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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    • Game: MegaMan Legends 2
    • Consoles: PlayStation, PC
    • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
    • Version: Final
    • Time of Update: 12:38 PM 2/7/2013
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    Welcome to my most recent FAQ/Walkthrough for the PlayStation console. This FAQ will cover one of my absolute favorite games, MegaMan Legends 2. This game was released more than ten years ago when I wrote this, and when I first played it, and yet, even by modern standards, this game is perhaps the best way to spend your money. Especially if you have around a hundred bucks burning a hole in your digital wallet.

    This wouldn't be my first FAQ, either. My first ever FAQ was written for this game's prequel, MegaMan Legends, way back in 2008, and later re-done in late 2011. That FAQ is, by a long gap, perhaps my best ever FAQ/Walkthrough. And, given that this is my 183rd FAQ or so, that means quite a lot! ^_^

    Maybe it won't take me four years like with the original to feel that this FAQ is finally complete. In fact, it probably won't take but a month at the most. (I hope.)

    Well, useless rambling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ for perhaps the greatest PlayStation game in history!

    Nah, screw that - it is the greatest PlayStation game in history!



    Welcome to the bulk of this FAQ/Walkthrough. Within this section, you'll find a wealth of information, guiding you from start to finish for this game. All of the info is arranged in a semi-chronological order. This section has been arranged into some smaller sub-sections so you can find what you want a bit more easily. What the sub-sections are can be found by looking in the Table of Contents section near the top of the document.


    Prologue: The Flutter

    Welcome to our next adventure! During the introductory scenes, Roll will ask you some questions. You can feel free to bypass them, since most of the stuff is obvious except for the question concerning your weapons. Remember how you spent twelve hours grinding up 1,760,000 Zenny for the super-powerful Active Buster in MegaMan Legends 1? Roll sold it and all of your weapons, except apparently your always-on Jump Springs. GAH! >_<

    Anywho, onto business. When you find the fires in front of you caused by Data's ... whatever, you'll be asked if you know how to use the Aqua Blaster. If you do, great. If you don't, you should use the Triangle Button. Here, the Square Button also suffices, but, in most other instances, that will control the Buster Gun. Go forward and take out the fires in the area. From the intersection, go left and through the door in front of you to the living room.

    Take out of the fires in here, but be careful of the door diagonally opposite of where you enter. Odd as it is (it leads to the bathroom), flames will burst and explode through the door when you put out the fire near it. Once these fires are extinguished, go through the door directly opposite the one you entered through. On the other side is the kitchen. Within, you'll find the cause of the fire - Data burning some pizza. Enjoy his semi-humorous cries for a bit, if you want, but you'll eventually have to put out the fires. Also beware of the flaming Data - he'll have a random tendency to ram you for reasons unknown, so quickly put him out too.

    Afterwards, you'll watch a scene concerning the progress on the Sulphur Bottom. Apparently, Bluecher is indeed going into Forbidden Island for the second time, much like three decades ago; all he needs to do is bypass that big vortex around the island. The ship is attacked by the person looking like Roll's mother, though, and begins to nosedive towards the island.

    The Flutter, however, is unable to make it through the vortex, and doesn't have much fuel left anyways, so they decide to set down on Yosyonke Island.


    Prologue: Arrival on Yosyonke Island

    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    1,000 Zenny5,000 Zenny1,000 Zenny2,000 Zenny
    Rapid Fire2,000 ZennyMechanic Notes 11,000 Zenny
    Broken VacuumReaverbot Claw

    To explain briefly on the above checklist. The basic idea for it is that it is quite helpful in making sure you've found everything, and does so in a checklist-style format in case you decide to print this FAQ out. It will list, chronologically, left-to-right then top-to-bottom, the treasures found during the course of the given sub-section.

    So, anyhow, you're on Yosyonke (man, I'm going to hate typing that for a while). Once you land, go back into the Flutter. Go through the door marked with the wheel to the cabin and hand Roll 2,000 Zenny to fix up the Flutter. You can do other stuff like this later, depending on how much Zenny you have on hand, but it's pretty optional, albeit quite helpful in the end.

    Exit the cabin and through the "M" door into MegaMan's room. (What, did you think it meant "Mario"?) Within, examine some of the stuff to the left of the door to find 1,000 Zenny. Return to the hallway and go into the room with the "B", Barrel's room, and examine the bed. Odd place to keep 5,000 Zenny worth of crystals, but whatever. Also examine the nearby Flutter model for 1,000 Zenny before leaving to the hall. Go down the ladder nearby, then go straight across and down another ladder.

    Down here, go through the green door and examine the paneling to the right to find a conveniently-stashed 2,000 Zenny. Return outside and go into the blue door and cross the room to the R&D Room. Examine the crap on the floor to find something not quite so crappy - Rapid Fire. Put this on your Buster, for it will end up boosting the speed at which you fire.

    Leave the Flutter.

    Back in the snow, go ahead and speak with Data to save your game. Go to his left and along the path into the town of Calinca. There, you'll need to head into the Junk Shop and you'll find the owner speaking with some dude named Joe. The owner tries in vain to stop Joe from going to some ruins. Roll will then show the owner the Dropship and find out that Joe had the same design. By that logic alone, Roll claims Joe to be her father and leaves.

    Leave, but don't follow Roll yet. First, go further along the cobblestone road and turn left to head between the buildings. You'll see a yellow can nearby - unlike the original MegaMan Legends, it's useless. Relativistically speaking, anyways - you can kick it into a trash can for 200 Zenny, and the can resets after entering and leaving a building. (The relativistic part comes in that, in MML1, you get 1,000 Zenny.) Meanwhile, examine the nearby trash can for the Mechanic Notes 1. Continue circling around the outer fringes of the area to find another treasure inside a trash can - 1,000 Zenny. Go into the entrance of the nearby house and examine some of the stuff to the right to find a Broken Vacuum, part of an extremely useful invention called the Vacuum Arm.

    Remember where the Junk Shop is? Go around to the back of it and through its back door. Speak with the owner and you'll receive the Reaverbot Claw, which can traded later on for something quite useful. Go around front and speak with him if you want to buy some items from him. I recommend the Rollerboard, Power Raiser, Normal Armor, then spend everything else on the Bionic Parts (boosts maximum health) and Energy Canteen (health restorer). Equip the Power Raiser and leave the store.

    Outside, go right and back to the landing area. To the left and forward, you'll see a building. Go to the door opposite the Flutter, where Roll is. Speak with her and say what you will, then enter. Inside, you'll find a Dropship. Holy crap, THAT was unexpected. </sarcasm>

    MegaMan and Roll will scope the place out before some snobbish girl comes in, telling you eventually that Joe went to the ruins, and that she doesn't know of anyone named "Caskett". Whelp, I guess Joe is not Roll's father. Maybe.

    Anyhow, Roll wants to go to the ruins. Leave the building and go back to Data. Save if you want, then go through the gate nearby.


    Prologue: Abandoned Yosyonke Mines

    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    Broken Model Gun100 Zenny300 ZennyOld Hoverjets
    500 ZennyRefractor

    This is where you'll begin to get use out of that Buster Gun, especially given that the alternatives are just throwing enemies with your Lifter, or spraying them to death with your Aqua Blaster. (Which, in theory, given the cold environment, actually should be freezing them. Hm.) Also, for a few laughs, try picking up Roll with the Lifter.

    Outside, you'll basically want to follow the given path to the left along the railroad tracks. At random points along the way, you'll fight some Reaverbots. During the fights, you're welcome to shoot around sporadically; just note that hitting Roll will affect her diary entries, but little more. If she gets hurt too much, she'll fail to follow you until spoken to. Continue along to the entrance into the mines at the end of the tracks. Go inside if you want, though, to the right, you can also find a side path. Right now, it has no true use other than more fighting and completionism crap; later on, we can find treasures.

    So, as for the actual mine...


    A map of the mine, B1F.

    You can pretty much just follow Roll for the majority of this part of the dungeon. If you get lost, go east to the next room, then north and east. There are two rooms jutting off of this one, and Roll just went east. She definitely can fend for herself, so let's go north. Defeat the Reaverbots you'll find in here, then go east and along the linear path of rooms.

    At the end, you'll find a free-to-take treasure chest. Open it to find the Broken Model Gun, then backtrack your way north, west, and south to where your path and Roll's split up. Go east and you'll meet up with her. She wants to continue belowground with you, but MegaMan eventually persuades her not to.

    After all, she usually is the Spotter. Anywho, MegaMan goes down the elevator to find Joe.


    A map of the mine, B2F.

    Wow, so complex. Anyhow, go into the room in front of you and you'll find two chests with money totalling 400 Zenny. Leave the room, then go left, then left at the next intersection. Go along this path, defeating Reaverbots as you go. At the next intersection (west/south), go west and through the door to find the Old Hoverjets. With these and the Rollerboard, we can make the Jet Skates!

    Wait, doesn't that sound familiar?

    Anywho, exit that room and go back to the west/south intersection. Go south to another intersection, at which you'll continue south. Go into the room on your right to find 500 Zenny inside a chest, then exit and go along this hall with the Reaverbots. Go back west, then north, then west. Defeat some Reaverbots and continue along to the elevator that will take you into the next area.


    A map of the mine, B3F.

    In the next room, you'll see a big refractor nearby, as well as Joe leaning against the wall, injured. Apparently, the big Reaverbot in the next room kicked the crap out of him (what a surprise), and it needs to be defeated before it reaches full power and wreaks havoc on Calinca. Go through the door nearby and you'll meet your first boss.

    BOSS: Hanmuru Doll
    • HP Level: Medium
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Rapid Fire/Range Booster
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Aqua Blaster (because you can't have anything else)
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used.
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Normal Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates (if you went back to get them)
    • Boss's Attacks: Pretty much swinging arms is it.
    • Strategy: Akin to the original MegaMan Legends, this first boss can be readily dealt with by justing running around in circles and shooting him. There is a red spike on the boss's back that seems to take more damage if it is, but, given the way the boss will do his hardest to face you, don't expect it help you out in a desperate situation. The pillars in this room are able to be used as shields, and Jet Skating around can help out with the dodging. A pretty easy fight in general.

    After the fight, leave this room to find Roll next to Joe. I wonder how she got past some of those Reaverbots. =/ Anyways, you'll be told by Joe to get the giant Refractor - go next to it and examine it to obtain it - then we'll all leave this ruin.


    Afterwards, back in Calinca, we'll find ourselves in the hospital. Joe is obviously injured, and, being an amnesiac, knows naught about the Casketts. He's pretty badly hurt, so we end up leaving after being given his Dropship. Neat-o; we can head to the Forbidden Island now. Shop up in town if you want, then return to the Flutter. Speak with Roll and opt to go to the Forbidden Island.


    Prologue: The Forbidden Island

    Once you crash-land on yet another island, go north and defeat the Reaverbots. Go further on and you'll notice some trapped people. Hm... As you continue along northward, you'll notice some lumps in the ground; shoot them to make some Reaverbots rise. Blast 'em and continue onwards. Further ahead, in the relative clearing, you'll find a wolf-like Reaverbot howling as it thrusts you into combat.

    The battle with the wolf is, at best, a mini-boss and, most likely, just a slightly harder battle. It'll mostly be a shoot-and-dodge type of fight - at least, that's the safest way to battle this one, despite that it may take a while with the wolf's tendency to leap around.

    After the battle, go along northward some more. You'll defeat some more enemies before reaching some icy domes. As you approach some, large Reaverbots come out of them. Blast 'em and move on - they're pretty easy to deal with, despite their size. Defeat the trio of them and you'll soon find yourself on a fairly narrow path.

    This narrow path will have some more tank Reaverbots speeding along it. You'll need to time your movements so that, as one enemy passes, you rush forward somehow - Jet Skates would be preferable - and get into an alcove on the side before the next one passes by. Repeat and, on the other side, you'll meet up with some weird old dancin' monkey. Oh, right, that monkey. Speak with Data to heal and save, then go towards the end of the linear path. Atop the hill is some type of crystal.

    Examine it and some stuff will happen. Roll will lose contact with you and a massive Reaverbot comes from below.

    BOSS: Large Tank Reaverbot
    • HP Level: Moderately high.
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Rapid Fire/Range Booster
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Aqua Blaster (because you can't have anything else)
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Normal Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: The obvious one is that it can sort of tackle you, as well as jump at you. It can also throw large snowballs and red spheres at you if you get far enough away or just damage it a bunch.
    • Strategy: There isn't much to specifically say. I prefer to stay close to it and locked-on, then running around in an elliptical orbit around it while shooting. It mostly won't manage to hit you at all, and this being close helps to deal with the longer range attacks that are, in my opinion, tougher to avoid. The red spheres will be used somewhat periodically, so just be ready to dodge at any time. The use of the Energy Canteen will be nice here, because you could really get hurt here.

    After the battle, the blizzard ceases and the Sulphur Bottom, smoking though it may be, can be found still in the skies above. You'll watch Barrell and Bluecher talk about some minor stuff.

    As for MegaMan, we see him gazing at the purplish crystal in the sky. It will sky, then disintegrate, leaving behind a man and an apparently naked woman. Ooh la la; definitely not rated "E". The scene will shift to the woman that looks like Roll's mother, Yuna, and her assistant, Gatts. Apparently Sera has been awakened. Well, lotsa plot in one minor scene.

    The man with Sera, Geetz, will speak on how Yuna refuses to let Sera have the Keys, and Sera will ponder about how strange Yuna's logic is, just like the Master's. (Don't worry, all will be made clear in about fifteen hours.) Anyhow, Sera will speak with MegaMan and the Sulphur Bottom lands. We'll then watch as the Bonnes listen on Bluecher. He is currently speaking of the Mother Lode; how it is a source of infinite power, being able to let whosoever has it make all of the refractors civilization will ever need.

    Back to the Bonnes. Teisel gets mad as Glyde speaks about them being a "unified front". Teisel calms down slightly when Tron mentions how they can just dump Glyde and his gang whenever. The group then decides on a plan - split up and take to the towns with ruins on them. Klaymoor leaves to speak with a friend, Bola. Somewhere else, Barrell and Bluecher end up calling MegaMan onto the ship.


    Prologue: The Sulphur Bottom

    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    Heavy Duty Gear1,000 Zenny1,800 Zenny500 Zenny
    2,000 ZennyBroken MotorVacuum ArmHoming Missile
    Machine Gun Arm

    As you enter the main hall of the Sulphur Bottom, you'll want to go south into the Flutter room. There, you'll want to check some of the crates in the area. Examine them clockwise and you'll probably obtain a total of 2,800 Zenny and a Heavy Duty Gear. In the southeastern corner is an additional crate you can examine for some laughs. Inside, you'll find the Junk Shop. Buy what you want - I'd opt for the Padded Armor, Long Barrel, and Bottle Rocket - before leaving.

    Back in the Flutter room, go north and to the main hall. Inside the southeastern room of this deck should be a plant which can be examined for 500 Zenny. Return to the main hall and go north to Bluecher's office. Speak with them and agree to find the four Keys to the Mother Lode. We'll then end up going to find the first one, on Manda Island, where the pirates already are.

    Leave the office and you'll speak with Roll. Afterwards, head back to the Flutter and, in the cabin, speak with Roll. The repairs to the Flutter should be finished by now, so go down the ladder to the lower deck from the hallway. Go down the hall and left, then go right into the storage area, where you examine the chest for a Broken Motor. Return to Roll and you can now have her develop the Vacuum Arm, Homing Missile, and Machine Gun Arm. Upgrade what you want on a particular weapon. You'll need to start picking out a good weapon to use for the majority of the game - I prefer the Homing Missile - so equip and upgrade it after you max the Vacuum Arm. Trust me, you'll want the Vacuum Arm in some of these ruins...

    Also speak with Roll and have her fly to Manda Island.


    Key #1: Arrival on Manda Island

    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    Broken DrillDrill ArmBowling Ball1,800 Zenny
    2,000 Zenny1,200 Zenny

    When you arrive on the island, you can go along the path ahead of you. In the field with the Servbots, you can go left into the Class B Ruins, if you want; there isn't much major there that would affect the other stuff before entering the Manda Ruins, so we'll leave it until we're done plundering the island.

    If you want to, go ahead. Feel free to kick and toss the Servbots. Otherwise, head in the opposite direction to meet up with Tron. She'll try, in vain, to trick MegaMan into believing Roll is bad. (Though I think a good point is brought up. I doubt it costs 9,999,999 Zenny to put a lot of laser energy into the Shining Laser, but only 500,000 Zenny to put an infinite number of missiles into the Homing Missle weapon. =/)

    Anyways, boss time!

    BOSS: Tron's Crab-Bot
    • HP Level: Medium
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Rapid Fire/Range Booster
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Homing Missile
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Padded Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: It can fire fiery embers at you directly, or in a circular pattern with varying heights. You can probably just run out the former, but the latter will require some well-timed jumping (full jumps are not always best). Sometimes, it will create jumpable shockwaves, and may even doing a leaping attack. Its worst attack, though, is often saved for the end - this attack basically is powerful and will destroy a majority of the nearby buildings. You'll know that this one is going happen when you suddenly aren't doing damage.
    • Strategy: Much like with the big tank from Forbidden Island, I prefer to lock-on, run in an elliptical orbit (basically hold Right or Left on the D-Pad/Analog Stick while locked-on), and to shoot my weapon. Whenever my Homing Missile has enough energy, I'll just hold Triangle, but otherwise use Square to shoot the Buster. Dodge the attacks and hurry up - for completionism, the more buildings destroyed means more money you'll end up paying.

    After the battle and post-battle scenes, if a building was destroyed, go north and east into the Manda Ruins and immediately return to the town where the battle was fought. Pay the girl in the pink some Zenny and come back, then repeat until the buildings are back. While you're at the school, you'll probably want to investigate the pots nearby for a Broken Drill. You can use this in combination with the Heavy Duty Drill to make the Drill Arm. Its main purpose is to break down walls in ruins, so you know.

    Once the houses are back, go around the back of the Junk Shop (the house with the gear on its door) to find a trash can, which you can examine for a Bowling Ball. Also consider going into the Junk Shop to replace your Rapid Fire or Range Booster with the Buster Unit or Blaster Unit (4,000 and 3,000 Zenny respectively). Go to the southeastern house and examine the shelves within to find 1,800 Zenny, then go into the northwestern house, where examining the drawers and chest yields a total of 3,200 Zenny, rounding us off at a nice 5,000.

    Now, if you want, you can head straight into the Manda Ruins and continue on with the storyline. However, northwest of the Flutter are the Class B Ruins, which you can enter for some minor grinding and the like. If you don't want to deal with them, then just head along to the Key #1: Manda Ruins section.


    Key #1: Class B Ruins

    A map of the Class B Ruins, also known as the Pokte Caverns.
    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    6,500 Zenny2,000 Zenny4,000 ZennyMechanic Notes 2
    2,500 ZennyBomb Schematic3,000 ZennyRefractor B

    This walkthrough will assume you brought along the Drill Arm with you to destroy the broken wall, marked with a brown rectangle on the map above, to create a shortcut. Using the map, I'm quite sure you can still figure out a way to go around and still comprehend this guide should you have not brought it. (Which is just as good an idea because of the Vacuum Arm or Homing Missile.)

    Once you enter, go north and defeat the Reaverbot. Go north and through the door and you'll find some Reaverbots nearby. Take out the three of the walking ones nearby, and the nearby ones with the shields if you desire. (The shields can be readily knocked aside by the Homing Missile or the Drill Arm.) Afterwards, you'll have two viable paths to the use.

    Let's go along the west path. Go west and north, then through the doors to find yourself with two other ways to go. Defeat the Reaverbot to the east, but don't continue since goes down to the end of the dungeon. Instead, go west to the north/west intersection. Go west and beware the trapped chest; defeat it and examine the hole in the nearby wall to find 6,500 Zenny. Then go north and defeat some more Reaverbots, as well the shielded enemy further north.

    To your east and west are some side-rooms. Go into the western one to find a chest with 2,800 Zenny, then go into the eastern one. There are two trapped chests here, plus a chest with 4,000 Zenny. Go back into the main hallway and then north through the doors.

    Defeat the nearby two frog-like Reaverbots. Nearby, also, are two westbound paths. The southern of the two leads to a trapped chest, which you can destroy for Zenny. The other westbound path goes to a chest with the Mechanic Notes 2. Go north into the next room.

    There, you'll find three more frog-like Reaverbots. Defeat them, as well as the nearby trapped chest. (It is the western one.) The other chest, which is more authentic, will yield 2,500 Zenny when opened.

    Now, if you don't have the Drill Arm, there's no point in continuing east. Otherwise, go east, through the doors, and along the path to the big wall. Use the Drill Arm on it and behold the mighty power of the superweapon known as the Drill Arm!! ... Anyways, in this room, you'll find another trapped chest and some worm-like Reaverbots. Kill them all.

    Afterwards, go south and out of the room, then along the path to find a north/south intersection. Go north and through the door to find a bunch of Reaverbots. Like I said before, kill them all. Afterwards, leave to the east past where the shield Reaverbots once were to find a treasure chest; open it to find the Bomb Schematic. Go west and south, then through the doors to the north/south intersection from before.

    Go south for a bit, past the intersections, to find a hole in the wall. Examine it for 3,000 Zenny, then go north and west into the next room. In there, defeat some more frogs and worms, then leave to the south. Now that we've emptied this floor, go south and west to the room just after the start. Go west, north, through the doors, east, through the doors, then east and north to the elevator, defeating some minor Reaverbots on the way. At the elevator, go down.

    Afterwards, go south and through the doors to find yourself facing a boss.

    Wow, déjà vu.

    BOSS: Hanmuru Doll
    • HP Level: Medium
    • Difficulty: 2.5/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Buster Unit/Blaster Unit
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Homing Missile
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used.
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Padded Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: Pretty much swinging arms is it.
    • Strategy: Akin to the original MegaMan Legends, this first boss can be readily dealt with by justing running around in circles and shooting him. There is a red spike on the boss's back that seems to take more damage if it is, but, given the way the boss will do his hardest to face you, don't expect it help you out in a desperate situation. And, yes, this pretty much is the same boss as from the Yosyonke mines, except there's no pillars.

    After the battle, go south to the next room. There, you'll find a blue Refractor B. This refractor actually serves no real purpose in the game's storyline ... except to be sold for a whopping 30,000 Zenny. Sweet!

    Well, I guess you know how to backtrack out. Right?


    Key #1: Manda Ruins

    Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?Treasure NameGot It?
    5,000 Zenny10,000 ZennyBlue Card Key2,000 Zenny
    8,000 ZennyThick Pipe4,000 Zenny2,000 Zenny
    6,000 ZennyNormal HelmetRusted MineFirst Key
    Buster CannonGround Crawler

    After having beaten the Crab-Bot boss from Tron, and possibly after having cleared the Class B Ruins, you can enter the Manda Ruins. Initially, at the very least, I'd recommend coming with the Drill Arm until we actually use it the times to get some great treasure (a Thick Pipe and 25,000 Zenny total).

    Also, I would possibly suggest getting the Light Chip (for 30,000 Zenny) from the Junk Shop in Pokte Village. Why? There are, at two points, electrified floors in this dungeon, which will electrify you and greatly reduce your movement. In those parts of the dungeon, that could easily result in death. It is quite possible to make it past there without them, but, if nothing else, go back outside just before you enter that first room. You also could sell the Refractor B from the Class B Ruins for 30,000 Zenny. So you know.

    To get to the actual ruins, go to where you fought Tron, then go north to the school, then east to find the ruins.


    A map of B3F of the Manda Ruins, where you begin this dungeon.

    As you enter the ruins, Roll will ask you to examine the big blue control tower (more like an obelisk, but whatever) - doing so yields nothing other than that you'll need some kind of key to use it. Begin by going west and along the hallway. Take out some of the snake-like Reaverbots as you go.

    Soon, you'll reach a depressed portion of the area, where some Reaverbots are rushing along. You can dodge between these groups or jump with ease, so continue along to the other side. Further ahead, you'll find the elevator to reach the next floor.


    A map of B2F of the Manda Ruins.

    Nearby are two frog-like Reaverbots. Destroy them and go northeast along the jagged hallway. Further along you'll fight another pair of them, then you'll go south through a door. There, you'll meet up with Bola, one of the newer allies of the reluctant Bonnes.

    BOSS: Bola
    • HP Level: Medium
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Buster Unit/Blaster Unit
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Homing Missile
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used.
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Padded Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: He send out four frog-like Reaverbots at random points during the fight, typically at the very beginning and around 20% health. Most of the remainder of his time is spent dealing with spinning blades; he'll toss three out, possibly move around, and toss them again. He seems to stop this after missing three times, though he may fire six consecutive times closer to the end.
    • Strategy: Meh. ... Well, I guess that won't suffice for a strategy. The general idea is the same as the one presented in the previous fights - lock-on and run in a circle while attacking. If you've been using your Special Weapon readily up to this point, then I don't see a point in using it here (need to conserve ammo); of course, if you brought along the Drill Arm, there isn't much point in using it here anyways. The only other thing to mention are the frog-bots - take them out quickly. Trust me, otherwise they'll grow invincible and mess with you during the fight with Bola. And you want that like you want another hole in your head.

    After the battle, exit the room to the east. In this area, you'll find another frog-like Reaverbot in addition to some Reaverbots that are inactive right now, and also indestructible. Once the live enemy is gone, you'll probably take note of the weak wall to the south. Drill through it with the Drill Arm and go into the next room to find a total of 15,000 Zenny in two chests. You'll also find a Map Control Panel, which you can use to reveal the whole map to you, for the most part. I find StarFighters76's maps to be a lot better. =)

    Return into the hallway and go east to the next room. There, you'll find a floor that is normally electrified, but is currently inactive, so you'll be fine. Nearby are some of the spider-like Reaverbots that you'll definitely recall from the first MegaMan Legends. Defeat them. Also beware of the rotating, inactive bar - though it is not in "bug zapper mode", it will still hurt you if it hits you.

    Go north to the next area to find a moderately long hallway with three more of those spider-like Reaverbots. Go north and west to the next area.

    Well, "next" is a bit of a misnomer. You end up in the area above the starting room. Examine the nearby control panel, then take the suicidal leap down to the floor below.


    Back in the starting room for B3F, we can now go north and to the next area, which largely consists of a hallway. Here, you'll find some more Reaverbots shooting at you; return fire and go north and east. As you turn the corner, you'll find some hopping enemies. Shoot them down if you can and continue along to find a pair of shield-wielding Reaverbots, as well as some snake enemies, but the latter will come down from the ceiling, so just look out. Go south into the next room.

    Here, you can defeat the nearby shield Reaverbots, and you probably should. Also use the control panel next to them to unlock the door next to you. On the opposite side of the room is an Item Control Panel, which will show the locations of the real treasure chests. Use it, then go south because, hey, I see something there!

    Hey it's a chest! Open it for a Blue Card Key ... then a boss fight!

    BOSS: Bola
    • HP Level: Medium
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Buster Unit/Blaster Unit
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Homing Missile
    • Recommended Headgear: None can be used.
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Padded Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: Bola can jump and create small shockwaves - they're VERY small, so you'll almost certainly dodge them inadvertently. Heh. Also, Bola can throw blades like before, but they will always be three consecutive shots, despite missing or not. There are five spinning blades in the room (four for the corners, one in the center) that can damage you. Around 25% of health, Bola will go over the center one, get a blue aura (which makes him invincible), and smash the corner blades into the center blade.
    • Strategy: Pretty much the same as before. Lock-on, run in a circle, and fire. I usually did constant jumping in conjunction with this and it was only through unlucky circumstances that I ever actually got hit.

    After the post-battle cutscene, go back north into the previous room, then exit to the west. Hey, doesn't this area look familiar?

    Go to the south side of the room where the blue thing was and use the Blue Card Key to activate it. This causes a bridge to come out and connect the areas higher above, start up a lot more Reaverbots, and open up some traps. Oh, what fun! </sarcasm>

    Leave this room by heading west. Go through this hallway as before, since it is majorly the same, except for one thing. The column close to the end of one of the gaps is electrified and moving, and you don't want to be hit and then hit by speedy Reaverbots beneath you. I hope. Continue along to the next floor.


    Back on B2F, go northeast and defeat the pairs of frog Reaverbots. The first two are the same as usual, but, later on, you'll find some that are quite hot. And by hot, I mean that they're on fire. If they hit you, you, too, will catch aflame and be hurt continuously for a brief period of time.

    In the next room, where you fought Bola, you can fight off some more Reaverbots and head go into the small hall. There, you'll find the frog Reaverbot again. Additionally, the wall-attached Reaverbots are now active and readily attacking you with a barrage of red explosive spheres. Return fire on them - it's safer and yields actually a fair amount of Zenny - before going east to the next room.

    In this room, you'll find that the floor has been electrocuted. If you have your Hover Shoes, equip them. Otherwise, stay off of the floor. Touching that electrocuted floor (where the spider-like Reaverbots are) will consequentially electrocute you, slow you down greatly, lower your jumping height, and quite easily result in losing a lot, or all, of your health. If you've got the Hover Shoes, feel free to take over the spider Reaverbots below, but, otherwise, defeat the only other Reaverbot, cross the bridge carefully, and continue north into the next area.

    Okay, now you're back at the top of the starting room aren't ya? Before even thinking of crossing that narrow bridge, defeat as many of the Reaverbots nearby that you can. You don't need one smacking you and you falling down a floor and having to bracktrack. It is not fun.

    Once you defeat them, go west and through the doors. In the hall, you'll find a bunch of the wall-attached Reaverbots, as well as two frog-like ones. Defeat all six like you normally would. On the west side of the hall, you'll find a weak wall. Drill through it with the Drill Arm to find a nice trio of chests. Within is a Thick Pipe in addition to 10,000 Zenny total. After this, backtrack out of the dungeon and get your preferred Special Weapon for the boss fight ahead.

    Back outside the final hidden room, go north and east to the next area. Here, you'll find some more hopping Reaverbots to kill. Do so and open the chests for a total of 6,000 Zenny. Continue east into the next hallway. Defeat the Reaverbots here - six flaming frogs and a shield-wielder. Then go along the northbound path to find a chest with 6,000 Zenny. Go south, then east to find the elevator heading to the top floor.


    A map of B1F of the Manda Ruins.

    Here, go west for a bit. Ignore the path to the north and continue further west. Defeat the nearby shield-wielding Reaverbot, and go south into the side-hall to find a trapped chest. Defeat it and go north and west into the next area. There, you'll find another electrocuted floor room. Use the Hover Shoes if you have them and do as you will. There are four Reaverbots in this room as well that you can defeat.

    In the next room to the west, you'll find two shield-wielding Reaverbots. Defeat them and start opening chests. Two of them are trapped, but the other two contain a Rusted Mine and the Normal Helmet. Equip the Normal Helmet and go south to the final hallway. Go along it and you'll soon meet up with Data. Get healed and save, then go east to find the room with the First Key in it.

    Wait, where IS the First Key? Bola quickly appears to say that the boss here got the munchies and ate it. He says it's yours if you get it back; he's gonna get a head start on the other three. Well, boss time.

    BOSS: Large Frog Reaverbot
    • HP Level: Moderately high
    • Difficulty: 6/10
    • Recommended Buster: Power Raiser + Buster Unit/Blaster Unit
    • Recommended Special Weapons: Homing Missile or Vacuum Arm
    • Recommended Headgear: Normal Helmet
    • Recommended Torso Armor: Padded Armor
    • Recommended Shoes: Jet Skates
    • Boss's Attacks: As per the stereotype, this boss often will use its tongue to whip you quite literally; it's hard to dodge since it somewhat homes in on you. He can also use a cloud of bubbles that are readily destroyed with attacks. The boss can leap from platform to platform, often resulting in you being tackled if you're on its destination platform. He can also create mist that will bring some statuses on you if you're on his platform. There are also random spinning blades and some Reaverbots, both aerial and somewhat-terrestial nearby.
    • Strategy: This boss is actually pretty hard. You'll want to try to keep a lock on it and stay on a different platform than it is on. Fire at it constantly, more or less, with your Buster Gun until it starts to do damage - this happens when you hit its mouth while it is open for a tongue whip or bubble blast. Then you may want to swap to the Homing Missile if you're using that. That's pretty much it. Keep off of that dude's platform, but also don't get on the edge of the area where the blades are. You may also want to shoot down some of the flying Reaverbots - this can net you some Energy Cubes (hence the Vacuum Arm recommendation), and it also stops the boss from grabbing these and getting healed.

    After winning the battle, you'll automatically leave the dungeon and return to the Flutter. Speak with Roll on the Flutter. Make some more weapons if you want (Buster Cannon and Ground Crawler), then opt to head to the Sulphur Bottom.


    Back on the Sulphur Bottom, head north into Bluecher's place to find Barrell and Bluecher. You'll hand over the First Key to be stored in the back room of this office, and you'll also receive knowledge that the Second Key can be found on Nino Island. You can also meet the Digger's Guild's overseer there.

    Return to the Flutter and head to Nino Island.


    Key #2: Defending Nino Island!

    Treasure NameGot It?
    3,000 Zenny

    As you arrive at Ruminoa City, the Flutter gets shot down by some idiot thinking we're the pirates. Luckily, the Flutter doesn't explode and is able to maintain a hovering status while it gets repairs. The Guildmaster (the idiot) and assistant come to apologize, and also mention checking out the Guild.

    Inside the main building, you'll find some doors nearby. Nothing is worth your (current) interest, so go into the elevator with the down-pointing arrow. Nearby is a trash can, which can be examined for 3,000 Zenny. Then go by the stores if you want. You may be moderately interested in swapping your Buster/Blaster Unit for an Upgrade or Booster Pack, but I don't particularly care for it. You may also want the Padded Armor Omega and the Light Barrier, but neither are really needed in the next dungeons for now. You will want the Aqua Chip, so use it and make the Hydrojets. These let you skate underwater with the Jet Skates and... Well, you'll find out soon enough. =P

    Anyhow, head into the "Digout" building, which is the Digger's Guild. In Normal Mode, you can speak with the lady at the desk to take tests to upgrade your Digger's License to A-Rank, then S-Rank. See the sidequest section named Digger's Licenses for test details. In Easy Mode, you're forced to a Class C (which is good, as it is basically a better Rank SS); on Hard, you have a Class S License, which is as far as the game permits testing for; and on Very Hard, you'll have a Class SS License, the highest of them all. You can take the tests here and upgrade your license. Just note that you cannot go down after going up, so be sure to check out the section named Digger's Licenses' Effects for just what you're getting into. Most people are able to play fairly easily at Rank A, but only series veterans should play at Rank S.

    And, finally, you can see an elevator opposite the door you entered. This leads to a completely optional dungeon unrelated, for the most part, to the Digger License examinations. If you want further details, please see the section titled Key #2: The Diggers' Guild Ruins.

    Anywho, head into the room next to the desk. Speak with the Guildmaster and his assistant, Johnny. And then, suddenly, the island is attacked! Glyde and his Birdbot gang begin their onslaught!

    After that cutscene, you'll end up needing to head back upstairs through the elevator. Speak with Roll and Data for their usual duties, then go through the door marked with a "1" to begin a new mission series. I recommend saving and bringing along the Homing Missile.


    These missions basically are a self-preservation type of deal. There are five consecutive ones, each divided by a line like the one above here. In each one, you'll basically want to fend off the Birdbots. The foot-soldiers are pretty generic - shoot at them before they launch rockets. There are other things in the levels to be discussed at that time.

    Also, if you fail to protect the door, as per your goal, the super-suicidal Guildmaster will blow up the whole tower - "ka-fricking-boom" is the typical saying. You won't survive that. Also, if you want some humor, you can use the Lifter to pick up Birdbots and toss them into each other (speak of killing two birds with one stone, eh?). You can also throw Johnny overboard, but that's gonna make you go very dark after two throws. See the "Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What'cha Gonna Do?" sidequest section for further details on just what you're getting into...

    As for recommended equipment, I'd suggest using either the Homing Missile or Buster Cannon for the homing abilities on the first few missions, with the only change being to the Ground Crawler on the third mission.

    So, missions...


    For our first one, begin by shooting down the four Birdbots nearby. Be careful to not hit the nearby cannons - these are your allies and will help shoot down the Birdbot carriers. Speaking of these carriers, you'll probably want to shoot them down, too. They can come in from any side except for the side where the building is. Generally, you'll only want to shoot them down as they're coming in - do so by using your Homing Missile/Buster Cannon and you'll, at the very least, cause them to drop their load of Birdbots. Looks like the sharks are gonna feast today.

    You'll want to keep this up for several minutes as the main cannon is repaired - Roll will let you know when. Once it is, go to the right of the gate and jump at the lever to pull it down. This is the same door you'll be protecting for the majority of the fight, so stick around in that area when there are foot-soldiers about. There are also crates that can be produced for some protection by pulling the other lever.


    After that round, go back to Data, heal and save, then go through Door #2.

    Up here, you'll have to do pretty much the same thing as with the first mission. However, the gate is smaller and unprotected by crates. Additionally, Birdbots will come in by planes, which are more resilient and less likely to explode from afar. You'll want to try and focus on one at a time with the planes, attacking them with your Buster until they land, at which point you oughta start blasting Homing Missiles/Buster Cannon shots.

    You'll also want to remain wary of the field around you. Staying the center of the platform should manage to keep you able to see all of the planes with a quick rotation of the camera, as well as any foot-soldiers. Remember, foot-soldiers take priority.


    After going back in, use Data as usual then use Door #3.

    Here, you'll want to basically attack from a distance. This fight is actually exceedingly easy with the Homing Missile. Take down any swarms of Birdbots that come at you first, then begin focusing on Glyde's actual ship. Don't worry about Johnny's ship - in fact, shoot down the Flutter if you want to. (It has no known negative consequences.)

    If Johnny's ship does go down, it will get a bit harder, as the Birdbot expulsion rate approximately doubles. Get to the gate, or close to it so that you have a clear shot at the ship, then fire, fire, fire, fira, firaga, fire! Once the ship goes down, you'll win this fight. Like it was that much trouble...

    Alternatively, you can shoot down the foot-soldiers and then Johnny's ship, then quickly move up to the main enemy ship and abuse the Ground Crawler.


    You know the deal with Data back inside, right? Afterwards, use the up-pointing elevator, then climb the ladder in that room.

    Here, you'll have another "defend the fort" activity. Here, you'll be dealing with both Birdbots and their planes. Their planes will sometimes attack you and sometimes bring in reforcements. These attacks from the planes are often machine gun fire and bombs, and the Birdbots themselves will often dip into their apparently massive supply of explosives as well.

    The bombs can be thrown back if you want, though it is not necessary. The only thing really worth worrying about is if they hit you; the door rarely takes damage anyways. Focus first on shooting down Birdbots before the planes, but it is still more of a timed activity.


    Afterwards, you'll end up having to fight the main Birdbot plane. It is a pretty basic fight. It is, in effect, like fighting a slightly harder plane from before. You'll have to dodge the typical machine gun fire, some bombs, and quite a few diving tackles. Bring along the Homing Missile and you'll have this done pretty easily; the main difficulty here is mostly in the enemy's agility and evasiveness rather than brute power, which is why I'm not really listing this as a boss.


    After the series of fights, Glyde's gang will leave, and you will not be dead from one of the Guildmaster's suicidal tirades. (Huh. I just got thinking about Wigglytuff from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 in combination with this. Creepy.)

    Anywho, back in the Digger's Guild building, speak with the Guildmaster to learn that we may as well take out Glyde's base; otherwise, they'll come again and again, and we can't escape the Guildmaster's shaky hands every time. Luckily for us, the Flutter is repaired. Go there now and fly southeast to Calbania Island.

    First, however, the next section will detail the ruins in the Diggers' Guild that I mentioned a while back in this sub-section. If you want to go onto the Calbania Island sections, go to Key #2: Invasion of Glyde's Fortress! first.