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    Pokte Village Quiz Answers by jooey

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      M E G A  M A N  L E G E N D S  2
    Final Version
    by jewey (ray@portalofevil.com)
    I. Quiz Summary, Quiz Prizes
    II. The Answers
        D. MISC. HISTORY
        F. MUSIC
        G. SCIENCE
        H. MATH
        I. FOOD & DRINK
        J. GEOGRAPHY
    III. Closing Credits
    IV. Appendix: Revision History
    ----I. Quiz Summary, Quiz Prizes----
    Mega Man Legends 2 is a multi-layered game, with a few fun things to screw
    around with. One of these things is the series of Pokte Village quizzes, held
    by the Mayor and two of her best lackeys. You will be presented with three
    quizzes, one from each of the women, and a final fourth from the Mayor
    consisting of 100 questions of varying difficulty (because they are culled from
    the last three). For completing each quiz, you will be given a prize. You can
    also replay any quiz as many times as you like once you've completed them (and
    get additional prizes--see below).
    Of course, you won't be able to participate in the quizzes until you've
    completely saved Pokte Village from the forces of evil. That is, defeating Tron
    and completing the Ruins.
    This FAQ is to provide anyone having trouble with a question to look up the
    correct answer. In other words, we're helping you cheat. But I think even the
    most hardcore gamer who shuns FAQs and GameSharks will be blown away by the
    content presented in these questions. DIS STUFF IZ TUFF
    --Quiz Prizes
    For completing the first three quizzes, you will receive a Pencil (from the
    small girl), some notes (from the older girl) and a Notebook and Energizer Pack
     (from the Mayor). The three academic-related items should be given to the girl
    on Calbania Plains (the sister of the twins that you rescued from Glyde's
    fortress--right? Well this isn't a walkthrough...), who will use them to teach
    her brothers how to read and write (MegaMan is a true believer in Paying it
    For completing the Mayor's 100-question quiz, you will receive the Zetsabre, a
    long blade that Roll can use with another item to develop a new Special Weapon
    for MegaMan. You can also pay the Mayor 2 million Zenny and get the Zetsabre
    outright, but this FAQ is about the quiz after all...
    What is that other item? I won't go into too much detail, but it is found in
    the Saul Kada Ruins (3rd Key location) in a treasure chest, so be sure to check
    out every door! There you will find the notes Roll needs to complete
    development of said Special Weapon, the Blade Arm.
    The Blade Arm is essentially a lightsaber MegaMan can draw out at will (yes, it
    is as badass as it sounds), and attacks with a 3-hit combo (a one-two swipe and
    a jumping slash). It's not all Planters and Tootsie Rolls, though, as the Blade
    Arm is an intense drain on MegaMan's Special Weapon Energy (the blue bar),
    sucking up almost half of it as soon as you put it on! So use it in moderation,
    and/or have Roll upgrade it as many times as possible (I'd start by upgrading
    the Range if I were you).
    Also, as an added bonus, when you complete each student girl's quiz three more
    times, you'll get a new prize each time. Here's the chart of what prizes you
    get each time:
    Small Girl
    2nd Time: Candy Apple
    3rd Time: Candy Bar
    4th Time: Strange Juice
    These all replenish MegaMan's health.
    Older Girl
    2nd Time: Pokte Tea
    3rd Time: Mug
    4th Time: Pokte Pastry
    These also replenish MegaMan's health, except the Mug, which can be sold for
    quite a bit of Zenny.
    ----II. The Answers----
    Answers have been grouped by appropriate subject. You can hunt down an answer
    quickly by using the "Find" feature in whatever you're viewing this in (no
    doubt obvious to many of you).
    =-----A. AMERICAN HISTORY-----=
    1) In What year did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?
    1a) 1863
    2) Who was president of the US when it had the most troops in Vietnam?
    2a) Johnson
    3) What inspired Hinkley to attempt the assassination of president Ronald
    3a) A movie
    4) Who was the first president of the United States?
    4a) Washington
    5) When America declared independence in 1776, how many states were there?
    5a) 13
    6) Which of these led to an attack on British ships in Boston Harbor?
    6a) Tea tax
    7) What American company began mass producing automobiles in 1913?
    7a) Ford
    8) What Apollo project was the first to land on the moon?
    8a) Apollo 11
    9) Of the following events in American history, which is the oldest?
    9a) Revolutionary War
    10) What was the confederate capital during the Civil War?
    10a) Richmond
    11) Lincoln was which president of the United States?
    11a) 16th
    12) When did the American Civil War start?
    12a) 1861
    13) What American president resigned after the scandal of Watergate?
    13a) Nixon
    =-----B. EUROPEAN HISTORY-----=
    1) What year did Mussolini's fascist party take control of Italy?
    1a) 1922
    2) In England's War of the Roses, the red rose stood for Which family?
    2a) Lancaster
    3) Which Asian product was most prized in 13th century Europe?
    3a) Spices
    4) Which of the following has a connection with King Louis XVI?
    4a) Declaration of Rights
    5) Which of these countries was not a member of the quadruple alliance?
    5a) Italy
    6) Belgium declared independence in 1831 from Which country?
    6a) The Netherlands
    7) Who was the leader of the Italian Unification Movement?
    7a) Garibaldi
    8) What year was Wilhelm I crowned emperor of Germany?
    8a) 1871
    9) What nation built the Berlin Wall in 1961?
    9a) East Germany
    10) What city was not included in Britain's "3C policy?"
    10a) Caracas
    11) The French Revolution began in Which year?
    11a) 1789
    12) The Franco-Prussian War began in What year?
    12a) 1870
    13) Who apologized to the Pope during the Investiture Controversy?
    13a) Henry IV
    14) The French author of "The Social Contract" is?
    14a) Rousseau
    15) How old was King Louis XVI of France when he was crowned?
    15a) 20
    =-----C. ANCIENT HISTORY-----=
    1) The first emperor of the Roman empire was?
    1a) Augustus
    2) In ancient Rome, Nero tried to destroy the city by?
    2a) Fire
    3) Which people settled in Mesopotamia in or around 3000 BC?
    3a) Sumerians
    4) The Christian movement to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula was called?
    4a) Reconquista movement
    5) The Maccu Pichu ruins are representative of Which culture?
    5a) Andes
    6) Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire with What?
    6a) Edict of Milan
    7) Which ethnic group founded the nation that became the Roman empire?
    7a) Etruscans
    8) In What year was Rome sacked?
    8a) 375 AD
    9) Who is the famous Greek philosopher who expounded the theory of idealism?
    9a) Plato
    10) What base is the Babylonian counting method?
    10a) 60-base
    11) Which of these was used to cast votes with in 6th century BC Athens?
    11a) Pottery shards
    12) What year was the first Crusade launched?
    12a) 1096
    13) The monk said to be the Middle Ages' most famous scientist is?
    13a) Bacon
    14) Who ruled over the Roman Empire at its zenith?
    14a) Trajan
    =-----D. MISC. HISTORY-----=
    1) What was the World War II alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan called?
    1a) Axis
    2) Who invented the light bulb?
    2a) Edison
    3) Who captained the first expedition to sail around the world?
    3a) Magellan
    4) 300 Years ago, the first roller coaster was built in What country?
    4a) Russia
    5) What year did the opium war between Britain and China break out in?
    5a) 1840
    6) Which of these was not invented during the Renaissance?
    6a) Steam engine
    7) Who founded the yellow hat sect in Tibet in the 15th century?
    7a) Dalai lama
    8) What country was Hitler born in?
    8a) Austria
    9) What island was Napoleon born on?
    9a) Corsica
    10) What year did the Crimean War break out?
    10a) 1853
    11) The rebellion against East India company in 1857 by Indian mercenaries is?
    11a) The Sepoy Rebellion
    12) What year did World War II begin?
    12a) 1939
    13) What country's embassy was seized during the Iranian Revolution?
    13a) USA
    14) The edict issued in 1598 that granted freedom to the Hugenots was?
    14a) Edict of Nantes
    15) What country did Columbus think he was in when he found America?
    15a) India
    16) What is the name for the fusion of Greek and Oriental cultures?
    16a) Hellenistic culture
    17) Which of these ships did not sail with Columbus on his trip to America?
    17a) Trinidad
    18) What country did not fight Egypt in the second Middle East War?
    18a) United States
    19) What is the modern name of Constantinople?
    19a) Istanbul
    20) Which of these works was produced by Leonardo da Vinci?
    20a) The Last Supper
    21) What was the first song recorded by Edison on the phonograph?
    21a) Mary Had A Little Lamb
    22) Which of the following empires lasted longest?
    22a) Byzantine
    23) What is the name of the war between Maria Theresa and Prussia in 1756?
    23a) The Seven Years' War
    =----E. RUSSIAN HISTORY----=
    1) The Russian author of "Crime and Punishment" is?
    1a) Dostoevsky
    2) The Soviet leader who made "perestroika" his slogan was?
    2a) Gorbachev
    3) Who led the Russian revolution and founded the Soviet Union?
    3a) Lenin
    4) Who wrote the "Communist Manifesto?"
    4a) Marx
    =----F. MUSIC-----=
    1) What was the title of Huey Lewis And The News' 1983 hit album?
    1a) "Sports"
    2) How many albums did the Sex Pistols release (not including compilations)?
    2a) 1
    3) When was the Pink Floyd album "Dark Side Of The Moon" released?
    3a) 1973
    4) Which of these album covers shows the four Beatles' entire bodies?
    4a) Abbey Road
    5) Lionel Richie was a member of Which group?
    5a) Commodores
    6) Sting was a member of Which rock band?
    6a) Police
    7) What did Jimi Hendrix do at the Monterey Pop Festival?
    7a) Burned his guitar
    10) What year was Hall and Oates' hit album "Private Eyes" released?
    10a) 1981
    11) What is the name B.B. King has given his guitar?
    11a) Lucille
    12) Who was the composer of Canon in D Minor?
    12a) Pachelbel
    13) "Like A Virgin" is Madonna's?
    13a) 2nd album
    14) What is Eric Clapton's nickname, Which he used as a title for an album?
    14a) Slowhand
    15) Sammy Hagar's first Van Halen album is?
    15a) "5150"
    16) Who is the first singer heard in USA for Africa's "We Are The World?"
    16a) Lionel Richie
    17) The rock group "U2" gets its name from?
    17a) A spy plane
    18) What year was the Culture Club album "Color By Numbers" released in?
    18a) 1983
    19) How many years after his last album did George Michael release "Older?"
    19a) 5 years
    20) What album is a compilation of previously unreleased Beatles songs?
    20a) "Anthology"
    21) Who starred in the 1996 movie "Evita?"
    21a) Madonna
    22) How many discs are in the Bruce Springsteen live performance collection
    "The Live"?
    22a) 5
    23) Which one of theses composers lived the longest?
    23a) Wagner
    24) What group sang "Hungry Like The Wolf"?
    24a) Duran Duran
    25) Which of the following composers is considered a Romanticist?
    25a) Wagner
    26) What is the name of Janis Joplin's posthumous album?
    26a) "Pearl"
    27) What instrument did Don Henley play in the Eagles?
    27a) Drums
    =-----G. SCIENCE----=
    1) How long does Halley's Comet take to circle the sun?
    1a) 76 years
    2) Which of these stars is in the constellation Lyra?
    2a) Vega
    3) The pillar of flame caused by an eruption on the sun's surface is a?
    3a) Prominence
    4) Which of these units is used to measure the frequency of sound waves?
    4a) Hertz
    5) Which of these units is used to measure electric current?
    5a) Ampere
    6) How many atmospheres can a 30-meter water resistant watch stand?
    6a) 4
    7) Which of the following is not an oxide?
    7a) Hydrochloric acid
    8) Which of these is the heaviest quark?
    8a) Top quark
    9) What is DNA shaped like?
    9a) Double helix
    10) Which one of these elements is a "Noble Gas?"
    10a) Argon
    11) Which of the following igneous minerals has a whitish color?
    11a) Quartz
    12) Which of these elements takes its name from the sun?
    12a) Helium
    13) Which one of the following is represented by one character in the Periodic
    Table of Elements?
    13a) Cerium
    14) What adaptation has the pineapple developed that allows it to live longer?
    14a) Water reservoir
    15) Which one of these is not one of Newton's three Laws of Motion?
    15a) Law of Gravity
    16) Which element is represented by "Fe" on the Periodic Table?
    16a) Iron
    17) What is the temperature of a cigarette flame?
    17a) 420 degrees
    18) What does Mistletoe use to attach itself to its host tree?
    18a) Birds
    19) Which of the following has the same base element as Graphite?
    19a) Diamond
    20) Which of these igneous rocks is most common?
    20a) Granite
    21) Which of these is the hardest stone?
    21a) Ruby
    22) What is the tilt of Earth's axis?
    22a) 23.5
    23) What is the most common element in the Earth's crust?
    23a) Iron
    24) What family does the largest tree, the sequoia, belong to?
    24a) Cedar
    =-----H. MATH-----=
    1) The approximate radius of the earth is?
    1a) 4000 miles
    2) How many days were there from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1999?
    2a) 3652
    3) How many degrees is the interior angle of a pentagram?
    3a) 108 degrees
    4) Which of these is not a multiple of 12?
    4a) 30
    5) How many pencils are there in 1 gross?
    5a) 144 pencils
    6) If you take 6 beetles and 8 spiders how many legs will you have total?
    6a) 100
    7) If you throw 2 dice, What are odds of getting a 9?
    7a) 1 in 9
    8) If you divide 29 gumdrops equally among x people and have 5 left over, x=?
    8a) 6
    9) How many times is the number 1 used between 10 and 20?
    9a) 11 times
    10) Numbers that can only be divided by 1 and themselves are called?
    10a) Prime numbers
    11) If you roll 2 dice, what are the odds that both will come up even?
    11a) 1 in 4
    12) If you throw 2 dice, how many combinations will add up to 8?
    12a) 5
    13) What value does the Roman numeral "M" represent?
    13a) 1000
    =-----I. FOOD & DRINK-----=
    1) Grapes are used to make which of these drinks?
    1a) Wine
    2) The three most well-known teas are Darjeeling, Assam, and?
    2a) Keemun
    3) What do you buy in a butcher's shop?
    3a) Meat
    4) What is the main ingredient of the Thai soup "Tom Yan Goong?"
    4a) Shrimp
    5) Which of these is made from milk?
    5a) Yogurt
    6) What is the main ingredient of cake?
    6a) Flour
    7) Which of these is not a type of cheese?
    7a) Kaiser
    =-----J. GEOGRAPHY-----=
    1) Where is London?
    1a) England
    2) The capital of the United States is?
    2a) Washington DC
    3) Which one of these is not one of the Great Lakes?
    3a) Chaplin Lake
    4) What is the capital of Brazil?
    4a) Brasilia
    5) Which of these is not found in Paris?
    5a) Buckingham Palace
    6) Which one of these American cities is furthest north?
    6a) Chicago
    7) What is the capital of China?
    7a) Beijing
    8) What is the world's largest lake?
    8a) Caspian Sea
    9) The largest desert in the world located in North Africa, is the
    9a) Sahara
    10) The award ceremony for the Nobel Prize is held in What city?
    10a) Stockholm
    11) Which of the following is not a "Benelux" country?
    11a) Denmark
    12) Which of these bodies of water has the highest water level in the world?
    12a) Lake Titicaca
    13) The northern wind that blows across the southern French coast is called?
    13a) Mistral
    14) In which Brazilian city can the famous Copacabana Beach be found?
    14a) Rio de Janeiro
    15) Where was Euro-Disneyland built?
    15a) Paris
    16) The three Baltic countries are Estonia, Latvia, and what?
    16a) Lithuania
    17) What is the name of the underground aqueducts found in Iran?
    17a) Ghanat
    18) The humid plains around the La Plata River in South America are called
    18a) Pampas
    19) Which one of these cities has the highest latitude?
    19a) London
    20) What is the name of the unique feature of the Scandinavian coast?
    20a) Fjord
    21) The world's largest waterfall is?
    21a) Iguacu
    =-----K. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE-----=
    1) What is another common name for computer software?
    1a) Program
    2) How many minutes are in an hour?
    2a) 60
    3) The highest mountain in the world is?
    3a) Everest
    4) Which of these is the national sport of Japan?
    4a) Sumo
    5) Which of these machines plays music?
    5a) Cassette deck
    6) A "trumpet" is?
    6a) A musical instrument
    7) Which of these is used to take photos?
    7a) Camera
    8) Which of these sports is a winter sport?
    8a) Skiing
    9) You can't use your hands in which of these games?
    9a) Soccer
    10) What is the currency of America?
    10a) Dollar
    11) What is the name of Tron's brother?
    11a) Teisel
    12) Which of these is a vehicle?
    12a) Bicycle
    13) Which of the following is a computer programming language?
    13a) Basic
    14) The author of "Utopia" is?
    14a) Thomas Moore
    15) What is the Japanese art of paper folding called?
    15a) Origami
    16) Who is the oldest World Heavyweight Champion in boxing?
    16a) George Foreman
    =-----L. ANIMALS & INSECTS-----=
    1) How many legs does a spider have?
    1a) 8
    2) Which of these is a mammal?
    2a) Raccoon
    3) Which of these is an insect?
    3a) Beetle
    4) Which of these insects does not pupate?
    4a) Cricket
    5) Which part of an owl's body is different size on the right and left?
    5a) Ears
    6) What is the natural enemy of the shrimp?
    6a) Octopus
    7) Which of these is a reptile?
    7a) Chameleon
    8) Which of these is not a warm-blooded animal?
    8a) Shark
    9) Which of these animals has a long nose?
    9a) Elephant
    10) Which animal can lose its tail to escape from its enemies?
    10a) Lizard
    11) Which of the following has the lowest chance of being born?
    11a) Male Tortoise-shell Cat
    12) The Java Bat is the largest bat in the world. What is its wingspan?
    12a) 6'5"
    13) Which of these lays the most eggs at one time?
    13a) Sunfish
    14) Which of these is called the "king of the beasts"?
    14a) Lion
    15) What animal is used to search for truffles?
    15a) Pig
    16) Crocodiles are known to sometimes swallow small stones. Why?
    16a) To use as weights
    17) What is the surface of an earthworm's body like?
    17a) Hairy
    18) In addition to gills, the Loach uses what to breathe?
    18a) Lungs
    19) Which of the following shellfish is used to cultivate pearls?
    19a) Oyster
    20) Which animal can lose its tail to escape from its enemies?
    20a) Lizard
    21) Which of these is not a fish?
    21a) Whale
    22) Which organ does a snake use to sense heat?
    22a) Pits
    23) If you sever one of a starfish's arms, what happens to the arm?
    23a) Grows into a new starfish
    24) How many eyes does a Whirligig Beetle have?
    24a) 4
    25) Which one of the following animals is not a hermaphroditic species?
    25a) Wood louse
    26) What parts of a spider's body are attached, with no clear separation?
    26a) Head and torso
    ----III. Closing Credits----
    This FAQ was originally conceived/compiled by Kalas, and soon taken over and
    added to by jewey (ray@portalofevil.com).
    Additional answers contributed by:
    MadTaper, Andrew M-C, Tim Espasandin, Karzon (who also did some proofreading &
    prize info), geno8827, Ryan Sytoseh, Josh Schultz, GG.
    And thanks of course to everyone who hosts this FAQ on their sites.
    Mega Man Legends 2 is ©2000 CAPCOM LTD.
    ----IV. Appendix: Revision History----
    2.0, 01/05/01
    (1 new question, and it's the last one people were really stumped on [you
    wouldn't imagine the email...]. Anyway, I'm about ready to call this FAQ
    complete for now, until of course someone debunks that.)
    1.8, 11/26/00
    (1 new question)
    1.7, 11/22/00
    (1 new question)
    1.6, 11/16/00
    (4 new questions, one new bit about prizes, addition to Chapter III and some
    general polishing)
    1.5, 11/11/00
    (1 new question in H section, new chapter V, new question tally, extra
    contribution info, ASCII logo)
    1.4, 11/08/00 (1 new question in D section, general refining)
    [Version 1.3 had no significant revisions]
    1.2, 11/2?/00 (1 new question)
    1.1, 10/31/00 (initial release)

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