldn't get on 
    my own.
    6. Jewey (from GameFAQs)--For this individual's Quiz Guide which helped me 
    complete the Mayor's 100 question quiz, which would have been next to 
    impossible without his guide.
    7. Kalas (from GameFAQs)--For this individual's  Digger's License Exam Guide 
    which helped me complete the License Exams.
    8. Depthcharge (from GameFAQs)--For this individual's  Special Weapons and 
    Items Guide, which helped me get the last remaining Special Weapons and 
    Items that I could not find on my own.
    9. JohnLiter (from MegaMan BB)--For telling me what the Class SS License 
    description is and fixing some Yuna quote mixups.
    10. Link_z1 (from GameFAQs)--For this individual's extensive proofreading 
    effort which helped me find several spelling and grammatical errors.
    If you see ANY errors in my transcript (missing or incorrect quotes or 
    content especially, but spelling or grammatical errors ought to be brought 
    to my attention too), PLEASE email me at: estilrumage@hotmail.com and if you 
    correctly spot and fix my error, you too will be credited in this section.  
    Be sure to say in your subject line that you are writing to me for that 
    purpose ("Correction for your FAQ" or "You made a mistake in your FAQ" for 
    example).  If you only say "hey" or "hello" or whatever in your subject 
    line, or if you have no subject line at all, then I will probably think it's 
    junk mail (since I get LOTS of junk mail with that subject line) and won't 
    even open it.  And of course, absolutely no spam (junk mail) or hate mail, 
    (This section includes the instruction manual EXACTLY as it is written.  
    Errors in the manual will be corrected in the end, however.)
    Far into the future, when most of the continents on the earth have sunk into 
    the sea...
    People have formed a unique civilization on the small patch of land that 
    People's lives are sustained by explorers called "diggers."  These 
    warrior-workers dig out ancient ruins to collect a natural energy source 
    called "Refractors."  A precious resource, Refractors are necessary for 
    sustaining life.  The world wouldn't last long without them!
    Mega Man and Roll Casket are diggers who travel around the world seeking the 
    Great Legacy.  They also hope someday to Roll's missing parents.
    Though finding the Great Legacy is the dream of most diggers, nobody knows 
    what it really is.  They myth surrounding the Great Legacy describes it as a 
    new energy with infinite power.  It would make Refractors obsolete forever, 
    and bring beauty, harmony and ease to all people of the world.
    Von Muller, the famous industrialist, first explained the theory.  He 
    believed that Refractors would eventually drain themselves of power.  But 
    the Great Legacy could replace them in providing for all the world's needs.
    Von Muller decided to fund a huge project to benefit the future of 
    humankind.  He spent his entire fortune building a magnificent airship, the 
    Sulphur Button, which he planned to pilot to the "Forbidden Place."  This 
    unknown territory was thought to be the location of the Great Legacy.  But 
    no one had ever entered it.  The Sulphur Bottom's expedition team would be 
    the first!
    The great day has arrived.  The Sulphur Bottom is being launched.  As a 
    press conference is being held in the mighty airship, a woman appears with a 
    white Reaverbot.
    Who is this mystery woman and her strange companion?  What is the meaning of 
    this singular occurrence?  Is it a coincidence ... or a foreshadowing of 
    danger?  The adventure of the Great Legacy is about to begin!
    Set up your PlayStation(R) game console according to the instructions in its 
    Instruction Manual.  Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing 
    a compact disc.
    Insert the MEGA MAN LEGENDS 2 disc and close the Disc Cover.  Insert a game 
    controller and turn on the PlayStation game console.  Follow on-screen 
    instructions to start a game.
    Watch the opening story to find out what's happened so far.
    To save game settings and results and to continue play on previously saved 
    games, insert a Memory Card into Memory Card Slot 1 of the PlayStation game 
    console BEFORE starting play.  (If you do not have a Memory Card, the game 
    will allow you to play without saving game settings and results.)
    See page 17 for information on saving game data.
    (L1 Button):
    * Rotate view to the left
    (L2 button):
    * Cycle Status screen submenus
    (R1 button):
    * Rotate view to the right.
    (R2 button):
    * Weapon lock-on
    * Hold to target nearest enemy
    (Digital mode)
    * Menu select
    * Move Mega Man
    (Analog mode)
    * Menu select
    * Move Mega Man
    * With L1/R1, turn Mega Man and camera view simultaneously
    * Open Status screen
    * Toggle Analog (red) or Digital (dim) mode
    * Start game
    * Pause/Resume
    (Analog mode)
    * Zoom view in/out
    (TRIANGLE button):
    - Menu cancel
    - Fire Special Weapon
    - Grab/Throw with Lifter
    - Close Status screen
    (CIRCLE button):
    - Talk/Open/Examine
    - Switch Special Weapon/Lifter on Status screen
    (X button):
    - Menu confirm
    - Jump
    - Scroll Talk screens
    (SQUARE button):
    - Fire Mega Buster
    - Hold for rapid-fire
    - Kick (without weapon)
    * To change the default control configuration, use Option mode (see page 9).
    * This game is for one player only.
    * This game is compatible with DUALSHOCK(tm) analog controller vibration.
    (Soft Reset During Gameplay):
    * Press and hold SELECT, START and the L1 and R1 buttons simultaneously to 
    reset the game and return to the Title screen.
    Mega Man can perform quite a few special moves.
    (The controls used in these descriptions are the defaults.)
    (Ledge Climbing):
    After jumping up to hang onto a high ledge, Mega Man can lift himself up to 
    a higher platform not usually accessible by jumping.  Once Mega Man grabs 
    onto the ledge, press the Directional button/Left Stick UP to climb up onto 
    Hold down the CIRCLE button while moving Mega Man to make him walk slowly.  
    This is convenient when you want him to move only a bit.
    (Quick Turn):
    Press the CIRCLE button while moving left, right or back to turn in the 
    direction quickly.
    Press the R2 button to automatically lock-on the nearest target when an 
    enemy is close to you.  You will keep the enemy targeted as long as you hold 
    down the R2 button.  When faced with more than one enemy, you can change 
    targets by pressing the R2 button again.
    When you don't have a Special Weapon equipped, then the Lifter is active.  
    You can lift up an object in front of Mega Man by pressing the TRIANGLE 
    button.  Then, you can throw the object by pressing the TRIANGLE button 
    again after you lift it up.  You can lift and throw various things - find 
    out what they are.
    Press the X button while changing directions to make Mega Man turn a quick 
    cartwheel.  This is a smart way to dodge enemy's attacks.
    (Roller Dash):
    After you acquire Dash Body Parts (see page 15), Mega Man can perform the 
    Roller Dash.  Hold the CIRCLE button to begin charging up Roller Dash.  Once 
    the Dash Parts have charged up enough power, Mega Man will really begin to 
    Once the game story begins, press the START button to reach the Title 
    screen.  Press the START button again to open the Main Menu.  Use the 
    Directional button/Left Stick to make your selection, and press the X button 
    to confirm it.
    NEW GAME - Start a new game.  After choosing this option, you can choose 
    your difficulty level: EASY, NORMAL, HARD or VERY HARD.
    CONTINUE - Play on a previously saved game.
    TUTORIAL - Roll Casket takes you on a course to learn the basic game 
    controls and game system.
    OPTION - Adjust various game settings.
    CONTROLLER - Change button assignments by choosing one of four pre-set 
    configurations.  Choose SELECT and Data will help you set up a custom 
    VIEW CHANGE - Select NORMAL to look up by pressing UP, and down by pressing 
    DOWN.  Select REVERSE to look down with UP and up with DOWN.
    LOCK-ON - Switch between Man(ual) and Auto(matic) lock-on control for Mega 
    Buster and Special Weapons.
    VIBRATION - Turn the DUALSHOCK(tm) analog controller's vibration function 
    SOUND - Choose STEREO or MONAURAL to match your speaker setup.
    VOLUME - Adjust the volume of BGM (background music) and SE (sound effects).
    SCREEN ADJUST - Center the game screen on your TV/monitor.
    DEFAULT - Restore the original settings.
    EXIT - Return to the Main Menu.
    MINI MAP - Automatically maps the area as you explore it.  You can turn the 
    Mini-Map ON/OFF from the Status screen.
    LIFE GAUGE - Mega Man's remaining life.  The color bar decreases as Mega Man 
    takes damage.  When all the colors drains out, your game is over.
    WARNING LIGHT - Lights up if there is an approaching enemy just out of Mega 
    Man's sight.
    LOCK-ON SIGHT - (not shown) Appears when you lock-on a target.  It shows 
    what you're targeting and directs your fire.
    SPECIAL WEAPON GAUGE - Displayed when Mega Man has a Special Weapon 
    equipped.  The blue bar shows how much energy is charged in the Special 
    Weapon.  The green bar shows how much energy is consumed when the weapon is 
    GRAB MARK - (not shown) Displayed only when Mega Man does not have a Special 
    Weapon equipped.  It shows up if you can grab an enemy when you lock-on.
    BOSS GAUGE - (not shown) Displayed when you are fighting a boss character.  
    It shows the boss character's life bar, which depletes as the boss takes 
    damage.  If you can completely drain the gauge, you'll defeat the boss.
    MAP - Open the Map screen where you can check your current location, 
    configure auto navigation and turn the Mini Map ON/OFF. (See page 14.)
    ITEMS - Open the Items screen where you can check and use Normal Items and 
    Key Items. (See page 14.)
    EQUIPMENT - Open the Equipment screen where you can change Special Weapons 
    and Body Parts and tune Buster Parts. (See page 15.)
    OPTIONS - Open the Options screen where you can change the button control 
    assignments and adjust various settings. (See page 9.)
    CURRENT LOCATION - Name of the place you're currently exploring.
    MONEY - Amount of money Mega Man has.  Use money to buy new weapons, 
    equipment and Items.
    PLAY TIME - Total time playing the game so far.
    SPECIAL WEAPON - The Special Weapon Mega Man is currently using.
    DESCRIPTION - Explains currently selected Item.
    LIFE GAUGE - The color bar shows Mega Man's remaining life.
    SPECIAL DAMAGE - Appears when Mega Man takes special damage.  Certain Items 
    or Body Parts protect Mega Man from special damage.  Find out what these are 
    and acquire them.  Also, you can shorten damage time by rapidly pressing the 
    Directional button when Mega Man is under attack.  The types of special 
    damage are:
    * BURNED - Mega Man's life decreases.
    * PARALYZED - Mega Man moves more slowly.
    * ENERGY LEAK - Mega Buster is weakened.
    BACK - Exit the Status screen.
    SEARCH - You can move the map with the Directional buttons or Left Stick.  
    Mega Man's location and facing direction is displayed as a blue arrow.  When 
    the location has more than one floor, you can switch floors by pressing the 
    L1 or R1 button.
    AUTONAV - If you set a destination, a navigation mark will show you its 
    direction.  When you reach the destination, a chime rings.  To set a 
    destination, you must be on the same island as the destination and have 
    visited it before.  You cannot use AutoNav in ships or dungeons.
    MINI MAP - Turn the Mini Map on the gameplay screen ON/OFF.
    BACK - Exit the Map screen.
    ITEMS - This lists the Items you have.  You can use or sell Items, or pass 
    them to Roll.
    KEY ITEMS - This lists Key Items you have.  Key Items cannot be used.
    DESCRIPTION - Explains the selected Item.
    BACK - Exit the Items screen.
    REFRACTOR - A precious resource used as money in Mega Man's world.
    RECOVERY CUBE - Refills Mega Man's Life gauge.
    SPECIAL WEAPON RECHARGE CUBE - Refills the Special Weapon gauge.
    ENERGY BOTTLE - Refills Mega Man's Life gauge.  Once you acquire the Bottle, 
    you can refill it again and again at a Store.  You can also increase the 
    Bottle's capacity by purchasing an extra Energy Pak.
    MEDICINE BOTTLE - Cures certain special damages.  You can increase the 
    capacity of the Bottle by purchasing a Medicine Pak.
    Use the Directional button/Left Stick to select, press the X button to 
    confirm, and press the TRIANGLE button to cancel.
    SPEC WEAPON- Lists all Special Weapons you have.  View Special Weapons 
    stats, and put them on or take them off.
    BODY PARTS - Lists the helmet, armor and shoes you have.  View descriptions, 
    and put Body Parts on or take them off.
    BUSTER PARTS - Lists all Buster Parts you have.  You can tune and sort them. 
      At first you can only equip two Buster Parts.  After you acquire Roll's 
    Adapter Plug, you can equip three Buster Parts.
    DEVELOP ITEMS - Roll can develop new Items with Items Mega Man acquires.  
    When you come across a new Item, try passing it to Roll and see what 
    EXCHANGE/ENHANCE SPECIAL WEAPONS - Roll can exchange and enhance Special 
    Weapons.  Doing this uses some of Mega Man's money.
    SUPPORT DURING BATTLE - Roll gives Mega Man advice while he is fighting.  
    Pay attention to what she says and take advantage of her suggestions.
    TRAVELING IN FLUTTER - If you talk to Roll on the bridge, you can move to 
    another island in the airship Flutter.  Yellow markers show where you can 
    land.  Move with the Directional button and Left Stick, and press the CIRCLE 
    button to land.  The further you progress in the game, the more places you 
    can go.  The next place you should go appears as a red marker.
    SAVE - Data will save your game data.  For details, see page 17.
    ENERGY CHARGE - Data will fully restore Mega Man's Life Gauge and Special 
    Weapon gauge at certain times.
    TIPS - Data will give you game hints during play.  Listen up!
    To save your game, talk to Data during gameplay and follow his instructions. 
      You can save up to five game data.  You must be using a Memory Card with 
    at least 1 free block to save.
    Insert a Memory Card containing MEGA MAN LEGENDS 2 saved game data into the 
    PlayStation game console.  Select CONTINUE from the Title screen.  Then 
    choose the game data you want to play.
    IMPORTANT: While saving or loading game data, do not turn off or reset your 
    PlayStation game console, or remove the Memory Card.  Doing so may damage 
    the saved game data.
    (Mega Man):
    Mega Man is a digger with a sense of justice and courage.  He was found as a 
    baby by Barrell, and raised in the Casket family.  Now, with Roll and Data, 
    he sets out to solve the mystery of the Great Legacy.
    Data is a mechanical monkey who has been at Mega Man's side ever since he 
    was found.  He only speaks gibberish, and Mega Man is the only one who can 
    understand him.  He assists Mega Man in many ways.
    (Roll Casket):
    Roll seeks the Great Legacy in the hopes of finding her missing parents.  
    She is a mechanical genius and assists Mega Man as an operator on digging 
    (Barrell Casket):
    As a young man, Roll's grandfather Barrell was one of the most respected 
    diggers.  He traveled around the world on digging missions with the 
    businessman Von Muller.  He has vast knowledge of ancient civilizations.
    (Tron Bonne):
    The eldest daughter in the Bonne family, Tron is also a mechanical genius.  
    She is in charge of developing and manufacturing the family's fighting 
    (Teasel Bonne):
    The eldest son of the notorious Bonne family, Teasel acts as a leader of the 
    family.  He uses his brilliant brain to develop and implement battle 
    Developed by Tron, these little robots work hard to serve the Bonne family 
    in various ways.  They do everything from controlling machines to fighting.  
    There are 40 Servbots, each with unique characteristics.
    (Bomb Bonne):
    The youngest member of the Bonnes, Bomb is the biggest and strongest in the 
    family, though he is actually still a baby and can only say "Baboo."
    Glyde is an air-pirate, and an enemy of the Bonne family.  He used to be the 
    second-in-command in the Loath family.  He uses a number of Birdbots as his 
    soldiers.  Though smart, Glyde often has bad luck.
    Unlike Servbots who are faithful to their master, Birdbots are spiteful and 
    two-faced.  They are troublemakers who like complaining about others behind 
    their backs.
    (Von Muller):
    Von Muller started a successful business to raise money to explore the 
    Forbidden Place.  To make his long-cherished dream come true, he used his 
    colossal fortune to build the gigantic airship, Sulphur Bottom.
    (Bola & Bancoscus):
    Bola & Bancoscus are air-pirate brothers and long-time partners.  They used 
    to be wild and rowdy, but have now calmed down.
    This mysterious woman appeared to Von Muller's press conference.  When 
    Barrell saw her, he shouted "Matilda!" the name of Roll's mother.  What's 
    the truth behind the mystery?
    (Pass an exam and get a license!):
    In this game, if you take an exam and pass it, you'll get a license.  As you 
    get more advanced licenses, the game's difficulty level increases.  You may 
    also get something good with a high level license! (You can raise your 
    license level, but you can't lower it.)
    (Use Stores wisely!):
    Various items are sold at the Stores in town.  Look for Items to buy that 
    will make your battles easier, and that Roll might use to develop new Items. 
      Every time you buy an Item, you'll use some of Mega Man's money.
    (Check everything!):
    Check objects in front of Mega Man by pressing the CIRCLE button.  Try to 
    check everything to find game hints.
    (Dungeon in water!):
    Once you get to the underwater dungeon, you'll need to use buoyancy to solve 
    puzzles.  Remember, Mega Man can jump higher and lift up heavier things when 
    he's in the water.
    (Make friends!):
    Something good could happen to Mega Man when he's liked by other characters. 
      On the other hand, if he makes people mad ... who knows what might happen!
    (A Dangerous Voyage Beings): Von Muller should be Von Bluecher.  The 
    "Forbidden Place" is Forbidden Island.  The Sulphur Bottom's expedition team 
    would NOT be the first to enter the Island since many others have before 
    (though only Barrell and Bluecher returned).
    (Characters): Teasel should be Teisel and Bomb Bonne should be Bon Bonne 
    (where have we seen this boo-boo before?).  Von Muller should be Von 
    Bluecher.  Bancoscus should be Klaymoor.
    Mega Man, Roll and all your favorites are back in an entirely new 3-D 
    adventure!  Far away, in an isolated wasteland, a mysterious girl and an 
    infamous treasure have been discovered.  It's the legendary "Sealed Key," 
    rumored to unlock an even greater mystery known as the Great Legacy.  What 
    power does the Great Legacy hold?  Now, a race unfolds as Mega Man and his 
    friends embark on a journey which will alter their destinies forever.
    * The legendary 3-D adventure of Mega Man and his friends continues
    * Mixes the best of classic Mega Man action-adventure, RPG, and puzzle 
    * Awesome weapons!  Enormous bosses!  Non-stop 3-D action!
    (every quote in this section is said by Roll)
    (after starting Tutorial): OK, MegaMan--let's try practicing everything 
    you've learned.  First, use the directional button to move around.  Try 
    this: come over to where I am and press CIRCLE button to talk to me, all 
    (after each instruction): Do you want to go over it again? (Yes or No)
    (after talking to Roll): Good!  Next, try opening that door and going to the 
    next room.  To open a door, you need to stand in front of it and press 
    CIRCLE button.  You use the CIRCLE button to talk to people, open doors, and 
    examine things.
    (after talking to Roll again): What is it, MegaMan?
    [Never mind]: (resumes tutorial)
    [Stop the tutorial]: Do you really want to quit? (Yes or No)
    (after opening first door and walking several steps): You can use the L1-R1 
    button to look around you.  If you use L1-R1 button with direction button, 
    you can change the direction you're facing in while you move.  It's tricky, 
    but you should be able to get the hang of it with practice.
    (after reaching ledge): Press X button to jump over obstacles!
    (after reaching small Reaverbot pair): Let's go over your "Mega Buster" and 
    the "Lock-on" function, all right?  You can fire your Buster by pressing 
    SQUARE button.  You'll keep firing as long as the button's pushed.  Pressing 
    R2 button lets you use the Lock-on function.  Lock-on automatically lines 
    your Buster with the closest enemy.  If you keep pressing the R2 button, it 
    will automatically target the nearest enemy.  Lock-on, then fire your 
    Buster--that's the quickest way to defeat your enemies!
    (after defeating one of the small Reaverbots): When you defeat a Reaverbot 
    or some other enemy, sometimes you can find refractors, energy cubes, or 
    recharge cubes for your Special Weapon.  The long, thin multicolored objects 
    are refractors--you can use them as money.  The square red glowing objects 
    are energy cubes.  They recharge your Life Gauge.  The diamond-shaped blue 
    objects are recharge cubes.  They restore your Special Weapon energy.
    (after reaching large pair of crates): Let's talk about your "Special 
    Weapons" and your "Lifter," OK?  Like the name implies, your Special Weapons 
    allow you to do things you normally can't.  There are several types of 
    Special Weapons you can use.  You can use your Special Weapon by pressing 
    TRIANGLE button.  However, there is a limit to the number of times you can 
    use a Special Weapon, and since you can only equip one at a time, you should 
    plan ahead and think about which weapon to use every time you go on a 
    mission.  I can develop new weapons for you, and even upgrade the ones you 
    already have!  If you want to change the Special Weapon you have equipped, 
    come see me, OK?  There's one other important thing you can do with TRIANGLE 
    button: using your "Lifter."  Your Lifter becomes active when you switch off 
    your Special Weapon.  You can pick things up with the Lifter by pressing 
    TRIANGLE button.  If you press it again, you can throw whatever you've 
    picked up!  But there are some things you can't pick up.  You'll just have 
    to figure out what you can lift on your own, OK?  It's really easy to switch 
    between your Special Weapon and your Lifter.  Use the SELECT button to open 
    the Status screen, and press the CIRCLE button.  See?  I told you it was 
    (after reaching treasure chest): That box over there is a treasure chest.  
    Use the CIRCLE button to open it.
    (after opening treasure chest and getting the Accessory Pack Alpha): What do 
    you know?  There was a Buster Part inside!  You can use that to power up 
    your Buster Gun!  Go to the Status screen, and select "Equip" to go to the 
    Equip screen.  Once you're in the Equip screen, select "Buster" to equip 
    different parts!
    (after reaching room with center pillar): Next, let me tell you about how to 
    look around.  You can change your angle of vision by pressing L2+directional 
    button.  Use it if you need to look at the ceiling or the floor.  If you 
    want to return your angle of vision to normal, press R2 button.
    (at next door): We're almost done!  Let me tell you about another neat 
    trick: "Quick Turning!"  This is really useful if you think it takes too 
    long to turn around.  If you press CIRCLE button while moving backwards or 
    to the right or left, you immediately turn to face that direction!  It might 
    be hard at first and take some getting used to, but once you figure out how 
    to do it, you'll be able to get around a lot easier!
    (final room with five small Reaverbots): All right, now try fighting again.  
    Remember: use Lock-on and then fire!
    (after going through green door and reaching Roll again): Good work, 
    MegaMan!  Now you're ready for anything!  Do you want to try again?
    [Try again]: (repeats tutorial)
    [Return to Title Screen]: (returns to Title Screen)
    Bluecher: Barrell?  I was thinking, we should get started soon.
    (Bluecher notices Barrell looking at the photo of Roll as a baby with her 
    Bluecher: Hard to believe it's been, ten years, since your daughter and 
    son-in-law were lost here...
    Barrell: What were they thinking?  Leaving their daughter behind, and going 
    to such a dangerous place...
    (shows storm cloud surrounding Forbidden Island)
    Barrell: Are you sure you won't change your mind?  Are you still determined 
    to go back there?
    Bluecher: It's too late to turn back now...I've spent my entire life working 
    toward this...I can't turn back.
    Over Intercom: Mr. Verner Von Bluecher!  Mr. Verner Von Bluecher!  Please 
    report to the Central Hall!
    Bluecher: That time already!  Well, I'll go on ahead, all right?  I guess 
    Roll decided not to come then...
    Over Intercom: Mr. Verner Von Bluecher!  Mr. Verner Von Bluecher!  Please 
    report to the Central Hall!
    Barrell: Huh?  Oh, yes!  She's a little upset at the thought of someone 
    finding the Mother Lode before she does...After all, she's been looking for 
    it all her life!
    Bluecher: I've always been fond of Roll, you know that.  But all's fair in 
    love and war!
    (Bluecher leaves)
    Barrell: sigh...
    (Barrell leaves)
    Guard: Nothing to report, sir!
    Bluecher: Keep your eyes wide open!  If any pirates show up, I want them 
    taken care of immediately!
    Guard: Yes, sir!
    Reporter: Nobody has journeyed to Forbidden Island and returned to tell the 
    tale!  But today, two men who have devoted their lives to studying that 
    infamous island...
    Barrell: Did you have to call so many reporters?
    Bluecher: I can't get ahold of them by myself!  The more the merrier, 
    wouldn't you agree?
    Barrell: You never change, do you?  Just try not to make a fool of yourself 
    or me!
    Bluecher: Ahem!  Ladies and gentlemen of the press.  Thank you for your 
    patience.  I would like to present to you a brief description of our planned 
    Glyde: Now tell me, just what do you think you're doing here?  I thought you 
    had gotten out of the pirate game!  Hmm?
    Teisel: Stuff it, Glyde!  Mind your business!   We've got enough problems as 
    it is!
    Glyde: What, did your little department store go under already?
    Teisel: Gaahh!  No, it hasn't gone under!  We just, a little in the red this 
    month, that's all!  Just need a little extra cash to make ends meet!
    Tron: If you didn't buy only what you like, maybe we wouldn't be in this 
    Klaymoor: Shut your traps!  I'm trying to listen to what he's saying!
    Teisel: What did you say, you big tin can!?  What do you think you are!?
    Glyde: No squabbling until this job's finished, remember Teisel?
    Tron: Teisel!
    Bluecher: As I'm sure all of you are aware, no one has succeeded in landing 
    on the island beyond this tumulus cloud and lived to tell the tale.  No one, 
    that is, except Professor Barrell, and myself.  Thirty years ago, Professor 
    Barrell and I journeyed to that island, and returned.  Over the years, we 
    have been asked numerous times what we saw there.  We have kept that 
    knowledge to ourselves.  But now, I intend, to give to you, the opportunity 
    to see it for yourselves!
    Crowd: Ahhhh!
    (Roll is asleep on the couch in her PJs and MegaMan arrives in an apron with 
    MegaMan: Hmmm...
    (MegaMan turns on the TV and begins switching channels)
    MegaMan: Roll, breakfast's ready!  I made the eggs just the way you like 
    (MegaMan finds channel with press conference)
    MegaMan: Hey look!  It's Gramps!
    Roll (awakens): Huh...
    MegaMan: Don't worry, Roll!  The Mother Lode can't be found that easily!
    Roll (not feeling very hungry): Hmmm...Uh...Ummm...Hmmm...Uh hmmm...
    MegaMan: Hmmm...
    Bluecher: Professor Barrell and myself are confident that the Mother Lode, 
    which has been sought after by all mankind for numerous generations, does 
    lie buried somewhere on this island.
    (reporters applaud)
    Bluecher: Ahem!  This ends my presentation.  Thank you.  And now, are there 
    any questions?
    Yuna (disguised as a reporter): Excuse me, Mr. Bluecher?
    Bluecher: Yes?
    Yuna: Have your research given you any clue as to what to what exactly the 
    Mother Lode might be?
    Bluecher: That's a good question.  Personally, I believe it to be something 
    of tremendous importance to mankind.  Something that will help us better 
    ourselves and the world.  Perhaps, a new energy source, more powerful than 
    our current refractors.
    Yuna: And you, Professor, tell me, what do you think?
    Barrell: Hmmm?  Well, I think...Huh?   Matilda!  You...you're alive!?
    Real Reporter (hysterical): That's her!  That's the one you stuffed me into 
    the locker!
    Yuna (giggles): Has it occurred to you that this great lost treasure might 
    not be what you think it is?
    Bluecher (to guard): Keep your eyes on her!
    Yuna (continues to back away towards window): What happens to you is no 
    concern of mine.  Still, I'll give you this warning!  What you call the 
    Mother Lode is not what you think it might be!   No, it's not a treasure at 
    all--it's a catastrophe waiting to happen!  Gatts!
    (a window on the Sulphur-Bottom shatters and guards begin to fire upon Yuna 
    as she hops around and makes her escape on Gatt's ship)
    Bluecher: Stop!  Don't move!  Stop!  Hold your fire!  Cease fire!
    Tron: Look at that, Teisel!  Isn't it amazing?
    Teisel: Ha ha!  I smell a mighty big treasure, Tron!  Ha ha!
    Glyde (nearly pushing Teisel to his doom): Get out of my way!  Let me see!
    Teisel: Woah!  Watch what you're doing!  You trying to get me killed!?  
    Yuna: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause such a ruckus!  Still, the child 
    must not be allowed to awaken--there's no telling what might happen if she 
    does!  Understand?  You have been warned!
    Barrell: Catastrophe?  A child?  What do you mean, Matilda?
    Roll: MegaMan, did you see that?  That woman!  She was my mother!
    MegaMan: Huh?
    Roll (thinking): But how?  Why?  My mother wouldn't do anything like that, 
    would she?
    MegaMan: Let's find out!
    Roll: Wh-what?
    MegaMan: Let's just go there and we can find out for ourselves!
    Roll: But...
    MegaMan: It's the only way to be sure, you know!
    Roll: sigh...I guess you're right...  Hmmm, let's go!  I'll get changed, 
    then get the engine started!  Can you clean up the dishes for me?  Thanks!
    MegaMan: Hm-hm...
    (Flutter takes off)
    (MegaMan is nervously trying to steer the Flutter, and then Data jumps on 
    top of the steering wheel column to "help" MegaMan)
    MegaMan (trying to look over Data who's doing his trademark dance): 
    Data: Ki!  Ki ki ki ki!  Ki!
    MegaMan (tense): Uh, hey, Data!  You're, uh, kinda in the way, you know!
    Data: Hey!  I just thought maybe I could help you relax! (resumes his dance)
    MegaMan (even more tense): Yeah, well...well, thanks, but could you sit 
    MegaMan (bumps into something): Ohhh!!
    Data: (giggles)
    MegaMan (now really desperate): Data, please!  Get Roll fast!
    Data: Boy, MegaMan!  I'm disappointed!  I thought you were braver than this! 
      You can do it!  C'mon, MegaMan! (does his dance again)
    (Roll arrives, much to the relief of her brother)
    Roll: Data, you stay out of MegaMan's way!
    Data: Ki ki! (finally gets out of MegaMan's way)
    MegaMan (relieved): Boy, oh boy!  Whew!
    Roll: There!  All done!  Everything's in working order!  At this speed, we 
    should catch up to Gramps anytime now!
    MegaMan: Boy, that new engine sure is something!  Completely different from 
    the old one!  Ha ha, ha...
    Roll (proudly): Tee hee hee...Well, it was expensive, but it was worth it!  
    I'll take over!
    MegaMan: Uh, thanks!
    (Roll takes over)
    Roll: Data, it's almost lunchtime.  Can you get everything ready?
    Data: OK!  Oh ki ki ki!!
    (Data leaves)
    Roll: MegaMan, thank you!
    MegaMan: Huh?
    Roll: Well, I was a little, down before, and...
    MegaMan: Uh-huh...
    Roll: I was thinking, what would I do, if they find the Mother Lode...I 
    guess I got a little scared...
    MegaMan: Scared?  Why?
    Roll: I've been searching for the Mother Lode, because, I thought if I found 
    it, I'd be able to see my parents again.  I guess...I was just fooling 
    myself.  I've gotta accept reality.  Face the facts.  They're gone--both of 
    them are gone...
    MegaMan: Oh...
    Roll: But still, when you said we should go see, for ourselves, I remembered 
    something my mother told me, a long time ago.  She said, a Digger should 
    never give up hope!
    MegaMan: Right!
    Roll: My mom, and my dad, and the Mother Lode--I won't!  I won't give up on 
    them yet!
    MegaMan: That's the spirit!  We'll find them, Roll!
    Roll: Um, he he...Anyway, MegaMan, what should we do once we catch up with 
    Gramps' ship?
    (Can we land on that island?): The Flutter can't get through the wind 
    surrounding Forbidden Island--we'll need a special ship if we want to land 
    there.  My father once designed a special kind of flying ship called a 
    Dropship.  I'm, pretty sure we could use it to get there.
    (Was that really your mother?): She does look a lot like my mother, but I 
    can't believe, my own mother, would do something like that!  I wonder who 
    she is...
    (Where are my weapons?): I'm really sorry, MegaMan!  I needed to upgrade the 
    Flutter.  I'm afraid, I sold all of your equipment!  Please forgive me!
    (I'll get back to you on that): OK!  We can figure out what to do once we 
    get there, right?
    MegaMan: sniff sniff...Roll, do you smell something burning?
    Roll: sniff sniff...um hm...
    Data (hysterical): Ki ki!!!  Ki ki ki!!!
    Kids: gasp!  Data!
    MegaMan: I'll go see what's wrong!
    Roll: Wait, MegaMan, take this with you!
    MegaMan: What?  Wh-what is it!?
    Roll: It's a fire extinguisher!  I'll tell you more later!
    MegaMan: OK!  Back me up!
    Roll: You know how to use your fire extinguisher, right?
    [No]: You can shoot water by pressing TRIANGLE button or SQUARE button.  
    Water will keep flowing as long as you keep pressing the button.  But if you 
    hold down the button too long, your water pressure will drop, and you won't 
    be able to use it for a while.  R2 button is your Lock-on button.  You can 
    use it to target the fires.  Do you want me to tell you again? (gives Yes or 
    No choice again)
    [Yes]: OK, then, good luck!  Just in case, I'll work on the Flutter's 
    emergency sprinklers!
    [Put out the fires and save Data!]: Data is near where the fire started.  
    Move through the Flutter putting out the fires out and rescue Data!
    (at ladder): It doesn't look like this is the direction the fire started in.
    (if you try to go to next room with fires remaining): There are still fires 
    Data: MegaMan, do something!  It's hot in here!  I'm burning up!
    (if Data is not on fire):
    Data: I just trying to cook pizza!
    Data: What did I do!?
    Data: Why do I have to be like this!?
    Data: Help me!!
    (if Data catches fire):
    Data: Hot hot!!
    Data: It's hot!!
    Data: Eeeek!!!
    Data: Woah!!  MegaMan!
    (if you take too long putting the fires out):
    Roll: What's the matter, MegaMan?  Don't you know how to use your fire 
    Roll: MegaMan!  I should have the sprinklers on line soon!  Hang in there 
    just a little while longer!
    Roll: Just a little bit more, MegaMan!  I almost got it!
    Roll: I just fixed the sprinklers. MegaMan!!  I'm going to turn them on, so 
    you'd better get out of there!
    (if Roll had to use the sprinklers):
    Data (lying on the floor burnt to a crisp): oooooohhh...You're too late, 
    (if Roll did not have to use the sprinklers):
    Data (happily bounces around MegaMan): Thank you, MegaMan!  I thought I was 
    done for!
    Roll (after end of Mission): MegaMan!  We're here!  We've caught up with 
    Gramps' ship!
    Reporter: This is your live update!  Although the Sulphur-Button's hull was 
    damaged in the attack by a mysterious woman, the damage has been repaired!  
    We're expected to enter the maelstrom surrounding Forbidden Island anytime!  
    Preparations are complete!  The crew ready!  The Sulphur-Bottom is gathering 
    speed, preparing to penetrate the cloud of mystery surrounding Forbidden 
    Island!  Following the attack hours ago, we were all asked to disembark and 
    return to our ships where we stand watching Von Bluecher embark on his 
    greatest adventure, and what may be humanity's greatest adventure!  Will he 
    succeed in reaching Forbidden Island?  We'll continue with live updates 
    throughout the day!
    Guard: Final check complete!  We can get underway whenever you're 
    Bluecher: Understood!  Well then, everyone, are you ready?
    Teisel: We won't let anything get in the way of a story!  We're not like 
    those wimpy TV reporters!
    Barrell: You're really going to go through with this?
    Bluecher: Yes, I am.  I have to.
    Barrell: Well, if you're going to do it, then do it!  I mean, we've come 
    this far, right?
    Bluecher: Thank you, Barrell.
    Bluecher: All right then, let's go!  Main engines on line!
    Guard: Main engines on line!
    Bluecher: Set course for the center of the island!  Engage!
    Yuna: Looks like they're intent on ignoring my warning!
    Gatts: Weapons activated!
    Yuna: Remember, I don't want them hurt!
    Gatts: Understood!
    Tron: The stabilizers on this ship are amazing!  You can hardly feel the 
    wind!  I'm impressed! (ship's alarms start to go off) Huh?
    Guard: Unidentified object approaching from above at high speed--sir!
    Bluecher: Activate defense grid!  No one will stop me!  Not now!
    Teisel: I've got a bad feeling about this...Bon!  Order the Draches to go to 
    yellow alert and standby!
    Gatts: Ready!
    (Gatts begins to attack the Sulphur-Bottom)
    Bluecher: Just a little more...Just a little closer...
    Bluecher: Fire, now!
    Yuna (see one of the ship's guns): gasp!
    (Gatts avoids missiles and destroys the Sulphur-Bottom's main engines)
    Guard 1: Fire suppressors activated!  Engines offline!  She's out of 
    Guard 2: Emergency escape pod launch mechanism damaged!
    Bluecher: What!?  No...
    Yuna: Now you've really done it!
    Gatts: Apologies, Mistress Yuna!  We should retreat...
    (Draches show up and attack Yuna and Gatts, but they escape just in time)
    Yuna: They'll probably won't crash for awhile at least...I hoped to stop 
    them before they got this far...
    MegaMan: Roll!  The Sulphur-Bottom is being sucked into that storm!
    Roll: gasp!  Gramps!
    MegaMan: What should we do!?
    Roll: We can't take the Flutter in there...And we're almost out of fuel!   
    We'll have to set down on a nearby island--we can figure out what to do 
    Roll: There's not much we can do to help Gramps from the air...I wonder if 
    there isn't a way to land on that island and get to Bluecher's ship that 
    way...And then it hit me!  Look at this!
    (shows dropship plans)
    Roll: This is a dropship--a ship my father designed years ago especially for 
    landings in rough atmospheres!  If we use this, we should be able to land on 
    Forbidden Island!  Gramps always told me never to build a dropship, but 
    still, this is an emergency--I know he'll understand!  Right, MegaMan?  
    First though, we need to go to a junk shop to get some parts to build it.  
    Let's go, MegaMan!
    Garage Door: The entrance is blocked by a heavy shutter--won't be able to 
    get in this way!
    Back Garage Door: Maybe I should wait until after I've gone to the junk 
    Small Shed: A sign says: "Out making rounds"
    Welcome to Town Sign: Yosyonke must be this way.
    Roll: We should probably go to the local junk shop and look for parts first!
    Man in Blue Overcoat: You a Digger?  Haven't seen a Digger 'round here for a 
    long time...Back in the day, we used to get a lot o' Diggers come through 
    here...'Course, once there was no treasure left in the ruins, they stopped 
    comin'.  Nowadays the only ruins left are the old caves jus' outside o' 
    Man in Blue Overcoat (after visiting Junk Shop): If you want to go Diggin', 
    you'd best talk to the man livin' in that shack there.
    Roll: Stop playing around in the snow, MegaMan!  Let's go to the junk shop!
    IN TOWN:
    (if you kick a can into General Store trash can): Nice shot!  You got: 200 
    (if you kick a can into Condominium trash can): Nice shot!  You got: 1000 
    Giant Statue: It's a large statue of what looks like a woman with two heads.
    (after visiting Junk Shop):
    Man at Goddess Statue: Do you know the legend of the goddess?
    [Yes]: You do?  That's good.
    [No]: Two goddesses, the same yet different.  One goddess to rule the 
    heavens above, one to rule the earth below.  She of the earth guards the 
    key, she of the sky guards the record of the ages.  When the sky goddess 
    lifts up her voice, all shall end, and all shall begin...What do you think?  
    Interesting little story, isn't it?
    Mailwoman: Any letter addressed to you will be delivered to the post office 
    here.  Be sure to stop by sometimes to check your mail.
    Small Shed in Front of Condominium: "Trespassers keep out!"
    Cactus: It's a cactus.  The manager of the building must like plants..
    Door: I'm sorry--only residents and guests are allowed inside.
    Cubbyholes: Looks like there are two people living here.
    Comic Book: It's a comic book.  Must be nice to have lots to time to read!
    Ashtray: There are lots of cigarette butts here.  The manager must be a 
    heavy smoker.
    Doctor: Hm?  Is there anything I can help you with?  I'm sorry, but I can't 
    let any unauthorized guests inside.  Security policy--you understand, I'm 
    Roll (after leaving): I bet they have a lot of zenny to be able to afford a 
    place like this!
    Sign: It reads "Yosyonke"--that must be the name of this city.
    Ashtray: Looks like this ashtray has seen a lot of use.
    Locomotive: It's an old locomotive--wonder if it still works?
    Front Door: It's locked--the station must not be in use anymore.
    Sign Outside: It's an old, weatherbeaten sign that reads "Bar".
    Storage Room Outside: Looks like a storage shed--the door's locked; you 
    can't see what's inside.
    Back Door: Looks like it's locked...
    TV: There's a popular cartoon showing.  The main character looks familiar 
    Fireplace: Boy, it sure gets cold here!
    Building Picture: It's very clean here.  Too bad there's not enough time to 
    stay and relax.
    Left Dog Picture: It's a dog.  Come to think of it, there was a girl who 
    hated dogs on the last island we were on.
    Right Dog Picture: This dog looks friendly.  Too bad all dogs can't be that 
    Chessboard: It's a chess board.  Chess was Prof. Barrell's favorite game.
    Table: There are a lot of beer bottles lined up...Looks like they're empty, 
    Bartender Quote 1: It's hard, loving a man who's lost his memory...
    Bartender Quote 2: He's lost his memory, but something still calls to him 
    from Forbidden Island...It's been 10 years since I found him, collapsed on 
    the edge of town...He can't remember anything, but he can't stay away from 
    that island either.
    Bartender Quote 3: My daughter's taken to him as well...We've given him a 
    home and love, but...He still can't stay way from Forbidden Island.
    Customer: She looks sober, but she's had a few, so don't pay too much 
    attention to her.
    Customer (after previous quote): I just wish she'd give me another drink!
    Roll (after leaving): I bet Gramps would love this place...If he were here.
    Mailbox (outside): It's a mailbox--it must be hard work bringing letters to 
    and from the island.
    Scale: It looks like this post office handles a lot of mail.
    Pamphlets: What does this pamphlet say?  "How to get girls to write to you"? 
    Heater: It's a heater.  The postman must get really cold while delivering 
    Snowman Poster: The snowman on this poster certainly matches this city's 
    Postman: We here at the post office believe our job is to help bring people 
    closer!  Let's see...Any mail for you?...Nope, sorry!
    Roll (after leaving): This city has a post office?  It's bigger than I 
    Tiger Picture: It's a drawing of a tiger.  This woman must like animals.
    Fireplace: It's a picture of a young couple.  It must be this woman when she 
    was younger.
    Glass Case Between Bookcases: (You found: Broken Vacuum)
    Left Bookcase: There're a lot of difficult-looking books on the shelf.
    Right Bookcase: Let's see...What's the title of this book?  "The Origin of 
    Mankind".  Hmm...
    Woman in Red Overcoat: When the ruins outside of town were closed, a lot of 
    people here left for Forbidden Island looking for new Digs.  My husband was 
    one of them.
    Roll (after leaving): Are you sure you should be going into people's houses 
    like that?
    Liquor Bottle: There're several bottles of expensive-looking liquors lined 
    Left Bookcase: Biographies of famous explorers--they must be Bluecher's.
    Fireplace: It's the two goddesses.  For some reason, they look sad.
    Right Bookcase: There're a lot of books about Forbidden Island lined up.
    Religious Picture: It's a picture of a goddess and angels--they look 
    familiar somehow.
    China Case: There's lots of new china stacked up.
    Woman in Pink Sweater: When they were little, Von Bluecher and his friends 
    were very interested in the story of the goddesses.  He thought the earth 
    goddess was sleeping on Forbidden Island.
    Woman in Pink Sweater (after previous quote): My father is the priest at the 
    gallery just outside of town.  He used to tell Von Bluecher and his friends 
    all sorts of stories.
    Man in Green Overcoat: This is the house Von Bluecher grew up in.
    Man in Green Overcoat (after previous quote): He started his Digger's 
    business here in this city, and then, after becoming rich, built that big 
    ship and went off to explore Forbidden Island...How could any of us have 
    known that it would lead to this horrible disaster?
    Roll (after leaving): Are you sure you should be going into people's houses 
    like that?
    Left Tower: This strangely-shaped tower has an air of holiness about it.
    Right Tower: This strangely-shaped tower has a solemn air about it.
    Man in Gray Overcoat: These are the graves of those who went to Forbidden 
    Island and never returned.  Amen.
    Roll (after leaving): That's not the way to the junk shop, MegaMan...
    Left Door: Looks like this door won't open--it's sealed shut.
    Right Door: Looks like this door won't open, no matter how hard it's pushed 
    or pulled.
    Organ: It's an organ, used to make music during gallery services.
    Altar: What's this?  It looks like an altar, but not like any one you've 
    seen before.
    Podium: This must be where the priest gives his sermons from.
    Girl in Blue: My twin sister works as a secretary at the Guild Headquarters.
    Priest: May God's blessing be upon you, my Digger friend.  Even though you 
    do so in self-defense, it must be hard on you to kill so many innocent 
    Reaverbots.  Let me pray for you.  I will require a donation, however.
    [If you don't make a donation]: Oh...Well, God is with you always, 
    regardless.  Please come again.
    [If you don't have enough zenny]: I'm terribly sorry, but...It seems you 
    don't have enough zenny.  Please come again.
    [After making a donation]: By the power vested in me, I bless you in the 
    name of the Holy Father.  May God's blessing be on you with his love and 
    forgiveness.  I have heard that you intend to go to Forbidden Island.  I 
    wouldn't if I were you.  Still, if you insist on going, let me tell you what 
    I know--it may help you.
    (About the two goddesses): There is an old legend which says the sky goddess 
    sleeps on Forbidden Island.  The legends say that long ago, the world was 
    watched over by two goddesses.  One guarded the Keys on the land, the other 
    protected the gates of the sky...One day, when the goddess of the sky came 
    to borrow the Keys from the goddess of the earth, they argued, and the sky 
    goddess was imprisoned by the earth goddess on Forbidden Island.  So the 
    legends say.  Bluecher believes the Keys of the legend have something to do 
    with the Mother Lode--that is why he went to Forbidden Island.
    (About Forbidden Island): Many Diggers have tried and failed to explore the 
    aptly-named Forbidden Island.  Several Diggers from this city have also 
    journeyed there, but none returned.  Only Prof. Barrell and Von Bluecher 
    have been there and back.  It is said that if the Mother Lode is anywhere, 
    it must be on that island.  Of course, Bluecher and Barrell didn't just land 
    there--they crashed as well.  It is said they were rescued by a mysterious 
    girl whose hair was in pigtails.
    (Never mind): Oh.  Very well then.  God be with you.
    Zero Poster: Looks like the hero of a comic book story.
    Shelf With TV: This shop also sells toys.  Maybe there's one Roll would like 
    Shelf With Food: There're lots of parts that look like they could be used 
    for something.
    Shelf With Cans: There's lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on sale.  They 
    all look delicious.
    Comic Book Near Door: It's a comic book.  No time to stop and read it now, 
    Owner: You...You're a Digger, aren't you?  Get out!  There's nothing here 
    for people like you!
    Owner (after first conversation): Are you still here?  I told you to get 
    Roll (after leaving): All done?  Then let's go to the junk shop!
    Junk Shop Sign: It looks like a junk shop sign--it must be pointing the way 
    to a store.
    Picture: It's an old photograph.  It looks like a photo of the owner's 
    Heater: In a climate like this, a heater is essential.
    Scale: It's a scale, used to weigh small items.
    Left Shelf: There items are on sale.  It's hard to tell what they are, but 
    they're cheap!
    Center Shelf: There're a lot of different kinds of medicine in all sorts of 
    bottles lined up.
    Right Shelf: There're a lot of small trinkets lined up.
    Private Room: Sorry--that room's private!  If you need to use the toilet, go 
    somewhere else!
    Reaverbot Part: It's a Reaverbot part.  It must still be alive.
    Picture: It's a photo of a flying ship--it looks a lot like the ship those 
    pirates use.
    Shelf: There are various parts neatly lined up.
    Register: Best not to touch the cash register--the shop owner might call the 
    Huge Yellow Engine: Whoever buys this will have a hard time getting it home!
    Junk Shop Owner (from back door): whoa!  Don't sneak up on me like that!  
    That door is for staff only!  Say there, little fellow...Do you like 
    [Not really...]: Oh.  Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find 
    [Yes]: You do?  Well, then I've got something you just might be interested 
    in...You want it?
    [No, thanks]: Oh.  Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me!
    [Yes, please]: Well then, here you go!
    (You got: Reaverbot Claw!)
    Junk Shop Owner (after previous conversation): You again!  Sorry, but I 
    can't let you have any more of my collection!
    Junk Shop Owner: Ain't no way you can do a Dig, not with a body like that!  
    Who'd take care of Maria if you get hurt?  Don't go, Joe!
    Joe: Maria's been good to me...But I've got to do this!
    Junk Shop Owner: You're a pretty good mechanic, right?  You can earn a good 
    living fixing people's stuff.  Maybe you just settle down for a while...Take 
    it easy, you know?
    Jim: If something happens to me, you look after Maria and her daughter, OK?  
    See you.
    Junk Shop Owner (as Joe leaves): Wait!  Joe!...sigh...They never listen...
    Roll: That person...I feel like I know him...Like I've met him somewhere 
    MegaMan: Really?
    Roll: Yeah...A long, long time ago...
    Junk Shop Owner: Hi there!  Looking for something?
    MegaMan: Um, yes, we are.
    (MegaMan shows blueprints to Junk Shop Owner)
    MegaMan: Do you have any parts that could be used to build the machine in 
    this diagram?
    Junk Shop Owner: Huh?  Well I'll be!  Are you two friends of Joe's?
    Roll: Uh, I don't think so...Why?
    Junk Shop Owner: Well, it's just that I've seen this before, in his lab!  
    You know the little shed hear the flying ship dock?  That's his lab.  Joe's 
    working on something that looks just like this there!
    Roll: MegaMan!  That means this Joe must know my father!  I've got to go 
    talk to him!
    MegaMan (after Roll runs off): Roll!  Wait!
    Junk Shop Owner: You want to know about Joe?  That's what we call him, but 
    he's lost his memory, see?  No one knows who he really is or where he came 
    from--not even Maria, who takes care of him.  Maria?  She's probably at the 
    bar, but...Shouldn't you go after your friend?
    Roll: MegaMan...I was thinking...What if there's more than just the dropship 
    schematics?  What if there's something else of my father's here!?  Something 
    that could lead me to him?  But...What if he's already dead?  I don't know 
    what I'd do if I found out he's dead...
    [Who knows?  He might be dead]: I guess it's best if I don't get my hopes 
    [Don't worry--he's alive!]: Thanks, MegaMan--can't give up hope, right?  All 
    right, then, let's go!
    (MegaMan and Roll go inside and find the dropship)
    Roll: It's just like the blueprint...Maybe my father is here somewhere...
    Girl in Pink: Who are you!  If you're looking for my dad, he's not here!  He 
    went to the ruins!
    Roll: Dad?  You mean Joe?
    Girl in Pink: That's my dad!  Well, he will be soon, anyway!  Mom says once 
    he goes to Forbidden Island and comes back, he'll be my dad!
    Roll: Say...Is there anyone named Caskett living here?
    Girl in Pink: No!  I've never heard of anyone named Caskett!
    Roll: What!?  But...What does that mean, MegaMan?  I was so sure he was 
    MegaMan: Let's find Joe and talk to him--he can probably answer your 
    Roll: I guess you're right...This is the closest I've gotten to my parents!  
    Come on!
    Dropship: It's a half-finished dropship...It must have been a lot of work 
    for just one person to build it.
    Blueprint: It's a blueprint for a dropship--looks like it's been written 
    over many times.
    Dropship Parts: Looks like a dropship part--there's something spraypainted 
    on it...It says: "I luv daddy"
    Generator: It's a large generator, the kind used for heavy-duty work.
    Flour Bags: There's various parts and items scattered about.
    Roll: Come on, MegaMan--we should go to the ruins as soon as possible!
    Girl in Pink: I already told you--my dad's gone to the ruins!
    Roll (after leaving): Come on, MegaMan--let's go!
    Man in Gray Overcoat Near Flutter: The caves outside o' town?  Just saw Joe 
    headin' off that way...Prob'ly goin' off on a Dig...
    Roll (after going to town and coming back): It looks like the ruins are 
    outside the city, MegaMan.
    Fox (inside shed): bark! bark!
    Roll Quote 1: There are Reaverbots just on the other side of the river.  Be 
    careful, MegaMan.
    Roll Quote 2: Kind of cold here, isn't it?
    Roll Quote 1: Looks like there's a bridge over there, too.
    Roll Quote 2: I wish we could stay like this for a while, don't you?
    Roll Quote 3: Say, MegaMan...Do you think that man knows my father?
    [Maybe]: I can't wait to talk to him!
    [Probably not]: Maybe you're right...I mean, he could have come up with that 
    design himself...
    [Who?}: You know--the person who was at the junk shop!
    Roll Quote 1: What is it?
    Roll Quote 2: The people in town said you can get to the ruins by following 
    the tracks.
    Roll: I was so scared!
    Roll (after coming back): Let's hurry, MegaMan!
    Roll (slaps MegaMan!): "Eeek!" OR "Stop it, MegaMan!"
    Roll: That hurt, MegaMan!
    (if Roll is shot enough times to fall onto the ground):
    Roll: Ow...Looks like I got hurt a little more than I thought...Say, 
    MegaMan...I know you wouldn't do such a thing, but...You weren't aiming at 
    me on purpose, were you?
    [No, of course not!]: I knew you wouldn't do that to me!  I'm sorry I 
    doubted you, MegaMan!
    [Um, actually...I was.]: Well...I guess you mean it as a joke, but 
    still...This isn't the time or place for jokes!
    Roll: This way, MegaMan!
    Roll: I'm pretty sure it's just up ahead!
    Roll: This looks newer than everywhere else.  It must have been discovered 
    pretty recently.  I think that man is here somewhere, up ahead.
    MegaMan: Are you picking up any Reaverbots, Roll?
    Roll: Yep...A lot of them.  I'm also getting human life signs.  But they're 
    pretty weak...It looks like he might be hurt.
    MegaMan: You wait here, Roll!  I'll get him!
    Roll: But...
    MegaMan: Roll!
    Roll: All right...Good luck, MegaMan.
    (after going down Elevator and coming back):
    Roll: How was it, MegaMan?
    Joe (badly injured): Stop...Don't go on...Too...dangerous...
    MegaMan: Don't talk--you're hurt pretty bad.  I can't do anything for you 
    here--I'm taking you back to the surface.
    Joe: I'm all for that idea, but...Seems I woke up the big Reaverbot inside 
    here...Once he's fully charged up, he might leave here and go after the 
    city.  You've got to stop him before he...agh! (Joe passes out)
    MegaMan: Mister!  Are you all right!?
    Roll: What is it, MegaMan!?  Is he...?
    MegaMan: It's all right.  He's just passed out, that's all.  You wait there, 
    Roll.  I've got some work to do.
    MegaMan (after checking on Joe again): He's bleeding pretty badly.  He needs 
    help soon before it's too late.
    Roll: I'm picking up what looks like a pretty big refractor.  We just need 
    to figure out how to bring that barrier down.
    MegaMan (after checking the Refractor again): Doesn't look like you'll be 
    able to get it until you bring the barrier down.
    MegaMan: Roll!  What are you doing here?
    Roll: I can't leave him!  If he dies, my chances of finding my father die 
    MegaMan: I guess you're right...All right, let's get him back to town.
    Joe (awakes): Wait...The refractor...You've got to get the 
    refractor...Unless you do...The machines will stay active...
    MegaMan: Roger!
    Roll (after previous conversation): MegaMan, if we don't hurry it might be 
    too late for him!
    Joe (after previous conversation): Get...the refractor...
    (You got: A refractor!)
    Roll: All right then, let's go, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: The doctor says he should rest.  His family is on their way here--I 
    guess he'll be all right for now...Roll...About your father and that 
    Roll: I know...But I don't think now's a good time...Besides, we have to 
    help Gramps!  Right?  We've got to figure out a way to land on Forbidden 
    Joe: cough...Listen...to me...
    MegaMan: Oh, I'm sorry--did we wake you?
    Joe: I heard what you were saying...Unfortunately, I've lost my memory...I 
    don't know if I can be of much help...I was holding that blueprint when they 
    found me collapsed outside of town.  I don't know why I had it, or where I 
    got it...I can't remember.  That's why I tried to build it...And why I tried 
    to go to Forbidden Island.
    Roll: Have you ever heard of a person named Caskett?  What about my face?  
    Do you think you might have seen me before?
    Joe: ......  Sorry, no.  I can't remember anything...uh!  ahhh!
    Roll: Take it easy!  Don't push yourself--I'm sorry I asked so many 
    Joe: No, no...It's all right...If you're going to Forbidden Island, use my 
    dropship.  All it needs is a refractor.  That one from the ruins should do 
    it.  uh...cough!  cough!
    MegaMan: We can use your dropship?  Thank you very much.
    Joe: That's all right...I just have this feeling...That you were meant to 
    use it...
    Roll: Thank you.  ...MegaMan!  I'll go to the Flutter and get things ready.  
    Come back as soon as you can!
    Man in Blue Overcoat: Heard Joe got hurt while he was in those caves. (after 
    Forbidden Island): Maria's takin' care of him, staying by him night an' 
    day...'Course, dunno if that's a blessin' or a curse!  ha ha ha ha!
    IN TOWN:
    Man in Gray Overcoat Near Flutter: If you want to go Diggin', you'd best 
    talk to the man livin' in that shack there.
    Doctor: Hm?  Can I help you?
    ROOM 102:
    Doctor: Room 102?  Right this way...
    Joe: You're welcome to use the dropship as much as you want--but be careful. 
      I have this feeling...Like a half-forgotten memory...I lost something very 
    important because of that ship...
    (After Forbidden Island):
    Joe: So...The seal around Forbidden Island has finally been lifted...To tell 
    you the truth, ever since I met you that day, my desire to explore that 
    island, which was with me night and day, has gone...Vanished, like a 
    dream...I know I can't return to the past, and that you can't bring it back, 
    yet...I have such a strange feeling when I look at you...
    Bartender: What would drive him to go to that Island that he would do this 
    to himself?  Nothing I could say would stop him...So all I can do is 
    worry...Watch...And wait.
    Joe's Daughter (from Shed): I wonder if he'd be upset with me if I started 
    calling him "daddy" ...  He may not talk a lot, but he's really nice to me!  
    He's a great daddy!
    Flowers: It's a flower arrangement.  It's very well done--wonder who did it?
    Heater: They must be keeping the room warm to help speed Joe's recovery.
    Blueprints: It's a blueprint for a dropship.  But why would Joe have this?
    ROOM 203:
    Doctor: Room 203?  Right this way...
    Girl in Blue Dress:
    [Yes]: The secretary there's cute, isn't she?  I hear you can make a lot of 
    money with that job...
    [No]: If you're a real Digger, you should go there while you're here.
    Stereo: There's something about a woman's touch that makes a room look nice.
    Desk: Everything is neatly organized--a model of efficiency.
    Painting: It's an abstract painting...Maybe it's supposed to be a frog?
    Diary: "What do you think you're doing, reading someone's diary like that?"
    Bartender: He's lost his memory, but something still calls to him from 
    Forbidden Island...It's been 10 years since I found him, collapsed on the 
    edge of town...He can't remember anything, but he can't stay away from that 
    island either.
    Bartender: My daughter's taken to him as well...We've given him a home and 
    love, but...He still can't stay way from Forbidden Island.
    Customer: She looks sober, but she's had a few, so don't pay too much 
    attention to her.
    Customer: I just wish she'd give me another drink!
    (after Forbidden Island):
    Customer: I dunno why, but she took off outta here in a hurry.  Can you 
    believe it?  She just up and left me here!
    Customer (if MegaMan is behind the Counter): ......mumble...mutter  You know 
    those ruins on the outside'a town?  I found 'em!  'Course, I was younger 
    then.  We was digin' in the old caves, when all a sudden there was a 
    cave-in!  When the dust cleared, there it was!  An entrance into a new ruin!
    (after Forbidden Island):
    General Store Owner: I'm sorry I yelled at you before.  My brother...He'd 
    gone to Forbidden Island.  I thought he was dead--but he just showed up 
    again, alive.  Isn't that strange?
    Owner's Brother Quote 1: When I was lost on Forbidden Island, a girl in 
    pigtails saved me.  My sister thinks I was delirious, but I know she was 
    Owner's Brother Quote 2: I wonder who that girl who saved me was?  I wish I 
    could meet her again...
    Postman: We here at the post office believe our job is to help bring people 
    closer!  Let's see...Any mail for you?...Nope, sorry!
    Mailwoman: Any letter addressed to you will be delivered to the post office 
    here.  Be sure to stop by sometimes to check your mail.
    (after clearing Calbania Island):
    Mailwoman: There's a letter addressed to you at the post office.
    Postman: Let's see...Hey, there's a letter for you!  And it's from pirates!  
    Whoa, scary!
    (You got: Servbot Letter 1!)
    (after giving Shu the educational items and returning to Nino Island):
    Mailwoman: There's a letter addressed to you at the post office.
    Postman: We've got a letter for you from your little friends!  Here you go!
    (You got: Twin's Letter 1!)
    (after defeating Glyde's Ship at Nino Island):
    Mailwoman: You've got another letter!  You should go to the post office and 
    pick it up!
    Postman: Looks like those kids are practicing writing--they're getting 
    (You got: Twin's Letter 2!)
    (after opening Nino Ruins):
    Mailwoman: Looks like you've got another letter!  You're a pretty popular 
    Postman: Another letter from you from those kids!  Their writing looks 
    really good now!
    (You got: Twin's Letter 3!)
    (if no new letters have arrived):
    Postman: No new mail for you.  Don't worry--I'll bet you'll get a letter 
    from someone soon!
    Mailwoman: The post office is open 24 hours, every day!  You can pick up 
    your mail any time!
    (after Forbidden Island):
    Woman in Red Overcoat: I never would have imagined that my husband would 
    come back to me!  And he isn't a day older than when he left!
    Man in Blue Shirt: I thought I was done for when I crashed on Forbidden 
    Island.  Then, out of nowhere, this little girl appeared and saved me.  She 
    put me into this ball, and I fell asleep.  When I woke up, years had passed!
    Woman in Pink Quote 1: When they were little, Von Bluecher and his friends 
    were very interested in the story of the goddesses.  He thought the earth 
    goddess was sleeping on Forbidden Island.
    Woman in Pink Quote 2: My father is the priest at the gallery just outside 
    of town.  He used to tell Von Bluecher and his friends all sorts of stories.
    Man in Green Overcoat Quote 1: This is the house Von Bluecher grew up in.
    Man in Green Overcoat Quote 2: He started his Digger's business here in this 
    city, and then, after becoming rich, built that big ship and went off to 
    explore Forbidden Island...How could any of us have known that it would lead 
    to this horrible disaster?
    Man in Green Overcoat (after Forbidden Island): They said on TV that Von 
    Bluecher's been rescued.  But they didn't say what he found on Forbidden 
    Island.  Who knows?  Maybe there was nothing there to begin with.
    (after Forbidden Island):
    Man in Gray Overcoat: They say you've been to Forbidden Island and back 
    again...You're not a ghost, are you?
    Girl in Red Dress: This is supposed to be my grave.  It's a strange feeling, 
    to see your own grave while you're still alive.
    Priest: May God's blessing be upon you, my Digger friend.  Even though you 
    do so in self-defense, it must be hard on you to kill so many innocent 
    Reaverbots.  Let me pray for you.  I will require a donation, however.
    [If you don't make a donation]: Oh...Well, God is with you always, 
    regardless.  Please come again.
    [If you don't have enough zenny]: I'm terribly sorry, but...It seems you 
    don't have enough zenny.  Please come again.
    [After making a donation]: By the power vested in me, I bless you in the 
    name of the Holy Father.  May God's blessing be on you with his love and 
    forgiveness.  I have heard that you intend to go to Forbidden Island.  I 
    wouldn't if I were you.  Still, if you insist on going, let me tell you what 
    I know--it may help you.
    (About the two goddesses): There is an old legend which says the sky goddess 
    sleeps on Forbidden Island.  The legends say that long ago, the world was 
    watched over by two goddesses.  One guarded the Keys on the land, the other 
    protected the gates of the sky...One day, when the goddess of the sky came 
    to borrow the Keys from the goddess of the earth, they argued, and the sky 
    goddess was imprisoned by the earth goddess on Forbidden Island.  So the 
    legends say.  Bluecher believes the Keys of the legend have something to do 
    with the Mother Lode--that is why he went to Forbidden Island.
    (About Forbidden Island): Many Diggers have tried and failed to explore the 
    aptly-named Forbidden Island.  Several Diggers from this city have also 
    journeyed there, but none returned.  Only Prof. Barrell and Von Bluecher 
    have been there and back.  It is said that if the Mother Lode is anywhere, 
    it must be on that island.  Of course, Bluecher and Barrell didn't just land 
    there--they crashed as well.  It is said they were rescued by a mysterious 
    girl whose hair was in pigtails.
    (Never mind): Oh.  Very well then.  God be with you.
    (After Forbidden Island):
    [After making a donation]: I hear that it was you who saved Von Bluecher and 
    the others.  You must be a skilled Digger indeed to conquer Forbidden 
    Island.  If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them as best I 
    (About the mysterious girl): For many years now, whenever a ship approaches 
    Forbidden Island, they have been warned away by a mysterious girl.  She 
    first appeared soon after Prof. Barrell's daughter disappeared there.  Now, 
    people say they have seen a woman instead of a girl.  Strange, is it not?
    (About the missing people): The people who were lost on Forbidden Island 
    have returned.  They all say when they awoke, they were sitting on the 
    outskirts of the city.  Some say they were helped by a little girl; others 
    say a woman saved them.  Those who were lost in the past saw the girl, and 
    the more recent explorers saw the woman...Who knows what that means?
    Yosyonke Secretary: Welcome to the Yosyonke Division of the Digger's Guild!  
    You can take the Digger's Test here, which you need to pass to enter 
    sub-ruins.  What do you want to do?
    Nino Secretary: Welcome to the main office of the Digger's Guild!  The 
    Guildmaster is waiting for you in his office.  We also offer the Digger's 
    Test, which you need to get your Digger's License.  Once you get your 
    license, you can enter the Guild's sub-ruins.  If you need any help, just 
    Secretary: You can take the Digger's Test here, which you need to pass to 
    enter sub-ruins.  What do you want to do?
    [Learn about the test]: The Digger's Test tests your skill as you navigate 
    the test ruins.  If you can make it through the ruins within the time limit, 
    you pass!  If your life reaches 0 or time runs out, the test ends.  You have 
    to take the test using only the equipment we provide you with.  You can take 
    the test as many times as you like, whenever you want.  If you want to stop 
    the test while taking it, press the SELECT button, and select "Stop Test" 
    from the menu.  An incomplete test will not be graded--you don't fail, but 
    you don't pass, either.  There's something you should know about the 
    Digger's licenses.  As soon as you get a higher-level license, the 
    Reaverbots and other enemies in the ruins become stronger and more 
    aggressive.  If, after you get a certain license, you think the Reaverbots 
    have gotten too strong, you can't go back to a lower license.  Think 
    carefully about whether or not you want a new license.  It might be a good 
    idea to make a backup copy of your current status before taking the test.  
    Your current license is Class (B or A), which means you'll take the Class (A 
    or S) Test.  OK?
    [Take the test]: Your current license is Class (B or A), which means you'll 
    take the Class (A or S) Test.  OK?
    (Start of Test): The test begins as soon as you open the door in front of 
    you.  You have (3 or 5) minutes for the test.  You can begin when ready.  
    Good luck!
    (Time Runs Out): Sorry!  Time's up!
    (After Failing Class A Test):
    If you run out of energy: Better luck next time!  Here's a hint: when 
    fighting multiple enemies, try to take down one at a time.  Do you want to 
    try again?
    If you run out of time: Looks like you were a little too 
    careful...Sometimes, you just have to take risks!  Do you want to try again?
    (After failing of Class S Test):
    If you run out of energy: To pass the Class S Test, you need to concentrate 
    on enemies with special attacks!  Do you want to try again?
    If you run out of time: The trick is to avoid being hit by special attacks 
    as much as possible.  Figuring out which enemy to attack first is also an 
    important point.  Do you want to try again?
    (After passing the Test): Congratulations!  You've completed the test!
    (Receipt of Class A License): Congratulations!  You passed the test!  Here's 
    your Class A License!  The next rank is the Class S license--good luck!
    (Receipt of Class S License): Congratulations!  You passed the Class S Test! 
      You're the youngest person to pass!  Keep up the good work, and you'll 
    become a great Digger!
    (After receiving Class S License): My twin sister works as a secretary at 
    the (gallery in Yosyonke/Guild Headquarters).
    Objective 1: We have to go to Forbidden Island to help Gramps!
    Objective 2: Gramps's ship is somewhere on Forbidden Island!
    Roll (inside Flutter): I've loaded the dropship in the hanger, MegaMan!  
    This means we can get to Forbidden Island too!  I have to make a few more 
    adjustments to its engines.  Can you pilot the Flutter while I'm doing that? 
    MegaMan: Dropship?  You're not going yourself, are you?
    Roll: Of course!  Don't forget, both my parents were Diggers!  Besides...I'm 
    worried about Gramps!
    MegaMan: But...I don't know how to fly the Flutter!
    Roll: Don't worry!  You can do it!  If you have any problems, ask Data for 
    help!  They say no one's ever returned from Forbidden Island alive...I can't 
    let you go there, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: All the more reason why you shouldn't go!  Don't worry--I'll go!
    Roll: MegaMan...All right, then!  Ready?
    (MegaMan is inside the dropship)
    Roll: Are you ready, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: Yep!
    Roll: OK, here we go!  Pull hatch open!  Releasing docking clamps!  Dropship 
    (dropship approaches Forbidden Island)
    MegaMan (as dropship shakes): Ohhhh...Ohhhh...Ohhhh...
    Roll: MegaMan?  MegaMan, are you all right?
    MegaMan: Hear you, Roll!  I'm OK!
    Roll: Good!  If you want to come back to the Flutter, just get into the 
    dropship, OK?  All right, then...Let's try and find Gramps' ship!  It looks 
    like it's drifting.  I'm getting a reading north of your position.  When 
    you're ready, try heading north and see what you can find!
    Roll: Ready here, MegaMan!  I can pick up the dropship anytime!
    MegaMan: Balloon open!  Take off initiated!
    MegaMan (at Flutter's door): Going outside without the dropship is 
    dangerous.  Better talk to Roll.
    Roll: Your dropship got blown off course--you've drifted away from Gramps' 
    ship.  Sorry, MegaMan.  You'll have to head north again.
    Roll: MegaMan!  Be careful!  It looks like there's something under the snow 
    in front of you!
    Roll: I'm picking up something...It looks like human life signs, but I'm not 
    sure...We can come back and check it out later!  For now, let's keep looking 
    for Gramps' ship.
    MegaMan (after first check): What's that?  It looks like there's a person in 
    Roll: What is it?  Do you see something?  I'm not picking up anything...
    MegaMan (after first check): It's a dropship...And there's a woman inside!
    Roll: It looks like there's a person or something up ahead--but how could 
    that be?
    Roll: Reaverbot, closing in on you fast!
    Roll: There's a Reaverbot close by!  Watch out!
    Roll: Can you see Gramps' ship yet?  According to my readings, it should be 
    somewhere close by...
    Roll (after grabbing purple refractor): MegaMan!  What did you do!?  I'm 
    picking up a massive energy surge!  I think it might be a giant Reaverbot!  
    Get out of there, MegaMan!  MegaMan!  MegaMan, can you hear me?  Huh?  
    What's happening?  Huh?  I'm losing you...What's going on?
    (snowstorm slowly begins to let up and stop)
    MegaMan: The storm...It stopped!
    (Sulphur-Bottom is shown coming down)
    Barrell: Ohhh...Has it finally stopped?  Ugh...I thought we were goners for 
    Bluecher: You're getting old, Barrell!  That was nothing!  Look at me--I'm 
    Barrell: Hmmm...Showoff!  For all that money you spent on it, you'd think 
    this flying washtub of yours would have held up better!
    Bluecher: Ahem!  Well, accidents happen!  If we were ready for them, we 
    wouldn't call them accidents, would we?
    (the pirates are all very dizzy)
    Klaymoor: Hmmm...
    Teisel: How come those old fogies are so chipper, huh!?  My 
    stomach...gasp!...feels like it's been through a washing machine spin cycle!
    Tron: Uh...Teisel!  Look!
    (purple shape starts spinning and reveals the awakened Sera and Geetz)
    MegaMan: Huh?
    MegaMan: Who?
    Yuna: Well, that's done it.  They woke her up.
    Gatts (holding Yuna's original body): The Carbons have decided their own 
    fate.  This is because, they've activated Mistress Sera.  You've done enough 
    for them, Mistress Yuna.  You are required to relinquish the Keys to her.
    Yuna: No, it's not enough.  Why did the Master entrust that Purifier Unit 
    with his genetic code?  It was his job to hunt down and eliminate all avert 
    humans, so why did he become the greatest avert of all?  There are still too 
    many unanswered questions!
    Gatts: Mistress Yuna, surely you have enough information to arrive at a 
    Yuna: Think Gatts!  What if the Carbons, which the Master loved so dearly, 
    were more important than the Master System--what then?
    Gatts: What?  The chances of such a possibility being true are non-existent!
    Yuna: Are they?  How can you be so sure?  Uh-oh!  We'd better get out of 
    Gatts: Agreed.
    (Gatts and Yuna leave)
    Geetz: Hmmm...It appears that Miss Yuna still does not intend to give you 
    access to the Keys, Mistress Sera.
    Sera: What is she thinking?  Her logic is--as mysterious as was the 
    Master's...You know what you have to do!
    Geetz: Yes, the directive of this unit is insuring your safety.
    Sera: Very well!  Hmmm...One of the Carbon's ships!  We must first recover 
    the Keys to the Library!  We can acquire and deal with the Master's Genetic 
    Code Sample afterward!
    Geetz: Understood.
    (the pirates are in another guest room where Tron and Teisel are trying to 
    spy on Bluecher's conversation with the Ancients)
    Teisel: What gives?  How come we end up stuck in here!?
    Tron: Think about it, Teisel.  Do you think they're just going to have a 
    press conference with what's happened?
    Teisel: Hmmm...What was that blue fellow doing here anyway!?  I don't like 
    it one bit...One thing's for sure!  I'll get him this time, or my name's 
    Tron: Shhh!  I'm picking something up!
    Bluecher: So what you're saying is, if you have possession of these four 
    Keys, we can unlock the Mother Lode and save Mistress Sera?  Is that it?
    Geetz: Correct.  We are from the past, your ancestors.  We are in a world we 
    never made.  We mean no harm.  We simply desire to live out the rest of our 
    lives, as best we can.
    Barrell: Hmmm...
    Geetz: Of course, you're troubles will be rewarded.  With the Keys, you will 
    have access to technology that has long been lost to you.  You would have, 
    the ability, to make--all the refractors you need.
    Bluecher: I understand.  Leave finding the Keys to us.  We are not the only 
    ones searching for the Mother Lode.  For your safety, I recommend that you 
    stay here on the ship.
    (Barrell and Bluecher begin to leave)
    Barrell (notices spy microphone on guard): Hmmm!  Speak of the devil!
    Teisel: Gaaaah!!!  Ooooo!!  Why you!  We're you spying on me!?
    Glyde: I thought we're supposed to be allies, aren't we?
    Klaymoor: We're a unified front!  A team!  We won't let you hold out on us!
    Teisel: Unified front!?  There's only two of you!
    Glyde: Ah, but they are veterans, remember Teisel?  Not like some people I 
    know who think the more people you have working for you, the better you are!
    Teisel: Oh, and what about you!?  You...!
    Tron: Now, now, Teisel, the more, the merrier, right?
    Tron (whispering and winking): Don't get so upset; we can dump them anytime 
    we want!
    Teisel: Hmmm...I guess you're right...All right, then!  Let's get this show 
    on the road!  What we need to do is split up, and take over any town that's 
    got a large ruin nearby, then we explore the ruins and find these Keys!  All 
    right, boys!  Look sharp!  Let's go!
    Glyde: I'll see you around!
    Klaymoor: Come in, Bola!  We've got work to do!
    Teisel: Those two really get on my nerves!
    Bluecher: Pirates, on the move already?  That complicates matters!
    Barrell: Oh, stop it!  You can't fool me!
    Bluecher: Is it that obvious?
    Barrell: Don't you think you're getting too old for playing around with 
    Bluecher: Ha ha ha ha!  Find MegaMan!  Bring him here!
    Guard: Yes, sir!
    Barrell: You're not going to drag them into your escapades again, are you?
    Blucher: Well, I just want to talk to them!  They'll get involved, with or 
    without me!
    Barrell: My, my...
    Guard: Mr. MegaMan, sir!  Mr. Bluecher would like to see you!
    Roll (inside guest room): Gramps was looking for you, MegaMan.  Why don't 
    you go talk to him?
    Barrell: Sorry to call you on such short notice, MegaMan.  Bluecher has 
    something he'd like to say to you.  Listen to what he has to say, will you?
    Bluecher: So you're MegaMan, eh?  So young...And yet you and your partner 
    successfully explored Forbidden Island.  You did a lot better than me, even 
    with all my money and preparations!  ha ha ha!
    Barrell: Enough small talk...Are you going to ask him or not??
    Bluecher: Ah, yes, well...Um...You see, MegaMan, I'd like to ask you to find 
    and recover the Keys to the Mother Lode.
    Barrell: I'm sorry to drag you into all this, MegaMan.  But if we don't 
    hurry, the pirates are liable to find the Keys before we do.  Will you help 
    Bluecher: You're the only person we can ask, MegaMan.  Please--will you help 
    Barrell: Well, now that that's settled...I'd like you to go to Pokte 
    Village.  It's on Manda Island, just to the south of here.  Of all the 
    settlements that have a key, Pokte Village is the smallest.  I'm guessing 
    that'll be the pirates' first target.
    Bluecher: Once you find a Key, please bring it back to the Sulphur-Bottom.  
    We have a better chance of keeping them out of the pirates' hands here.  
    Thank you, MegaMan, and good luck!
    Roll (after meeting): hee hee!  I got tired of waiting for you to come back, 
    so I came here.  I listened in on what you were talking about--sorry.  So, 
    we're going to Manda Island?  I'll go look it up on the map.  Come back to 
    the Flutter when you're ready to go!  I'll see you on the Flutter.
    (all quotes are said by Roll)
    (upon arriving): I'm not picking up any more Reaverbots...They're all gone!  
    Do you think it's because we rescued those Ancients?
    (after going north): Nothing's happening...Not like before...
    (near abandoned ship): Remember when you came here the first time, and you 
    saw those strange shapes?  It seems that those were people who got trapped 
    here.  When we were in Yosyonke, I heard that they were all rescued and sent 
    home by someone?
    (after checking now empty dropship): It's a dropship...Looks like it's 
    (where "person Reaverbots" were): Looks like there's nothing left 
    anywhere...I'm not picking anything up.
    (where Boss Reaverbot was): Didn't find anything?  Well then, go back to the 
    dropship [actually the Flutter now] and I'll pick you up.
    Objective 1: The First Key is in the ruins on Manda Island.
    Objective 2: Maybe the ruins are beyond Pokte Village--keep looking!
    Objective 3: Now we can get inside the ruins!  Let's go!
    Roll (at Flutter): Let's see...We were supposed to go to Pokte Village 
    first, right?  ...  ...  Maybe we'll run into that person who looked like my 
    mother again...Anyway, let's do our best to help Gramps and the others!
    Left Servbot Quote 1: We'll get you this time!  If you beat us, we'll just 
    come back for more!
    Left Servbot Quote 2: Miss Tron said not to tell you she's hiding in the 
    village...Ah!  Whoops!
    Center Servbot Quote 1: You'll have to get through us if you want to get to 
    the village!
    Center Servbot Quote 2: If you knock us down, we'll stay down!...Huh?  Wait, 
    that's not it...
    Right Servbot Quote 1: Miss Tron is back, bigger and better than before!
    Right Servbot Quote 2: You're going to lose this time!
    Caverns Servbot Quote 1: What's this?  It looks like a ruin or something.
    Caverns Servbot Quote 2: Hmmm...Should I go in and explore or not?  Do you 
    think it might be dangerous?
    Servbot: The blue fellow's here!
    Tron: You've got the electronic jammer set up, right?
    Servbot: Yes, Miss Tron!
    Tron: Let's see, the voice synisier is all set...OK, begin MegaMan Special 
    Plan 3!
    Servbot: Do you think it will work?
    Tron: Maybe it will, maybe it won't!  But that doesn't mean we won't try!
    Servbot: Yes, Miss Tron!
    Tron (giggles): All right, then!  Let's have some fun with MegaMan!
    (Tron's Crab Robot drops in)
    Tron: Long time no see, MegaMan!  Ha!  I had a feeling I might run into you 
    here!  You're looking as good as ever!  Well, as good as you can, 
    considering how that good-for-nothing blonde treats you!
    MegaMan: Whadcha mean?
    Tron: When I ran into Miss Blondie, she told me all sorts of things, like 
    how she's glad she doesn't have to go out on Digs with you!  Do you think 
    that's fair?  She gets to relax, while you run around getting shot at!  
    Don't you think that's a little strange?
    MegaMan, Well, I uh...
    Tron: Wait!  There's more!  Haven't you ever noticed that she's keeping some 
    of the money you give her for weapons development--for herself!?  She's 
    skimming off the top, and you don't even realize it!
    MegaMan: What?  Skimming?
    Tron: She makes you all sorts of equipment and weapons, right?  Do you 
    really think it costs THAT much?  You really are thick, aren't you?  She was 
    showing off how much money she saved by stealing from you!
    MegaMan: Roll would never say those kinds of things!
    Tron: How can you be so sure?  You can't judge a book by it's cover!  She 
    might look sweet and innocent, but how do you know what she's really like?  
    Hee hee, looks like it's working!  Who'dve thought?
    (Tron is using a special microphone to make her voice sound like Roll's.  
    This special voice is represented by "Roll" to differentiate from the real 
    "Roll": Uh, I was hoping you wouldn't find out about that, MegaMan!
    MegaMan (confused): What, Roll?
    "Roll": But I guess it's too late to try to hide it now that Tron's told 
    you.  Don't worry about me, you don't need to come back; you can team up 
    with Tron!
    MegaMan (shocked): Uh...Roll!
    "Roll": What!?  I don't want him either!
    Tron: Well, maybe...If he gets on his hands and knees and begs me, I might 
    consider it!  You really don't care if I have him?
    "Roll": Me?  No, not at all!
    MegaMan (flustered): But...but...
    Tron: Right!  Just wait until I get through with him!
    Tron: Take this!
    Tron: Stand still!
    Tron (after blasting one of the pinchers off): Ohhh!!
    "Roll": MegaMan, pick up some milk on the way home!
    "Roll": MegaMan, quit calling her names!
    "Roll": Stop shooting at her, MegaMan!
    "Roll": MegaMan, behind you!
    "Roll" Dinner's ready, MegaMan!
    "Roll": Don't look at that!
    "Roll": Oh, the ship is sinking!
    "Roll": I hate you, MegaMan!
    (Crab Robot explodes and Tron flies out burned to a crisp)
    Servbot (hysterical): Miss Tronnn!!
    Roll (the real Roll): MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Huh, Roll?  Is that you?
    Roll: Finally!  I don't know what happened, but your transmission suddenly 
    got cut off!  Huh?  What is it, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: Uh, nothing, Roll!  I knew you'd never say things like that!
    Roll: Say things like what?  Are you OK, MegaMan?  You didn't get hit in the 
    head or anything, did you?  Guess what's for dinner, MegaMan--it's your 
    favorite, pizza!
    MegaMan: Really?  It's been awhile since we had that!
    Roll: Uh-huh, I even managed to find the pepperoni!
    MegaMan: Can't have pizza without pepperoni!
    Roll: Right!
    (The Servbots come down in a Drache to pick up their scorched mother)
    Servbot 1: Miss Tron, are you...OK?
    Servbot 2: It was a good idea, but it looks like their faith in each other 
    can't be broken!
    Tron (crying): Look at him!  Talking with her like they don't have a care in 
    the world!  Made a fool of me again!  You little...You...
    Roll: What is it, MegaMan?
    MegaMan: Oh, nothing...
    Tron (inside Drache): Let's go!
    Servbot: Wh-What's the matter, Miss Tron?
    Tron: I said let's get out of here!!
    Servbot: Keeeek!!
    Lost Servbot (after Crab Bot Battle): Huh?  Where'd everyone go?  Guys?  
    Lost Servbot (after giving First Key to Bluecher): If I don't go home soon, 
    I'll miss dinner!
    Lost Servbot (after defeating Glyde's Ship at Nino Island): Where is 
    everybody else?  Help!  I'm lost!  Stranded!  SOS!
    (The Lost Servbot is FINALLY found (no longer at Pokte Plains) after you 
    give the Second Key to Bluecher)
    Klaymoor: There, he goes!  Do you really think that there's a key here, 
    Bola?  Bola?  Huh?  Hey, Bola!  Where are you?
    Bola: Huh? (appears) Did you say something, Klaymoor?
    Klaymoor: Did you say something, Klaymoor?  Get with it, Bola!  We might be 
    the ones to find the Mother Lode!  Doesn't that mean anything to you?
    Bola: No, not at all--why should I care?  I've got enough money to keep me 
    living the good life for a long time!  I want out of this game--get it, 
    Klaymoor: C'mon Bola, don't say that!  I've dreamed of finding the Mother 
    Lode for years!  Help me out, huh?  I will let you take care of that blue 
    kid!  I'm going to check out another island!
    Bola: All right, all right!  Wouldn't want to get in the way of you and your 
    Roll: Wow...It looks like no one's ever been in here before...Isn't it 
    exciting, MegaMan?  You're the first Digger to see this ruin!
    Roll: Wait a second, MegaMan!  I'm picking up something that looks like a 
    control panel inside that room...Can you see it?
    Security System: Security system accessed.  Card key required to activate 
    main system.
    Bola: Hi there!  What's up?  You're that Digger called MegaMan, aren't you?
    (MegaMan prepares to fight)
    Bola: Hey!  What are you looking at me like that for?  Boy, you're younger 
    than they said you were!
    (Bola appears behind MegaMan)
    Bola: I'll give it straight!  I ain't got nothing against you personally, 
    but my partner, wants to get his hands on the Mother Lode, see?  I haven't 
    done this for awhile!  Hope I'm not too rusty!
    Bola: Hey, hey!  You're tougher than you look, little man!  I must be 
    getting old!  I'll going back once I catch my second wind!  Try not to get 
    killed before then, all right?  C-ya!
    Roll: Hold it, MegaMan!  It looks like there's a passageway near the 
    right-hand wall.
    Roll: Looks like that trap can't be destroyed.  If you're careful, you 
    should be able to get around it.
    Roll: Look before you leap, MegaMan!  It looks like there's a control panel 
    to your right.  Can you see it?  It looks like there's a door over there you 
    can use to get into the next area...But how are you supposed to get over 
    (after accessing Control Panel):
    Roll: Looks like the door on the floor below that was locked has opened.  
    Check it out, MegaMan?
    (A spinning blade falls on MegaMan and crushes him)
    Bola: I'm baaack!  Miss me?  Ready for Round 2?
    Bola: Ow!!  Hey!  Give the old man a break, will ya?  I think I pulled 
    something!  You might not realize it, but someday you'll be old too!  Enjoy 
    your youth while you can, but develop your skills, 'cause your speed won't 
    last forever!  Oh, what do you care--you're not even listening anyway, are 
    you?  Later!
    Roll: Since that Card Key was so hard to get, it must be used to access a 
    central control panel.  It's probably what you need to activate the panel 
    that was just inside the entrance.
    Security System: Security system accessed.  Card key confirmed.  Activate 
    main system?
    (after accessing security system and opening bridge):
    Roll: You should be able to get to the top of the tower now!  Wait...I'm 
    picking up multiple readings...The Reaverbots seem to have been activated 
    everywhere!  Be careful, MegaMan!
    Roll: It looks like some kind of trap was activated when that tower 
    Roll: The readings from that room are different from what they were before!  
    It's like it's being flooded with energy.  Can you see anything that looks 
    different, MegaMan?
    Roll: Watch your step, MegaMan!
    Roll (just before boss' lair): This is it, MegaMan---Are you ready?
    Roll (after entering boss' lair): The Key we're looking for is probably in 
    this room...Be careful, MegaMan!
    (after reaching empty Key holder):
    Bola: Hey, man!  What kept you so long?  If you're looking for the Key, I 
    got it right here!
    (MegaMan prepares to fight)
    Bola: Heh heh heh, just messing with ya!  I did get the Key, but the Master 
    Reaverbot ate it!  I asked him real nice-like if he'd give it back to me, 
    but he's not the friendly type, y'know what I mean?  You can have the Key, 
    if you can get it back from him!  I mean, there's three more Keys--Klaymoor 
    will probably figure out a way to get them, so it's no skin off my nose!  
    I'd better be going--c-ya!
    Roll: You did it, MegaMan!  So that's one of the Keys to the Mother 
    Lode...One down, three to go!  We've got a long way to go, but I know we can 
    do it!
    Boy in Green Shirt: Did you see the green monster inside the ruins?  When I 
    grow up, I'm going to go inside the ruins to see it too!
    What!?  You got rid of it for us?  Wow!  You're amazing!  I like strong men 
    like you!
    Old Man in Red Vest: Oh, I ran at the first sign of trouble--I'm too old to 
    be a hero!  Huh?  You say you saved the town?  Well, I guess I owe you my 
    thanks, then.
    Girl in Orange Dress: I came back to see if that giant crab robot was 
    gone--I'm so glad it's safe again!
    (if any buildings were destroyed by Tron's Crab Bot):
    Girl in Orange Dress: Everyone's working hard to rebuild the village.  We're 
    also collecting donations.  Would you like to make a donation?  It's 500 
    [Maybe later]: All right, then.  I'll be here if you change your mind!
    [Yes]: Thank you!  I'll be here if you want to make another donation!
    Girl in Orange Dress (if donations still need to be made): Hi there!  We're 
    collecting donations to rebuild the village.  Would you like to make a 
    donation?  It's only 500 zenny!
    Girl in Orange Dress (after donating 5,000 zenny): Thanks to everyone's 
    generous donations, the town has been restored!
    Girl in Orange Dress (after previous conversation): Helping people is fun!  
    I wonder what I should collect donations for next?
    Old Man in Red Vest: I've heard that there's a secret section on the mayor's 
    quiz.  Whoever passes it is supposed to get a valuable prize, they say.
    Man in Purple Suit: You must be pretty good to clear out those ruins.  What? 
      You found a giant green monster inside?  Hm...I guess the legends were 
    true, then...
    Boy in Green Shirt: Did you see the green monster inside the ruins?  When I 
    grow up, I'm going to go inside the ruins to see it too!
    Girl in Orange Dress: A lot of people thought she wouldn't be up to the job, 
    but the mayor's hardworking!
    Woman in Pink Blouse (if her house was not destroyed): I've heard that the 
    mayor has started her own business to help rebuild the town.  They say she's 
    running a cram school for the quiz.
    Woman in Pink Blouse (after rebuilding her house): They say you donated a 
    lot to help rebuild the town.  Thanks for everything.
    Woman in Pink Blouse (subseqent quote): I also heard that she's giving 
    valuable gifts to anyone who passes the test!
    Guitar-like Instruments: It's a traditional musical instrument.  Wonder what 
    kind of sound it makes?
    Woman in Yellow Blouse (if her house was not destroyed): Have you been to 
    the sub-ruins to the south of the village?  Anyone can go in to Dig--you 
    should take a look.
    Woman in Yellow Blouse (after rebuilding her house): Now I know how all 
    those people who've lost their homes in a disaster feel.
    Woman in Yellow Blouse (subseqent quote): There's ruins all over the place, 
    but I imagine it's hard to get inside them.  I mean, they wouldn't make it 
    easy for just anyone to walk in, now would they?
    Vases: This vase has been decorated with a beautiful purple design typical 
    of this area.
    Stove: It's a kitchen.  They used to be called "sculleries," but no one uses 
    that word now.
    Junk Store Owner: We're finally open for business again!  I've got more 
    items in stock than before--come by and take a look!
    General Store Owner: With the help of your and other's donations, I've been 
    able to reopen my store.  I've got more items in stock now than before--come 
    by and take a look.
    Flour Bags: It's a bag of flour.
    Rocking Horse: This looks like some kind of local sculpture.  It's very well 
    Question Mark: This must be the symbol of this school.
    Old Artwork: This appears to be very old.  Looking at it is very soothing.
    Greenboard: It's always frightening to get up in front of the class and 
    write on the blackboard.
    Table With Textbook: This book looks very difficult.
    Bookcase: There are many books covering all sorts of topics lined up.
    Heater: This heats the entire room so that it's almost hot.
    Younger Student: Thank you for saving our village.  This is the school, 
    where we study and take quizzes.
    Older Student: The mayor says she'd like to thank you--please talk to her 
    Mayor: I heard you were the brave soul who saved our town from those 
    pirates.  Thank you very much.  Say, would you like to try our quiz?  It's a 
    lot of fun.  You'll need to pay a small fee, but if you get all the 
    questions right, you'll win a fabulous prize!  If you want to take the quiz, 
    come talk to us.
    Younger Student (first conversation only): I'll help you get ready for the 
    mayor's quiz with my own.  If you can pass my quiz, I'll give you a prize.
    Younger Student: Do you want to take my quiz?
    [No]: I'll be here if you change your mind.
    [Yes]: Well then, let's begin.
    Correct Answer (makes angry face): Not bad...
    Wrong Answer (laughs at you): ha ha ha ha!  Too bad!
    At last question: Just one more to go!
    Wrong Last Question Answer (laughs at you): bwah ha ha ha!  Sorry!
    Right Last Question Answer (frustrated): drat!  You got all of them correct! 
      Well, I guess that means I have to give you this (Pencil/Candy Apple/Candy 
    Bar/Strange Juice)...
    (You got: Pencil/Candy Apple/Candy Bar/Strange Juice!)
    Younger Student: You can try again if you want...if you think you can win 
    (if you won all four of her prizes):
    Younger Student: I don't have anything else to give you.  Want to take the 
    quiz again?
    Right Last Question Answer: You can try as many times as you like.
    Older Student (first conversation only): I was the mayor's first student.  
    If you can pass my quiz, maybe you're ready for hers.  I can help you get 
    ready for the mayor's test...
    [Yes]: All right, let's begin.
    [Never mind]: You can try again whenever you like.
    Correct Answer (nods head): Correct!
    Wrong Answer (put hand on her mouth): Try again any time!
    Last Question: Only 1 more question to go!
    Wrong Last Question Answer (slaps hand on floor): That's too bad...You were 
    so close!
    Right Last Question Answer (puts hands on her cheeks): I'm impressed.  You 
    might even be able to pass the mayor's quiz.  Here's your prize.  Try again 
    if you want!
    (You got: Notes/Pokte Tea/Mug/Pokte Pastry!)
    (if you won all four of her prizes):
    Older Student: I don't have anything else to give you, but you can try my 
    quiz again if you want.
    Right Last Question Answer: You can try again as many times as you like.
    Mayor: Want to try taking my quiz?  It'll cost you 100 zenny.  If you get 
    all 10 questions correct, you win a prize!  Want to try?
    Mayor (after several unsuccessful attempts): Finding the questions a little 
    hard?  Don't worry--you'll make it if you keep trying!  Want to try again?
    [No]: You can try anytime you want.  If you want to try, come see me.
    [Yes]: Good luck!
    Correct Answer (claps hands): Correct!
    Wrong Answer (puts hand on her cheek): Nice try!
    Last Question: One left!  Good luck!
    Wrong Last Question Answer (pumps her arms): Oh, and you were so close!  
    With a little luck, I'll bet you can answer them all!
    Right Last Question Answer (puts hands together like she's praying): You did 
    it!  Congratulations!  You get a Textbook and Energizer Pack as prizes!
    (You got: Textbook and Energizer Pack!)
    Mayor (first conversation only): Did you know that there's something in the 
    village even better than the prize I gave you before?  I've been waiting for 
    the right person to come along to give it to.  I figure you're the right 
    person to let have it.  If you want to buy it, it'll cost you 2,000,000 
    zenny.  Or, I can give it to you if you answer 100 questions correctly.  
    What do you want to do?
    Mayor (after previous conversation): I can give you that item if you pay 
    2,000,000 zenny or answer 100 questions.  What do you want to do?
    [Never mind]: If you can answer all 100 questions correctly, I'll give you 
    the treasure of the village!  You can try as many times as you want--come 
    back when you think you're ready!
    [Buy it, but without enough zenny]: Um, I'm sorry, but it looks like you 
    don't have enough zenny.  Come back again when you've got enough, all right?
    [Buy it]: Really!?  You'll make a donation of 2,000,000 zenny!?  It's just 
    something that's been handed down in my family over the years...I don't know 
    if it'd be of any use to you...If you really want it, I'll gladly take your 
    [Donate]: Thank you.  Here it is.  This is said to be a weapon used by a 
    hero who saved the village long ago.   It doesn't look like much, 
    though...Anyway, thanks for the donation.  I'll make sure it's not wasted!
    (You got: Zetsabre!)
    [Take the 100-question quiz]: I knew you were the kind of person who loves a 
    challenge!  If you get a question wrong, you have to start over.  Good luck!
    Right Answer (claps hands): Correct!
    Wrong Answer (puts hand on her cheek): Too bad!  Better luck next time!
    50th Right Answer: Halfway there!  Keep it up!
    80th Right Answer: Wow!  You've answered 80 questions so far!  Only 20 left 
    to go!  Good luck!
    90th Right Answer: 90 questions down!  Only 10 left--this is make or break 
    time.  Don't blow it!
    99th Right Answer: 99 down, 1 to go!  Take a deep breath...Relax...Are you 
    ready?  OK then, here's the last question.  Good luck.
    100th Right Answer (puts hands to her heart and spreads them out towards 
    you): Congratulations!!  I can't believe it!  I never thought there'd be 
    someone who'd answer everything correctly!  Here's your prize: Zetsabre!
    (You got: Zetsabre!)
    Mayor (after receiving Zetsabre): You're destined for great things--I can 
    tell.  I don't have anything else to give you, but you can take the quiz 
    again if you want.  What do you want to do?
    [Nothing]: You know a lot--I'm impressed!
    [Take the quiz]: All right, here we go!
    Objective: We need to take the Key back to the Sulphur-Bottom!
    Roll (at Flutter): You did it, MegaMan!  Let's head back to the 
    Sulphur-Bottom and give Bluecher the Key.  I mean, we have to ask him where 
    the next Key is anyway, right?  Did you want to do anything before we head 
    back to the Sulphur-Bottom?
    Roll (after previous conversation): I think we should get the Key to 
    Bluecher as soon as possible...But tell me if there's something else you 
    want to do first!
    Barrell: You got the Key already?  That's my boy!
    Bluecher: Keep up the good work, MegaMan.  You'll be able to find the next 
    Key on Nino Island.  I have a friend there--the Guildmaster.  We've gotten 
    reports that the island is under attack.  Hurry, MegaMan!
    Barrell: Nino Island...The headquarters of the Digger's Guild can be found 
    there.  It was originally constructed to seal off the ruins there.  Who 
    would have thought one of the Keys to the Mother Lode would be there?
    Bluecher: We assumed that Nino Island would be safe, as it is heavily 
    defended, but it appears the pirates have been able to sabotage some of the 
    defense systems.  MegaMan, we need you to go there, assist in repelling the 
    pirates' attack, then recover the Key there.  Good luck!
    Objective 1: Next stop: Nino Island!  I wonder what it's like there?
    Objective 2: We've got to ask the Guildmaster to open the gate.
    Roll (inside Flutter): Next stop: Nino Island!  I just thought of something, 
    MegaMan...We haven't seen that woman who looks like my mother since this all 
    started.  I wonder what's happened to her...
    Guildmaster (thinking the Flutter is a pirate ship): There here!  Here they 
    come!  Wait until they get within range, then fire!
    Roll (steering Flutter): (humming until Flutter is attacked) Huh?  Ahhh!!
    Guildmaster: Huh?  Those aren't pirates!  Oh no!
    (The Guildmaster and his Johnny run up to MegaMan and Roll to apologize)
    Guildmaster: I'm so sorry!  Really I am!  I can't tell you how sorry I am!  
    We thought...I thought you were pirates!  That's why we shot at you!  Can 
    you please forgive me?  Please!
    Johnny: Seems like Glyde and his bunch have heard that there's a Key to the 
    Mother Lode here; they've been attacking us for awhile now!
    MegaMan: We're all right--our ship wasn't badly damaged either.
    Roll: Don't worry about it, sir--I'll have the Flutter fixed in no time at 
    Guildmaster: Well, things are a little hectic around here right now, what 
    with the pirates and all, but make yourselves at home!  Feel free to visit 
    the Diggers' Guild!
    FLOOR 3:
    Machine: This unique-looking machine appears to be broken.
    Switches: It looks like it's been a long time since anyone's used this.
    Tool Cabinet: There are lots of tools inside.
    Tool Pegboard: There are lots of tools hanging on hooks.
    Old Man in Red and Green: Pretty impressive, isn't she?  When I was a kid, 
    this was all that was needed to protect the island.  Now, she's broken down 
    and no one'll fix her up.
    FLOOR 2:
    Cannon: This looks like a very powerful cannon, but it's broken and can't be 
    Gate: This gate opens when the cannon is used.
    Woman in Pink: You can use the elevator to get to the town below.  Be sure 
    to come by the Guild office--the Guildmaster is waiting for you.
    Man in Blue: Drat!  Looks like those birds destroyed the platform!  It's out 
    of commission!
    Big Man in White: When the red light turns on and the door opens, it means 
    we're under attack.  We'd appreciate it if you didn't come by then.
    FLOOR 1:
    Locked Ruins Entrance: The entrance to the ruins is locked.
    Red Door: It reads: "Guildmaster's Room"
    Woman in Yellow: We're basically at war, right?  I'm sure my husband will be 
    fine, but I still worry.
    Boy in Red: We want to fight too!  But they said we can't, so we have to 
    stay down here.
    Boy in Purple: I've played lots of video games!  I bet I can take out those 
    pirates!...Except I'm not tall enough to reach the controls...
    Picture: It's a picture of a sailing ship.  Now that everyone has flying 
    ships, no one uses ships like this anymore.
    Diary on Desk: It looks like someone's diary.  It's probably best not to 
    read it.
    Bookcase: There are lots of books about pigs on the shelves.
    Girl in Green Overalls: I really wish I had a pet...What I really want is a 
    pig!  Then I wouldn't be lonely!
    Sign Outside Restaurant: It's a sign for a restaurant.
    Piano: This piano is probably used to help people relax after a long day 
    Picture: It's picture of some kind of prehistoric animal.
    Slot Machine: This is a game some adults like to play--sometimes they get 
    worked up over betting.
    Waitress: I might not be able to fight, but I've still got a job to do!  Who 
    else is going to feed all the people who fight?
    Waiter: I'll admit it--I'm a coward.  Anytime there's an attack, I hide 
    here.  Why do people have to fight all the time?
    Woman Customer: munch, munch...I wonder what Dad's up to?  munch, munch
    Man Customer: You must think I'm strange, sitting here eating while all this 
    is happening.  But I can't just sit around doing nothing, and this is all I 
    can do!
    Lotto Vending Machine: It's a lottery ticket vending machine--wonder what 
    the odds are?
    Medicine Cabinet: There are lots of medicine bottles lined up on the 
    Toy Vending Machine: It's a toy vending machine.  There's a keyholder that 
    looks like a Servbot inside.
    Freezer: There are all sorts of different-flavored popsicles inside.
    Lamp: It's some kind of foreign object d'art with a unique design.
    Reaverbot Part: It's a Reaverbot part being used as a decoration.  It almost 
    looks harmless.
    Shelves: There are many different kinds of machines lined up on the shelf.
    Secretary (first conversation only): Welcome to the main office of the 
    Digger's Guild!  The Guildmaster is waiting for you in his office.  We also 
    offer a Digger's Test, which you need to get your Digger's License.  Once 
    you get your license, you can enter the Guild's sub-ruins.  If you need any 
    help, just ask.
    Secretary (after previous conversation): My twin sister works as a secretary 
    at the gallery in Yosyonke.
    Left Desk: There are many famous relics from past Digs on display.
    Right Desk: There are lots of rare and unusual relics on display.
    Johnny: Those pirates were here just a few hours ago.  They destroyed our 
    main gun.  If they attack now, we're in big trouble!  Of course, if we're 
    lucky, they won't attack before we can get it fixed.
    Johnny (after first conversation): It's not easy, sitting here defenseless 
    like this.
    Guildmaster: I'm so sorry for what happened before.  We're all a bit 
    jumpy--ever since word about the Key got out, we've been under attack by 
    Glyde and his Birdbots.  I hate to tell you this, but we've closed the ruins 
    off to keep those blasted pirates from getting their hands on the Key.  
    Still, you're welcome to stay as long as you want.  'Course, you can't go 
    anywhere 'til your ship's repaired anyway!  ha ha ha!
    Guildmaster (after first conversation): You're welcome to stay as long as 
    you want.  'Course, you can't go anywhere 'til your ship's repaired anyway!  
    ha ha ha!
    Johnny: Those pirates were here just a few hours ago.  They destroyed our 
    main gun.  If they attack now, we're in big trouble!  Of course, if we're 
    lucky, they won't attack before we can get it fixed.
    (after talking to both the Guildmaster and Johnny)
    Co-pilot Birdbot: Our spy has returned!  He's succeeded in sabotaging the 
    anti-aircraft cannon!
    Green Birdbot: keh keh keh keh!  They're probably running around like 
    chickens with their heads cut off!
    Purple Birdbot: Piece of cake!  keh keh!  This island will be a pushover!  
    keh keh!
    Red Birdbot: Right after we take it!  Let's go!  Ready?
    Birdbots: keh keh keh keh...!
    Johnny: We should have expected this...Well, we're counting on you, MegaMan. 
      Use your Buster Gun to  turn them into fried chicken!
    Johnny (after previous quote): Let's get up there--they're almost here.
    Guildmaster: They're here!  They're here!  I knew they'd come!  Now we're 
    really in trouble!  Do what you can!  I'm going back to my room and arming 
    the self-destruct device!
    Guildmaster (after previous conversation): Oh no!  Oh no!  We're done for!
    Guildmaster: No!  I won't let them have the key!  No!  We'll take you with 
    us! (presses self-destruct button: GAME OVER)
    Man in Blue: We'll just have to use the smaller guns to drive them off!  
    Give us a hand!
    Woman in Pink: It looks like the big gun can be repaired.  Can you buy us 
    enough time to finish the repairs?
    Man in White: The red light's on...Well, let's go then--we've got to protect 
    the island!
    [Protect the Entrance!]: Defend the platform from the Birdbots until the 
    cannon's repaired!  If the Birdbots get through, the Guildmaster will 
    trigger the self-destruct device!
    Roll (if crates are destroyed): All the containers blocking the gate have 
    been destroyed.  The guild worker will bring more crates if you want him to. 
      All you have to do is pull the lever to the left of the gate!
    Roll (if Birdbots are 3/4 the way through the gate): They've almost broken 
    through the gate!  MegaMan!  Concentrate on the ones attacking the gate!
    Roll (after blasting several Birdbots): Keep going, MegaMan!
    Roll (after cannon has been repaired): The cannon's been repaired, MegaMan!  
    To activate it, you need to pull the lever to the right of the gate!
    (Main Cannon pulls out and blasts one of the Birdbot Carriers)
    MegaMan: All right, that should do it!
    Roll: MegaMan, can you hear me?  They're attacking the other side as well!  
    Can you come over here and help us?
    MegaMan: I read you, Roll!
    Cannon: Thanks to this cannon, the island is safe from pirate attacks.
    Man in Blue: They're attacking the other side!  Don't they ever give up!?
    Woman in Pink: I'm sorry, but can you help us again?  We need more time to 
    fix the guns!  Thanks!
    Man in White: Something's not right...They should be putting up more of a 
    fight than this...They're up to something...
    [Protect the Entrance!]: Defeat the Birdbots and their flying machines!  
    You've got to hold out until the cannons can be repaired!
    Roll (if Birdbots are 3/4 the way through the gate): They've almost broken 
    through the gate!  MegaMan!  Concentrate on the ones attacking the gate!
    Roll: The cannon's been repaired, MegaMan!
    Roll: MegaMan, we're in trouble!  They're attacking the dock, too!
    MegaMan: Roll, get out of there!
    Roll: I can't!  We're not finished with the repairs!
    MegaMan: If I go help Roll, this side will be defenseless!
    Johnny: Don't worry, MegaMan!  Leave it to me!
    (cannon appears and blasts a Birdbot Plane out of the sky)
    Johnny: I'll take care of them, you get to the dock!
    MegaMan: Thanks!  Good luck!
    Man in Blue: Uh-oh!  Now we're really in trouble!
    Woman in Pink: Your little girlfriend's pretty impressive!  She's helping us 
    fix the guns.  I've never seen anyone work so fast!
    Man in White: Blast!  Everything up until now was just a diversion!  They've 
    been sneaking up on us all this time!
    [Protect the Entrance!]: Defeat the enemy flying ships!  But be careful--a 
    Birdbot could drop out any time!
    Roll (if you destroy Johnny's ship): Johnny!  How could they!?
    Roll (if you shoot the Flutter): MegaMan, you're hitting the Flutter!
    Roll (as Glyde's ship is approaching): Glyde's ship is on the move!
    Roll (after shooting several Birdbots): How many people do they have on that 
    (cannon appears)
    MegaMan: Uhh...That should take care of them!
    Johnny: Hey, MegaMan, they're up there on the roof!  Come quick!
    Roll: MegaMan, everything should be OK there now!  You've got to get up to 
    the roof--you can get there by using the ladder in the storage area!
    MegaMan: OK!
    Man in Blue: I never thought they'd attack the roof--they must be getting 
    Woman in Pink: They can't have many ships left!  We just need to hold out a 
    little longer!
    Man in White: They're pulling out all the stops--things are going to get 
    messy now.
    Old Man: You can get up to the roof with that ladder there.  Be careful, 
    though--there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded bird...er, animal.
    [Protect the roof!]: Defeat all the Birdbots!  You can throw the Birdbots' 
    bombs back at them!
    Copilot Birdbot: All of our assault teams have been shot down!
    Green Birdbot: Inconceivablllllle!!
    Red Birdbot: I told you not to underestimate them!  How come we have to go 
    to so much trouble over one little blue guy?
    Purple Birdbot (hits the Green Birdbot over the head!): Blue guy!?  What are 
    you talking about, me!?  Blue!?  Huh!?  Are you talking about me!?
    Red Birdbot: No, not you!  The guy down there!
    Copilot Birdbot: Curses!  Our plan may have failed, but we can't let that 
    blue guy off this easy!  For our fallen comrades!  Battlestations!
    Purple Birdbot: Yeah!  Get the blue guy!  keh keh keh keh, keh keh!!
    (Head Birdbot Plane starts to retreat)
    Red Birdbot: Hmmm, not bad for a primate--He's stronger than he looks!
    Green Birdbot: Retreat, retreat!
    Man in Blue: Well, we managed to drive them off, thanks to you!  Say, the 
    Guildmaster wanted to see you--you should go to his office.
    Woman in Pink: Your girlfriend's pretty good, but you're not so bad 
    yourself.  You're cute, too!
    Man in White: We were just lucky Glyde didn't use his main force to attack 
    us.  We've got to deal with him before he has a chance to regroup.
    Old Man: If the parabola were still working, we wouldn't have anything to 
    worry about!
    Boy in Red: There's more to Glyde's gang than that!  They'll be back--just 
    you wait and see!
    Boy in Purple: Don't relax yet!  In video games, this is the part where the 
    last boss would show up!
    Woman in Yellow: Well, I guess we're safe for now.  Everything's back to 
    Waitress: Thank goodness!  Now we can enjoy our meals!
    Waiter: I'm a coward--I'm too afraid to go outside even now that the 
    fighting's ended!
    Woman Customer: munch, munch...Looks like Dad's a hero...munch, munch
    Man Customer: Now maybe we can eat in peace!  I was so scared before I 
    couldn't taste my food!
    Johnny: Sorry--we still can't open up the ruins.
    Guildmaster: Well, we beat them off for now, but we didn't get them all.  
    They're probably getting reinforcements at their base on Calbania Island.  
    We might not be able to hold them off this time...MegaMan, Johnny and I were 
    thinking...Would you like to go to Calbania?  We want you to destroy Glyde's 
    base there.  Will you do that for us?
    [No]: Oh...Well, I understand.  If you change your mind, let us know.
    Guildmaster (after saying No): Thank you for offering to go to Calbania 
    Island to stop Glyde!
    [Yes]: Thank you so much.  Don't worry about us while you're gone--we'll 
    manage!  You be careful--their base is heavily fortified!
    Guildmaster (after saying Yes): You be careful--their base is heavily 
    Objective 1: We've got to defeat the pirates on Calbania!
    Objective 2: Where are you going?  You've got to help Shu, MegaMan!
    Roll (at Flutter): We can go once the repairs are finished!  You want to go 
    to Glyde's base on Calbania, right?
    (Appo is wearing the green pants, and Dah is wearing the brown pants)
    Dah: We in trouble!  Our sister Shu has been kidnapped by da Glyde gang.  a 
    Appo: She da only one who take care of us.  Widout her, we in truble!  heh 
    Both: Will you help us?
    [First No]:
    Appo: Uh oh!  Shu in trouble!  We in trouble!
    Both: You help us, yeah?
    [Second No]:
    Dah: Oh no!  Shu gonna get hurt!  We in trouble!  Dat's bad!  a ha!
    Both: Help!  Help!
    [Third No]:
    Appo: Oh!  Shu!  sniff!  heh heh!
    Both: Help us?  Please?
    [Fourth No]:
    Dah: No!?  You not nice person!
    (begins again with first quote, "We in trouble!...")
    Appo: heh heh!  Great!  Tanks!  Let's go den!  We show you how ta get dere 
    when you outside!
    Dah: a ha!  Great!  Tanks!  Let's go den!  We show you how ta get dere when 
    you outside!
    Bookcase: There are lots of difficult-looking books lined up on the shelves. 
      They probably belonged to their parents.
    Picture: It looks like it's supposed to be a picture of a Reaverbot.
    Bunk Beds: It's a bunkbed.  Wonder who gets the top bed?
    Desk: It looks like they are studying.
    Entry into these ruins is prohibited except to Diggers with a Class A 
    --Digger's Guild
    Appo: Ha ha!  That's where they got Shu!
    MegaMan: So that's their base!  Don't worry, I'll get your sister out of 
    Dah: Uh, I don't think so, ha ha!  It's probably too hard for you, ha ha!  
    There's a wall, on the other side, that you may get through, but it's really 
    hard!  Anyway, come with us!  You'll see!  ha ha!  hee hee hee hee!
    (Appo and Dah run off)
    MegaMan: What?  Wait!  You'll get hurt!
    [Get the twin's help to get into the fortress!]: Move with the twins to the 
    side of the Birdbot's base.  If one of them collapses before you get there, 
    you have to carry him!
    Shuttle Pod: ...?  What could this be?
    Fortress Gate: The gate is very sturdy--it would take something stronger 
    than the Buster to break through.
    Side Door: It looks like it's locked from the inside.
    Appo: Yeah!  This is it!  Yeah!  If we was together, you could get in there!
    Dah: Ha ha!  There it is!  If we was together, you could get in there!
    Dah: OK, Appo!
    Appo: OK, Dah!
    (Appo and Dah join hands so they can give MegaMan a boost up over the wall)
    Dah: OK, we're ready!  Ha ha ha ha ha!
    MegaMan (confused): Huh?
    Appo: Hurry up, man, ha ha!
    Dah: Go get our sister, ha ha ha, ha ha!
    MegaMan (now realizing what they're doing): All right, then!
    (after MegaMan jumps into the twin's locked arms, they give MegaMan a boost 
    up over the wall)
    Appo: Good luck!  Ha ha, ha ha ha ha!
    (if you haven't rescued Shu yet)
    Appo: You find Shu yet?  Good luck.  We in trouble widout Shu!
    Dah: Remember, you promise to get Shu back.  We trust you!
    Shu: Uh, excuse me, I seem to have been captured!  Can you help me, please?
    Birdbot: Be quiet!  keh keh!  Keep your trap shut! (notices MegaMan) Huh?  
    Intruder!  Intruder alert!  keh keh, keh keh!
    Shu (being pulled away by a Birdbot): Ouch!  You're hurting me!
    [Find the center of the base!]: Shoot down all the enemy flying ships and 
    make your way to the next area of the base!  You can get the key to the next 
    area from the boss Birdbot!  If you take too much damage, you can leave the 
    base and try again!
    (after defeating boss Birdbot):
    Birdbot (flying away): keh keh!
    Roll: Do you see a key anywhere nearby?  You should be able to open the gate 
    with it.
    [Find the center of the base!]: Defeat the Birdbots in the Control Tower!  
    You can get the key to the next area from the boss Birdbot!  If you take too 
    much damage, you can retreat to one of the other areas!
    Roll: MegaMan!  Above you!
    (after defeating boss Birdbot):
    Birdbot (as fortress wall explodes): keh keh, keh keh keh keh!
    Birdbot (flying away): keh keh!
    [Find the center of the base!]: Defeat the tanks and move to the next area!  
    You can get the key to the next area from the Birdbot boss!
    (after defeating Boss Birdbot):
    Birdbot (flying away): keh keh!
    [Sneak into the tower!]: Defeat the robots guarding the tower and get 
    inside!  If you find something to stand on, you can get in through the 
    Roll (after picking up a crate): Did you find something to climb on?  Try 
    putting it under the window and see if you can reach it.
    Roll: There's a big window in the tower--I can see it from here.  It's 
    pretty high up...You'll probably need something to climb on to reach it.
    Birdbot: Eh...!?
    Shu: Oh, thank you for coming!
    Birdbot: Get him!
    (after defeating Birdbots):
    Shu: Oh, thank you so much for helping me!
    MegaMan: I couldn't have done it without your brothers!  Let's get out of 
    Birdbot (at self-destruct device): You're not getting away so easily!  We'll 
    take you with us!  Game's over, MegaMan!  keh keh, keh keh keh keh!
    (self destruct alarms go off)
    MegaMan: We'd better hurry!
    Shu (as she and MegaMan are running): huff!  huff!  huff!  huff!
    Purple Birdbot: keh keh keh keh!  Give it up!
    Red Birdbot: Can't stop the bomb from going off!  ha ha!
    Purple Birdbot: MegaMan, c'mon!  You and me!  Two blue guys!
    MegaMan: If we could just get that gate open!  We have to find the key!
    Shu: You mean this key?  I found it, in the tower!
    MegaMan: That's it!  All right, maybe we have a chance after all!  Hold on 
    to that key!
    [Escape the base before it explodes!]: You can escape through the front 
    gate!  You don't have much time--you'll have to carry Shu!
    Roll (at gate without Shu): Did you find the woman?  Don't leave her behind!
    Roll (at 90 seconds): Do you know where the exit is, MegaMan?  The largest 
    gate in the wall looks like the main gate--that's where you need to go!
    Roll (at 15 seconds): Aren't you out yet, MegaMan?  Hurry!
    (MegaMan and Shu are running to escape the explosion)
    Shu (as Glyde's base explodes): waaaaah!!
    Appo: Welcome back, Shu!
    Shu: sigh...It's nice to be back.
    MegaMan: I don't think they'll be bothering you anymore.
    Dah: Tanks, blue boy.  heh heh heh
    Shu: I wish there was something I could give you as thanks for helping 
    me...I know!  A pig!  You like pigs, don't you?  Here--you can have this 
    (You got: Cute Piggy!)
    Shu: Just don't eat him, even if you get hungry, all right?  Thanks again!
    (after previous conversation):
    Shu Quote 1: I didn't think I'd get out of there alive.  Thank you again.
    Shu Quote 2: I thought if I caught one, I could make fried chicken, and what 
    do you know!  They caught me!
    Shu Quote 3: I'd like to teach them how to write, but it's hard to get pen 
    and paper here.
    Appo Quote 1: Me glad Shu is back!  heh heh!
    Appo Quote 2: We likes playing jokes on Shu.  No Shu, no games!  heh heh!
    Dah Quote 1: Dere's a big building in da center of da island--you should go 
    dere. a ha!
    Dah Quote 2: Our mom and dad turned inta stars!  a ha!
    Shu: Is that a (pencil/notebook/textbook)!  Could I have it, please?
    [No]: Oh...Well, never mind then!
    [Yes]: Thank you!  If you find anything else I could use, please bring it 
    here, OK?
    [After giving all three educational items]: Thank you--now I can teach them 
    how to read and write!
    Shu Quote 1: They've taken to studying more than I thought they would.  I'm 
    so glad.
    Shu Quote 2: They might not get off this island, but they should still 
    Shu Quote 3: Did you know my favorite desert is chocolate cake?
    Dah Quote 1: Now I know my ABCs, won't you sing with me?  a ha!
    Dah Quote 2: Studying's fun, but playing more fun!  ha ha!
    Appo Quote 1: Shu is really strict!  But we happy she's teaching us!  heh 
    Appo Quote 2: I learned da dis island' called Calbania!  Cool, huh?  heh 
    Shu: You look like you've been doing all right.  That's good.
    Appo: heh heh!  Long time no see!
    Dah: Long time no see!  a ha!
    Objective 1: So much for the pirates!  Now we can get into the ruins!
    Objective 2: We can go to Ruminoa as soon as you're ready, MegaMan!
    Johnny: Thank you for destroying Glyde's base.  Now maybe things will get 
    back to normal around here...Huh?  What's that?
    Guildmaster: You defeated Glyde's base?  Thank you so much!  Well, that's 
    that, then.  Now maybe we can have some peace and quiet around...Huh?  
    What's that!?
    Glyde: I'm very, very, disappointed in all of you!  You can't even capture a 
    little island by yourselves!
    Purple Birdbot: Sorry!  Sorry sorry, sorry!
    Guildmaster: Oh, fear!  We're done for!  They're bringing in the main ship!  
    What do we do!?  We're doomed!
    Johnny: Bringing out the big guns, huh?
    Roll: Why don't we try using the secret weapon you were telling us about?
    Johnny: Huh?  Oh that, won't make any difference--it's broken!
    Roll: Well, I'll fix it then!  C'mon, MegaMan!
    (Roll runs off)
    MegaMan: Huh?
    Johnny: Hey, wait!  Get her back, MegaMan!  It's our job to stop the 
    pirates, not hers!
    (after previous conversation):
    Guildmaster: Oh no!  Oh no!  We're done for!
    Johnny: This could be bad...
    (Deck 2):
    Man in Blue: I couldn't believe how big their ship was.  I bet it was even 
    bigger than our island!
    Woman in Pink: No matter what happens, I won't give up until I've found the 
    Mother Lode!
    Man in White: Looks like they're bringing out the main guns.  There's not 
    much we can do to stop them--not now.  If that gun is as powerful as the 
    Guildmaster says, then we might have a chance.
    (Deck 1):
    Woman in Yellow: Oh no!  We're in trouble now!  I'm too busy to do anything 
    about it, but we're in trouble now!
    Boy in Red: I told you so!  I knew Glyde would send in his main ship next!
    Boy in Purple: This is it--the last boss!  You've got a real fight on your 
    hands this time!
    Waitress: More fighting!?  I'm getting tired of all of it!  Can't everyone 
    just get along!?
    Waiter: More fighting...Who knows?  Maybe this will be our last meal.
    Woman Customer: munch, munch...Keep up the good work, Dad!  munch, munch...
    Man Customer: You must think I'm strange, sitting here eating while all this 
    is happening.  But I can't just sit around doing nothing, and this is all I 
    can do!
    (MegaMan meets Roll at Parabola Gun)
    MegaMan: Uh, Roll, don't you think...?
    Roll: There!  It's fixed!  Here we go!
    MegaMan: Huh?  But...
    (Parabola Gun goes up to the roof)
    Glyde: Hmm?  So what can they be up to do now?  Oh, doesn't matter, never 
    mind!  Go ahead, just shoot them!  Fire Glyde missiles!
    (after Glyde missiles begin to fire)
    MegaMan: Uh, Roll?
    Roll: Whoops!  Sorry, MegaMan!  It looks like it broke again!  It's going to 
    take a few more minutes to fix!
    [Protect the Parabola Gun!]: Shoot down the missiles!  You have to protect 
    the Gun until it's fully repaired!  Even if the Parabola Gun catches fire, 
    you can put it out with your Aqua Blaster!
    (after Parabola Gun is fully fixed):
    Glyde: Can't you do anything right!  Oh, that's enough!  No more Mr. Nice 
    Guy!  We'll destroy the entire city!  That way, there will be nothing 
    between us and the ruins!
    Birdbot: Ultimate Glyde Buster fully charged!
    Glyde: Ready the Ultimate Glyde Buster!  I was hoping we wouldn't have to 
    use it, but they have given us no choice!
    (Ultimate Glyde Buster charges up)
    MegaMan: Uh-oh!
    Roll: There!  That should do it!  Here we go!
    (Parabola Gun is "fired" while MegaMan covers his ears)
    MegaMan: Uh, Roll...
    Roll: It's working!  See?
    (Glyde and his Birdbots look like they've come under laughing gas)
    Glyde (laughing uncontrollably while the Birdbots beat the ship with clubs): 
    Wait!  Wait!  Stop!  What are you doing!?  If you keep that up...!  
    (Glyde's Ship comes down exploding)
    Roll: We did it!  We did it, MegaMan!
    MegaMan: Wow, Roll!
    (Deck 2):
    Man in Blue: Who'd have ever thought that gun was so powerful?  I felt a 
    little funny myself!
    Woman in Pink: You're pretty good, but your girlfriend's amazing!  No one 
    here's a match for her!
    Man in White: Well, I imagine those pirates won't be bothering us again for 
    a while.  You should go ask the Guildmaster to open up the ruins for you.
    (Deck 1):
    Woman in Yellow: You did a great job, MegaMan!  You're the best!
    Boy in Red: That Buster of yours is really cool!  When I grow up, I want one 
    just like it!
    Boy in Purple: So much for the pirates!  Now we can go into the ruins!  
    Wanna come with us?
    Waitress: You may think the people here are lazy, but they're just laid 
    Waiter: Thanks for all your help.  But remember: might doesn't make right.  
    We need to build a better world, one without war.  I know you can do it!
    Woman Customer: munch, munch...I'll have another plate of spaghetti, please. 
    Man Customer: Now that things have quieted down, I can eat all I want!
    Farmer: What a cute pig!  I bet it'd make a great pet!  Would you let me 
    have it?
    [No]: No?  humph!
    [Yes]: Thanks!  I guess that means I'll be having bacon for breakfast!  hee 
    Farmer (after previous conversation): Looks like I'll be having bacon for 
    breakfast tomorrow.
    Farmer (after Cute Piggy appears in the room): I didn't turn him into bacon 
    after all--he's too cute.  Thank you again--I'm not lonely anymore now that 
    I've got him.
    Johnny: Thank you, MegaMan!  I know you'd come through for us!  That Buster 
    of yours isn't just for show, eh?  Here, take this as thanks--it's been 
    passed down in my family for years.
    (You got: Firecracker!)
    Johnny: I think you'll get more use out of it than I will.
    Johnny (after previous conversation): Maybe I should start using a Buster 
    too...Nah, I guess I'll stick with my extinguisher!
    Guildmaster: We're safe now, thanks to you, MegaMan!  Now we can open the 
    ruins for you!  The ruins are full of water.  You'll need this if you want 
    to explore them.
    (You got: Rebreather!)
    Guildmaster: Well, knock yourself out!  ha ha ha ha!
    Guildmaster (after previous conversation): You can go into the ruins any 
    time!  Have fun!
    Roll: The second Key is in here somewhere.  Be careful, MegaMan--don't rush 
    things.  This is a really complex structure...Be careful you don't get lost!
    Roll: There's something that looks like a large cliff in the room ahead of 
    you...I'm not picking up any Reaverbots.
    Roll: It looks like there's a door above you, but it's too high for you to 
    jump to.  Look around and see if there's anything you could climb on.
    Roll: That step's really high--too high for you to jump.  If there was 
    something around there you could stand on, maybe you could get over it...
    Roll: Watch out!  You're surrounded!
    (after defeating all the Green Snake Reaverbots):
    Roll: Are you all right, MegaMan?
    Roll: It looks like the floor beneath you is filled with water.
    Roll: Maybe something's changed now that this area's filled with water.  
    Since things are lighter in water, you can pick up things you weren't able 
    to before.
    Roll: There's a strong current there!  You won't be able to get past it!  
    Wait!  There's a switch really close to you!
    Roll: I'm reading four medium-sized Reaverbots in the room ahead of 
    you...Move carefully--maybe they won't notice you.
    Roll: I'm showing three Reaverbots nearby!  They're big ones, too!  Be 
    (after defeating Jellyfish Reaverbot Trio):
    Roll: I'm picking up what looks like a key, MegaMan.  Do you see it?
    Roll: It looks like there's a door to another room high on the wall there, 
    too.  Do you see anything you could use to stand on?
    Roll: There's a door really high up on the wall, MegaMan, just above where 
    you came in.  It's so high you won't even be able to climb up there.  So how 
    do you get in...?
    Roll: I never would have thought there'd be a place like this 
    here...MegaMan!  There's a giant Reaverbot in the middle of that area!  Huh? 
      It doesn't look like it's going to attack you though...Hey!  I've got an 
    idea!  Why don't you try jumping on that Reaverbot's back?
    Roll: You see the large pillar in the middle of that area?  On my scanner, I 
    can see what looks like a key on top of it.  Can you see it?
    Roll: It looks like the Key is in the room at the end of this passageway.
    (You got: the Second Key!)
    Roll: You did it!  You got the second Key!  Good work, MegaMan!
    Klaymoor: I don't believe it!  Bola lost to a little punk like you!?  Pah!  
    If you think I'm a pushover like Bola, you've got another thing coming to 
    you!  I work for a living!  I don't hold back, ever!  Not even if I have to 
    fight a little kid like you!  You're not getting past me, not as long as you 
    have that Key!  If you aren't going to hand it over nicely, I'll just have 
    to take it form you!
    Klaymoor (while firing machine gun): Hey, hey, hey!
    Klaymoor (while firing blue electric balls): "How's this?" OR "This will 
    slow you down!"
    Klaymoor: That's enough!
    Klaymoor: Think you can overpower me?
    Klaymoor: Think that'll hurt me?
    Klaymoor: Humph, you're fast as nails!
    Klaymoor: Humph, not even a scratch!
    Klaymoor: Hm!  Not bad for a kid!  You're not such a pushover!  I haven't 
    had this much fun in a long time!  You wait--I'll be back!
    Klaymoor: I thought I told you to wait!  I didn't think you'd have gotten 
    this far!  A little more, and I would have lost you!  OK, then, ready for 
    another round?
    Klaymoor (before firing blue lasers): This one's for you!
    Klaymoor (before launching pink rings): How's this?
    Klaymoor (after launching pink rings): Heads up!
    Klaymoor (while firing red bombs): Ho ho ho!
    Klaymoor: Humph, you're fast as nails!
    Klaymoor: Think you can overpower me?
    Klaymoor: Humph!  You're pretty strong, aren't you?  That's a big gun you've 
    got!  But it's not enough to hurt me!  You kids today think you're so 
    hot...Well, there's still some fight left in this old man, I'll... Ow!  Ah, 
    my back!  Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!  I can't move!  Ow!  Help me!  
    Somebody, help me!?
    Bola: sigh...I thought I was supposed to be your partner, not your 
    nursemaid!  We're willing to call it a draw if you want, boy.  C'mon, 
    Klaymoor, let's go!
    Klaymoor: Oh, if it weren't for my back, I'd have wiped up the floor with 
    him, I tell ya!
    Bola: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you say...
    (Deck 2)
    Woman in Yellow: It warms my heart to see you working so hard.  Keep it up!
    Boy in Red: I wonder if I could become a Digger too?
    Boy in Purple: The ruins here look pretty deep.
    Waitress: Working hard?  We're always busy here, but that's the way I like 
    Waiter: Long time no see.  It's all well and good to go on adventures and 
    fight pirates but you should stop by and say hello to your friends more 
    often, you know.
    Woman Customer: munch, munch...Waiter!  Another helping, please!  burp!
    Man Customer: How long am I going to keep on eating you say?  Oh, I'll go 
    home later--everyone needs to get out of the house sometimes!
    Objective: We need to take the Key back to the Sulphur-Bottom!
    Roll (in Flutter): Way to go, MegaMan!  We're on track to get all the Keys!  
    All right, let's get this Key to Bluecher for safe keeping!  Unless there's 
    something else you want to do first?
    Roll (after previous conversation): I think we should get the Key to 
    Bluecher as soon as possible...But tell me if there's something else you 
    want to do first!
    Barrell: You got the Second Key?  Good work, MegaMan!
    Bluecher: Did you meet the Guildmaster?  How is he?  Both Barrell and I go 
    back a long ways with him--we had many adventures together.  Maybe once this 
    is all over, we can get together again and catch up.  Anyway, on to the next 
    Key.  You should be able to find it on Saul Kada Island.
    Barrell: The city there, Kimotoma, is famous for the gold statue in the city 
    center.  We've gotten word that our old friends, the Bonnes, are already 
    Bluecher: Indeed, the reports say that they've already begun exploring the 
    ruins.  Your mission is to free the city from the grip of the pirates, then 
    find the Key in the ruins and bring it back here.  Good luck, MegaMan.
    Objective 1: Next stop: Kimotoma City, on Saul Kada Island!
    Objective 2: You've got to free Kimotoma from the Bonnes, MegaMan!
    Roll (in Flutter): We're supposed to go to Saul Kada Island next.  Boy, I 
    hate hot places!  Be sure to bring your suntan lotion, MegaMan!
    Roll: We've gotten reports that Kimotoma City's been taken over by the 
    Bonnes.  That's why I had to land out here.  The city's in the desert, to 
    the north.  Before we can get to the ruins, we've got to help the people in 
    the city.
    Oasis: It's a beautiful oasis.  Too bad there's not enough time to enjoy it 
    Roll: I heard that there are landmarks that can help lead you to the 
    city...Can you see anything?
    Roll: Look at your map.  You should be able to get to the city by going 
    Roll: Don't waste too much time, MegaMan.  Just ignore the Bonne robots and 
    get to the city!
    Roll: Watch out, MegaMan! It looks like there's a sinkhole or something 
    Entry into these ruins is prohibited except to Diggers with a Class S 
    --Digger's Guild
    [Save the City!]: Free Kimotoma City from the clutches of the Bonnes!  Their 
    forces are hiding all over town--you've got to find them all!
    (First House):
    Table: This city won't be able to live in peace until the Bonnes are 
    Vats of Pickles: It's a vat of pickles.  The Bonnes must not like pickles if 
    they left it here.
    Sink: All the kitchens in this city look the same--they must use a modular 
    Painting: It's a painting of sunlit woods--very relaxing to look at.
    Cactus: You have to be careful with cacti--give them too much water and 
    they'll die.
    (Second House):
    Table: There's something under the table...(You found: 2,000 zenny!)
    Bookcase: There's something between these books...(You found: 1,000 zenny!)
    Cactus: Unlike other plants, cacti hibernate in winter.
    Mask: It's a large mask--it must be used in one of this area's many 
    Sink: It's amazing that this city has running water even in the middle of 
    the desert.
    Vat of Pickles: The pickles in this vat look delicious--it must be a special 
    (Third House):
    Table: It'd be fun to practice that trick where you pull off the 
    tablecloth--maybe later.
    Wine Glass Case: There are a lot of expensive wine glasses and cups on the 
    shelves, all very clean.
    TV: It's a shame that people watch TV at the dinner table instead of 
    Bookcase: The shelves are braced against the wall so they won't fall in an 
    Cactus: It looks like cacti are popular plants this year...
    Painting: This painting is very well-done.  It must have been made by a 
    famous artist.
    Cat Plaque: There were a lot of cats on Kattelox Island too.
    Man in Green Overcoat: I don't know if I should be laughing at the Bonnes or 
    running away from them!
    Girl in Blue Shirt: As long as I've got my pet, I'm not afraid of anything!  
    She's cute, isn't she?
    Raccoon: punyuuuu (What're you looking at?)
    [Free the hostages!]: Destroy the guns and rescue the captive citizens!  If 
    you can't get through the pirate's defenses, try outflanking them!
    Roll (on other side of Green Bonne Tank): Looks like you can use the houses 
    to go around from the side.  Maybe try that.
    (First house):
    Sink: The kitchen is very clean and organized.  The person living here must 
    be neat.
    Rock Group Picture: It's a picture of a famous rock group.  Roll likes this 
    group too.
    Cactus: It's a nice-looking cactus.  It must be hard to grow flowers in the 
    Bookcase: There are lots of old books lining the shelves.  This house's 
    owners must be rich.
    (Second house):
    Table: The plan for the annual festival is explained in detail on the board.
    Greenboard: There's a list of things the townsfolk need for their annual 
    Carrier: It's an object used for the city's annual festival.
    Old Refrigerator: Looks like there's nothing inside.
    Strange Painting: This a strange painting.  What's it supposed to be?  It 
    looks like...a UFO?
    Lockers: There are all sorts of odds and ends packed inside.
    Man in Yellow: Thank you!  Did my cheering help any?  I worked really hard 
    at it!
    Man in Red: What!?  You're going to help us!  Really!?  That's great!  Me?  
    I'm a truck driver.  They caught me and locked me up in here--I thought I 
    was going to go stir crazy!  Let me know if you need my help, OK?
    Man in Red (after previous conversation): I'm a truck driver.  You let me 
    know if you need any help, OK?
    [Break through the enemy's defenses!]: Destroy all the Bonne robots!  If you 
    need help, ask the townspeople!
    Roll (at fence): Hmmm...Getting through that won't be easy...You're going to 
    need a truck or something big to ram it with, I think.
    Roll (at truck): Look around--see if there's anyone who drives a truck.
    Truck: It looks like this truck still runs.  If only there was someone to 
    drive it...
    (you must meet the Truck Driver at the Truck after rescuing him)
    Truck Driver: Hey there!  Thanks for helping me out there!  Let me return 
    the favor!  No need to thank me--just hop on!
    MegaMan: Thanks, mister!
    Truck Driver (as he drives towards barricades): I'll teach them to try to 
    take over our city!  They messed with the wrong people!  Get ready to 
    jump--I'm gonna ram it!
    Truck Driver (as he rams the barricades): Yeeeee haaaaaa!  The rest is up to 
    Left and Right Store Shelves: There's nothing on the shelves...
    Any Falling Apart Store: The store's falling apart...
    Roll (after a short time): Keep looking, MegaMan!
    Roll (at NW stand): Take a look around, MegaMan--maybe you can find 
    something there.
    Man in Yellow: There's some people who haven't closed their shops even with 
    all this going on.  Can you believe it?  That's a salesman for you!
    Girl in Blue Overalls: Those little yellow fellows forgot where they hid 
    their key and are looking for it.  Maybe these Bonnes aren't as scary as we 
    all thought?
    Left Servbot: Where did I put that key?  I know I left it around here 
    Right Servbot: Uh oh!  I'm in trouble now!  I lost the key I need to get to 
    where Mr. Teisel is!
    Statue Base: This is where the statue used to be...
    Man in Gray: Since there's no more statue to worship, I took the offerings 
    for myself!
    Man in Front of Statue Base: Oh no!  The statue's gone!  They say if 
    anything happens to the statue, a disaster will befall the city!  I hope 
    it's just a legend...
    Roll (just before Red Bonne Door): Careful, MegaMan!  I'm reading a large 
    energy source behind that wall--it's probably the Bonnes' robots!
    Teisel: Listen up, everybody!  Take everything of value that isn't nailed 
    down, you hear me!?  I mean everything!  I don't want there to even be a 
    toothpick left, got it!?
    Servbot 1: Mr. Teisel, we collected all the food and supplies and loaded 
    them in the ship!
    Servbot 2: Um, what should we do with the toilet paper?
    Teisel: We may be pirates, but we're not barbarians!  We'll let them keep 
    the toilet paper.
    Servbot 1: Yes, sir!
    Teisel: ugh...I just can't believe we don't even have enough money left to 
    get new stock for the store!  I guess I have to face facts--we'll have to 
    close shop...And here I thought maybe we would be able to walk the straight 
    and narrow for once...(shakes head) Wait a minute, maybe I'm giving up too 
    easy...If we can get our hands on the Mother Lode, we'd at least break even! 
      That means...
    Servbot 1 (notices MegaMan): Uh, Mr. Teisel!
    Teisel: Um...huh?  Oh, don't tell me he's here already!
    Servbot 2: Sorry...
    Teisel (frustrated): Oh, c'mon, you guys!  Those machines aren't cheap you 
    Teisel (contacting Tron): Hey, Tron!  Tron!  Can you hear me?  How are 
    things at your end?
    Tron: Tron here!  We've more or less figured out where the Key is, now all 
    we have to do is figure out how to get inside!
    Bon: Babuu!
    Teisel: Good work, you two!  You be careful down there, all right?
    Tron: Is here there already, Teisel?
    Teisel: Yeah, it looks like it sis, but don't you worry--I will take care of 
    Tron: You be careful yourself, big brother!
    Teisel: Heh heh, leave it to me, sis!  All right, everybody!  Are you ready? 
      Let's get that blue boy once and for all!
    Servbots: Yes, sir!
    MegaMan: Huh?  What's that?
    Teisel: Long time no see, blue boy!  It's been awhile, hasn't it?  I hope 
    you haven't forgotten about me, or what you did to me!  If you think this 
    time will be like the last one, you're in for a big surprise! (shows off 
    gold statue) See this?  This here statue is the symbol of this town!  It's a 
    cultural treasure!  It's more important to them than anything--what do you 
    think would happen if it got destroyed, hmmm?  Even if you don't care what 
    the people here think about you if it's destroyed, just think about how much 
    it would cost to replace it--it's solid gold!  Who knows how much it's 
    worth?  If you don't get in our way, I'll put it back where it belongs 
    before we leave, OK?  All right, then, get going!   Get out of here!
    MegaMan: Ugh...
    Roll: Don't listen to him, MegaMan!  He's just a pirate!  Do you think he'll 
    keep his promises?  He probably plans on stealing it anyway!  Even if it's 
    destroyed, the people might forgive you...
    MegaMan: Don't worry, Roll!  I can beat him without damaging the statue!
    Teisel: What are you babbling about to yourselves!?  I said, get out of 
    here!  If you don't, I'll make you leave!  Go Blitztrig!
    (if statue is still there):
    Teisel (while throwing trash): Hey!
    Teisel (while firing electric attack): Take that!
    Servbot (while charging with Servbot Borer): Charge!
    Servbot (if Servbot Borer is destroyed): Ow!
    (if statue was destroyed):
    Teisel (as Blitztrig flies by): I'll get you!
    Teisel (if inside the ground attacking): Ha ha ha!
    Teisel (as statue takes damage): "You'll destroy it!" OR "Don't you care!?"
    Roll (if statue is almost destroyed): I don't think the statue can take much 
    more of this!  You are trying not to hit the statue, right?
    Roll (if statue is destroyed): It doesn't look like they took much damage, 
    MegaMan!  I don't think they've run away!  Be careful!
    Teisel (as Blitztrig explodes): Not again!
    (Teisel and his three Servbots are now lying on the ground in defeat)
    Teisel: gasp!  That little punk!  He didn't even care about the statue!  
    gasp!  Inconceivable!  What was he thinking!?  gasp!  That statue was a 
    cultural treasure of this island!
    Servbot 1: All the food and supplies we gathered have also been destroyed, 
    Mr. Teisel!
    Servbot 2: We have nothing left to sell in the store!
    Teisel: It's up to Tron and Bon, then, we have to get the Mother Lode!  If 
    we don't, I don't know what will happen to us...gasp!  We won't even be able 
    to pay rent--we'll be homeless!
    Servbot 3 (in arriving Drache): Mr. Teisel!
    Teisel: All right, everyone!  We've lost!  Let's get outta here!
    (Drache picks up Teisel and begins to fly away)
    Teisel (inside Drache): Hey, MegaMan!  Don't think we're finished!  You 
    haven't seen the last of Teisel Bonne!
    Roll: Good work, MegaMan!  Now that the Bonnes are gone, I was able to move 
    the Flutter into the city.  I'm close by if you need me!
    Man in White: Can't go in there--it's too dangerous.  What would happen if a 
    brick fell on you?
    Man at Statue Base: We're collecting donations to help rebuild the statue!  
    It's 1,000 zenny a share.  Would you like to make a donation?
    [No]: Well, that's all right.  If you change your mind, you know where to 
    find me!
    [Yes]: Thank you!
    [after donating 5,000z]: Thanks!  Now we've got just enough to rebuild the 
    Man at Statue Base (after previous conversation): Thanks for your help!  
    We'll start work on the new statue right away!
    (after new statue is completed):
    Statue: It's a large statue of the city's founder.  It has a 
    peaceful-looking expression.
    Man at Statue Base: Thanks to everyone's hard work, we got ourselves a new 
    statue!  Hooray!
    (conversation continues only if you are NOT bad MegaMan):
    Man at Statue Base: What do you know?  Maybe I can make a comeback!  When I 
    was younger, I was quite the racer.  They called me "Mad Mossa"!  Say there, 
    young fellow.  Want to race?
    [No]: No?  Humph!  You're no fun!  It's not like we ask you for money or 
    anything...If you change your mind, come back--you know where to find me!
    [Yes]: What course do you want to try?  (Manda Circuit/Calinca Circuit/Saul 
    Kada Circuit)
    (after making selection): All right, follow me!
    Man in White: Can't go in there--it's too dangerous.  What would happen if a 
    brick fell on you?
    Statue: It's a large statue of the city's founder.  It has a 
    peaceful-looking expression.
    Man at Statue Base: Thank you for preserving our statue!  How could even 
    pirates be so despicable to steal a thing like that?
    (conversation continues only if you are NOT bad MegaMan):
    Man at Statue Base: I watched you fight--you're pretty good!  Reminded me of 
    the old days.  Made me wish I was out there with you!  You might not believe 
    it, but back in the day I was just like you--except I didn't fight.  I was a 
    racer!  Yep, spent every day at the tracks!  Say!  Would you be interested 
    in a race?  Hm?
    [No]: No?  Humph!  You're no fun!  It's not like we ask you for money or 
    anything...If you change your mind, come back--you know where to find me!
    [Yes]: What course do you want to try?  (Manda Circuit/Calinca Circuit/Saul 
    Kada Circuit)
    (after making selection): All right, follow me!
    Side Doors: This area is still under reconstruction--the Bonnes sure did a 
    lot of damage!
    Truck Driver: Our town's safe again, thanks to you!  You sure showed those 
    Man in Yellow: The ruins here are really hot--you be careful you don't get 
    Woman in Blue Overalls: My vegetables were all stolen.  Looks like I'll have 
    to grow some more.  sigh...It's just so hard to grow plants here.
    Roll: So these are the third ruins!  I'm picking up something really big 
    near you...To your right...It's probably a giant Reaverbot...But I've never 
    seen one this big!  Be careful, MegaMan!
    Roll: Was that a Reaverbot?  What happened?  Why did it run off like that?  
    Maybe there's something over there...You should go take a look, MegaMan.
    Elevator: Looks like the power's off.
    Roll: The elevator's not working?  Hmmm...Maybe the power's been cut 
    off...There's probably a power control panel somewhere...You'll just have to 
    find it!
    (the boss is invincible while the lava is in the boss' lair)
    Roll: That's the giant Reaverbot I spotted on my scope before.  It's 
    different from the other Reaverbots we've encountered...I have a bad feeling 
    about this, MegaMan.
    Roll: I'm reading hot temperatures...Is there lava around there?
    Roll: Are you wearing your special shoes?  If you are, you should be all 
    Roll (as Reaverbot takes a drink from the lava): Why isn't that Reaverbot 
    taking any damage?  It's energy output keeps growing!  It looks like it's 
    healing somehow.  How can we stop the healing?
    Roll: Wait a minute!  There's something funny about that door!  I think you 
    should take a look at it!
    Roll: It looks like a lock was released somewhere.  Do you know which door 
    might have opened?  The map you downloaded from the control panel should 
    also show you the locked doors.  Why don't you take a look at it?
    Roll: Can you see a control panel, MegaMan?  There should be one around 
    there somewhere...
    Roll: Even though the door opened, I'm still getting the same reading...I 
    guess it's not open all the way...There are probably two locks and the 
    second one is opened by another control panel!  Look for the other control 
    Roll: Looks like that did it!  Do you know which door is unlocked?
    Roll: Be careful, MegaMan!  There's something inside!  And it doesn't look 
    like a Reaverbot...
    Bon: Babu!
    Tron: It must be really solid if even you can't knock it down!  If we could 
    just get that rock to fall, we could probably get the lava to stop...We've 
    got to hurry, though, Teisel says MegaMan's already here!
    Bon: Babu, babu! Babu!
    Tron: True, it's just that I don't want to see him right now, you know what 
    I mean?
    Roll: MegaMan?  Is there somebody else there?
    MegaMan: Uh, yeah, it's uh, um, uh...
    Tron (notices MegaMan): Huh?  Ah!
    MegaMan: Uh...
    Bon: Ba!  Babuu!
    Tron (with her Gustaff steaming!): M-MegaMan!
    Roll: What's happening, MegaMan?  Are there more pirates there?
    MegaMan: Uh, yeah, but uh...they're, uh, acting kinda, uh, funny...
    Tron (about ready to jump out of her Gustaff!): Funny!?  What do you mean 
    funny!?  Just what's so funny about me, huh!?  What do you think is so 
    MegaMan (defensive): Uh...nothing!  I just...
    Tron (pointing towards MegaMan): What about you!?  I see you're still 
    letting that, that, second rated Caskett boss you around!  You're the one 
    who's funny if you ask me!!
    Roll: MegaMan?  Is it that Bonne woman again?  Remember, she might be a 
    woman, but she's still a pirate!  She doesn't fight fair--why should you?
    MegaMan: Roll!
    Tron: Humph!  Anyway, do whatever you want--you can let that poor excuse for 
    a Spotter boss you around for the rest of your life for all I care!
    Bon: Baabuu!
    Tron: We've got work to do, and we'd appreciate it if you'd stay out of our 
    way if you don't mind!  We'll stay out of your way until we find the Key, 
    all right?  Got it?  Good then, fine!
    (after approaching Tron and Bon):
    Tron: What do you want?  If you want to help us, fine, just say so!  
    Otherwise, stay out of our way!  Well?  (Do you want to help Tron?)
    [Drop the rock to stop the lava flow!]: Try knocking out the Reaverbots by 
    shooting them and then throwing them at the rock!  Tron and Bon will also 
    throw knocked out Reaverbots at the rock!
    Tron (after getting shot): What do you think you're doing!?  Watch where 
    you're pointing that thing!
    Tron (after getting shot enough times): Whadcha do that for!?  We're 
    supposed to be allies!
    Bon (after getting shot): Babu!
    Tron: All right!  That should cut off the flow of lava to the room with the 
    Reaverbot!  Now all we have to do is figure out how to defeat the Reaverbot, 
    and we're set!
    Bon: Babu!
    Tron: Huh?
    Bon: Ba!  Babu babu, babu!
    Tron: Hee hee...good idea Bon!  Well then, why don't we get him to do our 
    work for us?  Hee hee hee hee, now that his energy supply's been cut off, 
    that Reaverbot's defenses should be weakened enough that he can be damaged!  
    I'll bet that once he's defeated, we'll be able get the Key!
    Tron (turns to MegaMan): All right, then, our alliance is over!  Next time 
    we see each other, we're enemies again!  Understand?
    MegaMan: Sure!  O-OK!
    Tron: C'mon Bon!  Let's go!
    Bon: Babu!
    Roll: Well you look like you're having fun!
    MegaMan (embarrassed): Huh?  No, of course not!  heh heh heh...Uh, why would 
    you say that?
    Roll: Anyway, we have to make sure we get to the Key first!  Ready?
    MegaMan: Yep!
    Roll: My instruments show the temperature is dropping steadily.  It's really 
    gone down in the room that giant Reaverbot's in.  I wonder what that means?  
    Any idea, MegaMan?
    (now it can be defeated)
    Roll: Now that the lava's stopped, that giant Reaverbot's energy supply has 
    been cut off!  You should be able to beat it now!
    Roll (after boss is hit enough times): It's getting weaker, MegaMan!  Keep 
    it up!
    Roll (after picking up First Floor Key): Did you find anything, MegaMan?  
    I'm picking up what looks like a key on my scanner...Let's see, the only 
    door you haven't opened yet is the one all the way at the front, on the top 
    level.  Why don't you go back there and see if the key can open that door?
    Roll: If the Key is here, I guess it's in the next room.  Be careful, 
    (after MegaMan enters room, Bon strolls past him and gets to the Key)
    Bon (after finding Key): Babuu!!
    (Bon lowers the Key's shield and steals the Key)
    Roll: Hurry, MegaMan!  The Bonnes will get away with the Key!  If you use 
    that door in front of you, you should be able to catch up with them!
    Roll (just before entering): There's something inside that room, too!  It's 
    probably the Bonnes!
    (Tron's Gustaff and a couple of her kids show up)
    Tron: That's far enough, MegaMan!  Remember what I said before, the next 
    time we meet, we're enemies?
    Roll: All right, MegaMan, huh?  MegaMan...?
    MegaMan: Huh, Roll?
    Left Servbot: Don't worry, we're just jamming her signal, that's all!
    Tron: Hush!  You don't need to tell him that!  Remember what I told you, if 
    you don't do your jobs this time, I'll leave you here!
    Servbots: NOOOOO!!
    Tron: OK, MegaMan, here I come!
    Servbots (excited): Let's do it!!
    Tron (at start of battle): Everyone ready?
    Servbots (after Tron charges at MegaMan): Let's get him!
    Tron (firing Gatling Gun): What kind of arm is that?
    Tron (firing Bonne Bazooka): Take this!
    (after firing Beacon Bomb):
    Tron (if Beacon Bomb catches MegaMan): "Good luck, boys!" OR "Now I got 
    Servbots (charging towards MegaMan): Charge!
    Servbots (throwing bombs at MegaMan): "Hoah!" OR "Take that!  Take that!"
    (Gustaff explodes and Tron flies out as always, but then MegaMan's cheeks 
    turn pink and his eyes are as big as silver dollars for obvious reasons...)
    Tron: Cough, cough, cough!  Well, cough cough!  There goes another, 
    Gu--cough, cough, Gustaff!  Cough, cough!  But it doesn't matter, you're too 
    late!  We've won!  Bon's on his way back to the surface with the Key!  
    Cough, cough!  What?  Why is your face red?  Why is everyone looking at me 
    that way?
    Right Servbot: Um, Miss Tron, you're uh, clothes have been um um, kinda, um 
    ripped off...
    Left Servbot: Actually, your clothes are, are, gone!
    Tron (embarrassed): What!?  Um...Aaaah!!  Eeeeek!!  You, you dummies!  Why 
    didn't you tell me before!?  gasp!  Retreat, retreat!
    Servbots: R-R-Roger!
    Roll: MegaMan!  MegaMan!
    MegaMan (scratching his head): Huh?  Wh-What!?
    Roll: Thank goodness you're all right!  Now that the jamming stopped, I can 
    spot for you again!  By the way, I been watching my monitor, and there's a 
    signal that looks like the Key moving slowly through the ruins.
    MegaMan: Uh oh!  I'd better hurry!
    MegaMan: The Key's gone!  I hope I'm not too late!
    Roll: MegaMan!  He's getting away!
    [Get the Key back!]: Defeat Bon before he gets away with the Key!  You can 
    damage him by throwing him into the lava!
    Roll (if Bon is almost to the door): He's getting away, MegaMan!  If you 
    don't catch him soon...
    Bon (waving Key at MegaMan near door): Babu!  Baaabuuu!  Baaaabuuu!
    (Bon throws Key into the lava)
    Bon: Baaa buuu!!
    MegaMan: The Key!
    Bon (before leaving): Baaaaabuu!
    Roll: MegaMan!  The Key's signal is getting weaker!  What happened?
    MegaMan: No!
    [Find the Key in the lava!]: The Key will sink after a certain amount of 
    time, so you've got to hurry!
    Bon: Baaaaabuuuuuu!!!!! (sinks into the lava and throws Key out)
    MegaMan: Gee, I hope he's OK...
    (You got: the Third Key!)
    Roll: You did it, MegaMan!  Now we've got three Keys...Only one left to go, 
    Truck Driver: You already explored the ruins?  Wow--you're a pretty good 
    Digger, aren't you?
    Man in Yellow: Still so young and exploring ruins--you're pretty amazing, 
    you know that?
    Woman in Blue Overalls: That statue is the symbol of our city.
    (in front of Central Area):
    Woman in Blue Shirt: It's so nice to be able to go outside with my pet 
    again!  Thank you, mister!
    Man in Green Overcoat: Thanks for saving the city.  We won't have to worry 
    about those pirates anymore!
    Raccoon: momyuuu (I liked it inside better!  Thanks a lot--not!)
    Objective: We need to take the Key back to the Sulphur-Bottom!
    Roll (in Flutter): Wow...We've got three Keys already.  Let's get this Key 
    to Bluecher before anything happens!  Unless there's something else you want 
    to do first?
    Barrell: Three down...One to go...Even I can't believe you've been able to 
    do all this by yourself!  Good job, MegaMan!
    Bluecher: We have only one Key left to recover.  It lies in the ruins under 
    Yosyonke.  However...all the pirates appear to have joined forces, and are 
    getting ready to attack Yosyonke.
    Barrell: Although it looks like they don't have enough manpower to take over 
    the city, they've outfitted a train with various weapons, and are 
    threatening to destroy the city unless we give them the Key.  They know this 
    is their best chance, so they're not likely to pull any punches.  You watch 
    yourself, MegaMan--be ready for anything.
    Bluecher: Your first priority is to protect the city.  Once you've dealt 
    with the pirates, talk to the priest at the gallery--he'll open up the ruins 
    for you.  Good luck, MegaMan.
    Guard: It looks like we'll have all the Keys now.  I wonder what the Mother 
    Lode will be?  I can't wait to see it!
    Objective 1: Back to Yosyonke!  I wonder how Joe's doing?
    Objective 2: We've got to save Yosyonke from the pirate alliance!
    Objective 3: We can use our armored train to fight against the pirates!
    Objective 4: Only one Key left!  It's under the Yosyonke Gallery!
    Roll (at Flutter): Back to Yosyonke!  Seems like we were just there, doesn't 
    it?  I wonder what that person who knew my father was doing?  Maybe we can 
    see him again once everything has settled down again.
    Man in Black Overcoat: Never seen an explosion like that...They say it was 
    some pirates that done it.  Say they went and blown up an entire 
    hill--t'weren't nothin' left o' it!
    Joe's daughter: My dad built a really big machine to help save the city, but 
    he worked too hard and got sick!  And now my little Kon is gone too.  What 
    am I going to do?
    Joe's daughter (after Gomocha): I'm so glad Kon was all right.  I just hope 
    my dad gets better soon, too!
    Kon (the fox): bark! bark!!
    Postman: Hey, that letter you've been looking for's arrived.  Here you go!
    (You got: Servbot Letter 2!)
    Postman (after receiving Servbot Letter 2): We're swamped with letters from 
    people complaining about those pirates!
    Customer: I dunno why, but she took off outta here in a hurry.  Can you 
    believe it?  She just up and left me here!
    Customer (if MegaMan is behind the counter): hic!  Pirates!  What of 'em!  
    You give me a gun and I'll show ya what to do with 'em!
    Priest: This city is faced with a grave danger.  A group of pirates demands 
    that we turn over the Key found underneath the city.  You must stop them 
    before they get here.  You are our only hope.  I may not be able to help you 
    fight, but I shall pray for your success!
    Priest (after making donation): By the power invested in me, I bless you in 
    the name of the Holy Father.  God's protection be with you, my son.  Now, go 
    get those pirates!  I know this may not be the best time, but is there 
    anything you want to know?
    (About this city's Key): Underneath this gallery, there is a ruin that has 
    been sealed for many years.  It is there that the Key you seek lies.  Once 
    you have dealt with the pirates, I shall open the gate to the ruins for you. 
      I believe Joe has built a machine to help you fight off the pirates.  I 
    suggest you find Joe and talk to him.  Oh, by the way...
    (all other options are the same as last time)
    (Never mind): Oh.  Very well then.  God be with you.
    Bartender (Joe's Wife): He worked so hard to build that...Worked day and 
    night until he collapsed!  Said he wanted to protect the city from the 
    Joe: I knew that you would come...I don't know how, but I just knew...I need 
    to ask you something...You know the train at the station here?  I modified 
    that to help fight off the pirates, but...I'm in no shape to use it.  That 
    means it's up to you.  Here--that's the key to the train.
    (You got: Train Key!)
    Joe: Use it...Use it to protect our city.  ......  I was dreaming this 
    morning...I was with my family...And we were laughing happily...I miss 
    Joe (after previous conversation): ......  ...What is it?  It's up to you to 
    stop the pirates.  I'm sorry...Can't help...You've got to save the city...
    (after MegaMan leaves)
    Bartender: I have a few errands to run.  I'll be back soon.
    Joe: ......  10 years ago, we tried to land on Forbidden Island...And 
    now...You're trying to succeed where we failed...He can do it...You can 
    trust him...He's the one, Roll...
    (drops picture of Roll and her parents on the floor)
    Doctor (after giving Fourth Key to Bluecher): If you're looking for Joe, 
    he's not here anymore--he left.  He said he's going to start a new 
    life--took Maria and her daughter with him.  He said he's going to go 
    somewhere warm, to help his old wound...
    Roll: I wonder what that machine is...Do you think Joe made it?
    Roll (if you have Train Key): What is it, MegaMan?
    [Joe gave us the key to that machine]: I knew it was something Joe made!  
    With this, we should be able to take care of the pirates before they get to 
    town.  What should we do, MegaMan?
    [Maybe we should wait]: Maybe you're right...After all, you're the one 
    who'll be on top of the train fighting them.  Let me know when you're ready 
    to go, all right?
    [Let's go!]: All right, then, you get in and I'll drive.  Let's go!
    (Klaymoor is pacing in front of the Pirate Train)
    Teisel (frustrated): Isn't the main gun fixed, yet!?  It can't even hit the 
    targets; shooting it once destroys the barrel!  What kind of cannon is this 
    supposed to be anyway!?
    Glyde: I told you it's still under development!  But ohhh nooo, you just got 
    to fire it, don't you?  You not only knocked out the gun, you disabled the 
    main reactor as well!  Anyway, it's fixed now, so let's get a move on, shall 
    we?  At this rate, it'll be nightfall before we get to the city!
    Klaymoor: sigh...Can't they take anything seriously?
    Bola: Hey, Klay!  Your problem is you're too serious, ya know?  Besides, 
    aren't you a little ashamed of yourself?  I mean, a big fellow like yourself 
    getting trashed by that kid!  You're getting old, man!  I've had enough of 
    this circus...I'm outta here!
    Klaymoor: Hey, wait!  Bola, wait!  These fools can't do anything right 
    anyway--I guess it's high time I was getting out of here too...
    Klaymoor: Hey, Teisel!  You heard Bola!  You can do the rest of it 
    yourselves!  See you around!
    Teisel: Hey!  Hey, wait!  Hey, Klaymoor!
    Glyde: Who cares?  Let him go!  That leaves more for us!
    Teisel: Wh-what!?
    Glyde: C'mon, Teisel!  Stop your whining and start acting like a man!
    Teisel: W-Why do I put up with that wimp!?  Who does he thinks he is anyway, 
    talking to me like that!?
    Tron: sigh...This is what happens when you don't have any money...We have to 
    scrounge for parts to build our machines, we have to ally ourselves with 
    people like that...we'll never win like this...
    Servbot: He's here!  It's MegaMan!  He's using a train too!
    Glyde: Here he comes!
    Birdbot: We can start moving anytime!  keh keh!
    Glyde: Please, do try, to keep up Teisel!
    Teisel: I'll make you...eat those words, Glyde!. All right, boys!  I don't 
    want to see any slacking--let's move out!
    Tron: Gomoncha, full speed ahead!
    [Defeat the Pirate Train!]: Attack the Pirate Train while dodging their 
    attacks!  Be careful!  If your train takes too much damage, it's game over!
    Roll: Incoming bombs!
    Roll: Watch out for the gun on top of the train!
    Glyde: Stop it!
    Glyde: Take that!
    Glyde: I'll blast you to bits!
    Glyde (after destroying back cannon trio): Now look what happened!
    Glyde: Ow!
    Glyde (after destroying upper machine gun): Can't you birds do anything 
    Glyde: How's 'bout this?
    Glyde (after firing blue lasers): No more Mr. Nice Guy!
    Glyde: Take this!
    Glyde (sometimes said after getting hit by blue laser): Nighte night!
    Teisel: I am, sorry Glyde!  I don't have any choice!
    Glyde: What are you babbling about now?  Wait!  Do not!
    Teisel: We won't forget you!  Glyde, good luck!
    Servbot 1: Farewell!  sniff...sob!
    Servbot 2: See ya around!
    Teisel: Tron, do it!
    Tron: Releasing Glyde Car!
    (Tron releases Glyde Car)
    Glyde: What do you think you are doing!  I'll get you for this Teisel....!
    Birdbot: keh keh...!
    Teisel (after Glyde Car explodes): Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Sayonara, Glyde!
    Tron: OK, that takes care of Mr. Glyde!  Now, we have to fall back, and 
    regroup.  Full steam ahead, Bon!
    Bon: Baaabuuu!!
    Roll (with Servbot kamikaze missiles): Incoming missile!  Why don't you grab 
    those missiles and throw them back at them?
    Servbot missile Quote 1: Miss Tronnn!!
    Servbot missile Quote 2: Yeeahhh!!
    Servbot missile Quote 3: Owww!!
    Tron (after train loses 1/3 of its energy): Oww!!
    (after Bonne Train approaches MegaMan):
    Tron: The cannon's fixed!
    Tron (before firing laser): Take this!
    Teisel (after Bonne Train is beside MegaMan's train): Here we go!
    (after train loses 2/3 of its energy):
    Bon: Babu babu!  Babu babu!...
    Bon (if wounded): Babuu!!
    Teisel (after sending two Servbots out): Go get 'em, boys!
    Servbot (throwing bombs): Hoah!
    (if Servbot is shot off the train):
    Servbot Quote 1: Miss Tronnn!!
    Servbot Quote 2: Yeeahhh!!
    Servbot Quote 3: Waahaaa!!
    Servbot Quote 4: Owww!!
    Teisel (frustrated): Ohhhhh...Here we go again, I'm tired of this!
    Servbot: Ouch, ouch!  It's hot!  Miss Tron, we're on fire!
    Tron: Teisel, we've gotta get outta here!
    Teisel: Oh...Listen to me, you little blue twerp!  You haven't heard the 
    last from us!  I'll get you if it's the last thing I...
    (Train explodes with all the Bonnes screaming in pain)
    Roll: That takes care of that!  Now all we have to do is go back to the 
    Church, and get the last Key!  C'mon, MegaMan, let's go!
    Roll: I'm going to head back to the Flutter, MegaMan.  You can go ahead to 
    the gallery if you want.
    Man in Black Overcoat: You're the one that got rid o' them pirates, 
    ain'tcha?  Thanks, young fella.
    Mailwoman: Thanks to those pirates, we're behind schedule on mail 
    Bartender: I don't care what kind of a person he was before we met...I don't 
    even care if he gets his memory back and leaves me...If something were to 
    happen to him...I don't know what I'd do...
    Joe: You...Since we're here talking, you must have gotten rid of the 
    pirates...Thank you.  I decided that I need to stop living in the past.  I'm 
    going to live in the here and now from now on, with the people I love.
    Priest: Thanks to you, the city has been saved.  The last Key you are 
    looking for lies within here.  Go with caution, my son.  Before you go, 
    would you like my blessing?  I will need to ask for a donation, of course...
    Priest (after donation): By the power invested in me, I bless you in the 
    name of the Holy Father.  God's protection be upon you, my son.  God is 
    watching over you.  No matter what hardships you face, He shall protect you. 
      What do you want to know?
    (About this city's Key): Underneath this gallery, there is a ruin that has 
    been sealed for many years.  It is there that the Key you seek lies.  I have 
    already opened the gate to the ruins for you.
    (all other options are the same as last time)
    (Never mind): Oh.  Very well then.  God be with you.
    Roll: One more Key left...This place looks pretty cold...Good luck.
    Roll: It looks like there's a place where the floor's weaker around there!  
    Try shooting it with your Buster!
    Roll: Be careful, MegaMan.  It looks like the floor's weak in that area.
    Roll: Looks like a dead-end...Is there a place in the ceiling that looks 
    like you could get through?  If there is, you could probably shoot it out 
    and climb up...
    Roll: Watch your step, MegaMan--it looks like the floor's weak.
    Roll: I think there's a way to get up to the next level...Look around.
    Roll: Looks like there's an opening you can use to get down to the floor 
    underneath you...Except it's covered by some kind of energy barrier.  Maybe 
    you can deactivate the barrier with a control panel.
    Roll: The floor there looks weak--be careful.
    Roll (if you fall through Red Floor): It looks like there's a way to get up 
    to the next level.
    Roll: Look at the ceiling.  You should be able to shoot through it and make 
    an opening.
    Roll: There should be a door in that room that leads to the next area...If 
    you can't see it, it must be above you somewhere.  You can probably see it 
    from the top of one of the pillars...You can probably get to the door by 
    jumping across the tops of the pillars.  Do you see what I mean?
    Roll (after landing on the floor): Looks like there's a barrier there, too.  
    You can probably shut that one off if you find the right control panel.
    Roll: Looks like there's multiple levels here...I'm picking up Reaverbot 
    signals above you--be careful!
    Roll: I'm picking up three medium-sized Reaverbots in the room ahead of you. 
      It looks like the doors are locked, too.
    Roll: It looks like even if the Reaverbots are defeated, the doors still 
    won't open.  So how are we supposed to get them open?  There are three 
    doors...Three holes in the floor...Three Reaverbots...Hmmmmm...
    Roll (after one Reaverbot goes inside a hole): Looks like one of the doors 
    opened, MegaMan!
    Roll (after second Reaverbot goes inside a hole): Another door just opened!
    Roll (after third Reaverbot goes inside a hole): The last door's open now, 
    (MegaMan sees three Key Reaverbots, but they run off as soon as they see 
    Roll: Wow!  This is amazing!  Who'd have thought there was a place like this 
    underground...Wait!  Watch out, MegaMan!  There's a large Reaverbot in the 
    middle of the room!
    Roll (inside Boss' Lair): There's a large Reaverbot in the room, but I'm not 
    getting a strong reading from it.  I don't think it's going to attack you.
    Roll (at door to Fourth Key): The last Key should be in that room, MegaMan!  
    We're nearly there...!
    (You got: the Fourth Key!)
    Roll (after collecting the Fourth Key): Congratulations, MegaMan!  We did 
    it!  We got all the Keys!  Don't let your guard down, though!  A Dig's not 
    over until you get back to the surface!
    Roll (at Boss' door): The Reaverbot on the other side of that door is 
    showing signs of increased activity.  It looks like it's responding to the 
    Key in some way.  You'll probably have to get past it to get out of there.  
    Make sure you're ready before opening the door.  Good luck!
    Priest: Thanks to you, the city has been saved.  Please, let me pray for you 
    and your safety!  I will need to ask for a donation, of course...
    (all options are same as the last time)
    Objective: We've got all the Keys...I just hope nothing happens...
    Roll (at Flutter): Well, that's the last Key.  All we have to do is take it 
    to the Sulphur-Bottom...I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling about 
    this...Something tells me that once all the Keys are together, something 
    awful will happen.  Even Data seems worried about something...What should we 
    (MegaMan arrives with the Fourth Key)
    Barrell: MegaMan!  So, you got the Fourth and final Key!  If it weren't for 
    all your hard work, those pirates would have gotten the Keys and who knows 
    what would've happened!
    Bluecher: It will be very interesting to see if they do anything now that we 
    have all four Keys in our possession!
    MegaMan: What do you mean, they?
    Barrell: Those funny looking people, the ones that we found on Forbidden 
    Island who said they were Ancients!
    Bluecher: I trust everyone unless they give me a reason not to.  But you 
    don't live as long as I have without taking precautions!  I have armed 
    guards placed around their room.  I can call on them if necessary to protect 
    us and this ship!
    Barrell: I just hope we won't need them!
    (Keys start to glow for a brief moment)
    Barrell: What was that?
    Bluecher: I thought I felt something!
    Geetz: Confirmed.  All four Keys have been recovered.
    Sera: Have you made all the necessary preparations to take control of this 
    Geetz: Yes.
    Sera: Very well, begin.
    Geetz: If necessary, is it acceptable to disable MegaMan Trigger--even if it 
    means destroying the Master's Genetic Code?
    Sera: Your primary mission is to recover and secure the Keys, then with 
    luck, we will be able to salvage the Master's Genetic Code from Trigger's 
    Geetz: Understood.  Initiating Assimilization Program.
    (Sulphur-Bottom begins to shake with explosions)
    Barrell: What's happening!?
    (alarms are going off inside Bluecher's Office)
    Bluecher: We've got to get outta here!
    (The Bonnes are inside a Drache)
    Teisel: What's up with the ship?  It's on fire!  You don't think...You don't 
    think there's someone else after the Keys, do you!?
    Tron: If we don't help her, she's probably going to crash!  We've got to do 
    Teisel: But if we're not careful, we'll end up going down with them!  I 
    don't know if even that blue kid can get out of this one!
    Bon: Babu, babu babu!
    Teisel: You think so too, huh, Bon?
    Tron (thinking): MegaMan...
    Yuna (holding her original body): You're finally awake!
    MegaMan: Um...Huh?  Where is everyone!?
    Yuna: Don't you worry, Gatts has taken care of them.
    Geetz: Mistress Yuna, what are you doing?
    Yuna: My, you recognize me as Yuna, even though I destroyed my original 
    Sera: Don't waste your time, Geetz!  You can become infected by her aberrant 
    Yuna: My, are we testy!  What have I done?
    Sera: You should ask yourself that question, Yuna.  It doesn't matter, not 
    anymore.  I have made my decision.  I will not tolerate interference.
    Yuna: You're going to destroy the Master's Genetic Sample, aren't you, 
    without even consulting me?  (sets her original body down) That's not 
    exactly fair, is it?
    Sera: When you destroyed your original shell, I became the only Mother Unit 
    for this System.  I am within the Master System Parameters.  Fairness is 
    Yuna: I thought you'd say that.
    Geetz: Mistress Sera, here are the Keys!  You must return to Elysium--this 
    unit will follow after recovering the Master's Genetic Sample.
    Yuna: Excuse me, I'm talking with Sera!
    Sera: Geetz, go!
    (Sulphur-Bottom shakes from an explosion)
    MegaMan: The Keys!
    Yuna: Now this is a problem.  She plans on executing the Carbon 
    Reinitialization Program!
    MegaMan: Carbon Reinitialization Program?
    Yuna: Basically, every human alive will be deleted, wiped out, and the 
    Ancients will be restored!
    MegaMan: What!?
    Geetz: Please do not complicate matters further, Mistress Yuna!  There are 
    several preparations to be made.  Please remove yourself from this ship at 
    Yuna (winking): I don't know if I can do that!
    Geetz: Comply, or this Unit will use deadly force.  Your answer?
    Yuna: No!  Gatts, you know what to do!
    Gatts: Are you sure, Mistress Yuna?
    Geetz: Gatts, what are you doing!?
    Yuna: Though I'm no longer recognized as the Mother Unit in this body, it 
    means too that I am not affected by behavioral limiters--I can do whatever I 
    Gatts: Initiating counter measures!
    Geetz: Gatts, cease your actions at once!  What, what are you doing!?  
    Yuna: All right, MegaMan!  I've separated Geetz from his ship!  Go up on 
    deck--Geetz should be there.  Where we go from here is up to you, MegaMan.  
    Do you fight Geetz, or do you give him the Master's Genetic Sample?  
    Confused?  That's not surprising, I guess...After all, you have lost your 
    memory, haven't you?  But that doesn't really matter--all that matters is 
    what you think and how you feel, now.  Now, don't try to think about things 
    too hard.  Just be true to you, yourself, and follow were your heart leads 
    Gatts: Mistress Yuna!  Geetz is very angry!  If we do not hurry, he is 
    likely to destroy the entire ship!
    Yuna: Well, MegaMan, what are you going to do?
    Teisel: What the...?  I thought I saw something flying around, but I don't 
    think it was a Reaverbot!
    Tron: Teisel, look!
    Teisel: Hey, wait!  That's MegaMan!  What is going on here!?
    Bon: Baabuu?
    Teisel: What are we going to do?  I'll tell you what we're going to do!  
    This is a chance I've been waiting for!  We're going to settle the score 
    with that blue brat once and for all!
    Tron: Wait a minute, Teisel!  If that ship crashes, we'll lose the Keys and 
    everything else of value on it!  Like it or not, we have to help him!
    Teisel: Hmmm...I-I guess you're right, Tron...All right then, first we help 
    MegaMan, then we take the Keys!  OK, people, get lively--we've got work to 
    All: Yay!
    Geetz: Are you malfunctioning, Gatts?  There's no need for us to fight--why 
    do you insist on opposing me!?
    Gatts: Sorry, Geetz, but I don't believe what Mistress Sera is planning is 
    Geetz: Mistress Yuna is also in error, abandoning her shell for a carbon's!  
    That is no longer Mistress Yuna!  It's an abomination and a threat to us 
    all!  If you insist on following her I shall be forced to terminate 
    you--both of you!
    (Geetz blasts Gatts' ship clear off the deck!)
    Gatts (as he is falling): Waaah!  Master Trigger!  I'm sorry!  I have 
    failed!  You are our only hope!
    (after Geetz's energy is half gone):
    Geetz: Enough!
    MegaMan: No!
    (The Drache is shot down by Geetz with all the Bonnes screaming)
    Geetz: And now we finish this!
    Geetz: This is all your doing!  If it weren't for you, this would not have 
    happened!  This Unit...cannot allow Mistress Sera to be harmed!  
    (Geetz unleashes a huge explosion which knocks MegaMan out cold)
    Sera: Do not forget, the Master is the only true human remaining.  The 
    System exists only to protect and serve the Master.  We exist for this and 
    only this purpose.
    (You understand well, Mother.)
    MegaMan: M-M-Mother?
    Sera: Remember, the Master says illogical things at times.  If he does, 
    ignore him.
    (Sera walks away towards Geetz)
    Geetz: I do not understand why the Master would wish to have a Unit such as 
    that by his side...What would prompt such behavior?
    Sera: The Master is, lonely.
    MegaMan: What's happening?  Is this a dream?
    Master: They scolded you again, did they not, my little friend?  Don't be 
    upset, Sera often reprimands me as well.  And do you know why?  I can show 
    you.  Observe.
    (shows Ancient Greek-like city)
    MegaMan: Who is that?  I feel like...I know him...
    Master: Beautiful, is it not?  These lights are one of the betas' cities.  
    But these are not ordinary betas, I have modified them slightly.  Betas, you 
    call them carbons.  Though artificially created, in the end they may be 
    closer to, people, than you think.  The people living there know thirst, 
    hunger, disease, they suffer all these things and in the end, they grow old 
    and die.  But for one brief moment, they shine as bright as the sun.  
    Because they know these hardships, they also know the meaning of happiness.  
    Compared to theirs, our perfect world is cold and sterile.  I'd like to ask 
    you, to do something for me, MegaMan.  Can you take me there?  What do you 
    MegaMan: Take you there?  What?  Wait!  I-I know him...he's the Master!  I-I 
    remember now...I came here!  I came here to Terra with the Master!  And 
    Yuna (in her original body): C'mon, MegaMan!  If you fall asleep, you'll 
    never wake up again!  Open your eyes, I thought I might be able to contact 
    MegaMan: Wh-Where am I?
    Yuna: We're inside one of your memory files, the files you entrusted Data 
    with all those years ago.
    MegaMan: Memory?  Da-Data??
    Yuna: You were badly damaged by Geetz' attack, I'm rebuilding you, using 
    Data's memory to restore your program.  You won't be fully optimized for a 
    while longer, so just sit back and relax.
    (Yuna leaves)
    MegaMan: Um...Data?  Restore...program?
    Master: Listen.  To the sounds of every day life.  The sounds of city life.  
    The smell, of evening meals being  prepared.  All this and more we in 
    Elysium have lost.  Thank you, MegaMan.  Thanks to you, I have finally been 
    able to experience this for myself.  For 3,000 years, I have been free from 
    hardship and pain.  A life of luxury and ease obeying my heart's desires.  
    Seeing these people, grateful for the simple joys of life, I wonder, was I 
    truly happy?  I have made up my mind, MegaMan.  Carry out, my final command. 
       I want you to destroy the System.  I realize now that we were wrong.  
    Correct my mistake.  Make things, right again.
    Master (handing a card-like device to MegaMan): This is, a good luck charm.  
    As long as you have it, no one can stop or harm you.  Return to Elysium.  
    Delete all data from the Library, you understand?  Please, MegaMan.
    MegaMan: Ma-Master...
    Master: Hm!  It looks as though...My time has finally come.  I know I cannot 
    survive long outside of Elysium.  Before...Goodbye, MegaMan.  Thank you for 
    all you have done for me...All these many years...I go now, into the arms of 
    life...true Mother....
    (Master disappears inside MegaMan's hands)
    MegaMan: Master...
    Yuna: So that's what this is all about!  Sera never told me about this!
    MegaMan: You...are...
    Yuna: Yuna, remember me?
    MegaMan: Yu...na?
    Yuna: Sera is in charge of Elysium System, I was in charge of Terra System.  
    My, official designation was Mother.
    MegaMan: Mother?
    Yuna: Now I understand why you, downloaded your memories of the Master into 
    that little monkey, so they couldn't be scanned or tampered with.  Now I 
    understand why you brought the Master here, why you tried to destroy the 
    Gatts: Mistress Yuna, Mistress Sera has almost reached Elysium!
    Yuna: We're running out of time!  Unless we stop her, Sera will execute the 
    Carbon Reinitialization Program!  The Carbon Reinitialization Program was 
    meant to be run only after the Master and all other humans have died.  It 
    uses their genetic codes to clone new humans.  If it's activated, everyone 
    alive on Terra will be eliminated--only you can stop Sera from using it!  It 
    looks like your self-repair functions are working.  We can go now, but you 
    still need to decide what to do.
    Roll: MegaMan!
    Yuna: He'll be all right.  Though his memory is still fragmented, he can 
    still download whatever he needs from your little monkey friend.  Now, Gatts 
    and I will get a pod ready that will take you back to Elysium.  You can find 
    both of us where you initially came to Terra.  The choice is yours--the 
    Master's final wish or, follow the path the System has chosen!  Find us when 
    you make up your mind.  See you!
    (Yuna leaves)
    Barrell: Look in any library, and you can find a history of civilization as 
    we know it, but...there's nothing describing the world before we started 
    recording events!  I always wondered why, now I know.  We didn't evolve, we 
    were created!  One day, boom!  There we were, with a language and culture 
    provided for us!
    Bluecher: I wanted to know who built all the ruins and why they were 
    there...We owe everything to the Master.
    Barrell: I don't know whether this Master System should be destroyed or not, 
    it's too big for me!  We're in your hands, MegaMan!  Do what you think is 
    best...There's nothing we can do about it.   What we'll be will be!
    Roll: MegaMan, I don't know what your life was like before we met, but...Do 
    what you think is right, no matter what!  I'll keep, looking until I find my 
    parents, but...you're the most important thing in my life!  If not for you, 
    I wouldn't have been able to do all the things I've done!  That's why I know 
    you'll do what's best for me--for everyone!  C'mon, let's go!  She's waiting 
    for us!
    MegaMan: Right...
    Barrell: It's up to you, MegaMan!  We're in your hands.  Good luck!
    Bluecher: If I were a little younger, I'd be out there with you.  Anyway, 
    take your time--don't rush into things and get over your head.  Be careful.
    Guard: None of us imagined that this ship would be taken over like that!  
    Some of the other sailors were injured, but thanks to that woman, they're 
    fine now.  You have to fight against them?  Be careful--they're very 
    Objective: She's waiting for you on Calbania, MegaMan.
    Objective: Be careful, MegaMan.  Come home soon!
    Roll: Well, here we are!  MegaMan, be careful, please?
    MegaMan: I will.
    Yuna: I see you made up your mind.  Are you ready to go to Elysium?
    Yuna (after saying Yes): What was that girl's name again, Roll?
    MegaMan: Huh?  Uh, yeah!
    Yuna: She was quite worried while you were unconscious and kept asking if 
    there was anything she could do.  She looked desperate, she probably would 
    have done anything, anything I told her to, if she thought it would have 
    helped to bring you back.  Once I told her you were probably going to be all 
    right, she almost started crying.  You should take good care of her, she 
    really likes you.
    Yuna (turning to Gatts): How are we doing, Gatts?
    Gatts: Engines are online!
    Yuna: I had Gatts merge with the Shuttle Pod to repair it.
    Gatts: Master Trigger, hurry!  Mistress Sera will execute the Carbon 
    Reinitialization Program shortly!
    Yuna: What are you waiting for?  Get in!
    MegaMan: Yes, ma'am!
    (Shuttle Pod launches)
    Yuna: You know, I really like Roll and all the other carbons.  I think 
    they're worth preserving, even if it means destroying the System.
    Gatts: While this Unit has, reservations about destroying the System, it 
    will do its utmost to assist you.
    Yuna: Hee hee, well here we are, let's do what we came here to do.  The rest 
    will take care of itself...
    Yuna: My!  It's been a long time since I've been here!  Hasn't changed much, 
    though...Well, this is it.  I'd go with you if I could, but seeing as this 
    isn't my own body, I'll stay here.  I'll Spot for you though, so I'll be 
    with you in spirit if not in body!
    Gatts: Miss Sera is most likely in the Library, which is inside the Mother 
    Area.  The Library contains the genetic records of the humans who built the 
    System.  Normally, the Mother Area can be reached by going through the 
    Master Room from the Center Area.  However, the elevator that connects 
    directly to the Center Area is stopped on an upper level.
    Yuna: That means you're going to have to go through the Defense Area, then 
    go around through the Side Area.  There should be a refractor somewhere in 
    the Defense Area that can be used to power the elevator.  If you can get the 
    elevator working, you can get to the Center Area from the Shuttle Bay 
    Gatts: The layout of Elysium may confuse you.  Use your internal navigation 
    system.  Once you reach the Library, you should find Miss Sera.  What 
    happens next is your decision.
    Yuna: I'll do all I can to slow Sera down.  Good luck!
    Yuna: Hm?  What is it?
    (Return to Terra): All right then, let's go back to Terra and your friends, 
    shall we?
    (Ask a question): What do you want to know?
    (What is Elysium?): Elysium is a perfect world, created by the Ancients 
    thousands of years ago.  A world of eternal youth...A world without disease, 
    hunger, or war.  Sera and I are androids with positronic brains built to 
    watch over and manage that world.  We called "Mother Units."  You are a 
    Purifier Unit, built to seek out and eliminate Aberrant Units--units that 
    malfunctioned and threatened the System.  Don't you remember?
    (Why are you using that body?): Once, I found a Carbon on Forbidden Island.  
    She was dying...I transferred some of the nanotechnology from my body to 
    hers to try and heal her.  She recovered, but I found that I had used too 
    much energy and parts from my own body--I wasn't able to move anymore!  In 
    the end, I ended up "borrowing" her body to use as my own.  Don't 
    worry--once this is all over, I'll give her body back to her.
    Yuna: All right, I'll Spot for you, MegaMan.  I know Elysium like the back 
    of my hand!
    Yuna: The floor's thinner in that spot.  If you increase the relative 
    gravity, you should be able to break through it.
    Yuna: What you see in front of you is a gravity field.  The relative gravity 
    on the other side of the entrance is heavier.  You should remember all this, 
    (Data download): Shuttle Bay Control System--Unregistered shuttle has been 
    detected within Shuttle Bay.  Access to Shuttle Bay has been cutoff; unable 
    to identify shuttle controller.
    Yuna: If you lower the relative gravity, you'll be able to jump higher than 
    normal.  If you increase the gravity, your jumping ability will be 
    proportionately decreased.  But you already knew that, didn't you?  You can 
    also use that control panel to download information about Elysium.
    (Data download): Defense System Control--High-gravity areas are marked by 
    gravity lines.  Area is off-limits except for maintenance personnel.
    (Data download): 80% of operating power will be diverted to Carbon 
    Reinitialization Program.  If power divertion impacts operation, contact the 
    Mother Unit.
    (Data download): Reaverbot Defense Control System--WARNING: Intruder 
    detected.  Repeat: An intruder has been detected within Elysium.  
    Reassigning all Reaverbots.  Priority: Defense of systems and materials.
    (Data download): Medical Lab Control System--All medical and related 
    facilities are currently being readied in preparation for execution of the 
    Carbon Reinitialization Program.  Access to medical systems by non-Mother 
    Units is prohibited.  Units are instructed to contact Mother if maintenance 
    is required.
    (Data download): Warp Gate Control System--Maintenance is required on warp 
    gates in Living Area (currently sealed off).  Maintenance will be performed 
    on all gates and Living Area after activation of Carbon Reinitialization 
    Yuna: Hey!  You can use that refractor later.
    Old House: It's an old house.  Unfortunately, the door isn't working.
    Closed Gate: Looks like this gate isn't working...
    Yuna: Looks like you've made it to the Residential Area.  Does it bring back 
    any memories?
    Yuna: That's the building where the Master lived.  I'll bet you spent a lot 
    of time there, didn't you?
    Elevator: There's no response...Looks like it needs a refractor to power it.
    Yuna: What?  The elevator isn't working?  Whoops!  Sorry!  You need a 
    refractor to power that elevator.
    Monitor: It looks like the monitor has been destroyed...
    Yuna: The gravity's back to normal.  Are you ready?  Things are going to get 
    a little different from here on.  This is it, MegaMan!  Good luck!
    Yuna: Looks like the gravity's increased again.  I wonder who will turn up 
    (after defeating Squid Reaverbot Trio):
    Yuna: It looks like defeating that guardian restored the gravity to normal.
    Keys: The keys have all been put into place.
    Yuna: Well, you've made it!  You've reached the Library.  That's where the 
    Carbon Reinitialization Program is executed from...And where you can stop 
    it.  Destroy the System or defend it.  It's your choice, MegaMan.  I can't 
    tell you what to do.
    Gatts: This unit will attempt to infiltrate Mother's logic circuits!  There 
    is no guarantee as to how effective such an action will be, but it should 
    impair Mother's reaction time to some extent.  This unit's powers are 
    limited, but it shall assist you as much as possible.
    Yuna: The Library is shielded against any and all transmissions.  I won't be 
    able to help you anymore.  Good luck, MegaMan!
    SERA PART 1:
    (MegaMan presses a button from the control panel)
    OS Voice: Execution of Carbon Reinitialization Program has been paused, 
    awaiting order to continue from Mother Unit.  Execution of Carbon 
    Reinitialization Program has been paused, awaiting order to continue from 
    Mother Unit...
    MegaMan: Paused?  Why?
    (Sera appears in a battle body)
    Sera: I have been waiting for you, MegaMan Trigger.
    (MegaMan stares in shock)
    Sera: I could've executed the Carbon Reinitialization Program at any time, 
    but I chose not to.  Do you know why?  Unlike you, I cannot act against the 
    System, I can only act within the parameters it defines for me.  Indeed, I 
    cannot think of anything beyond the System's limits.  That is why I cannot 
    comprehend what could have motivated the Master to attempt to destroy the 
    System.  I am jealous of you.  You were close to the Master, you understood 
    his thoughts in a way I will never be able to.  Yuna chose to remove herself 
    from the System, even though she is like myself a Mother Unit.  I cannot do 
    that!  I've waited for you from the Master's Home.  Perhaps by defeating 
    you, who was so sympathetic to the Master's desires, I can purge myself of 
    these, troublesome emotions!  Come then, MegaMan Trigger!  Show me what a 
    First Class Purifier is capable of!
    Sera (firing green rocks): Ha!
    Sera (firing yellow electricity): Well, Trigger...
    Sera (before charging): Ready?
    Sera (before increasing gravity): How's this?
    Sera (before sending shock wave): Take this!
    SERA PART 2:
    Sera (wounded): Gatts is, attempting to assist you, by invading my, internal 
    systems!  I do not understand, a Servitor Unit such as Gatts should be 
    unable to disobey the System's commands!  Still, a Mother Unit, like myself, 
    is superior to a Servitor Unit!  His sabotage attempts are, a distraction, 
    nothing more!  When last we struggled, Yuna imprisoned me beyond Terra!  
    Perhaps this time, it will be you who is imprisoned!
    (Sera disappears and reappears in a gigantic butterfly-like battle body)
    Sera: Now, shall we continue?
    Sera (before trying to smash you): Feel my power!
    Sera (before firing yellow laser): What's the matter?
    Sera (before firing bombs): Let's find out!
    Sera (before firing blue lasers): Gotcha!
    Sera (before sending black hole): Hm!
    See ENDING
    Roll (inside Flutter): What do you want to do, MegaMan?
    Greeting: Howdy!  Welcome t' my shop!  What can I do fer ya?
    Buy Menu: See anything you want?
    Sell Menu: What'cha got for me?
    If you don't have enough zenny: Sorry, but it looks like you're a little 
    short there.
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: Is this what you want?
    After Purchase or Sale: Much obliged!
    Leaving: See ya later!
    Greeting: Welcome!  Looking for something?
    Sell Menu: Have something you want to sell?
    If you don't have enough zenny: I'm sorry, but it looks like you're a little 
    Flutter Furnishing: I'll have this sent to the Flutter for you.
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: Is this what you want?
    After Purchase or Sale: Thanks!  Please come again!
    Leaving: Come back soon!
    (after MegaMan turns dark for being bad)
    Data (in Flutter): Roll's asleep in her room.  She said she was tired and 
    was going to take a nap.
    Roll (on her bed in her PJs): MegaMan...I'm so worried about you...You're 
    doing so many bad things...You've changed, MegaMan...You didn't used to be 
    like this.  I guess I can't blame you, what with everything that's been 
    going on...Still...Do you think you could be a little more serious, like you 
    used to be?
    [I'm sorry: I'll try]: All right, as long as you understand.  Thanks, 
    MegaMan.  I knew you'd say that!
    Roll (after previous conversation): I'm so happy to hear you say that, 
    MegaMan.  Thanks!
    [Oh, leave me alone, busybody]: !  How could you say that, MegaMan!?  After 
    all we've been through!?
    Roll (after previous conversation): Gramps had such high hopes for 
    you...He'll be so disappointed...
    (if you call Roll "busybody" in her bedroom):
    Roll (inside Flutter): What is it, MegaMan?
    Roll (inside Development Room): It looks like my development tools are 
    broken, MegaMan...That means it'll cost more than usual to develop new 
    weapons.  I'm sorry.
    (if you give Roll any presents after her tool kit broke):
    Roll (inside Development Room): I was finally able to fix my development 
    tools.  That means I'll be able to build things for you at the old, lower 
    Greeting: This here's a junk shop.  Whaddya want?
    Buy Menu: Whaddya want?
    Sell Menu: Lookin' for money?  What d'you want to sell?
    If you don't have enough zenny: Hey!  I don't do things for free here, 
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: Is this what you want?
    After Purchase or Sale: Thanks!
    Leaving: Good--we don't like your kind 'round here anyway.
    Greeting: This is a general store.  Can I help you?
    Sell Menu: Trying to get rid of something?
    If you don't have enough zenny: Not enough zenny?  This isn't a charity, you 
    Flutter Furnishing: We'll deliver this directly to your ship for you.
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: This what you want?
    After Purchase or Sale: Thanks.
    Leaving: Come back only after you've cleaned up your act!
    (behind NE pole where you fought Teisel in Kimotoma)
    Man in White Shirt: Sorry--there's nothing here for a nice guy like you.  
    Come back when you've gotten a little more rough around the edges.
    (if you have the Reaverbot Claw AND you are COMPLETELY black from being 
    Man in White Shirt: Say...That's a pretty nice artifact you've got there.  
    What do you say?  Will you sell that Reaverbot Claw to me?  I'll give you 
    50,000 zenny for it.
    [No]: I understand--I wouldn't want to give it up myself.  Want to take a 
    look at what we've got before you go?
    [Yes]: Done!  Here's your money!  And ah...No refunds, eh?
    (after selling Reaverbot Claw):
    Man in White Shirt: I've been waiting for someone like you to come 
    along...I've got some high class stuff--the very best!  Interested?  heh 
    (buying Taser):
    Man in White Shirt: You're sure this is what you want?
    [Yes]: All right, done!  Just remember--no refunds!
    (buying Reaverbot Eye):
    Man in White Shirt: You're sure this is what you want?
    [Yes]: All right, done!  Just remember--no refunds!
    (after buying both items):
    Man in White Shirt: Sorry, friend--I've got nothing left!  You're out of 
    luck!  heh heh...
    (if you don't have enough zenny to buy an item):
    Man in White Shirt: You're a little short on cash there, friend!  I don't 
    take credit, you know!
    (if you visit but do not buy anything):
    Man in White Shirt: All right, it's your choice!  Looks like you're not 
    ready to play in the big leagues!
    Junk Store Owner: yikes!  Don't kill me!  Huh?  Oh, you're a customer?
    (if you say no to his "fossil question): Really?  You're not just trying to 
    be smart with me, are you?
    (after selling the Reaverbot Claw to the Traveling Salesman in Kimotoma City 
    and buying Reaverbot Eye):
    Junk Shop Owner: You again...Huh?  Is that what I think it is!?  Is that a 
    "Reaverbot Eye"!?  Where did you find it!?  No, never mind--You don't have 
    to tell me!  Will you sell it to me?
    [No]: Aw, come on--please?
    [I said no!]: Fine, be that way then...Boy, I was really hoping I could buy 
    it, though...
    [How much?/Well, all right then]: How's 100,000 zenny sound?
    [Sold!]: Yahoo!  I can't believe I got this for only 100,000 zenny!  Thank 
    [It's worth at least 300,000]: You drive a hard bargain!  Hmmm...All right!  
    300,000 then!
    [OK, it's yours for 300,000]: Hurray!  I could kiss you!
    [Nope--try 500,000]: What!?  Are you crazy?  It's not worth that much!  
    Fine!  Go on, get outta here!
    (after Owner refuses 500,000z offer): You mean it?  OK, but I can only give 
    you 10,000 zenny for it.
    [OK, it's yours]: Yes!!  I've been looking for one of these for years!  
    Thanks a lot!
    [Forget it!]: Fine then.  If you change your mind, you know where to find 
    (after selling Reaverbot Eye): You again?  Sorry, ain't got nothing for you 
    Postman: No letters for you.  Maybe if you acted nicer, people'd write you.
    Mailwoman: The post office is always open, but we don't like people like you 
    coming by.
    Younger Student: I sense a great darkness in you.  Sorry--please don't talk 
    to me!
    Older Student: You've changed quite a bit since we last met...You look more 
    Mayor: Wah!  I thought you were a pirate--you've changed.  I hate to say 
    this, but I don't really want people like you in our village.  I'm sorry, 
    but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
    Appo: heh heh!  Long time no see!  What happened to you?  You're all black!
    Dah: Long time no see!  Your face looks funny--something happen to you?  a 
    Shu: You've been up to no good, haven't you?  You should learn to behave 
    (after buying all Flutter repairs and replacements, buying all three of 
    Roll's Presents, and first four Flutter Furnishings)
    Data (in Flutter): Roll's taking a bath--maybe you should get cleaned up 
    Roll (after MegaMan catches her in the bathtub): Eeek!  What do you think 
    you're doing!?
    (MegaMan pumps his fist outside the bathroom!)
    Roll (inside Flutter): Just tell me what you want to do, MegaMan!
    Roll (inside Development Room): I didn't tell you before, but I bought a new 
    tool kit!  It's got lots of tools that make it easier and cheaper to improve 
    your weapons!
    (after becoming St. MegaMan by donating 1,000,000z to the Church at 
    Greeting: Take a look around--we've got a lot of bargains!
    Buy Menu: What are you interested in?
    Sell Menu: Want to sell something?  Let's see what you have!
    If you don't have enough zenny: Sorry, but you don't have enough zenny right 
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: Is this what you want?
    After Purchase or Sale: Much obliged!
    Leaving: Come back again soon!
    (after becoming St. MegaMan donating 1,000,000z to the Church at Yosyonke)
    Greeting: Welcome!  Looking for something?
    Sell Menu: Have something you want to sell?
    If you don't have enough zenny: I'm sorry, but it looks like you're a little 
    Flutter Furnishing: I'll have this sent to the Flutter for you.
    Buy or Sell Confirmation: Thanks!  Please come again!
    After Purchase or Sale: Thanks, little fellow!  Come back soon!
    Leaving: See you around, little fellow.
    (after becoming St. MegaMan donating 1,000,000z to the Church at Yosyonke)
    Racoon at tree nearest Flutter: sigh... (Boy, it's a nice day today, isn't 
    Mother racoon beside a rock: manyuu? (My baby's cute, isn't he?)
    Baby racoon beside a rock: pomiiin (This fellow looks like a nice guy.)
    Racoon nearest Pokte Village gate: yawn... (I'd better start excercising 
    before I get fat!)
    Appo: Long time no see!  heh heh!  Nice to see you again!
    Dah: Long time no see!  Wanna play a game?  ha ha!
    Shu: You look like you know the secret of the ruins.  Do you?  Will you tell 
    (What should I do?): Why don't you go to the junk shop with Roll?
    (Tell me about Saving):  If you want to save, come talk to me!  To save one 
    game, you need at least one empty block on a MEMORY CARD.  If you get 
    beaten, the game will start over from where you last saved.
    (Tell me about Equip): I suppose you can't find everything you need at junk 
    shops...Since the junk shop doesn't sell special weapons, I guess you'll 
    just have to see what you can find here and there and show it to Roll--you 
    never know what she'll be able to make into an item for you!
    (What should I do?): Why don't you try going to the lab near the Flutter?
    (What should I do?): Looks like Joe went into the ruins.
    (What should I do?): Did you know you can use the dropship in the Flutter to 
    get to Forbidden Island?
    (What should I do?): Did you find the Sulphur-Bottom on Forbidden Island?
    (What should I do?): You're almost at the center of the island, MegaMan.  If 
    there are any ruins here, that's where they'll be!
    Data (inside Flutter): You're finished already?  Roll's not back yet.
    (What should I do?): Have you talked to the Professor yet?
    (Tell me about my Buster Gun): Did you know you can power-up the Buster Gun 
    on your left arm by attaching Buster Parts to it?  Of course you did, right? 
      Normally, you can only attach two Buster Parts at the same time, but with 
    the right equipment Roll can upgrade it so you can attach up to three parts!
    (Give me some tips): Did you know you can do a tumble roll by pressing L1-R1 
    button + X button?  You don't take any damage while tumbling, so you should 
    try it if things get out of hand during a fight.  If you time it just right, 
    not only will you not take any damage, but you'll also look really cool 
    while doing it!  Oh, and if you press CIRCLE button, you can walk slowly 
    with the directional button.  That doesn't make you look very cool, but it 
    might be useful sometime anyway.
    (What should I do?): Didn't they say the First Key was on Manda Island?
    (What should I do?): If I were you, I'd try going to Pokte Village.
    (What should I do?): Looks like the Key is in this room, MegaMan!
    (What should I do?): You should take that Key back to Von Bluecher.
    (What should I do?): They said the Second Key is on Nino Island.
    (Tell me about the Lifter): Did you know you can even pick up and throw some 
    of your enemies?  You can pick up most small things you see.  Except me, 
    that is!
    (Tell me about these people): Be careful, MegaMan!  You never know when 
    somebody's watching you!  Remember, you should always be nice to people you 
    meet.  If you are, they'll be nice to you in return!
    (What should I do?): The Guildmaster said he wants to see you, MegaMan!
    (What should I do?): See the door with the red lamp?  That's where the enemy 
    is attacking!
    (What should I do?): You can get to the roof with the elevator, you know.
    (What should I do?): Why don't you ask the Guildmaster to unlock the ruins?
    (What should I do?): We've got to go to Calbania Island!
    (What should I do?): Did you know there's a village on Calbania Island?  
    Maybe you should go there?
    (Tell me about the diary): Don't tell her I told you this, but did you know 
    Roll's keeping a diary?  I wonder what she's writing in it?
    (Tell me about the AutoNav): Have you ever felt lost?  In a ruin, I 
    mean--not life!  If so, then you should take a look at the map in the Status 
    screen!  If you use AutoNav, it will take you right where you want to go!  
    But you can only use AutoNav to go somewhere you've already been to.
    (What should I do?): There's got to be a way into the tower.  Keep trying, 
    (What should I do?): Maybe we should go back to Nino Island.
    (What should I do?): The Guildmaster's waiting outside for you.
    (What should I do?): Roll's with the secret weapon up on the roof of the 
    Nino Defense Platform.
    (What should I do?): The next Key should be in the Ruminoa ruins.
    (What should I do?): It looks like you'll need two keys to open this door!
    (What should I do?): You should take that Key back to Von Bluecher.
    (What should I do?): The next Key should be on Saul Kada Island.
    (Tell me about the books): Sometimes, you'll find mechanical notes inside 
    treasure chests.  Only problem is, they're full of technobabble.  But Roll's 
    really smart, so she can figure it out if you show them to her.  If you find 
    any, you should take them to Roll!
    (Tell me about special damage): Some Reaverbots don't just damage 
    you--they'll set you on fire, or drain your Buster Gun of energy, or make 
    you go numb!  But you're in luck!  There are items and Body Parts that will 
    protect you against these special attacks.  I'd get them if I were 
    you--those ruins can be scary places!
    (What should I do?): Kimotoma City's been taken over by the Bonnes!  You've 
    got to help them, MegaMan!
    (What should I do?): You should probably take care of the Bonnes first, 
    don't you think?
    (What should I do?): The next Key should be inside the Kimotoma ruins.
    (What should I do?): Remember the door that was locked near where you came 
    in?  I bet that's where the Key is.  What do you think, MegaMan?
    (What should I do?): Are you following Roll's instructions, MegaMan?
    (What should I do?): You should take that Key back to Von Bluecher.
    (What should I do?): The last Key should be somewhere on Calinca.
    (Tell me about Lock-On): Our enemies' attacks are starting to get more and 
    more vicious, aren't they?  Are you using the Lock-On function when you 
    fight?  I'll explain it to you, OK?  Pressing the R2 button locks your 
    weapon onto the nearest enemy automatically!  You can track your enemies as 
    long as you hold R2 button down, making combat a lot easier!
    (Tell me about control panels): Inside really large ruins, there are map 
    control panels and item control panels.    If you access a map control 
    panel, it will download a map of the ruins.  If you find the item control 
    panel, it will tell you where all the treasure chests in the ruins are.
    (What should I do?): I think Joe has the key to unlock the train.  Maybe you 
    should find him first.
    (What should I do?): The next key should be inside the Yosyonke ruins.
    (What should I do?): Apparently, there are some Reaverbots that work like 
    keys.  Imagine that!
    (What should I do?): You should take that Key back to Von Bluecher.
    (What should I do?): Didn't she say the shuttlepod was on Calbania Island?
    (I keep losing fights...): Well, in case you didn't notice, everything costs 
    money.  You won't get anywhere in this world without money, MegaMan.  If 
    you've got money, you can buy items at a junk shop, or have Roll upgrade 
    your Special Weapons.  I'd start saving up if I were you!
    (Tell me about Roll): Let me tell you about boys and girls, MegaMan.  If you 
    want girls to like you, you have to be nice to them!  If you do mean things 
    to them, you'll be in big trouble later.  Oh, and don't forget to be nice to 
    me, too!
    (First conversation only): Hi, MegaMan!  I came along too!  I'd forgotten 
    how far away from Terra Elysium is!  I was worried for a while if we would 
    make it at all!  Well, this is it, MegaMan!  I'll help you as much as I can. 
      Good luck!
    (What should I do now?): Why don't you try going to where the Master lived?
    (Tell me about the past 1): A long, long time ago, you traveled with the 
    Master to Terra.  After the Master died, you fought to fulfill his dying 
    wish.  At first, Yuna fought against you with the rest, but as time went by, 
    she slowly came to understand what you were trying to do.  In the end, she 
    tried to take a neutral position, neither helping you nor fighting against 
    you.  Frustrated with Yuna's decision, Sera traveled to Terra herself to 
    fight you.  However, she wasn't able to bring her full power to bear outside 
    of Elysium, and the two of you fought each other to a standstill, each of 
    you expending all your energy.  Yuna took that opportunity to seal both of 
    you away inside stasis fields.
    (Tell me about the past 2): You're probably wondering why, when you were 
    found, you were in a baby's body.  That's because your original body was 
    almost totally destroyed in your fight with Sera.  We had no choice but to 
    reset all your parameters so you could heal.  Although resetting a unit 
    flushes its memory, it also restores its body to its original configuration. 
      To make sure Sera never found the Master's genetic code, you transferred 
    all essential data files to me.  That's why you were able to get your memory 
    back even after being reset.  Well, most of your memory, anyway.  Too bad 
    you couldn't see Gramps' face when he found you, though!
    (First conversation only): Well, you're about halfway there, MegaMan.  
    You've done a great job so far!  This was the Master's house, you know.  If 
    you leave here and go towards the back, there's an elevator that will take 
    you straight back to the Shuttle Bay.  I don't know if it still works, but 
    if you fix it, you can easily get back to where Yuna is!
    (What should I do now?): It looks like Sera has placed a lot of guardians 
    around the Library.
    (First conversation only): This is the Library, where Sera is waiting for 
    you.  The Library contains the genetic code of the humans who built the 
    Master System.  It's up to you, MegaMan--do you obey the System, or destroy 
    (What should I do now?): Your destiny awaits beyond this door, MegaMan...
    Steering Wheel: The Flutter's wheel.  Roll looks so cute when she's sailing 
    the ship.
    Ladder: This ladder leads to the upper deck, but there's no need to go up 
    there now.
    Roll: The living and storage rooms were damaged in the fire.  We have to 
    repair them.  It'll cost 2,000 zenny to repair the damage to the living and 
    storage rooms.
    Roll (after donation): Thanks!  We'll be able to use the living and storage 
    rooms again once they're repaired!
    Roll (if repairs are not finished): It's still being repaired--you'll have 
    to wait a little longer.
    Roll (if repairs are finished): The repairs are finished--you can go in 
    Roll (requesting Refrigerator): I've been thinking--we need a new 
    refrigerator, but it will cost 5,000 zenny...Do you have any money?
    Roll (after buying Refrigerator) Thanks!  I'll get a new one right away!  
    Once it's here, I'll start cooking again.  Be sure to look in it for a 
    special surprise!
    Roll (requesting Newspaper Subscription): I've been thinking we should 
    subscribe to the newspaper, but it's 3,000 zenny.  Should we, MegaMan?
    Roll (after buying Newspaper Subscription): Great!  I'll call the paper 
    office today!  I'll leave the papers in the living room so we can all read 
    Roll (requesting TV): I've been thinking--we need a new TV, but it will cost 
    25,000 zenny...Do you have any money?
    Roll (after buying TV): Thanks!  I'll go out and get one right away!  I'm 
    glad I asked you!  Now I can watch all my favorite shows again!
    Roll (Doll): Thank you, MegaMan!  It's so cute!  I always wanted a doll like 
    Roll (Cushion): Thank you!  This is so soft--I can't wait to use it!
    Roll (Model): Wow, thanks, MegaMan!  I can't wait to see how it flies!
    Development: What item do you want to use for development?
    Special Weapon Development: If I combine this with [other part], I can make 
    a new item.  Should I?
    [Yes]: Wait a second, MegaMan!  I finished making [Special Weapon name].  
    Let me know if you want to try it.
    Item Development: I can make [Item name].  Do you want me to?
    [Yes]: Wait a second, MegaMan!  I finished making [Item name].  See you 
    Change Weapon: What weapon do you want to use?
    [After selecting Special Weapon]: There!  All done!  Any time you want to 
    change your weapon, just talk to me!
    Improve Weapon: Which weapon do you want to improve?
    [After selecting Special Weapon]: What do you want to improve?
    [After selecting a rating to improve]: You'll need xxxxx zenny to improve 
    this.  Do you want to improve it?
    [Yes, without enough zenny]: You don't have enough money, MegaMan!
    [Yes, with enough zenny]: There!  Finished!  If you want to improve your 
    weapons, just come talk to me!
    [If rating is maxed out]: Sorry, MegaMan--I can't improve that weapon 
    Mechanic Notes 1: It looks like this book talks about weapon tracking 
    Mechanic Notes 2: It looks like this book talks about long-range attacks.
    Mechanic Notes 3: It looks like this book talks about spreading attacks over 
    wide areas.
    Mechanic Notes 4: It looks like this book talks about energy blades.
    Mechanic Notes 5: It looks like this book talks about defensive systems.
    Mechanic Notes 6: It looks like this book talks about automatic weapon fire.
    Rollerboard: If I had Old Hoverjets I might be able to develop a new item...
    Old Hoverjets: If I had Rollerboard I might be able to develop a new item...
    Broken Vacuum: I might be able to make something if I had a big motor...
    Broken Motor: I might be able to make something if I had a vacuum or 
    something like that...
    Long Barrel: I might be able to make something if I had something like a 
    machine gun...
    Broken Model Gun: I might be able to make something if I had a rifle 
    Broken Drill: I might be able to make something if I had a powerful gear...
    Heavy Duty Gear: I might be able to make something if I had a borer or 
    Bowling Ball: I might be able to make something if I had a contact 
    Rusted Mine: I might be able to make something if I had a heavy, rotating 
    piece of machinery.
    Bottle Rocket: I might be able to make something if I knew more about 
    tracking systems...
    Radar Notes (Mechanic Notes 1): I might be able to make something if I had 
    something like a firecracker...
    Superball: I might be able to make something if I knew more about bombs...
    Bomb Schematic: I might be able to make something if I had something rubbery 
    that bounces...
    Thick Pipe: I might be able to make something if I knew more about launching 
    Artillery Notes (Mechanic Notes 2): I might be able to make something if I 
    had a hollow tube...
    Green Eye: I might be able to make something if I knew more about lasers...
    Laser Manual: I might be able to make something if I had a lens of some 
    Sower: I might be able to make something if I knew more about firing 
    Spreadfire Notes (Mechanic Notes 3): I might be able to make something if I 
    had something like a sprinkler...
    Taser: I might be able to make something if I had something soft and 
    Soft Ball: I might be able to make something if I had something that 
    releases electricity...
    Zetsabre: I might be able to make something if I knew more about blades...
    Beam Blade Notes (Mechanic Notes 4): I might be able to make something if I 
    had a sword of some kind...
    Shield Generator: I might be able to make something if I knew more about 
    force shields...
    Shielding Notes (Mechanic Notes 5): I might be able to make something if I 
    had a shield of some kind...
    Rusty Bazooka: I might be able to make something if I had something that 
    Firecracker: I might be able to make something if I had a cannon or 
    something like that...
    Sensor: I might be able to make something if I knew more about automatic 
    Autofire Notes (Mechanic Notes 6): I might be able to make something if I 
    had a sensor or something...
    Desk: Haven't had much time to read lately...
    Cactus: Looking at this cactus is strangely relaxing.
    Paining: This is one of my favorite paintings, although it's hard to say why 
    I like it.
    Clock: This antique clock is broken and doesn't chime any more.
    Oil: It's not a good idea to leave oil on the floor--someone might trip on 
    Bed: Things have been so busy lately, there hasn't been much time to sleep!
    Comic: This comic book has a really good story.  Have to buy the next issue 
    to see the end!
    Game Cartridge: This game is one of those flight simulators which have 
    become popular lately.
    Bed: (You found: 5,000 zenny!)  It must be what Gramps was saving for a 
    rainy day.
    Markerboard: The Professor uses this to explain many of his ideas about 
    Telescope: The Professor often uses this to look at things both during the 
    day and at night.
    Closet: The Professor seems to keep up with the latest fashions.
    Diary: There's a diary on the desk.  It looks like it's pretty new.
    Letter: There's an old letter inside the drawer.
    Bookcase: There are a lot of files dealing with the Professor's research on 
    the shelves.
    Vase: This jar, which Roll found at a store, matches the room perfectly.
    Received an unexpected letter from Bluecher.  He says he wants to try 
    exploring Forbidden Island one more time.  It's been over 30 years since our 
    last unsuccessful attempt, but it looks like he hasn't been able to forget 
    about that island.  I thought he understood when I explained to him the 
    dangers involved in pursuing his research, but it looks like he wasn't 
    listening to me at all.  I hear he's spent the last of his fortune building 
    a mammoth flying ship.  I guess I have to accept the fact that no one--not 
    even me--can stop him now.  All I can do is hope that this wild adventure of 
    Bluecher's doesn't turn up any proof that my daughter and son-in-law did 
    indeed die on that island.  I don't know how Roll would react if she knew 
    for certain they were gone...That's the only thing that's been keeping her 
    going all these years...The reason she travels the world searching for the 
    Mother Lode...She's not really searching for the Mother Lode--she's 
    searching for her parents.  I'm going to meet Bluecher tomorrow.  I don't 
    know what will come of the meeting, but I can only hope for the best.  
    That's the last entry in the diary.
    Dear Dad,
    I've got exciting news--we're going on an expedition to Forbidden Island, 
    where you and Bluecher went all those years ago!  I remember you telling me 
    when I was a little girl about your adventures there.  About the snow and 
    ice storms, and about the mysterious diamond in the sky protected by 
    Reaverbots...And the mysterious girl you saw as you blacked out...You know 
    how I love a good mystery--just thinking about seeing all those things for 
    myself gives me goose bumps!  Banner has designed a ship that he thinks can 
    land on the island safely.  We're going to test it tomorrow.  We'll leave 
    Roll at the neighbor's while we're gone.  .......  If something should 
    happen to us...Please take care of Roll.  Well, we're off.  I'll tell you 
    all about Forbidden Island when we get back!
    Love, Matilda
    This is a report of my and Bluecher's expedition to Forbidden Island.  The 
    first problem we faced was the difficulty in approaching the Island.  Any 
    conventional ship gets turned away by the winds.  Attempting to force a ship 
    into the storm surrounding the Island almost certainly results in that 
    ship's destruction.  In a worse case situation, a ship could become lost in 
    the storm and never be seen again.  We discovered that there is an "eye" 
    directly above the center of the Island, where the wind velocity is 
    relatively light.  Any ship attempting to land on the Island would have to 
    use this as its entry point.  We decided to design a ship with a rounded 
    aerodynamic hull that was reinforced to withstand the atmospheric pressure 
    above the Island.  But, in spite of all our efforts and precautions, we 
    failed.  Although we were able to land on the Island, our ship was 
    destroyed, leaving us without a means to return home.
    Continued in Forbidden Island II
    Since we could not leave, we decided to make the best of the situation, and 
    explore Forbidden Island as best we could.  We were shocked to find that 
    here, Reaverbots were active even above ground.  Having lost most of our 
    equipment, we were hard pressed to fend off their attacks.  Struggling 
    against both Reaverbots and the weather, we made our way to the center of 
    the island, where we found an ancient relic.  I remember it well: a strange, 
    diamond-shaped object, floating in midair.  But by the time we found it, we 
    were at the limits of our endurance.  As I lost consciousness, I was aware 
    of someone approaching us...A small girl, perhaps...Between the snow and the 
    encroaching darkness on my vision, it was hard to tell exactly what it was I 
    saw...When we recovered, we were lying on the outskirts of Yosyonke.  How we 
    got there was a mystery--our ship had been destroyed, and to this day, 
    neither Bluecher nor I have an recollection of how we got there.  After 
    that, several Diggers tried to reach Forbidden Island...But none returned.  
    How we were able to is a mystery that puzzles me even now.
    Once, a long time ago, I went to the ruins on Nino Island to do some 
    research on the civilization that preceded ours.  The ruins there are very 
    dangerous, and are normally sealed off.  I snuck inside without the 
    Guildmaster's permission.  Just inside the entrance, I found a strange, 
    diamond-shaped object.  When I touched it, it fell apart--no, melted--and 
    from inside there appeared a small child, a baby, and a monkey.  Seeing as I 
    had broken into the ruins without permission I couldn't reveal where I'd 
    found them.  So, I decided to raise the baby along with my granddaughter.
    I decided to call the baby I found MegaMan.  Actually, it wasn't really my 
    idea...It was my granddaughter, Roll, who chose that name, after one of her 
    favorite video game characters.  I tried to get her to change her mind, but 
    she insisted that should be his name.  At any rate, I raised him like he was 
    my own.  He was no different than any other boy.  He quickly became part of 
    our family.
    Last year, we explored Kattelox Island--an island rich in resources.  The 
    island is riddled with ruins and tunnels, and a legendary treasure was said 
    to be buried there.  While we were there, we ended up fighting the Bonnes, a 
    family of pirates, who had to come to Kattelox looking for the legendary 
    treasure.  Although we defeated them a number of times, they continued to 
    come after us, but MegaMan managed to hold them off every time.  Although 
    they talked big, their bark was worse than their bite.  Looking back on it 
    now, they were actually pretty amusing to watch.  I'm sure that we'll run 
    into them again somewhere.
    While MegaMan was exploring the ruins on Kattelox at the request of the 
    mayor, Amelia, I saw something amazing.  A large monolith descended from the 
    sky over the island.  I still don't know what it was, and I probably never 
    will.  All I know is that it had something to do with what was going on in 
    the ruins.  But the only person who knows the whole truth is 
    MegaMan...Something tells me it may have had something to do with MegaMan's 
    origins, and what he was doing on Nino Island so many years ago...
    (What's a Dig?): Dig: To explore ancient ruins in order to recover artifacts 
    and resources.  An essential element in a successful Dig is that the Digger, 
    who explores the ruins, and the Spotter, who gives support from above 
    ground, trust each other implicitly.
    (About ruins): Ruins: ancient underground structures constructed by the 
    Ancients.  These structures are filled with tools and machines of great 
    value, but they are also dangerous places, inhabited by fearsome guardians 
    called Reaverbots.
    (What are refractors?): Refractors: a powerful source of energy found in 
    ruins.  Smaller refractors are used as currency, while larger ones are used 
    to power machines and provide heat and light.
    (About Reaverbots): Reaverbots: the guardians of the ruins, presumed to have 
    been built by the Ancients.  Although their exact purpose remains unknown, 
    they can be found in every ruin, and pose a great danger, as they attack 
    anyone entering those ruins.
    Bed: Roll's bed looks very comfortable--it almost makes you want to take a 
    Lamp: Roll uses this lamp to read before going to sleep.
    Mirror: Can't put make-up on without a mirror!
    Closet: Roll loves to wear red clothing!
    Picture: What's this picture supposed to be?  Sometimes it's hard to 
    understand Roll's taste.
    Dresser: Roll would probably get angry if somebody else opened her dresser.
    Cushion: It sure feels good when someone uses a present you gave them.
    Stuffed Doll: Looks like Roll really likes this doll--it's been hugged many 
    Houseplant: Having a plant really changes a room--have to buy more of these!
    Thanks to Data, the kitchen in the Flutter caught fire.
    (if sprinklers were used): MegaMan tried to put it out, but it spread before 
    he could.  I wish he could have tried a little harder...It's going to take a 
    long time to repair everything...
    (if sprinklers were not used): Luckily, MegaMan was able to put it out 
    before it did too much damage.  Thanks, MegaMan!
    MegaMan and I went looking for Joseph together.  This was my first time to 
    go on a Dig with MegaMan--those Reaverbots are really scary!
    (If you don't hit Roll with your Buster): I'm glad MegaMan was there to 
    protect me!  I'm so lucky to have him around!
    (if you hit Roll with your Buster): The Reaverbots were scary, but MegaMan's 
    Buster Gun is even scarier!  He was firing like crazy, and I got hit by a 
    ricochet!  It really hurt!  Maybe he doesn't care if I get hurt?
    (If you hit Roll with your Buster and say you did it on purpose): The 
    Reaverbots were scary, but MegaMan's Buster Gun is even scarier!  He was 
    firing like crazy, and he even hit me!  I got hit so many times I thought I 
    was going to catch on fire or even worse.  Maybe it was just an accident, 
    but it was almost like he was aiming for me...
    We got a dropship from Joseph in Yosyonke City.  The funny thing is, it 
    looks just like the dropship my father designed all those years ago...We 
    weren't able to talk to Joseph for too long, so I couldn't ask him anything 
    about my father.  I wonder what he knows...
    It looks like the First Key is in Pokte Village, on Manda Island.  This is 
    our first Dig in a while, so I'm a little nervous.  But I'll try my best.  
    After all, MegaMan's depending on me!
    It looks like that Tron or whatever her name is was saying bad things about 
    me to MegaMan.  I'll have to ask him what she said later.
    Thanks to MegaMan's donations, the village of Pokte, which was destroyed by 
    the Bonnes, has been rebuilt.  MegaMan's such a nice person--he always helps 
    people in trouble.  I wish more people could be like him!
    We got the First Key!  It's hard being a Supporter--not able to see 
    anything, relying just on sensors...I'll have to try harder next time--I owe 
    MegaMan that much!
    We were able to get the First Key to Von Bluecher safely.  I'm always amazed 
    everytime I see that ship of his.  Maybe one day I'll be able to build my 
    own ship like that...
    That Glyde was one of the tougher opponents we've had to face.  He has a 
    base somewhere on Calbania Island--we have to go there next.  I know I 
    shouldn't worry--MegaMan can take care of himself--but still, I hope he 
    doesn't get hurt.
    MegaMan was able to help Appo and Dah rescue their sister.  I never would 
    have imagined people were living on that island!
    Now that Glyde's out of the way, we can get inside the Nino ruins.  I wonder 
    what we'll find there?
    We got the Second Key!  MegaMan's gotten even stronger than I'd imagined!  
    I'm so proud of him!  Maybe I can't go with him on Digs, but I can do my 
    part by designing new weapons for him!
    Von Bluecher now has the Second Key.  I hope he appreciates it--it sounded 
    like MegaMan had a rough time in the ruins on Nino Island.  Everytime I go 
    near him, I can smell seawater.
    Now that we've defeated the Bonnes, we can get into the ruins on Saul Kada 
    Island.  I can't believe what a scoundrel Teisel is--using a priceless 
    statue like that as a shield!
    The statue that was destroyed when MegaMan was fighting with the Bonnes in 
    Kimotoma City has finally been restored!  When it was destroyed I was 
    worried that something bad might happen to us--it was a cultural relic--but 
    it looks like everything'll be all right now.
    We found the Third Key!  Some of the Bonnes were exploring the ruins before 
    MegaMan got inside--including Tron.  I really don't like her--she always 
    says mean things and tries to get in MegaMan's way.  I wish she would just 
    leave us alone!
    We gave the Third Key to Von Bluecher.  Everything's going just as we 
    planned--but with MegaMan on our side, that's only natural!  Now there's 
    just one Key left.  I wonder what will happen when we get all of them?  Will 
    they really take us to the Mother Lode?  I don't know--for some reason, I 
    have a bad feeling about this...
    HERE WE GO...:
    After defeating the Bonnes and Glyde one more time, we're finally able to 
    get inside the ruins!  One more Key to go!  MegaMan and I both have our work 
    cut out for us!
    We found the Fourth Key!  I know MegaMan could do it!  I'm so excited--we're 
    closer than anyone has ever gotten to the Mother Lode before!
    Looks like MegaMan and I won't be able to see each other for a while...But 
    I'm not scared!  I know we'll see each other again soon!  Good luck, 
    I realize now that everything I've done up until now is because I had 
    MegaMan by my side...I've only realized now how much I love him.  I'm so 
    happy I have him in my life!
    MegaMan passed the Level A test and got his Class A License!  Now that I 
    think about it, it's funny he hadn't gotten it before.  I guess that's 
    because we've always done Digs at non-Guild ruins.  Congratulations, 
    MegaMan got his Class S License!  The test sounded like it was really hard, 
    but now that he's passed it, MegaMan is certified as one of the best Diggers 
    in the world!  I always knew he was, but it's nice to see other people 
    recognizing him too!
    MegaMan got a letter from Appo and Dah.  I wonder if MegaMan will ever write 
    me a letter?
    Thanks to MegaMan, I was able to repair the living room.  We'll finally be 
    able to sit down and eat again!  Now all we need to do is get a new TV set.
    MegaMan gave me a stuffed animal today--a penguin!  I've always loved 
    penguins and the way they swim like they were flying through the water.  Now 
    that I think about it, there were no penguins on Forbidden Island.  I wonder 
    Today, MegaMan gave me a scale model of the Sulphur Bottom.  It's about 
    1/200 scale, but it looks just like the real thing.  There are some places 
    that could use some more detail; I'll have to touch them up later--maybe 
    I'll weather it a little.  Thanks, MegaMan!
    MegaMan gave me a cushion today.  I feel a little guilty--he always gives me 
    things, and I haven't given him anything back.  The cushion's soft and very 
    comfortable.  I can use it when I'm working on designs or watching TV.  
    Thanks, MegaMan!
    MegaMan walked in on me while I was in the bath...We haven't talked much to 
    each other since then...I'm sure it was just an accident, but he did 
    something like that last year too, now that I think about it.  What if he's 
    doing it on purpose?  I don't know what I would do if he is...
    MegaMan's been acting kind of funny lately.  There's like this dark cloud 
    following him around--he seems meaner than he was before.  I wonder what 
    happened to the MegaMan I used to know--I hope he comes back soon.
    DECK 2
    Sink: Roll's washstand--she just can't start her day without using it.
    Toilet: It's my job to keep the toilet clean.  Everyone likes a fresh bowl.
    Clean Toilet: The water has turned blue and has a fresh scent.
    Lamp: This lamp gives off a soft, soothing light.
    Coffee Pot: Roll always makes such good coffee--wonder what blend she uses?
    Painting: A striking painting of the Flutter.  It really looks good from 
    this angle.
    TV: A brand-new TV--maybe someday we'll all have time to watch something.
    1. Bluecher's Ship Still Missing.   Search efforts hindered by storms 
    surrounding Forbidden Island.
    2. Bluecher's Ship Found!  Ship found on Forbidden Island by Prof. Barrell's 
    nephew [should be grandson] MegaMan.
    3. Pokte Village Seized By Pirates!  Pokte Village taken over by infamous 
    pirate Tron Bonne.  MegaMan drives out Bonne forces; saves village.
    4. First Key to Mother Lode Found!  Digger MegaMan finds First Key in ruins.
    5. Nino Island Attacked By Glyde Gang!  Pirate band seeks Mother Lode Key 
    said to be on island.
    6. Digger's Guild Defeats Pirates!  Glyde Gang's attacks beaten off by 
    Digger's Guild members.
    7. Second Mother Lode Key Found!  MegaMan finds Second Key!
    8. Bonne Family Strikes Again!  Pirate family captures Kimotoma City and 
    takes population hostage.
    9. Kimotoma City Freed!  Bonne forces driven from city proper but still 
    believed to be in ruins.
    10. Third Mother Lode Key Found!  MegaMan finds yet another Key!  Sources 
    say only one Key remains to be found!
    11. Shooting Battle Erupts Outside Yosyonke!  Fierce battle takes place in 
    suburbs between pirates and MegaMan.
    12. MegaMan finds the Final Key!  Experts divided on what will happen next.
    Bathtub: It's my job to keep the bathtub clean.  It has to be scrubbed 
    Mirror: This mirror is made of a material that prevents it from fogging up.
    Cabinet: These dishes are magnetic, and won't fall no matter how much the 
    ship tilts.
    Dishwasher: Life's been so much easier since Roll bought this dishwasher.
    Sink: Data sometimes uses the sink for cooking and keeps it spotless.
    Stove: This gas stove's heat is strong enough to start a fire if mishandled.
    DECK 3
    Engine: This is the heart of the Flutter.  An explosion here would destroy 
    the ship.
    Right Cubbyhole: (You found: 2,000 zenny) Inside the panel!
    Empty Hanger: This hanger looks large enough to hold a small flying ship.
    Dropship: The dropship Roll's father designed and Roll built is stored here.
    Engine: Looks like some machine Roll picked up somewhere--she can't help 
    picking up stuff.
    Table: Looks like a spare part or something.
    Toolbox: There's lots of tools neatly arranged inside.
    Map: None of the names on this map are recognizable--not a very useful map!
    Left Bookcase: Roll must be really smart to be able to read all these books!
    Right Bookcase: There are lots of difficult-looking books about engineering 
    stacked up.
    DECK 3
    Control Panel in Front of Flutter: It's a control panel--probably best to 
    leave it alone.
    Conveyor Belt: This must be where the weapons the guards use are made.  It 
    has kind of a dangerous feel to it.
    Toolbox: There are lots of well-used tools scattered about.
    Engine on Table: It's a massive engine.  Roll would probably go nuts if she 
    saw this.
    Wooden Door: It's boarded up and can't be opened.
    DECK 2
    SW ROOM:
    Plant: There's something moving near the base of the plant...whoa!  It's a 
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk (first check): It's a romance novel about two women who love the same 
    Desk (subsequent checks): There'll be time to read this later.
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: "My Memoirs" by Verner Von Bluecher  It's a book detailing all of 
    Bluecher's exploits through the years.
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: "How To Be A Digger"  It's a book written by Gramps for people who 
    want to become Diggers.
    DECK 1
    Elevator Going Up: This elevator goes to the upper deck and is used only in 
    NE ROOM:
    Guard Before Bluecher Meeting: I'm sorry, but I can't let you in.  This room 
    is sealed off by order of Von Bluecher.
    Guard After Bluecher Meeting: Wait--you're MegaMan, aren't you?  We've been 
    told by Von Bluecher to allow you in.  Go ahead.
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: It's a map of the Sulphur-Bottom.  It's got a simpler layout than one 
    might think.
    Geetz: Thank you for your earlier assistance.  We have been told you plan to 
    collect the keys to the Great Seal, or what you call the Mother Lode.  
    Again, I thank you for your help.  .........
    Geetz (after First Key): Once all four Keys have been collected, the Great 
    Seal will open, and you will be able to find the Mother Lode, what we call 
    the Legacy.  Why do we call it the Legacy, you ask?...You will discover this 
    soon enough.  Think of it as another mystery to solve.
    Geetz (after Third Key): There is only one Key left, then?  Good luck.  
    Still...It is strange that we should ask for your assistance in finding the 
    Keys...I would not have thought you, of all people, would collect the Keys 
    for us.  Hm?  Do not mind me.  I was merely thinking aloud.
    Sera: .........  Looks like she's asleep.
    SW ROOM:
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: "The World of the Ukulele"  ...  Huh?
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: There's something written on this..."Kilroy was here."  What's that 
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Painting: It's a beautiful painting.
    Desk: "How To Be A Digger"  It's a book written by Gramps for people who 
    want to become Diggers.
    Map Monitor: This allows people to monitor the interior of the 
    ship...Everything looks like it's under control.
    Plant: This rare and unusual plant must have cost a fortune.
    Safe: It's a large safe.  Who knows how many refractors might be inside?
    Computer: This lets people look outside.  Everything seems to be normal.
    Desk: Bluecher's desk--it's a big desk for a big man!
    Barrell: What do you want to know?  Ask me anything!
    (About the priest): There's a large gallery in Yosyonke City.  That's where 
    you'll find the priest.
    (About the statue): That statue has great historical and cultural value.  I 
    just hope those pirates haven't damaged it...
    (About Pokte Village): Pokte Village?  Oh, that's a nice little village in 
    the middle of a lovely island.  The mayor there loves quizzes.  I took her 
    quiz once myself--it was pretty hard!
    (About the Keys): There are a number of ruins that contain things better 
    left alone.  For a long time, people believed those places to be where the 
    gods lived.  That's why no one has ever entered those ruins.  That's where 
    the Keys to the Mother Lode have been hidden.
    (About the Ancients): I couldn't get a straight answer out of them when I 
    asked how they got there.  It looks like someone or something trapped them 
    there.  My guess is it's the same person or persons who attacked the 
    (About Roll's parents): Both my daughter Matilda and her husband Banner were 
    Diggers...They traveled all over the world, exploring only the most 
    dangerous ruins.  Ignoring my warning, they went to Forbidden Island, and 
    were lost.  For many years, I thought they had died.  But then...Then that 
    person who looks just like Roll's mother appeared.  I wonder who she is?  I 
    wish I knew...
    Bluecher: Thanks for agreeing to help us, MegaMan.  If there's anything I 
    can help you with, just ask.
    (Are you worried?): With a little luck, we'll soon have all four Keys 
    collected.  I'm concerned about what the Ancients will do once we have them 
    all.  I've taken certain...precautions, but I don't know if it will be 
    (About the Ancients): We've put the Ancients in one of the guest rooms.  
    They haven't done or said anything since then.  It seems the pirates don't 
    know they're here...Why don't you try talking to them?  They might know 
    something useful.
    (About Nino Island): That's the location of the Digger's Guild.  You can get 
    a new license there if you want.
    (Where are the Keys being kept?): The next room is a storage area.  That's 
    where the Keys will be kept.
    (About the Keys): There are four Keys in all.  We don't have enough manpower 
    to Dig for all of them at once.  We've identified the ruins the pirates are 
    most likely to attack first for you.  All four Keys are needed to open the 
    Mother Lode.  Don't worry if the pirates get one--we'll figure out a way to 
    get it back.  Be careful, and don't try a Dig before you're ready.  Of 
    course, it's best if you can keep the pirates from getting any of the Keys!  
    ha ha ha!
    (Why have me look for the Keys?): I wish I could be out there with you, 
    MegaMan.  But someone has to watch over those Ancients--and the Keys, no?  
    While we could hire other Diggers, I'd rather keep this quiet for now.  
    Seeing as you already know what's going on, and you were the one who 
    succeeded in exploring Forbidden Island, I can't think of anyone more suited 
    to the job.
    (What did you see 30 years ago?): We found that object the Ancients were in, 
    and a mysterious girl...However, by the time we made it to the object, we 
    were so tired we passed out.  As I lost consciousness, I saw a girl with 
    braids looking down at me.  When I awoke, we were lying in front of 
    Yosyonke.  For many years, I thought it might have been a delusion, but now 
    I know it was real.
    (after Forbidden Island): You did what even Von Bluecher couldn't do in 30 
    years...I'm honored to meet you.  Can I have your autograph?
    (after First Key): The collected Keys are being stored in the next room.
    (after Second Key): You know the guard watching over the Ancients' room?  
    He's my brother.
    (after Third Key): It looks like we'll have all the Keys now.  I wonder what 
    the Mother Lode will be?  I can't wait to see it!
    Servbot in Deck 3 Junk Shop: sniff!......Right when I was going to leave, I 
    saw this person with a real scary face.  I got so frightened I hid and 
    couldn't leave.  What'll happen to me if he finds me?  ......boo hoo......
    Servbot in Deck 2 SE Room: Hmmm....This is certainly a nice ship!  They sure 
    didn't cut any corners when they built it!  The carpets are all nice and 
    soft, the rooms are big--it's wonderful!
    Servbot in Deck 1 SE Room: sniff!......I went off to explore the ship, and 
    when I got back, everyone was gone!  I lost my allowance, too...How come 
    everything happens to me?  boo hoo!
    Servbot in Deck 3 Junk Shop: sniff!......That person almost found me a 
    little while ago.  I'm so scared, Miss Tron!  Please come and get me soon!
    Servbot in Deck 2 SE Room: Did you know all the beds on this ship are 
    waterbeds?  They're so comfortable...I can't even begin to tell you how nice 
    they are.  I got so relaxed I fell asleep--and then when I woke up, everyone 
    was gone!
    Servbot in Deck 1 SE Room: sniff!...Where did everyone go?  I can't believe 
    Miss Tron would leave me here!  I'm hungry...Starving...What if I don't get 
    anything to eat?  I'll die!  Miss Tron!  Whatever I did, I'm sorry!  Please 
    come get me!  waaaaaahhhhhh!
    Servbot in Deck 3 Junk Shop: sniff!......I try...I work so 
    hard...sniff!......But I can never do anything right...That must be why Miss 
    Tron left me here......sniff!  I'm hungry......I want a hamburger.
    Servbot in Deck 2 SW Room: I never knew so many books like this existed!  I 
    have to tell Miss Tron!
    Servbot in Deck 1 SW Room: I still haven't found Miss Tron...But I found 
    this ukulele book!  I never realized how much fun the ukulele is!  You might 
    not believe it, but I'm getting really good with the ukulele!  I even have 
    Don Ho's signature!
    (all three Servbots are in the Junk Shop now)
    Left Servbot: We're working here as part-time help!  We thought we were in a 
    lot of trouble when the guards found us, but they were very nice to us and 
    told us they'd give us work to do!  They even let us eat all the hamburgers 
    we want!
    Center Servbot: I was finally able to find my friends!  For a while, I 
    didn't know what was going to happen to me!
    Right Servbot: The hamburgers here are really good!  The work's fun, the 
    pay's good...It's not bad at all!
    Left Servbot: I wonder what that big noise a little while ago was...Well, 
    we're not worried, no matter what happens!  After all, we're used to it--we 
    got blown up a lot in Miss Tron's machines!
    Center Servbot: When the ship caught fire, we helped to put it out!
    Right Servbot: Just between you and me...I really hate working--I'd rather 
    be playing video games.  Don't tell anyone, OK?
    MAP: Allows you to view MegaMan's position on the map.
    Search: View current location.
    AutoNav: Set AutoNav options.
    MiniMap: Change MiniMap display options.
    ITEMS: Allows you to use an item.
    Items: Display Items.
    Key Items: Display Key Items.
    EQUIPMENT: Allows you to equip and remove equipment.
    Special Weapon: Change Special Weapon Status.
    [Switch]: Switch between normal hand and Special Weapon.
    [View]: View Special Weapon status.
    Body Parts: Change Body Part options.
    [Helmet]: Change equipped Helmet.
    [Armor]: Change equipped Armor.
    [Shoes]: Change equipped Shoes.
    Buster Parts: Change Buster Part options.
    [Equip Items]: Change equipped Buster Parts.
    [Sort]: Change Buster Parts sort order.
    (Manual): Manual sort.
    (Attack): Sort by Attack rating.
    (Energy): Sort by Energy rating.
    (Range): Sort by Range rating.
    (Rapid): Sort by Rapid rating.
    OPTIONS: Allows you to change various game options.
    Controller: Set controller button options.
    (Analog OFF):
    [A]: Use L1/R1 buttons to turn and directional button to slide.
    [B]: Use directional button to turn and L1/R1 button to slide.
    [C]: Use L/R directional button to turn & slide when locked on.
    (Analog ON):
    [A]: Use L1/R1 buttons to turn and left stick to slide.
    [B]: Use left stick to turn and L1/R1 buttons to slide.
    [C]: Use left stick to turn.
    [D]: Use L/R sticks and L/R buttons to play.
    [Select]: Have Data help you pick the best controller configuration for you.
    View: Set point of view options.
    [Reverse]: Push L2+directional button down to look up and up to look down.
    [Normal]: Push L2+directional button up to look up and down to look down.
    Lock-on: Set Lock-on options.
    [Buster]: Change MegaMan Buster Auto Lock-on settings.
    [Spec. Weapon]: Change MegaMan Buster Auto Lock-on settings.
    Vibration: Set controller vibration options. (DUAL SHOCK only)
    [ON]: Set controller vibration ON.
    [OFF]: Set controller vibration OFF.
    Sound: Set sound options.
    [Stereo]: Set sound output to stereo.
    [Monaural]: Set sound output to monaural.
    Volume: Set sound volume.
    [BGM]: Adjust sound effect volume.
    [SE]: Adjust music volume.
    Set Screen: Adjust screen position.
    [at screen position adjusting option]: Adjust screen position using 
    directional button.  Press X button to confirm or SQUARE button to cancel 
    Default: Restore all options to their default settings.
    [after selecting Default]: Are you sure? (Yes or No)
    (with Analog off):
    Data: Want my help?
    1. You played "MegaMan Legends," right?
    [Yes]: Go to Question 2
    [No]: Go to Question 4
    2. Good!  Were you able to move around with no problem?
    [Yes]: Go to Question 3
    [No]: I think Type C is best for you--try it out!
    3. Do you like using the directional button more than the L1/R1 buttons?
    [Yes]: I think Type A is best for you--try it out!
    [No]: I think Type B is best for you--try it out!
    4. I see...Have you played "Resident Evil"?
    [Yes]: I think Type C is best for you--try it out!
    [No]: Go to Question 5
    5. Do you get motion sickness?
    [Yes]: I think Type A is best for you--try it out!
    [No]: Go to Question 6
    6. Do you like to be challenged?
    (with Analog off):
    [Yes]: I think Type B is best for you--try it out!
    [No]: I think Type C is best for you--try it out!
    (with Analog on):
    [Yes]: Go to Question 7
    [No]: I think Type C is best for you--try it out!
    7. You like me, don't you?  Please tell me you like me!
    [Yes]: I think Type B is best for you--try it out!
    [No]: I think Type D is best for you--try it out!
    BACK: Close this screen.
    Bionic Parts: Increases the maximum level of MegaMan's Life Gauge.
    Energy Canteen: Restores Life Gauge; can be refilled at stores. xx/xx
    Extra Pack: Increases the maximum size of MegaMan's Energy Canteen.
    Medicine Bottle: Heals special damage; can be refilled at stores. xx/xx
    Medicine Pack: Increases the maximum size of MegaMan's Medicine Bottle.
    Hyper Cartridge: Restores Special Weapon Energy.
    Picnic Lunch: Handmade by Roll; restores Life Gauge.
    Fried Chicken: With 12 secret herbs and spices; restores Life Gauge.
    Stuffed Animal: Cute stuffed animal--Roll would probably like it.
    Cushion: Soft, fluffy cushion.
    Model Ship: 1/200-scale model of the Sulphur-Bottom.
    Toilet Cleaner (Toilet Room): Liquid toilet cleaner sold in stores.
    Houseplant (Roll's Room): Ficus: good for brightening up a room.
    Comic Book (MegaMan's Room): Popular comic; they're making a movie out of it 
    this summer.
    Vase (Barrell's Room): Expensive antique vase.
    Wallpaper (Roll's Room): Stylish wallpaper.
    Painting (Barrell's Room): Expensive original oil painting.
    Game Cartridge (MegaMan's Room): Latest game in a popular series: "Resident 
    Evil 43".
    Flame Barrier: Prevents all fire damage from enemy attacks.
    Light Barrier: Prevents all electric damage from enemy attacks.
    Rollerboard: Board with wheels attached to it.
    Old Hoverjets: Old hoverjet engine found in ruins; too old to be used as is.
    Light Chip: Computer chip that contains data on avoiding electric current.
    Aqua Chip: Computer chip that contains data on underwater movement.
    Resistor Chip: Computer chip that contains data on avoiding fire and ice 
    Spike Chip: Computer chip that contains data on how to avoid slipping on 
    Joint Plug: Looks like it could be used to develop an item of some kind...
    Broken Vacuum: Broken vacuum cleaner; worn down and covered in dust.
    Broken Motor: Powerful motor found inside the Flutter.
    Long Barrel: Long, heavy gun barrel.
    Broken Model Gun: Model gun found in ruins; broken and unusable.
    Broken Drill: Electric drill; broken and unusable.
    Heavy Duty Gear: Large gear; can probably be used to power something.
    Bowling Ball: Very heavy bowling ball found in a trash can.
    Rusted Mine: Land mine found in ruins; trigger has been destroyed by rust.
    Bottle Rocket: Be sure to play with fireworks only when an adult is present!
    Superball: Popular children's toy; has high resilience.
    Bomb Schematic: Book found inside ruins that explains how to build bombs.
    Thick Pipe: Strong, thick pipe found in ruins.
    Green Eye: Lens found in ruins.
    Laser Manual: Book describing lasers and how to build a laser gun.
    Sower: Mechanical sower found in ruins--but what was it doing there...?
    Taser: Stun gun capable of inflicting a large amount of damage.
    Soft Ball: Soft, spongy ball found in ruins.
    Zetsabre: Legendary shining sword; won in the quiz game.
    Shield Generator: Portable shield found in ruins--but beware the slow blade!
    Rusty Bazooka: Bazooka found in ruins; too rusty and old to be used as is.
    Firecracker: Firecracker received from a townsperson.
    Sensor: High-tech sensor found in ruins.
    Finding Mechanic Notes 1: There's a lot of difficult words in it--maybe Roll 
    can figure out what it says.
    Finding Mechanic Notes 2-6: It contains detailed notes about 
    machinery--maybe Roll can understand it??
    Mechanic Notes 1-6: Detailed notes about machinery--maybe Roll can 
    understand it?
    Radar Notes: Detailed notes describing weapon tracking systems.
    Artillery Notes: Book describing how to calculate correct firing arcs for 
    Spreadfire Notes: Military manual describing simultaneous firing techniques.
    Beam Blade Notes: Manual describing how to build a laser sword.
    Shielding Notes: Book describing properties of force fields & defensive 
    Autofire Notes: Book describing how to build an autofire trigger.
    Reaverbot Eye: From a traveling salesman--could be worth a lot to someone.
    Cute Piggy: Pig given as a present by the girl living on Calbania Island.
    Reaverbot Claw: From a junk shop--might be worth something to the right 
    Notes: Notes from the quiz game.
    Pencil: Pencil from the quiz game.
    Textbook: Textbook from the quiz game.
    Pokte Tea: Tea won in the quiz game; special blend made in Pokte Village.
    Mug: Mug won in the quiz game; famous design made in Pokte Village.
    Pokte Pastry: Sweet won in the quiz game; recipe popular with locals and 
    Candy Apple: Sweet won in the quiz game.
    Candy Bar: Chocolate bar won in the quiz game.
    Strange Juice: Strange tasting juice won in the quiz game.
    Refractor B: Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.
    Refractor A: Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.
    Refractor S: Large refractor; will probably fetch a good price at a shop.
    First Key: Key to the Mother Lode; found on Manda Island.
    Second Key: Key to the Mother Lode; found on Nino Island.
    Third Key: Key to the Mother Lode; found on Saul Kada Island.
    Fourth Key: Key to the Mother Lode; found on Calinca.
    Class C License (Easy Mode only): License needed to enter Class C ruins.
    Class B License: License needed to enter Class B ruins.
    Class A License: License needed to enter Class A ruins.
    Class S License: License needed to enter Class S ruins.
    Class SS License (Very Hard Mode only): License given to high-level Diggers.
    Adapter Plug: Allows MegaMan to equip up to three Buster Parts 
    Rebreather: Allows MegaMan to breathe underwater.
    Giant Refractor: Looks like this could be used as the power source for 
    Blue Card Key: Magnetic card key.
    Door Card Key 1, 2, & 3: Key used to open one of the doors inside Glyde's 
    Water Key 1 & 2: Door key.
    Blue Bonne Key: Blue key shaped like the Bonne family symbol.
    Red Bonne Key: Red key shaped like the Bonne family symbol.
    First Floor Key: Key taken from the giant Reaverbot used to unlock first 
    floor door.
    Train Key: Key needed to unlock train.
    Blue Barrier Key: Key used to deactivate blue barrier.
    Red Barrier Key: Key used to deactivate red barrier.
    Last Room Key 1, 2, & 3: Key needed to enter Library.
    Twins' Letter 1: First Letter from Appo and Dah.
    Twins' Letter 2: Second Letter from Appo and Dah.
    Twins' Letter 3: Third Letter from Appo and Dah.
    Servbot Letter 1: First letter from the Servbots.
    Servbot Letter 2: Second letter from the Servbots.
    Deer Mr. MegaMan,
    Hello.  We ar lerning haow to rite letterz.  Did yu get this letter?  Pleez 
    cum back to owr eyeland and play with us soon.  Good bye.
    Appo and Dah
    Dear MegaMan,
    Hello.  We lerned that we live in Kito Village twoday.  We're getting 
    smarter every day.  Today was very hot.   It's summer, so every day is hot.  
    Our sister sez this is what you shud rite in letters.
    Bye, Appo and Dah
    Dear MegaMan,
    How are you?  We're fine.  We're still studying with our sister.  We haven't 
    seen you for a long time.  We hope you can come back and visit us soon.  If 
    you did, it would make our sister Shu really happy.
    Bye, Appo and Dah
    Dear Mr. MegaMan,
    How are you?  My name is Servbot #20.  I am writing you to ask a favor.  
    Miss Tron has been depressed ever since she met you in Pokte Village.  She's 
    so depressed she won't even come out of her room to eat.  We're all very 
    worried about her.  I'd like to ask you if you'd be willing to join us as 
    Servbot #42.  If you did, we're sure it would cheer Miss Tron up.  You'd 
    enjoy working with us, and Miss Tron is a nice person to work for, even if 
    she does torture us sometimes.  Please think it over.
    Regards, Servbot #20
    Hello, my name is Servbot #32.
    You may not remember, but we met a few years ago.  I'm writing to you 
    because something's wrong with Miss Tron again.  She's acting very 
    strangely.  Every time we mention the last mission, her face goes all red, 
    then she gets upset at us, and then she gets depressed.  What happened in 
    the ruins in Kimotoma?  #11 and #23, who were there, won't tell.  Next time 
    we see each other, please tell me what happened.  We're all very worried 
    about Miss Tron.
    Bye for now.
    Crusher: A powerful weapon.
    Buster Cannon: Good firepower and range, but cannot be fired while moving.
    Hyper Shell: Spreads damage over a large area, but cannot be fired while 
    Homing Missile: Fires missiles that track their target.
    Ground Crawler: Rolls along the ground until it touches an enemy, then 
    Vacuum Arm: Useful for picking up refractors and energy cubes.
    Reflector Arm: Rebounds and explodes if bounced off a wall.
    Shield Arm: Creates a protective shield.
    Blade Arm: Creates an energy blade.
    Shining Laser: Fires high-powered laser beams.
    Machine Gun Arm: Has a high rate of fire.
    Spread Buster: Fires multiple explosives simultaneously.
    Aqua Blaster: Used for stopping fires; not suitable for combat.
    Hunter Seeker: Independent weapon that closes in on target while firing 
    Drill Arm: Can be used to destroy certain types of walls.
    Normal Helmet: Guards against knockdown.
    Padded Helmet: Allows MegaMan to tumble-dodge attacks when hit more than 
    Normal Armor: Increases Defense; guards against knockdown.
    Padded Armor: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 25%.
    Padded Armor Omega: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 25%; guards against 
    Link Armor: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 50%.
    Link Armor Omega: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 50%; guards against 
    Kevlar Armor: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 75%.
    Kevlar Armor Omega: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 75%; guards against 
    Jet Skates: Enables high-speed jet roller skates when CIRCLE button is 
    Hydrojets: Allows MegaMan to use jet skates underwater.
    Asbestos Shoes: Prevents damage from hot/cold surfaces.
    Cleated Shoes: Allows MegaMan to walk on icy surfaces without slipping.
    Hover Shoes: Prevents numbness when walking over electrified floors.
    Power Raiser: Buster enhancement; Attack +2
    Power Raiser Alpha: Buster enhancement; Attack +4
    Power Raiser Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack=MAX level
    Turbo Charger: Buster enhancement; Energy +2
    Turbo Charger Alpha: Buster enhancement; Energy +4
    Turbo Charger Omega: Buster enhancement; Energy=MAX level
    Range Booster: Buster enhancement; Range +2
    Range Booster Alpha: Buster enhancement; Range +4
    Range Booster Omega: Buster enhancement; Range=MAX level
    Rapid Fire: Buster enhancement; Rapid +2
    Rapid Fire Alpha: Buster enhancement; Rapid +4
    Rapid Fire Omega: Buster enhancement; Rapid=MAX level
    Blaster Unit: Buster enhancement; Attack +1/Energy +2
    Buster Unit: Buster enhancement; Attack +1/Range +2
    Power Blaster: Buster enhancement; Attack +2/Rapid +1
    Sniper Unit: Buster enhancement; Energy +1/Range +2
    Autofire Unit: Buster enhancement; Energy +2/Rapid +1
    Blaster Unit Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack +2/Energy +3
    Buster Unit Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack +2/Range +3
    Power Blaster Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack +3/Rapid +2
    Sniper Unit Omega: Buster enhancement; Energy +2/Range +3
    Autofire Unit Omega: Buster enhancement; Energy +3/Rapid +2
    Upgrade Pack: Buster enhancement; Attack +1/Energy +1/Range +1
    Booster Pack: Buster enhancement; Attack +1/Energy +1/Rapid +1
    Energizer Pack: Buster enhancement; Energy +1/Range +1/Rapid +1
    Upgrade Pack Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack +1/Energy +3/Range +3
    Booster Pack Omega: Buster enhancement; Attack +3/Energy +3/Rapid +1
    Energizer Pack Omega: Buster enhancement; Energy +3/Range +1/Rapid +3
    Accessory Pack: Buster enhancement; Attack/Energy/Range/Rapid: +1/+1/+1/+1
    Accessory Pack Alpha: Buster enhancement; 
    Accessory Pack Omega (Easy Mode only): Buster enhancement; 
    Attack/Energy/Range/Rapid: MAX level
    (Sera's battle body begins to break down)
    Sera: Whenever the Master looked at me, I detected, a sadness in his eyes.  
    The more I obeyed the System, and tried to serve the Master, the sadder he 
    seemed.  Now Trigger, thanks to you, perhaps, perhaps the Master, will also 
    smile at me, as he did at you.
    MegaMan: Sera...!
    Sera: At last, I understand.  Thank you, Trigger.  That, thank me...
    MegaMan: Sera...!
    Yuna: Don't think you're going to get off that easily, Sera!  You were 
    always too stubborn for your own good!  If you had a shell, you could 
    transfer your primary programs over, right?  Gatts is dead, he died because 
    of your gamble!  If you die as well, who will be left to keep me company?  
    You can't fool me, I know you can hear me!  Still going to ignore me, then 
    let me tell you something!  Now that Elysium is no longer functioning, the 
    old System the Master's people shut down has started to reactivate.  It was 
    your responsibility to monitor it.  If you die, and it takes over, the 
    Master's work was for nothing!  Do you want that?
    Sera (now in Yuna's old body): Do you mean to say that?  The Elder's System 
    is becoming active again?
    (Sera opens her eyes, then Yuna sets Sera down)
    Yuna: There are remnants of that System buried all over Terra in what the 
    carbons call ruins.  There's so many even I don't know if how many there 
    are.   I doubt they've be fully active soon, but eventually they will.  If 
    we don't do anything, just imagine what will happen to Terra and all its 
    people.  If the Elders and their machines activate, what will your sacrifice 
    here have been for?  What do you say, Sera?  Are you up for living with the 
    people the Master left behind?  Could be a little wild, but interesting!
    Sera: Perhaps it might be worthwhile.
    Yuna: I can't remember, the last time I saw you smile, Sera!
    Sera: I'll think about it, once we figure out a way, to return to Terra!
    Yuna: hee hee hee...That's a very good point, Sera!  hee hee...
    Yuna (turns to MegaMan): So what are we going to do, MegaMan?  If we can't 
    get back to Terra, then I can't give Roll her mother back!
    Sera: Is that the only thing you're worried about?
    MegaMan: Ha ha ha!  Don't worry, Yuna!
    Yuna: Why?
    MegaMan: I know Roll!  She'll come looking for us, no matter what happens!
    (the Bonnes, the Caskets, and Bluecher are all working together to build a 
    Titan-like rocket (those of you who are into space rockets will know what 
    I'm talking about) to try to bring MegaMan back home)
    Tron: 10 seconds to ignition!  Is everything ready?
    Servbot 1: Cell sub-thruster wing, speed one knot!  We should be able to 
    lower the moorings!
    Servbot 2: Fuel thrusters stable.  All workers, to the shelters!
    Tron: 4...3...2...1....Blast off!
    Teisel (as rocket takes off): Don't do that!  Go!  Keep going!  Heh heh heh 
    heh heh...
    (rocket explodes in the air)
    Teisel: Ohhhhh, that's the tenth time we've tried!
    (behind the men's backs, a paper airplane is thrown, and the Servbot who 
    threw it goes after it; the men are sitting on a bench)
    Teisel: Maybe we should just give up!  I-I got all excited when I heard that 
    what's his name, the monkey, came back from outer space, and was going to 
    give us ancient technology!
    (Teisel sips his coffee)
    Teisel: But it just doesn't seem to live up to all the hype!
    Barrell: Hm, going to the stars--a task not easily undertaken, there's bound 
    to be difficulties!
    Bluecher: Yes, but it looks like they're on the right track to me... (fans 
    (the girls are going over the rocket plans while Data jumps around trying to 
    get their attention)
    Roll: I think the system was too complex, we need to keep things simpler, 
    that way less things can go wrong.
    Tron: But if we build it this way, it will cost too much, if we take 
    existing parts and put them together this way... (uses abacus) See, just at 
    look at how much money we can save!
    Roll: Hm, I think if we modify the fuel injectors like this, it just might 
    solve the problem!
    (Data climbs up onto the table)
    Data: Eeek, eeeeeek!  It's really simple!  Really simple!  If you would just 
    listen to me, I could show you!  See, look here...
    Girls: You stay out of this, Data!
    (Data is knocked off the table, and then walks away sheepishly while Roll 
    and Tron begin to argue)
    Roll: We need to make the cargo holds smaller!  We can save space and make 
    it lighter that way.
    Tron: It doesn't matter!  With this new amazing engine I designed, we will 
    have more than enough power!
    Roll: Your engine!?  I'd believe you if your engines weren't made from spare 
    parts and needed to be adjusted every five minutes...
    Tron: Not everybody has tons of money to build your kind of engine!
    (the girls continue arguing)
    Data (looking up towards Elysium): Sorry, MegaMan, but it looks like you 
    might be stuck up there for a little while more!
    Servbot (walking by carrying a box): Looks like we both got our work cut out 
    for us!
    Tron: ...How dare you!?  Anyway, I wonder how MegaMan's doing?  sigh...
    Roll: We have to get this thing working so we can go get him...
    (THE END)

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