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Reviewed: 01/05/07

An overlooked Classic....

I didn't own any Playstation games until the Playstation 2 era. However I did own a Nintendo 64, which had a port of the first Mega Man Legends and I soon became a fan of this sadly overlooked series(Legends I mean, I had been a fan of Mega Man in general for a while). It wasn't until years later that I remembered(from some Magazine) there being a sequel to MegaMan Legends. So I tracked a new copy of this game down on ebay and that's about it.
-Story- 8/10

For those that don't know, Mega Man Legends is a Action RPG not dissimilar from Zelda. The main character of course is Mega Man, although this time around he doesn't start with a helmet nor is he a robot. There are tons of characters though, along with a good amount of towns and villages to explore. The story basically continues on from the first one, Mega Man and crew are looking for the treasure known as the Mother Lode as well as continuing the search for Roll's parents. The story is easy to follow and is interesting enough to keep you playing.

-Sound- 10/10

Some of the sounds on here are pretty standard stuff like the blaster, jump, etc. The music never seems to really get on your nerves, none of it really stands out as being great though either. Finally, the reason which I give this game a 10 for sound is that the voice-overs are great. Having played through a few Resident Evils, I wasn't expecting much out of Legends either but I was pleasantly surprised. Every character has a suited voice, and the voice actors don't seem like their just phoning it in like in a lot of other Capcom games.

-Control/Camera- 7/10

We've had the good and the good, now time for some bad. Well, the controllers are definitely the games weakest point. The main problems are with things like targeting and picking up enemies. I have no clue as to how the targeting works, I believe it just randomly targets enemies unless one of them is right up in your face. Picking up enemies is a problem as well, as you'll more than likely get hit instead of pick the enemy up. For the most part the camera is okay, but in some battles when your targeting the enemy it can be your worst nightmare. I just wish they could've got this stuff ironed out before releasing the game

-Graphics - 9/10

I'm rating the graphics based on their time and how they've held up. For the time I'd say these were some great graphics for the Playstation, and I'm guessing this game came later in the Playstation's life. Today, the graphics still stand up, in my opinion they are better than alot of N64 games in terms of graphics(sans any First Party and some Rare titles). Basically the game has a great artistic style to it and it looks like you're playing an anime.

-Gameplay- 8/10

The core gameplay is the ruins which you explore. These can be bland and a bit tedious except for the bosses at the end. However the mini-games, towns, and anything outside of the ruins are great fun. Part of the fun(for some) is finding all the items in the game and leveling up your weapons. A neat feature is that you can give Roll some of the random items you find, and she can combine them to make new weapons. Also you can buy things to put aboard your ship, the flutter, such as TVs, Plant,s A fridge, and just a lot more random things.

-Replayability- 10/10

Most people don't play an RPG and then play it again. That's not what I'm basing this rating on though. I'm basing this on all the extra items and things you can get even after the central quest is completed. Like I've said earlier you can get Roll to combine items, many of which are well hidden. Also you can give random items to other characters, which in turn they will give you another item. A couple of high priced items to buy as well(1 mil to the preacher guy for prayer), which will take some time to get. Overall just a multitude of things to do along with checking every can/tree/box for items.

-Final Score/Conclusion- 9/10

In this case the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. There are a few things to dislike about this game such as the camera, tracking, and the ruins you explore. However, the positives far outweigh the negatives. This is one of the deepest Action-Rpgs this side of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Great characters, great graphics, and great gameplay add up to one great game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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